Multiculturalism in the Age of Coronavirus

“Promote a sense of collectivism: All messaging should reinforce a sense of community, that ‘we are all in this together.’ This will avoid increasing tensions between different groups.”
Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies  (SAGE)

The above advice was given to the British government in late March, and represents a propaganda strategy designed to stop the flimsy fantasy of multicultural harmony coming apart at its threadbare seams. From a purely strategic point of view, of course, it makes perfect sense. Whether readers believe that the COVID-19 pandemic is a real health crisis or a contrived one, the fact remains that a crisis scenario has been fully realized. Millions are now unemployed, with no immediate prospect of finding new jobs. Many thousands are being taken into hospitals with rapidly diminishing capabilities to treat them. Resources, in terms of jobs, material goods, and services, are becoming scarce. Entire populations have been placed under a kind of house arrest, with some losing their minds and adding their own families to a “string of domestic killings.” A state of emergency now prevails, and the “normal” that we knew isn’t coming back any time soon, and perhaps never will. Multiculturalism, built on the hitherto monolithic foundations of global liberal finance capitalism, and “normalised” by an equally monolithic academic-media complex, is thus subjected to its first “earthquake” from outside the system. One would naturally expect this system to respond by shoring up its more vulnerable structures. And so, I’d been waiting for advice on protecting multiculturalism, like that from SAGE, for about two weeks before it finally arrived. We can be sure it’s been repeated, more or less verbatim, in the halls of every Western government.

In all genuine crises, the superfluous and the artificial within one’s ecology are abandoned quickly. Consult with any survival expert and he will tell you that the core strategy in any survival situation is to strip all activity back to extreme basics — fire, shelter, water, and food. Anything else, any attempt to divert energy into unnecessary rest or leisure, could prove fatal. When societies encounter genuine crises, the same philosophy prevails. Central infrastructure is protected, and superfluous entertainments and distractions are either repurposed as propaganda for the maintenance of morale or dispensed with entirely. The flow of information, outside propaganda, is streamlined to the essential and the relevant. When was the last time you heard about a “Drag Queen Story Hour” or tranny bathrooms? These things were part of our civilisational decline, but they were also merely a form of cultural ephemera produced by a corrupt, rootless cosmopolitanism. To put it in the new language of our times, these things were examples of viral shedding rather than the virus itself. They were the means by which the ideological virus reproduced itself in impressionable or vulgar minds. It may be some time before we are exposed to this kind of ephemera again, which we can applaud and self-congratulate ourselves about, but what about the real virus at the heart of it? What about multiculturalism under coronavirus?

All dissident circles and political outliers have explained lack of success in recent decades by arguing that the false consciousness of the masses, induced by materialism and the saturation of culture with the prevailing ideology, can only be broken by a crisis of global proportions. For the Far Left, this has involved speculation about identifying “emancipatory opportunities” in events such as the migrant crisis, the 2008 financial crash, and the putative future collapse of capitalism itself. Those on the Far Right have equally made gains through crises such as ethnic riots, Muslim terrorism, and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It would therefore appear natural, to some extent, to assume that the bigger the crisis, the bigger the possible gains for those outside the mainstream. The assumption would be that a global health emergency ushering in a new Great Depression, would be just what dissidents are looking for. The difficultly thus far, however, is that coronavirus doesn’t seem to be delivering. Why?

Multiculturalism in stasis

Although we are still in the relatively early stages of this outbreak, and a long way from the mass production of a vaccine, the system has taken extremely good care of itself and has demonstrated an extraordinary capacity to absorb and deflect damage. I’m not referring here to medical systems, or to the production and distribution of supplies and equipment, which has been problematic and haphazard. I’m talking about the fundamental governmental and financial structure of how we live our lives. My initial impression is that the tensions induced by multiculturalism and mass migration are now under a kind of situational permafrost. Quite simply, just like its manifestations of viral shedding, multiculturalism has itself been quarantined. If multiculturalism was sustained in the past by a vast network of creeping legal, educational, social, and cultural controls, then it shouldn’t be surprising that it should be held firmly in place at a time when government controls are expanding rapidly.

Multiculturalism is a political and economic problem, but it is primarily social in that it involves direct competition and negative interpersonal interactions between races (social groups). With the introduction of social distancing and forms of mass house arrest, there would be a predictable decline in flashpoints and confrontations. Of course, people still need to exercise, and to procure food and medicines. And, unfortunately, even these meagre opportunities have already provided ample opportunities for Whites to be targeted. In England there have been examples of Muslims and Africans harassing elderly Whites by coughing on them, but the butchering of a seven-year-old English girl, who had been taken on a bike ride through a park by her father, by a Somali immigrant is probably the most horrific recent example. Overall, however, with streets emptying and social gatherings all but eliminated, multiculturalism, along with its symptoms, has been largely sidelined by immediate medical and financial concerns.

This is a valuable lesson for those of us, myself included, who had been convinced in recent years that any kind of serious crisis would prove to be a tipping point in Western consciousness about multiculturalism. Certainly I did not foresee a situation in which multiculturalism could be sequestered within a crisis. And yet it has been. Since the imposition of social distancing measures, crime has plummeted throughout the West. In some areas of the UK, crime has dropped by 20% thanks to the almost complete elimination of snatch-thefts and assaults in public spaces, crimes in which non-Whites feature disproportionately as perpetrators. New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles have witnessed falls in crime of around 25%, with the most marked declines in burglary and assault. Sex crimes have in some areas declined by almost 50%. These falls are almost entirely due to the dramatic reduction, even elimination, of opportunities for such crimes to take place. Whites are safer in their homes than they are in a public saturated with ethnic hostility and criminality. What prevails now is an uneasy peace, a kind of phoney war. Ethnic crime and other forms of interpersonal hostility between the races, something we should unashamedly acknowledge as a propaganda advantage in our confrontation with the broader phenomenon of multiculturalism, is for the time being more or less neutered.

A New False Consciousness

The advice given to the British government by SAGE quite bluntly argues for the manufacturing of a “a sense of collectivism: All messaging should reinforce a sense of community, that ‘we are all in this together.’” This is something that we should all have expected when something like “the crisis” we’d been waiting for finally arrived. That being said, I never imagined it would work. What I have instead observed in the last few weeks is something like the creation of a new false consciousness to mask the cracks in the old one. Yes, economic uncertainty and a daily drumbeat of morbid fear is being disseminated by the mass media. But, for me personally, the more unsettling aspect of what has occurred is the development of a sense of collectivism bred on social media and rooted entirely in fantasy, self-congratulation, and a cloying, ad hoc, insincere, and entirely temporary sentimentality about health workers.

Quite frankly, we aren’t all in this together. Regardless of the insane bathtub ranting of Madonna, the mega-rich have absconded from their city dwellings en masse, in search of private islands replete with “Covid-19 tests abroad, personal medics and subterranean hideouts.” Otherwise normal people have engaged in riotous behavior against one another in order to obtain vast quantities of toilet paper. Competition and tension between nations has increased over access to supplies from China. The old and infirm are more or less at the mercy of younger generations who’ve either failed to take the virus seriously or openly celebrated it as a “Boomer Remover.” Muslims and ultra-Orthodox Jews have proven themselves to be especially prone to spreading infection (see here and here) and dying from COVID-19 (so far, Jews are over-represented in UK deaths by a factor of eight), due to their large families, sometimes with three generations under one roof, and other social habits. Blacks and the disabled have each made the case that they are being uniquely discriminated against in government responses to coronavirus. It’s a psychological free-for-all, and fertile ground for physical disquiet, disguised only by the fact we’re barely allowed out of our homes.

Part of the conditioning of false collectivism is the easily observed widespread employment of the language of warfare. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard politicians and media figures talk about the “battle” against “the enemy.” Donald Trump has declared he is a “wartime president” against “an invisible enemy.” Emmanuel Macron announced that his country is at war with an “invisible, elusive” enemy. Italy’s special commissioner said the country must equip itself for a “war economy.” Prior to becoming infected and entering intensive care, Boris Johnson announced to his fellow Britons that theirs was a fight in which each and every citizen was “directly enlisted.” Doctors and nurses are said to be on the “front line.” One intention of this nomenclature is probably to reinforce the seriousness of the situation, and to encourage a sense of sacrifice. On the other hand, and more subversively, it’s designed to pacify aggression (by encouraging people to accept their losses as part of a “war effort”), to normalise the expansion of emergency powers and the national security state, and to try to manufacture popular unity by positing a common enemy upon which we are supposed to vent our anxieties and psychological aggression.

The problem is that coronavirus is no more an “enemy” than a bushfire, tornado, or flood. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine an enemy that’s more of a non-entity than a virus, which is really a kind of nonliving, parasitic, reproducing combination of chemicals than a living organism. A virus is a medical puzzle and a clinical complication; it is nothing more. We therefore find ourselves in the grotesque scenario in which Europe’s politicians have dismissed decades of mass migration, casualty-strewn Muslim terrorism, and annual escalations in ethnic crime with mawkish appeals to sentimentality and “coming together,” only to later mobilize the language of war and national defense in a feeble attempt to get us to band together with our new “fellow citizens” on the “front line” against a collection of molecules. They think us fools, and the most tragic aspect of all this is that they are correct.

Mainstream news is awash with propaganda stories (for example, see here, here, and here) of migrant or refugee workers doing “heroic” work in the health system. The Guardian has reported that New Jersey recently became the second state, after New York, “to invoke emergency powers to temporarily relax restrictions on foreign-born medical professionals. … In Germany, hundreds of foreign doctors and nurses who don’t yet have licences to practice signed up to work, following callouts from local authorities who promised training.” Conveniently forgotten is the fact that, for years, foreign medics have been sexually assaulting and abusing their patients in vastly disproportionate numbers. The American Medical Association has called for opening visa processing at embassies and consulates worldwide for physicians seeking to join U.S. residency programs starting in July, meaning sick Americans can very soon look forward to many thousands more examples of the best medical care that Nigeria, Pakistan, and the Middle East have to offer.

You struggle to absorb the sheer stupidity and tragicomedy of the situation, until you recall we are the generation that made Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Grey the cultural touchstones of our time, simultaneously reflecting our civilization’s newfound penchant for infantile magical thinking and sadomasochism. Faced with a succession of crises, we have perfected our capacity to bewitch ourselves and make them worse.

The Changing Rules of the Game

If the true nature of multiculturalism involves racial competition then we might say, as discussed above, that coronavirus has brought about a pause in play. With quarantine and social distancing, the various teams are locked down in their respective dressing rooms, awaiting further instructions. But what rules will we play under when competition resumes? Already the system has shredded the existing rule book. Every Western nation has introduced massive stimulus packages, some more socialistic than others, in an effort to ensure the corporations can continue to suck profits from a debt-based feeding tube stretching far into the distant future, and to create the illusion that the basic income expectations of their populations are going to be met. Unemployment is soaring, but it remains too early to gauge the level of social disquiet this might give rise to. The point here is that resource competition is being artificially numbed by the debt-based financial system. For now, these measures might help a little. Many people will still be able to make their mortgage payments, buy food, stockpile toilet paper until their instinctive fear is assuaged even a little, and even absorb everything that Netflix and the rest of the entertainment-industrial complex wants to throw at them. They can be made to feel that everything might just work out alright, just like it did in Harry Potter. This infantile sense of hope and expectation is fatal to every revolution, and essential to the maintenance of every status quo. Our people are obedient servants of the state not because they are physically locked down, but because they’re mentally locked down, and have been for decades.

All financial assistance for the average man is being offered on the basis of massive future debt. Everything handed to us now will eventually need to be paid back, and if the sums become high enough, and I believe they already have, that debt will remain for our children and grandchildren. The system is coming to the rescue of itself, even enriching itself, while posturing as saving us. Post-coronavirus, we will once more emerge into the sunshine land of mass migration, low wages, cheap foreign labor, and the meaningless gluttony of consumerism, only this time our taxes will be higher, our children will be poorer, and our governments, staffed with hostile elites, will have more powers of surveillance and coercion than at any time in history. It is here, I think, in the dismal aftermath rather than in the eye of the coronavirus storm, that resource competition will intensify. I hesitate to offer such a theory, for fear that it might be construed as yet another instance of kicking the can of revolution down the road, making of it an event of religious expectation always on the horizon but never coming to fruition. And yet I can’t escape the feeling that no matter what rule changes are brought into the game, when we once more emerge from our homes to resume play there will be less to lose and we will be against an opponent that, if not staggered, will be weakened by having had to redraw its game plan during half-time.

Silver Linings?

Coronavirus may subliminally contribute to a rise in White consciousness, as part of a broader phenomenon in which ethnocentric attitudes increase as a function of perceived disease vulnerability. In its coarser form, it’s fodder for those running on instinct rather than intellect. We saw it in Donald Trump’s reference to the “China virus,” a small number of random assaults of East Asians in several countries, and other examples of anti-Chinese actions. From my own perspective, I’ve found such baiting of the Chinese to be crass and ultimately counter-productive. On a personal level, I feel a sense of revulsion for much of East Asian culture, and I can think of many reasons for an anti-Chinese, anti-Asian stance among Whites that do not involve viewing these people as harbingers of a plague. I view the East Asians as no less a negative force within multiculturalism than any other foreign group, with the exception of the Jews, who are probably finding all of the recent events very unsettling indeed — especially when it emerged that Italian crematoria, with the most modern equipment available, were struggling to cremate any more than 25 bodies a day. But I digress.

The East Asians are a largely silent problem, who bring with them a more subtle form of criminality, and who allow themselves to be used as models of multicultural success. They have no contribution to make to our culture, and have made little or none in the past. Their ethnocentrism is strong but understated, less flamboyant than that of the Jews and the Arabs but carrying ominous potential when combined with international power. Much of their psychology is totally alien to ours, and their treatment of animals is shocking to the European soul. I have seen videos of dogs in Chinese markets that have made my skin scrawl and my blood boil. The East Asians are a rival to the Europeans; we have never been friends. There should have been a mass ban on the entry of all East Asians at the very moment it became known that there had been an outbreak of a novel disease in a Chinese city, and I view any later political rhetoric on the Chinese as a rather late and pathetic attempt at damage-limitation. In other words, I have little patience for GOP lip-service ethnocentrism that begins and ends with mere rhetoric. Hate the Chinese all you want, but if you hate them, hate them with a pure and genuine hatred that is backed with a consideration of all facts on the table.

It’s my sincere and wishful hope that this outbreak contributes to White ethnocentrism by focusing attention on the broader vulnerabilities of porous borders to globalised infection, terrorism, mass migration, and the much deeper transformation of our way of life. I might believe, to borrow the words of Ezra Pound, that our civilization is now little more than an “old bitch gone in the teeth,” but I’m not yet prepared to write it off. When this quarantine ends, we will have to dust ourselves off and once more enter the fray, perhaps with more intensity than ever before. We will have to be adaptive and flexible. In this regard, I find it extremely heartening that Italy has very recently decided to use the coronavirus outbreak to close its ports to all migrant ships, declaring that they “cannot guarantee the requisites needed to be classified and defined as a place of safety.” Genuine concern or exquisite statecraft? Who knows, and who cares? By taking this action, they have turned the very concept of asylum on its head. “Why come to Europe? Europe isn’t safe. Go home.” “Why come to Europe? Europe has no jobs. Go home.” This is the kind of flexible and subtle thinking that will be required moving forward. Opportunities should be sought in every misfortune.

Everything in our nations will become less comfortable in the months and years to come, and some illusions will be dissolved as the situation worsens. Multiculturalism, one of the biggest illusions of our political culture, will eventually suffer. Not right now. Not while social distancing has us all under lockdown. And perhaps not in the immediate aftermath. But it will suffer. The system won’t be able to offer false hopes and false expectations forever. The “sense of collectivism” offered by coronavirus propaganda is a cynical and exploitative ruse that will dissipate as soon as immediate trouble passes. The sense of collectivism we offer is built on tradition, history, blood, and a radical vision of what the future can and must be. It will endure.

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  1. jimmie Moglia
    jimmie Moglia says:

    … “I find it extremely heartening that Italy has very recently decided to use the coronavirus outbreak to close its ports to all migrant ships…” Heartening in spirit but disheartening in practice. As per attached [ ] 108 migrants have landed yesterday in the island of Lampedusa, mostly from Mali, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Gambia, just last night. And in Portopalo (SE corner of Sicily proper) 77 men from Gambia arrived yesterday in a motorized boat. Sporadic landings of migrants have continued, though unreported my MSM and/or by counter-current media outlets, which may have done so but are now often censored.

  2. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    September 11th, 2001 Terrorist Attack. Thousands of lives lost.
    October 3rd, 2008 Financial Attack. Millions of lives ruined.
    January 20th, 2020 Pandemic Attack. Billions of lives affected.

    Same fingerprints. Same beneficiaries.

    Talk about a progressive disease.

    This orchestrated crisis is looking more and more like their Samson Option.

    Psychotics are tenaciously resistant to exposure.

    Jewish Supremacy Inc. has been exposed.

    This is their reaction.

    The virus that is JSI has finally become maladaptive to itself.

    Let’s hope so.

    It was always going to end this way with them.

    But, the human race hasn’t even biologically tested, and it very well might fail that test.

    And there’s no doubt we’re being tested right now.

    One has to admit, the way things are now, it doesn’t look good.

    That’s why I’ve said many times that we shouldn’t laugh at the dinosaurs for getting themselves extinct. After all, they lasted a lot longer than we have so far.

    Speaking of the human race, if it has any chance of survival (in itself rather doubtful) it will have to develop the antibodies to fight off the JSI virus. After that, it will have to make itself immune forever, so that this never happens again.

    From one perspective we could say that this is a battle.

    Dogma versus Pragma.

    What’s the difference?

    Pragma is willing to expose the vital system of ideas it lives by to a process of continuous feedback and correction for the purpose of improving the quality of its social-management, and therefore, the quality of life itself.

    And Dogma isn’t.

    Unfortunately, for us, Dogma’s got all the lawyers, guns and money.

    We’re an occupied territory.

    And the only way to liberate an occupied territory is with aggression.

    But for that aggression to be effective we would have to, at the very least, unite around an organizing principle.

    And we would have to act as a group in form.

    One thing’s for sure.

    This insanity is not going to stop itself.

    And now we’re back to the above list of attacks. Which, as we all know here, is only a fraction of the unholy wrath JSI has unleashed upon the world in general and us in particular.

    With each crime against humanity that they commit with impunity the easier it is to see the face of evil, with its unnatural skin-color, the eyes were the ears should be, and no ears at all. So, no need to listen to the cries of its many victims. The stone cold stare, the detached demeanor, the monotone voice repeating the same things over and over again like the chattering of an idiot, only less interesting.

    I could go on, but I’d never finish. You get the idea.

    Sooner than later their words will have to be turned against them.

    Treason against Jewish Supremacy Inc. is loyalty to humanity.

    And after words, action.

    Otherwise, we’re going to die Madame Bovary’s death.

    Slow and painful.

    • Sbaker
      Sbaker says:

      The Chicoms are to blame for the Wuhan corona virus attack. The chicoms are not semites, but, neither are they friends of the US. Never underestimate the lust for power. The Semites and the Chicoms have many similarities.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        The NIH, which employs Dr. Fauci, gave $3.7 million to the Wuhan virological laboratory to conduct “gain of function” research on coronaviruses (turn them into bioweapons).

        The U.S. is just as guilty as China.

    • tito perdue
      tito perdue says:

      Owing to the virus, America has lost about 35,000 out of a population of about 330 million.
      Abraham Lincoln killed about 700,000 out of a population of about 31 million
      .0001% vs. 2.25%

    • tito perdue
      tito perdue says:

      This society has with malicious forethought developed an unsustainable
      demographic, one that looks like a taxonomic experiment gone awry.
      Now, now at last is the moment to institutionalize eugenics and robust euthanasia.
      Should America be 98% white? Or just 97?

  3. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    Hail to Andrew Joyce for this essay about multikulti and the time of to-day.
    I want to add some observations and thoughts from Germany.
    The Government in Germany and the EU in Brüssel have failed completely in preserving the foundations and prerequisites of the life of the German Volk.
    The German Volk and the companies have acted quickly and with discipline. The economy of the important things is running at full speed, at 100% of its capacity. I am a farmer and therefore I belong to the important part of the German economy (not measured in money-making, but measured in helping to survive). … All people I encounter at work are doing their work normally, but also with pride and a feeling of importance. … It is clear for everyone of us that the German industrial motor, the German work ethos, the German joy to live and joy to work (we see that as an interwoven thing)…will play an important role in the time to come.
    The former multikulti-state-religion is at a sharp decline at this very time. All these campaigns “we stand together” are with pictures. Some monthes ago, there were 30% negroes in these pictures, sometimes 80% non-Germans. Today, there are less than 10% non-Europeans in these adds. The multikultifriends (=white race killers) are forced to be quiet at this very time.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Enjoyed your comment. Thank you. Half a century ago I spent time in what was E. Germany. Overall I thought Germans had many qualities. I have always believed that if Eurocide II had not occurred Germany today would be the world leader in many fields. What broke my heart was entering West Germany and seeing all those flat nosed elements just about copulating with German gals. Soldiers held guns, but all looked in other directions within a train station… while monkey-like primitive behavior paradigms spawned. Once again, thank you for you post. Oh, by the way (BTW)I deem Merkel as one of the worst creatures on planet earth. Unfortunately, citizens did not have much choice. Think Martin Schultz. Have a great day.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Karlfried – I’m glad you spoke of “the German joy to live and joy to work (we see that as an interwoven thing)” because it is something that not all “Whites” share. It is not a “White thing.” So many “Whites” dislike Germans because of this and interpret it as a sign that Germans feel and/or act superior.

      As an ethnic German, I love to work. Work is my pleasure. That doesn’t mean I love drudgery or work that I’m forced to do. I hate that, but not because I want to be idle! Idleness enervates and depresses me; accomplishment (of anything) revives and energizes me. Please don’t be shy of praising Germans without compulsively including all “Whites,” or all Europeans.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        The german’s ” joy to work ” is anthema to ((( the tribe ))) whom are historicly the ultimate slave masters . Unfortunately , nonjewish and nongerman White slave majorities in the westernworld long-ago adopted their jewmasters anathema toward the german work ethic which has contributed more than a little bit to the genocide against germans .

        The germans got it right as do the girls with their song ” Girls Just Want To Have FUN ” which sings to the ultimate purpose of life which has no other ultimate meaning and where FUN is very broadly construed .

        The conditions for having FUN are inextricably dependent on the ability of mankind to perform life-sustaining work and life-enhancing or creative work . Germans have those abilities in spades as did their ancestors . The superior ability ( mostly via superior political intelligence and a dominant predatory genome ) to slaughter and enslave mankind belongs to the jewmaster’s tribe .

      • Nick Dean
        Nick Dean says:

        There is absolutely much to gain by praising Germans as a specific group. Germans are uniquely demonised even while objectively the best of us. But there is nothing whatsoever to gain for Germans or Europeans by promoting the notion the “Whites” are some mere conceit or figment.

        • Nick Dean
          Nick Dean says:

          And, I should suggest, such comments ought not be allowed here without editorial rebuttal. Is it too much to ask you guys be even minimally pro-White such that you insist we exist?

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        Good to hear from Germany. We Americans have been brainwashed with Germanophobia for so long. But now we are starting to break thru it
        But will you please go into a little depth about what you mean by the German work ethic. How would you distinguish it from the Anglo Puritan work ethic?

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        Yes, hooray for Germans. I wish I had gone to Germany before it was multiculted and deracinated.
        But then I was multiculted and deracinated so perhaps it would not have been such a pleasant visit.
        Anyway, will you please go into a little depth about what you mean by the German work ethic. How would you distinguish it from the Anglo Puritan work ethic?

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        ‘will you elaborate a little on the difference between the
        German work ethic and the Puritan work ethic?

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Good to hear from Germany. We Americans have been brainwashed with Germanophobia for so long. But now we are starting to break thru it
      But will you please go into a little depth about what you mean by the German work ethic. How would you distinguish it from the Anglo Puritan work ethic?

      • Karlfried
        Karlfried says:

        Thank you for the many answers from other readers to my comment.
        Some readers are asking for more details about Germany. I am glad to add something. And I am proud that I may write in the Occidental Observer.
        I am a farmer in Germany, 64 years old, I have a wife and five adult children. From farming, there is little money to earn, but everything else is fine. By the way, European farming is competitive at the world market. The two medium sized countries Germany and France combined produce more wheat per year than the big USA. —
        We Germans are a bit slowly, we like to sleep, our ancestors 2000 years ago liked to “lie on the bear skin”, and so do we. None the less, at work or fight, we do our duty, and with joy. The joy is that you fulfill your duty, independent what kind of work it is. For this, you will gain the (silent or loud) applause form your “peer group” that is the other Germans. It does not matter whether you are a professor or a women who sells bread at a bakery.
        So we Germans have a “sweet” self-satisfaction. At the “Feierabend” we drink a beer or two and we love to be at the world, than we go to bed and sleep. And we guess, that many other people in the world do the same.
        To the question: German work ethos and Puritan work ethos: We Germans think that we and the USA white population and other European nations, especially England, Scandinavia, Belgia, the Netherlands, the countries of the Alpen Mountains and Eastern and Southeastern Europe are more or less a “common ground”. —
        Thank you again and in case that there will be the possibility, I will tell you some other small stories from Germany.

  4. JRM
    JRM says:

    A beautifully written piece. This is what an article on TOO should look like: it invites careful reasoning, consists of perfectly balanced prose, and contains a tense posture of suspense about the immediate future and the struggle of ideologies.

    I can’t tell what will come of this virus “crisis” any more accurately than other readers. But I will offer a handful of observations:

    Capitalism is on pause right now. Just as in the Great Depression, varying degrees of Socialism will be employed until Capitalism can operate safely again. But the era of “fiscal conservatism” seems to be ended. No one takes the National Debt the least bit seriously anymore. The old-fashioned, Ross Perot-styled concern about deficit spending may be extinct.

    UBI is becoming such a discussed topic that the mythical “Overton Window” seems to have stretched wide enough to normalize it. Some form of it will probably become de rigeur in Western nations.

    Tied to the above, not by cause but as a synchronous development, robotization will continue to permeate production environments. This COVID-19 crisis will by no means make that development less likely, and may significantly strengthen it.

    With robotization, we will have an opportunity to reduce the cheap labor cult that gave us open borders policies. The combination of mass robotization of labor and UBI should be accompanied by strict immigration controls, if the society employing them is to function for long.

    In the short term, the reality of the current contagion may weaken the perceived cogency of the unlimited immigration “humanitarian” argument; that remains to be seen.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Thank you for your excellent thoughts. We will soon be using digital money. China already is using such in four regions.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Surely you mean ” we will soon be using [ only ] digital money .” Unfortunately , you are most likely correct about that . Cash ( hard money ) in principle stands in the same relation to digital money as gold stands in relation to cash . The same bankster caused problem of eliminating gold-backed cash will persist by eliminating cash-backed digital money .

  5. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    I believe this corona thing is a ‘hoax’ put in to achieve nefarious economic and social engineering goals. It is called by some people quite rightly imo a ‘plandemic’ not a pandemic. Part of the goals is I think to run a ‘Chinese’ communist type state with massive surveillance, facial recognition everywhere, more or less forced vaccinations. All very deleterious to what remains of our culture but you may have a point it might provoke all kinds of shards and we should be alert for any that can be turned to our advantage but I believe the perpetrators of this scam-demic have nothing but hostile intent towards us. After all it is the latest in a series of hoaxes where ‘white nationalism’ or even Christianity was something to be destroyed. The ‘event’ in Christchurch and the burning of Notre Dame are part of this ‘series’. They do not wish us well at all

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      I tend to agree with you. The virus is real, it is its effects that are the hoax.
      I openly admit to being a conspiracy theorist from the perspective that conspiracies exist, correctly identifying them is the problem. There are many things going on right now, that I believe were planned, including the “market crash”, 5G rollout, central banks creating digital currencies, and of course, the “virus”. In this situation, I am reminded of Ezra Pound’s “The technique of infamy is to start two lies at once and get people arguing heatedly over which is the truth.” All governments lie. Corporations lie, as does its offspring, the media.. We live in an age where “the truth will set you free” becomes impossible, because we are swimming in a sea of lies, with no life preserver of truth in sight.
      You refer to a ” ‘Chinese’ communist type state”. Other than through our governments and media, which are pathological liars, how many of us actually know what that state looks like? I have spoken to Chinese people in my city about China. Most are from Hong Kong and have nothing good to say about the government, but they’ve never actually lived under a ‘Chinese’ communist type state. The mainland Chinese I have spoken with are somewhere in the middle, suspicious of their government (aren’t we all) but acknowledging things are better for most Chinese than they were. I have yet to speak to a Chinese who is 100% behind the government, perhaps because most are no longer Chinese citizens.
      I contrast that with my university days in Europe in the early 70s, where Czechoslovakians, Soviets, and an East German were more than prepared to tell me of the wonders of their system and how it worked. I think it’s fairly obvious that the current ‘Chinese’ communist type state, has been infinitely more successful than the Soviet one, yet, in my experience, praise is sparse, and explaining the system has to be dragged out of them, if you get any information at all.
      There is no question that 5G rollout will bring more surveillance, but is what the Chinese surveillance is currently any more than what is currently in place in the (((West))) even without 5G? In the ‘Chinese’ communist type state, as I understand it, there are many companies owned by employees – essentially co-ops. That is not on the horizon for the rest of us. This Covid shutdown will kill a massive number of local and small businesses. The corporations, after Wall Street has completed the wealth transfer, will likely be left unchallenged, unfettered, and in more control of government, the opposite of a ‘Chinese’ communist type state. As I have often said, it’s all in defining the commune, and the Wall Street crowd are a commune.

      Whatever comes out of this, it will not be for the benefit of Whites anywhere, even in Russia.

  6. Rever Leo
    Rever Leo says:

    The NHS religion suits England very well. Zenophilia and patriotism are woven together with a smiling black face in scrubs.
    The satisfying but undemanding rituals are perfect for little England. Staying in, and spying on neighbours are sacralized. Occasional communal clapping is, since Diana’s funeral an acceptable cultural graft.
    Throw in a bit of fear based mind control and we have the beginnings of a new cult.
    It might be difficult to shift without vigorous deprogramming.

  7. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    Coronavirus is only a health-social fact in the West and the world, the fundamental thing is the following.
    Point 1: Ethnocentrism is the vital survival force of any civilization and of similar biological individuals.
    Point 2: The union makes the force, the level of effectiveness is evidenced in the following way: (Homogeneity, Level of IQ).
    This implies greater homogeneity> Social cohesion, identity, strength, loyalty, happiness, therefore security. And depending on the level of IQ, the level of development could be determined, both technological and social. The three variables, ethnocentrism, homogeneity, IQ are fundamental for a successful civilization.
    Conclusion East Asians possess all three variables which gives them an extraordinary advantage over the West, with the exception of Eastern Europe-Russia.
    The increasingly multicultural West (less whites) has lost much of its ethnocentrism and homogeneity, the IQ still remained high but partially decreasing through the degradative miscegenation.
    A fourth variable to be added would be religious, Asians are Buddhists, Shintoists, Taoists, Confusionists … Equal Judeo-Christianity is a minority and has almost no influence on its population.
    Post data: Surely any advanced extraterrestrial civilization has the four variables mentioned above.

  8. ia
    ia says:

    Apple on Tuesday [April 4, 2020] launched a new tool that shows how well people are following social distancing guidelines. It gathers anonymous data from Apple Maps and works similarly to what Google is doing to show trends from Google Maps.

    The Apple Watch can collect data on the wearer’s fitness in real-time and upload to Apple via 5G.

    Could it be possible in the future if you have good genes and keep fit you will be graded highest, and correspondingly if your genes are poor and you are unfit you would be unable or limited to work, travel and, say, attend crowded venues or use mass transit?

  9. Eric
    Eric says:

    You would think the American people would be unanimously opposed to uncontrolled borders and mass Third World immigration after the COVID-19 ginned-up crisis.

    But “Orange Man Bad” trumps (pun intended) reason itself.

    Trump’s opponents would be fine with millions of Americans dying in order to have the dubious satisfaction of not budging an inch in their opposition to Trump and his policies.

  10. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    ” the “normal” that we knew isn’t coming back any time soon, and perhaps never will”

    We can only be so lucky. As per bailout deficits, they can wipe those ledgers clear just as easily as they can ramp up the currency printing machines. None of that paper money means a thing. The only value it has is that of terrified goyim who have been cowed into believing that it must be paid back or phantom bad things will happen. If we all agreed that it should be wiped off the books, those merry internationalists who print it would have no choice but to do so. The power for real change is with the people, now more than ever, but directly because of tactics like forced integration and diversity, the people will never utilize their strength in numbers to topple corrupt governments. Something tells me that was part of the plan all along…..

    • Ludwig
      Ludwig says:

      Of course, atomisation of our societies – the homosexuals against the heterosexuals, trans-sexuals against gender normals, black against white, women against men, etc etc that’s why so much money is being poured into these groups.

      The opposition to the globalist ‘plan’ as it unfolds is unable to be effective. Classic divide and conquer strategy.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Excellent post.

      Why couldn’t Congress mint a single coin, stamp “30 trillion dollars” on it, and submit it to the Federal Reserve, which issues our debt by selling treasury bonds and certificates?

      The national debt would be paid off.

      Investors would not be happy. No one would ever lend us money again. And that would be a good thing. We could start living within our means.

      No more bloated welfare and military programs. No more government reaching into and regulating every aspect of our lives.

      We could cut government by 90%.

      Social security, Medicare, unemployment insurance and disability insurance — as insurance programs — would be unaffected.

      Their solvency would eventually have to be addressed through means-testing (although with all contributions plus interest returned to the wealthy non-qualified), raising the retirement age, and introducing competition into the health care system.

    • Ludwig
      Ludwig says:

      If we loose some form of ‘cash’ it’ll be a long road of servitude!

      I can’t see any other option other than secession and war to defend it.

  11. Jody Vorhees
    Jody Vorhees says:

    A magnificently reasoned piece. A standing ovation for it.

    When the “new” South Africa got introduced in 1994, I shrugged, in the midst of my disgust at the rapid capitulation. I knew full well that some crisis in the future would dismantle the new South African “Rainbow Nation,” and today it is barely functional and glued together. There will be an economic or political crisis, and the currently dominant group will begin removing some of the rainbow’s colors. There is no doubt in my mind that one day they will stack melanin-impaired bodies on street corners like cord wood.

    Ultimately, this is what they have planned for all Western nations.

    Multiculturalism and multiracialism don’t work. They are a fraud and they are hemlock. We will learn that, or they will fund our extinction.

    If it takes a meteor shower or a deadly pandemic to derail this, it is a better alternative.

  12. Swan
    Swan says:

    At this point, most have not experienced true hard times. Hard times are when one must go hungry. Let’s see them pull off their phony collectivism when that happens.

  13. bruno
    bruno says:

    Andrew is fast becoming the new face on TOO. This piece was another well composed meal, which is why most of us can’t help ourselves from desiring a second plate full. He deserves compliments. I take my hat off to him.

    As TOO evolves it would be great if folks could add fotos to their commentary (as is done in UNZ). Let us hope Andrew continues upon his youthful path of learning. I was delighted to learn he has four children. People like him are the hope of our nationhood. Let us hope that in the future EuroMan does not engage in anymore civil wars. All the negativity about Russia does not induce health within our Euro-peoplehood community

  14. Akismet
    Akismet says:

    Hey, is Andrew on twitter nowadays? I miss his tweets badly. Is there at least an archive of tweets from his suspended accounts?

    • Helper
      Helper says:

      He is not on Twitter. They got wise to him after ban evading too many times. I screenshotted hundreds of his tweets maybe I should make a pastebin?

      Use the wayback machine. Some of his previous account names:


      I personally really liked his tweets. He is a first rate mind and I would love to see him on Gab.

    • Tedesco
      Tedesco says:

      I agree. Those tweets by Andrew Joyce are brilliant. I managed to cut-and-paste some of them. But I didn’t get most. I would like to see them all again, listed together on this website.

  15. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    As with every Andrew Joyce article, this one’s filled with gems.

    Here’s one was one of my favorites.

    “the Jews, who are probably finding all of the recent events very unsettling indeed — especially when it emerged that Italian crematoria, with the most modern equipment available, were struggling to cremate any more than 25 bodies a day.”

    Oops. Now that’s an embarrassing fun-fact for people like Sara J. Bloomfield.

    At least we now know that one of motivations for this recent crisis in a long list of orchestrated crises by these power hungry psychopaths* is to finally, and very publicly, merge The US Treasury with The FED.

    Not that they weren’t already connected. But you get the idea.

    As with everything, sooner or later the truth will out.

    In any event, this reveals the real reason behind the idea of Social Distancing.

    Social Distancing is the Freedom Of Assembly Repellent that the Hostile Elite is using against We The People.

    It also explains the need for people like Sara J. Bloomfield.

    *It’s simply what they do because it’s who they are.

  16. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    I have read this article and it was akin to conversing with a person who is experiencing the very same insulting behaviour from our third word interlopers, and mendacious naivety from our middle-class influencers that I experience on an almost daily basis in London. A few houses opposite me- out of view, a Chinese family or group live and I have been incensed by the loud throat clearing and spitting most spring/summer mornings
    Many pro-immigration slogans crop up in the media-propaganda debate but a classic is ‘without immigration, there would be no National Health Service. I say: without the NHS, there would be no mass immigration. Tomorrow night (Thursday) at 8pm, neighbours have ritualistically taken to coming of their front doors, leaning out their top floor windows in one collective virtue-signalling show of support for the ‘frontline troops’.
    Thankyou Dr.Joyce

  17. Tedesco
    Tedesco says:

    Many good observations in this article by Andrew Joyce. The last two paragraphs give us reasons for optimism.

    Blacks should return to Africa, for their own safety. Africa is too hot for any virus to flourish. Viruses require cold climates. It’s too dangerous for Blacks to remain in Europe.

    The same is true for Jews. Return home to Israel.

  18. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    Odd that most people are still believers in plagues, i.e., evil entities (viruses, “germs”, etc.) that suddenly decide to drop onto our heads for no reason. Since the fall of man, everyone came to think in this manner and probably 99% of us still believe it today. SMH.

    Now, about this statement: “The old and infirm are more or less at the mercy of younger generations who’ve either failed to take the virus seriously or openly celebrated it as a “Boomer Remover.” Maybe, maybe not. There is a saying, “Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance.”

    Thank you for a most interesting article in any case.

    • Sbaker
      Sbaker says:

      I didn’t know you are such an expert in infectious diseases. Are you in the acting business too? The Spanish flu, an H1N1 influenza virus took down millions in the 21-30 year old category by turning their own immune response against victims in a cytokine storm. I know, I’m not a human doctor, but flu viruses affect several other species and I yet have a license to practice on every species but one.
      Again, too many articles of this nature undermine the credibility of this site. It’s sad–and probably by intention– because white identity deserves a credible voice.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        You yourself are not credible when you repeatedly fail to respond to questions that you find inconvenient to answer.

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:


        Year after year, there have been countless thousands of deaths from standard-issue flu – yet the authorities in charge of our world did not lose their shit over it.

        I should mention, too, that the response to the downturn in tourism brought about by the 2003 (Corona) SARS episode in Toronto, Canada was – wait for it – an almighty rock concert a.k.a. SARSFest, where 450,000 – 500,000 persons were crowded cheek-by-jowl all day long. LOL. No social distancing there. No reports of SARS outbreak in the patrons. High-test millionaire performers , eg., Angus Young, Keith Richard, Mick Jagger, etc. didn’t wear masks. No one was terrified because they were not instructed to be.

        And yet today, supposedly smart folks creep out of their homes only to buy food, wearing masks of course, and spend the rest of their time speed-dialing the snitch line to tattle on their neighbors.

        Science News for Students says, “What is a virus? Not quite alive or dead, these infectious agents prey on the living.”

        There you have it: A virus is an Evil Spirit that preys on the living irrespective of any other factor. Young, old; sickly, robust – does not matter. No mention of level of susceptibility, of prevention through one’s own efforts (or sensible, realistic public endeavors). What a hideous view of our universe.

        The white race’s undoing got a mighty shove when its scientists officially embraced an oversimplified, contorted Germ Theory of Disease and made sure that “credible voice[s]” shoved it down everyone else’s throat as well.

  19. Joe WEbb
    Joe WEbb says:

    ” The “sense of collectivism” offered by coronavirus propaganda is a cynical and exploitative ruse that will dissipate as soon as immediate trouble passes. ”

    listening to the epidemiology pundits, it does not look like the CV will disappear soon. It is more likely that it will survive for some time.

    We all will be dependent on a vaccine being found. Otherwise, there will be sporadic ‘hot spots” appearing for the foreseeable future.

    Joyce is great…but we need to get beyond our own preoccupation with multli-culturalism (aka multi racialism more honestly) and attend to other pop-cultural and religious matters.

    Mass Sports, like Negro Ball, is being bled by Negro Fatigue in White fans. This is also true of basketball.
    You may have noticed the Advertising companies filling our TV screens with Negro actors. This is where implicit reactions occur for many Whites. ( the interracial couples are always Negro male with White female. You might ( in commercialst) think the ad folks would be more Sensitive to this, but no….)

    These TV Negro consorts with attractive White women actors …I have never seen the reverse…White males with Negro ladies. Nope. Never. This also brings up the TV news and TV shows with Negro reporters/anchors. The only attractive Nego woman on TV channels is the gal on Fox News, Harris Faulkner (?).

    It is as if the constant representation of unattractive Negro women on CNN, MSNBC, etc. is some kind conditioning program to rehabilitate White brains to accept ugly Negro women. The few Negro Men on TV shows are much better looking that the Nego women.

    Be that as it may….the average White man in particular must wince at all of this, and White women too, who are more attune to good looks in women than White men are.

    Religion is the single biggest social institution in the US. We are the most religious White country…something like 90% of us professing some kind of religious affiliation/belief.

    As religious goes in the US, so goes White implicit racialism. Pastors exhort, but their flock looks away. All of the congregations reproduce Separation of the races, or almost all.

    Getting back to TV, almost all Whites must smile at the latest incarnation of the magical Negro. in the ads. TV Negro friends with TV Whites, all jolly and back slapping one-another. The Magical Negro and his Blondes consort….this stuff is far more subversive of Racial Amity than just about anything else, except maybe extreme Negro crime.

    I notice around where I live, near Menlo Park, CA, White 30 years plus mothers with their little half-breed child…never with Dad around, Never. What does this mean to folks…are they blind, or color-blind? Don’t think so.

    So, popular culture is as important , if not more important, than Multi-racialism. Multi-racialism is important, but the erosion of it will show up in pop culture, including elections.

    Trump political culture is very important. Trump, despite his faults, is a gift.

    The Corona Virus, will be seen as a gift too. White folks have had ti with the Third World immigration, Chinks, etc.

    Joe Webb

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Yes, there have been silver linings to the COVID-19 cloud.

      1) An excuse to stop even legal immigration.
      2) Families home-schooling their children.
      3) Families spending more time together.
      4) More and more people seeing the government at all levels as oppressive and irrational.

      I’m sure more could be added to that list.

  20. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    “These TV Negro consorts with attractive White women actors …I have never seen the reverse…White males with Negro ladies. Nope. Never”

    This is very common in commercials in many Western t.v. ads. In England, black people make up 3% of the population but are featured in 37% of commercials. I believe the reason that they never use the white man/black woman scenario is that they do not want black men to think that “whitey” is taking their women. However, the fact that white men could feel the same about this issue when seeing the white woman/black man combination is completely irrelavent to them. Who cares what they think and feel.

  21. Jerry Cornelius
    Jerry Cornelius says:

    Dr Joyce
    As you said COVID 19 is ”a collection of molecules” and ”.” In fact, it’s difficult to imagine an enemy that’s more of a non-entity than a virus”, So you would not mind injecting the virus into your bloodstream?.
    A nuclear bomb is ”A collection of molecules” Ebola Virus is ”a collection of molecules” and is A non-entity according to your view. A bullet is ”a collection of molecules”.
    Obviously you are not a doctor of medicine.
    If your ass got COVID 19 would you not ”Go to the church of the NHS” if you were dying?
    Whilst you are a sedentary warrior of the pen others are dying ”on the front line” I just cannot bring myself to slag doctors down and suggest all foreign doctors are rapists(real Doctors that is). And my sister is on the front line-Not like you-A suggester, an agent provocateur. At least Brenton Tarrant actually had the courage to blast heads open. You are like a Baldy version of Anjem Choudary.

      • Jerry Cornelius
        Jerry Cornelius says:

        I believe my sister. Are you out and about taking deep breaths or ”Making adjustments”? I bet half the ppl on here giving it large are hiding away.
        So, let us say all you guy’s that call a hoax-put your money where your mouth is and do a live show taking a shot of COVID 19-Accredited of course. And your superhero Trump is saying it is real- so is he a stooge or not?
        The contra-indications of the talk on here is well. Many of ”The white race are stepping up whilst the keyboard warriors shit post” Salt of the earth-shame on you lot” even when ”normal ppl”(sheeple on this site) step up you slag em.
        I am pretty disgusted. George Mackenzie suggested old ppl should go take a walk-You guys are like jews.

  22. Jerry cornelius
    Jerry cornelius says:

    One more thing.
    I do not count out the fact that this is not another cock up-but real ppl reacting to help loved ones and family are not sheep. It is supposed to be the basis of society. I think a lot of ppl on here attribute superpowers to ”the people in control” look at Chernobyl and Fukushima, cock-ups.(HUBRIS- CHAOS) is part of life and no Illuminati can control that-which makes getting idiots out of power even more crucial-Take the Illuminati courier getting struck by lightning? who knows if it is true, but if…Then there you go.
    I will quote William Blake proverbs of hell ”Opposition is true friendship”

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