Vampires vs Crosses: Why Jews and Leftists Hate White Men, Christianity and Western Civilization

“The most merciful thing in the world,” said H.P. Lovecraft, “is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.” But what’s the most risible thing in the world? That’s the inability of the Guardian to correlate all its contents. Here, for example, the Guardian exposes the racist stereotyping of “black, Asian and minority ethnic men” in Britain:

Prejudice against black men in the department [Department for International Development] came to the fore last year after Dfid published two images that appeared to portray black, Asian and minority ethnic men as sexual predators. … “Whilst black male voices have largely been silent on the issue of race, that changed in August 2019 when an image was posted on the front page of Insight [Dfid’s intranet] to publicise Dfid’s new sexual harassment guidance, showing a black male aggressor’s hand over [the hand of] a white woman,” it claimed. A few weeks later, another image warning of sexual harassment appeared again on the front page of the department’s magazine, this time showing a white woman being followed by a BAME [Black And Minority Ethnic] man, prompting further anguish. (Racism endemic at DfID, staff claim, The Guardian, 26th August 2020)

Chiller killers: Zahid Younis and Mujahid Arshid

But if the Guardian could correlate its own contents, it would discover that “black, Asian and minority ethnic men” are indeed sexual predators at much higher rates that White men — and often in much worse ways. A few days later, for example, the Guardian ran the headline: “Man jailed for murder of two women found in freezer in London flat.” You won’t be surprised to learn that the man’s name was Zahid Younis or that he was a “convicted sex offender” with a long history of exploiting and abusing women. His two known victims — there could easily be many more — had suffered “very significant violence” and seem to have been stamped or kicked to death before lying undiscovered in Younis’s freezer for years.

“The world’s most unsafe country for women

Back in 2018, the Guardian had news of another femicidal freezer feature, when another “man” was jailed for “kidnapping, raping and slitting the throat of his niece before putting her body in a deep freezer.” This man was called Mujahid Arshid. So that’s two Muslim men, three horrendously brutal and misogynistic murders. But the Guardian has also recently informed its readers that a non-Muslim nation is no slouch at murderous misogyny either:

Over the past month, the Lakhimpur Kheri district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has witnessed four incidents of girls being raped and brutally murdered. At least two of the girls were Dalits, the lowest caste in the Hindu system of social hierarchy, who were previously referred to as “untouchables” and cast out from society. Last week, a 14-year-old girl Dalit girl was found hanging from a tree in a village, having been raped and murdered. Just a few days before, a three-year-old girl was raped and strangled to death. On 14 and 24 August, two girls, a 13-year-old and a 17-year-old, were both raped and killed in Lakhimpur Kheri. … India remains the most unsafe country for women in the world, with a woman raped every 20 minutes. Lower caste women in particular bear the brunt, with little to no access to justice. It first came to light in a 1999 report by Human Rights Watch that documented how Dalit women in Bihar were raped and then had their breasts cut off and were shot in the vulva. (Dalits bear brunt of India’s ‘endemic’ sexual violence crisis, The Guardian, 16th September 2020)

The Guardian claims to have a deep concern for women’s welfare, but refuses to tell the truth about which kind of men pose the biggest threat to women. It’s “black, Asian and minority ethnic men.” The Guardian also refuses to admit that mass immigration from the Third World is therefore very bad for Western women. After all, the Guardian and other leftists react to truth in the same way as vampires react to crucifixes: with horror and loathing. And that comparison is entirely apt, because leftists hate Christianity quite as much as they hate White men and Western civilization. This is perfectly logical for leftists, because the three things go together. The Anglo-French writer Hilaire Belloc summed it up in a pithy formula: “The Faith is Europe and Europe is the Faith.”

Anti-White, anti-male, anti-Christian

And so leftists are very eager to promote everything that attacks White men, Christianity and Western civilization. For a paradigmatic example, take the BBC’s remake of its own acclaimed television series Civilisation (1969), which was presented by the White male Christian Kenneth Clark as a celebration of European art. In 2018, the BBC attacked its own legacy in a new series called Civilisations, with three presenters, David Olusoga, Mary Beard and Simon Schama, who seem to have been deliberately chosen as the antithesis of the White male Christian Kenneth Clark. David Olusoga is Black, Mary Beard is female and Simon Schama is Jewish. In other words, the three presenters are anti-White, anti-male and anti-Christian. And while Clark was a genuinely brilliant and subtle critic and historian, Olusoga, Beard and Schama are united in their mediocrity and slavish adherence to leftist orthodoxy: “White bad, non-White good; male bad, female good; Christian bad, non-Christian good.”

Anti-White, anti-male, anti-Christian: the three presenters of Civilisations

For reasons that will be obvious to anyone who reads the newspaper, the Guardian has no problem with mediocrity. And it was very pleased with the BBC’s attack on its own legacy, noting with approval that while the “first part of Civilisation went to France, Italy and Middlesex,” the new and improved Civilisations “visits Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Greece, China, Mexico, and Honduras.” Not to mention “New Mexico, Egypt, Greece, and China.” The plurality of the new title — Civilisations — is of course an implicit rebuke of Clark’s belief in the supremacy of Western civilization. The new title promotes instead the leftist dogma of equality between different cultures, which are all civilised in their own special way. But that dogma isn’t honest, because the leftist intent all along is undermine and destroy Western civilization. As George Orwell might have put it: “All cultures are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

And while David Olusoga and Mary Beard were very useful as collaborators in the project of negating Clark and attacking his legacy, there was no doubt who was in charge. As the Jewish Chronicle put it: “Simon Schama takes the lead on BBC’s new art history show Civilisations.” The Guardian reported that “Schama begins and ends the series — and presents five of the total nine shows.” Andrew Joyce has documented at the Occidental Observer that Schama is an energetic agent of Jewish supremacism and anti-White activism. Indeed, you could almost say that Kenneth Clark foresaw Schama’s attack, because Clark said this in the last episode of the original series: “It is lack of confidence, more than anything else, that kills a civilisation. We can destroy ourselves by cynicism and disillusion, just as effectively as by bombs.”

A core tradition of Judaism and leftism

The Jewish culture of critique is designed to promote exactly that despair, cynicism and disillusion in White Europeans. And Schama’s ethnocentrism was obvious in the series, as the Jewish Chronicle was pleased to report: “For the final episode in Civilisations, [Schama] looks at some of the pictures painted by children incarcerated by the Nazis in Theresienstadt concentration camp which are on display in the Pinkas Synagogue, Prague.” I didn’t see (or want to see) the new series, but I would guess that the pictures upheld a core tradition of Jewish art down the ages: active and unrepentant ugliness. Ugliness is, of course, also a core tradition of leftism. As Steve Sailer has pointed out: “white Antifa rioters seem disproportionately to be … physically unattractive.”

It should be no surprise, then, that Antifa are so enthusiastic about setting fire to Western civilization, both literally and metaphorically. Personal ugliness goes naturally with the urge to destroy beauty, order and harmony, and to overturn the aesthetic and artistic standards whereby one is judged. Hilaire Belloc once again had a pithy summation of how things stand: “[T]here is (as the greatest of the ancient Greeks discovered) a certain indissoluble Trinity of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. You cannot deny or attack one of these three without at the same time denying or attacking both the others.”

Leftists know that the same is true of White men, Christianity and Western civilization. You cannot attack one of these three without at the same time attacking both the others. And leftists are indeed energetically attacking all these three things. At the same time, they’re attacking the “indissoluble Trinity of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.” Leftists obviously think that the two sets of three go together. And leftists are right. After all, they have to recognize truth in order to hate it, deny it and seek to destroy it.

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  1. Aitch.
    Aitch. says:

    Remember when the astronomer Patrick Moore died, and the jews at the BBC decided to replace him on, the very long-standing ‘Sky at Night’ program, with a obese female African? It was so obviously done to rub our noses in the fact that this was no longer our country and that jews were now our masters. I wonder if they ever stop to consider that making us hate them so much might not be a good idea in the long run?

  2. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    During the general strike a meeting was held by the reds in the UK to decide whether or not to attack Buckingham Palace.
    The original plan was to evacuate the Royal family through Portsmouth but the RN might have mutinied.
    The next plan was to evacuate the RF through Bristol but the train would have been ambushed in a railway cutting outside Swindon.
    It was finally decided to keep the RF in the palace guarded by the class traitors in the household division.
    The revolutionary plans were betrayed by Wedgwood Benn, Zinoviev or Stalin. My family suspected Wedgwood Benn.
    The German and British communists were very friendly and planned to destroy Poland and remake Germany. The mass murder in Russia would have been stopped. The populations not needed in Europe would have been sent to help in the colonisation of Africa.
    Chuchill wanted to kill the Reds but he was overulled, which was a pity, because it would have triggered a revolutionary war with a working class trained in warfare.
    The big problem was the treacherous USA.
    Thanks to the Northern Yankee we now have everlasting wars, Europe invaded by Africans, and the possible end of Christian civlisation

  3. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    Why do the foreigners hate us?
    In Germany the situation is as follows: They hate us because they are foreigners, they know it, they feel it… They know that the way they look is not pretty in our eyes…In their own countries they have their own women and they like them. In Germany they see the German girls and they can compare. This leads to envy and despair and so there come negative feelings against the Germans who have such well-looking girls and who have such a fine country. … Maybe the best solution is distance, maybe distance the size of the Mediterrean Sea.

    You can feel that hate if you are among them, for example if you are playing football with them. Our existence alone is reason enough for them to feel envy and disgust. Each and every day they look at Germans and this experience tells them that god in creating the world did not spread beauty of body and soul evenly, but that there are great differences.

    Some Germans are friendly to them and that makes the situation even more difficult. Because the Turks feel inside that the friendlyness is not honest. That it comes from upper person to lower person, and that it is a joke. For their feeling, it is like rubbing salt into an open wound.

    So we have a very sad situation, both for Germans and for foreigners. But it is our country, we have the duty to preserve it for our own children and grand-children, and not so for foreigners.
    “With all my power for the well-being of the German folk and the white folks”.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Years ago I wrote a paper on why E. Germany -the country was divided at the time- should not bring in labourers from either N .Korea or Vietnam. At that time W. Germany was bringing in Turks. Fast forward to either the late 1960s or early 1970s. At that time I took one of my children on a tour of Western Europe. The Frankfort RR station was full of elements that resembled apes. Some were just about copulating. Soldiers were ambulating with guns on their shoulders. When they saw such primitivism they turned and pretended it didn’t exist. I had to shield my five-year-old child. I shall never forget it.

      The dark element spoke in Ebonics and the females had learned that lingo. I was devastated and in London spoke about the primitive horror. The reaction was that in two decades England would be worst. The conversation was the same in Paris. My acquaintances in both places were worried about their children and grandchildren. Their worries have come true.

      Back then both my English and French friends indicated that unless drastic measures were taken against their responsible politicians, their European bio civilizational standards would fall. I was near fluent in a few Slavic language and could read in most. I can still recall train rides where Czechs and Poles spoke of Western plastic riches and Eastern European bio-wealth. In all probability, they had no idea no idea what was in store for their futures. Now I read heartbreaking commentary such as what you’ve penned.

  4. Thomas Ponder
    Thomas Ponder says:

    Every right-thinking person should read this article. I remember Kenneth Clark’s beautiful series, and how it contrasted with the much inferior “Civilisations.” I was disgusted with the latter.

  5. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    “Vampires vs Crosses”

    Crosses work well against vampires.
    There is also garlic.
    Against Jewish journalists, I would recommend CHLOROQUINE.
    It has shown promising results in early trials.
    Just the name makes them wince.

    • smaragdus
      smaragdus says:

      The best weapon against jews and their lackeys is Truth. They cannot stand it, they hate it with a vengeance.

  6. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    In fact, I think Mr. Langdon will find that Christianity is now a key promoter of anti-whiteness and anti-Western Civilization. It is quite common to find churches promoting tolerance of homosexuality, parroting Black Lives Matter / racial justice talking points, and providing safe havens for illegal immigrants. Many of these churches also sponsor non-white refugee resettlement. Furthermore, Evangelical Christians are pushing Zionism in America. If Christianity had its uses in the past, it has long since lost any usefulness to us by now.

    • smaragdus
      smaragdus says:

      The Church has been infiltrated and destroyed from within long time ago. Most churches are no longer Christian, they are infested with communists, globalists and satanists, serving loyally their jewish masters in achieving their principal goal- total destruction of Christianity, Christendom and Christians.

    • Arlene Johnson
      Arlene Johnson says:

      See as respects the USA, but it is not limited to the USA, because it’s the same way around the world with hardly an exception. The video that exposed that fact has long ago been taken down by YouTube so I can’t post it here. But I will never forget it.

      Arlene Johnson
      To access the rest of my work, click on the icon that says Magazine.
      To access 24 posts, to date and in a row, exposing the coronavirus, log onto

    • Dan
      Dan says:

      Right you are. Christianity used to be the guiding aspirational dream of Western civilization, now it is a suicide pact because of the universalism plank in its platform.
      this is Linh Dinh from over at Unz
      “The SPLC’s grift relies on its marks buying into the notion that racism is the greatest sin, –specifically, and exclusively, the racism of white people. But, is racism really the greatest sin? As Steve Sailer has been pointing out for years, a race is just a very big, very extended family. Just as my brother and I have more ancestors in common, and more recently, than either of us has with any other person on the planet except our sisters, any white person on the planet and I will have more ancestors in common, more recently, than either of us has with you……..”I was in a bar in China during the 1996 Olympics, and they were showing a tennis match between a German and a Japanese. All the Chinese were cheering for the Japanese player, so I asked them, what gives? I thought you guys hated the Japanese. We do, they replied. But they are closer to us than the Germans.It is safe to say most white Westerners believe it is a sin to affirm such closeness with another white person in the way the Chinese rooting for the Japanese tennis player did. Indeed, to explicitly abjure that closeness has become, for a white person, a mark of piety. That’s why you see the West committing suicide with such enthusiasm. We’re on a mission from God!In the end, Christianity is to blame, because it was not up to the task of protecting us from such a pernicious, self-destructive morality. Indeed, churches are the worst offenders, and if there is any cause for optimism for those who might want to preserve the West, it might be that the churches are empty. Perhaps we are getting ready to flush the system in order to reemerge with a modernized, upgraded Christianity—a Christianity that doesn’t see the story of Christ as a story of Abrahamic sacrifice, that is to say, a Christianity that doesn’t posit self-abnegation as a moral good.The prevailing ideology in most white countries is that only whites can be guilty of racial hatred, while every non-white person must be a victim of white racism, but there is nothing more racist than to deny someone of moral agency. To declare that a black, brown or yellow man can’t hate or be evil is to reduce him to an animal. It also doesn’t make sense, but common sense is hard to come by these days. “

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      OF COURSE! Vile christianity (beware of conquered Hebrews bearing gifts) is a leading factor in the onslaught on our civilization.Witness Merkel and her CDU and the Roman Church and COMECE.

      But the “uses” that christianity had in the past, as you say it had, were in fact attributable to HYPOCRISY on the part of merely nominal christians–e.g., Crusaders and Conquistadors.

      It was christianity that brought the vice and toxin of altruism to Europe.That ticking time bomb has exploded with the decline of White mettle, and indeed contributed to the latter.

    • Juckett
      Juckett says:

      You are correct in the accurate observation. Christianity did not make Europe, the European made Christianity. Associating with any of the Abrahamics is the kiss of death. Death cults all of them. Christianity is not compatible with the Europeans true nature. Throw off that shackle.

  7. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    We enjoyed each episode of Kenneth Clark’s Civilization which aired while we were undergraduates. I recommend this short essay:

    “My Indian Odyssey” is an excerpt from David Duke’s political autobiography, My Awakening; the photographs, as well as the captions that accompany them, do not appear in the original. The essay recounts Duke’s visit to India in 1971. He was returning from Vientianne, Laos, where he had instructed anti-Communist Laotian Army and Air Force officers near the end of the Vietnam War.
    Many scholars consider Sanskrit the oldest and purest of the Indo-European languages. In modern India, the greatest insult one could pay a fellow Indian is to call him “black.” [Image: Brahmin actress Madhuri Dixit, India’s most popular contemporary film star.]

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      Amen, sir; those are my thoughts exactly when I see such references to Christianity (or Catholicism) particularly from intelligent, articulate writers published on this subject, which is not a large group. And I particularly want to emphasize that your comment should be addressed by Mr. Langdon whom I regularly enjoy here. This is a foundational problem in so-called Western civilization.

      Some here might be interested in material on the subject starting here: “Judeo-Christian Values:

      • James Clayton
        James Clayton says:

        The above reply, “Amen, sir…” should be posted as a reply to Rob Bottom’s comment just-above on September 20, 2020 at 7:55 pm. My apologies for my mistake and hope it can easily be moved by the moderator.

  8. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    Thanks for the article. I remember Kenneth Clark’s series well. What struck me, at the time, was that when speaking of Northern Europe and the “Viking Age”, Clark was adamant that it was not a civilization, rather a spirit. He noted the literary contributions of the Eddas, their ship building/nautical skills, their weaponry, etc but stated that these thing were not truly a civilization in and of themselves. He saw them as influences on the civilizations that existed at the time. With that in mind, why would Spain or Switzerland be any different, After all, the Goths inhabited all three.
    As for the “leftists”, there are few actual leftists remaining. No real leftist or socialist would want a flood of immigrants coming into his/her country, regardless of source, so as to provide a massive excess of labour to suppress wages and working conditions, thereby decreasing the quality of life and increasing capitalist profits. Even a Marxist would understand mass immigration would put a strain on medical and social resources. The Soviet bloc never had open borders. The so-called Antifa and self proclaimed BLM Marxists of today are nothing more than the useful idiots of Soros type global finance capitalists.

  9. KL
    KL says:

    Great insights, particularly the leftist aversion to beauty. You can observe it in any fashion store at your local mall, for example. Models are selected for inclusiveness, not beauty. Many are clearly selected for being fat and unattractive.

  10. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    A very salient read, Mr.Langdon. One strategy of the leftists is often to omit the ethnic origins of the rapists and murderers who distabilise Great Britain and the West; the BBC is a perfect example of under-reporting or simply not reporting at all the ethnic foreign and/or there origins to be foreign from mainly Africa/Carribean or Asian.
    A recent prime example is the murder and multiple stabbings in Birmingham:white victim(s)- black perp; and on the morning BBC Crimewatch Roadshow, where the majority (80%) of the rapists were non-white.
    I have always perceived David Olusoga to be of mix, or of bi-racial heritage and duly checked his Wiki page and it states, born in Lagos, Nigeria to a British mother and Nigerian father, Olusoga is a ‘British’ ‘Historian’. Not a petty pedantic point to highlight as some many bi-racials’ err, or bias on their black heritage. Formula One driver Lewis Hamiton being a prime example.

  11. 12AX7
    12AX7 says:

    The same could be said in the U.S., particularly about the vast southwest which has been inundated with Meso-American Indian (i.e. aboriginal) people from south of the 2,200 mile long Mexican-American border. Although these people come from all over Central and South America they all share a similar ethnicity and therefore, outlook on life. Many of them are about five feet tall (and look like they are about five feet wide), very dark and violent with rampant diabetes and alcoholism amongst other pervasive maladies.

    The first generation types are surly, bitter, resentful and envious but work hard and keep to themselves except for their ubiquitous drunken behavior. Most speak only broken English (at best), some speak only various Indian dialects and many of them are illiterate. They tend to be very low IQ types but have a sort of predator’s cunning making them dangerous to be around, especially for women and children.

    The second and later generations are even worse because they don’t belong to either American society or their own and are fully aware of their defects vis-à-vis the White world. Their natural bitterness and envy is exploited by the Left in the U.S. to advance the Left’s destructive agenda. As always with envious people they will ruin everything around them if necessary to ruin those who have more than them. No appeal based on logic can work with such creatures.

    The U.S. is a very large country with many sparsely inhabited areas and those of us of European, Christian descent have done the wise thing and moved away from these dangerous primitives. Unfortunately, the Usual Suspects have a plan for that too and will move these animals to White areas to destroy us if they obtain power. That is the main reason people have been purchasing firearms the last few years. The threat of 55 grains of lead from a .223 round keeps the Left up at night. The Usual Suspects intend to disarm us first before burying us.

  12. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Always happy to see a TL article here at TOO. This was another great one.

    And though I agree with the article overall, I have another take on the question of Beauty, Truth and Goodness.

    I personally see no reason why all three shouldn’t be attacked. Because that’s to be expected and is actually, for that reason, besides the point.

    The point is they should be, not so much defended as, kept alive. And the only way to do that is to value them. Which, of course, was Kenneth Clarke’s point as quoted in Tobias’s article.

    The West failed itself. Everything else follows. Jewish Supremacy Inc. (JSI) would never have gotten so much as a toe hold if the West valued itself as much as it would need to if it wanted to preserve its civilization, the greatest ever. But it didn’t and the reasons are many and very much still with us.

    For now, as many have said and as everyone here knows, we have two choices. Submission or Rebellion. If we are going to rebel it’d help to know ourselves a little better than we seem to.

    Every little bit helps and we need all the help we can get.

  13. William Gruff
    William Gruff says:

    Lord Clark had two sons, the youngest, Colin, is now remembered for having a brief but intense affair with Marylin Monroe. The eldest, Alan, was a nasty shit, snob and near fascist who bedded the wife and daughters of a political opponent and then bragged about it in his published diaries.

  14. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    “Leftists hate Christianity.” Yes–except when they’re christians! In one of my citizenship countries, Italy, there’s a Democratic Party (Partito Democratico), consisting of vilest leftist swine, and they’re christians alright and aficionados of that filthy race-traitor pope. And of course their leftism is consonant with christian altruism, from which Europe is in danger of dying….

    When Merkel says her immigration politics are alone consistent with christian values and teachings, she’s only telling the truth. When that fecal pope says that Italians who don’t welcome sub-Saharan invaders, all of whom are underprivileged relative to Italians, are bad christians, he too is speaking the truth.

    Well, here’s a flaming White Nationalist who hates both leftism and christianity.–christianity

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