Is America’s “Greatest” Ally Teaming Up With China to Screw America?


America’s greatest ally. Right?

Not so fast.

According to a report by Breaking Defense, Israel refused a recent request by the American government to inspect a new port in the city of Haifa that China helped build. SIPG, a Chinese company, will operate this port for the next 25 years.

This move has opened up discussions about Israel’s intriguing relationship with China, which comes at a time when the U.S. is involved in an ever-increasing case of security competition with the East Asian nation.

Since China went from a Maoist disaster and transitioned towards a mixed economy, the country has sought all sorts of trading partners. Israel became one of those partners after China kicked off formal diplomatic relations with the Jewish state in 1992.

China tends to be inclusive in its dealings with Middle Eastern countries. In other words, it tries to be friendly with all states. Even with countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, who are engaged in a proxy conflict of their own, China tries to maintain cordial relations with both countries despite their ongoing conflicts.

The Chinese have also served as mediators between the Israelis and Palestinians in their dispute. From the late 1970s until the 1990s, China and Israel entered a number of arms deals, which caught the U.S.’s attention. Even worse, Israel has a long history of selling U.S. military secrets to China. Yet, there is little talk in national security circles about the Israeli-China partnership that could potentially undermine American interests.

According to Rupert Stone of the Middle East Eye, “By the mid-2000s, military ties had flatlined, and the relationship focused more on economic cooperation” after the U.S. caught wind of Israel’s exploitation of its China ties.

However, the Israeli-China connection has remained intact. When tensions between former American President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu started to mount and Europe’s economy began to slow down during the Great Recession, Israel began looking to its east. Netanyahu went on a state visit to China in 2013 and two years later joined the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which China dominates. The U.S. did not approve of this move. To top it off, Netanyahu signed 10 agreements in Beijing.

The U.S. has made somewhat of an effort to address Israel’s questionable ties with China. The China virus compelled the U.S. to take a much harder stance against China and make sure its own allies are not completely under China’s thumb. If the U.S.’s allies are under substantial Chinese influence, American interests could be substantially undermined in the long-term.

This explains why Secretary of State Mike Pompeo paid a brisk visit to Israel back in May 13, 2020, to discuss China’s growing influence and other issues with Netanyahu’s new government. For instance, Israel seemed to yield to American demands after it did not grant a contract for a desalination plant to a Hong Kong-based company and instead opted to award the contract to a domestic firm. Additionally, Huawei is not being used in Israel’s 5G network tender.

Trade between China and Israel has increased significantly over the years. According to Rupert Stone, Israel’s exports to China grew fourfold. China is Israel’s second-biggest trading partner. Israelis view China in a very positive light. For instance, 66% of Israelis hold China in high esteem.

Various Chinese companies are actively setting up infrastructure projects in Israel. From the looks of it, the Chinese want to add Israel to its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a connection of land and sea routes that China is spearheading. Several years ago, Shanghai International Port Group received a contract to operate the Haifa container port, beginning in 2021. Similarly, another Chinese company was awarded a contract to run the Ashdod port. These contracts have generated significant controversy. Take for example, the case of the Haifa terminal. It’s next to an Israeli naval base, where the U.S. Sixth Fleet frequently docks its ships.

As far as technology goes, Chinese companies such as Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent have invested in Israeli’s “Silicon Wadi,” the Israeli version of Silicon Valley, in an effort to put China on the path to being a technological titan through its Made in China 2025 initiative.

According to Stone, Chinese investment in the Israel tech sector increased tenfold from 2015 to 2016. In 2017, Alibaba set up a research center in Tel Aviv. Allegedly, high-ranking government officials from both countries have forged an innovation partnership. A general fear among cybersecurity experts is that Chinese investment in the Israeli tech sector could make Israel and the U.S. susceptible to Chinese cyberattacks and other forms of espionage. Certain tech stalwarts, such as ZTE—a firm with strong ties to the Chinese Communist Party—have key investments in Israel.

Hypothetically speaking, a deterioration in American-Israeli relations could see Israel pivoting towards China for trade and other forms of cooperation at Americans’ expense. There was already a case earlier this month where Shin Bet (Israel’s internal security services) busted a ring of Israeli aerospace engineers who sold advanced Israeli missile technology to China for millions of dollars.

Twenty Israeli nationals were involved in this illegal trade of missiles. Even more curious, these individuals served in the IDF in intelligence and weapons development roles.  Other members of the criminal ring worked for Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), while some ring members were employed in Israeli companies that produce missiles. One could only imagine what would happen if these missiles were American in origin and ended up being sold to the Chinese.

As mentioned before, Israel is willing to take American tech and sell it to China. If the U.S. doesn’t review its relationship with both China and Israel, it will continue to be exploited by these countries. China and Israel are host to parasitic cultures and in many regards their cooperation is a match made in heaven. If U.S. leaders were smart, they would completely ban immigration from Israel and China, end all forms of military aid to Israel, and decouple from China’s economy.

America is not a shopping mall that predatory ethnic groups can freely exploit.

Reposted from Red Elephants, with permission.

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  1. m
    m says:

    China is not out to ‘screw’ the US. The PRC outside of its borders is primarily an economic entity. They will do business with anyone as long as there is a profit.

    The difference between the PRC and Israel (really, Jews) is that Jews are parasitic, and in addition to ‘doing business’ want to control the social narrative to the detriment of the native population. Inside Europe and America Jews seek to displace western culture in a way that Chinese would never think of doing. Chinese in the US are not interested in transforming traditional American culture–making it into a mirror image of China. That is not their purpose, which is rather to simply make yuan.

    This of course does not mean that the US ought not to become more independent from Chinese imports. But having abandoned industrial capitalism for finance capitalism that is probably not in the cards. Instead, a movement away from Chinese manufacturing will mean that America will import manufactured goods from Vietnam and India. The idea that ‘factory jobs’ will ever come back to the US is risible.

    The more interesting question is whether Jews will be able to subvert the PRC for their own aims? That is not likely, either. Chinese will not roll over for Jews like westerners have. For multiple reasons. Thus the push for war against China by Ziocons within the US. It is the same with Russia. The Jews want it all.

  2. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    And, of course, you could have watched on C-SPAN then-United States Senator from Tennessee, Fred Dalton Thompson, held hearings into illegal campaign contributions and testimony indicated the Clinton Justice Department wasn’t interested in apparently laundered contributions from the Red Chinese military to the Clinton campaign machine for valuable consideration:

    Chinese Got Long Beach Deal (1997 – Clinton Deal)
    Chinese Got Long Beach Deal! LONG BEACH DESK – The Long Beach Naval Station was tentatively placed on the Military Base Closure-List by president George Bush in 1991. President Bill Clinton, closed the naval base last in …
    User Clip: President Clinton cedes Long Beach Naval base …
    Apr 16, 1997 · User Clip: President Clinton cedes Long Beach Naval base to Cosco, a company owned by China’s communist government.

  3. 9593
    9593 says:

    Recall that some of Jonathan Pollard’s loot went to China for some advantageous deal:
    Recall the USS Liberty:
    We can only hope that the Chinese are smart enough to forbid the settlement of Jews in China. Do the Chinese remember the opium crisis – in the 19th and 20th Centuries, courtesy of the Sassoon family of Bombay? All done with the suborning of Britain, by the usual process – Book of Esther.

    Surely, we must be rid of Israel.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Yeah, a Scot got blamed for that mess, Jardine’s name is still up lights in HK to remind all the proud, but low-information Chinese masses that this was a British form of sadistic mass-cruelty inflicted on the Chinese peasants.
      No doubt that in 100 years time, the average proud, but low-information white, if he exists, will be under the impression that the opioid cruelty inflicted on American peasants of today was a Chinese plot.

      It just never ends.

  4. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Twenty years ago the Jews were hiring Chinese nannies so their children would learn Chinese. Here is a video on youtube of Lord Rothschild talking about China and how he was helping his Chinese banker friend learn how to run the new central bank. Like Bill Kristol he comes off as being so pleased with himself. He also mentioned that they were working to learn how to better predict weather. I take that to mean they’re figuring out how to use new technology to enable them to use weather as a weapon and to convince people of climate change.

    The Jews fled Europe and the Soviet states after making them unlivable and came here so it’s not a surprise that, realizing they’re being found out, that they’d leave here for someplace like China. They’re just making sure the borders are open in order to finish us off before they go. Everything that is happening, from our economy being liquidated in China to the virus from China has Jew written all over it. Maybe the Chinese can fight their future wars for them. The problem is there will be enough of them remaining here to keep things running their way.

    • Flossie
      Flossie says:

      And remember the cringe-inducing footage of Jared and Ivanka’s young daughter singing to Chairman Xi in Mandarin.

    • gT
      gT says:

      The USA has outlived its usefulness. The USA was only good for keeping other nations underdeveloped via the World Bank and IMF, NATO armed forces and all the 3 letter agencies. But keeping other nations underdeveloped and enriching oneself is not enough, what is needed is genocide for the other nations.

      A drastic reduction in the world’s population is part of the agenda. You see at the end there is only supposed to be the Jews and the poor, and the poor must not be too many or too high IQ either so that they can be easily ruled.

      So another country in the Far East has enjoyed decades of empowered in order to replace the USA, as that country in the Far East has no problem with genocide, it will do the job the USA is unable to do. The USA is thus surplus to requirements.

      Jews have no permanent allies, only permanent interests.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      That’s exactly the way I see what the Jews are doing to America. It’s so much like an asset strip & then liquidation of a business. That is the feel.

      The comments here are better than the article, the feel of that was naivete/preaching to the choir.

  5. Carl
    Carl says:

    America is an ally of Israel.

    Not vice versa.

    Israel believes it owes nothing to anyone ever.

  6. John
    John says:

    “If U.S. leaders were smart,…”.
    Our European leaders, from Europe to Australia, r traitors. Take USA for eg., the American ppl the ppl who created & built America r on the verge of becoming a minority. Leaders top priority is protecting, benefiting, ensuring its ppl have a healthy future. What our leaders r doing is treasonous. A leader would immediately halt & correct this suicidal policy of becoming a minority. The article “The Slow Cleanse aka Restoring White Homelands” Greg Johnson, explains how it can b done.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Becoming a minority can have it’s advantages, it’s never bothered the Jews.

      I’m quite looking forward to the Eurasia/Eastasia flip when whites become a minority, and we are told the most important thing is to satisfy the majority, not the minority.
      All the likes of us can really ever do is enjoy the black comedy of the thing.

      If nothing else, this is at least the funniest time in history to be alive.
      There would be a fair few Victorian European peasants, I’d bet, who having family, community, society, country, religion, purpose, females not in open rebellion & a ruling class that wasn’t insane, who would happily sacrifice all of that to be transported to a future 2020 dystopian nightmare, sold as an all consuming, multi-dimensional, 24/7, 365 days a year, non-stop clown show. With screens to see under the clothes of pretty girls and potions to make you feel great.

      Imagine such time travel was possible. I wonder which group of people would have the sadism necessary, to corner the market in flogging this to our ancestors?

  7. tadzio
    tadzio says:

    When a parasite has sucked all possible blood out of its host, it moves on to the next victim. Tis a law of Nature. America has been robbed and mongrelized. The ethnically aware Han Chinese may not be as easy prey as the ethnically castrated European Christian peoples. Israelis could become the Uighurs of the Middle East. May they get what they deserve.

  8. Foreve Guilty
    Foreve Guilty says:

    “China and Israel are host to parasitic cultures and in many regards their cooperation is a match made in heaven.”

    “If U.S. leaders were smart, they would completely ban immigration from Israel and China, end all forms of military aid to Israel, and decouple from China’s economy.”

    Author forgot to mention India and Pakistan. Chinese economy and prosperity is rising, so there would be less Chinese willing to move into USA. And Chinese are not parasites. They are working very hard and built biggest industrial economy on Earth. If Whites allowed Jews move industrial and technological base from USA into China. Its Whites own stupidity problem.

    On another hand India is a giant overpopulated sewage dump and Indians will do literally anything to move themselves, their families and their villages into Western countries and replicate there their glorious homeland.

  9. Mark Green
    Mark Green says:

    Interesting article. Important. It’s message concerning Israeli perfidy is hardly shocking.


    “America is not a shopping mall that predatory ethnic groups can freely exploit.”


    In fact, America has indeed become a shopping mall that predatory ethnic groups can freely exploit. This is true. Obviously so. Israel’s long term, one-way relationship with America proves this.

  10. Jud Jackson
    Jud Jackson says:

    America ought not to be a shopping mall that predatory ethnic groups can exploit but unfortunately it is.

  11. 12AX7
    12AX7 says:

    Sorry to break the news but America is a giant shopping mall that predatory ethnic groups can freely exploit. All of the scumbags in Congress, all of the cheap whores in the press including “conservative” press like the WSJ, traitorous business elites, the perverts in Hollywood etc. are on the take and China is paying them all.

    Look for The Usual Suspects to jump ship for China as the U.S. goes tits up in the near future, they are already laying the ground work. When The Usual Suspects give us the finger and fly off to China they won’t even look back. None of the worthless members of Congress or the horrible press will ever complain about them either because they are “Our Greatest Ally”.

    OT I know but when Is Dementia Joe going to give the State of the Union Speech? When is Dementia Joe going to give his first press conference? It looks like he is in such bad shape that he can only go before carefully selected members of the press and under carefully controlled circumstances. That means President Kuntmalla Harris will be getting sworn in to the Office of President. The corrupt government officials and their worse pals in the press can’t cover up Dementia Joe’s decrepit condition forever. BTW the worthless Republicans like Mitch McConnell know damn well about Dementia Joe’s mental deterioration yet they won’t do a thing about it.

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      I believe the author meant that America ought not to be a shopping mall. Pretty clearly, the point of the article is that there is a big FOR SALE sign on America.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      No no no. My sweet, naïve child.

      They won’t forget us! We will live on forever in their glorious Holy books as demonic, evil persecutors of innocent Jewish blood! We drove them away remember, with our non-stop official pogroms of their innocent little villages.
      They just wanted to be left alone to live in peace, but we couldn’t help ourselves. Our insane irresistible bloodlust to massacre countless Jewish innocents, always overcame us.
      There was something wrong with our heads, our hearts were full of hate. We were every bit as bad as the Czars, the Spanish Inquisitors, The Romans . . . . the Amalekites. And all the rest in-between. Too many to mention. So much hatred. For no reason. We deserve this.

      I personally hope the Jewish people can FINALLY find some peace with their new hosts, after all these thousands of years of undeserved hostility shown towards them. For the love of God, they deserve it.

  12. Hubbub
    Hubbub says:

    Let’s be honest about Israel. Israel is concerned only with safety and security of it’s own nation, at the expense, if necessary, of its strategic ‘partners’ and ‘friends’. China’s interest is in China, at the expense of Israel and every other nation. Israel will be the loser in any ‘deal’ with the Chinese.

  13. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    The idea of moving the US industry to China was never in the interest of the USA. It’s one of the disastrous consequences of being ruled by the Jews, just like the race replacement program, the wars for Israel, and all the efforts to destroy White people. The US congress and the media went along with the de-industrialization program for the same reason they refused to give Trump the budget to build a wall. They have been bought by the Jewish system.

    Transferring the US industry to China was a disaster for the USA but a big win for China. So, Israel teaming up with China is nothing new. I think what’s new is the growing distrust of China in about the last two years. It seems to me the distrust has been encouraged by the Jews. They have been fomenting trouble in Hong-Kong, for example. Why are they putting pressure on China? They may feel their defense of Chinese interests to the detriment of the USA have not been rewarded enough?

    China is sometimes presented by the media as a bogeyman, even though the real destructive force in the West is Jewish. It leads some of us to joke that we would rather be ruled by Chinamen than by the Jews. But it won’t happen. The Jews are firmly in control, even more so with Biden, and China has to work with them to gain better access to Western countries.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      The idea of moving the US industry to China was never in the interest of the USA. It’s one of the disastrous consequences of being ruled by the Jews, just like the race replacement program, the wars for Israel, and all the efforts to destroy White people

      Ditto for the United Kingdom.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Yeah, and after Chinese nationalists had spent decades shedding blood against a long list of occupiers, lastly the Japs, along came a bunch of kosher approved Chinese, who sat the war out in the mountains, with pockets full of gold, to rob them at the very moment of victory in 1945, and claim all the glory as the liberators and unifiers of the nation. At last.

  14. anonym
    anonym says:

    I think we underestimate ourself though. The chinese and the jews (and japanese) mostly just make copies of our products. They seem to lack the imagination european scientists and engineers have. The japs make good quality copies, the chinese make landfill material, and the jews “produce” debt, fantastic pseudo scientific theories and computer viruses (“artificial intelligence”).

    Inventing, engineering, studying nature scientifically and artistically – and getting up at six every workday to contribute to society – is inherent in european culture. We just have to overcome the jewish obstacle. The may have trillions of dollars and and a superior ability to lie convincingly, but in the end they´re not much more than a bunch of gypsies.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      The jewish principle is adulteration. Add blacks to Whites, paper to gold, females to males, homo to hetero, feelings to objectivity. lies to truth, monopoly to competition, and so on- these are improvements, in the eyes of jews. The female death principle of egalitarianism.

  15. Brock Wilson
    Brock Wilson says:

    I think the jews and the Chinese teamed up long ago. Goldman Sachs has been operating in China for a long time.
    Walmart and other major corporations have also been there for a long time.
    Mao’s advisors were jews.

    I believe the virus was a false flag engineered by organized jewry and the CCP, to destroy
    the economies of the western world, to usher in the NWO.

    Notice that China left covid behind a long time ago, while Christendom is still struggling.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      The extent of the Jewish grip on China is the great unknown. Some see it as the only hold out left against the NWO. It’s pretty ridiculous to imagine *America’s* fat, corrupt, tranny, war-losing army standing up to the Chinese. I mean, American power in the Pacific is based around aircraft carriers, 1945 technology.

      The unknown is the cult or elites’ real secret weapons. God alone knows what these could be by now.

      I think the Chinese get this. They could be the only hope left against the NWO. Which makes you wonder why Alex Jones and Info-wars are trying to program their fans to hate them.

  16. celsus
    celsus says:

    An article written by a catholic latino published on OCCIDENTAL Observer? wow, your catholic theocratic bias is showing macdonald.
    for your info, the chinese have actually declared covert war on the chinese, which is why we suddenly see the jew media flooded with anti-chinese hysteria. the jews took over the media, and now they are trapped by it, and too stupid to get out. hegemonies are like it. everybody sees it

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