Andrew Joyce’s Resurrected Podcast: Talmud and Taboo

Andrew Joyce has reestablished his podcast, this time on BitChute. Let’s hope it lasts longer than his previous venture with Spreaker.

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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Is there any way to download this as an mp3? I don’t like staring at devices and “podcast” does mean audio! Less bandwidth than video too.

    • mrzonder
      mrzonder says:

      Dr. Joyce should indeed release audio files using an RSS feed so that listeners can add the feed to any podcast app.

      Until then, you can manually download and convert to audio-only using websites like this one (paste the Bitchute video URL and select MP3):

      You can also do the same thing using a tool on your computer, download the tool here:
      Then, in Command Prompt window use this command:
      youtube-dl.exe -x

      This will produce an audio file, which you should be able to open without problems, but it might not be an MP3.

  2. katana
    katana says:

    Andrew Joyce – T&T No 2 – And then one day… – Jul 20, 2020 — Transcript

    [The is the 2nd video in the T&T series from The Occidental Observer contributor and scholar Andrew Joyce on the “jewish problem/question“, available at his newly created BitChute channel.

    In this video he first discusses how some ordinary jews deny that they bear any responsibility for the negative reactions that non-jews have towards them and that has existed since ancient times.

    He then talks about how he became “jew aware” and that something was seriously wrong with the official narrative of jewish victimhood through reading the work of John Doyle Klier, an academic, who wrote how the tales of 19th century Russian pogroms against jews were greatly exaggerated, and often completely fabricated.

    Such propaganda pushed throughout Western media of the time facilitated the mass migration of jews out of Eastern Europe and Russian throughout the West.

    “… he’s saying that jews engaged in a coordinated mass hoax!”

    Finally he says that the path to becoming “red-pilled” will firstly involve the overcoming of accepted narratives of jewish victimhood, a difficult task given the mass indoctrination the public receives through jewish control of the media and education systems.

    — KATANA]

  3. lucius vanini
    lucius vanini says:

    On the timeline of Israelite/Hebrew/Jewish us-vs-themism, the Talmud is a pretty recent development. If Judaic scripture is to be believed, this presumably pathological xenophobia was already in full flower when Egypt was still a superpower. Having recently received the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” on Sinai, the Israelites invaded the Levant and in taking cities there put all inhabitants to the sword! At Jericho “….they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both men and women, young and old….” They did the same at Ai, Makkedah, Lachich, Libnah, Eglon, Hebron, Debir. (Book of Joshua, Chapters 7 and 10.)

    Clearly they saw no conflict here between creed and deed, because clearly the prohibition against killing was taken to benefit only Israelites. Outsiders, even if fellow Semites as the Canaanites seem to have been, weren’t deemed worthy of its protection…. It’s as though they weren’t people.

    MacDonald interprets Jewish collective egoism as an evolutionary strategy of self-preservation, doesn’t he? Does he go that far back, to the Bronze Age and BEFORE the invasion of the Levant, to trace its development– as it would appear he must, since again this utterly bigoted ethos was already in full swing before it?

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