Globalism, the Elites and COVID-19

The world is in the midst of another pandemic. The virus responsible, COVID-19, is a respiratory illness linked to the unsavory culinary habits of the Chinese. It was traced to a wet market in Wuhan, China, which sold rats, bats, snakes, cats, dogs and other “exotic” food items. Virologists have determined that COVID-19 is a zoonotic pathogen, meaning that it was able to jump the species barrier and infect humans. Urban overcrowding and high population mobility facilitated the spread of the virus across mainland China. Mortality statistics reveal the demographics most likely to be affected are the elderly and the immunocompromised.

How COVID-19 was able to spread so rapidly, affecting all 195 countries, cannot be fully understood without some knowledge of globalism. American political scientist Joseph Nye defines globalism as “networks of interdependence” whose “intensity, or thickness” is determined by globalization, which “refers to the dynamic shrinking of distance on a large scale.” It is this dynamic shrinking that has increased the prevalence of globalism, making us interdependent. Nye identifies four separate dimensions of globalism: economic, environmental, military and socio-cultural.[1] He attributes the influenza epidemic of 1918–1919 to returning soldiers after the end of the Great War, thereby implicitly recognizing that mass migration can devastate entire populations by facilitating the spread of infectious disease. Historically, both phenomena are closely linked. Genoese and Venetian merchants first contracted bubonic plague from Mongols and then infected the rest of Europe, killing off one-third to two-thirds of the population. The indigenous populations of the New World were decimated by diseases introduced by Europeans for which they had no immunity. Recent examples of migration-related diseases include HIV/AIDS and SARS.

In this essay, only socio-cultural globalism will concern us. This refers to “movements of ideas, information, images and of people, who of course carry ideas and information with them.”[2] It is this aspect of globalism, especially the incentivized mass movement of non-Whites from impoverished South to industrialized North, that has had―and continues to have―the profoundest impact on Western societies. It is interesting that Nye fails to make the connection between socio-cultural globalism and transmission of infectious disease, a glaring omission probably made for ideological reasons.

Since the late 1940s, globalist elites have encouraged non-Whites to uproot their lives and migrate en masse to Western countries. Nationalist policies designed to maintain ethnoracial status quos, like White Australia or the US national-origin quotas, were dismantled to accommodate the influx. This mass migration has continued without pause for decades, until now. Countries that were once 90%+ White, like the United States, Australia, Great Britain, Germany and France, have seen their White populations drastically reduced, as more and more non-Whites are resettled by elites in what used to be de jure and de facto White ethnostates. Demographers predict, often with glee, when Whites will become minorities in their own countries.[3],[4],[5] Most Western Whites, like the demographers themselves, consider the complete demographic transformation of their own nations a fait accompli, something to eagerly look forward to,[6],[7] despite the misgivings of a tiny minority of White nationalists.

The Western elites, in their zeal to reduce Whites to minorities, have seldom considered the possibility disease may end their attempt to multiculturalize the West. Their short-sightedness, stupidity and monomaniacal obsession with mass migration has apparently placed this possibility beyond the pale of globalist thinking. Again, unimpeded flows of people around the globe have always been linked to the spread of infectious disease; this is even more the case given the sheer size of the mass migrations orchestrated by Western elites. What makes the post-1960 mass migration particularly dangerous are the migrant-sending countries, which are all plagued by unsanitary dietary practices, low standards of physical hygiene and inadequate medical facilities and screening.

Given the close relationship between migration and infectious disease, it comes as no surprise that researchers have concluded the rapid spread of COVID-19 is due to mass migration. The suspected pathway of disease transmission? Chinese disease carriers flying out from Wuhan to other Chinese cities or international destinations in Europe, North America and Australia, infecting unsuspecting fellow travelers with the virus.[8] If not for globalist “open borders” and the conversion of Western countries into international economic zones, COVID-19 would not have become the worldwide pandemic it is now.

As the virus spread from China to the rest of Asia, Europe and the Americas, the casualty rate increased dramatically. According to statistics, the US has surpassed China to become the world’s disease epicenter (but this should be taken with a grain of salt, given the evidence Chinese officials lied about casualties from the disease[9]). Worldwide, there are currently 1,095,134 cases of infection and 58,791 deaths.[10] These numbers may be even much higher, since people can remain asymptomatic for weeks.

Unsurprisingly enough, world leaders were caught with their pants down. Seldom has the public witnessed so much incompetence and ineptitude from a gang of elected buffoons under the spell of a dim-witted ideology. The UK’s chief science advisor said the Boris Johnson government was looking into building up “herd immunity” by managing the spread of the virus.[11] This would have significantly increased the UK’s rate of infection and mortality. Observers thought the government’s response to the pandemic was “satire.”[12] Although initially downplaying the pandemic, Trudeau announced international traffic would be exclusively handled by major airports in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, with all passengers forced to undergo “rigorous health screening.” This apparently amounted to answering an “automated questionnaire administered by a computer touchscreen.”[13] Only Trump was able to impose travel bans on China (incomplete), Iran and western Europe, despite his earlier dismissive attitude toward the viral outbreak.

The globalist bureaucratic incompetence detailed above was due to an almost religious devotion to diversity. When combined with White racial self-loathing, it becomes apparent why mass non-White migration must continue indefinitely. Of course, given the close linkage between mass migration and transmission of infectious disease, it was only a matter of time before the world was ravaged by another pandemic.

As the crisis unfolded, governments enacted draconian measures to restrict migration flows. It was as if reality had intruded on globalist fantasies of one world under a single market. In the UK, police were granted emergency powers of arrest and detention of anyone suspected of having COVID-19;[14] later, Johnson was forced to declare a three-week lockdown as casualties mounted. Nevertheless, the UK’s borders remain wide open, even though air and train traffic are limited.[15] Despite the precautions taken, the UK continues to signal to the world that native Britons will have their noses rubbed in diversity even if it sickens and kills them. In Canada, entry was denied for most foreign travelers. The unauthorized crossing point at Roxham Rd. in Quebec, notorious for being a conduit of illegal migration, was shut down[16] (although this is disputed by some media outlets[17]). The Australian and New Zealand governments banned entry to foreign travelers, while citizens and permanent residents were expected to self-isolate for 14 days.[18] The Trump administration restricted non-essential traffic from the US-Canada and US-Mexico borders, the first time any restrictions had been imposed on cross-border traffic since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.[19] [20] Despite these measures, the window of opportunity to effectively control the virus had long since closed.

If not for local Chinese officials who ignored the early warning signs of infection, the virus would have been easily contained.[21] According to a recent study:

“[I]f interventions in the country could have been conducted one week, two weeks, or three weeks earlier, cases could have been reduced by 66 percent, 86 percent and 95 percent respectively – significantly limiting the geographical spread of the disease.”[22]

More concerning are the Western governments taken completely unawares by the disease, despite their vast economic and material resources. For months, governments stood by and did nothing while the virus raged uncontrollably in China. Instead of being proactive, the elites waited until COVID-19 became a national health crisis in their respective countries, forcing them to declare national emergencies when they realized half-hearted measures wouldn’t be enough to contain it. If only they had the foresight to act before the situation spiraled out of control, life would have remained just the same as it was before the Wuhan outbreak. The closure of schools, universities, theaters, restaurants and other large venues would have been unnecessary. The stock market would not have crashed and the economy would not be headed towards recession.

The callous disregard of elites for the lives of their own citizens can be further seen in how they prioritize the feelings of foreigners over their own citizens’ health and safety. Instead of closing the borders and grounding air traffic, they virtue-signaled about the dangers of anti-Asian racism. There is evidence this anti-racist virtue-signaling may have contributed to the spread of COVID-19. Dr. Giorgio Palù, an Italian virologist, confirms that the first victims of COVID-19 in Italy were Chinese tourists. Through “Hug a Chinese” campaigns organized by Italian officials, Italians would hug these same Chinese tourists, become infected with the virus and spread it to others. Dr. Palù concludes the reason Italy suffered as many casualties as it did was because many feared the dreaded r-word: racist. Italians who physically distanced themselves from the Chinese out of fear of contracting the virus were berated by media and politicians for “xenophobia” and “hatred.” The media also opposed calls to quarantine travelers and ban air traffic from China, predictably denouncing these preventive measures as “racist.”[23]

Ironically, social distancing and other measures, dismissed as racist only a month ago, are now needed to help contain the virus. Although Italian media ignored the connection between mass migration and spread of infectious disease, it should be pointed out Italy’s worst affected region, Lombardy,[24] is home to the country’s largest Chinatown.[25]

Like Italian media, outlets like The Atlantic had no difficulty linking border closures to protect against viral infection with “xenophobia.”[26] The Guardian said imposing travel restrictions was harmful because, among other reasons, it would “fuel racism.”[27] Since the virus has already spread to Western countries, opined the German Health Minister, closing the border would be an exercise in futility.[28] It was as if the media wanted globalist elites to continue importing as many disease-carrying Chinese as possible so more Western citizens would become infected. Although the elites were forced to abandon their commitment to globalism (temporarily) and take proactive measures, fighting coronavirus-related anti-Asian prejudice remains a top priority.

The response of Italian elites to COVID-19, of course, is not an exceptional one. The same patterns were observed in the United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany and other Western nations, where borders were left wide open because elites feared accusations of racism. Any attempt to protect oneself from the infectious disease was demonized as “xenophobic” and “discriminatory.” While China was trying to contain the outbreak, Western media outlets would drone on endlessly about anti-Chinese racism because of COVID-19, but would never mention the real reason for mass avoidance of East Asians: the high likelihood they would be infected by an easily communicable disease simply because East Asians were likely disease carriers. This had nothing to do with racism and everything to do with public health and safety.

Like Western elites, the World Health Organization (WHO), tasked with identifying and preventing pandemics, stood by and did nothing while the virus caused havoc in China. Apparently, they were paralyzed by fear of being branded racists. They were more concerned with renaming the Wuhan flu to COVID-19, to end the stigmatization of the Chinese, than the possibility lives could be lost because of infection.[29] By the time the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, it was already too late. Epidemiologists are now predicting worst case scenarios where the American economy falls into a depression and the death toll numbers in the millions.[30]

If only governments had invested as much time in quarantining affected areas in China as they had obsessing over racism, the COVID-19 pandemic would have been easily avoided. Precious time was squandered while politicians endlessly virtue-signaled about diversity. Instead of advising their citizens on how to protect themselves, they lectured them on the virtues of inclusivity and tolerance. They encouraged people to continue patronizing Chinese businesses, despite the fact many Chinese travel back and forth between China, the original disease epicenter, North America and western Europe, exposing themselves and others to the virus. At one point, being racist was far worse than being infected by a life-threatening pathogen; in many quarters, it still is.

Globalism is a Disease

When Western elites had a more realistic appraisal of human nature, before the 1950s, nations were run in their citizens’ best interest, not the government’s, the corporation’s or the Third World’s. With the exception of elites, globalism benefits no one. While some free flow of goods, services and investment capital is beneficial from a market perspective, the real problem is the subordination of the national interest to the world economy entailed by globalism.  Under such a regime, citizens become interchangeable, faceless cogs, members of some vast “reserve army of labor.” This is why utopian policies motivated by short-sighted economic greed and White racial self-loathing are easily prioritized by globalists over domestic well-being and stability in times of crisis. Through a combination of malevolence and naivete, elites have turned their own countries into dystopian Third World dumping grounds. Apparently the purpose of government since mid-twentieth century is to elevate the needs of foreigners above those of native-born citizens.

According to the principles of Jeffersonian liberalism, it is incumbent upon citizens to replace governments no longer serving the public interest, by armed force if necessary. Even an aristocratic conservative like Burke recognized the need for “a temporary deviation from the strict order of hereditary succession” when the English constitution was in danger of monarchical subversion. These days, the prescribed course of action has become an impossible one. The present crop of Whites is virtually indistinguishable from the stereotypical Persians of the ancient world: slavish, weak, luxurious, effeminate, dominated by women and ruled over by tyrants. Herodotus was right when he used the Achaemenid king Cyrus as a mouthpiece for the following words: “Soft lands breed soft men; wondrous fruits of the earth and valiant warriors grow not from the same soil.” This was the Greek view, borne from years of experience with the Oriental despotisms of the East. There is nothing more corrupting to one’s manhood than periods of prolonged wealth and prosperity.

The real disease here isn’t COVID-19, it’s globalism. Like a disease, it spreads rapidly, destroying everything that comes within reach. Globalism even interferes with normal cognitive functioning, replacing objective reality with childish fantasies about human nature. People under its influence cease to think logically; instead, they regress, becoming just as intransigent in their beliefs as any garden-variety Christian or Muslim fundamentalist. Of course, the Cultural Marxism is only one side of the same coin; the other side is the short-sighted neoliberal economic policies pushed by the great corporations. These celebrate growth at all costs as a virtue; this growth has become the globalist’s sole measure of societal well-being. Cultural Marxism, with its emphasis on mass replacement migration and feminization of males through gynocentric policies, is a perfect fit for neoliberal capitalism, which requires a steady supply of docile consumers in its quest to endlessly grow GDP.

Like the Christian fundamentalist who cannot understand that Genesis 1 is not a scientific cosmology, globalists cannot understand that mass migration and infectious disease go hand in hand. COVID-19 would not have spread to every country around the world if it wasn’t for the stubborn, foolish insistence of Western elites on open borders, infecting significantly larger numbers of people than would have otherwise been the case if the borders had remained tightly sealed. As a disease, globalism is far more damaging than COVID-19, if only because adherents must adopt a rigid feel-good view of the world, totally at odds with objective reality. The truth is, far from having transcended his animal instincts, man’s mind and behavior remain firmly rooted in his own biology, more than he likes to think. For this reason, all utopian egalitarian ideas must founder on the solid bedrock of human nature. Since the current Western elites refuse to take biology into account, their globalist paradigm must remain an unfalsifiable one. The attempt to force society into a non-evolutionary and non-historical mold will inevitably destroy countless lives, but like all bigoted ideologues, theory must always trump reality.

Unlike COVID-19, globalism does have an antidote: White nationalism. Like governments before the 1950s, White nationalism is by and for Whites. The globalist “Evangelical Church of GDP” is repudiated in favor of GDP per capita, since White nationalism promotes White economic and material well-being. Unlike globalists, White nationalists respect human dignity, shown by their rejection of the degrading corporate exploitation of low IQ non-White serfs, whether imported or compelled to toil abroad. White nationalism replaces racial strife with racial harmony; instead of bringing a sword, it brings peace. White nationalists, unlike globalists, respect racial and ethnic diversity by wishing to preserve it, rather than blend it all away into some undifferentiated homogeneous mass. If White SJWs genuinely want to help non-Whites, they would do well to promote White nationalism in their own countries, since a Hispanicized USA or Islamicized / Africanized western Europe will not be able to feed and clothe the world’s poor and hungry. Calling White nationalism the cure for globalism is tantamount to saying the cure for fantasy is a stiff dose of reality.

Once the pandemic is over, it will be business as usual for the elites, which means shoveling more non-Whites into the West’s already overcrowded, decaying urban centers. The question is how long will elites continue to expose Whites to certain danger while busily electing a new people on the side. Mass democracy, mass immigration and multiculturalism—euphemisms for Whites handing their countries over to non-Whites—will continue indefinitely, along with the elite incompetence, short-sighted greed, willful blindness, ineptitude and rigid ideological adherence to political correctness that allowed these policies to exist in the first place.

COVID-19 shows us that neoliberal globalization is not some inevitability. Like all public policies, it remains very much under the control of Western leaders. For White advocates, this means issues of accountability at the highest levels of government must be pressed at every opportunity. Nevertheless, for a number of reasons—whether one wants to blame scheming Jews, media brainwashing, pathological altruism, herd behavior etc.—White electorates refuse to chastise their leaders at the ballot box. If no one can stop the mass non-White immigration orchestrated by Western governments, maybe infectious disease will.

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  1. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    Argumentum cornutum: High-sodium or not, I loaded-up a less well known brand ham at the local supermarket chain, yesterday. Rye in about the only bread that doesn’t fly off the shelves, these days, and a butcher the six-foot soclal distance marked with blue tape on the floor away remarked that they also had Swiss cheese. And she said they’re been having difficulty getting much chicken and particularly my favorite relatively-healthier brand. And so, with ham at $.99/pound (Limit: One to a customer), I tried to get my wife to go through line separately but another eyeing the hams himself overheard my wife on the SMITHFIELD-brand at $1.49 and the viral (no pun intended) video rumored posted by the disgruntled Nigra worker peeing in a vat of their pork. So the fellow considering which ham to purchase asked me including whether I thought any pork product was safe even sans piddle, etc. No Judeo-Christian, much less a “Semitophobe” I commented that I was not impaled upon the horns of the Jewish Dilemma of ham on-sale. Bon appetit

  2. Willard
    Willard says:

    Notice that, for some strange reason, Democrats are still not being blamed for their policies which have let unhealthy illegal immigrants come in through the southern US border despite the danger of their bringing in COVID-19.

    I really believe that Democrats don’t care if these illegals have COVID-19.

    To Democrats, multiculturalism is more important. Democrats also regards these millions of illegal aliens as future Democratic voters once they become citizens under a Democratic administration.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Republicans are just as bad.

      Trump had a Republican House and Senate during his first two years and couldn’t get them to support his crackdown on illegal immigration.

      Democrats want votes. Republicans want cheap labor. Both parties want massive legal and illegal Third World immigration.

      • Joe six pack
        Joe six pack says:

        The GOP had a one vote majority in the Senate. To get anything done in the Senate you need 60 votes to invoke cloture and shut down delaying debate.
        The GOP had a nominal majority w/o any real consequences.

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          McConnell could have invoked the nuclear option.

          In fact, he did invoke it when it came to the Senate votes on Supreme Court nominees Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, neither of whom met the 60 vote threshold.

          But he wouldn’t use it for anything else and still won’t.

  3. JRM
    JRM says:

    What if the deaths of mainly older citizens in the West isn’t a bug, but rather a feature of Globalization? What if the virus wasn’t killing the old and unhealthy off due to the incompetence of elites but rather due to their cunning?

    What if someone decided to destroy a stock market and economy in order to give birth to a new economy that concentrated even more wealth in the hands of the elites than the previous one did?

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        The virus is real but all hard science evidence says it is not any more dangerous than the common cold virus .

        The Covid-19 hoax was the trigger excuse ( aka false flag ) for crashing the economy to facilitate culling the economicly fragile populations worldwide and consolidating global bankster financial controls .

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Many of these elites are boomers and older xer’s. Those are the age groups most threatened by the virus.

      • JRM
        JRM says:

        “Many of these elites are boomers and older xer’s. Those are the age groups most threatened by the virus.”

        A mere technicality. The elites don’t live lives anything like garden-variety “boomers” or “x-ers”.

  4. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Splendid article in need of urgent updates since press time.

    01 Irving’s Action Report Online heading AMERICAN STORIES features two most relevant developments: [a] DOJ’s arrest of Harvard’s Dr. Lieber [video] and his two helpers; and [b] the Pentagon’s timely [but ignored] warning of said virus or some variant; and its comprehensive effects.

    02 In large part Lieber [the loyal American] used US taxpayer-based grants to duplicate his efforts in Wuhan.

    03 His salary there: 50,000 per month and thrice that amount for ” living expenses “.

    04 One of his Chinese-national helpers: a 29 year old Lieutenant in the Chinese Liberation Army’s Intelligence Directorate. Which she forgot to mention on her US Visa application.

    05 Evidently ” tradition “, at Harvard, demonstrates the fact, that nothing ever changes.
    Not even after the belated departure of their ex-President, that super-swine and grand larcenist of the Russian people, Larry Summers. Only to be elevated to the position of Secretary of the Treasury.

    06 At least Lieber has been put on paid leave, unlike Summer’s protected buddy, Economics Professor Shlifer; his Russian-national Jewish executor of the taxpayer-funded USAID grand theft of the Russian commoners, opulently headquartered in Moscow; with indiscriminate freebees for all.

    07 So much for self-arrogated, superior Jewish commercial know-how; admixed with more than one grain of Talmudism.

  5. Peter Presland
    Peter Presland says:

    Your almost casual blame of China confirms to me that China has been set up to take the rap for this. It is close to the last roll of the dice for a globalist project that has its roots in Judeo-Masonry, that flower of the French revolution. Their problem is that at least half the world, including China, Russia and Iran know it and are determined to defeat it. Not just be unco-operative, but to defeat it.

    The only possibilities now are:

    1. They succeed and Russia-China-Iran are brought to heel. Sounds amusing but logically possible I suppose.
    2. They fail and a new economic era dawns with the losers bowing out gracefully
    3. In their desperation, the last-dice rollers trigger war

  6. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    Dear Mr Bardamu,

    ‘The world is in the midst of another pandemic,’ you say. But for you, and the alleged view of pretty much all Northern Hemisphere governments’ honchos and talking heads, I should never have guessed. You see, I know of no-one who has contracted the COVID-19 virus, nor of anyone who knows of someone who has. And I see no likeness of the plagues to which you liken the COV. Indeed, in my part of the world, South-East England, I have not even come upon a person with a mild cold. So where is the empirical evidence of this ‘pandemic’ hiding?

    Why the zealous COVID-19 buildup (hoax) by the Great and the Good of our times? Has it anything to do with yet another mega-money balls-up, such as the last, after which we had to bail out our almighty central banks to save them from collapse, and make their mega-rich richer still? Maybe the COV is a COVer-up for the upcoming new austerity that will be loaded on our backs?

    I nod eager agreement to your dissing of the Southern Hemisphere migrant tsunami. But I wish you had not tried to attribute the COV hoax to it.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      @ Sophie Johnson

      I am pretty sure that several weeks ago my wife survived a small viral load, with every key symptom reported: dry cough, very high temperature, loss of smell, &c. We know of other people in Norfolk who have reportedly died with it, if not necessarily from it. Strange “hoax” to fill the hospitals in Britain & many other countries. Bill Sardi’s online data re Zinc & Vitamin D are there for those who believe this illness is a real and occasionally fatal phenomenon, but suspicious of Big Pharma.

      The “information” deluge on the internet re causes & cures, policies of government or lack of them, need to be examined thoroughly and carefully double-checked, not least the actual political role of people like Gates or Kushner. “The Judeo-Masons dunnit” is not, however, explanation enough.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      Thank you for this, Sophie.
      The hysteria about this reminds me of the vaccination hysteria in the 50s and 60s. Measles was rampant in my elementary school, in the mid to late 50s. I don’t know of anyone who died or suffered neurological or other purported damage of the disease. I personally know 6 people who had polio. None died, nor does anyone I know know of someone who died of polio. Two of the people I know had limb difficulties associated with polio. I was criticized by former co-workers for not getting the annual “flu shot”. My co-workers got the flu more often than me.
      I try to put things in perspective. Weak immune systems make people more susceptible to any bacterial or viral infection. Older people and those with underlying medical conditions are more likely to have weakened immune systems. Some people contract a virus and are strictly carriers, others become symptomatic to varying degrees, up to and including death. That’s life, and always has been. During “flu season” I am more cautious about where and when I go than in the summer. It doesn’t stop me from going, I’m just more aware of the risks.
      Today, like you I don’t know anyone who has contracted, or died from the “pandemic” nor do any of the people I know, know of anyone.
      I’m a conspiracy theorist in the sense of acknowledging conspiracies exist, correctly identifying them is the challenge. Governments everywhere lie, and the official narrative on any “big” topic, is never the truth. That is where I am with this current narrative: it is almost certainly false, but there are so many layers to it which ones are false and how/why.

  7. AntiSocialFool
    AntiSocialFool says:

    Excellent analysis. The only silver lining in this crisis is that the Ultra Orthodox Jews in Israel are batshit crazy and are ignoring government curfews, gathering in their thousands to hug and kiss and dance together.With any luck………

    • Greggarious
      Greggarious says:

      Luck will not avail. Especially when there is no actual COVID-19, only another pretext. Perhaps the Israelis know that. We should too. Go hug and kiss, it’s good for our health.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Could be that the Israelis are partying hardily because they secretly know they have a cure or effective antidote for the virus . Could be because the ILLuminati jewmaster conspirators knew the virus was ineffective against Israeli genomes ; where the Israeli government crackdowns against the virus are just deceptive optics for naive world consumption .

    • Flo
      Flo says:

      The same is happening in New York and environs, but the media isn’t exactly bending over backward to report it. NY’s ultra-orthodox population has been at the center of the Moo Goo Gai Pandemic. The earliest cases were among Jews who attended the annual AIPAC wingding, then spread it to their various colleagues, families, synagogues, shuls, Yeshiva U, etc. It spread like wildfire. (The cases among DC politicians and their staff can also be traced back to that same AIPAC conference.) The NY cases also include many immigrants, legal and illegal, many of whom brought with them latent TB, a recipe for disaster, especially when everyone was instructed to remain indoors, further depressing already-low Vitamin D levels.

  8. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    Interesting article, but the million dollar question, is the following:
    In what way will the countries become white again?
    The high non-white birth rate, plus racial hybridization producing non-white mestizos, will continue to increase in formerly white lands.
    It is necessary to find an answer to this great dilemma.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      The genocide against Whites will continue until they are extinct , for all practical purposes , unless enough Whites become politicly astute enough and politicly strong enough to form a WN ethno-state in the USA . Slim chance unfortunately .

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        How can there be a WN ethno-state in the US? You should just say a White ethno-state, as WN has a bad reputation. However that’s still not good because White is not an ethnicity. So you’re just talking about a Whites-only state.

        I think the reason most Whites aren’t excited about moving to a Whites-only state is that they think too many of the least competent Whites will choose to live there. What are your qualifications, ‘moneytalks,’ for running a nation state?

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          A white ethnostate in the U.S. is unlikely to happen unless there is an economic collapse and/or civil war.

          As for whites not wanting to move to an ethnostate, they might not have any choice. Battle lines will end up being racial in nature.

          We should be thanking the Jews for stirring up racial hatred. It works in favor of the formation of an eventual ethnostate.

          America might end up being a collection of different racial states.

          Won’t the Jews be surprised when they discover that not one of those states wants them!

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Not sure what you are getting at , but no one needs any qualifications to run a geo-political entity where they live or want live that is free of alien domination .

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      I have seen statistics that white are not interbreeding with blacks very much. Hispanics are though. This could change over time though, unless…

      • Dave Bowman
        Dave Bowman says:

        Hispanics are though

        Not sure that’s right. I remember reading here a year or two ago an anecdotal but important example of real-life trend: in prison riots in the US it has often been observed that, in the final-stage violence, Hispanics always side with Whites against the Blacks, and not with Blacks. Logically, I think that’s an important factor to remember in the context of mixed-race breeding.

  9. mark green
    mark green says:

    Impressive article. Persuasive. Compelling.

    Once the media-driven hazards of this exaggerated ‘pandemic’ become fully known, the more dangerous (but not-fully-realized) costs associated with the ‘cure’ (government lockdowns, economic ruin, consolidation of power) will come into focus. Unfortunately, by then the US will have taken still another step downward in the direction of deep state rule.

    Keep in mind that the five remaining US states not presently in economic lockdown (Iowa, Arkansas, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Nebraska) all have Republican governors. If these conservative, white-majority, ‘flyover’ states can maintain their independence vis-a-vis the liberal, top-down government lockdowns now imposed everywhere else, their less-disturbed cultures and economies will demonstrate how liberty and independence–coupled with prudent, decentralized authority–can produce results that surpass domineering, left-wing authoritarianism. This small victory for ‘state’s rights’ could resonate.

    Meanwhile, the COVID-19 threat is being used to usurp local autonomy; despite the glaring fact that far more Americans are worried about their economic future than the remote threat of a virus that primarily endangers the sick and elderly. Death is a fact of life. Life is for the living.

    Is the US economy being sabotaged via government/media decree? It sure looks that way.

    Trump has inadvertently surrendered his bully-pulpit to a cabal of comfortable and economically-insulated ‘experts’ along with a boatload of toxin-generating media shysters–all of whom insist that “the government must do something!”

    Political pressures have forced Trump to capitulate. He has surrendered a good deal of his authority to vainglorious specialists who are mostly immune from economic realities faced by the private sector. After all, this virus will be contained or fade away. COVID-19 looks seasonal. It is not biologically unique. But this ‘pandemic’ has become a political weapon in hostile hands. The injurious, nationwide shutdown proves it; as does the muzzling of informed dissent within the medical community. With these facts in mind, the case can be made that nothing less than the Trump presidency itself is being targeted via ‘virus containment’.

    The rapacious seizing of power via ’emergency’ decree is emblematic of a deeper, simmering, and more sinister design: despotic rule by autocratic, anti-white, globalists.

  10. 12AX7
    12AX7 says:

    ” . . . Mass democracy, mass immigration and multiculturalism—euphemisms for Whites handing their countries over to non-Whites—will continue indefinitely . . “

    I believe that the economic/fiscal consequences of this disaster, regardless of how serious it is from a medical viewpoint (only truly determined after the plague) will be a game changer. The assumptions of elite and non-elite seem to be identical; life will be back to “normal” in a few months. I suggest a new “normal” is going to settle in and it will be to no one’s liking.

    The elite’s fantasy of a globohomo, multicultural, diverse shopping mall requires a river of “good” money a mile wide and a mile deep to function. The ridiculous democratic systems implicitly (sometimes explicitly) promise angry minorities they can have a white, middle class life in spite of their myriad social dysfunction. This is what requires vast amounts of money plus more money for endless war and hiring competent whites to do the government work minorities are always screwing up.

    The system worked in the U.S. because of the ability to spend money exorbitantly by piling up debts endlessly without ruining the currency. This was a quirk of having the world’s reserve currency and no serious geo-political economic rivals or military rivals after the dissolution of the USSR. This period of history is over with the rise of China as a major economic power and the elite’s destruction of the U.S. industrial base.

    Now the piper must be paid. The U.S. (and other) Government will just pile up more debt to “fix” the economic problems. This will enrich the usual suspects with crumbs for the masses but also greatly diminish confidence in the U.S. dollar long term. Expect serious inflation and widespread bankruptcy, including governments (other than Federal) which will be the end of globalism. The river of money will continue but its purchasing power will be drastically reduced by inflation caused by the spending in the first place. Globalism will reach its natural end, bankruptcy.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      “… serious inflation and widespread bankruptcy, including governments …”

      The ILLuminati globalists thrive on the chaos resulting from inflations and bankruptcies due to their creative destructions of economies worldwide .

      ” I form the light , and create darkness :
      I make peace , and create evil :
      I the Lord do all these things .”

      ( verbatim quote from the Holy Jewish OT , KJV , Book of Isaiah , chapter 45 , verse 7 )

      Then in the Christian Holy NT , KJV , God the Lord changes his mind and denies that he is the author of evil .

  11. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    The Hoover Institute for Uncommon Knowledge posted ( on April 2 , 2020 ) a new and very informative 47 minutes video with the elite globalist Warsh and interviewer Peter Robinson

    ” Kevin Warsh and The Long Road Back to Economic Recovery ”

    at the following Youtube address

    Any Whites whom sheepily decide to stay on that road will never see the end of it since it does not lead into a WN ethno-state . The jewmasters intend to end totally the struggle against Whites/caucasians/aryans/Indo-europeans by conquering once and for all , via economicly induced calamities and subsequent militarisms , any remaining nonjewish White dominions in the world .

  12. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    While I mostly agree with the authors sentiment, his swallowing of the entire official COVID 19 narrative is troubling. There are several competing narratives about the origin of the virus, and the Wuhan Wet Market is the least credible. I suggest he leave the medical side to people who actually know and understand.
    My guess is that he still believes 19 Arabs, who couldn’t fly Cessnas, did 9-11.

  13. Greg Bacon
    Greg Bacon says:

    Interesting, but why blame this COVID hysteria on China? The US Army Infectious Disease lab in Ft Detrick MD is the ONLY place that has–or had–all five haplotypes of Corona that has mutated into Covid, so next time, don’t forget to give a tip of the hat to that lab.

  14. Eric
    Eric says:

    Even if COVID-19 is not a hoax, it is far less deadly than has been claimed. The WHO director, who is not a medical doctor, is a communist and a mass murderer. Dr. Fauci considers him a respected colleague. Fauci claimed that the virus was ten times as deadly as the regular flu. He had no basis for saying that. You can’t know the mortality rate if you don’t know the number of infections, and asymptomatic people who might have been infected have been told not to get tested — plus, testing has just started. In other words, Fauci is a liar. And Fauci himself is arguably guilty of mass murder. He was in on the decision to prescribe the deadly AZT to hundreds of thousands of otherwise healthy people who tested positive for antibodies to HIV. Peter Duesberg, a UC Berkeley virologist, considered “HIV = AIDS” to be a hoax, and so did a Harvard professor I met, as well as the Nobel prizewinner who developed the PCR test.

    All of that aside, it is obvious that we shouldn’t have open borders or indiscriminate mass immigration. While the lethality of COVID-19 has been exaggerated in order to establish a police state and transfer even more wealth to the oligarchs (who have sold high and will soon be buying low), there are any number of diseases that can come into our countries without us knowing about them. And then, of course, there are other problems that are caused by massive Third World immigration and illegal immigration: terrorism, drug cartels, human trafficking, even more discrimination against whites than already exists (immigrant people of color enjoy racial preferences over whites in “affirmative action” programs), taking jobs away from citizens, depressing wages, incompatible cultures (Muslims), etc.

    Protest against all of this by whites is almost non-existent. People could point to Trump as an example of rising concern among whites. But his supporters have not held him accountable for breaking his promise to build the wall (all of it, not just a few miles) and he openly favors a huge increase in legal immigration. It is true that he wants to end chain migration and impose some standards, but he has no interest at all in preserving a majority of white people. If this is the best we can do, then the answer is not to get involved in politics, but rather to aim for the creation of a white ethnostate. If economic chaos and civil war develop in the wake of this COVID-19 plandemic (the “L” is intentional), then a white ethnostate becomes a real possibility.

  15. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    “If economic chaos and civil war develop in the wake of this COVID-19 plandemic (the “L” is intentional), then a white ethnostate becomes a real possibility.”

    That is a wonderful idea but I do not believe it would be tolerated by the powers that be. They haven’t spent over a century of tireless work, effort and propaganda just to have their plans foiled.
    Ethno State For Me – But Not For Thee.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      I’m assuming that the government will have collapsed and will be unable to prevent the formation of ethnostates.

      Kind of like what happened to Yugoslavia.

      • Hammerheart
        Hammerheart says:

        The “government will have collapsed” notion is at least 75 years old. There’s no compelling reason whatever to believe “the government will have collapsed” over Covid19. All evidence, coldly and soberly assessed, including the lack of any will or even really desire by whites for change in their favor (whether an ethnostate or numerous other possibilities), indicates (commenter above) “business as usual will go on” after things “quiet down” (whatever that means).
        Change through the political system is impossible. If someone doesn’t grasp that concept & fact then they are not competent to participate in the discussion of the future of the White People.

        Covid19 isn’t remotely the Black Death. It will clean out the boomers & elderly homes (such as my mother is in now). The elites by definition can totally self-isolate, receive the best medical care, etc. (The real question is why a serious pandemic hasn’t occurred before now.) This situation is for the purpose of the Globalist/Elites to wreak havoc on the bottom 95-99% (or whatever terminology you prefer) of society and begin installing the social credit system modelled on China, the “universal income”, & the great mass of people dependent on their government, etc. These plans have been discussed at length & in detail on numerous BBC news programs; they aren’t ‘top secret’. (The only ‘secret’ is knowing how the Straussian-type doubletalk works.) The “political process” has nothing to do with it & offers no opening for any real change making a society truly favourable to whites, ie more-or-less all whites, not just 1% elites, by their design.

        A solution field no longer exists within “the box”. Deal with it.

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          I agree that a solution doesn’t exist “within the box” — meaning ordinary politics or existing western countries.

          It only exists in the formation of a white ethnostate, which only becomes possible in the context of a civil war (Yugoslavia in the 1990s) or a total economic collapse.

          It remains to be seen what will happen in the wake of COVID-19. The issue is not the number of people who die (negligible; most are probably dying of other causes but having their deaths attributed to COVID-19), but the economic impact of shutting down the United States.

          If you combine the equivalent of the Great Depression with the racial division that exists in America today, you could end up with a civil war.

          And that civil war could end up the way that it did in Yugoslavia — one country turning into six countries.

          Not saying it’s going to happen, but it’s possible.

  16. tito perdue
    tito perdue says:

    My comments are seldom allowed here [New York Times}, although it’s possible Mr. Krugman may be in a position to see them. In that eventuality, I am eager to reveal that I very much yearn for an authoritarian system that could destroy multiculturalism, multiracialism, political correctness, immigration, feminism, welfarism, lax punishments, and anti-white racism. I recommend a reformed constitution that requires our demographic forever to be at least 95%
    white, as also our elected officials. I want a system that practices strict eugenics, euthanasia, and plural voting based on individual quality.
    I admire China for protecting its near-monoculturalism
    and for dealing with its minorities as America should. Mr. Orban has taken one step in the right direction but has far to go. Most of all, we must never again allow a single Jew or mischling to set foot on American soil.

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