Foreword to Battle Lines: Essays on Western Culture, Jewish Influence, and Anti-Semitism by Brenton Sanderson

Battle Lines: Essays on Western Culture, Jewish Influence, and Anti-Semitism”
By Brenton Sanderson
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FOREWORD by Kevin MacDonald

Brenton Sanderson began writing for The Occidental Observer and The Occidental Quarterly in 2011. I have been an enthusiastic supporter of his work from the beginning – his first essays were on the “War on White Australia” which I am happy to learn will be coming out in a separate, much anticipated, volume.

As an editor, one quickly learns to appreciate essays that are well-researched and well-written, and Sanderson’s work has always been up to the highest standard. Each of these essays is a gem. The general theme of Battle Lines is the difficult question of Jewish influence – difficult at least partly because the literature is littered with apologetic writings, so that getting a firm grasp on such a topic requires great persistence and honesty. As he writes in the Introduction, “The Jewish Question is foundational to the demographic transformation of the West, the revolution in its sexual and ethical mores, and to the trajectory of Western politics, art and culture.” We can’t avoid talking about it if we want to be honest about what is happening. But doing so is a thankless task, a reason for being scorned and ostracized, fired from one’s job, barred from influential positions in the media and academic world. Sanderson quotes Richard Wagner writing in the nineteenth century, “It is distressing to me always to come back to the theme of the Jews. But one cannot escape it if one looks to the future.”

And 150 years after Wagner’s statement, it is still absolutely true. We simply can’t avoid discussing the Jews. Honest discussions of Jewish influence are absolutely necessary if White people are going to have a future.

Much of Sanderson’s work has been on Jewish influence on culture, particularly in the arts and the media. These are major contributions. Beginning in the early twentieth century Jews have had enormous influence on the visual arts as artists, critics, dealers, and collectors. In 1973 Sophy Burnham published The Art Crowd, estimating that 80 per cent of the 2,500 core “art market personnel” – dealers, curators, gallery owners, collectors, critics, consultants and patrons of the arts – were Jewish.[i]

So it’s not surprising that Jewish attitudes would be reflected in what counts as fine art and whose work gets promoted. As Sanderson notes in his essay on Tristan Tzara and the Dada movement, there was a “Jewish intellectual substructure of many of these twentieth century art movements… manifest in their unfailing hostility toward the political, cultural and religious traditions of Europe and European-derived societies.”

Given this reality, it is not difficult to envision Jewish critics championing Jewish artists or non-Jews like Jackson Pollock whose work can be seen as advancing this hostility toward the culture of the West. Nor is it difficult to imagine Jewish art dealers promoting such artists (e.g., Sidney Janis promoting Mark Rothko [Chapter 9] whose fame had nothing to do with any recognizable talent but was inextricably linked to his being a member of a Jewish sub-culture). The same goes for Jewish art museum curators (e.g., Katherine Kuh promoting Rothko), Jewish collectors (e.g., Charles Saatchi promoting Damien Hirst), and Jewish critics (Clement Greenberg promoting Jackson Pollock).

Gustav Mahler and Leonard Bernstein were doubtless very talented musicians and composers. However, their elevation to the status of cultural icons cannot be explained by talent alone. Once again Sanderson documents a coterie of Jews promoting these figures, including Bernstein promoting Mahler. Bernstein in particular has always fascinated me because of his flamboyant personality and style. Sanderson notes that his fame rivaled that of Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe. Even I, who was not particularly drawn to classical music at the time, was quite aware of him and recall being struck by his impassioned performances as a conductor. The issue of Jewish personality is relatively unexplored, but it seems that Jews often have extreme personalities – personalities that make people stand out in whatever their field of endeavor, with Bernstein being a prime example. In my first book on Jews, A People That Shall Dwell Alone, I summarized data indicating that, on average, Jews rated highly on all the personality systems.

And while Jews have been able to promote certain individuals to the status of cultural icon, they have also attempted to tear down others, Richard Wagner being the most prominent example. In the case of Wagner, his towering musical genius presents a major obstacle in this endeavor, but there can be little doubt that there has been a campaign against Wagner waged by Jewish music critics and producers. Sanderson provides an amazing quote from Bernstein, “‘I hate Wagner, but I hate him on my knees’ – a grudging acknowledgement of the scale of German composer’s achievement.” Despite his prodigious talent, Wagner is now routinely labeled a “deeply pathological personality” – a common description by Jews eagerly seeking out any flaw in a person they dislike for deeper reasons. The result has been that performances of Wagnerian works like The Ring “in the modern era have invariably sought to satirize the drama to subvert the message Wagner attempts to convey.” If they can’t ban him outright because the music is too powerful, they can nip at the edges with satire and false messaging.

Another aspect of Jewish influence on culture has been the sexual revolution. In writing The Culture of Critique I always thought of the chapter on Freud as pivotal for understanding what had happened since the 1960s. Freud’s war on sexual and family mores has had vastly more devastating effects on people at the lower end of the IQ distribution than the solidly middle class or upper class. Those at the lower end of the IQ distribution benefit more from the social supports embedded in religion and traditional culture, but these have essentially been destroyed since the 1960s. Since then, all the markers of family function have declined precipitously, including increases in divorce, lower rates of marriage, births out of wedlock, and single parenting – all of which are linked to negative effects on children and all more common in people of lower socioeconomic status. In recent decades this has been exacerbated by drug abuse, especially opioid abuse, which is again more common among people on the lower rungs of society.

Here Sanderson emphasizes how the ongoing sexual revolution, originated by a vastly disproportionate number of Jewish intellectuals, has filtered into the entertainment industry, focusing on the work of Jenji Kohan (Orange is the New Black) and Jill Soloway (Transparent). When I was growing up in the 1950s, religious and patriotic groups exercised significant power over the content of movies and television. Marriage and having children were generally depicted as rewarding life choices, and all the psychological research indicates that traditional married families are indeed more likely to result in well-adjusted children.

However, such families are a vanishing breed in the Western media landscape, replaced by shows presenting divorced families, single parenting, and homosexual and transgender relationships as normal and fulfilling. Both Kohan and Soloway are strongly identified Jews (Kohan wanted to become a rabbi and Soloway said that Jews in Hollywood are “recreating culture to defend ourselves post-Holocaust”). Their careers have taken place completely within a Jewish milieu – a good indication of the fundamentally Jewish nature of the entertainment industry. A non-Jew wishing to have a career in the industry could not possibly produce, write, or direct anything that offends Jewish sensibilities.

Another important theme in Battle Lines is Jewish apologia for the crimes of communism, a topic that must remain suppressed “regardless of how many historians (Jewish and non-Jewish) confirm the decisive role Jews played in providing the ideological basis for, and the establishment, governance and administration of, the former communist dictatorships of Central and Eastern Europe.” Daniel Goldhagen is typical of those Jews who want to totally suppress this history, asserting that any linking of Jews with communism is a “calumny.” However, Sanderson provides extensive reviews of two books by Jewish authors with a different slant – that yes, Jews were decisive, but whatever they did was justified by anti-Semitism. For example, the much-exaggerated pogroms of the late nineteenth century are used to justify the murder of millions and the oppressive police states, and Jews are absolved from any role in triggering the anti-Jewish attitudes widely felt by the peoples of Eastern and Central Europe. This is outright falsification of history. And as Sanderson notes,

Free discussion of the Jewish role in communist crimes undermines Jewish pretensions to moral authority grounded in their self-designated status as history’s preeminent victims. In contemporary academia there are, in addition, strong personal and professional disincentives for highlighting the Jewish role in communist crimes, and it is, therefore, not surprising that non-Jewish historians and intellectuals are equally reluctant to recognize the Jewish backgrounds of many revolutionaries and to explore how their Jewish identity influenced their beliefs and actions. The Jewish-controlled media organs in the U.S. have conditioned most Americans to suffer a sort of mental allergic reaction to topics sensitive to Jews.

This is an excellent general description of all topics related to Jewish influence. Jews are ethnically motivated to see themselves in a positive light, while non-Jews rightly fear their careers in academia, the media, or politics will be jeopardized if they honestly and openly discuss the impact of Jews on Western societies. The result is a plethora of glaring omissions, and disingenuous analyses often accompanied by a maudlin philo-Semitism.

The reasons White academics or journalists produce this drivel are easy to understand. Such endeavors are massively incentivized, whether by obtaining tenure in the university system or getting a position in the elite media or politics. The message from our latter-day commissars is clear: “Sell out and we’ll make you a star.” Brenton Sanderson has not sold out. These essays offer excellent scholarship, clear writing, and most of all, honesty – a rare trait indeed in the contemporary West.

[i] Sophy Burnham, The Art Crowd (Philadelphia: David McKay Publications, 1973), 25.

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  1. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    What is the point of talking about the Jewish problem? If we attempt to expel them or do anything about them everyone starts defending them, claiming, “it’s not all Jews”. Jews have only to pretend to be one of the good Jews and claim they were on our side all the time. What are we expected to do, make a list?

    • JRM
      JRM says:

      The only viable means of countering Jewish control (influence is too mild a term) in the West is the BDS movement. It has the shield of “oppressed minority” (Palestinians) status to protect it.

      Nevertheless, the Jews fight this movement to the extent they can without dropping their “humanistic” public mask entirely. Amongst the idealistic and brainwashed youth, BDS is the only traction we can get, making the Universities the likely battleground, and in the Universities the Jews have a home turf advantage.

      To illustrate the problem with the young, the word “nazi” is used daily (or hourly) by Leftists to describe their enemies. And what are “nazis” most famous for? So young Whites have all been inoculated to a large extent against “anti-Semitism”.

      The other hopeful sign is the opening rift between blacks and Jews. Again, the attacks come from a protected (sacred, in fact) group. But a group we are not a part of, so of little relevance to us.

      There is no currently viable avenue open to Whites who push back on the Jewish ownership and abuse of our media and institutions. Only self-sufficient outliers amongst Whites can do anything in the physical world.

      And as long as anonymity is possible on the internet, we have that too, for what it’s worth.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        The other hopeful sign is the opening rift between blacks and Jews.

        I respectfully suggest that you be as frugal with your hope as you probably are with your cash. I first saw similar signs of a rift between Jews and blacks in the late 1960s, though then and in the four decades following, when other real or alleged rifts were bemoaned in the same fashion, I never saw those who pointed to such signs characterize them as hopeful. No surprise there.

        Since blacks, Hispanics, and now the invading Muslim hordes tend to have both little to think with and the impulse control of a typical toddler, especially when it comes to money, it has always been in their interest, after the odd bout of bad behavior and biting the hand that feeds, to come to heel with their Jewish masters and bankrollers.

        Perhaps you see reason to believe that things might go otherwise this time around. If you do, I sincerely hope you are correct, but I’m not betting on it.

        • Alastair Ross
          Alastair Ross says:

          Perhaps, Blacks may eventually realise that Jews employ a time – honoured , Black Ops ( unworthy pun intended ) strategy of weaponising Congoids in the jihad agin Whites.

        • Alastair Ross
          Alastair Ross says:

          One way that the “Muslim hordes” , whose belief system is based on the same improbable ancient Semitic folktales as our own ( Abraham was the First Muslim ! ), may be made to feel less likely to bomb us , is to point out that their , admittedly non – divine Prophet Isa , was not averse to female company , the latter being a sine qua non of Muslim Heaven.

          The “Evangilium Secundum Jacobum” , in a German library ( in papyrus form ) includes the disciples’ complaints that Jesus is fonder of women than he is of them.

          ‘C’est pas possible ‘?

        • JRM
          JRM says:

          @Pierre: I’m not really betting on it either. I mentioned it in an effort to cover the few areas where something *might* transpire that would be non-advantageous to Jews.

          I don’t think we’ll see much more than a few kosher beat-downs and robberies in NYC.

          As long as the Jews control the “music” industry, aka “hip-hop/rap”, they will own the blacks in this country.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            As long as the Jews control the “music” industry, … they will own the blacks in this country.

            (((Their))) ownership might well survive even the loss of that instrument of control, at least if this report is indicative of their behavioral response. Plantation-style obedience is plainly in no danger of becoming extinct among blacks, certainly not where Massa’s temple of self-worship is concerned.

    • Samson newbury
      Samson newbury says:

      ‘If we attempt to expel them or do anything about them everyone starts defending them, claiming, “it’s not all Jews”. Jews have only to pretend to be one of the good Jews and claim they were on our side all the time’

      Agree. Hopefully genetic science will allow Whites to draw the boundaries where needed and get rid of deletrious elements.

    • Bryan
      Bryan says:

      We could start by taking away their tools of oppression, i.e. usury, the banking system in general, real estate speculation, etc. etc. etc., the list is far too long. But, by taking away the things that allow for such vast amounts of wealth and power to fall into the hands of so few people, and making them illegal to everybody, not only will “they” not be able to attain economic, political, and social influence and power, nobody will.

  2. Aristo Boho
    Aristo Boho says:

    Dear Mister MacDonald, There is a fundamental question I have, and I’m not presenting a Libertarian position that one has the freedom to act and make choices, if one does fine, if not that”s one’s free decision to not.” Why do non-Jews permit what MIster Brenton Sanderson writes of? Also, I honestly believe that their are other subversive forces at work that permit this secular Jewish dominance. The Second Vatican Council Church is a major catalyst for this. Yet, there is a Jewish problem because there is a non-Jewish problem. The non-Jew does not defend one’s own kind from Jewish attacks, and I should honestly say mostly by those Jews who aren’t very religious, aided and abetted by anti-Traditional forces amongst Gentiles.
    1. At a diner in New York, owned like almost all of them by a Greek family, I inquired why they have up a menorah for Passover, and Christmas was represented by Winter decorations and Jingle Bells but no crèche of the birth of Christ Our Lord. The lady replied, ” Oh no, we do not want any trouble! No problems!.” Why do all Christians, and in this specific case, Greeks, not coalesce? They do not! Why didn’t all Whites, and whomever else, come to Mister Patrick James Buchanan’s defence when he was terminated from Microsoft National Broadcasting Company’s news or all Roman Apostolic Catholics, or those Whites of his blood line, the Irish? Where were the Anglo-Saxons when Miss Ann Hart Coulter was not allowed on Fox News after she criticized the Republicans for always bringing up Jews and Israel in the 2016 so-called presidential debates.? And other Whites or even other races? I could go on and on but the other side of the cultural-racial-sociological question never reacts! This is a fact!
    2. There is also another factor, as far as the arts go. Let us stay with America, so as to not complicate matters. I have noticed that a great many Roman Apostolic Catholics, let us say from New York on Long Island where I lived for a time, were and are for the most part hard working class people, blue collar, and primarily of the nationalities, Irish, Italian and Polish. Why unlike their respective peoples in Europe are they ever so uncultured and anti-intellectual? My question is rhetorical because America offers them a livelihood and money, which is important, but no culture. The answer could be found if one goes to the mother country England, that is quite different from Continental Europe. The Jew will have more of a sympathetic outlook on the artist than these Europeans.
    Please understand, everything you’ve written about Mister Sanderson’s book is true, but it’s not all one dimensional. One must analyse this with patience and in detail, meticulously so. Let me give you one example of where the Jew is superior in outlook than the three Europeans, in America, I have aforementioned: I know of a thespian who has struggled, is very talented, truly so, and so forth. The average Jew will give encouragement and not mock this person, for they have an understanding of the artist. and also in other situations, such as if one is ill and so forth, The Jew both religious and secular almost has exactly a Nietzschean Triumph of The Will inspiration and morale-boosting cheering on of the non-Jew in such a situation. The average European of those of New York will tend to mock this person and come out with those brilliant American labels as “Oh he’s a has been.” “Forget about him he’s a nobody a wasted life.” “She’s a loser.” Now these are generalizations, that do exist but of course nothing is ever one dimensional in life with human behaviour or any one person. One other area where the Christian can lack compassion, is if one is about to lose their property because of a wrong decision in life or bad luck. As I said, Mister Sanderson is spot on but its still complex. God Bless Aristo Boho

    • Icknay
      Icknay says:

      Χαιρετίσματα, Aristo Boho.

      As a fellow Hellene, after reading through your comments on Kevin MacDonald’s foreword, I felt I had to respond.
      To begin, we must understand that there exist three main categories of peoples, and these categories represent human populations within all the different races, be it European, Middle eastern, Asian, etc. The categories are (1) the ignorant, (2) the nationalist and (3) the international. Between these three categories, there is a distinct type of personality trait.

      The person falling within the ignorant trait, has for the most part, evolved not to adhere or for that matter identify with his or her own culture or history and therefore fleeting through life to tend to his or her own insatiable needs and desires. This I might add, in modern day, probably comprises about ninety percent of the world’s human population.

      The person falling within the nationalist trait, has had the good fortune to be raised and bred to identify with his or her own culture and history, all the while understanding the presence and self determination of the other human races that inhabit this planet.

      In terms of the international, this person has specifically been raised and bred to identify with one thing and one thing only, that is to covertly infect and subdue the entire planet, be it human and non-human resources. This person understands no culture, no borders, no nations, no peoples. Unfortunately, it is under this category that your “Greek hosts” would fall under.

      And this, Mr. Aristo Boho is who Kevin MacDonald is referring to. More often than not, it is the international who happens to be of the Jewish faith (whether he or she was born into the faith or has acquired it). I’m quite certain that when scholars refer to the term “Jews”, they are in my humble opinion, not referring to the entire population, but rather to the few rotten, intellectually deranged individuals and their offspring, that have hounded humanity for almost three thousand years…… and counting.

      Επίσης, η καλή εθιμοτυπία περιγράφει ότι όταν κατευθύνετε μια συνομιλία με έναν μελετητή, σας ενθαρρύνω να μην ξεκινατε με τον όρο “Dear Mister MacDonald….”

      Με φιλικούς χαιρετισμούς.

      • Aristo Boho
        Aristo Boho says:

        Dear Icknay, Your logical explanation of what I have enumerated above in my COMMENT to Professor Kevin MacDonald is greatly appreciated. The ignorant dominate to-day because the structure and system of those who control our society, our world, wants this. Not that the ignorant have a power of their own. What I call the Technology Of Evil makes sure this is the case. And yes, there is the Nationalist and the Internationalist. The former can also be self-destructive and become atrophied, for without the spiritual values of Tradition their flag waving and patriotism becomes a one dimensional view of life, a comfort not wanting to be uncomfortable when the pursuit of knowledge calls for a reaction and rectification of the decadent that can occur, and has, within their own nationalism. Before I go forward, remember that many Jews are responsible for Nationalist movements since the 1700’s.

        I remember conversing one evening with Professor Thomas Molnar, and he said what I had always thought: Fascism’s ghetto is its Nationalism. But allow me to return to the decline of the nationalist: it is exactly this democracy factor that allows for the dominance of the ignorant, and the nationalist himself becomes a hybrid of ignorance and nationalism. Hence, by the stupidity of one’s Free Will, ever so comfortable in their stagnant existence, that the International obtains the pinnacles of Power of a given nation and its society. Without a true elite of the Religious and the Warrior all nationalism becomes self-destructive, and one nationalism ends up turning upon the other. The Polish in between the German and the Russian the English and the Irish and Scottish, the Hungarians and Romanians, and so forth. And even a proper Nationalism can destroy within its Nation the very richest of thriving cultures, such as the Provencal in France, and the unification of Italy which gives birth to the Colony of the once great southern culture of the Kingdom Of The Two Sicilies, which history will never inform us of, as well as destroy other authentic languages, which are called dialects, that literally are not just accents and different pronunciations of the national tongue, and let us not forget the American States that were defeated by the Union North. And to tell the truth there is no escaping even the deconstruction of the Religious and Warrior elite. The battle must be fought at the end of the day by each and everyone of us against our own self. There is also another factor I should mention which many times can equal ignorance and even surpass it: cowardice! Exempli Gratia: and here I allude to the four European nationalities in New York I gave as an example above in relation to the deranged secular Jew or even not so mad. A friendship might be had between the secular Jew and non Jew. But it is the Jew who will resent anything Christian, or thinks that they can freely make a joke, even a vulgar one about, Christ Our Lord or the Blessed Virgin Mary. The average cowardly labelled Christian does not once defend their faith or react in any way to what has been said. This is worse than ignorance: it is shear unadulterated lack of bravery. As I have said before and this is a fact, nothing in life is one dimensional and that signifies every person. A friend of mine had a job in a New York government office once. He never took off for a sick day or vacation day if he wasn’t ill or not on holiday. This is a common in house practice with government offices and all businesses. He was going to honestly lose money one week because a scholarly authentic Roman Apostolic Catholic priest and his Society were going to do the authentic Holy Week from Spy Wednesday to Easter Sunday, pre-1955. This would be for the first time in donkey’s years. The head of the office was a Jewess, and having a liking for him she spoke to another man who worked in finance there, and asked what could be done so my friend did not lose any pay. It was all legally taken care of and he lost not one penny of his salary. Do you know how the so-called fellow Roman Apostolic Catholic co-workers in the building of the government office reacted? The Irish would snigger and roll their eyes and say something similar to “Oh for fuck’s sake!” The Italians would remark with a grimace, “What do you care as long as it in your heart.”, the female of the lot would exclaim, “Oh he must really be a queer.” and so forth. No a spiritual elite dynamic must be ever present to-day because whether Jew or non Jew we are surrounded by our fellow European Man whether in the Old or New World who are White Race entities whose final quintessence is that of being saps, scum and slobs. and they are getting just what they deserve. By the way, the Boho of Aristo will always write, “Dear So and So Scholar” and no one scholar of the many I’ve know have ever fond it wrong in the more than one country I have lived in. I thank you once again and do stay well. I truly thank you, including the Dear Scholar advice. God Bless, Aristo Boho

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Also, in accord with what good etiquette requires when you address a scholar, I urge you not to start with the term “Mister” [translation]

        A fundamental aspect of the Jewish subversion of white Christian culture and society that Brenton Sanderson’s work reveals is the aggressive cultivation of disrespect toward people whose gifts or accomplishments have traditionally been regarded as warranting respect. As casually following the Jew’s example constitutes material cooperation in his enterprise, Icknay’s counsel is certainly pertinent.

        • Aristo Boho
          Aristo Boho says:

          Dear Mister de Craon, How interesting the pseudo-aristocrat can be with thier rules of etiquette. Listen I do not have disrespect for anyone’s accomplishments, and I’m not a disrespectful person. I certainly do not need the likes of you or anyone to start attempting to educate me. I follow no negative Jew’s example, so do not assume to know the whys and wherefores of whatever title I use. If I disrespected Doctor Kevin MacDonald I shouldn’t have never had an interest in this web site of his, and what’s more been one of the very first to acquire his three volume masterpiece “The Culture Of Critique” back in the 1990’s.
          To end it, Victorian governess that you are in wanting control others, I and many a Traditionalist to-day do not address many with titles you see as appropriate because the institutions represented by many so-called scholars are not worthy of scholarship. You must have a pretty disturbed existence to take the time to think you could ever educate me. Disrespect for titles: you might never know who is of a Traditional Aristocratic lineage and has a love for Tradition of spiritual values and not a stagnant lack of incentive existences with colorful trappings and no dynamics. One last point: have you ever been in a Communist or decadent Democracy, and observed, or lived with the scum who aren’t Jewish who have a great disregard for the accomplishments of others? I have. Do not push it with me; you do not know me. So knock off the arrogance. If I remember correctly you aren’t a sede vacantist. You speak of accomplishments and proper titles yet follow non-Popes,and I truly do not care what you do. But it is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. Be attentive: too much prissiness can lead to or be an actual veil of pansiness. God Bless, Aristo Boho

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            You must have a pretty disturbed existence to take the time to think you could ever educate me.

            On the contrary, I do not think I could educate you. Educating you would be a labor of Heracles. I am not Heracles.

            … you do not know me …

            For what we have been given, O Lord, make us truly grateful.

        • Aristo Boho
          Aristo Boho says:

          Pierre de Craon says:
          August 29, 2020 at 5:29 pm

          Quoting Aristo, “You must have a pretty disturbed existence to take the time to think you could ever educate me.”

          PIERRE :”On the contrary, I do not think I could educate you. Educating you would be a labor of Heracles. I am not Heracles.”

          ARISTO: Dear Mister de Craon, Thank you and how interesting that you omit a REPLY, which is why I have pasted yours to mine above.
          Whenever one is at a loss to properly respond as you have to me, there is always the so-called clever riposte from the self-centered comfort zone clowns like yourself. You are a brick in the wall believing to be erudite but are in reality as vapid as an academic pseudo-intellectual.

          Yet, there is honesty within you. by quoting me again >”… you do not know me …” , and shower gratitude: PIERRE:
          “For what we have been given, O Lord, make us truly grateful.”
          ARISTO: Hence,you acknowledge the good fortune that I’ve given you a mental digital that gives you some worthwhile thought, and you show thanks by humbling before the Lord. That I may very well shine a path of enlightenment for you to follow so you just might have the courage to rise to the occasion as a spiritual warrior to confront in battle the future days ahead that are to be even more nefarious and noxious than what they are to-day. Courage Pierre ! Courage! There’s always hope as long as you are alive. God Bless, Aristo Boho

    • Ludwig
      Ludwig says:


      Whites have been subject to the corrosive divisions of jewish machinations since Napoleon. They have the uncanny way of dressing up their toxic critiques as sophisticated, urbane, funny and in. After all they excel in ‘sales’, the proverbial snake oil salesman. Subtle and with salami tactics, but as you describe, we’ve now run out of salami. We are so divided now on every conceivable ‘fault line’ that enhanced competition for resources – another tactic of theirs – and we just can’t cope with seeing others succeed since we don’t see kin but ‘others’. And with jewish encouragement we must tear or kin down.

      Humans also have the to propensity to feel tempted to do what we know is not morally right.
      There’s an old Slovak joke where one farmer has the misfortune to have one of his goats die. In his prayers that evening he asks God if he would be merciful enough to allow his neighbour’s goat die too.

      We must shape ourselves and our kin in many positive ways, but solidarity is vital.

      • Aristo Boho
        Aristo Boho says:

        Dear Ludwig, What hurts me most is that you have informed me there’s no more salami! I love salami of all types! Especially Hungarian and Sicilian! Alas, another victim of the Kali Yuga. Rest in piece my dear delicious salami.
        The time line you give of organized Jewry’s machinations begininng as a decisive force for the deconstruction of Whites going back to Napoleone Bonaparte is the absolute truth for this coincides with the financial dominance of the House of Rothschild. Notwithstanding, we must never forget the other aspects to this problem which are also historical realities not to be avoided. 1. Because of the Protestant Reformation and what historically happened throughout Europe people, even those of great erudition, were easily, and still are, led to believe that the British Empire and the Roman Apostolic Catholic Church were the antipodes of one another. Theologically yes, but at the end of the day outside of this theistic philosophical fact, money and power over others are the dominant God of mankind. Albion and Vatican City have always been allies ever since they both allowed, and bear the responsibility, for the Rothschild banking system to become what it did, and still is. 2. Freemasonry has always been a major player behind every revolution, and there was a time it did not allow for Jews entrance. Napoleon established freemasonic lodges wherever he conquered including in Egypt. Although we mustn’t look at all Freemasons as culpable for this. Some are very fine persons and not even aware of ever so much that occurs at high levels of powers and principalities. Nevertheless, the snake oil salesman as you accurately describe them, the guilty bosses, by domination of popular culture in all areas and at all levels have made our fellow European peoples the eyes wide shut perpetrators of their own kind. Of course they themselves are guilty for they have a free will. This factor is obvious,for you and I haven’t succumbed. And I, whose eyes are never wide shut do perceive and know for a fact that there is a quiet band of our people amongst the common folk who know very well who is to blame. They just do not know where to turn to; a catalyst is called for to unleash a dynamic force, and once undeniably evident, this requires money and organisation. Good luck on these two elements: who will be financing it all?
        Definitely! Immorality will always be the defective choice of most of our fellow men, with whom I deny kinship. This alludes to the cowardice I pointed out to Icknay above. The immoral proceeds successfully because of the mind set of the coward. One should go into battle and not be afraid of death for the worthy cause of defeating the unethical human detritus that abounds.
        The Slovak joke is a parable for fear and jealously, which most extreme example can be found with the psychotic who loves ever so much a woman, yet she doesn’t have the slightest feelings for him, that he must therefore slay her, for if he cannot have her no one can.
        Yes my friend, solidarity is vital and there are those such as many of us who contribute herein, but do not waste any sleep with the average human being around you in all walks of life, for his solidarity is that of a septic tank culture where by one must never think, never to listen or look, but only to hear and see. We are in an environment of living death detritus who are no more and no less than what they represent: dehumanized excrement, who cannot perceive beauty and are void of any and all spiritual values; and I am not being sarcastic, I truly mean this. God Bless Aristo Boho

  3. traducteur
    traducteur says:

    The chess grandmaster, Alexander Alekhine, who was world champion in the 1920s and 1930s, towering like a colossus over his rivals, is thought to have been hostile to Jews. Consequently, to this day Jewish chess writers and players try to deny his greatness. It’s difficult, of course, because, as in the case of Wagner, the achievement is there for all to see. The best they can do is leave his games out of anthologies or give prominence to his occasional defeats.

  4. JMG
    JMG says:

    The relationship between blacks and Jews has always fascinated me. The old Yiddish word “schvartze” was always used by Jews behind closed doors but never to the faces of blacks who seem to have always been available and ready to do the dirty work for the people who praised them and stood behind them for “rights”. It’s been a co-dependent relationship for centuries. Unfortunately, the the two parties failed to keep the rest of us out of their dysfunction, and we are paying dearly.

  5. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    In regards to any and all suppression of any negative stories regarding Jewish behavior, I was quite shocked to see a link from the BBC – of all places to The Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slave-ownership. Both University College London and Harvard have produced a very in-depth, comprehensive database of all the Brtish slave owners dating back to 1700’s until its abolition.

    You can search by name or religion the people who owned slaves. Additionally, you can also view how much compensation was given to them due to the loss of their slaves. In some cases, it also gives a biography of the slave owners and how they treated their slaves. Most of them have very detailed wills which have also been added to their biographies.

    Sample of one biography:
    London merchant, formerly of Jamaica, partner with Jacob Dias Fernandes and Benjamin Dias Fernandes. The partnership was dissolved 24/09/1811 and Isaac Aguilar was bankrupt that same year.

    Will of Isaac Aguilar of Devonshire Square [made in 1820] proved 06/12/1825. The will reflects his bankruptcy, commenting on the ‘some little fortune’ it had pleased God to bestow on him, but ‘now He has so ordained the variety of misfortunes, very severe [?] losses and visitudes [sic] in life, I am rendered very poor and miserable.’ He left his household effects to his ‘poor and unfortunate wife’ Rebecca Aguilar.

  6. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Brenton Sanderson is an eloquent analyst of moral and cultural subversion and an independent thinker of far more than temporary and local relevance. Even forty years ago, the world’s leading Anglophone publishers of serious nonfiction would have engaged in a bidding war for this book’s publication rights. It doesn’t even require translation from the strange language spoken in Oz!

    If the white Christian civilization of the West should collapse as utterly as its Jewish enemies intend it to, it won’t be because Brenton Sanderson failed to do his share—and a very great deal more besides—in its defense. I hope that everyone who can afford to buy this book will do so.

  7. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    No, not that Kosminski. That was the infamous Polish-Jewish, solely Yiddish-speaking barber in London’s impoverished Whitechapel, where nine women were murdered and some additionally mutilated. To date, he ranks highly among the suspects as having been Jack the Ripper.

    Instead, I am speaking of Burkhard Kosminski, who directed Wagner’s TANNHAUSER at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, in Duesseldorf, in 2013. During its premiere, K had uniformed members of the Wehrmacht shoot Jews in the back of their heads.

    Season-ticket holders, most out for a well-earned, relaxing, enjoyable evening, were aghast: many treated on the spot by first responders, while two dozen were taken to hospitals by ambulance. Wealthy Duesseldorf’s Jewish Community virtue-signaled by siding against their own Kosminski: and why not, since they already walked off with the net profit.

    Kosminski made some scurrilous remarks about the ignorance of the audience and bitterly complained about the typical lack of freedom of artistic expression.

    I too, in the Canadian bush, was upset at his archetypical behavior and composed an e-mail to the General Manager of the Opera, copied to this Kosminski. I assured him, that he had complete freedom of artistic expression, if, for example,
    he would compose and opera twice as long as Wagner’s longest, in order to include some of the genocide perpetrated by his folk on the Palestinians: quite without German help and without the residually sane world’s approval.

    My e-mail arrived a day AFTER his unmitigated Jewish shit was cancelled from above, obliging ticket-holders to subsequently listen only to a musical rendition.

    Far more detail, even from Germany’s SPIEGEL, on the web.

  8. Larry Z B
    Larry Z B says:

    This sounds like an insightful book and one which needs to be widely read. Many books that are critical of Jews end up being banned on various sites, which is a shame. The Jews deflect scrutiny and criticism of their actions by playing the perpetual victim card.

  9. Neil
    Neil says:

    Dear OO
    I know it is off subject, but I have to put it out
    In the Uk, we have the first ”Gay Train” It is pink and rainbow colour and has a full contingent of Homosexual staff!(You have to be a gay to be employed-flouting all employment laws!) I nearly fell off my chair when I heard it announced in a triumphant manner, on News At Ten.
    If ever there was a symbol of a degenerative culture, DeGenerative is the opposite of generation as in a pullback or retardation of nature.

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