First Thoughts on the Election

There’s huge uncertainty about how the election will turn out. What looked like a certain Trump victory when I went to bed on Tuesday night suddenly turned in Biden’s favor in Democrat-run swing states where there appears to have been massive fraud—unprecedented stopping of vote counting on Tuesday night, vote-dumps in the middle of the night in Wisconsin and Michigan in which 100% of the votes went to Biden, preventing poll watchers from actually seeing what was going on in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada, and I am sure much more. The folks who firmly believe that Putin rigged the 2016 election and studiously ignore how supposedly neutral platforms like Google, Twitter, and Facebook have tilted their coverage in favor of the Democrats, now would have us believe that Democrats would not do anything to cheat. Given the long history of corruption in Chicago politics, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if Chicago Mayor Richard Daley swung the 1960 election to JFK. So it seems reasonable to suppose such things could happen in 2020 Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Atlanta. And there’s no question that at least some of the people in charge are activists for the Dems. Jocelyn Benson, Michigan Secretary of State in charge of elections, was a board member of the SPLC. Unprincipled pursuit of power is utterly characteristic of the Democrats and their media allies in recent years, and it would not be at all surprising to learn that there was a Plan B already decided on before the election.

The good news is that I was wrong in supposing that a Trump defeat would necessarily be a total disaster. It looks like the GOP will control the Senate, so that the radical program envisioned by the left will not happen any time soon.

If the left wins they will go into end-game mode. They will establish a more-or-less permanent hegemony (via massive surge in legal and illegal immigration, amnesty to illegals and Dreamers, adding Puerto Rico and D.C. as states, and packing the Supreme Court). A Democrat victory would mark the end of the First and Second Amendments and likely lead to eventually locking up dissidents, as is already the case in Europe. (“Why it’s important for Trump to win“)

But most of this won’t happen, at least until after the 2022 elections, so I won’t be forced to shut down TOO any time soon. As noted in the above article, Trump had considerable success in lowering legal and illegal immigration and refugee settlement by simply enforcing the law and changing some policies at the executive level. One can easily imagine that a Biden presidency would mean a return of catch and release at the border, ending border wall construction, and basically issuing an open invitation for the rest of the world to come here. Then states like California would take care of the rest, allowing them de facto citizenship (issuing driver’s licenses and likely looking the other way in voting) and free health care. So that would speed up the permanent hegemony of the left. Winning this election is still important.

But the expected Democrat landslide didn’t happen, and that has cause a great deal of angst. CNN posted an article titled “Millions of White voters are once again showing who they are.” And of course, what they are can only be “White nationalists” who are happy to have Trump negligently allow 230,000 Americans to die of Covid.

Despite four years of President Donald Trump — that is, of a man who has made White nationalism a central part of his administration and whose abject negligence in the face of a pandemic has contributed to more than 230,000 dead — millions of voters are turning out for him. … Indeed, one thing that this week has clarified is the lengths to which many White Americans are willing to go in order to protect their Whiteness, to centralize it, even after a summer that saw unprecedented support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The article includes a video of a CNN racial activist/commentator, Van Johnson, calling it a moral, if not a political, defeat. “There’s a lot of hurt out there.” Other examples:

“Racism is Trump’s brand,” declared New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.

“If Trump wins re-election, it’s on white people,” insisted Atlantic writer Jemele Hill.

“Trump’s racist messaging seems to have held its strong appeal,” FiveThirtyEight’s Clare Malone offered as analysis on election night.

Voters “accepted — embraced — his unveiled racism and ­misogyny,” agreed Mother Jones’ David Corn.

Of course, what this really indicates is that the nonstop media campaign to vilify Trump and Trump voters was largely a failure. We have had four years of intense hatred and charges of traitorous behavior spewed out by most of the media against Trump and his supporters, as well as the suppression of negative information about Biden. And, despite all that, millions of evil White people came out and voted Republican. This is good news to say the least. In fact, in the face of all this propaganda and hate, Trump got 6 million more votes this time than in 2016 (“A Large Portion of the Electorate Chose the Sociopath,” The Atlantic).

As noted many times here, the US has become polarized to an unprecedented extent, and part of that means that in general people on each side read media that confirms their worldview. Essentially, this comes down to the idea that people start forming cult-like attitudes on both sides, and in the case of the liberal-left, that came down to confidence that this election would result in a landslide win in which they would be able to end evil White America forever. When the election did not turn out anywhere near the way the liberal-left media said it would, one must suppose that there are many people on the left who experienced a great deal of cognitive dissonance —a contradiction between their innermost beliefs and what actually happened right before their eyes. Cognitive dissonance often results in simply doubling down on your beliefs, as in the case of the CNN article noted above. They have no problem thinking that around half of the American population are hopeless fascists or self-hating minorities (see below).

But I suspect there are others, likely the more intelligent and a bit less prone to cult-like dogmatism, who are undergoing a bit of self-examination. Maybe these are people who cut themselves off from family and friends because of their support for Trump—almost all of this cutting-off was initiated by Trump haters. They may start thinking that it’s ridiculous to suppose that around half the voting population are morally corrupt. And there may be lingering attachments and some fond memories of the people they cut off. Maybe at least some of these people are reasonably rational and reasonably nice Okay, I’m a dreamer.

It was an election that saw increases in the numbers of non-Whites voting for Trump from 2016, up four points nationally with Black men and Black women and three points among Latino men and Latino women, and much higher in some areas, such as Florida and parts of Texas. Of course the only possible reason for this is that White supremacy struck again. These voters were self-haters, much like the knee-jerk Jewish reaction to Jews who criticize other Jews or don’t go along with mainstream Jewish agendas. Like other activist reasoning, no evidence is ever needed for such beliefs. As in the case of Whites, there are no real data on this, although it’s reasonable to think that the surge in Latino GOP voting in Florida was due to concerns about impending socialism among the areas many refugees from socialist utopias, and polls have often found that Latinos do not favor high levels of immigration because the are aware of its effects on the job market. For Blacks, it could be that there were more high-profile Blacks who rebelled against the Democrat mindset (HipHopWired lists 15.) If it’s one thing about Blacks, they look up to Black role models.

The interesting thing is that the only group to show less support for Trump compared to 2016 is White men. There could be any number of explanations for this, and we await some real data. Perhaps Trump was seen as ignoring these people, constantly highlighting what he has done for Blacks and Latinos, but never saying anything explicitly about Whites, much less White men. I doubt this explanation because White women increased their support for Trump, and the marriage gap was huge.

There could be any number of explanations for this, and we await some real data. Perhaps Trump was seen as ignoring his White base, constantly highlighting what he has done for Blacks and Latinos, but never saying anything explicitly about Whites, much less White men. I doubt this explanation because White women increased their support for Trump, and the marriage gap was huge. His rallies were attended overwhelmingly by massively enthusiastic White people — enough in itself to terrify our hostile elites. And the same goes for beliefs about Trump’s handling of the virus or the GOP health care package (or lack thereof). Why should these issues make supporting Trump go down among White men but up among White women?

Another possible explanation that comes to mind is the incessant propaganda from the media hyping White guilt (e.g., the notorious “1619 Project”), the massive promotion of Critical Race theory and BLM complaints. Although White women are also included in the blame for White evils, it’s nowhere near as bad as with White men.

Speaking of cult-like behavior, we saw a lot of that among Trump supporters during his campaign stops leading up to the election. These rallies were often commented on in the media, particularly with the criticism that they were super-spreader events (although leftist protests were always exempted from this criticism). The devotion of these crowds was something to behold, and, whatever else you want to say about Trump, his rallies were incredibly entertaining—who can forget his many laugh lines and his dancing along with the 1970s anthem, “YMCA.”

But the enthusiastic receptions Trump got terrify the mainstream media, resulting in a what I suspect is a reflexive reaction where they think about another political leader in 1930s Germany who has able to hold crowds spellbound. Trump’s charisma is terrifying to our hostile elite. Anything and everything must be used to stop him.

This brings up the media’s role in creating the hatred for Trump. Given how close the election is turning out to be in the swing states, it is inconceivable that the media’s role was not decisive in preventing a huge Trump victory—suppressing obvious Biden corruption and endlessly hyping covid as the big issue rather than issues like law & order in Democrat-run cities. Sins of omission are often at least as important as sins of commission. If the detailed evidence on Biden corruption would have been headline news in the rest of the mainstream media besides FoxNews, it would have been a different outcome. I suspect that if Biden wins, the media and the rest of the Democrats will start to sour on him come March of next year and suddenly get on board with Biden corruption or his incipient dementia. They would love to have Kamala Harris as president.

Another plus from this election is that it’s obvious that Trump’s populist message still resonates strongly in the GOP. This will make it much more difficult for the neocons and establishment Republicans types to regain control. If Trump had lost in a landslide, Kristol, Kagan, Rubin, and the Lincoln Project folks would be generously offering to pick up the pieces. But in the event, an awful lot of Republican politicians and strategists will continue to pursue Trump’s populist rhetoric. No going back to Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan types. What comes next may be even far better than the mistake-prone and sometimes tone deaf Trump.

Finally, the situation created by evident election corruption by the left, in the context of cult-like fealty on both sides, is producing a very volatile situation. I was just reading some research on the “democracy premium” showing people will contribute more to the group and go along with group rules if they feel they have had a voice. In other words, even if you lost the election fair and square, you are much more likely to continue working within the system if you were able to vote on it and think the election was conducted fairly. But if 68 million Republican voters reasonably think the election was stolen—quite likely the case here, watch out. It will delegitimize the system and exacerbate an already extremely volatile situation.

This could possibly turn out well. Civil wars are messy and disastrous in many ways, but we have reached the point where compromise and discussion are impossible. Better sooner than later. When Romans in the first century BC found themselves in an empire under Augustus rather than a republic, they were grateful. The republic had shown it couldn’t work any longer. Order and stability were needed after repeated civil wars and intense factionalism. Similarly, the divisions in the contemporary U.S. are too great to heal. The only question is which side is going to establish hegemony—unless we can somehow develop a consensus that the country should fractionate into more politically homogeneous areas. It’s going to be interesting. Perhaps too interesting.


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  1. John
    John says:

    White American Christians have let Jews and certain minorities exercise power to the detriment of the American way of life. Much of this is due to our collective cowardice.

    Whites are now the only people in America who are supposed to be ashamed of themselves.

    Even now, is there even one member of Congress who will say this or anything like it? No.

    Whether or not Trump wins, there must be a movement that shifts America back to its roots and that tells Jews and minorities that they though they have equal rights under the Constitution, that does not give them the right to marginalize White people and control the destiny of our country.

    Incidentally, some Republican senators, such as Mitt Romney, are turncoats that cannot be relied upon.

    • Jacobite
      Jacobite says:

      Are Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros concerned about white peoples’ equal rights? Of course not. Therefore, common sense as well as the rule of justice require that whites cease immediately to give these aliens the benefit of equal treatment that they deny to us. Whites used to understand this from reading Kipling, who explained all about those animals “within the Law” and those “without the Law.”

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      “… that does not give them the right to marginalize White people and control the destiny of our country.”

      No doubt you are correct about that . However , in the ineluctable world of politics it is always and forever ultimately an issue who has the power and who should have the power to exercise dominion over a matter(s) ; and it never is ultimately about “rights”/ “fairness”/ “justice”.

      USA Whites are beginning to raise their typically low level of political intelligence up into commensuration with their average high IQ . The predominant White Christian religion has not recently been especially helpful in sustaining White hegemony in their own countries .

      The leftist and their masters seem to have always known that worldly political affairs are always ultimately about who has or should have the political power of dominion .

  2. F. Roger Devlin
    F. Roger Devlin says:

    We should seriously consider the possibility that the press’s unhinged diatribes against the President may have backfired, actually working in his favor. Nearly seven years ago, I reviewed for this website a book which convincingly documental a positive correlation between unfavorable press coverage of the NRA and popular support for the organization (see: Trump has wasted many opportunities, but he continues to make the right enemies, and this may explain some of his sustained popularity.

  3. tito perdue
    tito perdue says:

    The New York Times, operated by radical egalitarian Jews, is terrified that those of us who admire this president might cause the country to turn away from the lunatic philosophy of racial equality. The races are not equal of course, and in the fullness of time it will prove impossible to maintain that they are.
    White people who still admire their own Aryan heritage must disavow their own treacherous prejudice against genocide.

  4. Icknay
    Icknay says:

    It is painfully obvious that the subversion of Democracy as well America’s institutions by alien peoples is almost complete.
    Any future hope for whites would have to entail the portioning off of the entire country into three sections: one for communists, one for non-whites and one for white Euro-American nationalists.

    • Aldon
      Aldon says:

      Weak/Cuck mentality. War and blood are in the laws of nature. Running away into enclaves isn’t showing strength.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Any sufficiently large new claim on territory ( i.e. an enclave ) by Whites , or any other race , would most likely entail at least some bloody conflict since depriving any other race of dominion over life-sustaining resources ( held in the territory/enclave ) is normally a potentially lethal matter .

        Moreover , numerous internal conflicts have severely fragmented the genocidally weakened USA White race so that WN does not appear to be strong enough to reclaim dominion over the USA . The probable origin of the intractable conflicts among USA Whites was documented about 2500 years ago in ___

        The Jewish Holy Torah / KJV / Book of Genesis /
        chapter 11 / verses 1 – 9 ( the Tower of Babel allegory )

        And the Lord God said in verse 7 …

        ” Go to , let us go down , and there confound their language ,
           that they may not understand one another’s speech .”

        where :

        “us” = (((them))) which includes the slave founder of Judaism Abraham
        “their” = goyimm/nonjewss/nonhebrews .

  5. David 'The Diversity Mastermind' Lammey
    David 'The Diversity Mastermind' Lammey says:

    Professor MacDonald – IIRC there was an article on this site a few years back about my home town Londonistan. About our most third world borough – Tower Hamlets.

    The demographic of US voter fraud seem to be similar to Tower Hamlets (darks). It may be useful to re-post it, as ppl may now be more receptive. To it for obv reasons.

    The third world patterns:

    • vote early
    • vote often
    • vote as a block
    • get powerful ppl in your ethnicity to key admin choke-points

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Remember that bloc pertains to a unified group for a specific purpose while block either refers to a compact piece of material or impeding movement.

  6. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Clearly the corrupt inner city Democratic machines are at work. Trump will have to do careful audits of the votes. There may have been vote buying in the major city mail ins. Here in WV this was the Democratic MO for many years-especially in Southern WV as an example. Republicans now control WV. Tombstone votes and vote buying have been cleaned up.

    Great article by Professor Mac Donald!

  7. Natalie Golovin
    Natalie Golovin says:

    Let counts finish..After states report-Court Ordered Recounts in all disputed states supervised by US Military not local National Guard
    Only path to peace for next 4 years. Counting can no longer be done by those who have a stake in the outcome.

  8. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    John & Ken, of all people, are complaining on revisionist history taught in public schools as Critical Race Theory. Stay tuned for the George Floyd trials that will remain in the Twin Cities venue.

  9. Wallace Griffith
    Wallace Griffith says:

    Great article by the always-erudite KMac. I will only add that the alternative or dissident right podcasters and bloggers are not doing themselves any favors by their anti-Trump coping of late. Most right-wing people are going to have an actual affinity for Donald Trump and his persona/Style and the way he fights against the shitlibs. This is regardless of whatever his Israel policy might be, his inaction on Charlottesville/FBI, failures on immigration or his election strategy of pulling away some Hispanic or black votes. If your heart is not with Donald Trump, where’s your heart?

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      “This is regardless of whatever his Israel policy might be, his inaction on Charlottesville/FBI, failures on immigration or his election strategy of pulling away some Hispanic or black votes. If your heart is not with Donald Trump, where’s your heart?”

      My heart is taking second place to my brain

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Your brain is too weak to take first place in your political decisions. You have admitted that your brain has been with Jews up until a couple-three years ago, and you’re a boomer. (See my reply to your next comment for the evidence.)

  10. Coll Doll
    Coll Doll says:

    Trump is right to demand vote count where fraud is apparent. He is doing what Kerry should have done in 2004 and Bernie in 2016. I’m an independent. I care more about integrity of legal votes than tribal loyalties.

  11. cameron
    cameron says:

    Why did he lose ground with white male voters?

    1.Trump didn’t explictly appeal to them but did to black men.
    2.Biden was less obnoxious to white men than Hillary was.
    3. White men ten to believe the man in charge is responsible for the state of the organization and should be held accountable. White men are big on personal responsibility. Since the economy is worse and COVID (seems – it’s BS) to be out of control, Trump, as the man in charge, is held responsible regardless of the alternative (I have seen this attitude in many white organizations e.g. Church vestrys.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Actually Trump did nothing for all those male white voters who helped his in the swing state last time.
      As you point out, white men do tend to hold people responsible.

      But in the meantime, have you noticed Trump’s Jews?

      Lew Eisenberg, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, Mel Sembler, Ron Weiser, Steve Wynn, Elliott Brody, Laurie Perlmutter, and Carl Icahn, not to mention Bernie Marcus. Then we have his many Jewish personal and professional associates, who include, among others, Avi Berkowitz, Michael Cohen, Gary Cohn, Reed Cordish, Boris Epshteyn, David Friedman, Jason Greenblatt, Larry Kudlow, Stephen Miller, Steven Mnuchin, Jay Sekulow, David Shulkin, and Allen Weisselberg.

      Apparently they are all still with him. What can we make of that?

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        “Actually Trump did nothing for all those male white voters who helped his (sic) in the swing state last time.”

        Nothing? It’s interesting that Adolf Hitler stated that while he was in prison in 1923 and then prevented from organizing politically for a period of time, his male supporters abandoned him and his party in droves. The women all remained faithful, and of course, a good segment of the men also. When he became actively in control again, these men came back red-faced. This is the loyalty of men – nothing to brag about. You are a real good example of that – always on the fence because (I guess) your brain is confusing you.

        “But in the meantime, have you noticed Trump’s Jews?”

        Wait till you see Biden’s Jews. His VP, who identifies as Black, is married to a very wealthy one, and I don’t think it will take long for her to mount the throne.

        I mean, saying things like this – you and some other White men – make you the stupidest fools in the world in my eyes. I can hardly believe it.

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          Please let’s leave the analogies between Trump and Hitler to the paranoid Jewish liberals and neo cons in the Democrat Party. Hitler deserves much better than being associated with the likes of kosher Trump

          Meanwhile you still haven’t noticed Trump’s Jews(refer to the above list).

          But I don’t want to be too critical. As you point out, I am newly arrived on the Semitic Watch. As I have recently seen so many of our Semophobe cognoscenti fail to notice Trump’s Jews, it has occured to me that maybe there is such a thing as Jew Optics Myopia. Maybe If I watch Jews for as long as some of you veteran observers have, I will develop the inability to see the Jew who is right in front of me. Like for example that Jew in Trump’s living room that Tucker Carlson – a man who still apparently has unimpaired vision – spent an entire program saying was running the country

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            That wasn’t an analogy between Trump and Hitler at all, but an example of men’s failure of loyalty to the cause they profess to believe in. It was Hitler who said: “They think too much, while the women just followed their heart.” (something like that.) The heart speaks truth. If in doubt, follow your heart.

            The key phrase is not “Trump’s Jews” but this one from Wallace Griffith: Whites should support Trump “regardless of whatever his Israel policy might be, his inaction on Charlottesville/FBI, failures on immigration or his election strategy of pulling away some Hispanic or black votes.”

            And that is because those less-than-perfect actions are much, much more true of Joe Biden. Plus there’s this:

            “Biden isn’t Jewish, but he has lots of Jews in his family. Two of his daughters-in-law have been Jewish — his son Hunter’s wife is Melissa Cohen, from South Africa, and his now deceased son, Beau, was married to another Jewish woman, Hallie Olivere. (After Beau passed, Hallie and Hunter dated. It’s messy.) One of Biden’s two daughters, Ashley, is married to Howard Krein, a Jewish otolaryngologist and plastic surgeon.” …

            And there’s this from Joe Biden: “By the way, I’m the only Irish Catholic you know who had his dream met because his daughter married a Jewish surgeon,” he said at that 2016 Ohio political event.” … and continuing: “According to The Daily Mail, the elder Biden confessed that growing up in Wilmington, Delaware, he had a crush on Hallie’s mother, Joan.
            ‘I was the Catholic kid. She was the Jewish girl. I still tried. I didn’t get anywhere,’ Biden said at a Delaware Jewish event in 2015.”

            So what possible reason would there be to let Biden defeat Trump, or to say it makes no difference which one wins? It defies reason, even if you’re a one-issue voter, or a Libertarian. And wasn’t it Biden who, as VP, made that notorious statement about the US being “Jewish” and that was a good thing? I can’t remember it accurately enough to find it. But the Jewish vote went to Biden.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Also, Tucker Carlson … a fine person, no doubt, but no Donald Trump, and no Adolf Hitler. Tucker is not willing to get into the ring and take the blows; that’s the test of a fighter. And fight we must.

            Sorry, I don’t know who you mean as the “Jew in Trump’s living room that Tucker Carlson – a man who still apparently has unimpaired vision – [sees]”, you’ll have to say his name.

            I tagged Tucker as a boy scout (in the old Boy Scouts, not the progressive version) and, much as I like him, I still hold that view. Sorry, but he won’t run for president.

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          Carolyn, I FINALLY learned to think about Jews from people like you so I really do hate to have to try to shake you out of silliness about Jews and Trump. I don’t enjoy it. But somebody has to do it. The sentiment around Trump is sickening. And NOW what? Are we going to memorialize him as the Last White Man? His episcopalianism notwithstanding, Trump has been up to his neck in Jews his entire life.

          But OK, to respond to your criticisms:

          First I never argued that Biden isn’t Semitized. Not me. Never. Of course he is Semitized , Biden is obviously a very upwardly mobile guy and Jews are the dominant faction in our ruling class and have been so for his whole career or near to it anyway.. So naturally Biden is Semitized and is at least pretending to be Semophiled- though he probably does really love and admire Jews as that is the way of things for his class type in a Judaized country.

          Nor was I arguing that Biden doesn’t get the bulk of Jewish support – the Jewish liberals and neocons, Everybody knows he does.

          However I wasn’t talking about Biden. I was talking about Trump. And IF you can look at that list I posted of “Trump’s Jews” -which you still are not referring to – and NOT see Jewish Power….Well I am not going to get righteous about this as I spent a good part of my life in a synagogue that I thought was a higher educational system. But later I came – with the help of people like you – to see the Jew. However I don’t see Jewish Power as a one dimensional entity where everybody agrees. What makes Jewish Power isn’t complete unanimity on most specific issues – except support for Israel – but rather money, organization and the overriding question of “what is good for the Jews” as opposed to what is good for Americans or Europeans. If you think that kosher contingent around Trump are not asking “what is good for the Jews?”, and if you think they are not around Trump BECAUSE they are asking that question, than you – a creator of a great Hitler site – are actually less “antisemetic” than I am.
          WHY some very powerful BIG monied and professionally successful Jews think Trump is better for the Jews than Biden is an important question.
          I could speculate about the answer but what bothers me is the way so many good Jew watchers on our side have not asked the question – gone out of their way NOT to ask the question- by focusing exclusively on liberal and neo con Jews in the Democratic party. Meanwhile the question begs to be asked because Trump has done such a bad job doing what he said he was going to do that it should occur to someone on our side in particular that maybe his “failures” have something to do with HIS Jews and what they want. . That is what people like US – the Semiwized – are supposed to do. We are not supposed to engage in understandably human but sentimental hope that Trump is somehow the Last White Man. Of course we are still SMART so some of these arguments which pirouette through Trump’s infidelities to his base while still finding rationalistic reasons for voting for him strike me as… well… Talmudic.

          The Jew in Trump’s living room is Jared Kushner. You know, son in law/in the living room. Oh well,
          I’ll find another reference for the guy who managed the Border, the ME and the Civic Riot.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Just want you to know that I did see this and read it. I think I answered to most of this in in my reply to you in the next MacDonald post/article. Check that out.

            But let me assure you, I’m not missing anything; nor am I caught up in some emotional wishing. I think you are over-impressed with your own detective skills vis a vis Jews. However I still thank you for your generous recognition of me and my website. It’s appreciated.

  12. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    Trump needs to get these things investigated:

    Who prints the ballot papers (where machine voting is not used)

    The printer’s records to ascertain whether more were printed than is reasonable for the size of state..

    What happened to unused ballot papers

    Whether duplicate names appear on used ballot papers

    Whether duplicate address appear on ballot papers

    Whether near duplicate names appear on ballot papers

    Whether near duplicate addresses appear on ballot papers

    Where photo ID is included check for duplicates

    Where machine voting is used get the IT system checked by IT experts

    Of course a IT manipulator would have to be subtle about it. It would b be no good if polling was neck k and neck and the beneficiary of the fraud won by 15 points

    It would certainly be much more difficult than an IT fraud but a lone actor could make a sackful of votes for a candidate vanish or a sackful for a candidate be introduced. That could be decisive in a very close contest.

  13. Loren Rich
    Loren Rich says:

    Why do Democrats always have a plan and Republicans always just react?
    It has become very lucrative to be in the minority in Congress and you don’t have to be accountable for anything.
    Why is Trump complaining about Big Tech yet he hasn’t done much at all?
    Why did they ignore/screw over white people when just a view percentage increase would have made the election very winnable?
    One thing I cannot forget is that Trump betrayed me over and over and over again. Mostly to to the benefit of his wonderful friends in the Middle East. I still voted for him but maybe if he didn’t screw average joe white guys like me over so bad he might have done better? He told me in the first campaign he would never betray me and then immediately began to betray me. It wasn’t as bad as Hilary would have been but it was very demoralizing.
    Why didn’t he get rid of Jarvanka as soon as his base told him too?
    I have a million questions and just one small disagreement with my hero Dr. MacDonald. I think the pogroms are happening right now. They have a plan and they are working it day and night.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      If we all ask questions like you are asking , Trumpism will be going away. This is not necessarily a criticism
      of you.

  14. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    The silver lining about these razor thin margins is that I get to spend the next four years questioning the legitimacy of the Biden Presidency anytime I mention him and there is nothing these leftwing idiots can really say in his defense. This is no mandate, and they know it. I’ve already coined a term for him, the “Thief in Chief”. Feel free to use it “liberally”.

  15. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    I have no skin in the game, and never intentionally watch the breathless election night coverage expounding on “we are calling for …”. I tuned into RT to watch a regularly scheduled programme, and saw that even they were covering the election. In the not more than 30 seconds I watched, a presented, who was in the middle of statement said: “Joe Biden must know something we don’t”. He went on to say that with 54 (55?)% on the vote counted in Pennsylvania, Trump had a 15 point lead, and returns across the state had been consistent throughout the evening. He then said Biden must have been talking about the mail in vote when referring to his winning Pennsylvania.
    Again, I have no skin in the game, but what the US public is supposed to believe (vote fraud aside) is that Democratic Presidential candidate, who was in 5th place and lost 5 Primaries, and his V-P choice, who was so despised by the Party membership she had to drop out before the Primaries began, energized the American masses, with no base and no platform – other than “I am not Donald Trump” to such an extent that all of the increased voting went to them, while the Party lost seats in the House and made no gains in the Senate.
    I have a bridge for sale, if anyone is interested.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Polish your sales pitch ever so slightly, Curmudgeon, and that bridge of yours should be an easy sale. By and large, the US public believes what it’s told to believe, and in the past several days they have been told that the Biden-Harris team has won a crushing victory with a mandate for comprehensive, even revolutionary change.

      There are several appropriate responses to this state of affairs that I can think of, despair being the readiest to hand given the likelihood of success of any legal challenge to the theft of the election.

  16. Peter
    Peter says:

    He is entertaining and I don’t think that is bad for a politician that wants to succeed.

    On a more serious note:
    “But the enthusiastic receptions Trump got terrify the mainstream media, resulting in a what I suspect is a reflexive reaction where they think about another political leader in 1930’s Germany who has able to hold crowds spellbound. Trump’s charisma is terrifying to our hostile elite. Anything and everything must be used to stop him.”

    Before even reading the above paragraph by Dr. MacDonald, when I heard President Trump say “one movement, one people, one family, one glorious nation” I immediately thought of
    “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer” (one people, one nation, one leader”. Maybe this is reaching, but President Trump also made the expression “America First” a popular slogan among some people and he did this while advocating getting the USA out of foreign wars. The (((media))) knew where that slogan originated and then Charles Lindbergh’s name was in the news again. Maybe I’m wrong but I suspect these two examples of Trump’s speech were influenced by the original slogans I cited. Interestingly, on several occasions when Trump was discussing the burning down of American cities he compared that to the attacks on Berlin during WW II. I wonder what the politics of the adults in Trump’s house were when he was growing up, in particular on his father’s side.

    Trump likens Minneapolis during the George Floyd protests to wartime Berlin

  17. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Thanks once again for your widely-shared analysis and prognosis.

    When you wrote of KH [ whom I refer to, functionally, as Kabala Emhoff ] likely becoming President, I realized, that I recently made the inexcusable error here, of referring to her as not being a US citizen.

    I detest inaccuracies: none more so than my own.

  18. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    But most of this [i.e., the Left’s move into end-game mode] won’t happen, at least until after the 2022 elections, so I won’t be forced to shut down TOO any time soon.

    To speak plainly, Dr. MacDonald, I pray that you are correct in this assessment, but on this occasion you might be allowing misplaced optimism to color your judgment.

    Please recall that, to a previously unexampled extent, the Clinton administration ran the country by means of executive orders.* Despite the fact that the Republicans’ historic gains in the 1994 elections restored the Congress to them for the first time in fifty years, they did effectively nothing to restrain this autocratic behavior, whose unchallenged extent an Abbassid caliph might have envied. The people who did the thinking for Bush II and Obama profited from Clinton’s example. Only Trump’s handlers seemed incapable of seeing (or perhaps were uninterested in seeing) how the land lay and of how wide was the range of options—options beneficial to the white people who voted for Trump—open to them.

    Given the congressional Republicans’ supine conduct throughout the extraordinarily lawless Obama administration, there is no reason to think that Mitch McConnell and his cronies won’t stand idly by while Biden’s mob makes Obama look like a paragon of federalist restraint.

    In short, is it likely that the new Republican Senate would even murmur in protest against a move to shut TOO down as a radically racist and white supremacist site? Hardly. And would the movers be content simply with eliminating TOO?

    I fear for your safety, Kevin.
    *Do you remember Paul Begala’s remark? “Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Cool.”

  19. max
    max says:

    Evil force is upon us and show its teeth in america. We are facing a much more difficult time than people in Soviet Union. At least, they had hope of outside freedom and knew the lies in front of them. We are totally brain washed and the whole western world population is under their control. Hopefully people will catch this perfect timing to do some thing, like what our ancestors did in 1776, while Trump is in his current position. It will be much harder after Trumpis is ousted.

  20. buckle
    buckle says:

    Did Catholics in the blue wall and NE in general become disillusioned?Especially given that Trump was going up against one of their own. Progress has been slow and perhaps they were less willing to give him the benefit of any doubts. Up against Hilary it was much easier to be generous.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I don’t know a single Catholic, layman or priest, who regards Biden as a fellow Catholic—but then, I haven’t attended the Novus Ordo service in almost twenty years. Yet even among those in the conciliar mob who still attend the new mass—about 15 percent of self-identified Catholics in most US pre-covid-hoax polls—the likelihood that they would mistake Biden for a brother-in-spiritual-arms is risibly small. In other words, if they supported or voted for Biden, they did so because, like him, they are not in the habit of allowing conscience to interfere with pursuit of their wants.

      The hierarchy is another matter, of course. Yet even before Vatican II, many Catholics had no idea who their ordinary was, and the quotient of recognition has plainly gone south in the last sixty years. Thus, anyone nowadays who says that he voted for Biden because of direct or even subliminal instruction from the pope or a local bishop is a bloody liar.

  21. Blenda Richter
    Blenda Richter says:

    “His rallies were attended overwhelmingly by massively enthusiastic White people — ”

    Do not confuse the hardcore White Nationalist male base who turned out massively to put him in the Oval Office 2016 with the “…overwhelmingly by massively enthusiastic White people — ”

    Those are pneumatic head Trumpites, the great majority newbies in the conservative ideology who didn’t care about Trump’s betrayal on immigration, not one cent for The Wall in the trillion dollar bill he signed, the Covid lock down and the continued war on Whites by the federal government. They are just lemmings driven by, you said it — e-n-t-h-u-s-i-a-s-m— The GOP marches in lockstep with the religious right and its obsession with the abortion issue, with Israel (they’re giddily elated over the embassy in Jerusalem) and with the Libertarian free-market, free everything philosophy. The “overwhelmingly and massively enthusiastic White attendees” at the rallies are totally and hopelessly oblivious to the detrimental ideological points to White America that I mentioned.

    The hardcore White Nationalist male base didn’t forgive. But deliberately forgot. That is to show up Nov 3.

  22. Jeff Pitts
    Jeff Pitts says:

    The election is a total fraud with dozens of irregularities and impossibilities. The polling was bullshit and whatever the Jewish media says is bullshit as well. I believe none of it.
    I think they have the ability to alter the results digitally, besides the massive fraud in ballot harvesting.
    I think the jews won. It’s over. No way this election was legitimate, but the GOP won’t do anything about it.
    As whites we have no voice whatsoever. The country is lost. We don’t have the right to organize and we don’t have the funds to
    pay for political representation.
    Trump and the GOP wouldn’t even do anything about censorship, because they take money from the jewish tech oligarchs.
    As whites we can look forward to more and more discrimination and marginalization and demoralization…..just like the endangered whites in South Africa and the poor Palestinians.

    • eric smith
      eric smith says:

      Jeff, Your comment sums it up the best. The jews killed tens of millions of Russians and Germans in pure revenge and hatred. They will do the same to us. Trump looks like a pied piper. His snake poem was about him not the opposition, a warning and jewish unburdening to clear his soul as they believe.
      He told us so its now on us. I cannot believe the evil of these people. The British upper crust and Chinese are evil too. They are all satanic.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        White sheeple are for sure doomed .

         However , there is reason to hope (((they))) will not completely  enslave and/or kill all of us White nonsheeple
        so long as there is still time for enough of the right people to
        form a global network of clandestine intelligence cells ( at least three people in each cell ) beginning with the first one that can be replicated across geo-political boundaries and have an indefinite cell-lifespan of many human lifespans such as do the Synagogues of Satan .  Sheeple need not waste their time/money/effort in such an endeavor .

        Any three sincere reasonably intelligent adult nonsheeple can form a clandestine cell at anytime and anywhere in the world ; and then eventually make friendly contact with any other cells anywhere at any opportune time while also maintaining clandestine cell security ; where each cell is entirely responsible for its own security arrangements .

        The purpose of each and every clandestine cell is to discover and engage with other cells in order to form a global network that can effectively resist the ILLuminati Establishment agendas for worldwide enslavements of nonsheeple ( especially Whites ) .

        It is possible to communicate secretly over the www using virtually unbreakable encryption codes if you know how to do it .  Be sure that you know how exactly it is done .  There is more than one way to maintain secrecy .  Be very careful about telephoning encryption keys to other cell members .  Ad hoc cryptic “key” conversations understood only by the intended conversants can be undecodible if thought-out carefully .  Keep in mind that secret communications are not per se  a crime but they can attract unwanted intel agency ( secret police ) interest of humanely-unlawful and despotic criminous governments .

        You need an inexpensive small computer that can run your encryption software program to encrypt/decrypt messages then pass the encrypted file to an internet-capable device for transmission to the intended recipient and never  let your encryption computer connect to the internet/www .  An encrypted message file received from the internet is likewise passed to your encryption/decryption computer which never  connects to the www/internet .  Make sure your internet-capable computer/device is not connected to the www when you pass encrypted files to or from it . A good encryption software program is named “PGP”.

        I am in a covert intel/police socio-political trap ( not exactly a prison but with a few egregious similarities ) and surrounded by mostly sheeple , zombies , and enemy nonsheeple ; so that it will be difficult to find two other friendly nonsheeple to form an intel cell for freedom/survival . In my case , I would look for a small used Microsoft Windows Pc that could run the “PGP” encryption software ; and then obtain a file conversion application for passing MsWins files to and from an Apple-internet capable Pc ( assuming that encrypted files can be successfully converted ) . The only way to pass a decryption key safely , for the first time , is in person .

  23. Luke
    Luke says:

    Already we are seeing the RINO turncoats showing their true colors.

    Lindsay Graham, who barely survived his reelection bid – is already making noises about cutting a deal with the DemoNrats to grant amnesty (and voting rights) to the 20-30 or more million illegal criminal aliens who the jews have imported into the USA. This would give the DemoNRats their permanent, peacefully unbreakable, one party, Communist totalitarian dictatorship. It would end any chance of the GOP to ever win another national election for the White House.

    Then there is Laura Ingraham. She is now advising Trump to concede ‘gracefully’ and roll over like a spineless cuck and let the DemoNRats get away with the most massive voter fraud and election theft in the history of the United States.

    South Carolina’s conservative voters are stuck with Lindsay Graham for another 6 years, so he feels emboldened to drop his fake act that he ever was a pro-Trump guy and return to what he has always been: A white race hating, globalist, war mongering, RINO dirt bag.

    As for Laura Ingraham – I hope her viewing audience punishes her by refusing to watch her TV show, and her ratings drop so far down into the sewer that she winds up getting canceled. BTW: I’ve never trusted Ingraham as being a legitimate America First, pro-Trump nationalist. Why? Simple answer. She has adopted non-white children. She is a virtue signaler – just like Amy Coney Barrett. She’s also let Dinesh D’Souza carve her name on his bedpost.

    Ingraham reminds me of Megyn Kelly. Both have pretended to be ‘conservatives’ in order to advance their careers, but sooner or later, the mask falls from their faces and they are exposed as phonies.

    • JM
      JM says:

      “Lindsay Graham, who barely survived his reelection bid – is already making noises about cutting a deal with the DemoNrats to grant amnesty (and voting rights) to the 20-30 or more million illegal criminal aliens…”

      Rolls over like a the sissie he is. And he wants brown arse and plenty of it.

  24. ValhallaX
    ValhallaX says:

    You are facing right now a Bolshevik Revolution 2.0. That is it, no more, no less.

    Civil War it will be. I believe the sooner, the better. And let it spread from USA to Europe, soon.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      The real war that needs fighting is FMM [fake money mafia] vs everyone else.

      Are you talking about some other war?

      • ValhallaX
        ValhallaX says:

        I call the Enemy as “The Usual Suspects”. We all know what that means.

        Look, everywhere one can see the signs of Evil. Where ever this lot has been able to touch something beautiful, something peaceful, it immediately is soiled, lost for ever.

        This is not something imagined, it is always to be seen.

        I give some examples:

        Nowadays I never go into a bookstore anymore. It is no use. We had one bookstore that was splendid, it was a pleasure to browse, a pleasure to be there. What happened? Well, I tell you: Jew billionaire family from the neighbouring country bought it as they currently buy all media that is for sale, including book publishers. They are like a cancer.

        And this splendid bookshop changed in on night to a caricature of a bookshop. These people are not just evil, they have a weird Midas touch, they touch something, and suddenly beautiful is ugly. Just plain ugly.

        Another example. I bought, as I now do, a book from an antiquary (that’s how we call shops selling old and used books). There was a story, travel story actually, written by a doctor, published early 50’s. That was a book easy to read, simply telling the story of the the honey moon trip of the writer and his wife.

        It is very good book, because it just tells what the nowadays hellhole Middle East was around the Touch of the Jew.

        This pair went first to Istanbul. Had a week or two there, admiring all that Istanbul could offer. Then they decided to take a ship to Libanon. No problems, all fine. It was perfect in Beirut, of course, not yet soiled by the Pervert Midas. Then they thought, Christians as they were, that they will visit Palestine. They bought a ticket by boat to Palestine. But then they felt the Touch of The Pervert. There was no way to get into the slaughtering fields as it was the Year of Beast, 1948, in Palestine.

        Well, no worries, they went back to Libanon, and thought that why not visit Damascus. Why not indeed? They asked how to do it, and were advised to take a taxi. Simple, they took a taxi from Beirut to Damascus. Easy, Beast was not yet there as they had their hands full with all slaughtering to do, you know, holocaust style.

        Now the newlyweds had still time before they were due to go back home. What then? Well, as it was a beautiful land of peace, they thought, what the heck, and took a taxi from Damascus to Baghdad. You see, that was the time before Hellfire rockets used by the Beast.

        I rest my case.

        The Beast arrived, all beautiful changed to ugly. All peace changed to war. Brothers started killing brothers. Muslim against Christian. It is the Touch of The Pervert.

        I fight that, nothing else. I have no problems with Blacks or with Muslims. And I strongly suggest that we all should concentrate on slaying the Beast.

  25. Jack McArthur
    Jack McArthur says:

    Somebody once wrote that courage was the foundation of every virtue. Though I cannot agree on skin color being the central issue, not least because of what I desire in an eternal home, I tip the hat to Kevin and wish him all the best. The West is now done for, a disgusting freak show, with no way back.

  26. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:


    GOP voting in Florida was due to concerns about impending socialism among the areas many refugees from socialist utopias

    ‘WITH’ needs inserting after ‘areas’

  27. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    One of the most surprising things is how many intelligent people with top degrees and who are articulate and well-read can nevertheless completely fail to discern the msm bias. This demonstrates that there are different types of intelligence, and many are intelligent in some ways but have no ability to make judgements when it comes to the big picture or what is going on around them.

    The most glaring example of bias at present in all of the msm is that in every msm news item they declare as a fact that ‘Trump has no evidence of voting fraud’, and they never have anyone from Trump’s team to respond to this, only voices that are anti-Trump, and yet they seem to be getting away with it. They just had Malcom Rifkin, ex foreign secretary and ex defence secretary for Britain, on the news saying ‘if there was evidence of voter fraud, we would have heard about it’. in other words, he is saying that the fact that the msm do not report the evidence proves that there is none.

    I looked up Rifkin on Wikepedia and this is a story found via reference ‘2’
    “Leading Jews in British political life yesterday sought to damp down the row over a German newspaper’s description of the Foreign Secretary as “der Jude Rifkind” – the Jew Rifkind. Greville Janner, Labour MP for Leicester West and a member of the Inter- Parliamentary Council against Anti-Semitism, joined with Sir Ivan Lawrence, Tory MP for Burton and a member of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, to try to quell the row. Mr Janner said: “My colleagues and I are going to say to the Germans: ‘Look, you should handle this. German anti-semitism or apparent anti-semitism or fascist remarks are matters for you to deal with.'”

    Also, in the Daily Mail newspaper, the largest circulation paper in Britain, in the online version ‘top comments’, under articles, the comment green and red arrows from the readers are favouring Biden, but in the sub-comments under the main comments they favour Trump by a big margin. This suggest that they have been manipulating the comments – ie they show fake comment ratings. A while ago I notice the top comment was against the DM line, and an hour later the top comment had simply gone!

    It is also worth noting just how many whites are against whites – a minority but a significant one, and one that forms the majority in government, media, the legal system and education. No other race has 10-20% who strongly hate their own, and with an intensity that suggests it is not just the product of environment conditioning alone, rather the hatred is deep rooted and part of their behaviour that comes from their wiring – their inner instinctive behaviour. Perhaps they hate their own because they are programmed from their brain configuration to hate any person or race that is superior. This behaviour could have arisen in prehistoric times as it can be of advantage if your mode of gain is to take what others have – a lucrative way for a minority to live in the land of the majority peaceful and honest. You need the hatred otherwise how could you rape and pillage if every time your group set off you said to each other ‘I feel terrible about what we are about to do to this village as it is very bad of us’ No they would feel totally vindicated as they would feel hostility to the peaceful farmers, the industrious – the superior.

    Because this minority of whites who are anti-white are so driven and so active in politics, white races will only prosper and have peace once there is geographical separation where the anti-white component lot can be made to relocate to live in their own (multiracial) parts of the country. This is what would have happened in the past to their types – ejection and exile (actually, more likely they would be killed).

  28. TJ
    TJ says:

    Intelligence Insider: President Trump Setup Democrats In “Sting Operation” To Catch Them Stealing Election!

    The following URL:

    has a length of 666 characters and resulted in the following TinyURL which has a length of 28 characters:

    [666 actually came up, this is not an attempt at humor]

    Watch/save before banned!

    Steve Pieczenik, a jewish psychiatrist

    • Sam
      Sam says:

      Steve P is a psyop operative and CIA shill. Why would you believe a single word that comes out of the mouth of this guy? All his nonsensical talk of embedded blockchain watermarks and sting operation is to docile people to do nothing. Wake up!

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Sam – TJ is also an operative. If you pay attention, you notice something very off in his comments. Anyway, I saw Pieczenik’s video last night (a conspiracy-minded friend sent it to me) and I couldn’t believe how ridiculous it was. What white people need is a eugenics program to upgrade the quality of our dumbed-down population. Shame on us!

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          That TJ was signaling skepticism about this watermark story was pretty plain to me. Did you not see it?

          A US presidential election has just been hijacked in full view of the entire world. The gravity of the situation probably won’t spur a focus on essentials in these TOO threads, but for a while we participants might all at least consider faking high-mindedness among ourselves even when we don’t feel it. (You know, enlightened self-interest and all of that.)

          Besides, right now a primary concern for me and many who are close to me is the spectrum of possible consequences attendant upon unconditional refusal to accept the soon-to-come mandate on universal covid inoculation. I suspect that some others hereabouts have a similar resolve and hence must deal with similar concern.

        • Xwpis ONOMA
          Xwpis ONOMA says:

          Be careful what you wish for Carolyn. If you continue to support Trump with such a fervor while ignoring he was the most “Jewish” non-jew President we ever had, then I guarantee you should be the first to be included in a “eugenics” program. Again, I am telling you: We love your own work and thank you for it but your obsession with Donald is becoming very suspicious. Also, apparently TOO is trying to protect you from ANY criticism by not publishing my comments, which is indicative of how “democratic” things are in here. Oh well, I will keep telling the truth and asking you difficult questions. It’s not my fault if you can’t answer them with a straight face.


          (Mod. Note: “ONOMA”, I assure you this will be your last “comment” here, since it’s not a real comment, but rather a SLUR on TOO and an implied THREAT. Go away!)

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        I never said I believed it, goddamnit

        I put it out for those who might be curious

        with a huge qualifier “jewish psychiatrist”

  29. Charles walters
    Charles walters says:

    There has been some information that parts of the USA secret service complex sponsored early hip hop:

    The reason. Maybe because it’s competitive and capitalistic and therefore selling things they consider American and also the macho attitudes they may think are something relevant to work against the total pussification of males in mainstream media or something (why is that…), agents the globohomo so to speak…

    This is from a dude interviewed on Russian TV so maybe not confirmed but it aint impossible is it…

  30. Robert Martin
    Robert Martin says:

    Also you see the subsaharan africans (can’t use n-word here y’all) are counting votes.

    They don’t care about democracy. Democrats gave them equal rights voting power (took away democracy from whites), affirmative action, welfare and government jobs.

    Their minds are extremely different on the average. They in effect hunted whites out of many cities, they are aggressive (some may say race, pre neanderthal genetics some culture some history some a mix, most people here probably say race…). They steal lie and hate whites on the average. It’s the extreme primitivism to a level that can’t be comprehended by whites who are fed a commercial product version of the subsaharian, and that also represents the smartest of them…

    So you can’t trust them one bit they are the enemy. Or one enemy of white people and their aggressiveness alone is a major cause of white genocide in any country they come to. Their on average non existing impulse control their Etna centrism their hatred for white babies and white couples/dates/… Most of them just see whites as the eternal enemy.

    Wasn’t it Jesus that said in the bible that they are animals with hands and feet and clothes. That they are the doomed ethnical group by like Moses or something… They are murderous and will take anyone out just by suspecting they are “racist”. It’s totally idiotic to have them around white folks in any capacity. And then they often mixed with whites and indians which made them smarter. This is what planet of the apes is about in my view. And then Kamala Harris… They are Etna centric racialist most of them so a hot blackish kinda something women they within and cheating for that…

  31. JM
    JM says:

    Well after these comments, excepting those from one or two commentators, I feel like suicide is a logical answer.

    More seriously, what may have happened isn’t the end of the earth, but the narrow defeat (election theft) of an extremely popular populist President. This is likely the final end to traditional “democratic solutions” but these have long been a bought farce anyway. Is this enormous moan really representative of having that rubbed in the faces of patriots because it means the necessity of using other far less routine, creative, means to achieve victory which is never “final”, anyway?

    It seems to me that there is no reason at all for either excessive pessimism or optimism. Instead what is faced is a highly fluid situation where over-reach and the law of unintended consequence will most certainly play enormous roles. America is a martial society and armed to the teeth, attributes which could well be enormously positive from the point of view of patriots. The Trump term – and aftermath – has consolidated a huge force rather like that which existed in the anti-war patriotic movement of the 1930’s. This force will have to face the necessity of developing a coherent political program unimpeded by the constraints (voluntary or otherwise) placed on Trump in the context of the old democratic process. It will also require the formalization of a citizen leadership, means of centralized political communication and so on.

    I think all of these things will unfold and that the moves of the new illegitimate “Fathers and Mothers of the Nation” (!) as the best of educators, will hasten their realization.

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