Andrew Joyce’s podcast: Talmud and Taboo

Editor’s note: No surprise, but Spreaker just terminated AJ’s podcast. Stay tuned.

Andrew Joyce has undertaken to do a podcast series, Talmud and Taboo. Enjoy!

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  1. Sarah Soapovich
    Sarah Soapovich says:

    As I was about to start cooking…i saw an email notification flash on my phone screen. From the toc by Andrew Joyce.
    “Sigh… can’t read now, must cook. Why doesn’t he record his articles like e.g. The Z-Man (who I don’t really follow)? He has such a great voice” I thought to myself.

    Click on the email (my female curiosity) and see this!

    Dreams DO come true!

    Thanks boss! :*

  2. AM
    AM says:

    Y’all need a text transcript for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. I am Deaf myself and it’s beyond frustrating in this day and age that there’s no communication accessibility for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for podcasts & videos.

    By not doing this – you are missing a huge segment of society of approx. 70 million, give or take.

    Thank you!

  3. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Very much looking forward to it.

    This is a bit of a tangent but if you look at google today their topic is; “Today we honor black trans women & lgbtq ‘+’ people of color.” I live in NYC, where are all these types of people? I never see them. And what’s plus? lol…

  4. Theodore
    Theodore says:

    The “insane and indecent” Ted Sallis here. I just wanted to add my voice to the other commentators that Dr. Joyce’s podcast endeavor is welcome and I look forward to these additional forays into the Jewish question. One interesting topic that can be considered, if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion, is Jewish infiltration of pro-White activism, which has been a particular problem in certain precincts of the “movement” in the USA. Also, if Spreaker and other such platforms become untenable, there are other, more dependable sites, where MP3 and MP4 recordings and videos can be (perhaps) more safely archived.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Have no doubt that

      ” Jewish infiltration of pro-White activism ”

      is tribal counterpolitics SOP .

  5. Anthropos11
    Anthropos11 says:

    Great podcast!

    But please don’t forget the other question you posed:

    Is the influence of this sick group harmful and how?

    Thank you.

  6. Anon.
    Anon. says:

    Dr. Joyce, I believe that at one time you had planned a book with that title, “Talmud and Taboo.”
    If so, could you advise your many admirers ,(including yours truly) as to the status of that project?
    Of course, I understand the uphill struggle getting such works into print faces.
    But even so, I think hearing from you about what happened would be of value and interest.

  7. Greg
    Greg says:

    Very good to see a podcast properly focusing on this specifically now that so many other groups are slinking away in fear and despair. I wait for the next one with baited breath

  8. Wael Ahmad
    Wael Ahmad says:

    In my opinion, the Jewish Question need no more answers from the Jews, since they gave their answers to the whole world long time ago, all the countries that ban and punish any mention or criticism of Israel and Jewish power centers dominance and control, which ( according to Voltaire), it means that they’re the real-behind the facade- rulers.

    The JQ have to be addressed to the non- Jew people of the world, as what they\re going to do with this tiny minority of creatures who rules them, with the continuous disastrous consequences and ramifications resulting from their criminal rule and oppression, this is what I hope Dr. Joyce will deal with, despite my knowledge that it will be extremely difficult, and perhaps need to be with the help of many other participants who shares the same views as his own, I think it will be easier to move on with the idea of the podcast.

    Thanks a lot.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Through his energy and insight, Andrew Joyce has become a primary source documenting the war on the white West, not merely another commenter on the phenomenon. Anyone who, like you, thwarts the (((enemy’s))) attempt to destroy the evidence of its campaign merits gratitude and respect.

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          Love your website

          (Mod. Note: Eric, please don’t treat the TOO comments section like a “chat”. Please make substantive comments which refer to the article rather than just “one-liners”. Help keep the tone of TOO comments on a level of serious comments. Thanks.)

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Are you talking about comments like these in response to this article?

            “70 million: plus me, and I was never hard of hearing !”

            “70 million dissident right wing deaf people?”

            “It’s ‘digital Weimar’ that is what it is…”

            “Joyce the Indefatigable. A hero of the age.”

            “Just finished listening. Bravo. Great to hear the voice behind the article.”

            “Bravo, katana!”

            “Thanks Pierre for your appreciation. Such gestures go a long way in motivating ones efforts…”

            “Well done mate, just had a listen to it on your channel. Andrew is a hero of our time.”

            “Thank you katana, you’re a lifesaver!”

            “Unbelievable. They prove him right every single time.”

            “Loved it Katana, please do the rest.”

  9. Cathleen McGuire
    Cathleen McGuire says:

    JQ fatigue? Pas moi. It’s the uber overlay I look for in everything I read and watch. If I may say so, Andrew Joyce is the thinking person’s Tucker Carlson.

  10. Yamamoto
    Yamamoto says:

    I like the rather exciting tone of this intro. It is like he is hyping up a mind-blowing documentary.

    I think that delivering with such tones would actually benefit our movement. Make this sound like it is fun and super-intriguing.

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