Students for Western Civilization Charges the CBC with Hate Speech against Whites

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  1. Jody Vorhees
    Jody Vorhees says:

    “We can’t address our concerns with debate, if debate is not allowed.” No truer words have been spoken.
    An Antifa acquaintance once sat in my living room, and I asked him what his responses would be in response to various questions based on the premise that whites have group interests like any other group.
    He advised me, in answer to each question, that the only correct response involved a firm punch to my mouth.
    And we are to believe that they plan something other than our quiet extinction?

    • Shaun
      Shaun says:

      I would have smashed that fucks teeth out, and if you said what he said where I’m from you would be expecting it. At least ANTIFA has one thing right, violence. Too bad they are on a side that is engaging in their own extinction, dumb as a box of hammers. Imagine being that stupid your to the death for your own extinction,.well.I would them out with that, right after I work on the (((instigator))). They have had a free rein the whole way with no one even standing in their way at the very least.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Based on my own observations, virtually all of the “white” members of Antifa are Jewish.

        They hate white people, and they certainly don’t expect to be extinguished.

        They think that they’ll be doing the extinguishing, just like the Jews who took over Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution did the extinguishing — of about 10 million white Russian Christians.

  2. Gilbert Huntly
    Gilbert Huntly says:

    Enough to make me unapologetic for noticing the differences. Call me whatever kind of “racist” you want.

  3. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Things are getting bad fast.

    And where’s Trump?

    James Kirkpatrick asks that question in an excellent article over at VDARE.

    By the way, TOO staff and readers not familiar with this book might want to check it out. The whole thing, in fact. Not just the chapter in the link below. Though, that’s unquestionably timely and relelvant.

    The Old World In The New by E.A. Ross

    In any event, it’s obvious that Whites are an occupied territory.

    It’s also obvious that there’s only one way to liberate an occupied territory.

    In the end, it pretty much boils down to that rather unpleasant, but just as unavoidable, fact.

    • jim
      jim says:

      Unpleasant? Come now, Europeans have been breeding too few wolves and far too many sheep. Are there not men in the west who look upon conflict and the struggle against invasion as something to savor?

      It’s always strange to me to see Irish do nothing in the face of third world immigration (which portends doom for their people in their own ethnic homeland), given that they fought viciously against English political oppression. The English (and their Jewish funders) did a lot of damage to Ireland, but the Irish survived. They won’t be so fortunate when Ireland is full of Africans, Indians, Pakis and other groups.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        There are plenty of white American men who look upon conflict as something to savor. Or at least not something to shy away from.

        They join the military to “fight for America,” little realizing that they are fighting for Jews who have utter contempt and hatred for white people like them, and who want the white race to be destroyed or bred out of existence.

        If you told them they’re fighting for Jews, they probably wouldn’t see that as bad. After all, aren’t the Jews the “chosen people of God”?

        We have a lot of educating to do.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:


        Yes Jim, I wasn’t using it in the sense that aggression is regretable. Not at all.

        What I was saying was that even though the only way to liberate an occupied territory is with aggression, Whites don’t even have a critical mass organized enough to do it. So, we’re essentially defenseless.

        That’s why I used the word “unpleasant.”

        Because it’s hard not to consider that an unpleasant fact. That and, of course, our current dilema in general, ie; that we’ve become the entire world’s designated scapegoat to Jewish Supremacy Inc.’s sacred cow (which, as we all know, includes their many proxies).

        On the other hand, Orwell talked about “the power of facing unpleasant facts”, and it is a power. One that can be acquired.
        It’s also highly recommended.

        First of all, because it satisfies the one thing that Whites have above everyone else, The Drive Toward Reality.

        Second, and correspondingly, it’s a power The Hostile Elite in general and JSI in particular do not possess at all – at all.

        While we’re on the subject of unpleasant facts and the need to acquire the power to face them, it’s worth pointing out that all we have at this point are websites, youtube channels (well, sort of) their content providers and commenters.

        That’s why I never engage in online fighting.

        Debate, yes. Even rigorous debate. But not the kind of contentious bickering and insulting that goes on, even here sometimes.

        My track record might not be 100% in that regard, no one’s perfect. But it’s close.

        People who come here to berate, insult and pick fights are either too immature, too unhinged, or are trolls, JIDF trolls, or ADL/$PLC, or FBI informants (same thing).

        If this is all we have then let’s at least be thoughtful and considerate. Even if there’s something about each other’s comments (or the articles) that we don’t like.

  4. Adam
    Adam says:

    Unfortunately, (((YouTube))) will not allow you to download this video clip.
    At this point, is anyone surprised?

    • TimothySZ
      TimothySZ says:

      As they say at the gates of vienna, We need to use the digital samizdat while we can.
      Easy youtube downloader inserts a download button on youtube pages. I use it to save this video and others likely to be erased. Can’t vouch for the security of the plug-in.
      I wish there was an open source screen and sound capture tool. Very difficult for any DRM system to outflank that.

  5. Eric
    Eric says:

    I don’t think they’ll win, even though they have a strong case.

    But it will be interesting to see how the heavily Jewish, anti-white Canadian judiciary (like the heavily Jewish, anti-white American judiciary) wiggles its way out of this one.

  6. C. Allenson
    C. Allenson says:

    It is LONG PAST TIME that the CBC is held to account for their anti-white racism. This has been happening for a long time, but has really been pushed hard more recently in this Age of Woke.

    We open our home countries to these people and try harder than any other group on Earth to make them feel comfortable and instead of gratitude or even simple humility, they openly vilify us and manipulate cowards in the government which includes in this case the state broadcaster in order to vilify us. They want power and they want to destroy our society and rebuild it in their own image. How could this be considered anything other than parasitical?

    But hold the majority of your hate for those who enable this. They are the real enemy. Not the selfish, entitled 2nd generation immigrants, who if only our cowardly leaders laid down the law or in the very least enforced it evenly among all groups, would not dare to be so open with their expressions of contempt. But this is Canada. Confederation was literally founded on a basis of different laws for different groups of people. With that sort of precedent, it’s no wonder that we find ourselves in this situation now.

    There is no excuse however for places like the UK, Germany, Sweden, etc… Those idiots have no precedent for their modern stupidity.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      “But this is Canada. Confederation was literally founded on the basis of different laws for different groups of people.”

      Could that be an opening for the development of a white ethnostate in Canada?

      The American Civil War (and to some extent, the U.S. constitution — as opposed to its predecessor, the Articles of Confederation) allowed the rights and independence of American states to be overridden by the federal government.

      What began as a voluntary confederation of distinct and sovereign nations called “states” ended up as dictatorship based in Washington, D.C.

      Consequently, the only likely way that a white ethnostate could be founded in the United States today would be in the aftermath of another civil war.

      Canada sounds more like what America was under the Articles of Confederation.

      What do you think the prospects are for founding a white ethnostate in Canada?

  7. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    The smear of White Nationalism is proof that Whites are the target.

    It’s an indirect confession of sorts.

    It’s also proof that Jewish Supremacy Inc. knows in its bones that WN is the only intelligent alternative to the Whites they are attacking.

    It’s why they are attacking them.

    WN is simply common sense. Something JSI fanatics* lack.

    But they have it enough to know it’s good for them. That’s why they embrace it body and soul for them. But what is good for them can not be good for us. So say them. Which is why they’re trying to silence us.

    JSI knows enough about history to know that it has now joined the ranks of world-historic tyrants.

    JSI has made the Tryants List.

    Pol Pot


    And now, JSI.

    That’s why they’re pulling all the stops.

    By the way, notice that one of JSI’s more important proxy organizations, The DNC (Demonic Narcissistic Communists) are pushing this New Way Forward.

    Sounds reminiscent of Mao’s Great Leap Forward.

    Psycho-commies like to use words like “forward” and “progress” in hopes that no one will notice how primitive and regressive they really are.

    *Check out this article over at VDARE and tell me if you can’t substitute JSI for Islam. Maybe not point by point. But, well, check it out, you’ll see what I’m saying.

    It reminded me, once again, of what a jewish professor used to say, quite often and out loud, ie; “Jews are the smartest and dumbest people at the same time.”

    Since it’s undeniable that their smarts have been directed toward what they’re good at, infiltration, betrayal, radical ingratitude, subversion, propaganda, censorship, brazen effrontery, psychotic arrogance, merciless destruction and death, and since those smarts have been all used up in acquiring the power they have, what we’re witnessing now is their stupidity.

    An intellectual stupidity laid bare for the world to see in the sheer manaical repetition of their vague abstractions (“Whiteness), glittering generalities (“All Whites Are Racists”), and absurd absolutes (“Whites Have No Culture”), and their social stupidity
    in their false flags, hate hoaxes, and smear campaigns.

    All of which they repeat over and over again like the chattering of an idiot, only less interesting.

    Cause it’s all they’ve got.

    They’re good at those things (as if being good at those things is something to be proud of; is this what they mean by “celebrating 4,000 years of tradition”?).

    But they’re no good at the one thing they need to be good at, now more than ever – Social Management.

    That’s why they’re exactly the people to preside over the destruction of anything, namely, in this case, a civilization.

    I’ve said it before, but will say it again, because it’s worth repeating.

    What we’re really witnessing is The Pyrrhic Victory of JSI.

    Because their rise to power has been in direct proportion to the collapse of the very social-institutions that power controls.

    Whites who also repeat, like the chattering of idiots, that “this was ALL by design” are saying that not because of an intelligent response to what JSI is actually doing, but because these dumbbell Whites still believe in Divine Providence.

    That’s like still believing in Santa Claus.

    Worse, it ascribes a powepr to JSI that is DOES NOT POSSESS!

    That’s why it constantly overestimates them (sure, they could be JIDF Trolls desperate to cover their tracks? Either way…)

    Can’t these “believers” see that whether or not JSI has a plan (and of course they do) that that plan itself is maladaptive exactly because JSI is not interested in the one thing they would need to be in order to truly succeed?


    Especially as the consequences relate to their lack of social-management skills.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Possessing, not just the concern, but the skill of foresight to the point of being able to consider the possible consequences of one’s actions, themselves the result of one’s thoughts, which themselves are determined by clear objectives and firm principles, is a form of thought and action that is relatively new to the human race and only Whites have it (well, some).

      It took us centuries to acquire this skill. But our worst enemy was always other Whites. The same one’s easily manipulated, in the past and present, by JSI.

      Today we refer to them as Useful Idiots and Shabbos Goy, for a reason.

      To the extent the human race has a chance, in itself rather doubtful, it will come down to a battle between

      Dogma versus Pragma.

      Or, JSI vs Whites.

      And that will depend upon Whites removing from their mental model all 18th century Enlightenment assumptions.

      In short, White survival depends on, not abolishing, but demolishing the Right/Left paradigm so it can recover its freedom and move into a larger reality.

      Only then can it begin to solve its many problems.

      You simply can not use 18th century models to solve complex 21st century problems. Isn’t it obvious?

      It’s the exact inverse of what JSI via Political Correctness and Identity Politics is doing to history, ie;

      Judging the past based on shallow present day assumptions. Ones, moreover, that are neither quesitoned or analyzed.

      The Right and Left are two insanities that cancel each other out and leave us with no option.

      So they have to go. Both of them.

      If this doesn’t happen we won’t make it.

  8. Anthropos11
    Anthropos11 says:

    Well, in fact we are not at all powerless. 1600 years and longer ago, we were warned about the archontic infection of the (((Xenosh))), by the telestai, better known as the gnostics (beware of a lot of disinfo about these gnostics).

    To widen our scopes even further, you might be interested in John Lamb Lashes work ‘Not In His Image’. This will set us up for victory.

    And then there’s a quite interesting party to maybe have a look at:

    Fish are swimming
    Birds are flying
    Xenosh are lying…

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