First Thoughts on the Breach of the Capitol by Trump Backers: The Left Will Now Enact Permanent Hegemony

1. The obvious: violence and property destruction all summer by the left—still continuing in Portland et al.— tolerated by politicians and ignored by most of media which is now outraged by the breach of the Capitol. Sedition!! Insurrection!! How quickly they forget all the violence by the left, including the riots in DC before, during, and after Trump’s inauguration. Imagine the rioting if Trump had won. It would have made what happened at the Capitol seem like child’s play. And the media and the left would have talked about “mostly peaceful” protests.

2. With control of Congress (assuming Ossoff wins, which seems like a done deal), the Democrats will make victory permanent by adding DC and Puerto Rico as states, giving amnesty to millions of illegals so they can vote, ramp up legal immigration, and finish the demographic revolution ahead of schedule.

3. Big  Tech will ramp up censorship, and Congress may well enact “hate speech” laws with prison and fines for the dissident right, which Biden will be only too happy to sign. Websites like this one may well be targets.  If SCOTUS strikes down such laws, they will pack the Court. Or maybe just pack the Court anyway, as seems to be mainstream among Democrats.

3. A large percentage of the right believes the election was stolen (it was). I don’t think this attitude will go away, and when they realize they can’t win elections because of what the new government is doing, all bets are off. The left will use violence from the right to rationalize left authoritarianism, and with all that media power and political hegemony, they may succeed; again, fines and prison for rightest dissenters. There may well be very serious secession movements by Red State America. In any case, it’s not over until it’s over.

4. Ultimately this has come about because of the anti-White demographic revolution set into motion by the 1965 immigration law and the gradual increases in numbers of legal immigrants and illegal immigrants whose children become citizens. There’s no way that Georgia would vote for leftist radicals like Ossoff and Warnock without the demographic shift. The revolution was rationalized by the leftist media and academic culture which is now preaching Critical Race Theory aimed at inducing guilt in Whites and convincing Whites to punish other Whites who dissent from the new —what is called altruistic punishment by evolutionists (White people are particularly prone to this—long story). It’s redundant here to point out the outsize Jewish role in all this, but suffice it to say that this is the endgame dreamed of by the activist left for the last century. Their take-home message from the 2016 election was that Trump’s populist rhetoric was popular with a majority of Americans and if given enough time could have been enacted into policy. The policies Trump enunciated in 2016 had the prospect of  at least slowing down the White demographic disaster, especially if these attitudes became even more entrenched with four more years of Trump and followed by someone with fewer rough edges, more political skill, and more of a mandate to do what needs to be done. The implicit mantra on the left was “Never Again,” and they pulled out all the stops to defeat him—not only the election fraud but also but the huge boost from most of the media in ginning up Trump hate and bogus impeachment Inquisitions while ignoring (mainstream media) or censoring (Twitter, Facebook) anything bad about Biden. Most notably Hunter Biden’s scandalous deals in China and Ukraine, with a cut for the “Big Guy.” Of course, there may well be a Democrat Plan B to get serious about Biden corruption and impeach him in favor of Harris.

5. There will be a big fight in the GOP over Trump’s legacy and whether Trumpists will be the future of the party. The neocons will try to make a comeback and the Chamber of Commerce types never left. But IMO there’s no way they can get a majority of the GOP behind them. The GOP is a populist party now and it’s not going away.

6. But like I said, it’s not over until it’s over. It’s just that the hole we were in, already deep, just got a whole lot deeper. But remember, when the Roman Republic ended, there was no great regret because the Republic was dysfunctional. It’s increasingly obvious that the US is dysfunctional. Which suggests that ultimately there will be an authoritarian government of the left (more likely right now) or right. Or secession.

Addendum: Conservatives on FOX News are saying things like “It was a bad election, but we have to fix that by changing the laws and going to court, not violence”—e.g., Trey Gowdy. The problem is that the left realizes that this could happen and that’s why they will do all they can to make it permanent. “Never Again.” As always, principled conservatives are happy to go down believing in the principles.

Addendum 2: I get the argument that storming the Capitol will strengthen the left. But should Trump supporters have just gone home when they sincerely & not without reason think the election was stolen? The left wouldn’t have. Stealing election is the ultimate political crime in a democracy.

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    The Republican party is dead. It’s easier to do something new than to change the vile entrenched maggots, snakes, and rats. You can’t keep voting for Republicans simply because they aren’t the “Demonrats”. Mitch McConnell is a disgrace. The voters in Kentucky should start a recall effort.

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Finally, some common sense after an entire day of absurd self-flagellation by RINOs and media.

    Thank you, Kevin MacDonald.

    Out of a huge crowd of protesters, a very small number went inside the Capitol building. This is an “insurrection”? Please.

    The Left – liberals, Blacks, progressives, LGBTQ, anarchists, Marxists, Democrats – riot, commit arson, and loot all summer by the hundreds of thousands all throughout America, and the Democrats not only have rarely criticized it but they often justified it.

    Now these fine Americans come to Washington, DC, and the mainstream media and even many conservatives get all bent out of shape? Ridiculous.

    There is still a lot of fight remaining in America. It just has to be organized better and more widely. That is a task for the future.

    • Alph
      Alph says:

      No doubt many of the “protesters“ are Antifa posing as MAGA. This is already coming out about the Capitol storming.

      • Eric Novak
        Eric Novak says:

        Few if any AntiFa have been found at the Capitol entrance. This AntiFa-as-Trump-supporter is a stupid Cuckservative meme probably originating in Mitch McConnell’s office, to smear Trump protesters. It’s craven denial of the justifiably angry crowd seeking peaceful redress of grievances inside the capitol. This meme has to be stomped out.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” It just has to be organized better and more widely.”

      White Christians ( Catholic/Protestant ) are the largest USA ethnic group where Christianity is a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to the chosenhite jewmasterss .  

      USA Whites typically have a very low level of political intelligence ( not mostly an IQ issue ) , except for ostensible electioneering issues , and therefore they do not generally have the intellectual capability ( not mostly an IQ issue ) to remedy political deficiencies .  

      Even if enough Whites had the intellectual capability to remedy serious political dysfunctions , two decades of laws have been passed ( since the USA 911 PATRIOT Act upto and including COVID-19 mandates/restrictions ) that put a STRANGLEHOLD on all technologicly based communications ( telephone calls , emails , US mails , website comments , etc. )  and SEVERELY RESTRICT the ability to organize any non-Leftist counter-establishment political groups or activities .

      The impending CCP supported Biden Presidency , a socialist Pope Francis of a Vatican that cannot account for 1.8 Billion USD
      being transferred ( during years 2014 to 2020 ) to the pedophile central continent of Australia , a zio-jeww-masonick ILLuminati controlled Queen Liz of The Brits , the City of Satan Ashkenazim financial tribe control of world money systems , and so on … makes it very difficult to effectively organize against the secretive ILLuminati global rulers of marxist/communist scientificly engineered worldwide societies of sheeple majorities .

    • Kilo 4/11
      Kilo 4/11 says:

      @Coll Doll
      That’s not going to work for us. Regardless of who started the entry, our people willingly followed. We have to own this and claim it as our own. We laid down a marker, and it was sealed with Ashli Babbitt’s blood. We made members of congress feel our power up close and personal, like they’ve never had to feel it before. More importantly, we made them FEAR our power. This has not happened to American politicians since the War For Southern Independence. And now all have seen and heard their cold hatred of us on their faces and in their voices as they resumed the “peoples business” and certified the theft.

      True, the storming of the Capitol discredited us in the eyes of many. I believe it has strengthened us more than it damaged us. Time will tell.

    • Eric Novak
      Eric Novak says:

      Proud Boys and their allies (who have been under assault by both DC police and AntiFa for the two solid months after the election), gamers, and LARPers like the shaman with the headdress are not AntiFa. This cuckservative theory was also applied to black rioters at the Minneapolis Target that was put the torch in May, thus inaugurating the Summer of George Floyd riots. Blacks didn’t need AntiFa to take to the streets in the 1960s, or in 1992 Los Angeles, or in 2020. Similarly, the most motivated and angry of the Trump tribes do not need AntiFa to trick them into entering the Capitol building to redress their grievances before a deliberating Congress. For Proud Boys, the ruling of a DC judge that banned their leader from entering the city of DC the day before was more than enough to heap up the bonfire of anger, especially after months of harassment by DC cops who ignored violent AntiFa antagonists.

  3. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    Violent anti-White, Jew-promoted Black & Antifa thugs burn, loot, & murder large swaths of cities for months while cops are ordered to “stand down” (do nothing). All the while (((media shysters))) promote them, calling them “mostly peaceful protesters,” while relaying their violent threats (“No justice, no peace!”).

    Understandly fed-up citizens stormed the US Capitol today. Though they burned nothing, looted nothing, and murdered no one, (((media shysters))) waste no time reporting…

    “As an angry mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, their compatriots online celebrated the chaos, cheering the violence across a wide array of social-media sites and calling for bloodshed in the days ahead….”

    And (((media shysters))) wasted little time censoring even the President of the United States:

    “…’This is an emergency situation and we are taking appropriate emergency measures, including removing President Trump’s video,’ said Guy Rosen, one of the company’s top executives, on Twitter.”

    — [ ]
    — (Tony Romm, Drew Harwell, Elizabeth Dwoskin, Washington Post)

    • Brian
      Brian says:

      Actually, there was looting. Did you not see the photo of the guy stealing Pelosi’s podium and waving?

        • Brian
          Brian says:

          Ha, you’re funny. The guy stole it just like all the stealing that happened from businesses during the BLM protests that turned into riots this past summer. You cannot liberate inanimate objects.

          • Kilo 4/11
            Kilo 4/11 says:

            Yes, humor, Brian! But the analogy to the BLM/Antifa destroyers doesn’t work, on many levels, mostly because he gave it back rather than burn it to ashes.

            I mean liberated like victorious armies always “liberate” something – usually wine and women – from their enemy’s citadel. Get it now?

  4. tito perdue
    tito perdue says:

    I am delighted by today’s action in Washington and hope it proves the first step toward capsizing the anti-white
    racist movement now under the guidance of negroes and jews..

    • Kilo 4/11
      Kilo 4/11 says:

      @ tito perdue

      If you are in fact the author Tito Perdue, you have just made sure I start reading your books! Shame it’s taken me so long.

        • Kilo 4/11
          Kilo 4/11 says:

          Mr. Perdue,

          Wow, what a very nice surprise to hear from you!

          If you will be so kind as to recommend one of your books to me – a 70 plus White male, Chicago born and reared Nam vet, high school AND college dropout, I will order it immediately!

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      Imagine a fruit fly drowning in a milk bowl. The comment section on this site is the milk bowl you are circling. Fly away before falling into it.

      • Andrew Winchester III
        Andrew Winchester III says:

        While I disagree with many commentators here on this site swell as with articles publicized here quite often, and then regarding details and what they base their assumptions on and also their methods, I do think a lot of articles have good points and so do many commentators.

        But maybe you are an arab or the other who knows probably so.

        • ariadna
          ariadna says:

          If you think a commentator that maculates this site using the nick “Kevin’s Lying” and claiming to challenge the editor on whether the election was stolen has “its good points” and that I must be “an arab” to disagree, then you have reading comprehension problems. Serious ones.

    • Andrew Winchester III
      Andrew Winchester III says:

      He commentator that has been brainwashed by mixed jews and others mixed and the like.

      The dominion machines software was made in that Communist country Venezuela and was sponsored by the commies there (can’t remember his name), and since then commies won all elections.

      The machines can be hacked remotely and have wifi.

      Another part of the software was developed by Microsoft’s Israeli offices. Israel want to take out Iran (cause they building nukes and hate Israel) and Trump was withdrawing from the Middle East and saying Israel is strong (hence in effect don’t need US). Microsoft has an East Indian CEO. Bill gates daughter, the oldest is engaged to an Egyptian professional horse rider that was born in the USA, bill says he is happy about it or similar. But Trumps muslim ban may not have been popular with them and other anti immigrant things and the like.

      It was people mixed with gypsies that do “business” with terrorists are pedophiles and work with latinos that work with nazis and commies in China that worked to destroy the USA democracy together with some jews (who are overly afraid of racism and so on…) together with communist China (who want to spy on the USA and access to it’s education system to get and steal US technology) and probably also North Korea and probably drug lords from Latin America that hate Trump’s comments about many latin immigrants being criminal (rapists and the like, but many fine people also…) and also don’t want the wall. Latin America makes money on the latinos in the USA cause they send back money quite often.

      The Chinese invested in Dominion through a European country just before the election.

      Other than that, you can’t have subsaharan africans count votes (n-word), they are very low IQ and primitive on the average. And only care about their race. Remember, democracy enslaved them and kept them segregated and so that they could not vote. Why would they care about this kinda system? They hate whites many of them. Enough of them were hysteric about Trump.

      So enough of them will cheat.

      Also they want “obama care” and hand downs from the government (welfare, “affirmative action”), and many of them depend on government jobs (bus drivers, police…).

      Other than that you have the footage with USB stick inserted into other computers, and dominion leadership being in antifa (and they are anti racist communists). And then you have suddenly tons votes being pulled from under tables and postal trucks dissapearing…

      This is all about socialism forever, which the jews think they can control (see documents of elders of Zion, where they state they want socialism forever without interruption). Jews in the Democratic Party has openly said they will use demographic change (i.e. mass immigration of non whites) to have socialism forever. This objective is now met. They have very effectively dismantled democracy for which they on the average couldn’t care less.

      It’s all about mixing the white population away globally through controlling communication propaganda in education and universities through controlling which music is released with quality, through controlling immigration and propaganda for homosexuality and so on.

      It is a holocaust of whites.

      Can democracy be saved in the USA? Is it already been taken away from you. It seems so and therefore it seems logic to storm the building.

      But they didn’t even have guns and still look what happened…

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        The ending of the script of the political theater play calls for a glorified female victim ( antifa or not , regardless ) being nationally eulogized while the marxists/communists celebrate their Biden ascension to the USA CCP Presidency of a mostly politicly naive and gullible public/(sheeple majority) .

    • Bob R
      Bob R says:

      I too would have been happy to see evidence of this stealing of the election. Tucker Carlson asked Sidney Powell to come up with some; she didn’t. The Trump team has failed to back up its bluster with evidence. It’s revolting to be represented by such liars. I do agree with Kevin MacDonald’s point about immigration, though; all the non-whites are obviously ganging up on the whites.

      • Pat Kittle
        Pat Kittle says:

        How to steal elections:

        Cynically sabotage virtually all immigration enforcement, knowing fully well the hordes of newcomers will overwhelmingly support your agenda, & vote for you.

    • Eric Novak
      Eric Novak says:

      A good start would be the deposition filed with the US Supreme Court by the Attorney General of Texas.

    • Hitler is our pal
      Hitler is our pal says:

      There are those who can see the obviousness of the election being stolen, and disapprove.

      There are those who can see the obviousness of the election being stolen, and approve.

      Then there are those poor fools who think the election was legitimate, even as the election thieves made it obvious, intentionally so as a display of dominance to humiliate their enemies.

      You feign being in the third category, but I think you’re really in the second.

    • Marvin
      Marvin says:

      I think it is undisputed that there was election fraud, the question is to what extent. I myself have not formed a final opinion, but it seems that the fraud goes far beyond insignificant manipulations. This, and the claims made long before the election by the media, BigTech and the other elites that election fraud is impossible, that the possibility of considering it comes only from fools, this gigantic campaign against Trump’s re-election, all of this already allows somehow the statement of a stolen election.

      But here some futher information:
      Links at the end of article:

  5. Kyle McDermott
    Kyle McDermott says:

    Here’s my contribution to the Second American Revolution: let facts be submitted to a candid world:

    Also, on January 1, 2021, my book received a positive review from Midwest Book Review: (scroll to bottom of screen)

    Here’s the review verbatim:

    Synopsis: Was the Big Bang a stick of dynamite — or, was it a cosmic seed? It is the latter that rings through in this scholarly philosophical treatise. The truth is the Big Bang was an autotelic cosmic seed and the universe is an organism for cultivating Consciousness. All of mankind (the whole of the cosmos) is literally the offspring of a massive cosmic fireball, which at the moment of its inception was pregnant with a multi-dimensional ordered reality.

    This “big seed” is now unveiled as an integrated and teleological reality that possesses exquisitely fine-tuned parameters capable of permitting life to evolve. All history is the history of the evolutionary transubstantiation of matter to Spirit by means of the biological-life processes of Blood and Reason.

    All life is on an evolutionary journey of Ascensional Transudation, or more specifically, on a course to become spiritual. The world is ours, each and every one of us — the future is now.

    Critique; Thoughtful and thought-provoking, “The Declaration of White Independence” by social theorist Kyle McDermott is a unique, inherently interesting, and provocatively iconoclastic read that will have special appeal for students of metaphysics and transudationism — making it a highly recommended addition to community, college, and university library philosophy collections and supplemental curriculum studies lists.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Kyle McDermott – do you think evolution was achieved by the preloaded DNA theory, in which the DNA for many sets of animals was contained in the earlier ones, ready to be released for the next stage, so that apes contained the DNA for humans but this could only be unpacked at a certain stage – when triggered, with one variant of this theory being named ‘prescribed evolution’ by John Davison (deceased) see below.

      This is related to the Panspermia theory, whereby a seed of DNA in a bacteria type organism is transported through space on rocks to land on distant planets, and which contains DNA for multiple organisms, preloaded into one organism.

      After all, if humans wanted to seed a distant planet, this is how we might consider doing it. After all, basically you are transporting tiny amounts of organic material containing huge amounts of data. Humans can be coded into a 4-billion digit number. Furthermore, to come up with these numbers – the one for humans, the one for a dinosaur or frog, which all exist already even if we do not know them – all we need to do is isolate them from an existing set of all the finite numbers this long. And to isolate them we need a simulator of development, which could be a computer simulation, so that we do not even need to work out how these numbers ‘work’ (ie lead to an organism), just trial ans error to find the ones that do work. This could be achieved by a computer program that is a good simulator but has zero complexity beyond holding the simulation. This is how chess programs work – they simulate alternatives within a basically very simple program, but without any kind of need to put in the program code any sort of reasoning as to why moving the pawn from here to here is a good move, it just is, as the simulation found that it was. So the old 48K computer can play chess and design/create/make a winning game of chess without any intelligence, just by searching through the set of paths it could take. So a simple chess computer can produce (actually, find) something more intelligent than itself. ‘find’ is the word in brackets because the simple chess program just has to find them, as all these super-intelligent sequences already exist, as permutations are not infinite if it only has to go ahead by 10 moves. The only limitation is processing speed and time available per move. “There is no question that all of the information necessary to produce a unique human being is contained in a single cell, the fertilized egg, a mere tenth of a millimeter in diameter. While the information is preformed, the development of the individual is largely epigenetic. I now suggest that precisely the same relationship may exist with respect to phylogeny (evolution). Viewed in this manner, both development and evolution result from the organized and progressive activation (derepression) of an incredibly enormous storehouse of potentialities. I realize that this suggestion seems ludicrous at first sight when applied to the evolutionary process, yet I feel it is necessary as it can offer an explanation for a number of otherwise baffling realities. Of cardinal importance is the question — Where did all the information come from? If, as is so obvious at the onset of ontogeny, the information were also present from the start of the evolutionary process, someone or something had to put it there. That same someone or something apparently produced the inanimate world with all its rules, laws and precise mathematical relationships”

      • Kyle McDermott
        Kyle McDermott says:

        Thank you for your comment. I think your “preloaded” suggestion makes sense, and is related to the question you ask regarding where all the “information” came from. IMHO, the best answer to your question is that the “information” was somehow encoded into the Big Bang (i.e., Big Seed). This would account for what Sir Roger Penrose has described as the incredibly high degree of “fine-tuning” (i.e., amazingly low entropy) that existed in the organization of the initial universe. The universe has undergone gradual, spontaneous, incremental, self-organized expansion, from the very small to the very large. Aristotle’s conception of the unmoved Mover dovetails with this Big Seed paradigm.

        I read about John Davison at the link you provided. Although it’s despicable, his experience doesn’t surprise me. Colleges and universities are about conformity and indoctrination. And now with Uncle Joe installed as our Emperor, it’s going to get much worse.

        • pterodactyl
          pterodactyl says:

          Thank you, I ordered your book but it will take a while to ship to England. Notice how these topics are never discussed in any of the many science TV documentary channels, where they like to concentrate on Aliens in space ships and Yetis. I suspect this restriction of the debate on origins is in order not to “encourage les autres”, in this case, they do not want the religious to be able to grab onto anything that might be interpreted as ‘proving a designer’, so they feel they have to avoid anything that suggests a reason / purpose / function to the existence of the universe.

          They do the same in Kevin MacDonald’s field of human behaviour, where even Nature herself has to conform with their equality & diversity legislation and is not allowed to let races have different frequencies of genes, at least, not in the case of those genes that determine behaviour.

          I know you will be familiar already with the physicist who coined the term ‘black holes’, John Wheeler, and his ‘Genesis by Observership’ theory, which suggests that the purpose of humans is to fulfill the role of an ‘observer’, a sort of ‘required parameter in an equation’ that is necessary in order for the universe to have an existence. When no-one is aware of it, it is simply no more.

          A few years ago there was a discussion on a Designer in The Spectator, and a Russian Biochemists joined in. It became clear that several Russian biochemists followed similar preloaded-theories. We (and the moderator) kept asking him for articles but he would not give any. It all seemed secretive. John Davison joined in (now deceased). I looked up the Russian Academy of Science Journal (in English) and tried to see what they think. I was surprised that they actually do not accept Darwinism today. The motive seems to be political, as Darwin was English and his theory, Darwinism, replaced the theory of the Russian Lamarck. The Russians seemed keen to prove that Lamarckism was right after all. (This patriotism is the extreme opposite to the rest of the whites, as we go out of our way to denigrate our own (and then there are the Jews who cheat and create the myth of Einstein (see Red Ice Radio interview)). Usually this politicisation of science hinders progress, but perhaps not in this case. Their interpretation goes as follows – the environment alone directs change (as Lamarck proposed), not random mutations directed by natural selection. So cold weather prompts hair for Woolly mammoths, but the genetic code was there already and the cold environment was the prompt that ‘released’ or exposed the pre-existing code. But then again they could not postulate a god in this, being atheists, so they ended up a bit stuck.

          The basis of Jon Davison’s theory is that a normal cell has 2 sets of codes, but an egg waiting to be fertilised before the sperm ell enters the egg has 4, so if the fertilisation goes wrong (a delayed second split that normally occurs only at the moment of the sperm entering the cell), these 4 can still rejoin to make a brand new 2-set with new sequences revealed, and an ape could go to a human in 7 steps by asexual reproduction in this manner, over a short time even, even decades. So the DNA for humans was already in apes, and still is today.

          • Kyle McDermott
            Kyle McDermott says:

            Thank you very much. Thank you especially for giving my book a try.

            “Equality” = entropy/atrophy. “Multiculturalism” = divide & conquer. “Diversity” = balkanization. “Anti-Semite” = victim of organized Jewry. White self-determination = domestic terrorism. Free speech = hate. We are going straight into South Africa. BLM is the ANC. The Republican Party is going to commit suicide ala F. W. de Klerk. You will never again see a Republican president, and if DC and Puerto Rico add four permanent Democratic seats to the senate – and given the imminent, transformational demographic avalanche – you will never again see a Republican senate. The House may fall to the Republicans in 2022, and they’ll use that one last card to fatten themselves up in gated communities protected by armed guards, courtesy of your tax money, while the slaughter of Whites escalates all around them. And they won’t give a fuck.

            We need a White secessionist party, and we need it yesterday.

            IMHO, White secession is the only way out of this Zionist-plutocratic military-occupation panopticon. We have the numbers and the territory: We need political and financial leadership. The more time that goes by, the harder it will become to secede. Mass amnesty and mass invasion – Merkle style – is coming. IMO, NOW is the time to secede. Even if it’s at the regional/county level. Something has to to start right now, if it hasn’t already.

            Can it be that our People no longer care about their grandchildren? Pay attention to the ongoing horror that is South Africa, and then imagine your grandchildren having it WORSE. If those among our People with the necessary means don’t step up and do something now, then it can only be because they have no souls. And if that is the case, our progeny are condemned to Mammon and Chaos.

            It’s always fascinated me the way people, such as the late Carl Sagan, whine on endlessly about “billions and billions” of galaxies, and shove their mechanistic narrative of cosmic evolution down the throat of the gullible goyem. Our ancestors perceived a living cosmos – not an inanimate machine, and they were correct. We can no longer permit the Bastards to dictate to us what reality is. I refuse to believe that reality is the nightmare world they have in store for us. Other realities are possible.

            I would appreciate your critique of my book, if you’re so inclined!

  6. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    Very clearly presented and articulated, as always, Dr. MacDonald. I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us during this exceptionally anxiety producing time with calming reflections of reason on the issue.

  7. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    A lot of God and Country folks motivated by 9/11/2001 were then betrayed by the WMD lies and mideast wars. They weren’t “red pilled” at first so much as they became so alienated that they started seeing the world as absurd. But one can live with an absurd life only so long. Some opted out of life with drugs but some doubled down on their commitment dispensationalist JudeoChristianity and others came to the “alt right” as they attempted to make sense of the world.

    Then Trump came along and managed to contain the theater of the absurd somewhat by basically just saying the word “rapists” in his speech about “illegal immigrants” (capturing the “alt right”) and going full-on Zionist (capturing the dispensationalist Zionist JudeoChristians). Trump managed to go big with his “citizenism”, marginalizing the alt right — which really gave a lot of breathing space for Zionist JudeoChristians.

    Now here’s the interesting conundrum Jews face:

    Leaving the Zionist JudeoChristians basically nowhere to go is _very_ dangerous. They’re going to have to pull off some pretty heavy mind control here. One of the things they might be able to do is the whole “Mark of the Beast” angle, with some sort of support for an escape route of some kind that they can think of as “The Second Coming”. A guy I know with an aspiring (Jewish) Goldman Sachs executive acquaintance said the aspirant wanted to learn oration skills so he could be “The Anti-Christ”. When asked what he meant by that, he responded something to the effect that it was like “a role” or “a position” one “tried out” for.

    The recent news in the JPost about the retired head of the Israeli space agency regarding the “galactic federation” comes to mind.

    • Kilo 4/11
      Kilo 4/11 says:

      @James Bowery
      Fine capsule intellectual history.

      Some of us stopped off at the cute roadside attraction known as “Paleoconservatism” – Pat Buchanan, Sam Francis, Chronicles magazine, etc., on our way from God and Country through Alt Rightville to where ever in blazes we are now.

      Fascinating and I think apt reference to the Israhell space agency guy and his very strange theory about extraterrestrials, etc., and how it might tie in to the Zio-Christians. Worth watching how that develops.

  8. Tom
    Tom says:

    After today’s events, the America we all knew is finished. I’m in my late 60s and possess dual citizenship in a “less crazy than most” and “less migrant friendly” European country as a result of my parents’ birth there. I’m outta this insane asylum in a few years when the totalitarians really get apocalyptic.

  9. Archimedes Claw
    Archimedes Claw says:

    No-one would have been allowed to enter the building unless they wanted them to. The whole intention was to allow the incursion to happen so they could get those images. Now the narrative can be about violence and insurrection. And that narrative will be used to justify what happens next.

  10. Eric Fowler
    Eric Fowler says:

    The likely outcome is either a near-term bloodbath or long-term Brazilianization.

    Brazilianization (= Lost Angelization) means:

    – a racially extremely diverse population;
    – a high level of ambient racial tension;
    – extreme economic stratification, with a small, wealthy elite, a large underclass, and essentially zero middle class;
    – concentration of wealth in the hands of certain ethnic groups;
    – extremely high levels of street crime, including violent crime;
    – a police force that is both brutal and impotent in dealing with crime;
    – a weak public sector, with all amenities functioning inefficiently if at all (packed buses, filthy streets, etc.);
    – chronic, severe corruption at all levels of government, to the point of dysfunction;
    – a pervasive mistrust of the government, indeed, all activities in the public sphere;


    – no reason to think that any of the above can be changed by any available political means.

    All of this will of course be accompanied by a lot of left-wing treacle about democracy, equality, progress, etc.

    I hate to say it, but I think Brazilianization will be our future.

    • Mark West
      Mark West says:

      I think you underestimate the strength in the white race.

      But sure it is possible.

      The jews have been a lot more successful at propaganda and lies than the ethno centric whites have been at getting their word out.

    • KeepTheChange
      KeepTheChange says:

      You nailed it … I couldn’t agree more. We’re well on our way to 3rd-world status. Corruption will be the order of the day with bribery becoming more popular. And, as you said, the public sector will become largely dysfunctional. Secession seems to be the only way out.

  11. Ronald Fields
    Ronald Fields says:

    I just watched some democrats speak in congress after the storming what a bunch of evil hypocrite smartass lowlives. A young woman was just shot in the hallways and they stand there smiling knowing about the money the will earn from bribes and stealing and the power they will gain.

    Good at doing speeches though.

    Probably racially mixed most of them although not visibly so.

    The display of evil is just so appalling.

    Ute refreshing with the storming of the building though and having the confederate flag was a thing that was certainly a thing that made a mark which is always good I suppose.

    This shows there is anger out there and the shooting will certainly create more anger against zog/the system, or whatever.

    The next coming years will be interesting!

  12. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    It is time to rename the state. This new, one Black – one Jew , Senate representation can ensure that the name of George is extirpated from the annals of the new , improved , former home of the European diaspora..

  13. Karl Nemmersdorf
    Karl Nemmersdorf says:

    With the outcome of the Georgia runoffs, we will see concentration camps for White people before Harris’s second term. There will be no organized resistance until its far too late.

    • Karlfried von Vuumers
      Karlfried von Vuumers says:

      That’s a bit exaggerated I think.

      Unless you call gated communities concentration camps.

      Whites are well armed in the USA although the army is a lot more well armed and has more heavy guns and bombs and nukes.

      So yeah maybe whites are over. Once the non whites control the army…

      Holocaust inn effect and if you resist or try to grab land they just might nuke ya.

      The killed a young woman for climbing through a window in a building when they were doing the takeover. Police and military get their salaries from the state. They need food on their table…

  14. Floda
    Floda says:

    So, is that all there is?

    What about Trumps 2018 Executive Order enabling him to call on the Military in the circumstances of a stolen election involving foreign interference? I note Trump recently removed his chief defense Mandarin (don’t recall his name) and replaced him with a younger guy. Let’s hope this is a loyal man, one with a ferocious temper, who hates communists and would crawl over busted razor blades, stark naked on his knees to get the bastards. I hear the US Marines lean to Trump, any chance these boys might make a nocturnal visit to DC and pull a few hundred of the usual suspects and other maggots out of their beds at 4Am?

    What would, say, Adolf Der Grosse do in Trump’s place? Or Napoleon, we know after exile to Elba he woke up one morning and simply went back to France and took over. OK, Napoleon was in his 40’s, Trump is in his mid 70’s. At least Trump has not and is unlikely to make the same mistake the other two made.

    Seriously, I don’t see him walking away from this. When he spoke from behind the bullet proof glass, for the first time I thought something was up. Has he now really run out of options?

    • KeepTheChange
      KeepTheChange says:

      Seems like that Trump was really counting on Pence to sent the state electoral votes back to the states but that didn’t happen. I don’t know if the Constitution allows Pence to do that, but I’m thinking Trump was hoping Pence would do it anyway. Since that failed, I think the only option left for Trump would be to declare Martial Law (Insurrection Act?). I think that’s highly unlikely … it’s hard to find anyone coming to Trump’s side. Global elitists have stolen the election and our Country. Somehow, we need to secede.

  15. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    There is much speculation and evidence in my Twitter feed that the Capitol “stormers” were ANTIFA actors “disguised” as Trump supporters. The antler man for one was also spotted at BLM protests with photos supporting his attendance. Plus, photos and people on the ground reported ANTIFA busses in the area.

    On another note, are there any plans within our ranks to use this chaos for our own voice of succession, political negotiation, etc.? While we have superb academic and news information, who is actually leading us? And do we have plans to seek leaders and become part of the political change in addition to information? Now is the time for Nationalists to become organized to lead through Mayorship the small White communities still left before they too are also rid of us. Obviously it’s far easier to keep a community American-European than it is to force people to leave.

  16. Todd Hupp
    Todd Hupp says:

    The corruption of the election @ 500 – 600 million + $ was – almost exclusivity – financed by Jewish interests.These were not campaign donations-rather direct “investment” in election manipulation of key swing cities. The general public does not (yet) seem to understand /perceive the Jewish takeover that is occurring.The election results were purchased.

  17. David Schmitt
    David Schmitt says:

    How ironic! We have been told that the biggest threat to America was in the form of the angry, benighted, While, male, muscular skinhead—the ex-military fellow who clung to his guns and his Bible.” In fact, I did see lots of those fellows, perhaps fitting that description, milling about in the Washington, D.C.rcrowds. But wait–sadly and from what I could tell–it was instead a young lady who was the first to die storming our Capitol Building, a building long ago captured by corrupt internal and external enemies. Maybe we should erect a statue of our “Lady Liberty?” This is the kind of suffering that happens when cowardly, blackmailed lawmakers, paid law enforcers and filthy judges abuse a people the way the White, European American has been abused. Perhaps the scoundrels of the Global Technohierarchs, the Resetters, think that this bloody event can be one of the pretexts for bringing down draconian pre-penalties on the White male and that the White male will crumble in response. Oops. Already there has been a wrinkle in THAT plan—and no minor wrinkle. The White male will fight for a woman. See, God works in mysterious ways. Lady Reason and Lady Liberty–one and the same Lady–cannot be tread upon indefinitely without eventual dire consequence. Whatever the details of the day may be, THAT is the lesson that our enemies should learn. I am confident that they will not.

  18. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    “The Left Will Now Enact Permanent Hegemony”

    They were going to do that whether the capitol building was burnt to the ground or not. Again, I ask you: Isn’t it better that the Democrats do so as openly and as brazenly as we expect? Let it be known, to all White Americans, that their country was stolen from them and how. If they go so far as to amnesty 11 million illegals, that’s it. That’s the final nail in American democracy, and it will be a permanent stain on the liberal left. Of course in reality democracy would die anyway due to mass immigration, but at least this way White Americans will feel the heat rather than being slowly boiled like proverbial frogs.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      We’ve had permanent hegemony [hegemoney] since 1913.

      The final battle will be over the fake money monopoly, and the ancillary monopolies.

  19. RabbiHighComma
    RabbiHighComma says:

    Civil war or the Bill Ayers gulags….that is our choice and I will take my chances with the former. The plandemic crushing of small business has left many Whites with little to lose. May a thousand Jetstreams take flight to Tel Aviv….or ovens. Either works.

  20. Leon Haller
    Leon Haller says:

    Fair points by the editor. Implications:

    1. Can we all agree that America is now dead, and that it will never be restored as a 50-state Union (absent the extreme event of an unpredictable civil war, successfully prosecuted)? Whites could have Taken Back America as recently as 1980 [and possibly as late as the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks], but not anymore. The brainwashed / treasonous liberals + hostile alien elite + nonwhite underclass alliance has won to that extent. Even if whites suddenly became united, we wouldn’t be enough. And our race of losers has no spirit anyway.

    2. Following from #1, let us all, publicly or in the privacy of our own minds, renounce America. I still have a residual, Old Stock, patriotic pride, but I can see that it’s merely sentimental, more a sense of affection for my parents and grandparents and all that they were and embodied, one then transposed (accurately, I think) onto the broader American past. But America in the 20th century, once the true Old Stock had lost its character and power (due to both immigration and race and class treason), has mostly been a force for evil in the European world. And now that Real Americans are no longer in control of our own country, why should we feel anything towards this alien entity except sullen hostility? Think of yourself as a Greek or Serb under the Ottoman yoke. You have been conquered (sadly and more painfully, your inactions and those of your parents and grandparents created the conditions by which you were conquered without any actual combat, or even knowledge that you were a target; but still, your generation partied and neglected your civic duties, thinking liberty and white preservation were “rights” instead of historically grounded and hard won achievements, always subject to future ‘revision’). The Alien Occupation Regime may have control over your life and body (for now), but only you can let it control your mind. Free yourself. Do NOTHING for this country. Give NOTHING to this country. OTOH, pledge yourself to your Real Nation —-> your white race itself. And not just to any whites, but to Loyal Whites only. “My race is my nation”, the locus of my patriotism, must become the mantra of every right-of-center American (and frankly, white person everywhere). Help the cause of your people as you can, but otherwise save your wealth and energy.

    3. Boycott the enemy, and harass him in all legal ways. For example, how many of you have seen BLM signs in store windows? If you live in an alien or conquered city, you see these literal signs of submission a lot. Have you done anything about that? I have. It may sound limp and pathetic, but I have called up over 30 business establishments to complain and tell them they have lost my patronage, and that of as many of my friends as I can persuade. In many cases, esp of restaurants, I have given them precise details of their products, services, entrees, etc, and told them that I will miss their establishments, but that I won’t give my money to antiwhite or antipolice entities. I have received a gamut of responses, many negative, a few genuinely apologetic. Imagine if 400,000 other Americans had done likewise by now. Would 12 million customer complaints have had an effect? How about 4 million rightists and 120 million complaints? Who knows? But as Wayne Gretzsky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Doing this costs me nothing but a brief moment of time, and it feels great! (Of course, white rightists are almost all talk and no action, but maybe that can finally start to change as the fools begin to grasp that they’ve lost their country.)

    Oh, and I have honored my threats, including towards one restaurant I used to eat at 1-2x per month.

    4. Build secure personal networks of the likeminded. The task of white preservationists is almost infinitely complicated because a) we are the least numerous race; b) we are dwindling fast due to ultra-low fertility; c) our living spaces have been breached by vast hordes of our biological competitors and enemies, with more arriving everyday; d) all of our institutions, private and public, have been colonized by hostile ethno-elites and their seduced, duped, or enslaved white allies; e) our people are themselves divided due to ultimate genetically determined differential susceptibility to race-utopian brainwashing relative to other human groups; and e1) due to our people’s evolutionary defectiveness, it is difficult to know whom to trust, making our organizability a hundred times harder than that faced by any other group (no other group produces anything like the white and only white liberal, the true material worked upon by the alien architects of our dispossession and decline).

    But organize collectively we must. I have repeatedly argued for how to do this, but no one ever seems interested (another sign that rightists are almost all talk, and then at best mindless action like these Capitol stormers; contrast that with Jews, and even blacks). You must start microscopically, and harmlessly, a reading + social group for women, a gun or hunting club for men. I belong to one of the latter. We are unincorporated and unexistent as far as any records go. We do nothing commercial or charitable or public (or illegal). But we exist in our own minds and activities, which is all that really matters. We call ourselves a sport shooting club. We are up to maybe 30 guys, all white, all quality. Not much, but all in the same city, and slowly growing. Not all of these guys are white nationalists, but all are conservatives and Trumpists, and a couple of us who are more “redpilled” are slowly educating the others. You have to ‘read’ each person to assess what approach would work best. Many whites must be slowly seduced into accepting the truth, awakened before they even realize what you’re doing. You can’t just throw TOO or American Renaissance at them to start (even though in our little group, we deliberately keep out any lefties; the good news re guns, at least in urban environments, is that interest in them is already something of a natural selector weeding out the progressives). I’ve found Pat Buchanan’s Suicide of a Superpower and Death of the West are the best ‘starters’ for the more intelligent but not yet redpilled; for the less intelligent, race-neutral articles about antifa subversion are good ‘gateways’ (esp good are any illustrating a Soros connection). Others just need to be talked to straight – made comfortable knowing that their ‘heretical’ thoughts are shared by similar ‘normals’. Once you know you’re dealing with someone solid or potentially solid, I think Jared Taylor’s White Identity is optimum for the next stage of the awakening process.

    But it’s less important now to build white identity consciously, than merely to get solid white guys into expanding circles of similar others, esp if centered on survivalism and mutual self-preservation. One key element of modern America is its atomization, esp of whites, and ESPECIALLY of rightist whites. We’re all lone wolves, simmering on the internet, but otherwise too unconnected to our fellows. The Left solves this asociality problem via all its little activist groups (what do you think antifa is, in part? a chance for white losers to network, to be part of something larger than themselves). What can the Right offer, other than boring (and politically irrelevant) church activities (certain conservative churches, a minority of all churches, being about the only non-leftist social groups in America)?

    I have some more to say, but I’ll see if I get any responses first.

    • David Schmitt
      David Schmitt says:

      Leon Haller, I like your ideas. You urge local organizing. Mine is not St. Crispin’s Day speech, but I believe that we are on similar pages in the playbook:

      We are reaching a maturity stage of analysis and will have completed it as soon as we get rid of the last vestiges of desiring some man-ggod great leader. We will keep getting fooled if we do that. Nonetheless, we will need leaders at some point for practical purposes. How do we help ensure that those leaders are better rather than worse? We will do so by preparing ourselves to be critical and rational. We will do so by showing the leaders that we ourselves engage in discussions about policy and do not simply respond replexively to brightly colored flags, slogans and memes.

      I gave some practical advice in the “pod blast.” Like you, the core of that was (1) claim the narrative focused on our future , (2) note–but do not overly indulge in–all of the messy blips, the temptations to respond to false flags and the endless wallowing in trying to examine the double-crossings, the triple-triple and the impossible-to-follow n-tuple crossings—these are intended as time wasters, defusers, diffusers and dissipators of political coalition and force; (3) when at these events, just get people’s names and emails (simple, practical and powerful—trust me I have oganized large events before, the boring is what works if lorganizers attend to it); (4) video-film, record interviews and snap photographs; (5) we may need to concentrate geographically (sorry is you live in a beautiful, Leftist part of the country; (6) pay attention to your duty to always be confident and to turn the dismal facts towards the furtherance of our positive long-term goals of flourishing and conquering.

    • Bold Inq.
      Bold Inq. says:

      Shrewd suggestions, Leon. I am finally to the point in my life where I’ve become dispirited by my silence and inaction. To be fair, I also might be the embodiment of hope to you: I was a generic liberal Democrat up until 3 years ago and now I am someone you might see at an AmRen conference. All it took for me was incremental doses of timely information before seeing the light. Just as you described.

      I’m middle aged and work in academia, and have a comfortable career I worked hard for, but I am surrounded by an insidious culture and groupthink that are slowly and ever demoralizing me. I am tired of nodding my head in agreement for fear of reprisal. I am outnumbered. I also live in a mega American leftist city. So what’s to do with folks like me? Rare birds who’ve spent their whole cosmopolitan lives preaching cringe egalitarian platitudes only to be upended by bracing reality?

      Yes yes, even morally stubborn minds can be changed in radical ways, but the question of ‘how’ remains damn hard work for us all.

    • Tom Pickens
      Tom Pickens says:

      Wow Leon I’m impressed by what you’ve come up with.Great thoughts,very wise man.I’m with you.I keep praying to the Lord to help us and deliver us from the clutches of the Synagogue of Satan(the Jews)and asking how all this came about to the smartest and most decent race God created.Thanks for writing down all that.I already make calls and boycott.I refuse to eat at Chik Fil A since they betrayed Christian Whites in their donations as well as shining the Blacks shoes as their CEO did(that was disgusting propaganda most assuredly arranged by the Jews somehow as I can’t imagine Whites coming up with it).I would love to do business with some general merchandise type entity for food,clothes etc that is pro-White but there are no options.They would stamp out any options that did exist or appear.How has it come to this?I saw an old White man on tv several years back who was being charged for a 30 plus year old “Civil Rights”murder(he had been aquitted years ago but “new”Federal charges were cooked up)and he said Whites are just too sympathetic.And he was right.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Leon – The like-minded gravitating to their own areas would enable all you suggest to have magnified effects, eg the restaurant would get 100 calls not just yours.
      But this would of course be the thing the Dems would try and thwart by shipping in immigrants to your state. So cessation is the only way this would be possible as borders could be controlled. In the end, whoever controls the military will be able to make the rules about what border control is allowed.
      But just imagine a ‘right-wing state’ broadcasting TV stations that the other states could pick up!

      Leon “rightists are almost all talk, and then at best mindless action like these Capitol stormers; contrast that with Jews, ”

      Jews are wired to think about scheming and planning, so they do it from their nature. They want to rent you the tools to till the land but not do the work. They want to pay for the trading ship and take the profit, but not sail in it. They are parasites and takers, and this by nature, and not from consciously deciding to be like that. Whites are makers by nature, not tuned into scheming and politics. There was a white-friendly Indian interviewed by Henrik in a couple of Red Ice shows who observed the white mentality. He said on Saturday the whites would be in their garages working on their hobbies which the Indians would never do, as there was no immediate monetary benefit.. He also pointed out an empathy of animals in whites that the Indians did not possess. He said a millionaire Indian built his own mansion, then put tenant blocks in the basement, so lost his privacy. Asked why, he said, ‘why lose the chance to make more money?’

  21. Jez Turner
    Jez Turner says:

    I seem to remember The Democratic Party, the left, the liberals, the mass media, and Big Tech etc were all crying out “de-fund the police”, “abolish the police”. And now after ‘the storming of The Capitol’, the cry is “why weren’t there more police?” Hypocritical double standards is literally a definition of liberalism.

  22. DiesIraeVenit
    DiesIraeVenit says:

    The political scientist Peter Turchin predicted this years ago:

    Age of Discord

    The hostile elite are responsible, not ordinary white Americans who are finally, it seems, starting to wake up to the way their country and future are being stolen from them.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      “At the same time, the deep structural forces driving both the long-term negative trends and their culmination (so far) in the 2016 presidential campaign, are not understood—neither by the public, nor by the politicians, nor indeed by the social scientists.” [from the Turchin book] I’ve understood for a long time:

      Lord Keynes here:

      Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.

  23. olivia
    olivia says:

    It is on the record all over Twitter that Antifa infiltrated and there is photo and video evidence of everything. DC police bussed in Antifa and let them in. Trump supporters tried to stop them. But then of course DC police opened the doors to the capitol. It was a setup to avoid the objections and to distract from fraud evidence. It has been successful. Follow the right people on Twitter like attorney Lin Wood (banned for 12 hrs for his posts), follow the people who were there on the ground. Check out McDonald, you can’t afford to be misinformed about this. Yes the war on whites is going strong and will intensify but there may be a chance the Donald will pull something off to stop the criminals, which are criminal in more ways than even just this coup. therulingclassobserver on twitter has catalogued most of the evidence of infiltration there but there is more. Also see the Gateway Pundit. Inform yourself!! There was no property destruction here. There were FOUR Trump supporters KILLED by DC police. Get the story right please!

  24. Tarrasik
    Tarrasik says:

    I’m reminded of D. H. Lawrence’s analysis of Moby Dick.

    “Melville knew. He knew his race was doomed. His white soul, doomed. His great white epoch doomed. Himself, doomed. The idealist, doomed: The spirit, doomed… What then is Moby Dick? He is the deepest blood-being of the white race; he is our deepest blood-nature. And he is hunted, hunted, hunted by the maniacal fanaticism of our white mental consciousness. We want to hunt him down. To subject him to our will. And in this maniacal conscious hunt of ourselves we get dark races and pale to help us, red, yellow, and black, east and west, Quaker and fireworshipper, we get them all to help us in this ghastly maniacal hunt which is our doom and our suicide. The last phallic being of the white man. Hunted into the death of upper consciousness and the ideal will. Our blood- self subjected to our will. Our blood-consciousness sapped by a parasitic mental or ideal consciousness. Hot blooded sea-born Moby Dick. Hunted maniacs of the idea.”

    “The Pequod went down. And the Pequod was the ship of the white American soul. She sank, taking with her negro and Indian and Polynesian, Asiatic and Quaker and good, business- like Yankees and Ishmael: she sank all the lot of them. Boom! as Vachel Lindsay would say. To use the words of Jesus, IT IS FINISHED. Consummatum est! But Moby Dick was first published in 1851. If the Great White Whale sank the ship of the Great White Soul in 1851, what’s been happening ever since? Post-mortem effects, presumably. Because, in the first centuries, Jesus was Cetus, the Whale. And the Christians were the little fishes. Jesus, the Redeemer, was Cetus, Leviathan. And all the Christians all his little fishes.”

    The American Civil war came right after that.

    • eric smith
      eric smith says:

      Really, really interesting comment. Of all the blogs and comments I have read (and its a huge amount) this is the most original, provocative and interesting I can recall. It is worthy of a much longer and deeper work.

  25. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    The most sinister and indeed ridiculous aspect of the Biden supporters is that they claim Donald Trump has provided no evidence of vote fraud., In fact he has provided ample evidence in the form of (1) direct evidence provided by the known flaws in the Dominion software and the sworn testimony of eye witnesses who saw vote tampering of postal votes and (2) circumstantial evidence provided by the massive spikes in votes for Biden appearing overnight in places such as Pennsylvania which overturned massive Trump leads and the handicapping of Republican invigilators by not allowing them to get close enough to the paper ballots to make any meaningful check of signatures etc.

    Exactly why these facts get no traction in the courts is inexplicable in terms of the law.

  26. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “Websites like this one may well be targets.”

    Today Twitter is blocking the Tweets of the sitting president of the US. If the left can do this then getting rid of sites like this one will be easy for them in the near future.

    The problem all along is that too few whites are aware of what the final outcome for them will be if the left takes hold properly, so still about half of whites continue to vote for their own demise, when perhaps only about 15% actually want this demise. The side that controls the MSM is the side that wins.

    • Kilo 4/11
      Kilo 4/11 says:

      @pterodactyl: “still about half of whites continue to vote for their own demise”.

      I would add that the libertarian vote is also such a self-destructive vote. I can’t recall at the moment in which states it was, perhaps Nevada or Arizona, and one or two others (and I sure don’t want to see another election “result” site) but the Libertarian vote was the margin that would have given Donald Trump the victory. Just like the above mentioned situation in Moby Dick, voting Libertarian is voting against “our deepest blood-nature. And he is hunted, hunted, hunted by the maniacal fanaticism of our white mental consciousness. We want to hunt him down. To subject him to our will.” Libertarians want to control our tribal nature and subject it to their will-to- power for the individual and their crazed idea of perfect freedom.

  27. Stoffel Makwassie
    Stoffel Makwassie says:

    I sincerely hope the result of Trump’s leaving the protesters in the lurch is that the majority/mainstream Right in the US finally open their eyes. Most of the readers of TOO already know and have been saying for a long time that the Trump supporters are merely supporting an avatar, an abstract idea that they wish Trump actually was, rather than what he is. As a Zionist-controlled puppet, I do not put it beyond Trump to have acted hand-in-hand with his so-called “opposition” in orchestrating what has happened here. The result, as stated by Prof. MacDonald, will be a clamp down on “dissidents” – in a sense a (new?) Patriot Act on steroids.

    Maybe it was necessary, in order for mainstream US conservatism to wake up properly, for Trump to “do a Saruman” and finally reveal himself as being deep in the Enemy’s counsel. Maybe, with the loss of the sick avatar phenomenon, US conservatism can rid itself of what Dr. Andrew Joyce described as the “Thatcher Effect” in a brilliant article on TOO (4 August 2019). Prof. MacDonald alluded to this same possibility in his immediate thoughts after the election in early November 2020. Maybe Trump’s betrayal of “his” supporters was what the true Right needed – lukewarm traditionalists may now come to realise that being lukewarm is simply not enough.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” an abstract idea that they wish Trump actually was, rather than what he is. As a Zionist-controlled puppet,”…

      That has been my suspicion . Can it be proven ? Or will it be an interminable controversy for many more decades ?

  28. Loren R
    Loren R says:

    From some angles it looked like the Capitol Police let protestors in through the barricades?
    It all seems so set up. Oh no, now we can’t say the election was a fraud because of this horrible thing.
    Seems like a grift to pay off campaign debt. Why didn’t he implement the Executive Order on Foreign Interference in Elections?
    Why did he continually float ideas that his base loved and then never implement? Anchor babies anyone?
    It is funny what the Kushners and others in the tribe have done to him. Completely destroyed his legacy. They think 2024? Think again.
    Am I going to be smug and right when the leftist white people suffer the same fate as me? I would rather not but here we are.

  29. Counselor
    Counselor says:

    I think it remains to be seen how this will play out. I was glad to see our people organizing and showing force. Trump, as President, could not lead because it would have been sedition. The white populists should now turn their focus outside of politics to the culture. This is a fight for Western Civilization, and nationalism vs. globalism.

    • Ronald Archer
      Ronald Archer says:

      Yes we need a TRUE futuristic WHITE culture for shure.

      We also need new politics and political platforms that attracts people and that is great for whites.

      These two things are both necessary or we will loose.

      There is no contradiction here. Leftisst anti white jews both did entertainment and spent money on politics. In fact them pushing the other has been politics to some degree a large degree. And this started in the films where they pushed black subsaharian music (but the songs were often written by jews, because blacks don’t write good songs most often) and they also pushed the african as an important part of society FROM THE BEGINNING.

      The first record label that commercially released hip hop, this record was their first release (sugar hill gang on sugar hill records), that label had jew who invested to get it started. Same thing with east coast gangsta rap (nwa), some jew got involved there and got it going. And then some help from all the jewish raid channels and their african do’s and presenters.

      And all africans are super etno centric. They push their own kind hardcore everywhere all the time always…

      Just pure white art is kinda political in itself because it’s uniquely white. And thereby it will make people wake up to their worth and true self.

  30. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    If I had ten dollars for every time I was asked ” how did you Germans ever let it happen ? “, during my ca. six happy school-years in the late 50s and 60s in Georgia, I could pay off my mortgage.

    That certifiable House Idiot, who concluded his prayer, following Pelosi’s re-election, with ” AMEN AND AWOMEN ” pulled the release on the guillotine with America strapped in.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      “That certifiable House idiot,” as you rightly call him, should be understood as emblematic of the true Trump legacy. Because of his slothful failure to secure the electoral machinery and his betrayal, again via inaction, of the white people who elected him, Trump leaves office having bequeathed the nation an incoming Congress that is somewhat to the left of Lenin and an incoming administration that is far better equipped than the managers of Orwell’s three superstates to monitor our every word and action. Hell is almost too good for the bastard.

      • Kilo 4/11
        Kilo 4/11 says:

        Ah, M. de Craon! You were one of the first, perhaps the first, internet commenter to show me just how good comment writing can be, back in 2009, when I finally relented and bought a computer. Your writing inspired me to set the bar high, and not lapse into computer-speak shortcuts.

        And now you join your voice to those condemning Trump as a failure, and perhaps worse. I have been trying to hold on to some sliver of – perhaps not faith in, but charity for – the man. This is a painful moment for me, as of course it must be for millions of others. I hope you are wrong – but I know from years of experience and with dread in my heart how rarely you are.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          I join you, Kilo, in hoping that I am dead wrong. Fortunately, there is a lot of precedent for my being so!

          As for the rest of what you write, thank you. I shall strive to live up to your high opinion.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Peirre de Craon: “Trump leaves office having bequeathed the nation an incoming Congress that is somewhat to the left of Lenin”
        This would likely have happened with a Bush-type RINO, as you say, this process has been going on for 200 years,
        but more slowly than with the Romans as their culture was passed around human to human in villages and communities, which is a slower process, but now culture dissemination is in the hands of the <1% who run the TV media & it is immediate.

        Who would you have voted for? In all Western countries (I am in the UK) we should vote for the ones who will postpone the J-and-left takeover the longest (without actually voting for a traitor), as the longer the delay this means:

        (1) Events can take place such as / major sudden shifts in opinion / war / real plagues / anything unpredictable / Israel nuking Iran & it all kicks off / China & Russia falling out / muslims letting off Nukes in the US & this waking up the people to decide they no longer want to vote for immign / etc

        …and when the unknown and unpredictable happens, it is better that 'we' (meaning ALL white nations) are still more white than we would be if the immigration floodgates were opened sooner. So surely you should vote to postpone opening the floodgates?

        (2) The longer politicians like Trump stay in power, the longer the internet will remain 'free', and the awakening that began a few decades ago when the internet took off, this will continue, ie the awakening that is enabling the people to learn about ((bankers)) and lies about the War. The H narrative is already weakening as people watch videos about the War on the web. If Trump had won again (eg if a lot more than a pathetic 50% or so of whites had voted for him) this site, for example, could have lasted another 4 years at least, and think of the information spreading that could have taken place.

        Basically, the gripe of many on this forum is that Trump gives money to Israel and has Jewish advisors and relatives, but you have to accept that if he cannot even make Twitter post his Tweets, how is he going to start telling the Jews what to do?

        Someone even said why did he let his daughter marry a Jew? – when these days a father cannot even stop his son from marrying another MAN if he wants to, let alone a Jew.

        Trump is FORCED to smile and shake ((their)) hands, as was any restaurant owner in New York in 1930 when the mafia called round for their protection racket money. Some criticise him for choosing traitors as advisors and to key positions, but these same people never spotted these traitors themselves until they took their masks off.

        I suspect that ((they)) promised Trump that they would let him win if he started a war with Iran (he started hinting near the end) but he knew this was probably another promise they intended to break.

  31. Luke
    Luke says:

    I see news today that says Creepy Joe will choose the very jewish Merrick Garland to be his Attorney General. Garland, for those who have short memories, was the jew that Obama tried to put on the US Supreme Court – but the GOP refused to fall for that maneuver. Now, I predict that the RINO cucks in the Senate will roll over and approve turning over the US Justice Department to a white race hating jew.

    This will be two jews in a row being placed into the Attorney General’s office. This is alarming for several reasons. First of all, during the year 2020 – we saw blacks and antifa leftists rioting, looting, and burning down entire sections of many of the major cities that were not so coincidentally controlled by Democrats. And, we watched as these Democrat politicians deliberately encouraged these acts of domestic terrorism and the police departments in this cities stood down and turned a blind eye to the destruction and criminality. Kamala Harris even sat for an interview where she cheered these rioters and promised that .they should never stop.

    But, meanwhile – at the very same time we were seeing video images of blacks and these leftist antifa thugs engaging in these criminal acts – who did the FBI Director Christopher Wray claim was the #1 most dangerous domestic terrorist threat? White Nationalists. Some voices on the left even tried to assert that ‘evil White Nationalists’ were disguising themselves as blacks and antifa and committing criminal acts – which was one gigantic crock of lying jewish baloney.

    However, there is more to this declaration than it just being a simple lie. From the mindset of the jewish elites, they understand that they are targeting Whites for reduction to minority status and eventual complete extinction. So, despite the fact that White Nationalists are almost always law abiding and seldom participate in riots or in other acts of a criminal nature, this does not relieve the jews from their paranoia, They know what they are doing is evil and they fear that there will eventually be a backlash from Whites – once a significant number of White Americans pull their heads out of their hind parts and realize who their #1 enemy is and that this enemy’s agenda spells White Genocide.

    So, this is why we see this amazing display of chutzpah – whereby FBI Director Wray has the audacity to spew baldfaced lies about White Nationalists being the #1 most serious domestic terrorist threat – while at the same time, ignoring the evidence that BLM blacks and Antifa are actually the real #1 threat to the Republic. White Nationalists are assigned the top priority – BECAUSE they are the people that the jews hate and have been working day and night to destroy and the jews fear that sooner or later, there will be a backlash.

    Merrick Garland will more than likely be approved by the same pathetic RINOs who didn’t want him on the Supreme Court, but they will put this jew in charge of the Justice Department. Once seated, I predict that Garland will openly declare war on White Americans and we can expect to see routine false flag operations staged where they can plant ‘evidence’ that will help them further demonize pro-White advocacy groups or websites as means of greasing the skids for the passage of draconian Soviet style ‘Hate Speech’ laws.

    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      Right you are Luke, and Kmac as well. The outlook for WN’s is now rather grim. The siege of the Capitol is Charlottesville writ large, and will be played by the (((media))) for all it’s worth… against us.

      Whether it was an orchestrated trap or not, is yet to be determined. Maybe it was ‘irrational exuberance’, or something else that LeBon could best articulate, we’ll see. Typically, and as usual, the Orange Golem, (inciter-in-chief, Trump), abandoned his followers to their fate after stoking them up, and then fled the scene. Trump thus blew the last of his erratic political capital, and crippled the movement that put their faith in him…in one fell swoop.

      The political & ideological battle lines of the future are thus being forged today. The enemy within has the clear initiative now, and it’s getting very serious indeed. We’re in for some rough times in the next few years, and the uphill fight of our lives.

  32. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    Me and a whole bunch of other cats are hanging out here in the revolution and secession camp. We’ve been here for some time now. You guys just tell us when you’ve finally had enough of this (((game))) and it’s go time.

  33. Realist
    Realist says:

    We do not have a Democracy…it has been dying for decades. We now live under a Plutocratic Oligarchy.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      “We do not have a Democracy…”
      You still had a democracy up to and including the last election, as the last election was still sufficiently free and fair enough that if Trump had won with a resounding majority rather than a close one, even the Democrats’ massive cheating and RINO collusion in the cheating could not overturn it (they can cheat only so far).
      The problem as always is that in white democracies too few whites vote for the side that matches their views, and this is due to the left taking over their MSM and creating the anti-self culture, so this means that many whites vote against themselves and so elections are always close run (eg Le Pen vs Macron). This applies to all Western nations, and they could all still, even now at this stage in their demise, still vote within their severely corrupted democracies for change, but they still CHOOSE not to, so the misery will continue until they have had enough.

      • Daniele Visconte
        Daniele Visconte says:

        Yeah if you call voting for trump voting for themselves.

        I think Trump is a great guy that want’s to do well. Problem is his music taste (gay, homo, battybwoy disco classics) and his stiff dancing. Also with this kinda guy you get all the secret nazis trying to get into the White House AND THEY ARE THE WORST THIEVES AND LIARS AND MOST OF THEM ARE RACEMIXED!

        They plunder the western world and they have no morals no religious beliefs. Nazis tend to be idiots, mediocre and thieves (but they do it for the race the think, YEAH A BUNCHA RACEMIXED LOWLIVES AND THEIR PEDOPHILE HALF GYPSY SPONSORS, STEALING FROM WHITES BECAUSE THEY AS RACEMIXED ARE INFERIOR).

        And regardless what nazis think, most people will never be into national socialism.

        Maybe anarko capitalism socialism liberal conservatism will work though.

        Hitler was retro. Hitler was mediocre. Hitler was a screamer. Hitler was a drug addict. Hitler was probably a pedophile. Hitler liked people standing in lines. Hitler was about controlling people and their opinion. Hitler liked propaganda. Hitler wanted to nuke the UK and the USA. Hitler was RACEMIXED. Hitler had an ugly hairstyle. Hitler had a micro penis.

        A lot of people want some kinda medicare for all. A lot of whites want that. They want the postal service to be state owned. They want what some may call some socialist things such as security is they become sick or loose their job due to a pandemic or the like. They want cheaper housing. Because capitalism combined with massimmigration has made housing and apartments extremely expensive. Many are aware of global warming (that Trump pretends doesn’t exist, like most of the “right”, probably because oil sponsors them…). Just some things that made Trump loose white votes many of them with males.

        I suppose he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He became too much of the usual republican anti working class thingies kinda to some part.

        Just because he’s pretty kinda pro white does not make him have the best ideas in everything. In many ways the republicans just used whites anger of whites being taken out to get power and then do their usual stuff (are away obama care…). This is why they lost the elections in the mid period also…

        Politics is just not one issue. And “racists” tend to be bad at many other things other than their main subject, immigration and the like. But they say, it’s the only thing that matters wee wee! No it ain’t everything in politics matter all the time.

        And the platform I have seen as a proposal here by a writer or two for an etno state. What utter bullsh*t. Total idiocracy that will not get votes or support. Just the usual faschist drivel and no clue on how to make a good society that brings forward new great things.

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          USA was founded as an ethno-state- the Naturalization Act of 1790 says the country “is open to free White persons.”

          Non-Whites have run the government for a long time. As a famous Rothschild put it: “Permit me to control a nation’s currency and I care not who makes the laws.” Since 1913 [Federal Reserve Bank, which is not part of the State]. Specializing in creation of fake money. . .making bribery EZ.

          • Daniele Visconte
            Daniele Visconte says:

            I don’t mind an etno state, I think it will be very popular. I think every ethnical group (more or less or whatevs) should be able to determine their destiny. Jews should rule Israel, and maybe buy another etno state in Latin America (calmer, less conflict, better environment for agriculture, although they seem to do fine in Israel).

            I just pointed out some reasons that many of these populists fail.

            I’m also making the point that an etno centric white movement should not be “right wing” just, but work for all whites greatness and so on.

  34. Blenda Richter
    Blenda Richter says:

    Very good article by Prof. MacDonald.

    The great Ann Coulter, in her yesterday column summed it up nailing it as usual.

    “Maybe Americans are terrified of the Democrats, but also sick of Trump.”

    • Kilo 4/11
      Kilo 4/11 says:

      Coulter never got over Trump jilting her.

      President Trump received some 11 million more votes this time than he did in 2016. That does not translate to voters being “sick of” him.

      And these are only the votes they couldn’t switch, destroy, or lose; we will probably never know how many more votes he actually got. What we have here is that some down ticket Republican candidates’ votes were left untouched, while the top of the ticket was switched, that’s all.

  35. Veronica Lynn Torina
    Veronica Lynn Torina says:

    Thank you for this excellent and refreshingly sane editorial. I near Portland, Oregon, and I received two emails about the “disturbing events” in DC. One was from the Oregon Health Authority and one was from Portland State University where I was a student. Both emails sought to offer succor to those who might be “frightened” by the events in DC and Salem, Oregon. I sent them both rebuttals. For most of 2020, I was too afraid to go into Portland because of the rioting, lawlessness, and anarchy but I didn’t receive any announcements from Oregon’s politicians or educators that addressed that ongoing threat. It is ludicrous and disingenuous for them to highlight what happened on ONE DAY whilst completely minimizing what has been happening in Portland and Seattle for a good part of 2020. We are living in an absurd world. Thank you for your deeply thoughtful and insightful post. Regards.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Veronica – the double standards are so blatant and unhidden it is incredible that they get away with it. The student letters were sent to those supposedly trained in critical thought by virtue of their being students.

  36. Christian Anglo Saxon
    Christian Anglo Saxon says:

    The only way to build a new system and escape the central banking system & vermin migrants, is to crash the existing one.
    The Uk, Australia and the US are all on the same timeline & working together.
    This is operation: Take back the West.
    Covid is the Re-emergence of the Anglo Saxons. I am not wrong.

    • WhatHappensToNonWasps?
      WhatHappensToNonWasps? says:

      So non-WASPs have no place in the West? Slavs, Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, white Latin Americans, to hell with them, right?

      • Kilo 4/11
        Kilo 4/11 says:


        WASPS is an ethnic insult cooked up by jews to show their hatred of the superior culture and as a way to demoralize us.

        What happens to you is: you conform to the superior culture, the culture of the people who created the American nation, well before the federal government was hatched in 1789, or GTFO.

  37. Neil Casey
    Neil Casey says:

    Over the new year and Christmas, I had ordered a copy of the Turner Diaries.
    It arrived several days back and I have been reading it (About just over halfway through)
    It was@ 1978.
    What struck me was how many things in the book were common currency today, even down to”weaponized words and phrases”
    Many things, which are now even more magnified.
    9 months of riots and looting by ” peaceful Protesters” yet on one night people occupy the Senate [They forced entry–understandably–]
    But, no statues were torn down and ppl mainly kept within the visitor ropes in an orderly fashion…No fires lit…Yet we hear calls for Terrorism acts to be enacted..Insurrection etc but we have heard nothing over 10 prior months… of condemnation of police stations and courtrooms being burnt down by leftist thugs and insidiously fanned by the left governers.
    My friends-I am A Britisher, so I can see things from the outside to a point.
    One thing—Unsolicited ballot papers ?? very sinister, and ballot counters being ”sent home for a rest overnight”?
    Why not relief shifts at Americas most important moment every four years???
    What happens in the USA will also come to pass over the UK and Europe…US is the most powerful and is the Nut that needs Cracking by the Cabal.

  38. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    An open state of war now exists between those who actually run the USA (along with most of the rest of the formerly Christian West) and a clear majority of its white population, Catholics and other Christians first and foremost. The names of Biden and Harris ought to be understood as cartoonish stand-ins for such historical monsters as Diocletian, Cromwell, Robespierre, and Lenin: people who recognize no moral check on their desire for absolute power or their assumed right to take human life indiscriminately.

    The concept of freedom, whether private or political, as it has been understood in the West since Plato and Aristotle—namely, something inherent to human beings by virtue of their divine origin—has become a cipher, and it won’t be long before even the pretense of freedom’s inherence is dropped. Besides—at least, so say our masters—we have already been given the one “freedom” truly worth having nowadays: the freedom to fornicate with virtually any person or any thing, the only current exception being young children and infants. (Any bets on how long it will be before even that exception goes by the board in the name of undoing superstitious taboos?) For the overwhelming majority of Jews, blacks, and Third Worlders and a disconcertingly sizable segment of whites, this state of affairs lies somewhere between “OK, great” and bliss untold.

    Setting aside the immediate matter of yesterday’s unpleasantness in Washington, the larger question for anyone who hasn’t sold out is, What, if anything, can be done to get ourselves, our children, and their children out of the present tyrannical predicament? Many answers have already been heard, and many more are to come. Almost the only thing that I am sure of is that any answer that includes the phrase “working within the system” is not just ipso facto erroneous but is a betrayal of our obligation to truth, indeed to Divine Truth as the Author of all truths. The seed of the endgame scenario that Kevin refers to was planted on these shores as long ago as 1803, when the majority of Justices declared in Marbury v. Madison that the Supreme Court could decide what was and wasn’t constitutional. In effect, the Court told the nation what Humpty Dumpty tells Alice in “Through the Looking-Glass”: “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” Today, Humpty Dumpty may be heard in the countless voices of the Narrative Establishment, and the voices don’t care a fig that we know that what they say has no correspondence with reality.

    Kevin aptly mentions the disappearance of the dysfunctional Roman Republic with scarcely a complaint. Thus, the fact that the political and societal consequences of American betrayal of truth took two hundred years—a drop in the bucket when compared with the Roman Republic’s life span—to fully manifest themselves should not be seen as anomalous. Again, consider Imperial Rome in the first century AD, when Seneca, Pliny, Tacitus, and others, noting the manifest corruption in every aspect of imperial life and governance, predicted the imminent collapse of the state. Their analysis was fundamentally correct, but thanks to factors including the inertia inherent in power structures throughout history, the calamity took four hundred years to fully play itself out.

    No, working within the system is either a dead end (the charitable estimation) or an effective contribution to a cause and to people who serve only themselves—aside, that is, from Satan (however much derision my mention of him will provoke in some). The systems represented by Diocletian, Cromwell, Robespierre, and Lenin took millions of lives, and their removal required the sacrifice of millions more. The blood of the already slaughtered alone would make our present masters—Jews, certainly, but sadly some who aren’t as well—as monstrous as those four or any other tyrant who has ever lived, but adding the slaughtered many who have yet to be born to the total sends these, our present masters, to the top of the charts.

    It is appropriate to fear that resistance will have to come to blood if freedom—freedom in any sense recognizable to our white Christian forebears, that is—is to be restored to the USA and the West, but it is shortsighted if not indeed blind to believe that freedom can be restored in any other way.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Ultimately ,

      ” the one “freedom” truly worth having ” is

      the freedom to voluntarily adhere to

      {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}}

      so that you can participate , in any capacity you are able , in the creation/development of the sciences , technologies and
      ALL other relevancies that will be needed to adequately and voluntarily satisfy {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}} for

      HUMANITY to thrive-n-survive beyond

      the one and only immediately next

      specified and guaranteed EXTINCTION EVENT

      which is currently now at this time

      {{ The Solar Extinction Event }}

      when Helios the Sun burns-out and can no longer support any life here on this planet earth .

      The absence of this one freedom alone is enough to ultimately and ABSOLUTELY condemn HUMANITY to
      the DOOM of OBLIVION .

      Please note : {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}} is
      absolutely different from and not about
      Star Trek ” General Order 1 “.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Old saying- one is either a Platonist or an Aristotelian. Aristotle believed in the evidence of the senses- Plato did not [just like Kant and George Berkeley]
      Rights came from an Aristotelian era. It has been said that Plato was the first commie:

      >>>Plato’s conception of freedom is very much functional – according to him, a man is truly free when he is fulfilling his role to the state to the best of his abilities.

      According to my view, a man is free when giving the finger to the “State.” Plato was the father of the nonsense that we now enjoy. . .

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Perhaps, but an even older saying is that Aristotle was the first Platonist.

        I don’t think it’s fair to characterize Plato as a commie. The Republic is less a blueprint for an omnicompetent, Orwellian state than (a) a lengthy, satirical response to Adeimantus’s complaint that the simple state outlined in the early books had far too little luxury to have any appeal and (b) a roundabout admission that there is no satisfactory answer to Thrasymachus’s claim that, in practice, “justice” amounts to nothing more than what suits the stronger and that thus the life of what might be termed an objectively unjust man is necessarily happier than that of a just man. In other words, the only “solution” to the problem of injustice among individual men is the creation of a state so powerful, so destructive of any capacity for individual agency, as to amount to a moral abomination. “We had to destroy the village to save it.”

        Besides, there is no reason to think that Plato believed that the philosopher-king, the essential leader needed to properly run the luxurious state of the second half of the Republic, could ever be found walking the earth.

        I certainly agree that totalitarians, whether Jews or others, have “credited” Plato with being the father of their ideas. The guy was out of town, however, when the girl became pregnant.

  39. TJ
    TJ says:

    “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy” (Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, 1966.) [A mentor of President Clinton]

    The actual purpose of voting is so that the public will think that government is voluntary. . . I stopped in 1968, after voting for Milhous- Dick Milhous Nixon. I apologize for voting then. I soon joined The League of non-voters, headed by the late Sy Leon. RIP.

  40. Chris
    Chris says:

    A commentor asks “are there any plans within our ranks to use this chaos for our own voice of succession, political negotiation, etc.? While we have superb academic and news information, who is actually leading us?”

    That person is Donald Trump. I know there is a lot of throwing DJT under the bus right now in dissident circles. But he is the only one with the power to make the left reap the whirlwind. I think he needs to keep the rallies going where his nightly rallies suck all the air out of the room from the weak senile Biden. Between the two speeches Trump gave in Georgia, he cut out all the pro-Israel stuff and actually spent quite a few swconds lauding that he was the only one who got us “mostly” out of Afghanistan. He might just be ready to cut his ties with Jews, whome he tried to appease but still ended up being sine qua non of his political destruction. So Trump should go from town to town giving fiery speeches a la Henry Ford, Huey Long or Father Coughlin. Did you see the energy he had at his last Georgia speech and his Capitol speech? He is a force of nature. A 75-yo man pumping out that kind of energy. Even after being hospitalized with Covid. We could never graduate a leader up the ranks who would have that kind of clout. He can heckle the Biden administration nightly and remind people that they are being destroyed by an enemy. Sure the media is going to scream. And the left is going to freak. But let them try to ban him from renting halls! That will only increase his stature. Him losing can become the Jews’ worst nightmare.

  41. Servenet
    Servenet says:

    Thank heaven MacDonald didn’t cuck on this one. Every ConInc. and even more dissident (Taylor) types pissed their pants and wept. This “Don’t do like they do” is retarded at best, suicidal otherwise. WHEN WILL WHITES BE *DONE* WITH THE CHERISHED DOCTRINE OF PUSILLANIMITY?

    • Bold Inq.
      Bold Inq. says:

      All due respect, but assigning the pejoratives ‘cuck’ and ‘pants-pisser’ to an unflinchingly brave man like Taylor, who has devoted almost every hour of the last 30 years to our wellbeing, is shortsighted and boorish. I get your frustration, but Jared is entitled to think the Capitol invasion was bad optics.

      • Kilo 4/11
        Kilo 4/11 says:

        @ Bold Inq.

        Rubbish. Taylor has been soft-pedalling the JQ all along. His resident hasbara officer, Engleman, has been apologizing for the small hats and enforcing a speech code for a decade or more with full approval from above. Site’s a timewaster for normies who can’t or won’t see past the symptoms to the (((puppet masters))) who are the cause.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        The most that can be said for Jared Taylor is that whatever his virtues may be or may have been, given the nature of the present crisis in which white America finds itself, he has outlived any usefulness he once might have had.

        Even so, a far better target for Servenet’s invective would have been John Derbyshire. On Taylor’s worst day, he was never a tenth of the brown-nose and fifth-columnist that Derbyshire invariably is.

  42. Eric
    Eric says:

    Trump’s loss (assuming it is a loss) is probably the best thing that has happened to us, and he is largely responsible for it.

    He served his purpose by bringing out all the rottenness that was hidden in the mainstream culture for all to see. But he was never going to be our savior.

    The problem with Trump was a combination of 1) not following through on his promises (he did what he accused Romney of doing; choked at the last minute) and 2) his hypnotic effect on his followers. The MAN became a substitute for the policies he represented. The crowd loved him and would forgive every broken promise.

    So we were getting nowhere. We were also building up a huge amount of vengeful hate in our enemies, which may now be unleashed on us.

    It’s as if we’ve been put in a cage with a lion and a gate separating the lion from us. Trump has been enraging the lion by poking at it with a stick. Now he is pulling open the gate and walking away, leaving us to deal with the consequences.

    This should be a dream-come-true for accelerationists. The Democrats will either be happy to have won and settle down, seeking to make peace with their political enemies, or they’ll be out for vengeance.

    If the latter is the case, White people who don’t already know they are targets will find out quick. At that point, it’s impossible to predict what will happen.

    I have been disturbed by the ease with which the powers-that-be have gotten so many White Americans to mask up, social distance, and be indifferent to the loss of their rights and freedoms.

    The smallest amount of investigation will show that Covid is a big lie. We don’t really know what it is, but we know they’ve been lying about it. And Trump was right in there with them. So again, he was not going to help us. He was more like the Judas Goat leading us — the cattle — into the slaughterhouse.

    Now, assuming Trump leaves office, people will no longer have the distraction of the “Trump Show” and they might start to reflect and — hopefully — connect the dots.

    My only prescription is this: Fellowship with other Whites. Help the White homeless if you can. Go to church — the Whites are already there and organized. All that needs to happen is for them to wake up. That will happen eventually.

    Trump had his chance and failed. He threw his supporters under the bus when he said he’d walk with them to confront Congress and then just disappeared.

    They were looking for leadership and found none. And he condemned what his own supporters had done. We don’t any more betrayal. Politics is really about nothing but betrayal.

    What we need is unity. And that is something that starts at the grassroots, locally.

    • Anne C
      Anne C says:

      Eric, it’s great to see you back in the Comments section. You are as erudite as ever.

      I’ve been wanting to thank you for recommending Jose Ortega y Gasset’s “The Revolt of the Masses.” My husband and I read it a few months back. I can’t remember if we read it before or after the Covid nonsense started – but it certainly sheds much light on the situation we are in.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Anne C, thank you.

        Another source you might want to check out is Another name for the site is

        Great insights on the Covid nonsense and why America is failing. Check out his latest sermon.

        • Anne C
          Anne C says:

          Pastor Chuck Baldwin looks very interesting – impressive that he has preached in Palestine!! We will definitely check him out. Thank you, Eric.

  43. Adolf Shickelruber
    Adolf Shickelruber says:

    Cheer up my Yankee friends.The USA has had a sex maniac as President (JFK), a race mixer (LBJ), a criminal (Nixon), a nonentity (Ford), an incompetent (Carter), a thespian (Reagan), a spymaster (Bush 1), a snake oil salesman (Clinton), a dynastic successor (Bush 2), a negro (Obama) and a Zionist fool (Trump). All thats missing is a white nationalist,ruthless, pitiless,totalitarian dictator,preferably of germanic ancestry.By the laws of probability……..

    • Ronald Archer
      Ronald Archer says:

      Etno centrism is natural.

      There is a holocaust on whites.

      The only true inventive and most besets race.

      This is orchestrated by propaganda by anti whites.

      All whites are to a degree programmed by this propaganda mainly done in moving pictures swell as writing.

      Hence you are if you are white, a propaganda victim of people of mixed race who own a large part of the media and controlled a large part of the entertainment industry.

      And the major record labels are being sold off, floated on the shares market two of three now because even the owners are tired of it and their business model is old.

      What you see everyday on the telly, in the movies hear on the radio, who sponsored this, who made the choice to push non whites constantly in your face in the objective to have race mixing. Wake up or …

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Ronald Archer – what her post shows is that whites themselves are in two camps so far apart in their way of seeing the world that they can never live peacefully in the same land and only geographical separation is the way to get peace for our camp. Many see the Js as the main problem but white-hating whites are just as bad, & more of them, just less money & they do not run Hollywood.

    • Daniel Jones
      Daniel Jones says:

      “racist” is just a made up word by a jew who wanted a bad word for people being their natural self, and working for their own interest by naturally acting for their own ethnical group. Which is in their self interest of course.

      I think he may also have been a pervert there was an article on this site about it or somewhere else.

      Did you know that in most European countries africans and arabs are 8 times overrepresented when it comes to rape compared to whites.

      They are just rapey.

      How many pimps are blacks. Their rap artists often promote pimping, for example jay z’s big pimpin or the like. What view of women is common in rap these days? How many blacks are on welfare, dependent on government jobs or affirmative action.

      Use a search engine and search for average IQ in different countries. Look at the skin structure of blacks determined by DNA. It has more layers it extracts fluids that are part of urine, it’s harder than white skin more like sandpaper…

      They also mixed with preneanderthals with very small brains and hence have more monkey like dna.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I’m confused, Pat—and I don’t mean by the plain sarcasm of your first sentence, which has eluded others.Specifically, I’d like to think that the woman is indeed forthrightly showing her contempt for the Establishment’s narrative orthodoxy by feigning abject surrender, but who can say for sure what motivates anyone who is foolish enough to make an exhibition of herself and her family on “social media,” which is no more than a euphemistic name for a modality wherein people display pornographic surrender of their God-given right to keep their private life private and effectively tell busybodies to mind their own bloody business?

  44. Ned J. Casper
    Ned J. Casper says:

    Trump asked his supporters to act responsibly and not attack the police (who killed at least one of his supporters) but who knew this? So long as an enemy MSM controls the narrative, we can expect misrepresentation and suppression. But there is no need or gain in feeding it with self-defeating footage of a criminal or crackpot character.

  45. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:


    I emailed David Irving, whose initial book was on just that issue.

    Why am I certain that this bullshit will not be picked up, even by Fox, where I saw it ?

  46. Donovan leMagne
    Donovan leMagne says:

    I just think the manipulative race mixed jews and others sellouts, the system show their full ugly face with this.

    A young woman shot without warning by a subsaharian. Aiming for the head when she had no gun. Whats the name of the cop or guard who murdered her?

    And now you have a so-called “jew”, Schumer say it’s like pearl harbor. The jews and their puppets in the media scream terrorists.

    I mean the election was stolen. They have crushed democracy at least for whites with demographic change and fraudulent voting machines and subsahariann counting votes.

    And all year subsaharians and commies loot and burn including police cars and police stations and shoot whites.

    And now the jews have the nerve to call a couple of people storming a parliamentary building without using guns in any way or blowing things up, not even setting things one fire terrorists. They was these race mixed use words to control the narrative is appalling. Comparing this to 9/11, like thousands died.

    The pure mental ill total control and hatred and LIE is so in peoples face. It’s beyond what they do in the book 1984. And the people behind it giving the orders after secret meetings must know they are putting on a charade.

    I sonder hat will go down on the 20:th. Probably not more spectacular but possible. Still not enough for any revolution probably and a bit naive. It’s people with no real ideology to unite them. Not even uniting on issues of race.

    But I do think this shows there is hope and a healthy distrust and hatred for the corrupt system.

    I think a lot of it is psyops to push young whites to take action against the system. Much of it is probably by provocation and along the lines of the books by whats his name again the dude who wrote Hunter, William Pierce, that other book of his can’t remember it’s name now.

    I think there are forces within the state that are pushing whites with full force so that we have to act.

    Those people in the state are probably really etno centric or “racist”, it’s also a double game people who use the desperation of etno centric to push for over the top reactions that can then be used to change gun laws and the like and anti white laws (“hate laws”) and also to create white guilt. And look at these racists who shoot innocent people or whatever they have come up with. people of mixed race use people who are radicalized for their agendas. And direct their shootings or whatever at targets they dislike or they think it will help them (often it’s about scaring people, population control and creating white guilt and chaos) often with their control of the state through bribes and also their hate of true whites which they do everything to crush because they are inferior.

    I think it’s to early for real attacks against the state. I think there will be change in 2025 or 2026.

    • Noel Rochester
      Noel Rochester says:

      Another thing is people within the state provoking and pushing pro-whites, etno centric to act before there is enough support for this kinda action.

      This way they can put them behind bars and let them be raped constantly be subsaharian africans and latinos and the like…

      Hence they get them out of the picture when they could have done a lot more good spreading information to their people and building movements and so on…

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      It’s people with no real ideology to unite them.

      I have stated more than once that monopoly is our basic problem- of information, and of [fake] money. The trash spews forth from state universities, or from state subsidized universities. 95% of “research” is financed by the Feds. The trash goes unanswered. . .

      See The End of Ideology by (((Daniel Bell))) [1960]

      >>>In his excellent, short book, Conservatism: Dream and Reality, Robert Nisbet had no problem in identifying conservatism as an ideology. Whereas his friend, Russell Kirk, had repeatedly resisted defining the faith as anything other than a “way of being” quite contrary to all ideologies (in essence, an anti-ideology).

  47. Icknay
    Icknay says:

    I remember once during a baseball game where my team was down by 13 runs, then miraculously came back and won.
    Everyone, please! Give the orange man a chance. He is still the president till the 21st of the month until a “smooth transition” takes place.
    I’m willing to bet that his job is not fulfilled yet and that he has something else brewing.
    At any rate, with or without him, there is absolutely no way that patriots will allow the invasion of communism to take over the country.
    Do not fear! Evil thrives on fear. Don’t feed evil.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      . . .but they allowed socialism long ago. . .the so-called public schools have always been socialist monopolies, financed by threat of force, with mandatory attendance also under threat of force. Thus, America is under mind control since the 1830s.

      In 1914 the head of Federal Dept. of Education: “Now the question is raised, do schools exist for the students, or do students exist for the schools? The answer is the latter.” By implication- schools exist to enslave. This system is beloved by left and right. . .A free country does not have government schools [indoctrination centers/concentration camps].

      The beloved [by some] Pledge of Allegiance was penned by a national socialist named francis bellamy [1892]. . .a very strange way to fight socialism, by starting a patriotic meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. My opinion of conservatism, and conservatives, is low. Conservatives are simply unfazed by their glaring contradictions. Conservatives deserve half of the blame.

  48. Mark Green
    Mark Green says:

    “Stealing an election is the ultimate crime in a democracy”.

    This fact is key. Organized vote-rigging is what prompted the siege of Capitol Hill. Not only was a presidential election (very possibly) stolen, but this subversive maneuver was accomplished using the coordinated efforts of Democrat vote-manipulators, billionaire tech titans (under the guidance of Jewish pressure groups such as the ADL) to squelch right wing political discourse. As usual, the legacy media (which specializes in anti-Trump and anti-White defamation) played its familiar, biased role.

    These coordinated tactics help explain why Black criminality and Zionist malfeasance are routinely excused. It’s all part of a pattern. Dems protect their team from criticism while they smear ours.

    Power and bias confer advantage. In this past year, for instance, genuine news that was damaging to Democrats was either downplayed or censored altogether. (See: Biden crime family).

    What are we fed instead?–the drumbeat of ‘white supremacy’ and (white) racism. America’s core (founding) demographic is getting the boot.

    Augmenting these unfriendly trends is the emergence of entrenched double-standards in areas involving race, public speech, and even public assembly. New and highly-politicized restrictions are tipping the scales. As designed, this will affect democratic participation.

    Consider the fact that government-imposed race preferences–not race neutrality as originally advertised–remain a glaring fact in American life. Institutionalized race preferences affect college admissions, grading criteria, politicized (and debased) academic curriculum, as well as hiring practices. Reverse racism trumps merit.

    These new facts on the ground explain why Trump’s rally became a spontaneous hands-on protest. Capitol Hill has become a zone of corruption. And the Democrat darlings who operate there are beneficiaries of this degeneracy.

    This is why the ever-unpopular House received a slightly rough and unannounced visit by The People. As Thomas Jefferson observed: “The tree of liberty must sometimes be nourished with the blood of tyrants and patriots.” So true.

    But what Trump’s team of street fighters dished out on Wednesday was actually quite tame when one considers what they (and we) have had to face in 2020: from sanctioned BLM violence to election fraud. Wars have been fought over lesser crimes.

    The ‘siege of Capitol Hill’ was a short-term rebellion, nothing more. But it was richly deserved. After all, unlike ‘Russiagate’, our ‘Stop the Steal’ movement was inspired by real criminality–not “baseless charges” of voter fraud as the MSM claimed.

    Political malfeasance screams out for an in-depth investigation. But it’s not to be.

    The Dems and their media cronies used a relatively mild mini-riot to put the kabosh on any in-depth investigation of the 2020 election. This fact will properly haunt Biden/Harris for years to come.

  49. S. Clark
    S. Clark says:

    ‘Why urge ye your petitions in the street? Come to the capitol.’
    I feel in a Shakespeare mood, especially when McDonald, in his brilliant essay, noted the Roman republic was dysfunctional much as America’s republic is now. The essay is a bookend to his piece on the Republican Party of a few years ago, stating that they can’t really go the liberal route of being for and increasing welfare, because it just contradicts everything they and, in effect, what the old America stands for. Yet at the end, Trump annoyed many of us by harping over and over all that black employment he boosted, and the Platinum Plan (reparations). I sighed ‘oh boy,’ and did another ‘oh boy’ when the mail in voting swept the country. The liberals clearly announced what they were going to do, every step, and Trump seemed unable to respond to it. I maintained he was a Reagan redux, but this time, just getting a healthy economy wasn’t enough. Too much has changed. The left also wants blood.
    I was almost laughing at the protestors streaming into the capitol, seeing Congressmen hunched down and hiding. Kept thinking of Monty Python and the Holy Grail…’run away! Run away!’ The guy in the medicine man horns was certainly Pythonesque. Some compared Trump to Andrew Jackson, and I think about when Jackson’s followers mobbed the White House, and we have this.
    Trump in effect led a peasant revolt, and now the lords and knights are back in the saddle, and we know how that will turn out. Trump a populist? Yes, and also a corporate type, although Trump represents corporate America, while the opposition represent corporate globalism, and the rest of us are onlookers. As Harold Covington said in 2016, he wished Trump had more Huey Long and less P.T. Barnum, but, in our dysfunctional republic, he was the best that an outside candidate could do. I was amused at the capitol crowd, and rather proud of them. I do think there were some Antifa in the crowd…they did advertise it…but also a lot of excited people, although the videos looked more flashmob than mob.
    ‘If they had only…’ What? wore suits and ties and marched orderly, sang The Battle Hymn of the Republic? Be more Capraesque than angry at a stolen election?
    Was Ashlee Babbit wrong to go through the broken window? My brother is an ex-cop, and he said she had it coming. I argued the opposite, and noted that in all situations like this, police warn they will shoot. The video almost shows the gunman in ambush, and I thought we had another Randy Weaver here.
    I think secession is the only answer. The left hates us, and will offer no quarter. We need to get away from them, for our own survival.
    Covington also said Trump was no savior. He would buy us a breathing space of four, maybe eight years, and that would be all. So here we are.

  50. S. Clark
    S. Clark says:

    ‘Why urge ye your petitions in the street? Come to the Capitol?’
    I was in a Shakespeare mood reading McDonald’s brilliant summation, recalling his earlier essay some years ago on the Republican Party losing its soul if it joined the liberal platform ‘to get hispanic and black voters.’
    Trump tried that…he never stopped bragging about ‘ending black unemployment’ and the Platinum Plan. Oh, boy, I thought, and did another oh, boy when mail-in voting swept the country. He seemed unable to counter the liberal assault, which they telegraphed almost every step. But, as McDonald pointed out, our republic is dysfunctional. As Harold Covington noted, he wished Trump was more Huey Long and less P.T. Barnum, but trump was the best our flabby system could offer as an outside candidate.
    Trump was the American corporate type fighting the globalist corporate type. He was a Reagan redux, but times have outlived the Reagan solution.
    As for the capitol mob, I found it more amusing than tragic. When we saw Congressmen cowering in their seats, I was reminded of Monty Python and the Holy grail…’run away! Run away!” The guy in the medicine man horns was certainly Pythonesque. I believe there were some Antifa in the crowd; they did advertise it, after all, but there was simply a lot of anger and enthusiasm, although the videos showed more flashmob than mob. I thought of when people mobbed the White House when Jackson was elected, and Trump was a kind of Jackson; dysfunctional, to match our age, but God love him.
    What was the crowd to do? Wear coats and ties and march in order, singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic? Maybe a Capraesque recitation of what it means to be an American? it’s far too late for that. Like Harold said, Trump at best was a breathing space of four or eight years…now, we’re in for it.
    I also noted that, yes, the media is screaming that all these Trump marchers exposed Covid TO OUR CONGRESS!
    As for Ashli Babbit, my brother, an ex-cop, said she had it coming. I disagreed, and thought that someone with a gun would at least say ‘stop or I’ll shoot.’ As it was, the video looked like he was waiting in ambush. Clearly, it’s time for secession.

  51. F. Roger Devlin
    F. Roger Devlin says:

    According to Wikipedia, the goals of those who entered the Capitol included:
    Summary execution and assassination of Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi
    Take hostage and kill members of Congress
    Harm and kill United States Capitol Police officers
    Overthrow of the United States government
    Who knew?

    • David Schmitt
      David Schmitt says:

      F. Roger Devling, as I read the Wikipedia entry for Kevin MacDonald today, I was reminded of just how much Wikipedia is a force of dysinformation. You add another data point. I love Wikipedia’s treatment of topics in math and science, but their corrupting role in political and cultural affairs is such that I will not give them one penny until they correct themselves, if that is even possible.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        “I love Wikipedia’s treatment of topics in math and science …”

        With respect, David, you shouldn’t. (((The people who run Wikipedia))) are largely coextensive with those who have been hard at work corrupting math and science for the past fifty years. Wikipedians have lied about AIDS, about genetics (especially matters related to heritability), and most recently about the covid hoax (sad to say, Steve Sailer is working hand in glove with them in the last mentioned). It’s only a matter of time before they begin to promote “reliable published scholarship” suggesting that insistence that, in a 10-base number system, 2 + 2 = 4 is probative of a white-supremacist mind-set.

        I still rely on Wikipedia for World Series and Superbowl scores, but it might just be that I am too old and ill—perhaps simply too lazy—to find a more consistently trustworthy resource. Still, I take comfort in something the late Bradley Smith wrote on November 19, 2009: “Wikipedia is the first place to go if you want it quick, do not want much, and there are no ethical or moral issues involved.”

        • David Schmitt
          David Schmitt says:

          Pierre, with respect, I “should”—and I disagree on this point. For may topics in pure math and science (and i consider myself pretty good at judging these things—but always aware that anyone can be fooled), Wikipedia is an excellent source. Your noting that it is a matter of there being “no ethical or moral issues involved.” Thus, I stress “pure” math and science.

          I part ways from Sailer on the topic of COVID.

          • David Schmitt
            David Schmitt says:

            Pierre, correction, I obliterated the second half of my sentence with my copy & paste.” It should read: “Your noting that it is a matter of there being “no ethical or moral issues involved” IS CRITICAL. Thus, I stress “pure” math and science.

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