Obscuring the Jewish Problem in Alt Media: An Example

Obscurantism: the practice of deliberately presenting information in an imprecise and abstruse manner, often designed to forestall further inquiry and understanding.

We know that obscurantism of the Jewish Problem in mainstream media is rampant and total. This is primarily because mainstream media is largely owned and strongly influenced by Jews, but also because criticism of Jews has been made taboo in our society—partly through use of the media.

Even Alternative Media suffers this obscurantism however. Notable exceptions include The Occidental Observer, Fash the Nation, State of the Nation, Brother Nathaniel, Culture Wars, the Barnes Review, The Unz Review, Institute for Historical Review, and others. Here we will look at one example of popular Alt Media reporting that engages in obscurantism of the Jewish Problem, and see how bad it can be.

An article was posted on February 16th by the popular alternative health expert Joseph Mercola titled “The Web of Players Trying to Silence Truth,” It was reposted by the also popular Children’s Health Defense online journal The Defender under the title “Who’s Behind Global Effort to Silence Critics of the ‘Great Reset’?

Mercola starts with an examination of “The Monsanto Case” to establish the pattern we are to see in the web of players spinning the Covid case. Mercola mentions a number of PR firms that worked for Monsanto/Bayer to obscure the horrors of GMOs, and government agencies such as Commission for Countering Extremism and the Centre for Countering Digital Hate running campaigns against Mercola and other medical dissidents. To see a representative list, open the Playbook at the CCDH website. Mercola asserts that these PR firms attacking him and others have connections to the World Economic Forum.

Publicis Groupe is Not French

At the core of the article is the Publicis Groupe. Under sub-section “Publicis is an organizing force in the Great Reset deception,” we read:

Public deception is now being carried out at a mass scale, and the whole thing appears to be led and organized by another major PR firm, this time the Publicis Groupe, self-described as “one of the world’s largest communications groups.”

Publicis is a Partner of the World Economic Forum, which is openly declaring the world needs a “Great Reset” that will remake everything about our lives and the world, including “a fusion of our physical, biological and digital identities,” and relying on The Fourth Industrial Revolution to accomplish it. Mercola ascribes great power to Publicis in manipulating public perception, especially of Covid: “Publicis and its industry clients have been able to influence and control the press to restrict, indeed virtually eliminate, your ability to get the truth on many important issues.”

It may be a more innocent form of obscurantism—fear of Jewish power—but Mercola makes no mention of how Jewish Publicis is.

The CEO of Publicis is Maurice Levy. A 2012 article in the STL Jewish Light (Saint Louis) journal titled “French-Jewish advertiser enters Israeli and Palestinian markets” declares in the first sentence: “Maurice Levy, the Jewish CEO of Publicis, is bringing the French advertising firm into the Palestinian and Israeli communications markets.”

Vice Chair of the Publicis supervisory board is Elisabeth Badinter. Her father, Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, who founded Publicis, was at least half Jewish, according to his Wikipedia entry. Marcel married Sophie Vaillant according to Elisabeth’s Wikipedia “early life” entry. “Elizabeth’s mother was raised as a Roman Catholic in a middle-class upbringing, and later converted to Judaism following her marriage. She raised Élisabeth in the Jewish faith.” Elisabeth married Robert Badinter, a “French” lawyer who is 100% Jewish. Robert’s father Simon, a “Bessarabian Jew” who came to France in the early 1920s to escape pogroms, was deported by the National Socialists and allegedly died at Sobibor prison. Elisabeth is a famous writer in France, particularly on the topic of feminism, and is one of France’s wealthiest citizens.

Also on the Publicis Supervisory Board is Elisabeth’s son Simon Badinter (II?). He has been on the boards of various media and PR firms in his career, and presently is a radio talk show host broadcasting in 20 major US cities. Simon is obviously 75% Jewish.

Still another board member who is part of this Jewish family is Sophie Dulac. She is a granddaughter of founder Marcel Blaustein-Blanchet and niece to Elisabeth.

Thomas Glocer is on the Publicis board. He also has obvious connections to the World Economic Forum. For a man of such impressive accomplishments as CEO of the powerful Reuters media corporation, and on the boards of Merck, Morgan Stanley and the Council on Foreign Relations (former Director), it is disappointing that his Wikipedia page has no “Early Life” or “Private Life” entries. Self-obscurantism? Glocer’s blog entry titled “Shanah Tovah Shimon” (‘good year’, a blessing Jews speak at their new year Rosh Hashanah, commemorating the death of Shimon Peres), states: “I met with Shimon regularly, in Davos, in London and once, very memorably, in Tel Aviv.” Though Glocer says Peres was twice Israel’s Defense Minister and founded Israel’s nuclear program, Peres was also Prime Minister twice, President, and much else over a 70-year political career. So to meet with Peres regularly puts Glocer among the top echelons of Jewish power.

But is Glocer himself Jewish? He’s at least very much connected to the Jewish world: “I visited Israel every couple of years to see clients like everywhere else, to meet with tech entrepreneurs from this start-up nation, to support the brave Reuters journalists in Israel as well as the West Bank and Gaza, and to visit my family.”

It is not likely Glocer’s family lived in the Palestinian Occupied Territories.

Publicis board member Marie-Josee Kravis’s second and current husband is Henry Kravis, the multi-billionaire investment firm owner, who “was born into a Jewish family in Tulsa, Oklahoma,”

Another billionaire power broker on the Publicis board is Andre Kudelski. He is described as “a Swiss engineer of Polish descent,” but his father Stephan’s biography says he was born in Warsaw, escaped the German military entry into Poland, found his way to France, and escaped the Germans there too and went to Switzerland. Various sources that attempt to identify Jews, in this case as members of the powerful Bilderberg Group on which Kudelski was a Steering Committee member, such as Radio Islam, The Daily Stormer, and Zogwatch state that Kudelski is an “Ashkenazi Jew” or “most probably Polish Jew,” We must consider this correct.

Suzan LeVine is a Publicis board member who was former ambassador to Switzerland, in the cabinet of Washington state Governor Ray Inslee, and other positions of power. She appears to be Gentile, but her husband Eric A. Levine, described as an “American entrepreneur,” is most likely Jewish. His Wikipedia entry says “He has been a Council Member at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum since September, 2016.” According to Suzan’s bio at Publicis: “Twice during her career, she was a stay-at-home mom, during which time she co-founded… an innovative Jewish community model, The Kavana Cooperative…”

It appears certain Suzan is another Jewish board member or in any case married to a Jew.

The Publicis Supervisory Board is composed of thirteen people. Like the other PR firms Mercola mentions in his article, Publicis is absolutely obsessed with “Diversity, Equality & Inclusion,” and some even add “Belonging” (DEI&B). Here is the Publicis Board’s statement addressing DEI&B:

The Supervisory Board… is carefully balanced in terms of its composition. There are six women and six men, eight independent members and eight members of foreign nationality. Publicis Groupe was one of the first groups to ensure male / female parity in its Supervisory Board.

Applause for Publicis. How noble, achieving such “parity” on its Board. Yet eight of the members (over 60%) are Jews or married to Jews, four are in the same Jewish family, and the top two Board positions, CEO and Vice Chair, are both Jews. Rather than DEI&B, Publicis looks much more like N&IGP: nepotism and in-group preference.

Jewish dominance of Publicis goes even deeper. The current Chairman and CEO of the firm is Arthur Sadoun. His bio does not indicate his ethnicity, but states in the last paragraph:

“Arthur Sadoun became Chairman and CEO of Publicis Groupe on June 1, 2017, making him the 3rd leader of the Groupe in its 91-year history, following in the footsteps of Maurice Lévy, and founder Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet.”

Since both previous leaders were Jews, would not Sadoun be as well? His Wikipedia entry calls him “a French businessman,” Confirmation may come from a Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (“Fighting BDS in America and Abroad”) essay of 2014 titled “France Starting to Reckon with Its History of Anti-Semitism?” It states:

(French Nationalist Marine Le Pen) contended that she was hated by another journalist, Anne-Sophie Lapix, the wife of Publicis chairman Arthur Sadoun. She claimed that the entire Publicis management belonged to an exclusive caste estranged from most French, while her own political mission was to return power to the people. True enough, Marine Le Pen did not actually say that Sadoun and most of Publicis’ managers were Jewish, and her words could be construed to apply to any restricted upper-class group rather than just to a Jewish elite. On the other hand, the Jewish heritage of Publicis, from its founder the late Maurice Bleustein-Blanchet to Maurice Levy, its current CEO, to Sadoun, is an open secret.

Since the author of the article, Michel Gurfinkiel, is probably engaging in the classic tradition of Jewish boasting about the tribe’s accomplishments, today’s Publicis Chairman and CEO Arthur Sadoun is most likely confirmed as Jewish.

We are sure to find more Jews throughout the Publicis leadership structure, investors, and 80,000 employees, but what we’ve seen is more than sufficient to establish the aggressive and tyrannical PR firm harassing alternative health leaders such as Joseph Mercola as overwhelmingly Jewish.


Another associated firm which Mercola calls “the self-appointed internet watchdog NewsGuard” is active in censoring and excluding dissenting views on Covid such as Mercola’s. He says:

NewsGuard rates websites on criteria of ‘credibility’ and ‘transparency,’ ostensibly to guide viewers to the most reliable sources of news and information. In reality, however, NewsGuard ends up acting as a gate keeper with a mission to barricade unpopular truth and differences of opinion behind closed gates. Its clearly biased ranking system easily dissuades people from perusing information from low-rated sites, mine included.

Newsguard received substantial start-up funds from Publicis in 2018. Co-founder and co-CEO Steven Brill’s bio states: “Brill was born to a Jewish family in Queens, New York.” In an interesting tangent, Brill is author of the book Tailspin: The People and Forces Behind America’s Fifty-Year Fall – and Those Fighting to Reverse It. I haven’t read it, but how likely is it that Brill will depart from obscurantism and identify our new Jewish elite as central players in America’s fall, as they indeed have been since about 1970?

The other co-founder and co-CEO of Newsguard is Louis Gordon Crovitz. A National Vanguard article of 2019 titled “In-Browser Censorship: Microsoft Partners With New Jewish ‘Fact-Checking’ Firm” identifies Crovitz too as Jewish (his Wikipedia entry is devoid of any mention, obscurantism most likely the cause, but the picture is highly indicative). The article also describes Crovitz as in close association with “Neo-Conservatives,” which is a euphemism for American Jews mainly concerned with the welfare of Israel. A Truthwiki report on Crovitz actually names some Neocons, almost all Jews, and declares Crovitz a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, now known to “be associated with almost 90 percent of all media in the U.S.” The CFR is almost completely led by Jews.

Newsguard is attempting to provide approval or disapproval ratings on 7,500 news outlets, covering almost 100% of the news most people in the US see. Outlets like Mercola and Children’s Health Defense will be rated red for alarm, forced to the fringes of the internet’s dark corners by Newguard‘s rating system.

The Paley Center For (Zio) Media

The Paley Center for Media is another unit in the army Mercola identifies as attacking him and anyone else prominent enough in alt media to challenge Jewish power, however indirectly. Founded in 1976 by the Jewish man who also founded and built CBS, William S Paley, The Paley Center now declares as its mission: “Drawing upon its curators, collection, and relationships with the media community, The Paley Center for Media examines the intersections between media and society.” Unfortunately for the likes of Mercola and others who stick their heads up above the dominant medical narrative, the Paley Center does more than examine, it manipulates and controls, and there is no tolerance for those it perceives as enemies.

President and CEO Maureen Reidy is Gentile. She was formerly in the administration of ultra-wealthy former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Of seven members of the Paley Center administration under Reidy, at least two, Andy Meyer and David Weinberg, and possibly others, are Jewish. Of a sixty member Board of Trustees, at least eighteen and likely others appear to be Jewish, including Vice Chair Mel Karmazin, former CEO of CBS and Sirius Radio born to a Jewish family in Queens, National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman, and world-controller war-monger Henry Kissinger. Kissinger also co-chaired last year’s Paley International Council Summit, which calls itself the “‘Davos of Media’ [i.e., akin to the World Economic Forum] brings together global leaders and CEOs of the world’s most important media companies, to advance the exchange of ideas and to foster a sense of community.” This community does not include Mercola and anyone else who defies the establishment narrative. Mercola would not have fit into the same community as Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a top Covid promoter, Director of the World Health Organization, and keynote speaker at Kissinger’s Paley Center Summit.

Of forty-one members of the Paley Center Los Angeles Board of Governors, at least ten appear to be Jews. Member Keith Le Goy of Sony Pictures is most likely not Jewish.

Very recently, the Paley Center initiated The Peter Roth Internship Program. Peter Roth was Chairman and CEO of Warner Brothers TV Studios for twenty years before recently leaving the position. He appears to be obscuring his Jewish heritage, at least on the otherwise often explicit Wikipedia, but it’s no secret that Warner Brothers was founded by and today is predominantly run by Jews, with Peter Roth included in the list. Other Roths who have powerful positions in the media include Joseph Roth (no relation except by tribe), the former Chairman of 20th Century Fox.

Of four major donors to this new Paley Center program, two are Jewish: former “King of sitcoms” Chuck Lorre (born Levine to a Jewish family in New York), and producer/director/writer of blockbuster movies and TV series JJ Abrams, whose “personal life” includes being Jewish. In a bizarre distortion of identity, a third donor, gay mega-producer Greg Berlanti wants to be Jewish. He and his husband professional soccer player Robbie Rogers raised their young son and daughter in the Jewish faith, to the point that the five-year-old son thinks Berlanti is Jewish (“Nothing anyone can say, including my husband, will dissuade him from believing this. He just believes it.”). Berlanti said in an interview for the Jewish Journal that “we sought out a Jewish egg donor — not the easiest thing to find, by the way.” Where there’s wealth, there’s a way.

Lest there be any further confusion, according to a Variety article, the paid internship program is not based on merit, but will “emphasize the importance of increasing inclusion and representation,” favor “interns from diverse backgrounds and underserved communities,” and “help build more diversity in the industry.” Roth praises the Paley Center and the program donors for “creating a program that will ensure greater equity and diversity.” This is Jewish code language for counting Jews as Whites but excluding gentiles of European descent. That theme has been well developed elsewhere.

Should we have any further doubt of The Paley Center’s alignment, recently it celebrated this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day (officially Day of Remembrance for Jewish Victims of the Holocaust) with the Paley Impact Event “The Media’s Role in Combating Holocaust Denial, Misinformation, and Antisemitism,” The announcement appears to be written by Eva Schloss herself, who claims to have survived Auschwitz, and is the step-daughter of the iconic Otto Frank, actual main author of the supposed Anne Frank diary. Panel topics at the Paley Center event focused on:

“Eva Schloss’s recollections of how friends and neighbors in her native Austria turned on her family in 1938, resulting in her being transported to Auschwitz; Schloss’s thoughts on the emotional toll taken on her stepfather, Otto Frank (father of Anne Frank), when confronting Holocaust deniers after World War II’s end; how social media allows hate groups to flourish; Facebook’s recent ban on those who distort the history of the Holocaust; the necessity of continually magnifying Holocaust survivors’ stories; the media’s lack of coverage over a Camp Auschwitz shirt worn by one of the rioters that stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6; and the need for mandatory Holocaust education for all American students.”

The Paley Center will be fully participating in “the media’s vital role in fighting the rise of antisemitism and Holocaust denial.”

Conclusion: It’s the Jews Again

Dr. Joseph Mercola had the courage and determination to write a critique and exposé of the people and organizations who were defaming, discrediting and censoring him and his colleagues in the alternative health field who did not comply with the official Covid story-telling. His otherwise excellent analysis was reposted by another target of the medical establishment, Robert F Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense (CHD). These bold moves to push back against a totalitarian media effort by what amounts to a medical cartel were impaired by what must be a self-imposed obscurantism of the Jewish Problem.

Joseph Mercola, Robert F Kennedy Jr, their staffs and supporters are not fools. They could not have missed the obvious overwhelming Jewish representation among their opponents, as we’ve abundantly shown here. Mercola and CHD are willing to wage a media battle against “Big Pharma,” public health agencies like the World Health Organization and US CDC, and the entire medical cartel—but not against Jews. That is one revelation they leave assiduously out of their otherwise honest reporting. They most likely engage in obscurantism of the Jewish Problem in the entire Covid phenomenon out of a perceived need for self-protection. Obscurantism is protectionism in their case.

But is it? How wise is it to fail to identify the overwhelming ethnic component of one’s enemies, in order to know thy enemy and plan a successful strategic campaign? Under the cover of the Covid story, crimes against humanity are being committed. The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset is coming, declaring itself to be a complete transformation of humanity and society—and not for the better—of the vast multitudes on Earth who survive the transition. We haven’t even examined the Jewish component of the WEF yet, but I assure you it’s there, and Executive Director Klaus Schwab may be part of it. Mercola, RFKJr and many others who are in the media bomb sites of the medical Cabal appear incapable of even identifying the Jews embedded in powerful institutions deployed against them. Perhaps Mercola et al. feel they have a strong case to assert their alternative medical positions, but are hopelessly weak should they attempt to expose the Jewish Problem.

It is a dilemma we all must face, and accept the consequences. Self-imposed obscurantism may not ultimately be safe, but neither is open disclosure. Whatever outlet displays this essay risks the wrath of Jews. We have not obscured the Jewish Problem here, but faced it frontally, for any who cares and dares to examine it. The evidence is overwhelming. Joseph Mercola and others in the alternative medical field are confronted ultimately by Jews. This is essential to know if we are to engage in enough self-defense to survive the Great Reset.

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    • Mischa Popoff
      Mischa Popoff says:

      There was one exception that comes to mind… about 75 years ago or so. Can’t put my finger on it though.

    • John
      John says:

      Undoubtedly, we have had for quite some time enemies, traitors, & useful-idiots destroying what was once OUR NATION, however, the ONE issue we must focus on to save our country is demographics. We, the founding stock, must maintain a super majority or else we will lose our country. The decades long INVASION has not halted (in fact it has accelerated) & yet rarely do I hear or read the accurate word which is INVASION used. This INVASION of the 3rd world must stop & repatriation commence.

      • Coll Doll
        Coll Doll says:

        LOL, SS, yours is a twist on Mark Twain who wrote, “Everybody complains about the weather but no one does anything about it.”

      • John
        John says:

        It’s not what our enemies r doing it’s what we’re NOT doing – protecting & securing our existence & a future for our posterity.

        • SS
          SS says:

          They have it set up so supporting whites is threatening the future of the Jewish people and Israel. Their security as a Jewish nation depends on stamping out all white nations. They claim that if we don’t love Israel, we hate Jews and want to kill them all. Jews are the only white people who deserve a homeland. Any leader we are allowed to have bows to Israel.

  1. Aitch.
    Aitch. says:

    I’ve noticed attempts in the ‘alt media’ to divert the spotlight from ‘the Jews’ to ‘the Khazars’ and ‘the Sabbateans’ – David Icke, for example, has just posted a video on the latter theme. I may be wrong, but I think I detect some misdirection here. What do other people think?

    • Mischa Popoff
      Mischa Popoff says:

      I’d be fine with people referring to Jews as Khazars, Sabbateans, Frankists, Bolsheviks, Maoists, Maccabeans or Sicarii, as long as the author provides context.

      • Aitch.
        Aitch. says:

        Ah, but the idea seems to be “It’s not the poor Jews after all; it’s the Sabbateans (etc.) instead. The poor Jews are victims of these other, more colourful villains, just as we are.”

        • Mischa Popoff
          Mischa Popoff says:

          Yes Aitch. You’re absolutely right. It’s like when Michael Brown pretends it was only “certain” Jews who cried out “Let his blood be upon us and our children!” This is indeed a diversionary tactic, which is why I’m ONLY okay with it as long as the author provides context.
          By way of example, I’m fine with Brown singling out the Pharisees, AKA Jewish leadership, as long as we make clear that in order to be Jewish leaders, one must have had followers. And, according to St. John, they apparently had a whole mob of ’em!

        • George Mackenzie
          George Mackenzie says:

          I’m intrigued by the forced vaccinations and subsequent mass slaughter/sterilization in Israel these days. If the Judeo-Masonic power elite is favoring all Jews as the Chosen ones, how do we explain this?

          • Aitch.
            Aitch. says:

            How do we know the Chosen are really getting the same stuff as the goyim, and not something innocuous instead?

          • George Mackenzie
            George Mackenzie says:

            I have been contemplating an essay titled Jewish Anti-Semitism. The Jewish power elite, from the Levite Priesthood to the Hebrew elite that partied with the Babylonian high priesthood, to the Rabbis, to the Zionists, have always brutally oppressed, exploited and even slaughtered the larger mass of the Jewish people. The vaccine slaughter and sterilization campaign in Israel is curious however, since they know they need More Jews in Israel, not less. So maybe it’s true that the news if fake and they are being given a placebo.

    • Canadianer
      Canadianer says:

      The left, liberals, anti-whites, socialists, globalists, communists, sabbatteans, Zionists, khazars, etc.

      It’s the Jews. Just say it confidently.

      • Mischa Popoff
        Mischa Popoff says:

        Yes, it’s the Jews. But I think it can be instructive to distinguish between Torah-observant, pre-Logos Jews, and Talmudic, post-or-anti-Logos Jews. They really represent two totally divergent people.

    • Ed Connelly
      Ed Connelly says:

      Aitch, I think you have a good point. Personally, I get the term “Khazars” just fine but “Sabbateans” is new to me. (I do like “Khazarian Mafia,” I must admit.)

      On the whole, however, I think we need to stick with “the Jews” for all the obvious reasons. And one of the best modern justifications for this comes from none other than a super liberal sociology professor, James Petras. In his books on Israel, he does a superb job of showing how so many everyday Jews in the world are available to assist more powerful Jews as “sayanim.” For that reason, it seems fair to continue with “Jews” or “the Jews.” But boy do most people flinch just when they hear the word!

      • Mischa Popoff
        Mischa Popoff says:

        I think Jews like Dr. Brown definitely qualify as loyal “sayanim.” But what are we to make of Haredi Jews like Yisroel Dovid Weiss?

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      it’s possible Icke and others use euphemisms in order to hide from the algorithms and censors. I’ve done it myself. I like the word “Chosenites”. Jewtube does not ban me for it.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I’d be *extremely* careful before smearing David Icke as any sort of controlled mis-direction agent.
      If any British man has went through the fire, on his own, to speak the truth as he understands it, we haven’t seen Icke’s type on these islands, probably since the old non-conformists, a long, long time ago.
      It’s Icke’s headstrongness, & lack of fellowship(?) I’ve seen critiqued before, but we simply wouldn’t have what we have had from him without this. He is what he is.
      He does *appear* hesitant, *to me*, to back up others who have made breakthroughs in our understanding of the mass hoax we all live in. No-one is perfect.
      I’d guess he probably WAS tricked into the shape-shifting lizard thing, to undermine him, BECAUSE he was telling the truth. This is the orthodox opinion, I understand. If he has admitted this is the case, my apologies for my ignorance.
      But if any weirdo-sect, secret, crypto, or otherwise, and white races of all nations have been plagued by them, was going to explode in power, Satanism, & psychopathic ruthlessness, it would obviously be a Jewish one.
      It appears to me both can be true. The best soil for such a monstrosity to grow out of would be Jewish soil, but why exactly would anyone expect them to also give a damn about the Jewish masses?
      It would be against their very nature for a start. Their history proves they use and abuse them as much/the same/a little less than us?
      Zionism is as far as I’m aware, still an heretical sect in Judaism.

      • George Mackenzie
        George Mackenzie says:

        To be clear, I wasn’t “smearing” Icke. I only said he may use euphemisms like Sabbatean-Frankists in order to avoid algorithms, as self-protection.
        If I have any critique of Icke, it’s his incessant use of “Fascism” and “Fascist” to describe this global take-over we are witnessing, when in fact it is the opposite, Communism. Icke and a Brit however and might be excused for the mistake, except that he is supposed to be the myth-buster extraordinaire. He still hasn’t busted the demonizing myth on Fascism?

  2. Edmund Connelly
    Edmund Connelly says:

    Now HERE’S a thesis we have desperately needed for the last year or more. As part of the Dissident Right/Alt Right, I’ve long thought that one of our top three tenets was a recognition of the JQ (“Jewish Question” or, in Greg Johnson’s more accurate words, the “Jewish Problem”).

    Yet ever since Charlottesville, there has been a pronounced walk back from explicitly addressing this issue at venues that used to courageously discuss it as a matter of course. Needless to say, there are good reasons for laying off the JQ, as Mr. Mackenzie notes in the essay. One of the most representative examples in my mind is that of Red Ice Radio, which pioneered some of the more interesting approaches to the JQ, yet after it was attacked and mostly wiped out (I don’t understand the mechanics of the attack, but Henrik Palmgren suffered mightily to retrieve his lost information and restart in a different way) the JQ has essentially disappeared from his site, again for obvious reasons.

    Still, too many sites that ca. 2010-2017 forthrightly addressed the JQ and contributed to a blossoming of interest in this critical issue have since backed off, to the point that much of their content just doesn’t make sense. And judging by comments to their articles, etc. it appears that too many readers fail to read between the lines or hear the dog whistles — to the extent dog whistles about Jewish power are even included. To me, it’s all very curious.

    As Mr. Mackenzie notes in his opening, however, there remain a number of sites that continue to address the JQ as part of their very DNA, with TOO being one of them. E. Michael Jones’ Culture Wars is also named, which I applaud, as Jones, in my view, rivals Kevin MacDonald in his explication of the JQ. (And as far as I can tell, I am the only voice in the Dissident Right to seriously and consistently explore what Jones is saying, with reviews of two of his big books, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” — a must read, along with MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique” — and “Barren Metal.”)

    And as just a humorous little aside, I have to chuckle at the fact that Mackenzie omits Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer site yet includes Unz. Well, much to my surprise, Unz has featured Anglin more than once, so to my mind, The Daily Stormer is in play in our circle. While his prose may not be something we’d want our grandparents to read, the fact is, such coarseness is part and parcel of this declining age, the Kali Yuga.

    I’ll end with a plug for our site, TOO, because it has been since it’s inception in 2008 perhaps the leading “highbrow” source of discussion about the JQ, an extended midrash on editor Kevin MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique.” Originally, there was an academic journal meant to do just this, The Occidental Quarterly, but our age doesn’t relate to such long articles without humor. Fortunately, TOO has picked up the slack.

    Mr. Mackenzie’s title, introduction and conclusion should, with luck and effort, function to rally the Dissident Right to return to constant identification of the central issue of our age, which Mackenzie gets just right — Conclusion: It’s the Jews Again.

    There’s no escaping this. Facing it is our cross to bear in this miserable age.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “the central issue of our age, which Mackenzie gets just right — Conclusion: It’s the Jews Again.
      There’s no escaping this. Facing it is our cross to bear in this miserable age.”

      Dear Edmund Connelly,
      How does a so-called dissident site that refuses to address the ‘Hitler Question’ ever address the ‘Jewish Question?’

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      After posting this, I regret I didn’t word it differently.
      “How can a site that is fearful of addressing the ‘Hitler Question’ ever honestly address the ‘Jewish Question?’

      • Ed Connelly
        Ed Connelly says:

        Carolyn, you bring up a very good point. Speaking for myself, I’ve long been willing to to openly discuss Jewish power and poor behavior, and that has alienated people from me and caused me some personal harm, though not nearly as much as it has others.

        My estimation is that even fewer goyim are ready to hear about alternative versions of the Holocaust (I’m borrowing from Tim Folke’s comment below) let alone Hitler. For better or for worse, my own policy on this is “One step at a time.”

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Well Ed, that’s a very disappointing answer. Has it ever occurred to you that the main reason people are overly sensitive to discussing (very real) Jewish power and alternative versions of the ‘Holocaust’ is *because* they believe the lies they’ve been indoctrinated with about Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Germany? The editor of this site has a definite bias against Hitler, as do the other names you mentioned: E. Michael Jones and Greg Johnson–each for their own reasons. These biases have nothing to do with Truth, historical or otherwise.

          To change the current oblivious attitude toward Jewish Power and its detrimental effect, we have to change *that*. We can’t be afraid to go there. A good place to start would be a large group study of
          “Mein Kampf” to find out what is really in it. It’s a harmless book, filled with sharp observation and thoughtful policy meant to show the way out of Germany’s terrible malaise at the time. One learns that Hitler’s actual views are nothing like how the Jews have portrayed him right from the beginning, often by using quotes from the book out of context or mistranslated, even misattributed to the wrong person. An example of this is the “Big Lie theory” which Hitler clearly presented as a common Jewish tactic, not what he himself practiced.

          One has to laugh at your recommending “One step at a time.” Someone recently mentioned that TOO has been online since 2008. Let’s see, that is 13 years. The Third Reich ended in 1945, over 70 years ago. That’s a hell of a lot of steps that have never been taken. It’s very obvious you’re only making excuses.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            Is the new translation of Mein Kampf worth reading?
            I always somehow knew the original version couldn’t really be trusted, and did Hitler actually write it? Was it not more of a sort of committee produced book? We haven’t had a good one of those since the KJB.
            And I was always struck by David Irving happily admitting he’d never read it, as he wasn’t sure either.
            Certainly the Table-top book contain enormous amounts of quotable wisdom, this was really an exceptional person, even without his worldly achievements.
            I also agree with you. I thought the whole entire point of addressing the JQ was so we just by-passed messing around with the infinite-respawn hoards of intellectual gibberish they throw up to avoid the thing.
            If we are to go straight for the jugular(metaphorically), then avoiding Hitler is self-defeating. Either we are all for truth, or we are not.
            Absolutely any sign of self-censorship should be seen for the extremely deadly mind pathogen it is. Once you begin doing this you don’t stop.
            It’s a catastrophe that previous generations let ANYTHING be off the table.
            When the ADL or SPLC or whatever were prancing around, virtue-signalling their ‘defending’ of worthless & probably fake ‘Neo-Nazis’, the Right should have been on that like a rocket demanding the holocaust be spoken of. Can they truly have thought the Jewish thought police would stop there?
            Didn’t they understand Jews have NEVER had any such thing as free speech?

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            I’m so glad you’re here. Your straight-talk is a blessing. What do you mean by “the new translation” of MK? The new translation I refer to is the T. Dalton translation, which is certainly worth reading.
            By the ‘original version’ you must mean the early translations? They’re okay, just not as good as Dalton’s. The real “original version” has to be the original German text. I happen to have a copy of one, gifted to me by a dear friend who as a youth marched past Hitler at the 1938 Nuremberg Reich Party Rally. I need to pass it on to someone who will value it.

            Be assured that Adolf (note spelling) Hitler DID write MK himself, not a committee. That sounds like something the Jews would dream up, for sure. I think the manuscript was edited somewhat after AH dictated it, by Heinrich Hoffmann, at least. Hitler also had a longer title, and was persuaded by Hoffmann to remove all but the two words it is today.

            There are many problems with David Irving, and the fact he needs to declare himself the #1 expert on AH, even over AH himself (!), is one of them.

            Great comments by you on “self-censorship.”

          • Joachen
            Joachen says:

            Then get the stalag edition. Apparently available in POW camp libraries during WWII.
            Very easy to read. I read an old translation in HS, not sure which one, but found it difficult to read. I quickly lost interest.

          • George Mackenzie
            George Mackenzie says:

            I made a reply here earlier, but it appears not to have been approved or posted.
            I also assume the “new” MK refers to the Dalton edition, with its commentary and analysis. I read the Stalag Edition, which the NS translated themselves, so I find it trustworthy. I have heard that a number of NS in the Landsberg prison contributed to MK, but it is obviously part Hitler auto-biography, part blueprint for party formation and part history. Hitler also dictated a second book in 1928, never published then and with no title. It is now called Hitler’s Second Book, though I would call it German Foreign Policy.

            I agree, an open debate on the holocaust would be helpful in addressing the JP. Indeed it must be confronted at some point, the sooner the better. It is already underway, that’s why we have CODOH.org.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        01 KM has made an incalculable contribution to the JQ. Starting millennia ago, throughout history, the near past, the obvious presence: including several prognoses.

        02 Credible documentation, psychology, sociology and empiricism guided his path.

        03 How in the world can one demand, that he also take on the voluminous Hitler Question, so aptly handled by you ?

        04 Or would anyone be entitled to describe your site as ” so-called ” pro Hitler because you lack the unique depth of KM’s treatment of the JQ ?

        05 Mackenzie termed TOO as the most credible publication on the JQ, which itself is VITAL. Leave the admission, that the crematoria in Auschwitz I are not hooked up to the chimney to people like A-I Administrator Piper and dozens of others.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          (Mod. Note: OK Carolyn … enough KMac bashing in your “inimitable” way. Feel free to talk about Mr. H, etc., but don’t “feel free” to disrespect KMac just because he doesn’t do his work “your way”. Once again, do this on your site, but not his. Thanks.)

          Being you wrote this prior to my second reply to Edmund Connelly, I recommend it to you as partial answer to your five comments/questions addressed to me.
          But to #3 especially — I ask you, why do you jump to the defense of Dr. MacDonald, as others here tend to do also, rather than allow people to answer for themselves? I feel as you do – I admire him and like him. Always have. That doesn’t mean I don’t see ‘problems’ or ‘lacks’ in his approach to the “Jewish Problem” if he really puts exposing Jewish control in White society first in importance.
          That’s why I sometimes use the word “hypocrite” in relation to this site, even though I find it valuable (or at least interesting) and it’s one of my few regular “places to go to.” I’m not asking for KMac to “take on the *voluminous* Hitler Question” or Holocaust Question in its every aspect, but only to recognize that it’s a valid, still open, and substantial part of the Jewish Problem that is discussed here. (I’m more interested in being able to discuss the man Hitler right now than I am the Holocaust.) I’m saying that your argument that the more highly read “Jewish exposure” sites can ignore the *real* deeper reasons for our problem with Jewish Power because *others* (like myself) deal with those reasons, and if people want to read that they can or will (presumably) go there, is not a good argument. As I said to Ed Connelly, I call it an excuse.

          “So-called” is not a put-down as used by me (often enough), but is addressed to the term itself, in this case the term “dissident.” I don’t much like the term; it seems like a way to avoid being more explicit. I am one of the few, imo, who is truly trying to get to the bottom of this “problem,” while I don’t think many others are. Many are profiting from the open question – and there are many ways to profit, including status, real or imagined. Can you deny that everything must be put on the table if there is a genuine desire to solve a problem that people disagree on? I’m asking, why does this site, and others, object to putting everything on the table — not meaning ‘voluminous material’ but just all points of view. Why do so many here object to that? Because it would open a can of worms and not be as tidy and neat as it is now? I think when the faithful come to TOO they expect to find what they’re comfortably used to and don’t want to be surprised.

          What say you to that?

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            I don’t expect Brett Sabor, below, to take offense if I adopt his final paragraph as a reply to you.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          I don’t think the nice lady was having a go at KM personally, I haven’t been here long enough to know if they do avoid Hitler, but if they do, she has a point.
          Considering the figure of Adolph Hitler in the Jewish imagination, and that he will still be obsessing & tormenting their nightmares 3,000 years from now, along with the poor Amaleks, has KM done an article on Hitler? If AH isn’t prominent in KM’s books, isn’t this an omission?
          If anyone would have something original to say about Adolph Hitler, KM would be your man.

      • George Mackenzie
        George Mackenzie says:

        Yes, what exactly is the Hitler Question?
        Did Hitler slaughter 6 million Jews in gas chambers? Answer: no.
        Did Hitler arrange to disentangle Jews from positions of power and influence in Germany and so begin the restoration of the nation and people? Answer: Yes, known as the Nuremberg Laws.
        Did Hitler and Goebbels and others work to deport and evict Jews from Germany? Answer: Yes, and Zionist Jews participated eagerly, in the Transfer Agreement, as you know full well.
        Did Hitler and Himmler and others put Communist and other subversive Jews in prisons and attempt to reeducation them? Answer: Yes they did. So? Did some Jews die there? Sure. Lots of people died in the German prisons, especially at the end of the war when supplies and food was scarce, including Zyklon B which was helping prevent the spread of typhus. The ICRC declared 271,301 died in the German prisons during the war. Kollerstrom added those who died in the Aktion Reinhardt camps, and so the number went over 288,000.
        Did Hitler hate all Jews and try to exterminate them all? Answer: No, he had some Mischlings (1/2 Jews) in the German Wehrmacht and 77 were officers, even some full Jews. His close colleague and driver for a time was Emile Maurice, who was only 1/8 Jewish, but when other NS leaders tried to replace Maurice, Hitler refused and retained him.
        I must assume your inquiry here about the Hitler Question refers to Jews, and nothing else. Also presumably, it focuses on the Holocaust myth.

        I do not agree this must be avoided at all costs. I think the time is actually ripe to risk presenting the holocaust as a hoax. Many figured out 911 was a hoax, and now covid is a hoax too. What else could be a hoax, they are wondering? I have broached the holocaust hoax topic in otherwise unenlightened company, and found it not to be as taboo as it used to be, especially among younger people. We all should try it, for fun and enlightenment.

        • SS
          SS says:

          Thanks for your answer. Personally, I suspect the Jews were running Germany before Hitler, after Hitler, and probably during Hitler’s time.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Some of what you say here is not exactly right, and it’s kind of a hodge-podge of factoids.
          With all due respect, and I mean that, I say that this kind of response is not helpful to what I’m trying to encourage. It makes me believe all the more that what is needed is a serious Group Study of “Mein Kampf.” MK is early Hitler, and it is from Hitler himself, every word. Once MK is properly digested and understood, one can go on to Hitler’s speeches and to his time in power ’33 to ’45. But one should first familiarize oneself with the man, not just repeat tidbits of this and that.

          It’s worth the time because eradicating the ‘Jewish Problem’ is the most important, pressing issue for our racial survival, is it not? Looked at that way, how can we refuse? Obviously, just pointing out all the flaws and crimes of the Jews has not been enough amidst the belief that Jews underwent the worst discrimination and mistreatment in all history. I do believe Adolf Hitler is the key. The Jews know this and that’s why they put up such a fierce fight against any normalization or rehabilitation. It is this fierce Jewish resistance that people like Ed Connelly call a reason to cease and desist.

          The most accurate and also newest original translation of MK is Thomas Dalton’s side-by-side Dual Translation, Vol 1 and 2. All should know that the “so-called” Ford translation is NOT a translation! Ford admits he doesn’t know (read) German and that he did not write his English language version of MK from the original German text, but put it together from various (or all?) the English translations available or that he used. IOW, he tried to write an easier to read version, rewritten from previous English translations. (Dalton’s translation was not available then, btw.)

          Dalton’s side by side dual-translation can be purchased through http://www.clemensandblair.com/our_books or at https://www.thomasdaltonphd.com/mein-kampf-vol-1-dual

          • George Mackenzie
            George Mackenzie says:

            We have already established here that addressing the ‘Hitler Question’ is voluminous, and cannot be undertaken in this chat. I always feel a few factoids are preferred to vague generalities, especially among those who never might have heard them before (which is obviously not many here).
            What do you feel is “not exactly right’? I have studied a great deal of NS material, much of it in their own words, some in subsequent analysis, including much of the holocaust handbook series, Icebreaker, Richard Tedor, Irving, Udo Walendy, Mark Weber and IHR, Bacques, David L Hoggan, and much else. I feel the factiods I have mentioned here are sufficiently accurate as far as they are detailed and specific at all, and the generalities are accurate as well. I am open to discussion if minor corrections are considered, but the general direction of them are irrefutable. The holocaust is a hoax, and debunking it as so many have already done liberates people to more fully face the JP.
            One should familiarize oneself with my historical knowledge of the man before assuming ignorance. Who else has read Hitler’s Second Book? How about Degrelle’s Hitler Democrat? Someone mentioned Hitler’s Table Top Book, but that is now highly suspect according to the analysis by Raphael Johnson I think it was. What do we think of Irving’s Hitler’s War? It is meticulously documented, certainly not to be dismissed, though we should adjust for the British perspective. The book Germany Speaks, though not directly about the man, is astounding in its revelations about Germany at the time of 1937.
            Just so you know, I can provide more to the conversation than factoids, though I feel they have their place.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            You’re too kind!
            I agree again, I was manipulated by my pre-programing to finish MK. Just like the Nazis are never portrayed on MSM without dark, menacing music, nor was MK ever written in the books of my youth without the words: “long-winded”, “rambling”, “unreadable” ect. They do program us well, you must give them that.
            (Rare exception, re MSM & anything Nazi: ‘The Life & Death Of The Scharnhorst’. Available on YouTube! Incredible it’s still there, you’ve probably saw it, if you haven’t, you must.
            Incredibly, the Kriegsmarine’s battle-flag is displayed with honour, which calls to your mind the respect of early war Luftwaffe military funerals performed on British soil)
            Even although I found the first part of MK, about his youth and the opera ect deeply romantic, or Romantic even. So much about Hitler is so 19th century, even his tragic failure to comprehend the level of penetration of Britain pre-war.
            Inter-war Britain was pretty rock & roll compared to it’s Victorian/Edwardian predecessor. But how could a proud peasant like AH know how bad it was, living through Weimar? Considering Brit’s & Germans are blood brothers, even today they have little knowledge & less interest towards one another. Certainly this is true from our side.
            I gained the impression from things like ‘Brideshead Revisited’ that the patriotic aristocratic collapse, although internally understood by the 30’s exactly how fatal this was, it obviously wasn’t broadcast.

            I am most intrigued by your comment re David Irving. I know of only you who has taken more interest in removing the slime applied to AH’s name. And suffered for it! I was quiet thunderstruck by what you said. Surely you haven’t a negative view of Mr Irving?

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            George – I did wonder why you didn’t put this question to me earlier. But I’m going to propose an excellent solution: a Skype talk or podcast between us that I can post at my website for all to listen to and comment on. This could even become as long a series as we need, possibly with one or two additional members, in order to talk out these questions. I am able to record from Skype, or maybe you or someone else is better equipped to do it than I am, presently.
            Restricting it to ‘Mein Kampf’ in the beginning will keep it from going off the rails due to the “voluminous’ nature of the Hitler Question. Just go to my website and click on Contact on the top menu bar and fill in the message to me with a working email address, so I can answer you. We’ll work something out for what can become our “Study Group.”

            To answer what I think is your main concern with my comment , I point first to this:

            “His close colleague and driver for a time was Emile Maurice, who was only 1/8 Jewish, but when other NS leaders tried to replace Maurice, Hitler refused and retained him.”

            Neither Hitler’s close associates nor “NS leaders” objected to Maurice on those or any grounds. Maurice was an early and high-level officer in the SS, the only NS organization that required a pure German bloodline as far back as one could go. (Later during the war even that was relaxed.) Himmler tried to enforce that rule in his official capacity, but Hitler overruled him. No one really cared and Maurice went on to perform well and honorably during the war – which he survived – then was persecuted by the Allies after the war.
            You may feel you were “close enough” but being somewhat off the mark is how misinformation gets started. And there is way too much of that.

            I could deal with all the rest, but I don’t want to push the moderator’s forbearance too far. I look forward to further conversations with you.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Dear Emicho,
            To your March 10 comment, re David Irving. I can’t give you a full answer here, but you can do as I asked George to do and contact me.

            You wrote:
            “I know of only you who has taken more interest in removing the slime applied to AH’s name. And suffered for it!”
            Did you mean “only [HE -DI] who has … removed slime from AH, etc.” Not “you,” meaning me, Carolyn? Sometimes I don’t follow your prepositions.

            I’d like you to know that all Irving’s sufferings are self-inflicted wounds and unforced errors. That’s not because he was fearless in his investigations, which he was, but because of his giant ego, so that everything he did was as much about “him” as it was about historical facts. This is somewhat true of all of us, but is really exaggerated in Irving. Please go to my website and search “David Irving.” You’ll find many pages of posts and podcasts that refer to him in large part or small. You’re also invited to join in my “podcast MK Study Group”. Cheers.

          • George Mackenzie
            George Mackenzie says:

            To be clear, I wasn’t “smearing” Icke. I only said he may use euphemisms like Sabbatean-Frankists in order to avoid algorithms, as self-protection.
            If I have any critique of Icke, it’s his incessant use of “Fascism” and “Fascist” to describe this global take-over we are witnessing, when in fact it is the opposite, Communism. Icke and a Brit however and might be excused for the mistake, except that he is supposed to be the myth-buster extraordinaire. He still hasn’t busted the demonizing myth on Fascism?

          • George Mackenzie
            George Mackenzie says:

            This is a reply to Emicho. I had to go back in the thread to reply for some reason.
            I have some reservations about how Irving is portraying Hitler and the history in his book Hitler’s War, which I am only now just starting to read. Already I have a different understanding of the Hossback Memorandum, for instance, which Irving pays scant attention to except to recognize the official view that it revealed Hitler’s world conquering agenda. I sense certain depictions of Hitler as insane, megalo-manaical, weak and such as part of the ongoing war propaganda, though of course Irving appears to also be trying to be fair and honest. Yes, Irving depicts Hitler in a better and more honest light than almost anyone, especially Brits, but he may still be engaged in some propaganda about the man, in my view. I am far from finished though with Hitler’s War, and will give it a full chance. I have liked rather much his other books Uprising, Nuremberg, and especially some of his lecture videos.
            Irving now appears to be under intense pressure to self-censor and self-edit his material. Probably against his will.

          • George Mackenzie
            George Mackenzie says:

            I am open to the project you propose. I have a different understanding of Maurice from my studies, which I undertook for my essay “Not All Jews!”, which was my most popular one. There I learned Maurice was in the early SA, and he is mentioned in MK once as at the forefront of the hall brawls against the Communists. I know Maurice was involved in some scandal with the woman he wanted to marry (I would have to look it up to remind myself), and maybe this was more the issue the other NS leaders had with Maurice, not his 1/8th Jewish heritage. Maybe both. I don’t have the knowledge imprinted in my memory and would have to review my sources.
            I would have to make some notes from my MK Stalag edition to prep for our discussion as well. What version of MK would we use? I can get access to the new Dalton edition, which has notes and new subdivisions and a more readable translation, though not distorted as far as Dalton says. I prefer Stalag.

          • George Mackenzie
            George Mackenzie says:

            I have to say that while I can consider that some of Irving’s wounds and sufferings were self-inflicted due to his ego, not all were/are. He was certainly wounded by Jews and Jewish groups and philo-semites, quite brutally in some cases.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            In reply to George Mackenzie, March 13, 2021 at 11:38 am :

            George – It’s not possible to continue to have a conversation on this tapped-out thread any longer.Your reply is nothing but dilly-dallying. Maurice is not the issue. Spreading the true contents of ‘Mein Kampf,’ correcting false impressions and propaganda about it *are* the issue. I would use the Dalton translation and you could use Stalag if you wish. They can’t be that different and might even make for interesting questions. The idea is not for you and I to read it word for word and argue about it, but to summarize it part by part and agree on what’s there or not there. Not difficult. BTW, the Dalton “notes” you keep mentioning are only a few footnotes, nothing extensive for sure. You can believe I will advertise whether or not you contact me.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Good thoughts, E.C. I believe we must continue to address the JQ. Avoiding issues never solved anything.

      The trump card that is always played successfully to stifle enlightening the masses with regards to the JQ is the 6 million allegation. There is going to continue to be an uphill battle on that issue, especially if denial laws (in which truth is not a defense) are enacted in what was formerly the USA. Still, there is always more than one way to skin a cat.

      There is a lot of veracity to the old saying that the best definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results. Accordingly, perhaps we should focus less on facts, history and reason, and more on our people being victimized, as well as appealing to emotion and guilt for abandoning the amazing accomplishments of our forebears.

      • Ed Connelly
        Ed Connelly says:

        Tim, I agree that facts about the Holocaust imply that the world should change its estimation of that “narrative.” If a majority of goyim ever truly learned that a massive blood libel had been unfairly imposed upon them, of course they’d be furious. But given the current imbalance in power in education, mass media, the courts, etc. there is not yet a strong chance that competing interpretations will convince people. All kinds of open-minded people have attempted to bring their findings into the public sphere, but they are fought by the very power that continues to benefit from “the narrative.”

        Sadly, I don’t think facts matter any more today than they ever did. It’s a troubling issue.

    • JimB
      JimB says:

      In Red Ice’s defense, coming from a long-time follower of their (Henrik and Lana) videos and articles, I haven’t noticed any obscurantism when it comes to the JQ/JP. At the very least they do in fact mention the (((ethnicity))) when a given topic needs to, in good judgement, have the element pointed out. In many a video or article I have found reference to Jews coming from Red Ice. At times they might not come out and say “Jews” or “Jewish”, opting instead to supply a strong innuendo or informal slang, but I think it a disservice to them to accuse them of obscurantism.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      I heartily agree with all your thoughts here, Mr. Connelly.
      So many other examples could be explored, and Red Ice–and even Infowars–is an excellent one. I chose the one that was right in front of me, first the Mercola article, then the CHD reposting. And since the focus of Mercola’s analysis was PR and media firms, I was certain what I would find.
      The Daily Stormer, 4Chan, 8Chan, and various pages on WorldTruth platform (though no longer Telegram, alas), would all be good examples to add. Did I say Russia Insider The Jewish Question sub-section? It would be good at some point to really closely catalogue those outlets that devote some significant amount of content to the JP. I would like to submit to them!
      I do agree that the proper term in our age is Jewish Problem, not question, because too many today would mistake it to mean “Is there really a Jewish Question?”

    • Federico Castillo
      Federico Castillo says:

      Here I completely agree with you “that too many readers fail to read between the lines or hear the dog whistles – to the extent dog whistles about Jewish power are even included…”

  3. Mischa Popoff
    Mischa Popoff says:

    Alongside Publicis, NewsGuard and the Paley Cente, here’s a list of the top brass at Bayer Crop Science.
    Werner Baumann, Ashkenazi Jewish
    Liam Condon, Ashkenazi Jewish
    Wolfgang Nickl, Jewish
    Stefan Oelrich, Jewish
    Heiko Schipper, Jewish

    Monsanto, for all its faults, was led by a hapless Scotsman by the name of Hugh Grant, not to be confused with the movie star by the same name who enjoys the company of prostitutes. Werner Baumann looked down upon Hugh Grant the same way Jared Kushner looked down upon Donald Trump. As a Shabbos goy, ripe for exploitation.

    And so, the gates of hell appear to be prevailing… for the time being.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      I wondered about the Bayer corporation.
      One paragraph that was in the original draft of this essay that was changed stated that the original Monsantos were Sephardic Jews who owned many black slaves and and cotton fields in the US SW, particularly around New Orleans. This was confirmed in the book The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Vol. 1 by the Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam.

      • Mischa Popoff
        Mischa Popoff says:

        Yes George! There’s an overwhelming likelihood that ANY fortune 500 corporation one cares to examine was launched by Jews, crypto-Jews or their “agents.” There were probably a lot of Jews remaining in the upper echelons of Monsanto at the time of the Bayer buy-out. But how ironic that a Jewish CEO (from Germany no less!) surrounded by an entirely Jewish BOD, took over an American corporation led by a Scotsman. Yes… just like Jared Kushner’s take-over of the White House from Scotsman Donald Trump. But I repeat myself. Let me just stress that in stark contrast to his Scottish predecessor, Werner Baumann doesn’t give a fiddler’s fart how much he has to pay out for the Roundup lawsuits he inherited when he struck this deal. It’s all part of the plan… a plan that Hugh Grant was apparently oblivious of, just like Trump.

  4. Todd Hupp
    Todd Hupp says:

    The USA public does not perceive what is occurring and who is behind the WOK/BLM movement.The Frankfurt School is now in full bloom in the US.Even expert right wing commentators -eg D’Souza- avoid addressing the ubiquitous current Jewish influence. (D’Souza’s productions may be Jewish backed.)

    BLM has taken their anti ethnic- European – white(especially WASP) playbook from the Talmud.

  5. Jacobite
    Jacobite says:

    Just a report from the field. I printed this article out, and decided to highlight the 3 websites you mentioned in the paragraph beginning: “Another billionaire power broker on the Publicis board is Andre Kudelski.” Two websites did not print out. Not even a blank space — just gone, with an awkward sentence reading: “….such as, and Zogwatch state that Kudelski is an Ashkenazi Jew….” Am I missing something here?

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      I went to all the links you mentioned and they all worked fine for me. They go to sites that focus on Jews in the Bilderberg group, and the name of Kudelski is there.

  6. George Worth
    George Worth says:

    Red Ice is back and still great. The small hats have made life hell for those poor people.
    They never focused on the JQ but mention it in the course of conversation. Same for James Edwards
    who is now going through payment process hell. Vince James also struggles….even though he does not focus on
    the nose either.
    You don’t have to focus on them to piss them off. If you are white positive, that is enough to attract their venom,
    as their hatred for white people seems to be what fuels their existence.
    They ruined Anglin’s life. I think the man can barely survive.
    Sticks and stones can break your bones….but jews will always hurt you.

  7. Cat McGuire
    Cat McGuire says:

    Here’s another article to ponder.
    Israeli Health Ministry: Pfizer Vaccine Killed ‘About 40 Times More Elderly Than the Disease Itself Would Have Killed’

    Did Children’s Health Defense scrub this article for lack of content clarity as they say or were they pressured by you know who?

    Kevin Barrett does an analysis of the original article that is now no longer available.

  8. antisemit
    antisemit says:

    you never find a jewish workman, plumber, bricklayer, baker, upholsterer,
    elektrishen, porter. only as boss or as judge, lawyer, doctor, architect, publisher,
    phd, holywood celebrety, media presstitute, wallstreet handler,politican,
    financtykon, psyciater (freud line) etc.

    • anon
      anon says:

      thats bullshit my neighbor got locked out of his house and the locksmith was jewish, also no jewish bakers? how do you explain all the bagel shops in germany before wwII? there are tons of jews in hollywood and dotors and judges, but lets be realistic, thats why most anti semites come off as clowns

      • George Mackenzie
        George Mackenzie says:

        I know one Jew who is a tile setter. My electrical inspector however is Jewish. He came in to check the fuse box and saw my library titles I think, and some brochures on the table. Then he started talking about the fine day he had at the Chabad Jewish Community Center and all the Jewish food and bagels. I think he was trying to goad me. I waited him out and did not reply. The things we can say about Chabad!

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          George, how do you even know, that the man who inspected your fuse box, AFTER partying at the Chabad center, was indeed an electrical inspector ?

          Did he offer an ID, as is their professional responsibility as a Municipal employee/agent, or did you ask for one. Did he proffer his business card ? Or did you know him to be such from previous encounters ?

          For twenty years now the Insurance Industry has pushed local Electrical Codes to prohibit FUSE BOXES, because those from Square D and Taylor produced gasses from overheating plastic components and exploded, tearing off their coverings. How is it, that he didn’t order you to install an incomparably far safer FUSE BREAKER as load center ?

          Given the remainder of your account with this actually working Chabad fellow, I think you have been had. Phone your inspector’s office and tell them, that you have a follow-up question for said inspector, and see whether he exists.

          If not, what certainly will exist, is a new record of you, that will find its way
          to Mr. Greenblatt. Of course garnished with exaggerations and pure fabrications, in addition to phone photos of your library content.

          Phone and let us know !

          • George Mackenzie
            George Mackenzie says:

            The electrical inspector first came to my property accompanied by a police man because a neighbor called thinking I was building a tiny house, when it was really a shop. I had no reason to suspect he was not a true inspector, and I still don’t. I am not concerned he reported me to the ADL, and if he did, nothing has come of it these 4 years. I a much more exposed for my views on the JP than that.

  9. Coll Doll
    Coll Doll says:

    Children’s Health Defense (CHD) (an excellent resource) recently posted an article in their newsletter The Defender about a study by two Israeli scientists which asserts that 40 times more elderly are killed by the C-19 vaccine than the virus. And then several days later CHD took it down, writing “Sorry! This content is no longer available. We determined that there was a lack of clarity and support for the findings mentioned in the article.”

    Here is the comment I left on CHD’s site:
    “I would appreciate if The Defender would write an explanation why you took down the article about a study by 2 Israeli scientists claiming the vaccine kills more than 40 times elders and 260 times younger people.

    I just want to be clear whether your retraction has a scientific basis as opposed to caving in from pressures by zionists. I assume the former but can’t rule out the latter and would appreciate a clear explanation from The Defender.”

  10. anonym
    anonym says:

    On mainstream platforms it´s probably best to be obscurant and let ADL and SPLC bring clarity to what´s going on. If you criticize exploitation, marxism, neoliberalism, weird porn, globalism, open borders, multiculturalism, outsourcing, corruption, modern “art”, modern “music”, transgender madness, middle eastern wars, show empathy for phosphor bombed palestinian infants, etc. etc. etc. – and ADL immediately screams “antisemite”, they´re gonna discover that the whole world is de facto antisemitic.

    And they´re right. They know that every white person is an antisemite, if the truth were to be known. It´s just a matter of becoming aware and angry enough to stop biting your tongue. And ADL facilitate both.

    Clear articles like this, on websites like this, is invaluable though, for people who has become aware. But it´s also easy for them to limit the reach of this kind of clear speak, and characterize it as “extremist” and “hate speech”.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      If white liberal/progressives are “anti-semites”, it’s deeply buried and overlain with a fierce philo-semitism and Jewish protectionism. Liberal/Progressives love to defend victim groups, and this only comes out for Jews when anyone criticizes Jews, since otherwise they are obviously not victims.

  11. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Obscurantism is most easily negated by DISREGARDING LABELS AND ANALYZING FUNCTION.

  12. 9593
    9593 says:


    Apparently the Sabbateans played the Turks for advantage, featuring Mustafa Kemal Attaturk, the “Young Turks”, and the Armenian Genocide. A miniature of the Bolshevik experience in Russia, or the Wiemar experience in Germany.


    From the Irish Times link:
    “…Sabbateanism dates from 1665, when Ottoman rabbi Shabbetai Zvi proclaimed himself messiah. Forced by the sultan to choose between conversion to Islam or death, he converted.
    After his death a community of his followers flourished in Salonica, once in the Ottoman Empire, now Greek. Muslims in appearance, they secretly practised a heterodox version of Judaism.

    Tolerated under the cosmopolitan Ottoman empire, their difficulties began after 1923. Even before some 15,000 of them had moved to Istanbul as part of the massive population exchanges between Greece and Turkey, an anonymous pamphlet accused them of being ‘the greatest factor in the spreading of immorality, irreligion and contagious disease among Muslims’…”.

  13. Susan
    Susan says:

    Lately I’ve been reading 1950s pamphlets of advice to teenagers, about success in school, making friends, having good manners, choosing a mate, etc. Of course, there was no mention made to these youths about the Jews and their many non-Jewish accomplices who, we now know, in the lifetimes of these 1950s youth would bring economic, cultural and social calamities upon their heads. These people grew up and are now charged with being White supremacists, racists and anti-Semites.

    After reading Mr. Mackenzie’s article, I began to think about the quality of advice given by parents to children, school counselors to students, pastors to parishioners, financial advisors to investors, and so on. How good could the advice be if it leaves out one of the major players in our lives today, that could make a material impact on the choices of action taken by the recipients of the advice?

    Those of us who are enlightened about the Jewish problem have to summon the gumption to speak about it, so our society doesn’t keep kicking the can down the road. It makes it easier for me when I think about young children in the world today.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      That’s exactly right. It’s infuriating how our predecessors so caved to them. What exactly did they imagine would follow allowing no discussion of The Holocaust, and no critiquing of Jews? They’d say: “Thanks, you’re so kind, we humbly respect this cowardice, and will trouble you no more . . . . “?

      It’s nothing short of a national penectomy for a people of Truth. No honourable person even today is willing to avoid the JQ, groaning as we all are under the consequences of ‘Conservatism’, which is simply a euphemism for ‘loser’ these days.

  14. Brett Sabor
    Brett Sabor says:

    I know what kind of trouble you can get in by exposing the Holocaust as an exaggerated hoax, but I no longer care.
    The H is one of the main pillars of white guilt, along with slavery and the bs “genocide of the native americans.”
    When I looked into the truth about the Holocaust it really shocked me. I was stunned that I’d been lied to all of my life.
    I watched Cole’s clips and I read Irving’s books….and then read everything I could find.
    The demonization of white people really IS blood libel orchestrated by organized jewry.
    The German people were only trying to save their nation from a jewish led communist takeover.
    The gas chambers thing is actually kind of easy to debunk because it’s quite stupid and far fetched…..
    it does not make any sense at all. Why would the Germans give the jews food, clothing, and shelter if they planned to kill them
    all along? And if they wanted to kill them, why not just shoot them all?
    The H is a massive hoax.
    On the other hand, I don’t mind of KMAC doesn’t focus on it. The man already wrote three massive tomes of bulletproof
    scholarship on the small hats.

    • Mischa Popoff
      Mischa Popoff says:

      The big “tell” on the whole Holocaust myth is when the Germans tattooed the Jews. Why tattoo people you’re planning to liquidate? This was done so Jews could be linked-up with the British bank accounts down in Palestine after the Germans sold their property for them under the terms of the Haavara Agreement, AKA the German/Zionist Transfer Agreement.

        • Mischa Popoff
          Mischa Popoff says:

          It will all come out in my next book. In the meantime, why do you think Germans tattooed Jews?

          • SS
            SS says:

            Despite not being a scholar on Hitler and Holocaust, I see I my opinions on them are not out of line with some others here. So I will jump in. I think the Jews tattooed themselves after the war to provide “war wounds” they could show and brag about. Because they didn’t really have any war wounds, because nothing bad really happened to them. I also think they broke their own windows on “Crystal Night”. Broken windows standing in for broken skulls in the storyline.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            If this comes out in your next book, all the more reason to stay away from it as far as possible.

            Most rich Jews sold their possessions as early as possible and moved to GB and the USA. Others sold them to goy friends and ultimately got them back. The small fry were simply robbed. No Transfer Agreement for them, which disappeared in any case when Barbarossa commenced.

            When inmates of KLs were transferred, for reasons of regional economic labor needs and/or specialization, their tattoo numbers were part of their accompanying files. Long before the end of the war. The idea, that they tattooed themselves post-war is ludicrous.

            Also, Kristallnacht was real, though its instigation and extent is still disputed. I was born in Berlin in 39, lived there through the entirety of the war, except for a brief evacuation, and listened first hand to later descriptions from solid middle-class persons; including my Party Member father.

            My sympathy for its victims is negated by the fact, that simultaneously and before, they also profited from organized prostitution of German World-War-I widows on Mutzistrasse in central Berlin. There, these pitiable creatures were lined up on the sidewalk by degree of their pregnancy for all perverts. Either this or starve, along with their toddlers, while the West End’s restaurants were crowded, before their windows as well were shattered.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “When I looked into the truth about the Holocaust it really shocked me. I was stunned that I’d been lied to all of my life. […] I then read everything I could find.”

      Brett – These sentences you wrote are *the most important* and *the key* to all our troubles. We can be assured that when anyone does what you did, they will have the same result. If it hasn’t happened, it can only be because they have not yet “looked for the truth” with a desire to know. Be that as it may, one can’t force others to do something they don’t feel is right for them, nor should we be able to. But your “confession” here is SO important because it expresses perfectly the dense fog of mis- and disinformation we live under, on all fronts. It’s a fog fueled by FEAR of many things, but mostly of believing differently from the herd … which is grazing in the fenced-in pasture contentedly, completely unaware of the importance of what YOU now know.

      That’s all their is to it, really. Keep spreading the word. Your personal experience is the best teacher, is it not? For further enlightenment, please search “Kevin MacDonald” at my website carolynyeager.net. I hope this doesn’t offend the good moderator. If it does, he’s free to remove this last sentence, rather than the entire comment. Thanks.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        We are all pulling on the same, single rope: albeit on different strands of this rope.
        Without sacrificing pulling power. Personally I would not trust a person to have grasped every last detail of all these disparate, voluminous areas of expertise.

        Lest they prove to me, that their day has double the hours of mine.

        Who would expect Fred Leuchter to be equally interested in Karl Liebknecht ?

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          You seem to have a thing about the “voluminous” nature of the “Holocaust” subject matter that would have to be mastered before forming an opinion as to its believability. But that’s simply not so. It’s in the same category as an “excuse,” the word I used to Ed Connelly.

          Understanding fraud only takes a little bit of close attention. The barrier is really what we call ‘FEAR of the Jews’ – which goes back to the New Testament, right? And even the Egyptian Pharoah – I know you remember that poor guy. Whether those stories are real or not, that fear is real.

          But you know what they say: There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Fears are illusory and must be faced down. There are two people here who are recommending just that: Emicho and Brett.

          P.S. I’m not impressed anymore with the academic method. All the books one can write are not as helpful as the person who *knows*– for whom it’s simply obvious. That person is enlightened and others catch it from them.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            Since you are omniscient on said topic, tell us what the French Government contributed to the Nuremberg Trials, that backfired on the accepted wisdom ?

          • George Mackenzie
            George Mackenzie says:

            This is an interesting topic, I feel. The ‘voluminous’ nature of debunking the holohaux, we might call it. I have an almost complete copy of the 45 volume book series The Holocaust Handbook series by Rudolf. I have read only a half dozen of them. It is truly exhaustive and exhausting. I like having the book though and show people a picture of all the books on the shelf and say “This is how much the holocaust has been revised. Or debunked. Or exposed.” Depends on the context/audience/intent.
            I also try to keep 20 copies of the 28 page Did 6 Million Really Die? by Harwood (Verall). I hand them out on any appropriate occasion. This was my first introduction to holocaust revision, and it was all I needed to see the truth. The rest was just refinement. My good friend is the director of the Irish Historical Society in NYC, and he said to me on the phone, “one hour of study and the whole edifice crumbles”. That’s what Harwood did for me, and others too I have shared it with. It’s because despite or even because of the enormous volume of pro-holocaust propaganda out there, it is really very weak and lame, and cannot stand up to even a wisp of truth.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            The point I’ve been making is that one doesn’t have to know *everything* written about the “Holocaust” in order to conclude with assurance that it’s a lie, or hoax. In fact, one can know only a small part of it, and be sure of that because there are certain key elements that the “Holocaust” cannot do without and other give-away signs in the narrative.

            “Knowing” is something that clicks in when the veil that has been cast over objective reality by Media and other means, is penetrated. Direct Knowing is a very distinct feeling, felt through the soul, not reached through the intellectual process, but can be aided thereby. I am sure you have experienced it yourself, Charles.

            And let’s remember, the Universities are more corrupt than are even the Churches!

            Thus, neither your query about Fred Leuchter nor about the French Government are relevant to what’s at issue. Thanks for persisting with me.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            I don’t think it fair to leave any reader dangling here with regard to my rhetorical question about the French contribution to the Nuremberg Trials:

            These inadvertent Holocaust revisionists presented data and graphs to the Tribunal, which showed the ebb and flow of reported deaths at the camps. One graph quite clearly demonstrated the rate of deaths to be identical with outbreaks of typhus.

            Of course the official storyline writes/wrote of 20,000 daily cremations at Auschwitz II, came hell or highwater. We thank Irving for the US Airforce reconnaissance photos over A II later in the war, when its region was bombed by planes originating from northern Italian US bases, but refused landing on USSR-held territory for refueling.

            These photos, under magnification, showed no coke or coal supplies essential for such cremations.

            George, be reminded, if your legislation is further ” refined “, that the 6 Million pamphlet is the document which started the years-long tribulations for Ernst in the early 80s. Of course, in the end, when he lived in Pigeon Fork, Tenn. your famous First Amendment was useless also to him, before his deportation back to Canada, thence to Germany for trial.

            And Carolyn, the only people I fear are the invincible teenage half-ton truck drivers who pass me on black-ice county roads at 85 mph.
            Possible others had best not send a novice.

            But I will always prefer authentic, corroborated documentation on any subject over intuition. And yes, you guessed right, I remember the old Pharaoh well. Crewed dozens of times on his yacht during Alexandria regattas.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Re Charles Frey, March 14, 2021 at 12:14 pm

            All you’ve done is deflect, Charles. My favorable opinion of you has plummeted all the way down to the bottom of a lake and I don’t think it will rise again. You wrote to me:

            “I will always prefer authentic, corroborated documentation on any subject over *intuition.*”

            Good Gawd. My entire history online on this subject is based on the available literature and rational thought about objective reality. I’ll repeat again, all I’m saying here is that there comes a point when the whole picture comes clear; there is no longer any doubt or possibility of doubt. That point comes well before anyone has done a “voluminous” amount of research/reading. It just doesn’t take that long!

            I never once used the word INTUITION. I tried to explain KNOWING – which is not to be confused with intuition – that it contains an element of Feeling that gives it additional power. Power is not something to make light of. It’s real, and I know that I am a powerful person. Good day.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      Yes, I trust KMac to know what he wants to focus on at TOO and what to leave out. Mark Weber seemed to take over Institute for Historical Review and steer it away from holocaust revision, perhaps to save it from ruin. Or some think he was an infiltrator sent to protect the holocaust myth in a kind of controlled opposition, which allowed revision on Hitler and NS, but not the H. That’s a whole complex story with American Free Press, Willis Carto, Irving and some others.
      I hand out copies of Did 6 Million Really Die? whenever I can.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      When I looked into the truth about the Holocaust it really shocked me.

      Yet you are still using jewish terminology. Cognoscenti might say the so-called holocost, the “holocost,” or the holohoax. . .Holocaust implies an actually occurring event.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        No it doesn’t, TJ. He says, “When I looked into the truth about the Holocaust …” — that’s what it’s called and that’s what he “looked into.” Don’t make rules for people who are very effective doing what they do … more so than you are.

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          “that’s what it’s called”

          You mean, that’s what jews call it. Imaginary events, more aptly called bullshit.

          Tell me everything you know about epistemology. Tell me everything you know about German Idealism, and how it formed the base for all the carnage of the last century, including NS, fascism, communism, socialism, all statism, American Pragmatism.. .The Frankfurters even picked German Idealism off the shelf!

      • George Mackenzie
        George Mackenzie says:

        Sometimes I say “holohaux”, sometimes use the standard phrase, occasionally “holocaustianity”. It depends on the context, the audience, the intent of the message. I favor retaining all words and even adding more, to conserve and add to our verbal versatility. Even the boring anachronism “holocaust” has its uses. I never capitalize it though.

  15. jimmy
    jimmy says:

    A little late to the big psyops party, don’t you think? Haven’t we past the point of naming the jews already? I mean when do we start to put togther an american version of the NSDAP? The numbers are there and the passion is raging. We don’t need a drill sergeant yelling at us to take the hill. oh btw, Marine LePen is false opposition. Catholics helped the jews escape Germany, remember.
    “Marion Maréchal (French pronunciation: ​[maʁjɔ̃ maʁeʃal]; born 10 December 1989), known as Marion Maréchal-Le Pen from 2010 to 2018, is a French politician, part of the Le Pen family, granddaughter of National Front (FN) founder Jean-Marie Le Pen and niece of its current leader Marine Le Pen. ”
    This marion marechal is a jewess.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      It’s always relevant to name the Jew, since they are still trying to hide somewhat, in my opinion. But yes, action is also necessary. Identify the extent of the problem, then address the problem with action. As others have done throughout history. Hitler and the NS were just the latest, and it looks like the last–so far.
      My essay was focused not just on naming Jews in alt-media, but also as a challenge to Mercola, CHD and all of alt-media to join this process of identifying our common enemy so we can join in coalition for self-defense. I suspect Mercola and CHD know.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      Catholics helped the Germans escape Germany too. A lot of Catholics didn’t want Jews coming to their nations either though.
      I felt the Le Pen quote and scandal was relevant to help identify Sadoun as Jewish, which I had a hard time finding otherwise. I am not well studied on French Nationalism and the Le Pens, so if you have some material to show they were fake nationalists and even Jewish, I would appreciate it if you would post it here. Thank you.

  16. TJ
    TJ says:

    Intellectual hierarchy, according to an ancient Greek:

    Lowest level, concerned with people

    Mid level, concerned with events

    Highest level, concerned with ideals, principles, concepts, and philosophy

    • SS
      SS says:

      I’m all for a Mein Kampf project, if that is what people want to do. But how can we know what really happened, especially if we don’t speak or read German and all information comes to us through narcissistic Jewish owned and operated systems? (We can’t even know what is going on today in the USA, let alone in Israel or other crappy countries.) We need a “The Highest Level of Hitler and the So-called Holocaust” book. Surviving and thriving, that is the message we need to get and get out to our people.

  17. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    Our worst problems in Western countries come from the government, the media, the world of the left… Those entities are under Jewish domination and have a crucial influence in practically every field of society. It means that the Jewish influence is also everywhere.

    We’ve heard about the mysterious leftward drift of all institutions and ideologies. It’s really a Jewish drift. We used to have Christianity (transcendence), socialism (higher wages for the workers), conservatism (intellectual and budgetary discipline), environmentalism (love of nature), education (transmission of knowledge), the artistic world (beauty), the government’s idea of the commonweal (what’s best for the nation), and so on. By now, all those projects and ideals have been hijacked by people who want to facilitate race replacement and promote stupidity, ugliness, misery… They no longer care about transcendence, higher wages, intellectual discipline, love of nature, knowledge transmission…

    I think it works in two ways: 1) the Jewish ideology is trickling down from the government and the media, while normal people are censored. 2) in every field of society, subversive people, some of them Jewish, are promoted by the government, the media, and left-wing circles.

    Officially, the Jews support immigration because they are humanists. They support modern art out of sophistication and tolerance. They are against the transmission of knowledge in schools because it is oppressive. They love the lockdown and despise chloroquine because they believe in science. Many leftists go along with that Jewish nonsense out of conformism and instinctive submission to authority. Their SJW instincts are manipulated by the Jews. In reality, Jewish subversion indicates hostility against the non-Jewish society. It’s a problem of malevolence.

    People don’t like the idea of a hostile government. They are more comfortable with the idea that our leaders are misguided. They will give lists of reasons why a policy, in a particular field, is misguided, not realizing that it is a deliberately malicious policy. They are wasting their energy. That’s why they need to be told about the JQ. They need to realize that the sabotage is deliberate. They need to step back from their particular field and look at the similar harmful Jewish influence in other fields. It’s easier to understand that we have a hostile government when we know it’s mainly a problem of Jewish hostility. That piece of information makes the situation less absurd.

    It is especially important that White Nationalists learn about the JQ. Knowing about the Jewish over-representation in the circles of power and in subversive activities is not enough. People are likely to engage in self-censorship to avoid trouble unless they realize that Jewish subversion is the main cause of our collective decline. I suggest everyone keep reading books and websites that give examples of Jewish influence in many different fields, until they realize it’s always the same pattern: every single time!

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