Germany: Knowledge Superfluous —Thinking Undesirable — Lateral Thinking Forbidden!

From the German Magazine UN Unabhängige Nachrichten (Independent News) 1/2021) Translated by The Hun.

After 70 years of free democratic governments and state political education work, is democracy so weak, so sick, that its continued existence must be strengthened with billions of taxpayers’ money?

For a long time, more than 100 million euros of taxpayers’ money have been spent annually on political education work by the federal government, the states, and the municipalities. Churches, trade unions, associations, the “leading media” and the well-known television programs participate in this democratic education work.

If “right-wing extremism and racism” have nevertheless actually spread in society to such an extent as is being painted on the wall by the ruling party cartel, the question must be asked as to who is to blame for such developments.

It cannot be the older generation: Nazi education ended in 1945, after which “re-education” began. Whether “re-educated” or not, this generation, due to its age, no longer determines the formation of public opinion, because it is approaching old age.

So, if the younger society is allegedly so permeated by increased “right-wing extremism and racism« that billions are required in the “fight against the right”, no one else is responsible for it than the misguided, anti-people policy of the responsible parties in all areas according to the Merkel motto: “Everyone who is staying here forms the nation.!”

Since March 2020, there has been an special cabinet committee that has set itself the goal of taking measures “against right-wing extremism as well as against racism, anti-Semitism, anti-gypsyism, Muslimophobia, anti-black racism and all other forms of group-based hostility towards people.”

The result is a gigantic economic stimulus package worth 1.1 billion euros for NGOs (non-governmental organizations), various Antifa groups and for a large number of “democratic associations of civil society.”

The members of the cabinet committee, under the leadership of Mrs. Merkel, agree “that the fight against right-wing extremism and racism must be intensified.”

This resulted in a catalog of 89 measures that “takes into account the opinions of representatives of civil society, especially migrant organizations.”

Four main points outline what is causally at stake:

  1. Create greater awareness of racism as a phenomenon affecting society as a whole and establish improved state structures in the area of combating right-wing extremism and racism; strengthen cooperation between security authorities, the judiciary, state and civil society agencies and improve the empirical basis;
  2. Expand and strengthen prevention against right-wing extremism and racism, anti-Semitism, Muslimophobia and all other forms of group-based hostility in regular structures in all areas of society, including the internet; further develop political education and democracy work;
  3. Expand support for victims of racist discrimination and the social environment; effectively protect victims and improve sustainable structures for combating racism;
  4. Recognize and value a diverse and equal opportunity society and strengthen equal participation opportunities for people with an immigration background.

These are the demands, some of which are couched in cloak and dagger terms. 75 years after the first wave of re-education, the German people are now to be finally brainwashed with empty phrases.

The term “misanthropy” is perfectly suited to nip any resistance to today’s policies in the bud. Criticism of the unchecked immigration policy, of the Covid measures, of feminism, genderism, globalization, left-wing terrorism, etc. will in future be a case for the Office for the Protection of the Constitution or for “civil society groups.”

In addition to the monstrosity of using such an immense sum of taxpayers’ money quite unabashedly against the political opponent, the damage to the cohesion of society will be incalculable.

Defamation and denunciation will be further opened up by the state — the people will be divided into “good” and “bad.”

Fear of state repression, mistrust, resentment and discord will characterize our lives. To give you a foretaste of what is to come, we have compiled the most important points of the 89-measure “catalog.”

Even if it seems tedious, it is worth reading every word carefully:

Catalog of Measures of the “Cabinet Committee to Combat Right-Wing Extremism and Racism.”

Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Home Affairs

No. 1 Adaptation of constitutional protection law with introduction of a legal basis for source telecommunication surveillance for the federal intelligence services (amendment of the Federal Constitutional Protection Act BVerfSchG)

No. 2 Antiziganism [Anti-Gypsyism] — Establishment of a national contact point within the framework of the EU Roma Strategy 2030

Independent monitoring and information center for racist, especially anti-Gypsy attacks

Evaluation of policies and strategies to combat antiziganism in cooperation with civil society

No. 4 Launch of a new prevention program “Democracy on the Net”

No. 7 Expansion of the intercultural and diversity-oriented opening of the public service (diversity strategy), e.g., through

– Reviewing selection procedures for the civil service

– Targeted campaigns to recruit more people with a migration background for the civil service

– Regular survey on diversity/diversity-measures in the public service

No. 10 Report by the Independent Expert Group on Muslim Hostility (UEM) with recommendations for action to combat anti-Muslim hatred and Islamophobic discrimination

No. 11 Preparation and updating of a situation-report on right-wing extremism in security agencies, extension to situation-report on public service as a whole

No. 12 Promoting the political and social engagement of migrant people

No. 13 Research project: Investigation of the everyday life of the police

No. 14 Research funding in the area of Islam/Muslimophobia

No. 15 Research study on everyday racism: development and prevalence of discriminatory acts in civil society, business and industry, and public institutions […]

No. 20 New, further measures within the framework of political education on specific phenomena (anti-Semitism, Muslimophobia, anti-gypsyism, anti-black racism)

No. 21 Program “Anti-racist education” (intensified commitment against racism and other forms of group-related hostility)

No. 22 Strengthening migrant organizations through model projects for qualification (Association Academy for Migrant Organizations), Houses of Resources

No. 23 […] Expansion of cooperation with security authorities in dealing with right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism

No. 25 Increased awareness of racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of exclusion in education, training and continuing education in the public sector

No. 26 Education and training offer for police officers on anti-Semitism sensitization at the House of the Wannsee Conference

Foreign Office

No. 29 Coming to terms with colonialism in an international context:

– Development of joint textbooks (target region Africa, Georg Eckert Institute)

– Expansion of the “kulturweit” volunteer program with Africa as a target region«

No. 31 Strategic communication abroad: dealing with disinformation and conspiracy mythologies from the right spanning populism, anti-Semitism and racism, increasing Germany-abroad funding (DiA)

No. 32 Study on Racism and patterns of exclusion in foreign cultural and educational policy with recommendations for action

Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection

No. 35 Federal government supports further training in the area of right-wing extremism/racism/anti-Semitism in the judiciary (training events at the German Judicial Academy, support for projects of the German Institute for Human Rights)

No. 36 Reformulation of Art. 3 of the Constitution, replacement of the term “race”

– Establishment of an expert working group between Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJV) and Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Home Affairs (BMI)

No. 37 Practice-oriented jurisprudential research on law and racism

No. 38 Examination of how the confrontation with Nazi injustice can be achieved in legal training and, if necessary, how this can be ensured by amending the German Judges Act

Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

No. 47 Sustainable expansion of political youth work in the regular structures of the federal government (child and youth plan – Kinder- und Jugendplan, KJP)

– Expansion of regular structures for political youth education,

– Establishment of nationwide interest groups, including Muslim, migrant and black youth initiatives of Muslim, migrant and black youth initiatives with base funding from the KJP

– Nationwide promotion of extracurricular memorial trips

– Expansion of democratic children’s and youth involvement

No. 52 Improvement of the legal and budgetary framework for the promotion of civil society engagement for democracy, diversity and against extremism. To this end, the BMI and BMFSFJ will promptly develop and then present key points for a law to promote defensible democracy

No. 53 Promotion of projects on the topic of anti-feminism and right-wing extremism

No. 54 Campaign on “Raising Awareness of Prejudice and Everyday Racism” as part of the federal program “LiveDemocracy!”

No. 62 Strengthening work against hate on the Net/digital hate violence, including expansion of the “Hate on the Net” competence center and new model project (with participation of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection)

No. 63 Strengthening political education in youth social work

No. 65 Further development of the federal “Live Democracy!” program

– Expansion of local commitment (further partnerships for democracy)

– Improve existing victim and affected person counseling in the federal states the federal states + support of the federal association

– Further development of existing competence centers and networks, e.g., racism against black people, Islam- and Muslimophobia, antiziganism, anti-Semitism, right-wing extremism – incl. expansion of pheno-specific community-based monitorings

– Further development of disengagement and distancing

– Strengthening work against conspiracy ideologies

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

No. 67 Strengthening research on right-wing extremism, racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of group-based hostility (e.g., antiziganism), improving the research data infrastructure and sustainably anchoring the research field at universities. As well as the historical and contemporary reappraisal of the emergence of right-wing extremism and racism.

No. 71 […] Establishment and expansion of concrete projects of reappraisal, documentation and mediation in BKM-funded institutions and at project partners on the topic of colonial history, effects of colonialism and racism as well as dealing with collection items from colonial contexts, especially in museums such as the German Historical Museum and the international lighthouse project Humboldt Forum.

No. 72 “Lighthouse Project”: new type of operational preventive measure: New Start Initiative Cultural Integration, i.e., broadly effective campaigns, solidarity actions and impulse projects of the “Initiative Cultural Integration” with a focus on combating right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism and racism are to be promoted in order to carry out operationally effective cultural activities in a broad societal consensus and network of the state (federal government, states, municipalities) and civil society with major umbrella organizations such as the Central Council of Jews

No. 73 Strengthening media competence, media diversity and media pluralism as a core element of democracy; establishing and expanding prevention projects against hate speech and propaganda, prevention on the Net [i.e., “We want media diversity except any media that allows “hate speech” must be prevented.]

Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration

No. 75 Naturalization offensive: shall specifically promote the possibility of naturalization in order to enable well-integrated foreigners who meet legal requirements to participate fully

No. 80 Initiation of dialogue between the federal government, the states and civil society on intercultural diversity in framework curricula and diversity competence in initial and in-service teacher training

No. 83 Supporting municipal concepts and dialogues in dealing with diversity and hostility and strengthening municipal (political) decision-makers through qualification projects in dealing with right-wing extremism and racism

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    Germany was defeated mainly thru the monetary wealth of the USA. Now you need the help of the HUN again? In the first WWI it was the HUN, in the second WWII it was/is the NAZI. But what goes around, comes around. The sorry spectacle of the USA with the victory of the most incompetent president will set the future for us. Here I include us white folks and Christianity. The USA is going down with a whimper, Germany went down with the biggest bang in recorded history. That´s the difference.
    Horst D. Flemmer
    Bombing Survivor and
    CEO of GML

  2. David Edward Schmitt
    David Edward Schmitt says:

    The “Right-wing Extremism” monster is a complete fabrication of Leftist Extremists—real extremists. When any party engages in such a lie on such a grand scale, horrible consequences result. One, naturally, suspects that civil conflict is–in fact–their goal of such provocation. We, need to keep our wits about us. We need to be circumspect, judicious in planning, and disciplined in response. We need to make sure that the chronicaling of this real-time, unfolding history is ongoing and as accurate as possible. This serves intelligence, strategic and moral ends. We need to publicize and communicate, as much as is possible in a progressively repressive environment, our ideas and analyses. We need to be objective learners. And lastly, we need to exercise peaceful political and legal challenges as agressively as possible regardless of likely, prima facie, outcomes in individual battles. No discouragement over lost battles as we continue to press for the final prize. “Do it (that is, fight) because it is right,” and do it tactically because such conflicts tie them and depletes their resources and spirit. Such a strategy also reveals the players and their game. Relentless, defensive fighting also forces the opponent into indefensible postures and less advantaged “battle terrain.” WE have to start demanding recognition as an oppressed and targetted class. WE have to start demanding, and challenging in court, official recognition of the wrongs being done to us. WE have to be completely unyielding in countering the defamatory lies about us. We need to erect a thousand small statues for every large one they tear down. This posture is unpleasant to White Europeans because it feels weak. But claiming repression by a tyrant is not an admission of some sort of pathetic victimhood or passivity. Far from it. In the mobbing literature, it is common to assert that the afflicted parties are “targets,” not “victims.” Indeed, in the exemplary casesit is the targets who, against all odds and forced isolation, fight a heroic and strategic effort against more powerful organizations of corrupt, incompetent and cowardly forces. In classical cases in animal behavior, the mobbing species comprises smaller, weaker individuals that have ganged up against an individual of a species that–represented as individual organisms–is a much stronger and able organism. Thus, there is no shame in recognizing when the Lilliputians have tied down a giant. This is also a plea that White Europeans begin to think cooperatively and collectively as a willed tactic and for a particular task within the overall strategy. The fear that this is an admission of the “superiority of collectivism, or Marxism, or the wealfare state, or whatever Left-leaning principle one most detests,” is unfounded. In fact, to not recognize when to group for a strategic moment of campaign is to divest oneself of one’s ability to act as a united force. Why do that? To foreswear and renounce unified action out of fear of being called a “collectivist” is to internalize the self-defeating attitude that the enemy would prefer that you have. You participate in being made truly weak. White Europeans needs to recognize the principle of strategically-will integration, balancing and selective application of both poles, the pole representing individual development, performance and prerogatives as well as the pole representing unified force, cooperativity and esprit de corps. With peaceful, but very self-confident and persevering character, we must fight back. Remember the homosexuals with their “loud and proud” strategy? Remember the feminists with their strategy of “making the personal political?” Did you notice how well the Left has implemented the teachings of Sun Tzu and Sail Alinsky in capturing all–and I mean “all”–of the institutions that we took millenia to build? As I have described above, fight back now! Organize now! This is a war that they have chosen and it is a war that we must finish victoriously and with enduring decisiveness. This war cannot be waged by proxies griping about their own potential allies and it cannot be waged from the comfort of a couch.

    • Karlfried
      Karlfried says:

      David Edward Schmitt, you offer a clear plan.
      From my own experience: I started do speak clearly at the age of 25 {roughly 40 years ago} when I thought that I was grown up and that the (maybe) exaggerations of the youth age are over.
      From there on I have never run against obstacles and I never did go one step back: In most cases the other one will shut up and go away, because they all know, that our goal: ***To live a decent life as Germans in Germany and to preserve Germany as the land for the Germans***is the foremost morally right thing.
      All those who are against that plan or who will put other things as more important than our own life and that of our own children, all these are not good people, but they are killers of our own folk.

      Over time I learned how to speak with the best results. Usually we should come to the point within a few seconds. Seldom the other one has the nerve to listen to that simple truth.
      So we have time only for one or two short sentences before the end of the conversation will come. And then it is better that the end of the conversation comes from our side, in this way we are the ones who control the situation.

  3. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    The article boils down to that the German people are forced to pay for the continued policies which are in the interests of all other people, just not themselves. In fact, the policies are all intended to result in the destruction of the German people.

    Same things being done to us in every White nation. Same people behind it in every country.

    • Jacobite
      Jacobite says:

      The German People had been marked for extinction at least since 1918 (after the Tsar was murdered). The Jews publicly declared open war on Germany in 1933. The results were quite serious for the German people. We could start with the ‘Hindenburg’ disaster — caused by exploding hydrogen, which Germany had to use in its dirigibles because the US refused to sell them helium. Yes, it always does go back to ‘them’.

  4. George F. Held
    George F. Held says:

    “Germany was defeated mainly thru the monetary wealth of the USA.”
    “Monetary wealth”? Yes, combined with enormous foolishness.

  5. Karl
    Karl says:

    A major mistake by Germany was the importation of millions of Turks beginning in the 1950s.

    Mr. Erdogan, Turkey’s president, publicly announced to Turks in Europe that they should NOT assimilate.

    See here please:

    Germany’s continuing strong relations with Turkey for no apparent reason do not provide much hope that this particular immigration problem will find a solution.

    • JM
      JM says:

      I was surprised on a visit to Austria to read and hear Erdogan’s brazen speeches in Wien during one of his visits; he demanded of Turks that they not assimilate at all, instead work to establish their own religion/culture and bring more Turks into Austria – I didn’t expect barely disguised ill will towards a country that, like Germany, gives Turks employment and treats them very well. A Turkish acquaintance of mine at the time, thinking I might be considering a move to Austria, tried to discourage me – she didn’t want European Americans to come there!

      Given the growing numbers of third-world populations and the invasions of western countries, white gentiles are too civilized to live as minorities in their own lands – they can be replaced and so they are being replaced?

      • ChilledBee
        ChilledBee says:

        “white gentiles are too civilized” Therein lies the rub.

        Mathew 5:
        “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well”

        “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”

    • Carlos
      Carlos says:

      I agree it’s too late to salvage Germany. About 5 million Turks live in Germany. The speed how Muslims procreate while Germans refuse to have children makes Germany’s future clear: Frankfurt will become Frankara while Munich will become Muhammed. The situation explains why Germany dilutes any EU condemnation of Erdogan’s Turkey no matter the crimes of Turkey’s little Hitler.

    • Karlfried
      Karlfried says:

      The Turks are here in Germany by the millions. There is no specific problem with them exept the large number. The Turks have several positive traits: many of them have a German passport, but nonetheless they do not pretend to be Germans.

  6. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    The USA filled Germany with Turks because the USA wanted Turkey in NATO (Nasty American Terrorist Organisation).
    The stupidity of the US State Dept. surpasseth Man’s understanding.
    I once tutored the grandchildren of an Indian Prince whose youngest son was a friend of a well known financier whose son married the daughter of a well known banker who was a friend of a family which was a friend of my family ( I think you have guessed who we are already). My side of the family were disowned for being communists.
    The Prince visited Germany in the mid 30’s. He said he had visited almost every country on Earth and Hitler’s Germany was the most happy, clean and well run country he had ever visited. Every one was enjoying life. After Germany he came to the UK with all its unemployment and misery.
    Although descended from one of Alexander the Great’s generals he was dark skinned but was treated with politeness by all the Germans.
    They would often stop him and ask him about India.
    My eldest Great Aunt married the son of one of the owners of the Bank of England, which I was told, funded Lenin, and perhaps Stalin who also lived in London. It is common knowledge that Trotsky was funded by Wall St.
    Whilst a student I knew a girl who shared a flat with a friend of the family of the PM. The latter asked the PM what he thought of the gutter. My side of the family had only been in it for 3 generations whereas his family had always lived in it. I asked if the Queen finds it a strain to talk to the trash from Parliament once a week. I never received any replies.
    My family contacted me by means of a useful peasant who told me that my exile to Brazil was being considered. I was told that the PM was useful to the bankers whereas I would never be useful to anybody.
    The bankers sent KE8 into exile so I took the oath, joined the reserve and never heard about exile again.
    I was expelled from the reserve for training my unit to sing The Horst Wessel lied on route marches.
    I changed “Kamraden die rotfront und reaktion erschossen…” to
    “Kamraden die NATO und USA erschossen, marchiren im geist in unser reihen mit”

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