Coronavirus: Consequences of Staggering Magnitude

Excerpts  from the interview, April 2, 2020; translated by Tom Sunic.

..A few years ago I wrote that only in a state of emergency one can take full measure of somebody. Now we know where we are at. A statesman makes decisions, gives orders and requisitions. Macron, however, relies on the advice of “experts” who, as a rule,  never agree with each other.

..There was a wish to include in the logic of the (free) market a sector which  by definition lies outside the free market. Public services have been systematically weakened and destroyed. Now it is us who are paying the price. And this is just the beginning, because the confinement will last for weeks, if not for months. We are not at the end of the beginning, much less at the beginning of the end.

..At the start, as a rule, everyone stands together. However, as we arrive at “the day after” and when the time comes  for accountability, the people’s judgment will show no mercy. If this matter ends up, as I suspect it will,  in a social crisis of huge magnitude, then the Yellow Vests movement will look like, more than ever before, as a dress rehearsal. We can now  clearly see that it will be most difficult for the working class and the middle class to put up with [coronavirus] confinement.

..[The European Union ] didn’t commit suicide for the simple reason that it had already been dead. One of the merits of the crisis has been to allow everybody to see its dead body. Faced with the epidemic the leaders of the European Commission are showing signs of shock. They are now going to release funds  which will be distribute by “helicopter,” after ramping up the monetary printing press. But in real terms nothing comes of it. It was not Europe that came to the rescue of Italy, but China, Russia and Cuba. Fidel Castro’s posthumous revenge!

..[The economic crisis ] will last much longer than the current epidemic; it will do far more damage and kill far more people. If it goes hand in hand with a global financial crisis, we will be witnessing then a tsunami: an economic crisis and therefore a social crisis,  financial crisis, health crisis, ecological crisis, migration crisis. In 2011 I published a book called Au bord du gouffre (On the Brink of the Abyss).  It seems to me that we have arrived there now.

..We should also anticipate political and geopolitical consequences of staggering proportions. The unfolding of the epidemic in a country such as the United States, whose health system, organized of course in a liberal fashion, is one of the world’s least performing, will be challenged to play a decisive role. It must be followed very closely (the global epicenter of the epidemic today is New York). The United States will likely come out of it much weaker than Russia and China, its only two rivals for the time being. Again, we are only at the beginning…

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  1. Wael Ahmad
    Wael Ahmad says:

    I think that what’s planned by the financial elites & their employed politicians is to crash this neo-liberal economy, and bring in a new system with complete control of the people, by tools of tracking & surveillance, artificial intelligence, digital cash, all of which reached a reasonable measure of advancement, and with the help of the military & security forces, the elites thinks that they can transit to some sort of martial law intermediate phase, then to some sort of fascist centralized system. this corona false flag is similar to the false flag op. of 9/11, and the global war(of terror) on terror.

    Whether the elites will succeed or fail remain to be seen, but definitely the present system has reached it’s death moment.

    • Sabretache
      Sabretache says:

      It’s a project that has been in the works for the best part of 250 years. I do not believe this is its death moment; rather that its death throws have begun, and that they are likely to be very ugly indeed

  2. Eric
    Eric says:

    Who are we up against? An international clique of billionaires and their minions: Large corporations, banks, politicians, intelligence agencies, police forces, military brass, lawyers, judges, bureaucrats, government-subsidized and allegedly non-profit “social justice” warrior organizations, journalists, academics, NGOs, etc. They control the flows of information and money. They use their police and military power to enforce compliance.

    They’ve had numerous “dry runs” to test the waters and see how much resistance they face — Zimbabwe, South Africa, 9/11, WMDs in Iraq, Ruby Ridge, the Branch Davidians, Oklahoma City bombing, Gaza and the West Bank, mass migration, financial crisis of ’08, Patriot Act, color revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine, promotion of degeneracy and attacks on tradition and custom, false flag mass shootings, just to name a few. The only formidable resistance they’ve encountered has been in Eastern Europe and Russia, Syria and Iran.

    They’ve used money and blackmail (Epstein) to suppress opposition — even murder, assassination, and staged accidents.

    What do they want? World government (run by them). The end of nations and borders. A mongrelized, mixed-race, low-IQ base population. The end of religion in the proper sense of the word (Judaism is a conspiracy against mankind, not a proper religion). Massive population reduction to ensure a pristine “green” environment for the survivors after they “cull” 90% of the world population.

    How will they achieve their goal? We’re seeing them do it now: Create mass panic over a virus that might kill as many people as the common flu kills in one year — and probably much fewer people than that.

    Lock everyone down.

    Make people think that their survival depends on giving up their freedom and rights.

    Convince the public that fake international “crises” like COVID-19 and “Climate Change” require world government. They require intensive surveillance, forced vaccination, and behavior control, complete with social credit scores that reward you for compliance and punish you for non-compliance.

    Force people out of the countryside into “smart cities” where they can be controlled and surveilled. Use 5G and the Internet of Things to monitor and control them. Eventually, cull the population through “vaccines” that cause sterility, microwave radiation, etc. China is the model for what they want to impose on the entire world.

    Who are the visible leaders of this movement? People like Bill Gates and Al Gore. Backing them up is a disproportionately large number of Jews.

  3. Jerry Cornelius
    Jerry Cornelius says:

    Now A tiger has tested positive for coronavirus…Caught from the zoo keeper (It said)

    ”And it seems as if COVID-19 has many characteristics that indicate the potential to form mutant swarms: the “striking” mutation rate mentioned above and the fact a second widespread mutated strain seems to have already emerged in Washington State with many other isolated strains reported elsewhere, crossing between species is another factor and a dog in Hong Kong appears to have tested positive, the fact that the Wuhan Strain can infect not only the respiratory tract but feces as well – multi-organ involvement is an important contributor to viral swarms,” Quote from the wikispooks Covid essay.

  4. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    “Who are the visible leaders of this movement? People like Bill Gates and Al Gore. Backing them up is a disproportionately large number of Jews.”

    The more things change, the more they stay the same

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