A White Nationalist Constitution

As our nation comes apart at the seams, shoddily sewn together in the first place, we must finally acknowledge that conservatism was not enough. The United States Constitution was not enough. As Revilo Oliver observed, “the document must have borne within itself the seed of its own dissolution.” Our compromised Constitution was indeed a compromise, and thus it failed to avert “the decline and fall of the American Republic, which it was designed to establish and preserve.” Abraham Lincoln ripped it into shreds, consigning the Southern States to an eternally impoverished tyranny for good measure. Franklin Roosevelt and his cabal of Jews incinerated its tattered remnants. Every year, Oliver noted, “archaeologists open the graves of dead civilizations and exhume the pathetic remains of forgotten nations that once thought themselves deathless.” For those of us who still hope, against all odds, to retrieve the land that once was ours, “it behooves us to understand the errors of our forefathers so that we will not doom ourselves to repeating them.” One such error was that, despite their Christian recognition of the fallen status of man, the Framers wrote a Constitution for a virtuous people, a Constitution with gaps that would quickly be said to be “open to interpretation” by demoniac lizard-men.

In all fairness, how could they have anticipated the morass of Jewish filth that has drowned our people? A more glaring fault of our forefathers was their use of quasi-egalitarian language in the Revolution. The Constitutional Republic replaced the Articles of Confederation in large part to correct the burgeoning appearance of democracy, a disgusting system which even the most ardent Anti-Federalists abhorred. That said, it was not long before the march toward universal suffrage got underway, the limited franchise made meaningless. No serious nation would permit the gutter dysgenic flotsam and jetsam of American cities to vote, unless that nation was suicidal. By giving the vote to the worst of us, we dug ourselves into a pit and cast away the ladder. As Oliver acknowledged, had the franchise remained limited to White propertied men, “the United States would not have become the political and racial cesspool it is today, and decent Americans could still own property.” Not rent, mind you, but own; Oliver elaborated that “many witlings today think they have property because they rent houses and land from the usurers and tax-collectors of the vast engine of organized crime that governs them and tells them what to ‘think.’” A man with land can provide for himself and his family, “and so cannot be reduced to total slavery and abject dependence on the whims of their alien rulers.”

Racial conservatism, White Nationalism, is the only solution to regenerate our vanishing race. I do not here attempt to draft the new Constitution that we need, but rather humbly offer some of my own big-picture policy proposals for a potential White Nationalist Constitution, assuming that we model our ethnostate on some form of a constitutional republic. Many of you may disagree, perhaps vehemently, with some of my suggestions. I welcome you to submit your own ideas in the comments; surely, this is a worthwhile intellectual challenge. We cannot dam this hurricane; the totalitarian New World Order has arrived, and it is here to stay for now, the occupant of the White House be damned. We must focus on resistance and, above all, on what comes next. Before we can seize victory, we must have a clear vision of the White ethnostate that we wish to build. Of course, the first step in securing the ethnostate is to purchase as much land as we can. Remote, rugged, and rural are our watchwords. The cities will burn first. The countryside offers no quarter to the Blacks, the Browns, or their Jewish overlords. Again, though, a clear political program is a necessary — if not sufficient — prerequisite to victory. I hope that my proposals ignite this much-needed conversation.


Citizenship, Foreign Policy, Immigration, and Suffrage


  1. All citizens shall have the franchise.
  2. Citizenship, and all attached rights, shall be limited to White men aged 25 and over with freely held property (i.e., real property that is owned, not rented, with no exceptions) and who have earned a 100% score on a civilizational competency exam which includes questions of civics, government, and history. Citizenship may be stripped for a number of crimes against the race and the nation.
  3. Whites proven to have assisted in any manner the anti-White egalitarian Judeocracy, including by directly or indirectly engaging in private and/or public support of the cultural and/or physical destruction of the Historic American Nation and/or the White race shall be expelled from our nation, along with their families.
  4. Asians (Central Asians, East Asians, Pacific Islanders and South and Southeast Asians), Blacks (African, American, and Caribbean), Non-White Hispanics (Mexicans, Central Americans, South Americans), Jews, and North Africans and Middle Easterners shall not be permitted entry into our nation for any purpose whatsoever, nor shall the aforesaid be permitted to hold any property or other interest therein. North American Amerindian individuals shall be permitted to remain on one reservation of their ancestral tribe(s), provided that said individuals do not leave said reservation. Tribal sovereignty shall be dissolved.
  5. Individuals of the forbidden groups in (4) who held citizenship in the geographic unit formerly known as the United States will be expelled, unless that individual qualifies as the non-White parent of a half-White citizen, as set forth in (9). Individuals of the forbidden groups in (4) who resided in the geographic unit formerly known as the United States without holding U.S. citizenship will be expelled, with no exceptions. Individuals of the forbidden groups in (4) who were imprisoned by the polity formerly known as the United States for violent crimes against Whites will be executed immediately. All other individuals of the forbidden groups in (4) who were imprisoned by the polity formerly known as the United States will be expelled alongside their other racial kinsmen.
  6. Individuals expelled in (5) will be repatriated to their country of ancestral origin at their own expense. If an individual cannot afford this cost, another member of his racial group will do so on his behalf.
  7. Individuals expelled in (5) will surrender all wealth earned as the result of harming Whites, including but not limited to wealth earned from government welfare programs, private and public affirmative action quotas, the promulgation of illicit and/or immoral activity, wage deflation, and usury.
  8. Immigration procedures shall be available only to Whites of European ancestry, including Europeans, White Hispanics, and White South Africans.
  9. In the case of mixed-race men, only those with at least 50% White ancestry shall be permitted to gain citizenship, provided that the other 50% contains no Black or Jewish ancestry. For the aforementioned qualifying mixed-race, half-White citizens, their non-White parent may reside in our nation, but cannot gain citizenship and cannot own property. The aforementioned qualifying mixed-race, half-White citizens may also marry full-blooded Whites. All other forms of miscegenation shall be forbidden, punishable by expulsion.
  10. The practice of Judaism or Islam in any form shall be forbidden, punishable by expulsion.
  11. All borders of our nation shall be patrolled, in their entirety, by armed soldiers or private militiamen, our land boundaries further secured by a wall.
  12. Our nation shall maintain no foreign military alliances or installations.
  13. Our nation shall make no foreign aid expenditures, and shall conduct no cultural or economic exchange with any directly or indirectly hostile nation.


Criminal Justice, Culture, and Environment


  1. The sentence of life, with or without the possibility of parole, shall be replaced with the sentence of death. Convicts sentenced to death shall receive one appeal only, upon the failure of which the convict shall be executed within one week, by firing squad alone.
  2. All drugs criminalized by the polity formerly known as the United States, including marijuana in all of its forms, shall be prohibited. Substance abuse shall be punishable by prison sentence, while drug manufacture, distribution, and/or sale shall be punishable by expulsion. Drug manufacturers, distributors, or sellers whose “clients” go on to die, if proven that said manufacturer, distributor, or seller’s drugs were a necessary condition of said death, shall be punished by death.
  3. Infanticide shall be prohibited in all cases, except in the extremely improbable scenario wherein the life of the mother would be placed in mortal peril, subject to the permission of both father and mother.
  4. Marriage shall be available to noncitizens, but shall only be between White men and White women, including half-White citizens as set forth in (9). Mixed-race couples with half-White children which qualify as citizens under (9) shall have their marriage recognized, so long as said marriage was performed prior to the formation of our nation.
  5. Divorce may only be obtained if sought by both husband and wife, unless one party can provide a high standard of evidence of substantial fault on the part of the other to justify a unilateral divorce. If divorce is granted, both mother and father shall evenly split the custody of the children conceived within their marriage, unless a strong showing can be made that, for the good of the child, one parent should be granted full custody.
  6. Homosexuality shall be forbidden, punishable by expulsion. Any individual found to have encouraged, facilitated, promoted, or participated in homosexuality shall be expelled.
  7. Transgenderism shall be forbidden, punishable by expulsion. Any individual found to have encouraged, facilitated, promoted, or participated in transgenderism shall be expelled.
  8. Pornography, in any and all forms, shall be forbidden. The manufacture, consumption, distribution, and/or sale of pornography shall be punishable by expulsion. If involving minors, rape, and/or sexual trafficking, the violator shall be punishable by death.
  9. Pedophilia shall be forbidden, punishable by death.
  10. Subversive anti-White speech, protest, or other action shall be punishable by expulsion.
  11. Firearms shall be available to all citizens, and each community with a population of 100 or more must maintain a well-drilled militia, or “neighborhood watch.” Citizenship shall be withheld from any man who has not served for at least 2 years in the national military, State militia, or community militia.
  12. Generous childbirth bounties shall be offered on a targeted basis to eugenic White couples.
  13. Publicly-funded welfare shall be available only if conditioned upon daily sobriety tests, daily evidence that the applicant is actively seeking employment, and a term of public infrastructural work, the length of which shall be proportional to the receipt of welfare.
  14. Our nation shall not subsidize “green energy”, including but not limited to “biomass”, ethanol, solar, and wind energy. Protected wilderness areas shall be expanded and rigorously patrolled against poaching and pollution, while clean air and water legislation shall be thoroughly enforced, punishable by imprisonment.
  15. Animal cruelty, including animal testing, vivisection, and factory farming, shall be punishable by death. Factory farming practices that do not rise to the standard for animal cruelty shall be prohibited, punishable by economic seizure and imprisonment.


Again, this meager list of policy proposals is intended as a challenge. I have left a plethora of issues unaddressed, and my solutions to those issues that I have chosen to address will certainly elicit polarized responses. While I wholeheartedly stand by each word that I write, I also understand that you may have better ideas. Express them in the comments, along with any ideas for other policy problems.


Remember the words of Fight Club’s Tyler Durden: “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” The United States of America is dead. We mustn’t mourn what has been lost, but consider it an opportunity — an opportunity the likes of which come around scarcely more often than once in a century. We have the chance now to wipe it all away and build a better world, to finally and forever secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.


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  1. Kyle McDermott
    Kyle McDermott says:

    IMHO, a White nationalist Constitution is an excellent idea. Along with a White Constitution, how about a Declaration of White Independence? I offer an attempt at such in my book, “The Declaration of White Independence,” which was on sale via Amazon from March 21, 2008, until April 19, 2020, when Amazon banned it. But my book has been expanded, revised and republished, and it is now available via Ostara Publications:


    • GC
      GC says:

      Mr. McDermott,

      I was not aware of your book, but will be seeking it out now.

      I wrote a Declaration of White Independence to accompany this piece, and it should be published soon. That was done by tweaking our extant Declaration, a less ambitious project than your book-length treatment. I look forward to reading yours!

      • Kyle McDermott
        Kyle McDermott says:

        Giles, I’ll keep checking this site for the posting of your Declaration. I’m looking forward to reading it. Thanks very much for your interest in my book. One thing I think we can all agree on now for sure, is that a White ethno-state is an absolute, non-negotiable imperative.

  2. Miagop
    Miagop says:

    If your “ethnostate” puts people in prison for smoking marijuana, I will fight to the death to destroy it. I consider it just as much an enemy as the current ZOG, and anyone who advocates that is just as much an enemy as any antifa.

    Not to mention that many of the other points you advocate are absolutely horrifying. You think that poor White people don’t deserve to be considered citizens with full rights? You think that the poor should be endlessly harassed and humiliated by the government?

    If this is White Nationalism, count me out. I want nothing to do with it, nor can I treat anyone who holds such awful opinions as an ally of any kind. I can’t “agree to disagree” about this garbage.

    Why does every white nationalist have to be a reactionary? Why can’t I be WN and reject this kind of garbage reactionary ideology? I can’t be a “leftist” because of their “woke”, anti-White crap, but I am basically leftist in most of my positions. Why does the WN movement always do everything to alienate people like me?

      • Luke
        Luke says:

        MiaGop reminds me of the typical pot addicted losers that I was first exposed to when, fresh out of high school, I decided to join the US Navy. Without a single exception, every last one of the nitwits who I met and became acquainted with who were obsessed with smoking weed – were lazy, good for absolutely nothing, LOSERS. All these losers wanted to do the second they got off work was to grab that bong pipe or bag of weed and start smoking dope .
        Oh, and here is another thing that guys like MiaGOP are too dense to grasp or comprehend. The whole dope smoking agenda was being pushed primary by jews and by jewish Hollywood and targeted at White males (and white females, too) as part of the jewish strategy to keep White men busy pickling their brains and shaving IQ points off their average, and while these dumber than dog dirt White guys were preoccupied by getting and staying ‘high’ on weed – the jews sneaked that 1965 White Genocide (Hart-Cellar Act) through and began their diabolically evil agenda to reduce Whites to minorities inside the nation that they’re ancestors created and bequeathed to their White European posterity.

        I would make the bold statement that marijuana played the role of anesthetizing the White victim while the jews launched their genocidal White Race Replacement agenda.

        Therefore, I fully and completely support a permanent ban and prohibition of marijuana. As I also do for all other illegal drugs. I don’t know if I support the idea of tossing these losers into prison, though – and letting them coast on the white tax payer’s dime. I’d rather have them micro-chipped and robbed of a DNA sample and then exiled out of the White Ethnostate and if these losers are ever caught trying to return to the White homeland – perhaps their punishment should be a little more extreme.

          • Servenet
            Servenet says:

            Now there’s a reply from a thoughtful, prudent, reasonable person of goodwill. What would we do without quality pro-white types like yourself? I shudder to think.

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          Spoken like a good teetotaler circa 1920 Luke. YOU can imbibe, snort, smoke and otherwise practice better living thru Puritanism at your will but if you guys don’t get over your retro puritan – protestant, libertarian, neo Lockean constitutionalism AND appeal to a cross section of Whites, my grandchildren will be waiting tables for the Jews and the coloreds. All Anglos are white but not all whites are Anglo and a lot of Anglos aren’t down with your lifestyle anyway. As Sam Dickson -the certifiably old Southern Anglo protestant – likes to say, focus on RACE. That is how we build a movement instead of a self righteous suicide cult

          • Servenet
            Servenet says:

            Yea…I guess he shouldn’t express his opinion here on dope-smoking or relate his real-life-experience in the armed services observing how that everyone he knew was a slacker that did smoke. Think maybe he just might have reason to think that dope-smoking is deleterious to the flourishing of white people? And what’s with all the Puritan, libertarian, protestant, etc., etc. epithets(?) Jheesh…the angst over a guy’s negative reaction to getting high.

        • Floda
          Floda says:

          Luke, you’re a young guy who may not be aware Hemp was seen decades ago as a magic plant which if properly developed would threaten to PUT OUT OF BUSINESS the big pharma companies like Du Pont, ICI, Bayer etc.

          Naturally our Jewish friends set about demonizing marijuana and criminalizing its use World Wide.

          I’m an old bastard who has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. One of the many issues with the prostate in older guys is an inability to pee, so there is a surgical procedure to ‘ream’ out the tissue which is preventing the flow, by inserting a catheter up the pipe of your wedding tackle . This however, does not fix the cancer which just keeps on growing until it ‘escapes’ the prostate gland then spreads around the body until eventually you join the heavenly choir.

          Standard operating procedure for old buggers like me to defend myself by using two methods:

          1) Radiotherapy, this is TEN WEEKS of me appearing at a hospital and getting a dose every day. Side effects are pain, depression and much else, including burning the rectum irreparably thus having to wear the BAG. No guarantee of a cure.

          2) Hormone treatment: Same every day for TEN WEEKS I am to get to the same Hospital and get a large hypodermic needle up my ass containing female hormones.

          Side effects are; breast enlargement, inability to control emotions, inability to cease speaking rapidly without knowing what you are talking about and a reduced ability to drive and park a motor vehicle. Some patients are tempted to cross dress. Again no guarantees. Note I have not mentioned the cost of this, nor that in my case this appears to be entirely an Indian (dot) operation here in North East OZ.

          Call me racist but I am uncomfortable around Indians. Right or wrong, I have a feeling they don’t actually give a rat’s ass about me and what they really want here, in a climate similar to their own, is the eventual disappearance of pale skinned Europeans so one day they will have cows freely roaming the streets and Elephants as beasts of burden to remind them of home.

          My plan after the ‘reaming’ procedure is to use medical cannabis oil to kill the cancer. Until a few months ago there were many dozens of YouTube clips on the www where dozens of survivors related their experiences of beating cancer. These have now all been PURGED from the internet by the Jews who run YouTube. More evidence that cannabis oil works.

    • Leon Q. Haller
      Leon Q. Haller says:

      The Left’s positions are wrong inherently (at least for many of us who hold to universal creeds, such as, but not only, Christianity); they retard the development of superior civilization; and lead to much human unhappiness. They also over time undermine the types of national character strength that citizenries must exhibit if their nations are to endure.

      Beyond that, most white nats are reactionaries because we see how virtually every aspect of the policy preferences associated with the contemporary Left weaken white nations (and disprivilege white men). We believe in the reality, rooted in genetic similarity and evolved tribalism, of racial competition and conflict, and want our race (and the uniquely valuable ethnocultures which comprise it) to survive.

      Finally, while there can be liberal white preservationists in theory, just as there are gay conservatives, the basic psychological orientations leading to pro-whiteness and pro-gayness tend to not to correlate very well with liberalism or conservatism, respectively. Plus, a lot of white nats are, like me, basically hardcore across the board conservatives who realize that only whites in large numbers are ideological conservatives, and thus that we will never achieve the conservative policy victories we want until we first jettison ‘diversity’.

      I suspect as whites become more persecuted, there will be more lefty whites moving towards prowhite positions. But they will always be surpassed by rightist whites, who will also be arriving there earlier. So the ideological character of the movement overall is unlikely to change substantially.

      • Miagop
        Miagop says:

        YOU are the problem, not me.

        I am not a White nationalist because only White people can do capitalism right, or whatever crap you care about. I am a White nationalist, because I care about the 14 words and I love my people, including the poor ones on welfare that you hate so much, and the potheads and everyone else you want to exclude. I hate nearly everything conservatism stands for, and I am tired of being told that I can’t be white nationalist because I don’t agree with all this crap. How does treating poor white kids like garbage secure the existence of our people and a future for White children?

        If you want to know why so many young Whites support BLM, a lot of it has to do with the fact that this is what the “other side” is like. Your vision of a society that is tyrannical repressive in personal matters and laissez-faire in economics (screw the poor and disadvangaved) is a nightmare, and I refuse to be told I can’t be pro-White for rejecting it.

        I will never live in your society, or tolerate it, or tolerate anyone who believes in it, EVER.

        • Leon Q. Haller
          Leon Q. Haller says:

          You are obviously a deeply brainwashed and ignorant person, probably a young white female by the style of emoting instead of reading and cogitating, who, however, has at least had the insight to realize that the System is antiwhite. OK, that’s a very promising start.

          Try to follow my argument. I am making three claims. First, the positions of the comprehensive Right are inherently, objectively correct (both morally and empirically). Second, the policy preferences of the Right will be necessary for the survival of the ethnostate, which will be very “touch and go” in the early years; it won’t be a place where vegan pot-heads, socialist wastrels, porn-pushers, and lesbian feminists who happen to be prowhite will be of any use. Third, those whites who will be attracted to the ethnostate will also be largely those repelled by present day leftist anti-America. Such whites are far from limited to white nationalists, but include many other conservative yet not-antiwhite (and thus potentially prowhite) groups (see my comment to “Fenria” below).

          Hence my conclusion that the Ethnostate should be rightist, and probably will be. This has nothing whatsoever to do with treating poor white kids like garbage (??). And laissez-faire capitalism does not “screw the poor”; it is the one economic arrangement that has lifted billions out of poverty, and which was in no small degree responsible for the flourishing of white society, a huge increase in white fertility, and the former geoexpansion of the West.

          You seem to want to import all the voluminously documented failures associated with the left into a pristine white environment, and you assume that such failures will not replicate themselves in an apartheid white society. I see no reason to accept that assumption.

          • Achilles Wannabe
            Achilles Wannabe says:

            “And laissez-faire capitalism does not “screw the poor”; it is the one economic arrangement that has lifted billions out of poverty, and which was in no small degree responsible for the flourishing of white society, a huge increase in white fertility, and the former geoexpansion of the West”.

            Thank you Leon for saying straight up what I suspect lurks behind so much White Nationalism. The difficulty is that you can only blame so much on the Jews. While I certainly have no wish to exonerate or even lighten their responsibility for the disaster we are now living in, they are not entirely at fault. Who brought in 2 million Ashkenazi back in the late 19th century? That is 2 million of the people who were widely known to be the worst parasites in any civilization. Who brought them in Leon? How about the WASP laissez faire capitalist establishment up to its old tricks in finding the cheapest labor? There is nothing laissez faire capitalists won’t buy or sell including their own people and country.

        • Servenet
          Servenet says:

          I have to say you are the most anti-WN…white nationalist I have ever encountered. Where did the author or commenters say they hated poor white people? Wasn’t it that a bar was set for the franchise that was high and a cherished goal to be achieved? As far as the welfare bit goes, a responsible, goal oriented person does not want welfare. The author provided for the possibility of a legitimate reason for some temporary assistance. Anyone who would object to this is himself not reasonable. Your vehement insistence on smoking dope is just bizarre. Your hysterical objection to what was proferred here appears unhinged, frankly. You need to simmer down. And perhaps not confess to any actual WN identity at all.

        • Liam Kernaghan
          Liam Kernaghan says:

          Yes, you are right.
          I’ve noticed this abandonment of poor/disadvantaged Whites on the part of commentators not just on this site, but others. Young White girls – and boys too, sexually abused on an industrial scale because there was nobody to look out for them – because they came from poor homes – therefore they don’t matter because they’re knuckle-dragging White trash any way. Yes, many White working class people are hedonistic and live for the moment, but the same is observable with self-entitled middle-class Whites who hide behind their degrees/certificates/diplomas/posh accents/manners/clothes/cars/houses, etc. etc.etc. Not everybody can be academically accomplished. What is preferable? A society made up of Whites – some clever, some not so clever – but all sharing a commonalty of culture and identity (bland/boring/oh-so-vanilla,darling,but at least you’re less likely to get you throat cut by some mugger!) or a free-for-all of endlessly conflicting value systems; nobody sharing the same set of values and not even looking like each other. with elbows dug into the rear-most so that individual personal advantage can be gained?
          White power for Whites everywhere, regardless of background, educational level or social connections. The choice is : White road sweep or coloured road sweep?
          White doctor or coloured doctor? White school teacher or coloured school teacher? White domestic servant or coloured domestic servant.
          I’d sooner have Pole than a Pakistani!
          I’d like to know what preferences other more negatively vociferous contributors on this site have.
          You know who you are.
          (and WHAT you are).
          I talk to ordinary and normal people – not the gutter.
          Talented White people need the not so talented White people.
          The not so talented White people need the talented White people.
          14 Words For Always.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      You shouldn’t be on the group if you’re a Lefty. There are other marijuana places for folks like you. I don’t think you have to worry about being “counted out.” Go somewhere else and be happy. This is for pro W folks of high moral standards. The author deserves much credit. I’d buy him lunch any day.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        “… pro W folks of high moral standards.”

        You mean like the standards of Catholic priests , or the standards of Protestant pastors , or the standards of Jewish rabbis , or the standards of Muslim Imams ?

    • Fenria
      Fenria says:

      Don’t despair. There are many ways to be pro-white. As a National Socialist and a stanch EcoFascist, I also find it difficult to fit in with the larger American pro-white group, et all, at times. The author makes many salient points, but at the end of the day, the best thing we can do as a race is cast a wide net to catch as many of our folk as possible, and for me, that means multiple white ethnostates. There should also be an ethnostate that caters to your belief styles as well.

      I have personally met many white people in my life who want to be part of the movement, but are turned off by some of the strident strictness that echoes as unrealistic in real day to day life. I personally find much of the purity spiraling to be rather asinine myself. Be who you want to be. Personally, I’m just happy that any white person out there these days turns towards his own race, and realistically, everyone in this movement should be as well.

      • Leon Q. Haller
        Leon Q. Haller says:

        I have no objection to multiple, ideologically diverse all-white ethnostates. But I suggest you be realistic, which is what my response comment was. Liberalism is a mental disorder and/or evolutionary maladaptation. It’s defining characteristic is an egalitarian inability or unwillingness to accept true human differences, inequality and thus diversity. Whatever genetic constellation comprises the “liberal mind”, its ideological postulates tend to run together. Not always, but enough to be noticeable and statistically meaningful. My prediction is that a lefty-liberal white ethnostate will not endure for very long. There will be an ever growing list of exceptions, until eventually the whole ethnostatist point is lost, and finally submerged.

        The other macro-objection, as I alluded above, is that non-racial aspects of liberalism serve to weaken the type of white citizen character that will be necessary both to form and to secure an ethnostate. Pot-smoking feminist queers who support a Universal Basic Income (for sitting on your a$$ doing nothing but eating and breathing) are not the material out of which hard political struggles are made. And, moreover, most people want more from a society than just racial belonging and fellowship. So what kind of white people will be attracted to an American white ethnostate? It won’t simply be whites qua whites. It will be disproportionately those whites who feel most out of place in the new, post-60s “Amerikwa”. And those aren’t just white racial preservationists, but also militant neo-Nazis, Christian moral traditionalists, limited government Constitutionalists, law and order thug suppressionists, masculinists and familial patriarchalists, laissez-fairist small businessmen, militant gun rightsers, and so forth (there is overlap obviously amongst the groups I mentioned, but each is either its own distinct type, or has its own existing noisy movement). All groups unsurprisingly associated with the broad ideological Right.

        For reasons of both immediate practicality and long term ethnostate-preservation, I think the white ethnostate will and should be essentially a rightist phenomenon.

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          Nice piece of interpolation Leon. A Jew couldn’t have done better. You just artfully collapsed everything YOU don’t like about certain rightists like myself and Mygope into Leftism. Actually Mygope , I and certain others who are finally showing up on this commentary thanks to Mr. Cory’s propositions are Left Rightists Leon. Seems like every political persuasion has a left and a right but YOUR White Nationalism is …is what? Totalitarian?
          I guess we will have to live in different ethno states Leon but I suspect we will have the Jewish foot on our necks before we ever get to that.
          They absolutely rely on we Euro goyim dividing ourselves

          • Leon Q. Haller
            Leon Q. Haller says:

            I’m a righwinger, old school. I’ve always been prowhite – I thought that was part of being a rightist, at least early on. But I am prowhite because the West is best – not because I have an infatuation with whiteness per se. I suppose I’m more of an Occidentalist than a white nationalist, though in practice they’re about the same thing. The West is white, and cannot be preserved except by whites. But what kind of whites? Quality, conservative whites – not persons who are dirtbags whose only redeeming quality is that they oppose white persecution or extinction. That’s not enough. The Clintons, Pelosi, Warren, Mayor of Portland, Bushes, Biden – all white, all scum. White skin is not enough.

      • ValhallaX
        ValhallaX says:

        Excellent definition: National Socialist and Eco Fascist. I agree and will sign up on that.

        Maybe a bit soft, but, hey, a real good step forward. “They laughed, but they do not laugh anymore…”.

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        I hear you. Do you think there could be an ethnic divide going on here under the cover of “White”? Say neo Puritanical Anglo Protestantism vs ethnic varieties of Catholicism?. I am talking about background and derivative values and not necessarily actual church commitments though, judging by his book, Mr Corey is apparently very Protestant Church going or at least he would be if he could find the requisite Church

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        “… the best thing we can do as a race is cast a wide net to catch as many of our folk as possible, and for me, that means multiple white ethnostates.”

        Amen to that .

        The primary WN concern is to preserve the integrity of the White genome . The primary WN concern is NOT about preserving a particular religion , with its particular set of morals , nor about preserving a particular political ideology with its particular moral code .

        Religious theologies and political ideologies are normally racially indiscriminate and mutate willy-nilly with every viral fad compared to the much greater mutation resistance of a race that is anchored in a defined materialistic genome .

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Good screeds Miagop. I can relate Many of us can. But don’t just throw in the towel. To put it my way, all Angloes are white but not all White Nationalists are Anglo. The anti marijuana stuff is Prohibition all over again. The property classifications is the protestant ethicalization of money. And what are we guys going to do for sex in this Puritan biblical Patriarchy? There won’t be many women and God help us if we get caught hitting on each other.

      I could go on but seriously, “White” nationalism can belong to ALL of us as long as a defacto sort of Neo anglo nationalism doesn’t get to pass as “White” . Mr Corey is an old American who is just being who
      he is. Nothing wrong with that as long as the rest of
      us whites get to argue for who we are.
      Actually Mr Cory is inviting us to argue. That is why I really like his essay – the commentary it can produce
      as it has in your case

    • b.smith
      b.smith says:

      As a former libertarian-tard I empathize with issues of freedom, but the question is this:

      Do you want to ruled by someone(s) who love you as a genetic and bio-spiritual brother, who want to you live and thrive (even if they don’t want you to smoke dope / some other pet “freedom”)?

      Or do you want to be ruled by Jews and their Diversity pets who want you enslaved or dead (and are happy to anesthetize you with drugs and porn and crap-television to ease you down the chute to the kosher slaughterhouse)?

      First we have to survive, we have to take power over our people and our lands and resources. I would rather expect our first ethno-states to reflect the stern discipline and self-sacrifice necessary to so secure the 14 words.

      Once White future and posterity is secure our states may moderate some – but not too much I pray as we must never be weak again.

      So could you give up the dope to help secure the 14 words? You could! You could and more incidental freedoms as well and when looking back be very glad you did.

      Take heart brother.

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        Yeah brother, I am sure he could, if push comes to shove, give up the “dope” and other things.
        But the problem I think he and many of us have with a certain kind of WN is that we are not sure if they are asking us to pragmatically slim down for a struggle OR to adopt a good old Yankee kind of social and economic puritanism for the sheer supposed objective metaphysical truth of it. I mean if all that was so good back when it had its day, how come it led to the mess we are in now? Or are we going to blame it all on the Jews?

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Have you looked into National Socialism or “Nazism”
      as the Jews like to call it? You might be surprised what you find. Many of us white N’s are interested in it though you won’t find our interests well represented on this site(good as it is). You could try Counter Currents or Weber’s Historical Review. Those are not
      National Socialist sites but they offer serious discussions about what NS really was

    • LS
      LS says:

      I feel the same way. I can’t be a leftist, because of their anti-white agenda, and I’d agree with Dr. MacDonald that white people need to look into defending their genetic interests. However, if I become pro-white to support white people, it’s because I actually want to simply support white people. I don’t give a shit about becoming a Republican, a “conservative,” or taking up some irrational, cultish, reactionary agenda that has nothing to do with it and that someone decides to attach to it.

  3. Loren R
    Loren R says:

    Sign me up! So basically what you are saying all the stuff the joos have forced on us is no going to be punishable by expulsion or death?
    I like it. I love it.
    Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota. Maybe Utah and Colorado too?

  4. Felix Steiner
    Felix Steiner says:

    Excellent list. I liked its eugenic nature. I would add a cold resource rich area as ideal. We are the “ice people” after all. Children will be put into a work study program at 6.

  5. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    One of the most inspiring articles I have ever read!

    I would add this: ‘An economy based solely on productive capital. Speculative capital is prohibited’.

    In other words, you should only get with giving, unlike the speculative wealth that accrued to Soros, Epstein, et al who acquired great wealth without giving anything in return (i.e. – hedge funds, derivatives, currency exchange, etc…).

    Or, as Henry Ford described such people, “tradesmen who do not produce’.

    Let’s do it, brothers and sisters! We have the will, the courage, and the knowledge. Let’s make a wonderful world for future generations!.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Excellent point. I would like to see more discussion of economic issues – productive industry valuing labor vs money making for money making. Actually I think capitalism is just a euphemism for usury. German thinkers referenced by E Michael Jones in Barren Metal long worried about labor value whereas our “economics” is really Anglo-Jewish fetishistization of markets. No libertarian ethno state for this white guy.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Speculative capital is prohibited’.”

      Why do you want to control the capital investment decisions of other people ? That would be one of the quickest ways to bankrupt a nation since most wealth building investments are more or less speculative . Have you been fooled by all of the incessant marxist propaganda against free market capitalism ?

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        Good Liberthink Moneytalks. But if the WASP’s had controlled the investment decisions of others, the Jews would not now own our media and entertainment industry.
        For the WASP the only question was, as Greg Johnson says, will the check pass?
        The rest is history

  6. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Agree! Pacific Northwest has its challenges (Portland, Seattle, etc…) but it is our best bet. Keep in mind, we need a coastline. We have a friendly neighbor who will make the best of friends.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Tim, define ” friendly neighbor ” !

      If you refer to that sock-puppet man-child Trudeau, you are in bad need of much remedial reading !

      In great part he was elected PM of Canada through the efforts of one of Samuel Bronfman’s sons, after papa took 2.1 billions from Montreal to New York, without paying 800 millions in taxes, to become the moral authority and President of the World Jewish Congress.

      His “Vice” President was the late Lord Janner [ House of Lords ], of deliberately Crown Prosecution Service – omitted prosecution for 23 years of abuse of young boys. One such 15 year old was rented from a home for the retarded. The LORD took him to the Holiday Inn in Edinburgh, where Police subsequently found semen-filled condoms in the trash and Vaseline in the drawer of the night stand. For almost a quarter of a century of this criminal behavior no Crown Attorney [ DA ] stepped forward, willing to take on the inevitable charges of anti-Semitism.

      An entirely expected personal hinterland for most of our Epsteinian politicians. And no place to hope for ” friends ” !

      ALL ” PATRONS OF THE STOOL ! ” [Wikipedia]

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Edgar, of course ! Sam was grandpa; proprietor of three Winnipeg inns with joined whorehouses, before moving to Montreal in order to become respectable, in a sort of East-European tradition, by dealing in mortgages. and alcohol.

    • Wilburn Sprayberry
      Wilburn Sprayberry says:

      “Only the $PLC, the ADL, and the ACLU will take this seriously.”

      Which means the US government, including Congress, DOJ, & the FBI, will also.

  7. Joe
    Joe says:

    An attempt at a new society like this is the only thing that can bring us away from the precipice of extinction, which is exactly where we stand as a race today. There are many other subjects to explore in regard to bringing a white homogenous society to fruition. It is an imperative if we are to survive going forward. There is much written here that I not only agree with but pondered myself during my own busy hours in days past. One such idea would be a work program, in place of public schooling, for certain age teens to combine public service and career training. Work service would be mandatory and earn points toward citizenship.
    That’s just one to contribute to starting a conversation.

  8. Leon Q. Haller
    Leon Q. Haller says:

    This is an excellent idea, and a good start, although Corey is correct to emphasize that it is only a start. So much associated with our own Constitution, like basic governing structure, has been left out. The US Constitution (“C”) is an amazing document. I believe it has flaws, but our approach should, for eminently practical reasons, be to adopt the C as is, and then focus on remedying its flaws.

    Those practical reasons are: 1) the C is brilliant and was, and could, subject to some crucial tweaks, be again, unsurpassedly successful as the charter for a government of a free and civilized nation; 2) people grasp the C already, thereby reassuring them that they are not embarking upon some unknowable and radically dangerous social experiment; 3) we have an enormous body of jurisprudence, some garbage, but much valuable, associated with the C, and could simply adopt that jurisprudence (minus the garbage) wholesale, thereby immeasurably smoothing the transition to white racial self-rule as compared to having every domestic dispute calling for legal adjudication (especially the often very complex and recondite commercial cases, which *will* crop up in an American Ethnostate already possessing within itself advanced domestic industry, supply chains, and financial relationships) be decided “whole cloth” by a set of new and perhaps inexperienced judges (nb: our “new” nation after 1787 did not simply invent its judge-made law out of the air, but rather, had the ancient English common law to guide it); 4) adopting and improving the existing C will automatically extend a huge measure of legitimacy to the Ethnostate, helping to persuade the conservative portions of our racial kin across the Earth that we are serious and worthy of investment and trade, and not simply “Nazi psychopaths”, as our Judaic and self-hating white progressive enemies will be only too eager to portray us; and finally (but probably not lastly – I, too, do not offer my list as definitive) 5) white Christian or post-Christian Americans of the psychological kind likely to be attracted to the Ethnostate also tend to value their liberty as highly as any other people on Earth; adopting and improving the C will reassure them that their prescriptive liberties will be respected or, in many cases today, restored. Indeed, promising that the Ethnostate will restore to fullness the true, lost C might become nearly as big an attractor of white ethnostatist pioneers as the promise of racial homogeneity. In the conservative areas of the American Heartland, they’re real big on defending “muh liberty”, in case anyone hasn’t noticed.

    I would note that Corey’s list above is somewhat schizophrenic in that it mixes constitutional and legislative elements. A constitution is not a legislative laundry list. It is a blueprint for government, to which can then be added certain amendments embodying overarchingly important concerns (whites-only citizenship, forbidding of mixed race marriages, right to speech, to bear arms, to compensation for property confiscated out of military necessity, etc). There must be some flexibility built into it, as foreign nations and ideologies change, new technologies are developed, and unforeseen threats arise. IOWs, we want fixity of fundamental character, but flexibility to deal with new challenges.

    I will think some more this weekend on how an American White Ethnostate should be set up and then governed.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “A constitution […] is a blueprint for government, to which can then be added certain amendments embodying overarchingly important concerns (whites-only citizenship, […]”

      Correction: Corey’s blueprint says “white men-only citizenship.” No one has objected to that yet, and I don’t think they will.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      The US Constitution has plenty of junk in it that was never amended out of it . However , the world’s gold standard “Bill of Rights” is still the best protection in all the history of man against the biggest problem of any government ( WN or otherwise ) — the abuse of power .

      The “Bill of Rights” is the single most important pragmatic feature of the world famous US Constitution and it was virtually declared null and void by the US 911 Patriot Act passed by the US Congress and signed by secret society Skull & Bones member US President Bush .

  9. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    a Constitution with gaps that would quickly be said to be “open to interpretation” by demoniac lizard-men.

    Lol good one.

    Now tell me why is it that anyone who tries to do the right thing politically in the United States winds up dead and this in very unusual strange circumstances? I in fact got the surprise of my life yesterday that even FDR narrowly missed being assassinated. Note:

    “Many people remain totally ignorant that even before his March 4, 1933 inauguration, Franklin Roosevelt narrowly avoided an assassination attempt in Florida which saw 5 people struck by bullets and the mayor of Chicago dying of his wounds 3 weeks later. Within days of the mayor’s death, the assassin Giuseppe Zingara was speedily labelled a “lone gunman” and executed without any serious investigation into his freemasonic connections. This however was just a pre-cursor for an even greater battle which Wall Street financiers would launch in order to overthrow the presidency later that year. This effort would only be stopped by the courageous intervention of a patriotic marine named Smedley Darlington Butler. https://thesaker.is/trump-vs-the-military-industrial-complex-military-coup-danger-escalates/

    How do you like them apples? And what are we hearing now a possible coup in the process if Donald gets back in?
    A girl name amazing Polly has an interview by a retired military man exposing some serious information. 21 minute mark here

    Unfortunately I am starting to become more and more convinced that America is the Babylonian whore of the Book of Revelation.
    It is amazing to me that Washington, DC is like Rome of old is a city of seven hills and why? Because of the Book of Revelation and the coming judgment of that city of seven hills. Rev. 18. One would think it to be Rome but Rome doesn’t hold the kind of power over the entire world as the US does.

    Further to those of us who know the teachings of climate change from the bible and how God uses it as a form of Divine Communication and even judgment the events over places like Fort Carson is proof enough for me that there is far more going on than meets the eyes. You can read up about it here:


    or better yet get my book on the subject Climate Change the Work of God and my other 2.

    Believe me you will never be lied to again by anyone that climate change has anything to do with industrial pollution! Bulldung!

    By the way great back cover to book the Sword of Christ and swords He has a plenty (Job 38:22–23).

    “Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail, which I reserve for times of trouble, for days of war and battle?”

    So God is a military commander with His own weapons!

  10. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    “the first step in securing the ethnostate is to purchase as much land as we can. Remote, rugged, and rural are our watchwords.”

    Exactly this. I have been beating this same drum for decades now. My only addition to the afore article is that we should have multiple small ethnostates all over the US and Canada, and that each of these should be able to run itself on whatever slight variation of the above mentioned Constitution they choose, including more NS varieties, and more generic, “Joe Sixpack” varieties. Whites should be able to choose whatever ethnostate conforms best to their own personal values, and all of these ethnostates should be loosely confederated under a banner of mutual assistance, each consigned to aiding the others in an event of attack. Trade should flow freely between all of these ethnostates, hopefully with no favorites played, regardless of geographical location.

  11. Mr Darcy
    Mr Darcy says:

    1. Madness! It is precisely universal suffrage that, above and beyond everything and anything else, is the root of our current mess! Universal suffrage? Are you crazy? Suffrage must be limited to heads of households only. A single man gets one vote. A married but childless man gets one and a half or two. A married man with ten legitimate children gets 5 or 6 or a number to be determined by some common-sense formula. Or something similar.

    2. So … people with money to invest are forever locked out of owning rental property, since this silly proposal renders the market so unattractive to investors as to make it impossible as a practical matter. And by what right does the State tell me or anybody else how and where to establish a domicile? What of those folks who prefer to rent simply because they don’t want to be bothered with the expense and bother of property maintenance? Or those who are simply not able to maintain property—the elderly or cripples or sick? If, when I get too old to maintain my domicile, I want to sell it and rent from somebody whom I can phone to “fix it,” am I then to be stripped of my citizenship because I no longer own real property in fee simple? This policy would exclude mature, experienced, and wise elderly people from voting as a means of civic participation. Why establish such a stupid, destructive policy? Will you next suggest euthanizing “old folks”? If not, why not? If they are to be cast aside as worthless; as non-citizens whose life experiences are not wanted by the authoritarian state, then why not just kill them? This is Bill Gates stuff.

    3. This assumes the presence of such people in our territory from the outset. But your introductory remarks assume the purchase by our people of rural land where, presumably, there is no population already present. So which is it? Confusion is not a sound foundation upon which to build. But, okay, let’s assume that we buy up property that includes a population of the categories of folks enumerated in this paragraph. If they are to be expelled, why not just expel them in the first place rather than erecting your authoritarian, highly politicized society around them in the first place? But, okay, let’s go on with this notion (I won’t call it an “idea”): To where would these people be expelled? Banishment assumes that there is another polity prepared to take in our rejects. What reason is there to expect such a thing? You assume that we can just tell another country that “we are dumping our rejects on you.” What if that country just says, “No can do. If you don’t want ’em, we don’t want ’em. You keep ’em.” What then? So either we start off with an unpopulated territory, OR we have a territory that includes the Judeocracy crowd in numbers great or small. In the latter case, we’d have to keep them and deny them citizenship, hoping that they’d split. If they didn’t, then we’d just make it clear to them that although they can stay, they will never have citizenship. And perhaps other restrictions, including such restrictions as the prohibition of their former anti-white speech and activities, on pain of imprisonment or heavy fines, since imprisonment would be a net cost to us.

    4. 4. “North Africans” and “Pacific Islanders” defined how? What of the French in North Africa? They are as French and white as autochthonous Frenchman in metropolitan France. Ditto for the French in Tahiti, New Caledonia, and so on. And what of the Italians in Libya?

    5. What on earth is the logic of “half-white citizens”? How does the notion of “half-white citizens” jibe with item #2, above? They are self-evidently mutually exclusive. If, for whatever “reason,” half-whites are permitted to live in the proposed authoritarian, totally politicized polity, just deny them and their descendants citizenship. Period. That’s a no-brainer. Why include such a slippery slope in the proposed polity to begin with? It’s hard to take this notion seriously. A totally unworkable policy is pointless. It would be nothing but words.

    6. And if “the country of ancestral origin” refuses to accept the repatriated individuals? What then? Will your proposed polity have the power to force the situation? How? And at what cost?

    7. Since expelling these folks is a non-starter, just deny them citizenship both as a means of protecting the proposed authoritarian polity and as a means of incentivizing them to leave voluntarily. Other countries would be far more likely to accept them as immigrants that they would be to accept them as exiles. See #3.

    8. So … “anti-racist” Europeans can immigrate into this authoritarian country? White European Socialists? Why? What possible reason could there be for that? It’s a recipe for disaster. Why no vetting process?

    9. This is probably the stupidest notion of all. No non-white citizens. Period. See #1 & #5. And again—forget the expulsion thing. It’s a non-starter.

    10. Not a bad notion in principle, but impossible of enforcement without an intolerable police state. Just deny Jews and Muslims citizenship but allow them to practice their religion in private, i.e., in their own homes. Prohibit them from owning property. To police people’s consciences requires an intolerable police state, in which case, why bother with the whole thing at all? And when I refer here to Jews and Muslims, I mean converts, since such people would not be present in the first place. But unless the polity is going to prevent internet access and books and so forth, there WILL be converts unless you have some means of reading the minds of every single inhabitant of the polity—assuming that anybody that we would want living in the country would submit to such scrutiny. So just restrict the adherents of false religions to the status of resident aliens or something similar. Prohibit them from even mentioning their religious faith on pain of punishment. No mosques or synagogues. No outward expressions of false religions—including Buddhism, Hinduism, and all the rest. There’s simply no way to know what somebody’s religion is without state intrusion into the privacy of the ENTIRE population, which is a non-starter.

    11. Physically impossible. Financially impossible. And even if it weren’t, what you are suggesting here is an open-air prison. A wall around the whole country? Are you nuts?? Ordinary customs inspections at border crossing points, if duly enforced as they used to be, would be entirely sufficient. Or are tourists to be forbidden? What you are describing is North Korea. Do you really think that white people are going to live in the country you are describing? It’s as stupid a notion as #9. Dear God. And you say that you “wholeheartedly stand by every word” you’ve written?? I think that your heart is in the right place, but you have allowed your (quite understandable) anger and frustration make a fool of you. Get a grip! I applaud and admire you for getting the ball rolling on these things, but you need to discipline your mind, control your emotions, and consider human nature in making plans of these kinds. White people are simply not going to want to live in North Korea, even if it is populated by their own kind. Calm yourself!

    12. Does this mean installations in foreign lands, or in the proposed country? If the latter, it’s another non-starter.

    13. Need a clear definition of “our nation” and “cultural exchange.” Does “nation” here mean the state? Or does it mean individual citizens or organizations? For example,would it preclude one of our people from studying music in Germany or cooking in France? Or a private musical group of our citizens (e.g., orchestra; choir) from touring abroad? Or private organizations in our country from sponsoring foreign musicians, for example, to come to our country to perform? No foreign aid is a sound policy and a first-rate idea. Bravo!

    14. These are generally good suggestions, although the firing squad thing is odd. Seriously odd. What about stoning? Anyway, yes, imprisonment is grossly overused nowadays—and not for capital crimes only. Theft, for example, should be remedied by restitution at five times the value of the items stolen—no prison.

    15. The criminalization of a plant that occurs in nature and “grows from seed after its own kind” is a non-starter. It’s also unenforceable absent warrantless searches of private property on a grand scale—another non-starter. I say again that white folks are not going to live in North Korea. For the rest, just make the “manufacture, distribution, … or sale” of “hard” drugs punishable by death. Anything less is simply not a serious policy. It’s like abortion: As long as no-fault divorce is lawful, opposition to abortion is simply posturing. Anti-abortion “activists” these days never mention divorce, which means that they are not serious people. The family is the basic unit of civilization, so opposing abortion while ignoring no-fault divorce is simply “posing” and posturing by people who simply are not serious.

    16. “Infanticide”? Surely you mean “induced abortion.” The “life of the mother” principle is proper and sound, but giving the father the veto power over the wishes of the mother to preserve her own life is another non-starter. If murder of an infant is to be unlawful, why is the father to have the power to tell the mother that she must die whether she wants to or not, simply because he prefers to have the baby at the price of the mother’s life? It’s an invitation to “lawful murder.” And I must assume that you refer here to a lawfully married couple. If a man gets a woman pregnant and is too base to marry her, then why should his wishes in the pregnancy have any weight at all? And of course, a woman who gets herself knocked up outside of lawful marriage is equally at fault, so why establish a policy that rewards sexual license, the wreckage of which is ubiquitous nowadays? The law must protect the family, not reward promiscuity. We know what that leads to.

    17. Nope. NO non-white citizens. Period. And “half-white” IS non-white. And here, I refer again to your introduction, where you stipulated that our people should buy land for ourselves. See my remarks at #3. Anyway, assuming that we build our country around a population that includes mixed-race folks, just deny them citizenship form the outset, not only to protect our polity but also as an incentive for such people to leave. Point is: NO non-white citizens. Period.

    18. Confused “thinking.” If one spouse is able, according to the “high standard of evidence,” to get a “unilateral divorce,” then why on earth should any children of the dissolved union be shared with the “bad” spouse? If a man or woman is so bad that he or she can be unilaterally divorced by the wronged spouse, then where is the logic in granting even partial custody of a child to such a parent? It would be preferable to make it difficult to marry and difficult to divorce, or even impossible, as it was for nearly 2000 years. Marriage is far too easy to contract, which is a big factor in the failure of so many “marriages.” In countries where it is hard to get married, divorce is FAR less common than it is in the States these days. The law must protect the sanctity of marriage and of the family. That can be done by making it difficult to get married and then making it impossible to divorce except in EXTREME circumstances. And where children are involved, divorce should be next to impossible. Marriage is about the stability of society, not about the “happiness” or “pleasure” of spouses. The law and the culture must make it CLEAR that if you decide to marry, you will find it all but impossible to divorce. The culture must ostracize divorced people as it used to do. The foundation of the society is the stability of the family. The law can do only so much. The culture must do the heavy lifting in the indispensable task of assuring the stability of the family.

    19. Expulsion again, is it? But it’s still a non-starter. See #3 and elsewhere. Homosexuality should indeed be unlawful, but it must be clearly defined. It used to be defined as sodomy. The business about encouraging, facilitating, promoting must be defined as doing so publicly. Private offenses are not punishable unless the polity is to be North Korea, and they manage to reproduce, so we know that they have at least SOME privacy. This is akin to the marijuana thing: You CAN legislate morality, liberal blather notwithstanding, but it’s not easy to enforce such law. Prosecution for sodomy should be pursued only against those who offend public morality. Otherwise, we are talking about a total surveillance state—North Korea without the privacy that even THEY have. Another non-starter. But yes—offenses against public morality should be punished by imprisonment. Banishing requires a place willing to accept the person banished, which places the execution of such a punishment in the power of a different polity and takes it away from our polity, so it’s a stupid idea because it gives other states the power to undermine or even nullify our laws. “Closet” homosexuality that gives no public offense must go unpunished because nobody would ever know about it unless, as already explained, we are going to have even less personal privacy than North Korea. And white folks are not going to accept such a state of affairs.

    20. Again, banishment is simply not practicable. And anyway, I am not at all sure that there need to be laws against “transgenderism.” There never have been laws against transgenderism or indeed against any other form of mental illness: neurosis or schizophrenia, for example. These things are not legal matters, but cultural and, to get right down to it, spiritual problems. The state has no business involving itself in these things. These things must remain where they have ALWAYS been: in the hands of the culture; the people and the churches. Or is our North Korea-style polity to make influenza and broken bones unlawful? Some things are simply NO BUSINESS of the law and the state. Mental illness and spiritual problems are among those things. Or is common sense, now unlawful in the current climate of degeneracy, to be made permanently unlawful? What’s wanted is a functioning culture and a CIVIL society, not a POLITICAL society. A society that polices itself; where neighbors and friends and family members handle nut cases. Butt out. We do NOT want to live in North Korea, okay?

    21. Rape, sex with minors, and sex trafficking are already unlawful. This is not the place to bring that stuff up. But “the manufacture, consumption, distribution, … or sale of pornography” should be punishable by forfeiture of ALL assets and by a prison term of not less than five and not more than twenty years without possibility of parole, depending on the severity of the offense.

    22. Pedophilia is a mental illness. Acting on such disordered desires is a sin, certainly, and may, in some circumstances, be a crime. Offenses should be adjudicated on a case-by-case basis by a jury of reasonable and upright citizens. If pedophilia be defined as forcible rape of a three-year-old child, then death is certainly the proper punishment. But if it be defined as consensual sexual congress between two minors—which may mean two persons of the age of 16 or 17—then death as a punishment would be unjust and would make the state guilty of a crime even worse than the purported offense. We’ve all read about 17-year-old high-school “boys” engaging in sexual congress with their school teachers. Is death a just punishment for that? I have to assume that in our ethnostate, the citizens will not be so degenerate or lacking in sound moral judgment that they cannot decide the proper action on a case-by-case basis. There is no need for the state to lay down such laws as to take decisions about these things out of the hands of reasonable citizens. You want universal suffrage, but you also want laws so rigid that the voters are deprived of moral authority and the power to judge the actions of their fellow citizens. We do NOT want to live in North Korea.

    23. Exclude these “half-whites,” as you call them, and this problem won’t arise. This sort of thing is usually childish rebelliousness, grandstanding, or mental illness, and is best left to the neighbors and family members of those uttering the anti-white speech. If they cannot handle the problem privately, then the state may intervene IFF such speech is serious and frequent and public enough to threaten public order. Expulsion being a non-starter, jail time would be just, commensurate with the frequency and severity of such offenses.

    24. “National”? “State”? So you are assuming a pretty large territory. That is not what is suggested at the beginning of your article. But I’ll assume that here, you are driving at the idea that there would be no “police” as we know them today and that the people would police themselves and their neighbors, which is an excellent idea! Firearms to “all” citizens is going a bit far, though. Will the population never produce mentally retarded persons or such like? But I’ll assume you mean that the state will not have the right to prohibit gun ownership generally, which is fitting and proper to a free people. But gun merchants must have the right to refuse to sell firearms to anybody for whatever reasons. The people police themselves rather than handing that necessary task over to the state. Very sound.

    25. Excellent and forward-looking idea, IFF it be stipulated that these “couples” are lawfully and honorably married. Otherwise not.

    26. Nope. No publicly funded welfare. Period. This is the proper function of civil society—neighbors, churches, family members. Where would these public funds come from? No, this is out of the question. All people everywhere throughout the whole of human history got along just fine without “publicly funded welfare.” We can do it again. This is no business of the state. Period. Butt out.

    27. Good. No state subsidies.

    28. This is lunacy. This is antifa stuff. Lunatic-PETA stuff. You are a dangerous lunatic. DEATH for FARMING and medical research? You are SERIOUSLY deranged. You really DO want North Korea. What are the TOO folks doing allowing a madman to publish this drivel? You ought to be in a home. In North Korea. You are a madman. If this is white nationalism, we are doomed.

    • Miagop
      Miagop says:

      Some of your views sound even worse than the author’s.

      Also, weed prohibition is not a North Korean style policy. Weed is LEGAL in North Korea. I think meth may be legal there too. It is (((capitalist))) America that has the largest prison complex in history, not North Kore.

    • Adam
      Adam says:

      … You ramble like a marxist jew with nonsensical, pointless ranting. You obviously have no serious WN ideas to offer… my guess is you are a miserable canite/satanist; find some non-Adamic host to parasitize. You will be dealt with – praise Yahweh!

  12. TGD
    TGD says:

    Wondering what Giles Corey’s definition of a “white” person is? Or maybe it’s just “I know one when I see one.”

    • Leon Q. Haller
      Leon Q. Haller says:

      If a man looks white, acts white, and fights white (and is not Jewish), he’s white. It won’t be perfect (I have Old Stock family with Indian blood; some of my cousins look just ever so slightly Asiatic around the eyes, though naturally blonde otherwise), only nearly so. There will probably even be a few ethnostatists with some Jewish blood in them from way back; just possibly a few shades even of “Desiree’s Baby” (some white Southern patriots with 1/32 Negro in ’em). Such is how human society has evolved.

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          PanEuropeanist? Great. So am I but obviously that is not an ethnicity or religion. Are you avoiding the issue or question? The question is ” Are specific ethnic and /or religious values sometimes being passed off as “White” by certain white nationalists?”

          • Leon Q. Haller
            Leon Q. Haller says:

            Probably. As I said, I’m prowhite because I’m a real old school conservative. A reactionary. I think America and every Western nation today was better in the past (except, obviously, technologically). Everything I care about in society is in some way associated with whiteness, and most of what I dislike is associated with diversity.

            It’s possible to have different types of prowhite movements, but I would only be interested in the conservative/traditionalist one. I have no great affection for all whites (many of the antifa are white, and I hate them); only for those who share my values and ideology, more or less.

    • Miagop
      Miagop says:

      His apparent softness on race-mixing, in contrast with his extreme authoritarianism, is probably because he himself has an Asian wife. That is common among these ultra-capitalist, sexually insecure beta white men who write manifestos like this.

    • Leon Q. Haller
      Leon Q. Haller says:

      No, not as most white nationalists envision the ethnostate. It is a place for whites alone, 100% apartheid. One single non-European begins the multicultural cycle all over again.

  13. john doe
    john doe says:

    I would gladly give up Marijuana to serve a nation that protects my people as the primary goal. Sign me up. I would give up other things as well.

  14. Adam
    Adam says:

    I’m on board with many of these policies – especially as it concerns the 14 words and evicting all aliens, criminals and the sexually perverse. Porn must certainly be abolished; pedophilia goes along with it – it’s a twofer! Child/human trafficking = death sentence. Criminals of a certain level (rapists, murderers, etc) should be summarily executed – the soulless have no place in our future society that’s for certain. No tax dollars for criminals to be fed and sheltered.

    The Aryan Nation of Sober Armed Farmers… Something like that would be swell! Could even restore the “well being” swastika in the process – I think the symbol deserves it.

    Concerning MJ, if you are serious about banning a plant that does not cause overdoses, death, etc., then you must equally persecute every alcoholic beverage and consumption. This is a no-brainer as alcohol cause so many issues world-wide; pot does not even come close. For me personally, I don’t need either, but I oppose anyone who wants to dictate what I can put in my body on my own accord… Freedom is paramount in my opinion. That said, I have no patience for massive mono-crop commercial farms of any sort! I think the goal is to have small-to-medium sized farming communities that prioritize barter for goods and service over any monetary gain. Plus, nature abhors the commercial/corporate beasts as much as I do – we ought to seek balance in all things.

    Just a few thoughts – I dig the thread ya’ll!

  15. Nigel Durant II
    Nigel Durant II says:

    I will write a better constitution easy. This won’t fly it will not make for a better society.

    The policies on ethnicity are nor logical nor based on science.

    You gonna do a gene test on everyone entering?

    What about soeone with some jewish herita where these ancestors have been 100% white (i.e. no arab or subsaharian DNA)

    Is the ppls mixed with indians and eskimos better?

    Someone mixed with gypsies?

    And like the rest of the policies are unlogical anti working class anti artists and scientists and so on. Anti starting new companies.

    Dostojevskij, Shakespeare, Van Gogh, Michel Angelo could not join for starters.

    Just being ethno centric does not make you good at politics, constitution building or politics. In this case the oposite.

  16. PJ Dooner
    PJ Dooner says:

    “3. Whites proven to have assisted in any manner the anti-White egalitarian Judeocracy, including by directly or indirectly engaging in private and/or public support of the cultural and/or physical destruction of the Historic American Nation and/or the White race shall be expelled from our nation, along with their families.

    9. In the case of mixed-race men, only those with at least 50% White ancestry shall be permitted to gain citizenship, provided that the other 50% contains no Black or Jewish ancestry. For the aforementioned qualifying mixed-race, half-White citizens, their non-White parent may reside in our nation, but cannot gain citizenship and cannot own property. The aforementioned qualifying mixed-race, half-White citizens may also marry full-blooded Whites. All other forms of miscegenation shall be forbidden, punishable by expulsion”

    Huh? Who assists the jews more in the the destruction of the white race than race-mixers?

  17. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    Voting power should be extended only to those who place their flesh, blood and bone between chaos and civilization — “propertied” or not. Property rights are founded on their willing sacrifice to enforce them.

    See “The Great Leveler and The Cycle of Civilization“.

    The best way to lay this foundation is to replace politics and so-called “voting” with a monetary system that issues currency via the men who place their flesh, blood and bone between chaos and civilization — thereby founding property rights: Property Money.

    Quoting from the aforelinked essay “Property Money”:

    Without those who place their flesh, blood and bone between chaos and civilization, no one is in any position to “demand” anything but them. All “demand” originates with them. Any pretense otherwise is an arrogation of power that is ultimately as doomed as is a merchant wielding a piece of paper in a duel with a swordsman.

    With that in mind, let’s talk about what such men “demand” of civilization as the only sound basis for talking about the demand for liquidity.

    The government then monitors the cost of replacement reproduction (CORR). Nowadays, CORR is dominated by the amount of money a woman can make by exchanging her most fertile years for gainful employment with the help of birth control and abortion. The more valuable her characteristics to the economy, the higher the CORR associated with her socioeconomic cohort. To sustain intergenerational value, CORR must be account for the fact that the economy has a structural bias toward removing from the next generation the characteristics it values in this generation.

    Any lesser definition of “cost of living” is a de facto act of genocide by the government against its own people.

    We are now at the crucial issue of the delivery of social goods, so viciously inverted during the so-called “bail-out” of financial institutions by the government. Families, deprived of jobs during the downturn, were unable to make mortgage payments. Many were driven to bankruptcy and eviction from their homesteads — homesteads that those institutions confiscated with government’s help. Many of these held prime mortgages, but were lumped in with irresponsible subprime homeowners by the vicious narrative of conventional wisdom.

    In a well-functioning property money regime:

    A monthly dividend is unconditionally and equally sent to those citizens who are responsible for placing their flesh, blood and bone between chaos and civilization.

    Such citizens are “sovereigns” as they embody the force inherent in any society.

    Sovereigns are responsible for the support of all social goods delivered to the society, starting with their own replacement reproduction.

    Sovereigns possess the liquidity not only to meet their own mortgage payments, but to “bail-out” their fellow citizens via their donations to the civic culture that once was the backbone of charity in the United States of America:

    Fraternal organizations and churches.

    In a liquidity crisis sovereigns will indirectly “bail-out” financial institutions according to the degree to which those institutions match the values of the civic culture of community charities.

    The supply of liquidity adjusts to keep CORR (cost of replacement reproduction) constant as follows;

    When the CORR increases, the government increases the demurrage charges, thus taking property money out of circulation via property owners.

    When CORR decreases, the government decreases demurrage, thus putting money into circulation via the sovereigns.

  18. HamburgerToday
    HamburgerToday says:

    I don’t see how ‘franchise’ is different from ‘citizenship’ in any meaningful way. Any restriction on ‘citizenship’ will simply allow the power of ‘citizenship’ to be transferred to whoever controls the resources that make citizenship possible (i.e. bankers, authors of the citizenship exam). Lastly, there’s a lot of laws here but the problem is not the laws, its the judges. I’d rather have no laws and a robust system of adjudicating disputes that is community-based.

  19. Wilburn Sprayberry
    Wilburn Sprayberry says:

    President Biden-Harris will present this as evidence before a congressional committee next year to support their case for outlawing all white identity related activity, including this website.

  20. David Squires
    David Squires says:

    Son of the South here. Read the Sword of Christ. Required reading for my 3 son-in-laws. I am a retired Professional Soldier. In the Old Days Southerners offered their swords. I have no sword therefore I offer my rifle.

    I like your Constitution. I am a land owner by the way, debt free. One thing I will offer is that a firing squad is honorable. Hanging is for degenerates. The concept is very European. I suggest you research it. Otherwise your essay is very satisfactory.

    Sua Sponte

  21. Loren
    Loren says:

    Wow, the comments have been a great lesson for me on how the zionists like to muddy the waters. I can learn from this.

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