Gun Ownership Is Fast Becoming White Supremacy

Last Monday there was a large pro-gun rally in Virginia’s capital. It turns out many freedom-loving Virginians aren’t exactly enamored with state gun laws, and have finally figured out that tyranny is at least as liable to arrive through the rule of law as it is to arrive in spite of it. When it comes to tyranny and totalitarianism, arbitrary rule is as often the exception as the rule. In many, if not most, totalitarian societies, the rule of law is largely intact. It is the laws themselves that are the problem.

Before the rally had even begun, the FBI was arresting White nationalists willy-nilly all over America. And while the FBI was running about the country arresting thought-criminals, the lying press was busy blitzing the air-waves with incessant propaganda regarding the rally. There is something of an ongoing White scare in America, if you haven’t noticed. Todd Gilbert, Leader of Virginia House Republicans and shameless cuckservative, took the opportunity, as any good crypto-bolshevik would, to inform those who think differently on controversial subjects that they are simply not welcome in the State of Virginia. Governor Ralph “occasionally a Black man” Northam, for his part, channeled his inner Nicolas Maduro and instituted a “complete weapon ban”, which, if genuinely respected, would have left rallygoers completely and utterly at the mercy of the Washington establishment’s “anti-fascist” shock troops, had they shown up for the rally, as they often do when Americans take to the streets and dare to assemble peacefully, something our half dead Constitution half guarantees.

Yet despite the hysteria and the hysterical decrees that preceded the rally, when the rally materialized, there was, oddly enough, hardly any law enforcement presence at all. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, democratic representative from the great state of New York, where full-blown communism is apparently very popular, implied that this was because the US Government is on the side of White supremacists. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. White supremacists and White nationalists are the perennial bane of the Cultural Marxist state, probably even more so than oath keepers and militia members (though there is some overlap between these groups/categories). Those folks still by and large accept the core values of the Cultural Marxist state: anti-racism, anti-sexism, equality-worship, diversity-worship, etc. They, like neocons and normiecons, are the unwitting allies of their enemies. They profess to oppose tyranny even as they aggressively defend its ideological foundations. They purport to revere tradition but defend the value system destroying it unconditionally. Those types naturally roamed around Monday’s gun rally, embarrassing themselves thoroughly at every turn, by making themselves available to any journalist who would hear them, as they proceeded to denounce “White supremacy” (but not our White supremacist Founding Fathers of course) and “hate” (always ill-defined) and whatever else the left opposes ad nauseum, as if it was going to get them somewhere with their diabolical leftist overlords, when all it really does, is divide the right, thereby weakening us all.

The real reason there was so little police presence at the rally is almost certainly because the government of Virginia and the federal government both, were genuinely terrified of inadvertently inciting a second civil war by overaggressively confronting a massive, heavily-armed crowd. So, in the end, it was much ado about nothing, all wind and no fire. Rallygoers were remarkably civil and perfectly peaceable. They even cleaned up the streets on their own initiative after the rally was over. I think there was but one arrest in all! One stinking arrest!

It is stunning of course to observe the gulf between the repressive tactics of the US Government, on both the state and federal level, along with the massive propaganda campaign instituted by the media in advance of the rally, and the restrained reality of that rally. The panic and hoopla preceding the event were completely disproportionate to the tranquility of the rally itself. Yet the bizarre chorus of state actors and state shills, shuffling to a common tune and bellowing to a common refrain, had to make any reasonable observer entertain the possibility that it was all orchestrated, a giant psy-op as it were: the multiple FBI arrests of “neo-nazis” on what are most definitely trumped up charges, the media blitz, the fake outrage by fake leaders, religious and political, Ralph Northam’s idiotic autocratic decrees, it was all very curious, and it all seemed eerily coordinated.

Now, in the short term, I think the goal of that likely coordinated campaign to delegitimize the rally is obvious. By making the rally seem infinitely more dangerous than it actually was, and by artificially tethering the rally to the omnipresent and omnimalevolent specter of White supremacy, the powers that be legitimized Ralph Northam’s excessive fiats, which would befit any tin-pot communist dictator anywhere on Earth. Doing so also tainted the rally somewhat in the eyes of common folk, likely undermining its vitality. Yet I think the Cultural Marxist US power structure has long-term goals in mind as well. You see, the Cultural Marxist power class wants to link gun rights themselves, not just this particular gun rally, to White supremacy. That way, they can delegitimize gun rights via a grand fallacy of association. Our leftist overlords believe that if they can link those fundamental liberties to a “pure evil” that isn’t (ethno-nationalist political systems are actually quite commonplace around the world), we will gaily tolerate whatever tyranny they have in store for us. If the last hundred years or so of American history is anything to go by, they may very well be right.

After all, the left has already done something awfully similar when it comes to free speech. The left hasn’t the ability to drastically curtail free speech in the government realm (yet), but it has drastically curtailed free speech on the internet, where most speech occurs nowadays anyway. It achieved this by arguing without pause for a full decade or more, that supporting and defending free speech on the internet was tantamount to White supremacy and White nationalism. Hate speech codes are inescapable on the net today, and deplatforming rightist political dissidents is the new normal. Many prominent rightist political dissidents can not even use payment processors anymore to fund their peaceful democratic activities. Powerful leftists and leftist interest groups pressured and persuaded sympathetic Big Tech oligarchs, to censor and thereby democratically neuter the political right, and they have done precisely that on a scale that easily rivals government action. They presented to those corporate leaders the same basic choice they present to us all: do what you are told, in this case combat “hate speech” (a nonsensical Marxist concept completely incompatible with free speech), or you are abetting White supremacy. They do not need to put their ideological allies to the choice in the same way, or apply the same degree of pressure, but the basic format is the same. Of course, not even this is enough for the ADL which recently asked for government action to rein in so-called “hate speech” on social media.

That is the same bargain the Cultural Marxist power class has been offering Americans since the 1960’s. In truth, it is not so much a bargain as a scam. Either you forfeit your right to hire and fire who you please, or else you’re a racist. Either you forfeit the right to sell your own property to who you please, or else you’re a racist. Either you forfeit your right to freedom of association, or else you’re a racist. It’s the same scam, but the stakes have just been raised. Now the offer is: either you cede your Second Amendment rights and the subject of those rights to your benevolent government, or you are a racist, or at the very least, an enabler of racism and White supremacy. Here are some articles that came up with a Google search for “Second Amendment White Supremacy” (without quotes):

Joshua Manson, “The Second Amendment Has Always Been a Tool of White Supremacy” Teen Vogue (August 12, 2019).

Jeremy Scahill, “White Supremacy and the Church of the Second Amendment,” Intercept (February 28, 2018).

Lois Beckett, “‘Dying of whiteness’: why racism is at the heart of America’s gun inaction,” The Guardian (August 9, 2019).

Nathan Wuertenberg, Gun rights are about keeping White men on top,” Washington Post (March 9, 2018).

Tyranny is not only presented as a reasonable price to pay to defeat [White] racism, it is presented as the only rational option. After all, what can White supremacists do with their essential rights save abuse them? If we are to secure the temple of diversity must we not disarm its enemies? For make no mistake, the Cultural Marxist state would love to disarm and disable those who truly reject its core tenets (White nationalists). Indeed, it would like to disarm and disable even its nominal foes (ordinary conservatives). As a matter of fact, the many new “red flag” laws (like the one recently passed in Virginia, which was being protested against at the gun rally), as they have been termed, will themselves be used as a pretext for law enforcement all over America to confiscate the guns of “dangerous dissidents” (aka any conservative alive). It will not happen to all of us, but understand it will happen to plenty of us, and it could happen to any of us, and if you are expecting due process, don’t, because you won’t be getting any. In the eyes of the US power structure, we are all of us guilty merely by existing, and we are already being disarmed, slowly but surely.

The media blitz and the spate of FBI arrests and the whole coordinated operation are intended to corral us all into the proper pen. Since we supposedly must defeat White supremacy at all costs, and since gun rights uphold White supremacy, what other conclusion could a decent and prudent American peon reach? How could you even entertain any other option? You’re not a White supremacist sympathist are you?

In sum, the left’s depraved attempt to link White supremacy (and White nationalism) with gun rights is a very deliberate thing. And while denouncing White supremacy may make life easier for conservative cowards, it does not advance the interests of the political right or secure gun rights. Right-leaning Americans can not extricate themselves from their association with White supremacy in the minds of the good-thinking liberals who parrot their masters in the elite media and academic world, no matter how much denouncing and disavowing they do. The lying press will never allow it. That is a fruitless trail to tread.

Moreover, if the left succeeds in linking White nationalism to gun rights, even substantially, and it will do everything it can to do so, then every pointless and overzealous denunciation of White nationalism by conservatives and their ilk, inadvertently undermines gun rights. Indeed, if “White nationalism” is truly that evil, and everyone agrees on that (even righties), then how could anyone defend something made to seem so inseparable from it? It would make more sense from a strategic standpoint for righties to rehabilitate White nationalism, given the inchoate association. Ultimately, our leftist overlords are betting that Americans will eventually surrender anything and everything they possess, including their most essential freedoms, to avoid being [labeled] racist. Only time will tell if the Cultural Marxists have finally overplayed their hand.

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  1. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Our people need to stop being afraid of being called names; e.g. – racist, White supremacist, etc… Let us be defined by our noble actions and not by the name calling of intellectually dishonest Liberals.

    The behavior of our people at the pro-gun rally discussed in this fine article is a wonderful example of how we define ourselves – from orderly protesting to litter cleanup, this is who we are. Good job my friends!

  2. David Ashton
    David Ashton says:

    So the anti-Constitution comrades are thoughtfully helped when “far right white racists” gun down people in synagogues, mosques, schools, leftist gatherings and black churches; and cheered on by “far right white racist” desk-warriors with internet access – just a start of the “Race War”! Or is “MK-Ultra” at work in a new guise.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “Or is “MK-Ultra” at work in a new guise.”

      You’re probably right.

      I don’t believe a single one of those events. Not one of them. They all have FAKE written all over them.

      That’s why they are forcing us to believe them. And in doing so are revealing a pattern. Which also explains why they don’t want us recognizing behavioral patterns. An impossibility. Unless they intend to turn the human brain off. Which, in fact, they are. As if doing that won’t have consequences for them. But they’ve long since proven themselves incapable of thinking that far.

      But here at TOO and other sites we’re still allowed to notice. So, here are a few things that constitute a pattern. I’m sure any TOO reader or contributing writer could add to this list. But, for now, this will do.

      We HAVE to believe in the holocaust.

      We HAVE to believe the “official” version of WWII.

      We HAVE to believe Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK.

      We HAVE to believe the “official” 911 Report.

      We HAVE to believe Islam is a religion of peace.

      We HAVE to believe Israel is our “best friend.”

      We HAVE to believe Diversity Is Our Strength.

      We HAVE to believe poverty and “racism” cause black violence.

      We HAVE to believe black on White violence is a myth, while simultaneously believing that Whites have it coming.

      We HAVE to believe that race is a construct, while simultaneously believing that Whites as a race are inherently evil (except, of course, the Whites who believe in this crap. They’re “good.”).

      Correspondingly, we HAVE to believe that America in general and Whites especially are “evil” and the “cause” of everything bad in the world. And that both deserve to be destroyed (failing to note that this is bogus reasoning of all revolutionary power grabs, ie; “I want what you’ve got. Therefore you are bad.”).

      And, above all, we HAVE to believe in the impossible to believe in jewish Myth Of Innocence, which says, in effect,

      “We never do anything wrong. Ever. Things are done to us. Always. And they are done to us by “White Supremacy.” Therefore “Treason against Whiteness is loyalty to humanity.” And if you don’t believe that then you’re an antisemite.”

      They’re all, each and every one of them FAIRYTALES and LIES!

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        There’s only one supremacist group in the world today and it’s Jewish Supremacy Inc. Just as there’s only one KKK.

        The Kvetching Kosher Khazars.

        Therefore, treason against JSI is loyalty to humanity.

        They’re basically well-organized thugs unfit to run a civilization more complex and unpredictable than ever before. Which is why that civilization is crumbling all around them much faster than it would if it was left to die on its own.

        You simply can not sustain a civilization on a steady diet of propaganda, censorship, false flags and moral panics.

        The fact is, JSI is not managing the transition between the collapse of Western Civilzation and the new one coming up – whatever it is – that they are claiming to be the proper and rightful guardians of. (It has to be said that Whites are in the situation they’re in because they didn’t manage the transition well either A point Ortega made in his must read The Revolt Of The Masses).

        If the human race survives the criminally insane actions of JSI, history will look at them as the pack of thieving, lying gangsters that saw over the death of Western Civilization. That’s all. And that that collapse was the only way they could ever have come to power in the first place.

        Just as any parasite easily invades its host when the host is already dying.

        Note: I can hear the voice of Joe Pesci from Casino now. “That was the last time street guys like us were ever given anything that f***ing valuable.”

        JSI is NOT winning. The West is simply dying.

        That’s why what we’re really witnessing is nothing less than The Pyrrhic Victory of JSI.

        It’s time to acknowledge and respond accordingly to the obvious fact that JSI is a threat to the survival of the human race. And that includes their proxies.

        That being the case, why would their designated Scapegoat, Whites, ever believe a single thing they said enough to feel bad about it?

        A more appropriate reaction would be to feel downright outraged and irritated that such a disgusting group of criminally insane low lifes should think we actually need or want their approval.

        To hell with them.

        WE ARE AWESOME! Flaws and All. And that includes everyone from Andrew Joyce to Greg Johnson (I council peace brothers).

        And always will be! With or without their approval. Which we neither need or want.

        After all, we were great enough to make them want what we have. Otherwise, they would have created their own damn civilization.

        But they can’t created one. They can’t hold on to one either.

        And if this truly is the end of us, then for crying out loud, go out fighting with a big smile on your face saying Life is Good and We are Great! Anything but clinging to what’s already gone and can never return.

        Leave the kvetching to them. They’re way better at it then we’ll ever be.

  3. Alfred
    Alfred says:

    The gig is up as they say. The END of the 2nd Amendment is coming, sooner than whites think.

    The first is by Dr MacDonald the second by Dr Andrew Joyce. BOTH are highly recommended.

    This Russian tells Americans what happened when the Bolsheviks took the Russian peoples guns:

    America is over. Perhaps one day we will be liberated, as the world will be.
    As I said in a prior post, I would not be surprised if it is Islam that defeats the enemy.

    While being a traditional Roman Catholic I have to say that men like the General who was assassinated by Trump, and the head of Hezbollah, Nasrullah, show that there are still men on this earth. Nasrallah has defended and saved the lives of Christians. The General who was murdered was also a religious man and was not a MURDERER as the leaders of America and elsewhere have been.
    The Russian piece just lets you know how the future will be without arms.

  4. Michael Fury
    Michael Fury says:

    The key next step in their mad syllogism is that since only whites can be “white nationalists” and only whites can be “racist” (per CM theory), the only Americans who must be required to “surrender…their most essential freedoms”–including the means to self-defense in a state of anarcho-tyranny–are White Americans. They want you defenseless, your violent racial enemies armed.

    When first they stood the Beast was startled

    By a courage he assumed was throttled

    In their kind. To resist their erasure

    From history and the monstrous nature

    Of his cult, they had assembled lawfully

    In public space. His masked thralls massed to bully

    And assault them in the trap his enforcers

    Set for them illegally on his orders,

    But they passed his gauntlet like sovereign men

    (some only school-age boys), and dared like men

    Defend themselves in orderly retreat

    From his attack, as is the natural right

    Of every creature living on God’s earth.

    His sayanim received their money’s worth:

    Their media sold the images of violence

    To contrive a panic of compliance

    With his mendacious version of events–

    The deadly Nazi cancer’s reemergence.

    In fact it was the death by his commandment

    Of these American Aryans’ First Amendment.

    Their love for their imperiled heritage

    The Enemy announced was “hate”, and in his rage

    Demanded all must hate their hate and all

    Must hate without exception any soul

    Unwise enough to show them sympathy

    Or face the trials of his antipathy,

    From social exile to the heavy threat

    Of laws he promised soon to legislate

    Against the merest overheard expression

    In defiance of his anti-white suppression.

    Thus he sought to isolate these heroes

    And make of their potential allies foes.

    His craven politicians genuflected

    And condemned them, ever his elected

    Stooges. The few who would equivocate

    Or were too slow to angrily excoriate

    The villainous boys were likewise made

    Examples. His courts were a parade

    Of hysterical shysters, his juries

    Anything but peers, their tribal animus

    For the accused the real criterion

    for their selection. To put fear in

    A righteous white man’s eyes–for the jury

    the joy of jackals on a weary,

    Stricken lion, but for the Enemy

    that sick pleasure inflicting ignominy

    On his better, an abomination

    vile as a child-defiler’s predation

    To their Creator. But these young martyrs

    Denied his appetite. They held their fears

    In mastery, even in his System’s maw,

    Abiding their Creator’s Higher Law

    So resolutely that his show trials

    Were not shown on his pervasive channels,

    Lest unknown fellow dissidents take courage

    From their defiance. Yet quietly courage

    Their numberless noble brothers took,

    While in his Babel the Enemy shook.

  5. Chris M
    Chris M says:

    “One stinking arrest!”

    Wouldn’t doubt if even that one arrest was orchestrated. Probably arresting themselves. It’s all play acting, of course. But on the whole, still an improvement.

    They won’t be shooting each other, unfortunately. No. That they’ll get right, as they have before.

    “the multiple FBI arrests of “neo-nazis” on what are most definitely trumped up charges…”

    Since there are no “neo-nazis” then everything from the arrests, charges, etc. are all fake. There are no neo-nazis. Just as there are no White Supremacists or KKK.

    Here’s how it works.

    The ADL & SPLC, who in effect control The FBI simply access their database, which they basically own, and simply search for folks who are either up for parole or on probation or have cases pending for drug charges, violent offenses (usually bar fights or domestic abuse), and even pedophilia, and viola, instant “neo-nazis”, etc.

    This has been going on for years!

    Remember that thing in Skokie, Illinois in the 70’s? Does anyone think that was real?

    Even the Lee Harvey Oswald choreography was one notch below a Vanilla Ice dance video.

    But it was still better than Skokie, or any of the neo-nazi rallies?

    Does anyone think they limit their control of people to politicians?

    No way. In fact, it’s way easier to control We The People. And not just through propaganda.

    This is why The FBI for us is F***ed Before Investigation.

    For the tribe & friends it’s Free Before Investigation. Or, Fuhgetta Bout It.

    And for everyone it’s The Federal Bureau of Israel.

    All of this is just becoming so obvious that it’s getting to be downright campy. And boring!

    Maybe this is how they’ll do themselves in. Not by arousing the anger of the world so that even their proxies turn against them. But just by boring the living bejeezus out of us all and turning everyone off to them by looking so consistently petty and crackbrained.

    Saw a comment from E. Michael Jones today that was spot on.

    “Hate crime legislation is the last refuge of scoundrels who can’t defend their policies in open discourse.”

    That about sums it all up.

    In the end they’re just scoundrels.

    • Chris M
      Chris M says:

      By the way, there aren’t even any neo-nazis in the jails anymore. Not in any numbers that matter.

      And the only KKK in the world today are

      The Kvetching Kosher Khazars.

  6. 9593
    9593 says:

    I was born in 1937, in a big-city suburb. A person could buy a .22 caliber revolver at Sears and Roebuck. At about age 12, I and my associates could roam without hazard all over the town. We could board the interurban to caddy at a country club 30 miles away. Without cell phones, we were instructed to knock on any door to call home if trouble developed.There were occasional fistfights, no guns, no knives, except for some kids who merely brandished on rare occasions, aware apparently, of mutually-assured destruction. We had a black cohort, about 10%, in high school who were good citizens. After the prom, the seniors went downtown for a late-late dinner at a fancy restaurant.
    Today, that suburb has Black and Hispanic gangs, and NO ONE goes downtown.

    We know what changed, but dare not talk about it, except on the web. We need a breakout. Lately in Richmond, there was an orderly assembly, that should be replicated – without the knuckle draggers in camo.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      When I was a boy in Essex and London in the 1950s we had occasional bare knuckle fights, but weapons of any kind were just taboo among the native English (of course, gun laws have been and remain strict in Britain). My white boys’ state grammar school, founded in 1527, eventually turned into a largely non-white co-educational comprehensive in my home town-area, which now has 18 mosques (not all with minarets) and is plagued by knife/gun/dope youth gangs of Somali and Jamaican background; some time ago black girls from what was my beloved and excellent old school were engaged in a huge street battle with weapons against black girls from what used to be a splendid girls’ grammar school a few miles away. Gun and knife crime, largely though not entirely a foreign import, continues to increase in Britain, with a diminished police “service” and a woke “judiciary”. This cannot and will not continue in our country for much longer.

  7. John Reynolds
    John Reynolds says:

    While not so bad here, it was disappointing to see many nationalist populist and Identitarian sites ridicule the Virginia gun rally. Yes, the bill of particulars–needless virtue signaling and so forth–largely is true but these people actually did something quite amazing. In fact, most of the Identitarian criticism (this was particularly true at Counter-Currents, which was quite the disappointment) of the rally was quite like conservative-style cucking, dismissing tone without acknowledging an impressive accomplishment. A marker has been laid and that is what matters, not the racial delusions and fantasies held by those responsible for the achievement.

    People have been brainwashed on so many things it will be difficult for them to be deprogrammed. But when something goes right and it sticks a finger in the eye of the nascent police state, it should be applauded. There was nothing the Left gained from the Richmond rally and much it lost. There appears to be a serious movement afoot to detach many Virginia counties from the state, people are letting it be known there are lines that still cannot be crossed without reaction, and all Cultural Marxist propaganda fails are good fails. This was a major propaganda fail for the Left and a major propaganda win for whites.

    Many like me don’t yet buy into the feasibility of an ethnostate but give advocates a fair listen and could be persuaded. It doesn’t help to move us when those who are actually in the arena do something significant and it’s dismissed with the equivalent of “that’s not who we are.” We can hear that song all day long from Boomer Cons, obviously.

    As to your larger point, yes, the end game is to link gun ownership to racism and have firearm ownership demonized and eventually outlawed. It’s also probably not going to work in the near term, and this could be the flash point all of us have long expected. Will it happen in Virginia? Maybe. I don’t know. But it will happen and the sooner the better. The Left is playing the long game with the linkage of gun ownership to white nationalism so this is one case where accelerationism is to be applauded.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “This was a major propaganda fail for the Left and a major propaganda win for whites.”

      Great comment.

      And so glad you said Whites and not The Right.

      Because, though the Right is an easy target for them, it’s Whites they’re after.

      And that, I think, is the real source of all of their propaganda fails.

      We know they’re Marxists. We know Marxists in a non-Marxist country could only exist because we were tolerant enough to have them.*

      We know that in the long run that was a mistake.

      We are in the process of correcting that mistake in an attempt to recover our freedom.

      For them to engage in name-calling, for them to demonize and pathologize those who are defending their freedoms, the same freedoms that made the rise of Cultural Marxism, PC and Identity Politics possible in the first place, shows everyone just how irrational, illogical, and unhinged they are.

      They’re basically saying, “Communism is the only way to save our Democracy.”


      “Exercising your constitutional rights is a threat to “our precious Democracy.” (the disgusting Chuck Schumer actually used that phrase).

      They’re insanity is getting easier to see. They were always crazy (Schopenhauer said that nothing about them could ever be confused with Reason). But now that crazy’s getting easier to see.

      *It was very common for communists in the USA in the 1930’s to demand that Western Democracy’s defend and protect them against Fascism. Shows you just how hypocritical and corrupt they are. And how foolish and gullible many Americans were and still are.

        • Richard B
          Richard B says:

          “Great comment.”

          Thank you.

          “And so glad you said Marxists and not The Jews.”

          I’d be interested to know exactly why you’re glad.

          Could you please elaborate?

          Thanks in advance.

  8. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    “Yet I think the Cultural Marxist US power structure has long-term goals in mind as well. You see, the Cultural Marxist power class wants to link gun rights themselves, not just this particular gun rally, to White supremacy. ”

    Of course they do. How many times have we been bombarded with the same pejorative trope of, “Old white men with guns”. It’s ubiquitous, from the blue haired college commie you expect, but also from elected members of government who ought to be held to a higher standard, but obviously are not. They’ve been trying to link guns to “hate” for decades now, just like they’re trying to link being white in general to “hate”. They’ve found that if they call something, “hate”, they can scare people enough into not being associated with it and maybe it will die off. That’s the obvious goal, and there is nothing covert about it anymore.

  9. Anon
    Anon says:

    Gun Ownership is not becoming white supremacy, and it never will.


    People are not stupid enough to make such silly conflation into mainstream opinion.

    This hyper-exaggerated headlines, these stories about silly things that fringe liberals might be saying, are of almost no use in changing major pillars of our modern world. Attack the fringe all you want, all you will do it affect the fringe. And, in the process, you might inspire a lot of foolish young men to get really out-of-touch with the mainstream society, and in so doing, mislead them into behaving improperly in public or pursuing strange forms of activism.

    Come on, occidental observer. Let’s stay on topic. Let’s talk about the CORE ideas that are undermining whites, because it is the core ideas must be replaced if we are to get out of this mess.

  10. Tim J.
    Tim J. says:

    What this really is about is ELIMINATING whites. Their goal is to take your country from you. The one huge problem that stands in their way is the white population is heavily armed. They keep shrieking about these mass shootings but never mention that most violent crime in America is committed by groups other than whites. Dont you dare say it though.

    Lots of people in the gun culture in America are complete and total white cucks. They openly boast about race mixing, diversity and other things the left loves. But golly gee I support the 2nd amendment. EVERYONE is an American.

    Recently I was thrown off one of the largest gun sites on the net for casually mentioning Kevin MacDonalds book the Culture of Critique. The thread was about the Jews and why do you people dislike them. All I said is people should do some reading about this including Keven MacDonalds book. I didnt write anything else. Bang, just like that I was given a permanent ban and was accused of being an 88’er and a Nazi, told me to go to Stormfront. This was after I paid for subscription.

    So much for all that free speech you supposedly support. Oh I know all that stuff, its their web site, they can do what they want, blah, blah.

    The web site is supposedly a huge supporter of 1st and 2nd amendment rights. Yeah…. right, that is until you mention the Jews. Dont you dare mention the obviousness of whom is driving the train on gun control ie. the Jews and people like Bloomberg and Soros are deeply involved in this. You are supposed to pretend that its not the Jews whom are doing this. You are supposed to be blind to it all. Go be a good little future Soviet slave and do as your masters tell you.

  11. Jody Vorhees
    Jody Vorhees says:

    The Media and government officials made many, many comments comparing the Richmond gun rally to the Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally. So of course they were trying to paint both groups with the same brush.

    It is much more disturbing, in my mind, that some of the “white supremacists” who were arrested prior to the Richmond rally were apparently not guilty of conspiring to do anything at all. They were said to have had a long history of “advocating” for violence, but they did not appear to have had any active plans to introduce violence into the Richmond rally. What then does an ambiguous term like “advocating violence” mean, and how did it end up being used as a basis for arrests?

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