The Working-Class Future of the GOP

AXIOS article by Mike Allen, Jim VandeHei:

Republicans, long reliant on big business and the rich, see a post-Trump future centered on working class white, Hispanic and Black voters, top GOP officials tell Axios.

Why it matters: This is a substantial shift, born of necessity and the post-Trump reality. It would push Republicans further away from the interests of corporate America and traditional conservative ideas like entitlement reform.

Top Republican officials tell Axios that if the party is going to survive, it needs to copy Donald Trump’s fixation on blue-collar voters in 2016 and working-class and minority voters in 2020 — and ditch, or at least downplay, allegiance to big business.

  • So instead of Republican leaders talking about reforming Medicare or Social Security, you’ll hear them talking about protecting entitlements.
  • Instead of corporate tax cuts, job “stability” will be a campaign theme for House Republicans as they try to win the majority in next year’s midterms.

What’s happening: Numerous corporations are cutting off money to a big chunk of Republicans who refused to certify the Joe Biden victory.

  • At the same time, Trump showed Republicans how to invigorate not just working-class whites, but also some Hispanic and Black voters, especially men.

The big picture: Recent polling shows Republican voters no longer coalesce around tax cuts and entitlement reforms.

  • Instead, there’s a substantial divide — and many signs their future might rest in protecting traditional workers and traditional values.

  • In a YouGov poll of 1,000 Trump 2020 voters for AEI, 42% described themselves as working class — about the same share as evangelical Christians. …

Basically, this is what had to happen when the rich become disproportionately Jewish and educated middle- and upper-middle-class Whites became infected with leftist, anti-White ideology and became convinced that wokeness was a moral imperative. Jews — including the many former neocons who jumped ship because of Trump hate — are on the left and the financial and intellectual backbone of the Democratic Party. The Dems are now the party of the billionaires, the media, and the academic establishment. They have no emotional ties to traditional America or even the Chamber-of-Commerce, Kiwanis-Club, small-business folks who used to made up most GOP voters. They do not resonate to the White working class whom they see as retrograde, outsourceable rubes. I seriously believe that they are aiming for an American police state in which dissident voices are silenced — even mainstream conservative outlets like Fox News — and the oligarchs have complete control.

Such an America would continue to have the trappings of democracy, and the flag won’t change (except there will be two more stars for DC and Puerto Rico). But it would be a one-party system like California and New York — already on the horizon when Texas turns blue. The 2016 election proved to them that the uniparty concept of Jeb Bushes or Mitt Romney versus Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden was vulnerable to populist, implicitly White messages. It cannot happen again. Hence their complete meltdown at the prospect that Trump could possibly run again. And hence the need to bury him with another bullshit impeachment whose only purpose at this point is to throw yet more mud on him in the hopes that his name is so tarnished that he couldn’t possibly win.

For White identitarians, a multiracial working class party is far from ideal, but at this point, an ethnically diverse working-class coalition is likely the only way for the GOP to realistically gain power in national elections. And apart from a serious secession movement from a coalition of red states — which could happen as the political climate continues to deteriorate — it would seem to be the best option for White identitarians. The fact is that wokeism has made educated middle- and upper-middle-class Whites willing agents in their own destruction. They are hopelessly caught up in the media-induced frenzy of White guilt and I don’t see most of them waking up until it’s far too late. And a very substantial percentage of them will be happy to see their own prospects and the prospects of their children and grandchildren compromised if only they can feel morally and intellectually superior, and in tune with the editorial page of the New York Times—the phenomenon of altruistic punishment that is so characteristic of Western (and only Western) societies.

And who knows? Maybe something good can come of this. It’s certainly in the interests of the entire working class to end immigration and deport illegals. Trump did quite well among non-Whites, and one of his big talking points was to trumpeting how non-White and female employment were at all-time highs (ignoring White males, of course). So it’s a realistic scenario to think it could happen. Class politics replacing identity politics for non-Whites. Of course, that would be an uphill struggle because the vast majority of political leaders and their funding comes from the identity-politics left.

In the long run, forcing wokeism to lose political power along with a reassertion of traditional values would have huge payoffs even without dislodging the left from cultural power in the media and universities — a much more difficult task. It could certainly use federal power to tone down Critical Race Theory in the federal government (Biden immediately rescinded Trump’s executive order prohibiting teaching it to federal employees) and the K-12 educational system. If a populist-platform GOP won the 2022 and 2024, wokedom would be apoplectic and likely intensify the guilt-tripping of Whites. Anti-White hatred would be more obvious than it already is, and propaganda in the media and the schools would be intensified. This is already turning off a great many Whites. Driving around the  other day I heard a woman caller on Rush saying that White people were now being discriminated against because of the color of their skin and that she was being asked by her school to agree to the idea that there is White privilege and that there is systemic White racism. Imagine the uproar if she refused. But such a situation will certainly lead to White people identifying more strongly as White and realizing that the prospects for them and their children are increasingly diminished.

Of course, a working-class coalition would be intensely opposed by cultural elites and their billionaire backers. Their prospects depend entirely on their imported electorate and they would view substantial defections as a disaster. Which is why the anti-White propaganda is accompanied by messages of identity politics for non-Whites. And a big part of the message is that the Democrats are the party of non-Whites and the Republicans are the party of White supremacists.

As noted repeatedly here, our post-1965 elite is a Hostile Elite — hostile to the traditional White, Christian people and culture of America. A working class movement centered around traditional values and opposition to immigration would almost certainly have overtones of anti-Semitism. At this point, calling someone a globalist or mentioning the influence of George Soros is often considered coded anti-Semitism, even though the politicians who lead it would never come out and be explicit about the ethnic identifications and ethnic attitudes of the people who oppose them.

Such a coalition would be a “baby steps” way of achieving White interests. I am certainly not ruling out cataclysmic possibilities like large-scale secession or even civil war, but I’m not at all sure enough Americans have an appetite for such scenarios. Once a working-class coalition dominated by Whites got in power much good could happen in addition to ending immigration: purging the federal bureaucracy, forcing social media companies to allow dissident opinions, carving out and legitimating secession scenarios, and even contemplate enacting some of the police-state measures being pursued by the left to achieve permanent power.

What’s obvious is that the present situation is extremely volatile. Trump was the most disruptive force encountered by the uniparty establishment in its history. The left realizes that they can’t let it happen again and their answer is to inaugurate a police state. Any way forward that disrupts this must be seriously considered.

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  1. jb
    jb says:

    you’d have to be a complete moron to vote GOP (or bother voting at all) after this

    anybody who buys into a ‘new gop’ is retarded.
    theyre the enemy. all they did, or do, is hold us still while institutionalized jewish power marches on its merry way unhindered

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      White people have zero business voting for the GOP. I couldn’t care less what their “new message” is. They’re another brand of zionism offers nothing to Euro Americans except bullshit.

      We are essentially free agents and we’d be fools to sign with team GOP.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Excellent observation. Who cares about the GOP? Only a moron will do it (having said that there are millions of them, they are called “Trumptards”). The whole article is a waste of time trying to sell the idea of a “new” GOP that could serve the interests of White Americans. I call that “wishful thinking”.

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      Stupid beyond belief. I recognize that, though do not fully comprehend why, America’s political system is virtually rigged towards duopoly. [I once had this explained to me, but have alas since forgotten the argument; but it was plausible at the time.] Only someone super-rich and charismatic (like a more competent version of Trump) could just possibly achieve a third party breakthrough, whereby masses of down-ballot Republicans (and it would have to be Republicans, at least for our purposes – though the same could happen on the Left via an AOC, if heavily bankrolled) very rapidly switched to the, say, America First Party, thereby making it into the new second half of the duopoly (with the GOP rapidly sinking into oblivion).

      Barring that option, or an even more idiotic abjuration of the political realm altogether (which is like saying you won’t fight when someone is punching or stabbing you, and will have a similar outcome), the GOP remains our only choice. The great mass of both conservatives and white Americans patriots are Republicans – and the racio-ideological binary between the two parties is intensifying. Why would you give that up, when nationalists are more powerful within the party than ever before (at least since the 1920s)? The task is simply to continue what Trump very ineffectually and tepidly started, which is a nationalist takeover of the party. Anything less is white America’s suicide. Passivity is no longer an option.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Good luck with your support to the JOP (Jewish Old Party)

        You don’t get it, don’t you?

        You obviously believe you can vote your way out of this mess! LOL

        H.L.Mencken was right: “Nobody ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American people” LOL

        • Leon Haller
          Leon Haller says:

          Please. There is indeed an obvious IQ difference between us. That said, I have never thought (since Pat Buchanan’s lack of political traction in the 90s) that voting will save us. But I know that voting is necessary to buy time for the ongoing redpilling of Americans.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        In an effort to be brief, let me just say that, Instead of holding your (apparently blueblood) nose in the air (no doubt with lips pursed) when speaking of the former president, you should get down on your knees and thank him for the gigantic accomplishments of the last 5 years. By having the balls and willingness to sacrifice his great life to enter the ring for the sole purpose of “saving America,” (not for vanity), he pulled America back from the brink (of Hillary), and because he was ‘relatable’ to average White working class Americans, they fell in behind him. That is certainly something you cannot do, Leon (nor can Chris or Angelicus or KMac), but it is requirement for a genuine political movement.

        To suggest that any of this success was “in spite of” Donald Trump instead of “by or because of” Donald Trump, is the height of snobbery and false self-regard. And THAT is the main defect of White Nationalists such as yourselves. You think you have to be “better than.”

        Adolf Hitler knew any politician needed to have the support of the masses to justify his authority to lead the country. He campaigned in an electoral system too. But it doesn’t matter what the system is, what matters is that there are sufficient dedicated people behind you. YOUR ideal leader would never get that because, like you, he would be serving a small group. Get off your intellectual high horses and realize that Trump is the one who has gained this following right here and now, and that is the reason the whole Establishment world of “Politics as Usual” or Swamp conspired to take him out in our past election.

        The better stance is to get 100% behind Trump and whatever he puts together in the next two years, because it’s the only way open to extricate our country from this Biden-Bolshevik-Hell that’s trying to establish itself in the USA.

        • Leon Haller
          Leon Haller says:

          I voted for Trump 3 times. The first two times I did so despite grave reservations. I did not like Trump’s lack of seriousness, and I knew he was doing this (at first anyway, before he won the GOP nomination) simply to build up his name, which was also his “brand”. I was frightened that Trump’s utter unintellectuality (and worse – unlike Reagan, his seeming genuine lack of interest in pursuing knowledge of what he did not really understand) would end up harming the nationalist cause. I am not sure that has happened, but perhaps it has. Time will tell. Trump certainly did not make the noble cause of immigration termination or reduction, for which I have been fighting since the 1970s, any more popular or even understood among the masses. His endless self-contradiction was infuriating (“We’re going to build a great big wall {note: which he never did, despite having both houses of Congress under GOP control for two years} .. and then we’re going to put a huge door in the wall, so all these people can come here legally” … WTF???). He in fact accomplished very little for the cause of white justice or preservation (or even just long term mainstream conservative victory). What did Trump accomplish that, frankly, Jeb Bush would not have done? His tariffs were utterly wrongheaded; he should simply have at least proposed further lowering domestic business taxes in exchange for putting higher taxes on overseas corporate income. Trump never really tried to tackle reducing legal immigration, or reconfiguring it away from “family reunification” towards a “skills-based” approach (which would eventually result in much lower – as well as better – immigration, if we have to keep having any at all). He did not try to bust up the monopolies associated with Big Tech – why not? Minority supremacists and their white traitor allies have used anti-monopoly legislation for a century to destroy old Majority-owned centers of corporate power.

          The list is endless. Did Trump push for national independence for Puerto Rico and “American” Samoa? Did Trump work to bring home all US troops from Europe (where they are a force for evil used to intimidate indigenous nationalist movements, similar to the Soviet forces sprinkled throughout the Warsaw Pact)? Did Trump take advantage of Turkey’s lurch into Islamism to try to shut down the old Cold War US bases there – and then work to kick Turkey out of NATO altogether? Did Trump even try to defund the Marxist universities, or kill some of the overclass Deep State by means of trying to abolish any Cabinet Depts?

          Note: I am only referring to Trump’s utter lack of accomplishments in areas of specific white American interest. I could go on for days on this topic.

          The last straw for me was NOT the Jan 6 Capitol riot, for which I think Trump was wholly innocent (and frankly, I couldn’t care much about a bunch of overwrought patriots – with antifa infiltrator ‘assists’ – putting the fright on the corrupt politicians anyway). Nor was it Trump’s legal challenges to the election, which may well have been stolen from him, and certainly demanded thorough judicial investigation. Everyone in the judiciary, from the Supreme Court on down, was disgraceful.

          No, the LAST straw wrt Trump for me was Trump’s behavior AFTER SCOTUS declined to hear the election challenges (I believe that was in the middle of December). Up to then I was with Trump. But at that precise moment I said to all my family and acquaintances that it was time for Trump to STFU about himself; accept that even if the election had been stolen, there was NOTHING at that point he could do about it; and that all his energies should be shifted to winning those two crucial Senate runoffs in Georgia (and to ensure the electoral integrity of those races). But Trump blew it. He kept annoying people with his refusal to, if not concede, at least say the election was stolen, but now was the time to unite to stop the Democrats from controlling all Washington. Trump lost Georgia -and thus the Senate and maybe the future. Trump showed what he was at that point. He petulantly put himself ahead of party and country. That – not the Capitol riot – was what was inexcusable in Trump, what showed his real character.

          I don’t think Trump could win again. But I will not vote for him regardless (I mean in the GOP primary; I’ll reluctantly vote for him in ’24 if he is the nominee, but I am certain he would lose big time). It’s time to move on. GOP has some good Senators and Governors; Trumpian in outlook, but without his character flaws.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Thanks for this reply, Leon. It reveals why you are so out of touch, without a clue. Such as:

            “Trump’s utter unintellectuality (and worse – unlike Reagan, his seeming genuine lack of interest in pursuing knowledge of what he did not really understand) … (perhaps) harming the nationalist cause.”

            It comes to mind that the most “intellectual” of our presidents have been some of the worst. Woodrow Wilson with his great Doctrine of “making the world safe for Democracy.” Richard Nixon and the China initiative, led by Henry Kissinger. It also seems you’d like someone just like yourself. Does the rest of America want “Leon Haller” as their president? I’m sure not.

            (“We’re going to build a great big wall {note: which he never did, despite having both houses of Congress under GOP control for two years} ..”

            GOP control doesn’t mean Trump just walks his own program through. Who did he have to work with as Congressional leaders? Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Trump was an outsider with no experience in Congress. Pence did have it, but maybe was too identical in manner to Ryan and McConnell. But Trump eventually found a way to build the wall. And forced agreements with Mexico and Central American governments that stopped the caravans and ended catch and release.

            “I have been fighting since the 1970s for immigration termination or reduction.” I guess you’re not very successful at it, after 50 years! Nor was any other Republican (Reagan was a disaster) yet you fault Trump over and above all others.

            “What did Trump accomplish that, frankly, Jeb Bush would not have done?” Incredible! You mention only a couple of examples there, but forget this big one: Trump brought his statuesque almost 6 foot tall, model wife in as First Lady for America, whereas Jeb had the total embarrassment of a 4 ft. midget. That in itself we can be grateful for.

            You then say you could go on for days on the topic of Trump’s utter lack of accomplishments in areas of “specific white American interest.” But the cherry-picked examples you give are not of vital interest or, for the most part, promised by Trump. Plus, you say that none of this is the actual cause of your dislike for him. So why enumerate it all?? You say it’s all about Georgia, and the loss of the two Senate seats which you blame on him – even though he held big rallies twice for those two and urged the importance of their winning. Everyone understood that. But the truth is, they were not very good candidates, either one of them. Can you dispute that? Kelly Loeffler had never previously been elected, only appointed. She is already forgotten. David Perdue is a huge bore. The state of Georgia is a mess, as is the Republican Party. Most everyone is in agreement that the only person who can fix that is Donald Trump!

            Not Leon Haller.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Are you the Caroline Yeager that runs that great website humanising Hitler? Your family name was the German Jager/Hunter, but was changed at Ellis Island or something?
          If it is, that is a beautiful thing you do. I haven’t been there for a while, but the folks who read this website really should pay it a visit.

          The thing about the Left is, every single idea they’ve ever ran with, no matter how insane, stupid or repellent they are to us, they always have at their core a tiny little bit of truth, quite often allot of truth.
          In my opinion, this follows the same principle as the one at work when it becomes extremely dangerous for a fool to have a little bit of knowledge.

          Likewise, although we all remember how the Left treated George W Bush as a Nazi monster, and older folks can remember the exact same process with Reagan and Nixon, is it really all THAT different with Trump?

          Yes, it is. Why? Because the Left, who’s brains’ are programmed by ‘the media’, or Jews, to not speak in metaphors, are 100% correct to pick up on the Adolph Hitler vibe that Trump embodied.

          As much as this era we are living through is the worst ever faced by whites, worse even than post WWI hyper-inflationary Germany(that was just an economic assault, we are living through a full spectrum attack), with the exceptions of the deliberate starvation of the Ukrainian Christians by the Jews, or the Hellstorm inflicted on the Germans by the allies after WWII. But the road we are on, the masters we groan under, that is absolutely our future.

          I personally never imagined I’d see in my lifetime anything remotely resembling the Hitler phenomenon, something I’ve been fascinated by since I was at school.
          But the sheer LOVE that the common people of America display towards Donald Trump is in my(admittedly very amateur) view, EXACTLY what the German volk showed for Hitler.

          THIS is why they fear him so.

          So much is different now from then, but isn’t it fascinating how similar the two phenomena are, 80 years apart? The Trump rallies, the way they line the roads for Trump, is this not the exact same vibe the beautiful, decent, hardworking & Godly masses of Germany showed for their leader?

          If anyone knows of any other politician, anywhere, who inspired a similar thing, I’d be glad to hear of it.

          • TJ
            TJ says:

            “Are you the Caroline Yeager.” . .actually Carolyn. Her name is spelled three comments above. This making up of spellings actually makes me physically ill. TOO is supposed to be a refuge from the unconscious masses.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Thank you, Emicho. I hope Leon Haller reads what you wrote (I’m sure he will) because you point out his lack of political understanding in the face of his own belief that he is exceptionally wise. You said, “it becomes extremely dangerous for a fool to have a little bit of knowledge.” I’ll quote a well-known passage from the Gospel of Mathew (7:3-4, Lamsa translation) that also applies:

            “Why do you see the splinter which is in your brother’s eye, and do not feel the beam which is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, let me take out the splinter from your eye, and behold there is a cross beam in your own eye?”

            Leon sees himself as a wise man; he uses many words and even notes “an IQ difference” between himself and some others here. But he misses the most obvious – that which comes from the Heart. The Heart recognizes what is good – there is a direct line between the two. Just as the Palestinian people recognized the truthful teacher in Jesus and followed him — lined his path — so also did the German people with Adolf Hitler. And as you so beautifully noticed, the same is happening now with Donald Trump. All three men were maligned, ridiculed and feared by the same group – the ruling Elite. It doesn’t matter that each man had a different relationship with the Jews – the Jews hated them all equally. I recognize it, even though I’ll never explain it to the satisfaction of a doubter who will bring up every sort of superficial argument, as does Leon Haller.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            February 17, 2021 at 6:20 pm
            “Are you the Caroline Yeager.” . .actually Carolyn. Her name is spelled three comments above. This making up of spellings actually makes me physically ill. TOO is supposed to be a refuge from the unconscious masses.”

            Wow, that’s amazing. Admitting that spelling mistakes make you “physically ill” is the most embarrassingly pathetic, beta-male thing I’ve ever seen admitted on the internet. Truly, you are a ‘man’ without a trace of self respect. But I salute your honesty!
            To make this even funnier, it IS the marvellous, talented woman I mentioned. It’s almost like fate just decided you should be humiliated! Oh well, perhaps treat this as a learning experience, and at least try and keep your natural faggotness to yourself.
            This site is absolutely the place for the “unconscious masses”, because if your brains matched your femininity, you’d understand the idea is to wake the masses out of their unconscious slumber.
            *Caroline* Yeager is more of a man than you will ever be. Seems like you are in the wrong place. Beta-males like yourself are a worse curse on our people than than the damn Jews!

  2. Jane Wilson
    Jane Wilson says:

    I don’t think the GOP has the brains to save itself. They lack the will.
    The jews have paid off the Republican party to roll over and throw the fight.
    The GOP no longer serves anybody but the jews. Our people have no representation at all.
    The GOP will try to pander to blacks and mexicans and trannies and the GOP will continue to lose.
    Given that the left is willing to cheat and even kill to win, there is no hope at all for the GOP.
    Adding two states, packing the court, importing voters, rigging elections……the left has total control now
    and will continue to have total control from now on. Since there are no political solutions, the only way for whites
    to survive is revolution or secession.
    The other very real possibility is white genocide.

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      If the GOP became a working-class party, it would not be the pre-Trump GOP. Populist appeals are not going away. Dems are the party of big business, the media and the cultural left–all anti-White. There will be no successful secession movements without populist power on the right.

      • Marge Schott
        Marge Schott says:

        I think you are probably the biggest brain on the right.
        However….I have zero faith in the GOP because they do what the jewish donors
        tell them to do. Votes don’t matter. Votes surely do not matter when the jews can
        utilize millions of mail in ballots without signature verification and rig voting machines to give
        their guy a 3% lead.
        I happen to believe that Sidney Powell was telling the truth regarding Hammer and Scorecard and CIA/DOD manipulation of elections.
        I also believe the Revolver expose on Eisen and the color revolution agenda that ties in directly with rigging elections.
        Hell, Tome Magazine just came out with an article where the jews are bragging about stealing the election! They did it for our own good!

        What will those nice jews think of next?

        No Kevin….I think that legitimate politics is over now. Oh, things will go on….we will see a shitshow charade of pretend campaigns and bullshit speeches and kabuki theater….but the jews are not going to allow a white positive figure to gain influence.

        I don’t think there are any political solutions because the jews have completely hijacked the political system.

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          What did Marge Schott say?

          In an interview on ESPN on last Sunday, Schott said of Adolf Hitler that “everybody knows he was good at the beginning, but he just went too far.” Those are the exact words she used back in 1993 when she was fined $25,000 and suspended from baseball for one year for slurs against blacks, Jews and Asians.May 12, 1996

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        “. . .There will be no successful secession movements without populist power. . .” KM

        Power to the People by John Lenin, er Lennon.

        I don’t know if anyone will see this but I came here to listen again after Bernie Sanders played this song during one of his speeches. I personally think John Lennon would have adored him. I have no idea but that’s what I think.

      • 12AX7
        12AX7 says:

        The GOP is also the party of big business or at least business oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson or whomever replaces him. The Republican Party serves as the ‘controlled opposition’ in the system, nothing more. As far as minority outreach goes, that sounds like the perennial search for the black vote or “natural conservative” Hispanics that the Republicans have talked about since Reagan, all to no avail. Trump did better with blacks/Mexicans than other Republicans but he lost enough White votes that combined with cheating, cost him the election. There simply aren’t enough Republican minority votes to matter, their natural home is the Democrat Party thus the opening of the borders to the hideous wogs.

        The current system is both unsustainable and irreformable at the same time thus it must fail catastrophically. This failure will be cascading across finance, military and political, feeding upon itself. From this wreckage perhaps a White ethno-state can be salvaged but it won’t have a Republican Party in it if it’s to be successful.

        • Carl
          Carl says:

          The Left controls most of the mainstream media.

          Of the remaining media which are conservative to one degree or another, they won’t discuss the Black and Jewish problems.

          I’m not saying conservative media have to be against such people. I am justy saying they have to DISCUSS it honestly.

          Black crime, incessant Black demands, and Jewish power should be valid subjects for discussion.

          Meanwhile, conservatives are also giving the highly destructive LGBTQI agenda a pass.

  3. Karen
    Karen says:

    Personally, I feel we are past the point of fixing anything in the U.S. through political strategies. That being said, the Republican party is dead to me and most other right of center Americans. You have three choices:
    1.) Stand your ground, fight, and get mowed down
    2.)Take a knee, sell out, and become a part of the globalist beast system
    3.) Leave the U.S.
    I’m taking the third option. Do it while you can.

    • Will W Williams
      Will W Williams says:

      Don’t leave the U.S., Karen. Leave that sick city where you leave, yes, but relocate to an all-White community of like-minded folks where we will stand our ground together, on our terms, not theirs. You won’t be mowed down.
      There are acceptable degrees of White flight; we can’t keep running away from our problems forever. You are a fighter, not a flighter.

    • PrinceHallWroteTheUSConstitution
      PrinceHallWroteTheUSConstitution says:

      May I ask, where are the GOOD PEOPLE going? Where is there a Libertarian environment that WE can be a part of a beautiful future, that WE, THE DESCENT PEOPLE, can enjoy LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS?

      • Will W Williams
        Will W Williams says:

        You’re looking for that shining Emerald City, Prince. Just follow the Yellow Brick Road. Please report back once you find it.

        Libertarians are unresistant dreamers. Tucker Carlson, arguably their most prominent voice these days, tells his fans every night  that he’s the “sworn enemy of group think (read: collectivism).”

        Our White race is a group, a still very large, unique group that most who are reading these words believe is most worthy of preservation AS A GROUP. We should be thinking as a group toward that end.
        Organized Jewry certainly thinks as a group. So do La Raza and Black Lives Matter think as groups. In  America all, including the multiracial LQBT group — even deracinated White Christian groups — form a majority coalition that is opposed to our White group-thinking and acting as a group for our exclusive, collective interests.
        They like to call our natural inclination to associate only with our own as “extreme,” or worse: White supremacy or even domestic terrorism — even “Nazism,” though those group-thinking anti-Marxist German National-Socialists were vanquished by the Democrat/Bolshevist coalition more than 75 years ago. That’s stupid of them. We racially loyal Whites need not be defensive when called stupid names.

        Tucker, you get over there with that coalition of anti-White group-thinkers and leave us White loyalists to think and plan our way out of the libmin mess together, thanks. We’ll leave the door cracked for you and your beautiful family when you become more intelligent, get that group think nonsense out of your neck, and are forced to chose sides.

  4. JM/Iowa
    JM/Iowa says:

    So, “join the GOP to disrupt the coming police state.”

    We Whites have lost our country, and are now target #1 for elimination or abject slavery…and you want us to join our enemies and play their (losing for Whites) political games?

    No, thanks. If that’s the best you can offer, then I’ll go with the National Alliance’s community building plans instead.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Excellent words. The National Alliance is the only decent pro-White organization in the USA. It does not matter it has zero possibilities within the Jewish electoral system. They deserve our full support. This article is a waste of time and space.

      • Will W Williams
        Will W Williams says:

        Let us make one thing clear, or two: the National Alliance is not “identitarian” nor does it recognize the trendy term “wokeism.” As strict racial separatists determined to preserve our race above all else, we advocate necessary, complete geographical separation of Whites from non-Whites — not secession of racially diverse red states from the more racially diverse blue ones.

        Building autonomous Cosmotheist communities of like-minded Whites, like JM/Iowa prefers, is the Alliance’s preferred model. Those Whites who are not interested in our Alliance model should join with the identitarians to try and reform the moribund GOP to make it represent White interests — which will never happen — or join with the “woke” crowd who prefer more half-measures to slow our planned replacement, to strict racial separation.

        Angelicus, you should join our Alliance, if not as a member, then as an official supporter. It’s easy:

        • Angelicus
          Angelicus says:

          Dear Mr Williams. I would have joined the National Alliance a long time ago if I lived in the US, that is not the case. At the moment I can’t do anything as our government as put a clamp on any transaction in US currency. Also as I lost my job the banks refused to give me a credit card because I do not have “a reasonable income”. Anyway, I manage for the moment and I am happy to spread the word of the National Alliance. All the best to you and the people from the National Alliance.

  5. Karl
    Karl says:

    Thw new GOP Congresswoman from Georgia, Marjorie Greene, is someone to be supported.

    She is brave and unafraid of the Left and its well-known allies.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      She might be the best American politician. She had the balls to mention Saddam Hitler and the farce of WMD. Let’s hope that she’s very diplomatic. Otherwise, she won’t last. In addition to the Z factor, is the ass-kissing factor, the opportunist and the IQ reality of those who can see islands tipping over and the rhetoric of Maxine. Thank you for mentioning her.

  6. Barnes Noble
    Barnes Noble says:

    Thing is, yes the GOP will do re-branding. So their lies will change and they will continue
    to do nothing for whites while continuing to serve organized jewry.
    It will just be more of the same except the quality of life for white people
    is going to plummet into the favela hell the jews have constructed for us.

  7. Rubin
    Rubin says:

    I count myself as a skeptic of the GOP as well. If the GOP aggressively pursues pro or even anti-anti-white policies it’s one thing, but such offers should only be be considered if they’re concrete and immediate.The second a Republican reneges on anything, he must be turned against. No excuses. In my opinion, if some sort of white identitarian or pro-white movement forms, it should be non-partisan, and not even tied to conservatism in general.

  8. Ferdinand Belloc
    Ferdinand Belloc says:

    I would never advocate violence but it’s obvious that violence works.
    The left (organized jewry) used BLM/Antifa to engineer the color revolution that removed Trump and installed the Biden regime.
    The SC, local courts, governors, the Congress, the Senate, all fear the violence of the jewish left and make decisions based
    on this fear.
    Fear is the only tool of a government that rules without consent of the people.
    Increasingly, whites will be controlled by intimidation and the threat of violence.
    Of course, this tyranny mocks the very soul of America and everything the Founding Fathers risked their lives to achieve.

  9. Floda
    Floda says:

    As long as you have the CIA and God-knows-who-else, able to peer into your voting machines in Italy, Spain and Frankfurt Germany and then are able to shift Votes away from or towards certain candidates, there is NO POINT in even dreaming about a fair and free vote in any US Election. To quote JFK, ‘They have made a peaceful revolution impossible’ and we all know what that means. They worked out years ago the simplest way to control the 200 Million, educatable wealth producing White Americans is to slip a hundred million or more low IQ brown persons into the country and give them the vote! Exactly what happened, then along comes Trump who not only understands this but comes out in the open and exposes it as the scam it was and builds a wall as millions of Whites are jumping up and down cheering him him on. He had to go, so in the most brazen fraud in all history, a rigged vote count, they install a nearly dead man in his place. How on Earth can anyone ever dream a future US election could be fair and 100% kosher?

    • Martin Lather
      Martin Lather says:

      I agree that elections are defunct now that we KNOW they are fraudulent. Big mistake on the part of the jews as the election process gave the illusion of choice and helped to control the populace. Since they screwed that up now they have to use force.
      This was very stupid on their part. It’s going to be much harder for them now and they will have to use harsh methods to keep a lid on whites.
      The only solution for whites is to remove jews from positions of power.
      The political parties are the sole property of organized jewry.
      Whites will never get anything from either “side” because jews fund and control both sides
      with money and media propaganda.
      If people ask you why you say, “It’s the jews,” tell them, “Because it IS the jews!”

  10. tadzio
    tadzio says:

    Self quote from a week ago: Divide et impera. The GOP tries to please disparate ethnicities. A better tactic is throw one under the bus. Donkey large voter numbers come from Negroes and Hispanics. They hate each other. Exploit that hatred.

    The Negro is the harder nut to crack being more corrupt and less capable of being assimilated. In any case it has increasingly fewer in numbers than Hispanics. In the heart of most Hispanics is the belief that he can pass and with a good marriage become in effect White through his children and grandchildren. There should be an emphasis on Negro criminality against not just Whites, but against Hispanics. Pound away at it.

    Politics is no place for idealism. You take votes where they are available. There is a deep divide within the voters of the Democrat party. Aggravate it.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Further anent the article linked to by Al, this sentence in it struck a familiar chord:

            After correctly identifying the sources of corruption in our elite, the reasons for the impoverishment of the middle classes, and the threats foreign and domestic to our peace, [Donald Trump] failed to staff and prepare to win the war he asked Americans to elect him to fight.

            As I have been saying for several years that sloth is Trump’s besetting vice, it’s good to see this failing of his noted by others.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:


            A comment thanking you (and GW, whoever he may be) for the link to this superb article seems to have sunk without trace. It preceded the “Further anent” comment that was published but seems to be referring to something not present, as indeed it is.

            I was unaware of the existence of the linked blog till yesterday. I am happy to have been introduced to it.

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      A possible problem with this Caesarist Gallic strategy is that if there is any hope even for a future white secessionist movement, we must stop the “invasion by other means”; aka, mass immigration. It might be easier to mobilize blacks to this agenda than Hispanics (or not; this is where an actual, honest political scientist who studies political psychology trends minutely could be useful). OTOH, if we could dramatically reduce or eliminate mass immigration, then reaching out to Hispanics would be the better strategy than doing so towards blacks, who are natural enemies of all things and values associated with whites.

      The key tasks are 1) halting immigration (which includes deporting illegal aliens before a traitor Democrat can put them on a path to citizenship); 2) slow-going political consciousness raising among whites, to develop white identity and an appreciation for how whites are exploited – and why their situation will deteriorate further absent collective political action; 3) developing implicitly white organizations under the shelter of which atomized whites can meet and network; 4) encouraging relocation of white conservatives (or prowhites or potential prowhites more broadly) to a relative small number of ideally contiguous, already demographically white and ideologically conservative states; 5) fighting for white rights and interests, which includes defending the Constitution, which clearly aids our cause (in many ways, from speech, to guns, to placing roadblocks to totalitarian deep state power), and is anathema to the white enslavement goal of the Left, as well as the capitalist economy, which is where most prowhites (and simple not-antiwhite whites) work, and which we need to remain maximally open and dynamic so that as many prowhites as possible can achieve financial independence from the Occupationist System – an independence which is the precondition for developing a wide dissident movement (far too many lower IQ nationalists think that capitalism, being a system in which Jews thrive, is somehow inimical to white preservation, when, in fact, a leviathan state socialism totally controlled by a hostile elite dedicated to white enslavement, and which can prevent a dissident patriot from literally earning a living, as was the case under communism, is the real enemy of white independence); and 6) developing state level white collectivist political power, along with pushing constant baby-steps towards eventual national secession (eg, as Eastern Oregon patriots are doing wrt the weirdoes in Portland and Bend, by trying to cleave OR and attach the east to Idaho) and independence – a prelude to eventual ethnostatist sovereignty.

  11. unwoke
    unwoke says:

    “Such a coalition would be a “baby steps” way of achieving White interests. I am certainly not ruling out cataclysmic possibilities like large-scale secession or even civil war, but I’m not at all sure enough Americans have an appetite for such scenarios. Once a working-class coalition dominated by Whites got in power much good could happen in addition to ending immigration… and even contemplate enacting some of the police-state measures being pursued by the left to achieve permanent power.”

    An incremental approach built on a working-class majority is the only way forward now. Secession is too messy & impractical regardless of its theoretical appeal. Civil war is not out of the question but there’s no telling how it might turn out. Most people probably don’t have the stomach for it anyway & are more focused on day-to-day problems & securing a decent living. So a working class revival is good. What would not be good under any circumstance is any kind of “police state.” If that’s what you want, stay in the Democrat Party. And take all the rest of the neocon RINO’s with you. But the rest of the article makes practical sense. It’s also true that, “Trump was the most disruptive force encountered by the uniparty establishment in its history.” So the wild card here is what will the man himself do? If he tries to start a third party, depending on how it’s done, that might be the way to go. Otherwise, the GOP recast, could be the vehicle for nationalist activists, just like woke activists took over the Democrat Party. The historical roles reversed, but it could work.

  12. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    Sharing a nation with every other racial and ethnic group on earth is nothing more than a big game of Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Everyone is fighting each other in a nonsensical battle royale over scraps. Voting for the GOP in any capacity is just more gobbling white marbles before the other guy can. Why bother? The thing about that game is the novelty wears off really fast and then it simply becomes a stress inducing exercise of futility wherein the players end up wondering why they can’t just play chess or scrabble instead. I’m not playing America the game anymore. The way to win is to not play.

  13. bruno
    bruno says:

    In this day of the anti-majority ruling the roost my heart sings when reading KMac. May he live a 100 yrs. In this post even the commentary is worthy of thought.

    If that’s the real Marge Schott above, she should be using a nom de guerre. She doesn’t need any more wackos stabbing her in the back. We loved her Cleveland Indian honesty, but in today’s kulturkampf it’s simply not envogue. Marge, if that’s you, I take my hat off in respect to your soul. You are a great person.

  14. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    When elections are now blatantly stolen, talking about the same old two party paradigm is ridiculous.

    I am heartened to read so many comments here by those who have come to the same conclusion as myself.

    The GOP is a farce, just as are the Dems. Stop putting time, energy and faith into a system that just delivered the biggest F.U. to White Americans in history. Step away from the lies and deception machines of the jews. Get out of their story completely.

    We need something new, different and ours. Let the rotting carcass of jewdome wither and implode. Stop feeding it.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      I snapped yesterday. Media are obsessed with the State as being a replacement
      for Objective Reality. They trick us into contemplating their garbage [politics]. I still have TV, but when a show starts with government, I’m outta there. I step outdoors to take a deep drink of Nature, looking up at the magnificent blue. . .er what are those strange markings? They sure don’t look natural.

      I stopped voting in ’68 but never really cut the cord. My yearbook from ’68 [Long Beach State College] has a picture of the left-right football game, which we won 24-12. I caught two touchdown passes thrown by Roger Holbrook. In the main photo I am standing next to former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. Dana claimed to be a radical libertarian- he lied. He was head of YAF- Young Americans for Freedom. AFAIK YAF was CIA/Bill Buckley [Deep State, Buckley member of Skull and Bones]. The first Libertarian Conference was held at CSCLB in 1969- Mises stayed at Rohrabacher’s apartment in Huntington Beach.
      Nathaniel Branden cancelled plans to attend on the grounds of “too much religion.”

    • Not Marge Schott
      Not Marge Schott says:

      Agreed. Elections and voting will NEVER get us out of this mess. You can’t vote your way out of communism.
      I think KMAC is wearing rose colored glasses to even contemplate the possibility that the small hats would allow
      ANYTHING good to happen for whites through the political process.
      However….if the nose had ANY savvy whatsoever…..they would ask who is going to fight wars for their sorry asses after they have completely destroyed their white golem.
      If I were a big nose with influence…..I think I’d be wanting to nurture and care for the white beast so I could use it for my benefit. They seem to have lost the plot as they label their proxy warriors as “domestic terrorists.”
      I mean, even the dumbest poor white boy will no longer be willing to fight wars for Israel when the small hats spend every waking moment demonizing innocent white people.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      My friend, you put it very nicely. The System is totally controlled and rigged by the Oy Veys. In fact, it has been like that for a very long time. If I was you I would join the National Alliance, there is nothing comparable in the US or even in Europe. Well educated people who have a very clear and realistic view of the problems that the White race is facing, particularly in the Jewnited States of America.

      Take care. Best wishes from a White brother living in South America

  15. Archie Johnston III
    Archie Johnston III says:

    You are fucked regardless.

    The racemixed “jews” pushing race mixing constantly and no segregation.

    Most large social media is a fraud to make money and push racemixing. And they will just shadowban or whatevs.

    Also demographically.

    A new movement for the interests of whites is necesarry.

    The nazbol (nazi bolsheviks) in NJP won’t do their politics is idiotic to a large degree.

    So I would say the following scenario.

    1. New movement arises. It spreads with the wind and information reagrding the situation for whites reaches most whites.

    3. A large scale movement of most subsaharian africans and arabs from Europe to their own countries.

    4. For the USA probably a division of the country or a large scale retake of the territory by whites. Or some kinda combination. Thin blue line for subsaharians and the like. Universities that are especially for whites and the like.

    I would say some large scale changes in 4 to 5 years.

    You democracy is hijacked by commie latinos (some dictatorship in latinamerica started dominion and then the chinese bought a large part of it). Basically your state is a way for non whites or racemixed to steal from whites because we are the creative and innovative people.

    White people moving to a certain part of the country combined with aggressive steps to gain political power and infiltrate power…

  16. Carl
    Carl says:

    In the new Leftist America supported by Jews, are the latter truly convinced that they will maintain their power and, most importantly, their money?

    Or is their plan to simply dilute White power and the White population but somehow retain a strong economy and Jewish wealth and Jewish power (for example, Zuckerberg’s control of Facebook)?

    Parts of the Left are anti-Israel. Many Blacks are not enamored of Jews.

    Therefore, can Jews be certain that they will fare well under Leftist/pro-Black domination?

    Is most Jewish money in Israeli and other foreign accounts so that they’re not worried? Do they plan to immigrate to Israel when America falls apart? Do they already have Israeli passports?

    In other words, have Jews thought this through?

    They should have learned from their experience overthrowing the Czar that things don’t necessarily turn out the way they want.

  17. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    To do with the piece, I agree with the commenters, voting is now totally pointless unless someone can explain how in future they aren’t going to be stolen.
    I just thought the folks might be tickled by the funniest ‘anti-semitic’ statement I’ve read in many a long while.
    From English author Tom Sharpe’s father, a Christian minister who was part of the pre-war Oswald Mosley persuasion:
    According to Wikipedia, when asked about this ‘anti-semitism’ of his, he replied, to paraphrase, ‘it’s not just Jews I’m against, it’s corruption of all kinds’.
    What a wonderfully true way of putting it. Aren’t we all?

  18. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    We love you Kevin, but the political system is a corrupt two party fraud, dominated by organized Jewry. It’s the best “democracy” that money can buy, and did they ever!

  19. Nigel van Veemers
    Nigel van Veemers says:

    I mean democracy could be kinda reinstored by getting rid of ALL voter machines (they are now owned by commie china and latin commies, no joke). And having white etno centrics watch the niggers and non whites counting votes. Kinda maybe.

    But you are still fucked by demographic change big time (whites dying, non whites becoming over 18 and voting and continued massimmigration of non whites). And certainly the new administration is putting alot of added pressure on whites in the states with the new added refugee thing and increased immigration and allowing the illegals to stay.

    Is it a way for GOD and, or, ethnicity obsessed people to push racial change because the increased conflict will benefit more aggressive whites with for example more genetics from early hunter gatherers and yamanya, indo Europeans but will get rid of alot of people with more farming dna from around the black sea and the like.

    Hence a way of through hard selection, like the ice age in Europe to better our people!

    If we survive the ongoing holocaust that is!

  20. Vidar
    Vidar says:

    The GOP was handed the working white class on a silver platter in 2016, and outright rejected and scorned them. You’d have to be an idiot or a fool to believe the GOP will ever care about American workers. The only “workers” they care about are ones in China, India or the mestizo hordes that swarm over the southern border.

    Any positive change will have to happen outside the current power structure and most definitely outside the Republican party.

  21. anonym
    anonym says:

    European conservatism used to be about VALUES. The notion that some things can´t be measured in dollars: love, friendship, family, dignity. honor, the pride of a job well done, sportsmanship, a sense of HOME. The same way the left has been infected by non-european marxists, and descended into degenerate cry bullies, the right has been infected by non-european usurers and international merchants. They measure everything in dollars (or DEBT that passes for currency) and see USA (and europe) as a giant Wallmart (“come and buy into the american dream, everything must go!”).
    So, good, go back to real conservatism, where America is a home and where life´s most important things aren´t for sale.

  22. Andreas
    Andreas says:

    This was an interesting read. I fear that Kevin may be right. We may need to take over the GOP with populace candidates and form working-class coalitions with non-Whites. My fear is that this will further legitimize non-Whites’ claim to the USA and further enmesh non-Whites into the lives of White people. Where I live, I see interracial couples all the time. This will only increase across the country as the country becomes more diverse. I think that these ties or enmeshment with non-Whites is a very bad position for White people because they will lose their identity willing to secure peace. But, they will be treated like garbage and taken advantage of. Basically, he is probably right that we need these people to win elections, but it will come at a cost, and one that will be nasty especially for those Whites who will be outnumbered by non-Whites.

  23. HK Wills
    HK Wills says:

    It has been said money is the mothers milk of politics: where would this working class centered GOP obtain its funding ? Certainly not the Jews, corporate America and K street. Trump did win over a trivial number of nonwhites but he also lost white men by 8 points relative to his 2016 share. It maybe unrealistic but a WN takeover of the GOP would be preferable though it too would be unfunded. Organizing around a powerful primal force such as race would be the necessary but not sufficient precondition to victory.

    The left has pushed the right into a corner leaving it only two options: capitulation or force. They will continue to steal elections with impunity until they engineer a new American demographic, and by extension, a new electorate such that Whites are forever locked out of the peaceful acquisition of power.

  24. Schindler’s Guest List
    Schindler’s Guest List says:

    I think it is very possible that smart politicians on the right will be able to put together working class voting coalitions in a purposeful way, since they are already doing that accidentally. This may prove to be a little better for the average American worker. There may be more support for entitlements, minimum wage increases, other labor oriented things. I am doubtful, because I think it’s politically expedient for them to simply game the culture war by sounding like the reasonable opposition to increasingly hysterical and aggressive wokeness, while doing nothing meaningful to stop it (Facebook is a private company, after all…) and ignoring the economic issues. But it’s possible. However, none of that addresses any of the issues central to this journal or its readers. A working class coalition would surely include millions of working class latinos, blacks, Asians, etc. It may rile up some Jewish oligarchs, but it won’t have anything to say about the JQ. I’m sure it would include lots of outreach to hard working LGBTQs like those that staff the Party and most conservative publications. It may be a boost to American conservatism and a way to circumvent the demographic issues it faces. But again, what will it do for us as a culture and a people directly.

  25. Arnold McCormack
    Arnold McCormack says:

    1/6 of Europeans has a gene also common in India. Maybe they are part gypsies or tattare.

    That would mean 17 % of Europes population are most likely inbred through pedophilia part east indians.

    Then these gypsie attare often marry the most racemixed “jews” and you get n-word (subsaharian) jew gypsie semite arab sapmi greek flat noose thieves murderers. That have higher IQ than the averege WHITE person.

    Sbeaky hidden minority that are often most often greatly anti white wanna racemix away WHITES with gypsies. Obsessed with pushing their genetics. Control a lot of wealth.

    As big an issua as race-mixed socalled “jews”… Or close atleast…

    I don’t want whites to mix with n-word, arabs or east indians it’s studpid…

  26. Hadding
    Hadding says:

    “For White identitarians, a multiracial working class party is far from ideal, but at this point, an ethnically diverse working-class coalition is likely the only way for the GOP to realistically gain power in national elections. ”

    I prescribed something similar to this in “A Party of Plutocrats Has No Future,” after the 2012 election.

    In fact I went a little farther. I said that if the Republican Party would stop sabotaging its own appeal to working-class Whites, non-White support would become simultaneously both less important and easier to obtain.

    During the 2020 election, Ann Coulter criticized Trump for trying too hard to get Black and Hispanic votes while losing a greater number of White votes (perhaps alienated by Trump’s pandering to those other groups). Similarly, Michelle Malkin mocked the constant Republican boasting about the low Black unemployment rate under Trump.

    The Republicans who talked about “working class white, Hispanic and Black voters” perhaps felt obliged to advertise their love for multiracialism. That seems a common affliction with them. Usually it gains them nothing.

    Republicans I think would achieve optimal results if they stopped the pandering and just made a sensible and earnest working-class and middle-class appeal, and let whatever support they might get from non-Whites be based on that.

    • William W. Williams
      William W. Williams says:

      Hadding says:
      “The Republicans who talked about ‘working class white, Hispanic and Black voters’ perhaps felt obliged to advertise their love for multiracialism.”

      Odd that you capitalize Black and Hispanic and not White, Hadding.

      Racially responsible White should forget about the Stupid Party ever representing American Whites’ interests responsibly — it ain’t going to happen! Never. It’s too late for that.

      Perhaps the last racially responsible U.S. Senator was not a Republican, but a Democrat, 82 years ago: Theodore G. Bilbo. Read his short book (excusing the Biblical references therein), Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization, online, here:

      “Neither race [Aryan nor Negro] doubts that, if the Negro is not given a home of his own, the blood of the two races will tend to form a composite race and that the United States will eventually be a negroid nation…”
      -common sense statement by patriot Earnest Sevier Cox from his introduction to Senator Bilbo’s book.

      American Whites will never vote their way out of this eventual negroid nation about which the racially traitorous Republican/Democrat duopoly has stamped their approval. Pardon the mixed metaphor, but Whites, determined to be separate must vote with their feet and withdraw their consent to be governed by the present government if our race is to be preserved. Fact!

      See here: and more discussion about racial separation, especially in the comments under this article, here:

      • Hadding
        Hadding says:

        The selective non-capitalization was in the original text that I quoted. Speaking in my own voice, I always capitalize White.

        The way that you frame the situation seems to be that if we cannot get everything that we want through elections, we should ignore them. I think that’s suicidal. The election of Donald Trump actually did make some difference. Our situation is complicated, not simple.

        • Will W Williams
          Will W Williams says:

          Thanks, Hadding. That “white” didn’t sound like you.

          So, it’s Filipino Michelle Malkin, née Maglalang, married to a Jew, who spells white like that while capitalizing Black and Hispanic. Figures. They are good bi-racial, ant-racist Republicans, but neither Michelle nor Jesse, nor their children are eligible for National Alliance membership. Our members like it that way.

          I realize that as America devolves into that “negroid nation” that Earnest Sevier Cox predicted if our people do not separate racially, the quadrennial exercise in presidential elections will continue for several more cycles. I won’t be ignoring that eventuality. In fact, I’m a registered Republican in a heavily Republican County that it’s said around here that at one time was the second most conservative county in the entire country. I vote, but mainly for our local officials. I voted for Rick Tyler for governor of Tennessee. His campaign slogan was, “Make America White Again.” I even voted for Trump, though it’s a wasted vote in Tennessee.

          I am an unapologetic racial separatist/preservationist, as is the National Alliance, as you well know. We will hold that hard line while our American kinsmen keep voting either Democrat or Republican or for some feckless third party. We will be there in place as the alternative when our people have finally had a bellyful of multiculturalism, racial diversity, Jewish supremacy and the ol’ guilt trip on Whitey and get serious. As a National-Socialist, I hope you can help to radicalize the Republicans and bring some our way. We won’t be compromising on our radical fundamentals and going theirs, thanks.

          I didn’t expect you to read those articles I linked above, but, hopefully, others have. Our bottom line is as simple as Senator Bilbo put it: Separate or Mongrelize. Take your choice.

          • Hadding
            Hadding says:

            Racial separatism is a fantasy of the future. In the mean time, we have to find ways to have relative separatism and to maintain White consciousness under this system. For that it is helpful to have some elected officials on our side. We have to make our interests “part of the conversation.”

            I do not believe that the current system will last much longer. A dictatorship seems likely. Once that happens, anything could follow.

          • Will W Williams
            Will W Williams says:

            Hadding says (below): “No, the selectively noncapitalized “white” is from AXIOS, as quoted atop this page.”

            I see. I misread it to be by Malkin. I don’t follow those Axios fellows. They appear to be White, but don’t act like they are:  Shame on them.

            Hadding also says: “Racial separatism is a fantasy of the future. In the meantime, we have to find ways to have relative separatism and to maintain White consciousness under this system. For that it is helpful to have some elected officials on our side. We have to make our interests “part of the conversation.”

            That IS my interest, Hadding: being part of the conversation here among racially conscious Whites, promoting the National Alliance’s idealistic model or vision of a White future, one with a reality-based spiritual basis — not compromising with half measures like “relative separatism.”

            That’s no “fantasy.” A definition of fantasy is “creating especially unrealistic or improbable mental images in response to psychological need.” An ideal on the other hand is something exemplary that one hopes or intends to accomplish. Necessary racial preservationist ideals and goals cannot be accomplished without hard work. They are not unrealistic fantasies.

            You can’t name one idealistic “elected official” who is on the side of serious racial separatists, not one. They are politicians, party hacks looking to the next election, not idealistic truth-telling White loyalist statesmen. They can’t possibly tell the difficult truths like how Jews control the mass mind; that “equality” and their Holocaust are frauds; and that Jesus and his daddy up in the sky are not real. Show me one official who got elected by telling his voters those inconvenient truths and I’ll work for him. It won’t be Donald Trump; he likes being popular.

            “I do not believe that the current system will last much longer. A dictatorship seems likely. Once that happens, anything could follow.”

            Even the Alliance’s “fantasy of the future?” That will be fantastic (as in excellent)!  :o}

            Back in 2011 you were more optimistic about the necessity of telling the truth when writing here at TOO:

            “Reasons for Optimism: The fact that multitudes are guided by dedicated minorities means that idealistic White people can be such a minority…The force of the idealism of intelligent White people is on our side if we don’t throw it away by failing to respect the truth.”

            “Dr. Pierce progressed from counter-propaganda of the most basic kind to radical criticism of the central institution upon which this democracy depends, without ever asking his listeners to take a leap of faith.  This is the kind of message that can be taken seriously by serious people.”

            That is the same uncompromising, radical message our Alliance still promotes today, Hadding. Democracy and the disastrous Jew-controlled electoral process have got to go. And by telling the most difficult truths, ones that will necessarily make the “multitudes” uncomfortable, will resonate with the racially responsible “intelligent idealists” that you mentioned who will form the core of that minority that will guide our race into the future, if our race is to survive

    • Hadding
      Hadding says:

      The immediate influence behind this line of thinking in the GOP is probably Michael Anton’s book The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return, which was published by Regnery in the summer of 2020.

      He probably owes me royalties or something like that, but I will never be able to collect. I believe that well connected rightwingers lift many ideas from alternate media.

      I found out about Anton’s book because it was recommended by Rush Limbaugh in a broadcast from September of last year.

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