Portland Memories

“Miserable distorted block-heads, the generality; ape-faces, imp-faces, angry dog-faces, heavy sullen ox-faces; degraded underfoot perverse creatures, sons of indocility, greedy mutinous darkness, and in one word, of STUPIDITY, which is the general mother of such. Stupidity intellectual and stupidity moral had born this progeny: base-natured beings on whom the Genius of Darkness (called Satan, Devil and other names) had now visibly impressed his seal, and had marked them out as soldiers of Chaos and of him … Him, you could perceive, they would serve; but not easily other than him.
Thomas Carlyle, Latter-Day Pamplets, No.2.

It’s a little over seven years since I last set foot in Portland, Oregon, and I must say that none of the events in the city during the last 12 months have surprised me. Having spent most of my formative years growing up in some of the coldest, wettest, and cloudiest corners of Northwestern Europe, my first introduction to the United States came just as I turned 21. I was an extremely pale young lad with a soft spot for icy landscapes, and my travel history to that point hadn’t taken me any further south in the hemisphere than Paris. It probably wasn’t the best idea, then, for me to choose the South in Summer for my first landing on American soil. Today, I struggle to remember precisely what I did in the first weeks of my arrival in the Carolinas, other than wrestle with periodic bouts of heat exhaustion, puzzling over whether grits were something marvelous or truly monstrous, and wondering if you required special training to be able to reel off the side effects so quickly in these many strange American pharmaceutical ads. After these initial weeks of acclimatisation, however, I must say that I grew to love the South quite deeply, and still do. I travelled the length of both Carolinas, Georgia, some of Tennessee, and into the parts of Florida normally left peacefully undisturbed by tourists. I now regard it, second only to Europe, as my home. I think it was about 10 months into my first spell in the States that it was suggested that I fly “out West” to help the mother of a friend pack furniture and finish the sale of a house so she could relocate permanently back to the South, where she’d been born and raised. There was a small amount of cash to be earned in the process, and some free room and board, as well as the opportunity to see another side of America. “Where out West?”, I asked. “Washington,” my friend replied, “right down by the Columbia River, but we’ll be staying in Portland.”

I’d been living and studying just outside a very genteel Southern college town, where clean, pressed khakis and short-sleeved button down shirts were the almost compulsory attire. Race wasn’t something that was impressed upon me physically where I’d grown up, because non-Whites were rare to non-existent, but I do remember being very aware that the place I now lived was, for all intents and purposes, racially segregated. In this little satellite village orbiting the main college town, I don’t think a single Black person owned or rented a home. In fact, the only non-White I ever saw in my own neighbourhood was the Oriental, and impossibly young, wife of the extremely seedy-looking elderly man who lived next door. In the college town, Blacks clustered in a few blocks thick with poorly maintained homes and trash-strewn streets. My daily commute was through this area, and although it seemed almost deserted during the day, occasional news reports of rape, robbery, and shootings would always bring a sober reminder of the nocturnal danger it posed. Outside such occurrences, Blacks could be expected to staff most of the town’s fast food restaurants, and a few could be spotted as security officers in the local mall, at least before it went bust around 2009. I can’t honestly report any bad experiences with any of them, and, observing and noting all of this, I remember thinking, as a more or less neutral arrival from Europe, that segregation of this nature largely “worked.”

I’m not suggesting that the lives of the Blacks were in some way marvelous, or even implying that they somehow should have been. But I do remember coming to the conclusion that a sense of peace was abroad in my part of the state simply because people were “keeping to their own,” and that things were existing in large part as they were meant to. True, there was occasional violence in the bad part of town, but outside of that, in daylight, there was a unspoken code of lingering tradition, manners, respect, and expectation. Men held doors for women in stores and restaurants, and even when I spent some weekends touring yard sales in remote rural areas in the hopes of finding something interesting in someone’s else’s junk, there was unfailingly a tremendous sense of safety, good-humor, and adventure with everyone I met. From the woman who simply “had” to introduce me to her daughter because the child’s name was Ireland (yes, I know), to the old veteran who gave me binoculars he’d carried through Burma just because I mentioned I came from a military family, the people of the South charmed me just as much as the landscape.

All of this was, in some small sense, surprising. It’s probably a given that Americans are raised with visions of the South as a highly racialized place, rife with injustice and violence. What is probably less understood by Americans is the fact that Europeans (and presumably all Westerners) are indoctrinated by their education systems to see the South in the same way. My childhood and early college education on American history, not to mention what had been absorbed via TV documentaries and movies like Mississippi Burning, had been more or less limited to the Ku Klux Klan, Emmett Till, and the sainthood and martyrdom of a heavily sanitized version of Martin Luther King. The people of the South could also be relied upon to be caricatured or worse by Jewish Hollywood in such shows as The Beverley Hillbillies, or in horror/thrillers like Deliverance or Wrong Turn, which invariably portrayed White rural Southerners to the world as stupid, childish, inbred, dysgenic, animalistic, and murderous. Added to this propaganda is a kind of “tourism block” that only serves to heighten ignorance. When most Europeans travel to America for vacations, especially family vacations, these trips are inevitably to the more global cities of New York, Orlando, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. I don’t have a single European friend who’s spent more than a layover in the South, and all of this only reinforces the general ignorance and propagandized vision. Contrarian by nature, I never expected the South to fit the Hollywood smears, but I do recall feeling a kind of refreshing shock that it was so radically different from the propaganda.

I’ve found it very interesting that, despite the many hundreds of thousands of words in mainstream coverage on America’s recent racial unrest, and despite the relevant and obvious historical contexts, hardly anything has been said on how relatively quiet the South has been. This is not to say that some protests and vandalism haven’t been witnessed, but that they pale in comparison to events seen in Wisconsin, and especially to those seen in Portland and other (often predominantly White) northern cities. Why this disparity exists is surely of some importance, and the silence around it is surely evidence of some mainstream discomfort regarding the conclusions one might reach. For my own part, I’ve engaged in a mixture of objective thought and personal recollection, certainly as regards the woeful Portland.

Objectively, it seems to me that the disruption of the Civil Rights movement between the 1950s and 1980s in the South led to a solidified state of unspoken, uneasy, but for the most part peaceful racial compromise. Segregation is certainly publicly and officially prohibited, but in my experience the Southerners more than any other people in America have perfected, if not White flight, then a kind of White entrenchment. For those Whites unfortunate enough to be poor, the Southern public schools have undoubtedly been catastrophically ruined by integration. A little over a decade ago, I got to know a North Carolina family with three sons. The older two had been through the public school system and emerged as rap-loving delinquents who spoke in an Africanized dialect quite distinct from that of their Carolina-born father and New Jersey-born mother. Both boys had been subjected to violence and theft from their predominantly Black fellow students, their subsequent changes in personality and behaviour being an obvious example of conscious or unconscious adaptation in order to survive. The experience of these unfortunate boys was sufficiently heartbreaking for the parents to make it their over-arching goal that, no matter the financial sacrifices, the youngest lad would get a private, and of course overwhelmingly White, education. Their frankness in regards to matters of race, especially to a complete stranger like myself, was refreshing and rather emblematic of the Southern experience as a whole. In my view, at least, there is a realism to Southern approaches to race that persists, although it dare not speak its name. Whites in the South seemed to me to be instinctively informed by race in a very natural and subtle manner, while Southern Blacks for the most part seemed to carry a healthy imprint of history and an awareness that while Jim Crow has been rendered toothless it’s best not to poke him too hard.

Contrast this deft sense of cultural equilibrium with the chaos of Portland, something that’s hardly surprising to anyone who’s been to the city. My own introduction to Portland was rather abrupt. My friend and I, being cheap college students, had flown out of Raleigh, NC, and landed at Portland’s PDX after two lengthy layovers in Houston and San Francisco. I’d already been told to “dress down” (and warmer!) for my time in Portland, and decided to travel in comfort with some jeans and a hooded Led Zeppelin sweatshirt I’d bought about a week before. I didn’t think anything more about my clothing until I was going to collect my suitcase in PDX, when a fat middle-aged woman wearing sweatpants barged towards me shouting “Name me two fucking Zeppelin songs!” In retrospect she was probably some kind of old groupie who resented the historicized commercialism that bands like Zeppelin and Black Sabbath had fallen into — not to mention the youngsters who wore merchandise without having “lived” 70s hedonism in the way she had. Stunned into silence by her utter boorishness, however, I couldn’t even verbalise the song titles that popped into my head. I just stared at her and in an instant she was gone. “Welcome to Portland!,” laughed my friend.

It wasn’t long before I realized I’d stumbled down a social and cultural rabbit hole. My friend’s mother, it emerged that first evening, was a (modest) donor to the SPLC, something I learned when looking for something to read, only to be handed, in what is surely now an irony of ironies, a copy of Intelligence Report. One of three daughters born into a conservative Republican Carolina family, this woman had rebelled in the early 70s, moving out West to become what her father would later describe as “a damn Oregon hippy.” It struck me very quickly that if anyone wanted to be a damn hippy, Portland was probably the right place to be. She’d arrived in Portland to fulfil her ambition of being a counsellor or therapist, falling in love with one of her clients, a recovering heroin addict who would go on to establish a very successful Portland business before dying of Hepatitis C, contracted during his former needle use, in his early 50s. Now, with her parents ailing, this ageing, “anti-racist” Portland hippy and widow was returning to the South and I — a young European with a hardening Far Right worldview — was helping with the big move.

Also helping with the move, I’d been briefly told, were a couple from central Portland, long-time friends of the widow. From their names nothing seemed amiss, but as we met for breakfast I was rather stunned to see that the individual with the male name was in fact an overweight lesbian in her 50s, wearing on her hands what appeared to be pink gloves for washing dishes. In fact, the peculiar couple were almost identical, both in their physical make-up and in the wearing of the incongruous gloves, which remained, much to my perplexed fascination, on their hands for the duration of the breakfast and for the rest of the three days it took to pack most belongings and sell the rest via a yard sale (where I was told to “eat shit and die” by an anorexic goth for refusing to haggle lower than a few dollars for an item that now escapes my memory). Things got progressively stranger as I took time to explore Portland. As the days passed by, it seemed to me that all of Hollywood’s characterizations of the Southern people as stupid, childish, and dysgenic would have been more appropriately applied to many of the denizens of Portland, whose physiognomy was as startling to me then as it now is to anyone following Andy Ngo’s Twitter account (or who clicks on #portlandmugshots), and whose lives resembled something from a Bukowski poem but without the latter’s redeeming pathos.

One thing I noted early in my stay in the city was the quite radical attachment of the city’s young to a need for some sense of superficial or aesthetic differentiation. In contrast to my experience in the South, in Portland a motley of exotic hair dyes, piercings, tattoos, clothing, and make-up were widely employed by goths, transvestites, and numerous unheard of, and possibly un-named, subcultures. On Day Two or Three of my stay, my friend and I heard that a young female relative of his was about to undergo scarification, a process where shapes or designs are carved into the skin with a surgical knife in such a way that the resulting scar will resemble a kind of morbid tattoo. We arranged to meet with the girl in question, who proceeded to show me a tattoo of a “nebula” on her calf that made the otherwise attractive young woman look like she’d survived some tragic accident. Even aside from my new pink-gloved associates, the city appeared replete with all manner of sexual identities. Scar Girl was, she proudly announced, a bisexual, and had also attached herself to the city’s underground burlesque scene, where the morbidly obese and the handicapped would parade their abundant or mortified flesh in the name of “body positivity.” My friend and I politely declined an offer to attend one of these events, but were happy to take up her offer to take us on a brief tour of the city, which consisted, at its lowest point, of a tour of the various stores selling drug-taking paraphernalia, and yet also of such highlights as the magnificent Japanese garden.

I asked myself — had the city ruined the people, or had people ruined the city? A long-time resident would be better placed to answer that than me. In either case, there’s an argument to be made that once a city establishes a certain reputation, that reputation can be hard to escape from. Decent people can be deterred from moving to the area, while untold numbers of misfits come in their floods in expectation of human acceptance and cultural chaos. Judging from Andy Ngo’s revelations about the city’s Antifa arrestees, the city is now a kind of Satanic black hole, drawing in via demonic gravity every pedophile, sodomite, transvestite, meth-head, and revolutionary Jew in its vicinity (incidentally, the city’s Jewish population doubled between 2001 and 2011).

Portland, for whatever reason, and for however long, had gradually come to see itself, and be seen, as a city proud of progressivism and difference for the sake of progressivism and difference. Almost 80% White, with a Black population of less than 6% and falling, Portland is the “Whitest big city in America.” In fact, the only significant number of Blacks I ever saw in Portland were inside the Lloyd Center movie theater, where, with only a handful of Whites at one particular showing, they chattered and hooted with stereotypical animation all the way through the film I was unsuccessfully attempting to watch. In the absence of significant numbers of Blacks and other exemplars of diversity, the city’s unaccountable and unhinged drive for “difference” has thus long been internalized into myriad pathologies — predominantly sexual, psychological, and political. I vividly remember one day going to Goodwill to look for old blankets that could be used for covering furniture and packing goods. As I neared the appropriate section of the store, I saw a young White, very Nordic, but hippyish-looking couple with the arms filled with almost every blanket the store had. I thought they might have a similar use in mind until a passerby asked them “Sweat lodge?” They nodded and smiled. It was only later, when recounting the story to my friend’s mother, that I was told that the city and its surroundings had a not insignificant subculture that involved Whites engaging with Native American spiritualities, participating in sweat lodges, Sun Dances, and even adopting new, and in my view hilariously pretentious, names like Ghost Horse and Running Wind. Just another symptom, I thought, of the inability of Portland to be content with itself and its authentic past.

An excellent test case for theories of “White pathology,” Portland now distinguishes itself in its role as America’s most politically violent city. About seven years ago I wrote an article for The Occidental Quarterly on Jamaica’s 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion. In the aftermath of the rebellion, which saw Whites massacred wholesale in the most brutal fashion imaginable, London’s Exeter Hall-based anti-slavery society issued numerous proclamations blaming the White inhabitants for the fact they were now having their eyes gouged out. Charles Dickens would later condemn Exeter Hall for their ill-informed and delusional “platform sympathy with the Black—or the Native, or the Devil—afar off, and that platform indifference to our own countrymen at enormous odds in the midst of bloodshed and savagery.” I wrote the essay shortly after an unrelated later trip to Portland, and the city was certainly in my mind when I wrote it. Like many Portlanders, the members of Exeter Hall had little to no meaningful experience with Black or non-White populations, and were thus free to entertain all manner of fantasies about human universalism and human rights, as well as self-aggrandising notions of moral superiority. These fantasies, stewing the minds of the deranged, are now driving chronic violence.

At last some of this can be interpreted as a backfiring of the ambition of the Oregon founders to create a White utopia. When the state entered the union in 1859, it became the only state to prohibit Blacks from living in its borders, and by the 1920s Portland, and Oregon as a whole, was an important northwestern hub for the Ku Klux Klan. It worked extremely well for a considerable time, but, unlike the South where racial realities remained ever present, as generations passed in the predominantly White northwest, memory of the founders’ rationale slowly dissolved, and the same fantasies that occupied Exeter Hall were able to incubate and metastasise. Combined with the insidious intellectual movements of the 1960s counter-culture, Portland gradually produced a witches’ brew of mental pathology, sexual deviance, cultural amnesia, nihilistic anarchism, and acute social decay. In short, my foremost recollection of Portland is of a city that forgot itself.

Ashland, Oregon, 1920s

If there is a moral to Portland’s story, it’s the importance of retaining and reviving the history of one’s people. We live in an age where cultural amnesia is encouraged, and where we are told that it is a moral necessity to forget a shameful past and race headlong into the “progressive” future. Portland shows where this amnesia and “progressive” future actually leads — degeneration, degradation, and swift collapse. The city is a kaleidoscope of the macabre; an asylum run by the inmates. It attracts the demonic and repels the decent, who must shake sinister dust from their feet on leaving. The South, meanwhile, “remembers,” which is why, infused with vast numbers of Blacks, it continues to produce White populations worthy of the name. The South may well rise again — certainly before Portland does.

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  1. Coll Doll
    Coll Doll says:

    Very compelling essay, Mr. Joyce. Although you remarked primarily on the dregs of Portland society, I wonder what respectable white people think and feel to live amidst such decrepitude? Any massive relocations?

    Look for Hillbilly Elegy on Netflix. It is a sad but honest film of working class whites in Kentucky dealing with drugs, broken families, early pregnancies. Yet it is very positive and uplifting and heartful. Not surprisingly, pretentious critics gave the film a rating of 27% on Rotten Tomatoes while the audience rated it 81%.

  2. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    When we stop holding the healthy continuation of our race as our prime imperative, things like these weird Portlanders occur.

    Hedonism takes one to a genetic dead end, which is why our enemies promote it endlessly.

    Interesting, the increase in the Jewish population coinciding with the accelerating insanity of the rest of the population.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      I was going to comment but you said exactly what I was thinking.

      Glad I had breakfast before seeing the visuals.

  3. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    Very effective article. And very saddening. I do think though that, with Jewish money control since 1913, and the hard anti-social welfare US Jew attitude (against whites), some comment is needed on white poverty in Portland, and the corresponding subsidy by Jews of white pathologies.

  4. Tom
    Tom says:

    While all the various explanations for western decline are very much true, they won’t solve the problem. Sometimes, one simply has to be patient and let disease run its course. At the present moment, a large percentage of whites, even the outwardly professional and responsible ones, have simply gone nuts. An even larger percentage have gone bat-shit crazy – as evidenced by the pictures above. Those creatures even make something like the Symbionese Liberation Army appear rational.

  5. Cat
    Cat says:

    What a fabulous essay! Memoir at its best. 

    As for Hillbilly Elegy, the mainstream media’s lopsided ravaging of such a gripping, heart wrenching story is revealed by a New Yorker critic who showed his political hand in referring to the film as a “Libertarian fantasy.”  Heaven forbid a shred of common universalism be found in that most reviled class of whites known as country hill people, aka hillbillies, aka white trash, aka deplorables. 

    Owen Asztalos, playing the lead character as a young boy, bears a striking resemblance to Kyle Rittenhouse. Depicted as brimming with integrity, promise, and resolve, the only universalism the woke critics subconsciously could channel was their hate-whitey script.  


  6. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    I traveled through Portland in the mid 60s, with my friend. It reminded me of Vancouver, Canada at the time. It seemed as if every misfit White from the colder mid continent areas liked the damp climate with warmish winters, and migrated there.

  7. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    After watching a few episodes of Jerry Springer I remember mumbling too myself what is more unbelievable the God stories of the Bible or what people do to themselves and to each other that is more unbelievable? It is hard to accept, hard to wrap ones head around just how evil and debauched this world really is. Study sin and books like Job from the Old Testament of the Bible and one will understand quickly enough why God needs to test and purify the human character.
    In the mean time love, love this from Job:
    “But now they mock me,
    men younger than I,
    whose fathers I would have disdained
    to put with my sheep dogs.

  8. Kolokol
    Kolokol says:

    That quotation at the top from Thomas Carlyle, with the four mugshots, sends a devastating message.

    The authorities in Portland protect, promote and endorse this evil. Portland’s rulers are criminals and lunatics, as much as these Antifa degenerates. Both groups are funded and controlled by the (((oligarchs))). They deserve a strong dose of race realism.

    Note the conclusion –
    “We live in an age where cultural amnesia is encouraged, and where we are told that it is a moral necessity to forget a shameful past and race headlong into the “progressive” future. Portland shows where this amnesia and “progressive” future actually leads — degeneration, degradation, and swift collapse. The city is a kaleidoscope of the macabre; an asylum run by the inmates. It attracts the demonic and repels the decent, who must shake sinister dust from their feet on leaving.”

  9. Chris
    Chris says:

    I’ve been canceled by an old friend who had lived all over the world in her youth and then all over the US in her three marriages. She moved to Portland with her third husband as a pure community of choice about five years ago. Imagine seeing all the beautiful cities of the world and choosing Portland. I knew she was “liberal” but am only now understanding how much. Now I understand why I got canceled.

  10. Eric Novak
    Eric Novak says:

    In the 4th block of Antifa mugshots, what the heck is the dermatological problem with the girl with the glasses in the bottom left corner? Kaposi’s Sarcoma from AIDS? Meth-related skin eruptions? Scabies? Despite our skepticism about cop worship, I sympathize with any cop who has to arrest a scabby disease vector like her.

  11. katana
    katana says:

    Great essay as usual from Joyce. The White freak-show that Portland contains is an outcome of orgjew social engineering where deviancy of every stripe is celebrated through their media control, etc.

    For more by Joyce, here’s his discussion with Frodi Midjord:

    Guide to Kulchur – The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – Andrew Joyce – Nov 22, 2020 — Transcript


    [The Occidental Observer (TOO) contributor and scholar Andrew Joyce on the “jewish problem/question“, has a fascinating discussion (77 mins) on the ever controversial document, the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion“, with Frodi Midjord from Guide to Kulchur.

    — KATANA]

  12. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    This brings to mind the witty aphorism that “Birds of a feather flock together”. In the surreal inter-racial madhouse that is the western world today, the pathological behavior of the (((culturally corrupted))) White miscreants of Portland is ground zero for a clinical study in hedonistic degeneracy. Surely there needs to be a ‘deep dive’, book length study, a la Stoddard’s ‘The Revolt Against Civilization’ into the nihilistic, mascochistic, mis-behavior of those demented Whites. Needless to say, after 100 years, Bolshevism is still raging in places like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and even Kenosha!

    Thanks Andrew, for scratching the surface of this crazy, intellectually afflicted group of demented, atavistic, White degenerates. Democracy’s ideologically toxified grand children have truly come home to roost.

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      It’s not just brainwashing. These are genetic freaks, dysgenic mattoids. How can the existence of such be reconciled with the Christian conception of God – or any conception? I don’t know. But I do know that such human moral garbage should be gradually eliminated from civilized society, first by incarceration for crimes; followed by sterilization at the youngest possible ages; capital punishment for any murderers or paedophiles; but also, coercive anti-natalism. We whites must take charge of our gene pool. Nothing is more ethical that a eugenics rooted in traditional values.

  13. Saxon proud
    Saxon proud says:

    As a South Carolinian I really love this article.You grasp the South so well.Even many Southerners seem to get their programming about the South from TV/movies.You make such astute observations and make reading enjoyable.I enjoyed learning firsthand about Portland and its morphing from pro-White to full blown Synagogue of Satan. Thank you for your wise and thoughtful writing.May God bless you always.

  14. Applebanger
    Applebanger says:

    ‘About seven years ago I wrote an article for The Occidental Quarterly on Jamaica’s 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion.’

    I cannot find that article here or in the Occidental Quarterly. Also your series on Holocaust revisionism was excellent- would you be willing to republish them here or eslewhere?

  15. Schindler’s Guest List
    Schindler’s Guest List says:

    In my naive and prepolitical days, I had decided to move from Orange County, CA to Portland. Not having a ton of money or a job lined up, the best I could do was find a room in a large dilapidated house on the outskirts of town. My roommates, in order of proximity to me were: a tranny, formerly named Ronald, who called itself “Rebelle” and did not bathe or brush its teeth or do laundry in the six months I was there, and who also had a flea infested chihuahua (ironically named Dixie) who it let just piss and shit on the floor, a teenage gay couple that frequented bathhouses every weekend, a Mexican gang member who had been formerly imprisoned for murder but considered himself a sort of Indian chief on a spirit quest, his very trashy and sickly looking white girlfriend, a young tattooed chronic alcoholic who watched Vietnam war movies on repeat and was usually incoherent in the garage or out crashing his moped, and a degenerate womanizing pothead that worked at a weed dispensary. The sad irony of the northwest is that it is a beautiful region, almost out of a fairy tale, with endless towering forests and grand mountains and a misty melancholic atmosphere. I would recommend everyone who likes the outdoors to experience it if they haven’t. But even being, at the time, totally apolitical and somewhat liberal, I felt extremely out of place. It felt a crime to simply be normal, and everyone was all the the caricatures that are made of them and then some. In reverse of Joyce’s excellent article, I now reside in the South. It is, I suppose, somewhat less spectacular in appearance and the heat doesn’t agree with my physiology. But the people and culture, or what of them has survived, are truly precious. Integration has taken a great toll, but there is a sort of unspoken racial solidarity. Unlike Portland, civilization is alive and well.

  16. Nigel Carpenter
    Nigel Carpenter says:

    I haven’t been to Portland and I ain’t American either. But I like alternative culture. I’m sure there are lotsa nice people there also but I have no clue.

    But I also feel one reason for people’s craving for alternative culture is the utter blandness and weakness of our current mainstream culture. Which is probably an effect of the western world having become a shithole full of race mixed people who hate white people’s guts and they steal everything we do and also give it to people they make money on that are African, non white and mixed in the same way or similar to them. So I guess in this hellhole where whites are unorganized and becoming poorer and constantly being monitored by thieves who are afraid we will rise up or take their shitty businesses the f*ck out.

    In such an environment whites only option has mainly been doing art underground and with very low budgets.

    All the money in culture seems to be going towards the colored masses. And many jews enjoy stealing from gentiles and just market what they stole with africans or other non whites or someone looking half jewish or homosexual or whatever (suits their agenda for race mixing and homosexuality maybe). The just obvious hatred embedded in this behavior, the sheer ignorance of the hatred that this awakens in the people they steal from. The ignorance and attitude where they think they own the world and nothing can touch them. They are just the ceo of some shitty record company selling pop music and rap to the blind masses…

    So in a sense I think this subcultural focus can be a search for true culture, even true white culture at maybe a subconscious level. A longing for something behind the bulls**t they are fed by the mainstream with it’s blandness and mediocracy certainly also an effect of the etno centric nature of it’s owners because that type of ethnocentrism and focus also on PC ideas does not make for a breeding ground of greatness. It can also as the Frankfurt school stated be an effect to some degree of the blandness that can follow from commercialism and the careful not taking risks attitude it can foster.

    Anyways Portland has hardly any n-words subsahariann, or quite few for an US city at least but they have shortage of housing probably caused by the wealth that follows from many whites in one place not constantly being hunted by the subsahariann and the like. Young people often can’t move out of their paren’t place until they are in their late 20’s or in their 30’s. Hence they become leftists because they want somewhere to live maybe new houses built for young people I don’t know.

    I’m sure the left or the people sponsoring them has read most of the far far etno centric literature published in the US, hence they know and prepare for the scenario of an attempt at an etno state in the north west and they do it probably by pushing money into movements such as antifa and also connecting them to and giving them for example venues for music connected to these types of movement where they can spread their propaganda and recruit. Often these places focus on “white music” or genres with mainly white artists, so it also kinda acts as a safe haven for whites in a world where the mainstream is more and more dominated by the music of the subsahariann, pushed by stealing jewish controlled mega corporations (so an anti white agenda kinda disguised in implicit whiteness). Like there is a punk rock venue in New York controlled by some antifa dude who looks a bit Russian jewish or something and maybe he gets money from some jewish oligark originally from Russia who knows wouldn’t surprise me. Also some antifa dude from a Scandinavian country moved there with his US wife. So I think they moved their troops there so to speak in order to be prepared for unrest and scenarios painted out in the literature mentioned…

    That being said I heard Portland has a lot of strippers and that women who married whats his name the grunge dude in Nirvana that is dead, Curt Cobain (who was apparently also bisexuall and anti racist), was a stripper there I think. I’m not into the whole stripper thing and also don’t get how that thing works in the states but I’m skeptical towards the place also therefore somehow and so on and the like…

  17. Jack McArthur
    Jack McArthur says:

    “The city is a kaleidoscope of the macabre; an asylum run by the inmates. It attracts the demonic and repels the decent”

    The above is the future not just for the city unless the decent of the US makes a stand. All other countries have an unarmed population. My first job was as weaver in a district in which fellow weavers were shot dead by the Bezo’s ruled authorities of their day. My grandfather detested Churchill and it was not until recent years I found out why – he turned the guns on the poor Welsh miners (Boris Johnson said he did it “with compassion”) as well as being a war criminal along with FDR and HT. Nuremberg was hypocrisy at its zenith.

    Those photos above are death to the West. Even if you were not a Christian a decent person could recognize human values and respect them at one time. The Jews have destroyed it all through the media they control, their bought and paid for politicians and control of the money markets.

    Here is a passage from Ancient Egypt written 4000 years ago at the end of era more than 1000 years long which culminated in the pyramids of Giza but had now entered a period of chaos which drove the writer to desire death rather than witness the triumph of evil.

    “Death is before me today:
    like the recovery of a sick man,
    like going forth into a garden after sickness.
    Death is before me today:
    like the odor of myrrh,
    like sitting under a sail in a good wind.
    Death is before me today:
    like the course of a stream;
    like the return of a man from the war-galley to his house.
    Death is before me today:
    like the home that a man longs to see,
    after years spent as a captive”.

    Carlyle first words as a child according to Bertrand Russell were ‘what ails wee Jock?” Indeed. I had one of those vivid dream pictures a couple of nights ago in which white headed eagle was on the floor before with wings bent and looking sad and poorly.

  18. Brandon II
    Brandon II says:

    Interesting column, Dr. Joyce. I’ve lived most of my life in rural NC and can vouch for your Southern impressionism. In my cotton belt county I’ve sometimes gone a week or more without seeing another white person, but I’m still white and my field-away neighbors are black. Truth is, they prefer this genial distance as much as I do, and even if they were white they’d prefer it that way. Separation is a source of personal sovereignty to us and makes for a more authentic cordiality when we do interact. Further, it fosters a habitus of mind that is distinctly folk and reality based. For example, if I were to try to ingratiate myself with my black neighbors Portland-style, through the mindless mouthings of social justice platitudes, they would likely believe I was either grooming them to buy the Brooklyn Bridge or that I belong in a mental institution. And regarding the latter they’d probably be right. These blacks know reality, and certainly better than the whites of Portland. Moreover, it’s no accident that Portland’s decline corresponded to the in-migration of Jews. Indeed, most of my problematic interactions with blacks occurred at the behest of pushy, urbanized Jews—specifically the very Jewish lawyers (native New Yorkers) who integrated our public schools. Throughout that chaotic, wasted year I (a completely inoffensive child) was variously kicked, bruised, and threatened both verbally and with a knife—and this was before Lew Wasserman had begun pumping them full of Gangsta Rap. But, crucially, this experience also marked my first stirrings as to the Jewish Question, and I distinctly remember thinking upon my last busing out of that middle-school hellhole how unfortunate it was Hitler hadn’t got the job done. Crude, I admit, but I was only 13 at the time. Gradually, as I matured, I became more refined about these matters and came to understand myself together with my attackers in terms of our common victimhood to Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy. It goes without saying that you and Dr. MacDonald are still assisting that process even today and guiding thousands of alienated young people beyond a merely emotional processing of their misfortune to scholarly levels of evidence and explication. It’s an approach that probably saved me from Nazi armbands and from that perspective (dare I say) one good for the Jews. But good luck getting them to admit that!

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      South Dakota 0
      Arkansas 0.1
      Idaho 0.1
      Mississippi 0.1
      Montana 0.1
      North Dakota 0.1
      Oklahoma 0.1
      West Virginia 0.1
      Alabama 0.2
      Iowa 0.2
      Louisiana 0.2
      Utah 0.2
      Wyoming 0.2
      Indiana 0.3
      Kentucky 0.3
      Nebraska 0.3
      North Carolina 0.3
      South Carolina0.3
      Tennessee 0.3
      Hawaii 0.5
      Wisconsin 0.5
      Kansas 0.6
      New Mexico 0.6
      Texas 0.6
      Washington 0.7
      Michigan 0.8
      New Hampshire 0.8
      Alaska 0.9
      Minnesota 0.9
      Vermont 0.9
      Maine 1
      Missouri 1
      Oregon 1.1
      Virginia 1.2
      Georgia 1.3
      Ohio 1.3
      Arizona 1.7
      Delaware 1.7
      Colorado 1.8
      Rhode Island 1.8
      Illinois 2.3
      Pennsylvania 2.3
      Nevada 2.8
      Connecticut 3.2
      California 3.3
      Florida 3.4
      Maryland 4.1
      Massachusetts 4.2
      D.C. 4.7
      New Jersey 5.7
      New York 8.4

  19. The Infant Phenomenon
    The Infant Phenomenon says:

    ” […] I remember thinking, as a more or less neutral arrival from Europe, that segregation of this nature largely “worked.”

    It always did. It still does.

    ” […] It’s probably a given that Americans are raised with visions of the South as a highly racialized place, rife with injustice and violence. What is probably less understood by Americans is the fact that Europeans (and presumably all Westerners) are indoctrinated by their education systems to see the South in the same way.”

    For which we Southrons THANK GOD. I’m glad you like the South and all that, but PLEASE don’t tell anybody about it! PLEASE! They will only COME HERE, and we DON’T WANT ANY MORE CARPETBAGGIN’ YANKEES! ! Dear God! Won’t the world just LEAVE US ALONE!? We KNOW WHO WE ARE. Just leave us BE!

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      Yes … this is the irony of identity. Once you open it up to everybody — even everybody white — , your identity is lost.

      But we sure had some great family vacations we’ll never forget … thanks to southern resort hospitality. Hope that was okay!

      • Chris
        Chris says:

        Sorry to reply to my own comment, but it puts me deep in thought … now that many of us city slickers are going to be abandoning our cities for the rural areas (nearby rural areas, not the South), won’t we be something of interlopers .. invading with our high IQ citified ways? Will that even work? Ach! We have no choice. The cities are lost to the enemy.

  20. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    This touching and generous-spirited article contains no shortage of things to praise, but I am especially fond of the last image on display: the picture of a march in Ashland, Oregon, in the 1920s.

    Would it be likely, I wonder, that by changing the date to 2020, colorizing the photo with some state-of-the-art software, and adding a soupçon of fast talking, it could be republished on the Internet and sold to the (((Establishment))) and its attendant hordes of Great Unwashed as a march of Biden fans, antifa leaders, and other cutting-edge authoritarians promoting the recommended public attire for the next stage of the Covid Hysteria?

  21. Noel Chalemagne II
    Noel Chalemagne II says:

    Writing off Portland or any other part of the USA as not being possible for a place where a lot more people can become pro white and active pro white seems a bit simplistic.

    Sure these particular antics look horrible. But there are like half a million people who live there how many are in antifa or were involved in the riots a couple of hundred or maybe a thousand certainly less than 1 % of the population.

    And also Portland had a large skinnhead and right racist skinnhead scene in the 90’s according to wikipedia. And hey many of these white antifa members are just brainwashed they may see the light and become very pro white or something and so on and the like.

    Regardless I think it’s stupid to just focus on a part of a country. I think our goal should be to reach out to as many whites as possible in as many places as possible because you newer know where the best people may reside do you.

    The USA certainly has a better breeding ground for rebellion with the massive amount of guns and the history of the country.

    Certainly the region is drained in quite fun but sloppy subsahariann music and culture pushed by you know who… And certainly there is an unprecedented control of the media, many IT companies, universities and culture in general by you know who and anti whites…

    But hey a little resistance or tons of it is to be expected especially with the fears that wwII brought to many whites and people in general.

    But I think it will work out fine. We just have to give it a go and work hard and do our best. And when we do that it might work out. It might also not but at least we tried. My family has a record of success so… We can crush all resistance (here I’m not referring to actually crushing people but you know or something I don’t know I’m expressing myself as I write I suppose in an improvised way and all that).

    The whole hipster thing was big in Portland. And that was created by Vice magazine and Gavin Mcinnes who is a bit of a weirdo and he was taken out from vice by the two other dudes but still he was and is kinda pro western values and against immigration so that may actually have been popular there but I don’t know…

  22. Prof. Woland
    Prof. Woland says:

    The Left is truly the left side of the bell curve. This is true for sexual market value, fitness, intelligence, health, mental health, drug use, etc. When you line up a population starting from the left to the right ranked by every measurable category certain patterns emerge; enough to where a political movement is built upon it.

    They are war with nature and it is why they spend so much energy trying to tell everyone we are all equal. We are not and everyone knows it. They hate every attractive, successful, and functional person they see with a passion because we remind them how ugly and vile they are.

  23. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    @ Dr. Joyce:
    I see Occidental Joyce has been shoahed by Bitchute. Sad, verging on comical. Have you found another venue? Thanks.

  24. A Mayer
    A Mayer says:

    A good, but slightly disturbing article- how sad to see the US and Europe sink so low.. It was good to read the Carlyle quotation. I have the 1872 collection of his works, the work on the French revolution is especially memorable. I recall Carlyle , in criticising Lamb the innocent essayist, pointed out what he saw as Lamb.s semitic features. Carlyle;s liberal use of German words and quotations made his works more interesting, and sometimes amusing

  25. Coll Doll
    Coll Doll says:

    WATCH THIS ISRAELI RABBI EXPLAIN ANTIFA ORIGINS. His explanation in the video is cued up to start at 1:18:13 and listen for two minutes until 1:19:55. It’s jaw dropping but believable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7YFslbr_Ys&feature=youtu.be&t=4693

    At another point in the video, he talks about rabbis molesting children. The video is cued up at about 40 minutes and continues on this topic until about the 43 minute mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7YFslbr_Ys&feature=youtu.be&t=2318

  26. Leon Haller
    Leon Haller says:

    Excellent article. I am very glad that the prowhite movement has started to move beyond analysis of sociobiological decline, and into other, less academic and more impressionistic areas. I realized decades ago that our situation called for a culture as well as politics of total rejection. Developing such a culture will involve much more than just intellectual deconstructions of leftist mythology and falsehoods. We need to develop an entirely new consciousness. Extending this to the literary sphere, while we can always use another race and IQ study, what we really need are subjective writings – fiction and personal memoirs and travelogues, like this one – to which individuals can better ‘relate’ than they can to dry social science papers. Occasionally, ones hears minority racial activists blathering about the need to include or hear the ‘voices’ of the ‘marginalized’. I agree, on the correct understanding that WE are the marginalized today. We need many more and different kinds of white voices – male, female, young ,old, white collar, blue collar – provided they are traditional and on the Right, articulating their feelings, histories and aspirations. This is part of re-building a people.

  27. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    The rogues gallery of mugshots reminds me of my misspent watch George A.Romero zombie-horror films.
    Now I view these visages with pity,scorn and despair.
    Thank you Dr.Joyce.

  28. Leon Haller
    Leon Haller says:

    One element no one has mentioned is that Portland is famous for being a mecca for WHITE teenage runaways, and has been for many decades (since the 70s, I believe).They have one of the highest percentages of white runaways of any major city. I think this sociological phenomenon got started as a function of both the dislocations set in motion by the upheavals of the awful Sixties, and the fact of Portland’s overwhelming white demography (which is interesting in itself for psychological reasons: even many ‘lost’ or brainwashed young whites seem instinctively to understand that life on the streets will be easier in Portland than, say, Chicago or Cleveland – and probably not only because of the milder weather). They now have this constantly reproducing folk-culture of mostly feral street children/teens. I strongly suspect this culture has been seriously infiltrated, coopted and used by the more sophisticated and Soros-funded antifa scum, and that this has played a role in the ongoing street terrorism campaign since the death of criminal Georg Floyd in May.

    All I can say to America’s dwindling “normals” is get hard and get prepared. War with/against the nation’s dysgenic mattoid and thug legions is coming. It was always coming, set in motion by the race-evil changes of the Sixties.

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