An Introspective of White Ethnocentrism

“The fiendlike skill we display in the invention of all manner of death-dealing engines, the vindictiveness with which we carry on our wars, and the misery and desolation that follow in their train, are enough of themselves to distinguish the white civilized man as the most ferocious animal on the face of the earth.”
           Herman Melville, Typee, 1846

Inert in the face of mass migration, and entranced by the foreign policy objectives of hostile elites, today’s “white civilized man” appear far removed from the ferocious animal perceived by Herman Melville. While still capable of inventing all manner of war machines, and retaining the ability to engage in vindictive and devastating conflicts, we seem uniquely incapable of doing any of it in our own interests. Instead, the “ferocious animal” of today is tame, on a leash, and obedient to obscure masters. One of the biggest problems for the Dissident Right, and perhaps the most serious, is the seeming collapse of White ethnocentrism in the second half of the twentieth century. The “liquid” nature of modernity, economic developments, the mass dissemination of guilt propaganda, the assault on the family, and, in some cases, the criminalization of aspects of White advocacy have all conspired to undermine, stigmatize, and destroy both national-cultural White identities (English, French, German etc.) and confluent “New World” White identities (American, Canadian, Australian etc.). These assaults from multiple angles have been so profound that by far the most prominent focus of Dissident Right activism has been to identify these external threats and then to attempt forms of rhetorical counter-attack. As such, the broad trajectory of pro-White literature, my own included, involves material on the hostility of Jews, globalism, neocon wars, Black crime, the mechanics of White guilt, and how we are censored or otherwise exiled from the mainstream.

Discussion of these subjects is absolutely essential, even if the argument could be made that we too often neglect the great White elephant in the room  —  the problem that both surrounds us and confounds us: the majority of Whites who simply fail to act in their interests, and even collaborate with outsiders against their ethnic interests. Probably no thinker in our circles has done more to move beyond neglect of ethnically pathological behaviors among Whites than Kevin MacDonald who, in a number of essays (e.g. see here, here and here) and his 2019 Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition: Evolutionary Origins, History, and Prospects for the Future, has almost single-handedly attempted to improve our understanding of what’s happening and to suggest possible remedies. With the election of Donald Trump, and the evolution of European populism, White identity and political interests are also coming into increasing prominence as academic and media talking points, the work of Matthew Goodwin and Eric Kaufmann being the most obvious examples. The methodologies of such studies involve group psychology, voting patterns, and economic analyses; their findings deserve careful study.

In the following essay, however, I propose a different way of looking at White ethnocentrism. Rather than turning a lens towards elections, the economy, group psychology, or the impacts of globalism, I want to do something quintessentially European — to turn the lens inwards. By examining the origins and nature of my own sense of ethnocentrism, I hope to understand more about the ethnocentrism, or lack of ethnocentrism, in other Whites. I do so in the understanding that my sense of ethnic identity might be radically different from others. In fact, I suspect that there is a multiplicity of ethnocentrisms at work among Europeans, each as unique as a fingerprint, and that this is one of the reasons for our predicament. Nevertheless, the following essay has been written in the hope that, even given the differences of White ethnocentrisms, something valuable might be learned, or that an interesting and productive debate might be started.


I honestly can’t remember a point at which I first regarded myself as possessing a heightened, or above average, ethnocentrism. I certainly can’t recall instances before the age of 18 where I was not only conscious of being White, but proud of that fact and conceiving of myself as having interests as a White man. Looking back on my childhood, it’s clear to me that I was raised in an overwhelmingly White environment, and ethnic outsiders, such as they existed in my world, were found almost exclusively on television or in the realm of pop music. In other words, I was raised in an environment where being White was simply the default state, and ethnics were merely presented at the fringes of that environment as something safe, entertaining, even attractive. One jarring exception to this state of affairs occurred in my late teens, when the 2001 Oldham Riots, and later riots in Bradford, Burnley, and Leeds, broke out in the north of England. These riots were explicitly racial in nature, and had been prompted to a large extent by an increase in violent crime by Pakistanis and other South Asians against Whites. The most savage, and most publicised, of these attacks was the assault of Walter Chamberlain, a 76-year-old war veteran who was so badly beaten by three Pakistanis on his way home from a rugby match that he required surgery to rebuild his face. He had walked through “their area.”

The assault on Mr Chamberlain lit the match in the racial tinderbox, and Oldham erupted in mutual petrol bomb attacks, assaults, and arsons. It was through the blanket coverage of these race riots that I learned not only that there were growing ethnic enclaves throughout the West, but also that these brought in their wake “no-go areas,” rampant crime, and vicious anti-White hostility. The riots in Oldham coincided with the fact I had begun to study politics at high school, part of which involved looking at race relations. In fact, just a few weeks prior to the Oldham Riots, I’d been asked to watch Mississippi Burning (1988), a crime thriller loosely based on the 1964 murder investigation concerning three civil rights workers (two Jews and a Black) by the Ku Klux Klan. Looking back on it from my current vantage point, the film is exceptional multicultural propaganda. It’s extremely well-made from a technical standpoint, boasts tremendous acting talent in the form of Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe, and is utterly relentless in demonising the population of the American South while eulogising Blacks. Nevertheless, if memory serves me right, it had only a middling effect on my opinion of race relations, and any embryonic feelings of White guilt were swiftly destroyed one afternoon by my first encounter with the face of Mr Chamberlain, adorning the front pages of multiple newspapers as I made my way to buy lunch.

Walter Chamberlain

I followed the Oldham Riots with great interest, and recall thinking of myself as White for the first time because of the violence. Looking back over some old news articles covering those events, it’s really stunning how open some Oldham residents were about the racial realities they were forced to live with. Take, for example, the following remark from the landlord of a local pub, the Fytton Arms: “The Asians make you racist. You’re not brought up to hate them, they make you hate them.” Another man told reporters: “They won’t live like us. They won’t work. I don’t believe for a minute they can’t get a job because they are discriminated against. They don’t want jobs.” On the assault on Walter Chamberlain, another added: “That’s how sick and low they are, three lads knocking 10 bells out of an old bloke. What’s he going to do back?” In retrospect, I believe the Oldham Riots woke up a lot of White people, both near the epicenter and far from it. The riots marked the beginning of what would eventually be a remarkable rise in support for the British National Party. For those of us further afield, even if we didn’t hate Asians, to paraphrase the landlord of the Fytton Arms, “we weren’t brought up ethnocentric, but the Asians made us ethnocentric.”

Once the riots were suppressed, the government invested millions in “race relations” measures designed to bribe the Asians and gag the Whites. The years since 2001 have witnessed endless official exhortations to “celebrate diversity” in the town, while clampdowns were announced “on anything which might be deemed offensive,” including the flying of St. George’s flag. The town is still largely segregated, and an uneasy peace prevails. White ethnocentrism probably remains strong in Oldham but, for now, it’s shackled and dormant. Reflecting back on those years, after the riots my own ethnocentrism entered a short period of dormancy until, prompted by a history class that required me to watch Schindler’s List (1993) — how strange the role films have played thus far!— I was sent down another, more convoluted, path to White ethnocentrism.


Until doing a short high school course of study on the rise of National Socialist Germany, part of which required coursework on Schindler’s List, my knowledge of Jews was limited to the highly philo-Semitic teachings of a Presbyterian Sunday school I attended between the ages of 5 and 10. It’s quite a leap to go from purportedly heroic Israelites parting seas and surviving the dens of lions to yellow stars on clothing and, in the narrative I was given, mass death on an industrial scale. It was probably the sheer scale of this gap — the contradictory exposure to extremes of philosemitism and antisemitism — that sparked a greater than average curiosity about what exactly had happened in Europe between 1933 and 1945, and why. Truth be told, that same curiosity is still there, and I have to say that while readers sometimes write to me saying that my essays have helped them understand certain topics, the essays are primarily a method of improving my own understanding — a kind of “thinking on paper.”

I started examining Jewish interactions with European populations, on a serious and advanced level, in my early 20s, around the same time I became a father. In terms of my own life history, these two events are connected in more senses than mere timing, since both contributed to heightened ethnocentrism. I found Ed Dutton’s recent J. Philippe Rushton: A Life History Perspective (2018) fascinating not just because of the analysis of Rushton’s work but what Dutton had to say about Rushton’s early life, especially:

All the behaviors which Rushton has displayed—dropping out of school, marrying young, having a child young, having an affair—are predicted by low IQ. But he manifestly had a very high IQ, so, instead, these reflect a fast Life History Strategy, and specifically low Conscientiousness. Rushton was ‘living for the now’, following his impulses, with little regard for the future.

Like Rushton, by my early 20s I exhibited behavior reflective of a fast Life History Strategy — I hadn’t dropped out of school but had at times been very “disruptive.” Despite excelling academically, I was frequently in fights and spent many hours in detention, I married young (20), and had a child young (age 21 to Rushton’s 19). I never had an affair or touched drugs (or even alcohol), but I did “live for the now,” following my impulses, with little regard for the future. Even now, I have a higher than average number of children (4), something more typical today of lower-IQ, risk-prone populations. And yet I also, like Rushton, continued my education alongside being a father, and graduated from university (also like Rushton) with First Class Honours, later proceeding (again like Rushton) to a PhD. In some ways, I regard my own experience of fatherhood as slowing my Life History Strategy, something I’m sure I’m not alone in experiencing.

For me, becoming a father wasn’t just a fact of biology, but also something spiritual. I remember holding my first child for the first time, and hearing in my mind the final words of Dante’s Paradiso: “But my will now and my desire were turned, like a wheel rotated evenly, by a love that moves the sun and the other stars.” This dramatic shift in my personality and sense of responsibility contributed in the longer term to a slower Life History Strategy, more conscientiousness (especially regarding my children), more caution, more deliberation on risk, and greater awareness not only of my own mortality but of the threat of death more generally. I became very protective, and began to be concerned with things like finding safe places to raise children, and safe people they could associate with. As they grew older, I became interested in what my children were being taught, and by whom. I began to think of myself, and my children, as part of a biological and spiritual continuum. Fatherhood had fathered a sense of ethnocentrism.

Fatherhood had fathered a sense of ethnocentrism.


This life-shift occurred around the same time I encountered troubling incongruities in historical and contemporary representations of Jewish-European relations. It also coincided with the fact I was travelling more with my young family, spending time not only in cities across Europe but also the United States. There were alarming instances of ethnic crime, like the sexual assault of a family friend by a Black in Florida, an attempted break-in by Blacks in North Carolina, street harassment by gangs of Africans (twice) and Arabs (once) in Paris and Spain, attempted thefts by gypsies in Rome, but more insidiously alarming was my general sense that the White world was shrinking, becoming tragically and despondently peppered with “Oldhams.”

As my investigations of Jewish-European interactions deepened and expanded, I began to confront the Jewish role in promoting notions of tolerance and ethnic pluralism in White countries, and then encountered the work of Kevin MacDonald. MacDonald’s own personal account of the journey to White ethnocentrism had quite a profound effect on me, since it mirrored mine (and maybe even the landlord of the Fytton Arms) in a small but important number of ways, the most important of which was that White ethnocentrism really wasn’t something we were raised with, but that environmentally impressed itself upon us. It seemed to me that White ethnocentrism can do this either in dramatic and inescapable ways, by taking the form of a surface-level, instinctive reaction to the open and immediate violent hostility of ethnic outsiders, or it can be the result of a very broad and deep reflection on one’s immediate environment, circumstances, and group history. The latter path would appear to require above average intelligence, as well as exposure to certain stimulating factors and an ability to assimilate a range of historical, philosophical issues. Of course, it can also result from a combination of both — a violent ethnic confrontation that prompts deeper reflection and more intensified feelings of ethnocentrism. Actually expressing this newfound sense of ethnocentrism would then require a new set of traits altogether, including low conscientiousness (worrying less about what others would think), a greater tendency to risk-taking behaviors, and perhaps even higher than average levels of aggression. In other words, in attempting to define an ideal type of ethnocentric White, we are back to what we might be termed the “Rushton combination” of r and K traits and strategies, with enough IQ to grasp the problem at hand, and enough recklessness to push through a wall of social stigma in order to do something about it. This combination is, in all probability, quite rare in the population at large which would go some way towards explaining the relatively stagnant nature of White ethnocentrism at present.

In any event, it occurs to me that high levels of ethnocentrism don’t appear natural to Europeans. I think we lack the innate and instinctive forms of ethnocentrism we perceive in others, like the Jews, Arabs, and South Asians. Even in my early exploration of Jewish matters, I think I was angered more by a sense that certain aspects of Jewish behavior (usury, nepotism, monopoly, cultural hostility) appeared, quite frankly, as “unfair” rather than being a direct attack on my interests as a White person, and those of my family or people. Even today, some critics of my essays have mentioned that I seem to be motivated by a sense of unfairness rather than something more coldly rational, and perhaps they aren’t completely wrong. I’m sure that, like most quintessentially European types, I haven’t entirely escaped from preoccupations with questions of fairness and morality, even if I think that to lose these traits entirely (as some Nietzscheans have advocated) would be to tragically lose something that makes us who we are. We are preoccupied with fairness. We are caught up with ideas of morality. We’ve evolved that way, and it will be the challenge of our time to adapt these traits in a way that helps rather than hinders the development of ethnocentrism — something that is necessary if we are to  survive as a group and remain dominant in our homelands and historically-held territories.


What I find very difficult to understand and explain are those Whites who experience utterly catastrophic inter-ethnic encounters and yet fail to develop an ethnocentric response. Search the media and it won’t be long until you find stories of Whites who have been raped by non-Whites and find some way to blame White people for it. Similarly, it won’t take long to find stories about fathers of murdered daughters who urge tolerance for ethnic minorities and utter non-sequiturs about what the daughter “would have wanted.” Such stories should be compared and contrasted with John Derbyshire’s now infamous 2012 article “The Talk: Nonblack Version,” which more or less makes the case that every good White parent should educate their children about the dangers posed by non-Whites. The reaction to Derbyshire’s piece was ferocious, but I ask a single, simple question: How many kids getting Derbyshire’s talk would go on to die at the hands of violent ethnic minorities? I think it would rather drastically reduce the number of inter-ethnic deaths.

Every time I hear about a young White woman murdered by ethnics, either in her home country or while travelling in some remote part of the world, I think of Derbyshire’s piece and say to myself, “Well, I bet her parents aren’t ‘racists’.” It’s really very simple — the daughters of ‘racists’ don’t think it’s a great idea to go travelling in remote India or in Muslim countries, and as such, they don’t get raped and beheaded in places like Morocco. The standout moment of 2019’s Joker comes in the penultimate act when the punchline to Arthur Fleck’s only real joke of the film is: “You get what you fucking deserve,” and, in the cruelest of senses, this applies to those who fail to “evolve” into ethnocentrism despite the environment demanding it. Ethnocentric Whites will manage to avoid the worst of ethnic violence, by moving away from non-Whites, by keeping their children away from them, by imparting knowledge about them, and by planning for a future in which racial realities will play an important role. Ethnically blind Whites will continue to bear the brunt of multiculturalism. They will be used as pawns by hostile elites, their children will be murdered, and their future will be bleak and utterly without hope.


How should I characterise my sense of ethnocentrism? This is more difficult than I initially thought. Our movement has adopted a few new labels of late, including White advocacy and even “White Wellbeing.” There’s something about the latter that makes me cringe, despite the obvious good intent behind it. I sometimes listen to podcasts and hear a lot about “our people” and their achievements, and things to that effect. Again, I think this is very well-meaning, and I think we should absolutely try to encourage a sense of group pride. But, ironically, and for me personally, despite all the demonization of the Dissident Right as a hotbed of racial supremacism and ethnic chauvinism, my sense of White ethnocentrism is quite frankly a lot more personal and humble than that. My sense of White ethnocentrism is rooted in a desire to protect my family and to, as Bob Matthews once put it, “continue the flow” of my lineage. In regards to how my ethnocentrism, and the ethnocentrism of other Whites, might impact ethnic minorities, it should suffice to state that the problem began with them. They’re in my homeland; I’m not in theirs. Their presence and “racism” (which is really just White existence forced into conflict with an opposing force) are a mutual or dependent arising. One does not exist without the other. The presence of outsiders will provoke White ethnocentrism, at least among the healthy and adaptive. If “anti-racist” ethnic aliens are sincere in their desire to end White racism they should take the only authentic measure guaranteed to achieve that end — they should leave, and leave quickly.

More than pride in being White, more than any sense of historical achievements by the European peoples, I simply thank whatever gods may be that I possess a sense of ethnic identity.

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  1. Aitch.
    Aitch. says:

    Perhaps the one positive outcome of all this is that the Freemasons have been revealed for what they truly are. No one can possibly claim that they’ve been on our side in this struggle for our survival. If they had been, there’s no way we’d be where we are today.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Not surprisingly , the Wikipedia article mentions nary a word about the intimate relationship between Freemasonry and the Rothschild financed year 1843 establishment of B’nai B’rith as a purported all jewish covert freemasonic lodge that eventually acquired worldwide control of Freemasonry . Accordingly , the jews of B’nai B’rith do what they have been doing since at least the time of construction of the ancient Tower of Babel ; and do what they are supposed to do according to their holy instruction as follows __

      “” And God said

      … let [ jewish man ] have dominion

      … over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth .””

      ( quoted from the jewish Torah , KJV , Book of Genesis , chapter 1 , verse 26

      where [ dominion == ownership/control ] and

      ” creeping thing ” apparently and in particular includes [ nonjewish man ] )

      Ethnic Whites , whom are mostly at least nominal christians , are between the ” rock ” of Islam and the ” hard place ” of judaism .

  2. Anthony Hudson
    Anthony Hudson says:

    Dear Andrew,
    I would like to thank you for sharing that very personal and touching flow of events in your life. I believe you are right, we are more concerned as a culture with fairness and are not naturally ethnocentric, unlike other cultures. We have some very hard lessons to learn as a result, but better late than never. I will share this with a couple of my mates:)

    Thank you again

    • J.H.
      J.H. says:

      Ethnocentric whites who come about from supporting concepts like “fairness” will be left behind and devoured in the future as well. Everything is a powerplay and (white-centric & created) standards of “fairness, equality, morality, justice” are an obstacle that we are now observing do nothing for our enemies and only hold us back.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        JH = You are 100% right. The concept of “fairness” applied by Whites when dealing with other races, is an unforgivable mistake and the by-product of the idiotic and criminal idea that “we must be nice and fair to everyone” that is so dear to Liberals.

        It has been and still is, the incredible stupidity of the average White/Aryan man who has been programmed to act in a non-ethnocentric manner, that put us in such an awful situation. We must not forget the nefarious nature of the Christian principles and teachings which are colour-blind. These, coupled with the naive/stupid belief of the average White man that everyone is as kind and decent as he is, have destroyed us.

        White people should apply their standards only to their equals. In our dealings with other races, we should observe a different set of rules. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          The information monopoly is so pervasive that it can bend the minds of the most alert.

          A professor was talking to group of ten students, in the hallway. “The view that races are equal is not supported by science.” Ten jaws hit the floor. This was off the record and informal. They found out, perhaps by chance, that they had been lied to their entire college career and lives.

          Ninety-five percent of “research” is financed by the (((Federal Government))).

          Maybe I change my name to INTJ. . .

        • Leon Haller
          Leon Haller says:

          Why is it contradictory to support fair and equal treatment of all peoples, while still demanding all-white homelands? I see no contradiction; indeed, it is only whites demanding fairness for US. WE are the ones being invaded and colonized and conquered. WE are the ones being denied OUR human rights, one of which is to live in an ‘unalienated’ state, which can only be accomplished by living in a genetically related ethnopolity. I do not see that demanding the removal of nonwhite colonizers from Europe in any way violates Christian norms. It is what is in fact only fair, whatever the short-term inconvenience to those who (or whose ancestors) had no business invading the West in the first place.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        The only ” powerplay ” worth winning is one that ultimately and at least ostensibly is in accord with { The PRIME DIRECTIVE } for the survival of mankind beyond [ The Solar Extinction Event ] .

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        and ( I forgot to add in the previous comment above ) engaging in any powerplay not worth winning , as specified above , would not be ” fair ” to future generations — to put it mildly .

        • Titus
          Titus says:

          Jewish plan is to vanquish the nations and sit forever to study talmud, as written in their unholy book. Colonizing the stars is not in the menu as “there is nothing out there”, and they are not going to do all the work of building a civilization from scratch. Unless someone proves them there are life forms on other planets (stupid enough to borrow money on compound interest), i don’t think we are going back to the moon anytime soon.
          This for profit and programmed obsolescence system is not going to take us anywhere, maybe back to feudalism after everthing has been looted/destroyed.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            The hyper-political chosenite jewmasters would not have ” to do all the work of building a civilization from scratch ” since ((( they ))) are experts at [ enlisting ] the help of their multitudes of willing ” servants ” aka christianized Whites .

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            The hyper-political chosenite jewmasters would not have ” to do all the work of building a civilization from scratch ” since ((( they ))) are experts at [ enlisting ] the help of their multitudes of willing ” servants ” aka christianized Whites .

      • ChilledBee
        ChilledBee says:

        One only has to look to Sweden to see where their history of being fair has now utterly failed them. This worked for a very long time in Sweden as Swedish citizens treated each other how they would like to be treated, hence the harmony of their culture. I do not find it any surprise that the tribe has used Sweden as its petri dish with the anticipated and expected catastrophic results. They are not referred to as
        “Nation Wreckers” for no reason. God forbid they would leave them be.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      I cannot remember a time during my entire life where I was not ethnocentric. And, I have always been immune to the jewish Hollywood propaganda that has been deviously designed to try to instill a sense of White guilt in me, for being ethnocentric.

      Was this because I spent an important part of my childhood, growing up in the South during a time when it was still largely segregated? Possibly. Was I raised by parents who were hyper-ethnocentric? I would answer no to that question. My father was born a Southerner, but my mother was a Yankee and I have very few childhood memories of any prolonged conversations about race – aside from the frustrations espoused by nearly all Whites in the South during the race riots and looting that magically always followed a visit to any city by the radical Communist agitator Michael King, Jr.

      So, I can only conclude that I was fortunate enough to be born with a racial survival instinct that was somehow immune to jewish anti-white brainwashing and to jewish efforts to switch off my survival instincts, as they have managed to be able to do to millions of other Whites worldwide.

      This was one of the best articles I have ever read by Andrew Joyce. This man is a treasure to our pro-White movement. It pleases me tremendously to learn that he has passed his fantastic genes and DNA down to 4 children!

  3. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    Ethnocentrism is related to the group survival of any form of life in nature, in humans the same biological mechanisms operate as other living beings. Evolution is divergent therefore humans and different ethnicities too. Both in aspects, biological, intelligence, psychological, cultural and social. What happens in the West today is nothing more than the shameless execution of the Kalergi plan, carried out by the Zionist-Jesuit-Masonic plutocratic elites genocidal. Jewish School of Frankfurt.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      Conspiracy & conspiracism: a few comments, please.

      Conspiracies are mainly private plans made by a group to attain results that would not be desired by targeted public groups. All history is full of them – palace coups, political coteries, secret societies, wartime strategies, criminal gangs, organized corruption, ideological missions, terrorist plots. Problems come when imagination or preconceptions fill the gaps in evidence, the paranoid mentality jumps to mistaken conclusions, or conspirators themselves muddy the waters.

      Occam’s razor is often useful.

      The 9/11 atrocity was the result of a major conspiracy – even on the “official” explanation.

      The Bolsheviks and the Comintern were engaged in conspiracy. There is difference between misreading the phenomenon as a movement directed solely by Jews for specific Jewish domination purposes, and one that attracted Jews for certain reasons and in which they attained prominent roles until around the mid-1950s.

      The fraudulent compilation of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” at the end of the 19th century cannot rationally be cited to silence or refute clear evidence of Zionist lobbying and partly concealed influence in the 21st century.

      The evidence of communist subversion is sufficient to disprove the denial of the guilt of post-war spies, which is still dismissed as “red scare” or “cold war propaganda” or “McCarthyism”.

      It is not difficult to trace, with documentation, the spread of the “race, gender, class” pseudo-egalitarianism from the US New Left/Critical studies of the 1960s – through western “academia” by promotion manipulation, &c – to the campus no-platforming, Equality Act “protected categories”, transgender outrages, and “woke” domination of UK life today. People I knew who exploited and promoted alien immigration, and compulsory multiculturalism, in England, called their own activities “nationwide agenda-networking”, i.e. “conspiracy”.

      The latest development not only includes the excessive replacement of white heroes by actors “of colour” in English drama, from Peter Pan and David Copperfield, to Worzel Gummidge children and James Bond, but the obviously intentional TV advertising which now massively uses exclusively “Afro” types, BM x WF, or “diverse” groups with “paleskins” a numerical minority – “it is no accident” as Trotsky used to say.

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        The formal theory that there is no such thing as any kind of larger scale conspiracy originated at the end of WW2 with Richard Hofstadter, Karl Popper and one other academic whose name I can’t remember. All 3 were Jews.

        Anti Conspiracy theory was gospel among academics when I was in graduate school in the 70’s. I can remember sneaking into these
        conspiracy theorists’ presentations on the Kennedy Assassination. I didn’t want my professors or fellow graduate students to know that I was entertaining the possibility that there was more than one gun. Of course populist movements in history were frowned upon because ordinary people do tend to think that certain groups like bankers are sometimes up to something. One of my jobs as a teacher was to divest my students of the notion of group conspiracy. I tried. God help me.
        Now I say bring it on.

        • Stogumber
          Stogumber says:

          To be fair w.r.t. Karl Popper: He was not much of a Jew. He was raised as a liberal Protestant. He took some advantage from Jewish “nepotism” (family contacts to Einstein). And he had a knack for boasting and self-advertizing which may be Jewish. On the other hand just because he supported Einstein, he was one of the utmost critis of Marx and Freud (or Adler), so he did more than others to undermine the legend of “Jewish genius” from within.
          His remarks about “conspiracy” show that he refers to a debate which had already started. He definitely said that yes, conspiracies exist (!), but focussing on conspiracies mostly incites people to organize counter-conspiracies i.e. to make things worse. Instead he recommends to concentrate on the wide realm of negative consequences which are unforeseen and unintended byproducts of well-meant policies. (This is part of an attempt to separate social sciences from psychology and to steer them towards economy.)

          • Achilles Wannabe
            Achilles Wannabe says:

            Well I have no particular brief for or against Popper. When I was in health research I used him to criticise positivist epidemiology.

            But yeah, I was bred in the unintended results school of history. But right now I think we have a big problem with the INTENDED RESULTS of the Frankfurt school and a good many immediate post World WAR 2 Jewish collective projects. I wish we had had a conspiracy against them. Again I think it is no accident that anti conspiracy theory is theorized by Jews. As for Popper’s religion, Jews are an ethnicity first

      • Luke
        Luke says:

        I have a bit of truly unpleasant news to share, with regards to the 9-11 False Flag event that gave the mostly jewish PNAC neocons & their treasonous white gentile collaborators the ‘New Pearl Harbor’ style event, that they openly opined they needed, in order to bamboozle the gullible, mostly White couch potatoes into going along with their PNAC agenda of using the American military to fight a 100 years worth of wars that Israel demanded that we fight in order to con the USA into advancing their ‘Greater Israel’ agenda.

        I have drifted away from listening to the Political Cesspool radio shows over the last year or so, but was curious to see what topics they were now covering – so, I hit their website and noticed that in the 3rd hour of their January 11th, 2020 show, they would be discussing the latest betrayal by Trump that involved his war mongering towards Iran. So, I downloaded this 3rd hour and tried to give it a listen yesterday.

        They had David Duke on as a guest, and he was engaging in his usual rhetoric, reminding everyone that he has traveled extensively throughout Europe and to some Middle Eastern nations such as Syria and Iran and that he had rubbed elbows with many of the top ranked officials and politicians in those nations, etc., etc. All standard stuff that Duke has repeated thousands of times on his radio show.

        But, then – he swerved into the topic 9-11. And, he spent several long and agonizing minutes parroting the baldfaced LIE that those ornery Saudis were the government who were the perpetrators of the attacks on America on Sept 11, 2001. He was, in effect, covering up for the state of Israel and the Israeli MOSSAD – who were the real perpetrators of 9-11 and the evidence that proves they were responsible is overwhelming. He was referencing some fake ‘final report’ that our Jeffrey Epstein pedo-blackmailed US Congress had been arm-twisted into issuing, a.k.a, the U.S.S. Liberty-style treason, that officially “pinned the whole thing on Saudi Arabia” and exonerated the real perps, i.e., the Israelis. And, he was going right along with that farcical report – marching perfectly in step with the treasonous blackmailed rats in Congress, peddling the lies and deliberate evasions of the truth contained inside it, as though that was the ‘final word on the topic’.

        I got so disgusted and physically sick to my stomach that I bailed out of that Political Cesspool program in under the first 8 minutes. I had to reach for my bottle of mouthwash to rinse the sour taste of bile out of my mouth.

        Perhaps there are a few people in the pro-White movement who have only recently swallowed the red pill and joined Team White, and 9-11 is now only a distant memory?

        And perhaps a substantial number of these new arrivals have been persuaded to believe that David Duke is an honest and completely upright pro-White guy and that he is chocked full of the kind of integrity that we all pray for our movement leaders to possess and exhibit?

        Well, if that is the case I have two recommendations for anyone who falls under either of these two categories. First, hit this link and listen to the first 8 minutes of hour #3 and pay very close attention to what is being said by David Duke, just in case anyone wants to confirm what I’ve said:

        Secondly, then go to this link and watch Mike Delaney’s infamous documentary from 2008 titled: 9-11 Missing Links

        911 Missing Links – Full Documentary (2008)

        This Missing Links documentary is probably the single best documentary ever done on the 9-11 event. It’s been out now for 12 years, and I suppose it could be possible that David Duke has been too busy to spend the 2:05:35 time required to watch the documentary,
        but somehow, I tend to doubt that is the case.

        I have exchanged emails with David Duke on several occasions, where I would criticize him for what I perceived to be a deliberate effort on his part to avoid fingering Israel for the events of 9-11 and for the numerous occasions where I would hear him on his radio shows parroting various versions of the other faux conspiracy theories that would always blame 9-11 on anyone other than Israel. On the occasions where he would reply, he would offer vague and rather lame excuses that indicated that 9-11 was such a radioactive hot potato that he felt it was a wise tactical move to avoid discussing any role that Israel played in that event. His replies reminded me of the famous Joe Sobran column titled: For Fear of the Jews. Any new Team White members can read this column here:

        Well, Ron Unz is a jew and he has a bigger pair than David Duke and he also has a very good website and he is not helping to cover up the Israeli role in 9-11.

        9/11 Was an Israeli Job
        How America was neoconned into World War IV
        Laurent Guyénot • September 10, 2018 • 8,500 Words • 381 Comments •

        Allow me to close with a quote from Alex Linder:

        “Honestly, it is so completely undeniably obvious that the government’s explanation is a lie that when someone I’m familiar with disagrees on this, I move them into a different category in my mind. It truly is that clear. It is far beyond a reasonable doubt that ‘9/11’ was produced by the Mossad with elements of the US hierarchy winking or helping.”

        • David Ashton
          David Ashton says:

          @ Luke
          David Duke said that Mossad and Sharon were behind the 9/11 attack, on his website, May 2, 2004.

          • Luke
            Luke says:

            So, why is he saying on January 11, 2020 that the fake report issued by the Jeffrey Epstein-pedo-blackmailed US Congress that shifts the entire blame for 9-11 onto the Saudi government and which claims it was entirely the fault of Saudi Arabia is A-Ok?

          • Achilles Wannabe
            Achilles Wannabe says:

            That does sound like the David Duke I am coming to know.

            But while we are on the subject of of anti conspiracy theory. it has just occurred to me that there is probably a very high correlation between those who believe in anti- conspiracy theory and those who believe that Hitler and his henchmen conspired to kill every Jew in Europe.

          • ChilledBee
            ChilledBee says:

            One always has to ask Cui Bono?

            Who got the Liberty Bonds?

            Of the $6.4 billion in Liberty Bonds issued since 2003, only $3.8 billion-(59 percent ) went to build projects at the World Trade Center site. WTC developer LARRY SILVERSTEIN got about $3.1 BILLION and the Port Authority took (or will take) $701.6 million for itself.

            Who got the rest? GOLDMAN SACHS got $1.7 billion for its downtown tower. THE DURSTS got $650 million for the Bank of America building (in Midtown). A Forest City (that’s BRUCE RATNER of Atlantic Yards) office-tower project for BONY Mellon in Brooklyn got $90.8 million.
            9/11 was a most profitable day for so many people. Especially Lucky Larry Silverstein.

        • Titus
          Titus says:

          The building 7 was demolished and so were the twin towers, ask any steel and concrete expert (mechanical engineer for example) of any neutral country and they will agree it was a controlled demolition. Some teacher of mine (mech eng and concrete expert) would even say it in classroom.

          After the Lavon affair, the USS Liberty, the stealing of nuclear material, the spying for USSR, for pissrael, etc. After all the pissing in the mouth of americans without consequences, 9/11 was just the next step to involve the US into their war efforts in the ME. If the planes were flown by some mozlem terrorists or remotely piloted by some mossad jews is irrelevant at this point.

          The jews have been kicked out, for much less, from many countries before, it seems that the american people are above average in cowardice or something in that society makes them unable to fight parasites back. If the moment the jewish bankers started killing their presidents, they had leveled their synagogues and hanged the bankers along with their families, probably none of this would be happening today. Tolerance of all evils just brings more evils.

          I have often heard that Duke was compromised at some point, everyone has weaknesses and those single men who do not break are eliminated.

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          After watching a presentation by Christopher Bollyn, I think it is best simply to say that JEWS did 9/11.

          AMERICAN JEWS — Hellerstein, Zakheim, Silverstein, Spitzer, etc. — had more to do with 9/11 and its subsequent coverup than Israel or Israeli Jews.

          In fact, American Jews could have done it without any help from Israel at all (of course, many of them were dual citizens of Israel and worked for companies that had a presence in Israel as well as the United States).

          I am more and more of a mind to just say “Jews,” because I think even those of us who are red-pilled are still too afraid of using that word. Instead, we talk about Israel and Zionism or “an inside job” (which suggests Bush and Cheney without implicating any Jews).

          No, let’s stop this deflection from the main point, from the elephant in the room.

          The INTERNATIONAL JEWISH NATION rules us, and it consists of Jews and their goy lackeys.

          It is this international “nation” — a nation that is allowed to govern and influence other nations — that is the problem. It has no land. It is simply the collectivity of Jews worldwide connected together by thousands of Jewish organizations promoting Jewish interests.

          Israel is just one arm of the international Jewish octopus. The goyim who sell out to the Jews are another arm. Saudi Arabia — currently on the side of Israel and Jewmerica — might be considered another arm as well, but at most a relatively insignificant one.

          Let us resolve to do the following: No more talk of Zionism and Zionists (Zionism was never anything other than a quest for a Jewish homeland, which was achieved in 1948).

          Talk about Jews. Otherwise, in my opinion, we are just wasting our time.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Many scholars believe the ancient biblical story of the Tower of Babel ( jewish Torah , KJV , Book of Genesis , chapter 11 , verses 1 thru 9 ) is a ” fraudulent compilation ” aka an [ allegory ] . However , there is no significant controversy about the historical importance of that compilation/story to religious/tribal jews .

  4. Clown Mask=knock knock?
    Clown Mask=knock knock? says:

    Melville’s white visciousness: compare the mongols who massacred the entire polish middle class, tamerlain who left mountains of skulls, the aggressions and depredations of the ottomans with their tens of thousands of European galley slaves, that African kingdom where they performed thousands of human sacrifices a day, the Central American Indian kingdoms and similar practices. Chinese accounts of the Manchu conquest are blood curdling. noneuropeans are limited only by their lack of inventiveness. The only place that I can think of that might be called comparatively humane to the rest of humanity, might be China. The actual Chinese state.

  5. Babs
    Babs says:

    It seems that a major problem is the fact that all the news most people get is from MSM which is controlled by the Jews. Many people have no idea what is happening. They do not see the danger of open borders and have been put into a state of always having to prove they’re not racist as a result of the psychological warfare we’re bombarded with from all of the media.

    In many places we’re not forced to be in close contact with non Whites. White people live blissfully unaware and are flooded with endorphins if they get a chance to pander to a non White. I suggest putting all our efforts on getting back control of our media. Americans have no idea of White genocide in South Africa or Europe going Islamic and Sweden having become the rape capital of the world.

    Regarding intellectuals I believe that they must assume responsibility and if the masses of people are left to watch CNN and MSNBC the results are exactly what we see now.

  6. David Ashton
    David Ashton says:

    We all come to the “racism” issues with different personal experiences and knowledge. It has always seemed to me that no-one can help how they are born or raised, and should not be insulted or injured on that account, though heredity and upbringing may be factors in objectionable activities. This principle is quite compatible with defence of home and homeland from invasive threat and undesired change from any quarter. For example, I can speak well of the gifted Jamaican female whom I recognised as rare genius at school, who graduated from Cambridge into a top civil service appointment, while condemning the Jamaican gangsters who currently terrorise the same homeland area and also deploring the fact, for example, that this region now not only has 18 mosques but that a relative’s shop there became a location used by the Islamist airplane terrorists in 2006.
    As for the general charge against all white-skinned people, past and present, as cruel aggressors and so forth, we stand out because of the immense scale of “our” activities in empire-building and military technology compared to other peoples, but that is balanced by constructive achievements in improvements of daily life, science, medicine, philosophy, music, art, literature, etc.

  7. Pierre Simon
    Pierre Simon says:

    I was a lefty all my life, for diversity, anti-racist, the whole package, until exactly 5 years ago when I ran into a video by famous revisionist, Robert Faurisson, Le problème avec les chambres à gaze, (The problem with gas chambers). I realized at the end of this video that I had been brainwashed about the holocaust and probably many other things. This truth unlocked something in my brain, it opened a huge can of worms and I flip-flopped from left to right or should I say from cliché thinking to smart thinking. I began to read all kinds of books on WWII, the jewish question, immigration, all of Kevin Macdonald’s books, and slowly but surely, I began to become race conscious. I questioned everything our government and the media told us, what I learned in school in my history classes, and I began to inform myself only on the Internet. Got rid of my TV, stopped watching movies, etc.

    I now identify myself first and foremost as a French-speaking White person. I am very careful around non-white persons and I have become very active in defending my race. I write articles for a small journal. I go to meetings relating to multiculturalism. I’m outspoken about these matters every time it is warranted. I have also stopped being polite or courteous towards immigrants. I never raise a finger to help them in any way. I ignore them. I avoid stores owned by other races, etc. But I help my kind any way I can. Small things. It’s all about solidarity. We have to organize ourselves and become tribal if we are to beat this thing.

    • Sarah soapovich
      Sarah soapovich says:

      Thanks for this. I’ll watch the video. My journey into my “inner racist” (lol) was also with the help of YouTube and the internet in general. Back in 2016. Was also a left-leaning pro-everything libertarian retard due to my ignorance.
      Thankfully I’ve never had a very bad experience with non-whites but in general after the redpilling all these lackluster memories etc started to make sense. Like how come i never had black friends (even though I’ve had contact with them) or gay friends for that matter. I really thank God for my intuition.

      Dr Joyce, if you read this, thank you so much for such a personal account of the journey to the Centre of your Ethnos (tee-hee). Very impressed that you’re a father of four. How proud you must be. Your articles are goldmines of knowledge.

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      I, too, accidentally bumped into revisionism, which crystallized my views of “them” and, in my case, almost by default, of “us”.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Hello Pierre: I congratulate you on your “awakening” (better late than never!) My case was very different. It all had to do with WW2 and National-Socialism. Since I was a boy (let’s say around ten years old), I was an avid reader of History. Strangely enough, I developed a great admiration and affection for the German soldier as a consequence of my study of WW2. Still, I had nothing but contempt and dislike for the “evil Nazis”. Then at the age of 15, I had the chance to read a book titled “Derrota Mundial” (Worldwide Defeat). It was a history of WW2 but from a revisionist point of view. It changed me forever.

      Being aware of the Jewish role and influence in world history as well as the true nature of National-Socialism stand me in good stead regarding the analysis of political matters. Born and bred in a country with no black population whatsoever (Argentina), I never had an opinion on the subject. It was not until the late 90s thanks to the Internet and my knowledge of the English language that I discovered the horrendous situation faced by my fellow Whites in Europe, Australia, South Africa and the US. For me, it was a second awakening.

      I fully understand you and sympathise with your attitude. I also got rid of the TV a long time ago. The development of a tribal mentality (healthy and robust ethnocentrism) is vital if we want to survive. Unfortunately, conventional political activism is impossible since the enemy controls the system. You are right; it is all about solidarity and networking. I wish you good luck

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” It’s all about solidarity.
      We have to organize ourselves and become tribal if we are to beat this thing.”

      Exactly . However , ((( they ))) are not going to ” let ” ethnic Whites cultivate a greater crucial sense of racial identity in order for Whites to remediate the enslavement of themselves .

      • Pierre Simon
        Pierre Simon says:

        You have to go underground. And it starts with oneself, how one relates to the other races. I think as this thing worsens Whites will naturally become more and more unified. They will start to stick together and shy from the other races, boycott them altogether. When I call the government, a store, whatever for a service or information, I just hangup if the person has a weird name or accent. You don’t want them to feel welcomed, but I don’t advocate violence, I wouldn’t hurt anyone physically. I just live like in another dimension as if these people don’t exist. I become in a way blind to them. Remember though, there are also some very mean Whites out there. Be careful. Being White is not enough.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Yeah. my story is similar. But your story and these responses to it are testimony to how Jewish Power has to get firm control of the Internet. Before the net I was completely dependent on established institutions for my history. I never understood how semophiled my post WW2 institutions were. Jewish Power hates free speech. Free speech is how gentiles find out about Jews

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Have no doubt the jewmasters are getting a ” firm control of the Internet ” via the notorious Fabian socialist global boa constrictor strategy of gradualism . The prognosis for ethnic Whites is not optimistic ; they would need to develop clandestine and robust channels to sustain flows of vital information needed for their continued survival . Slim chance of that .

  8. Eric
    Eric says:

    Unlike so many other whites, I’ve always had a very strong sense of what is MINE: my race, my class, my heritage, my gender, etc. I have automatically — and without even a second thought — valued what I regard as mine, and, as a corollary, disvalued what is not mine.

    As a kid, I regarded non-whites as alien and unappealing beings. They were recognizably human, but that was all. I had nothing in common with them and wanted nothing to do with them. I felt their presence as an imposition, even an invasion. I felt that I had the right to show them my disdain if I felt like it. They were invading “my” territory.

    Then, the educational system kicked in — a lovely little set of abstractions about “humanity” and “tolerance” — and in some sense I fell for the liberal Kool-Aid — but not completely.

    It was easy to go along with this “Kumbaya” program because it came with few costs. My school was virtually 100% white (if you counted some Jews and a couple of Asians as “white”), and so was the community I grew up in. It was only when I turned 28 in 1981 that I began to turn against the mainstream of tolerance and acceptance.

    I was an aspiring writer. I noticed in the local poetry journal that publishers seemed to want nothing but minority and women poets. I’ve always believed that the only relevant criterion for judging a work of art is its quality — not the racial or gender identity of its producer. I am not talented enough to make a name for myself as an artist. But I have always been “artistic” and I value our Western heritage of art, music, literature, and philosophy so much that I take personal offense when it is demeaned by identity politics. Since I have no children, I suppose that my innate need to promote my genetic heritage takes the form of defending our Western heritage.

    At any rate, this “Kulturkampf” led me to become increasingly hostile to the emerging multiculturalism. Around 1992, what had merely been a movement to include non-whites and women had morphed into outright attacks on white people, “dead white European males” (DWEM’s), and associated attacks on the Western Canon and even on rationality itself.

    I remember writing letters to the editor and guest editorials addressing these subjects. They were published in a variety of newspapers and magazines. They had no effect. It was also around 1992 that I was stunned to discover the scale and extent of non-white immigration — legal immigration — into the United States. It became clear to me almost thirty years ago that white Americans were being deliberately displaced by non-white immigrants by our own government.

    Still, no doubt naively, I thought that these problems could be solved through the normal political process. I did not have the awareness that most of us have only achieved thanks to about 10 years of a relatively uncensored internet. Now I understand that we are ruled by a largely Jewish-controlled international oligarchy that intends to carry out white genocide. I have arrived at that conclusion only after about 3 years of research that began right after the Unite the Right debacle at Charlottesville.

    Up until that point, I had not had any intention of reading the writings of such authors as David Duke. But after Charlottesville, I correctly sensed that a wave of censorship was coming and now was the time to collect and read as many of these “extremist” authors as I could. One book led to another. It was an amazing education into how much I had been deceived. Among the notable books I read were “My Awakening” by David Duke, “White Power” by George Lincoln Rockwell, “The Disinherited Majority” by Wilmot Robertson, “Planet Rothschild, vols. 1 and 2” by M.S. King, “Hellstorm” by Thomas Goodrich, “The Culture of Critique” and “Cultural Insurrections” by Kevin MacDonald, “The Great Holocaust Trial” by Michael Hoffman, and many more — perhaps 100 books and pamphlets in all.

    Having this knowledge, I — like many others — don’t know quite what to do with it. But I feel better for having it. You can’t find the answers if you don’t know what the questions are.

    The interesting thing about all of this to me personally is that in a world of dramatic changes, my basic identity has not changed. Instead, attitudes among whites that were normal in the 1950’s when I was born are no longer normal. I just happen to be the sort of person who doesn’t automatically go along with the crowd. I will change if I want to change, and for no other reason.

    I wish more white people were like me in that respect.

  9. Mciek468
    Mciek468 says:

    …and the evolution of European populism…
    Why “populism”???? Patriotism, ethics, care for the Nation – yes. Populism – no. Marxist -leftist word.

  10. Anne
    Anne says:

    “I simply thank whatever gods may be that I possess a sense of ethnic identity.”

    The contributors and readers gathered here at TOO seem to fall across a spectrum of spiritual beliefs. Some are strongly Christian (judging by their ability to quote Biblical verses), others seem to be atheist/agnostic, as implied by the last line of Andrew’s article, and there are probably others who fall somewhere in between.

    I think this is relevant since, at least in the past, a strong Christian identity was part of what gave the European race its sense of ethnic identity.

    It’s probably an over-simplification to blame our loss of identity solely on our abandonment of the traditional Church – it could even be argued that a European spiritual identity rooted in a Hebraic religion was always doomed to fail.

    Be that as it may, ignoring our essence as both material and spiritual beings is something we do at our peril.

    Herman Melville pointed out in 1846 that civilized white man is capable of behaving like the most ferocious animal on earth. What I find amazing in 2020 is how white man can make such advanced scientific and technological advancements, and then feel less in awe of God instead of more.

    Is our current malaise best described as the death throes of our European culture – or the birth pangs of a renewed sense of our European identity? If it’s the latter we want to achieve, one way to take a step forward is to cultivate a sense of gratitude for our own civilization, from the lofty achievements of our innovators to those involved in the day-to-day grind of keeping it all working. Not to mention expressing a little gratitude to whatever you think of as the Divine Designer who gifted us with these abilities in the first place.

    In that vein, thank you Andrew for yet another very thought-provoking article, and thank you TOO for providing this platform.

  11. Joe
    Joe says:

    Excellent piece. I shared his epiphany with the births of both of my children. However, I did not go through a youth of impulsive “rebellion”, but staved off lustful gratifications knowing I’d be rewarded later in life. Regardless… the one aspect of “white” peoples seems to be an overabundance of altruism. This is a highly admirable and precious trait. It is a great civilizing force. But, when it is turned against us through the skillfully malevolent devices of our (((controllers))), the consequences are lethal. Those of us who are awakened to our own ethnocentrism must, in addition to conveying the imperative of it, also never cease to NAME the parasitic group who has insidiously inflicted the poison of egalitarianism into our consciousness.

  12. greatarticle
    greatarticle says:

    excellent piece – I would just like to comment that my sense of ethnocentrism, whilst including the sense of pride and other factors you mention, is primarily a response to the realization that my people including myself are under direct attack and we are at war – which goes to your introductory quote

  13. Roppelbinger
    Roppelbinger says:

    Dr Joyce,

    Thank you for a most wonderful essay. As a leading academic in our movement I have thought about how you developed your worldview after hearing you speak on Luke Ford’s podcast because it was similar to my own.

  14. Jody Vorhees
    Jody Vorhees says:

    Some of the world’s extinct species got that way by virtue of having forgotten how to ward off their predators. My entire life, I always felt our “group” was under siege, and the predators were always visible to me. Perhaps that is why I have a heightened sense of group identity and the danger of extinction that we now face. Although I am still relatively young, I remember school integration efforts occurring, and the turmoil and violence that integration brought into our schools. (All the while, it was negative white attitudes that were painted as being “the problem.”) I remember being downtown shopping with my grandmother in our city when race riots erupted; I recall the shoppers scattering in the streets in terror as looting broke out. I remember living for several months in the once-lovely neighborhood of Hillbrow in Johannesburg, and guessing very clearly what the future held for it. (It is now an urban cesspool, and I am greatly relieved that I left it.) I remember being part of the early immigration restrictionist movement thirty years ago, and having no sense of having made any impact on the problem at all, as tens of millions of Third World invaders crashed into America onto our heads. I remember as a child having a sense of the bias held against us by the media, academia and the elites; after the aforementioned race riots our liberal teachers placed photos of wounded and killed rioters on the bulletin boards in our classrooms, sparking more hostility toward those of us who were white. I suspect many others with a heightened sense of identity have had similar experiences. No one had to teach it to us; we acquired it in the school of hard knocks.

  15. Mark O'Donnell
    Mark O'Donnell says:

    I really appreciate this insight into a brilliant writer. Thank you for this. For what it’s worth, I think you do incredible work and everything you produce is highly valuable and important.

  16. JRM
    JRM says:

    The topic here is certainly a difficult one- but perhaps the most important one we face. I’ll say it bluntly: we (as in most White Americans and Europeans) do not have a healthy ethnocentrism. We can disregard the above well-intentioned replies the article has generated: these folks are all *outliers*. They actually read this site, and care enough to formulate thoughtful responses. They are the exception, not the rule.

    When did we Whites last have any substantial ethnocentrism? As recently as the 1920’s, ethnocentrism existed in the Southern United States. It even existed in parts of the Mid-Western States. This can be proven by looking at lynching statistics. I would posit all inter-racial lynching incidents were individual ethnocentric events.

    Although there were lynchings and other forms of rough justice after the 1920’s, one gets the sense the culture stopped endorsing these types of actions after around 1930. We therefore know where and when it was still seen; where did it go?

    Violence directed at the “Freedom Riders” in the 1960’s South are evidence that ethnocentrism was still seen in the wild at that time. Propaganda that depicted ethnocentric Whites as toothless rednecks and Liberal White latitudinarians as sophisticated and modern was apparently quite effective.

    Did World War II with all its “equality and justice for all creeds and races” propaganda kill it both here and in Europe? Probably not completely; as recently as 1960’s America there were still rules about which neighborhoods black people were welcome to move into. Residual effects of these ethnocentric beliefs persisted into this century if you believe the propaganda about “redlining”. Yet we can pretty well surmise that “White Ethnocentrism” was long dead by then; the redlining was simple economic common sense, since outlawed by our friendly handlers in the USGOV.

    But if we had relics of ethnocentrism around until a mere few years ago, in living memory, why do our countries look like they do?

    We might even look at this problem as a murder mystery. White Ethnocentrism is dead; who killed it and when did it die? Was there one critical wound, or was it a death by a thousand cuts? Surely it was the latter, which is why you would probably get a range of dates if you quizzed people on the question.

    We have some good detectives on the case; Kevin MacDonald and Andrew Joyce are two of our best; and there are other good men probing these issues.

    I propose that what happened yesterday really does matter, and crucially; we need to figure out how the White race came to be so fantastically, almost unbelievably, pro-Other and lacking in any significant sense of self, and how we came to be so diffident about our own survival. And again, I’m not talking about our stalwart readers here; we are outliers and statistically we are insignificant.

    Some will bridle at that word “insignificant”, and stirring rhetoric could be produced about change starting with one man, etc., etc. I maintain that we are numerically insignificant, and we had better start to understand why that is the case; if we are reaching the end of our viability as a healthy race, no amount of raging at Freemasons or Jews will be worth anything to us. Are we done?

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” we need to figure out how the White race came to be so fantastically, almost unbelievably, pro-Other and lacking in any significant sense of self, and how we came to be so diffident about our own survival.”

      Because ((( they ))) — high rank Freemasons , powerful Jews , sublimely treacherous Jesuits , and their acolytes , minions , and sycophants , and all of them together — have successfully psychologicly lobotomized many many Whites , since ww2 especially , via relentless antiWhite propaganda campaigns , antiWhite brainwashing operations , antiWhite indoctrinations and antiWhite psychological conditioning programs of the MSM , the educational establishments , the religious establishments , the governmental establishments , and the major corporations ; and ((( they ))) have dominion over all five of those categoric agencies .

      • JRM
        JRM says:

        @moneytalks – Oh, I will grant you we have been subjected to wall-to-wall, 24 hour propaganda. That’s self-evident.

        Here’s the thing: Why are we so prone to accepting the guilt, feeling the burden of other races, and so ready to apologize for our success, or even for our existence?

        Would a group of blacks, subjected to around the clock pro-White propaganda, lose *their* sense of self-identity? Would Jews, subjected to the same level of anti-Semitic news, advertising, and entertainment, become more interested in the welfare of Gentiles than in what’s good for the Jews?

        I would answer a firm “no” to these questions. The fact that we are brainwashed by our (((natural parasite))) is well-known. What needs elucidation is why does the brainwashing work so completely and so effectively? Why does their propaganda dovetail so well with our spiritual crisis?

        Where did our sense of White selfhood disappear to? And if we can’t find it, and get it back, do we deserve to prevail and continue our advance as a species? In fact, never mind if we “deserve” to, simply ask “can we?”.

        Nature very quickly loses interest in life forms that lose their way. Sheer population trends show Nature backing multiple-child black mothers. The “will” or life-urge that permeates the physical world must be understood to fully comprehend our current plight.

        Listen to even the fully awakened, racially aware Whites who offer stories here of their realization (often belated) of ethnocentricity. Then compare to other races whose members are well aware of who they are, even at much lower levels of operative intelligence. I’ve known some quite ignorant black people, but I’ve never yet met one who was unsure of who he or she was, or who didn’t have an innate grasp of self-interest. Contrarily, I’ve know some very smart, and very Liberal and conflicted White folks, some of whom hated themselves deep down.

        As Schopenhauer said, “it is not the individual, but only the species Nature cares for”. So true. Yet Nature will also abandon the species itself, and the history of life on Earth is a story of the rise and fall of species.

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          Yeah, you are asking the key question: Why us? K MacDonald’s new book on Northern Euro individualism gets at this I guess. Haven’t read it yet.

          But I think it has a lot to do with Protestantism and particularly anglo Protestantism which was a backsliding into Hebrasisim with the consequent usury
          Now the Anglosphere is becoming the Judeosphere with Judaized white eltes
          proudly giving up their own people. Seems to defy nature but whites seem to be the people who do naturally defy nature

        • Titus
          Titus says:

          If we are to believe some of the foremost thinkers of our race, such as Nietzsche, Revilo P. Oliver, etc. Christianity has probably been a major factor in shaping up a population of deracinated slaves, whenever i happen to go to church i only hear about humility and such, when you hear the rabbis it’s about “going from strength to strenght”, etc.

          • Maciek468
            Maciek468 says:

            Titus, you are wrong about Nietzsche. He appreciated a lot the catholic religion as an absolute foundation of our civilization.

          • Achilles Wannabe
            Achilles Wannabe says:

            Yeah, I think Christianity functions as a protector and enabler of of Jews. But it wasn’t always that way. Traditional Catholicism was at least theologically prepared to collar them economically even if it too often failed to do so in fact. Calvinism and its derivatives Judaized Christianity

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          i think there is a theory that Jesuits were
          started by crypto Jews. Haven’t familiarized myself yet

          • David Ashton
            David Ashton says:

            The question is what the Society of Jesus has said and done, past and present. Ignatius had forebears who had been converted Jews – like the first apostles. The “Monita Secreta” is a forgery. See e.g. Beth Ann Griech-Polelle, “Jesuits, Jews, Christianity & Bolshevism,” Journal of Jesuit Studies (December 21, 2018).

            In my own youth SJ designated a learned scholar, and many Jesuits in those days were in the forefront of opposition to communism, masonry, moral decadence, and superstition inside and outside the Church. Things changed not long after Vatican II and the present Nicompope has a Jesuit background.

  17. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    Too often the centralizing role of the State, in its post-French Revolution form, is overlooked or even championed. Taxpayers subsidize infrastructure and mass transport that allow for and even rewards transience. Cheap mobility is not cost free, as anyone who lives near a public transport hub or port well knows. Local manufacturers are punished by larger, distant ones able to profit from economies of scale, again, possible by massive taxpayer funding of road, rail, sea and air. At the same time, countries’ central governments have made cultural standardization a priority, rightly seeing in local cultures and dialects a threat to absolute power. If Paris is the City of Light it’s because the Jacobins long since turned it off elsewhere. The French template is a universal one.

  18. Sutter
    Sutter says:

    Andrew Joyce might be interested in learning about something I happened to stumble upon yesterday.

    It turns out that financial corruption in the Iraq war and reconstruction effort has been a huge issue, with one particular case standing out: that of the Jews Philip H. Bloom and Robert J. Stein Jr.

    “The arrest this week of a private contractor and a former US government official in connection with a multimillion-dollar contract-rigging and bribery scandal has exposed a piece of the corruption and criminality that is pervasive in America’s continuing military occupation of Iraq. It has likewise offered a glimpse of the layer of con men and profiteers who have flooded into the country in the name of reconstruction and democracy”

    I wonder how many of these corrupt “con-men” are Jewish?

  19. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Thanks, Andrew, for your insight.
    Anglo/Whites, and their weak ethnocentrism, is obviously the vital, key question of our times. Virtually all racially aware Whites can attribute a time or place when they became aware of racial realities, and began to dwell upon their new found perseptiveness. Eventually, many awakened Whites, if they really start to study the subject of race, begin to realize that the majority of their fellow Whites remain inexplicably deceived and\or deluded about their conspicuous racial naivete.
    This most unfortunate “color blind” mindset has several main causes, which have been pretty well covered by contributors at this website over the years. Besides innate White ‘fair mindedness’ and shear gullibility, the other major factor in White intellectual conformity (to obviously induced, self-destructive ideologies), is, of course, the subversive Jewish usurpation of the all important communications media. Because of this fact, most somnolent Whites are thus programmed to remain in the mendacious thrall of these culture corrupters, who keep them in perpetual intellectual lock down by controlling the narrative.
    In point of fact, most racially unenlightened White people will continue to remain in the dark as long as this hostile, ruling alien “elite” can continue to delude them, and prey upon their conflicted genetic sense of morality.

    In short, this is the problem, and this is the challenge.

  20. RobertDolan
    RobertDolan says:

    The idea that David Duke is shilling for Israel or covering up their involvement in 9/11 is absurd to the point of retardation.
    Duke has made it perfectly clear at least 1000 times that the Saudis are controlled by Israel and the Mossad.
    Mark Dankoff has gone over this repeatedly on Duke’s show and Dr. Slattery has gone over it as well.
    Only a lying idiot would claim otherwise.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      You are right, Robert. I am sick and tired of seeing imbeciles attacking Dr Duke, a man who has put his life and career on the line by denouncing and fighting the enemies of mankind. He could have had a nice, comfortable life had he chosen the conventional path every politician follows. Instead, he stood for White Americans and stuck to his guns.

  21. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    Regarding the most horrific attack on Walter Chamberlain, Deborah Orr, a columnist for The Guardian asked

    Are Asian youths just learning to act like their white counterparts.?

    I do not think I have ever read such a thoroughly repugnant and offensive comment.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      I do not think I have ever read such a thoroughly repugnant and offensive comment

      What else would you ever expect from an ignorant hard-left English-hating Scot married for 20 years to the odious, mendacious, disgusting and deeply malevolent anarchist and anti-White racist Jew, Will Self ?

  22. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    In Germany there is strong power from the media, the education system, the churches, and the governmen, altogether in favour of multikulti, mass immigration from Turkey, Arabia, Africa, Asia into Germany, and this means that they want to kill us Germans as a Volk.
    Today the results of this massimmigration can be seen by everyone, and they are extremely bad.
    Many Germans have made a decision inside but do not say it loudly today, but comes the famous day “x” they will come into action.

    Others act today. I mention the German farmers (Bauern). It started with 9000 tractors driving from all over Germany to the middle of Berlin some weeks ago. This was the beginning. Now there are many small and middlesized “tractor-demonstrations” all over Germany and every week. Sometimes 1000 or 2500 tractors in regional towns, sometimes 6 or 10 tractors at bridges or rural points.
    Sometimes the young farmers stand together with their tractors at a field at night, they have a fire at one point and the tractors, with their lights fully on in a side by side arrangement, and they have the feeling of youth, of belonging together, of an adventure.
    And when they are driving in a convoi on the streets, they receive many “thumps up”-signs.

    I guess that in the spring, with the easter-fires (Osterfeuer) in Germany, that will even be more. It is very impressive. By this action and many more actions the German Volk is renewing itself. The bonds between us Germans are getting stronger every day.

    • Anne
      Anne says:

      Thank you for your story about the farmers and their tractors in Germany, Karlfried! Very encouraging to hear about this camaraderie, especially in Deutscheland.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      “this means that they want to kill us Germans as a Volk.”

      As I hope you know, Jewish Power has been trying to kill you Germans as a volk since 1933. And the emerging American warfare state helped Jewish Power to try to do it. Today more and more of us have worked thru our indoctrination about “Nazi’s” and want to see Germany survive as German. Power to you.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      I googled the event you speak of and only after scrolling through 4 pages of results did I see any mention of it from the BBC news. Even then they had only attributed 1/4 of a page to the event with sparse details. To think that every person owning a television set in the United Kingdom is forced to pay £155.00 per year (nearly $200), for no news or the state-approved propaganda.

  23. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    I made clear my opinion on the subject on a reply to a comment posted by JH on January 16th. Looking in my files, I found an article that I wrote nearly 20 years ago for the late Robert Frenz’s excellent website FAEM.COM, in it I expressed my disgust with the predominant “compassion” and “fairness” displayed by the moronic whites devoided of any racial identity or pride. I believe this article is even more relevant today. Therefore I am posting it here:

    • Anne
      Anne says:

      Angelicus, thank you for the link to your article. I was most impressed by how clearly you were seeing things way back in 2002. (I was still wearing coke-bottle, rose-coloured glasses at the time.) Thank you for continuing to put hard truths in front of us.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Thank you for your kind words. By that time (2002), I had been involved in politics for nearly 25 years. I have been aware of the JQ since I was 16, but what gave me a global perspective of the awful situation of the White race was the Internet. Luckily I have a modest income that allows me to dedicate myself full time to political activism which consists of research and exchange of information with like-minded people. I do also have a blog devoted to traditional European art (1500-1800) if that interests you the address is:


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