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Biden’s Anti-White Speech Writer

On April 28, 2021, unelected President Joe Biden spoke the following statement in his address to the Joint Session of Congress: “We won’t ignore what our intelligence agency determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today: White supremacy’s terrorism.” An examination of how “our intelligence agency” came to this determination will […]

The not-so-friendly folks at the World Economic Forum

Here I examine the ethnic composition of quite possibly the most influential global organization transforming our world today and its plan to restructure the planet: The World Economic Forum. The WEF and its Executive Director Klaus Schwab are openly pursuing nothing less than the fundamental transformation of the global system, human life and the entire […]

Obscuring the Jewish Problem in Alt Media: An Example

Obscurantism: the practice of deliberately presenting information in an imprecise and abstruse manner, often designed to forestall further inquiry and understanding. We know that obscurantism of the Jewish Problem in mainstream media is rampant and total. This is primarily because mainstream media is largely owned and strongly influenced by Jews, but also because criticism of […]

Some Jews Involved in the Great Covid Reset

Jews have been an integral part of Western elites since the Enlightenment, and they have a very prominent profile as an anti-populist elite in the United States. So it’s not at all surprising that they have a role in statist, top-down, “let the experts handle it” responses to Covid. The following describes some of the […]

Oregon Governor Advised by Bill Gates and Patent Lawyers

Who is advising our Governor? Who are these “experts” who issued the latest projections of disease trajectory in Oregon? They are from Washington State, The Institute or Disease Modeling in Bellevue, WA. Computer models! Of course they claim the “aggressive interventions” prevented the spread and “flattened the curve”, or else we’d have almost 4 times […]