Academic Hysteria, Part I

I am a faculty member at an American academic institution; for the sake of argument, the school is a fairly prominent blue state university, with predominantly undergraduate students but also, as befits a university, post-graduate education as well. The institution, like virtually all others in the USA, has a far-left radical administration, leftist faculty, and social justice-obsessed students; since late spring 2020, all of these unfortunate specimens have become hysterical beyond all imagining. In Part I of my essay, presented here, I comment on aspects of some of the initial anti-White “training, workshop, seminar” activity that has been foisted on us as a result of the latest moral posturing outrage with Black Lives Matter, George Floyd, etc. More to the point, and more broadly, I will comment on the overall racial atmosphere here and how different sections of our academic community contribute to it.

The latest  “social justice” barrage started with outrageously juvenile and bigoted sociopolitical pontifications from our overpaid and underworked administration, and promises to the students for all sorts of “social justice” activity and “rigorous reflection” and “training”— mandatory of course — for everyone at the institution, to eliminate the deadly scourge of “White racism.” I would like to also point out that promises were also made to change student admission and faculty hiring practices to favor “diversity” — that is, discriminating against qualified White candidates. As well, non-White students were specifically promised race-specific student benefits (e.g., counseling for “victims of racism” specifically for “students of color”); please note that providing student services based strictly on race is of course against federal law and also is in violation of official institutional policy that states that all activities that affect students will be applied in a manner independent of “race, color, ethnic origin, sex, religion, etc.”

Let’s briefly consider some low points of the “training” (i.e., indoctrination) so far. There were online webinars from angry Black women about the health crisis of “racism” — complete with pointed references to the “racism” of the 2016 election outcome. I suppose now we will hear complaints about all those nasty White racists who voted for Donald “Platinum Plan” Trump in 2020; after all, voting for a man who completely ignored his White base for four years, while promising a half-trillion-dollar handout to people who don’t vote for him and who in fact elected Joe Biden, is evidence of unrepentant bigotry. Other webinars told of the agonies of the Holocaust (while omitting mention of any historical episodes of White Christian suffering), isolated cases of medical malpractice involving Blacks, and, of course, the ever-present nonsense of “race is only a social construct” (tell that to Rachel Dolezal and Jessica Krug). Live “workshops” often also featured Black women (who seem to specialize in this activity), typically using ghetto slang and vulgar language to a captive audience of highly educated White and Asian faculty.

Another accusation faculty hear in such “training” is that the institution is “White-centered.” How that could be is a mystery, since our academic institution (like all others) celebrates the identities and accomplishments of every group except for Whites. One observes multiple celebrations and exhibits for Black History Month, Asian History Month, “Latinx” History Month, Native American History Month, etc. During such celebrations, one can find non-White students wearing racial pride and racial nationalist t-shirts of an extreme nature; if White students wore anything analogous, they would likely be labeled as “racist” and expelled. In the midst of all of this “inclusion,” one can look in vain for anything positive for Whites, Europeans, etc. The only mention of Whites, as a group, is always in a purely negative sense. So, the idea that this is all “White-centered” when it is precisely the opposite is something only deranged ideologues could claim.

What do I believe is the attitude of students and institutional employees to all of this? The students are close to 100% supportive; indeed, much of the impetus for hysterical “training” and the other manifestations of non-White identity politics and anti-White hatred originates with the students. The non-White students are essentially 100% on board. The vast majority of the White students — I’d estimate at least 90% — are strongly supportive of the anti-White agenda as well. No student openly speaks out against it; even if they were offended, they would, rightly, fear retaliation from fellow students, from faculty, and from the administration. Rarely, a White student will quietly complain, in private and in confidence, to the few sympathetic faculty that exist about mistreatment based on race. Typically, after “White Privilege training” what would happen is that White students would be verbally racially harassed by non-White students; most of the Whites would masochistically revel in the abuse but a few would complain behind closed doors. Staff also verbally abuse, in racial terms, those few White students who are insufficiently anti-White and insufficiently “woke” on these matters.

Administration are virtually all on the extreme left, whether these individuals are White, Jewish, non-White; they speak with one voice, without the slightest hint of dissension or debate. For the most part, I suspect this is sincere ideological fervor, but in some cases, I suspect there may be some characterless White sociopaths among our institutional leadership who mouth the dogma merely for career advancement.

What about the (non-faculty) staff? All of the women are “social justice” types, with White women “allies to people of color” being particularly extreme and unpleasant. White-collar men among the staff also are mostly leftist; however, I suspect that some of the blue-collar White maintenance staff include a few with more healthy instincts, although they stay silent. Faculty are among the most extreme leftists, with obvious exceptions such as myself; the majority of the far-left White faculty are hypocrites who live as far away from minorities as possible. And, amusingly, even some of these White progressives sometimes complain about non-White administrators who (and this is an exact quote) “cannot get along with White people.” By and large, however, the faculty stand with the administration and students, and most of the staff, in their adherence to radical leftism. It is interesting how these people obsess over the accidental death of George Floyd, a Black ex-convict who, according to the autopsy, died of a drug overdose while resisting arrest, but completely ignore the death of Cannon Hinnant, a five-year-old White boy shot to death, “allegedly” by his Black neighbor. Some lives matter more than others, I suppose.

We must understand what the real purpose of all of this “diversity training” is. Multiple studies have shown that such training is ineffective and indeed often increases bias. That is old news, and yet, despite these findings, the training continues to occur. But, you see, the ultimate purpose of the training is to abuse and humiliate White people and it is indeed very effective at that. And, if the training has the side effect of actually increasing bias and exacerbating racial tensions, well, that’s a side-benefit, since more bias and more tension is used to justify more training, leading to more of the desired abuse and humiliation and also to more problems requiring yet more training. Of course, as well, some people make good money from this nonsense, and the institutions that host the training use it as “liability insurance” to safeguard against “discrimination” lawsuits by non-Whites (they don’t worry about Whites in that regard). So, many people benefit, but, again, the main objective is to “stick it to Whitey.” Therefore, that White students end up getting racially bullied after such training is considered a feature and not a bug. That White employees are ritually humiliated by such training is also a feature and not a bug.

I would like to finish with comments about the overall racial and cultural climate in American academia, based on direct observation, my own institution being a perfect example. Are admission committees biased against Whites, particularly White men? Yes they are. After all, there are a limited number of admission slots and there are more candidates than slots. Therefore, it is inevitable that altered criteria for admissions that favor minorities and/or women will result in other candidates being rejected. This discrimination is often hidden behind the euphemism of “a holistic admissions policy.”

I read about the grading system changes in the San Diego school district with grim amusement. Readers should understand that the situation is no different in higher education. Not only have general standards fallen to accommodate low-performing students, grade inflation and easy exams being just two examples, but, specifically, non-Whites are accommodated in other ways. Cheating scandals? If most or all of the cheaters are non-White then you can forget about any real discipline being meted out. Faculty are simply told to “change the test questions” as if the new questions are not going to be targeted for cheating as were the old ones.

And these manipulations are not only for undergraduate institutions, but also for graduate and medical schools as well. The Step One exam for medical students is now pass/fail. Who knows? Perhaps it will eventually be dispensed with completely. We can’t have “disparate outcomes,” now, can we? Why have the MCAT? SAT? GRE? Maybe we should dispense with grading altogether and evaluate students solely on the basis of their commitment to “social justice.” What about student misconduct other than test cheating?  Are investigations into potential student misconduct biased against Whites, particularly White men? Yes they are. Interestingly, it seems that the group most favored are Asian-American women. No matter what they have done, no matter what terrible things they are accused of doing, they are considered to be “nice and sweet” and therefore must always be “given a second chance.” In contrast, the most mild, nitpicking infraction by a White male student is met with “he’s arrogant and we need to make an example of him.”

Finally, are academic institutions hypocritical in how they address alleged cases of “offensive comments and microagressions?” You bet they are. It’s “anything goes” with respect to hate toward Whites in general, specific White ethnic groups, Christian religious belief, men, etc. I do not want to get into real-life specifics here, as some specific incidents may very well be the target of future discrimination claims against the institution, but I can provide hypothetical examples that convey the essence of what typically occurs. For example, it would be considered perfectly acceptable to, openly and publicly in front of witnesses, tell an Irish-American that they “look like a drunken leprechaun” or to ask a Polish-American “how many of your family members does it take to screw in a light bulb?” or to comment that an Italian-American “looks like a Mafioso” and “talks like Vito Corleone.” But if one were to, for a microsecond, make a facial expression of distaste in response to the harsh smell of some sort of exotic and malodorous non-White food, or to, completely innocently, mispronounce a non-White surname, then that is considered a serious racial offense, a microaggression, and will lead to investigations, meetings, and “sensitivity training” for the entire institution. If you think I’m joking, I assure you I am not. It is also perfectly acceptable to openly disparage Whites in general in the most extreme and derogatory terms, mock men for alleged biological inferiority to women, and to ridicule Christian religious practices. That is all considered to be “inclusion” and a “commitment to eliminate discrimination.” Complaints about such overt anti-White and anti-male bigotry are of course completely ignored. Things can only be expected to get worse; after the Trump interregnum, these types are out for blood.

After the first round of our required “training” is concluded, I will conclude with Part II of this essay, summarizing what has occurred in that time and its effects on the institution. Who knows whether a Part III will be necessary, but it is entirely possible.

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  1. John
    John says:

    I wonder if that university has a conservative and/or GOP student club and what they are doing about it.
    Do they speak out?
    Do they hold events?

    How about starting European Heritage student clubs in high schools and institutes of higher education?

    The subtle message of these would be that they celebrate White culture, preferably Christian.

    • Bill Boyd
      Bill Boyd says:

      John, the answer is most likely a resounding no. For several reasons, one being they probably are not permitted! The situation regarding White Males in the school is prevalent all over the American academia and is getting worse every year. Any organized meeting of Whites, especially men, is instantly labeled a conspiracy and a tool for racial discrimination. Get used to it!

      • Chris M
        Chris M says:

        “Get used to it!”

        You mean, get used to it, as in “give up and submit?”

        Though it’s true that that’s how it’ll be cause that’s how the elite want it, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing one can do.

      • Tim Folke
        Tim Folke says:

        Yet, what better way to attract attention! Even if it is denied it will get people talking. The only caveat is that the White students involved should be above reproach.

        Cowardice is contagious, but so is courage.

        Were one of the proponents of say an European Club be a gorgeous White girl that would go a long way!

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Christianity , since no later than ww2 , ( has not )/cannot/( will not ) “save” Whites/Aryans/Caucasians/Indo-Europeans . Christianity is the predominant religion of Whites worldwide and it is in a terminal life-support legacy mode .

      Here is a link to a short and very revealing recent 3.3 minute videoclip on the imminent worldwide mandatory COVID-19 plandemic/scamdemic/( pandemic hoax ) vaccinations ; (((their))) global conspiratorial secret agenda to facilitate radical worldwide de-populations ; and in particular , to genocide the Christian Whites . The videoclip is at the top of the article and will load autoly with the title :

      “The Ethics of COVID-19 Vaccinations”.

      (((They))) are once again and as always implementing the notorious
      Fabian socialist “boa constrictor” modus operandi of gradualism where vaccinations will be coerced if not ordered directly . There exists nothing significant to stop this C19 initiated genocide .

      Christianity is a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to the chosenhite jewmasterss ; it has become the bane of the White race .

      Please note that USA citizens have a soon to be made defunct ,
      by the global medical mafia ,
      Constitutional inalienable sovereign birthright property called
      “the biological physical self”.

  2. Roberto Gallo
    Roberto Gallo says:

    You are experiencing in USA what happened in Italy during ’70. Now the mainstream – politics and overall mass media – is crammed with leftists, many of them present in prestigious roles in EU and not only. For example an important participant of a military Marxist group during ’70-’80 in Italy (that embraced, as a group, the criminal Brigate Rosse band) is also in the board of CFR:Gianni Riotta. The womb is the same. But I can list several examples. The Frankfurt School is the cancer and everything around us are metastasis. To accept this situation is like therapeutic relentlessness: the change, unfortunately violent, is looming.

  3. Martin Rudling
    Martin Rudling says:

    Wow. Promoting LSD-trips for the children comes off as sound and healthy in comparison to this mental abuse. Very interesting. I had not grasped how this cult had penetrated the minds so thoroughly.

  4. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Sounds like a mad hatter’s tea party there! It’s unreal how gullible and intellectually poisoned White people in academia have become. Its like they are possessed by an (((instilled))) sado-masochistic racial death wish.
    Well, can’t say they don’t have their ultimate perverse “poetic justice” coming, for being so damned stupid.

  5. John
    John says:

    I would like to see professors and instructors like the author bring these issues up in class and ask students what they really think.

    Some of them may open up.

    Perhaps these teachers can take “conservative” or “traditional” White students who might be open to a private talk aside and have a conversation so both parties can gain more insight.

  6. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Oh, well. As long as they can keep the economy humming all will be well and their golden pensions, still far off in the future, assured.

  7. Elena Haskins
    Elena Haskins says:

    Why is this news?

    American universities were taken over by parasitic jews and their client parasites decades ago.

    Meanwhile American OverTaxed Treadmill Debt Slaves have been charged $Billions to support academics who were more interested in protecting their sinecures than doing useful research and making it available for free to those who already paid for it.
    Financial Citations:

    All taken by threat of force taxpayer funding needs to be eliminated for universities and colleges.

    Corrupt nonprofits who fund traitorous universities and colleges also need to be eliminated.

    Academics will then have to sell their useful skills and products like the rest of us.

    Re: White Academics feeling beleaguered:

    It took me years to pay off my BA from UCBerkeley.

    My disdain for the egocentric idiot academics I had to deal with in order to *get* a degree grew with each payment/sacrifice I had to make.

    Instead of being taught how to escape from control by international central bankers and how to eliminate the usury that enslaves White Americans, I was instructed re: how to please the professors while going further into school loan debt.

    Elena Haskins

    • Roberto Gallo
      Roberto Gallo says:

      Absolutely right! Let’s cut off the water and the fishes will die. Defund the Universities filled of parasites dangerous for the society shall be imperative.

  8. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Good article! Thanks! Looking forward to reading part II.

    It’s obvious the hostile elite and their proxies are good at indoctrination. But it’s just as obvious they’re no good at social management. And it’s social management that keeps social institutions alive, not indoctrination.

    And what is a social institution? Well, in part, and at bottom, it’s a form of human adaptation. It’s a way that society adapts itself to the world and visa versa (since adaptation always works both ways).

    Briefly, the intellectual training required for effective social management is training in rigorous thinking, consistent reasoning, and cautious judgment, across all areas of intellectual activity.

    In other words, reflective thought, not automatic belief.

    Without that training, practically applied on a consistent basis both within and throughout the institution and its interaction with other institutions, that institution becomes dysfunctional and eventually maladaptive. At that point, all of the propaganda, censorship and violence in the world won’t save it. In fact, it’ll just speed up the process.

    And that is the situation we’re in today.

    It should never be assumed for a second that the human race is going to be a successful species. We haven’t even been biologically tested, and we very well might fail that test.

    And does anyone doubt that those currently running and ruining our institutions would even allow discussion about such testing, let alone permit that such a test be conducted?

    In short, given the hostile elite’s behavior, and our corresponding inability to stop them, at least so far, we shouldn’t laugh at the dinosaurs for getting themselves extinct.

    After all, they were around a lot longer than we’ve been so far.

  9. bruno
    bruno says:

    This is one of the most insightful articles out there. Most have no idea of what’s going on. The masses are just too busy with family, bills, obligations.

    Further, due to Washington bureaucrats and MSM many have drunk the cool aid. Without a revolution the country, as we once knew it, is lost.

    The author paints a picture of what’s going on all over the USA. The billionaires, corporatists and monopolies such as AT&T, Target and a slew of others are the heavy weapons against the White male. The-anti-W army has large reinforcements that include negophiles and W ideologists.

    A brief example, due to Father Time’s requirements, touches a relative. The person is a quality individual with a high ranking position. Those above him took golden handshakes. The results were that HaitianAms and other Bs replaced them. These replacements didn’t have the intellectual capacity to perform. Not only that, it’s difficult to understand them. Results: Due to disfunction, Ws are blamed for all mistakes.

    The hierarchy supports the anti-majority. The middle age W under discussion, despite a good personality and decent education is daily abused. Due to family and concerns about children, leaving is out of the question. After years of successful labor, a job could be lost. This will could mean divorce. It will imply that children won’t have stability. A family that functions perfectly could join the masses of broken American families that number somewhere around 40%.

    This article does not merely describe US universities. It’s a factual view of the USA scene.

  10. Jud Jackson
    Jud Jackson says:

    Great Article.
    I note that things seem to be getting worse and worse by the day for whites and especially whites in the Universities. I taught Philosophy in a 2 year Community College for 12 years from 1998 to 2010.. I had no problems and there was no PC. I am sure there is now. I guess it goes the way Gramsci said it would go; the left has successfully made their long march through the institutions and this is what they come up with. I am 64 years old, got my M.A. in philosophy in 1982 and am very happy about that. My M.A. meant something. I had to read many of the Western Classics in Philosophy and write good papers on them. Of all the evil the left has done, I think the worst was the destruction of higher education. I would not want to be a young man any more. I got a true liberal arts education and it seems to be impossible to do so nowadays. Anyway, I live in Hungary now and there is no PC here. I teach English in a language school and everybody has exactly the same opinion about the Gypsies and nobody is afraid to say it and nobody gets in trouble for saying it. If only the US could be like Hungary.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        I can’t imagine that either. Which only arouses my curiosity and desire to be subjected to one. Preferably given by the full Professor of History at the University of Toronto, who wrote the August 87 obituary for Hess, in Toronto’s largest daily, the Star.

        Hess – Hoess: close enough ! He ‘obituarized’, that Hess was, at times, the Kommandant of Auschwitz.

        At my behest, the Star corrected itself in its relevant tiny notice, and the Professor could probably relate, verbatim, our phone conversation.

        This, at best, ignorant intellectual told me, that the obituary was penned by one of his graduate students: though published under the P’s name.

        Even worse, given the above-mentioned, methodological multiplier effects.

  11. Mike
    Mike says:

    You might start wondering whether it is worth going to a university in the first place. Some or most of the humanities are worthless. The costs are high. One virtue of Covid-19 is that it has forced on the use of on-line teaching. Overpaid university administrators would soon notice a fall in body count and corresponding fall in sales revenue.

    Perhaps real universities doing science and engineering are still worthwhile. But now they have serious, low cost competition. Zoom came along at the right time for Sean Gabb, England’s leading libertarian. He now teaches worldwide from home. Saving travelling time makes it a win-win situation.

  12. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Great article. What caught my attention was how academia uses words to either shame or praise.

    One of the (actually few) things we need to do in order to assure a future for White children is to rise above this silly ‘war of words’. We are so damned thin-skinned to name calling! We cringe over being called a ‘bigot’, ‘racist’, ‘Nazi’, etc… Let’s get over it!

    I have learned that one of the things Libs cannot handle is being laughed at. Nowadays when I am called a ‘racist’ I laugh and then thank my accuser for the compliment. When (if) they are honest enough to ask me to explain my response, I simply say that racism is diversity’s best friend; that without racism, there would be no diversity and after several generations we would all look like something along the lines of Tiger Woods. To their credit, may of the Libs I say this too honestly ponder what I said, which is a start for them.

    ‘Sticks and stones may break our bones, but names will never hurt us’.

  13. Tom Sunic, PhD
    Tom Sunic, PhD says:

    A good piece and a good reminder. However, one cannot just blame students of color or professorial SJWs. The main problem are guilt-ridden and frightened White professors who know the game in town, but don’t want to rock the boat, being more concerned with maintaining their tenure and nurturing their pension funds than upholding free academic inquiry.
    Back in the 70s in communist Eastern Europe quality profs were victims of communist commissarial censorship. Today at US and EU colleges censorship is not needed; most professors prefer to wallow in self-censorship instead. This sick System won’t last long. Alas, it will destroy millions of bright White students in the process.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      ” However, one cannot just blame students of color or SJW professors “. Correct, if one permits them their free opinion, as we demand for ourselves.

      However, their danger and apparent effectiveness lies in the fact, that they are well funded, organized, ” bevormunded ” [ dictated ] and generally weaponized: always at opinion-making junctures.

      You, thankfully, found your own, productive niche to speak out. But what of the hapless, aged professor, flailing in the waters of a comparatively new, puzzling de rigueur regime ? Should he, or would you, throw away your family and mortgaged possessions to attempt to get new employment, in, say, the beset NYC restaurant industry ?

      I, for one, opt to remember and differentiate between cause and effect.

      Additionally, I tripped over your 70s comment. Did I misread or see photoshopped film on the surrender of the Polish Home Army to the German Commander in Warsaw, while the Red Army was purposefully diddling for three days on the opposite side of the Vistula ?

      Letting the Germans complete the political decapitation of the Polish patriots: putting the final period behind the sentence the NKVD started at Katyn.

      In my humble opinion 44 – not 70s.

  14. FrankColumba
    FrankColumba says:

    At least the universities are suffering from diminishing enrollment and the COVID-19 super epidemic.

  15. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    White people; skip the university. Learn a trade. Live close to the earth and your people instead of in the sky, in a fantasyland propped up by the spindly sticks of materialistic cosmopolitanism. While a saturated market full of college grads pays off insane student loans for redundant and largely pointless degrees, you can build, fix, maintain, create, and also laugh at the fools who sold their very selves for that starring role in a cage.

  16. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks for the quality essay and your experience.

    Being from upstate NY, I made the mistake, straight out of high school, of going to a predominantly Jewish college (what did I know then?) back in the 80s. And I experienced, even back then, what you describe.

    People have responded here with questions of ‘what can be done?’ And ‘we can’t give up.’ We hear a lot of that on TOO. What is going on in our country, what has been going on for years, is very painful for many of us. I was bullied and abused at the college I went to by a Jewish “professor” and other students. The professors at this school could throw you out at anytime they wished, so there was a lot of blackmail and other garbage that went on. The Jewish professors along with blackmail, busy peddling their hatred of all things white and peddling the greatness of Marxism, found time to steal, sleep with the students, and threaten us with being put on probation and ‘double probation,’ etc… and making threats ‘you’ll never worked in the industry, I know everybody.’ etc… (It was an art school.)

    What can be done? I myself am currently working on a book about my experience and how I learned the truth of what is going on and one of my editors is well known in our dissident right circles. His first critique of my work was that I needed to be much more ‘gentle’ in introducing readers to our ideas and historical, revisionist history. ‘Gentle!?’ I thought that was a bit crazy. But as time went by, I do believe that he is right.

    One of my proposals in my book is to create a white advocacy group. Something that anyone would be able to do in their communities. Others have introduced similar ideas here. I also always introduce true history when I can to others, even Jews. ‘You know, Stalin, and the people under him at the time, Genrikh Yagoda and Lazar Kaganovich, who were Jewish, are responsible for well over 10 million deaths during the 1930s in the Soviet Union, why don’t we ever hear about that? It’s always the white, European guy. How come the white, European guy is the epitome of evil? How did that happen?’ Then I’ll send them Sever Plocker’s article “Stalin’s Jews.” I’ll also tell them to read “Stalin and His Hangmen,” by Donald Rayfield and also other books and talk about what happened beginning in Russia in 1917 and the parallels to today. I’ll also introduce the facts of Jewish supremacy when I can. I try to do it in a gentle way. You would be surprised at how many show interest in learning more. You would also be surprised by the the many tilted heads exclaiming in a low tone; “you know, I always wondered about that.” I especially love when I get the grin and the slow look in the eyes from the listener and then the whisper- “I know.”

    With the current horrible takeover through a blatantly fraudulent election, the radical left will continue to destroy our country and our constitution. There has been a lot of talk online of red states seceding. It has been talked about on TOO long before this election but more in terms of a white nation state. I was never an advocate of it but now it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Interesting that so many people the world over put their lives and their families lives in danger to emigrate to our country and now many Americans are emigrating to red states to get away from the insane policies of the radical left in their own country!

    A few days ago, I had to do some business in midtown and walked through Times Square. Big stores, The Gap, Old Navy, chain restaurants, are boarded up, in Times Square! I went to the big Guitar Center there to get strings and they informed me that they will be closing at the end of January! And for the first time during this whole lockdown fraud that is imposed on us by tyrannical radical left ass kissing governors, I felt afraid. A chill ran through my body.

    If there was anytime to present our ideas to the masses, which is what I’m trying to do with my writing, this just might be the time. Well over 80 million people who voted for President Trump want justice, they want their country, American reason, values, and culture back and they want it preserved. Most importantly they want freedom. And I believe it’s a lot more than 80 million. There are many who can’t express their fears and their beliefs for fear of themselves and their families being ‘cancelled.’ And that of course is what Lenin did during the Red Terror. Except he canceled people and their families physically of course.

    Something needs to be done. That is for sure and soon. Maybe we can all do our part by taking a more proactive approach to spreading our knowledge. I know it might not seem like much and is at times difficult and not possible but I find if you do it gently, it works. It’s something.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Ukrainian readers hereabouts may justifiably feel left out, since you omitted their millions losses during their Holodomor. In your worthy effort, you may also wish to refer to the many unimaginable images on the net, referencing said Holodomor.

      And, if I may: 1917 was not the start, but the culmination ! New York Jews and Schiff referred to the impending revolution as OUR THING ! Ca. 2,000 of them were paid to go to Petersburg to start things: reported on by a British Agent for their Foreign Office, as being well dressed, well fed, new in town, wearing red carnations in their lapels and with sufficient cash to crowd the saloons after revolutionizing.

      Also consider the Russo-Japanese War, financed by Schiff for Japan, the Revolution of 1905 and Liebknecht, Luxembourg, et al. The FED was established on December 23, 1913, just in time to finance the start of WW1 in 1914, and financing the Bolsheviks with millions, through the Deutsche, Dortmunder, Dresdner and Disconto German banks. Facilitated by Max Warburg, Hamburg banking house ’til today, who was chief advisor to the Kaiser, and promoter of Lenin’s sealed train through Germany: as were the two young Dulles brothers, then at the US Legation at Basel.

      Two Warburgs, among others, pled for Germany at Versailles, two others [ Kuehn Loeb & Co. ] for the US.

      Seen from then and there, the 2020 US S-election appears unexceptional !

    • Bobby
      Bobby says:

      I love that video TJ. We need a national day of reopening: all businesses will open, no restrictions, no masks. ‘We the People’ must do it. The tyrants will never, ever do it. They can’t arrest everybody.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Sadly, almost every visible shopper in the video seems to be reacting with the studied, nervous silence of passengers on a commuter train when a black panhandler makes his way through their car. Like them, I suppose, the shoppers sense that even acknowledging bullhorn guy’s existence, let alone listening to him, can bring them nothing but grief.

      All year long here in New York City, those who have been the most thoroughly unmanned by terror of the covid virus are the very young people who are least likely to suffer any discernible symptoms from infection with the bug. Given that it’s well past time to add Youthful Nonconformism to the government’s list of endangered species, bullhorn guy is to be commended for breaking the mold.

  17. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    @ MR. FACULTY:

    01 During these tsunamis of daily revelations, some direction-changing matters are too rapidly forgotten. Additionally, new, not yet informed people join daily,
    02 Therefore, in your section 2 or possibly 3, or both, could you touch upon the following two
    points relevant to your thesis ?

    A Several years ago, Vanderbilt quite overtly sought specifically Jewish students.
    V’s reasons, if memory serves: [a] they are more intelligent; and [b] they are better read; and [c] they are intellectually more creative.
    The ensuing wild-fire was quickly doused: perhaps worthy of rekindling here for aforementioned newcomers.

    B The United States Agency for International Development, naturally tax-payer funded, is run by the White House administration as a tool of foreign policy.

    It contracted Harvard to propel the former SU into the global financial system; foremost private property. Solzhenitzyn and dozens more [ excepting the NYT ] have amply told us under what horrendous circumstances the Russian people accumulated their state-owned assets, including endless natural resources, for the second time, after having been robbed blind by the 83% Jewish Bolsheviks, after 17. A percentage thrown at the heads of their heads by Putin.

    Harvard’s privatization was done without a prior, essential legal framework, facilitating one of the greatest thefts in history. Each citizen was issued with so-called shares of minute value, useless by themselves and probably calculated to be vacuumed-up into meaningful quantities to be able to syphon up bankrupted companies capable of profitable revitalization.

    The main gangsters and shameless profiteers ? Harvard President Larry Sommers and his dual- probably triple citizenship Harvard Professor, Moscow-born Shlifer who knew ‘ how the hare runs ‘ in Russia. Where they had comfortable offices, well-remunerated staffers and all expense paid junkets. All essentially funded by the US taxpayer.

    Post-resignation, Sommers was appointed as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, while Shlifer remained to teach.

    Poor, unjustly prosecuted oligarch Khodorkovsky [ one of dozens ] sold gas and oil at a loss to one of his shell companies in the Caribbean, from where it was remarketed at world prices: earning him a Russian tax refund. A Claim filed with the ICJ at the Hague, awarded a miserly sum to Moscow, which they were unable to collect, since Lord Rothschild, at the last moment, had acquired all remaining assets held by K.

    Canada’s idiotic, [[[ Montreal ]]] domiciled CBC featured K in their hourly special ” The Long Arm of Putin ” as an entirely politically maligned choir boy. Like Browder. Their Producer repeatedly promised to get back to me: after several years I am beginning to lose confidence in their assurances.

    All of this is IN ADDITION to your valid criticisms: not just different.

    Under your researched and verified auspices, and authorship, my ramblings should be of service to the public. A sentence or two, about FBI-arrested Harvard Chemistry Professor Lieber, of Wuhan fame and much fortune would not be remiss either.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      As if your legitimate, documented criticisms of the academically dishonest and counter productive activities of institutes of higher learning were insufficient, one now has to add their blatantly criminal behavior.

      I had omitted to add, that these Haaarvard swine had contracted with a NYC PR firm, specializing in political campaigns, to assure the election of the suitably venal and alcoholic Yeltsin: raising him from single digits in the election to a winning 73%. Soon after, Putin fortunately wangled himself in and held on.

      Also, USAID successfully sued Harvard for 50m +, which is less than its most recent gift from China and would not even have dented their incalculable endowment.

      The last thing Harvard did right was to invite Solzhenitsyn to give their commencement address in 78, when their theft was still in the planning stage of their ethically challenged entitled minds.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Apropos that commencement address, Charles, thirty-plus years ago an old friend in academe insisted to me that Harvard’s invitation to Solzhenitsyn to give the address was actually the opening move in a courtship/seduction campaign. The underlying assumption (so my friend thought) of the powers that be was that everyone had his price, so why not have a go at Aleksandr Isayevich? After all, faint heart never won fair maid. And if the “maid” in question wasn’t interested in those courting her—well, you can’t win ’em all.

        I have no opinion about this speculation one way or the other, but it is not devoid of interest.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          Why do I entirely agree with your old friend ?

          Because in the ethics-free, rarefied atmospheres of the circles who would have reveled in profitably turning him or any similar contrarian thinker, everything can be commodified. Talmudic pepper-spray aside.

          In 74 I was guiding one of my too many tours to the Hawaiian Islands and we stayed in Honolulu’s Hilton Hawaiian Village. I noticed S’s Gulag Archipelago in the newsstand and eagerly grasped it as an antidote against the multitude of members of the ” New York State Association of Alcoholic Beverages Wholesaler Convention.” Honest. Even the parrots smiled at their eyesore idea of NY chic Hawaiian garb.

          Since my parents apparently paid taxes to fund Operation Barbarossa and I recall having donated to the collectors of the Winterhilfe people to provide warmer clothing for our boys in the East, in addition to my US Russian studies to become a Cold War Warrior, his fantastic book disclosed few new facts.

          Therefore I was all the more taken by the depth of his feelings, his boundless empathy for others, including his reference to the heightened bestial behavior of Ehrenburg’s Red Army after entering German territory itself in northeastern Prussia. Referring to their bestialities in Nemmersdorf, the name adopted by one of the authors of TOO for that reason. The images of raped girls and women, with their foreheads smashed in are beyond unimaginable.

          Doubtlessly he was aware of our German misdeeds as well, but had the courage and conviction to relate theirs, and especially the bestialities committed by the Communists against their very own people.

          Ordinarily, those who invited him to address the graduating class at Harvard would have bee interested in turning him. But their arrogant shortsightedness that everyone is just like them, blinded them to his unfathomable convictions, unwavering speech. Who the hell would presume to be able to turn a man with a countenance like his ? What soul could possibly be alive behind those eyes as a window ?

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Speaking of Agency for International Development- my cousin’s daughter, after getting a degree from Sorbonne, acquired a fake-work “job” from USAID- the (((father))) is an MD from Montpelier. Office in NYC, goes to Africa to show that she is “really working.”

      This video makes me want to puke.

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