A Modest Proposal to End Systemic Racism

“It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.”
Jonathan Swift

It is truly a melancholy sight to walk through the great cities and towns of the West today and observe the countless corpses of Black scientists, engineers, and philosophers left behind by the brutal White officers of the law. In the long illustrious history of the African, replete as it is with towering artistic and architectural genius, and the most humane social advancements, we see him now at his lowest and most persecuted ebb. This is our bitter and enduring shame. We have, of course, always attempted to render this noble people completely unable to employ their myriad talents. For more than a century we’ve stopped them from working in the higher echelons of our society by requiring of them something entirely invented and fictitious (so-called “aptitudes”), and we have exerted our fiercest efforts in preventing them from gaining footholds in maths and physics. Even when they engaged in a race-wide conspiracy to consistently fake their test scores in order to come out lowest of all groups, we weren’t fooled by their attempt to sneak to the top of our society. Although stubborn in the past, we must confess now that we have blocked their progress at every turn, and we did this for the selfish reason that we always wanted a large, welfare-dependent class into which to dump our vast unwanted excess tax revenue.

Quite why the apex of our White fanaticism distilled in the police force remains, for now, a mystery. I think it is agreed by all parties, and attested by the celebrated African Studies pioneer (and, some say, a 17th-generation Holocaust survivor) Herschel Hertzberg, that the first Christ-like Black fell under a hail of malicious bullets sometime in the early 18th century, when the LAPD launched a daring and brutal raid for slaves among the skyscrapers and opera houses of placid Togo and Sierra Leone. It is a barely suppressed secret that these slaves and their technological prowess were later put to work designing and constructing every building in America. It is a sad fact, however, that even though Africans built America, from that first sorry moment in West Africa to the present, history has witnessed a steady progression of unwarranted and unnecessary police violence against this most peaceful and prosperous population. In fact, all current social problems in our deplorable civilisation can be attributed to this one pernicious reality. Gender bigotry, pay gaps, and even diabetes all have their origins in the fact our police forces have become obsessed with preventing Black people from breathing.

This sordid and murderous fixation among the police is the major question of our time, and since it strikes me that whoever could find out a fair, cheap, and easy method of solving this matter of unceasing systemic police racism would receive much public acclaim, I now venture my own modest proposal. I do so having turned my thoughts for many years upon this important subject, and maturely weighed the proposed schemes of our esteemed experts — all of which I have found lacking. Most important of all, I have carefully examined the apparent aims of Black civil unrest to determine precisely what it is that this oppressed people really desires. I believe my proposal will satisfy all parties and finally bring peace.

1. Reject Equality Under the Law

The foremost aspect of my scheme, and one of its great advantages, is that it finally aims to release the African from the bigotry of equality. It was one of the greatest tricks of the sneaky European to convince the African that being equal under the law was a good thing. Being “equal” was the bait, but the law was quite obviously the hook. The roots of our historical racial conflict are unquestionably that Blacks are unfairly placed under a system of laws in which they are asked to adhere to the same behavioral standards as other groups. This same system craftily paves the way for Blacks to become regarded as “criminals” when they innocently stumble into such commonplace situations as rape, robbery, and murder. The bigoted subjection of the gifted African-Americans (and their counterparts in Canada, Europe, and Australia) to equality under European-derived law has led to such injustices as disproportionate incarceration, and the spreading of fantastical stereotypes of Blacks as prone to violent and impulsive behavior. Only knowledgable observers, aware of the peace, prosperity and innovation that has come to be the byword for modern Africa, can discern that there is something horribly amiss in this situation.

The Black population has cried out, and I alone seem to have listened. The first step of my proposal is therefore to remove the burden of law from the Black population. The immediate benefits are obvious. The phenomenon of malicious “Karens” calling the police when they feel intimidated by loitering or advancing Blacks will disappear into history where it belongs. These bigoted women can call the police all they want, but upon receiving an elementary description of the stalker, the police would be forced to hang up. The law will simply not apply to those of African origin. It should be obvious that no harm will come from such a simple and beautiful measure, and only benefits can abound. Under the existing system, Black men who corner and verbally or physically intimidate White women can be made to feel vulnerable and alienated when that woman calls the police in sheer terror. This dynamic is obviously a major driver of Black emotional damage, and other forms of social injustice. Under the new arrangement, however, Black stalkers would be spared such indignities, and the woman would be secure in the knowledge that no matter what happens to her thereafter, at least no crime will be committed.

White female fear must be ignored if social justice is to prevail

 2. Adequate Compensation

A potential problem might arise in the event that a police officer accidentally but fatally harms an African-American during the course of his duties policing the uncontrollable behavior of Whites. In this regard, my careful analysis of recent Black demands leads me to suggest a scheme of social and material compensation for Black lives. Black Lives Matter — we know this, but how much do they matter? Only once the current phase of peaceful protest comes to a conclusion will we know the true tally, but rough guidelines can be discerned in the compensation thus far acquired for the life of St. George of Floyd. Using a combination of estimates and confirmed city figures, the average African-American death at the hands of a White amounts to around 1,569 pairs of athletic shoes, 2,962 gallons of alcoholic beverages, approximately 865 high-end phones and tablets, around $2 million in designer label clothing, between 30–50 badly beaten Whites, the entire contents of several low-cost supermarkets, and somewhere in the region of 100 fully incinerated buildings.

London Riots, 2011: Sports footwear has long demonstrated emotional healing properties for the African

Under my proposal, and for the sake of future social justice and harmony, a reserve of compensatory items must be held in the care of every city government, where they can be dispensed in the event of an accidental Black fatality. A suitable area within the city, comprising roughly of six or seven blocks, should be set aside in such fashion that emotionally-attacked Africans can, at a moment’s notice, assuage their mental anguish by, for example, breaking into a pre-prepared warehouse full of well-displayed sports footwear, and launching cathartic raids on faux Target supermarkets replete with actors portraying fleeing staff. Local shooting ranges might also be converted to offer the therapeutic breaking of glass to Black citizens. Through their use of such edifying provisions, Black people can not only display their maturity and ancient wisdom, but also set a stellar example to other groups about how people should react when they feel aggrieved. 

3. Symbolic Change

Simply freeing Blacks from the law and providing them with the healing tools of chaos is, of course, far from sufficient to redress the many thousands of years of oppression that we have brought upon these children of the sun. It should be obvious to any sane observer that the best way to heal racial divisions is to encourage, and even force, one of the opposing parties to kiss the feet of the other. Only by such open displays of subservience and submission can we achieve true parity in social relations. A recent, and related, heartwarming development has been the removal of statues throughout the country, especially those of the notorious police officer Robert E. Lee. Along with righteously purloined Gucci accessories, this will go some way towards further soothing Black pain, but the question remains as to what might occupy the newly vacant plinths. My suggestion? That in the name of ending systemic racism, every plinth formerly used to commemorate White race-terrorists should be home now to a giant sculpture of a black foot. This black foot can then be ceremonially kneeled before, and White citizens of especially high standing can be made to approach and kiss the foot in an act of solemn racial reconciliation. This ceremony could be performed on one of the many days and months now dedicated to the Black population, especially on St. George Floyd Day which should surely now be instituted without delay.

An artist’s impression of what might soon be called the “Joycean Method” for social harmony

4. End of all Physical Contact Policing 

This aspect of my modest proposal isn’t directly linked to ending systemic racism, but it is an essential step in improving the social environment and making it safer for White allies to protest on behalf of Black victims. Social media has recently been awash with horrific footage of police officers touching, holding, and even moving or pushing peaceful protesters. These unprovoked assaults normally occurred in the midst of efforts at Black emotional healing, such as arson, looting, mass vandalism, and attempts to breach Secret Service barricades and encroach on the White House. While the measures proposed here would remove Black people from the burden of laws, White allies may still find themselves being physically touched by police while in the course of peaceful allyship. This can no longer be tolerated in a sane and just society. Moves must urgently be taken to end all unwanted physical contact between police officers and suspected “criminals,” with interaction between parties now based on one of the key precepts of our times: consent. Police officers can and should ask all suspects if they have permission to touch, hold, or restrain them, and they must be instructed during training that “No means No.”

5. Confront Capitalism

All progress on the proposals outlined above will, of course, depend on a successful confrontation  with capitalism. Thankfully, Blacks as revolutionary subjects of the class struggle have thus far been supported by the power of labor, in the form of Amazon, Apple, Coca-Cola, Ford, Facebook, LEGO, Sony, Microsoft, Citigroup, Nike, YouTube, most banks, the entertainment industry, and the overwhelming majority of the political establishment. Only by enlisting the support of brave allies like these can we ever hope to overcome The Man and topple the power structure. We obviously can’t ignore the equally vital contribution of our friends in Antifa, who innovated some of the early strategies that will undoubtedly lead to the collapse of the status quo. Consider, for example, the effectiveness of destroying the few examples of Black-built economic infrastructure in many towns and cities, along with the major stores that provided low-skill employment to the Black demographic. Sure, the major companies will have adequate insurance for all their liabilities, and probably won’t be harmed at all. But they may well decide that these areas are now too high-risk to attempt a re-opening, and so they’ll take their filthy capitalist jobs and facilities elsewhere, leaving Blacks to bask at last in freedom from local services, retail stores, and gainful employment. This was quite the stroke of genius from Antifa, and is one of the main reasons they’ve been applauded and supported by the groups listed above. They are simply indispensable to the cause of social harmony and the overthrow of capitalism. 

6. Clarity of Message

A particular concern of mine in recent days has been the lack of clarity surrounding the name “Black Lives Matter.” Africans have long been renowned for their high regard for the sanctity of the lives of their neighbors, something attested to by the famously low homicide rates within their communities. We see this also in the parasitical phenomenon of “White flight,” whereby Whites constantly seek to move to Black-dominant areas to share in the quietude and safety offered by those locations. Some doubts remain, however, as to the clarity and reach of the message of Black Lives Matter among Whites.

Is this clear enough? Unfortunately not.

Although streets in Washington D.C. have been renamed “Black Lives Matter,” and then literally covered with the slogan, it’s clear that someone, somewhere doesn’t understand that Black lives matter. They may not have heard the slogan. We know this because Black people continue to die in homicides, and the only explanation is that White people, and especially the police, haven’t received the message and therefore don’t value Black lives. It really shouldn’t need to be repeated here, but even when an African-American is peacefully protesting against the systemic racism of a police officer by passively rushing him and attempting to take his gun, the first thought in that officer’s head should always be: “Black Lives Matter.” It urgently needs to be made the first principle in all law enforcement training, and all self-defense methodologies at police academies should be adapted to include the “take the knee” posture. Only by total acquiescence to the physical assaults of so-called Black “criminals” can our communities find peace and security. To this end I’ve developed and copyrighted a short mantra that could be repeated by anxious police officers confronted by extremely peaceful protesters:

Forget the guns, Forget the knives,
What matters most are
Black Lives!©

Some law enforcement volunteers enjoying a mantra rehearsal session

 7. Dump Trump

This is one of the more controversial aspects of my proposal, but please bear with me. First, we have to acknowledge the fact that President Trump has single-handedly lowered Black unemployment since taking office by creating beautiful jobs, often in marketing the peaceful and much-loved State of Israel.

Towards Meaningful Black Employment: Marketing the Diverse, African-Loving Sate of Israel

Trump also recently took the unprecedented step of proclaiming June to be African-American Music Appreciation Month. Trump’s message: Black Music Matters. In the middle of a worldwide health scare, an economic crisis, and escalating systemic racism, we should concede that Trump offered thanks to Sam Cooke, Little Richard, Ray Charles and others for their “classic guitar riffs, memorable hymns and uplifting beats.” We also can’t forget the recent justice system reforms that released many Black “criminals” from prisons.

Trump, however, is not a friend of African-Americans. He repeatedly called for the National Guard to be deployed against peaceful African-American protests throughout the country, and expressed horror and disgust at the perfectly natural need for Blacks to find solace in Smart TVs and several new pairs of shoes. This should never be forgotten, and it has proven what Jewish and Antifa allies have often asserted: Orange Man Bad. We should, of course, always have known this. We can’t plead innocence now. All the hallmarks of Fascism were there to see:

  • Open opposition to intermarriage with Jews, especially in his own family
  • Repeated hostility toward Israel, our greatest in the Middle East and a beacon of human rights
  • Unwavering hostility toward LGBT+ dogma around the world
  • The launching of a worldwide campaign to promote anti-Semitism
  • Total suppression of Antifa, our greatest friends in the war against capitalism
  • Open support of pro-White activity
  • Repeated public opposition to multiculturalism and diversity
  • Opposition to all forms of immigration including hundreds of thousands of “skilled” foreign workers

We sleepwalked into the second coming of Hitler. We desperately need to get this man out of office.

8. Jewish Exemption 

It should be universally acknowledged that Jews aren’t White and should therefore be exempt from the obligations suggested for the White community. Jews have a long and storied history as friends of the Black community, from their ancient texts that lovingly jested that Blacks were cursed, to their attempts to bring huge numbers of their African entrepreneurial trade partners to the New World (under the guise of “slaves” to dupe the White oppressors). Even today these bonds remain strong. Where would Black people be today if it were not for the Jewish landlords, store owners, and pawn brokers that shape the very best of the world they live in. Even in Israel, African needs are met without even a request needing to be made. Just consider, for a moment, the thoughtfulness of an Israeli government that took the initiative to inject Ethiopian immigrants with birth control without troubling to ask. No other government would take such concern in the reproductive health of its Black population. And during the peaceful protests of the last week, we can be sure that Jewish allies were strongly represented among the Antifa peace brokers, urging Blacks again and again to take their rightful share from the bigoted Whites.

Natural Allies

9. Segregation of Problematic Whites 

This is probably the harshest and most radical of my proposals, and the one most likely to be fiercely contested by racists. It seems clear to me that some elements of the White population will simply never accept the proposals made here, and wish to irrationally remain in their bigotry. They will never agree to do their part to end systemic racism. At a certain point, I argue, we will have to accept that, and leave them to wallow in the decrepitude that their civilization is certain to decline to. One only needs to look at the European past to see the degraded state of the European without African influence.

Chaotic and disorderly scenes in a primitive medieval European shanty town

If Black lives don’t matter to these people then we will be forced to say that their lives don’t matter to us. They should be apportioned a vast tract of land in which they would be forced to live with one another, attempting in the inevitable chaos to build their own infrastructure — this time without Blacks building their entire country. You can already imagine their horror at the news that they would be condemned to an existence without the beneficent hand of multiculturalism. It will be a Hell on earth, but they will deserve it. For the rest of us, the end of systemic racism will usher in an age of beauty and peace, harmony and good will.

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    I propose that all blacks in the U.S. be relocated to the states of Mississippi and Alabama as their own country. There will be plenty of room for the whites in these two states once blacks are removed from the remainder of the U.S. We will never live together in peace. The blacks can form their own government. No more taxpayer handouts. No more three hots and a cot while incarcerated. No more blaming whitey. Within a year the “New Wakanda” will look just like Liberia. Of course, sending them to Africa would be a better solution.

    Brilliant article, by the way. It explains perfectly why whites are experiencing “black fatigue”.

    • Sam J.
      Sam J. says:

      No they should go to all New England States and New York where diversity is said to be a good thing. You guys freed them now they should be yours. Alabama and Mississippi had everything under control before they were freed and civil rights laws were passed by the North. We should have a vote in Congress on whether diversity is our highest value in Congress and every district they vote yea we send them there.

    • Glut
      Glut says:

      We should just invade Canada , colonize,, and give them all 10 acres and a free set of snow shoes.

  2. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    Some comic relief–and Pantheos knows we need it.

    All the satirical implications true.

    The “friendship” of Jews and blacks–less actual than unicorns–is of the “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” spurious variety, and, as one of the photos suggests, is already showing signs of cracking; and it, along with the Muslim alliance, figures to become a boomerang should the Talmudic europhobes succeed in marginalizing us, whom they can’t help but identify as the perennial foe…. They’ll find themselves at the mercy of huge numbers whose psyches they can’t manipulate like they’ve done decadent European psyches. Crying “antisemitism!” shalt availeth not.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @Lucuis Vanini
      “Crying “antisemitism!” shalt availeth not.”
      The entire H industry would simply collapse. It is like being able to say ‘abracadabra!’ and getting free gold coins for a generation , then suddenly the magic word stops working, and instead of a magic coin when they say the word they get a punch in the face.
      I am sure it would make an interesting final chapter for the Bible though, eg ‘Exodus II’

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      They’ll find themselves at the mercy of huge numbers whose psyches they can’t manipulate


      Or, to quote one of the best lines from one of my most favourite movies of all time (Dawn of the Dead, 1978), which I have always believed, on one level, was discussing precisely this identical looming future disaster:

      “Those morons have left the main doors open ! In half an hour there’ll be a thousand zombies in here – and these guys will have their hands full !”

  3. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    What they really really want is their own homeland. If only there was some continent somewhere on the planet where black people could go and live to escape the white countries that they despise so much. One that is warm where they can grow crops the whole year round (Five harvests possible compared to N.Europe’s two), where there is plenty of land – perhaps with railways already provided for them to use by others.Perhaps with giant tusks and horns to sell to the Chinese as the Chinese (another wise race) believe they have magical powers. That income would last a few years until the tusks ‘ran out’. They could even do a few deals with China to give them copper etc so China can give their top leaders a few million/billion each.

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover says:

      Yeah, I think I know the place, but there’s not enough free gibs there. American blacks don’t want to be too far away from whites, they invent and bring to reality all the nice stuff they want for free.

  4. Frank
    Frank says:

    On a serious note, I think that “Black Lives” may not “matter” even to some Blacks – namely, the ones who commit crime upon their fellow Blacks and those who have destroyed Black businesses in the recent riots.

    Only Blacks can solve their problems. More giveaway plans and quota programs by Democrats won’t help and may hurt.

  5. Rosa
    Rosa says:

    I’m in standing in a huge o autonomy to you.
    This piece is simply marvellous.
    Thank you

  6. Togreiseren
    Togreiseren says:

    Excellent suggestions. Number 9 will probably be the most efficient. In fact, since all whites are problematic from birth, I can not see any other way around it than to segregate all white. This way, blacks can live without being opressed and fulfill their true potential <3

  7. Odessa Choppo
    Odessa Choppo says:

    I always love reading Andrew Joyce’s articles and always learn something valuable. This one is entirely different and spectacular. His sense of humor is so outstanding. I was laughing until my eyes watered over my breakfast. I’m sending this to all my people of like mind. Thank you so much, Andrew.

  8. Amalric de Droevig
    Amalric de Droevig says:

    Just brilliant. And hilarious.
    In the clown world we live in, however, 2/3rds of these prescriptions are probably already being seriously considered.
    In Minneapolis they are talking about essentially abolishing the police department.
    We are going to need an ethnostate sooner rather than later.

  9. Bernard
    Bernard says:

    They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but in this instance it’s friggin funny!!
    Strike the Zen pose Mr. Joyce….

  10. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Smart and Funny.

    Glad you’re around Andrew.

    Would it surprise anyone, ie; TOO staff and its readers and commenters, that members of Antifa, BLM, and even the usual suspects in the hostile elite would read this without even a catch in the throat.

    In other words, completely missing the irony.

    I doubt it would surprise any of us, since they obviously live in an irony-free world.

    Unfortunately, they all, every single one of them, live in a consequence-free world too.

    Obviously, that’ll catch up with them, reality always wins in the end.

    But the amount of destruction they’ve already done and gotten away with will certainly continue.

    And that turns the laughter enjoyed after reading yet another great contribution from Andrew to TOO’s archive to something more sobering and serious indeed.

    We might be able to predict their behavior. It is, afterall, nothing if not predictable.

    But can we predict ours?

    Do we know what we’re going to do?

    Is there any chance of us doing it together?

    Are we completely on our own?

    I’ve always been convinced that there’s always more one can do about their problems than they think.

    Let’s hope so.

  11. JimB
    JimB says:

    This was a fantastic read! I concur with the author a billion percent! White Silence Is Violence, so we need more Whites to speak out and push this Modest Proposal to End Systemic Racism to every White Devil politician. We must INSIST that these measures be instituted pronto! My hat’s off to the author, a clearly repentant White Devil.

  12. IQgo
    IQgo says:

    The NYC Blackout of 1977 shows how Black looters operate. There was a slight break-down in order (a power outage). And, this gave them license to break into stores, steal T.V.’s and sneakers. Amazingly, the media defended them.

  13. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    This article by Andrew Joyce is fine as far as it goes – very clever and all that, it does reflect the horror and disgust we loyal Whites are feeling in the face of Black blackmail being carried out against us – but we need to institute our own blackmail tactics. I suggest we encourage boycotts of all supporters of “Black Lives Matter” and of Antifa-connected organizations. This would include Jeff Bezo’s Amazon (and Washington Post), politicians, celebrities and sports millionaires who “bend the knee” or recommend we all do so. The British cuck (what Brits are not cucks?) Piers Morgan of the Daily Mail, is recommending President Donald Trump (who is one of the few we can depend on) should appear on television bending the knee in the Oval Office, to show he cares about “race and national unity.” Today, Trump’s press secretary told reporters her boss is against kneeling, period.

    I definitely think everyone should make their list as this moves along, and we also publish these lists so as to let others know how they can join in. Another benefit to doing this is to get us building alternatives to doing business with and enriching our enemies. I definitely think it’s time for something as mild as this, and if it’s too hard for some of you, then screw us!

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @Carolyn Yeager “(what Brits are not cucks?) ”
      Typical of some whites to want to provoke antagonism between whites even as all whites are under attack and we should be uniting. When some Americans cannot stop thinking about the War of Independence, this is just like the way the Jews cannot stop thinking about who offended them 4000 years ago.

      And the author of this article is a ‘Brit’ by the way. It is easy to start childish insults to each other such as ‘at least we did not elect a Black President with ‘Hussein’ as his middle name as our leader’, but this is not the time. Leave the resurrection of pointless arguments about past white conflict for another time perhaps.
      The fact is that ALL white countries have their cucks, and plenty of them.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        So to someone who identifies himself as a million year old flying bird dinosaur, I guess you have a hard time keeping up. I certainly don’t have the War of Independence in mind, but your Prime Minister and his entire government. Are they not first-class cucks, every one? And it doesn’t stop there. Britain is completely mired in anti-racism, despite the presence of “Andrew Joyce” and a number of other regular writers here at this American-Canadian website. Do they ever make a call to action … even the most modest? Not that I’ve seen. I’d say there’s not any strength at all left in Britain – not a drop.

        See here and tell me what you think of it: https://carolynyeager.net/why-im-calling-boycott-black-privilege
        I sincerely think it should be seriously pushed by all Whites all over the planet. It WOULD make a difference. But I think you know that the White race is not up to even this. White guys, young and old, are not going to give up watching those muscular black football players.

    • Aitch.
      Aitch. says:

      I’m ‘a Brit’. I’m not wealthy, and I consequently have no power. What do you suggest I do, other than grumble to like-minded people?

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Please be patient, Aitch. I’m sure that Carolyn is even now working on an answer that is as characteristically reflective and pithy as her sententious judgment that all of you Brits are cucks. Remember, too, that being a cuck, you ought to be bloody grateful that she even permits you to ask her a question.

        Meanwhile, grumbling is good. In one of her recent articles, Carolyn demonstrated that no Brit can cuck and grumble at one and the same time. In other words, learn to profit from your liabilities.

  14. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    At the 37:00 minute mark of this video Catherine Austin Fitts https://youtu.be/HCeEzmmCd5c says this:

    “what we were doing in the African American Neighborhoods was Genocide pure and simple. It was no difference than what the Clintons and Bushes were doing than what Hitler did. We were rounding up innocent people and throwing them into slave labor camps where they worked for the military. That’s what it was! It was covered over and papered over by a whole lot of very fancy very expensive financial engineering. So much more expensive than I’m sure of the Nazi system but it was basically the same Nazi stuff.”

    How do you like them apples?

    Lastly, I see and hear Michael Jordan is donating 100 million dollars? Really 100 million??? One black athlete can do this? Yeah, think about that for awhile?

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “I see and hear Michael Jordan is donating 100 million dollars? Really 100 million??? One black athlete can do this? Yeah, think about that for awhile?”


      They’re so oppressed, so held back, that one of them can send a $100 million to help alleviate their suffering.

      Of course, the irony is lost on all of them, including Michael Jordan.

      Speaking of an irony-free people, when Jews brag about their committment to Blacks they are so lost in self-congratulation they can’t see that their bragging is actually a confession, ie;

      That when it comes to shakedown scams Blacks have learned from the best.

      They might not be able to see that. But we do.

      And, lastly, as long as we’re on the subject of irony.

      How about a man who says in a voice heard round the world “I can’t breathe”, more than once.

    • Bobby
      Bobby says:

      That’s right Gerry. You hit the nail on-the-head. The jews hate and are terrified of blacks. They are helping them to commit their own genocide.

  15. Walter L
    Walter L says:

    What is so depressing about this George Floyd episode is the number of White people marching in protest against White interests.

    Especially White women.

    After three generation of feminism and pro-Back racist indoctrination it is to be expected, I guess.

    MSM have been uniform in silencing pro-White information so that the kids today have no idea how dangerous Blacks are to peace in a society.

    Floyd was sentenced to five years prison in 2009 for an assault and robbery in 2007.

    He broke into a lady’s house with the intent to rob her. He wore a blue uniform to look like a government employee to gain the lady’s trust. The lady realized that Floyd was impersonating a government worker so she tried to shut the door but the 6 foot 6 inches Floyd powered his way into the house.

    A truck pulled up and five Blacks rushed into the house.

    The court record declares that the victim identified George as the robber who pressed a pistol to her stomach and forced his way into the house.

    Floyd searched the residence while another armed Black criminal struck the lady in head and sides with his pistol as she screamed for help. Not finding any cash, Floyd and his gang took

    Imagine if Floyd were White and died while a Black cop’s knee held down a drug filled White criminal with his knee.

    The White population would praise the Black cop and most likely given him a medal for getting rid of another dangerous criminal in their neighborhood.

    Everyone from President Trump to Fox pundits on down, repeat the nonsense that the Floyd death is the greatest crime in American history.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “Especially White women.”

      This is what white men say to cover for their lack of action. They point to white women, just like Adam pointed to Eve.
      In truth, there are far more white men/boys out in the streets than women/girls, and many of the former are even part of the rioting-looting. They are serious anarchists and antifascists who support Black Lives Matter even though they’re white. But you have nothing to say about them.
      You also use this to slam President Trump and Fox even though they’re the ONLY ones to show any support for law enforcement among all broadcast tv networks, all cable tv networks, and an entire major political party, the DNC.
      Could you reveal yourself as any more anti-American than that?

  16. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    “They should be apportioned a vast tract of land in which they would be forced to live with one another, attempting in the inevitable chaos to build their own infrastructure — this time without Blacks building their entire country. ”

    Please don’t throw me in that brier patch!

    Great article!

  17. AntiSocialFool
    AntiSocialFool says:

    Aint it strange how these freedom lovers whenever they talk of Slavery never mention the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Slavery was legally practised by the Turks until 1923.And the vast majority of their slaves were white Europeans.Whens the last time Hollywood released a movie about these white slaves? Whens the last time mainstream TV aired a documentary about them? The double standards are truly nauseating

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Devshirme had already become one of the topics never to be mentioned when the list of such topics was still countable in two figures. That was quite some time ago.

      After the events of the past three months—the covid hoax, the absence of white pushback to it, and topping all, the Orwellian nightmare of the past three weeks wherein war is called peace, truth is called a racist lie, and the very concept of theft has been abolished when blacks do the thieving—I doubt whether anything short of a violent revolution overthrowing (((those who rule))) will save this country or any other formerly white Western state from the fate of South Africa.

  18. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    It now appears that we are indeed living in a surreal inter-racial lunatic asylum.
    A manufactured Judeo-liberal ‘fractured fairy tale’, where the Jewish spin media has succeeded in NORMALIZING THE ABNORMAL.
    And, the pathetic part is that many deluded Whites are either buying into it, or standing down in the face of the racial madness.

    Like Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us!”.

  19. Swan
    Swan says:

    Dr. Joyce, may I have your permission to plagiarize this? I would love to post it on social media to people who have not heard of you and would only get the (((Wikipedia))) version of who you are.

  20. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    In the Church of England Newspaper, Patrick Ngwolo, pastor of Resurrection Houston opines “George Floyd was a person of peace sent from the Lord to help the Gospel go forward”.

  21. Bruno
    Bruno says:

    Wow, this was simply wonderful. Andrew deserves Immense praise. Looks like he’s the next generation of KMacs. If only he were on Capitol Hill. One person like him could change the entire structure within La CessPool Grandy.

  22. Marie
    Marie says:

    Blacks have primitive minds. They don’t see themselves clearly and live in fantasy land. When their feeling of entitlement are not met they lash out at not having their grandiose fantasies appreciated. Whites very presence is a narcissistic injury to them.

  23. Jett Rucker
    Jett Rucker says:

    George Floyd was a drug dealer who had fallen behind on his protection payments to the police. His death was a consequence of the method the police use to encourage all the other drug dealers to keep their payments up. So are the deaths in most of the other seemingly senseless killings of blacks by the police.

    It’s not senseless, it’s not racism, it’s the War on Drugs. Prohibition had a similar effect on police and certain other ethnic groups of bootleggers.

    • Arlene Johnson
      Arlene Johnson says:

      Your first sentence began beautifully, but George Floyd is not dead. The latest I have received is the fact that a mannikin was placed on the stretcher and quickly covered over with a blanket so people couldn’t pick up on it. George Floyd is a paid crisis actor as is the man who held his knee on George Floyd’s neck.
      I’ll be writing more on this particular article, because the African American community has been betrayed, but the author of this article, doesn’t have a clue as to how to resolve racism.

      Arlene Johnson
      To access my e-zine, which is internationally acclaimed and free to the world, click on the icon that says Magazine.
      To access 12 posts to date on the coronavirus, log onto https://arlenejohnson.livejournal.com

  24. Dave Bowman
    Dave Bowman says:

    The only trouble with a tsunami of sarcasm is that there are in fact certain people in this world who will ignore the sarcasm, be it never so overwhelming – and endorse and, with a straight face, demand fulfilment of the words.

    Bravo, Dr Joyce.

  25. Anne
    Anne says:

    Some TOO readers might find this encouraging.

    The folks in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, seem to have figured out how to deal with Antifa threatening to shake up their town in the face of all the BLM nonsense. A group calling itself the Media Accountability Collective posted these pictures of the local militia (successfully) keeping the peace:

    Thanks, Andrew, for yet another great article.

  26. Bantu Education
    Bantu Education says:

    Trump must go ahead and buy Greenland and rename it Wakanda – blacks will rush to go there….problem solved…!

  27. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    This matter must be analyzed as if one were an extraterrestrial intelligent probe, which came from Alpha-Centauri, which analyzes humans from the outside, it must first be clarified that the type of death of the tar spawn (Floyd), was not a situation racist, because objectively it was a problem of RACE, which is different from racism, since if the police officer who immobilized Floyd who later died, had been black, it would not have been of greater importance, even if he had defecated on the victim. It is a problem of a biological nature (RACE), where two different species cross, compete and fight for dominance, behavior in races differ in genetics. This would have been solved a long time ago, but there is a third actor that is the cornerstone of the problem, this is the Semitic parasite that corrupts and distorts absolutely everything. White guilt comes from the ideological infection of the parasite on its victim (White people), contaminated white people are similar to beings with a self-destruct virus (Sombies). Rescuing them is an almost impossible task, so you have to forget about them. Think that this selective incident created by the anti-white media, actually got out of hand, exposed the white-virus-sick, black violence, anti-white traitors, and the corruption of institutions at all levels. . Now the most important thing is that many sleepy whites are beginning to understand and awaken, in the face of the tar spawn. It will be necessary to take full advantage of this and promote an autonomous white agenda, leaving as irrefutable evidence the great danger that blacks represent and the need to separate from them. And then go after the true cause of the misfortune of the whites (El parasito).

  28. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Dr.Joyce, Hilarious if it wasn’t so desperately tragically real.
    I am continually amazed when hearing the refrain ‘it’s only because of the colour of skin’ and of course absolutely nothing to do with deeds and actions of black folk.
    Come the wheel of revolution I would re-teach the shoe lickers and knee- benders of whatever skin tone and forcibly make them watch the scene from a particular Charlton Heston film, which I haven’t seen for decades so please overlook my inaccuracies, when he’s astronaut George Taylor, who crash-lands on a planet; then I recall at the final scene Charlton’s character comes across the Statue of Liberty on the beach with the remaining head, shoulder and arm holding aloft the torch on the beach, he utters ‘Oh my God, I’m back’. It’s a disturbing scene.
    Finally,to paraphrase a renowned quote ‘First they came for the memorials; then they came for us’.

  29. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    The anti goy rhetoric of the BLM movement is remarkably similar to Talmud teachings. The victimhood of BLM is being used to obtain power much the same as the Jewish use of the very inflated Holocaust. It seems to be working at least in the Democrat party and Jewish owned media.

  30. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    *Begin my reply with; In a way you’re on to something Gerry. Jew’s are terrified of blacks so, they are helping them to commit their own genocide.

  31. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    The average American black IQ is around one standard deviation below white. There are certainly brilliant American blacks: usually mulatto. This may explain the relatively lower income of USA blacks vs whites @ average IQ of 100 vs 85)

  32. Allison
    Allison says:

    Fantastic! Thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Everything about this piece just nailed it. Brilliant.

  33. M
    M says:

    Stop racism by learning to remove all racial labels from both discrimination and privilege, advantages and assistance for wealth that all individuals do not have. Remove all minority labels, privileges and benefits the same way you remove all majority labels, privileges and benefits from race, gender, religion and only compete as individuals. As long as you allow people to self-associate with a race, gender or religion there will always be racism and always be people trying to twist the logic to allow only their own racism to be allowed to be a racist and claim their own racist, gender or religious label to be “politically correct”. There is no equality in that form of racism and never will be until all labels are removed and we are just “individuals”.

    Educate yourself about institutional racism exercised by all individuals of ANY race with institutional hiring and firing power, or political power over other races, genders and religions and how it differs from individual racism by members of ANY race exercising personal intolerance, prejudice, discriminatory behavior, superiority, and hatred based individual racism at : https://areomagazine.com/2017/06/16/racism-does-not-equal-prejudice-power/
    You will find an excellent analysis on the tactics of institutional power used to harm people of all races, every manager who has hiring power and hires only their own race is guilty of individual racism and institutional racism. Honestly the only way to stop racism is to listen to my two hero’s Morgan Freeman and Candice Owens…stop labeling people with a racial label, stop identifying with a race, remove the B in black lives matter to just Lives matter, and change check your “white” privilege, to all races to just check their own institutional privilege position in society to oppress another race, gender or religion, or prevent an individual from having a job and electing people only of your own race, gender or religion into positions of power. The US constitution has the answer if you listen… all people are individuals with only a very small and limited number with institutional power under the common law to be an institutional racist exercising the R=P+P privilege to oppress other races when members of any race hold that institutional power to oppress members of other races, genders and religions. This power is reduced only when the existing concept of racial labeling is eliminated in all its forms and laws regarding racial identity group self-association and institutional racial power are held in check by racial labeling laws held equally to all equally without prejudice or discrimination or privileged affirmative action, section 8, or privileged admission to school or job based on race, gender or religion preferences, privileges and institutional power based on the race of the person holding hiring power or admissions power being an institutional racist by always associating with a race and identity group and oppressing all but the members of their own race. Stop racism by removing all identity group labels and claim only equality as an individual.

    • Aitch.
      Aitch. says:

      Thanks all the same, but I’m English and I intend to remain so. I can see how anonymous internationalism might have its attractions, however, if your ancestors had left you nothing to be proud of.

  34. Arlene Johnson
    Arlene Johnson says:

    No mention in this article that the CIA, FBI, and DEA bring in the drugs to the African American community, and when Gary Webb exposed it in the San Jose Mercury News and his book Dark Alliance, he was suicided.
    The African American community was the first community to latch onto what I was doing, which is publishing top secret history, because it knows persecution.
    and when I met my friend in Paris, France for the first time who was born in Benin, a country in Africa, he was surprised to see that my skin is white instead of what he thought it was, black. And when he came to England on vacation in 2016, where I had lived for 8 years, he said to me, “I can’t imagine coming to England and not seeing you” it made me very happy.
    My favorite professor, Dr. Norman, is African American. She earned a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Southern California (USC). So her intelligence is not as one comment said here.

    Arlene Johnson
    To access my e-zine, click on the icon that says Magazine.
    To access 12 posts, to date, on the Coronavirus, log onto https://arlenejohnson.livejournal.com

  35. louis fourie
    louis fourie says:

    Poor incompetent shameful lost souls. Collectively cursed, individually good people. Keep looking in rear-view mirror never looking in the windscreen, never able to move forward collectively, live in a culture of blame, destroy what they cannot understand, never recognizing that history belongs to all, like it or hate it. Never seeing what good is done what progress is. Give them a homeland devoid of flag,guns, law and order, schools and infrastructure so they can go back to the future and evolve in their own time since obviously the 21st century is too advanced. They can appoint their own president who lacks identity is neither man nor woman and is gender less and with loose morals. They are supported by liberal whites who are so confused gutless and spineless and who join Soros and Clinton Foundation to sponsor ANTIFA led violence by BLM and reported on by media owned by the above members whilst people fall for enacted, sponsored planned violence anarchy plundering amoral cretins.

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