The Jewish Role in Promoting Cannabis—And Why It’s Bad for You

That Jews should be involved in the promotion of cannabis should come as a surprise to no educated person. After all, in centuries past the Sassoon family (“the Rothschilds of the East”) grew wealthy plying opium on the Chinese, resulting in the Opium Wars. In more recent years, the Sackler family turned enormous profits pushing the opiate Oxycontin (which the Sacklers knew to be addictive) upon American Whites. While many articles have been written in the dissident right on these topics, the normalisation of cannabis has happened with seemingly less attention. Mentions of cannabis are typically made in passing, perhaps due to the association of anti-cannabis sentiments with mainstream conservatism.

The Jewish role in the modern promotion of cannabis

“Every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob, what is the matter with them?” President Richard Nixon, 26 May 1971

This remark (a tape-recorded conversation was released after Nixon’s presidency) reveals the high level of Jewish influence in the 1970s push for legalisation, and while there were some gentiles involved, it’s understandable that Nixon might miss the occasional gentile within the Semitic sea of activists. One notable Jewish influence from the 1970s was Harvard professor Lester Grinspoon[1], who released the highly influential book Marihuana Reconsidered (1971), and who, in 1978, said “I think ultimately cocaine is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco” while advocating for the liberalisation of laws regarding cocaine.

The 1970s push for reform ultimately failed as cannabis advocacy increasingly became associated with cocaine use — a bridge too far for the public. The connection deepened when the prominent cannabis organisation NORML (The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)[2] became embroiled in a PR nightmare after Peter Bourne (Carter’s drug policy adviser) allegedly used cocaine at a NORML party om 1977[3].

After the failure of the 1970s push for legalisation, a new incrementalist approach was taken. “Medical marijuana” was pushed as a concept. It provided a convenient slippery slope: its advocates were not promoting cannabis for recreational use—they were promoting it only for medical use for people with chronic pain — “You want to help people with chronic pain, right?” But then, as cannabis became viewed as a medicinal product, people began to view it less as a harmful drug (“Can it really be so harmful if it’s medicine?”), thus paving the way for later legalisation.

Two new cannabis advocacy institutions were created. The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) was created in 1995 by Rob Kampia and Mike Kirshner[4], and has financial backing from the insurance billionaire Peter Benjamin Lewis[5]. The Drug Policy Alliance (formerly the Drug Policy Foundation) was created in the year 1992 by Ethan Nadelmann and has financial backing from the financial billionaire George Soros.

California Proposition 215 was put forward to legalise “medical marijuana” in 1996, and Jewish sources provided 77% of the funds supporting the proposition[6]. Of the $1.5 million total, the following came from Jewish sources: $550,000 from Soros, $500,000 from Peter Lewis, and $100,000 from George Zimmer[7]. The proposition passed, and subsequently, copying California, other states began to legalise “medical marijuana.”

Within 16 years of California’s Prop 215, Washington State would be the first state to legalise the recreational use of cannabis through Initiative 502 in December 2012, followed by Colorado with Amendment 64 a few days later.

In Washington at least 68% of the funds for Initiative 502 came from Jewish sources, and only 35% of the money came from sources within Washington [8]. Of the $6.17 million total, the following came from Jewish sources: $2.04 million from Peter Lewis himself; $1.69 million from Soros’ Drug Policy Action; $435,000 from various ACLU organisations; $75,000 from Emanuel Bronner[9]. Rick Steves, a Christian, donated $450,000. There were several individuals who donated over $100,000 who were of an unknown religious background (Thomas Swift, James Swift, Harvey Philip, and Harriet Bullitt).

In Colorado at least 75% of the funds for Amendment 64 came from Jewish sources, and only 8% of the money came from sources within Colorado[10]. Of the $2 million total, the following came from Jewish sources: $1.23 million from Peter Lewis’s MPP; $185,000 from the Soros’ Drug Policy Alliance (and its subsidiary, Drug Policy Action); $50,000 from Dr. Bronner; and, $33,700 from Peter Lewis himself. Scott Banister — who donated $250,000 — is of an unknown religious background.

However, some legalisation attempts backed by Jews have failed. The 2010 California Proposition 19 to legalise recreational cannabis, to which Soros donated $1 million, was rejected by voters[11]. However, if enough money is thrown at propositions, one will get through in the end. In 2014, Nadelmann estimated that Soros was giving roughly $5 million a year to the Drug Policy Alliance and its affiliates [12], and the total amount donated by Soros to drug-related initiatives is reported to be as high as $100 million[13].

There are also numerous Jews involved as businessmen in the cannabis industry itself and the industries adjacent to the cannabis industry (such as paraphernalia and cannabis media). However, while their presence in the industry is noteworthy (as a point of comparison, the presence of Jews in the porn industry is well known to be significant), their role is secondary to the Jews who are spending millions out of pocket to promote cannabis. It is also harder to check the religion of businessmen than it is to do so for “philanthropists.”

Other facts about cannabis and why it’s bad for you

Israeli scientist Raphael Mechoulam was the first to isolate and achieve the total synthesis of THC, the chemical which causes the “high” when one consumes cannabis. On the subject of THC: prior to the 1990s, cannabis had less than 2% THC content, but by 2017 popular strains of cannabis ranged from 17% to 28% — i.e., least ~10 times more potent nowadays [14]. This is why people from the Baby Boomer generation often reported not feeling an effect “that one time” they tried cannabis. The shift in potency in cannabis is roughly equivalent to shifting from beer (~4% alcohol) to brandy (~40% alcohol, or 10 times more potent) — a single blunt of current cannabis is to a blunt of older cannabis as a pint of brandy is to a pint of beer. For this reason, much of the older research is out of date, or at least will underestimate the effects of cannabis use.

CBD is another chemical found in cannabis. It is thought to have some potential health benefits (for seizures, such as those caused by epilepsy, and possibly some other conditions[15]. However, as cannabis has been selected for greater proportions of THC, CBD content has decreased. The strains of cannabis with high THC tend to have low CBD[14].

Cannabis advocates will often make arguments that “cannabis has only been proven to correlate with schizophrenia and psychosis, not cause them.” It is worthwhile to point out that in the 1950s and 60s, tobacco had not been proven to cause lung cancer — they were merely shown to be correlated. The lack of causation was an argument used by big tobacco companies. Luckily, people back then were less sophisticated about statistics, and thus restrictions came into place on tobacco and so many people avoided lung cancer and death.

Another argument of cannabis advocates boils down to “most people who smoke cannabis don’t develop schizophrenia or psychosis, and so you shouldn’t say that cannabis causes psychosis.” This can be countered by observing that everyone knows and agrees with the statement “smoking tobacco causes lung cancer.” but a surprisingly low number of smokers ever develop lung cancer (15% for current smokers vs 7% for former smokers and 2% for those who never smoked)[16].

The effects of cannabis are not limited to psychosis. Other effects may include worsened: memory, anxiety, depression, intelligence (especially for children or adolescents), apathy, suicidal ideation, lung health, and more [14]. People with psychosis are also significantly more likely than average to commit violent crime[17], and thus cannabis might indirectly cause violence.

Closing thoughts

It has been shown that Jews and their organisations have provided the majority of funding for all recent landmark propositions, initiatives, and amendments supporting cannabis use in the US. Jews are unlikely to spend millions of their own money to improve the state of a gentile population — certainly the Jewish promotion of liberalism, pornography, feminism, anti-racism, etc. has not benefited gentile society.

Understanding the promotion of cannabis as an attack on gentile society (the laws in Israel are much stricter) will likely lead to less cannabis use in our circles — similar to how the understanding of porn as a weapon has led people to giving up porn. However, it’s unlikely that the popularisation of cannabis in general society will be turned around in any short amount of time.

For the foreseeable future, cannabis use will decrease the quality of society generally. As people become apathetic and stupefied by cannabis, they will be less likely to join the dissident right and more likely to join, for example, antifa. On the other hand, as the general population degenerates through cannabis consumption, our (relatively) energetic and morally upright people will start to gain a comparative advantage over the apathetic, depressed drug users.


[1] “For the last five decades, Dr. Grinspoon was the intellectual leader of the marijuana legalization movement.” also see

[2] NORML was founded in the 1970s by a gentile named Keith Stroup, but had early backing from the NY Senator Jacob Javits, who sat on its board of directors in the 70s. It had a high degree of Jewish involvement and exists to this day.

[3] Carlson, P. (2005) Exhale, Stage Left. The Washington Post. 4 January

[4] The MPP was founded after a disagreement between the founders and the then executive director of NORML, Richard Cowan (who, interestingly, was a founding member of Young Americans for Freedom, a Conservative student group launched in 1960 by William F. Buckley Rob Kampia is likely Jewish, but there is little information about Chuck Thomas available on the internet.

[5] Interestingly, no mention of Peter Lewis is made on the MPP’s Wikipedia page . Although the MPP is mentioned on Lewis’ page .

[6] Baily, E. (1996) 6 Wealthy Donors Aid Measure on Marijuana. Los Angeles Times. 2 November.

[7] A Jewish businessman who predominantly worked in the clothing industry. Net worth around $200 million.


[9] BornEmanuel Theodor Heilbronner, Emanuel Theodore Bronner is a Jewish businessman who owns Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps.


[11] Taylor, Mark (2010) George Soros’ Weed Donation Goes Up in Smoke. Observer. 3 November

[12] Sorvino, C. (2014) An Inside Look At The Biggest Drug Reformer In The Country: George Soros. Forbes. 2 October

[13] Berenson, A. (2019) Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence. Free Press. Chapter 5

[14] Stuyt E. (2018). The Problem with the Current High Potency THC Marijuana from the Perspective of an Addiction Psychiatrist. Missouri medicine, 115(6), 482–486.



[17] Nielssen, O., & Large, M. (2010). Rates of homicide during the first episode of psychosis and after treatment: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Schizophrenia bulletin, 36(4), 702–712.


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  1. anthony aaron
    anthony aaron says:

    I’ve long maintained … wherever people are being degraded or harmed for profit … it’s a jew who’s making that profit.

    • Flo
      Flo says:

      You’re exactly right, Anthony. Jews are among the most successful of what Tom Sowell calls the “middleman minorities.” Their nationalities vary depending on where in the world you find them, but they include Lebanese and Syrians, the Chinese, Indians and Pakistanis and a few more, but the Jews are the most prominent. They all share several characteristics: they’re resented by the host population (who lack their initiative and talent) and they’re pretty much amoral in their business dealings — anything to make a buck, as long as there’s a demand. The Jews who were so prominent in slavetrading and rum-running in earlier centuries now deal in pro athletes and entertainers. Drugs, pornography, you name it, if there’s a demand, they’ll fill it . . . at a profit, of course. I’ve never forgotten a “60 Minutes” segment from many years ago, a glowing profile of a nice Jewish boy (in his 20s) and his feisty grandmother who had gone into business together. They had found themselves a comfy niche in pornography. They specialized in videos (it was that long ago!) of white women being gang-raped by black men. There was even a brief shot of the small room where their latest little masterpiece was being filmed. In the room, in addition to the crew, were one bottle-blonde female and four or five strapping black men, all in various stages of undress.

      • scott
        scott says:

        Sowel was only half right i read(of course I don’t know, I’m not a world traveller), and that seemed to make sense.
        Yes, the Jews fulfil this ruthless intermediary role, like those you mentioned.
        But none of these others are have been so hated and driven out of nations so often in history, because they stuck to their profitable middleman position, whereas the Jews have this uncontrollable desire to always meddle, interfere, dominate and if not remedied, eventually destroy their host society.
        It’s been recorded in writing at least since Emperor Claudius’ time.
        It’s hard to believe it hasn’t always been going on.
        Sowel is extremely impressive(in my view), but *obviously* he cannot be 100% honest, and hold the positions he does.

  2. Robert Mondeleur
    Robert Mondeleur says:

    Cannabis is known to increase race mixing. Especially with the subsaharian african race kind.

    This was one of the prime reasons for the laws against cannabis initially.

    I don’t know why. In the jewish anti white anti white children TV show, where the blond woman is depicted as loose and over sexual, she dates a white male with a larger than usual organ for reproduction and smokes weed to be a able to have sex with him (in the end this did not work). This may actually be a problem there was a russian Tsar who had a large penis that had to have a cushion to keep the distance to his wife so to speak, not to hurt her vagina and the like.

    Anyways, africans of the subsaharian kind tend to have above average penis sizes: Congolese men apparently have the on average larges ones averaging around 17 cm I think. Of course these are averages and many africans will have smaller ones and so on.

    Hence cannabis may make white women cope with this larger on the average organ.

    But then again I have an above average size penis, actually over 17 cm and this has not been an issue for me so far.

    I have a friend that is also well equipped I learnt because he told me a girl he dated thought it was too big.

    Anyways cannabis seems to be a popular drug with African’s in the USA (the PC crowd now call them afro-american). Do some jews hope it will increase race mixing. That whites will bond with

    Weed makes people stupid if they do it more that a few times I heard. Is it a way of getting rid of gentile competition for places in education and the like? And competition in general? Some jews seem to have followed “documents of elders of zion”. If this is due to it being a somewhat accurate description of jewish strategies or attitudes or a true document used by them, who knows.

    It may also be that many jews have an high IQ and this can be connected to liberalism, due to high IQ people often less being affected negatively by liberal policies (tend to live in better areas…). It may also be that these jews like weed, or have used it a bit who knows.

    As for jews in porn, is this still true? I mean the first porn movie was made by Andy Warhol right? He was a gay gentile I think? And the dude who made playboy magazine wasn’t he non jewish? I’m sure there were plenty of jews in porn but I have not seen any good article on this with actual facts about this industry (a terrible anti human industry for sure).

    Drugs make people unaware about what is happening in society, it makes them dumb.

    Cannabis can make people turn idiots for smoking it once. But for most trying it won’t have bad effects. But many get caught it is an addictive drug and then it is a gateway drug to other drugs…

    Artists promoting the use of cannabis have been pushed by jewish controlled record companies also. A lot of whiter rappers tend to promote the use of opioids, I heard these days. I have no clue I don’t listen to new rap or so-called mumble rap.

      • Robert Mondeleur
        Robert Mondeleur says:

        I think the first one distributed to movie theaters was made by him. It said so on wikipedia.

        But if you have information that this is untrue please inform us.

        Also I think playboy was the first porn magazine at least successful one that was distributed.

        But I am no expert.

        I would welcome an overview of the development of this business. The initial movers presented, the amount of jews that were involved early their market share then and later…

      • Neil Casey
        Neil Casey says:

        But then again I have an above average size penis, actually over 17 cm and this has not been an issue for me so far.
        I have a friend that is also well equipped ”
        Sir, how do you do your ”Studies” ? This is sounding very Degenerate talk, Schiesser, Maybe you should find a local Jewish Agent!

  3. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    Sadly, one of my brothers was a heavy pot user. He also suffered from endless depression, was institutionalized repeatedly and on many psychiatric drugs. Two years ago, he committed suicide. I absolutely agree with the assessment in this article and believe his use of pot was a contributing factor to his death. The pot use always made his mental condition worse, never better.

  4. Swan
    Swan says:

    I recall a study years ago that found a correlation between canibas use and homosexuality, I cannot find it. Has anyone heard of such a thing?

  5. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    This year I am 79 years old and stuck in Humbugary. Life is bearable because I have nothing to do with the local people, do not speak Humbugarian and have a local gentile to do jobs for me.
    Unfortunately his wife was pregnant and developed cancer and would
    have needed an abortion to save her life. I was told this and suggested Cannabis Oil, although illegal in Humbugary
    My helper could not afford the oil and so I gave him the oil as instructed by my Rabbi ancestors of Centuries ago to help Jews and Gentiles. Although Jewd I regard myself as a Mischling
    It cheers me up to see the little Goy Boy running through the village but saddens me when I think of the £3000 missing from my bank account.

  6. John
    John says:

    One has to wonder about the role of Jews in the present phony impeachment drive against Trump.

    Trump may have thought that his being pro-Israel would have saved him.

    But no, Jews have much bigger plans.

    But what is going to happen to Jewish wealth if the American economy goes south? They don’t seem to be worried.

    • Winston R. Ruumers
      Winston R. Ruumers says:

      I don’t think many of them care the least about the west.

      They go to jewish schools and live often in larger cities with large jewish populations.

      Many in their elite just want Israel to be safe (expelled the arabs, take all land in “Palestine” and get rid of the nuclear threat from Iran), then they will probably move there. I think this is a plan for many of them, probably most jews have no clue, and this is then a motivation for them to destroy the west.

    • scott
      scott says:

      I don’t think even most of the billionaires they get to put the money up for organised Jewery have any idea of the end game. They do it simply as an act of bigoted spite against the hated goyim. There isn’t really going to be a great deal of difference in the understanding, ethnic superiority or goy hatred between your average rotting Jewish vulture capitalist billionaire, and your average student Brooklyn Jew, just back from his or her 29th fraternal tour of Israel via Auschwitz.

      They are both simply doing what their Rabbis tell them to.

      Money is a means to an ends for Jews. Not the end itself. How much can they possibly need? How much, after all these years, is hidden in jewels beneath the Swiss Apls? How much is a diversified portfolio of properties and land all over the world?

      They wouldn’t even blink, the real decision makers, if so many ‘American’ Jewish dollar trillionaires lost it all tomorrow. A bunch of numbers on a screen or green pieces of paper?

      They care nothing even for their own people. Remember, the original victims of the Rabbis, who lived under totalitarian conditions in the ghettos were ethnic Jews. Look how they WANTED their blood sacrifice of in their ‘holocaust’.

      It’s a total mistake to imagine for one second organised Jewry cares for ordinary Jews. Everytime some Muslim invader of Europe kills some ordinary Jew on some European street, does it change their behaviour?

    • Darian N Diachok
      Darian N Diachok says:

      No matter how much DJT did for Israel, he was not their man. When he announced his independence of AIPAC funding during his Presidential campaign, he made clear he couldn’t be bought — wholly unacceptable. AIPAC wants a compliant Goy in power they totally control. Hence, the declaration of war against him, his family, and anyone who supports him.

  7. Chris
    Chris says:

    Can confirm that there are a disproportionate number of Jews involved in seeking dealer licenses. And I know at least one goy who was surprised that despite hiring a top lawfirm, that he didnt get his.

  8. the watcher
    the watcher says:

    I thought is was “Rothschilds” East India company – the first multinational, who were responsible for the Opium wars which resulted in at least 10 million Chinese opium addicts, not to mention the appearance of Chinese- owned opium dens in places such as the UK in the Victorian era? As for porn, it is pretty clear that it was started and controlled by Jews in Paris during the 1890’s not to mention New York in the 30’s and 40’s!

    • scott
      scott says:

      Because I know nothing except the absolute bare minimum of conventional wisdom about the Opium Wars, I was under the impression the great villain of the piece was a Scot by the name of Jardine, as in Jardine Matheson.
      Is this ANOTHER instance of mass Jewish criminality with a gentile face stuck on the front for public consumption?

      They say Jardine was from borders peasant stock. If this is true, then how come the company does absolutely nothing for the oppressed poor of the Scottish Borders today? Even in Scotland when people think of ‘the borders’ they imagine rich farmers in land rovers, private schools and perhaps even some Marquis.
      But I used to live there, and there is just as much of the totally debilitating cultural and moral poverty, if not quite ruthless USA-style economic poverty, as there is anywhere else in Britain.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      A couple of episodes in the video series of Sherlock Holmes, produced in the 1980s, were not shy about showing the nastiness of the opium dens in Victorian-era London. How accurate these depictions were is not for me to say, but I would not be surprised if they were quite realistic. This was the series with Jeremy Brett as Holmes.

  9. OMG Secret Nazi
    OMG Secret Nazi says:

    You should take into account the heavy costs of policing and imprisoning weed users, and the fact that alcohol remains legal and socially accepted despite its extremely destructive effects.

    • Trixie
      Trixie says:

      I’ve never, ever heard of anyone, anywhere, being retroactively punished for USING cannabis. Has it ever happened, anywhere, to anyone? Like, on planet earth?
      And if not, then in what sense can it be called a crime to USE cannabis?

      I’d also be interested if you cld point out an example to me, in say the last 30 years, of anyone on th UK being imprisoned ONLY for cannabis POSSESSION.

      Most possession charges these days are part of a package, a strategy to convict, when the other ones might fail on their own.

      If this is the case, in what sense is cannabis possession a crime, and not simply a civil offence like a parking ticket?

      You shld check out ATACKER SMOKED CANNABIS, if you want an idea of the pure misery pot-heads inflict on wider society.
      That is a real “heavy cost” to us, as opposed simply to an abstract money cost in a criminal justice system that provides a quite exceptional standard of living to every single person employed in it.

    • Kilo 4/11
      Kilo 4/11 says:

      I’ll gladly chip in a few extra bucks to put more dopers in jail if it complicates things for the Jewish cannabis merchants and behind the scenes funders of legalization campaigns.

  10. scott
    scott says:

    By far the most strident, respected & effective campaigner *against* cannabis legalisation in the UK, perhaps the ONLY one of note, is Peter Hitchens, younger brother of Christopher, known well to North Americans.
    Even although towards the end of his life(when he found out, according to his memoir) Christopher identified, almost manically, as Jewish from their mother, amazingly, Peter Hitchens has never once in public addressed the fact that he is 100% Jewish.
    If you bring the subject up on his blog, his twitter, or even to anyone he is conversing with on twitter, he will censor and ban you. This happened to me, and to at least three others known to me, who all tried in different, round-about ways of getting him to address the subject of his ethnic heritage and its influence on what he says in public. Of course its verboten.

    Here’s the kicker: PH is an ex Trot, who will wax lyrical about how and why he came under that ideological spell, and how he bravely kicked the habit, due to his open mind, & his constant honest questioning of himself. And he never fails to jeer and mock other Trots of his revolutionary 60’s generation, who refuse to discuss *their* Trot past. Hitchens explains: the reason they aren’t frank about their past, they reason they absolutely avoid the subject at all costs, is because it is IMPORTANT to them. Whereas our hero is over & past such immaturity.

    He couldn’t be more right, he just doesn’t realise he’s giving his own motives away.

    Hitchens isn’t an ethnic Jewish activist of the type we are all familiar with, I’ve followed him for 15 years, read everything he’s ever published, there’s no doubt he doesn’t see himself in this way.
    But nor will he ever acknowledge Jewish influence, never mind critique it. Even if he isn’t controlled opposition on a retainer, who understands his initial elevation & current MSM gig, however slight, has been a deal whose terms he must stick to, if he acts like it is, what difference is there?

    If anyone doubts this, try alerting his readers on his blog or twitter to this article, if you don’t mind being instantly banned by him, that is. PH is an interesting blend of English & Jewish. His accent, bearing, schooling and manners are all English, but his mania for banning inconvenient truths, as well as plenty other things – perhaps the biggest give-a-way, ask him what he values about Britain, anyone can see this for themselves online on video, and he’ll list off the same old things every time. The history, the cathedrals, ancient hymns, the Book of Common Prayer, the air, the atmosphere, every last field and hedgerow, he loves them all. What is always blazingly obvious from their omission is the actual British people themselves. I can’t decide if his utter indifference to the suffering of working Britons is the result of his elitist snobbery, or his ethnic distaste for the goyim. It’s the exact same mixture of fear, mixed with equal parts loathing, they all have.

    So basically, PH won’t push the organised Jewish campaign to hollow out and rot every single aspect of our societies. But he will provide cover and run interference for it. His shtick isn’t original. Tell the hidden truth about this, this, this & that. Thereby gaining trust, respect, a following, and a handsome living.
    But then use all of the above to hide all sorts of other important things the public need to know to figure out what on earth is going on.

    I just mention this here so that North Americans unfamiliar with the British situation vis-a-vis cannabis don’t waste any time or be hood-winked by Hitchens. Yep. He’s just like all the rest of them. He’s actually much better, and is worth listening to on a whole range of subjects relative to our societal collapse.
    Just be aware his agenda is not ours.

  11. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    CBD Oil does not make you high. This substance apparently has some medicinal benefits. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    However, it is true that, over time, weed smokers get stupid, lazy and nasty (quick to spark, ie, easily angered by virtually nothing). Easygoing while stoned, but ugly a few years down the line. I have seen it in my ex-friends.

  12. crank
    crank says:

    Pot ain’t that bad. High THC is an issue, but legal weed gives the buyer choice to buy balanced THC-CBD strains which are preferred by users that I know. The association with tobacco’s story still doesn’t establish a causitive link between cannabis and long term psychotic problems.
    Cannabis highs can induce Universalist thinking, “live and let live, people are just people, humanity is ultimately one big family”, that kind of thing. Buddhism too, in another way. Jews love all that, as it precludes any scrutiny of their behaviour or of them as a group. So long as potheads do not realise that Judaism (or ‘Jewish identity’) is a tribalist, supremacist scheme adept at subverting any genuine Universalist project into their own messianic megalomania, then Jews are fine promoting pot as part of the package of liberal-ish decline. However, this is a matter of population wide ignorance and propaganda, rather than moral corruption through drug use, in my experience.
    I haven’t smoked for twenty years, but drugs opened my mind, made me question a lot of things, and eventually that questioning led me to the JQ. So this article rubs against the grain for me.
    I wouldn’t describe myself as an advocate for smoking it (eating it is much healthier BTW), or for using it recreationally in any form, but I still hold that it is far far less impactful on individuals and society than alcohol use. It seems to me meaningless to consider any drug outside the context of our society’s attitude to all drugs, as well as religious experience and belief. One would have to talk about consciousness and the purpose or aims of altering its state.
    ‘Jews legalised cannabis’ is an interesting history to learn of, but it is a stretched logic to say that : Jews promote pot therefore pot must be all bad. For a start it really is a very useful medicine regardless of the real/ hidden motives of promoting its medical use.

    • Johnny Smith
      Johnny Smith says:

      I also have non negative experiences of smoking weed. But I smoked very little and only once out of two or three times to even have an effect.

      It was fun, may even have been good for me or made me more creative but what do I know.

      But again I seem to not get addicted to things (neither smoking or alcohol).

      The problem is many people get addicted to it and therefore it can be bad.

      For me it was an experience and I would never use any heavier drugs and I also stopped drinking almost.

      Also I did it after the age of 25. It can have worse effects at earlier ages when your brain is developing more.

      But I heard Bach used drugs too. I guess some people can handle it, most can’t…

      I think it’s good that weed is illegal as a way for society to make a statement against it. In the country I live it is illegal but hardly punished if you only have small amounts for your own use. But growing it will normally lead to prison sentences… I think that’s a good compromise.

    • Scott Burns
      Scott Burns says:

      “but it is a stretched logic to say that : Jews promote pot therefore pot must be all bad.”

      Not all bad, just bad. I suppose atheism, liberalism, bloshevism, porno, rap music, ect ect, isn’t ALL bad either, but you can be 100% certain by now that if Jews push it it isn’t going to be good for us long term.
      Unless anyone has an example of anything good they have ever done for us?
      I willing to be corrected. The fact we aren’t allowed to even discuss what Jews do is the biggest give away of all. This DOES make people curious.

      As to cannabis ‘opening your mind’s or whatever, I believe you. I’ve took all the drugs available in your average Western shit-show society, except crystal meth(out of misplaced rebellion against the system), I enjoyed them 99.9% of the time, but they never opened my mind.
      I would guess they opened yours in the same war rock climbing, horse riding or anything dangerous, including fighting a war, opens one’s mind.
      The MORAL difference that is never made, is that all these other things require effort, discipline, training ect, which makes you a better person long term. Drugs only weaken you.

      So much is lies. Even ‘addiction’ is a lie. You aren’t suffering because you are now “addicted” you are suffering because you have poisoned your body.
      Yes, more of the same will make you ‘feel’ better, no doubt. But all addicts know this is subject to the law of diminishing returns. Ask any of them.

  13. Karen T
    Karen T says:

    With all that is happening in the world, this is what TOO has come up with? This site has gone downhill and fast.

    • Cat McGuire
      Cat McGuire says:

      With all due respect, your comment does not hold water.
      1) This site *is* covering the momentous events going on in the world right now.
      2) Are you suggesting all other intellectual query halt so that everyone can 100% fixate on the events at hand? I for one appreciate the opportunity to change the dial a bit and reflect on other interesting subjects.

      • Flo
        Flo says:

        Many of the attendees at the recent rally in DC mentioned the smell of marijuana wafting thru the crowd. They all said this confirmed for them the presence of large numbers of Antifa / leftist provocateurs. And there’s your tie-in to current events.

      • Trixie
        Trixie says:

        I would guess by the name & stupidly of the comment it’s a troll.
        Consider yourself TROLLED lol.
        I wldnt worry it’s happened to me I’m sure.
        The Left have this good phrase :punching up/down.
        Just like pickpocketing, trolling is only clever when they troll UP.
        This faggot trolls down. It’s about as admirable as stealing from the poor.

    • Johnny Smith
      Johnny Smith says:

      I think it is relevant to discuss a drug that causes a lot of white people to become dumb and therefore others can take their place in education and the like.

      It has a great anti white effect. Have you seen the numbers on cannabis usage among young white Americans? It’s huge and a great problem…

    • Richard W
      Richard W says:

      The answer is in the facts and science on the subject. A lot of writers on this site can be bad at FACTS. Like statistics, how much of porn market today is controlled by jews. How was it in the 50s, 70’s, 90’s. Like how many of the drug/medical companies selling opioids are owned or operated by jews? What are their respective market share?

      Now, I will present some facts about weed:

      22 % of Americans age 18 to 29 smoke weed.

      One 2012 study found that participants who had begun smoking marijuana in their teens lost an average of eight IQ points.

      Students who smoke marijuana are more likely than their non-using peers to get poor grades and drop out of high school.

      Students who smoke marijuana may get lower grades and may more likely to drop out of high school than their peers who do not use.

      Over the past two years, the rates of high school seniors vaping marijuana has more than doubled, with more than a fifth of high school seniors reporting vaping marijuana in the past year. Roughly 7% of eight graders also reported vaping marijuana at least once in the past year.7

      According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), marijuana use among teens can be particularly problematic because it can have a long-term impact on the following:

      * Attention
      * Balance
      * Coordination
      * Decision-making
      * Judgement
      * Learning ability
      * Memory

      So it kinda takes out like 22 % of the white population unless minorities smoke / use more. Which is a loss to us and a competitive advantage for other ethnical groups or cultural groups or etno-cultural groups.

      • Ray Caruso
        Ray Caruso says:

        For the record, the claim everyone has probably heard that blacks smoke marijuana at the exact same rate as Whites but are much more likely to be arrested is false. It’s based on a single study that relied on self-reporting. Blood tests show that blacks are much more likely to be regular marijuana smokers than Whites. Evidently, they are also more likely to be liars.

  14. Cat McGuire
    Cat McGuire says:

    It would have been helpful if this article had included an analysis of cannabinoids, the seemingly positive side of cannabis.

    How many of the people in the article are also influential with CBD? For example, (((Martin Lee))) wrote Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana, and is the activist founder of Project CBD. Who else?

    • Flo
      Flo says:

      Give it another year or two. The usual suspects have got their hands full at the moment finagling taxi medallions and pushing the transgender agenda . . . and a million other destructive schemes.

  15. kolokol
    kolokol says:

    I am indebted to the author, Douglas Watson. This is all news to me. I like the note of optimism at the end.

    1- The political and social campaign to legalize cannabis follows the typical Jewish pattern. Jews provide most of the money as “charitable” contributions. What a scam! They don’t try to benefit our society, which they hate. Instead, they agitate for decadence, disease and death.

    2- And they make the drug stronger, too – 10 times more potent in THC than natural cannabis. Isn’t that nice of them. The Jews are our greatest benefactors, with all their charitable work on our behalf.
    It’s the same with the Sassoon family pushing opium in China, and the Sackler family pushing Oxycontin on American Whites.

    This is all headline news. The Media should report it. Why don’t they?

  16. Former Liberal
    Former Liberal says:

    Anyone who thinks pot is harmless should check out some studies done on adolescents which showed a drop in intelligence along with the development of psychological problems. I was in Jamaica years ago. That country is the best argument in the world for why pot shouldn’t be legalized. Nothing worked properly, the people were stoned out of their minds. As for Jews pushing for legalization, why should anyone be surprised? Any serious student of history who wants nothing but the truth, no matter how brutal it may appear, realizes that Jews have always been a corrosive force in western civilization.

    • Ray Caruso
      Ray Caruso says:

      A few weeks ago, I used some cannabis during a family gathering. On a couple of previous occasions I had smoked it, with almost no discernible effect. This time it came in the form of a small square of dark chocolate. It was offered to me by my cousin’s wife. She, along with my cousin, was visiting from the other end of the country. I took it, thinking it was ordinary chocolate. As I was about to pop it into my mouth, my cousin advised me that it was “special” chocolate. I shrugged my shoulders and went ahead.

      For at least one hour I felt nothing unusual. I had one beer. Gradually, however, I became light-headed, in a way that was not altogether unpleasurable. A lot of things—little jokes, random comments, the appearance of people on TV—started to seem funny—real funny, actually. A sense of unreality set in and at times I was unsure if I was awake or dreaming. My perception of time became grossly distorted. Minutes seemed to stretch into hours. In a ridiculous singsong voice, I told my brother, who was also present, “I have found the secret to infinite ti-i-i-i-i-ime! Only you can’t do s–t with all that time!” My brother then went to his car for some reason. I said, “What the hell happened to Jake? He went to his car hours ago!” It had been about three minutes. At some point I remembered I should feed the dog. I called out his name a couple of times. Then a thought occurred to me: “That dog has been dead for 13 years. Now I’m calling him and everyone will think I’m crazy.” Then the dog came, his usual five-year-old, furry, Husky self, rather than a canine ghost or zombie. I had lost touch with reality, which is the definition of psychosis. Why 13 years in particular? I have no idea. My vision was also altered—my peripheral vision vanished altogether, while my frontal vision seemed not to want to focus on anything for more than a second. Driving under these conditions would have been homicidal-suicidal.

      Despite all that, other parts of mind were still chugging along. When a certain movie was brought up in conversation, I was able to remember the name of a fairly obscure actress, which no one else could. I said, “And I don’t even like that b—h! See, even when I’m hella high I still kick ass at trivia!” For some reason I put on a fake French accent when I said that and it got my cousin, his wife, my sister (also present), and myself all laughing hysterically. Unlike me, they are all regular users, but like me they had partaken of the “special chocolate”. My brother came back after his hours-long (in my mind) trek to his car. He said he felt like he was in an opium den. I thought his comment was kind of dumb since, from what I’ve seen in movies, opium dens tend to be rather quiet. Of course, I found that to be amusing as well, which prompted even more cackling. I would alternate between moments of semi-lucidity and being completely out of it. During each lucid moment it felt like the previous lucid moment had been a long time ago—hours, days, weeks—although it was at most a few minutes. I’m not sure if I was unconscious or in an altered state of consciousness during the between times, but there were things I don’t recall at all, such as the others playing with a toy shark that sings “Mack the Knife”. They remembered that later because it made them laugh harder than ever. My mother, who was busy cooking dinner, initially didn’t understand our behavior. I thought that was also—you guessed it—hilarious. When the truth finally dawned on her, she became upset and I thought that was even more hilarious. I just could not stop laughing like a jackass.

      Though not as severely, my perception of time was still distorted on the next day. I took the dog for a walk. Halfway through, I thought, “Well, we’ve been walking for about two hours.” However, another part of my mind knew that particular spot is only three quarters of a mile and 15 minutes away from the house. It took another day for me to feel completely normal.
      Having little prior experience with cannabis, I used to think it was rather benign. I don’t think that anymore. It is a dangerous drug, as it can drastically alter one’s perceptions and behavior. Those who want to get us hooked on it are not our friends—but then, we already knew that. We do ourselves and our race a favor by abstaining from it.

    • Trixie
      Trixie says:

      Jamaica yeah? If they got rid of the dope, things wld run right?
      That example wld work better if you cld set it against a black nation where things did work.

      No offense to blacks, they are just as much victims as us, and I’d take black humor, musical talent, friendliness, masculinity and warrior ethic over other certain ethnic groups ‘gifts’ any day of the week.
      In fact, if blacks had none of these virtues, simply their brilliant patter I’d take over the neurotic-dorkism/persecution complex we are supposed to admire in another race.

      But yeah .
      . . No. I think the evidence is in on blacks running countries.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      I said “so long” to Dr Bronner’s products ages ago, maybe 20 years, when I troubled myself to actually read all that small print on his bottles of soap. And this was before I really understood various matters. It just rubbed me the wrong way – all that “ALL-ONE” stuff messing up the bottles’ labels. Just sell your soap and shut up with the preaching.

      Also, his soaps are weak and useless, at least to me. Lots of promotion but not much to back it up.

      Old Man Bronner was put into a nut house and given shock treatments.

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