Epstein and the billionaires

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  1. TJ
    TJ says:

    [OT] I move this up to make it current. Barkingmad and I agree- everyone should see this:

    [Posted previously] Here is the best video [that I can find] of Beverly Hills Trump Rally:


    October 27, 2020 at 11:14 am
    Bulgarians for Trump! Japanese-Americans for Trump! Queers for Trump! Libertarians for Trump! Czechs for Trump! ‘Tards with Masks for Trump! Dogs for Trump! And a hundred other pieces of the demographic pie for Trump. Er…where was antifa? Don’t they always show up at these things.

    Holy cow. I’ve never been so entertained & informed or made to laugh so hard by one 12 minute video. No great use for those Trumpite tools, but, for me, what a travelog. Now I want to visit Beverly Hills: so clean and expensive looking, lots of supercars, no shabbyness among the trumpites. All well behaved. Lovely police motorbikes.

    Thanks, TJ, for this high quality video. People, watch this. You’ll love it even if you aren’t all that sweet on Donnie. Sit your liberal relatives down and make them watch. You’ll get rid of them for good.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Certainly, if I were in a mood to widen my circle of acquaintance, I probably wouldn’t begin by distributing cards with my name and number at that rally. Still, I’d love to live in the same neighborhood with such sweet-tempered and good-hearted men and women, however temperamentally incompatible they and I might be. Indeed, I’d consider myself pretty damn lucky if they would let me, warts and all, live and walk among them.

  2. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Saagar Enjeti is a fleshly argument for permanently ending all immigration from the Asian subcontinent or whatever part of the planet his parents came from. Surely there is nothing he does or has ever done that cannot be done as well or better by someone with a face that bespeaks western European Christian ancestry. What’s more, his mush mouth, tedious attempts at irony, arm-waving, and cracking voice all make him seem like a would-be standup “comedian” doing an impression of Tucker Carlson on a bad night (perhaps a typical one).

    As for Leon Black, I’d be grateful to anyone who can enlighten me as to what dog the Times has in this race. It is not the habit of its editors to break a story about a rich Jew with a disgusting lifestyle unless they have a much bigger target in their sights. I just don’t see what that target can be. Could Black be a big donor to the Trump campaign? If not, what?

    On a not entirely unrelated matter, I still recall the fuss surrounding the suicide of Black’s father, Eli, back in 1975 (I think). He was on the board of several of the component organizations of Lincoln Center, where I then worked, and as every one of the large number of people at Lincoln Center involved in “development” (= fund-raising) had had contact either with him or with one of his flunkies, the gossip engine went into overdrive lickety-split. Black the elder also became something of a posthumous hero to New York’s plate-glass vendors: every pane of glass in the Pan Am building on Park Avenue was either replaced or reinforced to prevent another millionaire whose corner-cutting was about to go public from breaking a 44th-floor window and hurling himself through it.

    • Jim
      Jim says:

      I’m all for limiting, or entirely eliminating for some time, all forms of immigration, but I don’t see any reason to come down hard on the Indian guy … he’s actually blowing the whistle on some of this. He also seems quite earnest, as could be shown by, what some would consider to be, his gratuitous gesticulations.

      Big take-away for me is that the banks will play ball with any fellow tribesman who has enough money. Like the Indian guy said, it’s almost as if the system is set up to support this kind of activity by the pedophile elitists, many of which are our rulers.

      Just makes you wonder what how pervasive this criminal activity really is.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        The bottom line is that Enjeti doesn’t belong in the USA. Furthermore, the claim that he is breaking news that otherwise would have gone unbroken does not survive scrutiny. Ninety percent of what he said is repetition of truisms; the remainder is blather.

        Should we, should you, should anyone take seriously a program with pretensions to significance that is hosted by someone who calls herself Krystal Ball?

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