A Suggestion to American White Advocates: Root Your Arguments in This Country’s Core Political and Cultural Ideals

The cause of white people has historically been linked to the far-right end of the social/political spectrum, which I find problematic both philosophically and practically.  For my taste, the far right is too authoritarian and statist.  By authoritarian, I refer to somebody calling the shots at the cost of someone’s else’s personal freedom and self-determination, and that person going along with it.  Statism gets at government overreach in its control of social and economic affairs.  Apart from any of that, I see taking on a right-wing identity as the wrong card to play if you are trying to, as Dale Carnegie put it, win friends and influence people, or aiming to get things accomplished rather than just talk a good game.

Something that informs me and gives me direction these days (I write this in mid-June, 2020) has been right under my nose all along—my American nose, that is—the constitutional republic set up by the Founders of this country in the late 1700s and its basic ideals.  At its core, this political arrangement is the antithesis of authoritarianism and statism.  It is an experiment in personal freedom and responsibility: let’s see what free people can make out of their lives if the state isn’t dictating to them.  It should be noted that whites did very well under this arrangement until the post-World II period, when individuals and organizations effectively shot holes in it.

The Constitution of the United States: Limited and prescribed governmental prerogatives, all written down.  Oops, we forgot to spell out our commitment to individual rights and freedoms.  We can get that done in the first ten amendments.  Let’s call them the Bill of Rights—catchy.   We can make the first one about the free exercise of religion (during the COVID-19 hysteria: “Didn’t I just tell you not to hold church services?  What part of that don’t you understand?); and freedom of speech (“You went up against the Surgeon General; you have to zip it”); and the right of people to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances (“Anybody that protests my orders as governor is a racist,” along with no reference to this foundational American right, and responsibility, in response to the savagery of the recent George Floyd riots).  And we can get in that the enumeration of certain rights should not be construed as denying or disparaging others retained by the people.

Here’s a homework assignment for you.  Read these three things and think about what they imply for the stated focus of this magazine: white identity, interests, and culture.

  1. The Constitution of the United States. With all the amendments. It’s surprisingly brief and straightforward.1
  2. The Federalist Papers.2 A collection of 85 articles and essays written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay under the pseudonym “Publius” and published in New York newspapers to promote the ratification of The United States Constitution, which took place in 1788.  Until the twentieth century, this collection was known as The Federalist.  Essentially, it says, “Here’s what’s up with this constitution, and it’s solid.”
  3. A biography of Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826), American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson.3 Jefferson was the third president of the United States (1801–1809) and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. He was many things: a statesman, diplomat, architect, and, the focus here, philosopher.

If you ground yourself in those three sources—rather than, say, Mein Kampf—where does it take you?   Here is where it takes me:

To middle-of-the-road politics.  Not left, not right—in the middle.  My take on it is that white advocacy shouldn’t label itself politically.  Rather, come on as tacitly centrist, or apolitical, and offer its truths and criticize both the left and right when they deserve it.  Don’t assume an identity that will turn people away and detract from your message and disempower you and get you and yours hurt, as presenting yourself as far right will do.

It may not seem glamorous, but the action in society is in the middle, and advocates and activists who have been successful in this country have realized that.  Whatever he really believed and wanted, Martin Luther King avoided a leftist label, as have the women’s movement and gays and Jews.  They were, so they pitched their arguments, on the side of fundamental American ideals—freedom, equality, fairness.   White racial advocates can learn from that.

To a focus on the individual human being—this one, that one, and that one over there.   This in contrast to abstractions—the West, the white race, and so on.  It is the recognition that the white race is what we call this white person, that white person, and that other white person, and that other one, and so on and so on and so on and so on.  The white race is a word, or concept, an abstraction, and indeed an important abstraction to be used as the basis for analysis and theorizing, as well as for organization and collective action.  But let’s not lose sight of the concrete reality behind that abstraction—a particular white person making his way toward his inevitable rendezvous with eternity.

When you look at human beings one at a time, what becomes salient?

Race is but one of his identities.  This person is white, let’s say.  But this person is also male or female, middle or lower class, rich or poor, of English or Polish descent, a son or daughter, a brother or sister, a friend and neighbor, a conservative or liberal, old or young, a Protestant or Catholic or agnostic or atheist, a student or carpenter or stock analyst, single or married, a father or mother, and from Maine or Mississippi.

If this individual is to live well, he (or she) has to integrate multiple identities and perspectives and responsibilities into a harmonious whole.

He has to attend to his personal welfare, his health and happiness, his career.   He needs to be selfish, self-ish.

He needs to look out for his own—mother, father, siblings, wife, children.  He has a private identity and responsibility.

He also needs to look out for his neighborhood, community, state, and nation, his profession, and his ethnicity, and yes, his race.  He has a public and collective identity and responsibility.

Is he individualistic?  Yes.  Is he collectivistic?  Yes.  Is he particularistic?  Yes.  Is he universalistic?  Yes.  Life as it is lived productively and honorably isn’t this or that, it’s this and that.  The concept of republican citizenship in this country’s early writings is consistent with this idea: a good citizen is one who effectively attends to both his private and public responsibilities, and does it in a way that all the pieces fit together in a complementary and mutually enhancing way.

When you look at this unique, one-of-a-kind human being it becomes clear that he is more or less capable of getting his life done well.  He is just so smart and insightful and wise, just so mentally and physically fit, just so efficacious, and just so socially, occupationally, and geographically well-placed (or misplaced).

And he is just so free to determine the direction to take in his life.  If you read through the U.S. Constitution and The Federalist Papers and the Jefferson biography, freedom—liberty—becomes a major, if not the, central concern.   Jefferson declared that “everyone comes into the world with a right to his own person and using it at his own will.”   Of course, Jefferson was the primary author (at just 33 years of age) of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.  Joseph Ellis in his American Sphinx biography of Jefferson wrote: 

The explicit claim [in the Declaration of Independence] is that the individual is the sovereign unit in society; his natural state is freedom from and equality with all other individuals; this is the natural order of things.  The implicit claim is that all restrictions on this natural order are immoral transgressions, violations of what God intended; individuals liberated from such restrictions will interact with their fellows in a harmonious scheme requiring no external discipline and producing maximum human happiness.

Biographer Ellis notes that Jefferson was taken by the way of life in Saxony during the Middle Ages, where, as he saw it, small communities of people managed their own affairs free from dictates from on high.   In a letter written late in his life, Jefferson wrote, “God send that our country may never have a government which it can feel.”  If government is anything in our time, it is felt, and bent on being more felt, and still more, and more, and more, and more. James Madison and the other framers of the Constitution, within practical limitations, created a governing apparatus consistent with Jefferson’s hope.

Much more to be said, but space is running out here, so I’ll get to some ways this perspective has affected my writing:

A concern for individual people.  My second book, after one about the white advocate William Pierce,4 One Sheaf, One Vine, was not about “how it all is” with whites as a whole, but instead a collection of interviews with average white people about how it all is for each of them individually around race.5  From the back cover:

The men and women you will meet in this book aren’t public figures or leaders of organizations. They are everyday people, a postal worker from Philadelphia, a college student from Texas, an attorney from New York City, a bookstore owner from Washington State, an appliance repairman from Connecticut, a teacher from Chicago, and so on.

At this writing, the death in Minneapolis of a black man after a white police officer knelt on his neck to hold him down when he allegedly resisted arrest has resulted in massive rioting and looting in multiple cities across America.  I grew up in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  I lived in Minneapolis—this was the late 1960s and early ‘70s—when I was a graduate student and taught at the University of Minnesota.  I remember what a truly great city virtually-all-white Minneapolis was then.  I left for a university job in Vermont in 1974.  It has saddened me that demographic changes since that time have transformed Minneapolis from a beautiful, culturally cohesive, and safe city to a cluttered, shattered, and dangerous place known as “Murderapolis.”

This most recent nation-wide destruction and thievery has reminded me of Jefferson’s assertion that blacks and whites “cannot live in the same government . . . nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.”   Whether or not that is the case, a concern for individual people does highlight one way for whites to deal with the race problem: pack up the wife and kids and move to North Dakota.

If they stay, individually they could do what I wrote about here back in 2016: “The answer to the current state of black-white relations for white people?  Exit.”6 Individuals could secede in place, as it were.  Right here, right now, they could shut it down with regard to blacks.  No animosity, no explanations, no dialogue, no do-gooding (or “do-badding”), nothing; not a word, here but not here, gone.   Enough of this, enough of you, I’ve had it.

Another individual solution, if the government won’t protect them and their property, they could—perhaps with the help of a few compatriots—protect themselves in whatever way is necessary.   I remember when I was in the army what a guy who committed “b&e’s”—breaking and enterings, going into people’s houses and businesses to rob and vandalize—told me.  “You know what really scares me about doing that?”  “No, what?” I replied.  “Somebody coming around the corner with a gun and shooting my ass.”   In fact, he said, that got to be such a problem for him, he stopped his b&e activity.

Something else individuals can do is hold on to their power of judgment, let no one take that away from them.  What is called racism toward blacks is, very often, disrespect for them.  It’s not irrational animus or a desire to hurt or exploit or dominate blacks.  Rather, it is a considered judgment.  Whites observe black behavior—including blaming others for their lot in life and arson and looting—and disrespect them for it, and, if they can manage it, get themselves and their families away from them.  The truth is, you can’t, in the long run anyway, demand respect, or shame people into respecting you, or threaten and attack people into respecting you; you have to earn respect by the way you conduct your life.  Individual whites should never cede their power of discernment to anyone.

“I-you” writing.   I am aware that, right now, I am writing these words, as the person that I am and in the context of all that is going on in my life.  And I am aware that you—you—are reading this.  I’m not simply expressing myself, or addressing the TOO readership; I’m talking to one person.  Of course, I don’t know who you are or what you are like, but nevertheless, I’m addressing you.

The view that while race is vitally important, it isn’t everything.  I ended a recent article with this depiction of a type of white racial advocate I’d like to see more of:

Race would be vitally important [to this white advocate], but so too would be honorable and productive work and honest self-expression, and place and love and family and friendship and service to others, and leisure and fun, and the fact that we are going to die.7

Wishing all human beings well.  I realize that every human being is their parents’ child and, with rare exceptions, means well, and with no exceptions, this person’s life will end, just as mine will.  I’m not taking any crap from anybody, and I will do all I can to protect my people, white people, and I will encourage white people to stand up for their interests.  But I don’t want to see anybody hurt or unhappy.  No human being is my enemy.

A focus on small groups.  A recent article of mine, “Who Shall Remain Nameless: Al Hanzel and Democracy in Action,” dealt with the efforts of one Al Hanzel—who is what his name sounds like, a real nice white guy—to organize a group of his fellow whites to oppose minority efforts to change the name of his and my old high school in Saint Paul, Minnesota.8   While Al wasn’t paying attention, there had been big demographic changes occurring right around him.  In 1970, when Al was young, whites were 95% of the population of Saint Paul; now they are less than half.  (The Great Replacement isn’t real?)  The name of Monroe High School had to go—James Monroe, this country’s president from 1817 to 1825, owned slaves—and it did go, and Al was written off as “an old white racist.”

A lot of other names went too.

These days, name changes are getting to be common practice in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and Saint Paul.   The old (Daniel) Webster Elementary is now Barack and Michelle Obama Elementary.  Patrick Henry High School’s Principal Yusuf Abdullah is heading up a group looking into changing that school’s name. [In the old days, principals were named Johnson.]  I went swimming in Lake Calhoun (John C.).   Now it’s Lake Bde Maka Ska, a Dakota Indian name.  Alexander Ramsey Elementary is no more.  Ramsey was Minnesota’s second governor from 1860 to 1863.  In response to attacks by the Sioux Indian tribe in 1862 resulting in the deaths of 800 white settlers, Ramsey declared, “The Sioux Indians of Minnesota must be exterminated or driven forever beyond the borders of the state!”  The school is now named Justice Alan Page Middle School after Minnesota’s first black state supreme court justice.  Page first gained renown as one of the “Purple People Eaters,” a supremely talented defensive line of the Minnesota Vikings team in the National Football League.

I have a hope that in the future small groups of racially conscious and committed white people will look out for themselves and their race from day one.  This rather than what happened with Al, who was slowly cooked like a frog in a pot of water unaware of what was happening to him—and actually going along with it (“I like this diverse water!”)—and then, when the pot started to boil, went, “Hey, what’s going on?”  Too late.

A concern for personal health.  I wrote an article posted here called “Addictions: An Example of the Interplay of the Public and Private” 9:

Almost exclusively, white racial discourse has focused on public concerns: white identity and culture, historical and current realities, philosophical and ideological concepts, and proposals and strategies for collective action.  And that’s all well and good, keep it going.   But the argument here is that at the same time we’re doing that, let’s give attention to the opposite of a public focus: let’s look at things from a private, or personal or individual, frame of reference; and take note of the interplay of the public and private, how each affects the other.

The private concern I shine a light on here is addiction.  Not addiction as a problem for the society and culture as a whole — though it is good to look at it from that angle — but rather as a problem for individual people: for him and her and you and me.

When I was writing the William Pierce book, a man named Bob DeMarais, who lived on Pierce’s compound in West Virginia, told me, “If you are going to be one of us, you are going to have to get in top mental and physical shape so you are good at fighting up close.”  Back to the idea of Republican citizenship, a good citizen has it personally together enough to be able can get things done in both the personal and public dimensions of his life.

Donald Trump isn’t my guy.  Trump is—or was anyway, his luster is fading—the guy to a lot of white advocates when he was running for president in 2016.  Not me.  Article II, Section I, of the Constitution says “The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.”  Executive, as in execute, as in implement laws passed by Congress (Article I, Section I, “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives”).   The president’s job under our system is to serve the people and their elected representatives, not to call attention to himself and—something Trump has said about himself numerous times—run the country.  More, in my book, there is an implied dignity and decorum requirement for the presidency. Neither George Washington nor John Adams made pronouncements about the size of his penis or got caught talking about grabbing women by the pussy.

Who can I get behind?  I’d prefer a president, as well as more leaders of the white racial movement, to be like the soft-spoken, unassuming, morally upright, white racially conscious U.S. president (1924-1929), Calvin Coolidge.  In a 2019 article, I offered that the white racial movement would benefit from more Coolidge-type advocates.  Modern-day Coolidges would bring a slant to things that deserves a place in white racial discourse (you’ll see this article in this list of attributes):

  • Such a person would stay clear of labeling himself as a rightist, and the overall movement as an enterprise of the right. No alt-right, no dissident right.  He’d present white advocacy as mainstream, centrist.
  • He’d be rooted in this constitutional republic, and he would think of himself as connecting with and continuing the American story.
  • He’d be grounded in Thomas Jefferson more than Guillaume Faye.  He’d refer often and favorably to liberty.  The words “individual” and “individualism” wouldn’t have negative connotations.  He would assert that personal freedom and individualism contribute to, complement—not contradict—white racial consciousness and commitment.   He would advocate the creation of small, intimate, supportive, white communities and networks.
  • He would exemplify and promote civility, tolerance, generosity, kindness, and self-sacrifice (he wouldn’t equate altruism with foolishness).  He wouldn’t set white loyalties off against a love for all people.  At the same time, he would recognize threats to our race and culture and country and the need to vigorously resist them.10

Do I think everybody ought to approach things as I favor?  I’m not so presumptuous as to believe that, absolutely, I know how you should take up the cause of white people.   Indeed, for you, white advocacy may best be a right-wing endeavor; but it doesn’t automatically have to be, that’s my point.  We are free to be anything.  Sitting here typing this up in old age, the disgust and rage I experience at this moment in response to all the haranguing and rioting and destroying that’s going on in my country–including the parasitic take-over of the wonderful Capitol Hill section of Seattle where I have spent a lot of time—has prompted the thought that if I were young now, I would think seriously about being a raging bad-ass racial warrior rather than the wordy nice guy I chose to become.  Each of us has to think it through and decide the best way forward for us as an individual, with reference to race and everything else.  If you look hard for it, you’ll find your unique path in life, and it will be “walkable,” and at the end of your time on this earth you will feel gratification and peace.  One thing I have learned in a very long life is that it is indeed a benevolent universe.  Seek and you will find.


  1. The Constitution is online. https://constitutionus.com
  2. The Federalist Papers is online,


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  2. Robert S. Griffin, The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds: An Up-Close Portrait of White Nationalist William Pierce (1stBooks Library, 2001).

5. Robert S. Griffin, One Sheaf, One Vine: Racially Conscious White Americans Talk About Race (1stBooks Library, 2004.

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77 replies
  1. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    “We [my ancestors] cleared this land – it’s ours. They didn’t explore it and make it livable through extreme self-sacrifice for anyone but their descendents. Why would I want to dis-honor them by handing it over without a fight?” is good enough for me as a response to any halfwit who thinks that anyone else is entitled to have it. If “they” can have a big love-in with their traditions and ancestors, well, so can white folk.

    Don’t forget about the refreshing of that famous Tree of Liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots.

  2. Anthony Aaron
    Anthony Aaron says:

    I read this essay … and was somewhat bothered by the way it began … and I’m still not sure about the rest of it, either.

    “For my taste, the far right is too authoritarian and statist.  By authoritarian, I refer to somebody calling the shots at the cost of someone’s else’s personal freedom and self-determination, and that person going along with it.  Statism gets at government overreach in its control of social and economic affairs.”

    This certainly isn’t the ‘far right’ with which I’m aware … much, much closer to the progressive/antifa thug regime we now see leading the rioting and looting and burning of our (primarily) deep-blue cities across the United States. The same is also true of the modern democratic party’s platform of wanting to restrict our individual liberties and to increase the size and scope of the Federal government into every corner of our lives — as well as numerous blue States that seek to do likewise (CA, IL, NY, CO, OR, WA and numerous others).

    “Don’t assume an identity that will turn people away and detract from your message and disempower you and get you and yours hurt, as presenting yourself as far right will do.”

    It’s sad that such a warning is needed … but the democrats/progressives/leftists have made it imperative for the right (let alone the ‘far right’) to be careful for their employment security as well as the physical security of themselves and their families (spouses and children) and their friends. Intimidation — physical and/or social — is the norm from these leftists … whether by costing ‘contrary’ folks their jobs or publicizing their home addresses or encouraging folks to harass them in public places … it’s all about the old book, ‘Winning Through Intimidation’ writ large.

    “It may not seem glamorous, but the action in society is in the middle, and advocates and activists who have been successful in this country have realized that.  Whatever he really believed and wanted, Martin Luther King avoided a leftist label, as have the women’s movement and gays and Jews.  They were, so they pitched their arguments, on the side of fundamental American ideals—freedom, equality, fairness.   White racial advocates can learn from that.”

    Actually, activists have realized that their success comes from being as far from the middle as possible … and the notion the author expresses that ‘the women’s movement and gays and jews’ have stayed as a centrist force is pure nonsense when one studies the past 50 or more years of our history. None have gotten so far by intimidation and force of social control (especially in the media) as these have — and none have used the judiciary — especially the Supreme Court — and other rather low means to achieve their goals that legislation cannot achieve.

  3. Charles FreyIf
    Charles FreyIf says:

    If your little hometown cricket team gentlemanly insists on total adherence to the Rules, as it should, how many International Championships would you expect to win ?

    ROBERT J BLOCK says:

    Professor Griffith’s contributions are the detritus of dementia. Wandering. Rambling. Arbitrary free association. Usually this involves reviews of 1968 movies or some other flashback from the 50s, 60s or 70s. Here, political advice is offered, well suited to the first Nixon administration.

    Calvin Coolidge is not coming back. Excessive individualism is a problem and doubling down is not the solution. The enemy is never going to characterize white advocacy as “middle of the road”. Being nonpartisan when one of two major parties is out to kill you may not be the best strategy.

    This is a very handy, helpful site. Griffith is the benign, senile uncle. Visit him annually at the nursing home. Stop giving him space. Dab diligently at his drool.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “Being nonpartisan when one of two major parties is out to kill you may not be the best strategy.”

      One ot two?

      It’s obviously both.

      The rest of your comment is just a protracted ad hominem attack on Mr. Griffin and a condescending nod to TOO.

      And you’re calling him senile?

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Excessive individualism is a problem and doubling down is not the solution.”

      Amen to that .

  5. Jeff Jr.
    Jeff Jr. says:

    Let there be killing. All this evening, I’ve had a feeling of destiny closing in. Tonight, as I was walking along that road, I began to feel the enchantment of this desert. I looked up at the sky, and the stars seemed to be mocking me, reproving me. They were pointing the way to that gleaming sign and saying, “There’s the end of your tether. You thought you could escape and skip off to the Phoenix Palace, but we know better”. That’s what the stars told me. For perhaps they know that carnage is imminent and that I’m due to be among the fallen.

    –Alan Squire, The Petrified Forest, 1936

    Dr. Griffin, the problem is that events on the ground have made the Constitution, The Federalist Papers, and American Sphinx—all of which I’ve read—irrelevant, abstractions by which our racial enemies beat us “fair and square.” And so yet again, re the 1960s, re the “Ferguson Effect,” we can expect to see the murder rate skyrocket even before the psychos get into the game with their mass/serial murders, assassinations, and torture assaults roughly in proportion to their suggestibility to Jewish media and advertising narratives. But I agree with you about individual fitness and am advising fellow whites to stay out of cities, to boycott television, to stay thin and live well on less, and to practice ways of living that bolster their resilience to the next onslaught of mutant viruses—social, political and biological—in store for everyone. If you review the recent mouthings of any number of Jewish Supremacist organizations—the ADL, SPLC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, among others– it’s clear they smell the blood as never before and are pulling out all the stops to hasten our extinction with their eternal waves of grievance-seized black and third-world vengeance proxies which also include the usual contingent of Stockholm Syndrome-afflicted white twits aka “Sumner Redstone’s Children.” Do not expect mercy or rest in this ahistorical, censorious, multi-racial jungle. We are rapidly reaching the point where whites could die with more serenity, dignity, and freedom of speech in North Korea than in their own ancestral homeland, now become a daily nightmare of bended knee, synthetic emotion, and Jewish commoditization and lockdown. Mine may not be the kind of cosmopolitanism organized Jewry intends, but as a white Southerner I have never felt more pain for the millions of victims of our firebombings and carnage—from Tokyo to Dresden to Hamburg to Hiroshima. Nor felt more pain for the current victims of Zionist treachery worldwide. By one deceit or another we are all Palestinians–or will be. And for the first time in my life last night I dreamed I was a German POW.

  6. Richard McCulloch
    Richard McCulloch says:

    “Donald Trump isn’t my guy. Trump is—or was anyway, his luster is fading—the guy to a lot of white advocates when he was running for president in 2016. Not me.”

    As I’ve written before, many white advocates had unrealistic beliefs and expectations about Trump, and the inevitable disillusionment has – to reverse an old song – caused them to accentuate the negative and eliminate the positive. But they focused, and focus, too much on Trump the man when he is really just performing a role, perhaps little more than an unknowing placeholder, in the transformation of the GOP into a white people’s party. Even if by no more than hot air he was able to win a majority of the white GOP base, and a 58% majority of white voters, to support a program that was more pro-white, even if only implicitly, than any choice they’ve been given since George Wallace in 1968, even if he is no more than this, all symbolism and no substance, he has provided by far the greatest impetus toward our goal than any of us have ever seen, or even believed we might ever see. White advocates need to take their focus off Trump and place it on the movement, and the fact is that Trump has served the pro-white movement, however unintentionally and implicitly, than anyone before him or any other credible national candidate now on the scene. So with our focus on the good of the movement we should hope Trump is re-elected and do whatever we can to help the best credible candidate to succeed him.

    Since 2016 we’ve seen the Democratic party, the judiciary, the bureaucracy, the MSM, the major corporations, etc., move so far in the direction of anti-white “far left’ authoritarianism that what used to be considered the political center, the appreciation and support for what the Founders did and the institutions they left us, is now widely regarded as “far right.” If Biden is elected he will be little more than a puppet for the more radically anti-white and “far left” elements in his party, submissive to their program, however destructive it will be of white rights and interests, especially those historically protected by the first and second amendments. What the anti-whites are doing and calling for now was scarcely imaginable five years ago. If their power were unchecked, stretch your imagination and multiply that by at least an order of magnitude. Pro-white advocacy, if any such survives, will have to go underground, and those who are currently hypercritical of Trump will look back at his administration as a comparative golden age.

    “The view that while race is vitally important, it isn’t everything.”

    The word “vital” is important here. It means “life-essential.” A race is a living biological and genetic entity. As a living thing it can be killed, and if it is killed – destroyed and replaced – it can’t be brought back to life. If a system of government and institutions is destroyed and replaced if could always be recreated by the race that originally created it, so long as they still exist and want to do so. So race is more than something important. It is what is most important, what is most elemental and fundamental, the foundation of everything else. So race must come first and be given priority over everything else, and anything that opposes, or is used against, the continued existence and freedom of our race must be set aside and replaced, or changed into, something that is for us rather than against us.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Obviously, Professor Griffin is not aware of the real meaning of the word ” vital “.

      If one of two adverse diplomats described a sought condition as ” vital “, it meant, that his state was prepared to go to war for it.

      The numerous self-contradictions, in viewpoints, recommended methodology and anachronistic impossibilities are simply too much to counter.

      Age is no excuse, since I too am 81 now, having survived dozens of bombing raids on Berlin, topped off by the Red Army invasion on April 21, 1945, SE of Berlin: evacuated for ” safety “; under the auspices of the psychopathic, murderous Russian Jew Pig Ilya Ehrenburg.

      One thing I did learn, apparently unlike Griffin, is how to lose an existential war.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Richard McCulloch: ” many white advocates had unrealistic beliefs and expectations about Trump”

      I agree with this, there are many armchair presidents who would ‘immediately stop aid to Israel’ etc. Do they seriously think Trump wants to give away billions to Israel, or wants to have the powerful Jews in America breathing down his neck all the time and warning him ‘not to do this’ or ‘you had better do that, or else we will use our money and lawyers to destroy you’?

      His relationship to ‘The Greatest Ally of the US’ is the same as the relationship of a restaurant owner in 1934 to the Mafia. The restaurant owner smiles to the mafia and shakes their hands, not because he wants to do, but because he has to do, or face the consequences.

      I also agree that race is important, as a country needs something to be the focus of loyalty, something that people will die for, so that if you are going to risk your life you can feel it is for a higher cause. This is why race loyalty is deeply embedded in our instincts for most whites (I would prefer race loyalty to religion loyalty), but not all whites have it, and this is just genetic variation, as the genes control our behaviour including whether we have race loyalty or not. In the end, the races that have it will be the ones that survive, black or white or Indian or Japanese.

      In my view there will be separation of the whites geographically into two camps in the near future as there is a civil war brewing in all white countries – those whites who have genes for race loyalty (let us call them ‘Southerners’ after the Confederates) versus those whites who do not (the ‘Northerners’).

      There will likely be a rerun of the American Civil War, North versus South, in which the North will forget their opposition to guns. This will involve massive geographical movement within white countries, eg in the US some whites will move South and some will move move North, according to their politics.

      The Northerners, who are blind to race (viewed as the ultimate virtue by Northern whites but not by any other race) – these Northerners include some whites who are not just indifferent to race but go further and actively hate their own race, and this active hatred is due to them being in a sub-group of whites who also have genes for leftism (a hatred of the superior). These Northerners of hate can join together with the Northerners of race-blindness and also with third world tribes that they invited over to the West and love so much, and of course this includes all the ‘freed slaves’ as they think of the blacks today.

      The Northerners this time will have a multiracial army and hatred as their cause, and the South will have white race loyalty and survival as their cause. The united South will therefore win, as the multiracial army will be dysfunctional and corrupt – provided the North does not grab the military hardware at the start.

      This civil war in the US will be replicated throughout the Western world, with the only white country not joining in being the Russians, who will just gloat over the other white’s troubles, and grab a bit more land, and continue to ally themselves with China rather than the other whites.

      At some stage the white S.Africans will be given sanctuary in one of the white countries.

      After the separation, the Northern whites together with the Jews will want to destroy the other whites, the Southerners, and will never rest until the Southerners find a final solution to the civil war to eliminate the threat to their survival from the Northerners.

      The North will attempt to use the blacks as soldiers to attack the South, but will find their black population are not interested in political causes/grievances unless there is free stuff for them out of it. So they will have no enthusiasm to fight on behalf of the Northern whites against Southern whites – that is not their cause. The blacks in the North will prefer to simply extract reparations etc from their own side, the North.

      As for the Jews, they will be ousted from the South, and they will find the North will not tolerate their mischief making in the North, as they were only tolerated previously by the white left while this was useful to foment internal chaos in the 2020 era. The Northern whites will no longer listen with tears in their eyes to the H stories, or allow the Jews to fulfil their traditional role in other countries.

  7. Kenneth Anderson
    Kenneth Anderson says:

    I agree with most of this essay, but given real kin and ethnic centered human nature, I think ethnostates for distinct races/ethnic groups is the best long term way to keep the peace, which could be legally adapted from our unique constitutional separation of powers and states, without radical revolution. Raging about supremacy doesn’t work for any side in our overpopulated world. Group selection remains the most successful way to survive, as sociobiology has pointed out, in a kind of co-evolution with individual selection.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” I think ethnostates for distinct races/ethnic groups is the best long term way to keep the peace …”

      Amen to that .

  8. Karl
    Karl says:

    If principled Whites do not act, non-Whites will take over sooner than anyone thinks.

    No one will be better off when that happens.

    Look at the non-White, Democratic-ruled big cities. Most of them are a wreck.

    What is disappointing in these recent protests is that there has been little push-back, including in the media and intellectual realm.

  9. Mark
    Mark says:

    A general TOO question: Does Tobias Langdon still contribute here, or has he moved elsewhere?

  10. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    The mother of all battles in the white west.
    The only main factor that protects the USA from the Bolshevik massacre at the beginning of the 20th century, is the right to bear arms, which is why a large part of whites are armed, racism is a dialectic of Pavlovian control over whites. Marxism in all its variants is an ideology of ethnic-social-cultural-territorial deconstruction, whose objective is to create a totalitarian global world, controlled by an ultra-ethnocentric plutocratic elite (Semitic parasite or members of the club). That is the true enemy and threat that all the West faces. Right now they are throwing all the cards on the table. I insist that the Floyd crisis can be an opportunity to take advantage of, the sump was full of ____ and it was already uncovered, therefore all the waste is in sight and emerging, previously they were hidden. Crying over the milk already spilled does not solve anything, life in nature is survival, only that. This is and will be the mother of all battles of the white race.

  11. TiredOfNoise
    TiredOfNoise says:

    I sympathize with your desire to have an advocacy group that is reasonable and rational while staying tethered to the constitution. However, any white advocacy is automatically cast as evil and right wing. I fear that any group that achieved a measure of success doing what you describe would only provide a frame for further debasement of the constitution itself, rather than the reverse of the constitution lending legitimacy to a white advocacy group. Wildly different circumstances would need to exist before this approach would work.

  12. Joe
    Joe says:

    I disagree with Dr. Griffin. Adolph Hitler was a highly intelligent man and he understood what was necessary to right his country’s ship with the forces and system arrayed against it. He, too, could have taken a “middle of the road” political approach and used the parliamentary system set up to obfuscate, deflect and PREVENT any real change within a government. Had he done so, Germany would have been doomed to eternal servitude under the Rothschild banking cabal which ruled Europe. Instead, he realized that a white-blood-cell movement was necessary to rid their societal body of the infection which had crippled it. His policies and ideology worked miracles and with a few short years, Germany was out of the Great Depression and moving forward.

    I’m afraid the rest of the Western World now faces a similar crossroad. We either play “nice” and wallow in the middle, or we take back – BY FORCE – the nations OUR ancestors built for us.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Well said. People might not know that the Enabling Act, which allowed Hitler to rule as a dictator for four years, was passed on the understanding that it would not be renewed if German voters disapproved of his leadership. They heartily approved and allowed him to remain their Fuehrer.

      At the same time, German chancellors during the earlier Weimar period were allowed to bypass parliament and “rule by decree” under certain circumstances. If only Trump had that power! On the other hand, one shudders at the thought of a Democrat dictator….

      • Rerevisionist
        Rerevisionist says:

        Please, please, make the effort to realise that Hitler was just one of a large group of Jews and freemasons. You seem to think he was a sort of individualist messiah. He wasn’t.

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          Hitler was not a Jew or a Freemason. Those claims are Jewish propaganda intended to make Hitler a “bad person” in the eyes of those who admire what he tried to do for his fellow Germans and for the preservation of Western Civilization. They are no more credible than the claims that he was a Rothschild, a homosexual, a Soviet agent, a British agent, a Communist, or only had one testicle.

          The biggest promoter of these false claims right now is the Jew Christopher Jon Bjerknes.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            Eric, stop allowing yourself to be repeatedly baited into this shit.

            Didn’t we wade through this untreated sewage just months ago ? Stirred by the same shtik.

            Honor us, instead, with more of your always worthwhile contributions.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Charles Frey: Thanks for your kind words.

            I respond because newbies and normies might believe him.

            Taking your good advice, I am letting some of his other comments pass.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @Joe – good post
      “and with a few short years, Germany was out of the Great Depression and moving forward.”
      What Hitler achieved before WWII was almost a miracle in terms of economics and achievement, one that is unparalleled although Mussolini was also v successful, and the success of Hitler’s rule before the entire white world ganged up on him to help communism, this success is never mentioned in any of the many many hours per week on Freeview TV about ‘the Nazis’, or in school history lessons.

  13. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    “The Sioux Indians of Minnesota must be exterminated or driven forever beyond the borders of the state!”

    There is every reason to suppose that Governor Ramsey wasn’t just another man who got a kick out of killing Injuns—that is, the sort of mean white guy that has become the staple of latter-day Hollywood westerns, replacing the hardy homesteader or the local sheriff who uses his prowess with a gun to safeguard the settler community.

    By all accounts the Plains Indians were, with few exceptions, extraordinarily tough customers and fully earned virtually all the enmity that came their way. There can be little doubt, however, that were they a living part of the present-day Minnesota scene, the BLM movement would soon disappear from the state as permanently as the Albigensians disappeared from thirteenth-century France. Equally good riddance to both!

    Whether the Sioux were quite as inhumanly savage as the Iroquois of two to three centuries earlier, however, is not something I can venture an informed opinion about. Both peoples are certainly better to read about than to have lived among. If we are very fortunate, perhaps our descendants will be able to say the same one day of blacks and Jews.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @Pierre de Craon
      What an excellent summary in the second paragraph of the way Westerns changed over the 50s and 60s, and today you can almost imagine the producers and crew bowing down whenever a ‘Red Indian’ enters the set.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:


        As for movie etiquette, however, my understanding is that the rules require a full from-the-waist bow only when a film’s (((producers))) or (((underwriters))) turn up on set or on location. With regard to such acknowledgments of semidivine authority, any Indians in the cast are expected to behave just like the authentic goyim and show their postural awareness of Who Truly Matters. Heck, even Morgan Freeman has to bow!

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Thanks for the link, Al. I’ve already given it an hour and turned up some pretty grim stuff. Reading the battlefield narrative on p. 219, for instance, left me with an acute case of the shivers.

  14. William_Sigur
    William_Sigur says:

    Dr. Griffin:

    I credit your good intentions but your universalist middle-of-the-road counsel would be disastrous to White Advocacy were it followed.

    Atomistic individualists heading off in 89 different directions most often lose, and lose badly, to self-aware cohesive groups acting in their own deeply accepted group interest, such as ethnocentric Jews acting to dissolve White hegemony in the land we explored and founded.
    It’s significant that a policy of cold-eyed us vs. them, while adroitly cementing alliances, has allowed such a small group such huge success. I see you your Federalist and Thomas Jefferson and raise you Kevin Mac Donald’s trilogy. If you haven’t done so please read them all.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @ William_Sigur “Atomistic individualists heading off in 89 different directions most often lose, and lose badly, to self-aware cohesive groups acting in their own deeply accepted group interest,”

      Well put, the united beat the divided. The army that has a huge internal intellectual discussion on the rights and wrongs before the battle will not win the battle.

      It can work against us too, so that before the last War there was zero discussion in any of the queues of men enlisting for the Allies as to what rights and wrongs of the Germany land claims were.

      During conflict between groups, once the action starts, humans are wired not to think, but to unite behind simple messages, and to just accept whatever justification they can all latch onto.

      So it can also work against whites if the Left are in charge of the simple message. Eg in the last War if you opposed the simple message that ‘Hitler is evil and wants to conquer the world’ then you were the outcast and traitor. There was no room for proper thought once the conflict started. Simple messages only are processed.
      Now the Left are attempting to unite the whites behind the message “whites have a terrible history of oppressing others and must now atone for it”. Sadly, whites seem to be accepting of this strange message even before the action starts and even though it conflicts with their other deep down innate inner instincts, such as self-interest and self preservation and not treating yourself as the enemy..

  15. Forever Guilty
    Forever Guilty says:

    Well it is impossible to have 1st world country and 3rd world demographics. So, reality is starting to catch up with demographics.

    There is about 50/50 White/black brown semitic current balance. The situation is made worse by Affirmative Action , so all these POC embedded in media , administrative, business , law enforcement, academia structures…

    “How did you go bankrupt?
    Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”

  16. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    ” One thing I have learned in a very long life is that it is indeed a benevolent universe. Seek and you will find.”

    It will not be benevolent when The Solar Extinction Event begins unless mankind is able to seek out and find all the laws of the creation that must be observed in order to develop the technologies that mankind ( includes your progeny if any ) will need to thrive-n-survive beyond the Extinction Event .

    Look how much energy and human resources , including lives , are being currently consumed in political power struggles to finally overthrow the politicly anemic nonjewish USA White ethnic groups and then all Westernworld Whites whom were and possibly will continue to be the most likely cultures to succeed in developing that technology .

  17. j. eric smith
    j. eric smith says:

    Yes, if we all just grounded ourselves in the Constitution all would be well.
    But the jews and their Calvinist, Masonic and modern “Evangelical” minions are satanic. Many, many are now openly saying that THIS IS A SPIRITUAL WAR. Starting with Hamilton’s hidden Jewish roots we have been bitten by the poisonous serpent and the “bank” was chartered. These forces have always been determined to destroy all that is good. Many have also stated this theme, from Eustace Mullins and Ezra Pound, to Mcfadden and Lindbergh, to Luther, to Benjamin Freedman. All men of complete integrity.
    I’m afraid humanity has been destroyed by these forces of darkness. We don’t have what it takes to overcome this. This was probably the message of the story of Jesus.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” We don’t have what it takes to overcome this.”

      Christianity is a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to the chosenite jewmasters . Except perhaps for a small remnant as some TOO commenters hold , it appears that too many Whites whom are christians , but not natural sheeple , have been tricked by their religion to sacrifice their lives as sheeple in service to their jewmasters .

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        “Christianity is a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to the chosenite jewmasters”
        I am uncomfortable with a religion (Christianity) that as part of the religion reveres all the Jewish heroes and the Jews’s history in the Old T, such as Moses, and Christians even join in the Passover celebration to celebrate murdering non-jewish first-born babies.
        In my opinion Christianity appealed to the co-operative white races as it appealed to their genetic disposition to think along the lines of ‘let us be nice to each other’ just as Islam appeals to those whose genes make them seek to gain by war and pillage and conquering.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” Christianity appealed to the co-operative white races as it appealed to their genetic disposition to think along the lines of ‘let us be nice to each other’ ”

          ” their genetic disposition to think along the lines of ‘let us be nice to each other’ ” is neither a certified historical fact nor a scientific fact . It may now be that it has become partially DNA encoded by the White genome after 2000 years of Christian religious sheeplism programming ( especially the more historicly recent Protestant sheeplism ).

          • pterodactyl
            pterodactyl says:

            I meant that ‘being nice’ is part of ‘co-operating’ and this leads to peace, trading, and advancement, and goes hand in hand with looking at the person’s ability rather than their race, & these are characteristics of ‘individualism’, and this led to white man’s success in the past. Now the same instinct to ‘co-operate and be fair’ to other races rather than favour your own is leading to his downfall.

    • Jordan S
      Jordan S says:

      I was always turned off by Christianity because of the whole middle eastern/judaic origin but the more time passes the more it seems that they may have gotten it right.

      I don’t have much knowledge on the subject but my fiance (russian, eastern orthodox) is quite passionate about the subject. Here are a few insights that struck me:
      Talmud states world domination through enslavement via usury (happening)
      Priests in the 13th century predicted end of times would be set off with the mass death of honey bees (vague I know) (happening)

      Those two things got me questioning if this could have some validity to it, so I thought on it some more and realized that the bible preaches healthy sustainable lifestyle grounded in nature and sustainability.

      Now, what we see now is the complete anti-thesis of a Christian life. Every sin is actively being committed multiple times a day and is so ingrained into our society and peoples that there seems to be only one answer to cleanse it.

      This lifestyle is not sustainable or maintainable in the context of a civilized world — it breaks down and we are the witnesses.

      My takeaway is Adolf Hitler was the reincarnation of Ragnarok. In the Nordic Saga, he comes back to fight his last battle and ultimately loses, this marks the end of time.

      Please do not mistake me for some christ cuck who loves the trash heap that western Christianity has emerged itself in, but there seems to be too many coincidences in line with what these middle eastern religions had wrote about to not question it.

      Though, the natural course is taking its path — jews weren’t born with high ethnocentrism, it was selected. I am joyful that these jews will inadvertently do just that with this psychological war they’ve been waging.
      Remember, jews were reduced to a mere 350 by the Romans and now they’re prosperous and ethnocentric.

      I believe this is what the future will hold for us as well. Getting to that will be tough and most will be lost that our ancestors built and created but as long as there’s pure European blood marvelous things will soon follow.

      As far as a plan goes — Major capital is required. It would simply take one extremely wealthy person to buy a large amount of private land, develop it into a private, home stead community loosely built around the amish model (most prosperous group of whites in terms of population, well-being etc) and have a vetting process to be admitted. Ideally, Married couples at first then slowly invite younger men and women. Though, it sounds like a pipe dream since we all lack any mobility and dependence.

      end rant

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Russian Eastern Orthodox Christianity appears to be the only significant exception to both contemporary versions of Christianity ( catholic/protestant ) in general .

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      The Plan  is called 

      {{{  The PRIME DIRECTIVE  }}}

      which is also the new religion needed to facilitate

      the quest of mankind to  thrive-n-survive  beyond

      The Solar Extinction Event

      by developing the technologies to locate

      and then colonize a distant planet similar to our earth .

      The deity of this new religion is called

      {{{   The God of Empirical Reality   }}} .

      The progeny of people whom are not interested in this quest for mankind to continue having fun  ( where  “fun”  is very broadly construed )  are destined to perish in The Extinction Event — or possibly even before it .

  18. DrDudePhD
    DrDudePhD says:

    The Constitution, and subsequently the Bill of Rights, as was aptly put by John Adams “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other” (From John Adams to Massachusetts Militia, 11 October 1798). Note that this was 8 years after the 1790 US Immigration act which clearly states that ” …any alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof…”

    We can most logical deduce that the USA was created for a moral and righteous white people to live and work freely. All other takes are mental masturbation to include non whites as being equal and having rights commensurate with the Founders’ intents.

  19. Tom
    Tom says:

    This is a very worthy article. Those on the Right, of any persuasion, who imagine that Euro-derived peoples of the world will suddenly rise up and demand that their genetic interests be respected and accommodated are basically whistling Dixie. It ain’t gonna happen folks. The Left presently holds the European world by the balls simply because it paid its dues over the last hundred years and captured the major institutions of society by all legitimate and illegitimate means at its disposal.

    The only answer to this, in my opinion, is exactly the same answer provided by Mr. Griffin – demands for a return to Liberty and Constitutionalism. Without these legitimate moral demands, nothing will be achieved in the way of European survival and advancement because the latter can only be achieved in freedom.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      If you have gone to the bother of reviewing your comment, you may have noticed, that your first and last paragraphs totally contradict one another.

      That alone makes a request impossible. But a number of readers might be even more interested in the identity of your intended addressee for your demanded return to moral legitimacy.

  20. Jim Dobson
    Jim Dobson says:

    I read here frequently and have commented only once, but this deserves a brief response.

    It almost was inevitable that the Dissident Right would produce, for want of a better word, “cucks.” The virtue signaling and denial of reality throughout this piece is off the charts. I know you mean well but you live in a world long passed. White Americans are on the cusp of literal genocide and you are worried about: Trump’s tone, moderation, individualism, and the long-dead Constitution? Dear God, man, wake up.

  21. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    This essay should have been written a hundred years ago. It’s too late now. Incase anyone doesn’t already realize, we’re neck deep in the middle of a race war right now. Sides must be taken. Attitudes must be hardened. Whites must stop trying to bargain. Our enemies don’t want an endlessly revised peace treaty, they want our heads on pikes. Nothing will ever be good enough for them because their goal is our extinction. As the Bolshevik jew Trotsky said, “You may not want war, but war wants you.” Clinging to antiquated notions of genteel individualist white lifestyle is going to get us exterminated in short order. There are no rules in war, and we’d better start to drum that into our heads or our enemies will do so with their boots.

  22. bruno
    bruno says:

    Wow, as I read Prof. Griffin’s thoughts, Apple’s News articles were all in support of BLM. TV was blasting about honoring Floyd. Then news mentioned a policeman chasing a low life who had taken his taser gun. Riots are all over the world honoring BLM. It’s an organization with a female queer leadership. One of the leaders travels the world organizing against Ws. Anyone not supporting the revolution is either ignored or demonized. It is an absolute fact that those breaking into many stores have had their faces recorded.

    In addition to the above, those who have been assaulting and destroying statues have been on television and their faces have been easily recorded. Besides all of this, cell phones are recording criminal activity.

    Tens of thousands could be arrested. Those stressing there’s not enough room in the jails do not understand that during Eurocide II the Germans put hundreds of thousands of Russians in open fields with barbwire around them. At the finish of the conflict the allies did the same thing with the Germans.

    The few that were arrested in the current revolution had immediate bail. Bottom Line: Thanks to MSM EuroMan is portrayed as the nemesis of mankind. Corporatists, monopoly media and bought self-serving politicos are all supporting against our people, as is the Pentagon, elite of cyberspace (Google, Apple, Microsoft, FB, Twitter.). Unless all of the above are defeated EuroMan will disappear as a creative leader.

    A great book entitled something like The Ethno State, envisioned enclaves of EuroMan’s settlements. However, the ideology was before the entire world united against EuroMan. The only hope is to destroy the maker of images -the MSM. It’ll only take one strong man, as proven by Uncle Joe.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @Bruno “In addition to the above, those who have been assaulting and destroying statues have been on television and their faces have been easily recorded. Besides all of this, cell phones are recording criminal activity.”

      In Britain there are even photos of blacks in groups assaulting lone whites at the BLM demos, but none have been arrested.

      Some white patriots in Britain went to defend some statues in London that were under threat from BLM, and one of the drunken patriots relieved himself through a fence of bars next to a memorial, as they were trapped in by police. This man was actually facing the fence and using the memorial to be as discrete as possible, and certainly did not do anything on the memorial, mainly trying to aim through the fence and using the memorial for privacy.

      Guess what happened to him – 2 weeks in prison!

      And this ‘offence’ blasted all over the MSM in all news bulletins the next day.

      Surely even the most unthinking whites can see the bias against them and the double standards of the law being applied here. Surely they are not really falling for the anti-white MSM message? I take some consolation from the like/dislike scores from readers for comments under articles. The top comment (over 40,000 likes vs 4000 dislikes) under a Daily Mail article said “stop these labels DM” (the label was ‘far right thugs’ for ‘patriots’

      The next time I looked the top comment had gone and the 34,000 one moved to top place which did not criticise the MSM .

      What does it actually takes for whites to stop submitting and to start objecting to the relentless berating from the MSM and academia and politicians and the authorities generally?

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Apple’s News articles were all in support of BLM.”

      Apple Inc. is a major ILLuminati ( as in luciferian satanism ) corporation . Bill Gates is an ILLuminati Despot but his Microsoft corporation OS is much more privacy rights oriented than the Apple OS .

  23. William Dunstead
    William Dunstead says:

    I think we have to look at political change over a 5 year or 10 year period. People are so indoctrinated we need a fantastic political platform, not just ethnocentrism although it being vital to say the least.

    We need to reach out in new ways. To make the narrative known and the majority informed. New ways of organizing and working will be necessary.

    I think a mainstream or larger niche cultural change and media art change will be necessary.

    First we need to rebuild reinvent our culture. The enemies in the cultural warfare have a large field to draw from they also use relative progressive art in order to push an agenda. There are many aspects which have made real white culture almost non-existent and certainly beaten to the ground and holow.

    We need to create our own FUTURE culture. First then will white people in general be able to work for their own groups interests and see the benefits of doing so.

    Yes blacks have low iq, but they had leaders of their ethnocentric movements that did have the idea that for black folks to have something to fight for they needed a culture of their own to create it, and they did. Look now at their dominace in music and sports aswell as their takeower of citycenteres and politics and many police chiefs and the like. It’s been a very effective movement. That has shurely also benefitted from the effective brutality and characteristics of africans.

    In the 60’s blacks were like 10 % of us population now they are like 14 %.

    In the 60’s whites were like over 85 % of the US population.

    If we look at kids under 18, I assume blacks are still like 14 %, while whites are less than 50%.

    They certainly did better in many respects.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” People are so indoctrinated we need a fantastic political platform, not just ethnocentrism although it being vital to say the least.”

      Here in the USA , Northeasterners are the most thoroughly judaicly BRAINWASHED , not merely “indoctrinated” , since they are caught between the power of the Bostonian anti-slavery abolishtionist legacy and the power of NYC jewish Talmudism .

  24. Eric
    Eric says:

    “Avoid being associated with the Right.” We can’t do that if there’s nothing in the political Left or center that advances our interests. And “Right” nowadays means traditional America. They aren’t tearing down statues of Jefferson and Washington for nothing.

    I haven’t yet heard them call for tearing up the Constitution, but that will come soon enough.

    If by “Right” the author means the German National Socialists, he is revealing his misunderstanding of Hitler. Hitler didn’t care about the Right, center or Left. He was defending his white German brothers and sisters from the machinations of international Jews and their puppets in England and the United States, who plotted to get America into the war against Germany in WW I in order to get Palestine as a Jewish homeland.

    He was defending his white German brothers and sisters from the machinations of Jewish Bolsheviks, who were killing millions of white Christians in Russia and who wanted to do the same in Germany.

    To defend his people, he had to take strong action and militarize his nation. Yes, Germany was authoritarian and statist — but only out of necessity.

    Trump has not been tactful. That is true, but it has also been necessary. Conservatives and traditionalists have produced possibly billions of words in speeches and writings in order to promote individual rights and freedoms — to no good effect. They haven’t been able to compete with the subversive Jewish influence over our government, corporations, banks, legal profession, mainstream media, social media, fine arts, music industry, academic institutions, etc.

    It was high time for a charismatic leader like Trump (fascinating even to his enemies) to take control of the national narrative. He has given us a voice, if not the policies we need to advance our interests as white people.

    I am willing to give him four more years. Trump and the Republicans might not have earned our votes, but we must not allow this country to be turned over to the Democrats, who are unashamedly and explicitly anti-white.

    In the meantime, we need to create parallel institutions with a view to creating our own white homeland. We can’t rely on politics as usual to help us. It is probably too late for that.

    On the other hand, we shouldn’t give up on politics. So that’s where I would take a middle position. It costs me nothing to vote, but I vote with no illusions. It costs me nothing to be friendly to non-whites if they reciprocate.

    Maybe we can all get along. But it’s not looking that way. The Jews don’t want us to get along, and they are using their considerable power to make sure it doesn’t happen.

    Bottom line: I think the author of the essay is overly concerned with optics.


  25. Glut
    Glut says:

    What cuckolded tripe bullshit is this! We don’t have time for LowT ,betamale cuckolded bullshit. Oh bend to political correctness to win these sick, deluded , leftists over to common sense, Is that all you got? What a worthless and disgusting dissertation this time. He preaches kowing to the dogs when kowing is what got us here. Idiot.

  26. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    If you ground yourself in those three sources—(the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and Thomas Jefferson )rather than, say, Mein Kampf—where does it take you?”

    Some might say that is a loaded way to frame the philosophical question of what is good government but I will bite. I’ll take Mein Kampf over the Founders.

    Why? As a very assimilated 4th generation Irish person of Catholic origin I grew up idolizing the founders and their individualism. But where did it get me? It got me my second or third class citizenship in the Semitic Republic of the United States. While we Catholic ethnics were at least trying to practice individualism and at least wondering if “Big Government” were going too far on this or that issue, the WASP’s and the JEWS worked TOGETHER to take over everything – the big government, the economy, the society. That is what believing in the founders and their individualism got me

    OK, Hitler didn’t do so well either but at least he was left the dignity of being taken down by the EXTERNAL force of the WASPs and the JEWS I however was conned by people I considered to be my own people – you know, the other “individualists” who I thought just happened to be Jewish or Anglo but actually turned out to be the JEW – WASP conspiracy.

    And nothing in the Constitution or the Federalist papers prevented the Chosen and their WASP admirers and collaborators from doing this. In fact the Constitution quite intentionally keeps the populace divided or factionalized so that an elite can do what the WASP-JEWISH conspiracy eventually ended up doing(WASP’s are now sidelined but that is another issue)

    Now I am more and more convinced that German tradition has had more to offer me on a range of political, social and economic issues than Anglo Saxon constitutionalism and individualism. Of course my enlightenment has come a little late but we are just waxing philosophical

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” the WASP’s and the JEWS worked TOGETHER to take over everything – the big government, the economy, the society. ”

      Amen to that . Add the relentless Frankfurt School critical theory attacks against White christian ( includes catholic ) cultures , and add jewish gangsterism including Mossad assassinations , and add overall jewish Talmudism ; and then you would have about 95% of all the major ingredients used to conquer and then genocide the nonjewish White race .

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” That is what believing in the founders and their individualism got me ”

      The founders established first time ever in human history the world famous ” Bill of Rights ” protections against both individual and organizational governmental agencies INEVITABLE abuses of power ; and it has been practically cancelled by the Patriot Act of the 911 hijacking of the government .

      As for Individualism , it is a nonstarter in any existential political struggle .

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        Actually, the Constitution got cancelled a number of times:
        The Civil War, WW1,2, Civil Rights.
        Patriot Act
        It has been pretty much nice window dressing until the ruling Class wanted a change. First the WASP, then the WASP -JEW, then the JEW

  27. Andrew Lunt
    Andrew Lunt says:

    Great common sense article. For too long we have corralled ourselves at the delight of Jews and the enemy in the ‘nutzi camp’.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      In the purported words of a certain famous person of color, Tonto, “What you mean ‘we,’ white man?”

      My corral holds no nuts, nutzis, or Nazis. How others hereabouts choose to characterize their corral is for them to decide. A forthright avowal of one’s opinion need not cross the line into virtue-signaling. I am in sympathy with those who think that Dr. Griffin’s article is teetering on that line.

  28. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    … the U.S. Constitution poses no serious threat to our form of government.

    —Joseph Sobran (1946–2010), “How Tyranny Came to America,” 1994

    For better or worse, the Constitution was a pious fraud from the get-go. It quickly took on the status of a totem, and the more worship it was accorded, the less its actual articles were observed. Thus, it is hardly surprising that its cultus now has more adherents than that of the True God.

  29. Oldtradesman
    Oldtradesman says:

    End game comin’ and we’re being advised to follow the same path Conservatism, Inc. followed for the past 56 years? Write softer and vote harder! More appeals to liberty and a meaningless scrap of paper will persuade others to join us in our pursuit of Free Association! We’re going to sneak the truth in under the cover of da Consteetooshun?


    Meanwhile, back at the ranch (06/15/20):

    1. Supreme Court rules LGBTQ workers are protected from job discrimination.
    2. U.S. Supreme Court turns away 10 gun rights cases.
    3. U.S. Supreme Court snubs Trump on challenge to California ‘sanctuary’ laws.

    Roberts and Gorsuch wrote the majority opinion:


    Coals need placing under the feet of indolent, cowardly conservative liberals. A Trump re-election victory won’t do that. A Biden-? victory will do the job quite nicely. Or maybe not.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      We can add Gorsuch to the list of “conservatives” on the Supreme Court appointed by “conservative” Republican presidents (Reagan, Bush the Elder, Bush the Younger, and now Trump) who have turned out to be liberal-Left legislators from the bench. Others on the list: O’Connor, Kennedy, Souter, and Roberts.

      The dog-and-pony show of Democrats in the Senate opposing the confirmation of those Republican nominees — many of them recommended by the “Federalist” society, which must be in on the joke — is just another part of the deception.

      Kavanaugh — who probably approves of racial preferences that discriminate against whites and who has indicated that he’s not willing to overturn “settled law” (e.g., Roe v. Wade) — will probably be a new addition to the list within a month or two. Maybe he should already be on the list. The only conservative I see on the court is Clarence Thomas.

    • Oldtradesman
      Oldtradesman says:

      Nobody is coming to save us. We are 50 years late in building/co-opting a national movement, which requires conditions favorable to financing and leadership from the top. Under end game conditions a ‘return to our roots’ tactic may be used as the first step in vetting two or three (potential) allies in one’s neighborhood. Regional organization is possible only after infrastructure fails and local cells have merged.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        “Nobody is coming to save us.”
        The Germans were actually starving and still being pursued for vindictive reparations before they turned to Hitler.

        At present whites are a long way off starving, but that stage could come and then they will think differently and stop worrying about black slaves from 200 years ago and the Holocaust as their top priorities. Most are still rich, safe and pampered, although the ‘safe’ part is starting to go for a lot of them, even the wealthy ones, who are also now sharing the diversity more than previously. But most whites are still rich.

  30. Exile
    Exile says:

    This post is just another paleo-conservative appeal for civic nationalism.

    This approach has been tried since the 1960’s. Pat Buchanan took it to its high-water-mark in 1992. The Tea Party of 2010-2014ish is its best performance since.

    Griffin makes much of his age in past posts and he is clearly looking at our current politics through the typical paleo-con lens of wishful nostalgia.

    Any criticism of Jews, including everything written on this site, ever, is now considered “far Right.”

    You cannot save yourselves by distancing from the “far Right,” no matter how sincere you are or how many pretty words you write in support of a colorblind Constitutional and “anti-statist” America that’s certainly lost – to the extent it ever really existed.

    White men, young and old, you were born wearing your uniform for the coming struggle and will die wearing it. You can either accept that reality and help your fellow Whites of the “far Right” defend our race, our heritage and our sovereignty, together, as a collective, or you will hang with us.

    The Left will not eat you last because you’re an individualist, or believe in some magic paper, or think we’re mean & scary.

  31. Blowtorch Mason
    Blowtorch Mason says:

    To Robert Griffin and all those contributing comments to this article. Let me make “A Modest Proposal”-to stay grounded, live a “Retro” life and thereby keep at least one foot firmly grounded in truth and sanity. I live in a retro house-old and built tastefully by true craftsmen. I drive old vehicles, dress in retro clothes purchased at thrift stores(i flatter myself to think I know true quality in clothes), watch old movies from my extensive collection of old movies made when Jewish Hollywood was still under the moderating influence of the much reviled ‘censor boards ” of red-state America that effectively policed the movie industry and preserved decency. Focus on your spouse and children-make sure they understand the importance of white racial solidarity raise your children to be “freebooters”-learning a skill in which they can set up a shop by themselves if necessary and earn a living on their own.. I eschew cable TV and all other entertainment venues-especially modern movies -some exceptions, but very few), and check the local and national news only to see what is going on, and to shake my head at what passes for journalism in present day America. The more I see of the present, the more i agree with Giles Corey of Occidental Observer, who said in a recent article that ‘Remember the enemy is Jewish-everything else is distraction” In any Left-wing movement, the foot soldiers may be black, white, brown, yellow, red, women, homosexuals or transsexuals, but the generals are always Jewish. If you want to see how a white friendly society should be, look to the past America before Jews started coming over in large numbers from 1890 to 1920. May God bless and keep all present here.

  32. ATBOTL
    ATBOTL says:

    The author does not understand that younger white people who are racially conscious feel little emotional connection to American symbols or “ideals.” America is over and not coming back. We see ourselves as Europeans enslaved in the American Babylon.

  33. Aldon
    Aldon says:

    It’s just cukservativsm and drop-out lifestylism.

    Martin Luther King Jr. was backed by the Deep State. Spontaneous and successful revolutions never happen. The Deep State found Kang’s babble useful so they backed him up and pushed Desegragation so hard troops were sent to schools. There was majority White call for ending Jim Crow, the Deep State wouldn’t have had to deploy the military if the Civil Rights Movement’s success had NOTHING to do with approval from the ruler of society.

    In any case, America is just getting what it deserves. Murica was always a land of hucksters, merchants, and refuse from Europe. It quickly enough compromised its racial character thanks to allowing outsiders like the Irish and Jews in. Allowed Niggers to be around and never solved the problem. And lastly was rooted in liberalism.

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