Surviving the Contemporary Black Racial and White Intra-Racial Conflict: Anti-Millenarian Whites Must Seek Political Separation


In 1946 Winston Churchill delivered a speech at a small college in Fulton Missouri that offered this prescient analysis: “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an ‘iron curtain’ has descended across the continent.” This Soviet invasion made a prison out of the entire area for half a century. Dissenters were severely punished.

Without notice or debate, a similar regimen of speech control is descending on North America, from Bar Harbor, Maine on the Bay of Fundy to Nome, Alaska on the Arctic Ocean, and south to the Rio Grande and the Straits of Florida.

Political correctness, a phrase used almost playfully in the 1990s, has morphed into the viciousness and moral smugness of our current cancel culture, replacing the spirit of the First Amendment. By way of example, I offer the following observation from an early victim of cancel culture, my friend the late Sam Francis.

“The civilization that we as whites created in Europe and America could not have developed apart from the genetic endowments of the creating people, nor is there any reason to believe that the civilization can be successfully transmitted to a different people.”

Comments like this led to Francis being fired from his position as columnist for the Washington Times in 1995 and put him into media purgatory and economic distress until his premature death 10 years later.

Sam’s proposition makes no moral distinctions and is not much more than a paean to what in reality is his extended family. In the same context the creating people of Great Zimbabwe were Bantus, the creating people of China were Han, and the creating people of the Inca Empire were Quechuas. If, instead of making a claim about the racial origins of Europe and America, Sam had instead substituted any of these other peoples into his statement, it would have been equally plausible but would not have resulted in Sam’s discharge.

The frenzy to stigmatize any mention of genetics especially as playing a role in the development of White civilization began early in the twentieth century, essentially eradicating what had been a robust intellectual exchange based on the reality of race and the idea that there are important racial differences in behavior around the world. This anti-biologism came to dominate academic thinking after World War II and has become a bedrock attitude among those who are now labeled progressives. Such thinking is woven into contemporary intellectual tapestry; it is taught throughout the school system from elementary school through the university, and it characterizes  entire mainstream media landscape. Among its White adherents, it has assumed a millenarian vision of a utopian future free from all racial conflict—the same sort of millenarianism that has characterized the moral crusades of the past, from the Civil War to World War II, to our contemporary regime-change wars in the Middle East.

Susan Sontag proclaimed “The white race is the cancer of human history.” If we limit her universe to the U.S., I’d say that she was about 40% right as this was the Hillary Clinton fraction of the White vote in the 2016 presidential election. This means that the remaining 60% of White voters represent our side of the family—at least potentially.

One birthday short of becoming an octogenarian, I charge the dissident right with the mission to  begin the intergenerational process of founding an independent political jurisdiction in which anti-millenarian whites can gather, regroup and flourish. Along the way we will support other races with  the same aspiration.

To this end,  we must extract our side of the family from the embrace of the “White millenarians” who are yet intent on imposing their heretical notion of equality on Earth as it art in Heaven —even though the misery from such tampering with human nature abounds in history and has been particularly evident in the recent past.

Our goal must be a Bohemian Divorce of mutual self determination as deliberate and bloodless as the split between the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993. To this end there is long standing precedent which stretches back to the founding of the Republic when separation was recognized as a humane means  of resolving ethnic and racial conflicts and sovereign tracts of land were ceded to indigenes.

Once separation is established, the internal political arrangements are less important than the maintenance of a unifying ethos by enforcing a variant of the Amish practice of Rumpspringa. This exercise encourages youthful apostates to leave the commonwealth before achieving citizenship.  So that a mistake of inclusion is not immutable, I recommend making exile a part of the criminal and civil code, directed at those who are in fundamental disagreement with the ideal of a separate White community. Such a provision could also be used to correct immigration blunders.

We have entered very dangerous times for Whites in America. The  summer riots of 2020 carried out with the blessing of much of the Establishment and the entire left is a clear indication that the American racial experiment is careening toward disaster. Whites need a separate political jurisdiction.

William H. Regnery II is the founder of the Charles Martel Society.


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  1. John
    John says:

    These ideas need to be introduced and explained to American citizens at large and accepted by considerable numbers of them.

    White people need to become comfortable with publicly expressing these ideas themselves and agreeing with them.

    Whiteness has to become acceptable.

    However, how is this to be accomplished when such ideas are censored by mainstream media, tech companies, and a certain well-known non-Christian grouping and when people who express these reasonable ideas are intimidated and worse?

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      I don’t know how old you are, John, but the mistake was made when America decided to fight against Germany, not only making herself responsible for two World Wars but ushering in the end of racial segregation. We crossed that bridge and have been on the other side for 80 years. Do you see a way to cross back?

      You say “we need to introduce these ideas” to White Americans but such ideas would make us all Nazis. We’d have to acknowledge our mistake relating to those wars … Britain too: The greatest blunder the White race has ever made. It’s death knell. William Regnery II is deep in denial.

      • John D
        John D says:

        Exclusion and inclusion go way beyond simple ideas. The writer glosses over a -yet to be fought – massive struggle to form a coherent and loyal group Proud of their own beginnings. But this is one of the very few times when I’ve ever heard a woman say it; so keep saying it.

        • PetrOldSack
          PetrOldSack says:

          Indeed, curating at all levels, on loyalty based and capacitation based criteria, the commoner, the whorish middle-classes, the sold out “elites”, all Whites for that matter. The Western European descendant is no longer a palpable in-group. Leaders, thinkers, should be selected outside conventional circles, one cannot be a systemic whore and then suddenly make a U turn and be credible beyond opportunistic short-term egoistic interests. All organizations, religious groupings, and individuals need sorting out.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” We’d have to acknowledge our mistake relating to those wars …”

        “We” nonJewish Whites first need to acknowledge the great depth of our widespread Western world delusion that “We” are in total control of our destiny .

        Long before World War 1 , the Vatican contracted the ashkenazi Rothschild financial Jewmasters to manage the vast accumulations of RCC financial wealth .

        World War 1 USA President Wilson was nothing less than a covert facsimile jew whom handed monopoly control , via the 1913 Federal Reserve Act , of the USA public money system over to Rothschild empire Jewmasters . Wilson was elected largely on the promise that he would keep “We” out of ww1 . True to the spirit of Talmudic Judaism , he eventually “had” to break that political promise .

        World War 2 USA President Roosevelt was also nothing less than a covert facsimile jew whom was surrounded by his bureaucratic Jewish appointees , as is President Trump now .

        WW2 British war hero Churchill , whose mommy was a commie and a jew , allied Britain ( which was mostly occupied by “We” nonJewish Whites ) with the Bolshevik Jewish installed USSR Stalinist government against “We” German Whites .

        Clearly , the Rothschildean ashkenazi financial tribe is presiding over the fulfillment of a 3000 year old divine instruction __

        “” And God said …

        let them have dominion over …

        the cattle , and over all the earth , and

        over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth .””

        ( verbatim quote from the // Holy Jewish Torah / KJV
        Book of Genesis / chapter 1 / verse 26 )
        where :

        “them” = Jewmasters de facto and mankind in theory
        “dominion” = ownership / control
        “cattle” = goyim and all other herd animals
        “every creeping thing” = all generic animals and humanity .

        “We” Western world Whites are predominantly Christian where
        Christianity is a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to the chosenite Jewmasters
        ; not to insinuate that jews do not accommodate the enslavements
        ; nor insinuate that the RCC did not oppose Jews in a time past .

        The worldwide COVID-19 globalist ILLuminati ( aka judeo-masonic cryptocracy ) propaganda induced masking-hysteria is evidence , from an abundance , that “We” Whites are in the final stages of the three thousand year long Jewmaster agenda for our complete ignominious enslavement .

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          This jumbled, cliche-filled conspiracy screed you have penned here in NO WAY helps to advance our cause. Do you have a single recommendation to offer? No. You end with the inevitability of our “complete ignominious enslavement.”
          Whose side are you on? People like you are a dime a dozen on the Internet. You make no impact.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            ” Whose side are you on?”

            Good question . I was wondering the same about you .

            Apparently you do not pay any attention to my numerous “recommendations” made over a number of years across many TOO articles for ditching Christianity ( except perhaps the Russian Orthodox version and a few other marginalized Christian groups ) since at best that Abrahamic religion has become dysfunctional for Whites whom wish to maintain the integrity of their race .

            Did you not notice the many times that I “recommended” support of other commenters “recommendations” for Whites to get sufficiently organized and find prospective WN enclaves that have potential for becoming WN ethnostates ?

            You may not like my numerous posted “recommendations” but you cannot validly assert that I have not made any recommends ; and I stand by this recommendation in my comment that apparently got you ticked-off __

            “” “We” nonJewish Whites first need to acknowledge the great depth of our widespread Western world delusion that “We” are in total control of our destiny .””

            You are far from being the only one posting on the www to insinuate that “we” Whites had the political power to alter the tragic course of events since no later than 1913 when the Rothschildean jewmasters were given monopoly control of the US public money system .

            Here is the latest iteration of a “recommendation” that I have posted many dozens of times , in recent years , on various websites __

            “” Do not worry about civilization .  It will take care of itself .
            {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}}
            is to have the technologies created  by  and/or  for
            mankind to thrive-n-survive beyond
            the one and only  immediately next
            specified and guaranteed  Extinction Event
            {{ The Solar Extinction Event }}
            to avoid eventual and guaranteed  OBLIVION  of all living things extant on
            this planet earth at the end of  {{ The Solar Extinction Event }}
            before it is too late to develop the technologies needed to locate
            a distant planet similar to our earth then move to and colonize it .
            Mankind  will not survive  beyond  {{ The Solar Extinction Event }}  if
            prior generations fail to provide tested and proven technologies for
            future generations to thrive-n-survive beyond any Extinction Event
            at any future time anywhere in the universe .””

            Do you want to be the FIRST person in the world to publicly on the www argue , on nonemotional rational grounds , against the content of that “recommendation”


      • b.smith
        b.smith says:

        Hail Carolyn, so true.

        And if don’t bite the bullet and drive our foundations all the way down to the truth, then any future we build will be built on sand.

      • HamburgerToday
        HamburgerToday says:

        The past is the past. One of the problems with part of the pro-White movement has been attempting to relitigate events that occurred generations ago. Time to simply move on as a revolutionary people who will create a new order for the ages of ethnonationalism and racial separation. Whites don’t have to explain anything to anyone but each other and just about every White knows that separation is the only solution.

      • Nepocemo Trujillo
        Nepocemo Trujillo says:

        Opposing both the National Socialist regime and the Japanese Empire was hardly a mistake. Hitler had definite plans for a “neuordnung”. It began with a reinvigorated “Greater German Reich” with sufficient “lebensraum” to the East (with a subjugation and eventual demise of the existing “untermenschen”) and supremacy from the Atlantic to the Urals followed by a complete takeover of Africa with Fascist Italian and Nazi spheres of influence and eventually a “Man in the High Castle” world in the Americas. Japan had plans for instituting its own “New World Order” called the “The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” ruled of course by the superior Japanese and purged of any westerners and the Pacific coasts of both Americas surviving as vassal states.

      • Mark Howard
        Mark Howard says:

        My grandfather fought in both of the wars ..He was a Chief Warrant officer on a cruiser and 2 destroyers ..2 of the ships were sunk in battle and he was wounded critically..His mother was a German immigrant Evelyn Kerchoffer…He was reluctant to speak of his experiences until shortly before he died and predicted that we would deteriorate as a nation when he retired and wondered what we had fought for as the Sexual revolution debased both men and women…He was never an admirer of Churchill and first time I heard PERFIDIOUS ALBION was when we were discussing the UK US relationship…He despised COMMUNISM and was unrelenting in his insistence that it was a fraudulent ideology..His best saying was EQUALITY was like a dog chasing its tail..Im an avid listener to your show tho normally via podcast..Thanks for your fighting spirit and generosity of such.

  2. Jacobite
    Jacobite says:

    I believe Churchill’s Fulton Speech was a few years before 1954. My parents went to listen to it, as we lived nearby. .By ’54 we lived in Chicago. Worst summer since ’34, and since then as well.

      • Valdemar IV
        Valdemar IV says:

        Good thing that these countries didn’t become part of the “free world”, otherwise they would be like western Europe.

        • JM
          JM says:

          @Valdemar IV
          That was the prediction of Francis Parker Yokey – that Russia wouldn’t have the necessary attributes to culturally destroy Eastern Europe to the extent of the Americans. He even supported a Russian (vs American) takeover of Western Europe. Amazing prescience, given the resistance from the former Communist dominated nations. Not sure where Yugoslavia fits into it, as Yokey was referring to Russian political hegemony except (least charitably) that Tito was so busy trying to unite the hostile Balkan constituent states that he had no capacity to do much in the way of cultural subversion.

      • Junghans
        Junghans says:

        BINGO Kevin! What was that obese, drunken fool smoking when he decided to become the grave digger of Europe as well as Britain.

        • Mark Howard
          Mark Howard says:

          According to David Irving he was bought and paid for by a group called the Focus if my memory serves ..How many American leaders willingly would have the BOLSHEVIK HERE AS THERE

          • Neil
            Neil says:

            Mr mark Howard
            Thank you. It has been bugging me for some time that I could not remember the name of this group. How Churchill managed to keep a stately home with about 20 staff full time despite his huge gambling debts on a lowly MP’s salary is a question that needs attention.
            The Focus group! a very interesting piece of history. here for others to read.

        • Elizabeth
          Elizabeth says:

          Churchill didn’t randomly decide on a personal whim to favour the outcome that he did. Because he overindulged and over extended hiself, he made himself vulnerable to certain interests and he was therefore an immense traitor.

      • Richard Edmonds
        Richard Edmonds says:

        And the Soviet victory was not limited to the eastern side of the Iron Curtain (Dr. Goebbels’ original phrase) but included also an illegitimate moral and political victory in western Europe including the United Kingdom: When Churchill made his speech in Fulton Missouri he had already been ousted out of office in 1945 as Britain’s prime minister and replaced by a socialist government which two years later in 1948 made law the British Nationality Act, which gave the right to enter and to reside in Britain to all the coloured peoples, the Blacks, the Browns, the Yellows of the then British Empire. Approximately a quarter of the world’s population were thereby given the right to enter Britain: and so it came to pass. Winston Churchill, the biggest dolt in Christendom ?

        • JRM
          JRM says:

          Churchill, one of my least favorite historical personages, was no dolt. He was bribed, and owned, by Jews.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            *Bribed and owned by Jews*

            That’s even worse, It’s treason.

            If you believe that, why are you on the wrong side of that war? And don’t say you’re not. I’ve never seen you stand up for Adolf Hitler. A lot of people have a lot of explaining to do, but they’re able to avoid it because no one’s asking.

          • Leon Haller
            Leon Haller says:

            Has this been established as a historical fact? My knowledge of WW2 revisionism (as well as Churchill studies) is poor (I realize it’s an important subject, but my concern wrt white decline has always been oriented towards racial ethics; situating white preservationism within the history of Occidental political philosophy; and of course, practical, future strategies by which our people might be saved). I ask because I know that Churchill in the 10s or 20s did at least once refer “infamously” to “Judeo-Bolshevism”, something most Jewish celebrants of Churchill try to ignore or downplay.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Since when did the German Democratic Republic [ DDR ], with its ca. 16 million population, not end up BEHIND the Iron Curtain, as defined by the Fulton Fool ?

        Yes, it was then only the SBZ, the Soviet Zone of Occupation, but what the hell did Churchill think ? That his Yalta buddy would withdraw voluntarily ?

        If only more of MI6 had worked for him than for Stalin. Undoubtedly, Kim Philby, MI6 Barcelona, at the time, engineered Sikorski’s fatal crash into the Mediterranean, off Gibraltar, moments after takeoff.

        Philby had rid Churchill of this meddlesome priest, who relentlessly asked Stalin [ photos ] about his tens of thousands of missing officers and men.

        Good old Winnie was going to kiss it all better through his clinically insane

        Washington declined, citing military priorities in the Pacific. Or were the Communists around President Campo di Rossi, [ Lisbon-Venice-Amsterdam-New Amsterdam ] unwilling to abort their own creation ?

  3. Haas Droevig Spraguer Mulder
    Haas Droevig Spraguer Mulder says:

    Partition is the only way forward.
    The country must be split up.
    Hopefully we can get out from under this regime before it collapses on our heads.
    Unfortunately, I suspect it will be the other way around.
    It is going to collapse upon our heads at some point, and the collapse will create an opportunity for some of us to climb out from the wreckage and start over.
    Better that it happens sooner rather than later.
    Looking around, I’m pretty optimistic things are finally coming to a head.
    It has been a long time coming.

    • William Gruff
      William Gruff says:

      How can partition work? The blacks, the browns, the Hispanics et al are unlikely to be contented with making a cess pit of three quarters of the the continental United States and remaining within its borders, and as things are the US cannot prevent millions of problems from coming across from Mexico.

      There is no option but to fight and eugenics and genetic warfare must be the weapons.

  4. Guest
    Guest says:

    Perhaps one should begin this process by no longer using the vocabulary of the enemy within. It is hardly a linguistic error that the enemy speaks of “white,” “black” and “brown” (the last used to be “yellow”) because this use of colours to define the races, rather than Caucasian, Negroid or Asian, supports the absurd contention that ‘race’ is merely a matter of skin tone. He who sets the vocabulary to be used is the one who defines the context and parameters of the debate. So, too, “gay” instead of “sexually perverted” and those tiresome twosome, “Left” and “Right” which effectively silence any revelation of who and what these factions are and their tactics and goals. The next time the enemy within speaks of ‘only’ the ‘human race’ instead of the three races, take the opportunity to enlighten them as to Judaic teaching which is that only jews are genuine human beings and the remainder are merely ‘goyim’, cattle. Separation may seem a way forward although it sounds to me like retreat, but never pass up the chance to enlighten people and turn them towards the truth and freedom for our race without surrendering our own lands.

    • b.smith
      b.smith says:

      I see (and agree), the points — yet feel that proclaiming our people white, and fighting for them, has forged a sword that cuts far past color — down deep into genetics, IQ, culture, and a cosmic struggle through all creation.

      Because I see the point you make, intellectually, yet wield this sword and know its power nonetheless — call me inconsistent but it goes beyond mere rationality — so its a magic sword I guess — lol.

  5. bruno
    bruno says:

    We are very lucky to have such outlets as TOO. It reminds one of the underground publications in the era of the Workers’ Paradise. In Mother Europe’s neighborhoods it extended from, in geographical terms. E. Berlin to the Mts that separate Europe from Asia. Anyways, from what I’ve seen around Mother Earth’s gardens, the key to opening the doors of free thought is the eradication of monopoly media. Do that and schools don’t have such outside control mechanisms. Without the breakup of MSM, the battle continues up hill, perhaps forever, until exhaustion and could capitulation.

    In our era we are fortunate to have cyberspace. However, that does not overtake MAM. Moreover, it can be shut down immediately. This was done in Byelorussia. Of course, that has occurred in China and many other areas.

    Even without a shutdown, champions of free thought, such as KMac, Taylor and too many others to mention, are harassed and curtailed, never reaching their potential. Large numbers of those appreciating their Euro heritage know this. What must don’t fully comprehend is the scope of having W schools. A person I know researched dozens of schools before making a selection. At expense of seven thousand a year a Christian school proved to be one of the few options. Low and behold, there was a principal change. The school demographics then altered. Consequently, a year of home schools was necessitated. Health prevented further endeavors along that path. Today, as never before in contemporary history, progeny can be pulled into the anti-majority ideology.

    In addition to all of the above, a large percentage of millenniums are N-lovers, against EuroMan and they influence children. Nearly all City States have been confronted with animal-like creatures moving into their neighborhoods. Even the opulent members of EuroMan’s family face this dilemma. We had a close buddy, cardiologist, who owned a home costing millions. So, what happened? A pro basketball player moved next door, purchasing a home for about 5 – 7 mln. Then, the loud music commenced, speeding cars were part of the environment in the early hours of morning. The neighborhood turned into a primitive jungle like swamp with children and adult bodies. He searched for and obtained another job in another city and was able to move. How many people are able to do that?

    Uncle Joe was able to relocate tens of millions. In our American situation relocation is possible. The problem, however, is much more complicated than military/gov. force(s). We have millions who have been taught to hate their own. Besides this, there are millions who side with just about anything and everything against EuroMan. This can be seen each and every day on the tube. Due to these factors mentioned, even with war and eventual negotiations, they would always be the factor of a large fifth column.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      TOO … reminds one of the underground publications in the era of the Workers’ Paradise.

      Yes, TOO is samizdat, and it won’t be long before publishing it and reading it will not be for the faint of heart. As the war on truth escalates, I pray that those possessing the ever more arcane skills required to elude the rulers’ enforcement apparatus manage to stay abreast of the challenge.

  6. Leon Haller
    Leon Haller says:

    Thank you, Mr. Regnery. But, at the risk of sounding like a jerk, I have been stating variations of these exact points for many years now, in detailed comments in white preservationist places across the internet, including TOO. “Anti-millenarian whites” is an excellent phrase; I spoke of “prowhite whites” or “White Nationalists”. My core contention is that we cannot have merely a white ethnostate (a self-governed, all-white territory) to secure our race and superior Occidental civilization; it must be a white nationalist ethnostate, a sovereign polity filled with prowhite (or “non-liberal”) whites, and teleologically ordered towards the goal of white preservation (which would include eventual population and territorial expansion once we’ve established ourselves, recovered our racial will, and rearmed). White racial denialism is a form of collective mental illness that is certainly genetic in ultimate origin. If we allow white liberal refugees into the ethnostate, perhaps to bolster our early numbers, we or our heirs will regret it, as the imported defective liberal genomes will eventually start re-expressing themselves once their bearers feel secure again. I have suggested government-subsidized research into the genetic basis for liberal mentality, in furtherance of the eventual policy goal of identifying liberal foeti in utero, and either exterminating them, or banishing their mothers from the ethnostate forever. After a few generations or perhaps centuries of this (in the beginning, this “ideological eugenics” will be slow, being clumsily based upon phenotypal behaviors, like a history of being a liberal loudmouth, BLM agitator etc; perhaps after the glories of 2020, mere Democratic party membership would be sufficient to bar future admission into the ethnostate), we can hope that whatever combination of genes gives rise (either directly, or via the leavening of Boasian miseducation) to an adult liberal will have been bred out of the ethnostate’s citizenry.

    White liberalism is the expression of an evolutionary maladaptation that has put our race in a position of mortal danger. The human intellect is complex, and not wholly determined (at least in all cases). Thus, some liberals might be salvageable via intense de-brainwashing (as men like Whitaker Chambers agonized their way out of the mental tentacles of their earlier Marxism). But, given the viscerality of race, and racial differences and their consequences (it takes a special kind of fool to fail to notice let alone deny them), the numbers of the potentially ’emancipatable’ are probably small. Best to strike with a blunt club: once a liberal, never an ethnostatist. This policy will bring its own dangers in the early, pioneer years, but as this is a multigenerational project of intergenerational ethics anyway, a few small individual injustices now for the vastly greater future collective good seem of little account. Emancipatable liberals kept out of the ethnostate can be considered casualties of a just war. Nonwhites do not have a right of access to white bodies and societies; nor do white liberals – civilizational toxins – have an equivalent right to poison healthy white nations via their presence. We must rethink the nature of crime to include not merely physical aggression or theft against individuals, but removal of the conditions for collective survival.

    • JRM
      JRM says:

      Very well said. Twenty years ago, we could have salvaged a fair number of Democrats; all are either dead or by now have left the Party of their own accord. Any White person who is registered as a Democrat in 2020 must necessarily be considered dead to us. In private as well as public life.

      • Floda
        Floda says:

        Yes, but I note there are a great number of quite young Whites among the BLM mobs harassing diners in restaurants. The Universities need to be ruthlessly purged.

    • b.smith
      b.smith says:


      I take comfort in believing now that it may simply be part of the mechanism of the world for the masses to ignore the cry of those who shout truth in the (social) wilderness.

      That even so it still matters, still has an effect that you did — that it helped the folk even if it didn’t seem appreciated.

  7. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Mr, Regnery, thank you for your years of service to our (White) people!
    The kosher, drip fed intellectual poison that our people have subsumed in the last 100 years has been terribly destructive. Huge swathes of our people have been ideologically toxified, and remain captive to the controlled media propaganda. Until racial & political reality sobers them up, it’s going to be a long, hard, uphill struggle to rectify things. Our people are destined to have fo learn the hard way, unfortunately.

  8. Jody Vorhees
    Jody Vorhees says:

    A brilliant article, but no autonomous zone is ever going to be afforded to us. You know it, I know it, and the sparrows sitting on your fence outside your window know it. We also have no time left to us to do a “long march through the institutions,” similar to the one performed with such success by the Cultural Marxists. Aside from mere capitulation, if this leaves us with any recourse other than the second most obvious one, it escapes me.

    Perhaps we can draw encouragement from the Irish struggle for independence from Britain. With very small numbers and very limited resources, they wore the English down until they agreed to negotiations. By those means, Ireland became an independent nation-state. The Irish refused to settle and occupy a damp corner of the British Empire’s cellar. In the end, their courage and determination guaranteed that they didn’t.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      They may have freed themselves of the English but who would have thought that Ireland would have had an openly gay prime minister of Indian heritage? One of his plans was the “Ireland 2040 project, which has a goal of bringing an additional one million people to live in this small country. The problem with this plan is that the majority of immigrants who are coming to Ireland are from mainly African and the Middle East, who we know have much larger families as they do not have to contend with the financial issues most of the indigenous people do due to a very generous welfare system in Ireland. Again, just like in most parts of the West, it will be the white – working-class who will suffer with stagnate wages and an exacerbation of the existing problematic housing shortages. In addition to those problems, there will naturally be the already well-known issues with the inevitable clash of cultures and religion.

      • Jody Vorhees
        Jody Vorhees says:

        All of the West is staring extinction in the face. I have my doubts that even in Europe — even in places like Hungary and Poland — we will exist a century from now. But history is not predictable, and we can hope.

        • Canuckistani
          Canuckistani says:

          People forget that hungary, romania, moldova, spain and bulgaria all have massive gypsy populations and will likely be majority gypsy in 100 years

      • Max Heiliger
        Max Heiliger says:

        You obviously also live in Ireland. Indeed, would Michael Collins or especially Dev ever have imagined in the wildest dreams that our nation would one day be lead by a Bombay faggot? Nice man and all and not the sort to ram it down your throat, so to speak, and I suppose we can tolerate his sort. However, the idea of Fine Gael to import millions of foreigners by 2040, just leaves my mouth open with shock and shame. We fought the English for centuries for our national freedom, only now to destroy the nation ourselves. We intended to exterminate ourselves by crossbreeding with incompatible and non-european species of human, which have a lower racial intelligence and an incompatible worldview and culture!

        Under Cromwell some 50% of the population was exterminated. Under “good” Queen Victoria at least one million died of hunger because their land-stealing landlords used our folk as virtual slaves, while perhaps two million more fled this economic ethnic cleansing to America. We somehow by our own undefeatable genius survived and formed our own nation, which only in the last 25 years has become a rich country. With no national referendum on the issue we suddenly have tens of thousands of African negros in our towns and cities. What a shock it must be for them to come from mudhuts and be put in a council house at your expense and fed out of my wallet! This is an non-indigenous species with a very recent history of having their neighbours for dinner. 75% of negro bucks abandon the offspring they sire with the ugly big arsed mama. As a subspecies they have serious health issues in later years, which will be an enormous burden on our health care system. Their young bucks are already roaming our streets looking to inseminate our daughters to dilute our race and create a generation of hybrids largely capable only of manning the tills at Dunnes Stores. Who the feck agreed to this? We were asked did we want to open our country to Poles and Czechs. We accepted by referendum to allow the Slavic race here for the first time in our history as a nation of Germano-Celts, but no one asked us to allow in endless Muslims from Pakistan and negros from Niggeria. These are not EU countries! What the hell has possessed this generation of Irish politicians to create the conditions for the suicide of the nation and do what they English failed to do in 800 years? Turkeys shouldn’t vote for Xmas!

      • David 'The Diversity Mastermind' Lammey
        David 'The Diversity Mastermind' Lammey says:

        The Irish are dumb. My family is Irish, & they’d have been far better off as a colony of Britain than being outbred by useless, incompetent, obnoxious third worlders.

        Makes a mockery of the troubles.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          It is not just the Irish that are dumb , nor just the British that are stupid . It is the vast majority of Westernworld Whites whom over the past half-century have been turned into sheeple , per Fabianism , and whom have always been politicly retarded compared to their much more politicly astute jewmasters . It is much more an intelligence issue than an IQ issue .

    • MaxyBoy
      MaxyBoy says:

      Wow. The Irish. That most ‘cucked’ and blackening of modern European states.
      Don’t think for one minute that the Independence movement of 100 years ago was a grass roots inception. More likely, an international ‘cabal’ who decided that they could plunder the country better as an ‘independent’ state than as part of the British Empire. Ireland will be an African centric Moslem caliphate by 2050. The Irish….experts in identity politics…..I’m black and I’m proud. Apart from that, modern day Ireland is in some parts, just like a frontier territory of the 1880’s. No law and order or even the concept of law an order. The Irish know that the quickest way to gain wealth, is to steal it from their next door neighbour when he is out. If they don’t get caught then the rest of the community lauds them for “pulling a stroke and getting away with it”. Your neighbour will offer to look after your property while you are away. Never ever fall for that one. He’ll have your paving slabs up and sold to a man down the road before you know it.Not to mention getting a mate with a digger in, to steal your top soil. The Irish. I shit ’em.

  9. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    This idea was proposed to a liberal relative who rejected it out of hand. He admitted that conservatives have to live with the others to help pay for their schemes. I am reasonably sure that his comments reflect the mainstream.

      • George Kocan
        George Kocan says:

        The socialists/fascists (aka Democrats) cannot be shamed by pointing out their contradictions. They wear hypocrisy as a badge of honor.

    • b.smith
      b.smith says:

      It is a hard thing to face the truth that even some of ones own relatives won’t make it. That some would, apparently, fight on the other side!

      It is like a debt forced on us by the (((Central Banks))) — some other group profited at our expense in treasure, and ultimately also in blood.

  10. JRM
    JRM says:

    As I see it, we have five principle institutions standing against us:

    1. The Legal System: pro-POC laws; anti-White laws; liberal/radical Judges. This is listed first, as it has the largest capacity for punishment of Whites.

    2. Taxes: we are currently subsidizing blacks domestically and Israel internationally. We are funding our own displacement. Refusal to pay is met with extreme prejudice by Law Enforcement bodies.

    3. Educational System: from the Public Schools to the (especially) Universities. Inculcating White guilt; producing fanatics for the black cause; results are all around us in the cities now in BLM marches/riots.

    4. News Media: 24-hour anti-White agitprop from all the major outlets.

    5. Entertainment Industry: the source for models of black heroism and nobility; and contrarily, White deceit and evil.

    Moving forward, a strategy of isolation and/or confrontation would be needed, and the two approaches need not be mutually exclusive.

    • Sam J.
      Sam J. says:

      Every single one of these problems would be greatly, massively diminished by getting rid of the Jews.

      • JRM
        JRM says:

        @Sam- I agree. But I was attempting to analyze in terms of systems and organizations. Yes, the Gordian knot could be cut through guided by your comment – but where is the Alexander needed to do it?

    • b.smith
      b.smith says:

      Unfortunately I think we have to add most all mainstream religious institutions to this list.

      Our Christian brothers have a Herculean task before them: I’m thinking Augean stables — to begin.

      • JRM
        JRM says:

        @b.smith – You are correct sir. Allow me to add this:

        6. Organized Religion/Church: an immigrant protecting, black kowtowing ecumenical entity, which even in its more conservative variants elevates Israel and promotes “Social Justice” White race suicide.

  11. PetrOldSack
    PetrOldSack says:

    The suggestion to any action, is welcome. Badly missing in the alternative media. Shadow governments at any level, and indeed, taking over when possible at the local level first. Another prerogative, build from the bottom up, small nuclei, not organizing overtly over social media, the internet.

    • b.smith
      b.smith says:


      Though limited in our scope of action in many ways, for now, we still have agency.

      Rule yourself, then connect with fellow folk to correct and rule in wider circles. Learn to trust yourself in preparation to deciding who else you can trust.

      Dare to take a well reasoned well thought out chance to start a side-business if you can, or to rise up and take more control of an existing one — gain economic power.

      I finally saw the beast in all its “gory” sometime back – scary, huge, no way I could fight that! As my wife didn’t hesitate to point out I am nobody – lol. Demoralizing. But then I begin to see ways to maybe clip its claws a little-here and there, and to aspire (and take careful action to build for a future) where maybe me and some other good guys could maybe get its local paw in a thumb-lock someday.

      I thought, am I kidding myself here, imagining I can make a difference?

      Then I realized the way — for me anyhow:
      “I’m just an old man out here in the darkness, gathering twigs, fellow slender twigs, nothing to see here big bad monster! Just an old man gathering twigs and bundling them together — and sharpening axes on his lunch-breaks.


      But true.

      Step up my fellow trembling twigs, and we’ll be a bad-ass bundle someday!

  12. Max Heiliger
    Max Heiliger says:

    From the perspective of the Abendland, the new Europe of America seems to demonstrate a failing society and the unviability of a new country attempting to create a cohesive nation out of a conglomeration of competing nationalities and mutual incompatible races. Like Austro-Hungry, the multi-ethnic State just does not work. How much more is the impossibility of creating a stable and civilised society from differently evolved races, which do not naturally share the same stage of development of racial intelligence.

    The founding civilisation is european, who are still the majority population. A minority of 16% negros should not be capable, nor are they capable, of overthrowing society. Lincoln perhaps should have resettled them back in Africa in their natural habitat, but they are not the current threat to American society in spite of their genetic related behaviours. The problem is among the euros themselves, who have accepted the carefully crafted PC narrative, that whites are a cancer on mankind. One can trace these ideas to the purveyors of Political Correctness, but there is another religious source in my humble opinion, which adds to the cauldron of conflict in the USA.

    America presents itself as an insecure teenager with its visible omnipresent manifestation of the American flag as some sort of fetish security-blanket; a behaviour which europeans find very odd and infantile. It does, nonetheless, demonstrate the profound Kulturkampf taking place for national and racial identity in America. To this racial and political broth is also mixed the non-rational beliefs of europeans founded on the Bronze Age legends of ancient Middle East desert tribes united around male genital mutilation. The confederation of Israel imagined that their tribal deity was superior to the rest and at the “end of days” would grant them a millennium, wherein they would be masters of the universe. This fantasy concept was carried through the cult of the Nazarene into Emperor Constantine’s Roman state religion and into Protestantism, whereby all men black or white would be united under a returned Messiah-King and enjoy together a race-free millennium-paradise on earth before the final judgement.
    However, this notion was and is regarded as unorthodox and indeed heretical by most evangelical and protestant churches (and the Catholics) in Europe, but is widespread astonishingly among Americans. I speak of the concept and religious doctrine of Dispensationalism, which widely infected American protestants post 1830s onwards. The Founding Fathers would not have heard of the concept, since it did not exist when they framed the Constitution and wrote “all men were created equal!” meaning, of course, the europeans who created America.

    Perhaps the unreasoning fundamentalist evangelical mindset of many Yanks and Dixielanders (the Southern Bible Belt) in particular, contributes to this desire for a millenarian utopia? We had this sort of religious utopian bovine droppings in Europe during the Reformation, when extremists attempted to take over some south german territorial areas. Even the swiss reformer Zwingli agreed that these lunatics should be put to the sword, in order to preserve normal civilised society. The german Wiedertäufer leaders in Strassburg also denounced these utopian destroyers of society.

    Considering the fact that dispensationalist millenarianist beliefs were carried to America by James Nelson Darby’s “Christian Brethren” (begun in Powerscourt, Bray, in Ireland) in the 1830s and spread through USA by the Scofield Bible, this concept of religious egalitarian racially blind Utopia is deeply embedded in the wider American psyche. Fortunately, it is not common among mainland europeans, though we are being infected by contagion from America through their “culture” and are now forced to allow immigration of non-indigenous peoples from Africa into Europe. Our televisions constantly now portray commercials with a virile black male and his white and pregnant blond ho. Twenty years ago they were as rare as an eskimo in Nigeria. There is a clear agenda from the cultural marxist liberal left to dilute and destroy the genius of the european folk through genetic crossbreeding, such as one would cross a German Schaefferhund (Alsatian) with a blind three-legged mongrel who can’t bark. We are witnessing a slow holocaust of our folk on the altars of jewish political correctness from the Frankfurt School, who are promoting this egalitarian non-racial Utopia, over which they can rule as masters of the universe. The only threat to their supremacy is the genius of the white race.
    However, they may have an equal struggle on their hands when they start to tackle the Chinese folk, who like most asians recognise the racial inferiority of the African. The contrast is stark in Australia where white europeans created a successful nation, in which the native negroid species is unable to play any active meaningful part. Likewise, in the Philippines the native pigmy negro, who came from Africa 60 – 80,000 years ago still lives in the jungle and is utterly unable to take part in modern malay society in the Philippines. They don’t even man the tills at the supermarket or shine shoes or pump gas. These negros are clearly even less evolved than most modern negro tribes in Africa or America.

    When Americans experienced a pandemic of religious millenarianism, (after the Second Great Evangelical Awakening) otherwise called the Restorationist Movement, which demanded visible signs and wonders, and the restoration of Apostles and Prophets, their society was critically affected by religious burnout and the birth of crazy groups with very weird nonbiblical beliefs, such as the Mormons and other smaller groups. The overall effect of this general movement was, however, (the crux issue) to create a societal belief that race difference was imaginary and that we would all be blended together and live in a new thousand-year Reich under King Jesus.

    This widespread concept of societal insecurity and utopia-longing in the USA helps the PC Brigade to enforce their beliefs on american society, while ignoring all scientific and extant genetic differences between the differently evolved diverse races, which can only create a culture within the naturally determined parameters of their own evolved limitations. Some races are evidently more evolved than others. They are not the same and indeed some may be culturally incompatible.

    The evidence speaks for itself, that no negro could have invented an engine, a television, a telephone, the industrial revolution, a rocket, the internet, the digital revolution, medicines, physics, mathematics, aerodynamics, philosophy etc etc. They piggyback on the prowess and ability of the european folk and to turn society over to them would result not only in a return to the Dark Ages but to the Stone Age.

    So, the american evangelical dispensationalist racial Utopia is unnatural and irrational religious nonsense. It is, however, widespread in the USA even among a new nonchurched generation and it feeds into the Frankfurt School’s created and now mandated Political Correctness dogma, whose aim is the overthrow of traditional western civilisation and the demise of our race. They have already made much progress in the last twenty years, which we may never be able to undo.

    Just a passing thought, which you may mull over with your Kaffee und Kuchen.

    Max Heiliger

  13. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    “In 1946 Winston Churchill delivered a speech at a small college in Fulton Missouri that offered this prescient analysis: “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an ‘iron curtain’ has descended across the continent.”

    That’s rich, coming from the guy who was at the forefront of destroying the only man and movement that could have prevented such.

    Cancel culture exists and perpetuates because whites allow it. What you allow is what will continue. Whites are the most avid participants in cancel culture and the hard left nonsense that comes along with it. No other race actively condemns and destroys itself like whites do. Making the jew’s work easy.

    The day whites refuse to be cowed and subservient to jewish agenda is the day all of this stops. The day white people realize that being kicked to death in the streets is a worse situation than being called a racist is when the tides will finally turn. I await that day. I fear that I shall also be awaiting it long into the grave, and into the far flung reincarnations that permeate future aeons.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “… the guy (Churchill) who was at the forefront of destroying the only man and movement that could have prevented such.”

      Thanks. But why not say his name? The “only man” who could have prevented the “iron curtain” and kept Europe intact … and he’s such an unmentionable on a pro-White website!

      “The day whites refuse to be cowed and subservient to jewish agenda is the day all of this stops.”

      You are so right! Let’s start now. What is considered the biggest crime against the Jewish agenda? Antisemitism in the form of Holocaust Denial. Why isn’t this mainstream among Whites/Europeans now? When it happens, that’s when “the tides will finally turn.” What are we/you waiting for?

      Say his name and say your name too. Stop the timid hiding.

    • Richard Edmonds
      Richard Edmonds says:

      Friend Fenria,

      Carolyn Yeager is absolutely correct: “Why isn’t Holocaust Denial.mainstream among Whites/Europeans now?”

      In 1976 Professor Arthur Butz of North-western University Evanston, Illinois published “The Hoax of the Twentieth Century” which exposed the so-called “Holocaust” as a propaganda-lie. Forty four years later, the good news is that Prof. Butz is alive and well to this day.

      White men, do buck up. Are you scared of your own shadows ? Don’t you understand that the Truth will set you free : St John 8:32.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Excellent point, Richard! There is nothing to be afraid of by telling the truth, if you have facts on your side and are not intending simply to antagonize. The truth is powerful and protective.

  14. Sam J.
    Sam J. says:

    “…Whites need a separate political jurisdiction…”

    This is completely, utterly and totally wrong. This country is mine and I want every damn inch of it.

    You and all of you who agree with the idea of separation have completely missed the point and will never have a moments peace for the rest of your lives until you understand the root of the problem and deal with it. The problem is the Jews. Without their financial, propaganda and political support the antifa, the homo lobby, the anti-Whites, the mass immigration industry, the whole damn lot of them would be ground to dust.

    You think the Jews will just let you calmly go your own way? You people who think they will let you escape are completely out of your minds. They want nothing but complete and total control of the entire earth with them in charge. Any attempt to split the country would immediately lead to the Whites leaving being attacked with all the ferocity they could manage to bring to bear. Any attempt to run away from them will lead to a massive blood bath. Either we defeat them and get the whole thing or they will defeat us and we get it all. Would I be in favor of a split? SURE! but they will never, ever, ever let you go. If you go then people will immediately see how much better off you are than the Jew controlled mess left behind. They can NOT let you go.

    The only solution is to get rid of the Jews. Any other preponderance or supposition is a complete waste of time. If you want to change things you must at least understand the forces standing in your way and that my friends is the Jews.

    We will never get moments rest until we get rid of the Jews. Peacefully if we can get it but by any means possible they must go.

    All our efforts should be on the one solution that has been PROVEN to work when a people were accosted and tormented by the Jews. Get rid of them. It has been the only operational tactic that has worked wonders and caused immediate relief and great prosperity for any group that has done so for thousands of years.

    As much as I would like a less aggressive or confrontational option if you look at the long history of the Jews you will find that every single time anyone has tried anything to deal with them the only thing that ever worked 100% of the time was to get rid of them. Remove them from the country and allow them no say so in the running of anything. Everything else has failed over and over and over.

    Every single country the Jews have gone to in any substantial numbers has always kicked them out. It’s time for them to go.

    The Jews need to go, peacefully if we can get it but by any means necessary they must go.


    • b.smith
      b.smith says:

      In speaking of the lever, Archimedes said: “Give me the place to stand and I shall move the Earth.”

      We need a place to stand. The 3rd Reich would have done nicely but our ancestors were fools.

      All or part of what was this country, we need a place to stand, then we shall move the world.

  15. MOB
    MOB says:

    I especially appreciate the comments made by Max Heiliger and Sam J. My own thoughts lean toward relocation outside of the United States, taking over and creating a completely Jew-free land, fortified strongly enough to withstand land, sea, air, and cultural invasion by Israel, the United States, and whatever other enemies lurk now or in the future.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      “… Jew-free land , fortified strongly enough to withstand … invasion by Israel , the United States , and whatever other enemies …”

      Nice dream .

  16. The Golem
    The Golem says:

    Separation simply will never work. Thankfully, a few others have pointed that out here, and I endorse their reasons, but wish to expand my own thoughts on this as well.

    Firstly, as alluded to by other posters here, you are not dealing with a classic situation of two ethnic groups using geographic division to find a peaceful separation as their solution. There are examples where that has worked, but that is not the case here.

    What you are dealing with is a situation where those you don’t want to live with any longer are fully determined to remain attached to you. Sorry to have to say it, but this is a textbook case of parasitic activity. A parasite will never be persuaded to abandon its host voluntarily because to do so would be to remove its lifeblood, literally and figuratively. A parasite will not and cannot be negotiated with to limit its attack to only an agreed portion of its host.

    You are not living with aliens by accident, but rather by design. Someone else’s design. The hordes of third world economic opportunists that are making their way into white homelands are attracted to the prospect of raising their living standard relative to the standard in their homelands. The higher living standard of white homelands is a product white society. A people’s living standard is over time a reflection of them as a people; the two cannot be separated. There is no magic dirt. So, no matter where white people go, any non-white group with a lower living standard is going to have within it a large proportion of members who believe that they can raise their living standard by inserting themselves into a white society. And, by and large, for the early adopters of the strategy, it works. They do reap the benefits. However, this only encourages more to come and soon the living standard begins to reflect the natural level of the homeland from whence these people came.

    What has compounded this situation of people from lower living standard nations seeking to insert themselves into white nations has been the deliberate campaign by a network of internationalist organisations and individuals to promote and encourage this movement. This globalist or internationalist programme to essentially import the third world into the first is not unique to one particular ethnic group or political persuasion, but there is a sizeable amount of evidence that indicates that persons of Jewish heritage are disproportionately over-represented in the upper ranks of many of the international organisations and individuals promoting and facilitating this phenomenon.

    The notion that such a prolonged and deeply financed programme of mass third world immigration into Western nations is going to be simply negotiated into truce at the eleventh hour is staggeringly naive and indicates a profound case of morally inspired self-delusion on the part of those who are promoting separation within the boarders of their own homeland as a solution to this crisis.

    The only basis that I can imagine that those behind your replacement would agree to such a hair-brained idea as dividing one’s homeland into two distinct sub-nations, is because that will immediately concede to them one portion of the territory they seek to conquer; with only one, now smaller and weaker, portion remaining and waiting to be swallowed. I mean, if you agree that they can live by the coast while you live in the mountains, and if they agree today, you can be sure that tomorrow they will be climbing the mountains!

    But the trouble goes even deeper than you might think. It requires us to consider the political and social nature of the two incompatible social systems, and what would be the effect of them attempting to live in peace side by side after a negotiated division. In broad terms they can be described as:

    White societies in broad terms tend to be made of relatively small families of two to four children. They generally are able to maintain high living standards as the result of fairly high levels of voluntary compliance with the prevailing social system. Importantly, it must be accepted that a key characteristic of such a proposed society would almost certainly be an immigration policy that is restrictive and probably discriminatory to some degree.

    By contrast, the new neighbours, that is after the peaceful political division into two politically and socially independent jurisdictions, are going to be made up predominantly of people who adhere to a multi-ethnic internationalist outlook. After all, if they are white and have elected to live here instead in the white nation next door, you can take as a given they will be on board with mass immigration from the third world. The rest of the population will be made up of those people who originated from the third world and found themselves excluded from the white side as the result of the division. These folks might prefer the white side, and you can bet they will soon, but for now they are stuck.

    And here’s the problem. If you have a largely mono-ethnic low immigration state with a high standard of living parked right next door to a multi-ethnic high immigration state with a declining standard of living proportional to the increasing population, what does anyone think is going to end up happening?
    Well, of course the pressures from the ballooning population are going to keep growing until they cannot be contained, and the only logical place for them to spill into is the low population white nation next door.

    Just how feasible is it to maintain a high living standard low population nation that controls its boarders, when it is living right under the growing shadow of an envious and covetous low living standard nation that refuses to control it’s boarders? The answer is obvious. Such a white nation will be swamped. The hoards will come through those white picket fences like hungry cows through an electric fence – once their numbers reach the required level and the hunger takes hold, they will simply push through.

    No. You must never ever give up an inch of your territory to the other side. Our ancestors are already buried there, having given their lives to get it in the first place. Who in their right mind would give it up? Anyway, it’s not ours to give up, it belongs to our children, and their children too.

    • HamburgerToday
      HamburgerToday says:

      Separation is the the solution. I doesn’t matter if it seems impossible or improbable. It’s the solution. Negotiating away our maximal position before the process of political separation has even been started exhibits a lack of faith in what White people can do when they put their minds and backs to a project.

    • Martin Dorchester
      Martin Dorchester says:

      The non whites want to steal:

      1. our land and territory
      2 our supreme genetics.
      3. our technology and innovation
      4. our wealth

      It’s driven by hatred for the superiority that unique individual members of the white race deliver.

      Which they can not do. See the lack of innovation and creative new companies in the USA due to pocs mostly asians occupying higher education in technology to a large degree..

      they also want our freedoms and stability.

      muslim and other poc men wanna use White women fot sex.

      White women are the hottest they wanna steal them…

      or rape them to devalue a supreme being…

    • Martin Dorchester
      Martin Dorchester says:

      The non whites want to steal:

      1. our land and territory
      2 our supreme genetics.
      3. our technology and innovation
      4. our wealth

      It’s driven by hatred for the superiority that unique individual members of the white race deliver.

      Which they can not do. See the lack of innovation and creative new companies in the USA due to pocs mostly asians occupying higher education in technology to a large degree..

      they also want our freedoms and stability.

      muslim and other poc men wanna use White women fot sex.

      White women are the hottest they wanna steal them…

      or rape them to devalue a supreme being…

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Right on all counts. Additionally, how would you power your electrical grid, if the energy was controlled by your new neighbor ? Even Canada and the US, despite their endless common border and culture, have their differences: often bickering chicaneries.

      What would the borders look like with your new neighbor or former homeland. Would they touch just here and there; would they encircle you almost completely, or completely, like pre-89 West Berlin ? Even if initially a modus operandi were agreed on, you would be open to final trade and transport strangulation.

      During the 48-49 Blockade of Berlin, we lived on dehydrated potatoes, powdered milk, and attempted to keep warm with a few, rationed briquettes of coal brought in by plane. We had two fluctuating hours of electricity per day: doing our homework by carbide lamp or candle light. Thousands of invalids and elderly succumbed.

      And previous inter-Allied Agreements assured the Western Allies of unhindered access to Berlin, by road, rail and air. And where would your nation-saving air-lift start from ??? Soviet fighters harassed allied transport planes to test the West’s resolve. What would assure you that your new neighbors would not simply shoot them out of the air ?

      I wish I could conjure up a single reason/method for viable separation: but I can’t !

      Part of Patton’s West Point address to the graduating class remains the only solution:

      ” Many of you bastards are ready to give up your lives for your country. Well, let me tell you, the only way to win a war is to make the other bastards give up their lives for their country ! ”

      The ideological component of this next internecine butchery has commenced long ago. Waiting in the wings is the determination of its outcome: soon after November.

  17. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    “You must never ever give up an inch of your territory to the other side.”

    Agreed. But we’ve already given it up. That’s what I was saying in my first comment in this thread — When and how we did it. So what now?

  18. Martin Dorchester
    Martin Dorchester says:

    Unless you control the US government you ay need nukes. the pocs will probably take permanent control of government using demographic change.

    Allready with the subsaharians being able to vote one of two parties was hijacked by them. Obama was just the start.

    And you need cities.

    Or the pocs and racemixed and lefties will just encircle you and kill you off.

    It’s like a dream scenario for them all “rasists” in one place to kill off.

    you gonna give up Texas, NYC California? Comeone like most whites dont want that. what about farming and industry both huge sectors you gonna give it up? A lot of farming needs warmer climate also.

    I think part of this own territory idea comes from the failiure of ethno centrics to get support and build a larger movement.

    Which may because of people loosing jobs for standing up and also the nazi and eugenics focus and taking things too far by many in the “movement”.

    A movement that has failed even at creating a popular new ideology. Even in countries with socalled nationalist parties having some success it is watered down and most people who want less immigration don’t vote for em cause they prioritize other areas. And propaganda.

    But a white territory having nukes and tonsa guns and enough people to fight enemies off could be a startingpoint. If you then have sucess and can use to take back your rightfull territory the USA or atleast 90 % of it or 80%…

  19. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    The aim of life is life itself. The duty of each generation is to hand over life to the next generation of the own group. To give birth to children of your own kind, to raise them and watch them grow up, to preserve your land and later, to give it to them.

    Are there other duties which are more important?
    Is this a religious or holy duty?

    A quick chain of thoughts will show:
    If we do not hold our place on earth against foreigners, than these foreigners will come in and our land will be lost for us.
    So for all folks who are not a member in a suicide-sect, that statement is self-explaning. It is so much universal in the world, over thousands of years, and both for men and animals, that for us normal ones it is almost impossible to see and understand how blind and extremely silly the “Gutmenschen”, do-gooders and multi-kulti-lovers are.

    On the other hand, their sillyness and their fear (Angst) they have all days that they might leave their political correctness area make them absolutely weak. At the end, they will go alongside with the winners, that means, with us.

    To the question of dividing a country: If you give one finger, the other side will take the whole hand.
    And to the question whether we should “help” others: The people in Africa and Asia are our brothers. We should respect them and let them be in their countries and we stay in our countries. That is the best help that we can give. Why should we give the music of Mozart and Beethoven to them. They have their homegrown arab (and other) music and they are happy with it.
    In Germany there is a saying: “Best thing is if there is a distance of the size of the Mediterrean Sea between them and us”.

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