Organizing in the Face of Adversity: Lessons from History—Part 2: The Contemporary Environment

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We must examine our present state of affairs before we can contemplate organized resistance. The reality is that we no longer live in a free country. We are only free in the sense that we may buy whichever variety of condom that we would like. The truth is available, but only for those who have the time and the motivation to seek it out from underneath the mountain of lies that it is hidden under; as a consequence, and in the absence of funding, essentially only the already converted are exposed to the truth. The general population is bombarded every day with racial propaganda, while nauseatingly horrific anti-White crime goes unreported. The drug-feud murder of Matthew Shepard is turned into a homosexual “hate crime.” George Zimmerman was airbrushed White by CNN, which also took the liberty of doctoring away the head wounds he sustained in Trayvon Martin’s brutal assault. The Martin family’s race hustler legal team recruited an imposter to pose as Trayvon’s girlfriend and fabricate testimony. Prosecutors eagerly went along with the hoaxed evidence so that they could arrest Zimmerman. Black Lives Matter exists mainly to continue producing race hoaxes and demonizing law enforcement; their rallying cry, “hands up, don’t shoot,” is itself a fraud. We have entered a brave new world of media manipulation; the rise of deep fake technology presents us with both a terrifying challenge to overcome and a thrilling opportunity to further discredit Big Journalism.

We have only nominal freedom of speech, as heretics are ostracized as social pariahs, cast into outer darkness. Our enemies at the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, allied with legions of ‘constitutional’ law professors and legal scholars, are campaigning to eliminate even our nominal freedom of speech by creating out of whole cloth the concept of “hate speech.” Many have lost their jobs. Big Tech monopolies like Google and PayPal close accounts without notice. The ruling class is rapidly building a panoptic social credit regime modeled on the Chinese system, with dissidents functionally deprived of all of their rights as public citizens. Growing calls from the largest banks for a cashless society should frighten us all. Goldman Sachs will no longer underwrite Initial Public Offerings if a business is too White.

Even the slightest hint of White identity is hunted down and extinguished before it actualizes into a threat against the egalitarian regime. The US Army and Navy rapidly investigated when cadets were filmed making the ‘OK’ sign. This White Scare, to borrow Jared Taylor’s parlance, is intensifying into a very real danger for all White advocates; indeed, for all Whites. Taylor was banned from traveling to Europe and Greg Johnson was arrested and deported from Norway, solely for their heterodox views. White advocates are hounded from and prevented from participating in public life. The city of Madison, Wisconsin, declared that racism is a “public health crisis,” blaming White racism for the poor health and proclivity for violence of Blacks. That case study in mediocrity, David French, has announced in National Review that “it’s time to declare war on White-nationalist terrorism.”

Broad bipartisan support is growing for “red flag” laws to disarm Whites, who may be reported anonymously for any reason and then stripped of their constitutional rights without recourse. New York’s “criminal justice reform” includes the elimination of bail (replete with paying criminals to return for their court dates), the examination of crime scenes by criminal defendants, and the outing of witnesses to the criminals they are to testify against. Illegal alien criminals routinely get away with murder. The House of Representatives has introduced what might be the most radical piece of legislation in American history, the “New Way Forward Act”, to accelerate and codify this anarcho-tyranny.

Democrat presidential candidates have gone whole hog on all of this. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders advocate government regulation of all media platforms “to stop the spread of hate,” with Warren going so far as to propose criminalizing the spread of “disinformation.” Former Vice President Joe Biden launched his campaign with a video focused on the Charlottesville hoax and recently announced plans to make Big Tech censor even more, finding the current tyranny woefully inadequate. Senator Cory Booker proposed a separate law enforcement agency for “hate crimes and White supremacist violence.” Mayor (and Episcopal Saint) Pete Buttigieg has said that he supports applying the same strategies used to combat “foreign radicalism,” meaning Islamic jihad, to suppress White nationalism. One must wonder if this includes the Obama Doctrine of murdering American citizens. In a speech last year at the Brookings Institution, Kevin McAleenan of the Department of Homeland Security announced that the agency is prioritizing “racially based violent extremism, particularly White supremacist terrorism.”

An ominous sign of the acceleration of our suppression is the growing push to medicalize “racism,” ably recounted by the eminent Jared Taylor. Much like the Soviet Union institutionalized dissidents by diagnosing them with “sluggish schizophrenia,” those of us who are even accused of straying from the regnant dogma are seen as mentally diseased. There simply must be something wrong with the heterodox; after all, everyone knows that diversity is our greatest strength. Psychiatrists study “intolerant personality disorder” and “pathological bias.” Oxford researchers claim that the blood pressure drug propranolol, which blocks neurons that have to do with threat perception, may pharmacologically “treat” racism and “cure” our intolerance. Neuroscientists have also experimented with magnetically disabling parts of the brain such as the pMFC, which helps to respond to threats, in order to change attitudes regarding faith and immigration.

The first episode of HBO’s Watchmen may provide a look ahead into what lies in store as the White Scare is increasingly militarized. Set in the present day in an alternate America (one whose flag has almost twice as many stars as ours), the Leftist regime of President Robert Redford has instituted sweeping racial “reparations,” authorizing a vast transfer of wealth from White to Black. The events of the episode take place in Tulsa, Oklahoma; the signs of Black power are manifest, from an all-Black production of the musical Oklahoma to a plethora of Black monuments. All of the Blacks we see are upper or middle-class figures of authority. The majority-Black police force (though of course led by enlightened Whites) is forced to wear masks to protect their identities from the violent White resistance organization known as the Seventh Kavalry, or 7K. The group is named for the Seventh Cavalry Regiment slaughtered at Custer’s Last Stand, now memorialized at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, renamed in honor of our soldiers’ butchers by President George H.W. Bush in 1991.

The episode begins with a highly fictionalized account of the 1921 Tulsa race riot, glorying in its depiction of sneering Klansmen as they indiscriminately massacre good, hardworking Blacks. This ham-handed scene is followed up by the present-day murder of a Black police officer by a member of 7K. Upon learning of the killing, “Sister Night,” the empowered Black hero (and our police officer protagonist) speeds down to “Nixonville,” a sad trailer park community that HBO’s writers clearly reveled in portraying. These poor Whites, relegated to heavily-surveilled slums, are caricatured trailer trash. Sister Night gets out of her car, calmly catwalks up to one of the trailers, kicks in the door, and brutally beats the occupant, tossing him in the trunk of her car. At police headquarters, the man is “interrogated.” In order to divine his racist thoughts, the police place the man in a device called “the pod.” In this “pod,” a circular metal room walled with a continuous video screen, a White officer called “Looking Glass” announces that he will be asking the “suspect” some questions.

The man asks for a lawyer, and Looking Glass responds, “Yeah, we don’t really have to do that with terrorists.” He then clicks a remote and the video screens turn on. While Looking Glass asks the man questions (such as, “If I defecated on the American flag, how would that make you feel?,” “Should all Americans pay taxes?,” and whether he believes in false flag conspiracy theories), harsh music blares and images of Americana are shown one after another in rapid succession: cornfields, barns, classic advertisements featuring Whites, the moon landing, cowboys, a merged Gadsden and Confederate flag, Mount Rushmore, American Gothic, George Custer, Rosie the Riveter, a woman with an apple pie, the World Trade Center, White children, and the Statue of Liberty. Interspersed in the Americana are images of a self-immolating monk, Harriet Tubman, a Klan rally, the Negro Baseball League, Blacks graduating from college, Black soldiers, the atomic bomb, and finally the flag of the Third Reich followed by the now-old American flag. Looking Glass was monitoring the man’s eye dilations in response to his “bias questions.” Sister Night then viciously tortures the “terrorist,” his blood and urine commingling in a heavy stream from underneath the door. We need not continue in our examination. The message is clear; White identity is an evil that must be eradicated, and there are no moral compunctions in how that is accomplished. In so doing, however, Watchmen proves our point: American history, along the Americana that materially represents our culture, is White. American identity is necessarily White identity.

Randy Weaver and the Siege at Ruby Ridge: The Past as Future?

The Siege at Ruby Ridge[i] is an instructive example of what we face, all the more so for the fact that it occurred almost thirty years before the fervid witch-trials of the present regime began in earnest. Randy Weaver and his family were Christian fundamentalist White separatists, targeted for destruction because of their beliefs. Randy and his wife, Vicki, moved from their native Iowa to remote Ruby Ridge, Idaho, to live independently off of the land. They simply sought escape from our fallen and degraded society. Randy dabbled in local politics, unsuccessfully running for sheriff in 1988. He was put on the federal radar in 1985 after a vindictive former neighbor wrote letters to multiple federal agencies spuriously alleging that Weaver had made threats against government officials, including President Reagan. The Weavers were interviewed and determined not to pose any threat; no charges were filed. At the 1986 World Congress of Aryan Nations, Weaver was approached by Kenneth Fadeley, a paid-per-conviction ATF informant; in 1989, Fadeley persuaded Weaver to sell him two shotguns. In a brazen case of entrapment, the ATF informant asked Weaver to saw them off and showed him where to shorten the guns. After Fadeley’s cover was blown in 1990, the ATF threatened to charge Weaver for selling the illegal sawed-off shotguns (even though the guns were shortened after the fact at the behest of an informant). Government agents told Weaver to act as their informant in order to make the charges disappear; principled, he refused.

He was loosely acquainted with members of the Aryan Nations, which was the target of prosecutorial obsession (akin to the current White Scare) due to the involvement of a handful of fringe members with The Order, a small, violent White supremacist group.  The leader of The Order, Robert Mathews, was burned alive in his own home by the FBI’s Orwellian Hostage Rescue Team in 1984. Federal agents mistakenly believed that Weaver was much more deeply involved than he actually was, which partially explains their zeal. Ironically, however, the Aryan Nations was already almost entirely compromised, with federal operatives from several different agencies (none of whom communicated with each other) occupying many of the key positions within the organization. To further coerce Weaver into acting as an informant, agents posed as a couple with a broken-down car; when he and Vicki stopped to help them, as kind rural White Americans do, ATF agents swarmed from the car, guns drawn, and violently threw Randy to the ground to place him under arrest. Vicki was pushed face first into the snow. Nearly destitute, the Weavers posted their beloved cabin as bond. Weaver still refused to be an informant.

In 1991, Weaver was officially charged. His court date was set for February 20, but he was notified, not coincidentally, that it was set for March 20. After he failed to appear in court on February 20, the US Attorney’s Office, despite knowing of the erroneously communicated date, sought a grand jury indictment and obtained an arrest warrant. For the next eighteen months, the US Marshals Service spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a vast surveillance campaign that included psychological profiles, military aerial reconnaissance, a network of spy cameras placed throughout the surrounding woods, and mail interception. The agents even kept a record of the menstrual cycle of Sara Weaver, Randy and Vicki’s sixteen-year-old daughter. A voluntary surrender was negotiated and then rejected by the US Attorney.

On August 21, 1992, the federal hammer fell. Six Marshals, equipped with military camouflage, night-vision goggles, and M16 automatic rifles approached the cabin. The family dog, Striker, was alerted to their presence and started barking. The Weavers’ fourteen-year-old son, Sammy, followed the dog, along with Kevin Harris, a family friend. The firing was initiated when a Marshal killed the Striker to silence him, shooting him in the back with a machinegun. Sammy fired in the direction the shot had come from, and Randy called for Sammy to run back to the house. Sammy yelled, “I’m coming, Dad,” and was shot several times in the back as he ran away into the safety of his father’s arms. Sammy was killed instantly, his back torn to shreds by an agent’s machinegun. A Marshal was killed during the frenzy, and agents blamed Harris. Though Harris had fired back in self-defense, the federal agent was most likely not killed by him, but rather by friendly fire. The FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team was called in.

The cabin, presented in the media as an “armed compound,” was surrounded by hundreds of government agents. Rules of engagement were quickly drafted to authorize deadly force against the Weavers; agents present characterized their orders as “if you see ‘em, shoot ‘em.” On August 22, FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot Randy from behind, attempting to sever his spinal cord as he walked to retrieve his son’s dead body; as he staggered back into the cabin, Horiuchi shot Vicki Weaver in the head as she held their ten-month-old baby in her arms. Just like her young son Sammy had been the day before, she was killed instantly, the side of her face blown away. Randy pried their infant, crying “Mama,” out of its mother’s dead arms, and he and his daughter Sara dragged the bloody body of the mother-of-three through the kitchen. Kevin had been hit in his shoulder by the bullet that felled Vicki.

For the following eight days of the siege, as Sara prayed for deliverance and tended to her baby sister, her wounded father, their dying friend, and her ten-year-old sister Rachel, covered in her mother’s blood, the FBI used loudspeakers to taunt the family, saying inhuman things like, “Good morning, Mrs. Weaver! We had pancakes for breakfast. What did you have?,” “Did you sleep well last night, Vicki?,” and, “Behind every strong man there is a good woman. … Can we get some milk for [the baby]?” They named their base “Camp Vicki.” At one point during the siege, a local news crew observed gasoline being loaded onto an FBI helicopter which was then seen circling the Weavers’ cabin; after noticing that it was being videotaped, the helicopter left the area.

Our government engaged in further psychological warfare. The telephone was kept constantly ringing, the loudspeakers always in use, the drone of tanks and helicopters in harsh cacophony. Brilliant spotlights were kept trained in the windows to make night indistinguishable from day. Similar tactics were used during the Siege at Waco[ii], where agents destroyed the water supply, defiled a grave, and employed loudspeakers to blare the sounds of rabbits being slaughtered along with Tibetan chanting and roaring jet planes.

In the aftermath of the siege, Randy was convicted only for his failure to appear in court. Kevin Harris was acquitted of all charges. Weaver received a three-million-dollar settlement, Harris a four-hundred-thousand-dollar settlement. The federal government attempted to destroy all copies of the FBI internal report. Evidence was “misplaced,” withheld, and fabricated. Horiuchi claimed that he could not see through the cabin door, but a sketch he made the day after the murder clearly shows Vicki in the window. This evidence was suppressed by the FBI, purposely mailed to prosecutors two weeks late and fourth class to boot. He pled the Fifth and had his manslaughter charge dismissed due in large part to behind-the-scenes lobbying for blanket immunity by none other than our current Attorney General, William Barr. Horiuchi received no punishment whatsoever and went on to slaughter more innocent civilians at Waco the very next year. The Ruby Ridge Task Force released a heavily-redacted report. The six Marshals who initiated the siege, murdered the Weaver’s dog, and murdered Sammy Weaver received the highest commendations. The Department of Justice declined to prosecute the FBI officials who covered up the tragedy, but one agent was sentenced to eighteen months in prison and a handful of others suspended for a few days. Deputy Director Larry Potts was censured (the same punishment given for misplacing FBI property) and eventually demoted following the massacre at Waco. In 1997, the cabin that the Weavers had poured their hearts and souls into collapsed under the weight of winter snow.

A more recent example of this violent suppression is the 2016 murder of the rancher Robert LaVoy Finicum. Finicum was a spokesman for the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom militia, which occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon for forty-one days at the beginning of 2016. The context for the standoff is labyrinthine; the core issue is the decades-long struggle over Western lands between the federal government and environmentalists on one side, and local governments and cattle ranchers on the other. The Bureau of Land Management owns over one-eighth of the landmass of the United States, including a massive majority of the Western states.

The events that led to Finicum’s death can trace their birth to two events. The first was the 2014 Bundy standoff in Nevada, which began when Cliven Bundy’s cattle were determined to threaten the habitat of the desert tortoise. Bundy was then ordered to reduce his cattle population and the extent of their grazing; when he refused and discontinued payment of BLM grazing fees, he quickly became in arrears for over one million dollars. Federal agents began removing hundreds of Bundy’s cattle, killing several. Armed militiamen came to Bundy’s defense, culminating in a tense standoff.

The second event, which most directly precipitated the events of January 2016, was the federal harassment of father and son Dwight and Steven Hammond. The Fish and Wildlife Service had attempted to buy out the Hammonds for years, to no avail, to add their land to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. In conjunction with the BLM, the ranchers adjacent to the Hammonds had all been forced out. Grazing permits were revoked, and fees significantly hiked for those remaining. The irrigation system that the ranchers had so painstakingly built was intentionally diverted, destroying once-thriving ranch land. Finally, ostensibly at the behest of environmentalists (despite the fact that the privately-managed land was in fact more biodiverse than the federally-managed land), the Hammonds also had their grazing permits revoked. Their land was fenced, and the process of removing their cattle began. When they set controlled burns, as they always did, they were arrested for the charge of arson on federal land. After one served one year in prison and the other three months, capricious federal prosecutors appealed their sentences to the Leftist Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Unsurprisingly, the harsher sentences sought were granted: five years for father and son. Two years later, President Trump pardoned the pair.

Ammon Bundy, son of Cliven, rallied hundreds of patriots (federal informants peppered among them) to the Hammonds’ defense, and they arrived in droves to occupy Malheur. LaVoy Finicum was among them; in his words, “It’s about freedom for all of us, and so I crossed the Rubicon and I came here.” On January 26, Finicum and several militia leaders had been granted a pass to attend a town hall meeting led by the sympathetic sheriff of Grant County. Traveling through Harney County on a remote stretch of Route 395, selected by federal agents for its unreliable cell phone service, Finicum’s convoy was ensnared in a trap set by the FBI. In unlit and unmarked vehicles, government operatives followed Finicum and suddenly turned on their lights, ordering his truck to pull over. He refused, stating his permission to visit the sheriff, and sped away to try to escape. Unbeknownst to him, however, the FBI had set another roadblock ahead, known as a “deadman” block because it presented no opportunity for escape.

Finicum attempted to go around the block, but was stopped by agents and the presence of heavy snowdrifts. A member of the by now all too familiar FBI Hostage Rescue Team fired shots before Finicum had even stopped his truck; one shot pierced the ceiling of the truck, while the trajectory of the other is disputed. Reports vary on whether Finicum was out of the truck or not when the second shot was fired, and whether or not this second shot was fired almost immediately upon exiting. Agents claim that the shot went wild while he had not yet exited the vehicle, while some witnesses report that the shot hit Finicum in his side after he had stepped out. Finicum undisputedly exited the truck with his hands in the air and challenged the agents, “You back down or you kill me now. Go ahead. Put the bullet through me. I don’t care. I’m going to go meet the sheriff. You do as you damned well please.” Agents reportedly saw Finicum reach for his pocket, and he was shot three times in the back. One day short of his fifty-fifth birthday, the father of eleven was killed.

Agents did not attempt to provide Finicum with medical assistance for ten to fifteen minutes. A loaded 9mm handgun was found in his pocket. Those who report that Finicum was hit in the side by the aforementioned second shot claim that it is that which made him twitch to the side, supplying the excuse whereby he was killed; other witnesses report that Finicum was struggling through the snow, and that that is why he appeared to reach for his side. His own statements in the weeks leading up to his killing have led some to postulate that his death was a suicide-by-cop, including, “I have no intention of spending any of my days in a concrete box” and, “I’m not going to end up in prison. I would rather die than be caged. And I’ve lived a good life.”

What is not disputed is that Finicum was a sitting duck, surrounded on all sides by federal agents and Oregon State Troopers. The illustrious FBI Hostage Rescue Team failed to disclose the first two shots fired, saying that they had not fired at all, and agents collected their casings before they could be logged in as evidence. Before the commencement of the operation, the FBI ordered the Oregon State Police to remove their body cameras. Apparently, dashboard cameras were also disabled. After the killing, the FBI refused to submit to a recorded interview, and demanded that the off-the-record interview be conducted with the entire team, rather than one-on-one. Consequently, there is a lack of audio and video evidence; the government did release a heavily edited aerial surveillance video, but it only provoked more questions. The FBI agent who fired the first shot after Finicum left his truck, W. Joseph Astarita, was indicted for obstruction of justice and making false statements, but was acquitted. Astarita and the four other agents who attempted to conceal evidence were not placed on leave during the investigation into their actions. Some reports indicate that authorization for the operation came from executive “national command authority.”

The Finicum affair provides us with yet another example of the disparity between the responses of “our” government to those on the Right and the Left. Leftist violence from Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter and Antifa is met with permissive silence, while patriots merely exercising their constitutional rights are deemed “White supremacists” and “domestic terrorists.” In December 2019, the House of Representatives of the Washington State Legislature labeled State Representative Matthew Shea a terrorist for his support of militiamen like Finicum. Leftist Weather Underground terrorists now rest on laurels in academia. In fact, the son of two of these cop-killers, Chesa Boudin, part of a long line of Leftist legal elite, is now the District Attorney of San Francisco. He is a graduate of Yale Law School; the next time someone refers to that institution’s prestige, just remember the gap-toothed face of Georgia Governor-in-exile Stacey Abrams. Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto, Technological Slavery, is readily available and critically acclaimed, while Anders Breivik’s is available only on dark corners of the Internet. Those who even viewed Brenton Tarrant’s video of the Christchurch shooting have been criminally prosecuted and imprisoned.

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3 Walter, Jess. Ruby Ridge (New York: Harper Perennial, 2002).

4 Reavis, Dick J. The Ashes of Waco (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1998).


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  1. anarchyst
    anarchyst says:

    For “solutions”, obtain and read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. This book has history lessons, law and culture lessons, and practical knowledge on “how to take back” our society.
    When this book first was published, sellers were routinely harassed by “deep state” “letter agency” (ATF, DEA, FBI) types. THIS in itself tells you that the information in this book is perceived by government as being dangerous. Original hardcover copies are still available and are quite expensive. It is my understanding that it has been republished in a less expensive version. This book is a good read and is worthwhile for anyone who is concerned about the way our government and society is heading.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      I look down- first item I see is Unintended Consequences. I might actualy read it this time.

      Too many coincidences. . .

  2. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    You should pull together,Giles Corey, before you lose all touch with sanity. I commend hard physical work, preferaby on land. And eat a healthy diet.

    • Jake
      Jake says:

      As you offer no detailed criticism of the piece, we can all assume your comment is without any substance whatsoever.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Funny you say that.

      That’s the advice I give to Jews, who are notorious for their hatred and disdain for hard physical work in the great outdoors.

    • Anne
      Anne says:

      With all due respect, Sophie, would you explain why you are questioning Giles Corey’s sanity?

      I have found parts 1 & 2 of his article cogent, intelligent and sobering. And I am someone who regularly does physical labour on the land and someone who eats a healthy diet.

      I live in a rural area, and although I live in Canada, I can easily relate to the abandonment of the traditional agrarian people by (at best) misguided and (at worst) insatiably power-hungry plutocrats. It’s hard not to suspect an agenda that involves herding all of us into urban areas.

      So please share with me the thinking behind your comment.

  3. Robert Dolan
    Robert Dolan says:

    The war on white people is so unfair, especially when you consider that white gun owners are the most law abiding
    group in America.

    The hatred against whites comes from the nose, and the nose runs everything at this point.

    Most white people still have no idea what is going on.

    • Thomas j Daley
      Thomas j Daley says:

      Yes,of course, you are correct but this is “why” those of us that do realize what and who are behind this conspiracy should be in the forefront of a solution to the “problem”. I address my comment to all the intelligent readers and individuals who contribute to TOO in the spirit of a constructive plan of action by us all!

  4. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    For the moment ignoring certain functional precursors, the Comintern [ Communist International ] originated in 1915, after that War commenced. Germany, Italy and Japan, reactively, formed the Anti-Comintern Pact, leading to Number Two: which, by my count, commenced in Spain.

    Despite fulsome leftist anti-War propaganda, even the German Social Democrats voted for War Credits, as did their brethren in competing states. Why ? Because the sense of nation [ 1848 ] had not yet been destroyed.

    Stalin dissolved the Comintern in 1943 to assuage FDR and Churchill, while secretly keeping its internal, central operations alive and well, with his agents permeating all international likeminded organizations.

    It’s not an oversimplification to state, that we are to this day living under the Comintern: and a far more sophisticated one. All of your descriptions on American soil have an inherent left-right dimension, demonstrating the clear advantage of the left with regards to bestial governmental dominance. Your title all but agrees.

    The question remains as to how we can commence our own Anti-Comintern Pact ?

    As I said before, you don’t win a war by your willingness to cede land to create white communities. Border crossings would be acrimonious affairs on a daily basis, jeopardizing one’s own security to visit across enemy surrounding territory. Snow plowing, road maintenance, transport chicanery for supply trucks to local industries, taxation, trade and a hundred other obstacles, including, after unlikely success, keeping envious neighbors out with walls. States’ rights, already a laugh, be damned in such an environment. And illusions about maintaining already ad hoc interrupted telecommunications.

    God, I hate a wet blanket more than the next guy !

  5. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    It is time to admit the harsh truth, whites are like an injured animal and their predators (anti-white emboldened), are bleeding their victim by way of giving him the final thrust. Enough of ideological euphemisms and vain excuses, since this has no political solution since our enemies seek to exterminate us, this was already planned long ago. The Waco massacre in 1993 is a clear example of what awaits them from that moment. It’s time for resistance or perish.

  6. Thomas Daley
    Thomas Daley says:

    very interesting but know one has an opinion or a plan of action on how to combat this tribe Of “Vulture capitalists” and sons of Lucifers Dark angels!
    Is there no positive plan by anyone to counterattack these Parasites or is it just going to be eternal talk!

  7. Eric
    Eric says:

    This article only confirms my belief that there is little for us to do. The system will collapse. It can be no more durable than the people it favors: non-whites, Jews, Muslims and feminist women.

    Non-whites have contributed little to civilization. Jews are civilization-destroying parasites, not civilization creators or sustainers. Muslims cannot go beyond the Middle Ages, no matter how much technology they possess. Feminist women are by their very nature dysgenic.

    Politically, economically, morally, aesthetically, and socially, the West is dying. At the end we will see a total economic collapse.

    When that happens, rioting will break out in the cities, and the government will have its hands full seeking to restore order.

    Whites in flyover country will control water, energy and food resources and will be able to leverage those to get what they want.

    There will be racial warfare, and the races will ultimately seek to separate.

    Racial separation is what we want. All of the racial resentment and hatred being stirred up by our rulers actually benefits us in the long run. As long as whites — the red-pilled whites who can see what is going on — prepare for what’s coming, they will have a chance to survive and create their own nation.

    In the meantime, I advise not rocking the boat. As individuals trying to fight back, we will be picked off one by one for as long as the current system endures. We are in the position of Randy Weaver and don’t have the power to effectively defend ourselves.

    Do what you can to raise awareness. But know that your efforts will not be met with much gratitude, even (or especially) from your fellow whites.

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