A Putative Biden Victory: Very Depressing

It was always obvious that each side would rejoice over a victory and gloat over others’ unhappiness, especially given the perceived stakes (absolute good vs absolute evil; cult-like behavior on both sides). The gloaters should realize that it’s human nature. What’s obvious is that the people who are rejoicing now—whether major celebrities or garden variety Twitterers—are still spewing hatred and longing for revenge as they have for four solid years. They won’t stop. Their hatred defines them. I certainly don’t envy Trump if he has to leave office with prosecutors and others poised to attack.

Biden’s speech on Saturday evening and the celebration, in the context of consensus support of liberal-left media and even foreign leaders despite recounts and court cases looming is an attempt to make it a fait accompli, a done deal that can’t be reversed. Imagine the intensity of hatred if things start to go Trump’s way.

There are still a lot of legal battles before Trump or his supporters give up. But realize that if it is certified and given that the Senate could flip depending on the results in Georgia, all the consequences of a Biden presidency noted in my “Why It’s Important for Trump to Win” might happen. The Democrat Party has become the party of corporatocracy, billionaires, and their allies in the media who lavishly funded his campaign and did all they could to promote Biden and suppress negative stories on Biden or focus on issues that favored Trump. It will mean that the power of information monopolies in the information age—multi-billion-dollar monopolies like Google and Twitter—will go unchecked so they will be able to continue slanting searches (e.g., Google searches for Biden don’t turn up anything from Breitbart) and censoring unwelcome information (everything from Twitter to the NYTimes on Biden’s obvious corruption) in our so-called democracy. Of course, if there’s one thing Trump should have done it’s rein in the media monopolies. It’s been discussed quite a bit but Trump did nothing more than complain about it and say he was monitoring the situation. Too late now.

Democrat victories in Georgia would mean Dem control of the Senate and all that that implies in terms of statehood for Puerto Rico and DC (likely permanent Democrat majority), packing the Supreme Court with justices that would be happy to impose criminal penalties for “hate speech” and restrict gun ownership.

Today’s gloaters are endorsing continued importing of cheap labor on behalf of the billionaire class and Dem strategists, undercutting those on the lowest steps of the economic ladder. 70 million unhappy Trump voters who firmly and reasonably believe that the election was stolen (such allegations are all over mainstream conservative media) are going to be a serious force in the years ahead if not in the very near future.

Despite Biden’s high-flown rhetoric about all coming together and healing the divisions, things will be worse than ever. They should be careful what they wish for.

But still. I have to say that today I am very depressed.

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  1. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Any chance of the USA remaining a NW European nation may have evaporated.PA and AZ may, however, save Trump. Appalachian fracking / natural gas production is centered in Pittsburgh. They employ thousands: PA WV OH. It seems odd voters would elect Biden in this area?? Self defeating. Possibly corrupt per Trump lawyers.

    • Aristo Boho
      Aristo Boho says:

      Dear Mister Hupp,

      I appreciate your COMMENT but I must go for the jugular vein of the situation, and what I REPLY herein is not an attack against you.
      1.The chance of America remaining a North Western European nation died years and years ago with the lack of our birth rates. Far too many of our people even fell for the lie of overpopulation in the world which is as phony a scientific story as climate change. This coincided with immigration laws allowing those who were non Whites to to enter the country in the 1960’s as well as the legalisation of abortion. Then there was the displacement of the Anglo-Saxon Mid-Western work ethic that Mister Charleton Heston understood ever so well as the quintessence of American society,and Mister Orson Welles warned that if it’s culture ever vanished there would be no more America. By North Western European nation, do you omit the Baltics, Greeks, Latins and Slavs? If so, this is a negative factor that has contributed to the disunity of Europeans in America. An ignorant determinant unique to the American-Anglo-Saxon Far Right and certain Europeans. Something very indicative of where we are to-day and noxious. Besides not even Europeans in their own respective countries have been united, for one reason or another. The main motive are Godless values of materialism which are nothing more and nothing less than the product and result of a psycho-emotionally debilitated society. In his own way President Trump has more values that are Christcentric as if he were a pre-Second Vatican Council Roman Apostolic Catholic than the so-called Church has had since the sixties, which has been a major catalyst of the decadence around us. One of the main architects of the dystopia we live in.
      2. Arizona and Pennsylvania haven’t saved President Donald John Trump. The mob rule of Democracy which is a chimera, and the illusion that its elections are a proof of power to the people to choose and decide a nation’s course and its survival is pure balderdash.
      3. There is nothing odd the voters decided as they did. Most of them are myopic of the reality right before their very eyes. Elections are a passport to insanity: a belief that by having them we are maintaining our freedom. If one is against losing one’s European heritage why permit a candidate and his party to run for office who is against it? If one is pro-life or for the Second Amendment-Second Article of The Bill Of Rights, why give any opportunity of victory to a politician and his gang who want to take away one’s freedom to defend oneself and so forth?
      This presidential election,which has been stolen from us, is more severe than what many can ever begin to understand. And most do not: just look at the sheeple wearing the symbol of control of their lives: The Mask. The only hope is if the President’s lawyer His Honor Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and his colleagues, Mister Corey Lewandowski and Misses Pam Bondi and eventually, Miss Sidney Powell, can turn this debacle around. I fear for President Trump and his family; its not far fetched they could be murdered like Czar Nicholas II and his loved ones. or the French Monarchy, victims of a glorious revolution that brought in low and behold, Freedom Liberty & Brotherhood. An excremental consensus reality if there ever was one. One last thought yesterday was November 7th! How diabolically auspicious for Biden and company and an ominous warning for us; give this a thought: this Gregorian Calendar date is the 25th of October Julian Calendar. God Bless, Aristo Boho

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        “the illusion that its elections are a proof of power to the people to choose and decide a nation’s course and its survival is pure balderdash.
        3. There is nothing odd the voters decided as they did. Most of them are myopic of the reality right before their very eyes.”

        The white voters *could have* put Trump back in with a good margin if enough of them wanted to, but they *chose* not to. And this is in the full knowledge that the Dem party is pro shop-looters, pro blacks, and pro mass immigration. Therefore, democracy did enable the white people to ‘choose and decide a nation’s course’ and the question is, why did the people choose a course that will put them in a persecuted minority in just a few years? The people assume, in their stupidity, that things will just carry on roughly as they are for decades, which is a huge error to make.

        The reason for voting against themselves is that most people are very, very stupid when it comes to politics, and think with a part of their brain that is not logical. Adverts prove this. The people were given, via the msm, ‘good vibes’ about Biden and ‘bad vibes’ about Trump for four years, in just the same way that they are given good vibes about a chocolate bar in a TV ad because a cool person in the ad likes that chocolate. No TV ad ever showed a table of figures in which they showed the results of a tasting experiment with 1000 people comparing different chocolates. In fact you hardly ever get any figures in any ad, and this is a reflection of the way people make decisions – they wear their ‘feelings’ hat not their ‘thinking hat’.

        However, perhaps the white Russian people would be less susceptible to a msm TV message telling them to hate themselves than Western whites are.

        The white population in the US has always contained a significant minority of white people who are wired to hate anyone who is better or who has more, and today these inner urges make them hate their own nation for the ‘offence’ of being superior, something that triggers an extreme hostility in them.

        Over the decades, due to their inner drive, this section has been able to take over the organisations that control the culture – and this has been possible due to technology.
        Today, via the msm, the education system and the legal system, a dedicated minority can have influence far in excess of their numbers, in a way that was not possible in past centuries. A few hundred years ago there might have been one one cross-dresser in every village and if he dressed as a woman he would be mocked and reviled at the very least. Contrast this with the situation today, one cross dresser from each village makes 10,000 cross-dressers in total and they have formed a powerful lobby, which would not have been possible before modern communication technology. One outcome of this was that a cross-dresser in a factory in Britain was called names like ‘it’ for wearing women’s clothes at work, and the legal system (also taken over by the far-left and ((their allies))) awarded him £180,000 and forced the factory to employ some transgender advisor type person. This show how a very, very small minority can dominate the other 99% if the minority controls the legal system and the communications system and can thereby control the culture.

        In my view, all the whites who voted for Biden fully deserve all that is coming to them, and it is just a tragedy that the whites who did not vote against themselves also have to partake in the hardships and misery brought these days upon white nations by these white fools and traitors and lefties with malice against their own people.

        The only solution for the white race is if whites could geographically separate according to their political views. One way to achieve this is to designate some regions of the country to be ‘free zones’ where everyone who chooses to go there gets a free income for life, and they never need to work. Within a few years the Dem voters will largely have relocated away from the rest of the people, and it would be worth the cost in money terms for the main group.

        • Aristo Boho
          Aristo Boho says:

          Dear Pterodactyl

          Thank you for your most intelligent REPLY to my COMMENT REPLY to Mister Todd Hupp. I agree with you that the White voters could have put President Donald John Trump back in power but chose not to. You see I simply don’t believe in Democracy: it is as simple as that. We allow the uncultured sap and slob to cast a vote for a given candidate when most, and I’ll even claim, 99%, could not even begin to inform you just what that candidate and his party or political philosophy is. An undeniable fact in Anglo-Saxon societies because of the control of information by the socially engineered fabrication of consensus reality. Yet within the first paragraph of your response you actually agree with me in different words expressing what I have. Your entire COMMENT , ever so intelligently crafted explicates this. If Messers Theodore Adorno and Mark Horkheimer were alive they’d applaud you for your being aware as to just what the Mainstream Media is.
          Democratic elections in America are mob rule, the worst in the world as far as I’m concerned, Because everything is ever so presented like gold, a perfection straight from Divine Intelligence. They are legal indeed yet unethical. We’ve many other political parties but they are never covered by the Mass Media, except when it suits them, often for radio and television ratings, or when they fall into some statistical fact the power elite of our controlled culture have calculated. You and I in Italy could start a party get the signatures so we may qualify to appear on a given ballot and even though we’re complete unknowns, every day the news outlets would interview us at least three times a day. A Republic not a Democracy. And the same in all of Continental Europe. Here we also create a mathematical lie known as third parties, and their candidates. Statistics claim they can not ever make any impact let alone win an election. Of course no one knows of them. Yet, at one time Socialists and still today the Libertarians, true ideological believers, do have an effect upon election results. Now, let us proceed to look at certain States where the election is very close, and let’s give an eye to the Libertarian candidate, Misses Jo Jorgensen. !. ARIZONA: 98% out of 100% of which she received 1.5% = 50,002 2.GEORGIA: 99% out of 100% of which she received 1.2% = 61,927. 3. NEVADA: 95% out of 100% of which she received 1% = 13,894. First we ask the question how many Libertarians would have voted for President Donald John Trump? I believe a number would’ve because we have not been involved in direct military conflicts and Doctor Ron Paul and his Libertarians know full well what the Deep State wants to prevent President Trump from accomplishing, even though doctor Paul isn’t for him. Second not one of these above mentioned States should have been given to Vice President Joe Robinette Biden Junior because all 100% of the votes aren’t in and mathematically Trump could still win them. North Carolina should have been given to him because the 1% not tallied if added to Vice President Biden Junior wouldn’t give him the lead and hence victory. 1% still not in for Wisconsin, which could put Trump in the lead and victory there, even if the 1% were split between him and Misses Jorgensen. Many but many are fed up in New Jersey and New York, why would they possible not vote for Trump? Only 79% of the New York vote has been counted. That leaves us 21%: not likely although not impossible Trump could win with a s low as 13% of the 21%.
          No election should be called unless all of the votes are in namely 100%, as long as mathematically there’s a chance, unlike North Carolina. God Bless, Aristo Boho

          • pterodactyl
            pterodactyl says:

            Aristo Boho: “We allow the uncultured sap and slob to cast a vote for a given candidate when most, and I’ll even claim, 99%, could not even begin to inform you just what that candidate and his party or political philosophy is.”

            Dear Aristo
            I agree with all your points you make in meticulous detail, but as we all know, we cannot take away the right to vote from the illiterate and ignorant as they would object most strongly. But if this was done, a simple criteriea would be to limit voting to those who pay tax.

            However, despite their ignorance, many of them would nevertheless switch to candidates on the Right if the msm was in different hands and gave out a more patriotic message, and pointed out the drawbacks to them of inviting the 3rd world over to share ‘the free stuff cake’ with them.

            It is also important to go back to the previous method of voting which meant that 99% have to vote in person, so that those who are too lazy to vote do not do so, whereas at present with mail voting the lazy do vote.

            It might even be viable to say that those on free stuff do not vote, but at the same time be very generous to them as part of this deal and also give them free zones to live in, ie geographical regions where stuff is even more free, such as housing. It would be expensive but worth it as without their votes we could get a proper government and 3rd world immigration could be stopped and reversed. Furthermore, all the trouble makers, anti-social, and criminals would self-relocate to the free zones and so the rest of the people could enjoy much more peaceful lives.

            The problem is that people are not ‘designed’ to think logically, they are designed to simply spot groups and join them and be loyal to them, and vote for them. The left offer to provide ‘the poor’ with short term benefits (wealth redistribution) in exchange for their voters letting them (the left) get on with their other agendas. The white Dem voters know that the ‘other agendas’ include many destructive policies that are bad for the nation, including inviting over the 3rd world, but the white Dem voters accept this deal (money in exchange for letting the left destroy their country) as they believe the destructive consequences will not happen in their own lifetime. They are actually wrong on this point as they too will partake in the misery as these things can snowball.

        • Aristo Boho
          Aristo Boho says:

          Dear Pterodactyl,

          Thank you; I am responding to you by clicking on the REPLY above yours to mine because for some strange reason there isn’t a REPLY for one to CLICK on yours to mine.
          !. Interesting, to limit voting to those who pay taxes. The whole taxation issue is another detailed and profound discussion. An economic fjord that concerns the deepest financial depths of an ocean of the darkest legal monetary crimes, where one can find the greatest criminals of misprision.
          2. The mainstream media in this country will never allow for fair and just elections. We must ask ourselves the following question: Why is this ever so prevalent in America? Is it because of an anti-intellectual culture only in the classroom gene inherited from our mother country, England? Exempli Gratia: Continental Europe.The purse strings are controlled by the same Satanic monetary elite, yet Far Left and Far Right never want to outlaw or knock off a ballot a political party that is at the opposite extreme of the political spectrum. In France and Italy the Parti Communiste Français / French Communist Party and the Partito Comunista Italiano / Italian Communist Party, never respectively attempted to not allow the Front National / National Front and the Movimento Sociale Italiano / Italian Social Movement to co-exist with them. And these Extreme Right parties, obtained electoral success. Although it is true we’ve had Rightist Extremists on ballots in America it is also true that they receive little or no coverage. Also, aside from the necessity of the Mass Media to be in different hands, and you are correct on this, there is within the American psyche imposed the belief that a non establishment candidate and his party, or within the two main politcal parties, Democrat and Republican, is an outsider is to be considered a national security risk and the usual accusations of a Fascist, Nazi or Red danger. Do you remember when Federal Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan said he would leave the Democratic Party because of the success of the National Democratic Policy Committee in caucus and primary elections? And more recently, objectively speaking aside from one’s politcal philosophy the foretokens of our present 2020 presidential election,what happened to Congressman Doctor Ron Paul in 2012 and Federal Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016 It appears that President Donald John Trump to a great extent more than shook everything up and standed the mainstream parties on thier heads. He is by default the catalyst for the reawakening of the New Left denizens of filth and destruction to come out of their dormancy, which begs the question can their not be the same on the Right?
          3. I agree that Election Day should be the day when votes are cast, except for the authentic absentee ballots. The early voting is part and parcel of the laziness of the American wanting everything expeditious and simple; after all, they run on Dunkin’ Donuts and Coca Cola is their finest wine. Most cannot even tell you why they vote the way they do philosophically; its all emotions and taste. But the problem is still Mob Rule. The Europeans are more informed and cultured, as are many Latin Americans and just look at them! Quintessentially any different? Add to the present election the Coronavirus Disease-2019 Joker In The Deck sham.
          4. Your Free Zone proposition is understandable but it is also tragic. America like its siblings Australia, Canada and New Zealand, are Neo-Nations. America above all is not a nation but a concept, a most beautiful one. Notwithstanding it is a waste land that is in the hands of an oligarchy of sheer evil control going way back. Just think, regardless of its wealth, it is the parent of synthetic processed foods and the world catalyst of self destructing its businesses and industries by allowing them to go abroad and to have established themselves elsewhere to the financial destruction of its citizens, and hence the destruction of the family. A Corporatocracy of its own nationhood not to be confused with the Corporativismo / Cooperativism of Fascism, as so many academic morons insist it to be.
          5. The Left of today’s West is insane. Once upon a time they never thought in their lifetime the non European would take over as you correctly state. But even the Right is deranged and this gets me back to why I do not believe in elections but a Traditional Elite. Recently, Mister Tucker Carlson stated that we have to know who the real winner of this presidential election is even if it’s Vice President Joe Robinette Biden Junior for this the American way of Democracy. He, and many others like him are deranged, and I truly mean that. If one is for the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution which in turn is the Second Article of The Bill Of Rights why would one ever want to allow someone against the Right To Bear Arms to hold office? Likewise Abortion, Euthanasia, the Destruction of The White Race, Atheism, and legitimizing the Criminally Psychotic, Sexual Deviancy of all stripes and an even worse Narcotics Culture.
          Keep well, comrade, and remember this fact: we are run by Satanists. In all areas of our establishment culture, Just think whether it was the political Left or the likes of Henry Luce and his publications, they all applauded the maniac, Alfred Charles Kinsey God Bless, Aristo Boho

          • pterodactyl
            pterodactyl says:

            Dear Aristo Boho – you wrote: “Most cannot even tell you why they vote the way they do philosophically; its all emotions and taste. ”

            – Excellent summary in two short lines, and TV adverts confirm this is the way people form opinions.

            “I do not believe in elections but a Traditional Elite. Recently, Mister Tucker Carlson stated that we have to know who the real …”
            I agree and perhaps even Tucker Carlson does too, but this is completely out of the question as there is no mechanism to put it in place as the people simply would not countenance losing the vote. All we can do is try and use the system we are lumbered with to get more of our sort in power and fewer bad people who wish us harm.

        • Otto Zeit
          Otto Zeit says:

          “The reason for voting against themselves is that most people are very, very stupid when it comes to politics…”

          Churchill said it well: “The best argument against democracy is five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

        • Aristo Boho
          Aristo Boho says:

          Dear Pterodactyl,

          Yes, exactly, well stated, there is no mechanism to put a Traditional Elite in place. Other exponents and factors are lacking and non-existent in our present world that we live in. And a great force would have to overcome and quell the support of the people having no vote to cast. And yes, I agree,that there’s a possibility that Mister Tucker Carlson might agree with me but I do not care for his Democracy attitude, like that of Her Honoress Justice Jeanine Pirro that we must want and accept whoever is the duly elected President Of The United States. I prefer those who are openly, unabashedly ,taking the position, which is a true one and undeniable fact, that this election has been stolen from President Donald John Trump. On Fox News there is only one who surprisingly came out as a true warrior in this, Mister Jesse Watters on his show yesterday evening “Watters World” along with his guest the 50th Speaker Of The House Of Representatives Newt Gingrich:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSknyQE97PM Excellent! One never knows who will remain loyal and go forth inot battle. Yes Mister Watters! On Fox Business there is Mister Lou Dobbs host of “Lou Dobbs Tonight'”. Was he ever blunt and strict strict with Congressman Devon Nunes. No compromises! No sentimentality or survival tactics for one’s own sake of maintaining a prime time news show. Not to speak of Mister Greg Kelly host of “Greg Kelly Reports” on Newsmax. As well as everyone on One America News.
          I still believe there is hope that President Trump can claim victory. Attorney-At-Law Rudy Giuliani, the 107th Mayor Of The City Of New York has taken over as the leader of the president’s legal team, and what a dynamic jurisprudential one it is. The following is a LINK to the complete “Lou Dobbs Tonight” of the 13th of November, 2020. Just listen to the brilliant lawyeress, Sidney Powell. We must fight on! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL5jB4LRKsM God Bless, Aristo Boho

    • John
      John says:

      There will be two US Senate runoffs in Georgia.

      One is David Purdue (R, Christian) vs. Jon Ossoff (D, Jewish).

      Obviously it is necessary that Purdue win.

      It will take money and support from White people and Christians because you know that Jews are going all out to support one of their tribal members.

      Of course, the majority of Blacks will vote for the Democrat because they’re looking for handouts.

  2. Aristo Boho
    Aristo Boho says:

    Dear Doctor MacDonald,

    Yes, I too am very depressed. Let’s never forget that the Republicans are just as much at fault. When Mister Donald John Trump took office in 2017 as President Of The United States Of America, the Republican Party controlled both Houses of the Congress. He received no assistance at all from either the 54th Speaker of The House, Congressman Paul David Ryan or from the United States Senate Majority Leader, Federal Senator Mitch McConnell. In just one year he could’ve have accomplished a majority of what took him three, and into so far this fourth year, 2020. President Trump should have also had a thorough steel proof plan of eradicating anyone left in the Federal government from both the Bush Dynasty and the Obama Administration. And, who can ever trust the two equivocations Steve Bannon and Chris Christie. And there was the Russia Collusion Hoax. In this of our Lord 2020: he should have immediately brought in the finest medical minds and come right out that the Coronavirus Disease-2019 was nothing but a shame, the biggest in world history. I could go on and on,but this is very very depressing. I do not think people understand what this means globally; have you or anyone spoken to Rightists and Traditionalists in Europe, Latin america and America’s four siblings Australia Canada and New Zealand? I have and it’s a nightmare, aLive and with eyes wide open. The proportion of the damage is beyond most people’s comprehension. This is extremely serious!!! President Trump is not perfect or God, but whoever spoke of The Deep State openly before him and has attempted to reverse over a century of Wilsonian Democracy which with the shrinking of the world because of technology is now known as Global Existentialism. Doctor MacDonald I cannot go on, but I leave you with the last Port Of Departure Cast by Mister Graham Ledger. He wants to fight! And we should but is it too late? I have no use for Fox or Fox Business News except for Mister Lou Dobbs who is coherent. I advise if anyone needs news go to One America News. The persons there are young and simple with their presentations, but aren’t looking to be mass media movie stars comfortable with mega salaries. https://grahamledger.substack.com/p/the-ledger-report-1081-democrat-maniacs?token=eyJ1c2VyX2lkIjoxNDA5NTEwOSwicG9zdF9pZCI6MTgwNzU4OTUsIl8iOiIwMVlIMSIsImlhdCI6MTYwNDc5NzcyNSwiZXhwIjoxNjA0ODAxMzI1LCJpc3MiOiJwdWItNTY2NDciLCJzdWIiOiJwb3N0LXJlYWN0aW9uIn0.2vtFaLlOyhLN_fJCo_wbUsrLf2hupMxQLrs-DuTPfWU

    God Bless, Aristo Boho

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      I see you are “very depressed” like Mr MacDonald, what did you expect? A victory from the clown and fraudster who during 4 years did NOTHING on behalf of White America? That bastard that bent over backwards to Hispanics and Blacks during 4 years and who threw under the bus all White nationalists? The guy that did not move a finger to stop the legal lynching of White nationalists? The guy who spent 4 years licking the boots of the Jews with a passion never seen before?

      I am glad Biden won. It is what you Trumptards deserve. Instead of arming yourselves and organize to confront the murderous thugs of BLM and Antifa, you stayed at home praying like good Republican/Conservative cowards while those thugs ran riot, knockdown statues, desecrate monuments and raped and murdered White women and men.

      BTW, where is your “God”? He must be a Biden’s supporter, LOL

      • Aristo Boho
        Aristo Boho says:

        Dear Angelicus,
        Yes, it is very depressing and I’m not ashamed of this. 1. President Donald John Trump is not a clown nor a fraudster. You apparently have no Historical Consciousness, hence no understanding of the complexities of the America, let alone, the World we live in. One man alone could never have done achieved what we would’ve liked to be accomplished because form the very begininng unitl this very moment in which I am responding to you, there’re forces and powers who could squash him like a gnat, including those within his own Administration and Federal Government. You have a puerile perhaps, American view, of what’s the reality of the entire structure and system of America. Remember, this country ceased being The United States Of America and became The National Security Agency Of America on the 24th of October,1952, although as an entity, The National Security Agency had existed since April 28th,1917. Now respectfully, and I truly mean this, for I am not being antagonistic or sarcastic, ergo, I ask you to REPLY to the following, and COMMENT, for perhaps I’m overlooking something,although I do not believe so, yet I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt to just hear what you have to say instead of calling persons like myself, and our host Doctor Kevin MacDonald Trumptards.

        A1. You compose that during these four years President Trump did nothing on behalf of White America. Please explain what was he supposed to do for White America? A2. I state what did White America ever do for itself to not allow the reality of their existence to come to what it has.
        B1.. You call President Trump a bastard who bent over backwards to Blacks and Hispanics. What do you mean by this? B2. There’re millions of Negroes and Latin Americans in the United States, and not a few of the latter are pure Europeans. The reality is that they are here, and if someone doesn’t attempt to shift them to a politically Right position these non-so-called minorities will forever represent a block monolithic vote and presence in other areas of our society who are a constant nefarious sociological disease for America. Not because of their races, but because they are the unbridled useful idiot tools and weapons of a Frankenstein Monster out of control, caused by two undeniable factors: A Power Elite that has well-planned this, both Jewish and non-Jewish to be clear and for the most part, greatly so, the lack of proper cultural and racial consciousness of White Americans of their European traditions in the New world who could’ve prevented this.

        C1. Please give an example more than one, all you can, of where and when White Nationalists were thrown under the bus? And who are specifically these European-Americans whom you designate as White Nationalists? C2. The average slob White American has done a nasty piece of work of also throwing White Nationalists, as well as Traditionalists not only under the bus but under every conceivable moving vehicle extant. And I am not being sarcastic.

        D1. Very important for there has been indeed legal lynching of White Nationalists. Please give us all jurisprudential references of this. Actual cases. D2. Once again, White America did not lift a finger to prevent this.

        E1. It seems he licked the boots of the Jews. And I know just what you are saying. He should have condemned what the The Powers that be did to the innocent defenceless Palestinians who were peacefully protesting the ceremony of the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem on the 14th of May, 2018. The most deranged and devious Zionist supporters of this were the Christian Zionists. I remember Mister Michael Savage screaming passionately on his Watts American Broadcasting Company Radio show “The Savage Nation”, that what had brutally happened to the Palestinians must be accounted for. He cried out,”Who is responsible for this?” And what has just occurred a most criminal act, the bull dozing of six hundred Palestinian homes on the West Bank. An authentic homicidal crime against humanity. Not one word from the Mainstream Media or from what we know, from President Trump. E2. think it is evident I am not excusing any wrong doing. But what power does he or any one have with the Jewish Question which still must be thoroughly but ever so thoroughly analysed more than ever before. For to fall into an anti-Semitic trap is a red herring that snares one’s objective logic. Aside from the Roman Apostolic Catholic, Mister Patrick James Buchanan, do not forget those born Jewish albeit do not follow their faith, who have been some of the foremost defenders of the Palestinians, anti-Zionists and critics of American-Israeli foreign policy: Professor Emeritus Avram Noam Chomsky, Mister David Hirst and Doctor Alfred Morton Lilienthal. Now, I do not exculpate any wrong doing by the Trump Administration against the Palestinians but is it so simple for him? My question I believe is rhetorical, for here is a LINK to “The Chris Salcedo Show” hosted by the eponymous Mister Salcedo on the television network, Newsmax that is of the Andrew Breitbart Conservatism. And both Mister Salcedo and Newsmax are pro Zionist-Israel and pro-Trump, but as you will find more pro-the former than the man in the White House. He attacks President Trump, remarking that he was saying the same words as Anti-Fascist with regard to the plight of the Palestinians. At about the thirtieth minute to the thirty-second (30:31) is Mister Salcedo’s extreme pro-Israeli-Zionist jab at President Trump. Please tell me what you think. So beware of that strain of Jewish-Zionist exclusivism forever alive and present: remember Mister Marlon Brando and Misses Vanessa Redgrave! https://www.newsmaxtv.com/Shows/The-Chris-Salcedo-Show/vid/0_cgjhbjlm

        F1. You delight that the 47th Vice President Of The United States, Joe Robinette Biden Junior won or so we are told to believe. Metaphysically this is quite evil. Have you any hint of what he and the forces behind him have as an agenda for America, The Antipodes, Europe and Latin America? It is no less than Satanic, and I literally mean this!!! And you Mister Angelicus are one of the target-victims to be! F2. Where were for example the Whites of America at Berkeley College in California defending the Right To Speak of Miss Ann Hart Coulter whose life was literally in danger of being taken? Nowhere! And I agree with you! Where were they, where have they been? They do not exist! My friend they are humanoids! flesh blood and bone robots! Il Duce Benito Mussolini wrote that War Evolves Society. Mister Mussolini wasn’t in favour of War he was simply stating an unfortunate reality that is undeniable. Fascism in 1922 and National Socialism in 1933 would’ve never occurred if there hadn’t been the precedence of The Great War. Prime Ministeress Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative Party were going to lose the next general elections big time! And what saved The Iron Lady and The Tories, sadly: The Falkland-Malvine travesty of a mysterious war! Americans are far too comfortable and they haven’t any sense of profound culture and hence any time for philosophical ideas to motivate them to think, and as Il Duce Mussolini would’ve declared, Pensiero Ed Azione/ Thought and Action. It is an American reality. Listen to what the great filmmaker Mister Frank Capra said in an interview: if you try to go too far with the American in a film, too deep you, will lose your audience. These words aren’t an exact quotation but they are semantically exact. As for the raping of White women, this has been a most heinous unspeakable not only act but agenda going back to the 1960’s. And!!! Even the police and politicians have deliberalty not wanted to consider what happens to the Caucasian female as something to be known outside of of a police file report and a little square mention hidden in a daily newspaper.

        G1. My God you ask where is He! He is everywhere! And do not blame HIm! Blame those of our so-called glorious biology who are absent. and remember its not for European Man wherever a question only of Biology, but also of Psychology and Spirituality. The problem is Metaphysical: one must be SupraRational: neither Rational nor Irrational. and you Angelicus must not allow yourself to fall into the dark abyss of the latter for it’s an emotionally disturbed state of MInd to be entrapped in. So please give us a good REPLY and show us you are worthy of such a sublime name as Angelicus. and if you are not then beware for it is dangerous to play around with the Supernatural and we want you to most certainly be angelic and not the opposite. God Bless, Aristo Boho

  3. John
    John says:

    Mail-in voting meant that ignorant people voted in huge numbers for Democrats because it was easy. They would not have showed up at the polls in person.

    Blacks also made a lot of the difference in 2020, unfortunately.

    Most of them vote for hand-outs – that is, for Democrats.

    Blacks mean that White interests lose. Similarly for Hispanics. It’s a race takeover. The good Blacks who vote for the GOP are a minority.

    But if Biden, Harris, and the Democrats go too far in their radicalism, there may be a backlash in 2022.

    However, if Democrats make Puerto Rico a state and make illegal aliens legal (and thus voters), and lower the voting age, good Whites will be outvoted every time, and the GOP will never again win a major election that makes a difference.

    There needs to be a huge wave of decent Americans – which means mainly Whites and Christians – who will oppose the radicals. Jews will oppose White interests.

  4. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    Depressed? I wonder why.
    Could it be that you fear you won’t get to enjoy Biden’s vigorous presidency for long before Pelosi hits him with the 25th Amendment and we get “the first woman president”? A woman AND a Hindu!— the black part is deja vu. Those endearing giggles of hers… Competence is so overrated after all, and patriotism is highly suspect (it’s nationalism if not downright supremacism). Nowadays those proverbial ceilings are broken by skin and sexual organs. Still so much to look forward to: the first transgender president, the first Latino and last, the first Jew—last because, honestly, there is really no need. When you own the theater, do you worry about who the usher is?
    Could it be because critical race theory will not be put back on all curricula soon enough? Or that Trump’s presidential order of 10-years prison for any attack on a national monument will not be rescinded right away?
    Could it be because you doubt that Harris (or even Biden, so to speak) won’t prove their steadfast concern for the security of Israel in the first year by say, at least putting Lebanon in order?
    Have no fear and chin up, all will come to pass.

  5. Sherry McDonald
    Sherry McDonald says:

    Yes, it’s awful. We know they rigged it. In fact they cheated so much that it’s right in our faces. It’s like they are taunting us, goading us.
    It’s sickening. And it’s not like I had so much love for Trump, but Biden is a criminal and Harris is a witch. This is very hard to take.
    I hope Trump can find a way to fight back and win but it looks like an uphill battle. They had this planned for a long time.
    What a year. The worst year ever.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      ” We know they rigged it.”
      – there is still *no excuse* for the whites to give Trump such a small margin of victory that it enabled the anti-white party to cheat. All the whites who listened to the anti-white msm and then decided to vote anti-white deserve what is coming to them, just a pity about the remainder of the whites who were not so stupid as to vote against themselves.

      The question is, will demographics allow the whites one last chance in four years time to correct the grave error that they have been committing for decades, of voting against themselves, against their race, against their children’s future, and against their own nation?

      Is it possible that the whites will have one last chance to decide that they have changed their minds and they no longer think it is a good idea to invite the 3rd world over, to first of all share their wealth with them and then secondly to persecute them?

  6. Deep North
    Deep North says:

    I found this website in the spring of 2013. Three years before the 2016 election. I spent an entire weekend reading every article on this site. I was very skeptical of Trump when he said we would build a big beautiful wall with a giant door for immigrants to come here legally. I voted for Rand Paul in the primaries but voted for Trump in the general election. Not to mention Jared Ku$hner living in the White House.

    I guess we’ll deal with this now than waiting four years. What realistically comes after Trump as far as leaders go?

  7. Tom
    Tom says:

    The genius of the Left has been to portray all its agitation as emanating from universal principles. It’s an excellent cover for specific ambitions, so excellent in fact that leftists firmly believe the proposition themselves. No one desiring dominance of any kind can admit to such a base motive, so they resort to some motive principle like equality. But soon the equality shifts from procedural to outcome and so a renewed call for more agitation is established. And since outcome equality is impossible to achieve society is then forced to live with a permanent revolution. It’s a brilliant hoax and conservatives have fallen for it every time. In my opinion, the antidote does not lie in a call for conservative specificity but in a strategy that out-universals the fake leftist universals with a real world universal that everyone, left and right alike, already practices – namely, absolute freedom of association, and disassociation.

    • JimB
      JimB says:

      There was no “genius of the left”, just pure brutality and deceit. They wore America down psychologically, financially and then mugged us. Plain and simple. Animals.

  8. B. Smith
    B. Smith says:

    I share the gloom — and yet, and yet…

    I feel a cold breeze, bitter bracing breeze — of liberation, from anticipation, from extraneous concerns.

    Like a punch in the face sets the counter-punch free…
    Waking up after the crash glad for the chance to fight to live again,
    That first gasp, that grasp for life, after falling through the ice…

    With eyes to see and the guts to look any white person can see: The “United States” is over, we can’t live with these other people in our lives, we must create our own nation.

    No one will save us but ourselves.
    We owe nothing to enemies and traitors.
    There is literally nothing before us but victory or death.

    I feel free.

  9. Slovenec
    Slovenec says:

    The important lesson here seems to be that one can’t fight communism through democratic means. It’s even worse than that: democracy is the last refuge of a communist. I came to the mentioned maxim through Slovenian experience with communism; all “former” communist leaders turned their coats and suddenly became democrats during the so called “democratisation” of the country. Now they are pouring their usual globalist multikulti SJW globalist shit on Slovenians, hypocritically posing as concerned “opposition democrats” during every mandate of not entirely bolshevik government. This couldn’t have happen if they were hanged in 1991.

    I’m very sorry for all the decent American people, as I can literally feel the pain of treason by rigged elections — something not foreign to Slovenians either.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Democracy, intrinsically, is not the problem. The distribution of it is. Athenian democracy was reserved for the Parthenon, the elite, the cognoscenti, the educated, and the worthy. This was a decided minority of the population. That is why tribal societies had tribal elders. One Man One Vote is a terminal prescription for death of a nation.

      There are alternatives. Weighted votes, depending upon whether you are a net contributor or debit. A simple but thorough test to determine minimal knowledge of government structure, history, relevant institutions, political terminology, economic precepts and essentials. The minimum vote for a slacker and air head could be one vote, for an upper echelon citizen, four or five.

      There are solutions for all problems that are considered here and in similar sights. To me, a retired mechanical/power plant engineer, my only lifelong concern has been what works only. This leads tme to observe that many proposals and plans expounded here and on similar sites are impractical, improbable, and should be consigned to art, poetry, fiction, and romantic excess.

      • Slovenec
        Slovenec says:

        I don’t believe the Athenian democracy was so much better compared to modern Western variant. Socrates didn’t have a particularly flattering opinion about it.

        I think the model for true democracy is ancient Carantanian (i. e. Slovenian) democracy, where the Duke had to be confirmed by a free peasant:

        “The principality of Carantania is particularly notable for the ancient ritual of installing Carantanian dukes (or princes, both an approximate translation of Knez/Knyaz/Fürst), a practice that continued after Carantania was incorporated into the later Duchy of Carinthia. It was last performed in 1414, when the Habsburg Ernest the Iron was enthroned as Duke of Carinthia. The ritual took place on the Prince’s Stone (Slovene Knežji kamen, German Fürstenstein), an ancient Roman column capital near Krnski grad (now Karnburg) and was performed in Slovene by a free peasant who, selected by his peers, in the name of the people of the land questioned the new Prince about his integrity and reminded him of his duties. Later, when the Duchy of Carinthia had fallen to the Habsburgs, the idea that it was actually the people from whom the Duke of Carinthia received his legitimation was the basis of the Habsburgs’ claim to the unique title of Archduke.”

        Thomas Jefferson was inspired by the historical Slovenian model:

        “In the 1960s, Slovenian-American professor Joseph Felicijan discovered that Jefferson had personally marked the page in Bodin’s book discussing the installation ceremony. According to Felicijan, the description served as the primary inspiration for Jefferson’s Contractual Theory, the notion that no one has an inherent right to rule someone else, but that a ruler enters a contract with the ruled and that he has an obligation to those he serves. In other words, the ancient Carantanian ceremony inspired the revolutionary American concept of government.”

        The older I’m growing, the less I admire “nobility”; for quite some time now, I tend to put all my faith in indigenous rural population. In my vocabulary the “nobility” more or less denotes ruthless people with little ability to invent and create, but with a great ambition to kill and loot.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        To qualify for voting “A simple but thorough test ”
        – what about being a taxpayer or retired taxpayer as the criteria?

        It would also probably be worth the cost (including reduced crime) to make it easy for anyone to get free stuff for life and never have to do a job (thus making them unable to vote) as long as they also relocate to the ‘free stuff region’. When they all live in the same state they can commit their crimes on each other and be antisocial with each other.

  10. Slovenec
    Slovenec says:

    I can say with pride that Slovenian non-communist prime minister Janša greeted Trump for winning the second term as early as November 5th:


    He hasn’t retracted his statement, although the pressure on him to do so was intense. I believe Janša is one of the few (if not even perhaps the only one) European leaders who had the guts to oppose the communist/MSM narrative on “undisputed Biden victory”.

    Upon being viciously attacked by “outraged” Slovenian and European MSM and crypto-communist (with lousy encryption) politicians because of the mentioned statement of support, he replied on Twitter that he still believes that Trump is the legitimate winner of the election.

    • Slovenec
      Slovenec says:

      I have to correct myself: Slovenian prime minister Janša greeted Trump for winning the second term as early as November the 4th and not the 5th.

    • JimB
      JimB says:

      Working-class, White, legacy-Americans are to these “people” what the Ukrainian farmers were to the Bolshevik animals. Exactly that, with all it entails.

  11. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    The Trump haters do seem to be overly eager not to see Trump’s claims of electoral fraud tested.
    Trump is being accused of making claims of voter fraud without providing evidence. This is untrue.

    Evidence can be strange events , for example, if a company experiences unaccounted for loss of stock that could reasonably be counted as evidence that theft was occurring and a reason for the police to investigate. Similarly, if voting patterns such as improbable numbers of votes for one candidate occur that may reasonably be counted as evidence of fraudulent voting.

    Take another scenario: a young woman with no serious problems suddenly disappears without explanation. There is no evidence of criminality but nether is it thought unreasonable to suspect foul play and for the police to start an investigation.

    Trump is quite reasonably reacting to strange events. That is not to say there is voter fraud on a substantial scale . Rather, it is simply Trump wishing to have strange voting patterns investigated.

    • Robert Henderson
      Robert Henderson says:

      The main thrust of the Trump suits will be that the postal ballots were kept from Republican scrutiny, viz:


      Here is the unedited video of the material on the first video. Go in at 22 minutes.


      The videos have the adding value of Rudy Giuliani doing his unwitting impersonation of a Mafia don….

      Having watched these videos anyone with an open mind will have a strong sense of something very wrong with this election because

      1. The lengths to which those administering the counts went to to prevent republican scrutineer were denied any meaningful opportunity to see the ballot papers .

      2. The difficulty in squaring the counts with Trump in the lead – for example a lead of approx 800,000 for Trump in Pennsylvania – one day and the sudden flood of supposed ballots for Biden overthrowing the Trump leads.

      3. The dead voting .


      • Aristo Boho
        Aristo Boho says:

        Dear Mister Henderson,

        Thank you for providing the two video films of the head lawyer. His Honor Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.of President Donald John Trump’s brave and honest battle against the election fraud that has robbed him so far of reelection. Nevertheless, it isn’t Attorney-At-Law Giuliani who is unwittingly impersonating a Mafia Don, it is a decrepit moronic uncultured individual like yourself who is pathetically the unwitting one who sees any decent Italian like Attorney-At-Law Giuliani, as a character to be derided as a Mafioso or any other negative example of a person, only because he is or they are Italian. You cannot even begin to comprehend how ignorant you are. And let me be clear: I am not politically correct nor do I believe in censorship. I simply believe that if there’s shit on a pavement it should be washed away for good. I suppose Classical Music for you is the Top of the Pops according to the Billboard, Cash Box or Record World charts. What is sad is that one like yourself will never fully understand his own European cultural and historical branch from whence he comes. God Bless, Aristo Boho

          • Aristo Boho
            Aristo Boho says:

            Dear Mister Henderson,

            Joke accepted! Nothing was meant as an attack or anything negative about you as a human being. There are ever so many cretins in our strain of thought that one can overlook the tongue and cheek humour of another. Anyway, my deepest apologies if I hurt you; I’m not a cruel or vulgar person. If you read my commentary contributions you should know this.
            Good news! One of six truly great females alive to-day,Attorney-At-Law Sidney Powell has joined the legal team representing President Donald John Trump as well as the husband and wife jurisprudential scholars, Doctors Joe diGenova & Victoria diGenova-Toensing-Long. Please keep well. God Bless, Arito Boho

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      What’s that statement by Lincoln that a nation divided against itself can’t stand? Secession has already been talked of both on the Left and Right. And actually THAT would be great, as far as I can see. The U.S. of Trump, splitting from the racist Marxist regions formerly in the USA (the latter subject to reconquest as they degenerate, ruined by the flight of their tax base, the enforced prominence of low-IQ groups and the blight of general socialist/communist policy).

      Remember, the first Civil War happened after a large part of the USA refused to accept Lincoln’s election and there was the secession of that part. Don’t think that any natural law forbids the USA having more than one Civil War. The Romans had a bunch.

      The competition for leadership isn’t over until Trump says it is. The presidency will go to the side that wants it more.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      – There is no need for war, all it takes is for 10% of us to realise that our politicians and msm are proc-communist and anti-white and against us, instead of the current 5%

      At the 5% level we do not have enough influence over politics or big tech treachery or the msm, or the legal system that is now against us, but with 10% we would have, especially if the wealthy whites start putting some money into the cause of halting national suicide (just as the Jews put their money into their political causes) instead of thinking of nothing else apart from their own personal wealth (which will soon evaporate anyway and be redistributed if they remain so complacent).

      At 10% we could sway the majority to stop being against themselves, as basically most of them do not want national suicide and they just need a slight shift in the balance of the culture and the .legal system before it becomes culturally acceptable to be on your own side, instead of on the side of the 3rd world who want to outnumber us then persecute us (‘us’ as in, all white nations).

      The whites might readily shift their loyalties to being on their own side instead of being against themselves as at present, if the culture shifted only slightly in this direction, as it could take off like an avalanche, as in the new way – of being on your own side instead of against yourself – would gel with and match their other inner instinct of favoring self-interest, which they are currently suppressing. It is like a balloon that is currently being held in the wrong shape by being twisted – when the twisting pressure is relaxed a little, the balloon goes back to normal shape.

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        Let’s hope that this latest phase of the crisis can be a catalyst toward going to that 10%.

        Not having a war seems desirable from some perspectives, but (1) hot war, as distinguished from the longer cold war, seems to have already been waged by the enemy for most of this year (what do invading armies do–don’t they burn, pillage, destroy and assault?); and (2) I believe with regret that what’s been needed for a long time is a sharp military defeat of the elements bent on destroying our heritage and liberty, with the camp-imprisonment of the leaders (in the Corporate and Social Media, the demonrat politicians and their funders) and the militant rank & file.

        Can the US military, composed more of Rightists than of Leftists, be so stupid as to obey these Leftists who who endangering everything that those who love heritage stand for?!

        All Trump has to do is say the word, and this boy suits up and reports for duty.

        • pterodactyl
          pterodactyl says:

          Lucious Vanini
          I actually think you are right and I accept that even if ‘our side’ got its extra 10% and took control, still ‘the other side’ would just keep on and on trying to bring down the nation (this applies to all white nations) and would never rest at this, and even if we took control of the msm for 20 years, we would still be vulnerable to them retaking it when our lot relaxed our guard.

          In the end, there will have to be geographical separation if normal white people want to survive, with as much war as that involves, although to a large extent this might be minimised if the ‘free stuff lot’ can be induced to relocate to their regions peacefully without war if bribed to do so, for example in a certain region you can get free stuff for life – the Dem voters would self-relocate without being pushed.

          So the only solution for normal whites who want to live in peace with others like themselves in their own homeland, is to have geographical separation, either by war or bribery.

  12. Luke
    Luke says:

    With the recent absolutely and incredibly nauseating article by Gregory Hood that appeared on AmRen and also over on Unz.com – “Win or Lose: It was a Good Election” – plus some additional follow up commentary by Jared Taylor and a few others in the so-called ‘pro-White’ movement that literally reeked of a bizarre aroma of artificial optimism – whereby there seemed to be an effort to cast this theft of the White House as some kind of minor bump in the road – I have to ask myself how is it possible for anyone in our movement to not realize just how devastating this fraudulent election will be to the future of White Americans?

    If this fraud is allowed to stand, it is equivalent to the mortal enemies of the White race being allowed to drive the final stake through the heart of our race of humans. How in the holy hell can ANYONE try to spin that as being no big deal?

    That I am hearing and reading dialog coming from some of our movement’s most well known spokesman that seem to be promoting this notion makes me question whether these people were ever sincerely on the side of pro-Whites.

    • Lord Shang
      Lord Shang says:

      I don’t agree with you. I believe this election was stolen by Democrats, and that in itself should be concerning to all Americans. That it is not concerning to any but hardcore Trump supporters is yet more concerning. That means honest liberals are gone. Good, we will be more merciless to the enemy when the time comes. Anyone not pro-Right (and prowhite) is defined henceforth as antiwhite – an enemy.

      But let’s be honest. While I wanted Trump to win for symbolic and some very practical reasons, would Trump have done much good in a second term? He might have, feeling newly liberated. But maybe not. He did very little that was any good, and even less that any other Republican would not have done as well. Trump gave us implicitly prowhite rhetoric, but very little in prowhite result. Would he have done enough good in a second term to have justified the midterm GOP losses that a Trump win would have guaranteed? Count me sceptical. Trump is a political idiot, a decent man who really was clueless. He was not a master at anything in the political realm. He had two years of GOP Congressional control, and he couldn’t even get his Wall built.

      Review midterm Congressional elections over the past 40 years. In every one except 1998 and 2002, the party in Presidential power sustained losses, sometimes massive ones (and 98 and 02 were not blowouts for the incumbent; the incumbent party merely held its own). If Trump had won a second term, 2022 would have destroyed the GOP; the Senate especially would have gone Democrat (assuming it doesn’t go so due to Georgia runoffs this January). Then in 2024, it would have been extremely likely that a radical leftist would have won the Democrat nomination, and eventually Presidency. Since FDR/Truman, no two term President has ever been succeeded by a President of his own party except Reagan-Bush (maybe Eisenhower-Nixon, another stolen election).

      So the issue is, would a second Trump term have been worth likely losses of the Congress in 2022, and the Presidency in 2024? Would Trump have been so awesome for the Occidental cause that he could have so reformed the nation as to make it unimportant that an all-Democrat government would have been near-guaranteed for 2025? I really doubt it. He would have been better than Biden, obviously, but not so much better, given Democrat control of the House, that losing the Congress would have been worth it.

      Consider the situation now. Biden is an Old Man. He will only last one term if that. He does not have the fire in the belly for major changes and legislative battles. He will most likely make only one SCOTUS pick, and that will be Breyer – a leftist for a leftist. His will be what is known as a “caretaker regime”. Assuming GOP keeps Senate control this January, no major legislation will get through Congress at least until 2023. I doubt GOP will lose control of the Senate in 2022 if Biden is President; indeed, I predict they will win back the House in part with the rallying cry of a stolen 2020 election (also, the country may still be reeling with Covid issues, or the economic fallout therefrom). GOP now controls redistricting in many states after this 2020 Census, which means they will almost certainly automatically pick up yet more seats in the House. Finally, GOP is always better, more united, in opposition. Facing Biden, there will be very few GOP defectors, esp with the base angry at the stolen election.

      No, this is not a bad situation at all, looking at the larger picture.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        “would Trump have done much good in a second term? He might have, feeling newly liberated. But maybe not.”

        – if the only thing he does is to stop social media being able to politically censor social media accounts (eg Andrew Joyce on Twitter and Stefan Molyneux banned), this would be a game changer. The longer social media/internet news sites are able to last (including this one), the more will ppl’s eyes be opened to what is really going on – ie who is behind the anti-white culture, who the traitors are ((!)).

        The left ((and allies)) are desperate to control the internet as each day of internet free speech (including at the current censoring level) means more ppl are waking up.

        The way to do it is to make ‘political discrimination’ an offence like other forms of discrimination are – race,age,sex discrimination. Apply it to Paypal etc and if they close an account through political discrimination it should be treated as severely as if they had closed an account because of a person’s black race or sex or age. Award massive payouts, to match the £180,000 a man got in Britain recently after being called names at work like ‘it’ for dressing as a woman at work. If he gets £180,000 for his hurt feelings, so should Andrew Joyce get the same from Twitter for closing his account.

  13. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    The election of Cotton Eyed Joe reminded me of a family story. Uncle William was valet to Mr. Elsworthy who was one of the senior members of the Dept. of State in Europe.
    He hated Yankees because they had killed his father and 4 of his uncles.
    As a boy he had watched as the Yankees marched into the South. I am 78 and so will not have the pleasure of seeing the Yankees march out of Europe.
    When President Wilson was in London he visited Mr Elsworthy, with 3 advisers. The President rang the doorbell at 10 am and uncle William answered the door leaving Mr Elsworthy sitting in his armchair with his boots on the table.
    Uncle William led PW (slowly) along the corridor and into the room.
    When the 5 were standing still Mr.Elsworthy took his boots of the table and shook the President’s hand.
    The top secret briefing took 45 minutes with Jewish uncle William standing in the corner of the room. Mr Elsworthy had given him an American Passport.
    P.W. thanked Mr.E. for the briefing and said he would meet Mr. E at Versailles.
    Mr E said “You will not. All my life I have associated with gentlemen and I am too old to change the habits of a lifetime and become acqainted with the likes of you.”
    PW fired ME and said he did not mind being insulted but Mr. E had insulted every American because he was their President.
    Uncle William invited the PW to leave because he had heard what Baruch, House, Warburg and the rest of the gang call the Americans.
    At the front door there was brief discussion about whether PW would need his umbrella.

    • Christopher Caudill
      Christopher Caudill says:

      Thank you for this comment! Have you read Douglas Reed’s Controversy of Zion? It’s a somewhat sprawling book, and he gets some details wrong and does a fair amount of speculating, but there is fascinating material about poor old Woodrow Wilson and “Colonel” House. Your story rings true with what Reed relates about those years!

  14. John
    John says:

    After 4+yrs., thousands of articles, videos, podcasts, crime, anti-European(aka White), etc., we(as a collective) STILL don’t understand or r suicidal of the threat to our survival, otherwise, we would have voted as a block. No one to blame but ourselves. Taking back our country by reversing the demographics is off the table. What’s left is having our own communities & the WILL to defend them.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      – in the ’30s the Germans did not start to change the way they voted until they were actually starving, but once they did so, all their problems were sorted out within a few years. Of course they encountered bigger problems at that stage when the Allies sided with the communist USSR against them, but if there is a rerun this time the narrative will be harder for the elite to control due to more ppl being aware of the agenda these days.

  15. USA
    USA says:

    “Fait accompli”, rather ~ the /fête/* misnomer is the French word for “celebration” (which is kind of apropos as well, considering their feting of their phony victory. (*where you see a circumflex accent mark, it’s replaced an /s/ so fête once was /feste,/ hence proximity of which to the English /festival/ becomes apparent)

  16. Blago Simeonov
    Blago Simeonov says:

    The paramount purpose of bulldozing Biden to the highest office is carefully camouflaged. It is Eretz Israel. What else?

    • A non European
      A non European says:

      At least someone is thinking outside the box. For eretz Israel ( rather AntiChrist Israel), Americana delenda est is but necessary. If I were a EuroAmerican, I would be organising a militia and learning how to wage guerilla war… sooner or later it is coming.

        • A non European
          A non European says:

          Hence, stop watching TV. Stop mainstream social media. Promote kith and kin. Promote marriage i.e. real marriage, not the fake one. Move out into the countryside. Live like the Amish [but without the prohibition on modern tech].

  17. Circassian
    Circassian says:

    Despite Biden’s high-flown rhetoric about all coming together and healing the divisions, things will be worse than ever.

    Kevin MacDonald

    I am afraid the professor is in the right here.

    But still. I have to say that today I am very depressed.

    Kevin MacDonald

    -Hey, go for it, man!
    -It’s easy for you to say – you are a Russian.
    -Look, it’ll come out right. Just don’t worry about it.


    The feeling is definitely there. It’s a new morning in America – fresh, vital. The old cynicism is gone. We have faith in our leaders. We’re optimistic as what to come of it all. It really boils down to our ability to accept. We don’t need pessimism.

  18. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:


    The risible social network site posing as a prediction site, metaculus.com, now gives Trump a 1% chance of becoming President (see “Donald Trump USA President on 2021-01-21”). When Barrett took her SCOTUS seat, prior to the election, I dove in the metaculus swamp to give Trump 75% — prominently mentioning Barrett taking the bench. When challenged on the premise that the election would be contested, I took another contrarian stand (40%) on whether the election would be contested (See “US election conceded by 17 November 2020?”).
    Before being permitted to register my opinion on _that_ question, I was required to estimate what the social network posing as “prediction community” would estimate the odds on _that_ question — my estimate of the social network’s estimate was 60%.
    What did their actual estimate turn out to be?
    The social network responded with mockery, of course, including mockery of _another_ “crackpot” prediction of mine (about Randell Mills’s grand unified theory). When I pointed out that such mockery undermines the purported purpose of metaculus.com, the social network responded with a denial of the mockery — indicating I had “misinterpreted” the mockery and that it was too bad that my “feelings had been hurt”, blah blah blah, basically engaging in self-deception so common in groupthink.
    Now, you have to understand that metaculus was largely motivated by a tiny faction of the US intelligence community that recognized its 9/11 WMD failures getting the US into a wasting war in the middle east, etc. My prediction, prior to 2001/09/11 was that there would be a false flag — a “Panwestern Reichstag” — around the turn of the millennium getting the US into a middle east war on behalf of Israel to serve as a lightning rod for the millennialist religious beliefs of the backbone of the US military, using the discharge power to accomplish various objectives. I also predicted the odds of getting caught in this mendacity would be comparable. The 9/11 “Truther” movement has been pretty well deep-sixed by the Trump presidency, but when Trump gave his “Mexican Rapist” speech, I labeled him “The Likud President”.
    “The Likud President” is not as damning a stigma in my world view as some would impute. The Mossad/Likuds are having a “Come To Jesus” moment — with a _lot_ of internal conflict in the highest levels of Jewish power — trying to undo a lot of the damage their coethnics had done to the West: Make America Great Again. Can they do it? Can they _really_ “Come To Jesus” after what they’ve done to America? They have to. Jews were openly planning on abandoning the West and moving the affiliations to Asia in 2006 after the 9/11 fiasco. Then they found that China wasn’t going to be the easy mark it was during the Sassoon steamship era.
    So — time to “pluck out the eye that offends” throwing former “assets” like Epstein/Maxwell under the bus as only the most visible manifestation of their damaging underworld.
    Christians — particularly Zionist Christians — should not be deceived. Their prayers for The Likud Candidate should recognize the depths of depravity in the Jewish community and how horrific the damage has been that is now seeking redemption.

  19. ValhallaX
    ValhallaX says:

    Yes, Big War is indeed on its way, and about time, too.

    Hitler faced the same appr. 100 years ago. Not much different at all. The usual suspects had destroyed (as they always do, always) the host and were looking for more to blunder. It was a chaos, the usual suspects had already killed Russia and now they went for the jugular of Germany. Hordes of beasts, like Rosa Luxemburg et al. were trying to do the same as in Russia to the rest of the Europe.

    And there was a war. A battle of will. And eventually the Triumph des Willens.

    But the whore is in heat again. And now they want to do the same to USA.

    So what to do?

    Stand up and fight, for God’s sake. What are we? Mice or men? There is nothing to lose anymore. They are already preparing the Gulag. Yes, they are, they are, for sure. If you believe their stories, do not then wonder, where they took daddy, when you hear the boots behind the door. The boots of the Beast, which is never, ever, satisfied, it needs more and more of white man’s blood.

  20. pj dooner
    pj dooner says:

    The silver lining might be the “unrest” coming between the zio-christians led by Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, John Hagee, tMike Adams, the Mike Evans and the rest vs BLM and Antifa. WNs should grab the popcorn and sit back and cheer on these idiots to wipe each other out and then go from there.

  21. JimB
    JimB says:

    Whatever happens from this point out, I do hope that any would-be civic-nationalist White future candidate will learn some important lessons from the MAGA saga: 1) civic-nationalism just doesn’t work, 2) your enemies will continue to hate you no matter how hard you try to appease them, 3) weakness and cuckery isn’t respected by any side, 4) your base comes first, and 5) this is WAR, not a social-media popularity contest.

    I too am pretty depressed. But we always knew that nothing about our situation was going to be easy and that the people we’re up against don’t fight fair. Now perhaps more normies will take their heads out of their b-hinds and wake up and smell the genocide.

  22. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    You guys, it’s time for the white ethno-state. It’s BEEN time. We can play this game every four years, but the verdict has been in long before this recent election; both sides intend to sharply and irrevocably change the demographics of this nation so that whites become voiceless payors with zero representation in the country their ancestors built. Republicans just do it a little bit more slowly, but the end goal is still the same because the jew sits firmly as the gatekeeper over both parties.

    The one good thing this election has done is to show just how much of the US is still solid red. Let’s all pick a red place and move there. We’re moving to Northern Idaho. I invite all like minded white people to join us. Let’s all buy land and start a true ethno-state with a corridor of unbroken white owned land that grows continuously.

    Our salvation will not be found in Washington D.C. There is no great white hope waiting to take the national reins, and even if there was, we were just shown in no uncertain terms that he will never be allowed to govern. We must do this for ourselves. Buy up the land in red states and start grassroots white settlements which can eventually all connect together. You are the hero you’ve been waiting for.

    • Hans Frank
      Hans Frank says:

      Being able to live apart from groups that are hostile to whites seems more important than a pure ethnostate to me. Right to assembly and freedom of association is the key.

  23. Val
    Val says:

    it is sad everyone is so gloomy. why?
    the time to have corrected things was at least 20 years ago, and yet no one anywhere except for a few actually heeded.
    apathy has become the ‘whites’ with the new reign of the ‘millennials’.
    millennials are not men or women but little sheeples with their heads in their phones wanting handouts just like the ‘latinos’ and blacks. they are owed what they get — go to any business/store and speak to an owner or manager who has a bit of age on them and it is always the same story, even of the so-called ‘middle class’ millennials and their offspring.
    there isn’t going to be a ‘civil war’.
    millennials are nothing but a bunch of loud mouths who come out with their guns when they are sure they can do it ‘safely’ with the backing of numbers. the majority cower when alone. sure there maybe a ‘group’ here or there, but they will be dealt with quickly — the ‘democratic socialist’ already know who you are and where you live and intend to go ‘hide’.
    this isn’t the 1920s or ’30s.
    millennials gave it all away and blame their parents — that’s is the thing to do, blame someone else for what i do wrong or fail to do.
    millennials stood by and hid while businesses were destroyed by the minority believing that LE would protect them and stop the hoards, but it didn’t happen. LE stood by and let it happen because LE is made up of millennials who stand for nothing other than that paycheck they receive and do as they are told by the ‘left’.
    SO, cheer up!!!! You refused to stand now live as the slave you wanted to be on your knees with a boot shoving your face into the mud. hope your social media and the lies you accepted from it was worth it. Oh, forgot, your phone does all of your thinking for you, so you will never realize what has happened to you. you will continue on like nothing happened with your nose stuck to your phone.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Val – you are correct, the West now enjoys incredible wealth and comforts (especially anaesthetics and medicines and bountiful food) that are the result of the toils of our ancestors over the centuries to bring us to this point where everyone today has a better standard of living (health care, food, warmth, comforts) than even the kings and queens of the past – this wealth and comfort has spoiled us and is leading to our downfall as we let our lefties take over.

      The millennials are pampered and overfed, and they assume things will just carry on as they are for ever. They have no idea how fast things can change and all their comforts and safe lives can disappear very quickly.

  24. Antonius
    Antonius says:

    Didnt & wont ever again “vote for the less *evil* puppet working for the Jews instead of the more evil guy” after I tried being a dissident revolutionary and a reformist of the anti-Aryan system simultaneously by voting for Zio Don in 2016.

    Granting unconditional support to a puppet who pretends to be your friend (& who fools a helluva a lot of folk on the hard right wing) yet delivers no-thing beneficial to you &/or your people is insane. Letting someone screw you over & over and inverting values wherein such pacifism (supposedly) becomes a rare species of “bravery/honor/realpolitik/pragmatism” is insane. Down with the entire stinking system! (I wouldnt say this if Trump had at least delivered a dramatic reduction of non-Aryan invasion like shutting off “legal” invasion).

    Instead he delivered no-thing and do you really think the steadily heightening persecution/censorship would have succeeded under Hillary? The real powers that always make the important decisions from behind the throne may have tried it anyway, but would it have been so tolerated?

    The pro-Aryan racialist right wing was a movement on the rise back before Trump won & it’s biggest mistake was not making good that it was a separate entity from Trump when he instantly did an about face on 2016 election night and at latest, when he went along with the almost certain Israeli false flag & did his first nuclear brinkmanship, instead the “4d chess” meme was embraced and anyone who dared say otherwise was viciously attacked and sidelined (Trump sowed more division, chaos, & infighting than anything, look at us!).

    And btw, you really think its “impossible” that Trump – a Jew York City tycoon bailed out by the Rothschild’s & mentored by Jew Roy Cohn similar to how Woodrow Wilson was mentored by Bernard Baruch – wasn’t a psyop altogether? The “pressure release valve” theory. Its definitely not impossible (not saying it can be proven either way, but c’mon! A ton of angry Aryan men who were starting to at least talk of revolution are now on exactly the same page as Rush Limbaugh & Joe Chump – a lot of “white nationalists” slowly but surely became essentially edgy run of the mill Buckley esque conservitards and the entire pro-Aryan “movement” splintered. Here we are, arguing about Jewish puppets and demockeracy elections rather than dusting ourselves off and re-orienting. Trump was the wrong move, the best thing would have been to have refused to vote and prepared to revolt. I know, “would’ve,could’ve,should’ve” BUT i clearly see the majority of the best of the best Aryan men are refusing for purely irrational & emotional reasons to take a hard look at painful things and refusing to even try to learn something. The Jews are laughing that any of us are taking their fake Sportsball-like distraction psyop of demockeracy elections seriously beyond what is logically sensible (obviously the “elections” do matter in the sense that so many morons take them seriously & thus a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts is realized…but i see a lot of the best Aryan men left – you men – act as though the election works as advertised in the media and that we are essentially not powerless under the existing genocidal system…it’s rotten beyond the bone marrow! We knew this, and we are unnecessarily repeating absolutely disastrous mistakes. Please, the sooner you accept that no one is coming to save us the sooner we begin to have a real actual possibility – a real chance – to save ourselves and each other. Think of all the Aryan American children out there. Think of all Aryan children of our diaspora.

    They need us including myself to be willing to accept & endure the little bit of extra pain that comes with recognizing a problem as a problem. How is it even imaginable to fix a problem that we refuse to recognize as a problem? We took a risk that at the time seemed like the only way to stave off WWIII (Hillary saying she wanted to double down on ISIS…before you knee jerk say “seeeeeee! Good thing we vooooted Zio Don, ask yourself if its really so far fetched to wonder if that was merely bait we might have clumsily took – most of us automatically assume any thing/one that the Jewish media mocks is automatically *always* a righteous thing/person…you really think its that simple? That Jews aren’t aware of that? And that they don’t use that simplistic black and white behavior against us? Reverse psychology? Either way, Trump engaged in nuclear brinkmanship multiple times for Jews for Israel. He has been an unmitigated disaster who betrayed everyone Aryan and no one Jewish/anti-Aryan).

    He is our enemy who pretends to be our friend, and he has fooled a tremendous number of men who were previously at least mentally contemplating that we must save ourselves).

    Good for us for trying what seemed like a solution at the time. If you/me/we fail to become a bit smarter and tougher, our race is 100% finished on the N.American continent, and possibly globally. America is the #1 menace to our race, and a tragically failed experiment. Cling onto delusions that that’s not bitter yet nutritious medicine we *need* rather than what we want at the cost of dooming yourself,me,and our posterity. We are better than this.

    Down with Biden! Down with Trump! Down with the Jews! We can have a much much much better world. The person you see in the mirror is needed. Basically the same blood that built civilization is in our veins, the potential – the power – is there, but we must reach for it.

    • val
      val says:

      Antonius – that is what i have been telling people for years. when you vote for the lesser of two evils it is still evil.
      GOD, the one and only, told the Hebrew to turn from evil — HE meant all evil.
      Christ, told the New Testament Church to turn from evil — He meant all evil.
      AND, what have we done?
      ever since jewlincoln started the war of northern aggression, we have constantly voted overall the lesser of the two evils. now look where we are.
      ready and waiting for the lesser of the two to kill us — either through starvation, vaccination, or straight out bullettothehead when the ‘friendly’ troops start kindly assisting with the vaccines then change to outright force — troops, whether us, un, or ccp – al the same.
      honestly, we are in one helluvamess.
      and the millennials all think they are gonna fight and die for ‘freedom’ — sounds good, it just don’t work that way in this new world. they have no idea of the tech being used against them. plus when it comes down to it, when you face someone willing to kill you most surrender to the opposing force.
      politicians are liars and a liar is a liar — nothing ever gets done.
      why can’t the sheeple realize this?
      few awaken but it is too few to long in coming and only hell awaits.
      a few will face the end together though apart
      the ‘elite’ will have their run on humanity, one way or another
      good luck, y’all. we are all gonna need it for what is coming whether fast or slow.

  25. Jack McArthur
    Jack McArthur says:

    Whatever be the case the prayer I came across this morning from Ancient Egypt will resonate with honest people:

    “Thoth, Lord of truth, who vindicates the loser, savior of the wretched needy one and his possessions” (BD183, TGA)

    The context is Osiris who has been struck down by the powers of evil but who now rises from the dead. I think Jesus was rapidly accepted in Egypt because his saying to the Jews “Before Abraham was I Am” was self evidently true.

  26. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    This IS depressing. The thing is I don’t even like Trump. I think he was incredibly overrated by a lot of our kind long after he should have been recognized as shabazz goy and a man for the rich and corporates. But the thing is that I couldn’t help but be enspirited by the sheer fact of his image – ‘the last white man’ as I think somebody called it. It was great to see the left and neo cons overreact to him. They actually thought they were dealing with a REAL white man in power. WE may never see that again. Now that he is apparently gone, and the uncomplicated globo homo is back on the throne, it is depressing. I don’t feel like even thinking about politics again though I know this the wrong attitude. But it will pass. Heads up, huh?

  27. TrumpFan
    TrumpFan says:

    But still. I have to say that today I am very depressed.

    No, you don’t have to say it. You shouldn’t say what your enemies like to hear. If you do, you’re encouraging them and discouraging your friends. Bad tactics.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      I said “depressed”, not “very depressed”.
      Besides I come to this website to talk to my friends, not my enemies. Friends should listen to each other, not lecture.

  28. jerry hoekstra
    jerry hoekstra says:

    Putin will not recognize #Biden as President yet due to the “ongoing legal processes,” says his spokesman Peskov.

    And Putin is not the only world leader with an effective intelligence service who knows what’s going on.

    Chinese president Xi Jinping has so far held off sending a congratulatory message to the new US president

  29. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    Why would you be depressed? Both parties are a joke, and Biden is a mess. I can’t wait to hear his inauguration speech, which I assume will be televised live and not pre-recorded. If the Jews want a war with Iran or further escalations in the Middle East, why not let the “anti-war” Democrats shoulder that responsibility? Why not let the Democrats deal with the fallout of the covid-19 economy? Why not let the Democrats re-institute white privilege training? Why not let the whites who voted for Trump think the election was stolen? Why not let Biden amnesty tens of millions of illegals? etc.. All of these things will only polarize whites into realizing their country has been stolen from them.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Thanks. I am feeling better already. Since I really thought- as opposed to felt – that Trump was, at best much ado about not much, by your logic Biden may be an improvement. I like your way of thinking.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Yes, the whites need a really big kick to wake them up in time to change the way they vote before it it too late. If Biden takes over there will be many cases of whites who voted for Biden getting what is coming to them and finally learning a lesson.

      The main problem with a Biden win is that the current level of free speech on the internet will be further reduced (this site will go for a start). Already Twitter is censoring Trump’s tweets, for example they deleted one about a rally this week, so they cannot claim it broke their rules this time as it was just announcing a rally.

      The longer the internet stays ‘free’ even at the current level of ‘free’, the waking up of the people will continue at a fast rate as things collapse around them (health services, law and order). This waking process will end (or slow down) if the left manage to control the internet as tightly as they control the msm. Just think how many know about ((them)) from just a few decades of the internet, myself included.

  30. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    OK the big majority of Jews – the liberals and neo cons in the Dem Party – obviously supported Biden. However, does that mean that Jewish Power is exclusively anti -Trump? Check out Trump’s Jews

    Trump’s JEWISH financial supporters:Lew Eisenberg, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, Mel Sembler, Ron Weiser, Steve Wynn, Elliott Brody, Laurie Perlmutter, and Carl Icahn, not to mention Bernie Marcus. Then we have his many Jewish personal and professional associates, who include, among others, Avi Berkowitz, Michael Cohen, Gary Cohn, Reed Cordish, Boris Epshteyn, David Friedman, Jason Greenblatt, Larry Kudlow, Stephen Miller, Steven Mnuchin, Jay Sekulow, David Shulkin, and Allen Weisselberg(See Thomas Dalton, True Q)

    Doesn’t it follow from the nature of Jews that the above listed kosher contingent around Trump were asking “what is good for the Jews?”, and that they were around Trump BECAUSE they were asking that question, because they thought he could and would do something that was not only good for the Jews but better for the Jews than whatever Biden would do if he replaced Trump? WHY some very powerful monied and professionally successful Jews would think Trump is better for the Jews than Biden is an important question – perhaps especially now as it might help us disappointed Trump sympathizers realize what we might have ACTUALLY gotten from a second term by Trump. Meanwhile the question begs to be asked because Trump in his first term did such a bad job doing what he said he was going to do that it should occur to someone on our side in particular that maybe his “failures” from our point of view had something to do with HIS Jews and what they thought was good for the Jews. .

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      You’re working hard to convince yourself that what you FEEL is inferior to what you THINK, and that your thoughts are actually worth something.

      “Doesn’t it follow from the nature of Jews that the above listed kosher contingent around Trump were asking “what is good for the Jews?”, and that they were around Trump BECAUSE they were asking that question, because they thought he could and would do something that was not only good for the Jews but better for the Jews than whatever Biden would do if he replaced Trump?”

      Wow, what a thinker! A real genius! One can barely follow such a complex concept as you’ve put forth.

      “… because Trump in his first term did such a bad job doing what he said he was going to do …”

      Not true. Please provide your genius list of even one thing Trump failed to do that he said he was going to do — with documented proof, of course. (This will be interesting.)

      You were on the right track with this: ” But the thing is that I couldn’t help but be enspirited by the sheer fact of his image – ‘the last white man’ as I think somebody called it. It was great to see the left and neo cons overreact to him.” But your head overruled that because you’re afraid you’ll be caught ‘fooled again,’ so you overcompensate and guess what? You fool yourself.

      We will all eventually see it, as it all plays out.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        “Please provide your genius list of even one thing Trump failed to do that he said he was going to do — with documented proof, of course.”

        As a matter of interest, such a list was compiled and published here just last month by a gentleman named Mike Mann. I commend the list to your attention. Whatever one thinks of Trump and his accomplishments—assuming, that is, that one thinks he accomplished anything of note—the list makes for disheartening reading.

        Trump’s besetting vice is sloth. He seems to have almost no intellectual curiosity, and he signally failed to take advantage of the extensive authority available to the Chief Executive to do good for historically white America and to hobble its enemies—i.e., our enemies. That despite Trump’s inadequacies we will be immeasurably worse off than we are now if Biden’s stolen electoral victory stands is a sad testament to our situation.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Bad link, Mr. “de Craon”. So we still have no list. Just a snob looking down his Catholic French Canadian nose at someone who actually gets things done for his (American) people. All the Canadians here have no say in the political life of the USA anyway. Your opinion counts for naught. Try doing something about your Justin Trudeau and his intellectual curiosity, why don’t you?

          And find that list.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            It’s not a bad link. Page down till you get to the Mike Mann list. Can you manage that?

            Where did you get the idea that I’m a Canadian? Even your insults are dumb, Carolyn.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            This Mike Mann list (like finding a needle in a haystack – not worth the effort) doesn’t even call itself a list of promises Donald Trump made and didn’t keep – and DOESN’T include any either. So that makes you a “big liar” just as much as Achilles Wannabe (who is much nicer than you and not a Snob).

            You’re not a Canadian? I picked up the idea you were in Quebec, but it matters not, since you intend to hide your identity, whatever it is. The point is, you failed to provide what you said … “such a list was compiled and published here just last month”. No such list has ever been compiled, by anyone.

            Also, people like you and Mike Mann do your best to drive women away from White solidarity – what should we suspect to be the reason for that?

            By the way, Richard McCulloch has determined that the 2020 vote totals add up to 31 million votes for Trump from white men and 30.6 million from white women. Pretty good showing from women.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            First you call me a Canadian; then you go full-white-trash and call me a faggot, albeit with the most transparent of coy circumlocutions. Are you easing up or bearing down, I wonder? Either way, so much for what passes as wit, insight, and civility chez vous.

            Then there’s the little matter of who authorized you to speak for white women en masse. Documentation forthcoming?

            “… it matters not …”

            Since “never mind” has already been used a thousand times, those three words will one day make an apt epitaph for you, Carolyn.

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        Trump has been, and will now especially be, mythic. His effect will now be larger than whoever he really was. He really will become in many white minds “The Last White Man”(Striker said that I think) which is fine with me – not the least because it will be at odds with the ultimate intentions of his Jews
        Alas, maybe now you and I are fighting the last war so we should move on. We are going to have enough problems without arguing about whoever Trump really was.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Achilles W. “…we should move on. We are going to have enough problems without arguing about whoever Trump really was.”

          Oh! Then why did you start it? Clearly you can’t finish it, but your ‘educated’ mind from your long stay at U of C Berkeley won’t let you admit it. I’ll take Trump’s brains over yours or “Pierre de Craon’s” any day of the week.

          Since I don’t drop things easily, I’ll take this opportunity to state unequivocally:
          Everything Trump SAID he would do, he did. You are surely confusing what WN’s hoped he would do or be, with that “promise” category. But he still had a second term to go, that was stolen from him. Like Adolf Hitler, he actually had/has the whole friggin’ world power structure against him. And it’s going to do to him just what it did to Hitler. So there’s no “moving on.” Moving on to what?

          So provide me with one important thing Trump SAID he would do and didn’t, or admit that you can’t. This is important because it’s one of those things that keeps being said but without any basis. One of those “Big Lies.” To repeat it makes you one of the Big Liars.

          • Achilles Wannabe
            Achilles Wannabe says:

            What world do you live in Carolyn? I cannot deny that sometimes I wish I lived there.
            Must be fun. Or perhaps I should
            say must have BEEN fun? We will see. But Trumpism – as distinguished from just voting for Trump – is less a political faith than a religious one. As with another Saviorism. there is no arguing with it based upon the data.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Clearly, this is no answer to my request for specific examples or documented accounts of Trump promising to do the things you say he did. This is just more EVASION on your part. This has to be obvious to everybody except fellow “Big Lie” perpetrators like “Angelicus”.

            I have been asking this question to others online who repeated the same line you do, about Trump failing to do what he said he would do, and not a one has come up with an answer for me. They all evade or drop it, just as you’ve done. Doesn’t that say something? I guess it’s some kind of a meme.

            As for “Trumpism,” I’m sure you also have your own personal idea what that means to you – it doesn’t mean anything to me at this point. There is a person named Donald Trump who I voted for twice, the second time because I think he’s been the best president this country has had for a lo-oong time. Don’t think he’s going away any time soon. Unless they assassinate him, which is very possible. What protects him from that is the prospect it would make him into a very charismatic martyr figure.

          • Aristo Boho
            Aristo Boho says:

            Dear Miss Yeager,

            I am in agreement with you. President Donald John Trump did accomplish what he set out to do. and if not actually everything almost all he promised. If you go to my COMMENTS here within I give examples as to just what the complex situation has been in these four years. Aslo cross-refer to mine in REPLY to Mister Hubert Collins “President Trump Could Have Prepared For This”. From the very begininng the entire community of Global Existentialism has been against him. I believe Giuliani & Company just might be victorious and President Donald John Trump just might give us another four years. As for the White Nationalists and White Supremacists, I wouldn’t give the time of day to most of the former nor trust many of them, especially the latter group, who are the most infiltrated of the Right. These cretins just do not see how serious the situation is and like many of The New Left, going back to 1968, are very but very uncultured and philosophically void of the knowledge they should have. On One America News’ “The Tipping Point With Kara McKinney” Miss McKinney this evening gave a report on The Great Reset according to The World Economic Forum. Very frightening. Do not forget to view on that television network this Saturday and Sunday evening, your choice, at ten o’clock New York time Miss Chanel Rion’s “One America Investigates” about an undercover whistleblower in Anti-Fascist and the Dominion Voting Machines connection in Colorado. God Bless, Aristo Boho

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      “Check out Trump’s Jews”

      You apparently have a ways to go before you can earn your “Fully Red Pilled on the JQ” certificate.

      History has repeatedly shown that jews do not have to support a powerful gentile leader in order for them to aggressively seek to swarm into their inner circle. Remember the old adage: “Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer”? This has always been the jewish strategy.

      The advantages gained by this strategy should be obvious. When they are on the “inside” of their enemy’s camp – they can pretend to be allies, and when they are dealing with a jew stupid gentile like Trump – they can win their trust and become ‘advisors’ and subject matter ‘experts’ on any issue that benefits jews or which might interfere with, or disrupt, the larger jewish agenda. Such as their White Genocide via White race replacement agenda.

      As an example, take Jared Kushner. This diabolically evil rat (and his wife) have spent the last 4 or 5 years peddling ‘advice’ to Trump that they both knew would (a) prevent any of his 2016 promises to his White supporters from being fulfilled and (b) result in alienating a percentage of his White supporters who would then refuse to vote for him a second time. Also note the preponderance of anti-Trumper globalists who were jewish and who Trump stupidly allowed to join his administration – whereby they proceeded to work against him and stymie his 2016 promised agenda.

      Might I also point out that Hitler also made the mistake of thinking he could trust partial jews to hold influential positions within the National Socialist Party ranks – as well as many in the military.

      Conclusion: Total exclusion is the always the safest and wisest choice to make when dealing with these people. Look at how fast Bibi Netanyahu dumped the Donald like a hot turd and started kissing up to Creepy Joe Biden.

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        “they can pretend to be allies”
        Quite a pretense. His 3 biggest financial backers were Jews – Addelson, Marcus and I’ve forgotten the other.
        But I completely agree that I am insufficiently red pilled on Jews. What is perplexing me is that some of the people I was learning from now seem to be insufficiently red pilled on Jews themselves.
        Trump is now and always was up to his neck in Jews but it is always Democrat and liberal Jews that some of my erstwhile red pillers want to talk about.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Js feel the following urges at different levels according to the individual:

        – a strong loyalty to their race, as all other races also possess, apart from whites, who value the individual not the race.

        – an irrational hostility to other races, including the races that listen patiently to their H story and weep for them, and including the one that protects them with its military and even fights wars for them.

        – left wing urges in the more lefty of them, making them hate any person or any country that is superior. This includes all white countries, and in the Israeli-Palestine conflict, this means they are against their own race’s interests.

        Right-wing Jews can see that their race’s best interests are actually to help the USA stay rich and successful (and white), as, apart from anything else, the US military protects them in the ME and is all that is stopping the Js in Israel being ‘driven into the sea’ as their enemies describe it.

        Left wing Jws know, if they wear their thinking hat, that the right-wing Jews are actually correct in their perception of what is in their race’s best interests, but they simply cannot take off their left-wing hate of hate, so as their hatred is stronger than even self-interest, they continue to strive to bring down the nation (the US) that provides them with wealth when they live in the US, and military protection for Israel. They seek to sink the luxury liner in which they live, although they will try and grab the best lifeboats when it sinks.

        Melanie Philips (British, intellectual Jew & writer) writes on this subject and despairs at the way lefty Jews in Israel side with the Palestinians.

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          I think it is more about fear than hate. The Jewish racialist types all hate or are in contempt of the goyim but I think the left wing Jew in this country sees “The Last White Man” coming and thinks HE is manifesting in Trump. On the other hand, the right wing Jew knows Trump – probably personally from business – and knows he is just an ego maniacal shabazz goy. A useful idiot.

          • Angelicus
            Angelicus says:

            Well said “Achilles”! Very good definition of that Jew-loving, sleazy salesman! Funny how many morons here are defending him as if he was the White race’s knight in shining armour. H.L.Mencken was right, the average North American is a fool.

  31. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    Many people here sound like they’ve accepted the leftist media’s declaration of who won the presidential election. That declaration was intended to demoralize, to get people to stop resisting the fraud or never to start. Seems like it’s achieved its objective where many here are concerned.

    I don’t see this thing as anywhere near decided. I see the presidency going to the side that wants it more.

    A possibly very huge development is Trump’s firing of Defense Secretary Esper–with whom he had had a big disagreement. What was that about? Esper’s opposition to deploying the military to defend against the depredations of Antifa/Burn Loot Mayhem! Hmmmm…. Might this signal an imposition of martial law? A will to use military force to defeat a Marxist attack on the White House if Trump refuses to concede? A counterbalancing of fake ballots with bullets?

    I don’t think Trump should concede UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATEVER. The playing field was never near level for four years; and Trump may be our last defense against an anti-White Marxist takeover.

    I don’t know how many of you are on the Trump Campaign’s mailing list, but I’m flooded with messages and reports therefrom attesting to the great energy being put into the effort to defeat this criminal and treasonous assault on America.

    Let Trump know you’re behind him. To call the White House, dial 202-456-1414. To email, google “Contact the White House,” which fetches a form for your name, address and statement–so easy to leave your message!

    Tell Trump not to concede, not even if SCOTUS decides against him. I don’t pretend to know how likely our chances of success are; but I perceive that this crisis may well be far from over, and that a quick resolution in the enemy’s favor depends on our behaving as though it IS over.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      I forgot to say that the man whom Trump chose to replace Esper is Christopher Miller–Director of the National Counterterrorism Center! The right man to clear the streets of subversives? Subversives enraged by Trump’s refusing to go? I HOPE SO.

      A hostile commentator describes him as likely a “yes man” for Trump, and dangerous as such.

      • Robert Edmund II
        Robert Edmund II says:

        So you want the state to use military power against all uprising against the state.

        I hope an white uprising to from a an etnostate is not necessary, but it is what many etno centric whites in the states want. If that happens in some way with white people being motivated by having their own country does something like protests…

        Do you want the military or police to work against it? Military against the own population is always something to avoid and very very risky.

        I think it’s up to the police to deal with such matters to a relevant degree.

        Also it’s a trick, people of mixed background want to have increased military intervention to be able to take out whites when they migrate to a certain region for example and using military force against leftists/looters/subsaharian criminals allows it also against etno centric whites…

        Its like secret societies. Probably both William Pierce and David Lane were in the illuminati (the use the word illuminating in their fictional writing). Adam Weishaupt who formed the Illuminati said he was partly Persian and he looked like he could have been partly jewish it’s all about travelers (of light) these days, and traveller is often the synonym for gypsy or similar and then their timeline is about gypsies and assassins entering Europe and their ceremonies is based on paganism from Egypt and similar supposedly. Many Egyptians were white levians that had mixed on the average 8 % with subsaharan africans.

        Also the state that “if only one man on the planet a beggar or king, his choice”. Beggars tend to be gypsies in Europe. Also Weishaupt joined the snake society aka freemasons. They are probably in effect the same organization. He wrote a text where he talked about “us freemasons do not have saved letters texts and the like I will change it…”. So he viewed himself as part of that thing where they say “satan, Lucifer is light”. So probs satanists of some kind I dunno.

        So probably the secret society peoples tend to have mixed heritage assassins, jews, african, gypsy, background and the like. The freemasons also talks about a dog from the Middle East and “are you also a traveling man”.

        Their goal is probably first to mix the elite with other ethnical groups and then everyone. If they are satanists that is also their satanist goal since whites are the highest form of GOD’s creation. And mixing would end whites i.e. satanism. Also the Bible is against mixing, see where a white puts a sword through a tent or something to kill people who mix, to end it… He was rewarded.

        So probably Hitler was in the sect of this kind and they gave him the symbolism of nazism, all symbols of whites mixing with non whites, for example the sun symbol (swastica) mainly used in India where whites mixed with non whites although they tried to avoid it. Also the word aryan mainly used in Iran where whites mixed with non whites. It’s all symbolism for mixture between races which is probably their goal. And by Hitler starting wars he would loose they could spread atheism through communism, cause they expected Hitler to loose and they could create through the horror of war a huge fear for “racism” in all it’s forms and the PC climate we have now and thereby massimmigration of non whites.

        As for David Lane he pushed paganism and probably that was influenced by the secret society of some kind cause they (both freemasons and the illumskinatis) cause thats what they are into and they probably are against christianity which may to some effect also explain William Pierces atheist religion thing cause that’s what they want.

        And then getting all etno centric whites into one area where they can just use the colored masses and the bombs and etnically mixed and anti racists… to take em out, sounds like their dream scenario, if that’s what they want.

        The same thing with covid 19. It’s all about racially mixed terrorist sponsoring pedophiles in wester countries that work with communists and nazis only to benefit their own goals. They wanna take out white industry and kill racially motivated white folks (hence they made it a right wing thing to be against masks and lockdowns, so that more of them will get it and DIE). Meanwhile the commies in china and latino countries hope it will benefit them which it probably will and als the nazis hope it will lead to so much conflict that finally people will become nazis in the USA and they will crush democracy and… Well the nazis aint getting that it seems. The Chinese are buying industry in the west…

        Menawhile a pedophile massmurderer is benefitted and he does it to spread chaos and murder and sabotage for white honest people because it, the freak is an low IQ lowlife and boring and no personality and jealous and pathetic and racially mixed and inbred through pedophilia for generations.

        So be careful what you ask for. Faschism and militarism can and will be used against whites.

  32. Anonym
    Anonym says:

    How´s this for depressing: It´s gonna have to be a lot worse before ordinary whites as a collective really understands what´s going on. Even though the crime statistics couldn´t be more obvious (non-white on white violence 42 times more common than the opposite), most people have to experience the suffering in their own life, especially since the Jews control the media.
    Only when enough many whites has been assaulted, raped, gang raped, murdered, mugged, stolen from, shunned from society for having common sense, seen their neighbor hoods turned into garbage dumps, when their kids schools have metal detectors at the doors, and the convenient stores have plexi glass cages at the counters – only then will the Jewish lies and distractions prove useless.
    And then – when the survival instinct kicks in – it will take care of itself. Nature will take it´s course.

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