The Never-ending Story

“I command the Jews not to agitate for anything beyond that which they have hitherto enjoyed, and not from henceforth, as if they lived in two cities, to send two embassies — a thing which never occurred before now – nor to intrude themselves into games and elections, but to profit by what they possess and to enjoy in a city not their own an abundance of all good things, and not to introduce or invite Jews who make voyages to Alexandria from Syria or Egypt, thus compelling me to conceive the worst suspicions; otherwise I will by all means take vengeance upon them, as fomenting a general plague upon the whole world.”
Emperor Claudius, Letter to the Jews at Alexandria, A.D. 41.[1]

The above proclamation from Claudius, in response to riots between Greeks and Jews in Alexandria almost two thousand years ago, illustrates the profound lack of mystery in anti-Semitism. For Claudius, peace in the city would be restored if the Jews ceased certain negative behaviours: agitating for heightened and special privileges (“to agitate for anything beyond that which they have hitherto enjoyed”); attempting to circumvent established practices of representative politics (“to send two embassies — a thing which never occurred before now”); attempting to intrude into, and disrupt, the cultural life of the Alexandrians (“to intrude themselves into games and elections”); attempting to manipulate the demographic context of the city (“to introduce or invite Jews who make voyages to Alexandria from Syria or Egypt”); and finally, abusing and exploiting the advantage of their diaspora condition to cause problems internationally (“fomenting a general plague upon the whole world”). These basic premises of Jewish financial and political acquisitiveness, cultural intrusion, disregard for political norms, propensity to demographic warfare, and exploitation of being essentially rootless, have been mainstays of ethnic conflict involving Jews for over two millennia, with extraordinarily little variation in themes. Imagine my annoyance and amusement then, on seeing Variety’s recent announcement that we are to be treated to yet another documentary, titled “The Conspiracy,” exploring the putative mystery of anti-Semitism.

Variety reports:

An array of high-profile documentarians have come on board “The Conspiracy,” exploring the history of anti-Semitism and archaic conspiracies against the Jewish people. “The Conspiracy” will explore various myths and inaccuracies that have plagued Jewish people and the Jewish religion through the centuries, and which have given rise to a unique prejudice that persists to this day. This documentary seeks to showcase the manner in which one of the most pervasive deceptions about Judaism of all time — that a dangerous group of powerful Jewish people equipped with mysterious powers control the world — can be traced through cataclysmic and violent events toward Jewish people throughout history and into the present. This film includes a mixture of animation and archival footage as it shows the evolution of these lies via the stories of different Jewish families throughout history.

For an apparently self-evident calumny, the Variety report mirrors ADL literature in utilizing a ridiculous array of persuasive adjectives and descriptive terminology when discussing the subject. Like some kind of inoculation for the reader, across just four sentences we are repeatedly reassured we are dealing with something “archaic,” “mythic,” “inaccurate,” “unique,” “deceptive,” involving beliefs in “mysterious powers,” and above all, riddled with “lies.” The documentary will presumably employ much the same rhetorical tactics. Maxim Pozdorovkin, a Russian-Armenian leftist, will direct the film, which is being produced by Jews Caroline Hirsch, Allison Maher Stern, Liz Garbus, Dan Cogan, and Jon Bardin — a gang that has already produced such propaganda as “Why We Hate,” and “All in: The Fight for Democracy.” Pozdorovkin, who presumably sees the project as a means to ingratiate himself with influential elites on the path to fame and fortune, has ignorantly parroted the usual non-sequiturs: “In times of anxiety and disorientation, anti-Semitism reappears with lethal force. Living through such a time now, it feels of utmost importance to make a film that grapples with the historical forces that have perpetrated the lie that Jews are somehow dangerous.”

Since the world is, and always has been, in periods of “anxiety and disorientation,” it would appear that we have to endure the perpetual justification that the time has come for yet more books, documentaries, museums, remembrance days, speeches, initiatives, and laws reminding us that Jews are blameless, powerless victims of a mysterious and esoteric hatred that has absolutely nothing to do with anything they might have done. In fact, this process is so obviously mysterious that we need endless propaganda reminders that anti-Semitism is mysterious, and that we require Jews to explain it to us. Hirsch and Stern add that

There is no better time than this exact moment in our shared human history to expose to the world the many historical lies, myths and incidents that have festered and evolved into the explosive Antisemitism we see today. Now is the time to put a spotlight on where and how it all began and bring greater awareness through this powerful and unique film. [emphasis added]

I’ve read the first sentence several times and it still doesn’t make any sense to me. Imagine considering the last two thousand years of ethnic conflict and deciding that “this exact moment” is witness to “explosive anti-Semitism” (have we finally graduated beyond the “virulent” kind?) and that “there is no better moment” in this history to produce such a film. Cogan remarks that the film will be “a landmark in storytelling about the Jews,” which I take to mean that we should brace ourselves for a veritable tsunami of bullshit.

Rather telling is the fact the documentary is based primarily on Phyllis Goldstein’s 2011 A Convenient Hatred: The History of Antisemitism. Goldstein, too, also played her part in perpetuating the never-ending story by promising that 2011 was the right time to finally unveil the mystery of anti-Semitism by writing “a book that would trace the history of anti-Semitism from ancient times to the present … and deepen our understanding of this pernicious hatred.” A year earlier, however, it had been decided that 2010 was the right time to finally unveil the mystery of anti-Semitism, when Robert Wistrich published his A Lethal Obsession: Anti-Semitism from Antiquity to the Global Jihad. This happened to be the same year Albert Lindemann and Richard Levy published their Antisemitism: A History. These publications followed the 2003 decision that the time had finally arrived to expose the irrational mystery of anti-Semitism in Marvin Perry and Frederick Schweitzer’s Anti-Semitism: Myth and Hate from Antiquity to the Present. The pair were apparently unaware that the mystery had already been uncovered in Dan Cohn-Sherbok’s 1992 The Crucified Jew: Twenty Centuries of Christian Anti-Semitism, with Sherbok in turn apparently unaware that the mystery of anti-Semitism had already been explained by Robert Wistrich (yes, the same) in his 1991 Anti-Semitism: The Longest Hatred. All the above were presumably unaware that anti-Semitism had already been explained in Shmuel Almog’s 1988 Antisemitism Through the Ages and Jacob Katz’s 1982 Anti-Semitism: From Prejudice to Destruction. Having read them all, I can assert that these texts are more or less identical, and I could continue with others, but the point is that the repetitive, dubiously-written, and poorly referenced grand narrative of sensationalized historical anti-Semitism has become a genre in its own right, with Amazon returning over 4,000 results for books on the subject, all of which invariably claim to once and for all expose, explain, or radically reinterpret anti-Semitism and its history.

Far from being novel, despite the almost annual and much-lauded appearance of a new volume (see the fascism genre for an equally lucrative and bastardized treatment), these texts merely shuffle what is now a standard deck of alternative and Jewish-friendly explanations of anti-Semitism. Christopher Browning, in his critical foreword to the 2020 edition of George L. Mosse’s Toward the Final Solution: A History of European Racism, mentions Jewish academics who draw

a straight line from early Christianity’s “teaching of contempt” and “Christ-killer” accusation to the Holocaust. Some looked to psychological abnormality, social-psychological pathology, the “authoritarian personality,” and the dynamics of prejudice. Marxists had portrayed anti-Semitism as a manipulated distraction into false consciousness to obscure realisation of the true nature of capitalist oppression and class conflict. Other scholars emphasised economic factors: envy and resentment of Jewish economic success and inordinate domination of particular professions in the wake of emancipation and the industrial revolution. Hannah Arendt added a further twist, arguing that resentment over Jewish visibility increased after actual Jewish wealth and power had peaked and were in decline.[2]

These excuses are in fact the leitmotifs of Jewish historiography, with all hints of common-sense approaches to the problem of European-Jewish ethnic conflict relegated to an almost comical periphery. An excellent example is the treatment of Claudius and his Letter to the Jews in Simon Schama’s lavishly-praised 2013 The Story of the Jews: Finding the Words 1000 BCE1492 CE, which devotes a single sentence to the Emperor, with the middling comment that he was “astute and not inhuman” and tried “to make peace between the now warring Egyptian and Jewish communities in Alexandria.” A single sentence for an Emperor who intervened decisively in one of the most intense inter-ethnic conflicts of the first-century Empire, and who was reported by Suetonius to have taken the related and hardly insignificant later action of expelling the Jews from Rome.[3] Remarkably, the same minimal level of attention to Claudius is found in Goldstein and Almog, while Wistrich, Lindemann, Levy, Perry, Schweitzer, Cohn-Sherbok, and many others dining out on the sensationalist anti-Semitism literary genre are unanimous in acting like he never existed.

One of the most astonishing features of this genre is that, despite their claims to vast sweeps of history, they remain stubbornly narrow in their chosen points of discussion, omitting much that contradicts the above shopping list of alternative interpretations of anti-Semitism. On a personal level, I find it rather compelling that, outside the Old Testament, some of our oldest protestations of ethnic hatred are found in relation to Jews. In a Hellenistic papyrus dated to the first half of the first century B.C., for example, we find the letter of a man named Heracles in which he writes, “You know that they detest the Jews.”[4] The intricacies of socio-economic inter-ethnic rivalry are significantly under-discussed in relation to the Jews and anti-Semitism, with much greater focus placed on events, trends, personalities or texts that lend themselves more easily to narratives of irrational hate, conspiracy theory, and esotericism in general.

After my recent discussion with Frodi Midjord on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, it dawned on me that today’s Jews must really rather appreciate the Protocols, not necessarily for the content but for the extremely neat way they can used as a byword for anti-Jewish conspiracy thinking among Europeans. Why analyse Claudius, with all the uncomfortable attending context, when you can point to a sensational account of Jews meeting in graveyards at midnight to discuss global domination? Small wonder then, that the first detailed information on the origins of the Protocols, in a plagiarism of Hermann Goedsche and Maurice Joly, was given to the Irish Times journalist Phillip Graves by an anti-Semitic Russian nationalist concerned that the text, intended originally as an artistic riff on well-established political commentary, was going to backfire in a tactical sense. This individual, whoever he was, was probably correct. One need only look at texts like Stephen Eric Bronner’s 2000 A Rumor About the Jews: Antisemitism, Conspiracy, and the Protocols of Zion, to see how, in Jewish hands, the Protocols is a useful tool for discrediting anti-Semitism in toto. For Bronner, the Protocols, a niche and stylistically outlandish document but for its startling popularity, is nothing less than “part of a broader assault on the civilising impulse, and the liberal, secular, egalitarian heritage of the Enlightenment. … This infamous forgery fashioned the Jew as the quintessential “other” of European civilization, how the self-absolving bigot sees himself, and the peculiar appeal of anti-Semitism to the “losers” in the struggle over modernity.” The history of anti-Semitism according to the Jews is therefore the history of the Protocols, with equally sensational sprinklings of Martin Luther, some expulsions of moneylenders, and the narrative goldmine of the medieval ritual murder accusations.

A curious feature of the history of anti-Semitism is of course the prominent role that Jewish converts have played in producing some of the more sensational and outlandish content and accusations. In fact, but for its obviously plagiarised content, I think I would have suspected a Jewish authorship of the Protocols. In one of the earliest examples, from the early sixteenth century, the German-Jewish converts to Christianity Victor von Carben and the former thief Johannes Pfefferkorn produced a series of quasi-esoteric and highly inflammatory (not to mention financially lucrative) pamphlets calling for the burning of all copies of the Talmud and, in Pfefferkorn’s case, the expulsion or enslavement of all Jews.[5] Pfefferkorn, who was a major promoter of the host desecration idea, was in turn denounced even by many contemporary anti-Jewish agitators, who, despite their support for the burning of insulting passages in the Talmud, accused him of subversive activity and heresy regardless of his superficial fanaticism (Pfefferkorn oscillated between extreme suggestions of physical harm and appeals for no physical harm). A public debate between Pfefferkorn and his accusers ensued, in which Pfefferkorn was defeated, a later pamphlet on the affair bearing a woodcut depicting “Pfefferkorn in the hands of two executioners, one of whom punctures his leg with a sharp-edged sword, while the other beats him repeatedly on the head, whence issues a fetid blood, which is lapped up by a dog.”[6]

In the 1860s, a similar figure emerged in the form of Jacob Brafman, a Russian-Jewish professor of Hebrew, and convert to Christianity. In the late 1860s Brafman published The Book of the Kahal and Local and Universal Jewish Brotherhoods in the course of which, as one contemporary explained:

We learn that each Christian landowner is sold by the Kahal to a Jew. Yes, sold like an investment, both in his person and in his property. It is not just a way of speaking, but a legal term because the transaction is sealed by a special sales contract. Similarly, villages, whole sections with their inhabitants (Christians of course) are bought and sold. Under the cover of our civil laws there exists a radically different legal code, secret and negative, that rules over and subjects to the jurisdiction of the Jews not only the Jews but also the Russians, without their knowledge. … The brotherhoods are the major arteries of Jewish society. … They link all the Jews scattered over the globe into one powerful and invincible body [allegedly then based in France].

Brafman’s work, of course, laid some of the groundwork for the production of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion a few decades later, and thus the entrenchment of the caricature of a coherent and intensely political, and corporately organized, international Jewish conspiracy with a single leading council. This aspect of Brafman’s work stands somewhat apart from the genuine issues his work occasionally touched upon, such as the clear practice of ethnically-exploitative monopoly capitalism by the kahals and the trade in debts within the Russian Pale’s vast Jewish communities. A book strictly on such themes would have been a bombshell then, and a bombshell today. As it happened, however, the effect of Brafman’s intervention was, like Pfefferkorn’s, to add certain mysterious or esoteric airs to what had been for the most part a straightforward matter of material and cultural conflicts of ethnic interest, with the result that both texts became in time a matter of embarrassment to certain nationalist circles, and a useful old horse for the Jews to flog.

The irony in all of this is that, if anything, Jewish interpretations of anti-Semitism are considerably more esoteric than the phenomenon itself. Ideas about Christianity, that anti-Semitism is a “virus,” that anti-Semites inevitably have authoritarian personalities, or that ethnic conflict can be abstracted into myriad impersonal systems are all mere flights from reality and the universal principle of cause and effect. The Jews propose an effect without direct cause, a negative miracle if you will. As a result, this endless production of documentaries, books, and “revelations” to uncover this “pernicious hatred” — none of which addresses or mollifies the inevitable antagonism, prompting the Jews to assert that the only way to deal with Europeans is to introduce laws punishing them if they deviate from the given message. Thus we return, in a way, to Claudius, who warned Jews against an overreach in places “not their own” that would arouse “the worst suspicions.” Why have the Jews always aroused the worst suspicions? Claudius gave us the answer almost two thousand years ago. Jewish financial and political acquisitiveness, cultural intrusion, disregard for political norms, propensity to demographic warfare, and rootless activism. There’s no mystery here. But, with Claudius relegated to a mere footnote in history, the Never-ending Story will continue, as will the proliferation of weird and esoteric theories like the Protocols that are useful to Jewish propagandists. And I’m sure that next year we will have a few more books and films promising to lift the veil at last.

[1]Translation found in H. Stewart Jones, “Claudius and the Jewish Question at Alexandria,” Journal of Roman Studies, Vol. XVI, Part I (1926), pp.17-35.

[2] G. L. Mosse, Toward the Final Solution: A History of European Racism (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2020), xiii.

[3] Suetonius, Lives of the Caesars: The Deified Claudius, (New York: Barnes & Noble, 2004), 171.

[4] Quoted in Almog (ed), Antisemitism Through the Ages, 16.

[5] For more on Pfefferkorn’s remarkable career see J. Adams (ed) Revealing the Secrets of the Jews: Johannes Pfefferkorn and Christian Writings about Jewish Life and Literature in Early Modern Europe (De Gruyter, 2017).

[6] J.M. Vincent, History of the Life, Writings, and Doctrines of Luther, Vol. I, 68.

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  1. Tom Sunic, PhD
    Tom Sunic, PhD says:

    Two Roman historians Tacitus and Suetonius wrote rather disparagingly about Jews and Christians (“Idaei,” “Chrestianos”) of the 1st ct. AD, who were largely seen by old Romans as barbarous, Oriental, primitive, superstitious political troublemakers often associated with the concept of “superstitio.” Let’s make no bones about early Christians in Rome in the 1st ct. AD; all were Jews, albeit a Jewish heretical sect. Well until Emperor Nero, circa 60 AD, Romans could not tell the difference between Jews and Christians. It was only during Emperor Hadrian, early 2 ct., AD that the distinction became visible. Emperor Hadrian, 136 AD killings and ethnic cleansing of Jews from the Roman province of Judea fits often into the modern Jewish narrative about Hadrian being the predecessor of … Hitler. There are loads of book by French and German scholars of the late 19th and early 20th ct. dealing with this topic.

    • gerry
      gerry says:

      who were largely seen by old Romans as barbarous, Oriental, primitive, superstitious political troublemakers often associated with the concept of “superstitio.”

      Yeah, I guess so. I mean wasn’t one of the reason why so many Christians/Jews went to their deaths in the Roman amphitheater was because as news about them went abroad people heard such bizarre things as a dead man resurrected after being crucified, they eat the flesh of their god and drink his blood etc etc etc? For those in Rome who were accustomed to myriads of dieties this was just too much bear really. My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Don’t you often wonder about that one roman soldier who said at the death of Christ after witnessing all that occurred along with the very sky turning dark saying ‘truly this was the son of God.’ I doubt very much he could have been silenced as he went about his travels talking about the events he saw. Worst of all though had to be the murders of all those people men, woman and children who while singing songs were eaten by Lions in the Amphitheater. Can’t you just hear the Romans laughing at the Jews and their great prophet Daniel being delivered from the lions mouths while these poor people were food and amusement. But in the end it was their blood and tears that finally won an empire!

    • SS
      SS says:

      What do you say about the various theories that Jews invented Christianity to destroy the Roman Empire or that Romans invented Christianity to control the Jews or for some other reason?

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Let’s make no bones about early Christians in Rome in the 1st ct. AD; all were Jews, albeit a Jewish heretical sect.

      Let’s simply treat this statement as an honest error and address it as such.

      There has been an immense amount of research conducted into the nature of the Christian community in Rome, not least because Paul wrote an important letter to that community, almost certainly in 57 or 58 AD, a few years into Nero’s reign, a time during which many Jews, as well as Jewish converts to Christianity, returned to the city.

      Paul’s concern in Romans, as it had been in Galatians, was to throw his full support behind the Gentile Christian community and lay waste any and all attempts, whether innocently misguided or willful, by Jewish converts to require Gentile converts to incorporate the cultus and theology of Judaism into Christianity. Although the composition of Romans is far more polished than that of Galatians and the doctrine and theology are more thoughtfully developed and expounded, Paul in no sense backs away in Romans from the extraordinarily hard, dismissive attitude toward judaizing tendencies for which Galatians has long been noted.

      In short, in the late fifties of the first century, Paul was writing to a Christian community in Rome that (1) had been primarily Gentile before the post-Claudian return of Jews and converts from Judaism and (2) was still majority Gentile. Had he been writing largely or entirely to Jewish converts, the tone of his letter would have been much different. Indeed, it would have been more like that of the letter to the Hebrews, whose author (either Paul or one or more others influenced by Paul) was addressing actual and likely converts from Judaism in Palestine—not, be it noted, in Italy.

    • Seraphim
      Seraphim says:

      The differentiation between Jews and Christians became (more) visible under Hadrian, after the exceedingly bloody Jewish revolts of 115-117 (the ‘Kitos War) and 132-136 (the Bar Kokhba revolt) displayed the messianic aspirations of the Jews, in contra-distinction to the other-worldly aspirations of the Christians. Justin Martyr in his first Apology explained to the Emperor Antoninus Pius that: ”in the Jewish war which lately raged, Barchochebas, the leader of the revolt of the Jews, gave orders that Christians alone should be led to cruel punishments, unless they would deny Jesus Christ and utter blasphemy”, and why it so happen: ”when Ptolemy king of Egypt formed a library, and endeavoured to collect the writings of all men, he heard also of these prophets… requested that men be commissioned to translate them into the Greek language. And when this was done, the books remained with the Egyptians, where they are until now. They are also in the possession of all Jews throughout the world; but they, though they read, do not understand what is said, but count us foes and enemies; and, like yourselves, they kill and punish us whenever they have the power, as you can well believe”.
      Anti-Christianism is inbuilt in the Jewish ‘Weltanschauung’.

  2. Larry
    Larry says:

    Ah, the Charles Giuliani thesis of a conspiracy of fake antisemitism. He posited that Ford, Luther, hitler and some others I can’t remember were actually part of a plot to frame anti semitism to further isolate average Jews and to make it look ridiculous. I guess it’s possible. The protocols don’t strike me that way. They are esoteric, but there is an esoteric aspect to the whole matter, the affair wouldn’t have lasted so long if there wasn’t. In fact I don’t think it will ever reach its conclusion unless we confront the more occult aspects.

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      There are definitely absurd theories of anti-Semitism that end up being embraced by some anti-Semites. I could never take the Protocols seriously because I don’t think there’s any basis for that’s how Jewish influence works. There is no central Sanhedrin meeting in a cemetery at midnight (to use AJ’s phrase) giving orders to Jewish intellectuals, media figures, and financial donors. These theories are easily discredited and Jewish writers often highlight them to make it seem like such theories are the only game in town. I think it’s an important point that needs to be front and center. We have to unify behind powerful, empirically based critique of Jewish or it will never go anywhere.

      • Martin Rudling
        Martin Rudling says:

        Thank you and Andrew for your hugely important work. I find it extraordinarily intellectually helpful and important.

        • Rumpelstiltchen
          Rumpelstiltchen says:

          What an idiotic article. At least the Jews give lip to service Western civilization that they, undeniably, have been one of the main proponents of. Just wait until you fall into the hands of the negroes who are suddenly enjoying an ascendance among the Western “humanitarians.”. In the negro, animal, apish savagery and low-IQ intellect combine to practically present the Jews as angels by comparison, promoters of the West. You are missing the forest for the thick, green trees that are about to envelop you in a 100-000 year long jungle darkness. Pray that the negroes won’t eat you in the process.

          • Conrad Gaarder
            Conrad Gaarder says:

            First, you are very hard-hearted where Africans are concerned.
            Second, have you never heard of Barbara Lerner Spectre?

          • SS
            SS says:

            The Jews are the ones who unleashed the negroes on us in the Civil Rights Era and they are the ones who promote race-mixing which is death to the white race. Also, read Mein Kampf, Jewish tactics. Same today as one hundred years ago.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        … ” how Jewish influence works.”

        The skillful employment of money is historicly normally their first and foremost act of “Jewish influence”.

        There does not appear to be any knowledgeable controversy over the significance of the major contents of the Protocols . Many scholars have noted the congruence between the more than a hundred years old Protocols contents and the contemporary worldly realities of every year since the first publication . Much of the content has been frequently acknowledged as being “eerily prescient”.

        The only significant controversy pertaining to the Protocols is over the origin of it where credible scholars remain in opposition to each other on that matter .

        Commentor [ Larry ] above insinuates the controversy will never “reach its conclusion unless we confront the more occult aspects.” He may likely be correct .

  3. Conrad Gaarder
    Conrad Gaarder says:

    Thomas Sowell, whom many admire, dismisses anti-Semitism as simple envy. I heard him say once that Jews had only to do one thing to end anti-Semitism: “fail.”
    I wonder if he’s content with that.

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:

      Simple envy?
      I blogged over at realjewnews that a Jewish child isn’t out of the womb more than a few hours and not be forced to read the mosaic law or Torah or any other subject. Brother Nathanael replied indeed growing up he always was aware that when visiting a gentile home TV’s in every room. At home among his own no TV but books including textbooks, encyclopaedia etc were always around everywhere and we kids were admonished to always read, read, read!!! Sometimes almost to the point of abuse if we didn’t read.
      Reminds me to of catholic catechism and how memorizing the Lords Prayer was done almost to the point of abuse as well. To bad that didn’t include the 10 commandments which those in Portland, Oregon desperately had need of?

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        The name is Milton Kapner.

        Just because he calls himself Brother doesn’t make it so.
        Anyone calling Milton Brother is giving in to a low level psy-op.

    • canadianer
      canadianer says:

      Thomas Sowell is an affirmative aution intellectual. Nobody would listen to him if he were white. The idea that hatred of Jewish hostility comes from envy is absurd.

      • SS
        SS says:

        So much more than envy – whites generally aren’t envious of success. Hence, Donald Trump’s career and fan base. However, the Jews have set it up – we are God’s Chosen, we are the oldest religion, we are the Elder Brother (don’t hear that so much anymore), as Jews they can’t permit this or that…

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          TS is also a liar, claiming that the intelligence difference between blacks and Whites is not due to heredity. The evidence overwhelms. . .

  4. gerry
    gerry says:

    You know there is a group of people who have a super secret word that no one is allowed to say or utter. It starts with an M and do you know what it stands for? “Here is the builder.’ Meaning essentially another Hiram Abiff the man put in charge of building King Solomon’s Temple. This group of people apparently in their great desire to see another great Temple rise are always on the lookout for here is the builder. Their hero is King Solomon? But why the super secret? Why keep such a desire under wraps? these aren’t Jews doing this in fact the Jews make no bones about what they want to see happen in Jerusalem a new temple to worship at! These people however, work in the dark hoping for the great day? And who are they? Freemasons! A Gentile group of men who have it in their heads that they are not part of the great unwashed. That they are part and parcel of the chosen elect. A people born of better character than the rest of us and thus have it in their heads that they are with the chosenities. I call them dupes and worse traitors. Like Charles Finney I think it is high time we start throwing some light their way and expose them for their traitorous ways. One need only go here for a primer:

    meeting in a cemetary at midnight? lol

    these guys go right to the source!!!

  5. David Schmitt
    David Schmitt says:

    Drs. Joyce and MacDonald have refreshingly clarified this topic and have provided a powerful way forward in dealing with the general topic of either weaponised or reactive accusations of anti-Semitism, as well as the tarpit of tangled dispute about the authorship and cui bono of the ‘Protocols’. As for the typical view fashioned for Jews for understanding themselves, it is understandable that a nomadic ethnic group would come to develop a memorialized narrative that is protective and animating for their group over and against non-Jews. That such a culture of suspicion of others by the Jews could become a runaway phenomenon is hardly unimaginable. In as much as the interplaying reaction of both the Jews and the other ethnic poeples with whom they came in contact becomes invested with conscious and deliberate choices over millenia, the whole will take on an appearance of intentionality and conspiracy from an outsider’s perspective. The anisotropy of the interplay and forms of suspicion derive mostly from the Jews typically being the smaller group in numbers. This sets up the potential of parasite-host ecological dynamics There is a similarity in the case of the Jewish-Gentile relationship to analyses involving oligachs in what is the COVID Reset, Agenda 21 and the like. And indeed. in the case of the NWO oligarchs of our present situation, conspiracy is not hidden but advertized. Yet, there are aspects of the organized advancement of a NWO/Reset which also involves happenstance occurences, unplanned and opportunistic exploitations of events and the purely natural patterns that occurrences involving intelligence, ethnically-clustered personality traits, cultural collisions and biological competition for similar niches. Thus, it seems most helpful to view there as existing a continuum of mechanisms in reality, and in the interpretation of that reality (whatever the example may be). That continuum ranges from one of pure conspiracism (e.g., ‘Protocol’-like stories) to purely happenstance histories resulting from random ebbs and flows in biological economics interacting with the rest of Nature. Sliding the control lever of analysis toward the rational, scientific and historical interpretation of discoverable evidence which tends to emphasize the non-conspiratorial influences, holds the promise of defusing the induction of preemptive strategies and counter strategies. One must break the cycle of geopolitical paranoia. It is beyond imagining that any person. let alone a whole group of people, could be without fault in historical events. Jews must somehow be invited into modes of existence that are symbiotic, if not continuous, with other ethnic groups. This will require, as in the case of individuals, self-awareness and insight regarding relationships. As long as genetic isolation is chosen and maintained vis-a-vis any non-Jewish population, utmost care will need to be taken to maintain the functionality and mutuality of a bordered, geopolitical nation. Thus, a people that wants to be nationally separate must agree to engage cooperatively and non-hegemonically with other nations also deserving protection and the right and responsibility to seek their ethnic and racial interests. The latter must not be provocatively interpretted by Jewish people as being ominous precursors to the mysterious force of anti-Semitism. The monster of anti-Semitism (such as it is or is claimed to be), by observation of events occurring in my life, have all been initiated by Jewish people assuming the worst of their non-Jewish neighbors. This tendency of the Jews, a repeated breach of good faith, repeatedly engaged in, renews resentments by predominant cultures. Then we begin to accumulate the real events that follow in interface skirmishes. Emphasizing these events is a particular vice exacerbated by means of the various media. So what re the options fo Jews in this “crisis” that they claim exists and which they emphasize? There are only two if the third, hegemony, is to be abandoned. One is to seek genetic integration into the surrounding or predominant peoples. The other, is to seek a genuine, non-exploitive modus vivendi as one nation–imperfect like all others–among all other nations. Can one imagine anything hateful or anti-Semitic about this analysis, regardless of one’s agreement with it or not? Princes, popes and individuals have all made great overtures of atonement for the claimed offenses against the Jews. When has this been reciprocated? Except in isolated incidents of interpersonal conflicts, or situations where mobs and organizations have abused scapegoats, it is impossible to believe that a whole ethnic group or nation could claim to be blameless in the vast history of human events. Jews simply cannot be taken seriously in their proclaimed grievances until a willingness to sincerely engage in an honest discussion of mutual failures can take place with hopes of reciprocally negotiating the ongoing means of achieving common and separate aspirations. These actions will involve the ongoing signalling, well-known to ethologists, that provide assurances to “the other” that good faith appearances are authentic, collateralized and secure.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” negotiating the ongoing means of achieving common and separate aspirations.”

      No matter what else transpires , there eventually will be inescapable competitions for relatively scarce resources , that must be procured by any individual/group , in order to achieve aspirations that are either in common with or separate from any other individual/group .

      Christian submissiveness and other-worldliness , pertaining to just resource competitions , puts Christians on the docket for eventual extinction in this life in this world . “The jews” in general have neither of those two worldly weaknesses .

  6. gerry
    gerry says:

    shedding light?

    Just begin here and ask yourselves some real serious questions about the kind of power that can pull off something like this?

    I would add too see the entire page here and wow look at what the Vatican has done for a nativity scene? Are you kidding me?
    Strange goings on?

    Lastly, ask to about astana-khazakhstan/ Was it the chosenites who built an entire city on the compass and square of masonry?
    Much of which came from Britain I think and am suspicious of.

  7. Kolokol
    Kolokol says:

    This is a good summary of the never-ending story of Jewish attacks against those who resist Jewish misbehavior. According to these people, self-defense by the goyim is never justified.

    Jewish tenacity and hysteria are on full display in this massive propaganda campaign from Jews and their apologists. “The mystery of anti-Semitism” requires a “tsunami of bullshit” from Jews to stifle any effective resistance.

    Quote from the article – “Having read them all, I can assert that these texts are more or less identical, and I could continue with others, but the point is that the repetitive, dubiously-written, and poorly referenced grand narrative of sensationalized historical anti-Semitism has become a genre in its own right, with Amazon returning over 4,000 results for books on the subject, all of which invariably claim to once and for all expose, explain, or radically reinterpret anti-Semitism and its history.”

  8. kolokol
    kolokol says:

    This is a good summary of the never-ending story of Jewish attacks against those who resist Jewish misbehavior. According to these people, self-defense by the goyim is never justified.

    Jewish tenacity and hysteria are on full display in this massive propaganda campaign from Jews and their apologists. “The mystery of anti-Semitism” requires a “tsunami of bullshit” from Jews to stifle any effective resistance.

    Quote from the article – “Having read them all, I can assert that these texts are more or less identical, and I could continue with others, but the point is that the repetitive, dubiously-written, and poorly referenced grand narrative of sensationalized historical anti-Semitism has become a genre in its own right, with Amazon returning over 4,000 results for books on the subject, all of which invariably claim to once and for all expose, explain, or radically reinterpret anti-Semitism and its history.”

  9. Drew Fraser
    Drew Fraser says:

    Kevin MacDonald suggests that “We have to unify behind powerful, empirically based critique of Jewish [power? enmity?] or it will never go anywhere.” Yes, but first “we” need to know who “we” are and how”we” should or could combat the malign influence of Jewish hostility towards “us”. Some would say “we” are members of the White race; others, such as E. Michael Jones, emphasize “our” Christian spiritual identity.

    I feel that I belong to an Anglo-Saxon diaspora people that both “at home” and abroad appears, “empirically” speaking, to be in a rapid state of decline (spiritual, moral, political, and demographic). To reverse that decline, I reckon, British-descended WASPs must recover their ancestral ethno-religious cohesion and spiritual confidence.

    A critique of Jews must rise above the secular realm of “empirical reality”. To combat hostile Jewish elites effectively, we must recognize that Jews are formidable ethno-political rivals, not just because they are rich and well-connected. Hard-wired in their ancestral bioculture is a venerable ethno-theology. Jews have become their own Messiah.

    WASPs need an ethno-theology of “our” own before “we” can hope to displace Jews from their well-entrenched place of honour and respect among TPTB. As an empirical, genetic category “White” identity is unlikely to generate an ethno-theology capable of matching Jewish ethno-religious solidarity. Anglo-Saxons can at least imagine a sacred history of their own with Alfred the Great becoming our very own David.

    A glimpse into those mythic possibilities can be seen in the recent TV series The Last Kingdom, itself based in the novels of Bernard Cornwell.

  10. Peter London
    Peter London says:

    That Russian who warned against using the Protocols was undoubtedly right. There is a slightly earlier document that would have been far more useful but seems to have escaped attention, probably because it lacks the conspiratorial tone the mystagogues were looking for and was written in English for a mostly gentile readership.
    Rabbi H Pereira Mendes was a close associate of Theodore Herzl, leader of Zionism; in fact he was Herzl’s lieutenant in the New World, as is made clear in his entry in Encyclopedia Judaica s.v. Mendes. The rabbi, in a lengthy article entitled ‘The Solution of War’, written for the North American Review of 1895, gave an outline of Zionism for the benefit of a gentile readership. Perhaps because he was writing for the most educated and ‘liberal’ of gentiles, the rabbi was just a little too candid about the long-term ambitions of the Zionists. He makes it clear that the establishment of the state of Israel would not mean the gradual running down of all the many Jewish colonies in the Diaspora; far from it. He outlines what would amount to a world government under the control of the Jews. Naturally, he cloaks the whole project in a spurious idealism: Jews are entitled to a special place in the world because of their superior moral standards and their unparalleled suffering, etc., etc. Among other things, he wants to see the disarming of the nations, the setting up of a global police force, and the creation of an international court in Jerusalem to settle any disputes between nations. Aha, you may say, he acknowledges the rights of other nations! Well, not really, because in all the other nations effective leadership will pass to their Jewish communities.
    The article opens with the words “The solution of war is Palestine.” This will seem ironic, given that the creation of Israel out of Palestine begins to look more and more like the cause of possibly the biggest war of all time. After a long preamble on the destructiveness and costliness of war, the rabbi warms to his theme:

    “It is true that arbitration is the only becoming solution of the problem how to abolish war. But there must be some established arbitrative power to which disputing nations can appeal.
    1. It must be above suspicion.
    2. It must be removed from any chance of being biased by any possible political considerations.
    3. It must have a moral, and if need be, a physical force behind it to enforce its decisions.
    There is but one arbitrative power which can fulfil all these requirements, and we offer it because it comes from that book which has already given mankind so many practical ideals – the Bible.
    But it involves the restoration of Palestine to the Hebrew nation. The mere suggestion of this opens a vista of practical results of tremendous importance, if we will only pause to glance at them.”
    He lists these alleged advantages, some of which are breathtaking:
    (c) The erection of the Hebrew nation by the powers into a neutral state, its boundaries prescribed by the Bible limitation (Gen. xv.18-21; Deut. xi.24), so that it could not possibly have any territorial ambition beyond them, nor could it ever be exposed to political intrigue for its own aggrandisement.
    (d) The opening up of a vast commerce, for which the Hebrews are peculiarly qualified by commercial genius, and for which they are prepared by their commercial establishments in all countries, which would be maintained and continued. …..
    What if a nation should refuse to abide by the law going forth from Zion? It is a very remote contingency. The very treaty erecting Palestine into a neutral state, and clothing its court of international arbitration with its functions, would provide for just such a contingency. The moral force of the educated public opinion would speedily bring a recalcitrant nation to its senses. How could it withstand a threatened ostracism, or a combination of physical force or other penalties? But the time will come, it must come, when nations “will not learn war any more” and when humanity’s watchwords at last will be Right and Reason instead of Might and Treason.
    Before our eyes rises a picture of the nations restoring the Hebrews “as an offering,” as the prophet phrases it (Isa. lxvi.20): shall we say as “an amendment offering” for the injustice of lead-footed centuries? We dream of that martyr-nation of history, “despised and rejected,” as that very prophet foretold, “wounded through others’ transgressions, bruised through others’ iniquities,” at last rightly, justly, lovingly dealt with!”
    The North American Review, CLXI. No. 465 (1895) 161-169.

    Note well that last sentence with its characteristic self-pity. The world can easily tolerate any number of religious cranks obsessed with their own sinfulness, but an army of cranks obsessed with their own innocence and everyone else’s sin, that’s a different matter altogether; that’s really scary. Putting aside all the usual tear-jerking, the rabbi’s plan would in practice be nothing less than a global empire for the Jews.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” the problem how to abolish war.”

      That is a perennial sheeple fantasy .

      “War There Will Always Be”.

      The big question is only [ what will future wars be like ? ] . It is
      easy to foresee , if humanity ( includes TPTB ) is able to sufficiently constrain its propensities for destructive lunacy ( via adequately rationalized power distributions } , that destructions of future wars will be severely limited by the constraints invoked by consequential problematic resource scarcities .

      The myth that wars result from violations of divine moral laws is only sometimes partially true insofar as the proclaimed divine law is entangled with resource distribution agreements . The established abrahamic religions have been historicly over-enthusiastic , to put it mildly , about the absolute divinity of their proclaimed moral laws and have done little to nothing about adequately rationalizing resource distributions in order to sufficiently reduce the inevitable attempts of humanity to unjustifiably
      ( according to transparent publicized rationales )
      acquire resources by lying/cheating/stealing/assassinating .

      Please note :
      The Ten Commandments were divine laws for controlling intra-tribal hebrew behavior and were NOT intended to govern their behavior in regard to enemies and other presently called nonjewish/gentile peoples .

  11. 9593
    9593 says:

    From Flavius Josephus:

    Of the War — Book VII

    Containing the interval of about three years.
    From the taking of Jerusalem by Titus, to the sedition at Cyrene.

    And when the senate and people of Antioch earnestly entreated him to come upon their theatre, where their whole multitude was assembled, and expected him; he complied with great humanity. But when they pressed him, with much earnestness, and continually begged of him, that he would eject the Jews out of their city, he gave them this very pertinent answer: “How can this be done? since that country of theirs, whither the Jews must be obliged then to retire, is destroyed, and no place will receive them besides.” Whereupon the people of Antioch, when they had failed of success in this their first request, made him a second. For they desired that he would order those tables of brass to be removed, on which the Jews privileges were engraven. However Titus would not grant that neither: but permitted the Jews of Antioch to continue to enjoy the very same privileges in that city which they had before: and then departed for Egypt.

  12. Negro Fatigue
    Negro Fatigue says:

    The Jews’ “We didn’t do nothing, Oy!” stance is so infantile. It calls to mind my childhood, when I would complain to my Father about mistreatment from teachers, coaches, or other adults. His first question was invariably, “What did YOU do?” I learned quickly I would have to consider how my own actions contributed to other’s view and treatment of me. Jews don’t learn, or maybe they do.

  13. Loren
    Loren says:

    Great article as always AJ. I am sitting here laughing and laughing. The narrative went from Russia, Russia, Russia to China, China, China and the whole freaking time it was our friends who are making bank and consolidating power.
    It is no wonder we are screwed. They play us like gullible fools and most of us are!
    Only one small problem, the Chinese have been calling them out as controlling America. I wonder if any more people have gotten woken up?

  14. tito perdue
    tito perdue says:

    My contributions to the New York Times are never printed; even so, I’d like once more to explain my hatred for this newspaper and for progressives generally.
    America was created by white Europeans for the benefit of white Europeans only. Our founders would be appalled to see their beautiful country congested with racial filth who come here to enjoy the wealth that they themselves could never have created for themselves. For almost 400 years, white people were 90% of the population and, incredibly, managed to turn a wilderness with a Stone Age population into history’s preeminent state. Who else could have done that? For a white person, it is as if he had built his dream home only to come home one day and find it full of strangers.
    The New York Times, a Jewish organization, envies and detests white people and is ardent to turn them into a minority, the most evil project yet manifested on this continent. In response to that, my desire is to identity and arrest every Jew in North America and implement a new holocaust that will finally bring an end to that loathsome species.

  15. SS
    SS says:

    Things I have learned in the last week: Celebrating Hanukkah is a great way to honor Jesus (Facebook comment). Jesus WAS a Zealot, after all, but the Romans edited that out of the New Testament (noted scholars on youtube). All Jesus cared about was the nation of Israel and rebuilding that Temple. The rest is all lies.

    • Seraphim
      Seraphim says:

      The lie is that Jesus was a Zealot. ‘Noted scholars on Youtube’ are lying too.
      The false witnesses at Jesus trial accused him that “This fellow said, I am able to destroy the temple of God, and to build it in three days”.
      What was the meaning of ‘rebuilding the temple’?
      “Then answered the Jews and said unto him, What sign shewest thou unto us, seeing that thou doest these things? 19 Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. 20 Then said the Jews, Forty and six years was this temple in building, and wilt thou rear it up in three days? 21 But he spake of the temple of his body. 22 When therefore he was risen from the dead, his disciples remembered that he had said this unto them; and they believed the scripture, and the word which Jesus had said” (John 2:18-22).

      • SS
        SS says:

        Yes. The Roman Catholic church taught it that way. I was not promoting those ideas, more like lamenting them. The nuns did teach me that the Romans weren’t so bad and Jesus was not with the Zealots.

  16. Seraphim
    Seraphim says:

    Excellent round-out of the perennial manic denunciations of ‘anti-semitism’. They illustrate perfectly the truth emitted by one of their ‘greatest’, Albert Einstein’: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

  17. SaltyCracker
    SaltyCracker says:

    “,,, which I take to mean that we should brace ourselves for a veritable tsunami of bullshit….”
    I did LOL (not lol) at this for as serious as this – seemingly never ending – BS is, we gotta keeping laughing; so t/y for this one.

  18. Tom Benson
    Tom Benson says:

    The Protocols are a fictional representation of the very real existence of Jewish conspiracies and Jewish cohesive groups that work relentlessly for their own interests at the expense of the rest of humanity.

  19. Larry Z B
    Larry Z B says:

    The Jews provoke “anti-Semitism” in every host society through their actions. Jews perpetually hate non-Jews. Their behavior over the millennia proves this. Non-thinking Christians believe the lie that the Jews are God’s “Chosen people”.

    The Byzantine Empire was the only empire to resist the corrosive effects of the Jews. It did this by forbidding the Jews to control finance and prohibiting Jews from serving in government positions and in education. Remove the Jews from banking, government and education and you free the host society from Jewish control. Hitler did this, too, and Germany prospered in the 1930s while the Jew run Western “democracies” languished in Depression.

  20. crank
    crank says:

    A very interesting article as ever from Andrew Joyce.
    The boundaries between esoteric and exoteric seem to be a theme, and we appear to be between a rock and a hard place with this. The seeking of recognition for well executed scholarly work from academic and educated circles of opinion leads writers like Joyce and Macdonald to focus on the visible, documented aspects of Jewish power and its associated inter-ethnic conflict. That arguably makes a lot of sense, as their case seems only answerable with the response censorship – which of course is no answer at all.
    At the same time, there clearly are esoteric aspects to this problem, as Jewish identity spans the divide between ethnic category and religious belief/ practice. How can we truly understand the history of the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Enlightenment (and their part in the interface between Jewish and gentile cultures) without an understanding of Cabalistic philosophy, mystery schools, symbolism and esoteric interpretations of the Bible ? (A contemporary example: the Rothschilds teaming up with the Catholic Pope to launch what is billed as a new global society. There has to be more than the apparent going on there. )
    The problem seems that the academic is hobbled by the need for ‘proof’, and is thereby in danger of missing the bigger picture whilst exposing the more prosaic aspects. The mystic or consparicist lacks rigour and is too easily led astray into fantasy.
    It’s like we need a new epistemology to really understand this.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” The mystic or consparicist lacks rigour and is too easily led astray into fantasy.”

      Do you mean a “fantasy” such as the mystical Christian belief that JC was resurrected back to life after being dead for three days ?

      Do you mean a “conspiracy” such as the strenuous zio-jew denials that The Protocols are a basic sketch of how the the City of Satan ( aka City of London within London England ) Ashkenazim financial tribe has attained dominion of the world via (((their))) money monopoly ? ; and the conspiratorial denial that The Protocols were rendered as a recruitment sales pitch , endorsed by ILLuminated Elderly Zionists , to a secret meeting of other newly ILLuminated Zionist attendees at the 1897 Basil Switzerland First International Zionist Congress ?

      In both matters , the superimposition is “cui bono” ?

  21. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “and evolved into the explosive Antisemitism we see today”

    As in the case of the boy who cried ‘wolf’, one day he is actually right, and maybe there really is an ‘explosion’ of antisemitism today, due to the internet suddenly making available information about history and politics for the past few decades that had previously been suppressed, so that, for example, before the internet all we were taught about the Jews in relation to the War was that Hitler picked on them ‘for no reason at all’ and that the Jews were totally blameless, and always have been throughout history. It seems that the official version was that no Jew has ever done anything wrong, ever, only white gentile people have, and to suggest otherwise is irrational and furthermore, we need laws to stop people saying any negative comments about them, whilst you can be as racist as you like against gentile whites.

    The question is – is the explosion caused by the internet freedom, is the explosion of antisemitism with or without foundation? Is it justified and rational, or irrational as the word ‘antisemitism’ attempts to convey that it is? Are the Jews friends of the West, as the Republican voters believe they are, or do they seek to undermine the West through mass immigration and the corrupting influence of Hollywood? These are very simple questions and it is very easy to find the answers, largely because the Jews themselves proclaim how supportive they are of refugees, whilst telling us that white identity is a problem but Jewish identity needs preserving, and they also boast about their control of Hollywood. So it is not even a complex issue to work out.

    As for the current ‘explosion’ – in the 1990s hardly anyone had access to any criticism of the Jews as the publishing, education and MSM were all tightly controlled (books were available but not to the mass market). Then the internet became commonplace so that today there is plenty of easily accessible quality information about history and the Jews and current affairs, for anyone who wants to stray off the tightly controlled mainstream path and see for themselves. As long as this availability of information remains, the ‘explosion’ of an awakening, or if you want to call it an ‘explosion of antisemitism’ – this will continue whatever you call it until the Left and the Jews are able to control the internet as tightly as they control the rest of the MSM and education system.

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