Leather-Jacketed Coke-Snorting Jews in the Soviet Secret Police Torturing, Raping and Killing Gentiles: The Evidence

In “Ted Gold and the Jews of Weatherman” (September 2017 in TOO), I wrote, in describing a envisioned takeover of the United States by the Jewish radical group Weatherman, “Cue the return of leather-jacketed coke-snorting Jewish secret police rounding up the gentiles for rape, torture and murder in dank abattoirs. It happened, look it up.” This somewhat jarring historical reference left one commenter, “Jim,” nonplussed. He wrote, whether ironically or seriously (but amusingly), “Where can I find info on coke snorting Jews raping people.” Somewhat belatedly, I thought I would review some of the evidence for the separate elements of my statement: leather jackets, cocaine, and torture, rape and murder in “dank abattoirs.” And, of course, Jewish Cheka agents.

The Cheka

When the Bolsheviks seized the power that was so famously “lying in the streets” in early November 1917, they didn’t disguise the fact that they meant to rule by force and terror. Within weeks they established the coercive arm of their permanent revolution, the “Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counterrevolution and Sabotage,” Ve-Cheka for short or Cheka for shorter. Lenin placed the fanatical Pole Felix Dzerzhinsky in charge of it, and he in turn recruited a cohort of Latvians, Jews, and renegade Russians to help him devastate the Russian nation. The Cheka almost immediately launched into one of the most horrifying orgies of mass murder ever recorded, and men of Jewish blood, who like other Jewish leftists, retained their Jewish identity, played a very prominent role in it.

It is very well-attested that Jews were, for the first twenty years of its history, vastly over-represented in the ranks of the Cheka in proportion to their numbers in the population of the Soviet Union. A few citations will suffice. The historian Richard Pipes quotes a member of the early Kiev Cheka to the effect that three-quarters of its personnel were Jewish.[1] Another source shows that 37 of the top 96 NKVD (later nomenclature for the Cheka) officials in 1934 were Jews, an astounding number considering they made up only 1.7 percent of the population.[2] The Jews actually outnumbered ethnic Russians in these top positions all the way up to early 1937, when Stalin began purging them. The Soviet-born Israeli journalist Sever Plocker writes, “Many Jews sold their soul to the devil of the Communist revolution and have blood on their hands for eternity”—at a time, incidentally, when celebrating the Bolshevik Revolution was entirely mainstream in the Jewish diaspora community in the West. At the same time, Jews were underrepresented in the population of the Gulag, by roughly twenty-five percent.[3]

Within months of the institution of the Cheka, provincial Chekas were sprouting up throughout the territory controlled by the beleaguered Bolshevik dictatorship. Because the central Cheka was essentially an extra-legal body, and had for some time little bureaucratic control over the provincial Chekas, the latter often amounted to little more than local strong-arm groups, composed of criminals and Jews, whose motives were plunder and revenge. Central authorities did eventually succeed in bringing their Cheka franchises under discipline, but the murder, torture, and plunder continued, the only change being central direction and a better paper trail.

The prestige and élan that surrounded the early Cheka and its personnel is strange to evoke at this point in time, but it was significant, at least among some circles. The organization had no problem recruiting. They affected a hard-edged style that featured leather jackets or trench coats. Yakov Sverdlov, an important early Jewish Bolshevik commissar—Chairman of the Central Executive Committee and thus de jure head of state—apparently spread the vogue for leather jackets and even leather trousers.[4] Here he is, to the right of Lenin:

The Jewish functionary and terrorist Rozalia Zemliachka, best known for butchering 50,000 people in the Crimea after the Civil War, was also well-known for her fondness for leather jackets and a hardline persona: “In her forties when the Civil War began, Zemliachka dressed in the stereotypical garb of a Bolshevik commissar and killed with a vengeance.”[5] Another source relates that Dzerzhinsky commandeered a shipment of leather coats meant for air force pilots, and outfitted his men in them.[6] In the early days, every self-respecting Bolshevik commissar and Cheka officer sported leather jackets.

The Jews who flocked into the ranks of the secret police were burning for revenge on their Christian neighbors, and nobody nurses a grievance quite like the Jews—the pogroms, despite their exaggeration by Jewish activists at the time and since, were certainly a component of Jewish hatred toward the Russian Empire. A variety of sources confirm a sense of revenge as a motive. Yuri Slezkine reviews some of the works of early Soviet Jewish writers that illustrate the revenge theme. For example, the amorous advances of the Jewish protagonist of Eduard Bagritsky’s poem “February” are rebuffed by a Russian girl, but their positions are changed after the Revolution when he becomes a deputy commissar. Seeing the girl in a brothel, he has sex with her without taking off his boots, his gun, or his trench coat—an act of aggression and revenge:

I am taking you because so timid
Have I always been, and to take vengeance
For the shame of my exiled forefathers
And the twitter of an unknown fledgling!
I am taking you to wreak my vengeance
On the world I could not get away from!

 Igor Shafarevich, a mathematician and member of the prestigious U. S. National Academy of Sciences reviewed Jewish literary works during the Soviet and post-Soviet period, finding a prominent theme of Jewish hatred mixed with a powerful desire for revenge toward pre-revolutionary Russia and its culture. But Shafarevich also suggests that the Jewish “Russophobia” that prompted the mass murder is not a unique phenomenon, but results from traditional Jewish hostility toward the non-Jewish world, considered tref (unclean), and toward non-Jews themselves, considered sub-human and as worthy of destruction—a very reasonable interpretation given traditional Jewish ethics in which non-Jews have no moral standing. People with such beliefs have no moral compunctions about the torture, rape, and murder of their perceived enemies. Hatred toward the peoples and cultures of non-Jews and the image of enslaved ancestors as victims of anti-Semitism have been the Jewish norm throughout history—much commented on, from Tacitus to the present.

Finally, the Jewish hatred and desire for revenge was not confined to the USSR. Jewish members of the internal security force in post-World War Poland often appear to have been motivated by personal rage and a desire for revenge related to their Jewish identity:

Their families had been murdered and the anti-Communist underground was, in their perception, a continuation of essentially the same anti-Semitic and anti-Communist tradition. They hated those who had collaborated with the Nazis and those who opposed the new order with almost the same intensity and knew that as Communists, or as both Communists and Jews, they were hated at least in the same way. In their eyes, the enemy was essentially the same. The old evil deeds had to be punished and new ones prevented and a merciless struggle was necessary before a better world could be built. (Schatz, J. (1991). The Generation: The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Communists of Poland, 226)

“A ‘Continuous Spree’of Rape and Robbery.” And Torture and Murder

The Cheka official quoted by Pipes above said the early days in Kiev (1918–1919) amounted to a “continuous spree” of rape and robbery, though they were “careful to spare fellow Jews.”[7] For some reason, Pipes left out mention of horrific torture and murder, but I’ll fill in those details.[8] A major element of revenge has always been humiliation of the target group and rape of its women, and the Red Terror had plenty of both. The acme of vengeance, for the truly dedicated, is torture and murder: the infliction of terrible suffering directly on the object of hatred, flaunting one’s dominance, then the total destruction of the victim. The frenzied nature of the excesses of the Red Terror resulted from a combination of factors, including an atmosphere of brutalization brought on by revolution and civil war and a perverse ideology, but an ethnic factor was also clearly present.

A recent historian of Stalin’s executioners affirms the Jews “ruthlessly avenged the victims of a century’s pogroms.”[9] Another states that “the “ranks of the Cheka were filled with social elements anxious for revenge.”[10] A historian of the Russian Civil War states, “Always anxious to use national and racial hatreds to advantage, Dzerzhinskii placed Jews in seven of the Cheka’s top ten positions. . . . The victims of centuries of anti-Semitic abuse, the Jews of the Ukraine now had a chance to take revenge.”[11]

The Cheka officers, with literally nothing hindering their action, assaulted women on a mass scale. There is plenty of evidence for this.

“Convicted criminals and certified psychopaths appointed themselves officers of the Cheka and terrorized, raped, and murdered whom they liked.”[12] “Rapes of female prisoners by Cheka guards and interrogators were so commonplace that they occasioned comment from superiors only if performed in some particularly brutal or perverted fashion.”[13] Rape of Russian women by Cheka men “took on gigantic proportions, particularly in the second reconquest of Ukraine and the Cossack regions of the Crimea in 1920.”[14]

Sergey Melgounov wrote the classic account of early Bolshevik rule, The Red Terror. On page 136 he describes Cheka “food detachments” that plundered the food in the countryside to feed the cities, the base of Bolshevik power: “Whenever an expedition that was collecting the grain tax in the Khvalinsky district reached a village the peasants were commanded to surrender their best-looking girls to the officials.”[15]

A story from Ekaterinodar in the Caucasus, c. 1919:

Madame Dombrovskaya, an ex-school teacher, was tortured in her solitary confinement cell . . . . The Che-Ka had been informed that she had . . . jewelery . . . in her keeping: wherefore . . . she was ordered to be tortured until she should reveal where the jewelery might be. For a beginning she was raped and outraged generally—the raping taking place in order of seniority of torturers, with a man called Friedmann raping her first, and the others in regular sequence. And, that done, she was questioned further as to the whereabouts of the jewelery, and further tortured by having incisions made into her body, and her finger tips nipped with pliers and pincers. Until at last, in her agony, with the blood pouring from her wounds, she confessed that the jewels were hidden in an outbuilding of her house. The same evening (the date being November 6) she was shot.[16]

From southern Ukraine: “a witness testified before the Denikin Commission [an investigative body set up by the White Armies] that licentious orgies had been carried out systematically by the Che-Ka and tribunal of Nikolaev, and included even women who had come to beg for relatives’ release, with that inclusion as the price of their relatives’ freedom.”[17]

Some local Chekas were so atrocious that even Bolsheviks were outraged. One—a Serafina Gopner—complained to Lenin about the Cheka in Ekaterinoslav in Ukraine:

This organization is rotten to the core: the canker of criminality, violence, and totally arbitrary decisions abounds, and it is filled with . . . the dregs of society, men armed to the teeth who simply execute anyone they don’t like. They steal, loot, rape, and throw anyone into prison, forge documents, practice extortion and blackmail, and will let anyone go in exchange for huge sums of money.[18] 

Virtually all of these poor women were Christian Russians; a great many of the rapists were revenge-minded Jews. I imagine that Jews, with their strong sense of respect for their martyred ancestors, would wish us, too, to “never forget” these victims.

As for cocaine, it was used very widely in the decades before and after 1900. The coca plant grows only in South America, but its properties became known in Europe by the early 1800s. The chemical was isolated from the leaf by a German chemist in 1860, and its use as a stimulant and local anesthetic quickly spread. An early booster of the drug was Sigmund Freud, who wrote a glowing report of its effects and pushed it on his friends and patients. (His addiction lasted twelve years.) By the 1880s, pharmaceutical companies were producing hundreds of thousands of pounds yearly, and Parke-Davis in the U.S. was actually marketing a little kit with cocaine and a syringe and needle for convenient use, although it could also be snorted as a powder. The drug was one ingredient of early Coca-Cola, at least until 1903, when there began a reaction against it because of its addictive and harmful properties. There were an estimated 200,000 addicts in the U.S. at the turn of the century. In addition, Americans became alarmed at the prospect of Blacks committing violent crimes under its influence. One authority maintained that “most of the attacks upon the white women of the South are the direct result of a cocaine-crazed Negro brain.” In 1914 the government placed it under federal control, which did not, of course, eradicate its availability.

Cocaine was also readily available in Russia. The following passages show that Cheka men used it commonly, even maniacally. Some of them claimed that the constant bloodshed and strain necessitated a resort to drugs, but it probably fueled some of the atrocities as well. Whatever the case may be, it was clear that many Cheka men were out of their minds with drugs and sadism. The combination led to mental breakdowns among Cheka agents. A number of them were committed to psychiatric wards.[19]

From a 1919 report on the Cheka in Yaroslavl: “The Cheka are looting and arresting everyone indiscriminately. . . . They have transformed the Cheka headquarters into a huge brothel where they take all the bourgeois women. Drunkenness is rife. Cocaine is being used quite widely among the supervisors.”[20]

The White Armies freed Kiev from Cheka rule for a brief period in 1919. One of the resulting reports stated, “In almost every cupboard and, for that matter, in almost every drawer, we found empty cocaine bottles in piles.”[21]

The Cheka placed their men in all Red Army units. Here is a report from a supervisor on certain of these units: “No administrative norm is being respected by these people. . . . Orgies and drunkenness are daily occurrences. Almost all the personnel of the Cheka are heavy cocaine users. They say that this helps them deal with the sight of so much blood on a daily basis.” The man who composed this report, Rozental, concluded that although these units needed tighter control and were “drunk with blood and violence,” they nevertheless “are doing their duty.”[22] Well, that’s a relief.

Maks Deich, a Jew, was the head of the Odessa Cheka in 1920–1922. There “he earned [a] reputation for extreme cruelty, and suffered a neurosis and addiction to cocaine.”[23] What harrowing atrocities could have earned him notoriety for “extreme cruelty” in this milieu? A Cheka officer in Georgia named Schulmann, very likely a Jew, also earned notice. A prisoner witnessed “brutal executions . . . especially at the hands of a certain Schulmann, who was addicted to morphine and cocaine.”[24]

As for “dank abattoirs,” here is what the White Armies found in Kiev in late August 1919, after they drove out the Bolsheviks:

The place had formerly been a garage, and then the provincial Che-Ka’s main slaughter-house. And the whole of it was coated with blood—blood ankle deep, coagulated with the heat of the atmosphere, and horribly mixed with human brains, chips of skullbone, wisps of hair, and the like. Even the walls were bespattered with blood and similar fragments of brain and scalp, as well as riddled with thousands of bullet holes. In the centre was a drain about a quarter of a metre deep and wide, and about ten metres long. This led to the sanitary system of the neighbouring house, but was choked to the brim with blood. The horrible den contained 127 corpses, but the victims of the previous massacre had been hurriedly buried in the adjacent garden. What struck us most about the corpses was the shattering of their skulls, or the complete flattening out of those skulls, as though the victims had been brained with some such instrument as a heavy block. … And in every case the corpses were naked … [a grave in the courtyard] contained eighty bodies which in every instance bore almost unimaginably horrible wounds and mutilations. In this grave we found corpses with, variously, entrails ripped out, no limbs remaining (as though the bodies had literally been chopped up), eyes gouged out, and heads and necks and faces and trunks all studded with stab wounds. Again, we found a body which had had a pointed stake driven through its chest, whilst in several cases the tongue was missing.[25]

This happened in Kiev, where, you remember, three-quarters of the Cheka staff were Jews.

The Cheka rampage continued for decades. The Terror would reach crescendos, such as “The Great Terror” of 1937–1938, but it never died down until after the death of Stalin in 1953. Robert Conquest, speaking of early 1937, used this chilling description: “Russians who had thought that the country was already in the grip of terrorists were now to see what terror really meant.”[26] When I first read that sentence twenty-five years ago, I had a palpable sensation of horror, and profound sadness for the Russian people.

The German invasion of Russia in June 1941 lifted the curtain on later Bolshevik atrocities.[27] Nearly a quarter century of bloody vengeance had not quenched the Bolshevik/Jewish bloodthirst. The retreating Bolsheviks massacred their prisoners in the frontier prisons rather than transport them to the east, and the incoming Germans carefully preserved the evidence. They didn’t simply kill them, however. One witness, a German doctor, gives the following testimony concerning the scene in Lvov:

I ordered that the cellars [of Brygidky prison] should be immediately cleared, and in the course of the next three days 423 corpses were brought out . . . Among the bodies there were young boys aged 10, 12, and 14 and young women aged 18, 20, and 22, besides old women. . . . [At] the military prison in the northern part of the town . . . the stench of decomposition was so strong and there was so much blood under the mountain of corpses that we had to wear a Polish gas mask in order to enter the cellar. . . . Young women, men, and older women were piled up layer upon layer all the way to the ceiling. . . . The third and fourth cellars were only about three-quarters full. Over 460 corpses were taken out of these cellars. Many of the bodies showed evidence of serious torture, mutilations of arms and legs, and shackling.[28]

Another witness saw

a large space, filled from top to bottom with corpses. . . . The bottom ones were still warm. The victims . . . laid in various poses, with open eyes and masks of terror on their faces. Among them were many women. On the left wall, three men were crucified, barely covered by clothing from their shoulders, with severed male organs. Underneath them on the floor in half-sitting, leaning positions – two nuns with those organs in their mouths. The victims of the NKVD’s sadism were killed with a shot in the mouth or the back of the head. But most were stabbed in the stomach with a bayonet. Some were naked or almost naked . . .

Citizens of Lvov searching for relatives among the victims of the NKVD

More victims. It looks like they endured severe beatings, and the man in the foreground is partially undressed. Both of the above photos are from https://collections.ushmm.org/search/catalog/pa1153801.

Other witnesses also stated that many of the dead were naked, which naturally leads to the question whether they were raped.[29] The Ukrainian Red Cross estimated that 4,000 people had perished in Lvov alone.[30] Another source says the victims numbered 10,000.[31]

When the local Ukrainian and Polish population saw the terrible scenes, they “immediately started to drag the Jews out of their homes and to abuse them in the streets.”[32] Thousands were killed. The locals pinned the atrocities upon the Jews, so deep-set was the impression that Bolsheviks = Jews. I have not found information on Cheka agents in Lvov for this period, but Jews composed thirty percent of the population of the city.[33] The top-ranks of NKVD officials by this time had a much-reduced Jewish contingent, but that doesn’t mean the middle and lower ranks were reduced in the same proportion. Arkady Vaksberg writes, “But the NKVD was not free of Jews, despite the . . . purges. Among the sadists who came to fill the emptied slots, including very high ones, were “more of the same.”[34] One source states that there were almost 600 Jewish officers in the Ukrainian NKVD in January 1945.[35] Certainly there would have been many more in June 1941.

When I wrote the sentence that introduced this short essay, I was predicting what a Weatherman takeover in America would look like. The communists in Weatherman had important similarities with the Bolsheviks: a smug and fanatical superiority complex, a messianic ideology, slavering hatred of Whites/Christians, and plans for “re-education” camps. The Weathermen have mostly passed away, but the spirit that produced them is far stronger than it was in the 1960s; it is the same ancient and murderous hatred that propelled the Bolsheviks. powerful desire to avenge the evils of the old social order.

The Weathermen were not alone on the Jewish left in the 1960s with fantasies of hatred and revenge. For many Jewish New Leftists “the revolution promises to avenge the sufferings and to right the wrongs which have, for so long, been inflicted on Jews with the permission or encouragement, or even at the command of, the authorities in prerevolutionary societies” (Cohen, P. S. (1980). Jewish Radicals and Radical Jews. London: Academic Press., 208; here, p. 85). Interviews with New Left Jewish radicals revealed that many had destructive fantasies in which the revolution would result in “humiliation, dispossession, imprisonment or execution of the oppressors” combined with the belief in their own omnipotence and their ability to create a non-oppressive social order (Ibid.). These findings are also entirely consistent with Kevin MacDonald’s personal experience among Jewish New Left activists at the University of Wisconsin in the 1960s (here, p. 103, note 13).

The body of this essay is a glimpse at a state of affairs that hovers over the horizon like a vast terrifying storm. No revolutionary overthrow will be needed at this point, for the levers of power are already in the hands of our enemies, awaiting only a situation where they can seize absolute power comparable to their power in the post-revolutionary USSR. Time is short; the great question of this generation is this: does the spirit of our ancestors, the warriors of the steppe, merely slumber in our countrymen? Or is it in fact dead? I’m not sure I want to know the answer to that question.


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  1. Surtr
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    Another great article. At this time in my life as my life has come to complete destruction, I am more focused on contributing to society in a positive way. Understanding the past is important, but I am just a man. My contributions to society will be little and insignificant, so I can assure you that I will not go down in history. However long as they are positive, then I have done what all I can although by definition they will be so insignificant as to be forgotten when I am gone. This does not mean that I won’t be proud of them though. Not really interested in the opinions of others. The court of public opinion seems to be more dominant today than ever. I was born into a working class family, and I will live a life of poverty. What is done is done. Not going to end well for me, but life is not about me. Just as long as I know the people that really know me understand that I was a good man is all that I need.

    • Sandy
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      When the going gets tough Surtr, the tough get going. If you want to live a life of poverty considering joining a monastery where you could spread the word. Afterall, who suffered the most under communism? There are other options but never give up.

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      I am glad that you have found this website. I am hoping that many more people like you will find it as well.

      You do matter — a lot.

      I would much rather have someone like you on my side than the more privileged people in society.

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      I doubt if there’s any one here at TOO, writers, readers, commenters, who can’t identify in some way with your comment.

      As a personal rule I never give advice, preferring instead to share my own experience, strength and hope, as they say.

      My own experience, or response, in reading your comment, and the reason I identified with it, was that this is someone who knows despair, which means they have experience, lots of it.

      But, the person who wrote it is still alive, so they have strength too, lots of it.

      And that is something that can teach hope to others who need it.

      All of us here have those gifts, the gifts of experience, strength and hope.

      To that extent we are valuable – to ourselves and each other. Which, of course, is exactly what they don’t want.

      But we’re just learning to share that experience, and in a way that is sincere and heartfelt, not out of some New Agey California Hippy Dippy F*** Me I’m So Sensitive Marianne Williamson School of Seduction-type thing.

      And that takes some doing.

      But, my feeling on the matter can be put in question form, one that I address to myself.

      What else have I got better to do with my time?

      What else have I got better to do than to learn about myself and my culture, in as much as I’m capable of learning at all, and in a way that suits me; to learn the good and bad of myself and others, and use it all to shape a meaningful life, and, to the extent its warranted and useful, share it with others?

      It’s all a big risk, cause there’s no way of knowing how it’s going to turn out, or how many mistakes I’ll make along the way.

      But if I’m willing to take the risk and let go of the result, paradoxically, I gain better control of my life.

      And that’s pretty much how it’s turned out.

      I identify with the despair that I read in your comment.

      TOO is only one part of my life, but a valuable part. Because the writers and commenters don’t know me, but they have often spoken to my experience, articulated my own frustrations, and have inadvertantly, obviously unintentionally, validated a lot of decisions I’ve made in my life.

      And one was that, bad as my family life was, and it was very bad, my focus should be on recovering from that debacle and not paying any attention to what Jewish Supremacy Inc. thinks of me or my race.

      JSI has NEVER succeeded in making me feel bad because they don’t like the category I belong to.

      JSI, in that sense, means nothing to me. For all of their money and power I hold them in contempt.

      That is to say, beneath me. Because they are.

      They’re disgusting (as anyone knows who has read the above article and many more like it).

      But I’m everything. Meaning, I have to be the sole source of my own value if I am to be a value to anyone else. I have to be responsible for how I respond to it all or I’m not going to make it.

      And that is one of the great things TOO indirectly helped confirm for me. Through being a TOO reader I had it confirmed that if I do not value myself for who I am, in every sense, I am that much more susceptible to JSI manipulations. Which, as TOO makes clear in article after aritcle, are many.

      We are Everything!

      We are the sole source of our own value.

      In short, We are valuable.

      And so are you.

      Thanks for sharing your comment. It meant a lot to me to read it. It helped remind me that there’s always more that we can do than we think.

  2. Susan
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    Thank you! I was in elementary school during the 1960s. When I looked at photos of dead victims like the ones in the article, always attributed to the Nazis, I thought, I never wanted that to happen to me or any of my family, and I have never totally relaxed about the chance of it happening. It was hard for me to believe that in the 20th century something so barbaric could happen. Also, I thought that those very unfortunate victims probably would never have guessed they would end up murdered in piles in a ditch.. Somewhere along the line I heard that the Communists also did mass murders, and I wondered why that wasn’t brought up like the Nazi murders with TV shows, movies, novels, etc. I’m very grateful that writers are discussing these things now.

    • Gertjan Zwiggelaar
      Gertjan Zwiggelaar says:

      Susan, the reason there are no movies, TV shows and so forth espousing the truth regarding Jewish World War 2, for example is because those International Parasites control all the media. What the Jew does is he turns things around to make it appear that other people are responsible for the barbaric, pre historic behaviour of the Jews. Jews take great delight in torturing goyim to death. Indeed, they torture animals to death for their meat. That is called Kosher slaughter which is similar to that other Jewish invention’s methods of slaughter called Hallal which entails the ripping out of the trachea of the animal and letting it thrash itself to death. Jews are aliens. They are not human. It is why Jesus called them, The Children of Satan. Satan is an alien. He’s not human. Lucifer is an Arch Angel. What do you suppose those are? Watch for my upcoming book, Satan’s Children and you will have a marvellous handbook to use for educating human beings about the enemy.

  3. kikz
    kikz says:

    “(Cohen, P. S. (1980). Jewish Radicals and Radical Jews. London: Academic Press., 208; here, p. 85). Interviews with New Left Jewish radicals revealed that many had destructive fantasies in which the revolution would result in “humiliation, dispossession, imprisonment or execution of the oppressors” combined with the belief in their own omnipotence and their ability to create a non-oppressive social order (Ibid.). These findings are also entirely consistent with Kevin MacDonald’s personal experience among Jewish New Left activists at the University of Wisconsin in the 1960s (here, p. 103, note 13).”

    we’ve heard nearly exactly the same song from Bernie Bros operatives, as exposed by Project Veritas.


  4. Anne
    Anne says:

    Articles like this one always leave me somewhat shell-shocked.

    I am Canadian, of Ukrainian descent. Most of my great-grandparents immigrated to Canada between 1898-1902, but my maternal grandfather didn’t come over until 1929, at the age of 19. (He was from Jaroslaw, a town just inside the Polish border, about 650km west of Kiev.) As a child, when I asked my mother what compelled my “Deedo” to come to Canada when he did, she said she didn’t really know because “he didn’t like to talk about it.”

    The horrors recounted in this post leave me wondering exactly what it was my grandfather didn’t want to talk about.

    Sadly, my paternal grandfather, who was born in Canada, admired Stalin for being a strong leader. Which leads me to conclude that he had no idea whatsoever about what was being done to Ukrainians and Russians under Stalin.

    Perhaps my maternal grandfather should have done more talking. Or maybe he just got tired of people not wanting to listen. (I’m sure many of us can relate.)

    Which is all to say how important it is to make sure people know about these atrocities. Personally, I have a hard time just reading about it. I can only imagine how difficult it is to do the research and writing to produce articles like this.

    Thank you, Karl Nemmersdorf. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

    • Karl Nemmersdorf
      Karl Nemmersdorf says:

      Thank you for reading, and for your prayers. It’s always interesting to hear of ancestors from the Old country. Thank God your grandfather got out when he did. I think that people of the older generations should absolutely tell of their experiences, handing down family history. I’m always fascinated by the stories of my elders and information on their ethnic and national origins.

    • Rob Bottom
      Rob Bottom says:

      Most people are completely unaware. If they knew, they might start to think that the Nazis were justified in whatever they did to the Jews – no matter what stories they’d heard/believe. They might start to wonder why we allied against the Germans and if that was the correct course of action. That Jewish-controlled Hollywood makes Holocaust-related movies every year yet refuses to make any movies showing the atrocities of the Bolsheviks, proves their tribe was chiefly responsible.

      • Anne
        Anne says:

        “They might start to wonder why we allied against the Germans and if that was the correct course of action.”

        What horrifies me about the Western Powers’ decision to ally themselves with the Soviets against Germany is that they knew full well what a monster Stalin and his minions were.

        The independent Welsh journalist Gareth Jones wrote first-hand accounts of the man-made Soviet famine of 1932-33 that were published in major British and American papers. And even though The New York Times’ Bureau Chief in Moscow, Walter Duranty, wrote vicious denials of Jones’ accounts, he knew what was really going on: “In 1934 [Duranty] privately reported to the British embassy in Moscow that as many as 10 million people may have died, directly or indirectly, from famine in the Soviet Union in the previous year.” (Wikipedia/New Statesman, 2017.)

        So how come we were sidling up to “Uncle Joe” in 1939, instead of helping the Germans defend themselves against the threat of communism on their borders?

        I think we all know who was truly benefiting. The BS we are constantly being fed about the “Nazis” is just extended war propaganda to cover up who the real villains were and are.

          • Anne
            Anne says:

            Thank you, Ludwig. I am aware of the dreadful firebombing of Dresden, but I don’t think I’ve seen this particular video before. I’ve downloaded it – took me several tries, but sometimes the harder it is to download something, the more important it is to have a copy! I’ll be watching it tonight.

          • Anne
            Anne says:

            Ludwig, even though I “knew” about Dresden, this video still left me speechless. I have yet to screw up the courage to say to someone’s face that I don’t buy the official Holocaust narrative anymore, but I am always going to think of, and talk about, Dresden every time it comes up. Those souls lost in Dresden truly have been abandoned by most of the West, and that has to come to an end.

            What I didn’t know about Dresden was just how meticulously planned and premeditated it was to inflict such an apocalypse, on such an innocent population. There is a special place in Hell for the creatures that came up with this plot. But there is also a special lesson in all of this.

            As I have become more versed in the JQ, I have often questioned to what degree the machinations of the JSI and their traitorous collaborators are intentionally, consciously, and deliberately carried out – and to what degree things “just happen” because of their inherent greed and narcissism.

            Dresden is unequivocal evidence for the former.

            I don’t pretend to have answers to the dilemma we are in. But recognizing just how utterly deliberate it all is, is essential.

            Along the lines of figuring out exactly what they have in store for us, zerohedge posted this very interesting article about our collective financial slavery. It’s from December 2018, but it is timely in the context of how things might play out with the COVID-19 pandemic, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of Dresden when I read it:

            Thank you again for the link you posted for me.

      • Pierre Simon
        Pierre Simon says:

        When the war was over, Churchill said, “we butchered the wrong pig.”
        It was the local populations that killed the Jews when the Germans invaded the Soviet-Union. It was a retaliation for persecution by the jewish bolsheviks.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      every evening, without fail, to wash the day’s debris out of my blood, I watch UKRAINE GOT TALENT on you tube. Though many artistic, exceptionally talented performers are featured, I am enamored of the young vocalists and dancers.

      I can say much the same for Russia Got Talent, as well as Romania and Bulgaria. Quite a lesson in their cultures we all too often write off. I also pay attention to the audience: an impressive human capital.

      In 1964, after JFK’s austerity measures separated me from my US Army in Europe; Intelligence job, I undertook a six week bus tour through Russia, including your ancestral homeland. That was a mere 19 years after that last One, but their hospitality and heart felt warmth was unsurpassed.

      Ukraine deserves better than the Washington neocons and their local minions: which would require an additional 400 pages to describe: merely for openers.

      I much enjoy your input here.

      • Anne
        Anne says:

        Charles, your story about your sister narrowly escaping the “attention” of Red Army soldiers was bone-chilling. But your comment to me was heart-warming.

        Thank you for sharing both. Your courage and compassion demonstrate the best of European manhood.

        I’m not proud of the Ukrainians who did not stick to our society’s values during their time in the war. But I also have to admit I have no idea what it was like to go through what they did under the Soviet system – my life has been far, far easier, thanks to the sacrifices of my grandparents and great-grandparents. And the other European peoples who established Canada.

        I am so pleased that you were treated well – as you so obviously deserved to be – when you toured Russia and Ukraine in 1964. And I’m glad you can take pleasure in sharing the culture of modern-day Ukrainians.

        I’ve never been to Ukraine, and I cannot even speak the language, but my mom definitely instilled good, old-fashioned Ukrainian woman’s values into me. Ever since I got over the misguided feminism of my youth, I have been happier and happier to embrace the femininity of my predecessors. (They were a tough enough lot without feminism!)

        I find the current political state of Ukraine completely confusing and depressing. I think the peoples of that country would have been far better off had they come under German/Austrian instead of Soviet rule after the war. But these are challenging times all around.

  5. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Dear Karl:

    01 Circa a year ago you disclosed, that you adopted your nom de plume because of your affinity with the civilian victims of the Bolshevik army in October, 1944, at Nemmersdorf, East Prussia. Those with insufficient imagination should call up Images of Nemmersdorf. Below service-aged men, women and children of all ages. All the women and teen girls raped and some girls with mutilated skulls.

    02 As you know, a Wehrmacht counterattack retook the town for a day and a half, netting Red Army prisoners. These prisoners, when questioned about the perpetrators, often pointed, probably truthfully, at their ” Bolsheviks ” in particular.

    03 The present German The Wehrmacht’s War Crimes Bureau holds a report on a similar occurrence on the Russian Front. A German Division retreated, having been cut off from its HQ which was captured by the Reds. The Germans briefly retook the area, only to find their Divisional staff brutally murdered. A young woman, serving as a teletype operator, had been crucified on a tree, her eyes were gouged out, as were her tongue, breasts and vagina. The penis of a young soldier, nailed to the adjacent tree, similarly mutilated, had been stuck in her mouth.

    04 Hildegard Kneef, an understudy of Marlene Dietrich, found herself alone during the last days of the Battle for Berlin. She cut off her hair and dawned the uniform of a fallen soldier, in an effort to join her boyfriend, also serving, so as at least not to die alone.
    In her autobiographical DER GESCHENKTE GAUL [ The Gifthorse ] she describes a commotion in front of a house. Women had gathered to mourn a ca. 70 year old woman who had been gangraped to death in her upper flat, then was thrown out her window. Kneef said everyone between seven and seventy was fair game.

    05 On April 21, 1945, we were overrun by the advance units of the Red Army, encamped ca. 30 yards off the road. On our return trip to the small town of Neu Doebern, we saw Germans of both genders and all ages crucified on barn doors and trees. A German Communist administration was already in charge, only minutes after the Russians took over. Also large contingents of Mongolians on their smaller steppe ponies. But all with a .45 in a full flap holster with US prominently stenciled on the outside.

    06 I had two pretty sisters. One 7 and the other 17. Before we had crossed the road where we were overrun, the older asked me for a handful of dirt from the field. She smeared it all over her face, pulled her headscarf way down and walked like an old, crippled woman.

    07 Word of her presence got around but luckily the troops never stayed for longer than an extended pause. One drunken officer smashed the entrance door window and unlocked the door from the inside. He commanded two of his troopers to go through our closets and mattresses with fixed bayonets, searching for her: but they never found her.

    08 We mustn’t forget Stalin’s and Berthold Brecht’s friend llya Ehrenburg and his Jewish psychopathic daily diatribes in their Red Star daily, ” to kill, kill, kill, rape murder all German men women and babies, and if you don’t do that then you wasted a day “.

    Recently I read in a Jewish publication, that those allegations against this swine are untrue and at least exaggerated. He was just a kind, but stern old uncle and disciplinarian.

    I could go on for another ten hours but would draw the understandable ire of the Moderator. In the interest of fairness, let me add, that not all of the Red Army members, mostly Ukrainians on our front SE of Berlin, behaved in the same inhuman manner. Ca. 20 % heard their mothers’ admonitions to behave in the same Christian manner as they did at home. God certainly put in overtime on our behalf: for which I owe him: big time.

    PS You must watch the post-Soviet film titled THE CHEKIST on you tube. The murder factory below Lubyanka Prison, close to the Kremlin and Lenin’s tomb. Perfunctory death sentences carried out on a platform with channels cut in it to draw off the blood of the group executions; both genders, naked, then hauled up the coal chute by their feet to be loaded onto trucks and hauled out of view for burial. The names of these murderers and their appearance hint at their ethnicity. Of course all anti-Semitic propaganda, unlike Ilse Koch’s lampshades and recently a photo album of human skin as well.

    • Karl Nemmersdorf
      Karl Nemmersdorf says:

      Thanks for your comment, Charles. Yes, I’ve read many English-language books on the sad events you mention. Thank God your sisters and you escaped alive! Could I by any chance persuade you to write up three or four thousand words on your experiences at that time, and submit it essay form to the good Doctor MacDonald? You are a very valuable historical resource, and writing evidently comes easy to you. It would certainly be fascinating, a great insight into those times. My heart and my thoughts ache with longing, sadness and pride when I think what the German nation endured from 1914 to 1950, and now under Merkel! What a great tragedy. Please consider my proposal. God bless!

      • Anne
        Anne says:

        I second Karl’s proposal! Charles Frey’s wisdom is constantly pushing up against the boundaries of this commenting platform. He needs room to breathe, and we need to hear what he has to say.

  6. Eric
    Eric says:

    “For some reason, Pipes left out mention of horrific torture and murder….”

    Pipes (born “Piepes”) is a Jew. Is any other explanation needed?

    Jews depend on the goyim accepting not just falsehoods, but falsehoods that are the exact opposite of the truth.


    Jews were underprivileged in European society

    Jews were the persecuted, never the persecutors.

    Jews did not deserve to be persecuted.

    Europeans deserved the “revenge” that the Jews took on them.


    Jews were privileged in European society.

    Jews persecuted non-Jews far more, and much more brutally, then non-Jews ever persecuted Jews.

    Jews deserved to be persecuted.

    Europeans did not deserve the “revenge” that the Jews took on them.

    The author is right to say that we should fear for the future.

    White genocide is taking place before our every eyes, promoted and facilitated by the Jews. White countries are being inundated by non-white migrants, who are being taught by the Jews to hate white people. All white nations would be like Russia ca 1918 – 1941 if the Jews had their way. It wouldn’t just be white South African farmers being butchered, as is happening now. It would be all white people everywhere.

    The Jews have powerful weapons on their side: money, politicians, the media — and Christianity, which has become Jew worship.

    They are well organized, with thousands of groups forming an international network to promote their interests. They have been effective at preventing whites from forming any groups to look out for white (non-Jewish) interests.

    They have a nuclear-armed Israel to use both as both an escape hatch and as a place from which to unleash nuclear Armageddon should they so choose.

    They have back doors into our high technology. They will resort to murder and terror in order to take down their opponents if need be. In short, they are a powerful international criminal cartel that is taking over the world, if it has not already done so.

    The gulags haven’t happened yet. The proxy army of non-whites trained by the Jews to hate whites hasn’t been unleashed yet. But that day is coming. Anyone who has white grandchildren should be concerned for their future.

    The Jews cannot be negotiated with or reasoned with. Their psychology is pathologically aggressive. They cannot help themselves. They must be isolated, quarantined, and — most likely — liquidated. It really is either them or us.

    On the one hand, we cannot advocate violence. On the other, we must face the fact that we are in a war.

    But what a strange war! The great majority of white people who should be on our side are not only not on our side, they are virulently against us. Even in Hungary, Poland and Czechia — countries that have resisted the ongoing invasion of non-whites and that uphold traditional European values — one cannot speak out against the Jews. For example, Holocaust “denial” is outlawed in those countries.

    So what can we do? We can try to enlighten our fellow white people. But as things stand now, we can only hope to preserve ourselves in the midst of this ongoing war. Unless and until the majority of white people wake up and take our side, we can only look out for ourselves and our friends.

    Perhaps this was all meant to happen. We white people created civilization. Now it is being taken away from us by unworthy people.

    We may, in the end, join the many species that have passed out of existence. Regardless, the world will survive. Jews hate nature. Nature will most likely find a way to return the favor. Their victory, as someone here has said, will be “pyrrhic.”

    • Flossie
      Flossie says:

      Excellent post, Eric. (I could say this about most of the comments on this site.) Although I’m usually quite cynical about the future, it still cheers me to know others have read and learned what I’ve read and learned, and come to the same conclusions.

      • Eric
        Eric says:


        My hope is that more and more people are seeing what is, after all, pretty obvious.

        And once you see it, you can’t “un-see” it.

    • Pierre Simon
      Pierre Simon says:

      Well said, exactly my thought, we are in a war, a racial war against a brutal and psychopathic race that hates daylight.

  7. Michael Fury
    Michael Fury says:

    They willed to stand against the evil deluge
    In accordance with their way and spirit.
    The death blow would not find them unprepared,
    But organized in discipline and sworn
    To God on the sacred rigors borne
    by their forebears’ imperishable faith.
    Their gathering fate was but a wraith
    Still in the West to many, but to more
    Every minute what seemed a nightmare
    Resolved itself in daylight as the end
    Of all they loved or could love. It was then
    Our champions by grace were given fury.
    Not despair, not hopeless misery,
    but destiny’s transfiguration,
    Though all Hell promised annihilation.


    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      It is exceptionally difficult to ” learn from history ” here in the USA where the Zionist Occupied Government will not allow all relevant true histories , that would be helpful to Whites for avoiding their genocide , to be taught in ZOG schools .

  8. Rod Priel
    Rod Priel says:

    Please check out this beautiful Holodomor monument, called “Bitter Memories of Childhood” this monument is in Wascana Centre southeast of the Legislative Building on Lakeshore Drive in Regina, Saskatchewan.
    Think about the Jews who did this crime, as you ponder the understated beauty of this monument.

  9. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “the great question of this generation is this: does the spirit of our ancestors, the warriors of the steppe, merely slumber in our countrymen? Or is it in fact dead?

    I’m not sure I want to know the answer to that question.”

    Then what was the point of the article?

    Could you imagine being the kind of Jewish Supremacist, so aptly described in Mr. Nemmersdorf’s excellent article, reading that last line?

    He, She, It would just laugh and say, “Mission Accomplished. Boy, this is going to be easy (like it hasn’t been already).”

    Speaking for myself, to the extent we’re involved, even just as readers, writers, commenters, etc., now is the time to face as many unpleasant facts as possible.

    Afterall, we’re willing to do that about them. Why on earth would we not do it about ourselves?

    Questions like,

    Are we, our family and friends, all going to die in the ways described in this article?

    Aren’t we already dying this way (their methods having become even more devious and indirect as their criminal insanity and corresponding corruption and shamelessness moved from Russia to The USA, ie; their use of proxies to rob, rape and murder for them on the streets of our cities, and not just our cities)?

    And, if so, doesn’t that provide an answer to Mr. Nemmersdorf’s question?

    If we are convinced of this, are we going to choose to go out fighting? If so, how?

    What would happen if all those tens of thousands killing themselves, the ones Tucker mentions, and only Tucker, decided to not just kill themselves, but take a few carefully chosen people out with them while they were at it?

    And, if it’s true that fighting them in any way would be the equivalent of suicide, are there any of us willing to end our lives in that way?

    And if not, is the only option waiting to die?

    Are we willing to live like that?

    Aren’t we already?

    The above is just to break the ice in this regard.

    But it does seem to me that this is where we’re headed.

    The attempt to answer the above questions and face the unpleasant facts they reveal about us and them will change the way we think.

    But that’ll be nothing compared to change we’ll go through if we attept to act on the answers to those questions.

    In fact, I merely view my own comment here as being symptomatic of what we’re all going through right now, symptomatic of our situation.

    Maybe the answers we come up with to our own questions will simply confirm what we already know, maybe not.

    But one thing’s for sure, we’re going to find out sooner than later, and whether we want to or not.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      I’d like to think that we are on the crest of a wave that has been slowly building up ever since Henry Ford called out the Jews in his Dearborn newspaper.

      The buildup has been slow for many reasons — the main ones being the Christian propensity to accept Jews as “co -heirs” of God’s special favor, and the international financial power of Jewry that has existed for centuries.

      For as long as whites have been comfortable in their post WW II western nations, the Jews have been able to get away with their subversive activities. It was only when we whites began to become less comfortable that serious resistance started to form.

      What were those discomforting factors? When did they begin to take hold?

      1. Forced racial integration. (1950s)
      2. Discrimination against white males. (late 1960s)
      3. Mass (unasked for) Third World immigration (mid 1960s)
      4. Increasing public expressions of hatred and contempt for white people. (early 1990s)

      The “educated classes” of whites accepted and even embraced (1) and (2). They still do.

      The majority of whites outside of our southwestern border states were not significantly impacted by (3) until shortly before Donald Trump took office (2016).

      The election of Trump elicited an outpouring of hatred of white people that had previously been confined to college campuses.

      The election of Trump also made a large percentage of Jews hysterical, and unhinged people are not very good at conspiracy. They started to show their hand.

      At his point, an unstoppable force encountered an immovable object, and we had Charlottesville.

      If white nationalism survives, the torchlit march of young white men chanting “Jews will not replace us” will have the same significance for our movement as Rosa Parks refusing to go to the back of the bus had for the black civil rights movement and the Stonewall riots had for the gay rights movement.

      The other sea change for us has been the rise of the internet and the development of memes.

      Last, the Democratic Party appears to have completely flipped its lid.

      You can’t fight what you can’t see. That has been the problem so far. Our enemy is above all the Jew and his influence. We know that. We know what the enemy wants. We know who the enemy is. But most whites, who would otherwise be on our side, don’t know that. And a large portion of whites are still too comfortable.

      But that will change. If our enemies get their way, whites will become less comfortable and more aware. And they will come over to our side. Even if we didn’t already exist, that would happen.

      So I advise against taking the fight to the enemy. I’ve thought about this a lot. The temptation is great — I understand that. The provocations are hard to take. But we need to understand that our enemies are doing our work for us. We don’t need to attack them. In a sense, they are attacking themselves.

      We don’t know how this will play out in the end, but we do know that people will only be pushed so far before they react.

      So what is our role? It is to do nothing more than take advantage of the opportunities that we know will be coming our way in the future. To be prepared for them. And to avoid falling into the traps that they are setting for us. I think you understand what I am saying.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        I enjoy reading your comments Eric, whether or not I agree with them (though I mostly do). But this was one of your better ones. Which is saying plenty.

        “I think you understand what I am saying.”

        I do, and very much agree.

        One thing I would like to point out, or respond to, from your comment was this.

        “If white nationalism survives, the torchlit march of young white men chanting “Jews will not replace us” will have the same significance for our movement as Rosa Parks refusing to go to the back of the bus had for the black civil rights movement and the Stonewall riots had for the gay rights movement.”

        For me, C’ville was as choreograhped as much of the civil rights movement and by the same people.

        In fact, the dead giveaway was exactly the chanting of “Jews will not replace us.”

        It may very well have been a group of sincere people who thought they were being brave, instead of foolhardy, which, to the extent they were sincere, is a much better and more accurate word than “brave.”

        But, this is the age of leaks during the age of the Internet, so its hard to keep things secret.

        We know that the ADL/SPLC have access to the FBI’s database and use it to make instant “Neo-Nazis”, “KKK”, “White Supremacists”, etc.


        They simply use the database to look up Whites who are on parole, or probation, or who have cases pending for drug charges, violent offenses (from bar fights to domestic abuse), and even pedophilia. The worse the crime the more they own you. Not that once you’re tagged they don’t own you anyway.

        From there they cut deals for reduced time, or simply force them to do their bidding.

        This has been going on for years. Setting people up is simply how they operate. Would that really surprise anyone here?

        I mean, does anyone think they just do it to the politicians they clearly own? How much easier would it be to do it to civilians?

        Dead easy! And they’re doing it.

        Perhaps C’ville was a combination of the two. That’s also very possible and very probable.

        In that sense it’s certainly a good example of the protesters failing “to avoid falling into the traps that they are setting for us.”

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          My take on C’ville: I think the people involved were sincere. I don’t think they were dupes or being blackmailed into doing something foolish. And I don’t think anything that the great majority of them did was foolish. They did everything they could to follow the rules. They had two goals — to protest the planned removal of the Lee statue (perfectly legitimate) and to “unite the right.”

          They applied for the necessary permits. When denied, they went to court and won. When they showed up, as was their right, they didn’t attack anyone. They were attacked, and the police collaborated with the attackers.

          James Fields was not guilty of anything that I can see. He was railroaded into prison for life. As for one or more participants supposedly waving a swastika flag (if that’s even true), it was a public event. You can’t keep people out. And I personally see nothing wrong with waving a swastika flag. Nobody makes a big deal about communist flags being waved by the Left. I think I’ve even seen ISIS flags at a demonstration. In any case, an entire group shouldn’t be blamed for a few “bad apples.”

          What is the big thing that our fellow white people need to know and have been kept in the dark about thanks to control of the media by the Jews and their non-Jewish lackeys?

          Precisely that Jews are trying to replace us. That message needed to get out there. And it needs to continue to be put out there.

          Suppose some Jewish agent were responsible for that chant taking place. It wouldn’t matter as far as I’m concerned. Because it is the truth. And people need to know it.

          The opposition “won” at C’ville in the sense that the participants on our side were set up, unfairly blamed, doxed, defamed, sued, prosecuted, imprisoned, etc.

          Well, why would anyone have expected a different result, given the overwhelming Jewish control of our country? To blame ourselves for this defeat is a serious mistake. I give credit to Jason Kessler for not backing down and for organizing another “Unite the Right” rally in Washington D.C. that took place without any violence.

          C’ville at worst was a learning experience. We found out how ruthless and powerful our enemies are. We learned that pre-announced irl demonstrations would bring out our enemies and their allies. We learned that white America is still asleep.

          But an important message went out to whites all over America (and the world for that matter): Jews are trying to replace white people. It was ridiculed and denied, but a seed was planted. May it bear fruit.

          • Achilles Wannabe
            Achilles Wannabe says:

            Yeah, these things can have surprising results. Despite all the bad press C’ville got , it was a marker for my awakening from goy myopia. I thought of “neo Nazi’s” as guys who wore kerchiefs on their heads, muscle shirts and ugly tattoos. I was surprised to see these clean cut young men. Ordinarily I am not a great believer in clean cut but in this context it impressed me I started to look into what they were saying. Not much later I was ordering my first Kevin MacDonald book. Yesterday I got my 4th one

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            C’ville also got me to investigate the “alt-right,” white nationalism, the JQ, etc. I could see that a wave of censorship was coming and it was time to start ordering some books before they were taken off the market.

            I went straight to David Duke’s “My Awakening.”

  10. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    USA created the USSR and commie China.
    Trotsky was funded by Wall Street.
    Lenin was funded by the Bank of England according to a Useful Peasant the family used to contact me (he was formally an ADC to a Governor General).
    Stalin spent time in London and I should have asked the contact if Stalin was funded by the Bank of England.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      And none of those three – Trotsky, Lenin or Stalin used their real names of Bronstein, Ulyanov and Djugashvili. A now too familiar practice!

  11. 9593
    9593 says:

    It turns out, if indeed Jewish elements are stoking immigration from third-world countries, and raising resentment in minority populations – for the purpose of degrading Gentile solidarity, then there is a surprise. In Sweden, after Barbara Lerner Spector https://archive.org/details/EuropeWillNotSurvive the immigrant refugees came with an impression that Jews were the cause of their exile from the middle east and Afghanistan. Now the Jewish community of Malmo is terrorized by anger over events in Palestine

    In Jersey City, New Jersey, the anger of the black population is raised by predatory behavior of Hasidic Jews “invading” the Greenville neighborhood:


    As far as I know, Joan Terrell has NOT resigned, and is supported by fellow Board members.

    Briefly, the “minorities” seem not to be universally charmed by the manipulations of Black against, Hispanics against, Asians against – – Whitey.

    • Ludwig
      Ludwig says:

      Jewish aims encompass not only destroying us goy but also driving ordinary jewish people from Europe to Palestine with so called “antisemitic” encouragement. They need antisemitism as much as they need jewish solidarity as they are both a symbiotic pair.
      The big jews get the small jews into their fortress state in the ME.
      The small jews covering for them, or at least don’t calling out the big jews which is typical of their innate behavior solidarity.

      • Ludwig
        Ludwig says:

        It should read:

        The small jews are covering for them, or at least, not calling out the big jews, is typical of their innate solidarity behavior.

  12. Tim Stevens
    Tim Stevens says:

    What is also incredible is the degree to which gentile historians can ignore all of this. Ian Kershaw admits in his giant 2-volume biography of Hitler, which took him 10 years to write, that Bavarian revolutionary leader Kurt Eisner was a Jew and a bunch of Germans noticed this in 1919, but that’s about all he’s willing to say in 1400 pages (if he mentioned other instances, it wasn’t much). I’m guessing his self-deception is no less than his omissions. Orlando Figes, a part Jewish British historian on the Russian Revolution wrote in his 1995 book A People’s Tragedy that many (most?) of the Jews sided with the Bolsheviks in a single sentence in an 800 page book, but adds something like “but considering how they were treated (by the White forces in the war), who could blame them?”. He might have mentioned that Jews were over-represented among the higher ranks as well (forgive me for relying entirely on memory), but typical with these works, the story quickly pivots away from this detail. He spends pages, however, talking about Jewish deaths during the Russian Civil War, mentioning, if memory serves that monarchist Vasily Shulgin lamented of the “medieval atmosphere” and that “the screams of the Hebrews breaks the heart”. That’s what passes for history as we here all know.

    • Tim Stevens
      Tim Stevens says:

      My prior comment is largely irrelevant and long since been well demonstrated by Dr. MacDonald and Dr. Joyce. I wanted to humbly add that it seems to me that, if it’s highly likely that the Jews will enact another blood soaked terror regime, there are two rational responses by us: white men train to become warriors and/or we try and bargain with some of the Jews to stop this madness.

      There are obvious limits to prescribing warriorness in the movement, though it can be said that no less a figure than Jordan Peterson demands that people integrate the shadow (though he sort of stops there without much explanation). So becoming dangerous (again, Peterson has even said this) is always a proper response to facing existence confidently. Though they obviously have other sides
      to them, Jews are, nonetheless, an elemental expression of vicious nature (as they see us like this), so full understanding of their nature (with important articles like this) is a reminder that we are sitting precariously as clueless, domesticated moderns as a group, and one who lost power a long time ago.

      There is a comment on here that we need to isolate and exterminate the Jews. I would first ask whether this person is him/herself a warrior ready to do battle or is he just reacting emotionally to a very terrifying article. If you are not a warrior, pretending to possess Godlike powers through fantasy (and a terrifying one at that), then I am skeptical of the utility of this thought. It seems to me more obvious than ever (after being in the movement over a decade now) after having read this article – it’s sort of fully sinking in for me – that we are in serious trouble. Therefore, instead of pretending we are as mighty as Rome at it’s peak, which we are not, we have to ally with as many Jews as possible.

      This appeared to be the project of Solzhenitsyn towards the end of his life, to enact a rapprochement with Jewry. In fact, if there is a tragedy to Jordan Peterson, it is that he could have continued the work of Solzhenitsyn, one of his inspirations; his life mission at this point should educating himself on Jewish issues, and trying to prevent a massacre of whites at the hands of Jews and their allies. Instead, he fails because he lacks the courage on this issue and instead tries to convince mostly young, self-hating leftist Communists to get their life together and stop joining violent movements instead of looking towards the elites, with his act descending into self-parody going on talk shows talking discussing all meat diets. Anyway, perhaps that’s also why Jared Taylor is sheepish about the issue, because he may fully understand their power.

      Though I don’t know much about him, I would say Ron Unz is certainly a start. I don’t know what motivates Ron Unz, but if he (and of course gentile figures like Taylor, and perhaps even Michael Jones, though he isn’t a racialist) can recruit Jews, then great. If Ron Unz and others fail to motivate Jews to join the side of the West and it’s people – and it would need to be in the many tens of thousands – then this will be a failed strategy (hell, it’s possible Unz has written extensively about this already; forgive me if I’ve missed it). But it must be tried.

      We cannot desire or give the impression that we want to attack or kill Jews. That will only cause them to react more vehemently and make another Bolshevik apocalypse likely. You will not win fantasizing about bloody revenge, only they will. Our leaders and the intelligent rank and file in the movement must make a sincere effort to try and recruit Jews. You have to use the art of persuasion and faultless knowledge to convert them. I’m not sure what context this would take, but when they show fear and resistance, I would imagine that you would have to passionately empathize with them and persistently explain to them how reality works – understand their psychology, tell them you are truly not a Nazi, that they are projecting their own kill or be killed fight or flight response onto you and assigning to you their own tragic mental tendencies. Explain to them that the back and forth massacres in history was due to elemental competition and incompletely understanding of human nature, but this, as professor MacDonald has deftly shown, can be switched off with culture interacting with explicit processing; we don’t have to do this anymore.

      I believe this is theoretically possible because many Jews are not warriors and would not want this. I imagine the Bolshevik murderers even surprised themselves to what degree they could become monsters (sort of like Jeffrey Dahmer ‘discovering’ he was satanic after killing). Adam Sandler is not likely to crush white people’s skulls in with a blunt instrument or rip out their intestines. These types could be, of course, made to look the other way while it is happening. But the passive types must be reached.

      I am not naive and maybe this has little chance of succeeding, and I also think this has already been Dr. MacDonald’s approach all along, as I do remember him saying we have to be unceasingly academic about this, but I think it has to be the approach. Dr. Sunic seems to endorse war by quoting Nietzsche in Ecce Homo, but I don’t see enough outreach to try and stop all of this (though, again, maybe nothing can be done, and forgive any criticisms). Maybe Dr. Sunic is a warrior, but my family and friends aren’t. I’m not exactly ready to be arrested and tortured or to run to the front. Anyway, I don’t mean to be self-indulgent but I just wanted to express my thoughts.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Replying to both of your comments:

        I suspect that Ian Kershaw (from his surname) is a Jew. Almost every book written about the world wars seems to have been written by a Jew. It is a strong indication of Jewish deceptiveness that they always downplay anything that might make Jews look bad.

        Compare this to a Southerner writing about the American Civil War and denying that the South had slavery. Is such a thing even conceivable? I don’t think so.

        But Jews will erase “inconvenient history” (including Jewish participation and leadership in the murder of millions) without even a second thought.

        It is for this reason that I strongly object to your suggestion that we try to negotiate with the Jews. People with their level of “chutzpah” will not negotiate in good faith.

        And even the ones who are better intentioned will still be subject to a Jewish psychology that has made hostility to white Europeans into an unconscious reflex.

        Yes, there are some exceptions like Ron Unz — but very few.

        Now to take on your points one by one:

        First, the question of another Red Terror against Christian whites led by Jews. No, that was a unique event in history.

        BUT what they are doing now is actually worse. They are the chief promoters of white genocide.

        Instead of tens of millions of whites being killed, ALL (non-Jewish) whites are to be “genocided.” Mostly by being bred out of existence — but also through violence.

        The violence is already taking place — and has been for a long time. The Jews’ proxy army of non-whites — who they teach to hate white people — has been killing whites in the United States and (more recently) in Europe.

        South Africa is the most extreme current case. Jews were behind the rise of the ANC in that country, and now white farmers and their families are being murdered in the most horrible ways imaginable.

        My point is that the Jews are at war with us NOW. Not just sometime in the future.

        Jordan Peterson is worse than just being “weak.” He prescribes individualism to young white men when what they need is to unite and defend themselves against the Jews and against everything that Jews have been doing to destroy the white race: promoting feminism, Cultural Marxism, forced racial integration, discrimination against white males, hatred of white people, mass Third World immigration, etc.

        The “pied piper” Peterson is leading his audience of young white men off a cliff. And I think he’s doing it deliberately. So I call him Juden Peterstein.

        You say that giving the impression that we want to attack or kill the Jews will only “make them react more vehemently.” In other words, they will become an even greater danger to us.

        But how could they be a greater danger than they already are, given what they’ve already done and are doing to us as described above? There is no aspect of white culture that has failed to fall under their poisonous influence.

        I recently learned that the Boy Scouts filed for bankruptcy and will likely not survive. Nor is it likely to be replaced by anything else. And who led the charge to destroy that great American institution? The Jews, of course.

        You say that anyone who proposes killing or in some other way attacking the Jews needs to be a warrior. Why? A person making such a statement is recommending a policy, not bragging that he is the “great warrior” who is going to get the job done.

        I am trying to think of an analogy to illustrate my overall point.

        Here goes: A gang of robbers and murderers breaks into your house, rapes and tortures your wife and children in front of you, and then starts pouring gasoline on the floor and lights a match. At this point, you say, “Hey, c’mon now, you don’t have to do this. I’m not your enemy. Let’s talk.”

        The time for talk ended a long time ago.

        • Ludwig
          Ludwig says:

          I believe they are driving us to a confrontation so they can mop up the resisters.
          The majority whites will go along to get along, but I can see the jewish apparatchiks and goy collaborators are setting us up for a decisive confrontation wherein they are banking on the resistance being dealt with in one decisive operation.

          They know a civil war is coming because they are preparing for it.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            You’re right. That’s why I don’t recommend starting anything.

            The system is going to fall apart. Whether it’s from an economic collapse, war, or something else, I think it will happen eventually. Different groups will fight it out in the cities as resources become limited. I wouldn’t recommend getting involved in those fights.

            It is only after the smoke has cleared that we should make our move — to get an ethnostate of our own. We probably won’t have to do anything — the races will separate naturally.

            Once we have our own state, we can deal with the Jews.

  13. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    I find it absolutely sickening that both myself and my children were taught about the holocaust in great detail during our school years, yet neither myself nor my children have ever heard of these horrendous crimes against humanity. No wonder they found it imperative they control the media and the omission of such horrors against non-Jews.

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