The Real Goal of US University Biosecurity: Copy China’s Social Engineering

“We are all inevitably someone’s adversary.” Michel Foucault, Society Must Be Defended, Lectures at the Collège de France series

“War has become a regime of biopower, a form of rule aimed not only at controlling the population but producing and reproducing all aspects of social life. Biopower functions through the proliferation of acceptable freedoms, fosters life or disallows it. It fosters life through the production of knowledge about the (legitimate) self, especially in relation to a given population. This is what is meant by normalization, which refers to the construction of what behavior, and therefore who, is “normal” in the population. The war function and the police function are increasingly indistinguishable.” Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, Multitude, as discussed in Dominic Corva, “Biopower and the Militarization of the Police Function

“Draconian surveillance measures introduced during the Covid-19 epidemic are handing “unchecked powers” to authoritarian regimes across Asia.  Risk analysts warn that “extreme measures and unchecked powers” brought in to tackle Covid-19 could become permanent features of government across the region, and have an impact on the rights and privacy of millions of people.  Surveillance tools and technology such as fever detection goggles, drones that monitor curfews and lockdown, and apps that track the spread of Covid are already being deployed as part of laws and other measures brought in during the pandemic in countries including [especially] China.  Right to Privacy Index (RPI) has assessed 198 countries on arbitrary and mass surveillance operations. The index found that Asia was the highest-risk region for breaches of privacy. The report also highlights a trend of arrests linked to citizens criticising national Covid response programmes.”   “Drones, fever goggles, arrests: millions in Asia face ‘extreme’ Covid surveillance,” The Guardian (October 1, 2020)

“Living in greater harmony with nature [in order to prevent pandemics] will require changes in human behavior as well as other radical changes that may take decades to achieve: rebuilding the infrastructures of human existence, from cities to homes to workplaces, to water and sewer systems, to recreational and gatherings venues. In such a transformation we will need to prioritize changes in those human behaviors that constitute risks.  Among the most important factors are those associated with human behaviors, e.g., population growth, crowding, human movement, and many others, including behaviors that either perturb the environment or result in new human-created ecologic niches.  These reflect the extraordinary importance of human population growth and movement.”   David M. Morens, Anthony S. Fauci, Office of the Director, National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA., “Emerging Pandemic Diseases: How We Got to Covid-19.”

“While the measures that will be necessary to defeat the coronavirus will seem draconian, even anti-American to some, we believe that there is no alternative.  We acknowledge that the refusal to obey rules one considers unjust is an American tradition.  A refusal to be vaccinated threatens the lives of others.  How can government ensure compliance with protective vaccines?  Vaccine refusers could lose tax credits or be denied nonessential government benefits. Health insurers could levy higher premiums for those who by refusing immunization place themselves and others at risk.  Private businesses could refuse to employ or serve unvaccinated individuals. Schools could refuse to allow unimmunized children to attend classes. Public and commercial transit companies — airlines, trains and buses — could exclude refusers. Public and private auditoriums could require evidence of immunization for entry. A registry of immunization will be needed with names entered after immunization is completed. Adequate immunization may require more than a single vaccination, and the durability of protection by different vaccines may vary and may require periodic booster immunizations. Thus, immunized persons will need to receive expiration date-stamped certification cards, which should be issued to all who are immunized in the country, whether here legally or not.”   Dr. Michael Lederman, Maxwell J. Mehlman and Dr. Stuart Youngner, Case Western Reserve University, “Defeat Covid-19 by requiring vaccination for all. It’s not un-American. It’s patriotic.”

I’ve visited a number of US universities over the past several months and they all have one thing in common: a lockstep, identical policy over the covid phenomenon. I say “phenomenon” because the actual scientific data are conflicting, often wildly so, and all over the map, and its effect, profoundly more psychological than even biological. I say “psychological” because it is confusing, and creates anxiety, uncertainty, and a lack of faith in institutional integrity.  I say “lockstep” because universities now have identical policy—whether classes are in person, temporarily on-line or a mix—which consists of identical elements, even language, disclosures, warnings, and penalties concerning signage, masks, distancing, socializing, sanitizing, notification, testing, reporting, quarantining, tracing, tracking, monitoring, and eventually, the mandate to vaccinate. The entire US higher education complex is marching in lockstep to one voice, one authority, one interpretation, one strategy. It is as if the country’s universities and colleges were subject to a “hostile takeover,” by a corporate raider or by foreign interests; or they were suddenly militarized under the cover of a need for the “biosecurity of militarization,” and the students, locked in isolation in the towers of a medieval complex and corralled and herded in a massive national experiment. It’s not just heartbreaking, but an outrage, to see how our nation’s young adults are being treated. Everyone is afraid. Fear is the new realm—and the great risk of the new campus “biosecurity.”

Students are caught in a difficult and understandable cognitive dilemma among the conflicts and inconsistencies of health information: the irrational, ad hoc and authoritarian nature of university institutional responses, and the almost impossible choices one is left with, concerning how to even function practically on a college campus today.[1]

One major reason that students, such as the undergraduates at the University of Chicago, are expressing frustration with vague, confusing or conflicting signals from their administration, is because university managers really aren’t in charge; they have effectively handed over management of the campus, to an effective syndicate of alphabet agencies made up of the CDC, the WHO, the DHS, DOD, state and city government, and not least the DNC, toward which the university administration has demonstrated strong political allegiance, including to its own senior political alumnae, such as the Obama-Lightfoot-Sanders “triumvirate.”

Or take the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Its Chancellor, a former White House cabinet member and advisor to former presidents Clinton and Obama, led the institution’s “SmartStart” plan to re-open the campus to all students for the Fall 2020 semester. Over the past few weeks, tens of thousands of students, some with spouses, some even with children, packed their belongings and from all over the world, headed off and converged on Madison, to pursue their academic journeys; move in to new dormitories, apartments and houses; set up a home, buy their books, enroll in courses, and a dozen other personal and academic chores. And yet barely two weeks into the Fall semester, the “SmartStart” turned into the “FallStall” as all campus, in-person classes were suddenly cancelled; libraries, labs, and campus facilities closed or restricted, and students confined to their dorms and homes, and otherwise “quarantined.” All because a few students tested “positive” and the university, “out of an abundance of caution” reversed course, shut down all student activity, and followed the politically charged interventions of the state’s Democrat governor.

Universities like Chicago or Wisconsin also steer their policies from their internal legal counsel, and from Trustees, who worry about being sued. The legal “abundance of caution” doctrine largely rules their corporate behavior and creates confusing, often complex, illogical policy and rules. Covid is also big business: millions of dollars in research grants are on the table, so the administrations are also threading that needle. This in some ways re-defines what an “R1” research university is, as the university, and all its members, have now, effectively, become itself the subject of research.

But what is the larger objective here? Where are U.S. universities headed, and why? Think through what the mix of virus protection routines is doing to the mental routines of young adults, to their new assumptions and expectations about social interaction and compliance; and what the confusion, anxiety, frustration and fear caused by constantly changing university ad hoc policy actions, are doing to establish a set of policies and regulations that can be lowered almost on command by the promise of relief.  What does a face mask, social distancing and avoidance, constant sanitizing, cooperation in testing, contact tracing, and “geofencing,” do to one’s psychological outlook; to your core sense of self, and even personality? They are all altered.  What is the new “baseline?” Essentially it’s the Chinese system. Why China? China is the model of mass compliance and top-down state authority, on a mass scale that can be extended globally—a model that allows nearly absolute government control of not only economic sectors, their activities and investment, but of culture.[2] Here is an excerpt from a recent New York Times article, implying throughout that China’s top-down command social model represents an aspiration for the US (“How China Brought Nearly 200 Million Students Back to School: China says the reopening of classrooms proves that its top-down system is superior,” 12 September 2020):

While the Communist Party has adopted many of the same sanitation and distancing procedures used elsewhere, it has rolled them out with a characteristic all-out, command-and-control approach that brooks no dissent. It has mobilized battalions of local officials and party cadres to inspect classrooms, deployed apps and other technology to monitor students and staff, and restricted their movements. It has even told parents to stay away for fear of spreading germs.

China’s leader, Xi Jinping, said in a speech on Tuesday that the country’s progress in fighting the virus, including the opening of schools, had “fully demonstrated the clear superiority of Communist Party leadership and our socialist system.”

China’s top-down, state-led political system allows the party to drive its vast bureaucracy in pursuit of a single target — an approach that would be nearly impossible anywhere else in the world. In the United States, where the pandemic is still raging, discussions about how and when to resume in-person classes have been fraught. An absence of a national strategy has left school districts to craft their own approach. Coronavirus tests can be hard to come by. Parents have expressed misgivings about sending their children back to classrooms. Teachers’ unions have threatened to strike, while college students have flouted rules against gatherings.

In China, where the virus has largely been under control for months, there is no such debate. The party controls the courts and the news media and quashes any perceived threats to its agenda. Local bureaucracies have little choice but to obey the orders of the all-powerful central government. “The Chinese system moves by itself,” said Yong Zhao, a scholar at the University of Kansas who has studied education in China. “The system is run like a military: it just goes for it, no matter what anyone thinks.”

In many ways, China is applying the same heavy-handed model to reopen schools that it has used to bring the virus under control. To stop the epidemic, the authorities imposed harsh lockdowns and deployed invasive technologies to track residents, raising public anger in some places and concerns about the erosion of privacy and civil liberties. With schools, the government’s effort has in some places been met with similar frustrations. Teachers, who are at times doubling as medical workers, checking for fevers and isolating sick students, say they are exhausted by the new protocols. Students have complained that some policies, such as lockdowns on university campuses, are excessive.

In a profound irony, China first copied (appropriated) U.S. economic culture, systems and intellectual property, and now there are political interests in the U.S. that seek to copy China’s social culture, and its systems of control and social engineering. Such a unified mass block severs the “invisible hand” and installs the authoritarian fist, but unlike earlier examples such as the USSR, the system is not geopolitically organized, but rather ordered in social dimensions of absolute unification: a re-engineered American culture is in service to a new master; as a re-shaped block that can fit into and be absorbed by a larger entity. That entity is China, and a “Sino-sphere” hegemony. This fits easily into the ideological contours of anti-Americanism, and an identitarianism that at its core seeks extreme class leveling as the ultimate compensation for, and protection against, perceived privilege, ambition, and independence.[3]

The social transformation ambitions of a new American radical Left, naturally expands outward from the higher education (re-education) complex, and is in fact propagated and reinforced by it, as such a transformation requires a constant intellectual reinforcement and stewardship.  Flowing outward from this ideological production is a gradual acceptance of larger social, cultural and economic displacements by the state, and at that state level, a deeper operational infrastructure of social control and management—otherwise instinctively resisted—is required.  This includes the emerging surveillance and security regime gradually but inexorably growing since 2001, and now consolidated in the new “911” which is the Covid-19 construct. This biosecurity regime is not merely a new passive intrusion into privacy, property and other constitutional rights, but is also an active intervention into the sovereignty of the private, individual body through enforced vaccination.  This turns the physical human organism into “converted” property by the state itself; a collective hive maintained by vaccination, continuous testing, and pharmacological intervention.[4]   In this way of incremental but systematic normalization of extreme, radical social engineering, the entire global population can be transformed from a natural, “wildlife” and segregated diversity of cultural independence and social autonomy model, into an effective agricultural model of population control that can be industrially cultivated, bio-engineered, homogenized, and harvested.  The “crop” of young adults contained within the higher education complex are perhaps the most vital first segment to stabilize and consolidate.

The USA Today opinion piece quoted at the top of this article asserts a radical “forced vaccination” agenda, with extreme penalties for resistance, written by three medical professionals from Case Western Reserve (all Jewish).  It is important to appreciate that such extreme social intervention and engineering is not a natural element of Western culture, but instead must be modeled, formatted and institutionalized in mass-cooperative social regimes where deference to authority is especially pronounced: this is inherent in Asian culture.  The entire Covid biosecurity construct is designed explicitly to lower resistance in Western culture to authority direction, and to condition behavior in personal and group behavior through symbolic routine and ritual which is why the face mask, distancing, quarantine, and group social congregation restrictions are central to the collective acceptance of an “Asian” social control and authority model.  Western cultural traditions must be comprehensively “unscaffolded” across highly traditional routines and expectations such as organized religion.  Complementing this meta-social behavioral conditioning system, is an enforced, legal compulsion regime that is being lobbied (including by the same USA Today authors).

In the radical Left’s Weltanschauung of an over-populated and warming world, absolute cognitive conformity and social homogenization allow for the attempted mastery of the entire ecological system—the ability to control production, consumption, energy, and waste. The “Wuhan virus” isn’t a pathogen; it is a behavioral coding that is activated and programmed with an eye to controlling the future culture—and even the genetic structure—of a society. Like a farmer planting his crops, the crop to be harvested in the future must be seeded, incubated, sprayed, pruned, and harvested in concentrated, controlled production centers. Hence the modern university, and “biosecurity.” There is no more centralized, readied and institutionalized infrastructure to accomplish these goals, than our nation’s colleges and universities; there is no more effective, and efficient way to assemble, control and train millions of Americans, year after year, than through the education complex.[5] Nothing even comes close to such mass institutional collation of millions of subjects. No other mass recruitment method can get that many young people with that much concentration, under that much closed-system control, and with that much regular, reliable induction, than higher education—a higher education turned inside-out and converted in its mission via an easy, immediate and inter-institutionally readied, federal takeover. The CDC is the new Department of Education.  The university is the ideological and public relations target, which the media promotes through agitation and saturation.

America’s university administrations, through their softness in leadership, by their eagerness to please special interests, and from their susceptibility to ideology and financial dependence, are making life for students and their families utterly untenable, if not impossible—and psychologically dangerous. And for the larger country, they are willing to serve as a social engineering center, with thousands of university “camps” all across the country, in every state, major city, county, and town. These centers are already built and ready for conversion, needing only an insidiously natural-seeming change channeled through a biosecurity overlay. This leaves students—and the public—with an increasingly difficult but urgent choice: either submit to and comply with experimental, mass-control biosecurity and the concomitant ideological indoctrination of millions of our young adults; or reject the university’s corruption to better pursue the interests and future of your family and country.

In negotiation, the first thing you learn is how to get up from the table, walk away and say “No.”

This is one of those moments on America’s campuses.

[1] See See also Federal judge William Stickman IV’s recent Ruling: It overturns Covidianism’s constitutional violations, but through an actual fact trial, overturns its entire construct. The full U.S. District Court Opinion is linked in this article.

[2] See

[3] China also has a friend in this ambition for control: Israel. What has been called ‘the only democracy in the Middle East,” wants to become the only authority in the Middle East (brokered with the Sunni Arabs). Israel is also the first developed country to issue a nation-wide “second lockdown” (interestingly on the 9-11 weekend), as it is the leading regional promoter of the Covid program, with top-down, unconstitutional social controls; along with promotion of its pharmaceutical sector,and the vaccination agenda, largely driven by its pharma export interests. Israel’s new lockdown orders are leading to some protests, riots and a level of social anxiety similar to the US. Compare this to Sweden. There have never been any lockdowns or broad social controls including mandatory facemasks.  The Covid response across very different cultural domains and political systems, is instructive as to the larger strategic purpose of certain nations. There are steady-state, culturally consolidated, stable societies like Sweden, and then there are unstable, expansionist theocracies like Israel, where Covid is being used as an explicit tool in furthering active geopolitical goals of regional destabilization and expansion under unified control. Sweden stands in stark contrast as a stable cultural and political society, completely detached from the covid biosecurity regime.

[4] Ohio State University instituted such a testing regime, which includes “surveillance testing”—random testing of asymptomatic students. It’s not clear what this will accomplish, outside of assuring, through test result anomaly, that every student will, stochastically wind up in isolation, monitored and inducted into a re-testing and biometric routine. Yale has also initiated “SalivaDirect“. The Yale program highlights how these testing routines are affecting students. In both cases, testing is mimicking randomized control and clinical trial methods. This is largely due to the culture of university medical practices. Such procedures may notionally reduce bias, but it is also theoretically blinding (in this case, blinding is corrupted by bio-ID collection and tracking) and promotes or justifies an evidence case for standardized, universal intervention, including vaccination. Student testing is in fact a mass control experiment and financial annuity, as it asserts permanent re-testing (the C.D.C. which is providing all official guidance and protocols to universities on campus biosecurity and population testing, states that it will undertake long-term “vaccine development and testing such as basic research, clinical studies, side effects and adverse reactions, vaccines of the future, and the vaccine product approval process”).  These representative programs otherwise suffer from at least two core problems: one is their biodata, storage, transfer, disclosure, tracking and identity parameters have been established under a biosecurity pretext; the other is the fundamental futility of testing and isolation: mathematical modeling in complex unbounded large networks, shows they are ineffective. The asymmetry among the quantitative and qualitative random variables also creates constraints on the specificity and spread design. Exploitation and manipulation are invited. Moreover, any university campus is subject to numerous daily external workers, contractors, shipping companies, visitors from around the world, hospital admits, and even the homeless. If not network inclusive, testing is especially moot. The other risk from biosecurity enforcement, outside of behavioral and personality alteration, is bio-marker baseline disclosure to facilitate vaccination, re-testing, and secondary pharmicon regimes (see, for example Detroit Daily News: “University of Michigan President: I know there is ‘lack of trust’” resulting from the university’s covid testing. The original plan included “a now-scrapped plan to send armed police officers into off-campus student housing neighborhoods to enforce no-party policies”).

[5] See the Harvard-Wuhan controversy: “Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate China Related Cases.”
University Professor Arrested.”
The Thousand Talents Plan is part of China’s long quest to become the global scientific leader.”
“Spy school: Chinese military officer busted for posing as Boston University student.”
Harvard prof charged with hiding China ties, payments.

China censors Mike Pence during VP debate broadcast as he criticizes Beijing.

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  1. PetrOldSack
    PetrOldSack says:

    The essay:

    Right on, shame on you for giving credit to NYT and other rags/zines as to shed light on the matter. Some of us saw this coming, and denounced the medical non-issue of Covid-19, at the same time as the social-engineering algorithm fit in a single breath way earlier (March of this year).

    The ultimate goal is a reduction of the global surplus populations, if possible in a discriminate/discretionary way. (Not mentioned in the article, not suggested in the article, can be understood as such but it leaves lean-way to the politically correct.)

    Of course and while Chomsky is still whining about nuclear threats (which they are, but equally not central to the principal threat, which is prioritary, timely, pertinent and utmost urgent beyond yesterday) which is the engineering of society and the planet main reset. In short war is obsolete, this has been pointed to for years by myself as one of the many.

    China was an is a source of inspiration to international elites, no more, their is a grand amount of improvisations ongoing. Way back, give or take the last decade of the earlier century, China escaped the grip of the financial hocus-pocus of US corporations, and had these same US corporations, the best organized in-groups and essentials to power structures in the West cornered. To the point of their goals, their concepts, the projected sand-dust, their future. The war on their own populations, deprogramming their own populations consumer attitudes is obvious to “any-one” (most on the emotional level, few as to the systemic).

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    Can’t even articulate the words of appreciation for this well thought out clear and concise article. You sir sure know your stuff and the state of affairs that we currently find ourselves.

    Thank you

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    Despite the slavic seeming name of the author, this reads like the usual Anglo Saxon paranoia about state action – the good old desire to return to the “invisible hand” in the face of the government. “authoritarian fist”. The difficulty is or was that the Jews bought the invisible hand as you can buy or sell anything in Anglo Saxon society including Anglo Saxons. But lets blame it all on the State, huh?

    The real problem is that we have a disease here born of the merging of 80’s Jewish capitalism and the anglo libertarian relapse into free markets with the consequential vulnerability to the filth of the third world. And we ain’t seen nothing yet.

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      Comments like yours and the first one are why I rarely visit, let alone respond to, the comment section here anymore. Which is a shame. Because there was a time when the comments were excellent.

      It’s better to just read the articles, which for the most part are great. This article is one of them.

      Anyway, there are simply too many know-it-all dumbbells, so stupid they don’t know they’re stupid, trolling this page and others. You know, people like you. The only real value of your comment is that it proves Dunning-Kruger is literally everywhere.

      It was a great article. One that you could never have written. So the only point to your comment is on the top of your head. Cretin.

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        “Comments like yours and the first one are why I rarely visit, let alone respond to, the comment section here anymore.”

        So why didn’t you point out the errors in AW’s comment?

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      I’d already read that interview and a lot of Joyce. Also, I used to listen to Luke Ford a lot when I was on my way to realizing what roles race and ethnicity really played in our system(Still on my way actually). But I had never heard of your site. I am looking into it- especially because I want to get past the Hollywood version of German National Socialism. Thank you.

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