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Muslim Anti-Jewish Hatred

In the last decade, 40,000 Jews packed their bags and left France. It is a mass exodus of one tenth of the total Jewish population. According to a report, of the half-million Jews currently living in France, 40 percent or 200,000 Jews are also considering the possibility of moving to Israel. … Many historic French […]

Karl Marx: o patriarca da esquerda judia ?

Karl Marx: o patriarca da esquerda judia ? O livro de Kevin MacDonald intitulado The Culture of Critique (CofC) deveria ser revisado para focalizar Karl Marx, o fundador do primeiro movimento intelectual e político dos judeus de âmbito mundial? Sendo o criador judeu do socialismo “científico”, ele deu início à crítica radical da sociedade europeia […]

The “New Dark Ages” in Western Europe and North America: Comparisons with the Fall of Rome

What is a Dark Age? In historiography, the term “Dark Age” may describe intervening centuries for which we have little or no documentary evidence. Accordingly, the time period between the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization to the birth of the polis is known as the Greek Dark Ages by historians, simply because there are no […]

Karl Marx: Founding Father of the Jewish Left?  

Should The Culture of Critique (CofC) be revised to focus on Karl Marx, the founder of the world’s first Jewish intellectual and political movement? As the Jewish founder of “scientific” socialism, he began a radical critique of European society that has continued into the twenty-first century. Although CofC is concerned specifically with twentieth-century Jewish intellectual […]

Karl Marx’s Jewish Identity

Introduction There is a long-standing controversy over whether Karl Marx was a self-hating Jew who promoted anti-Semitism in his essay, “On the Jewish Question,” with prominent scholars weighing in on both sides of the question.[1] In my view, the position that Marx was an anti-Semite is substantiated by cherry-picked passages from his writings and correspondence […]

The Tory Parliamentary Struggle to Preserve English National Identity, 1753–1858: Parts IV and V

Part IV: The Collapse of the Anti-Jewish Party, 1847–1858 The agitation for Jewish “emancipation” would not begin again in earnest until the Whig ministry of Lord Russell. There was no law against Jews taking up seats in Parliament; rather, they were effectively barred from taking office because of a technicality. In 1847, Lionel de Rothschild, […]

The Tory Parliamentary Struggle to Preserve English National Identity, 1753–1858, Part III

Part III: The Jewish Campaign Against Parliamentary Anti-Judaism, 1829–1836 The movement for Jewish “emancipation” in nineteenth-century England was spearheaded by Jews and their Whig or Liberal allies, while the opposition was led by the High Tories: The High Tory majority in the House of Lords had acted as a barrier to the advancement of Jewish […]