100-Year Retrospective on the Great Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020

One hundred years ago, the people of 2020 endured the Great Coronavirus Pandemic which directly propelled us into the health safety campaigns we wage today. We will cast a retrospective analysis one hundred years back to gain perspective on our own current Globaldemic. Before continuing reading, be assured that my comments have been approved by the World Collective Ministry of Public Health and can be freely disseminated.

We acknowledge today that all nations have been absorbed into the World Collective and any existence of distinct sub-races was formally declared GenBlended in 2063. To the analysts examining the Great Cononavirus Pandemic in 2020, these crude ethnic structures still existed, though the beginnings of their benevolent dissolution were under way. Scientists then had not even the beginnings of our theory of disease-causing Quixons, and were still -committed to their false theory of viruses.

It is inconceivable to us today that such theories were taken seriously. People were still allowed to engage in social contact freely. In some cases, they themselves, much less the authorities of the day, did not even know they were infected. The only limited precursor to the World Collective at the time was known as the United Nations, an absurd tautology since the existence of nations precludes unity. Today our World Collective uses the Global Health Field to assess biometric portal sensors, which do no open to allow passage if any Quixons were detected. If a new Quixon emerges, our Syn-Tel avatars would immediately make the appropriate GenVax treatments—treatments that work even when the virus mutates. In 2020 however such common technology was only in preliminary development—the primative beginnings of the GenVax we enjoy today.

2020 is important because the Great Coronavirus Pandemic marked the point in history when the first GenVax application was attempted globally.

Though it went on to meet with significant vax hesitancy, large percentages of certain sub-populations (again, they still had distinct sub-races) received the vaccine. Throughout the 2020s as hesitancy was overcome and mass innoculation was approached, it was possible to examine the effects and begin the process of refining their first attempts. Such approaches as RNA protein coding and DNA geno-morphing may seem amusing to us today, but at the time they were innovations of paradigmatic significance. They led from the highly unsophisticated and inefficient practice of hyperdermic injection which requires social contact, through the brief unsuccessful attempts of MechJect, to directed waveform morphology programs which also had their crude origins around 2020. These developed into personalized a satellite-based intervention known as Individual Directed low-Orbital Satellite Emission (I-DOSE) by 2061. This persists in refined form today.

(See the associated report “2020 Retrospective on 5G Deployment” to analyze this other paradigmatic system shift that occurred in the historic hinge year of 2020 which developed into our Global Health Field of today. Associated review of the biography of Founder Elon Musk also recommended.)

The dissidents of 2020 (I’ll call them the A-2020) examined the belief that disease transference could occur through airborne proximity or physical contact with mutually-handled objects such as doorknobs and elevator buttons, railings, countertops, etc. This started some to question the entire germ theory based on viral exposure which prevailed at the time and persisted in 2020 and partially beyond. (Since terms like ‘elevator buttons’ may be unfamiliar to readers in 2120, I provide a glossary below.)

2020 marked the year when this limited theory of viral contagion which so dominated the world paradigm began to decline.

One of the early studies dismantling the theory was the book (see glossary) Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense (‘industry’, ‘dollar’ and ‘profits’ in glossary). Though it only proposed the easily dismissed replacement theory that various environmental and systemic toxins cause disease, it was considered by the A-2020 team in their analysis. Another work which informed the distrust of the A-2020 was almost impossible for us to find, even with our historic data scan processes. However, the remarkable document “State of Plague: Disease-Mongering as Militarized Trojan Horse for Globalization and Surveillance” finally turned up. This excellent research revealed to the A-2020 team the basics of the outline plan which developed into our World Collective. These dissidents misinterpreted the necessity of having the plans for our World Collective kept classified so that people would not be aware of what was happening until it was essentially in place. Instead the A-2020 assessed these plans as freedom-destroying plots to achieve world totalitarian rule. This rare hit in our search terms led us to such groups as Age of Autism and the Weston A Price Foundation, and Children’s Health Defense and National Health Federation.These became some originators of the movement which transitioned into our current crop of dissenters, the Diss-Generates of today.

The A-2020 were dissidents of their time, and they faced marginalization and persecution for their views similar to those they helped to inspire, the Diss-Generates today. Yet as so often in history, their suffering was redeemed by their contribution to science and progress. Questioning the viral theory generated much resistance and oppressive reaction, but it began the process that led to our knowledge today of the almost universal effects of Quixons in threatening world health. It is our commitment to the war against Quixons—the only form of warfare remaining to humanity—that inspires this retrospective.

The A-2020 analysis of the data contained in Viral Mania, State of Plague and other contemporary sources propelled new theories. People who previously had relatively small followings outside the mainstream media of the time surged in popularity. Such early Diss-Gen leaders as David Icke, Jon Rappoport, Dr. Buttar, Dr. Kaufman, Judy Mikovitz, Gilad Atzmon and others, proposed new theories, although their videos were quickly scrubbed by You Tube (see glossary). The fact that all these figures surged in popularity through their internet (see glossary) access reveals that popular world opinion was changing in a complex interactive dynamic. The further fact that apparently most of them soon after succumbed to the COVID-19 virus suggests suppression efforts by the world controllers of the time, particularly by our Founder Bill Gates. Buttar and Mikovitz were reported deceased late in 2020, but Icke evaded liquidation efforts—if indeed they were—until 2024. His vast network of committed followers allowed him almost continuous movement to evade pursuers, though global travel restrictions confined him to what was formerly known as Great Britain. His remarkable escape by ship to the former Ireland, where he is thought to have finally died officially of COVID-19, is believed to be more entertainment mythology than factual history, but in examining Icke from our perspective it is difficult to ascertain. Atzmon succumbed to COVID-19 by 2021 probably because he had renounced his Jewish identity, something that might have protected him as one Chosen to administer Tikkun (special Jewish obligation to ‘Fix the World’). Some evidence shows that Rappoport and Kaufman survived, but used false reports of their deaths to evade the authorities. Others assert they were enlisted to work for the authorities thereafter, and that the postings of internet hero Sick Semite were actually authored by Rappoport. The authorities of 2020 lacked our Global Health Field systems that makes such terms as evasion virtually inconceivable. In the 2030s some speculation developed that Rappoport and Kaufman were spared due to their Jewish identity, given credibility by the datum that Jews are the only distinct racial type that remains in our otherwise GenBlend world.

Here we shift our analysis to the noble role our Founder Bill Gates played in this critical year of world history.  The influence this one man brought propelled developments that led to the GateWay programs of the 2030s which precipitated our World Collective and Global Health Field. Gates’s longevity experiment preserved him in bio-form until 2065 to the age of 110 and allowed him to inseminate many young carriers with his genotype, thus ushering in our World Health Management regime that ensures our safety and well-being today. Gates’ longevity experiment and extensive investment in the science brought about our own selective Horizon longevity program available to Jews and Notables today. The wave load transfer of Gates’s code-translated personality just before he physically died in 2065 provides the model for our Syn-Tel avatar’s almost ubiquitous presence today. Bill Gates is still with us, in spirit if not in body.

Indeed, Gates has risen to iconic status in the years since his physical death. His frequent grins, chuckles and dramatic hand-waving were assessed to best represent a benevolent Big Father to all of humanity. Besides Gates, the few other male forms had to be based on Jewish models. Female Syn-Tel avatars became dominated by the Lipstadt form as best representing the Great Mother.

None of this history could be foreseen by the A-2020 team, though we know that Founder Gates long had the outline plan, passed from Proto-Founder Francis Bacon as depicted in his work New Atlantis of 1620. It was passed along to many such as early “Technocrat” (to use a distasteful term still used by Diss-Generates today) H. G. Wells in the 1930s, depicted especially in his work The Shape of Things to Come, and others. Prior to this, in 1909, the early homosexual (still a designation then) and Humanist E M Forster published (glossary) The Machine Stops, required reading by school children (glossary), which prepared the world for such early transition technology as the internet and cell phones, as well as such public management forms as “social distancing” and “isolation” that are standard today for our health. Other intellicons from history who transmitted the outline plan such as Sydney Gottleib/Joseph Scheider (sadly Jews still had to hide their identity at that time behind assumed names) the founder of the MK Ultra studies that led to our well-regulated, socially harmonious society, are better developed in other files.

A-2020 ignorance of the long-term plan was not total, and some suspected. They closely examined such historic accounts as smallpox “eradication,” polio efforts, and various declared “pandemics” of the 2000s such as Asian Bird Flu, SARS, MERS, Swine Flu, Zika, Ebola, and Measles. This contributed to their growing awareness that something other than the viruses posited by the viral theory was “causing” the “pandemics,” which actually afflicted little of the world population at all. Due to an inadequate sealing of what they called the Internet, growing popular distrust of such prototypical World Collective structures as the World Health Organization, UNICEF, GAVI, CEPI, IDM, IHME (both early disease-modeling centers) and others grew. This was met with fierce condemnation of the A-2020 by national governments, mass media, global organizations and some of the masses. That fact that organizations targeted by A-2020 were generously funded by Founder Gates should not make them immune to our scrutiny, as we are tempted to do today. Our systems of total acquisition and data collection through the Global Health Field were not in place in 2020, and Founder Gates did not possess sufficient clarity for how best to distribute funds and ensure control. The A-2020 were much more critical and distrustful however, joined by increasing masses of people suffering under global “social isolation” policies.

This was indeed a period of vast suffering we now know as the Cull-Gen period, a necessary diminishment of certain strata of the global class system required to achieve our GenBlend complete equality and virtual elimination of suffering.

The first mass field trials of total surveillance, drone and robotic crowd control, widespread aerial dispersal of chemical pacificants, AI analysis (early Syn-Tel), Directed Energy Weapons (DEW, developed into our more humane Wave Hypnotic Impact Projectors WHIP), and then-conventional explosive military operations occurred in late 2020, interrupting such superstitious activities as Thanksgiving and Christmas, further inciting popular unrest. Special orders were encoded into AI programs and human-administered “chains of command” (not to be confused with our field-connected magnetic wrist and ankle bands) ensuring that Hannukah celebrations and synagogues were not targeted. Such technologically effective pacification methods were necessary at a time before (virtual) full acceptance of the peace-affirming and health-supporting structures we live in today were fully installed.

Many global citizens—in 2020 many still thought of themselves as national citizens—they owned and carried explosive firearms and used them in the 2020 “Lockdown Breakouts.” This led to calls for new technologies that were eventually developed and successfully deployed to neutralize rogue and rampant firearms. Nevertheless, many people were killed and maimed by both stray and accurate projectiles on both sides. A careful analysis of the compositions of what is referred to here as “both sides” is beyond this Retrospective. It must be mentioned that for a time in the early 2020s the World Civil War as it was falsely called flared most hotly in the USA due to these firearms enthusiasts. Project Lead Shield was quickly developed, an early technology that went on to stimulate research into our magnetic field forms used so successfully today to eradicate firearms among the masses.

Soon after, Founder Gates was able to deploy his ID2020 immunization tracking program, though not in the target year.  By 2022 this early digital identification system was being deployed throughout the world, with significant hold-outs in remote areas, most of whom eventually came under the program as it evolved past subcutaneous microchips to scannable tattoos to injectable nano swarms to the constantly updated GenVax we know today. A long-developing UN program known as Global 2030 had to be aggressively expanded earlier than scheduled in order to direct most of these rural dissidents into Smart cities and the ID2020 program.

Our retrospective has shown that the year 2020AD deserves to be considered the year from which all future years are dated. The Analysts of 2020 unknowingly gave us the critique and eradication of the long-held false viral theory, propelling researchers throughout the twenty-first century to knowledge of Quixons that guides our noble world struggle against disease today. Some of the A-2020 unfortunately went in the wrong direction, toward false superstitious beliefs in long-disproven “remedies” such as diet and nutrition (their practices are too grotesque to mention, from our perspective of NowMeat which evolved from Founder Gates’s Beyond Meat), herbal medicine, exposure to what they called “fresh air and sunshine,” social contacting (!), uninduced “natural” sleep in violation of our scheduled Slyp program, certain “vitamin” therapies, detoxification including immersion in over-heated rooms known as “saunas,” and more. Thankfully such absurdities are all but deleted, only kept alive in new forms by our loathsome Diss-Generates.

We instead have been blessed by the VaxGen programs that also commenced in prototype form in the year 2020AD. Now appropriate genetic enhancements and suppressions can be delivered as  immediately as the Syn-Tel avatars working through the GlobalHealth Field detect the need. The GateWay programs of the AD 2030s eventually brought us out of the invasive and highly costly human administered hyperdermic injection process, and fully into the wave form GenVax administration programs of I-DOSE personal satellite treatments we receive almost continually today.

Unfortunately some A-2020 further concluded that the entire global structure was a “hoax” and “scam” (glossary), and that they were being exploited and even systematically liquidated in a dysgenics population control plan. Some even targeted Founder Gates as a world controller with a sinister plan for global dominance and technocratic tyranny.

From some of these A-2020s, in coalition with others mentioned, the various dissident movements were propelled throughout the rest of the century. Most were systematically eliminated and/or assimilated, leaving only our token Diss-Generates today, with their repellent hair, bulky physical characteristics, false arrogance in their muscular fitness, disdain for GenVax causing increased spread of Quixons, repugnant eating habits, grotesque natural sun-exposed skin tones, flagrant dismissal of social distancing norms, and general inversion of all we know to be hygienic, efficient, safe, and peace-supporting. But the early A-2020s also were crucial in destroying the false viral theory, allowing the development of our accurate Quixons knowledge. So we have to give them some credit.

We mean no dissident critique of the Gatesian World Collective Managers. We understand the strategic use of maintaining some Diss-Gens as a focus for the remnants of hate and loathing the Global Health Field has yet to purge from humanity. We know some Diss-Gens must be allowed to persist, if only to remind us all of our blessings and provide a purpose for our efforts to achieve the final perfect World Collective. Still, in looking at the foundations of the Diss-Gen movement through our Retrospective on their forerunners, A-2020s, and reviewing the admirable founding of our otherwise healthy and peaceful global society, we feel we can only join the outcry of almost the entire World Population as expressed through the Global Health Field platform:

“Diss-Gens Gone For Good! Kill the Quixons!”

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  1. Frank
    Frank says:

    This is what happens when people get to much money jingling in their pockets, people like Gates and the Rockefellers and Rotchchilds. And all the big money of the International organized jewry thru their banking cartels and their wall street hedge funds. They want to rule you. And we can’t let that happen. 😠👍

  2. Steven Adolfo Orozco
    Steven Adolfo Orozco says:

    “superstitious activities as Thanksgiving and Christmas”
    I could be mistaken but shouldn’t these terms be cited in the glossary as well? I would assume such heretical backward practices would be unknown to the enlightened masses and extinguished by the Gatesian World Collective Mangers by 2021.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      Yes, good point. I didn’t scan completely for the theme of obsolete words, but felt I had enough to give the idea. But Christian and historic/political holidays would surely be obsolete in 100 years according to this dystopian timeline.

  3. Jud Jackson
    Jud Jackson says:

    Tremendous satire. One of the best and funniest articles I have ever read. Enjoyed it immensely.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      So glad you got a laugh out of it. It does take some advance education to get some of the humor, which you obviously have.

  4. Floda
    Floda says:

    For my part, citizen Gates can line up with the rest, purse his lips and kiss my ass. I won’t be bothering to have one of his vaccinations.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      I hear you But what if they can threaten us with loss of our health insurance? Think they could do that ? A social credit thing? Just this one time for an emergency…

  5. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    Creative and amusing – especially the stuff about Jews – but I am 74 and if any of you get within 48 feet of me without a mask, I will blow your fu#king heads off. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      Okay, you have your boundaries. For me, should anyone show up at the door with a needle, a digital clipboard and a firearm to enforce a vaccination, that is the point which I will threaten self-defense with all my means. Let us work to see it does not come to that. I am not afraid of proximity with an unmasked human, since I understand the boogey-bug viral scare to be just another pretext for imposing totalitarian technocratic tyranny.
      Does everyone know about HB6666, that will allocate $100B/yr for ‘contact tracing’ personnel and ‘supplies’, including visits to residences? Will ‘supplies’ include firearms, tasers, handcuffs…? If anyone tries to shoot me with a needle, I will try and shoot back. They will be both villains and victims in the human freedom war, though most will probably see themselves as doing noble good. Ignorance is no excuse. First I will try and educate them, however. Listen or be perceived as a threat to life and liberty.

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          To clarify and not be flippant, the vaccine will be at best ineffective though costly like the ordinary flue vaccine only much more so –
          just a reupped part of the Med Pharm rackett -and at worst itself a carrier of disease and a symbol of globalist
          state intervention,. So I will go to extremes
          to avoid and/or resist taking it.
          But that still doesn’t mean that there isn’t a serious Bug at work here to which I. as
          an old dog , am particularly vulnerable. For me there is an epidemic which I will take seriously
          and then there are all the usual suspects with their plans to exploit it.

          • George Mackenzie
            George Mackenzie says:

            Fair enough, that is one theory and I respect your views.
            If there was a real pandemic then why are the death numbers no greater than other flu seasons, and less than some, like 2017-8? Even if we accept the death and hospitalization numbers, which are wildly inflated in various ways for obvious reasons, this season is no worse than most, and less than some. Some ‘pandemic’, it’s another dud like all the others they tried to scare us with, like measles, ebola, zika, swine flu, SARS, MERS, asian bird flu… All hysterical panic predictions, all duds.
            Sure, I suppose the elderly might be wise to take measures during flu season. But maybe not, depends on immune health, not age, and that depends on many other factors, some in our control, some not. Exposure can be just as good as bad, getting natural immunity, no symptoms, all good.
            That’s my view.

  6. bruno
    bruno says:

    Hats off to such a noble pen within our family. Reminds me of some of the satire consumed in youth. If the author was near me it would be a privileged to take him to dinner. He could have added frosting to his wonderful cake by mentioning Geo Soros, Adelson and some of those other anti-majority giants. Nevertheless, it was consumed with relish.

    EuroMan is in a transitional period. Recently obtained films of our demonstrating German, Polish and other brothers provides fascinating insights. Here, in Amdom masses are concerned with gun rights and the dictatorships of La Cess Pool Grande. Perhaps, in our live time, we’ll see monopoly media broken up and the voting system changed. Perhaps genblending won’t occur. May the author live a hundred years.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. With so much wild absurdity before us, satire becomes easy. Yet some of this of course is, while still completely ridiculous, immanently possible. Unless.

      • Seraphim Rose
        Seraphim Rose says:

        Didn’t realize it was satire, until I read the comments. For good satire of our times, read William Burroughs, especially Naked Lunch and Cities of the Red Night.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      I read your link. Very good, excellent for someone to track this.
      The sadistic doctor who founded MK Ultra was named Sydney Gottlieb, but his real name was Joseph Scheider, born of E European Jews who came to the US. This is in the book From Yahweh to Zion by Laurent Guyenot. Mengele was no sadistic doctor, but plenty of Jews are.
      Many Jews are prominent in promoting vaccines.

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        Do you know anything about Jews working in epidemiology – like how prominent they are? Naturally I don’t
        trust them if they are prominent and I do think this Bug is being played for certain interests and world views While epidemiology
        pretends to be scientific it really socially constructs the way we see bugs. Like why call this Bug COVID 19 instead of SARS 2 or why call Corona “novel” when it is not new?

        This site doesn’t have much on Jews and Medicalthink/Medicalization. Do you know of references George?

        • George Mackenzie
          George Mackenzie says:

          I started an essay called ‘Corona Jews’, but did not get too far. Some of my research did not turn up the usual suspects. I spent some time trying to determine if Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum and author of the blueprint for techno-tyranny The Fourth Industrial Revolution was Jewish. Lots said, ‘born in Germany’. Charles Lieber is definitely a Jew, the sell-out liar nanotechnologist from Harvard who sold secrets to China. Whitney Webb has a new article that reveals some Jews in the bio-terrorism response industry, especially Joshua Lederberg. Is Robert Kadlec Jewish? Another moving force in ‘bioterrorism response pharma-intel-science complex. But obvious players like Fauci and Birx and the Chinese are not Jews. My friend thinks they are putting up Gentile fronts to hide themselves at this point. Kushner is profiteering, Mnuchin is manipulating, Ross is scheming, but they always do, and while certainly involved in this scheme too, may not be the main architects.

          For a good analysis of the Jews involved in vaccine promotion generally, see the link above. Very good entry point.

        • George Mackenzie
          George Mackenzie says:

          I should say, I saw a brief essay on the role of Jews as sadistic doctors, and added a few in the comments, Sydney Gottleib/Joseph Scheider who founded and ran MK Ultra, and Stanley Plotkin, reviewed in the article I link to, who said it was acceptable to experiment with vaccines on downs syndrome children because ‘they are human in form only’. Creeps.
          From the often excellent National Vanguard:

  7. Eric
    Eric says:

    Assuming no God, and no Jesus, I don’t think human beings will exist anymore. There will be no life at all on this planet. Just machines fueled by an energy source, likely the sun. AI, robotics, Big Data, 5G, nanotechnology, and the Internet of Things will lead to hybrid creatures, half human and half machine. But the biological part will be seen as inefficient and not worth preserving.

    A World Brain analogous to the Cloud will have been constructed in cyberspace, able to control everything. It will not tolerate competing minds and wills. Nanobots will be unleashed, entering the porous skin of living creatures, and kill them off. The transhumanists who want to upload themselves into the Cloud/World Brain and live forever in a “virtual reality paradise” will be disappointed. Their desires for pleasure and immortality will not be congruent with centralized control.

    The machine world will last only a short time. Any complicated system is only as strong as its weakest component. The more complex, the more vulnerable.

    So within a few years or even months, the earth will become a lifeless planet strewn with metal carcasses. Evolutionary processes will begin again. Life will return. Human life will return. Then the whole process will repeat itself — over and over again, until the sun turns into a red giant and destroys the earth once and for all.

    I gather the same thing will happen on all the other life-supporting planets in the universe. There will be no alien visitations. Civilizations will never get far enough to achieve interplanetary travel.

    When do I expect the machines to eliminate all human and animal life? I would say in about 50 years.

    Worrying about long-term white survival might be pointless if no one is going to survive. But that is no reason for white people to allow themselves to be walked all over.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      Some speak of the singularity, movies and novels depict it, the techno-future will be total and all biological life will be erased. Deleted?
      I have never been able to conceive of this. I identify with Logan in Logan’s Run, Kuno in The Machine Stops, the warlord in Things to Come, and Charleston Heston in Soylent Green, among others. But maybe we are meant to identify with these heroes, and in fact they will turn out to be futile gestures, simply ways to expose the heroic and noble in order to eliminate or convert them, and so the techno-tyranny arrives the faster. Communists always identify and slaughter off even potential resisters. We know who resisted them the best and what we need to do to succeed.

  8. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    This dystopian scenario was very well written. Mr. Mackenzie, amongst other uncanny talents, has the ability to make one realize how easily a future population could be profoundly disconnected from the past, and coldly indifferent to it, perhaps like how most or almost all modern Americans almost think nothing of the historic American nation, and especially the Old South. I’m not nearly as well read or perhaps bright as some of the readers of TOO, but to me this piece by Mackenzie was far more than “satire”. I’m sure I missed a couple wickedly elegant witticisms, but this story for me is gripping, otherworldly, ineffably real, and very hard to forget.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      I’m glad that you understood so well, and sorry for such a grim depiction of possibility. Yes, it was meant to be more than satire, as was ‘A Modest Proposal’.

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