On Getting Control in Your Life

“Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.”  

This writing begins with a meditation on the quote above, the slogan of the authoritarian, repressive Party in George Orwell’s dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, often referred to as 1984, published in 1949.  I’ll let the process take me wherever it does.   I’m not working from an outline.

The word “control” is used four times in the 1984 quote, so it makes sense to define it for the purposes of this exploration.

In this context, control denotes an outcome, or influence.  You have control of something when you make things different than they were before in ways you favor, and only then.  You aren’t in control just because you have the top job and can call the shots, and have everything thought out and have your plans all drawn up and can marshal sound and persuasive arguments for what you want to happen.  You’re in control when you actually get the results you seek: in the way people think and behave, in the way things operate.  By this definition, if you didn’t alter the world, you didn’t control it.  You may be an informed and insightful and wise person, and dedicated and hard-working and articulate and courageous and morally upright, and have the very best intentions, but, as they say in sports, you have to put numbers on the board—hit home runs and strike people out—actually produce, to be in control.

Looking at control as a tangible outcome surfaces three other considerations: power, authority, and intention.  Put together in the right way, these three phenomena produce control.

Power has to do with capability, skill.  You have the personal wherewithal to get the controlling job done.  You’re smart enough, you know enough, you are strategic enough, you’re healthy enough, you’re diligent enough, and you’re resilient enough to make things happen.  You have the ability to hit home runs. That’s not to say you will hit home runs—control something—but you are capable of it, you have the potential.  (Writing that last sentence, I was reminded of what a college football coach told me when I was doing research on successful coaches in my university work.  “Potential,” he confided, “is what I lose with.”)

Authority gets at being in a position, or slot, where you have the green light to make what you want to happen actually occur.   You might be able to chatter away cleverly on social media all day long, but if you aren’t in a place in the scheme of things where people have to take you seriously, your only move might be to heat up a frozen pizza and play “Call of Duty” until bedtime.

Intention has to do with no-kidding commitment, resolve.  Intention is a way of experiencing your mind and body with regard to accomplishing something so that it’s not just a good idea or goal or hope.  It’s something that, dammit, I WILL GET DONE!  I’m not omnipotent, but if I don’t get the results I’m going for, it’s not going to be for a lack of trying.  I’m giving this everything I’ve got.  I intend to make this picture in my head a concrete reality.

How about, right now, taking stock of yourself.  With reference to race, the focus of this magazine, and everything else in your life, how are you doing?

What do you control?  Name it.

How powerful—capable, strong, effective—are you?

How much authority do you have; what are you mandated to make happen?

What do you, for real, intend to accomplish right now?

*   *   *

The opposite of anything worth our attention is invariably also worth our attention.  Similarly, the opposite of anything of value is very likely also of value.  (If you are interested in this kind of thing, I’m working with the Jungian—psychologist Carl Jung—concept of enantiodromia.)  In this case, looking at public control (society, culture, politics, history), which is the focus of Orwell’s book, should remind us to look at private control (health, work, relationships, fulfilment, happiness).  The public and private are complementary, interactive concerns; each affects the other.   What is going on around public control has an impact on what is going on with private control, and vice versa.   As we consider how the “Party” in our time controls public realities, let’s keep in mind that, right now, you and I are controlling, or failing to control, ourselves and our circumstances, and that those are not independent, mutually exclusive, occurrences.  All to say, if you want to control the larger world, one way to go about that is to achieve control in your smaller, personal world.

I’ll add a moral standard to the idea of control.  It not just getting any things done, it’s getting good things done—worthwhile things, decent things.  Now in old age, I can attest to the fact that there’s a time in your life when you are aware that it’s the end and you ask and answer the question, what good did I accomplish in my life?  Depending on the answer to that question, you either experience gratification and peace or despair and regret.

In 1984, the Party depicted the past—history—in a way that supported its current goals and programs.   The Party knew that if the past is viewed by the citizenry as idyllic and inspirational, it will support efforts that continue and build upon it.  If, alternatively, the past is considered nightmarish and evil, people will seek to create new, better circumstances.  The Party portrayed the past as a time of misery and slavery and injustice, and since it was all people heard, it became the accepted Truth.  The Party effectively sold itself as the force that would rectify those historical injustices, and people deferred to it and felt compelled to support its programs.  Sound familiar?

Is there a real-life counterpart to the fictional Party in America in 2020?   (I’m a culture-bound American.  I’ll let non-Americans judge whether anything I write has applicability to their circumstance.)  Yes, there is.  It’s people who in one way or another are in the communication business: they get facts and ideas and values and images across to the masses.  I’m thinking of people in news and entertainment, politicians, educators at all levels, prominent internet figures, clergy, and the owners and managers of companies like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Google.  To understand control, you need to take into account who’s doing the talking (broadly defined) in the main arena of the society and culture and who’s stopping people from talking.

What kind of talk are the talkers talking?  Basically, they are telling stories; another way to put it, they are setting out narratives.  A story, or narrative, says this happened and then this happened and then this happened, and this is what the story is all about.

An example:

In 2014, an 18-year-old black Ferguson, Missouri resident, Michael Brown, was shot and killed by white police officer Darren Wilson.   It was national headline news for months.  The consensus perception was that this was a racist cop-killing of a young innocent black.

However, on November 24th of that year, a grand jury chose not to indict Officer Wilson.  The evidence and testimony the grand jury had reviewed in the process of coming to its decision was released to the public. It put Brown in a very unfavorable light: riveting testimony from Wilson describing his struggle with a 6’4’’, 280-pound assailant bent on killing him; pictures of Wilson’s facial bruises from Brown’s punches; evidence of marihuana in Brown’s blood and urine, which could have caused impairment in his judgment; the incompatibility of the forensic evidence with eye witness accounts that had played time and again in media reports describing Brown being shot in the back by Wilson or with his hands up attempting to surrender, along with eye witness accounts that squared point-by-point with both the forensic evidence and Wilson’s version of what had occurred.

The grand jury’s finding and the newly-released evidence had no impact—zero—on the those who had decided early on that this was an instance of racially motivated police misconduct and part of the larger problem of racial injustice in America.  These people didn’t speak to this new information, they didn’t refute it or explain it away, and they certainly didn’t incorporate it into how they looked at the case.   The talking heads on CNN and the writers in The New York Times never missed a beat: racism!  Rioting and looting erupted in cities across the U.S.

What accounted for this phenomenon?  I’ve decided that a big part of the answer to that question was the way people come to know things.  The word for that process is epistemology.

There are three main epistemologies.

One is to draw conclusions based on concrete reality: what’s right in front of you, what you can discern with your senses, and from detailed accounts of what others have discerned with their senses.  It could be called the empirical, or scientific, method of coming to the truth about something.

Another way of knowing is to use your mind: to carefully consider various positions and arguments and employ reason and logic to come to conclusions about what is true.

The third epistemology is to understand and reach conclusions on the basis of how something fits into a narrative, or story, you have accepted as a valid one.  This epistemology, I believe, was operative in the people who ignored the facts of the Michael Brown case.  They plugged what happened in Ferguson into a story that had been told them by the talkers.

The story went like this: From the earliest days of America, black people have been oppressed by white people.  A big part of that oppression has been the discriminatory and abusive conduct of racist white police officers in urban black communities, especially toward young black men.  It’s a huge problem in this country and something has to be done about it.

A simple story, or tale–no complications, no ambiguities, easy to understand.  Something comes up, say a cop-killing in Missouri.  What does it mean, you ask yourself?  Where does it fit in the scheme of things?  What went on down there in Missouri?  What should be done about it?  The story answers all that for you in a flash.  You’ve got it wired.

Narrative-based epistemologies serve some people’s interests very well.   If reality and logic don’t make your case, a story might do the job.  Let’s say you want to explain black pathologies as coming from something other than their own limitations.  Or MSNBC signs your checks.  Or you’re a politician with a large liberal or black constituency.  Or you want to put on display the one skill you’ve got going for you, running wild and destroying and stealing and setting fire to what other people have created, and get attention and praise to boot.  There is nothing that goes on in the world, including a plague—like the one we’re supposedly having right now—that doesn’t scratch somebody’s back.

Also, narratives don’t require any heavy lifting.  Mucking around in reality and working things through in your mind can get complicated and confusing and turn up qualifications and contingencies, and that can lead to uncertainty, and that can be unpleasant   Poring over grand jury records or reading books and thinking things through from this angle and this other one can give you a headache and insomnia.  Who needs all that work?  Better to fit what happened into a story and get on with eating dinner and watching HBO.  After spending a career studying human behavior as a university academic, I regret to have to report that much of human behavior can be attributed to laziness.   Narratives are a gift to the lazy.

Another upside of narratives is that if you buy into the currently fashionable ones, life goes smoothly for you.  You will be considered in the know and one of the heroes in life’s drama, and that’ll make you feel good about yourself.  People will like you and want you around.  You’ll get good grades and recommendations and awards and jobs and promotions, and romantic interests will invite you to stay a while to “talk” at the end of the evening.

Of course, the obvious parallel to the Michael Brown incident six years ago as this is written is the death in Minneapolis of George Floyd while in the custody of police.  Déjà vu all over again.  Plug the incident into the narrative and let the ranting and finger-pointing and rioting begin.  My daughter is a sophomore in high school on the west coast.   Shortly after the Floyd incident came an oh-so-sincere, pedantic email message from the principal of her school addressed to parents and students deploring the tragic death of George Floyd “and countless others at the hands of the police,” and the “systematic racism that exists in this country.”   This woman knew for a fact what went on 1,500 miles away in Minneapolis and what is going on generally from coast to coast.  I strongly suspect that what she knew about the “countlessness” of that incident and systematic racism (another airy, vague story we’ve all had drilled into us), as my mother use to say, you could put in your eye.  Even though I’m sure she didn’t realize it, she was reciting stories she had been told.   Something else I am sad to report is that it is next to impossible to overstate the gullibility and malleability of the mass public.

On the other hand, my daughter’s principal still has a job.  The high school principal in Windsor, Vermont, the state where I live, dared to contradict the Black Lives Matters story (saints, all of them).  She wrote a social media post criticizing the “coercive behavior” of Black Lives Matter activists.  She expressed her opinion that people shouldn’t be “made to choose the black race over the human race.”  Her school board immediately—as in knee jerk—called her “ignorant and prejudiced” and put her on leave and—speaking of coercion—said they would get rid of her permanently.  Never kid yourself that agreeing with today’s Party stories is an option.  Freedom of speech, you say?  Due process, you say?  Come on.

*   *   *

So, what follows from what I’ve laid out so far?  A lot of things obviously.  I’ve chosen in the space I have available here to focus my attention on you sitting there reading this right now.  You.  With the ideal of living a life characterized by a reasonable amount of control over yourself and your world as the frame of reference, I’ll offer some advice for your consideration.  Realistically, if you are young you will be better able to make use of it than if you are old.  As life goes along, our energy and options steadily diminish.  At some point, they become all but non-existent, and at some point, we become completely non-existent.  But however old you are, you still have some time left.  See if anything I offer is helpful in spending it wisely and well.

As I think about it, that’s my first observation or piece of advice: the only currency that really matters in life is time.  You and I have just so much of it.  We “spend” it however we do, and it is never replenished, and someday—we’re not certain when—it runs out.  Life comes down to how we spend our allotted time.  The challenge is to spend it judiciously and not get to the end of our lives with the painful realization that so many old people have to live with: “I’ve wasted my life.”

The second piece of advice: develop what Ernest Hemingway called “a built-in, shockproof, shit detector.”  This writing has focused on stories that people use to control other people.  The obvious point in that explication was that one way to control the world is get yourself in a position—like behind a university lectern–to tell compelling, easy-to-understand stories.  But there’s that “the opposite of a good thing is also a good thing” idea to keep in mind: one way to get control in your life is to become effective at critically analyzing the stories coming at you.  An inelegant way to put it, à la Hemingway, get good at detecting shit.  And give no story’s, no story-teller’s, shit a pass.  It’s easy enough to detect the shit in the “racist police” narrative.   But look for shit on this site too, including in what you are getting from me right now.  Most often, the spreaders of shit think they are spewing daisies, but it can still be shit–or probably more accurately, daisies with a lot of shit mixed in.

Distinguish between being inside and outside in society.  By inside, I mean you are part of the action, you’re doing it, not watching it and commenting on it.  You’re not over in on the side complaining or amusing yourself or hurting yourself or waiting around hoping somebody will make it all better for you.  By inside, I don’t just mean you are in news and entertainment or a politician or an educator or writer, as it may have come across in the first section.  To me, you’re inside if you are a skilled electrician or own a successful Ford dealership or do a good job of selling cars, or are a committed doctor or a nurse, or effectively manage a McDonald’s franchise, or are a dedicated parent.  My advice is to do what you can to get on the inside.  That’s where the control is.  That’s where the self-respect and gratification and happiness are

In this highly politicized, cancel culture, don’t set yourself up for demonization and marginalization and exclusion.  Be savvy.  Watch what you say on the internet and social media or in an email; if you wouldn’t welcome it being the headline in the newspaper, keep it to yourself.  Be extremely careful how you identify yourself.   There are people around who themselves keep their identities hidden telling you to go public as a far right-winger; it’ll be great, they say.  It makes me cringe.  Look at the fates of people who have gone that route—trashed, fired, relegated to pariah status, on the outside looking in for the rest of their lives.

Play the game that’s on the table.  And what’s the game?  Hard work.  Personal responsibility.  Good grades.  Degrees.  Credentials.  Positive recommendations.  Being respectful and kind to people.  A track record of busting your behind to do the job—any job—you been assigned the very best you can.  No scandals.  My life has brought me into contact with Asians and it’s been eye-opening for me.   They don’t whine or feel sorry for themselves or march with banners or ask anybody for special favors.  They couldn’t care less what you call them; they know damn well who they are, and they are not inferior to you.  They aren’t cynics or wise-asses.  They are sincere and focused on getting good things done and feeling good about themselves as a consequence.  They use family and mutual aid and schooling and they get degrees in fields that pay good money, and they look out for their wives and children.  As far as I’m concerned, there’s more to be learned from them than Lil Wayne.

Hone your instrument.  Your instrument is your body and mind and personal character.   I came out of poverty and a tough home situation.  I realized that I was coming from way back in society and that if I was going to make something out of my life, I had to be like a boxer in training for the big fight.  I couldn’t afford to bring myself down even one degree with drugs and alcohol.  In my day it wasn’t opioids, but you wouldn’t have had to save me from that scourge.  It doesn’t take a genius—which for sure is not me—to see that one thing leads to another in life.  I had a job as a janitor and I was there clear-eyed with my hair combed earlier in the morning than I had to be and swept the hell out of those floors.  One of the best memories I have in my long life is when I was told that I did a really good job cleaning a very dirty recreation room I had been assigned to clean; I used that as a foundation to move forward and upward.  I had trouble looking at people and I was shaky and put myself down and I didn’t pronounce words properly.  I worked on it.  I practiced looking at people by maintaining eye contact with the newscasters on television, and I practiced speaking as they did.  When I was around people, I silently reminded myself to be “calm, confident, in charge.”  I noticed that people who made it in life didn’t numb themselves out with television and watching strangers play with a ball (now it’s video games).  They did things—they read good books, they hunted and fished and hiked, they worked in the garden.  All of that—I mean it—helped give me get control in my life.

Work on being intentional.    Have intentions you can put into words and imagine in your mind’s eye being realized.  Keep commitments you make to yourself.  When you say you are going to do something, do it.  Don’t let reasons and excuses replace results.  You learn anything by practicing, and it doesn’t have to be something big.  If you say you’re getting up at six tomorrow morning, you’re up at six.  Small successes lead to big successes; see the connection.

Become like a top-rank boxer.  I assume you are reading this magazine because you care about the fate of white people.  If you’re going to make anything of consequence happen in this area, be in control of anything in this area, you’re going to have to become a ring warrior.  I did boxing writing in my younger years and was around top boxers.  They were in super condition.  They were tough as leather and could take a punch.  They didn’t just cover up and stay on the defense.  They counterpunched, viciously.   They went on the attack full-out, nothing held back, and they took your head off.  They were battered and scarred, but they were proud and honorable men.

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  1. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I think this is an excellent article and particularly liked the comparison in the book, 1984, with what they’re doing to us today. One of the most difficult issues we must deal with is that the Jew controls our public airwaves and controls the narrative and most people believe it because most people are just working and trying to live their lives and the only news they get is the Jewish narrative. If only they knew even part of the truth of what they’re up against. They obediently wear masks to protect themselves from a virus they can’t even see. They will obediently take Bill Gates’ population reducing vaccine. They won’t listen to warnings about how the government will go about making it impossible for us to live our lives if we refuse the vaccine. They will vaccinate us with Israel’s gene editing vaccine or the one that contains whatever attaches to a cell and creates a machine bio interface. It may already be too late for us. Our governors and mayors are all girly men who are unreliable. Everything the World Economic Forum has planned is now being carried out.

  2. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    The once powerful and proud white man, has been castrated and transformed into an Eunuch, by a powerful minority of 2% of the population in the United States. So these are the three factors that the Semitic parasite uses: First Money (Corruption), that will allow you to have power (Oppress, persecute), and finally Control (Censorship and Political Correction). Money, Power and Control..

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      They did it to Germany first, and people like you said: I’m not a German.
      They did it to Germany again, and people like you said: I’m not a Nazi.
      Now they’re doing it to America. You’re finally saying: It’s the Jews.
      What took you so long?

  3. Exile
    Exile says:

    This is another paleo-con declaration of surrender – a “death by a thousand cucks” – par for the course from Dr. Griffin.

    Young White men – please reject these ideas. There is half-truth here but it’s mixed with fatalism and meek acceptance of your subjugation. Follow these instructions and you doom our race to slow-drip extinction, with a whimper not a roar.

    The worst defeatism is contained in the two paragraphs where he says:

    In this highly politicized, cancel culture, don’t set yourself up for demonization and marginalization and exclusion. Be savvy. Watch what you say on the internet and social media or in an email; if you wouldn’t welcome it being the headline in the newspaper, keep it to yourself….

    Play the game that’s on the table. And what’s the game? Hard work. Personal responsibility. Good grades. Degrees. Credentials. Positive recommendations. Being respectful and kind to people. A track record of busting your behind to do the job—any job—you been assigned the very best you can. No scandals. My life has brought me into contact with Asians and it’s been eye-opening for me.

    There’s an entire post worth of servile paleo-con defeatism to unpack here and I’ll be doing so on my own site (membership only, no link). Off the top of my head:

    This sermon tells young White men to be a good beta drone for the system – a system run by hostile Jewish elites and anti-White allies that openly despises them and wants them dispossessed, childless and suicidal.

    To what end, doctor? What sort of future do today’s Whites get out of this, much less their poor children and grandchildren?

    Emulate Asians? Doctor, are you even White anymore? Is there one drop of agonistic Faustian blood left in you or has it all been scared out?

    Need I even ask if this man is a Cucktian? David French would find this advice weak and uninspiring.

    Griffin doesn’t even sanction anon criticism of the system.

    Do not take advice from this spiritual coolie, young Whites. We are not defeated. We are still the majority population in our homelands. This tepid gospel of subjugation makes my White blood boil.

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      It always fascinates me when young people criticize those with experience frequently using insulting terms. And, then, of course, they do so anonymously. Drivers these days, particularly those grandchildren of those my generation “parented” who are looking for something to rebel-against so they waste time disturbing the peace with the loudest after-market muffler they can get-away-with and defy the laws of physics by tailgating. Often they are Short People literally and/or figuratively.

      I’ve got more than one in my neighborhood, one of whom simply doesn’t know any better and, at his age, is simply untrainable; he boasts to those who believes he can impress that, “I am very good at what I do.” He writes code in a cubicle and, regardless of what he’s paid, its about what he’s worth. The other is simply a psychopath in the clinical sense of the term but he manages to survive because he shows-up for handyman work when most his age are simply unreliable; he follows in the footsteps of other nominally-White low-life characters in the area and is going to get himself shot, choked, or strangled fucking with me because he’s vandalized a vehicle on my curtilage in the dark of night at least once that I can prove to my satisfaction. His reported M.O. leads me to believe he’s responsible for another, similarly-cowardly incident.

      Dr. Griffin is a solid performer with a record who goes by his own name, for starters. Read his biography of White nationalist Dr. William Pierce and even if you don’t agree with Griffin then or now, you ought to respect that accomplishment if nothing else. He’s correct about boxers: I watched Ken Norton train on several occasions and experienced him as a polite, generous man, and counted him as a friend who had way more character than a Golden Gloves contender– a “Hispanic” Deputy US MARSHAL I met whom I know stole from a 90-something woman who practically adopted me and who asked her son to have me scatter her ashes. Content impresses me more than style. I don’t necessarily agree with Dr. Griffin but I respect him and like his online persona.

      On mad-dogging: its not simply bluffing regardless of what some may say about it. It is a challenge. I don’t like being my age and physical condition because I’m not fighting age such that I can fuck-around. Those who would threaten those my age, my woman, or my dog too often take your kind of attitude and– believe me– its a mistake.

      I don’t like this sort of sniping from deep cover. Count coup: say it to the man’s face or at least use your own name. Investigation including investigative-journalism means some aren’t going to like you– you poor baby. Cultivating follow-through– tenacity– and loyalty matters. A sense-of-humor helps including being able to give it right back to a bastard without lowering your eyes. Death comes for us all and, as a neurosurgeon once commented when we were discussing an unpleasant cost of avoiding stokes, there are worse things than death.

      Self-respect is necessary for treating others with respect including one’s community.

      • Exile
        Exile says:

        Because of the cowardice of paleoconservatives like Dr. Griffin (and apparently yourself), those of us who actually speak truth to power cannot reveal our names.

        Does not Griffin himself expressly tell young White men not to criticize power because they will be punished?

        My people are dying a slow death because you tea-pinky-raising manners first effete academics cannot rouse yourselves to action.

        Take some of your geriatric courage and rage at me and focus it on those who are killing our young men with bullets, drugs and counsels of kindness to enemies who want to see us enslaved and our daughters and wives ravaged.

        Jews who seek to replace us and the anarchist savages and feral half-breeds they lead don’t observe your Marquess of Queensbury rules.

        I play by the rules of the world you left to me, older man (though I’m no longer young in my own right). I hope you’re crying right now at what you’ve helped do to the generations that follow mine. As least I have the decency and grit to rage over it rather that tut-tutting about manners in the midst of a war of cultural and racial extinction.

  4. A. Chesterfield
    A. Chesterfield says:

    My advice:

    1. Find something you think is FUN.

    2. All whites are unique.

    3. Spend time honing and perfecting your skills. The path to success may look illogical full of different things you have learnt following interests and other things, but it can and often does come together in full logic.

    4. Making money is FUN. It’s great.

    5. Spend 10’000 hours.

    6. Work hard. Set goals, small, smaller on the way goals and bigger goals. Give yourself prizes when goals are reached. Time to party (but don’t do drugs, personally I stay off alcohol too), a great dinner to buy something cool…

    7. Be stubborn, don’t give up. The racemixed hordes the other races will try to steal anything you do. The white person is seen as the enemy by poc’s and most racially mixed people.

    8. Make connections.

    9. Hit hard.

    10. Be organized, write lists, focus.

    Asians dunno, their culture is kinda boring they aint inventive for the most part. That bein said asians do fantastic things at times.

    White culture and civilization is the highest form ever. No doubt.

    If you succeed, you will do something you like enjoy and love, giving your life a golden shine. It may also benefit the white race. How, say you love doing journalism and writing and running anewspapers. You could start a super high quality newspaper that is super pro white and hence be able to show people the truth in some matters, and give perspectives that will be positive for whites and our future.

    Say you’re an economist and like to see new companies getting started. Venture Capital can then be great get new white companies goin and make money at the same time. These white companies can bring products to the marketplace that enhance peoples lives and inspire them and things.

    You can start a company or work on research and development in other companies and bring out cool new things. Don’t underestimate the power in white created things, it’s very dangerous to the enemies.

    Your greatest interest is music, you could start a record company.

    You like reading books and great litterature, you could start a book publishing company, that publish uncompromising litterature and exiting new litterature.

    And so on. You can write books, paint new cool exiting art-

    You can become a building engineer and build inexpensive apartments and houses for white people as well as more expensive ones.

    There are tons of great thing to be done.

  5. A. Chesterfield
    A. Chesterfield says:

    I find the gigantic lie and masspropaganda brought upon the west terribly irritating.

    Most of us have grown up in a society based on lies and masspropaganda for racemixing away our kind.

    A gigantic anti white propaganda machinery organized by racemixed idiotic lowlifes and their racemixed hordes of slaves aswell as the aggrressive poc shit.

    I also find it dilussional that there is not any normal ethno centric movement in my region. For example an anonymous network of likeminded people getting together and informing the public in many ways.

    In effect all the massive lies propaganda machinery has brainwashed a large part of the population into a kind of psychosis, a total brainfuck mental illness.

    Also when you see the truth in certain matters you end up very long away from any mainstream perspective.

    If for example I was to write a book tomorrow or start a newspaper, I could not publish the truth or the perspective I see at the truth in a straightforward way. This is because of the restrictions of freedom of speech, with socalled hate laws in my region. I would just spend years in jail.

    So it’s a faschist anti white system jailing it’s opponents and I’m not even a nazi.

    I feel this need to do something but am constrained by legal matters and other things which I do see.

    And believe me, if you are a true white person, 100 % all the poc’s the mixed people will come for you and try to kill you, I you are a threat to their presence in formerly white countries. Niggers will risk their life in shitty boats to get to Europe cause they will make ton’s of money compared to their home countries even at the shitty part time jobs the can land if lucky.

    The same for latinos.

    Also, of course they want our supreme genetics for the most part. Everyone knows we are superior, like come on!

    As for control, I’m not interested in that or power. But I do feel the need for change and want to influence such a change such an awakening in the white race.

    I want the truth to be out there for everyone to see it and then to be able o make up their own mind.

    As for trump, shure he could have done alot more about immigration. But atleast he forbid the huawei 5g net that would have been used by the chinese to steal and spy. Personally I feel his politics are a bit too rightwing, but hey it’s a step in the right direction atleast.

    The next ten years will be interesting. I think we will see a new white baby boom.

    I also think politics will become more aggressive and more extreme what we see now is just the start.

    I think anonymous networks that work to a common goal that also have an open brach like a party that people can wote for is one way forward that allows people to not be affected by the faschist anti white dangerous hatred and firing from jobs and the other possible repercussions.

    The police is corrupt by racemixed anti white inbred lowlives.

  6. Peter Baggins, Ph.D.
    Peter Baggins, Ph.D. says:

    Excellent analysis. Let me add just one more short quote from the incomparable George Orwell:

    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
    – George Orwell 1984

  7. ValhallaX
    ValhallaX says:

    Here in Northern Europe the situation is not (yet) quite as bad as there in the USA. The attack on all traditional values goes on 24/7, but we are not yet so afraid that we would not talk about the problems or have some options to protest either politically by voting ( waste of time mostly, but does show the enemy that there is some opposition) or even by demonstrating. Eg. our Independence March with appr. 3000-3500 people marching through the capital to honour those that died defending the country against bolshevik (read: jewish) attack. There is also a small number or parlament members, who are genuinely right-wing albeit they are under constant attack by the leftist/zionist media.

    In fact, I would heartily welcome activist whites from USA to our country, here there is still a genuine chance to save the country, and I dare say that there would be enough jobs/business opportunities to earn a living. The fact that we are close to Russia is a bonus as Russia is still predominantly white (although enemy-controlled).

    So, either, my friends, you seem to have two choices: Lose your identity, your country and your future without a fight, or maybe lose them with a fight at home. But still, we must fight, at any cost as the alternative is exactly the same as appr. 100 years ago in Soviet Union: mass slaughter. Believe me, this is what they want, no more, no less. They could not care less about blacks, have you seen a holocaust film with black victims? Do you see enemy marrying black people? Deep inside the enemy hates all other people except themselves, they will save nobody, except those that willingly sell themselves, their families and their country. They are indeed, the genuine Evil. Now the classic stories about Evil are turning to reality. We are living surrounded by Evil.

    So, my friends, stand up and fight, or move to a Northern country in Europe and let’s fight together. It is no use anymore to just talk, we need to turn back to our strengths and start thinking as a community, community of White People.

  8. Cy
    Cy says:

    VERY timely article. I havent even finished it yet but I have a feeling it is one I am going to read and re-read.

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