Competing with the Negative Story About Whites, Part 2

Part One of this article dealt with the prevailing negative narrative, or story, about white people—what it is, why it is, how it works, and its consequences.  Bottom line, it’s very hurtful to white people: it legitimizes abuse and diminution by those who resent and despise them; and it fosters self-destructive behaviors among whites who internalize its demonic conception of them.  Part Two explores what can be done about that problem.   I hope what’s here prompts your own best thinking.

*   *   *

To begin, a sobering reality.  The wicked-whites story tellers dominate the main stage in America (and throughout the West, but America is the focus of this writing).  With very few exceptions—Pat Buchanan? Tucker Carlson? who else?—everybody doing the talking, broadly defined, front and center in this country is to one extent or another pushing the negative narrative about whites.  I’m referring to mainstream news and entertainment personalities, educators at all levels, politicians in the middle of the spectrum (which means both the Democrats and Republicans), the clergy, the publishing industry, and every reputable interest group.  All of them are shooting paint balls at whites—splat!  Unless it can be done very discretely, breaking into that that action—at least in the short run—looks really tough to me.

As I wrote the “Unless it can be done very discretely” lead-in to the last sentence, I thought of something William Pierce, a prominent white advocate who was shut out of mainstream discourse, said to me. “How does Tom Wolfe [the novelist, The Bonfire of the Vanities, A Man in Full, Back to Blood] get away with it?  He’s worse [more pro-white] than I am.”  I was writing a book about Pierce and didn’t think it was my place to say it, but I thought, “Because Wolfe’s slicker than you are.  If you are going to be heard by anybody besides fringe types, you are going to have to be really slick like Wolfe.”

In this same sentence, note the other qualifying phrase: at least in the short run.”   That underscores that there is a long run, and that it is a very important reality to take into account.

Decades ago—forty, even fifty, years ago—young people on the political left who wanted to change this country in directions they favored took it upon themselves to get in positions where they’d be able to do it.   I’m thinking of Bill and Hillary Clinton and student activist Todd Gitlin and scholar Stephen Jay Gould and filmmaker Steven Spielberg and countless others like them who over time—it took the span of their careers—gained control of the core institutions in American life: politics, universities, the media, publishing.   They ran for public office.  They became university professors.  They shaped the news and commentary in both print and electronic media.  They created and produced television shows and movies and published books and magazines.

They came to control entry into their fields.  Don’t expect to get hired as a university professor unless these people, or those they brought on board, approve of your ideas (at least what they know about them—back to the need to be slick).  Don’t expect to make a movie or television show they don’t like, or get a book or article in print if it runs up against their commitments (I can speak from personal experience about this one).

Decade after decade, they indoctrinated and politicized the young people who enrolled in their classes and watched their shows and listened to their speeches (re: Bernie Sanders), until it came to a point that Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson became villains in society’s drama.

It should be noted that not every one of these left-leaning young people of the ‘60s and ‘70s stayed left throughout the course of their career.  I’m thinking in particular of one young person from Wisconsin who forty years ago embarked on an academic career who didn’t.

Some context before continuing with his story:  Books by university faculty rarely make any difference to anybody but the person who writes one—namely, they pave the way to his permanent status in the university (tenure) and promotion up the ranks to full professor.   The book gets published, university libraries buy a copy for their collection (the profit to the publisher), the author’s mother buys one (and puts in her bookcase unread), and that’s it.  You could put twenty-dollar bills in academic books and be very sure you’d be able to retrieve them from the pristine books five years later.

Every once in a great while, however, there’s an exception to that pattern. A prime example, in the 1980s, a book about university education, Closing of the American Mind, by a philosophy professor at the University of Chicago, Allan Bloom, became a surprise best-seller.  Stephen Jay Gould, mentioned above, a university professor who argued (he has passed on) a nurture-over-nature take on human evolution, wrote books that were read by the general public.

Back to the story of the young left-leaning person from Wisconsin.  He got his Ph.D in psychology and embarked on a career as a professor at the California State University, Long Beach, rising to the highest rank of full professor.   Between 1994 and 1998, he wrote three books about the impact throughout history of Jewish individuals and organizations on gentile life.7  The experience of writing the books changed his outlook; he shifted to the right politically.  His three books had the formidable look of the usual academic book: lots of pages, small print, and voluminous footnotes.  It would have been understandable if his mother had bought the first one and taken a pass on the last two.

But the darnedest thing happened: the three books hit big, especially the last one, The Culture of Critique.  All three asserted that Jews have been adversarial and detrimental to gentile cultures, societies, and political arrangements.  That message ran head on into the party line of the academics who do the talking about Jews, and they were highly put out and let that be known.   His university colleagues came after him as an anti-Semite, which he wasn’t.  Witch hunters from the Jewish-dominated Southern Poverty Law Center descended on his campus.  If his adversaries had had their way, he would have been fired from the university.

I’m reminded of how this same kind of thing went on from the opposite angle in German universities in the ‘30s dominated by National Socialist ideology, and how German academics in fear of losing their jobs—including the great philosopher Martin Heidegger—caved and told the inquisitors what they wanted to hear.8  But to his great credit, this quiet, proud man from Wisconsin didn’t cave: he stood tall and strong, and the notoriety of the attacks against him encouraged still more people, including me, to read his books.

Many of the readers of The Occidental Observer know I’m referring to its founder and editor, Kevin MacDonald.  Kevin’s trilogy, as well as his books and articles since, and his editorial work—imagine keeping this complex site going day after day, week after week, month after month—have made the world a different place than it would have been if he hadn’t embarked on his life-long journey so many years ago.

The point here is that if you are young, you can choose to do the same kind of thing Kevin did.  The same kind of thing, not the same thing.   Kevin is Kevin and you are you.  He lived in his time; you will live in yours.  But you can be inspired by Kevin—and yes, by the Clintons and Todd Gitlin and Stephen Jay Gould and all the rest of the people who changed the world, including the narrative about white people (unfortunately, they took it in a negative direction).

As the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu put it, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  The challenge is to comprehend how today’s small step will someday get you a thousand miles.  And keep in mind the destination doesn’t have to be a university professorship or a powerful political or media slot.  Any reputable position on the inside in public life—a doctor, a business owner, a skilled tradesman—can be the base for influencing the thoughts and actions that define your time and set the stage for the times ahead.  The school board takes you more seriously, you have money to give to political campaigns—little things add up.

*   *   *

That’s the long range.  What can be done in the short range—today, tomorrow, this year—to change the anti-white narrative?  Two things come to mind:

First, don’t yourself get sucked into the negative story about whites. Earlier, I alluded to the problem of white people—particularly young—buying the villainy attributed to their race.  It’s understandable because it is the only story they hear, and they hear it over and over and over and over again from grade school through graduate school and beyond.  I worked in a university and know how relentless the indoctrination is—every class in the social sciences, humanities, education, and social services—bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.  It stands to reason that many if not most students would take it in as gospel truth.

Practice critically analyzing the stories coming at you.  In my last post on this site, I referred to developing what the novelist Ernest Hemingway called “a built-in, shockproof, shit detector.”  Put a shit detector filter between you and the racial vitriol.

How do you do that?  By doing two things they don’t want you to do:

Look hard at the facts, or lack of them, behind the story.  What are three concrete examples of systemic racism?  Name them.  Did that knee on Floyd’s neck really asphyxiate him? Why haven’t they demonstrated with a volunteer that it cuts off air supply?

Employ reason and logic.  Why is it you can predict with a very high level of certainty, anywhere in the world, what a place will be like if there is a critical mass of blacks there—a school, a community, a business, anything?

Come up with your own, positive, story to compete with the horror story you’re being told: “My people are artists and poets and pioneers and architects and composers and filmmakers and novelists and philosophers and scientists and business owners and internet designers and farmers and construction workers and mountain climbers and Little League coaches and loyal and loving parents and spouses, and I’m a good person and so are my parents and grandparents.”

And second, become a regular consumer of a positive white narrative.  There was a time, and not all that long ago, when pro-white voices couldn’t be heard at all.  There were only the three television networks—CBS, NBC, and ABC—and eight Hollywood movie studios, and a few New York publishing houses, and all of them were antagonistic toward white people.  Now there is the internet, independent filmmaking, cable, and social media, and white advocates are readily accessible, and many of them are top of the line.

Here are some internet examples of special note.  I’m not a social media and podcast person, and I’m sure there are equally impressive things going on in those areas:

  • Kevin and this site. Among TOO’s fine contributors is Andrew Joyce, nobody better.
  • Jared Taylor, a marvelous thinker and writer, and his American Renaissance site and the writers on his staff, including Gregory Hood. Jared has been at it for twenty years, an inspiration to us all.
  • Greg Johnson, dedicated, and courageous—he’s taken shots—and his site Counter-Currents.
  • Peter Brimelow and his site. Peter has been at it for many years and prevailed amid numerous attempts to discredit and silence him, including one that’s going on now.
  • The Taki’s Magazine site has first rate contributors, including Steve Sailer and Jim Goad. Goad is arguably the best prose stylist of any social/political commentator in America.
  • Ron Unz at his Unz Review is doing great work.
  • Andrew Anglin on his site The Daily Stormer crosses the line at times, but he is an exceedingly bright, perceptive, and entertaining young writer. Old as I am, I’m not in his target audience, but I’m a regular with him and better for it.

The quality of writing in this list is so high, the arguments so compelling, I have to believe that it is having, or in the near future will have, a significant impact on the dialogue and debate in this country.  And to think that little of it existed just a few years ago.   It is a very encouraging phenomenon.

Ideally, every white person would know about the sites and people I’ve just listed, as well as, I’m sure, others I’m not familiar with.  Absolutely, the most informed, persuasive, and articulate voices are on our side. Those skilled in getting the word out about their existence—through social media, however it is done, it’s not a skill I possess—would do a great service if they took on that challenge.

I’d like to think that in the coming years the Republican Party in particular will pick up on the white advocacy message and popularize it.  And that whites will leave the Democratic Party that despises them and join up with the Republicans.  With all the talk of whites becoming a minority in this country, whites will continue to be by far the largest voting bloc, and frankly, the most capable.  Coalesced, whites can be the dominant political force in the coming years.

The challenge for white advocates is to present their case in a way that mainstream politicians, academics, and others can make use of it without being shot down as white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the rest of the litany of epithets.  As I see it, the argument for white interests should not be framed in radical, extremist, rhetoric and imagery, as historically it has been.  The argument for white people can, and should, be grounded in the core values, ideals, of America—freedom, fairness, and self-determination.  There’s nothing inherently extremist about white advocacy.

*   *   *

What can be done to counteract the negative racial message young people are getting from the schools and media?   They need to hear the other side.  One possibility is an internet site aimed at and operated by young white people that offers a counterbalance to the current indoctrination.  I’m hopeful that it will appeal to whites from all social backgrounds.

That theme with me, the site I have in mind would not be a neo-Nazi repository.  Selling Hitler and Himmler to the masses and equating white concerns with National Socialism in particular and the far right in general has a long and painful history of setting us up to be written off as wacko losers and cancelled hard and fast.  White advocacy should be positioned as a centrist effort and presented as non-controversially as possible.  That is what is going to appeal to the most people, make entry into the mainstream of American life an easier row to hoe, and make us a more elusive target.

What’s the content of the kind of site I’m talking about?  I’m thinking of short biographies—Mozart, Lindbergh, Knut Hamsun, Rudyard Kipling.   Accounts of events—the Alamo, Charles Martel, the Vikings.  Excerpts from great fiction and nonfiction.  Critiques of the diversity and multicultural propaganda.  People to network with.  Self-strengthening tips. Videos.  Podcasts.  Events.  Suggestions of good books to read.  Discussion forums.  People of all ages could submit things to be approved by the young people who operate the site.

There will be the challenge to get the word out to every white high school and college student, that this site (or whatever it turns out to be) exists.   But I am sure there are people who know how to do that effectively.

*   *   *

I’ve been attending to the nature and fate of white people for nearly twenty-five years.  I’ve come to the conclusion that when all is said and done, white people come out on top.  And that goes for those from working class backgrounds, who these days are having some issues with despair and drugs; I have faith that they’ll come through, especially if they can be given a way to ascribe a positive meaning to their lives.

I go back to the years of the Black Panthers in the 1960s.   They were much like today’s Black Lives Matter activists—good at calling attention to themselves, posturing, threatening, media darlings.  The problem for the Panthers, and I suspect it is true of the Black Lives Matters bunch, is they were incompetent (which is perhaps why they were so enamored with socialism, as is BLM).  The Panthers were good at finger-pointing, but very bad at making anything productive happen.  Businesses they set up failed.  They failed in their personal lives.

The Antifa crowd is no better.  Pull back the curtain and they are Wizards of Oz.  I’ve read dire warnings that they are going to take their looting and burning act to the suburbs—oh, the menace!  I publicly invite them to try that stunt.  Those people in the suburbs are armed and bad-asses.  The Antifa will scurry back to the basements of their parents’ houses and not come out for days except to reheat some chili.

The true story favors us, and we’re up against screw-ups and fakes.  We’ve got work to do, but we’ll be fine.


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20 replies
  1. Yves Vannes
    Yves Vannes says:

    “The point here is that if you are young, you can choose to do the same kind of thing Kevin did.  The same kind of thing, not the same thing. ”

    This is an avenue that with each passing year becomes more and more closed off for young white men, especially at the graduate student level and even more so in the humanities.  Even if someone is to complete that pathway…a career as an adjunct under constant scrutiny is probably the best they can hope for. Staying in the current system is a deadend for young white men. Take a look at your old graduate program and look at its present demographic distribution and compare it to what it was when you were a student.  You’ll find that many of those who appear to be white will be either Jews or homosexuals. But even those groups are being pushed aside by Asians in STEM and by NAM and women everywhere else. Too many people our age (I’m a late ’50s Boomer) live in a world of Nostalgia. If the young would just show a little more get-up-and-go they could also reach for the brass ring.  That world no longer exists.

    The same is true of corporate opportunities and of medium and small private industry as well. Tax policies, grants,  regulations, access to distribution channels, etc…as they evolve under the Department of Reconciliation for Slavery and Segregation they will increasingly marginalize and continue to disenfranchise white men.

    Our only realistic choice is to separate. We’ve been doing so since the beginning of the post war era. Suburbs are the result. Let’s keep doing it except let us do so with a bit more purpose than simply getting away from the savagery.  There are many very white areas still left. Yes maybe a bit depressed, yes not a lot of opportunity and with a number of other problems…but they are White. Our ancestors came to the New World in closely related groups. They moved westward in the same way. Even as recently as the ’30s they migrated from AR and OK as extended families and whole villages. That sort of communal support can overcome a lot of shortcomings in less than ideal areas. Our ancestors settled wildernesses. We should be able to manage a small town that has seen better days.

    Keep it small, keep it in-house and build cultural barriers to keep out undesirables. When you get there, be open to the locals and invite them into your project. They also have a choice: accept other whites with whom they share a culture, a history and values…or wait for USGov to relocate hundreds if not thousands of NAM onto their doorstep.

    As an example there is a small university in VT that’s for sale. $3 million is the low ball figure for what they are asking. Like Hillsdale we accept zero fed funds and organize it in such a way that it wouldn’t appear to be a university.  A local guild for local development.  This one will probably be sucked up by an Indian who will use it as a visa mill for migration from India. But a lot of similar opportunties or things related will be cropping up all the time. Many are already available. 

    Let us abandon the system and all of its feeder links. To an extent this is even partially doable in urban settings. I grew up in an urban white Catholic setting that was pretty insular and independent.  It was destroyed in a way similar to Minneapolis. This is still achievable in small cities in places that are still very white if they are organized enough to do so. People are eager to take action but many lack the  framework to comprehend what is happening and why it is happening.  There’s a place for past glories but planting the idea of their children being second class citizens and of their  grandchildren dwelling in shanty towns is better motivation to get things moving.

    The old gods are dead. That’s a very difficult lesson to learn.

  2. lucius vanini
    lucius vanini says:

    The drift seems to be in the direction of justifying large-scale violence against Whites. The message that stupid savages and self-hating Whites are hearing is “White lives don’t matter–and in fact it will be a boon to humanity if they’re eliminated.” No one should think that an attempted purging or ethnic cleansing is a far-fetched scenario in America. It happened in Haiti; it has happened in South Africa; and in a much less anti-white atmosphere, in the 1970s, collective black efforts to kill Whites occurred in California and Florida. Time to ARM, stockpile ammo and other supplies, network, fortify, dig, NEVER relax around blacks or leftist White scum.

    Great to see that you recommended Anglin, whom many of our ilk have been afraid even to mention except in condemnation.

    Yes, the list of writers you present are fine and need to be read, but the question is whether much of White America will be allowed to read them, given the cyberspatial encroachment of the totalitarian Left. Actually, I expect TRUMP to be banned by Twitter and Facebook before the election. Or at least I wouldn’t be surprised if he were.

  3. John
    John says:

    Some ideas:

    Print up flyers of various types.

    They can be copies of good articles.

    Or a one page, double-sided “newspaper” (8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17) of your own making with conservative news and viewpoints.

    For example, expose the Black Lives Matter organization. But be sympathetic to Blacks too. You want to convince people, not anger them.

    Explain that Blacks went through slavery and discrimination. Be reasonable and sympathetic. Stick to facts.

    Encourage kids to look into European history and not be ashamed. Tell them to have as much pride in their own heritage (whatever it is) as “minorities” are.

    Talk facts about the Jewish lobby. Cite references.

    Explain Israel’s bombing of the USS Liberty. But don’t be nasty to Jews as an ethnic or religious group.

    Don’t libel anyone or any group. Stick to facts.

    Hand out flyers to the general public in your town or another town.

    Go with somebody and have them take videos with their smartphone.

    Hand them out outside high schools and middle schools. Colleges too.

    First check that it’s legal to hand out flyers in your town. There may be specific ordinances.
    Stick to public property.

    Get your message directly to people.

    Write very reasonable, sympathetic letter and opeds to your local newspaper.

    For example, you can start out talking about how Blacks have had a tough time. Then you talk about Black on Black crime and how some private Black organizations are trying to do something about that.

  4. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    This is a great article. The problem is that it’s too late for this. We’re living in a fake pandemic in which the police state is being created not only in America but in the rest of the world as those who will create the one world order are already in control. Hospitals are paid not to treat people. The middle class is being destroyed. We are routinely censored and without any power to do anything about it. They are creating dangerous vaccines which citizens will be forced to take and we will be forced to carry evidence that we’ve been vaccinated or we can’t travel or live our lives. Trump is giving millions and millions of dollars to mega Christian churches which is violation of separation of church and state but it’s done to control Christians.
    One congressman has tweeted that our guns will do us no good because they have military weapons to use against us. With the new technology the military has frightening new weapons and no doubt they will use them on American citizens who try to save America. And now they’re building a space force.
    Our leaders will turn over governing to unelected UN officials. White people will be forced to mix with other races until there are no more white people. That is the plan and we know it because they’ve told us and that is what we see happening. They indoctrinate our children as the first article pointed out and we didn’t or couldn’t stop them. They opened our borders without our consent while using us as cannon fodder for a Jewish state. They don’t need our consent. The main problem is that the Jew controls all media and too many citizens believe the propaganda and there are too few of us and the media we’re allowed is not powerful enough to reach enough other citizens. We are not united or organized and we are in the information business while doing nothing. Force must be met with equal force. Everyone obediently wears masks and will take the vaccines. The plan all along was to create a demand for a police state in which the government will take care of and protect everyone. The people willingly give all power to Big Brother. Game over.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” The people willingly give all power to Big Brother.”

      The jewmaster social engineers ( ideological graduates of The Frankfurt School ) have succeeded in morphing “The people” into [ The sheeple ] where the herd mentality of submissiveness to authority/(Big Brother ) is very strong .

      Moreover , most USA Whites are Christians where Christianity is a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to the chosenite jewmasters ; not to insinuate that jews do not accommodate the enslavements nor insinuate that the RCC did not oppose the jews at a time past .

      Furthermore , USA Whites and perhaps all Westernworld Whites are being systematicly programmed/conditioned/educated/indoctrinated , by the globalist jewmasters , to prefer miscegenation and reject racial reproductive fidelity .

      Christianity will not and cannot “save” the White race
      unless JC does it .

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      You said “The problem is that it’s too late for this”. With all due respect, please understand that all things happen twice, first in the mind, then in the deed. We will fall if we surrender, and before we surrender in fact we must surrender in thought.

      A great man once said ‘History is made by minorities when that minority embodies the majority of will and courage’.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” before we surrender in fact we must [ first ] surrender in thought.”

        Superb observation . Thanks .

  5. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    So long as we buy Plato’s falsehood that “necessity” is the the mother of “our invention”, ie: specialization for economic optimization, we will continue to be digested by “our invention” and our nutrients fed to “our parasites”. That notion of “need” evinced “the love of money” over heterosexual love.

    Prior to any “march through the institutions” must come an inversion of the monetary system so that its supply starts local and in the hands of the young men of individual integrity whose flesh blood and bone stands between chaos and civilization. The money they supply to their local economy must grow with the value of the property rights under their protection. The institutions, deriving their very economic sustenance from those young men, will fall right in line, or they will be destroyed by the forces of chaos as their protectors are either unwilling or unable to provide their protection.

    Look at Minneapolis, Sir.

  6. Darian
    Darian says:

    Simple things. Like … is there a mass movement of whites to force their way into Nigeria? Or into Haiti? The Congo? Ridiculous! Of course not. But is there a mass movement of blacks or Hispanics to force their way into Europe or the United States? Almost unstoppable! And yet, as a civilization, we kindly “Lift our lamp beside the golden door,” only to find — not gratitude for accepting them into a peaceful country of opportunity, where everything works and abides by the rule of law – but instead cries of “White Privilege!” These ingrates “want it ALL!” Has there ever been a more heinous, ugly betrayal?

    I used to labor in vineyards of the State Department and saw it transform from a center for serious scholars and adventurers into the most political correct agency in government. I recall an exchange with a Latino who declared on the Departmental internal website, “The Twenty-First Century will be devoted to the fight against global warming and to the abolition of White Privilege.” I congratulated him on his bright future and asked when he thought the United States would rise to the level of Latin America. I got a warning.

    Let’s recall that South Africa functioned for decades, if not centuries, as an isolated outpost of Western Civilization. Just as America broke off from England and reestablished itself as a separate nation in the New World, so we must look to a similar solution.

  7. Ivar
    Ivar says:

    Yes, the Eleventh Hour seems to have struck. However, don’t forget that conservative whites still are the majority in many places in America We represent a large voting bloc. Get out there and get involved in the political process! We also have tremendous purchasing power (we can vote with our dollars). Remember the power of Boycotts? We needed to defund not the police but those institutions and businesses that are hostile to us, our children and our interests. But not buying their products, cancelling our subscriptions, not shopping in their stores, refusing to send our children to schools and universities that are nothing more than indoctrination factories. They indoctrinate or children while impoverishing us and transfering our wealth to them that seek our destruction. Also do not support major league sports at all! Professional sports are a cesspool of Marxism and brainwashing for our youth. A lot of professional sports teams are also owned by Nosebergs! Have you seen a picture of current NBA commissioner Adam Silver?!
    These suggestions are just a start.
    We have to be well funded and organized. Emphasis on well funded. No disrespect John, but the time for posting flyers on lampposts has long past… Also Barbara, our situation is dire but all hope is not lost! How do we form think thanks, orgs, and other networks where we can legally solicit donations from wealthy sympathetic donors to fight back against this program of dispossession, destruction and genocide? Grass roots is great but we are fighting a foe thats global in reach and has unlimited resources, that has an ethnic hatred for you and for everything you cherish! We need to get serious and take action now.

  8. Icknay
    Icknay says:

    An interesting article…. but the fact remains.
    Our educational institutions have been infiltrated by the globalist parasite. The only way for Aryan posterity to survive in the foreseable future will be to build and support our own education systems, period.

  9. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    For a guy who admits to not knowing much about National Socialism, (See Part 1) Dr Griffith sure has attitudes about National Socialism.

    “The site I have in mind would not be a neo-Nazi repository. Selling Hitler and Himmler to the masses and equating white concerns with National Socialism in particular and the far right in general has a long and painful history of setting us up to be written off as wacko losers and cancelled hard and fast…”

    Trying to understand and present National Socialism is not “Selling Hitler and Himmler to the masses”. That is a WASP – Jewish trope, Refusing to look honestly and forthrightly at National Socialism hides one of the most disgraceful and yet formative periods of our history – The Jewish WASP aggression against Germany which was the origin of our current Judeo-Wasp Empire where whites and even Anglo’s are the designated lower order,

    Now I am not arguing that white nationalists should necessarily be professing National Socialism. I am simply saying that white advocate writers owe it to history to not engage in the sort of anti “Nazi” biasing that is routine in WASP-Jewish historiography, philosophy and journalism For example:

    “I’m reminded of how this same kind of thing went on from the opposite angle in German universities in the ‘30s dominated by National Socialist ideology, and how German academics in fear of losing their jobs—including the great philosopher Martin Heidegger—caved and told the inquisitors what they wanted to hear”

    OK, this time Dr Griffith looked up the history. But where did he look? He looked in Adam Knowles’s , “Heidegger’s Fascist Affinities” . DR Knowles has a PH.d from the New School and his work is financed through the Resnick Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies. Given those credentials, is anyone surprised that Dr Knowles does not find that the guy who is now universally acknowledged as the most important post modern philosopher was also a committed National Socialist? Or, in other words, that a man of Heidegger’s intellectual power was somehow really genuinely philosophically compatible with the whacko losers which Jewish-WASP scholarship routinely portrays the “Nazi” bureaucracy as.? Of course Heidegger did profess NOT to be a genuine National Socialist but he did so after the war when the WASP – Jewish alliance was hanging or imprisoning any German who confessed to being an unrepentant believer in National Socialism.

    Not incidentally, all this and more is discussed by Michael O’Meara or Greg Johnson at Countercurrents Archive- a site which Dr Griffith otherwise praises but did not see fit to consult on this issue. Instead he preferred a Jewish or Judaized ideologue. Curious, huh? White Nationalism is evidently a complicated thing.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Thank you for this great comment, Achilles Wannabe. My take is that this has become a complex and deeply divisive problem for ‘Whites’ in the USA because we have allowed Anglo-American to be equated with White from the beginning.

      An example of the confusion created is that Griffin writes: “I’m thinking of short biographies—Mozart, Lindbergh, Knut Hamsun, Rudyard Kipling.” These men are supposed to be personifications of White excellence, but their lives express very different ideals. While Charles Lindbergh (Swedish American) and Knut Hamsun (Norwegian) were both friends and admirers of National Socialist Germany, and even of Adolf Hitler, Englishman Rudyard Kipling, on the other hand, was as vicious a German hater as you could find, and a true war-monger against the Kaiser and Imperial Germany. Mozart was entirely non-ideological. So what lessons for White Nationalism can be taught from these examples other than pride in Whiteness? That we are all individuals who take our separate paths? That we need have no loyalty to one another? That some Whites are appropriate and others are not?

      He also says, “The argument for white people can, and should, be grounded in the core values, ideals, of America.” Okay, but talk about White Americans then and not all Whites. So many Europeans despise America and it’s foreign policy over many years. Griffin fails to appreciate how diverse and complex White Interests are. Other writers here do, too. Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate Kevin MacDonald and TOO for what it’s trying to do. That’s why I’m here. But I really believe we should be bringing National Socialism and Adolf Hitler into the conversation as a legitimate part of White history, to bring some balance to the privileged dominance of the British-American-Jewish historical narrative. Perhaps it would enliven our race interest as nothing else could.

      I’d like to know what Robert Griffin thinks of this.

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        Thank you Carolyn. Since you are affording me a very rare opportunity to talk about certain subjects which do press upon me I will go on a little.

        Dr Griffin says, “The argument for white people can, and should, be grounded in the core values, ideals, of America.”

        For me at least this begs the question, “if American core values and ideals were so great, how come Whites are in the mess we are in today?”

        And as you say Carolyn, this further begs the question: what are “American” core values and ideals ? Are the “American” core values Dr Griffin is talking about the individualism and liberalism of limited government and originalist constitutionalism? If so, I wonder if these weren’t the very values and ideals which made it very difficult for whites in general to react collectively and successfully against the WASP Jewish Warmongering Germanophobia of the late 30’s – a warmongering Germanophobia that most people including apparently Anglo working people didn’t share and a warmongering Germanophobia that eventually turned the American Republic into a WASP-Jewish Empire oppressive to whites in general including Anglo workers?

        Not that 1930’ s American Whites didn’t resist WASP Jewish aggression against Germany. The America First Movement did try to prevent the WASP Jewish driven war But what sort of whites were the America Firsters? Didn’t they tend to be the white gentile immigrant origin types – Irish, Germans, Scandinavian and non Jewish Eastern Europeans and Catholics? But these are not the type of people i associate generally with “American core values and ideals” which Dr Griffin seems to be talking about, These Americans of immigrant origin tended toward a more collectivist and statist view of the world – relative to Anglo’s anyway..

        So is there anything we can learn from this question “American core values” about what are or should be our “White” core values? I think we should All be wondering because right now the rubber is obviously meeting the road on the future of whites as a race in this country. As we organize as “Whites” , we do want to get All White opinion and values represented and critically evaluated, right?

  10. Jack McArthur
    Jack McArthur says:

    The old gods never went away. They are much wiser than you. Jesus knew what you Materialsts, i.e Protestants, liberal Catholics muslims threw away in their intolerance coupled with the funddies “there is only one truth and he is a devil”. Your youth are little better than robots. Your hope is no longer in this life but in the next if you have faith.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Your hope is no longer in this life but in the next if you have faith.”

      No doubt ; and Christians wonder why their cultures in “this life” always go-to-hell-in-a-handbasket .

  11. PJ Dooner
    PJ Dooner says:

    Jared Taylor says jews are white and Ron Unz is a jew who promotes non-white immigration and intermarriage with whites! Before sending new readers off to read these at these websites you should at least qualify their views.

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