Review: From Kosher to Halal


From Kosher to Halal: When Greed, Politics, and the Sneaky Destruction of Western Civilization Intertwine
Suzanne Bousquet
Translated from French by David Smith, 2020.

Four years ago, I was asked by a Jew on social media why I thought myself an expert on the Jewish people. The question was obviously intended as the prelude to an argument or abuse, and I’d gotten used to such approaches. “I don’t think any such thing,” I replied. “There are large swathes of information about Jews, their religion and history, that I’m not even remotely interested in. The Talmud, for example, would bore me to read in full. But I do consider myself to possess some expertise on the subject of anti-Semitism. I’m interested in Jews only insofar as they affect, and have affected, Europeans. You can start with the cumulative bibliography of my essays, spanning hundreds of texts, if you wish to argue otherwise.” My Jewish correspondent had no reply to this, and I never heard from him again.

The Jewish Question is, of course, vast in terms of its historical and geographical spread, and my claims of expertise were somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Yes, I’ve read a great deal of the historical literature. I’ve even spent 12,000 words in reviewing much of the best of it, and I’ve written over 200 essays of original material on aspects of the subject. But there are always areas in which it is best to defer to others. I was reminded of this when reading Suzanne Bousquet’s recently-published From Kosher to Halal which, more than any other book I’ve read in recent years, confirmed for me just how much I don’t know about the Jewish Question. Much of my pre-existing opinion on kosher slaughter had been informed by the 1920s pamphlet “The Legalised Cruelty of Schechita” by the eccentric British veterinarian, and avowed Fascist, Arnold Spencer Leese. But this pamphlet, although retaining remarkable relevance, is now a century old, and has nothing to say about the modern mass-certification industry. Bousquet’s extremely well-researched, well-written, and tightly argued book brings an entirely different, and infinitely more professional, level of detail and context to this quite convoluted subject, and she connects dots I barely knew existed. In the following review I want to offer a summary of what I now regard as an essential text in the study of Jewish influence on Western modernity.

Bousquet’s From Kosher to Halal is a fascinating combination of religious study, history, and contemporary political commentary. In the words of the Quebec-born author,

This book seeks to fill a remarkable gap, viz., the absence from any Canadian publisher’s catalogue of any rigorous explanation of the business of kosher and halal certification from an outsiders’s point of view. This absence can be explained in several ways, including a certain sensitivity about dealing with a subject whose mere mention causes controversy — as if there were domains that must remain taboo from the mere fact of their religious connotations.

Bousquet is the granddaughter of the former owner of one of Canada’s largest industrial bakeries, and, in From Kosher to Halal, she combines some inherited instincts from the Agri-Food industry with editorial and communications experience gained in her professional life. Bousquet’s concern is primarily that, although we live in an age of “enlightened consumerism,” kosher and halal certification is shrouded in almost complete secrecy and is declared off-limits politically.  The author comments that although

there are discreet kosher logos on nearly 80% of products at the grocery, and subtle pressures are increasingly felt by producers to acquire halal certification as well, these two labels are not publicized: they remain a mystery for many people. And meat from animals slaughtered in kosher or halal fashion are still not subject to systematic, strict identification and labelling even now.

The agencies which sell religious certification services, and the companies which profit from products labelled kosher or halal, have never been subject to an objective or critical scholarly examination of their practices. We soon learn just how necessary such an examination is. Bousquet argues that these agencies push companies to adopt high certification costs that are then passed on to the consumer, a kind of “kosher tax,” with the acquired funds funnelled into the Jewish and Muslim communities. Bousquet proposes to analyze the practices of the agencies, and follow the money trail, “modestly putting down a first milestone toward a better understanding of a reality unknown to the public.”

The book’s first chapter “From Kashrut to Kosher Industry,” begins with an historical overview of the development of kashrut, the set of dietary laws dealing with the foods that Jews are permitted to eat and how those foods must be prepared according to Jewish law. Bousquet points out that dietary laws were a means by which Jews could accentuate ethnic particularism, arguing that “the ‘chosen people’ distinguish themselves in particular by the way they eat.” Bousquet demonstrates a comprehensive reading of Jewish religious texts in this area, including the Mishnah, and is very clear in their implications:

Rabbi David Bar-Hayim of the Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva confirms in a study that Judaism establishes a distinction between individuals based on religion. Meat designated “kosher,” and by extension the absolute obligation that the slaughter be carried out only by a believing Jew, comes from a conception which figures in the Hebrew Law (the halakha), whereby non-Jews (goyim) are considered animals. The terrestrial soul of non-Jews has the same type of anima as that of impure animals (such as pigs or apes): the goyim are creatures judged very inferior, and this is why meat from an animal slaughtered by them cannot be kosher.

The text then moves to an analysis of the essential rules of kashrut before providing a very interesting, and for me entirely novel, account of the origins of kosher certification in North America. Kosher certification is, we learn, an invention of early twentieth-century New York, having no real precedent in history. The practice, revealed here as little more than an elaborate scam, was created in 1919 by a New York Jew named Joseph Jacobs. Jacobs had been a school teacher in the Bronx until a failed attempt to obtain a promotion resulted in a move to the advertising industry. Taking up a position at the Yiddish-language Daily Forward (Forverts), Jacobs “got the idea of offering his services to facilitate the sale of certain products to the Yiddish-speaking community of New York, at that time 1.5 million strong and unable to understand English.” In 1919, Jacobs founded the Joseph Jacobs Advertising Agency, Inc., which still exists. In the early days of the company, kosher certification was more or less limited to kosher marketing — convincing Yiddish-speaking Jews that foods they thought were prohibited were in fact permitted under kashrut. Bousquet uses the example of coffee:

To illustrate how Jacobs worked, let us take the example of coffee. At the time, religious Jews considered this vegetable matter, a bean, and thus not kosher for Passover. Jewish grocers classed coffee with hamets (forbidden for Passover) under the erroneous belief that coffee beans were kitniyot, when they are in fact the seeds of a fruit — and not beans. So Jacobs launched a publicity campaign to explain that coffee beans are not leguminous vegetables but fruits, and consequently kosher. He found a cooperative Rabbi to confirm his point of view and published announcements in the Yiddish papers. This is how Maxwell House became kosher: without inspection or blessing.

Jacobs soon merged this kind of kosher marketing campaign with a more formal style of kosher certification rooted in Jewish communal meat regulation. This latter context is explored in detail by Bousquet, who reveals the entire subject to be rooted in Jewish gangsterism, violence, and attempted murder. The violence had its origins in the desire of the rabbis to boost their income by overseeing shechita, or kosher slaughter. Rabbis would form small kosher certification boards and, if a town or city had two or more rabbis, violent rivalry would break out between factions as each sought a monopoly on shechita funds. As part of this rivalry, each faction would place its own brand on kosher products (e.g. “U” for Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations), and encourage the boycott of products marked with a rival brand.

Joseph Jacobs saw an opportunity to bring this branding into play in his own marketing efforts, and convinced an increasing number of non-Jewish businesses to mark their products with “K” for kosher and, later, any one of the expansive range of other logos or initials that represented the various kosher certification factions. Competition between Jews persisted to some extent but, since the target was now the more lucrative outgroup market, the violence eased. Maxwell House (1923) and Coca-Cola (1937) were among the first mass market products to obtain kosher certification, but the pace didn’t really begin to pick up until the 1960s, alongside Jewish advertising campaigns that marketed kosher hot dogs and rye to non-Jews as “healthier, superior foods.” [Bousquet skewers this later in the book.] Despite the relatively minuscule numbers of observant Jewish consumers, over the next six decades the kosher certification industry has expanded in the West to cover everything from toilet paper, household soap and diapers, to pet food and suppositories. In America, up to 50% of grocery products are now kosher certified, for an estimated annual sales of 500 billion dollars.

When you want your ferret to have a better diet than the goyim

At this point, Bousquet’s book really comes into its own. The most contentious aspect of kosher certification, aside from methods of slaughter, is the question of cost. What expenses are incurred by certification, and what impact do they have on retail prices? Here Bousquet employs detective work and penetrating logic. The author notes the mafia-like silence on this issue, pointing to a “sort of omertà regarding how much money certifiers earn from their activities, going as far as denying all profitability.” The Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs, for example, decries “mistaken beliefs” that kosher certification is a for-profit industry, arguing that costs merely cover inspection and that certification only profits the companies certified. Other interested parties have argued that “the additional costs assumed by consumers are quite minimal,” and that “rabbis make no profit from certification.” Bousquet, by contrast, points to a number of studies, including a 2011 PhD thesis, demonstrating that kosher certification brings in enough profits to be dispersed not only within certification bodies, but also Jewish schools, cultural institutions, and other Jewish communal organizations. In short, it’s quite easy to deduce that kosher certification is not only highly profitable, but that it involves a significant transfer of wealth from the general population to the Jewish population.

Bousquet describes in detail this “lucrative racket,” which involves the mass certification even of products already regarded as intrinsically kosher (e.g. virgin olive oil, frozen blueberries, coffee, detergent, dishwashing soap, toilet paper, salt, and pepper). In Bousquet’s native Canada, the kosher-certified market has expanded 64% since 2003. We learn that the situation reached such ridiculous proportions in Canada that Paul Lungen, an investigative journalist with Canadian Jewish News, conducted an eight-month investigation into kosher certification practices at the Kashrut Council of Canada (COR) that exposed numerous irregularities and abuses. These included arbitrary pricing and false declarations of what is and isn’t kosher. It was also revealed that COR reported annual revenues of over $5 million, but, despite being a registered charity, dispensed only $2,500 to charitable causes. One vegetable oil company reported that it had to cancel its kosher certification after learning that COR would charge $45,000 just to have a rabbi, possessing no meaningful qualifications in food production, attend an annual inspection of their manufacturing processes. For his efforts in reporting these facts, Lungen was quickly denounced by his co-ethnics for committing the sin of chillul HaShem, which translates as “profanation of the name of God” but actually means that a Jew has informed non-Jews of Jewish misdeeds. In other words, Lungen was declared a race traitor.

The scam runs deep, and often has links to Jewish influence in government. At least one Canadian kosher certification business, the Canadian Kosher Food Safety Initiative (CKFSI), was started thanks to a $763,650 funding grant from government minister Christian Paradis, the latter having a history of bribery allegations. The government has also permitted rabbis from organizations like CKFSI to profit from conducting general health inspections at food production sites, despite their overwhelming lack of professional or educational qualifications in the area. This has prompted economist David MacDonald from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives to declare: “It is not the responsibility of a religious organization to determine the safety of the food you eat. … We cannot have the same level of confidence. … We will have less well-trained, less experience personnel.” Because Jews are combining their dubious “health inspections” with expensive kosher certification, production costs are expected to increase 5-7%, with the additional costs then passed on to consumers.

At less than 1% of the population in Canada and the United States, with similar representation throughout the West, it’s clear that Jews aren’t assuming the costs of the vast kosher certification enterprise, which takes up 60% to 80% of the grocery trade and has “kosherized” entire production chains. Jewish apologists for the kosher certification industry have claimed that non-Jews have come to the conclusion that kosher foods are of superior quality and that kosher means “good food” to many consumers. They argue that kosher certification is sought after by the general consumer, and that the various kosher logos are therefore an attractive attribute for any product. Bousquet points out that such claims stand in sharp contrast to university studies that have found these kosher labels “pass almost unnoticed by the general population,” many of whom have absolutely no idea what the logos actually mean.

To those that do know what the labels mean, and object to the wholesale kosherization of the food industry, Jews have a blunt response. Bousquet has a very interesting section on how Jews, especially the ADL, have used accusations of anti-Semitism to silence criticism of kosher certification and prevent meaningful investigation of its practices. In 1991, the ADL effectively created a template response to accusations of a “kosher tax” that has been used by almost every kosher certification body since. The hallmarks of this template response are:

  • Declare the idea of a “kosher tax” to be a “hoax” concocted by “right wing extremists.”
  • Assert that any insinuation that rabbis are enriched by kosher certification is a “conspiracy theory” dependent on “stereotypes about Jews.”
  • Deny that only a small segment of the general population desires such markings.
  • Repeatedly mention that the idea of a kosher tax has been promoted by “various Ku Klux Klan groups” thus making anyone uneasy to share these ideas.

Bousquet does an excellent job of interrogating the ADL’s claim that kosher certification costs are “so negligible in practical terms as to be virtually non-existent.” In response, Bousquet asks, if they are so low, why no business has ever revealed the exact figures, and why the Jewish communities which demand certification can’t pay the costs themselves. Also, asks Bousquet, if this is such a low-revenue industry, why are there 273 kosher certification agencies in the United States all competing fiercely for a slice of what is alleged to be a very meagre pie? The author then points out that COR’s revenues for 2013 were $5.4 million, with nine of its employees earning salaries of between $80,000 and $119,000, with one making between $120,000 and $159,000. All from a “virtually non-existent” income!

Despite its factual bankruptcy, the ADL template is used with alarming regularity. When Louise Mailloux, a philosophy professor and candidate for the Parti Québécois, spoke of a “religious tax” during an April 2014 electoral campaign, the Quebec branch of the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs issued a statement accusing Mailloux of echoing “a conspiracy theory created and spread by the Ku Klux Klan” and insisting that there is no real cost behind certification and that companies get certified in order to “open up a new market segment and boost sales.” When Pierre Lacerte, a journalist, attempted to defend Mailloux and add detail to her claims, a Rabbi Zvi Hershcovich issued a statement accusing both of “bringing up a myth created by Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi groups. … The cost of certification is minimal. … Acquiring kosher certification is a wise business decision.” All of which goes to show that while Jews are not a creative people, what they lack in originality they make up for in sheer repetition. As such, their outcries are not so much dramatic, as possessing the ominous monotony of the drone of an approaching swarm of hornets. Undeterred by the obvious weakness of a lie, they’ll beat you with it a thousand times rather than open up the books.

Bousquet is undeterred by the swarm, and swats back at it very effectively. She follows the money relentlessly, and finds many examples of major companies and organizations (and even one rabbi) who are willing to go on record as confirming that kosher certification is expensive and that the costs are passed on to the consumer. When Jewish pressure was brought to bear on the Girl Guides to make their cookies kosher, Girl Guide Cookies replied publicly: “Although the ingredients are kosher; Dare equipment is not. The kosher certification is very expensive, over and above the annual cost required to maintain it. We are refraining from certifying these produces because the costs greatly outweigh the benefits. We are sorry, but making these cookies kosher is not a good business decision.” Didn’t these Girl Guide bigots, with their prejudiced cookies, realize they were making the same claims as the Ku Klux Klan? Apparently not. Later, however, after “lots of perseverance,” Jewish lobbying was able to achieve the desired result. How many observant Jewish consumers of Girl Guide Cookies are out there? It doesn’t matter. What matters is the Girl Guides aren’t like the Ku Klux Klan, and you can now be sure you’re eating a superior, and more expensive, food.

The book’s treatment of halal is no less fascinating and infuriating. Although there is a richness of detail, the main theme that emerges here is that Muslims have essentially followed the Jewish template, inventing a certification system that funnels money into their community while spreading their unchecked influence in the food production system. In the words of Hajj Habib Ghanim, President of the USA Halal Chamber of Commerce:

The introduction of halal certification to the United States owes much to the kosher certifiers who conducted similar, well-established activity and know the industry. We have learned from them. … We are learning from our Jewish cousins who have been operating for years. We are learning, and we have a great deal of support from them.

Much of this mutual support is rooted in the shared desire to continue ritual slaughter in Western lands where the mistreatment of animals is illegal. Bousquet’s chapter on ritual slaughter is exceptional, with an excellent section titled “From Multiculturalism to Legal Pluralism,” in which she argues that the “pernicious cultural relativism of multicultural policies has allowed religious fundamentalists quietly to impose legal pluralism.” Thus the laws for producing kosher and halal meat obey Hebrew and Islamic law and not the law of the nation. Bousquet explores these grim methods of slaughter and succinctly dismantles apologetics in their favor. Most concerning to the author is the fact that a lot of kosher and halal meat finds its way to the mass market, where it is not labeled as such. For example, Jews might ritually slaughter 100 cattle, but perhaps only 10 will pass inspection as kosher after the slaughter. This is because a rabbi conducts an examination of the major internal organs after the killing of the animal, and even a slight blemish on a lung is sufficient for the meat to be declared unclean and fit to be consumed only by goyim. It is then placed back onto a conveyor belt, butchered, packaged, and sold to an unsuspecting housewife entirely unaware that this evening’s steaks were earlier essentially tortured alive, eviscerated, mulled over, and rejected by an Ashkenazi fanatic.

The complicity of the major meat processors is revealed by Bousquet as owing much to the desire to build a thriving meat export business supplying the Middle East and North Africa, while filtering undesired meat to Western consumers without even a hint of the way in which the animal was killed. The author’s detailed and lengthy analysis in this area, too sizeable to be given adequate treatment in this review, represents a damning indictment of modern monopoly capitalism and its willing participation in Western cultural decline, a participation motivated by greed and underscored with a cold indifference to the great mass of consumers. Indeed, in an age where we are fed the lie that the consumer is king, Suzanne Bousquet’s exploration of kosher and halal certification reveals we are more like the topic’s unfortunate cattle, being mass farmed and abused for the benefit of others.

Suzanne Bousquet is to be congratulated for this brave, original, and detailed study of a subject I was quite unfamiliar with. I have no hesitation in recommending it to others with an interest in Jewish influence, the kosher and halal industries, or the interplay between multiculturalism and globalist capital. This is precisely the kind of investigative and damning literature we need, and it’s a very worthy addition to my library. If there’s a Jew out there busily preparing to ask the author just why exactly she thinks herself an expert in this area — I can assure you, she is.

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  1. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    There’s this:

    “Exercise Your Dietary Free Will!” it says.

    There are commercials for this app on James Edwards’ show

    By the way, nonkosher flesh food is not humanely produced, either. You might want to visit the killing area of a slaughterhouse. Or a chicken farm. Etc. Gentile – heal thyself.

    • Dante americo
      Dante americo says:

      Yeah but are animals gratuitously tortured to death by having thier throats slit while they are still alive?

      And it almost certainly does not make for a better meat product as when an animal is panicked or in pain it releases hormones which make the meat taste bad. This is why most animal slaughter stuns the animal first and then very swfitly kills it rather than letting it bleed to death.

      Dr Anderw Joyce phd have you read Postville: a clash of cultures in the American heartland by Stepehen Bloom?

      Hasidic Jews buy a small meat packing plant in Iowa which is used to supply most of the kosher meat to the eastern seaboard. They proceed to isolate themselves and annoy the locals and it eventually ends with them importing mass migrant labour and dealing drugs before being run out of town.

      I would highly recommend you read it.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        I haven’t read Bloom but remember it well.

        01 Rubashkin owned a kosher butcher shop in Queens.
        02 He discovered there was more profit in manufacturing than in retail
        03 With solicited local funding he bought a slaughterhouse in Iowa.
        04 He hired, among others, UNDERAGE ILLEGAL CHILDREN, SOME OF WHOM WERE SEXUALLY EXPLOITED, and were paid accordingly, keeping mum rather than lose their underpaid jobs.
        05 ICE often raided his plant, but that never went anywhere, SINCE IT WOULD BE PATENTLY ANTI-SEMITIC TO PROSECUTE A JEW !
        06 He owned a great number of houses which he rented out to his ” employees ” at high rents, while he sold them their daily needs from his ” company stores ” ON CREDIT: closing the circle of total enslavement.
        07 Large numbers of trailer trucks left his loading docks, feigning a large turnover.
        08 He then hit on three local banks for a 30 million expansion loan, offering his Receivables as collateral: which were almost exclusively fabricated out of thin air.
        09 [ Schlomo: I bought fire insurance yesterday ! Menachem: I bought tornado insurance today ! Schlomo: But Menachem, how are you going to make it storm ??? ]
        10 There was/is a photo on the net depicting Rubashkin returning to his home: with ample champagne glasses.
        11 Yes indeed, anti-Semitism is at best a sinister, easily explained envy of their success !!! As we are reminded yet again by a recent book by one of their famous female authors and intellectuals.
        12 My all-time favorite will remain the short Jewish woman, in her late fifties, in her, in total, 40 $ wardrobe, four feet from Bernie Madoff, who was being led out of his HO in New York in handcuffs.
        The day before, it was disclosed, that 60 Billion Bernie also stole from Jewish charities. Her comment, straight into the CNN camera ?: “”” IMAGINE HIM DOING THAT TO HIS — OWN PEOPLE— ! “””
        Ponder that, if you don’t get the drift immediately !!!

        • Flo
          Flo says:

          Didn’t Pres. Trump recently pardon the Rubashkin who was tried, found guilty and sent to prison? You can bet Jared Kushner had something to do with it . . .

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            According to contemporaneous coverage, on three or four occasions, ICE had filled four or five of their buses with illegals, including children who were coached by that swine to lie about their non-compliant child labor status.

            It appears nothing consequential ever resulted, UNTIL the local BANKS took a Jewish beating by him.

            Three or four minors of both genders were sexually abused by administrators in their offices. But, what’s the problem since the boys were at least ” nine years and one day old ” and the girls ” three years and a day “. The so-called US Constitution guarantees freedom of religious expression and practice and who the hell are we to interfere with superior, infallible Talmudic sages, with our antiquated jurisprudence.

            This swine was welcomed back with open champagne bottles on his front steps of his Queens house, by many bearded friends.

            Some time ago his sentence was either commuted or he was pardoned by those White House settler fans. [ 7,000 new houses on new Lebensraum territory were just approved by our greatest ally: to be erected in an orderly fashion under the auspices of their very own and very similar Einsatzgruppen ].

            Newfoundlanders are at times referred to as Newfies in Canada. Two brothers grow hay on their farm and sell it to the horsey set in town, using their one ton truck. After seven years, they notice, that they are not making any money. The more intelligent of the two undertakes a deep financial analysis, including the fact that they are producing each bale for one dollar and selling it at one dollar. ” Oh – oh, I’ve got it — we need a bigger truck !!! ”

            The Jews don’t need a bigger truck – but they need a doubling of our purposed taxes to double their hundreds of anti-Semitism commissioners around the world. The Newfie goyim will assuredly comply. To ask, even require them to change their timeless, abhorred methods would be racist.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      Stunning = clean bedsheets in the Siberian gulag.

      God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. Now about MY first job, Mr. Joyce. I was working for the military. So I was young and like some older folks knew everything. Some of us girls in Admin asked a real macho captain (aerobatic demonstration squadron), who could never shut up about his latest kill (in this case I think a 5-point buck), why he hunted. “To prove my masculinity,” he answered. I am not making this up – on the lives of my family, I am not making this up.

      A female corporal stuck her nose in to ask me why it was okay for me to eat beef. “Cows are raised for that purpose!” I shot back. She laughed right out loud, then quietly muttered that it made a difference to the animal. Not one year later I left the military and stopped eating meat. So, 40 years and a bit more later, by the grace of God alone, I can still stand upright unassisted, plus a whole lot more.

      I acknowledge (with sorrow) the immeasurable contributions of meat-eating white identitarians in giving me a place to say my piece and in some cases even feel welcome. Thanks.

  2. Anthony Aaron
    Anthony Aaron says:

    I’ve made the assertion that the ‘kosher’ label on virtually all prepared foods in the US — as well as numerous other products — is the largest hidden tax going … and this book confirms my suspicions.

    I remember an article in the WSJ in the early-’90s about a tin can manufacturer that was approached by the kosher-nostra to make its cans kosher … all for the annual cost of just $900,000 (which was an enormou$ amount of money back then). They tried to balk … and then the intimidation was begun — threats of publicizing that the company was ‘nazi’ and such … so they buckled under the intimidation and bullying.

    Friends of mine owned an East Indian restaurant in suburban Seattle in the mid-’90s, and were approached by the local jewish mob and told that they needed to acquire kosher certification — or else they’d be targeted as being anti-semitic — and worse. So … for more than $10,000 just in new dishes and cookware PLUS the ‘supervision’ every day … they got their ‘star’ … all for the tiny number of jews that actually ate there no matter what.

    It’s always been about the money … what with the Supreme Court case(s) we read from the early-20th century when various rabbis would fight tooth and nail for the enormous amounts of money at stake … but, hey, they’re ‘chosen’ or some such bullshit.

  3. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    Thank you, Dr Joyce, for a very interesting article.
    Most of the people in the West who claim to be jews are not of jewish blood. They are East Europeans descended from converts.
    Some of my ancestors were rabbis who believed that God should create his chosen people and not the rabbis.
    They also believed that he would never have chosen the (redacted) who have infested the West.

      • Edward Harris
        Edward Harris says:

        In the Summer of 1939, 200 jews and a rabbi
        crossed Germany to Holland by rail. They were treated well in Germany. They ended up in a roller skating rink in my village in England.
        My father had been called up and he was told that my circumcision was for clealiness. He never knew I belonged to the jew side of the family.
        My Mother took me to be presented to the rabbi.
        When she opened the door she quickly closed it again because the smell nearly made her vomit.
        She composed herself and presented me to the rabbi. I was well behaved as I sat on the rabbi’s lap.
        A man sitting on the floor next to the rabbi’s chair walked across, found all the lavatories occupied, came back, pulled down his trousers and (redacted) on the floor. He then pulled up his trousers and threw the (redacted ) out of the window.
        My Mother grabbed me and ran out of the building where she vomitted. After 15 minutes she returned, apologised to the rabbi, and said she would return when she felt better. I still had to be circumcised.
        A few days later the building burned down and so I was circumcised by the village doctor.
        Gen. Patton was ordered to make a goodwill visit to the synagogue in Budapest. Acording to his diary he faced the same stink problem
        my Mother faced.
        He was met by the Chief Rabbi who looked like Henry 8th, he believed had never washed
        in his life, and whose dress was filthy.
        Patton says that “Rembering it later I lost my lunch”
        That is how I was jewd.

    • calm
      calm says:

      Being Jewish is not a race. It is a belief system.
      Abraham was not born a Jew but rather he was a heathen like others in the area and 90 years old when he first met his God.
      His DNA did not change.

        • calm
          calm says:

          So what was Abraham all about?
          How are we to describe the event with Abraham?
          Were there Jewish People before Abraham?

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            4000 B.C. You start with Abraham, a Babylonian from Ur of the Chaldees. God makes promises to him and his “seed.” Not to Jews. There are no Jews or Israelites at that time.

            Later, we meet Jacob, who is renamed “Israel.” His descendants are the Israelites. Not Jews. God makes conditional promises to the Israelites. Not to the Jews. To Noah. To Moses. Not to the Jews.

            The Israelites eventually make up twelve tribes. Those tribes split up into two kingdoms: 10 tribes in the Kingdom of Israel in the north. 2 tribes plus some Levite priests in the Kingdom of Judah in the south. Still no Jews. Even King David is not a Jew.

            The 10 northern tribes are driven out of the north by the Assyrians around 900 BC and are lost to history. It is only at this point that the Jews appear. They have their temple in the Kingdom of Judah. Not everyone in the Kingdom of Judah is a Jew.

            Around 586 BC, the Babylonians conquer the Kingdom of Judah and take the Jews into captivity. During this time, the Torah (first five books of the Old Testament) is written by the Levite priests, who create Judaism as a religion, law, and tribal way of life.

            The Persians conquer Babylon. Persian King Cyrus allows 50,000 Jews to return to Judea around 516 BC to rebuild the temple that was destroyed by the Babylonians. But Persia remains in charge of Judea. The Kingdom of Judah no longer exists. The Jews no longer have a kingdom or nation of their own in the Middle East, and will not have one until 1948.

            Persia falls to the Greeks (Alexander). Greece falls to the Romans. Judea is a province of Rome when Jesus is born, but the Romans allow it to be ruled under their direction by King Herod, a Jew. Again, not everyone in Judea is Jewish. There are Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, etc.

            Around 70 AD, the Romans get fed up with the Jews, who are rebelling and massacring their pagan neighbors in Alexandria, Cyrene and Cyprus. The emperor Vespasian sends his son Titus to make war on the Jews. Titus destroys Jerusalem and the Temple. At this point, the Jewish religion comes to an end. Without a temple and sacrifice, it can no longer exist. But a faux-Judaism is created that is led by rabbis. It is based on the Talmud — 35 thick volumes of Jewish law — that began as an oral law supposedly given to Moses by God, then evolved into a “tradition of the elders” (rejected by Christ), and was only finished being written down around 600 AD.

            Another Jewish rebellion takes place around 170 AD led by Simon Khokbar. It is put down by Rome. Later on, Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate gives permission to the Jews to rebuild the temple. But a series of underground explosions prevents that from happening.

            When the western Roman empire falls, the eastern Roman empire still exists in Byzantium with its capitol in Constantinople. The Byzantines wisely do not allow the Jews to have any influence or positions of power in their empire. Their spiritual descendants are the Orthodox Christian Church in Eastern Europe and Russia. The Jews especially hate Russian Christians because of their anti-Jewish Byzantine roots.

            Jews in the meantime have settled in different parts of Europe. Around 650 AD, Muslims begin to take over the Middle East and North Africa. They conquer Spain with the Jews’ help. Constantinople falls around 1450 AD, again with the Jews’ help, and becomes Istanbul. Turks attack and conquer the Balkans and much of eastern Europe.

            At around the time that the Muslim invasions of Europe begin, King Bulan of Khazaria, whose people are a Turkic Mongol mix, converts to Judaism. His kingdom lies between the Black and Caspian seas. The Ashkenazi Jews are descended from these Khazars. They make up 80% of Jews today. The remaining 20% (with some small exceptions) are Shephardic, with Semitic ancestry from ancient Palestine. These are the Jews who settle in North Africa, Spain, and eventually, in the United States, where they trade in slaves. When Shephardic Jews are expelled from Spain in 1492, they resettle in Holland, France, Germany and other parts of central Europe. They are feted in Poland and welcomed in Turkey. Russia eventually absorbs Poland. The Jews proceed to cheat Russian peasants. In response, there are pogroms, led by Cossacks.

            Around 1650 A.D., a self-styled Jewish messiah named Sabbatai Zvi travels to Istanbul, where he is told by the sultan that he can either convert to Islam or be shot by the royal archers. He converts to Islam. Millions of Jews who believe in him are sorely disappointed.

            In 1656, Oliver Cromwell unofficially allows the Jews back into England (they had been expelled by King Edward in 1290). The Jews have already established banking houses in Holland. By 1815, the Rothschilds have established a banking empire throughout Europe. Nathan Rothschild finds out before anyone else that Wellington has won at Waterloo. He goes to the London stock exchange, pretending to dump all of his stocks (as though Napoleon had won the battle), which causes everyone else to sell. Then he buys up all the cheap shares and makes a killing.

            By this time, the Jews have established an international network of insider information and control the world economy. Just read what Menasseh ben Israel wrote in his petition to Cromwell for the readmission of the Jews to England.

            During the nineteenth century, wealthy Jews intermarry with the British aristocracy. A second wave of Jewish immigration from Russia and Eastern Europe hits the United States, starting in 1881. Rothschild-connected Jews set up major banks on Wall Street. The City of London and Wall Street become the world centers of finance. Rockefeller and Morgan are financed by the Jews. Cecil Rhodes envisions a Anglo-American alliance seeded with Jewish money that will rule the world. Germany is a threat to this supremacy, so Britain and America plot to make war against it. Their chance comes when the Austrian archduke is assassinated by a Serbian nationalist. The war leads to a Jewish-led communist revolution in Russia. Germany is chopped up and unfairly blamed for the war, which leads to the rise of Hitler and another world war.

            Presidents Wilson and Roosevelt are both Jewish puppets. They violate American neutrality at the beginning of both world wars by shipping arms to Britain. They lie to the American people, saying that their boys won’t be sent to fight in Europe. Roosevelt deliberately provokes Japan and leaves Pearl Harbor undefended. He does this mainly to get Germany (Japan’s ally) to declare war on the United States so that he can drag a reluctant American people into another pointless war against their German cousins.

            So are the Jews a race? No. But they are a tribe. They are closely related to each other through intermarriage, because marrying a non-Jew is discouraged.

            Is Judaism a religion? It all depends on how you define a religion. The Jewish “religion” is simply the quest of the Jews to rule the world and enslave everyone else. They call that “Tikkun Olam” — “healing the world.”

            This admittedly sketchy history comes out of my reading of M.S. King’s many books (especially “Planet Rothschild,” vols. 1 and 2) and E. Michael Jones’s “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” plus some lectures by Bertrand L. Comparet, the documentary “Marching to Zion” and the documentary “Apotheosis of Evil.”

  4. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Very informative! I hope many will read this. Thanks, Dr. Joyce.

    Well, we have at least one example in recent history of how vibrantly healthy an economy can be, and how wonderful and child and family friendly life can be, once the parasites are restrained.

  5. Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson says:

    They need to be kosher there, not here. That’s the bottom line of it.

    Non-parasites would “Return.”

  6. Ludwig
    Ludwig says:

    I can add another voice from my circle of professional colleagues to confirm that ‘kosher’ is largely regarded as a scam that in many cases has nothing to do with superior ingredients or process methods. In private, it’s regarded as a parasitic collection racket by many manufacturers.

  7. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Wow, thank you very much for this!!!!! I likewise wasn’t familiar with the subject and always wondered about the extant of Kosher? This is truly outrageous!!!!

    May it get wide promulgation.

  8. Eric
    Eric says:

    George Lincoln Rockwell talked about this 50 years ago in his book “White Power.”

    Interesting that PETA, the SPCA and the Humane Society never discuss it. Jews control everything.

    If nothing else makes you hate them as a group, their cruel treatment of animals, and their attitude that “unclean” meat is only suitable for consumption by “the goyim” (non-Jews, who do not even qualify to be regarded as human beings by the Jews), should.

    110 can’t happen soon enough.

    And the Muslims need to go, too.

    Both groups are the vile spawn of Satan.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “George Lincoln Rockwell talked about this 50 years ago in his book “White Power.””

      Guys like him were/are on the KKK’s payroll.

      The KKK being The Kvetching Kosher Khazars.

      They make public what people already know about them and then attach it to a designated undesirable like Rockwell, David Duke, more recently Patrick Little, rinse and repeat.

      After that no one will go near it.

      They’re archcriminals.

      Their victory is the world’s defeat.

      It’ll catch up with them sooner than later. But not soon enough.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Do you think that your extremely anti-Jewish views are any more palatable to the Jewish brain-washed public than theirs?

        You say he was on the Jewish payroll. Any evidence for that? And what difference does it make? What he says is true.

        I’ve also heard the claim that Hitler was a Rothschild, a Jewish agent, a communist agent, etc. The biggest purveyor of that claim right now is Christopher Jon Bjerknes, a Jew.

        Very clever, that Bjerknes. His claims are designed to make sure that “normies” will never take critics of Jews or white nationalism seriously. Claims about Rockwell and Duke being Jewish agents have the same effect.

        “White Power” is an excellent book, and so is David Duke’s “My Awakening.”

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      Both groups are the vile spawn of Satan

      Bravo. And they are, of course, blood-related. Nothing in the world is so vastly, painfully uninteresting and pointless to sane, civilised, educated White people as the family feuds of a deranged and detestable family of psychopaths.

      By the way – for some reason your masterful potted history above beginning “You start with Abraham” does not have a ‘Reply’ button, so I just wanted to pass on a very big, grateful and deeply-admiring Thank You for your hard work and factually-perfect layman’s account. To cover every main essential element on the subject on a 4000 BC timeline in 1,249 words is quite an achievement – especially with such un-rewarding and soul-destroying material as the history of the curse of the earth.

      Again, Bravo.

  9. john Lilburne
    john Lilburne says:

    I worked for a chemical company selling Ethanol. For many years they brought the Rabbi in to get the Kosher certificate. The Rabbis tried to maximise their income asking for 1-2% of turnover. After negotiation a fixed fee was decided. Eventually the company started selling into Israel. The Israeli (Jews of course) Agents said, when asked about the Kosher certificate, that the whole thing was rabbinical scam and drop it. So the company did and there no effect on sales.

  10. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    An obviously worthwhile book on the subject, thanks for the review. I will certainly obtain it.
    It is rather ironic, however, and certainly anticlimactic that there is a typical, “obligatory” rejoinder on the back cover about “the Nazis” and “Aversion toward totalitarian ideologies….”. Who is this unnecessary denial drivel supposed to impress?
    It is pathetic how ‘Gentiles’ have such an ingrained compulsion to wimp out, even after having stated the obvious!

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      This butchering of animals, without narcosis, was of course forbidden in the Third Reich by Hitler edict, which may explain the comment you are referring to.

      For the edification of his Volk, a short movie was produced, depicting such cruel and easily avoided slaughter. It depicted a young doe with eyes expressing superhuman fear, while her cut throat spurted out her blood in rhythm with her heart beat: slowly getting weaker.

      Not only food for the less than 2%, and even fewer adherents to this shekel-garnering bullshit is rendered kosher. But aluminum foil, among many other absurdities, as well.

      I guess because the senior partner of their real-estate law-firm of Moses, Herzl, Ben-Gurion, Netanyahu, Friedmann and Trump, protected his pubic hair with Reynold’s aluminum wrap when nearing the burning bush, to receive their own G-d’s instructions to inflict those plagues on the House of Egypt.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        The “Independent” article claims that Bousquet was a Vichy official when he ordered the round-up of Jews at the Vel-d’Hiv in Paris. I don’t know how that’s possible. The Vichy government only had jurisdiction in the south of France. It had no jurisdiction over Paris. Paris was under German occupation.

        I guess nowadays, “Vichy” means defeated France as a whole. Historians and journalists are sloppy, in addition to lying all the time. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  11. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    I noticed that ‘Moser Roth’ chocolate bars from Aldi have one of these symbols on it. No doubt Aldi itself is ‘kosher’. And Halal stuff is pervasive – in for example Subway sandwiches. I hope some fightback system develops strongly against these godawful scum.
    Brilliant review, by the way.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      “I hope some fightback system develops strongly against these godawful scum.”

      This will never, ever happen. The majority of Western Christians couldn’t give 2 hoots about this. Oh, they may make some noise when a new subway opens not serving bacon to appease local Muslim and Jews, but within weeks the seats are filled. Imagine if Christians had a similar racket and tried to pull that off in Israel or a Muslim country. The absurdity of what we put up with is tragic. As another commenter so aptly pointed out – why hasn’t PETA ever made issues of this particular cruelty to animals?

      Jews and Muslims have designated themselves ” a protected species”, and the naïve, gullible, Christian majority have gone right along with it.

      • Dave Bowman
        Dave Bowman says:

        the naïve, gullible, Christian majority have gone right along with it

        This again ? Really ?

        For the umpteenth time – mostly for the benefit of our American and other non-UK readers who otherwise wouldn’t know the truth:

        The “naïve, gullible, Christian majority” in the UK, whose hands and feet have been tied tight by a morass of illegal, immoral UK laws against any form of overt political protest aimed at a protected minority such as (especially) Jews and Moslems – and whose mouths have similarly been tightly gagged by 40-years’ worth of illegal, immoral, ruthless Jew-backed legislation against any form of free speech – have almost no viable options left in the streets of their own nation for safe public protest against this – and a thousand other – insidious evils from the ethnic clan who wield all weapons.

        It is the bribed, spineless, unprincipled, worthless “elite” philo-Semitic scum in the corridors of power and the pockets of the ethnic assassins who have long since “designated Jews and Muslims a protected species” – wholly against every wish and instinct of their own nation’s people, and without any form of public discussion, debate or vote anywhere, ever, at any time.

        I simply cannot understand why the concept of a nation fully in captivity to it’s tyrannical, paid-for puppet masters, whose decades of brain-washing have removed even the awareness of its own captivity, let alone the ability to fight against it, is such a difficult concept for people like you to grasp or remember.

        Whatever the reason, please desist from confusing the prison inmates with the prison warders. It is tedious, unprofessional – and factually-invalid.

  12. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Buy non-packaged items where possible. Buy at farmers markets. Grow or make your own.

  13. KosChertified? - the App
    KosChertified? - the App says:

    Dear Dr. Joyce and TOO, We at KosChertified greatly appreciate that you took the time to review Suzanne Bousquet’s book on kosher and halal certification, the perfect companion to our KosChertified App (see There simply is no other book in the world written ‘from the outside looking in’ on this subject matter. Ms. Bousquet’s thorough investigation managed to provide enough anecdotes and details, without a true whistle blower, to give a comprehensive picture as it affects the average consumer in the West…a challenging task in an industry shrouded in secrecy.

    The app we have published also provides a very comprehensive overview on this ubiquitous phenomena, while providing the useful tool of a database of those products that are NOT Kosher Certified – We call that NKC. For those kosher keepers trying to avoid NKC products, there is no easier app. It can take seconds for an observant Jew to discover that they might be buying “treyf” (non-kosher food) with the KosChertified app, while using any of the numerous Jewish apps out there it could take from several minutes to an hour to come up with the same determination. As useful an app Koschertified could be for that observant community, nobody thanked us. Instead, they smeared us and had us deplatformed or censored from many mainstream social and video networks. The smear journalist they hired proudly forwarded all his attacks to several ADL contacts (Greenblatt, ADL National, and LA ADL), the Journalist Department Head at NYU (Jay Rosen and Membership Puzzle Project), and an Israeli newspaper (Haaretz). The bones of their attack were the same templated and hackneyed jabs that were mentioned in Mr. Joyce’s book review. We have since come to the conclusion that the system does not want a professional non-Jewish look into the religious certification industry, nor do they want kosher certification to become inclusive knowledge for all consumers (i.e. for non-Jews to become “kosher aware”). Now that’s not very tolerant!

    But kosher awareness has become our mission, and we have unturned many intriguing facts through research and surveys. Our “Quantitative Study on Kosher Certification: Kosher Seals and Public Awareness” produced amazing results after tediously measuring and analyzing the labels of common food products. Kosher seals, on average, measure just 10% the size of all other certification seals found on same labels. And there’s much more than that keeping kosher seal visibility (transparency) on the low side. Read our 40 page report at and you might agree with our conclusion that there is a systemic Deceptive Trade Practice in play. For this is largely the key as to why so few consumers are “kosher aware” even after nearly one hundred years of this practice.

    Our professionally administered national surveys have shown that only 10-14% of shoppers can recognize the most ubiquitous OU kosher seal (one that certifies over a million products and ingredients); that perhaps only 5% can recognize and still look for kosher seals when shopping; but 30% or more DO NOT WANT religious intervention in the production of their food; and another 22% would desire higher-than-average label transparency if it was produced with a kosher agency’s oversight! Are those respondents in the 30% and 22% categories the ones that the kosher agencies and food companies are worrying about if they were honest about displaying the kosher seal with a big and bold “KOSHER CERTIFIED” stamp?

    Follow us on Twitter at @KosChertified, and you’ll find that hardly a day goes by where there isn’t something to report on this topic. We have posted on Israeli newspapers describing the mafia-like kosher operations in Jerusalem; or how about the posts from “The International Food Safety & Quality Network”, a professional forum where Kosher Certification was discussed, and one Ryan M. replied “All the rabbis know each other…it’s like a mafia. You pay a lot of money for the kosher symbol…Rabbis and the Kosher Certifiers can be ‘swayed’…if you know what I mean. Also, they like clients who are generous with their products.” – 8/16/2019 (IFSQN).

    This all paints a bleak picture for what is coming from an ostensibly morally centered religious organization. But we’ll be content if we just fulfill our mission to make “kosher awareness” inclusive for all faiths and identities, for true religious freedom is at stake in the U.S. and Canada, and other Western nations! And when millions become “kosher aware”, they just might “exercise their dietary free will” and choose an NKC diet, lifestyle & identity – while they still can.

  14. geo
    geo says:

    Well done is a very significant step!… but must by continued the search for the truth, make it public with the very related aspect of the specific commerce design, regulation and network creation.
    The next step would be to find [and show] who owns/controls the grocery trade.
    Non-kosher products come on the shelf with higher IMPOSED price than the kaka-sher one.
    This way, the buyer believes is saving money… bu the price was purposely risen up, to direct buyer toward kaka-sher stuff.
    I do not buy it, … to my sadness not everything but mostly (some are hard to find in Canada in big stores, as non-K… butter, sour creme…).
    Money is something they cunningly pour in the pocket.
    Torture of animal is something I don’t buy; sure, not cruelty but killing an animal requires destructive force – you name it the way you like, has no real moral value.
    This above arguments are related to the materialistic world…
    But, for the spiritual kingdom,… the most important!…
    I do not want to pay one to curse Jesus Christ.
    The hate against Christian should not be sponsored.
    The bad – the society rejected the Christian belief in order to enjoy “here” and making own Paradise here and now – with the strongest push from the Jew-friendly protestant sectarians, Christian in culture, not in faith.
    – who controls the trade?
    – is this Judaism-based economy the solution for non-Jews?

    • KosChertified? - the App
      KosChertified? - the App says:

      We have often solicited volunteers, as there are many angles that deserve investigation (as you suggest), but have not secured any help. Our two priorities would be 1) examining the distribution chain to supermarkets (and how this pipeline screens for kosher certification) and 2) researching the practice of kosher-slaughtered meat being rejected by the bodek (Jewish inspector for glatt kosher qualification) and turned over to the general meat market without labeling of such religious intervention.

      If anyone finds either of these areas worth investigating on their own time, please feel free to contact us directly. We would really appreciate some help.

  15. calm
    calm says:

    I really enjoyed that comment by Eric
    May 9, 2020 at 1:57 am

    Is “Jewish” a religious designation or an ethnic identity?

    Can Jewish Folks be called a “People” ?

    The first instance I can find where this occurs:

    The 1922 Mandate of Palestine recognized for the first time in an international instrument that the Jews constituted a “People”.

  16. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    Excerpt from the speech of the Minister of the Interior, Brice Hortefeux, to the Chief Rabbi of France and the President of the CRIF (biggest Jewish organization in France, together with the LICRA) on the occasion of the Tishri Festival (Paris, Victory Synagogue, September 6, 2010) :

    • “I say it before you, Mr. President of the United Jewish Social Fund, in five years, the agreements signed with your organization have made it possible to secure 487 buildings, including 145 schools and nurseries, 98 associations and community centers and 234 synagogues.

    • Lastly, I personally drew the attention of the Minister of Justice to the need to initiate legal proceedings in several cases calling for a boycott of kosher or Israeli products. (…)

    • I am thinking first of all, concerning the students, of reconciling their school obligations with the calendar of your religious holidays. I have, of course, conveyed your concerns to the Ministers of National Education and Higher Education (…)

    • As you know, in the autumn of 2009, we jointly obtained the publication of a new European regulation on ritual slaughter which ensured stability for the shehita.

    • Today, while a vote in the European Parliament could call this work into question by imposing discriminatory labelling for ritual slaughter, we remain particularly vigilant. You can count on my mobilisation and that of the French Members of the European Parliament to ensure that the project does not succeed.”


    Hortefeux was Sarkozy’s Interior Minister.
    I think he was mainly trying to prevent labelling for halal slaughter.
    The Jewish motivations for promoting halal slaughter are both financial and ideological.

    It is disgusting that semitic slaughter is allowed at all. It’s even worse when it becomes generalized so they don’t have to maintain two different slaughter lines. But also, when they discard the rules against the mistreatment of animals in the name of islam and judaism, it can only weaken all standards. The situation in slaughterhouses was far from perfect. But now, the staff can only become less fussy about animal suffering.

    The lowering of moral standards in the slaughterhouse, with the complicity of the media, probably encourages a lowering of moral standards everywhere, just like political irresponsibility concerning the immigration policy encourages political irresponsibility in the coronavirus crisis.

  17. Walter L
    Walter L says:

    If someone wants to put an advertisement on your product, shouldn’t that someone pay you to put the advertisement on your product?

    I can’ imagine a Jewish man giving anyone advertising space on his product and not collecting a billing fee.

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