By Way of Deception

Jewish history is replete with examples of deception, including the Old  Testament:

The Biblical stories of sojourning by the patriarchs among foreigners are very prominently featured in Genesis. Typically there is an emphasis on deception and exploitation of the host population, after which the Jews leave a despoiled host population, having increased their own wealth and reproductive success. Indeed, immediately after the creation story and the genealogy of Abraham, Genesis presents an account of Abraham’s sojourn in Egypt. Abraham goes to Egypt to escape a famine with his barren wife Sarah, and they agree to deceive the pharaoh into thinking that Sarah is his sister, so that the pharaoh takes her as a concubine. As a result of this transaction, Abraham receives great wealth (while his wife does not actually conceive a child by the pharaoh). But disasters afflict Egypt as a result of the immorality of the arrangement, and the pharaoh confronts Abraham with his deception. Abraham is allowed to leave with his wife and the possessions obtained as

A similar sequence occurs during the sojourn of Abraham and Sarah with King Abimelech and on the part of Isaac during his sojourn in Gerar. Both eventually leave with great riches. (APTSDA, Chap. 8)   

In recent times examples of deception range from Jewish communists altering their names to obscure their Jewish origins to the Kosher industry. Another example is the Mossad, as described in Victor Ostrovsky’s By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer (1990), the theme of which was the Israeli use of deception in carrying out its operations, including against its main “ally,” the United States:

It is an insider’s account of Mossad tactics and exploits. In chilling detail, Ostrovsky asserts that the Mossad refused to share critical knowledge of a planned suicide mission in Beirut, leading to the death of hundreds of U.S. Marines and French troops. He tells how they tracked Yasser Arafat by recruiting his driver and bodyguard; how they withheld information on the whereabouts of American hostages, paving the way for the Iran-Contra scandal; and how their intervention into secret UN negotiations led to the sudden resignation of ambassador Andrew Young and the downfall of his career. By Way of Deception describes the shocking scope and depth of the Mossad’s influence, disclosing how Jewish communities in the U.S., Europe, and South America are armed and trained by the organization in secret “self-defense” units, and how Mossad agents facilitate the drug trade in order to pay the enormous costs of its far-flung, clandestine operation.

So I wasn’t too surprised to read “Leaked Memo Details ADL’s Annexation Response,” in Jewish Currents (June 26, 2020). Pretty clearly, there is nothing at all that Israel could do that would prevent the ADL from supporting it. 

AS THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT prepares to annex parts of the West Bank, Jewish establishment organizations are strategizing how best to shield Israel from political consequences. In the same week that Jason Isaacson, the American Jewish Committee’s chief policy and political affairs officer, explicitly stated that, whatever tactical objections to annexation there might be, the AJC will “defend annexation if needed,” the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) appears to be formulating its own response. A leaked ADL strategy memo obtained by Jewish Currents sheds light on how the nominal civil rights organization is preparing to address annexation’s critics.
The “stakeholders analysis memo,” which was issued by the ADL’s Government Relations, Advocacy, and Community Engagement department and marked as a draft, warns that the group will need to find a way to defend Israel from criticism without alienating other civil rights organizations, elected officials of color, and Black Lives Matter activists and supporters. The memo suggests that the group hopes to avoid appearing openly hostile to public criticism of annexation while it works to block legislation that harshly censures Israel or leads to material consequences, such as conditioning United States military support. The ADL did not respond to requests for comment on the memo by press time.
The memo lists “eight top political and community engagement implications” annexation could have, among them: “complicate ADL’s relationship with the Tri-Caucus (the Congressional Black Caucus, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus) and the Progressive caucus”; “pit ADL on the wrong side of the black lives matter movement”; “be used to label Israel as an occupier, racist and apartheid state”; and “challenge relationships between ADL and many civil rights organizations and coalitions.”
Of particular concern to the ADL, according to the memo, is that the group will have to find a way to credibly defend Israel from accusations that it has formalized a system of discrimination and subjugation on the basis of ethnonational identity. “The reference to apartheid or ‘separate but equal’ systems to describe Israel will be a major political flashpoint,” the memo states. “As an organization, how ADL responds to these attacks will be critical.” The memo proposes as “next steps” that the ADL’s communications team and executive office “game out how to respond to accusations of Israel being racist and an apartheid system and when to respond in public and when to respond in private.”…
In a sign of the growing significance of the ongoing nationwide Black-led uprising, the memo repeatedly stresses that similarities between Israel’s techniques of occupation and institutionalized racism in the US will lead to intensified criticism of Israel. “At this moment in our country, when we are collectively going through a moment of racial reckoning, Israel will be painted as akin to an ethno-nationalist country which continues to oppress and subjugate Palestinians,” the memo states. “If violence erupts, the Middle East will be looked at from the prism of the George Floyd domestic movement.”
The memo makes clear that the ADL does not want to be seen publicly as defending annexation, even as it hopes to mollify annexation’s critics. “ADL must provide a space for local and national leaders to express their criticism of Israel’s decision,” the memo advises. “Do not give the impression that ADL is an ally of PM Netanyahu and a supporter of annexation.” …
If the memo is any indication, the ADL’s goal, in responding to criticisms of annexation, is to superficially allow rhetorical rebukes while working to neutralize what it calls “anti-Israel legislative proposals, e.g. condemning and singling out its human rights record and conditioning its military aid.” As an example of strategies that the ADL should support, the memo cites a “measured, appropriate, and unifying” letter on annexation circulated by Reps. Jan Schakowsky, Ted Deutsch, and others that includes moderate criticism of Israel, which the ADL hopes will “discourage the far left from signing something more extreme on the annexation issue.” While the memo states the ADL plans to seek out “engagement with progressive groups” such as J Street, Bend the Arc, and the NY Jewish Agenda, it states that it will “coordinate ADL’s policy response” with AIPAC, which has publicly announced that annexation will not alter its approach to “the US-Israel strategic relationship.”
The leaked ADL memo illustrates the position in which some establishment Jewish groups now find themselves. The ADL appears to recognize that annexation would violate Palestinians’ basic human rights, enforcing a codified regime of nationality-based discrimination subjugation—and that, as a group ostensibly concerned with civil rights, this is in tension with its stated values. Yet despite the seeming contradiction, the ADL has long devoted substantial time and energy to chilling criticism of Israeli policies and shielding the Israeli government from consequences. Annexation, it seems, won’t change that.
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  1. erwin
    erwin says:

    Just a question? If Sarah was a homely looking woman would Abraham still have pursued a deception of the Egyptians? It seems to me Abraham was in fear for his life so he knew something we don’t about the Egyptians. Beautiful woman were probably highly prized and any Egyptian coming across any probably saw in such woman ‘dollar signs’ to bring to the Pharaoh such a gift. Those Abraham encountered on the road were jackals and he knew this and so he deceived them and rightly so. The poor victim ultimately wasn’t the Pharaoh or Egypt but his poor wife who i imagine had nightmares on becoming one of Pharaoh’s prostitutes. No wonder God intervened! And no wonder the warnings to the Egyptians to leave this couple alone. Pharaoh apparently knew the threat that his people were to the surrounding countryside.
    As for all of the goodies Abraham received I highly doubt the court of Pharaoh cared about any of it them being the Microsoft Gates of their age.

    • pete
      pete says:

      Sarah was 65 years old when she went to Egypt. How likely is it that Pharaoh would have lusted for her? She was 90 when she had Isaac. These things are only possible if one believes in divine intervention. Unfortunately, one has to also discard common sense. Some have speculated that the stories are simply Jewish fairy tales. Others are offended by such observations.

      • Erwin
        Erwin says:

        @ Pete

        Maybe due to the environment men and woman lived and experienced age very different from our own. Maybe a current scientist can help us figure it out:

        “A landmark study published in The New England journal of Medicine in 1996, which many scientists may have overlooked because of the small number of patients involved, challenges the world’s accepted theory about atherosclerosis, and helps to confirm the direction USANA scientists are taking in regard to heart disease.

        The study, Premature Atherosclerosis in Patients with Familial Chylomicronemia Caused by Mutations
        in The Lipoprotein Lipase Gene” provided us an important clue from people who have a defect defect in lipase the enzyme that helps utilize lipids. While these patients at first displayed low risk factors for
        atherosclerosis, such as low LDLs, low cholesterol and adequate HDL, they were still they were still developing the disease prematurely.

        We know that lipids are the most sensitive substances to free radical damage, or oxidation. The accepted theory about atherosclerosis is that there is some damage to the endothelium, or lining of the arteries, which is not able to heal properly. It is well known that the atherosclerotic lesion progresses eventually forming a thrombus which can block the artery, potentially leading to a heart attack or stroke. Based on this isolated report, we at USANA propose that there may be more to this story. That perhaps due to inadequate diet, eating too much fat, incomplete digestion of that fat, and lack of antioxidants those lipids are susceptible to oxidation beginning right in the gut. This coud be a potential source of cytotoxicity, causing damage throughout the body. We know that oxidized lipids inhibit activation and proliferation of lymphoid cells, which are necessary in the healing process, So, our hypothesis is that there is inadequate healing of the atherosclerotic lesion because of the cytotoxicity of oxidized dietary lipids. Is there evidence to support this hypothesis? Today we are seeing high-fat diets and fast-food eating habits-gulping down Iarge amounts of food with inadequate time for digestion. With the expert scientists and analytical capabilities in USANA’s laboratories, we now know that many of the foods we consume have high peroxide values.

        Were, eating rancid, oxidized fats regularly, and foods devoid of natural antioxidants and fiber. With hasty eating, we are creating a time bomb in our gut, where food is not being properly digested, resulting in free radical exposure and cytotoxic damage. To explore this hypothesis, I traveled to Russia to engage our USANA scientists at the Cardiology Research Center in Moscow in cytotoxicity studies of oxidized iipids.

        With the Institute’s ultracentrifuges (that spin at such a high rate of speed they pellet out viral particles and large molecules), we can spin down the bloods digestive products and isolate the chylomicron fractions which contain dietary lipids. We introduce them into cell cultures to see how the cells react to these digestecd nutrients.

        Photo #1 is a photo micrograph of a monolayer of astrocytes. Typically, to grow cells you put a few in a flask, they grow and divide and become confluent. If they are normal, they will stop growing when they butt up against each other forming a single layer, or monolayer, of cells. If they are malignant or transformed, they are not inhibited by contact with neighboring cells and they will stack on top of each other. Photo #l is of a beautifLrl confluent monolayer. These cells are no longer growing, but thev are respiring and metabolizing. They’re just doing all the wonderful things of life that cells do when they are healthy and properly nutriented.

        Photo #2 shows the cells that were exposed to isolated chylomicrons which contain oxidized lipids as determined by the analytical laboratory in Moscow. These cells look like they’ve been through a war. The cellular damage is quite obvious. At higher magnifications you would be able to see that the cellular and mitochondrial membranes are are severely damaged. Just think that these same substances can be dessimanated throughout your body, via the blood to every tissue every cell.

        We have yet to analyze the carcinogenic potential of this, but from what we are seeing, i suspect these substances will also prove to be carcinogenic.

        Photo fl3 shows the same experiment except the antioxidants were added. there was a marked but incomplete inhibition of the effects. I know you are not cytologists and are not used to seeing cells but you can see the difference. USANA’s Project Heart is conducting more research into oxizdizable foods, eating habits, and what measures can be taken (such as antioxidant ingestion to protect the cells in our bodies from this potential source of oxidative damage.}

        I don’t know where the world’s researchers have been on this. We should have known about this years ago. Something as damaging as this going on in the body, and having no report of it in medical Literature is most unfortunate. But then, how man scientists have access to ultra centrifuges, cell cultures and analytical laboratories that can measure oxidized lipids accurately? Or perhaps it,s a situation of, as Louis Pasteur said…Chance favors the prepared mind,,,and we stumbled onto something that wasn,t being looked for.

        The message today is to take antioxidants with food. If these studies prove out, they will show that that a major source of source of exposure to oxidized molecules in the body could begin in the gut as a result of our diet and eating habits. Therefore, slow down and enjoy your food. focus on quality not quantity. Stop eating before your full Don’t make every meal a Thanksgiving Feast. Combine oxidant containing foods with oxidant generating foods. For example eat vegetables, and fruits with meat.” Dr. Wentz

      • Erwin
        Erwin says:

        @ Pete,

        Maybe we should also be asking did the Egyptians after hearing from the liar she was his sister think and say among themselves what is she perhaps still a virgin with no other family or children around?

        Bible stories leaves out so many details and explanations that even their true approximate ages are truly in question. It’s like when I was a teenager I met a greek fellow who had no idea whatsoever his age or his birthday. I was totally and completely stunned staring at him and asking how could that even be possible? Our interpreter said he lived through the war in Europe and all records were lost. I felt so sorry for him being completely in the dark as to his birthday and age. I had to ask him what age he goes by and he replied he figures around 60?

        The bible, the bible what a book and history? Leaves us all doesn’t it scratching our noggins. I’m especially perturbed by not knowing about Christ’s childhood. A gospel from Mary his mother would have been gold but given she was poor and a woman she was no doubt illiterate. That’s heart breaking. Truly heart breaking.

      • Erwin
        Erwin says:

        By the way to I worked beside a woman a number of years ago in a restaurant setting and was shocked after she left the job to learn after being asked by my friend Simone guess how old that lady was you worked with? I replied can’t be more than 40? Simone laughed at me and said she is 58 years old. After picking up my jaw off the floor and stammered what is her secret? Simone replied she eats nothing white and she always warns us to stay away from everything refined industrially. It’s just poison really. I shook my head yes that is certainly true.
        Further to this to pete just because the scripture says she was 65 doesn’t mean the jackals knew it.
        And we are reading material that is what thousands of years old. Try therefore to put oneself into that time period. Or maybe look at this way for as God says elsewhere knowing the future He says to the people if i were to tell you what is going to happen in the future you would never believe me. Indeed imagine Abraham being told hey guess what in a couple thousand years man is going to build a boat that travels under water with people eating and sleeping inside it. Or hey guess what Abraham a man named Neil Alden Armstrong is going to travel out to the moon and take walk on it and wave at us back on earth. And your supposed to believe it and take my word for it.
        Strange place this earth and its evolved Darwinian apes eh pete?

  2. George Mackenzie
    George Mackenzie says:

    Some of the gifts Abraham received from Pharaoh were sex slaves in return. The Torah is grotesque. Read “From Yaweh to Zion” by Laurent Guyenot.

  3. George Mackenzie
    George Mackenzie says:

    I put this link on the Discussing Zionism Faceberg page. The Jews there will have a fit.

  4. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    This is just so much of the same old story with jews. Hey Palestine, go ahead and have a free election. You elected Hamas? Nooooo, you can’t do THAT. Hey Egypt, go ahead and have a revolution. You elected the Muslim Brotherhood? Heavens, no. That’s not ok. Have to replace that with the dependable Egyptian military. Hey America, go ahead and have your “democratic election”. You want an outsider like Bernie or Trump? Sorry, that’s a little too “free” for comfort. Here, have one of our pre-selected good goys that fit well within the parameters of our Hegelian Dialectic instead. So on and so forth.

  5. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    If memory serves, Ostrovsky settled in an Ottawa suburb, where his ample house was ” mysteriously ” burned down. He then relocated to the country, affording better immediate security.

    I would like to have been the fly on the wall, when some singular person with balls, in Ottawa, decided to tell Tel Aviv to keep their hands off him; accentuating their request/warning with a reminder of the Israelis’ repeated use of falsified Canadian passports in many of their prior operations: despite several, previous, unkept, solemn, ministerial assurances.

    My favorite story about the invincibility of the unequalled Mossad was gleaned from a regional weekly from the Kiel harbor and wharf region.

    Two armed Mossad agents were deployed to secure the land next to the Kiel Canal while one of the six Dolphin Class submarines, capable of carrying nuclear missiles, designated by Mother Merkel for Israel, made their passage to the open sea. Of the six U-Boote, several were outright gifts, the others heavily subsidized by the guilty German taxpayer: pursuant to that Mother’s dictum, that Israel’s security is the very raison d’état for Germany.

    These two invincibles rented a small car for their mission. The most opportune route down to the Canal was blocked with a locked chain. They cut the chain and proceeded down the path, only to get helplessly mired in a huge puddle. They returned to their entry point and were promptly asked by a local. elderly woman what they were doing there. ” Oh, we are assessing the Canal for its use for an upcoming regatta !” The old woman immediately realized, that the narrow Canal would never be considered
    for a regatta and called the local Police.

    The two agents were searched and their pistols were found, apparently legitimized by their Mossad identifications. A farmer with an oversized tractor was summoned: to no avail. Tow trucks were useless as well. Then the fire brigade came with an array of vehicles and winches, and their little car was extracted from a two foot deep hole of mud in the center of a huge puddle; itself negating any traction.

    The Municipality sent a bill for services rendered to the Israeli Embassy in Berlin, for around 3,200 Euros, which they were not anxious to pay since it demonstrated the Mossad’s activity on German soil. . This non-payment fiasco was followed by the local press and soon spilled over to major Hamburg dailies, to the amusement of all.

    In the end, after all the toothpaste was out of its tube, THE ONLY DEMOCRACY IN THE MIDDLE EAST finally paid this Mossad-engendered surcharge on a two billion gift.

    Just in time for one of Bibi’s friends to incorporate a private company to service all six subs, under a no doubt lucrative contract with the Israeli Navy: a component of the ” MOST MORAL ARMED FORCES IN THE WORLD “. I must admit ignorance on the company that admittedly provided the software for these nuclear-capable subs, to target some of Europe’s capitals, for that fellow Sampson.

  6. Ned J. Casper
    Ned J. Casper says:

    No other nations, people or communities have ever used deception in war, intelligence or diplomacy, or extracted wealth from other peoples or territories, have they?

  7. Charles Ulrich Frey
    Charles Ulrich Frey says:

    As a toddler I used to enjoy the Kasperle Theater, centered on the often mischievous Kasper himself. Comparable to the Anglo Punch and Judy shows.

    So, Kasperle, your exculpatory narrative doesn’t wash here !

    When Auschwitz II was commenced as an addition to A I, or the Stammlager, an existing, formerly Polish base, that swine Kaufman already had his GERMANY MUST PERISH book at his NY publishers.

    Then there was the small matter of the sequential, genocidal Morgenthau Plan, in part and initially concocted by Harry Dexter White [ Weiss ]. The very same AMERICAN who originated the deliberately unacceptable US ultimatum to Japan: successfully drawing them to Pearl Harbor, away from his beloved Soviet Union. Morgenthau Jr., planned the sterilization of German women and their deportation. Germany was to be made into a desert, with all productive means and resources removed or destroyed. Gulags would do the rest for its residual manhood. 50,000 former German officers were to be shot out of hand, if Churchill had had his way.
    Politically and administratively it was to be torn into more than a hundred pieces.

    Or what about the dozen or so HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS who had planned to poison the water supply of Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Hannover and Frankfurt ? Those genocidal swine, who had already picked up their choice of poison in Israel, but had to jettison it from the British destroyer carrying its courier, camouflaged in a British uniform, back to Europe ???

    What of the Israeli Minister who ordered the bombing and burning of US informational and cultural installations in Egypt ? To sweep it before the door of ” the Arabs “.

    And, of course, the USS LIBERTY, more than completely identified as a US vessel by the Israeli Airforce, before it attempted to sink it. Torpedoing it; bombing it; strafing it, and, like common war criminals, strafing sailors who had abandoned ship, in their lifeboats. REGRETTABLY THE ICC WILL LIKELY LIMIT ITSELF TO THE 2014 GAZA EINSATZGRUPPEN MURDER ESCAPADES. All of which this personally thrice-indicted nut Netanyahu termed ” vicious anti-Semitism “, on my otherwise preferred Fox two days ago, in the AM.

    Years ago, ” that shitty little nation ” [ Obama-Sarkozy open mic ] embargoed school supplies and toys en route to Palestine.

    Recently they used chicanery for several days to disallow the import of the Russian SPUTNIK anti Covid vaccine. As Occupying Power, the Fourth Geneva Convention obliges Israel to safeguard the health of the Palestinians – yet these bastard have done nothing for this pitiable people: except to use them as cheap labor and paying consumers.

    In short: think a little more before commenting ! . .

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