Our political system is selective for sociopaths

Someone like Biden and his disloyalty are easily explained when you think it through.

Our political system is selective for sociopaths.

Almost no one like the heroes of our history (Sir Francis Drake, Bismarck, Presidents Polk and Jefferson) would seek public office in our universal suffrage democracy/plutocracy in which civil debate is controlled by an alien-owned news media.

American politics attracts sociopaths, Sociopaths do not have to bear the burden and suffer the restrictions imposed by normal feelings of loyalty, attachment and morality. Sociopaths do not connect. They are lone wolves. When they have families, the don’t really have any emotional tie to them (like Senator John Edwards of North Carolina to whom his teenaged son’s death provided an opportunity to con voters by appealing to their sympathy and nothing more) . Their spouses and  children are just theatre props to put up in pictures on their office desk or in their campaign literature.

Sociopaths do not get emotional satisfaction from things that normal people need. They don’t have to ‘waste’ their time with their families, friends, law partners, fellow Little League players or fraternity brothers. They can devote full time to their political careers. They can handle a life of several “appearances” per day at which they give little talks to strangers. They aren’t impeded by having to go home for junior’s birthday.

Sociopaths are not encumbered with any sense of shame. As shown in the example of Bill Clinton they suffer no emotional distress when a scandal like Monica Lewinsky giving him ten blow jobs in the Oral Office breaks.  A sociopath like Clinton can carry on without losing a minute’s sleep in the midst of a scandal that normal people would find emotionally unbearable (like knowing that hundreds of millions of people all over the world and your wife and your daughter know that you spilled your seed ten times down the throat of an overweight, unattractive Jewish girl.

Modern democracy is something new in modern history.

In previous times the more loyal you were to your people the more likely you were to rise to higher positions.

The commoner Francis Drake became a knight and was ennobled in recognition of his heroism in defending England from the Spanish Armada.

That’s how men became leaders.

In modern American democracy it’s the opposite… at least  for Whites.

Loyalty — of any kind — is a career impediment.

Loyalty to one’s race, religion, region (the South) etc., are not only impediments. Those kinds of loyalty are radioactive, instant death.

Even loyalty to one’s family is a career impediment. The normal young law firm associate wants to go home at 5.00 p.m. to be with his wife and child. The sociopath will work on till 8.00 on the important brief without any psychological  conflict. He’ll call up the wife and tell her he won’t be home for dinner without any upset.

This explains someone like Biden feeling no loyalty to his country and being willing to pimp for those with power and money without any regard to what it means to people at large.

What makes the situation in America even worse, however, is that this situation is the opposite for the predatory ethnic groups seeking conquest at our expense.

Black, Hispanic, Jewish politicians are successful the more they are loyal. A law student who can put in his resume that he was President of the Black Law Student’s Association, the La Raza Club or the Hillel Foundation enhances his chances of getting a high-paying job with a prestigious law firm, a federal judgeship or election to the US Senate. (Like Schumer who was recently caught  explaining to other Jews that his whole life is spent scheming on how to advance his own particular ethnic group.)

What these two contradictory patterns  lead to is what’s going on in contemporary America.

Our antagonists are led by men  whose loyalty to their ethnic group exceeds that of most of the others.  We are “led” by people like Biden, Clinton, John McCain, William F Buckley Jr., Johnny Isakson, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnel who are bereft of loyalty to us.

This is another reason why there is no hope of reform under the present System.

Grown ups must think realistically and political campaigns to save America are unrealistic.

We must think and act “Post-America.”

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  1. Rod.
    Rod. says:

    Bill Gates is a serial killer.
    Look at his history of Gates Foundation third world vaccine human trials, and even circumcision work.
    Melinda is a Feminist so you can expect no better. When militant dependents and middlemen rule over the providers and producers.

    • John
      John says:

      -Millions of our own ppl r traitors.
      -Our suicide continues:
      “Arizona Department of Education Teaches that WHITE Babies and Toddlers Are Racist”
      “WHITE parents should make sure that their children see them interact in close, warm, intimate, trusting, and caring relationships with individuals whose race and ethnicity differs from their own.”
      “For it is WHITE babies who are the problem — WHITE babies and WHITE toddlers and WHITE parents.”
      -Canada is becoming Africanada.

      • Rod
        Rod says:

        When dependents rule over the productive and the provider.
        Women today are militant dependents, copying the enlightened females of Africa.
        Their emasculated sons have learned to survive in their mothers dung.
        All under the sticky fingered guidence of eternal rapists and despoilers.

      • Epithet
        Epithet says:

        I was contemplating the situation of Canada, Justin Castro’s “Post-National State”. On the face of it, the concept is roughly the endpoint of civic-nationalism. In both case, with the destruction of Ethnic and national identity, the only thing that would be holding the country together is the State. It is terribly short sighted, because I believe our state is much more fragile than our wealth might suggest.
        With the rate of migration (currently 350,000 per year) a socialist government, an expanding bureaucratic class, this scenario is terribly short sighted. If a regime fell in Europe a few hundred years ago, a new one could rise. If the Canadian state falls, and it will, there will be no foundation to build another. It will be negotiation.

        The post-national state appears to carry the further implication of non-exclusivity. Like Justin’s mother. Other nations can become settlers here. Which would imply foreign entanglements should our state fail.

  2. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    I think sociopath is not the right word. [Chancer] would be my choice to describe the self-serving type of politicisation who is all too common in both the USA and UK. [mod note: did you mean Cancer?]

    Peer example is probably the greatest driver of misbehaviour in politicians. Politicians are driven by what they see other politicians getting away with. A good example from the UK is the expenses scandal of a few years back when MPs;s expenses were leaked to the Daily telegraph. . The expenses claimed by the majority of MPs were outlandish and could never have been rationally included in an expenses regime which was supposedly designed mere to reimburse MPs for expenses incurred. The abuse was so widespread because once MPs saw other MPs getting away with ridiculous claims they piled in on the basis that if others were getting it then they wanted it too.

    That was plain graft. The much more damaging case is that of politicians who wilfully damage their country by allowing mass immigration into their countries. That is the most fundamental form of treason.

    Generally, any internationalist ideology is the most damaging form of peer example because such ideologies require the selling out of the nation state .

    • Robert Henderson
      Robert Henderson says:

      Sorry I made a mess of the first para. It should read as follows:

      “I think sociopath is not the right word. Chancer [English slang for someone who takes risks] would be my choice to describe the self-serving type of politician who is all too common in both the USA and UK.

  3. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    Years ago a newspaper in the UK published an article about Bill and Monica.
    Bill was having a conference with 3 grey haired very respectable old Senators about American Defence by means of an electronic link. Monica crawled under the desk, undid Bill’s trousers and went to work.
    She made sure that the Senators found out. They said that they thought the President’s behaviour was strange and they were not pleased when they found out why.
    Barry Humphries is an Australian comedian who actually makes people laugh, which is rare these days. He said of Monica: “With those lips she could suck start a Harley Davidson”

  4. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    Perceptive and articulate except that it is not our system. And include in that definition of the mass media of so-called news “and entertainment” an example of which is the 2008 film, Milk; industrial-strength propaganda.

    Both a lead and character actor specializing in creeps, Sean Penn sounds like a White man’s name, doesn’t it? He is extremely talented and his industry is good at spinning reality and reviewing itself. Simply type “Milk” into a search engine and watch what pops up at the top; consider such algorithms and those who bait the internet with them. Then read what reviewers have to say about the film and Harvey Milk. You have to have the stomach to get to the end of the film to learn that “All-American Boy” Dan White only served five years for shooting a mayor and fellow City councilman, and shining light on so much including a system seemingly intentionally self-ridiculed by the Twinkie defense, that it continues to be necessary to spin his character and lionize the rats he shot at the dump. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_White

    From 30 years or so ago, I recall submitting to a woman who milked her own goats that she should more carefully wash udders before milking and I buying her a Küchenprofi-brand stainless steel and unbleached filters to reduce the obvious shite in what she was feeding her own offspring. We discussed not only reasonably sanitary nutrition but German shepherd dog, dairy goat, and human eugenics. And I suggested that one ought to consider pedigree, if you will, as one one ought to consider milk.

    Entertainers remind, “Things are seldom what they seem, Skim milk masquerades as cream…” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sean_Penn

  5. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    We keep getting this message. America is destroyed. We must act accordingly. We should march on DC and carry signs with messages for our soldiers there, telling them about the people they are protecting. Telling them about how thousands of foreigners are headed for our southern border and soon they will claim this country as their own and start calling our soldiers white supremacists. We should tell them that if they turn their weapons on us that soon those in charge will send other soldiers for their families. We should tell them that those in charge have staged a coup. Whatever position we now find ourselves in we need the military on our side.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      In the final analysis the troops answer to the Secretary of Defense. Including those West Point juniors and seniors treated to free visits to Israel and of course, for laughable objectivity, to Palestine.

      The National Guards at the Capitol have been vetted for political left-wing reliability: now the Services in their totality are in line. They can’t afford a Freikorps separating from the Reichswehr.

      Ergo, the Secretary of Defense is purposefully also black as a hoped-for additional guarantee of the services’ loyalty to the ‘ elite ‘.

      Ca. fifteen years ago, Canada disbanded a French-Canadian regiment, which, in the opinion of the know-it-alls, had too many photos in their lockers, in addition to the usual.

      Additionally. there is a photo on the net, depicting a bearded, smallish wonder dressed in black. Unlike the cowboy who is all hat and no cattle, this federally remunerated soul servant has an enormous hat, but also a company of burley Bundesarmee recruits as cattle before him.

    • John Vancouver
      John Vancouver says:

      marching on Washington will get you nowhere. Civil disobedience, at least, is a starting point. Self-defense of yourself, family, and nation is a human right. Use guerilla tactics against traitors, leftists and liberals. Dox them, make their individual lives and their employers so miserable that they’ll be careful before they open their mouths again. Don’t try to take on Washington… take on the low ranked enablers. They are the cogs that turn the machine.

    • SS
      SS says:

      That’s why I voted for Trump in 2016. It was obvious Antifa/Bolsheviks wanted Trump dead. If he had done an old fashioned coup with generals and the military supporting him, it could have been great. But he was not what the left claimed him to be.

  6. antisemit
    antisemit says:

    it has all to do with IDENTITY what JEW WORLD ORDER + WEF –
    GREAT RESET want to destroy that we never find unity . sorry the
    white race dont has unity lulled + instigated since centuries into wars
    against each other by their kings, bishops + leaders . only mafias
    have unity (italomafia,russian mafia, jew mafia, islam, yacuza,triades).
    as long the white race is not able to form its own mafia (omerta, unity,
    conspiration, death to traitors) shaping identification they will be ruined
    by the other mafia groups . blacks have no ideological identification,
    only their colour. why do we not do the same ? colour our identification ! OUR WHITE SOCIOPATHS ARE TRAITORS AND HAVE TO BE
    EXPELED ! they belong anyhow to their sociopath mafia !

      • James Clayton
        James Clayton says:

        William Luther Pierce on cartels, like the so-called Russian mafia, and much of his published audio work is here and many, I’m told, are looking-for it in one such location. Another scholar more on the sources of such work as Dr. Pierce’s, can easily be located by searching for his name “+” for example, ‘Dr. William Pierce” “Robert Matthews”, or “Timothy McVeigh”, is yet another retired professor with a lifetime of experience in academia– like Kevin MacDonald, Dr. Robert S. Griffin.

        Note what you find searching via “Robert S. Griffin” + “the jews” or one of my favorites, “Thomas Dalton, Ph.D.” + “the jews”.

    • David R Cavall
      David R Cavall says:

      Oh so easy and ignorant to take the easy way out and blame “the Jews”.
      Try doing some independent research from sources that actually are intelligent and unbiased.
      But– that takes real effort and time, something you aren’t inclined to do.

      • Dave Westerlund
        Dave Westerlund says:

        to David R. I would suspect you are a rodent aka jew. Intelligent people know the jew is the world problem, some fear you, but not me or those of us making comments. The world had the jew problem solved about 80 years ago, but lies beat truth. 88 Dave

      • James Clayton
        James Clayton says:

        Both are assertions. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/assertion

        There is nothing wrong with promoting the interest of one’s group. However, it is important to recognize when someone is not of one’s own group and therefore to simply consider the source. Hhaving had a lot of interaction with Jews, I’ve read with great interest and honed my own ability to discriminate. I no longer have to touch objects red-hot, for example, to determine if they will burn me. Attorney Edgar Steele shared his personal experiences in that regard and, according to his wife, still got burned for it.

        One thing I learned early-on was that Jews often name their offspring after bible characters, David or Joshua, e.g., https://nypost.com/2020/11/10/joe-biden-a-proud-catholic-also-has-a-very-jewish-family/ (which contains photos and entitled Joe Biden, a proud Catholic, also has a very Jewish family), by one Joshua Rhett Miller. I agree with an observation attributed to Socrates that “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.”

        Authoritative sources– “intelligent and unbiased” — don’t get much easier to find that scrolling to the bottom of this page for the creator of this blogs work. And then there’s Dr. Martin Luther on “The Jews and their lies” that reportedly got the man excommunicated from his church. Or Henry Ford’s “The International Jew” (Putting a normally Italicized book title in quotes makes it easier to locate instantly on the internet). However, those last two author’s were biased, prejudiced, guilty of discrimination, based upon their life experience.

        Consider Mark Weber’s work, in particular https://nationalvanguard.org/2018/06/jews-a-religious-community-a-people-or-a-race/ (slightly edited, with permission, first published in The Journal of Historical Review, March-April 2000 (Vol. 19, No. 2), page 63, from http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v19/v19n2p63_Weber.html) entitled Jews: A Religious Community, a People, or a Race?

        Dr. William Pierce (Ph. D. (physics)) was suggested above because he was not only articulate, experienced, and educated, but because much of his work is available on audio both from the organization he founded with the primary purpose of exactly what you’re suggesting. It is also available on on CD ROM from https://whitebiocentrism.com and currently still available online via BITCHUTE, etcetera. The vast majority of “Whites” referred-to by Pierce as “lemmings” are, in my experience, more-reachable thusly.

        And then there is a source where one can listen to the late Edgar J. Steele and find other work you’re asking-for here, including http://www.renegadetribune.com/how-to-spot-and-identify-a-jew/ that in August, last, included the following suggestion: One must make a thorough going empirical study of Jews in one’s own personal life… [and] a basic course [including]
        1) “How to Recognize and Identify a Jew”, by John Doe Goy;
        2) “The Racial Biology of the Jew”, by Baron Freiherr von Vershuer, M.D;
        3) ”What is a Jew”, from Der Stuermer, the 3rd Reich magazine of Julius Streicher;
        4) `On the Physical Characteristics of the Jews`, John Beddoe; Transactions of the Ethnological
        Society of London, Vol.1 (1861), pp.222-237;
        5) “Purity of Race”, Joseph Jacobs (a jew); Jewish Encyclopedia, 1905, p.283-4; 1901, p.619; other
        articles in the same encyclopedia 1901-1905
        6) “Physical Anthropology of the Jews”; Jews: A Study of Race and Environment (1911), Maurice
        Fishberg (a jew) (1902)
        7) “The Biological Jew”, Eustace Mullins …

  7. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    Overall, a good summary of our plight in the occupied West. However, I differ slightly on the concept of the political system. Many Americans are quick to point out that the US is a republic, not a democracy. That is true. Irrespective of universal suffrage, republic have always been constructed to be led by elites. The US system has morphed into an illusion of a 2 party system that excludes all others.
    For those of us in the rest of the English speaking world living under the parliamentary system, the system is designed to keep the power out of the electorate’s hands. It encourages multiple parties to split the vote, while providing the illusion that the parties actually differ in a substantive way.
    In both cases, the only way out, from under the current structures, is to ban political campaign donations; ban political parties; fund election candidates from the public purse; and have simpler recall mechanisms. That way, the candidate is forced to represent what his/her electorate wants, if seeking to be re-elected.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      I’ve been saying that for years. Our political system is a complete shame. What’s fascinating are those who believe. It’ll take a miracle, or one strong Putin- type of individual to turn things around.

  8. Joe
    Joe says:

    “Almost no one like the heroes of our history (Sir Francis Drake, Bismarck, Presidents Polk and Jefferson) would seek public office in our universal suffrage democracy/plutocracy in which civil debate is controlled by an alien-owned news media.”

    This is what Dr. William Luther Pierce spent his life vociferating about. He KNEW that the jewish monopoly over all thought dissemination was the key problem to be overcome if Western Civilization is to be saved.
    Jews are masters of deception, whether it be theater, cinema, television, advertising, literature… you name it. However, the greatest threat of this diabolical talent is in the news and information spheres. The reason the tribe so hates Trump is that he implicitly identified their “fake news” for what it is. Of course, he never named the kosher source of that fake news, but it still threatened (((their))) stranglehold over the minds of the naive and gullible sheeple.
    We must continue to wake up as many of our brethren as possible as to their malevolent shepherds. Only when enough men and women begin thinking for themselves once again, can progress toward truth and reclamation be made.

    • Dave Westerlund
      Dave Westerlund says:

      Our last GR8 hope for world peace was the man most demonized by the jew media. I’m 87, he took power a year before my birth. Jack & Robert Kennedy tried more slowly, but what happened to them? The world’s greatest problem throughout recorded history is the jew. 88 Dave

  9. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    A very good article that encapsulates what I said many times, to the chagrin of many Trumptards here. The USA as a pro-White political entity is dead and gone, I may even say that never existed as such, although many ignorant fools still speak fondly of the “wonderful 1950s” when “America was 90% White”. People like that miss the point that already at that time, as many illustrious collaborators to TOO pointed out, the heart, or the brain if you prefer, of the USA was rotten to the core. The Jews had taken control of higher education by the 1930s by positioning key members of the Frankfurt School in some of the most prestigious universities. From that moment on, it did not matter how White America was because most Whites were morons who believed everything they were told at the school or by the media in the hands of their mortal enemies.

    Even when the situation got really nasty, let’s say 20 years ago, when the enemy, in a gesture that showed their arrogance and confidence in its power, dropped its mask and began an open and brutal anti-White campaign, the majority of White Americans did NOTHING. The cowards preferred to stick their heads in the sand and wait…

    Although I am not a North American, I was happy for my White American brothers when the American Freedom Party was formed in 2009. I knew the work of Kevin MacDonald and Tomislav Sunic and I had great hopes for the party. What happened? NOTHING. The huge majority of White Americans turned their backs on the AFP. The morons preferred to support and vote for the JOP (Jewish Old Party) and the Orange Clown. There is a saying: “If you want to know the end, look at the beginning”

    I am sorry to say it, but most White Americans (and my own European brothers) deserve what is coming to them. Perhaps 40 or 50 years ago we could have done something, but most of us preferred to close our eyes and ears and pretended that nothing wrong was happening. Now is time to pay for it.

    • Dave Westerlund
      Dave Westerlund says:

      Angelicus: Much ignorance has to do with our religious and education systems. I too, was a chosenite supporter my 1st 40, but saw the light from Zundel, Bradley Smith, and Germar Rudolf. Our media would be laughed at “IF” we knew the TRUTH.

    • Karlfried
      Karlfried says:

      Hello Angelicus,
      the struggle of life has never been a children´s game. We still have all the time that we need and all the power that we need to reach our goal, and that goal is our survival as white European or European-derived/ European-similar peoples.
      We should look at the numbers of the foreigners in our countries as a warning, as a wake-up-call, but not as something that we cannot handle and we should not give up our self-confidence and we should not go into submission and death.

      A people is similar to a cow herd, very few think and act positively, but most of the herd go along without thinking and without acting. Nonetheless they are members of our folk, and they do not deserve their death because of their cowardness and stupidity.
      It is the other way round: the masses breed, they make children, and among those, a tiny part will act in the future as our saviours.
      Do not forget, those who want to destroy us, may have much money, many allies-of-today, but when a strong wind comes, these allies will fly away and everyone can see the very very small number that makes the real core of the world destroyers.

      To live in a country of your own, live in a folk with people that look like yourself and where the children look like their parents, that is the most natural thing in the world.
      And by the way, that may be used as the definition for the word: people/folk (Volk).

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Greetings Karlfried: There is a substantial and vital difference between a cowherd and a group of humans. The former are unable to think/reason and therefore are unable to do anything but what their instinct tells them to do. We are different, although, judging for the tone of the conversations and opinions of the majority you would be excused if you consider them total morons/zombies, we are able to process information and then to act upon it, or not.

        In the first category are those who, right or wrong, have at least some idealistic impulse and try to do something. The second category, which comprises the vast majority of people, regardless of race, are the selfish, unprincipled moral cowards who could not give a damn about their people, their race, their nation. Those despicable creatures deserve to die. It is because of them that we are in this horrible mess.

        I shall put it in another way. Those people are the same as the soldiers who, when you go over the top to attack the enemy, will stay behind out of sheer cowardice and lack of honour. They will let you die and they will not move a finger to help you. Are you telling me that they should be forgiven???

        During WW2 a high ranking member of the German government referred to the deserters and traitors in the rear and said: “The soldier at the front may die. The traitor at home MUST die”. Those Whites who nowadays do not support their White brothers or sisters facing harassment or even physical violence because of their skin colour or their pro-White political opinions are traitors.

        Of course, I am not advocating violence against them. They will get their punishment, eventually… I am sick and tired of saying this, but I will repeat it: Without the support of the vast, silent majority of gutless Whites, our enemies would not have achieved 1/10 of what they have done.

        As always, History is made by minorities. When Adolf Hitler started his heroic and colossal struggle, the Party counted with barely a dozen members. Nature, or Life if you prefer, sorts people and animals out in its own implacable way. Most worthless Whites will be killed by the sub-humans they profess to like or love. The White race is heading towards a well-deserved culling and nothing that you or I may say will change it. As a whole, we have failed miserably. It is time to pay. Maybe I will be killed too, I don’t care. What matters is to pass on the torch, to stay loyal to our Volk, even if the situation is hopeless. Let’s remember those glorious French volunteers of the Waffen-SS (barely 300 men) who, when given the opportunity to go to Berlin to join the defenders and meet a certain death, they all step forward and followed SS-Hauptsturmführer (captain) Henri Fenet into the doomed city.

        I am an old man (62) but I still feel the same pride and passion I felt when I read their story at 17. I would have gladly joined them, given the chance. As Bismarck said: “We have not been put on this Earth to be happy but to fulfil our duty”.


        • Karlfried
          Karlfried says:

          Greetings Angelicus,
          thank you for your answer. I am 64years old, and people of our age might have yet a number of years in the future to do our natural duty towards our fatherland and our own children and grandchildren.
          I think that we have the same main goal, and also I guess that we have the same impression, i.e. that 90% of our folks show inactivity, cowardness, short-sight-opportunistic-behaviour.
          The very same impression did have Martin Luther in his time (16th century) and Bismarck (19th century) about the German Volk. Nonetheless both did not bother to much, but both said: Nonetheless of the negative traits of our folk, I am here on earth to serve this folk, it is my folk. Martin Luther said: (quote)”Für meine lieben Deutschen bin ich geboren, ihnen will ich dienen!”(end of the quote).
          So, despite of maybe some differences in our analyses of our situation let us work together in the work for the survival of our white folks. Regards.

          • David Westerlund
            David Westerlund says:

            Karlfried: You forgot the man that tried the most to unite the Volk in the 20th Century. Although he did not succeed, he tried the most. 88 Dave W.

          • Karlfried
            Karlfried says:

            Hello David Westerlund, thank you for your comment.
            (quote) Der kostbarste Besitz der Welt aber ist das eigene Volk und für dieses Volk und um dieses Volk wollen wir ringen und wollen wir kämpfen und niemals erlahmen und niemals ermüden und niemals verzagen und niemals verzweifeln. (quote end)
            The most precious possession in the world, however, is our own people and for this people and in favor of this people we want to struggle and we want to fight and never weaken and never tire and never lose heart and never despair.

          • Angelicus
            Angelicus says:

            Hello Karlfried! Thank you for your kind words. I can be a bit harsh sometimes, but that is me. I am your archetypical Italian, choleric and passionate (LOL)

            I must say that, luckily, by growing up in South America I was spared the traditional European education based on hatred and resentment of my neighbours. Therefore I always looked upon the different European peoples/nations as brothers, members of one great family separated by petty and stupid national and/or religious differences.

            Yes, let’s do what we can for our race in this terrible age we are living in. All the best to you and your family.

  10. Jacobite
    Jacobite says:

    FYI, anybody who wants to start thinking seriously about acting “Post-America” should consider the US bombing campaign against the Serbs who were trying to drive Mohammedans out of the province of Kosovo. The campaign against Americans resisting the alien invasion and occupation of the US will be genocidal. Whites are already de facto and de jure second-class citizens, and only 60% of the population. Unfortunately, the situation gets worse every day, as more non-whites cross the border, and everyone in the US is already living as if on parole from prison.

  11. sc
    sc says:

    Great article. Sam Dickson stated those same sentiments a few years ago. Capitalism creates a producer consumer unit that seeks the satisfaction of appetites that marketing conjures. The politician plays the role of a salesman for the regime and attempts to convince the voters that they have some ownership over the governmental process. To want to be a salesman for this regime requires an antipathy for traditional morality. Reform has been tried countless times and has failed everyone of them. The Jews still control through finance and media. These enemies must be treated as such and removed from our social body. Anything short of that will fail.

  12. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Vernon Jordan’s recent death made him a much better person.

    This DC law partner and well known powerbroker took Clinton of Arkansas fame and much questionable fortune to the 1991 Bilderberger Conference in Baden-Baden, in the Black Forest.

    From there Clinton flew via FRA directly to Moscow to confer for two full hours with Russia’s Minister of the Interior [ KGB [ Bakatin, Bakatin was himself in the midst of his own Presidential Election and sparing two hours must have had profound reasons.

    Of course Clinton had been in and out of Moscow as a Rhodes scholar over years. The pretty cashier at the Hotel National on the Red Square, told me, that a day prior to my arrival, another party had paid his bill there. His train ticket from there to Prague was advanced by two African female students from the Patrice Lumumba Russian Friendship University: Or whatever the hell they called themselves that day. In Prague he freeloaded off the parents of another young woman whose parents headed the Communist Party. Their connections were well explained to me by a Prague fellow-student at the University of West Berlin after their ” Spring “: but well before said Bilderberg Conclave. .

    Just before his Lewinski affair, cigar and all, became public, after its precursors, the New York Times ran a full-page add depicting Clinton facing and embracing Monica. It asked :” HAS CLINTON TURNED HIS BACK ON ISRAEL ? ”

    Said photo was easily established to have been taken out of a much later publicized video. Lewinski as Maxwell ? Bill and Hillary then were shown widely attending Church and enthusiastically singing hymns in the second row. Three months before his second [s]election, he had 230,000 most grateful immigrants naturalized.

    Our present and future en vogue mathematical certainty necessitating and legitimizing, among other counts, the impeachment of Biden !

  13. anonym
    anonym says:

    It also has to do with the fundamental difference between the jewish parasitical economy and the productive european agricultural and industrial economy. The manipulative exploitative mindset is inherent in the merchant economy – to buy cheap and sell expensive you have to fool people. And the bigger profit you make, the more you fool them. For usurers and peddlers of vice, the relation to the customer is the same as a whore´s or a drug pushers relation the “clients” – they despise them and hate them. They despise the fact that they even need them. This kind of economy is a war on everyone – no one can be trusted, everyone can be scammed, and the most clever psychopathic liars thrive.
    In a productive economy the focus is on inventing, manufacturing and cooperation. You have to have a good reputation and treat workers, business partners and customers with respect – otherwise the system breaks down. The selling part is secondary, and the exploitative mindset is curtailed by the need for a good reputation.
    Hence, our former leaders – even some of the “robber barons” – was fairly decent people, who cared about more than personal wealth and power, while our current leaders are vile psychopaths that couldn´t care an ounce about “little people”. The only people they listen to is their jewish paymasters, with whom they probably even feel some kinship and respect.

  14. Ted Thomas
    Ted Thomas says:

    The reason that only disloyal whites are allowed in the club is because jews hate us,
    so the jews CHOOSE the most degenerate white sellouts they can possibly find.
    And when vetting non-white “leadership” the jews chose the most hateful scum they can find.
    This theory perfectly explains the rise of Paul Ryan as well as Al Sharpton.
    The article is accurate but the role of the small hats could have been more clearly in focus.
    All of this pain and misery of the anti-white system was conceived and socially engineered by jews,
    so of course we are not permitted to have leaders who would actually serve our interests.
    ALL of the prominent leaders in every category of endeavor, from media to finance to education to government,
    serve cravenly to jewish interests.
    The nose uses money as a form of control.
    I wish that God would hurry up and clean up this mess as it has gotten very tiresome.

  15. Prof. Woland
    Prof. Woland says:

    Liberals were dismayed when Trump would get attacked by the press regarding his sexual life or regarding his ‘racist’ outlook towards immigration only to have his poll numbers go up. His supporters understood well enough that Trump’s critics were really attacking them not the Donald. I think his detractors understood as well too which is why they were not happy even though they were careful to never let on.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      I have often wondered how many in Amdom realized that simple fact. Was it anywhere near 1/3rd of Ws?

  16. Fred Pennerton
    Fred Pennerton says:

    Of course all of the people who rise to the top are anti-white(regardless of race)
    because the jews that run the show are anti-white.
    This is obvious stuff.
    So, what is to be done about it?

  17. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    ” A sociopath like Clinton can carry on without losing a minute’s sleep in the midst of a scandal that normal people would find emotionally unbearable (like knowing that hundreds of millions of people all over the world and your wife and your daughter know that you spilled your seed ten times down the throat of an overweight, unattractive Jewish girl.”

    Stick to the topic. First of all, Monica was not overweight. “Hollywood fat”, maybe. Second, she was quite good looking. Nothing homely about her at all. Her looks and ethnicity, in any case, are irrelevant.

    If I were Monica, I’d be embarrassed for the world to find out that I’d been committing perversions in the White House with a swollen-nosed, piggy-eyed creep.

    No wonder feminism has become so popular.

    • Nan Baxter
      Nan Baxter says:

      I side with the author. Monica Lewinsky is a pig and a whore.
      She knew Clinton was married.

      I think the small hats set it up to control Clinton.

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        Well, sure, I am not really sticking up for po’ Monica. But look how terribly it all worked out: Hilary forgave her husband, a Negro preacher gently counselled him, much of the public loved him – and then – our little SlickWilly went on the speechifying circuit:

        “Former President Bill Clinton has made the most of any modern president on the speaking circuit. He gives dozens of speeches a year and each brings in between $250,000 and $500,000 per engagement, according to published reports. He also earned $750,000 for a single speech in Hong Kong in 2011.

        In the decade or so after Clinton left office, from 2001 through 2012, he made at least $104 million in speaking fees, according to an analysis by The Washington Post.

        Clinton makes no bones about why he charges so much.

        “I gotta pay our bills,” he told NBC News.”

        Moi, I know a woman who somehow got “lucky” and got a free ticket to attend a Billy Clinton speech. She thought she’d died and gone to heaven. This woman has no particular set of political principles, she just goes whichever way the wind is blowing.

  18. Whit
    Whit says:

    I think sociopathy defines the job no matter who is president in the present system. But it is also relative. I frankly couldn’t sleep if I extended assurances to Churchill that led to deaths of 20 million white people (Roosevelt) or got a blow job in the oval office from an intern young enough to be my daughter (Clinton). And these are just two in hundreds of instances of presidential sociopathy I would be tormented to act out. I could however sleep very soundly if I were in a position to authorize (for starters) the firing of cruise missiles into CNN, The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Warren Court, or any number of Jewish advertising agencies ramming their mongrelizing normatives down the throats of white America. So one side or the other, sociopathy rules—although in my case with the ultimate goal to exterminate sociopathy. The most moral people in America are in mental hospitals.

  19. Karl
    Karl says:

    The Democrats and the Left are psychopaths.

    One example is their approval of Drag Queen Story Hour in hundreds of venues for small children.

    I need to show you these because otherwise you won’t believe this:





  20. Peter
    Peter says:

    Comment to editor: I think the first video is enlightening but worldtruthvideos has some pretty extreme videos and I’m not sure if you would prefer to not post this comment for that reason.

    “The last thing that a Jew should do when he leaves Europe is spit”


    1) CNN anchor Rick Sanchez fired years ago by Jewish boss Jeff Zucker for comments suggesting Jews are powerful and criticizing Jew Jon Stewart.

    2) Helen Thomas fired after decades at her job, going back to JFK’s presidency, after criticizing Israel.


  21. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Have the inmates taken over the Jewish purloined, inter-racial asylum? Well, not just yet, but their vetted stooges (political and otherwise) are working overtime to make it happen ASAP.
    Pity the somnolent, clueless White ‘normies’ who are the target of of this devious take down of Western Civilization, they will pay dearly.

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