“Who will guard the guards?”; Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Mail-in Voter Fraud, and Repercussions for Europe

In analyzing the ballot fraud surrounding the latest US presidential election the name of the Roman poet and politician Juvenal comes to mind. His Satire VI, raises a fundamental political question surrounding political repression in the contemporary liberal System: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? “Who will guard the guards?” In contemporary bidenesque English this rhetorical question, coined by Juvenal, in the first century, can be transliterated into: “Who will observe the ballot observers?” “Who will count the ballot counters?”

A century after the death of the poet Juvenal the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who combined the virtues of philosopher and soldier, faced the same dilemma. How to treat the defeated foe? By preaching tolerance and magnanimity, or by wielding the sword?  Despite his stoic awareness about the transience of all life on Earth, Aurelius knew that when fighting the barbarians, a free man cannot live by books alone — he also needs a solid sword, or in the case of the USA he needs the Second Amendment. Unlike many of his predecessors Marcus Aurelius did not contemplate self-isolation in debauchery; nor did he hang around the hookers in ritzy parlors on the Quirinal Hill in Rome. He preferred the company of his soldiers who protected the northern and eastern borders of the empire in the turbulent second — borders that stretched in the north along the limes of the Drava river which now separate modern Hungary from Croatia. The Pannonian basin during the Aurelian times was under the constant onslaught of military intruders coming from the North and the East. Today this area has become anew a major route for new illegal intruders, i.e., Afro-Asian migrants heading toward the heart of Europe: Germany.

Aurelius’ grandfather, the emperor Hadrian, a couple of decades earlier, waged also devastating wars in the shaky southern part of the empire — against revolutionary Jews in the Roman province of Judea. His legions killed and displaced more than half a million of them, thus leaving an indelible anti-European grudge in the Jewish collective memory. Worse, out of his resentment for rebellious Jews, Marcus Aurelius, in 130, changed the name of the city of Jerusalem into the city name of Aelia Capitolina. The morale of history? Each victor changes the toponomies of conquered lands and along with it he imposes his own political narrative.

Can we draw the parallel between Aurelius and Trump? Both the USA and Europe are facing today similar turbulent scenarios where peoples of European ancestry will soon have to make a choice: how to preserve their racial and cultural identity in the face of the coming migrant storms. The present turmoil in the USA is just a natural follow-up to the great racial replacement that has been going on over the last 70 years, both in the United States and Europe.

The present Covid virus is only a small part of a “narrative history” – or “history of the event”—which the French call l’histoire évènementielle, i.e., a slice of history solely focusing on one single and separate event. Such an isolated historical event, e.g., the Covid shutdown, is relatively unimportant unless it becomes a factor speeding up a larger flow of history. The Covid scare is already going viral, forcing all EU/US politicians to reexamine a larger stretch of their historical memory, going back to 1945.  Undoubtedly, four years of President Trump’s slamming the mainstream media for spreading fake news has significantly undermined the intellectual and diplomatic narrative of the post-WWII Order. Many myths and mendacities imposed upon Europe and Whites in the aftermath of 1945, thanks to Trump’s presidency, have now fallen apart. Trump’s foes in Europe and the US do not like this.

After WWII, and especially after the end of the Cold War, the politics of Europe turned into a carbon copy of US policies. Whatever was going on in high politics in Washington DC had to be either copied or mimicked the next day by the political class in Berlin, Paris and Vienna, and the day after, all over eastern Europe. President Trump was the first US president in the last 75 years who seriously shook the foundations of the transatlantic liberal consensus. This is the reason why the Deep State in the EU and in the US resent him very, very much.  If America goes bust and starts breaking up tomorrow, the breakup of the EU will immediately follow suit.

Changes in America have always had an impact on European politics. This is especially true of the German political class, which, over the last 75 years, has been grotesquely doubling down on US-inspired liberal globalist agenda for fear of being for fear of being accused of harboring revisionist and paleo-fascist sentiments. The insulting label of “fascism,” “racism” or “colonialism” keeps haunting paranoid politicians in Germany and in the rest of Europe, making them embrace the safe strategy of self-denial and forcing them to be more papal than the pope, i.e., more Americanized than Americans themselves. At the moment of this writing, it means that the entire political class in Germany and the EU must endorse president-elect Biden and his running mate Harris, irrespective of their likely own hidden pro-Trump sentiments.

Just as America is being balkanized at its extreme now between the supporters of Trump and supporters of the Deep State, so is Europe being polarized at its extreme between proponents of state sovereignty and proponents of globalism. The wartime years of 1941–1945 haven’t resolved anything. We are back again in the weimaresque and balkanesque  epoch, both in the USA and the EU. The winner-takes-all will soon change the political language and define thereafter his version of historical truth. If the American left gains the hegemony they so ardently desire — hegemony that is entirely within their reach, if not now, then certainly in the near future as demographics become even more decisive — it will be the end not just of the people and culture of traditional America, but of the entire West.

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  1. John B. Lockett
    John B. Lockett says:

    Excellent article, so well written. Thank you. You have to excuse my simple ways in my writing. With the fall od USSR and the imposition of Globalism by the USA was last stroke of EU independence. Now Globalization has two aspects the political one and the economical one. In the political one the USA did manage to impose its will due to pressure and sanctions. In the economical side they thought they had one under control, but nobody ever imagined the fantastic rise of China and an independent thinking Russia. Globalization is over, but it will take a few years for a new world order to emerge.
    My question is how the the USA Empire, in its last strokes, will react. Will they be prepared to work with these two emerging powers or will they, in their intent to hold to power, throw the whole world in a Nuclear catastrophe.

  2. PetrOldSack
    PetrOldSack says:

    The piece:

    A true facet (Euro-conformity) of the picture. The motivation is simplistic and identical, upper class short-term opportunism.

  3. ValhallaX
    ValhallaX says:

    For once, I try to be constructive, and positive.

    I have had the good fortune to be active in the Resistance Movement in Europe. And I am still.

    Look, I list here at least some activities that are easily possible even to the faint-hearted, not to even mention the tough guys.

    First, do something tangible. Leaflets, samizdat. We have done that. It is exhilarating. I have left hundreds of radical, extremely radical newspapers all around the place. Buses, trains, restaurants, cafes. My colleagues work with leaflets, tirelessly. White Lives Matter!

    Second, we organize meetings. You know, actual flesh and blood humans meeting each other. They can be Summer days, somebody talking, games, grill sausages, lots of vegan food too. Of course, national socialist style: Save the bloody world in the meantime. It does not have to be cross continental big time. Start small, but be honest with it. All legit, there is nothing wrong in meeting some friends, who have common interests. it can be anything, we hike in the nature. Start early, come back late. It is a win-win.

    When things develop, and they will, I tell you. Then organize demonstrations. Small time first, but hey, it is all for the good of our people. Ten people, we have had now even three thousand. Three thousand! That is a force to reckon with. Even the hardest culture marxist thinks twice before attacking that crowd.

    You can build cells, nests, that are separate from each other, but if need be they can build a bigger organization. Who cares, how you call it, it can be sports, culture, whatever. Heck, you can read books, real books written in paper… We have played board games… Big fun, and a lot of ideas. Telephones forbidden, they are not ever allowed in the same building as the meetings. Live outside the matrix, learn to live outside, it is radical, it is exhilarating. Punch the enemy hard!

    Banderolls over the motorway bridge: White Power!

    Colleagues have organized demos in front of schools, if there is eg. an attack against white children. They show strength. I tell you the pupils are so pleased to see somebody really defending them.

    Look, I have marched through a city with hostile audience, but I tell you that there are, always, shouts of approval. Every time. We have had people joining us impromptu, just like that and they love it.

    You need to lead from the front. Show that you care. Our people will follow, they need to see a leader. Let the enemy hide in their stinking glass towers, cowards as they are.

    Small is beautiful first, later it runs big, and that will be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

    And only the imagination is the limit. There is no limit.

    Let’s stop cowering at home and attack! Positively, legit style, but clearly demonstrating that we are here and will go nowhere. No, we are here to stay, and win!

    Stand up and fight!

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      ValhallaX – wise words, but also remember that with all such groups, the govt pays undercover police to infiltrate, or finds a weakness in a member and persuades them to betray the others. For this reason it can be advisable to use a false name – remember what happened to Golden Dawn in Greece and in Britain some were imprisoned for about 7 years just for belonging to a ‘far-right’ group that never committed a single actual offence.

      In my view, the majority of the whites, and the wealthier ones especially, will do nothing to halt their own demise until it affects that which is the most important thing in their lives, not their children or their country or their people – but their house value and their money.

      There will come a point when the hardship gets so severe in white countries for the whites that they stop being so cowardly and appeasing, and start to vote differently. In Germany in the 1930s this stage was not reached until they were actually starving.

      Another factor is that at present the rich whites can always flee from any particular destroyed white region (eg S.Africa) and move to another white region, so they can easily abandon their current white group and flee to another (white) safe haven with all their money intact. But one day there will be no safe havens left for them to flee to, and this will force these selfish rich whites to think differently.

      Also, the time might come when the white people of Russia start to feel an affinity with other whites, instead of wishing harm on them as the Russians do at present, for the offence that the European and American whites commit of being more successful than the Russians are in their corrupt country. At some stage in the future the Russians might decide to ally with other whites instead of with the Chinese, who ultimately are not their friends.

      And as for the Jews – their downfall could happen either as the inevitable outcome of the internet continuing to allow (limited) free speech at the current level of control (each year of free speech allowed = more ppl woken), or as a result of more right wing cultures (including the political class) replacing the current treacherous anti-white political elites (swamps) now dominating the entire West.

  4. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I don’t believe that these things could be done to us if we controlled our own media so that people would know what is going on. Those who own and control our media could be charged under RICO laws if there is anyone who would bring those charges.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Barbara – you re correct, control of the msm is the most important factor in bringing about white national suicide, as they are the ones persuading the people to vote for and then even to welcome their own demise as they see it happening before their eyes.

      Perhaps only take one day per week of prime time TV devoted to giving the patriotic viewpoint and truthful news in place of fake news would be sufficient to completely change the voting patterns of the remaining whites and to stop them voting for their own demise.

      For example, if the appointed day for giving the other version, the truthful one, was Tuesday, and on prime time TV on Tuesday they went through the evidence of voter fraud, this would completely undermine the msm narrative of the other 6 days that there is ‘no evidence of voter fraud’, which is the current unchallenged message of the msm, which it continues to declare in every news bulletin. It would show the msm for the fake news treacherous liars they are.

      (Malcom Rifind, Jewish ex-foreign secretary of Britain, actually said in a news bulletin ‘there cannot be voter fraud as if there was we would have heard about it’. In other words, the fact that the msm does not publish any evidence of voter fraud proves, to Malcom Rifkind, that there is no evidence! Mrs Thatcher was in fact surrounded and outnumbered by traitors all through her leadership – Howard, Clarke, Hesletine, Major, all now revealing more openly that they are against us, and it was Carrington and Soames who made sure S.Rhodesia was handed over to Mugabe – later knighted to ‘Sir Robert Mugabe’ to show whose side they were on – and no power or money motive as China took over the country’s resources).

      But the other side (the patriot side) has to be broadcast in prime time, as the ppl are so stupid that they can only listen to a message ‘if everyone else is too baa baa baa’ like the sheep they are. At present ‘the patriot side’ is already available on alternative news, but you have to seek it out, and for the thicko sheeple it cannot be true if it is not on their TV in prime time.

  5. Patrick Pappano
    Patrick Pappano says:

    There has been an increasingly more strenuous chorus that the objective is one world government by The Jews. Can there be any doubt that this objective was achieved many years ago. What we are seeing today is nothing but the very anticipated mopping up, with surprise only being in the cupidity of the people. One would have thought the scales would have fallen off the eyes a long time ago. Even now are the scales falling off? Apparently not if our interlocutors are discussing what went wrong with the election. One would think that mankind is born with a core sense of what is good for him, like the self-preservation on sees in animals. But no; imagine a pride of lions descending upon the wildebeest herd and soon the wildebeest themselves join in on the kill. Unimaginable? Look at WWI, WWII and for the more thoughtful, the American Revolution. Where is it written that the colonists were better off? It isn’t, because they weren’t. Please people, if we are going to kill off our own, let us at least admit to it.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      The mixed economy must be rejected in favor of laissez-faire

      Only two social systems are possible- total freedom or totalitarianism

      Conservatives LOVE the mixed economy, and think it is part of Americana

      Conservatives hate laissez-faire as much as liberals hate it

      They will deny to death that these are the only two choices

      They want the choice to be part freedom [mixed economy] vs full communism

      They are flag wavers, forgetting that the pledge of allegiance was written by a national socialist- francis bellamy [1892]

      Bellamy’s cousin wrote Looking Backwards [1887], painting a rosy picture of socialist america in the year 2000.

      This book had almost as much influence as the communist manifesto.

      So in their heart of hearts conservatives despise the Founders’ creation, as individual rights stem from a radical acceptance of Reason, which Conservatives also despise.

      • Aldon
        Aldon says:

        I’m sure TJ would be proud to have a faggot son/dyke daughter and not demand him/her to stop being a homosexual. Or be proud to have a brown skinned mutt grandchild.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Patrick Pappano: “imagine a pride of lions descending upon the wildebeest herd and soon the wildebeest themselves join in on the kill. Unimaginable?”

      There is a way that this would happen (if we extend the analogy!) as follows:

      There are 100 wildebeast in a herd and 10 of them are better at finding the juiciest grass and eating more of it than ‘their fair share’ according to the others. The others start to get angry and jealous that these 10 keep getting more top quality grass than they do. It is true that these 10 are the more industrious ones who find the grass in the first place, but never mind about that! It is simply not fair that they end up eating more of it by getting there first after getting up at 5:30 am, when the rest of the herd does not stir until 9 am at the earliest. The rest are annoyed that they get up so early and in so doing get themselves an advantage. They start to murmur amongst themselves.

      One day the wildebeasts see the lions charging towards the herd and they set off to flee, but this time the majority of the wildebeasts gang up on the 10 better ones and trip them up and stamp on them, so that when the lions reach them they are on the floor and the lions kill all of them The herd even thank the lions for ridding them of their problem and congratulate them on their extraordinary record kill, and there is great rejoicing and happiness that the wildebeast herd is now ‘more equal’.

      However, over the next few weeks the herd seems unable to find the patches of new grass anymore since they killed off their best, most intelligent, and superior comrades, who were expert at finding new patches. The rest of the herd discover that, without the best ones to seek out the new patches of grass, they are destined to eat a meagre diet of dried out yellow grass from now on, and the herd begins to starve.

      But the strangest thing of all is that the herd of wildbeast never blame themselves for their downfall or acknowledged that they made an error in turning on their best members, and they manage to convince themselves that they had done the right thing, despite all the disease and starvation, which never happened in past times. They continue to celebrate how equal they all are now, and how fair everything is, and turn on any member who did not agree that seeking equality is the top priority of any herd, and much more important than finding good grass. They even managed to convince the next generation that all their problems were caused by the ones that were killed off by the lions.

      The next year the entire herd starves to death, but before they finally die off, the last few, as they are dying, say to each other ‘we should congratulate ourselves that we have achieved the greatest thing possible – complete equality at last’.

      But there is a happy ending: the next year a new herd appeared from over the horizon who were the cousins and nephews and nieces of the better ones, and they ended up colonising the whole valley, and by then all the lions had left.

      • Bruno
        Bruno says:

        This was enjoyed. My beloved deceased grandfather would tell me stories such as you’ve constructed. I’ve told them to my grandchildren. I hope you do the same to your progeny.

        As for our situation, it’s true the MSM needs to be broken up along with Big Digital. As for the Deep State, the first step needs to be the anti-majority FBI. You know, the entity that spied on Trump, monitored the JFK affair and the WMD adventure. Have a great day.

        • pterodactyl
          pterodactyl says:

          Bruno – thank you for your comment. It must be gratifying to be the middle link that connects your ancestors and your descendants, and to be able to have living memory going so far back (your grandfather) and so far forward (grandchildren). Sadly, this is not for me to enjoy, but I take pleasure in seeing good examples in others who I feel are in a similar sub-group to the one that I also belong – for example, family oriented, and wanting the wise to be in charge not the malicious, and I am doing my (tiny) bit in my life to try and make the world a place where ‘my group’ is able to survive and prosper.

          I think these days people are more connected by the type they are than by language and country, and we can notice this on Twitter/youtube, where – to give an extreme example – the Russian ‘right wing’ person will side with the US ‘right wing’ person in an argument in Youtube comments rather than the Russian side with a fellow-Russian who is a communist type (although the Russians are not as tuned in like this as the rest of the white races are). The right wing of all races will refer to ‘brother wars’ when referring to wars between white countries, for example, which would never have been a way of looking at the world 100 years ago.

  6. Furor Teutonicus
    Furor Teutonicus says:

    Dear Sir: I think we can assume that the world as we knew it would finally end under a Biden presidency in a foul-smelling sewer of the satanic NWO of the power triangle Vatican + City of London + Washington DC. Europe’s cultural peoples would perish within a few years (see UK, Belgium, France). According to Merkel’s plan, more than 81 million migrants are to be settled in the FRG by 2035, all living on social benefits. At the same time more than 51% of the current 20 million jobs are planned to be eliminated. How the remaining indigenous people of the FRG are supposed to survive this scenario is beyond me.
    I do not know who the powers behind Trump are and I do not know what their ultimate goal is.But what I have seen of him so far gives me hope that with the help of his command over the occupied territory of the FRG (SHAEF), at least the swamp of the Deep State of the FRG could be drained in the blink of an eye. My hope rests on the visible will of POTUS Trump to oppose the destruction of our world of cultures, nations and peoples.

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  7. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “Such an isolated historical event, e.g., the Covid shutdown, is relatively unimportant unless it becomes a factor speeding up a larger flow of history.”

    They could generate another Covid crisis every year if they wished, and if they think they could get away with it, just by exaggerating the threat of any virus that comes along, and no need to make one in a lab as new ones appear every year anyway.

    They are already lumping together other seasonal viruses with the Coronovirus in the figures and getting away with it due to the msm supporting the narrative (directing it even) and covering for them.

    They also changed ‘deaths’ to ‘infections’ when deaths got too low and got away with it.

    In the tally of deaths in the small print it says ‘deaths of those who tested positive for Covid in the past 28 days’ – so if someone gets killed by a bus this is counted in the Covid deaths. So they are getting away with all these blatant manipulations of the data, and they can do it as the msm covers for them.

    If they can fudge the figures in this way this year they can repeat the exercise any time they want to.

    They also get away with never comparing the death figures with past years flu deaths. A figure out of context is meaningless. ‘The army sustained 100 casualties from the battle’ is good news if the army was originally 10,000 men but bad news if it was originally 500 men.

    The msm also make statements like ‘the US (meaning, under Trump) has the more deaths than country X’ without mentioning that the US has five times the population of X. These basic errors of data interpretation are the level of a foundation level maths exam.

    • Anne
      Anne says:

      Pterodactyl, thank you for all your comments of late.

      TOO has the best commenting section of any website I regularly visit, and my husband and I have really been noticing the sterling quality of your recent comments. Just wanted to let you know that the time and effort you have been putting into sharing your ideas is much appreciated.

      Please continue!

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Anne – thank you to you and your husband for your generous comment.
        I have learned so much from this site as it attracts such a high standard of writers (and comments), and it must be gratifying for the article authors to be able to put on record their explanations why the West is going downhill fast, so that they can have the satisfaction that it is all here on record for those who want to know, as well as perhaps having some actual influence in guiding us back to a safer path.

        Kevin MacDonald has provided a great contribution to learning and understanding by setting up this site, and his non-mainstream explanations of human behaviour, based on the genes and human migration, has filled in many gaps for me in the great puzzle of why the white races are deliberately acting against their own interests these days when no-one is forcing them to do so. The mystery of why the white race that achieved so much in the past is now so eager to throw it all away.

        I only found the site in the first place from a single comment in Breitbart that said ‘Kevin MacDonald gets it’ and I looked him up on Youtube. The Internet is waking up a lot of people at a fast rate.

  8. Xwpis ONOMA
    Xwpis ONOMA says:

    I can’t believe you guys are still standing behind Trump the most “jewish” President we ever had in this -by now- joke of a country we still call UNITED states of America. I wonder, is it an accident or NOT that no one calls our system of government with its real name anymore, e.g. a Constitutional Republic, but all we hear is “our democracy”. What a pile of cow dunk! I’ll bet my last dollar NO ONE knows what does the word democracy REALLY mean (well you do only if you are fluent in Greek) but what the heck, who cares, right, it’s all over now…

    What will it take to finally understand and admit that Donald was a devil in disguise, the controlled opposition necessary for the …ushering of the real acting President who is not Joe Biden but the former prosticutor Camala Harris. Either way, we the racially conscious white peoples of European descent are screwed big time. I for one have renewed my 2nd amendment license and stocked on ammo. Let them commies come take my guns, I know, I stand no chance, at least I will NOT go down bowed and defeated but standing and fighting. What about you???

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Do you really think Trump enjoys handing over billions to Israel every year, and have his son-in-law telling him all day long that he had better not upset the Jews? And trying to push him into foreign wars?

      He is forced to smile and act pleased as he hands over the extortion money to the Jews every year, in the same way that the Italian restaurant owner smiled in 1930 as he handed over wads of cash to the mafia, and was obliged to call the mafia ‘his greatest friends’. The Jews, like the mafia, make offers that simply cannot be refused, and all the time they smile and pat you on the back as if they are your friends when in reality they are like a ball and chain round your neck.

      Trump has to act more in charge than he really is, as to do otherwise would make him appear weak. Basically, he is one against many, taking on the entire deep state, msm and swamp, and to take on the Jews as well would be asking too much, although as the Js are deep in the swamp, by draining the swamp he is in fact reducing their influence.

  9. Ben Sanderson
    Ben Sanderson says:

    I don’t think it will be the end of the West because I believe white people cannot tolerate being just another subgroup in a multi racial state. I’m here in the USA and this is I believe. But it will be painful. Breaking up a country will be painful. But think about it. The diversity crowd has a problem. No country can be wished into existence based on diversity and tolerance. Countries come out of struggle, blood and bone, and a shared story. America is becoming a weird mix of the USSR with capitalism. It will not hold. White people, they won’t admit it, have real heroes: John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Patton, MacArthur, Halsey … do you think white people can give them up? I don’t think so.

    So the west won’t die, it will just transform. The only problem I see is the coasts where the blue states are. We need access to the coast. And so this means war.

    The other problem, of course, is Jews. They will have to be moved to Long Island, New York, and quarantined there.

    This seems unrealistic, doesn’t it? But think about, the demands the diversity crowd are making upon whites cannot be tolerated by whites people. We cannot get rid of the electoral college. We cannot tolerate centralization of power to DC. I’m thinking of Roe v Wade, which is legislation for the country, bypassing state legislators.

    This isn’t over

    • Jett Rucker
      Jett Rucker says:

      John Wayne and Clint Eastwood are movie actors.

      Are they REAL heroes? You’ve got “real” people (Halsey, Patton, MacArthur) mixed in with these actors. Have you lost the distinction between “real” and real somewhere along the line?

      You might be gullible. And the “real” ones are just high-ranking military officers. They’re not (my) heroes, either.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:


        Something is amiss in society when simple competence in the performance of one’s job gets confused with heroism.

    • Tarrasik
      Tarrasik says:

      If they succeed in establishing a long term, Jewish dominated West, you bet they can breed Whites out of existence.

      Attempts to break up the US to allow Whites a separate nation will be met with extreme government repression. It will be managed of course by those who hate Whites.

  10. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    I seem to recall that M Aurelius spent years and years fighting in Germany. It’s amazing how Jewish cover-ups and lies still dominate the supposedly mature ‘thinkers’ in the classics.


    Democracy means the rule of a village – in Old Greek – and therefore it is not applicable as rule of any city state.
    Therefore democracy was ruled out.
    Does this answer your question?

    Horst D. Flemmer
    rio de Janeiro

  12. Akouo
    Akouo says:

    Fell at the first fence really! Hadrian went to ‘war’ with the Judahites or Hebrews, the ‘jews’ would not even exist for another few centuries when they transformed from the Khazars into the jews after fully converting to rabbinical pharisaism imported from Babylon. The jews are ‘asiatic mongols’ or ‘turko finns’ from the area between the Caspian and Black seas and certainly NOT semitic. They have no grudge against Europeans because of Hadrian and anyway, Hadrian was hardly an Aryan stereotype! The war you mention was of course AD70 and ended the Hebrews entirely, the last handful dying by their own hand at Masada. Let’s stop perpetuating this great lie that the jews have anything at all to do with the Levant shall we?The ‘jews’ are NOT the Judahites of the Bible.

    • Aldon
      Aldon says:

      Nothing of what you posted is reflected in genetic studies. None of the most prominent paternal haplogroups in Jews are native to Eastern Europe or the Caucasus. And the Romans were already found to be genetically like Spaniards and Frenchmen let alone them speaking an Indo-European language.

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