The “New Dark Ages” in Western Europe and North America: Comparisons with the Fall of Rome

What is a Dark Age?

In historiography, the term “Dark Age” may describe intervening centuries for which we have little or no documentary evidence. Accordingly, the time period between the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization to the birth of the polis is known as the Greek Dark Ages by historians, simply because there are no contemporary written sources. In this essay, the term Dark Age will be used to designate a period of civilizational decline, with particular reference to Western Europe’s Dark Ages (c. 500—1000 AD). This was quite possibly the worst period of civilizational decline in Western history, but is important because it shows us that civilization is separated from the worst bestial depravity by a thin line. What George Santayana wrote is instructive: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Although this adage has become a cliché, it bears repeating since it’s well-supported by past experience. If we must focus on the Old Dark Ages, it is because we risk forgetting how fragile civilization really is. If this is the case, we are in danger of rushing heedlessly into a New Dark Age—if we have not already entered one—since we have failed to internalize the lessons of the past.

The causes of the Dark Ages in Western Europe are considered complex and multifaceted by modern historians. The barbarian successor states that replaced the Imperium Romanorum lacked the ability and competence of the Imperial government. The result was inevitable. Under barbarian rule, there were “very substantial simplifications in post-Roman material culture in the fifth to seventh centuries.”[1] Among these “simplifications” were the collapse of the empire’s infrastructure, the decline in the production of manufactured goods and use of coinage, widespread depopulation and de-urbanization and, most devastating of all, the loss of much of the ancient world’s cultural and intellectual patrimony. Although some contemporary historians stress continuity between Rome and the barbarian kingdoms, this is contradicted by the extensive archaeological record. From 500—700 AD, there was a massive decline in European living standards since Roman times, when the Dark Ages had reached their lowest point.

As terrible as these Dark Ages were, it is not the only dark period in Western history, nor will it be the last. A New Dark Age has returned, more terrible than the first. We are its passive witnesses, confident that nothing can be done to stop it. The West is crumbling because the White race has collectively decided—at the instigation of a hostile Jewish-dominated globalist elite—that White racial suicide is a moral imperative. The visible signs of this deterioration are so obvious they can no longer be ignored, at least by those who can see beyond the smoldering ruins of this decaying civilization.

A New Dark Age?

The signs of an emerging New Dark Age are fourfold, affecting the biological, intellectual, demographic and economic spheres of Western man’s existence. This decline is apparently unstoppable; as time goes by, the darkness over Europe will only become darker. In the biological and intellectual sphere, we have seen IQs steadily decline since mid-19th century. This has no doubt been masked to a considerable extent by improvements in nutrition and healthcare, resulting in longer lifespans. On the other hand, feminism and women’s sexual liberation have aggravated the decline: Low-IQ women breed prolifically, while high-IQ women influenced by feminism delay marriage for the sake of careers and education. It does not take a fertile imagination to realize the kind of dysgenic effect this has on society. In the largest North American and Western European urban centers, we see the crumbling infrastructure and growing social decay that comes with overcrowding and mass Third World immigration. More non-Whites shoveled into Western cities by globalist elites, many with anti-White ethnic agendas, means lower average population IQ, followed by a corresponding decline in quality of life as low-IQ people become an ever-increasing burden on society in terms of homelessness, drug addiction, lack of education, lack of work ethic, etc. In the absence of a technologically sophisticated elite able churn out inexpensive consumer goods, this would result in increasing “simplification” of post-Western material culture, analogous to the kind of “simplifications” archaeologists say occurred during the Old Dark Ages. Given declining IQs and racial hygienic standards, life will inevitably become a much simpler, but more brutal Darwinian struggle for survival, just as it was over a thousand years ago.

The West’s declining IQs have led to declining educational standards. The universities are no longer bastions of intellectual inquiry, like they were during their heyday, i.e., La Belle Époque, but liberal indoctrination centers with little intellectual content. In this respect, they are similar to the late medieval universities that once policed orthodoxy and discouraged freedom of thought (i.e. the Catholic Aristotelians of the medieval arts and theology faculties who opposed the new astronomy of Galileo). The people who run them, far from being interested in knowledge for its own sake, are there to reap the rewards of an easy, well-paying job where they are able to spew leftist propaganda—at the expense of their students, who still believe—albeit naively—that degrees are needed for good jobs. Mass education, far from being a benefit to anyone except the system’s architects, has lowered curricular quality and increased prevalence of grade inflation across the board.

On a side note, Western philosophy—the most important intellectual endeavor beside theoretical physics—has been particularly hard hit by PoMo relativism. From the empyrean heights of Plato and Aristotle, it has descended to the low level of a feces-encrusted cesspit. The writings of Martin Heidegger—liberal academia’s biggest superstar—are considered holy writ by his legions of adoring fans, even though they are pretentious, rambling, jargon-laced diatribes only famous because they can be interpreted to mean anything to anyone. Far from being a means of defining terms and refining methods to achieve greater clarity and understanding—the way Socrates intended—modern (especially continental) philosophy seeks to feign profundity through an unnecessarily turgid and obscure prose. Meanwhile, impenetrable jargon has become the trademark of the rest of the humanities, personified by academic superstars like Judith Butler.

White populations worldwide are hurtling toward demographic free fall. The declining birth rates in virtually all White Western Hemispheric nations are symptomatic of the collapse of the monogamous family, the result of decades of indoctrination in feminist ideology and women’s sexual liberation. Since women are no longer expected to settle down and marry, the worst aspects of female nature are now on full display. Student debt incurred by buying largely worthless (for many) college degrees is affecting the decision to marry.  If there are no traditional values—and Western society has done its best to jettison these in the name of fatuous “human rights”— society will not adequately replenish itself, eventually withering away and dying.

Finally, Western economies are being undermined from within by their own elites. Outsourcing by multinationals has decimated manufacturing sectors in all White Western countries, worsening the lives and prospects of the White middle- and working-class majority populations. Chinese goods have been allowed to flood Western markets, often with the collusion of domestic manufacturers who are able to outsource their labor costs. Real wages have stagnated and affordable housing has become increasingly scarce, as excess Third World immigrant demand places home ownership beyond reach of the ordinary citizen, particularly in the large urban centers.

Moreover, the importation of this cheap, non-White labor has a contraceptive effect, putting downward pressure on real wages which, in turn, put downward pressure on White fertility rates; working-class wages have stagnated since the 1970s.  In the West, the growing reserve army of labor disincentivizes industry from rationalizing production and channeling surplus profits into research and development. Far from getting better, the economy worsens as wealth accrues to the top 1 percent of the population; meanwhile, the middle class shrinks and poverty becomes more widespread.

Because of all of these factors, life in most of the White Western countries has progressively worsened, only made tolerable—but just barely—by the superabundance of inexpensive Chinese-made goods. That the majority of Whites and their globalist elites interpret these signs of deterioration as “progress” and “improvement” is just more evidence we really are in a Dark Age. 

Old and New Dark Ages Compared

The similarities and differences between New and Old Dark Ages may be grouped under the following headings: (a) the reasons for demographic decline; (b) Western man’s conscious decision to abandon his own civilization vs. Roman decline due to internal civilizational weaknesses, and; (c) the role of Christian ideology in the decline of Rome and Jewish ideology in modern Western culture.

First, we begin with Rome’s decline, which had a demographic dimension. After Hadrian had abandoned the territories conquered by Trajan—for administrative and fiscal reasons, the quest for new land and new bodies to rule over ground to a halt. This precipitated a crisis. The number of bodies left to till the fields and man the auxiliary forces along the frontiers declined as the vices of civilization took root. Because of the dearth of bodies and taxable wealth, the empire lacked the capacity to control its vast territories. To remedy this, the Romans recruited barbarians from burgeoning migrant populations along the frontiers or from the armies of the defeated. The historian Cassius Dio says Marcus Aurelius, after defeating the barbarians in the Marcomannic Wars, would either send them on military campaigns or settle them on land in Dacia, Pannonia and elsewhere.[2]

By the fourth century, barbarian recruitment into the armies had increased; by the mid-5th century, the ranks of the army were largely occupied by Germanic and Hunnish mercenaries, at which point even the military chain of command was thoroughly barbarized. The magister militum, the most important position in the empire after the emperor himself, was occupied by Romanized Germans for most of the fifth century. These men were more powerful than the succession of weak emperors they could make or break with a single utterance. According to the “barbarization thesis”: “Rome was fatally weakened when, in the fourth and fifth centuries, her army largely made up of foreigners no longer represented the people.”[3]

The Imperial administration’s need for barbarians was in some ways similar to Western elite demand for non-White immigrants. Like immigrants, the barbarians were cheap and expendable. Non-Whites are imported by globalists to do the work “White men don’t want to do.” Similarly, the barbarians were recruited into the armies and allowed to settle Imperial lands because fourth- and fifth-century Romans had become the “soyboys” of antiquity—soft, effeminate, milquetoast, peace-loving and totally lacking in all of the warrior virtues. Finally, like Western elites, the Imperial administration was a tax-hungry beast; but Roman justification for taxation was pragmatic, not ideological. This difference is best illustrated by the Western neoliberal economic model; predicated on perpetual growth, it serves as pretext for the White majority’s suicidally impulsive need for never-ending supplies of non-White “fresh meat.” In the Roman case, a constant stream of bodies was needed to maintain an empire overextended beyond its logistical and financial capacities. By late antiquity, this state of affairs had become militarily and financially unsustainable. The barbarian invaders were simply kicking in the doors of an old house that was rotten to the foundation.

The inevitable result of Imperial greed for taxes and manpower was ethnic demographic replacement of the Roman population across wide swathes of Imperial land. This wasn’t a conscious decision on the part of the Roman aristocracy. Given the empire’s multi-ethnic character, the Imperial administration could not refuse entrance to barbarian migrants on ethnic grounds. The problems that afflicted the Imperium during late antiquity were the outcome of earlier expansionist policies that overextended the boundaries of empire, making it difficult to maintain and control without a constant supply of warm bodies and a steady flow of taxes. Population replacement by large numbers of foreigners, the end result of failed Imperial expansionist policies and Volkerwanderung, led to the alienation of the citizenry from the institutions from their own government. The more Germanized the empire became, the less people identified with it. In time, too much Germanization meant very little patriotism; no loyalty to Rome meant no desire to prevent the barbarian invasions from overrunning much of the Imperial territories. When Africa was lost to the Vandals, there was hardly any will to recapture the territory, despite its status as breadbasket of the empire. It even meant Roman contempt—and sometimes outright ethno-racial hatred—for the Germanic and Hunnish invaders. The second time Rome was sacked in a millennium—by Alaric’s Goths in 410 AD—the underlying reason was contemptuous treatment of her barbarian auxiliaries and their sacrifices by the Romans, the outcome of reliance on cheap and expendable foreign labor.

The Volkerwanderung is not the cause of the empire’s collapse, as its internal weaknesses date from the civil wars, natural disasters and barbarian invasions of the third century; however, Germanization, combined with lack of identification with Romanitas, played a role in hastening its decline. The barbarian successor states that replaced the Imperial administration lacked the know-how to run a civilization as sophisticated and as advanced as Rome, resulting in barbarism replacing civilization in most of Western Europe.

Even though the causes of the Dark Ages in Rome and the modern West are different, it is instructive to note the final outcome in both cases was ethnic replacement by hostile foreigners, none of whom possessed the ability to maintain the civilizations they acquired either through force or by invitation. Among the main differences, the barbarians who terrorized Rome were mostly White, whereas the ones being imported by Whites into their own Western countries are overwhelmingly non-White. Unlike Rome, which at least valued Romanitas to the bitter end, the contemporary “West” aggressively pursues its own racial demise at the hands of its non-White colonizers. While Rome’s decline was the outcome of events rotting the Imperium from within, the collapse of modern Western societies and their descent into the New Dark Ages is entirely the fault of Whites being dominated by a hostile ruling elite.

Many Whites, under the influence of an alien Jewish-dominated media elite, encourage their own women to prostitute themselves to non-White foreigners, while making it harder for men of their own race to reproduce by implementing aggressively feminist, women’s liberationist and multicultural policies. This is a reason why fertility has declined to below replacement levels since the beginning of the “sexual revolution” of the 1960s. Homosexuality, transgenderism and miscegenation have become the new Western values of the emerging post-Western cultures of Western Europe and North America, thanks to elite manipulation of White racial consciousness. As a result, the traditional values embodied by the institutions of monogamous marriage and the nuclear family unit are no longer influential. The image of the White woman in the minds of the non-White males encouraged by globalists to invade White-majority countries, is of a promiscuous and nymphomaniacal slut who will bed any man who desires her. This image has been exported abroad by Hollywood, but it is far from the truth, since women everywhere are biologically hypergamous. But there is no doubt this is a powerful draw for the Third World’s oversupply of single males, who cannot afford wives for themselves in their own native countries. These policies are prudishly justified as much needed “civil rights legislation” and “multiculturalism,” but more appropriate labels would be pathological ethnomasochism and delusional racial self-hatred.

Lastly, the state religion of Rome had become Christianity in the fourth century. This deprived the Imperium of her ablest and most talented men. This late classical “brain drain” further hastened a process begun during the crisis of the third century, when the Roman empire was divided between warring factions.

Italian historian Arnaldo Momigliano writes:

“The Church attracted the most creative minds—St. Ambrose, St. Jerome, Hilarius of Poitiers, St. Augustine in the West; Athanasius, John Chrysostom, Gregory of Nazianzus, and Basil of Caesarea in the East: almost all born rulers, rulers of a type which, with exception of the scholarly emperor Julian, it was hard to find on the imperial throne. …

Gibbon was simplifying a very complicated issue when he insinuated that Christianity was responsible for the fall of the empire, but he perceived that the church attracted many men who in the past would have become excellent generals, governors of provinces, advisers to the emperors. …

People escaped from the state into the Church and weakened that state by giving their best to the Church. This is a situation which in its turn requires analysis and explanation. But its primary importance cannot be overlooked. The best men were working for the Church, not for the state.”[4]

The rise of Christianity did not cause the Dark Ages—an event without any single underlying cause—but it did not help matters either. As the Christian church increased in wealth and power, more people took an active interest in pursuing clerical careers. Under the pagan emperors, familiarity with the classics was mandatory for those who wanted to work for the state, but it wasn’t necessary for those who worked for the church. There was a “reduction in the number of administrative posts in the Roman empire’s Western successor kingdoms because taxation was simplified and some administrative levels … disappeared entirely. This rendered classical culture less attractive, because the effort and investment necessary to master it became less socially profitable.”[5] As a result, the classical curriculum declined in importance, becoming no longer necessary for secular advancement. In the early medieval period, the “clericalization of the culture became the sociological norm after 550.”[6] In the late sixth to seventh centuries, the classical education system was either replaced by monastic training or the study of patristics. This development negatively affected the survival of the ancient world’s secular knowledge. Dirk Rohmann writes:

Many early Christian clerics and ecclesiastical authors felt that the pagan texts of the past were completely unnecessary to lead a Christian life-style. … As classical education came to be less and less important for worldly career paths, and clerical career paths became more and more attractive, the preservation of the works of old was endangered.”[7]

Somehow these writings had become so “endangered” that almost none of them survived the sixth and seventh centuries, when Western man had sunk to the lowest depths. How could such an enormous loss occur in so brief a period of time (relatively speaking)? In the standard work on classical and medieval textual transmission, scholars Reynolds and Wilson write:

There can be little doubt that one of the major reasons for the loss of classical texts is that most Christians were not interested in reading them, and hence not enough new copies of the texts were made to ensure their survival in an age of war and destruction.[8]     

The growth of the Christian church meant loss of interest in the ancient world’s greatest achievements. Works of secular poetry, philosophy, science, and mathematics were left to rot on Western Europe’s bookshelves. Reynolds and Marshall write: “The copying of classical texts tapered off to such an extent during the Dark Ages that the continuity of pagan culture came close to being severed.”[9] The monks who dominated the medieval apparatus of textual transmission made sure to preserve thousands of copies of Greek and Vulgate New Testaments, but rarely copied the classics. According to Rudolf Blum:

Of the Greek literature created before 250 B.C. we have only a small, even though very valuable, part. We do not even have the complete works of those authors who were included in the lists of classics compiled by the Alexandrian philologists. Of all the works of pagan Greek literature perhaps only one percent has come down to us.[10]

Rohmann wrotes: “It is estimated that for Latin literature less than one per cent of titles survive in total.”[11] Because of its indifference to the achievements of the past, the Christian church had inadvertently prolonged the Dark Ages for centuries. It wasn’t until the rediscovery of classical literature—Aristotle, Plato, Euclid and so on—beginning in the twelfth century, that Western man was able to free himself from the brutal indifference and crass superstitions of the Christian church.

Like Christianity, cultural Marxism has played a similar role in the New Dark Ages, but with an important difference. Christianity did not cause the empire’s disintegration, but only hastened its decline, whereas cultural Marxism is a central causal factor in Western decline. Under Cultural Marxist influence, globalist elites have aggressively promoted feminism, multiculturalism and mass immigration. Homosexuality, transgenderism and miscegenation have become enshrined as the new values of a decaying post-modern civilization. The church did not need to suppress classical culture to ensure Christian hegemony in Western Europe; there were a few skirmishes here and there, but indifference was more than enough. Cultural Marxists, unlike Christians, actively suppress knowledge of racial and sexual differences using social pressures, i.e., ostracism and shaming language (“You racist! You sexist!”); economic pressures, i.e., depriving right-wing dissidents of their livelihoods, and; legal pressures, i.e., hate speech and anti-Holocaust denial legislation. On top of this, the globalist elites even have the power to shape the consciousness of the masses. By altering human perception of objective reality through control of mass media, such as newspapers, television, radio and billboards, they seek to neutralize the opposition, while proclaiming their new religion of liberal egalitarianism.

Like Christianity, cultural Marxism has its own belief system. “There is no such thing as race or sex,” proclaims the new religion, “all cultures are the same.” These beliefs are impervious to reason, just like the beliefs of the devout Christian. Like Christian religious epistemology, cultural Marxist epistemology is faith-based. This does not bode well for the survival of our current, albeit degenerate post-Western civilization. As Edmund Burke pithily observed: “A state without the means of some change, is without the means of its own conservation.”

Christian indifference prolonged the Dark Ages and the suffering of the people of Europe, until what remained of ancient secular knowledge was recovered between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, giving Europeans a solid foundation upon which to build. Without the rediscovery of the writings of Aristotle and others, the modern world would have taken much longer to emerge, assuming it would have emerged at all. The cultural Marxists, far from being indifferent to the Western intellectual tradition, draw much of their inspiration from the liberal Enlightenment, especially Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and various Marxist heterodoxies, like the Frankfurt School. Unlike the church, which has never actively suppressed any branch of human knowledge, cultural Marxist fanatics go out of their way to suppress the West’s accumulated knowledge of race and sex differences, including the role of evolutionary biology in their origin and development. Although cultural Marxism is not an attack on all Western knowledge, its attempt to eliminate knowledge of racial and sexual differences will have the same effect as centuries of Christian indifference to the intellectual achievements of antiquity.

Because of the diligent efforts of cultural Marxists, few Westerners are aware of the size and extent of racial and sexual differences between populations, or even that such differences exist. This is not unlike the Christian theologians of the Old Dark Ages who hoarded what little remained of ancient philosophy, science and mathematics among themselves, while the populace remained totally ignorant of the intellectual achievements of classical antiquity. Cultural Marxism, unlike the Christian church, has not yet resulted in the loss of almost all branches of human knowledge, but its willful suppression of knowledge of race and sex differences is just as devastating, if not more so. At least there were still men of ability after the long, dark night of Christian indifference, able to rebuild on the wisdom of the past after the recovery of Aristotle in the twelfth century. With the abandonment of all knowledge of race and sex differences, the West’s vast storehouse of knowledge will be lost because of the biological degeneration and extinction of the original populations of Western Europe and North America. Whites will always be able to abandon crass superstitions—even if it takes centuries—but a gene pool, once contaminated by an inferior population’s low-quality genes, may never recover.

Will Western Man Survive The New Dark Ages?

The Romans of late antiquity were oblivious to the fact their now moribund Western empire was slipping into the Dark Ages, although a few were prescient enough to notice the extent of the rot before it was too late. One such prescient Roman was the fourth-century pagan historian Ammianus Marcellinus, who wrote:

At the time when Rome first began to rise into a position of world-wide splendour, in order that she might grow to a towering stature, Virtue and Fortune, ordinarily at variance, formed a pact of eternal peace; for if either one of them had failed her, Rome had not come to complete supremacy. Her people, from the very cradle to the end of their childhood, a period of about three hundred years, carried on wars about her walls. Then, entering adult life, after many toilsome wars, they crossed the Alps and the sea. Grown to youth and manhood, from every region which the vast globe includes, they brought back laurels and triumphs. And now, declining into old age, and often owing victory to its name alone, it has come to a quieter period of life.[12]

Only Ammianus’s belief in an eternal Rome prevented him from swallowing the ultimate blackpill and taking his observations to their logical conclusion: Rome’s days as a civilization were numbered. The Christians and the Germanic barbarians would be more interested in wielding their swords and chanting Christian hymns than rescuing the decaying Imperium Romanorum from oblivion.

Even a few late-ancient Christians were not oblivious to the impending collapse of Rome. In a letter of 396, St. Jerome wrote:

My heart sickens when I go over the catastrophes that have happened in our time. For more than twenty years, not a day has gone past between Constantinople and the Julian Alps without the shedding of Roman blood. How many matrons, how many virgins dedicated to God, how many free-born women of noble blood, have fallen into the hands of those wild beasts, … bishops imprisoned, priests slaughtered, churches defiled, horses tethered to altars. … The world of Rome is falling to pieces.”[13]  

The pattern is the same with the New Dark Ages that have blanketed all of Western Europe and North America. Few notice what has happened before voices of protest are silenced indefinitely. As always, the masses carry on as if nothing has changed. No one ever knows they have really gone through a Dark Age until it has been pointed out to them centuries after the fact. It was over 300 years after the “official” end of the Old Dark Ages when the fourteenth-century humanist Petrarch first noticed the lights had entirely gone out in Western Europe for over a thousand years, beginning with the crisis of the third century and continuing until his own day. He had a special term for these intervening centuries: aetas tenebrae or “age of darkness.”[14]

Ages of darkness, like the one first recognized and described by Petrarch, are necessarily characterized by regnant ideologies that reflect the general ignorance and stupidity of the masses. Medieval man fervently believed in this child-like superstition despite the pointless suffering it caused all around him. Our own day is no different; in our New Dark Age, race and sex are believed to be illusions invented by racists and sexists to oppress and marginalize what cultural Marxists believe are “disadvantaged minorities.” These beliefs are just as silly, but potentially more destructive than simple Christian beliefs. As religious or quasi-religious beliefs, they are impervious to reason because they are derived from faith-based epistemologies, which do not allow for the revision of the belief-system itself in light of new evidence.

There are no real solutions to the problems that confront what’s left of Western societies. Only seismic shocks like what led to the Renaissance and Reformation were able to awaken medieval man from his “dogmatic slumbers,” to use Kant’s phrase. With the end of ecclesiastical authority in Europe, medieval man was able to wean himself from his crass superstitions and singlehandedly create the modern world. On the other hand, it seems unlikely a new Renaissance will be enough to jolt Western man—if indeed we can even call him that—from his own “dogmatic slumbers,” given his newfound faith entails mental and biological degeneration of his own subspecies.

Our only hope lies, not with any White awakening—a totally unrealistic fantasy at this point—but with natural selection. If even a few Whites can resist the poison of cultural Marxism, by breeding selectively among themselves and preserving their own bloodlines from non-White intermixture, they may be able to give future Whites the opportunity to rebuild a society of their very own upon the ashes of post-Western degeneracy.

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  1. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    See “Iowa As a Shining Beacon of Nihilism wherein (the missing video is about Norman Borlaug’s “green revolution”) I quote W. D. Hamilton’s “Innate Social Aptitudes of Man” regarding dark ages. Essentially the thesis is that barbarian pastoralists provide a very different genetic infusion than “immigrants” that initiate dark ages, and that basis is necessary for the renaissances that result about 800 years later.

    In other words, this — immigrant initiated dark age — is no ordinary dark age — it may be permanent.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “In other words, this — immigrant initiated dark age — is no ordinary dark age — it may be permanent.”

      It can’t be permanent because it’s not self-sustaining.

      That’s why individuals needs groups and groups need individuals. Otherwise, nothing moves.

      In the beginning of any Dark Age there’s a destructive force moving against an ex-force of failing powers too scattered, fractured, fragmented, and apathetic to mount an opposition.

      Jewish Supremacy Inc.’s victory will be Pyrrhic, at best.

      To get where they are today, ie; in the position to impose the four principle sanctions of any civilizaiton,

      economic deprivation

      they had to depend on a wide array of Proxies.*

      They’ve had the devil’s own time keeping each one of them in line. But all of them, all together, and moving in obedient unision FOR THEM?

      No Way!

      It’s not even happening now.

      No. The Pyrrhic Victory of JSI isn’t coming. It’s here.

      I’m not saying they might not be successful in derailing Whites, forever. Whites are certainly making it easy for them in any number of ways.

      No. I’m saying No Matter What They Do They Will Ultimately Fail!

      *which is something else never done before, for a reason, it’s insane to even try; then again,

      Chutzpah and Self-Awareness don’t go together.

      THIS is the #1 reason why they are failing.

  2. tom
    tom says:

    A fine article. However, those who opposed and punished Galileo did it because he was so snarky and bit the hands of those who fed him. A century earlier, Copernicus stated the Sun was the center of our solar system and no one was angered at him.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      … those who opposed and punished Galileo did it because he was so snarky and bit the hands of those who fed him.

      I have been reading, writing, and talking about the Galileo affair for fully fifty years, and this is the best capsule description of it I have ever seen. It may not be sufficient, in Aristotle’s sense, but it sure gets to an element at the heart of the affair.

      To look at the matter from a slightly different perspective, think of what would happen nowadays to someone who owed much of his prosperity and celebrity to, say, George Soros or Hillary Clinton and then proceeded, in a book acclaimed as his magnum opus, to give one of its three most prominent characters, a thinly veiled version of Soros or Clinton, the name Simpleminded Dunce. What are the odds that the punishment would be open-door house arrest at an estate on Martha’s Vineyard? Is this what happened to Martha Stewart? To Seth Rich?

      Even after Galileo publicly insulted Urban VIII, his longtime friend, protector, and patron, Urban’s behavior was far from the disproportionate revenge that it is usually said to have been. In the subsequent heresy trial before the Holy Office there was dogged refusal from a group of cardinals to countenance the justice or legitimacy of even the plea-bargained declaration that Galileo finally signed. The influence of that group was anything but insignificant, especially as its leader was Cardinal Francesco Barberini, the nephew of Urban VIII. Are we to assume that a hate-filled Urban had no influence over his nephew, a man who owed his uncle his red hat, not to mention a great deal more?

      This particular facet of the trial has largely gone unnoticed by people who prefer the cartoon version of the Galileo story—evidently including “Ferdinand Bardamu.”

    • George Romanian
      George Romanian says:

      Galileo Galilei was involved in magic. The sort of alchemy that doesn’t transform lead into gold, but whole societies. He wrote “De vinculis in genere”. That was the reason for his condemnation.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    This statement is true:

    “The West is crumbling because the White race has collectively decided—at the instigation of a hostile Jewish-dominated globalist elite—that White racial suicide is a moral imperative. The visible signs of this deterioration are so obvious they can no longer be ignored, at least by those who can see beyond the smoldering ruins of this decaying civilization.”

    White Christians are afraid to speak up. We are a pathetic bunch by and large.

    I wish Trump would speak up, but he is hemmed in by his Jewish son-in-law and daughter Ivanka and dependent on Jewish electoral money such as from Sheldon Adelson.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Most Whites are at least nominal christians ; and christianity , both protestant and catholic versions , has become a religion of sheeplism under the subversive guidance of jews and crypto-jews . Much of christianity has passed it’s ” sell-by-date ” . When Whites fail then christianity fails and vice versa . Overall , the fate of christianity and the fate of nonjewish Whites are joined at the hip .

  4. Alfred
    Alfred says:

    “Real wages have stagnated and affordable housing has become increasingly scarce, as excess Third World immigrant demand places home ownership beyond reach of the ordinary citizen, particularly in the large urban centers.”

    One doesn’t have to read the ‘Culture of Critique’ in its entirety, although I do recommend that, but merely the review by Stanley Hornbeck, which should be posted on the front page of TOO.

    The 1965 Immigration Act was the a dagger to the heart of America.
    ALL of this, designed by the enemy, is the end of America.
    Look at gun rights, affordable homes, jobs, oh the Christ-killers are rejoicing.
    The SYSTEM is the tool, the weapon wielded against the white race in this nation.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        “The dagger was the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.”

        That’s exactly right.

        The centuries previous were the preparation, so to speak, ie; acquiring said dagger and developing the skill to use it.

        But once The FED was established, everything flowed from that. Of course.

        With all the money in the world, literally, you could do what ever you want, literally.

        And they have.

        But, I’ve said it before and will say it again, because it’s worth repeating.

        It’s a Pyrrhic Victory.

        And this is what truly validates the notion of a New Dark Ages.

    • Aitch.
      Aitch. says:

      If anyone’s looking for this review, I found it by googling ‘stanley hornbeck/culture of critique’. I found it on a website called – it’s a very long item.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Thank you Alfred and Aitch.

      For me, the best way to describe “Judaism as a unique survival strategy”, a strategy “that helps Jews compete with other ethnic groups” is

      Jewish Supremacy Inc.

      Because the Inc. means they are literally incorporating their supremacist ideology (the only one in the world, which is what makes the White Supremacy accusation so laughable).

      In other words, it quite literally functions like a business and economic model.

      But also, being supremacists, they want to incorporate everyone else into that model to serve them. Whether as proxies, useful idiots, spoiled favorites, flying monkies, designated scapegoats, or the family pet.

      So, the family system and the business model are two ways of looking at JSI.

      Making JSI kind of a family-run business.

      That’s exactly why their patterns are so easy to see and why, not surprisingly, they don’t want us noticing. An impossibility. Hence, all of the Hate Speech laws, censorship and propaganda, etc. None of which help in the slightest solve the many problems of the civilization they have “inherited”. A civilization complex and unpredictable almost beyond comprehension.

      In any event, looking at JSI as a family helps to explain their success at undermining Western man’s self-confidence.

      To use myself as an example, I grew up as the family’s designated scapegoat. Nothing JSI et al. have ever said about Whites has ever been successful at making me feel bad about myself.

      My family was another matter all together. It took years to free myself from it because it was all I ever knew. But it can be done, and I did it.

      Of course, the price was, I had to go No Contact.

      One very interesting result was this, my family told me I was the problem and that I needed help.

      So, I got help and FOUND OUT ABOUT THEM, not just me. And they don’t want to know what I know.

      Same with JSI (though, I wasn’t able to identify it as such at the time). They said Whites were bad and that we were in need of help.

      So, I “got help” and found out about them, not just us.

      I discovered that Western Civilization is a towering human achievement that nothing else can match and that Jews, incapable of creating their own civilization that anyone else would want to live in, simply used our openness (and abused our naivete) to infiltrate, subvert and destroy said civilization.

      Not surprisingly, they moved to the next stage, ie; that Whites are beyond help and deserve to be replaced, which, of course, the the classic revolutionary rationale, ie; “You have what I want. Therefore, You are bad.”.

      Ironically, JSI has been very successful in undermining the confidence of people whose confidence is often unshakable in their families, but not in society at large.

      One of the great ironies for this scapegoat survivor is watching his siblings children being scapegoated on a global scale.

      But scapegoaters are not known for self-awareness or apologies. That’s why scapegoats have to eventually go No Contact.

      That’s not going to be all that easy for us. But it can be done.

      That’s why looking at our predicament from the perspective of Family Systems can be very useful. And, of course, the aforementioned Business Model.

      Also, we could throw in some Good Cop/Bad Cop.

      Or, to use the Family Systems Model,

      The Flying Monkey eager to please the family (what we would call a Useful Idiot or Shabbos Goy) and The Golden Child who can do no wrong.

      Or, Jordan Peterson and Antifa.

      By being aware of all of this we can change the stupid cliches of “Get over it!” and “Move on!” to

      You Never Get Over It Until “It” Becomes What It IS!


      The ONLY Way Out Is Through!

      JSI is just a sick family and bad company.

      Time to leave the family, quit the company and create our own. Or die trying.

      We all already know the alternative.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      It is by no means inappropriate to think that there was more than one dagger thrust. Caesar’s assassins stabbed him twenty-three times, and their daggers effectively sealed the fate of the Roman Republic.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        It means a touch of macaronic confusion. Bo seems to be thinking of the Italian phrase “danza funebre,” that is, “funereal dance,” or of its Latin antecedent, “chorea funebris.”

        Ah, Italians … any excuse to party.

  5. milan
    milan says:

    Every Dark Age of man going back into antiquity can be summed up with a few simple paragraphs. Read this from the 6th Century BC and you will see immediately the astonishingly similarities to today. In fact just replace the word Israelites with that of your own nation for example:

    Hear the word of the Lord, you Americans,
    because the Lord has a charge to bring
    against you who live in the land:
    “There is no faithfulness, no love,
    no acknowledgment of God in the land.
    There is only cursing, lying and murder,
    stealing and adultery;
    they break all bounds,
    and bloodshed follows bloodshed.
    Because of this the land dries up,
    and all who live in it waste away;
    the beasts of the field, the birds in the sky
    and the fish in the sea are swept away.
    “But let no one bring a charge,
    let no one accuse another,
    for your people are like those
    who bring charges against a priest.
    You stumble day and night,
    and the prophets stumble with you.
    So I will destroy your mother—
    my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.
    “Because you have rejected knowledge,
    I also reject you as my priests;
    because you have ignored the law of your God,
    I also will ignore your children.
    The more priests there were,
    the more they sinned against me;
    they exchanged their glorious God[b] for something disgraceful.
    They feed on the sins of my people
    and relish their wickedness.
    And it will be: Like people, like priests.
    I will punish both of them for their ways
    and repay them for their deeds.
    “They will eat but not have enough;
    they will engage in prostitution but not flourish,
    because they have deserted the Lord
    to give themselves 11 to prostitution;
    old wine and new wine
    take away their understanding.
    My people consult a wooden idol,
    and a diviner’s rod speaks to them.
    A spirit of prostitution leads them astray;
    they are unfaithful to their God.
    They sacrifice on the mountaintops
    and burn offerings on the hills,
    under oak, poplar and terebinth,
    where the shade is pleasant.
    Therefore your daughters turn to prostitution
    and your daughters-in-law to adultery.
    “I will not punish your daughters
    when they turn to prostitution,
    nor your daughters-in-law
    when they commit adultery,
    because the men themselves consort with harlots
    and sacrifice with shrine prostitutes—
    a people without understanding will come to ruin! HOSEA 4

    The only difference I would argue between the ages of the past to today is the shocking media influence and the drug culture. The drug culture is especially horrifying. Drug addiction is truly the scrouge of the modern age. ‘New and old wine’ was the scrouge of the past but today drug addiction is on another level altogether.

  6. anarchyst
    anarchyst says:

    Observing the present state of world affairs, as to WW2, we fought on the wrong side. If we had assisted Germany in destroying the judeo-bolsheviks (not the ordinary Russians who hated the judeo-bolsheviks who took over their country), we would have a very different, more prosperous world today.

    We fought (on the wrong side) to assure that judeo-bolshevism would not only survive, but actually prosper and eventually take control of the “free-world”…

    Judeo-bolshevism took full effect in the post-WW2 world with the imposition of one-sided “civil-rights” (for some) laws and statutes, and the destruction of (only) white-run societies.

    Fast forward to the present-day and you can clearly see that the uncontrolled immigration into (only) white-run countries is by design-the destruction of white-run countries by “you know who”. The h1-b visa scam is only the latest manifestation of this uncontrolled immigration, perpetrated by our judeo-bolshevik politicians.

    Of course, ((they)) have been successful in using their phony “6 million holohoax” to great advantage, bamboozling and swindling the world for over half-a-century. “The ((jew)) cries out in pain as he is striking (bombing or destroying) you”…

    The two “biggies” that they perpetrated were the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty (GTR-5) on 8 June 1967 and the destruction of the World Trade Center (9-11).

    The “cover-up” of the attack on the USS Liberty (GTR-5) was PROOF that ((they)) could get away with anything and those in our government would not do anything about it–even facilitating a “cover-up” and gave them the impetus to do WTC 9-11. With the non-action by the U. S. government as to the USS Liberty (GTR-5) ((they)) KNEW that they had “free reign”, at least as far as (the traitors in) the U. S. government were concerned.

    As to 9-11, the intent was to demonize Islam and push the U. S. A. more firmly into the israeli camp. Netanyahu even remarked that “the WTC 9-11 destruction was good for israel”. The “dancing israelis” (yes, dancing israelis–google it) who were recording the “event” remarked that “their problem was now our problem”.

    More and more people are seeing the evil that this “tribe” has imposed on the world.

    Wall off a remote section of a willing volunteer host country, (not Palestine) require ALL of those who are “chosen” to emigrate there, (yes, mandatory emigration) strictly control what goes in and out, and let them live out their lives “with their own kind”…

    • Aitch.
      Aitch. says:

      Peter Hitchens was bemoaning the state of the NHS in his ‘Mail on Sunday’ column recently, so I submitted a comment pointing out that the back of the NHS is clearly being broken by mass immigration. This is patently obvious to anyone like myself who these days has to start queuing outside the local surgery at 7.30 am, whatever the weather, to stand any chance of seeing a GP that day. Although I presented this in the most reasonable and polite form of words possible, it was thought to be too inflammatory a comment to publish.

  7. Jody Vorhees
    Jody Vorhees says:

    An absolutely brilliant and astonishingly insightful article. It is a harsh autopsy, conducted in blinding sunlight.

  8. JRM
    JRM says:

    “A New Dark Age has returned, more terrible than the first. We are its passive witnesses…”

    Nay, the author is no mere passive witness; for he sings a most moving ballad of Fate; and we are all of us Minstrels for a New Dark Age.

    How bad is the Rot, speaking about the hoi polloi? Consider that illogic reigns amongst them, as they declare “belief” in what they do not understand, e.g., “climate change”, and demonize non-believers in the same mythology. Is this any different than Christian internecine disputation? Racial Equality is Truth, because the alternative, real racial differences in intelligence and ability, is too unfair and unpleasant (and deadly to our current system) to even be considered.

    Consider that fear itself, once something shameful, is now a kind of currency of social communication; social justice warriors vie with one another to be the most alarmed, the most fearful. Displays of fear are made to earn virtue points/social credit. Fear is minted as a guarantor of authentic awareness.

    Consider that our schools and universities actually inculcate hatred for Whites into their students. Black and brown people are encouraged to hate Whites in routine, everyday experience; especially in the Universities, but also in the media. It’s actually surprising we aren’t being attacked at an even greater rate than the current low-level war campaign of rape and murder blacks perpetrate upon our number.

    Consider the death of Kobe Bryant. A National Tragedy. Thousands of mourning Whites. Murals commemorating him going up in urban centers. Vox Populi eulogies. Little or no mention of a rape accusation and settlement. When White men mourn a black who raped a White woman, and attack a journalist who dared to bring it up, is there really any hope left? Quo vadis? Alas, even our “metoo” Feminists can’t save us from Minority Worship.

    Tomorrow brings a National Event celebrating mostly black gladiators; an event made lucrative because of the large number of White men devoted to these contests. Can you even imagine what the results would be if we could get 1/100th of that enthusiasm and interest into our movement?

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      The death of Kobe, “climate change,” etc., are pumped up by the Jew-controlled media. There are dysgenic whites who get excited over such things, but do they reflect a consensus? I hope not. I notice newspapers getting smaller and smaller as fewer and fewer people buy and read them. I take that as a good sign.

      As I go out into the world in my day-to-day life, few people talk about what is in the news. White people, albeit too slowly, are rejecting the psy-ops being carried out against them. They are looking for a new path. I am glad we are here to provide it for them.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        Excellent comments JRM and Eric.

        From JRM:

        “Can you even imagine what the results would be if we could get 1/100th of that enthusiasm and interest into our movement?”

        It’s important to keep in mind that that is all we’ll ever need, ie; a critical mass.

        And I think that’s implied at the end of this excellent essay. That a White Awakening is not only not possible, it’s not even necessary. Does anyone think Western Civilization was created by a mass awakening? Of course not.

        And, by the way, that group able bodied and committed people already exists, albeit in scattered fashion at the moment.

        All that’s needed is a way to identify and support each other. That can be done too.
        It’s already going on.

        The key, in fact, absolutely key, is to NOT have rigid and inflexible ideological expectations.

        Besides, expectations are resentments waiting to happen. Who needs that now?

        And, though it’s true we might be in the Die Trying mode, so? Then that’s what we’ll do.

        But I don’t think it’s THAT bad. It’s bad, but not that bad.

        And the reason why is that I think Eric’s right.

        The useful idiots willing to bow and scrape, for what in the end will be much worse than nothing, are not a consensus.

        But, again, even if they were (they’re not, but even if they were) what do we care?

        What does that have to do with us?

        How in the hell is a doom and gloom forecast going to help?

        Could you imagine a soldier going into battle that way?

        He better hope he gets wiped out. Because, if not, he’ll never be able to live it down.

        Why put yourself in that position in the first place?

        Why do you think they’re laying it on so thick against us?

        Because they believe in us and our potential more than many of us do.

        And now we’re back to the critical mass.

        It’s all we need.

        • anonymous
          anonymous says:

          When you have nothing to stand for then you may as well join the liberals side. Having firm ideals and living to those is what matters, unless you think white liberals are the ideal people to save your race, in which case you’re welcome to them. It’s no good saving your people if they end up jumping off a cliff the second you open the barn doors.

  9. curri
    curri says:

    Those remaining middle income neighborhoods in Chicago shown in video #2 are mainly made up of the families of cops and other municipal workers-who are required by law to live in the city.

  10. Anthony Aaron
    Anthony Aaron says:

    I remember reading — back in the ’80s or thereabouts — how the jews had infiltrated the Roman legal system early on … obviously they had done so as far back as the execution of Christ, which they had engineered but then had carried out by the Romans. It was also, as I recall, to explain the persecution of early Christians by the Romans in the Coliseum games and such … lions vs. Christians.

    • Aitch.
      Aitch. says:

      What little burrowers the jews are. It’s hard not to perceive them as termites, woodworm, or deathwatch beetles. Your reference to their penetration of the ancient Roman legal system reminds me that I’ve wondered for some time whether the jews conceived and compiled William the Bastard’s ‘Domesday Book’. Can anyone enlighten me?

  11. Jack D.
    Jack D. says:

    Excellent article and very well researched.

    Sometimes I feel like one of the old Roman senators sitting atop the gates of Rome and watching the barbarians stream by. As a 70 y/o father of two 30ish adult kids I’ve always tried to teach them the importance of family, marriage, kids, following the Golden Rule and being proud of our White heritage. However, with my son crippled by mental illness and and my daughter having no interest in having kids, it’s been a struggle. Every conversation I have with her must be fully politically correct – something which really stymies any real exchange of facts and the important truths. I am only heartened knowing that many of these young women indoctrinated by the idea that career is more important than family often end up meeting “the right guy” in their mid to late 30s and finally deciding to have kids and starting a family. Better late than never, I guess.

    It is up to us TOOers to continue our efforts to teach any and all young folks we have contact with the importance of these eternal truths and not give up. It’s often a lonely struggle but we know we the truth on our side.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      One of the best things about TOO is that we get to hear our stories told in different ways by other people.

      Powerful comment. Thanks for sharing it.

  12. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    A remarkable example of what passes for scholarship chez the European New Right! Right at the outset, with a wink and a nod “Ferdinand Bardamu” insinuates his righteous standing as a doctrinaire Christophobe by his Céline-borrowed nom de plume (or better, nom d’Internet). Having a priori signaled his conclusion—Christianity is the villain!—he lengthily begs the question while engaging in faux disputation.

    The first of many high points of neglect (or is it a bêtise?) might be the implicit laying of the blame for the decay and destruction of the Library at Alexandria on Christians, understood as the epoch’s designated knuckle-draggers. That would have been news to the two centuries’ worth of pagan Roman governors who didn’t give a damn what befell the place on their several watches. A second such point might be found in the conspicuous absence of any reference in the Works Cited list to Henri Pirenne, particularly to “Mohammed and Charlemagne,” which blew to smithereens the phoney history and historiography our esteemed author relies on. As Pirenne’s published research is now 85 years old and is as familiar to competent medieval historians as Wagner’s work habits are to Brenton Sanderson, little save the desire to grind an ax adequately explains the omission from the present essay.

    As one who has made no secret of being an unapologetic, unrepentant Christian, I have written before that the European New Right as a whole is a movement whose members cannot quite decide which they loathe more: Europe’s Jewish present or its Christian past. I freely admit that the absence of such indecision in “Ferdinand Bardamu” undoubtedly puts me in my place.

    • Seraphim
      Seraphim says:

      I cannot but fully agree with you. That ‘Nouvelle Droite’ is a farce, to say the least.
      About the conspicuous ‘absences’: where does Byzance fit into the ‘equation’ of ‘Dark Ages’? THE Christian Empire which survived a thousand years of ‘decline’, keeping alive the ‘classical culture’ and passing it back to the ‘barbarized’ (by the paradigmatic ‘whites’ – the Germanics) Roman Empire and to the other paradigmatic barbarians, the Russians.
      The most conspicuous absence is the historical knowledge of our ‘voyageur au bout de la nuit’.

      • Trenchant
        Trenchant says:

        The Byzantium Empire levied tax at 10%, if I recall correctly, and their currency resisted debasement for one thousand years. Rome, on the other hand,….

    • Mari
      Mari says:

      The first person to start destroying the Alexandria Library was Julius cesarean when he conquered Egypt 50 years before Jesus was alleged born. He didn’t do it on purpose. He set fire to the Egyptian baby fleet which was in the harbor. The library caught fire but not much damage was done

      The final blow was around 900AD. Haroon al Rashid was caliph ig Baghad and Egypt. There was an incredible cold spell. People started burning furniture and even books.

      The librarians begged to preserve the library. But the Caliph felt the people needed to survive the cold more than the books and scrolls needed to be preserved.

      That’s when the Muslim saying The only book we need is the Koran was first heard.

      I stay away from TOO most of the time. But every time I come back there’s an anti catholic article. The anti Catholicism here is very similar to the anti Catholicism in the Jewish press.

      I’ll check back in a few months Probably first thing will be another anti catholic article and cliched anti catholic comments

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        The catholic church and especially the Vatican ain’t what it used to be . There are goods reasons to believe those scholars whom claim that the 1965 Vatican II Council was infiltrated by a cabal of crypto-jew jesuits and crypto-jew freemasons posing as jesuits ; and that was the beginning of a subversion that eventually culminated in the secretive capture , by crypto-jews , of the RCC Papacy .

        There is one thing which could last forever — the quest for immortality of a people . As long as mankind continues to develop technologies for surviving The Solar Extinction Event , or surviving any other cosmic extinction event , then the prospect for sustaining potentially immortal human bloodlines remains viable . The alternative to pursuing that prospect of immortality is ultimately guaranteed and absolutely precisely the same as for any other dumb animal — OBLIVION .

        It is difficult to imagine that a pursuit of the prospect of immortality for mankind can be sustained without a religion of { The PRIME DIRECTIVE } to accommodate such a pursuit .

        { The PRIME DIRECTIVE } is absolutely different from and not about

        ” Star Trek General Order 1 “.

  13. Tom
    Tom says:

    Excellent article – just about says it all. Well, when Europe and North America conquered the world, there was no place left to go except down. And down they went as a result of complacency, easy living, and corrosive ideologies. But when you’re down, there’s no place to go except up. The West hasn’t hit rock bottom yet so the future does seem dismal. Hopefully however, there’ll be sufficient numbers of Europids left alive such that a rebirth is possible.

  14. Eric
    Eric says:

    I see things a bit differently.

    Like ancient Greece, Rome began as an Aryan (white) civilization. Just look at Greek and Roman statues and bas reliefs if you doubt this.

    Rome’s decline was caused by two main factors: 1) allowing Jews to live among Romans; 2) race mixing with non-white populations.

    These 2 factors led to a third factor — the transformation of a republic into an empire (with a debasement of the currency), which never works out well in the long run.

    Rome — after it had succumbed to Jewish influence and race mixing — did not deserve to survive. In fact, the increasing participation of Germans (Aryans) in the military and work force was a plus factor, not a minus factor. It allowed Rome to survive a bit longer. But that is all.

    When a corrupted civilization is overthrown, that is a cause for celebration, not sorrow. The legacy of classical thought that we value today did not prevent this from happening, any more than the Enlightenment has prevented the degeneration of our own modern Western civilization.

    Instead of automatically defending Plato, Aristotle, and other classical authors, we should be asking what it was in their thought — if anything — that allowed both Greece and Rome to fail.

    Since we know practically nothing about life in the so-called Dark Ages — 500 AD – 1000 AD — isn’t it a bit presumptuous to assume that it must have been bad? Lack of technology and cities is not necessarily a bad thing. Would “regressing” to living like the Amish be worse than living the way most people do in America today?

    As a race realist and a national socialist, I see the solution to our problem of civilizational decline in pretty much the same terms as the author of this essay.

    Whites, or a portion thereof, need to separate from Jews and non-whites. They need to form a society that serves their interests, needs and preferences.

    That society should honor individual freedom and individual rights, but within a framework of limitations — no race mixing allowed, no Jews allowed, etc.

    It might or might not be a technologically advanced society. That does not matter beyond its ability to feed and militarily defend itself.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “When a corrupted civilization is overthrown, that is a cause for celebration, not sorrow.”


      After all, consider Shakespeare’s Tragedies.

      Everyone focuses on the individual character.

      Whether it’s Othello, Macbeth, Hamlet, etc.

      But, notice, to use what I think is one of the greatest works ever written by anyone, anywhere, Hamlet, when Marcellus says to Horatio, he doesn’t say,

      Something’s rotten in the state of Hamlet.

      He says

      Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

      That’s the case in all of those tragedies.

      The State, the People, etc. themselves are sick and dying and have to be wiped out before something new can come along and replace it.

      And that it’s probably better not to waste too much time over-explaining things, but rather, to get on with it.

      Which is probably why the just about to die Hamlet tells Horatio to explain him and what had happened. Since Hamlet himself will die before he gets the chance – even though he’d been trying throughout the whole play.

      We need explanation. We need to know. There’s no doubt about it. And White men are the best explainers in the world and in all of history. It’s our genius. It’s why we created universities. The ONLY culture ever to do so. A fact never discussed, but easily confirmed.

      But we also need to act. And we’ve done that well too.

      It’s just that sooner or later things have to die and they should be permitted to die EXACTLY so we can do what we do best, again.

      That’s why I refuse to engage in all of this whimpering and hand-wringing about the death of the West.

      We’re still here.

      Time to combine the two things we do best,

      Take Action


      Explain What We’ve Learned.

  15. Yman
    Yman says:

    actually it’s more simpler than complicate analysis

    Roman made whole economy structure as slave driver economy
    naturally system brings more and more slave, mercenary as possible, unintentionally Roman Empire became Open society
    rest is history, Roman didn’t survive because they were open society
    Jew managed to survive because they are closed society

    if you don’t know about difference between open and closed, think like this

    personal border is door in front of your house, it’s prevented outsider vandalize your house or rape, murder
    personal border only invite family, closest friend
    In process its create “closed society” very opposite of “open society”

    closed society exist because human have self-preservation instinct furthermore it has high advantage against “individual”
    closed society bind unity among members, open society have too many outsiders and traitor therefore there’s no unity
    inevitable outcome of open society group is cease to exist

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Ask liberals if they close/lock their doors at night. “Of course.”

      Then tell them that having open borders is like leaving doors open 24/7.

      Ask if they think anyone should have the right to enter their abode without invitation/permission. . .”hell no”. . .then why do they have “right” to enter the country at whim?

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:


      The irony is that the closed society you mentioned was entire dependent on the open society.

      Being closed, it could not have survived trying to build it’s own civilization, which it didn’t, because it couldn’t.

      Also, being a closed society produces closed minds and closed minds produce closed societies, rinse and repeat.

      The point is, those socieites NEVER question their own assumptions. So they never know who they are.

      Whatever self-awareness they possess is devoted to seeing whether or not they are succesfully conforming.

      And this keeps them from seeing whether or not their successful conformity is itself adaptive to a larger world. But, of course, it isn’t, at all.

      That’s why the rise of Jewish Supremacy Inc. (JSI) is in direct proportion to the collapse of the civilization that suprmacy controls.


      Closed Societies produce Pyrrhic Victories.

      If you came from an open society you would have an open mind and could see that and admit it, and follow that admission with learning, change and growth.

      Doing that is what made our open society successful and produced the things the closed society of JSI wants, because, being a closed society, they are incapable of producing those things themselves.

      Both Open and Closed Socieites have one thing in common, they both eventually die.

      But, only one of them can see this and admit it and, possibly, regenerate itself to build again, or die trying.

      But Closed Societies only see themselves.

      They are completely blinded by self-regard, before, during and after their success.

      That’s why nothing fails like the success of a closed society. And that’s what JSI is – a closed society.


      That’s why a member of a closed society can come here and comment, but we can’t.

      So, as long as you’re here, I have to ask you,

      Why not? What are you guys so afraid of?

      Can such fearful and closed-minded people hold on to a civilization more complex and unpredictable than ever before?

      We both know the answer to that quesiton.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Actually it is not as simple as being either a closed society or being an open society . A tightly closed culture will eventually die from lack of vitality . A wide open culture culture will eventually simply disappear from lack of identity . A semi-permiable culture is based on the same principle as the most successful life form of the basic permeable structure of the cell .

  16. John Reynolds
    John Reynolds says:

    I’m as black pilled as anyone but do believe there will be pockets here and there of Western Civilization left. These will be under constant siege but are likely to survive. The pockets will be the seeds of a restoration if not a renaissance. We also cannot discount a Black Swan event that decimates Cultural Marxism in the near term. The election of Trump demoralized the ascendant Left to a degree that is inexplicable, for example.

    Sharp take and analogy but probably more pessimistic than warranted, which is not to say pessimism isn’t justified.

  17. Jud Jackson
    Jud Jackson says:

    Nice Article and your scholarship is impressive.

    However, I think you oversimplify the Galileo incident with the Catholic Church. Your version of this seems to be no different than the movie “Galileo” which ultimately comes from Bertolt Brecht. Tom Woods has an excellent video showing the falsity of this view of Galileo versus the Church,

  18. Jack McArthur
    Jack McArthur says:

    Identity politics gender, sex or race are no basis for any long-standing culture because they all deny reality in their narrow mindedness.

    The thought police laws of today also have their parallels in late antiquity with the Theodosian decrees which brought down the curtain on the ancient world as too was the murder of Hypatia symbolic.

    Those who attack the intolerance of Christianity in the past are just as likely to be the identity evangelists of today who want to force their beliefs on school children and shout hate crime at objectors.

    There is not a single major monument surviving from Ancient Egypt that does not have the marks of religious desecraters who used the Hebrew texts to justify their hate not realising that what Jesus taught was heavily watered by the river Nile (“before Abraham was I Am”). He was and is the King of the Jews whom they spit on even today.

    The river Jordan ends in a lake of death, the lowest point on the surface of the earth in which nothing lives. The life giving waters which poured out of the side of Osiris produced the inundation which sustained Ancient Egypt for over 3000 years. There is a late text describing how one day it would all end when the intolerant would bring down a thing of great beauty. They knew better than anyone who and what was behind the dark side of Judaism and Christians and Muslims are now getting the same experience in full measure now.

  19. bruno
    bruno says:

    A lot of excellent thought in this piece. It’s another example of why we should be grateful to KMac and our TOO brothers/sisters.

    I particularly enjoyed the premise about the foundation of EuroMan’s community, today’s Western women. How many of us have seen family structure go the way of the Whooping Crane?

    Well rounded sons, with decent up bringing, moral inclinations (such as the love of children) are being assaulted psychologically, economically and legally by new-age narcissistic females. In other words, decades of short lives are being maliciously disassembled.

    Overall, marriage is a longer a viable option for Western man. After years of being battered, by the noted ten foot giant, sons give up and/or abide half heartedly regarding obligations.

    Then, there’s the next generation. The grandchildren don’t have stable homes, as mommy is obsessed with her facial creams and clothing… As strange men come and go, she thinks about new material plastics. The obtained toys soon become irrelevant, as her progeny don’t secure the care that’s possible. In brief, little souls are neglected of their potential.

    The third part of this puzzle goes beyond the parent factor. If that even applies, due to the fact that many grandfathers were (also) zapped of ambition, desire and energy. The grandparents who survived the female onslaught and psyche love of plastics, attempt to secure a decent education for innocent kids.

    Most, “would-have-been grandparents,” of course, have fallen by the way side. In the window that’s their eyes you see broken hearts on grandparents’ day, or at “pick-up” gatherings. Many are intelligent and have good characters. You wonder about “what could have been.”

    For those the few remaining -who survived- there’s the struggling not to drown (for the sake of the child). It’s a battle to reach a healthy land environment in an anti-majority changing political world. It’s nearly an impossible task.

    First, there’s the search for all W 4 hour a day pre-schools. After that, there’s the expense of private grammar schools. Many don’t understand how arduous is the task of obtaining safe, clean all W environments within cities and/or close-by suburbs.

    First you check the most prestigious educational institutes. These are the ones where 99% of the graduates end up in top notch universities. You discover, they’ve gotten grants, built new buildings and have diversity departments (for increasing potential multicultural breeding stock). So, after going from institute to institute, you continue to move on.

    In addition to cyber investigations, there’s visits and conversation with other parents. School Web sites are usually filled with bogus info, painted in glowing colours.

    Should a principal retire and/or get a better job, the school’s demographics could alter. This initiates a new search (after extensive, time consuming pain). In many cases, to keep the child amongst a EuroMan’s civilization, a Christian setting is the only option.

    Then there’s another immensely difficult hill to climb. You see, children are indoctrinated to love all, including, less cognitively, culturally and biologically developed…

    Lastly, becuz of all the noted factors, a growing number of home-schools are mushrooming everywhere. Unfortunately, for those in their twilight years and/or who have had heath issues (MI/ CVA, etc.) home schooling is not an option.
    EuroMan is in a predicament. He reminds me of case studies and a book entitled, The Smallest Slavic Nation. It’s about the Lusatians, called Wend, Sorbs, etc. After Eurocide I, there was an effort to give them a very tiny state in Germany. In the 1960s or 1970s I visited their E. German region. They still had a publishing facility, etc. However, nearly everyone had done the natural thing; they intermarried and for all practical purposes they had disappeared. I read a book in their language. Today it sits, in my library, like a figure from the last of the Mohegans.

    The anti-majorityites propagate that EuroMan’s quest for free association is all about hate. The real issue is that, like the native American tribes or Sorbs, we are trying to survive. Let this TOO article have you look at present trends.

  20. George F. Held
    George F. Held says:

    I have always wanted to meet the main character of Céline’s Journey to the End of the Night, Ferdinand Bardamu. You are one interesting and well-educated guy. Who knew you were still around? Not me.
    Everyone should read your article, but it is not above criticism, particularly with regard to the wholly negative view you take of the Christian Church and of the so-called Dark Age(s). It was the Christian monasteries (both Roman and Greek Orthodox) that preserved the great Greek and Latin literature that we have today. The Dark Age(s) moreover produced what is perhaps mankind’s greatest work of art: Gregorian Chants. Later European Culture was a product of a people who had been re-civilized by the Christian Church and its music.

  21. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    The above article identifies the situation we’re in perfectly as nations, which is why we need to stop trying to save whole nations. We need to face the music that the last one hundred years has seen our nations taken away from us, and filled up with invaders who aren’t going anywhere, no matter how conservative a government we’re able to elect, which, as present governmental standards show, isn’t very conservative at all.

    After we correctly identify a problem, we must propose a solution. At the risk of being a broken record for suggesting this same solution now for several decades, I will articulate it yet again. Give up on saving whole nations. They’re gone. The work to get them back will see the last white man defeated by exhaustion, and even then, we will have ultimately recaptured not a single yard of territory. Instead, buy up as much good land as you can. Buy land with a water source on it, timber, hunting, fishing, arable farmland, etc. Get your friends and other whites to buy land next to yours. Form a contiguous, unbroken stretch of white owned private property that allows for no interlopers to work their way into and destroy through calls for “diversification”. Stay quiet about your ultimate goals. Call yourselves a religious group, or a back to the land group. At no point make it known to any media or governmental body that there are any racial goals involved. That’s “in house” information.

    Start up community schools, community farms, etc. All the infrastructure that is needed for a closed community to survive. Pass the land down through generations and instill in each generation the extreme importance in holding onto that land no matter what. This is the best life boat we will have as a race to ride out the coming storm that will see a global dark age manifest in the form of double digit billions of third world useless eaters who will flood EVERY nation on earth like a plague of locusts. The die is cast. The coming chaos interregnum cannot be aborted, and maybe it will honestly be a good thing, not unlike an extremely thorough house cleaning, but we must survive it, and we will not do so as atomized, fragmented hyper individuals trapped in the mouse utopias of the dying western cities. We must come together, own the land, and create closed societies for our people that can withstand however much time is necessary until we can re-emerge from our burrows and rebuild again.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Good point . You cannot just disengage from the beast . It will simply keep getting bigger and stronger until it is slain or you are consumed by it .

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      I am trying to apply this scenario to the United States. The different levels of government (city, county, state, and federal) would never allow it to work.

      An all-white community would be forced to admit non-white members.

      If white separation is the goal, it can only take place through the formation of a new nation or through immigration to an existing nation that wishes to preserve its white majority. With respect to the latter, South America (Chile, Argentina, Paraguay) and Eastern Europe (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Russia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Greece) are possibilities.

      EU countries that we can write off include Germany, Sweden, Ireland and Great Britain. Non-EU countries that we can write off include the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They have unequivocally chosen the path of suicide. Other EU countries would have to exit the EU in order to become likely prospects (e.g., Spain, Italy, Denmark, Finland).

  22. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    Glass half-full is that all national monetary systems are laid down along the same lines (central banks regularly coordinate measures) and so a reset in one major nation will provoke similar resets in others. Moreover, the artificially broad division of labor brought about in part by monetary disorder will mean pain shared across borders. It’s going to be a race to the bottom worldwide.

  23. Amalric de Droevig
    Amalric de Droevig says:

    Absolutely fantastic article.
    The only thing I disagree with is the notion that the Germans, and to a lesser extent the Huns, could not sustain Roman civilization.
    That is true of our out-ethnic replacements, but I don’t think it was true of Huns or Germans.
    I think the Germans especially have proven themselves quite capable of sustaining a civilization as sophisticated as, if not more sophisticated than, Roman civilization. Indeed, I think you could argue that Germanic civilization, in the aggregate, is at least as complex and sophisticated as Ancient Roman civilization.
    More likely, the Germans & Huns did not want to sustain Roman civilization, because it wasn’t theirs, because they didn’t cherish it or identify with it, because its institutions were easier to exploit than maintain, because the Romans did not care to pass their technological secrets on to ethnic aliens, because Germans preferred to join with or ally with their tribesmen in the north than work to keep a foreign empire together and foreign institutions running, etc.
    Thus, it is more accurate to say they they wouldn’t than that they couldn’t. It was more about identity than ability.
    Whereas today, it is quite clear that the people invading the Western World are flatly unable to sustain the civilization whites created.
    I think that is a meaningful distinction, though the effect is admittedly quite the same.
    On a related note, diversity often leads to divided loyalties.
    The constant incursions from the north (associated with the volkerwanderung) led to a problem on two levels. Firstly, frequent military incursions disrupt economies (leading to dead bodies, hungry bellies, and angry citizens), which in turn disrupt governments.
    Secondly, with the military populated by and led by Huns & Germans, again, why should they fight their own people in the north?
    In other words, Rome would have been fine with an influx of Germanic blood, but it was not so fine while it was fighting Germanic peoples in the north.
    Divided loyalties had to be a huge problem.
    Again, however, it looks more like will than ability.

  24. Mari
    Mari says:

    Author seems ignorant of a major cause of the dark ages, the Justinian Plague 500-700. No discussion of the era is possible without acknowledging the impact of the death of about 80 percent of the population of Europe and the MENA.

    One thing I’ve never liked about TOO is the anti Catholicism. So many authors and commenters are very anti catholic in the most cliched, conventional reformation Puritan enlightenment Jewish communist atheist way.

    An author who’s ignorant of the Justinian Plague on 500/700 AD Europe is ignorant of the so called dark ages.

    I’ve been banned from commenting so I doubt my comment will be published. But if you’re interested in the so called Dark Ages look up Justinian Plague. Or continue blaming the Catholic Church as usual.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      It’s very good to see your name and comments on the page again, Mari.

      It’s not amiss to add, I think, that KM and the Moderators are a remarkably thick-skinned and tolerant lot. So long as they are not thrice daily referred to in comments as “Jew-deluded monsters of depravity” or the like, they seem willing to publish almost any comment by almost anybody. Even when, after repeated warnings, they shut someone down, they have shown a tendency to forgive and forget after a decent interval. Indeed, there have been more second chances at TOO than in Jane Austen’s novels.

      Francis Xavier never surrendered to despair. In the present circumstances, where few will permit opinions contrary to the present secularized norm, especially about Catholicism, to be voiced let alone considered, neither, I think, should you or I.

    • Seraphim
      Seraphim says:

      It was in fact Christianity which ‘saved’ the Empire and raised the Germanics from the ‘Dark Ages’.

  25. Kurt
    Kurt says:

    Thank you for publishing content like this! I am in my mid-40s and have always been a Republican. I have always known that the policies pushed by the Democrat party were usually bad for the U.S., but I realized within the past couple years that the policies pushed by the mainstream Republican party have also been a disaster. It is more clear to me than ever that the 2003 Iraq War was fought for the benefit of Israel, although at the time I believed the (absurd) argument that if Iraq became a democracy, then the other middle eastern countries would follow suit. It seems like such a ridiculously foolish premise for a war now although at the time I was young and did not know any better. However, I do question how in the hell any educated person with life experience could have supported that war. What the hell was George W. Bush thinking and why was Muslim immigration to the U.S. allowed to explode higher after 9/11?

    It seems pretty clear (unfortunately), that Western Europe and the United States will experience civil wars sometime within the next 50-100 years and this appears to be by design and as direct result of the “hostile Jewish-dominated globalist elite.” Seeing this decline right before my eyes also makes me question the entire premises of both WWII and WWI…

    I just hope that websites like this one keep publishing content to educate the public. It is shocking to me how so many Americans, particularly young ones, support the suppression of Free Speech. Clearly this is being done to keep the people from learning truths about the world and makes it easier for the media to continue brainwashing them.

    • Armoric
      Armoric says:

      ** at the time I believed the (absurd) argument that if Iraq became a democracy, then the other middle eastern countries would follow suit **

      I didn’t know if it would work, but I thought it was probably their real motivation. What else could it have been? According to the phony leftist opposition, it was a war for oil. But that didn’t make sense. Most of the leftists sounded shrill and dishonest in their criticism of Bush.

      Another proposed explanation was that the government was evil and just liked to kill brown people. That made even less sense, since the government was importing millions of brown people to replace white Americans, apparently out of pro-brown idealism.

      It was impossible to know that it was a war for the Zionists, because no one was saying so in the media.

      You couldn’t get to the truth if you didn’t already know that the government, the media and the phony opposition, were all under Jewish control, and if you didn’t hear from people like Walt and Mearsheimer. And their book about “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” only came out in 2007.

      Obviously, the media won’t reveal that they are under Jewish control. Well-known people won’t discuss the JQ. Those who would discuss it are kept out of the mainstream media. But also, it is psychologically difficult to accept the truth because it means that we live in a world of lies. All the media and most public men take part in the big lie, in a big or small way, out of racial animus toward White people, or out of loyalty to the Jewish tribe, or out of financial interest, conformism, cowardice, political strategy, stupidity, indifference, etc.

      Before the internet, it was impossible for the general public to come to the truth about the JQ and the invasion of Iraq. Even today, most White people still don’t know about the JQ, and that’s why they cannot believe that our governments simply want us dead. (Of course I realize that NOT EVERYONE in the government wants us dead, and it’s not EVERY Jew, and so on).

  26. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    I don’t like the Roman Empire and its destruction of other peoples and their cultures. When the Gauls were conquered by Rome, few of them started studying Greek mathematics and Roman literature, but many were killed or ended up as slaves. Three centuries later, some of the slaves were probably copying books for Roman libraries, but I guess no one in Gaul had written any philosophy book.

    I think there’s a lot to admire in the Roman civilization, but not in the Roman empire, except from a military standpoint.

    The Romans were exploiting other nations. All the money flowed to Rome. On the one hand, the concentration of wealth and intelligence in Rome probably led to technical innovations. A country with a surplus of wealth can use it to build and create new things, and to experiment new techniques. Thanks to the political centralism, Roman technical innovations would be able to spread everywhere in the empire.

    But on the other hand, centralism also tends to destroy cultural diversity, local economies, local dynamism… It turns people into pawns.

    I think the independent-mindedness of the Greeks made their small city states a better environment for philosophy than the Roman empire. The Greeks were smart, but also, their political organization and the defense of their independence gave meaning to their lives. It was a heroic age. They were not ZOG’s subjects.

    In the 19th century, long before the Jews took control, the French and British political leaders admired the intelligence and heroism of ancient Rome and Greece. Because of the industrial revolution and of scientific advances, they saw themselves as the new Romans. But I guess they had more admiration for the Roman empire than for the Roman civilization. They believed in centralism. For example, they were still trying to destroy the last Celtic languages in Europe. I think centralism leads to a loss of vital energy. And vital energy is what made the Greeks a great people.

    There is nothing less heroic than life in a centralized bureaucratic country where people are gradually turned into sheep. Besides, the British and French states would not have been so easily hijacked by the Jews if they had been less centralized. Today in the West, the curse of centralism is deeply intertwined with the JQ.

    “If even a few Whites can resist the poison of cultural Marxism, by breeding selectively among themselves and preserving their own bloodlines from non-White intermixture”

    The ideal of a small White nation is what I like best. It is a far cry from what the Romans tried to do by invading everyone in Europe.

    • Sam J.
      Sam J. says:

      While I can appreciate the large tariff free area that Rome made providing for the transmission of ideas and commerce making everyone richer. All this loot made for some interesting additions to culture. With these caveats I agree most heartily with your negative comment. The Romans were a bloodthirsty bunch of murdering bastards who rose to power by systematizing warfare and mass murder. They became an evil Oligarchy where slaves on mass farms toiled for the rich Senators. I agree about the plagues and mention also climate change but the nail in coffin for Rome was it sucked so bad Men refused to fight for it. Many people lived vastly better lives when Rome fell.

  27. Jochen
    Jochen says:

    Maybe corona virus will be our Black Death/Black Swan event. There are authors who claim that the Black Death indirectly led to the Renaissance. The post event upheaval was tremendous.

  28. Denys Picard
    Denys Picard says:

    Dear Ferdinand,
    I read in full your article, and why I may understand the intuitive impulsion and inspiration behind it, I must admit that you would gain in reflecting in more complex dimension in your analysis.
    There is currently a cultural war going on, which is transformative in our organization and our institutions. You are probably right in perceiving that someone thing feels quite dim in the future prospects of enlightenment. But read more on personality traits, status, dominance, intelligence and the factors affecting social organization.
    To spit on individual personal choices such as sexual orientation, or ethnic status alone is insufficient.
    But you should maybe consider the driving forces which have negatively affected the potentiality of at least the Greek Empire, the Roman Empire and the Christian Western Civilization…and this is the access of women to vote.
    While women vote is a fundamental right…it is transformative in the evolution of the character and personality traits of the leaders we chose.
    The 3 past civilizations cited were base on the authority entrusted in Cognitive features of the mind.
    While men among them, in their desire to organize have had a preference, expressed spontaneously for cognitive performance, women prefer personality trait performance as express by features which express strong characteristics of dominance.
    This is why, while not expanding too much, I will allow myself a few proposition of academic literature which you may find informative.

    – The Dark Triad of Personality: A 10 Year Review (2013)
    Adrian Furnham, Steven C. Richards, and Delroy L. Paulhus
    Social and Personality Psychology Compass 7/3

    -Trait Emotional Intelligence and the Dark Triad Traits of Personality (2011)
    K. V. Petrides, Philip A. Vernon, Julie Aitken Schermer and Livia Veselka
    Twin Research and Human Genetics

    -Will get fooled again: Emotionally intelligent people are easily duped by high-stakes deceivers (2012)
    Alysha Baker, Leanne ten Brinke and Stephen Porter
    Legal and Criminological Psychology

    We are slipping from a organizational Cognitive base Civilization towards one driven by Emotionality and personality traits.
    The appropriate yardstick which measured Intellectual performance through IQ is substituted by measures of Emotional performance through EQ (Emotional Quotient).
    The effect are more dominant leaders which may be less IQ performant. This may explain the escape of intellectualism towards clerical “chateau-fort” where men could think in absence of “Emotionalism” political pressures.

    PS: the preceding academia propositions are all free access and easy to find on Google Scholar.

    Denys Picard

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