The not-so-friendly folks at the World Economic Forum

Here I examine the ethnic composition of quite possibly the most influential global organization transforming our world today and its plan to restructure the planet: The World Economic Forum. The WEF and its Executive Director Klaus Schwab are openly pursuing nothing less than the fundamental transformation of the global system, human life and the entire planet, acting as the central hub for that process. The WEF includes in its agenda resetting humanity into a “fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities.” This was openly declared by Schwab in a speech in November last year, referring to his vision for a cybernetic transhumanism.

The Great Reset Scam

At the core of this process is The Great Reset, a WEF program that is elaborately detailed on how it will change every aspect of our lives and the world itself into something unrecognizable but unimaginably better. It is worth examining two key statements from the WEF about this extraordinary program. First, the context:

The Covid-19 crisis, and the political, economic and social disruptions it has caused, is fundamentally changing the traditional context for decision-making. The inconsistencies, inadequacies and contradictions of multiple systems –from health and financial to energy and education – are more exposed than ever amidst a global context of concern for lives, livelihoods and the planet. Leaders find themselves at a historic crossroads, managing short-term pressures against medium- and long-term uncertainties.

Fear not, because the WEF knows how to lead the leaders in health, finance, energy, education and all the rest out of this dilemma. They do it because they are deeply concerned for our “lives, livelihoods and the planet.”

Next, The Opportunity:

As we enter a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery, this initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons. Drawing from the vision and vast expertise of the leaders engaged across the Forum’s communities, the Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being.

In other words, the oligarch overlords of our world who engineered this crisis will now provide the solution, a “new social contract” that we dignified human beings had nothing to do with crafting, but will have to sign in blood. This is top-down, elite control with a vengeance.

The main page on this world-transforming program is titled “Now is the time for a ‘great reset.’” Some notable quotes:

“… a reset of our economic and social foundations is possible.”

“There is good reason to worry…”

“the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies…”

“Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed.”

“the pandemic represents one of the worst public-health crises in recent history.”

“We must build entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems.”

“the will to build a better society does exist. We must use it to secure the Great Reset that we so badly need.”

“the pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future.”

The WEF has a program it calls 2030Vision, which concerns itself with 17 Sustainable Development Goals, taken from the United Nations. Basically, all these goals can be met with new technology, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). That is why “2030Vision is co-owned and developed with founding partners and co-chaired by Simon Segars, CEO of ARM, and Achim Steiner, Administrator, United Nations Development Programme.” ARM is a high tech company that develops “a complete 5G ecosystem” and other super tech necessary for the Great Reset. Neither of these men appears to be Jewish.

The WEF partners with governments, global corporations, academia, media conglomerates, non-governmental organizations, including immense global “philanthropy” and development operations—any and every sector of power, wealth and influence. It shows fifty-eight partners under the letter A alone. Examples include the African Development Bank, Airport Authority Hong Kong, Amazon Web Services, American Heart Association, Anheuser-Busch, Apple and AstraZeneca. “Access to Forum networks and experts provides Partners with visibility and time-sensitive insight into strategic decision-making on the issues most important to them.” This sounds like WEF connections and “experts” aid partners in how to participate in the Great Reset to make money and exert power while advancing the global transformation.

It sounds utopian. We’ve heard it all before; it’s the old Problem/Reaction/Solution scam. The WEF and its partners create perception of the problem, a fraudulent pandemic that is really the standard flu season, and now is providing the solution—their Great Reset to restructure the foundations of life on Earth. We’re all going to benefit with health, equity and prosperity. This sounds too similar to the false promises of the Bolshevik Revolution—a harmonious, classless society with citizens shaped by the government, but which in fact saw mostly peasants and workers being murdered by the millions. Only the new elite oligarchy benefited; their power to make a world-wide revolution is now concentrated in the World Economic Forum.

We now examine the Jewish role in the World Economic Forum and its Great Reset.

Who’s Who at the WEF

In examining the Leadership and Governance page, we find the WEF is led by a Board of Trustees, “exceptional individuals who act as guardians of its mission and values, and oversee the Forum’s work in promoting true global citizenship.” Thirty-one “exceptional individuals” are on this board. Let’s see how many are Jews, and in what ways they are exceptional. We will reserve Klaus Schwab himself for last.

Leo Rafael Reif

WEF Board of Trustee member Leo Rafael Reif is the President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His biography says he is an electrical engineer and is a “Venezuelan-American.” Among other initiatives at MIT, Reif established a Clinic for Machine Learning in Health, the MIT Plan for Action on Climate Change and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. This lab works on “techniques for making large-scale AI systems more efficient and robust.” This should not concern us, even though AI and machine learning are at the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution the WEF promotes to drive the Great Reset, because  “the Lab is committed to building trustworthy and socially responsible AI systems.”

Reif as President of MIT had to respond to accusations that the MIT Media Lab took substantial grants from the Jewish pedophile blackmail ringleader Jeffrey Epstein, most of whose money came from the Jewish billionaire oligarch Leslie Wexner. The actual “head of the snake” according to Epstein victim Maria Farmer, was Wexner. Epstein invested large sums of Wexner money in new technologies throughout industry and academia focused on mass surveillance, robotics and cyborg development, machine intelligence/AI, and disturbing aspects of transhumanism, including at MIT. Reif said the accusations were “deeply disturbing.”

Reif is also a Board member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which another essay exposes as a major power center dominated at the leadership level by Jews.

This profile report lists Reif’s religion as Jewish. His Infogalactic entry states under Background:

Leo Rafael Reif was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, to Eastern European Jewish parents, who immigrated to Venezuela in the 1930s through Ecuador and Colombia. His father was a photographer, and the family spoke Yiddish and Spanish at home.

David M. Rubenstein

Rubenstein’s bio at WEF declares he is a Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman of the Carlyle Group. It is an immense global investment bank with 100s of billions of dollars under management. Rubenstein was profiled in the essay Jews of the CFR:

He is a co-founder of one of the world’s largest investment firms, Carlyle Group. He served a long career advising Presidents and Congressional committees, serving as a board member or Trustee of various organizations including Johns Hopkins Medicine (to which he donated $20 million), Duke University (his alma matter), Tsinghau University in China, the Brookings Institute and the World Economic Forum, all known outlets for the current COVID agenda. Rubenstein’s racial and religious affiliation is obvious.

The Carlyle Group was involved in a number of major scandals, including bribery to receive pension fund investments, taking investments from a tax-dodging company set up by the corrupt Jewish hedge fund manager and funder of destabilizing revolutions George Soros. Carlyle also has major ownership of Booz Allen Hamilton the defense contractor where Edward Snowden worked when he leaked knowledge of government-industry mass surveillance on American citizens; Carlyle is thus involved as owners and investors in the war industry. This included employing former President George Bush Sr. and former Secretary of State James Baker to lobby for defense contracts and increased military defense budgets, eliciting investments from Saudi princes and the Bin Laden family, and promoting the Iraq war and profiteering in the rebuilding aftermath. All this is well presented in a full length documentary focused on the Carlyle Group’s corrupt war profiteering.

On Rubenstein’s Wikipedia entry, the only “Controversy” attributed to him and Carlyle was raising the rents in mobile home parks Carlyle owned, evicting poor people.

To be clear: “Rubenstein grew up an only child in a Jewish family in Baltimore.”

Marc Benioff

WEF Board member Marc Benioff is the CEO of Salesforce, a Fortune 500 company with 50,000 employees, and another multi-billionaire. Salesforce is a cloud computing company with a mission of “the end of software,” presumably as we know it. Wikipedia openly admits: “He hired and planted fake protestors and a fake news team, Channel 22, at Siebel’s (his competitor’s) conference in 1999.” Siebel’s founder, however, was a colleague of Benioff’s at Oracle, where they both previously worked. Incredibly, this story of deception is presented in an article titled “Marc Benioff’s Marketing Genius.” More of Benioff’s genius included renting all the taxis at the Cannes France airport to shuttle participants to Siebel’s conference and selling them on Salesforce. In 2018 Benioff bought Time Magazine to distribute more fake news world-wide.

The company that Benioff formerly helped develop, Larry Ellison’s Oracle, had close working ties with the National Security Agency which is engaged in mass surveillance of Americans, and with the CIA. Today Oracle is partnered with the government’s covid vaccine program to track and trace vaccine recipients for two years under a “pharmacovigilance” program to monitor side effects and other medical data.

Benioff’s ruthless marketing “genius,” his development of cloud computing platforms and services, his former work at a digital mass surveillance contractor, and his billionaire status make him a strong contributor to the Great Reset and the glories of the WEF’s transhumanist near future.

Under Early Life: “Benioff was raised in a Jewish family long established in the San Francisco Bay area.”

Laurence D. Fink

Larry Fink is the founder and CEO of Blackrock, the world’s largest investment firm, with over $7 Trillion in managed assets. Fink himself is yet another billionaire on the WEF Board. Like Carlyle’s Rubenstein, Fink’s Blackrock is heavily invested in the war industry, issuing its own mutual funds such as US Aerospace and Defense.

In his annual letter to corporate CEOs, Fink suggested that “As governments fail to offer solutions to pressing social problems, people are looking to public and private companies to step in and offer fixes.” That seems to have been the opportunity Fink and Blackrock needed to become the broker for the fusion of the most powerful financial institutions in the US: the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve, and Blackrock.

We know that the world’s most powerful financier is on the Board of the global organization conducting the total transformation of society, civilization and humanity. Fink’s letter is littered with utopian promises for “racial justice,” “prosperity,” “more inclusivity,” and saving the world from “climate change.” We see under Early Life, “He grew up in a Jewish family.”

Orit Gadiesh

Chairman of Bain & Company is Orit Gadiesh, whose many positions and accomplishments include being a  graduate of Hebrew University, Governor of Tel Aviv University, Ben Gurion University Leadership Award, and Forbes Magazine’s 100 Most Powerful Women in the World. She too is on the Council on Foreign Relations as a Committee Member. Gadiesh is on the International Business Leaders Advisory Council to the Mayor of Shanghai, China.

Bain is a business consultancy company based in Boston but now with offices around the world; it was once headed by Mitt Romney. Gadiesh became chairman (their word) in 1993 and helped the company recover to become one of the world’s “big three” consultancy firms. It provides many kinds of advice and guidance to many different kinds of businesses, NGOs and governments, including in the areas of defense, chemicals, healthcare, education, oil & gas, technology and finance among many others.

Gadiesh’s father was an Israeli Defense Forces colonel, and she served in the IDF herself, a compulsory  service for Israeli-born Jews. In an interview with the UK Telegraph, Gadiesh revealed how her IDF military experience helps her lead Bain.  Perhaps her familiarity with IDF’s brutal subjugation of helpless Palestinians will serve her well in helping advise the WEF in its Great Reset plan to subjugate the rest of humanity.

Her Wikipedia entry shows she has dual US-Israeli citizenship.

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe

Known more simply as Peter Brabeck, his WEF profile declares him the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Brabeck was the CEO of Nestle Corporation for over ten years, and Chairman of the Board for part of that time. He is a former Board member of Credit Suisse, Exxon-Mobile and L’Oreal, among many others. He was also Former Chairman, 2030 Water Resources Group, a public-private partnership  operating as part of the World Bank.

Brabeck provoked outrage and condemnation when in a 2005 documentary titled We Feed the World, he shared some of his own views. Only slightly distorted, this is a fairly good summary of Brabeck’s statements: “Brabeck believes that nature is not ‘good,’ that there is nothing to worry about with GMO foods, that profits matter above all else, that people should work more, and that human beings do not have a right to water.” He made others. Nestle has been involved in ongoing scandals in California for its low-cost access to major water sources for its high-priced bottled water sales, during extended drought when other Californians suffered rationing.

In 1998, for Israel’s fiftieth independence celebration, Israeli PM Netanyahu bestowed “the highest tribute ever awarded by the State of Israel, the Jubilee Award,” recognizing those individuals and organizations that have done the most to strengthen Israel’s economy. Peter Brabeck-Letmathe of Nestle was one of three recipients in the Food category.

This source is also highly suggestive:

Nestle owns 50.1% of Osem Investments, an Israel-based company engaged directly in the production and distribution of food products in Israel and abroad. The Nestle Purina Israel, Director and Corporate Executive at Osem Investment Ltd and CEO of Osem International Ltd., Gad Propper, is the Chairman of the Israel-European Union Chamber of Commerce. He is also Chairman of L’Oreal Israel, 30% owned by L’Oreal, another prominent supporter of Israel.

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, CEO of Nestle, is also on the Board of Directors of L’Oreal, that has a history of breaking laws to support Israel. He is also a director of Credit Suisse, which is a board member of the Swiss-Israeli Chamber of Commerce. Brabeck-Letmathe is also on the foundation board of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which in 2006 removed from its Global Agenda Magazine an article that called for a peaceful boycott of Israel until it complied to international law and human rights. In contrast to the WEF’s promotion of peaceful free speech, the article was said to be “totally in contradiction to … the Forum’s mission and values.”

Nestlé, the world’s largest food company, set up their R&D Center in Israel (greatly enhancing Israel through their technical know-how, expertise and distribution channels). This R&D center was built on Sderot – stolen and illegally occupied Palestinian land that was once a town called Najd. The presence of Nestle’s plant effectively sabotages the Palestinians’ right to return as stated by UN Resolution 194 and also the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 13, Section 2.

Nestle and Osem own over half of the goodwill and assets of Israel’s largest infant formula producer, Materna. Through Osem, Nestle invests heavily in Israel’s development, such as $80m in new salad plants, logistics centers for distribution, development labs, and so on.

Nestle also partners with JNF (Jewish National Fund) through Osem. JNF is one of the foremost Zionist organizations that for decades has persistently uprooted Palestinians and destroyed their villages and towns to make way for Israel’s illegal expansion and occupation.

Peter Maurer – Philo-Semite

WEF Board member Peter Maurer is the current President of the International Committee of the Red Cross. His biography entry indicates his ethnicity is Swiss, and nothing else indicates otherwise.

Two significant news events indicate Maurer is an avid philo-Semite. In a rapid series of articles in the Times of Israel in September 2017, headlines focus on ICRC director Maurer’s meetings with what the articles consistently call the “terror group” Hamas. Two of the four headlines focus on Maurer’s inquiries into “missing Israelis,” with no mention of the many missing Palestinians, including children. A third depicts Israel PM Netanyahu explaining to Maurer “unbelievable Hamas ‘cruelty’.” Unbelievable is the word, but Maurer appears to have taken it to heart in his talks with Hamas. Only the fourth and most recent headline mentions that Maurer noted illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land as a “key humanitarian challenge”—but then reverts to a focus on missing Israelis.

I doubt Netanyahu was concerned that the Maurer would focus on Israeli atrocities and injustices committed on Palestinians, because he reassured them at a World Jewish Congress meeting a little more than a week before that his talks with Hamas would focus on missing Israelis. After all, the WJC had submitted a petition to Maurer with 11,000 signatures, pressuring Maurer and the ICRC to appeal to Hamas to return the bodies of two missing Israeli soldiers. Hamas could have submitted a petition for the return of the bodies of thousands of Palestinian children, but it does not have the money and power of the WJC and its billionaire oligarch leaders Ronald Lauder and Paul Singer. As a Board member of the WEF, Maurer aligns the ICRC with Jewish power, not justice or humanitarian aid.

The other significant event of course involves the holocaust. According to a Jewish Journal article, Maurer’s ICRC and the World Jewish Congress teamed up in 2015 to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the “liberation of Nazi death camps.” Maurer gave the keynote address and said the ICRC “had failed as a humanitarian organization because it lost its moral compass.” The article states, “the ICRC did not publicly denounce the deportation of Jews to concentration camps.” The ICRC also helped other POWs in German camps, but not Jews, because the “Nazis” wouldn’t let it. “’We have chosen to confront our past and to embrace transparency,’ Maurer said. ‘Our public archives are proof of our acknowledgment of the past and our continued effort to confront uncomfortable truths.’”

WJC President and billionaire Jewish oligarch Ronald Lauder praised Maurer’s and the ICRC’s groveling contrition for abandoning innocent Jews during the holocaust. “’You have already proven your moral authority because you have opened up your historical records,’ Lauder said. ‘You have admitted that you could have and should have done more.’”

While Peter Maurer is most likely Swiss, his service to Jewish interests at the expense of the Palestinians, however immoral, grants him the revered status as honored philo-Semite. And it bestows a false front of compassionate humanitarianism on both the ICRC and the WEF.

Mark Carney – Philo-Semite

This WEF Board member is a mega global bankster. He is the Governor of the Bank of England and on the board of one of the most powerful banking institutions in the world, the Bank of International Settlements. Carney worked at Goldman Sachs for thirteen years, in multiple offices around the world. He is one Goldman Sachs alumni “notable for his public repudiation of capitalism in arguing for green socialism.” Green socialism is only another euphemism for the totalitarian seizure of world control through the Great Reset, what the WEF calls “stakeholder capitalism.” As a WEF Board member Carney is in the right place.

Chrystia Freeland – Dishonorable mention

Chrystia Freeland is one WEF Board member who is definitely not Jewish. In fact we are led to believe she even had “Nazi” associations in her past, but has reformed. She is currently the deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Canada, and major media outlets such as Politico and The Atlantic have declared her “Minister of Everything.” However, in 2017 allegations arose that Freeland’s maternal grandfather had been an editor for a Ukrainian newspaper that published “anti-semitic” content, a “school of hate,” and was supported by the National Socialists. Grandpa did not have the moral integrity to work elsewhere (possibly because Ukrainians hated life under Stalin and saw the Germans as liberators), and so while maybe not an “intellectual collaborator” because Freeland maintained he did not write copy, he was still a “situational collaborator.”

Freeland overcame the scandal and retained her positions in the Canadian government. She was instrumental in arranging major global oligarchic control “free trade” agreements such as the   Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the European Union, and the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement. In a major move of what would be, Freeland wrote a book titled Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else. “It… won the 2013 National Business Book Award for the most outstanding Canadian business-related book.” It was one reason PM Trudeau brought her into his cabinet. A review says “The book divides the very wealthy into three main groups—Russian oligarchs, Wall Street financial professionals, and American business executives”— but the book does not concern itself with the ethnic composition of these three groups. For someone so influential in the Canadian cabinet as to arrange the global “free trade” agreements that are impoverishing working Canadians and driving their wages and standard of living down, to publish a book focused on the “new global super rich” and how they are impoverishing everyone else, while serving the global totalitarian plutocratic take-over at the WEF is grotesque.

Klaus Schwab – Philo-Semite or Crypto-Jew

Finally, we must examine the ethnic nature of the Executive Director and Founder of the World Economic Forum himself, Klaus Schwab. Another essay discussed Schwab’s many Jewish and Israeli connections.

Recently I came across a “deep dive” on Schwab just as I was preparing to submit this essay. This source, Forbidden Knowledge TV, comes in the form of an interview or discussion between the host and Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies, who claim a team of “miners” have been digging into Schwab’s family past for three months. They have yet to post this information in written form, so we will have to assess the interview podcast for now: “Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich.” The written introduction states: “Klaus Schwab was born in Nazi Germany in 1938. His Jewish mother fled the country, forced to abandon her year-old son with Klaus’ father….” In the podcast itself, at timestamp 12:52, McKibben says: “Through several two or three weeks of digging, discovered it through the back door. His mother was Jewish.” And at 24:40, the host says “here we have the Schwab family, or at least Klaus, hiding the fact that he (Klaus’ father Eugene) was married to a Jewess.”

We must eagerly await the written report on this interview to verify these claims and find out what the “back door” is. But if the “miners” at Leader Technologies have worked on this case for months to discover the ethnic background of Klaus Schwab, seeking primary sources and documentation, and state their findings with such confidence, then we must conclude: Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Director of the World Economic Forum, epicenter of evil in our world today, driving humanity into the Great Reset technocratic tyranny using the powerful new technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to force the survivors of his engineered destruction of all we have known of life into his transhumanist cybernetic nightmare, is Jewish.


In the comment section of a previous essay, someone said: “Haven’t we passed the point of naming the Jews already?” He called for solutions. But the first step is inevitably to realize the scope of the problem. Quite clearly Jews and philo-Semites are ensconced in the most powerful organizations and institutions in the world, and these organizations are aimed at a complete restricting of the entire planet.

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  1. Coll Doll
    Coll Doll says:

    Thank you so much for this article. It is very useful to those of us who believe that elite jews are behind Great Reset, or at a minimum play an outsized role in our human destruction. We need to know who the enemy is. We need to identify the enemy by name and demographic. We need to slowly make those allies who are fighting against Agenda 30 realize it is not about Nazis, as Whitney Webb unfortunately promoted recently. In a future to our liking, this article can serve as underlying facts to an indictment.

    • Kris
      Kris says:

      Even for those (presumably outside of TOO readership) who might roll their eyes or otherwise shy away from descriptions like “human destruction”, we can say, at the very least, there are massive, international projects that are directly aimed at fundamentally changing day-to-day life in a major way, which we, the affected, neither desire, nor have any meaningful representation in executing, and that these mega-projects are overwhelmingly driven by Jewish individuals (and in some cases Jewish organizations) and those non-Jews who appear equally dedicated to Jewish interests.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        The eye rollers can stay out of the way. We don’t need them and they will follow those who are successful. Major life changes may change their minds too.
        What to do for those of us already awakened? The Final Resolution of the Jewish Issue.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I too am disappointed in Webb and Vedmore and their misapprehension of the facts of history. Vedmore even promotes the Jew-as-victim myth quite heavily.
      Otherwise, Webb’s reporting on the Jewish Issue is excellent.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Agreed. I knew it going into the research. I find it is always good to identify and examine the specific actors and their roles, to document the criminals against humanity.

  2. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    The WEF includes in its agenda resetting humanity into a “fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities.” This was openly declared by Schwab in a speech in November last year, referring to his vision for a cybernetic transhumanism.

    These words sound eerily similar to what we find in the Biblical record found here:

    “Here is wisdom.” Rev. 13:18
    “Here is the mind which has wisdom.” Rev. 17:9

    I must say Karl Haemers you are giving us some juicy information and wisdom. Please keep up the great work of discovery Karl Haemers who knows maybe you’ll be the one to discover the answer of things written long ago.

    In the mean time I give you also something juicy to munch on about a coming king someone who I actually figure Klaus Schwaub is listening to and taking orders from in secret. Maybe its the same guy this guy talks about actually in this video, timestamp 10:30:

    If so, if this is really true then guess what we have arrived to what was prophesied in Mathew 24 and 25. Who knows maybe this is what is responsible for all of the UFO activity and its preparations for the return of a true king and not some impostor!!

    Strange days these are aren’t they?

  3. r1b1
    r1b1 says:

    The mini-bio of Mark Carney (that always brings to mind WLP’s radio script “The Rubes and Carnies”) is slightly behind the times as he left the Bank of England in 2020 whereafter ‘Carney was appointed as United Nations special envoy for climate action and finance… ‘
    His role now seems to be to impede the activities of business organisations that do not toe the line on Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) which term embraces the faux-ecologist banker mantras of sustainable development, zero carbon, etc etc.
    There’s quite a puke fest of literature to similar effect including

    WCED – Our Common Future (1987);

    KING/SCHNEIDER (Club of Rome) – The First Global Revolution (1991); (1992); (Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development);

    Commission on Global Governance – Our Global Neighborhood (1995)

    STRAUSS/HOWE – The Fourth Turning: Cycles of History: America’s Destiny (1997)

    etc etc. For the novice a fairly readable start might be “The Commission on Global Governance – Our Global Neighborhood” as above.

    Of course the endpoint of it all is global government, centralisation of power and serfdom except for a so-called elite.

    • meh
      meh says:

      Governance is a UN term that came into existence in the 90’s. It’s to change the whole idea of government to governance. What their really talking about, is a Sovietized system for NGO’s that will be the new Democracy. That’s what Democracy will consist of in the future. Nothing but NGO’s funded by think tanks and foundations.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      It’s interesting that his WEF bio still features him when he was the director of the Bank of England.
      The UN SDGs directly infuse and guide the Great Reset. This would be good-bye life as we’ve known it, hello hell world.

  4. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    In the real World the people mentioned in the article are refered to as useful peasants. People like you are refered to as peasants. People like Soros, who rise from poverty, are called pickpockets. I am not called a peasant because, although disowned, my family is in the club.
    When a useful peasant told me this I told him that although I am not a peasant, I feel like one, so they might as well call me a peasant.
    The useful peasant said that 200 people control the UK. With their relations the upper class consists of about 5,000 people, some leading very modest lives so that you would not think they were upper class.
    The special relationship between the USA and the UK means that the upper classes are all intermarried which is indeed a special relation ship.
    I was told that between the upper class and us peasants there is a void containing the very rich. Any of them can be dealt with if the need arises. They bump into the peasants and the upper class on their journey through life.
    The peasants in the military, police and beaurocracy maintain the system which has lasted 5,000 years and I am reliably informed will last for the next 5,000 years.
    My part jew (sorry) family tried to change things for the better in the UK
    during the general strike. Churchill wanted to have communists murdered which would have caused a civil war. We were given 5 generations to die out and then we would be murdered if this did not happen. After 3 generations my brother and myself did not marry so the powers that be did not have to murder our grandchildren.
    The UK and German communists were the best of friends and should have started a revolution for the people and, if successful, saved the lives of millions of Russians. The Russians were murdered by jews from America to destroy Russia because the USA feared the growth of Russia, according to Prof Sutton.
    I am 79 and will soon die, but not in dungeon dark, on gallows grim
    which is what the Red Flag predicted.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      If true, it tracks with what I have learned about the world power structure. I was unaware of multi-generational kill orders. I would not be surprised. No way to resist and oppose this?
      I don’t trust Anthony Sutton, if that’s who you mean. His book Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler is propaganda.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Mr. Haemers: First of all, thank you for this excellent article. You are right, Anthony Sutton’s book on Adolf Hitler and Wall Street is rubbish, pure misinformation to support the traditional (((Marxist))) theory that National-Socialism was created and funded by the High Finance.

        I recommend to everyone the excellent book by Henry Ashby Turner “German Big Business and the Rise of Hitler” (1985). Here is a very good introduction to it.

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          I purchased this book recently but have not yet read it. I also bought Turner’s book 30 Days to Power, and read it at once. It is typically anti-Hitler, which is always a boring disappointment, but it had some good hard facts about the month of January 1933 that I found useful to know. I am looking forward to reading this other Turner book, prepared to adjust for the inevitable war propaganda.

  5. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Covid, in its entirety, has lost much of its usefulness as an instrument of control. While consensus on its origin increases, its other certainties become less certain by the day, being suffocated by financial and personal, documented interests. As well as by divergent EXPERT studies.

    Given our Elite’s demonstrated inability to come up with something novel, to replace said control, Biden’s NSA, in June 2021, will publish an official Report on most of the truth behind the ever more frequent, and reliable, UFO SIGHTINGS.

    It will be interesting to see exactly how menacing these other Aliens will be to the US. If these halfwits, purposefully surrounding nominal Biden, have their way, they might well invoke martial law, to save America – indeed the world. Without ever having had the opportunity to show a single photograph of a single dead invader.

    If you deem this far-fetched, then read at Wikipedia, about Orson Welles’ ” War of the Worlds ” broadcast on CBS, seriously reporting NYC to have been bombed by Martians with gas cannisters, on October 30,1938.

    The accompanying photo shows Welles, a day later, telling assembled reporters, ” THAT NO ONE CONNECTED WITH THE BROADCAST HAD ANY IDEA THAT IT WOULD CAUSE PANIC ” . Well – it did !

    And a new, ” transparent ” June 2021 Report on UFOs by our predominantly foreign run ” Federal Government “, might just be suitable to warrant a War Measures Act, replacing the threadbare Covid as a control lever !

    Hope I’m wrong, but let’s keep our eyes on the markings on the road, as we proceed to and through June !

  6. Rebecca Lowenstein
    Rebecca Lowenstein says:

    Of course the small hats are behind the Great Reset…….it’s just another term for the NWO
    Jewish international crime syndicate.

  7. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    My sense of logic leads me to the fact that the house of cards, built by the globalist plutocratic elite, will lead to a tower of Babel, and will collapse, the West could end up balkanized by ethnic conflicts between whites and non-whites, perhaps the nationalists in Europe. they will join forces with the Russians and create a great white Eurasia, driving out the non-white invaders. China will have its own empire.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I have heard that the power elite has been organized to cooperate much more among themselves than previously. This of course looms ill for the rest of us, but we can certainly hope for more in-fighting as the goal of world control emerges more concretely. Whitney Webb says their is possibly a techno-race between the US and China for deployment of super AI, or possibly that is a a false front and US/China are in cooperation on AI technocratic control.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Your theory is a very plausible one, although I would not count on Russia if still ruled by that Jewish puppet called Vladimir Putin. There will be a great deal of bloodshed. As I said many times, the White race is heading for a well-deserved culling. The shameful and despicable behaviour of the vast majority of Whites worldwide since the 1960s warrants that.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        I try to maintain my respect for whites. Tolerance and patience and forgiveness are not the worst traits, though they have obviously been weaponized. Whites have been victims of the Judeo-Masonic influence, and can be resurrected if we remember the positive qualities of whites. What option is there, celebrating blacks and Jews?

        • Angelicus
          Angelicus says:

          TJ = Would you care to elaborate on your idiotic and patronizing comment? If you don’t agree with what I said, just say so, don’t get on a high horse and start insulting people. On the other hand, who cares what you think? You have just shown yourself up.

  8. Eric
    Eric says:

    I don’t think Russia or China are going to go along with any of this. They are strongly nationalistic. They see this kind of Great Reset talk as Western degeneracy — which it is.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      It would be interesting to review the WEF Board of Trustees to see how many Chinese and Russian members it has. Some if I remember. I expect China at least is participating in the Great Reset, since Gadiesh and even Klaus Schwab himself are advisors and collaborators with the Chinese.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        I suspect this is a tactical move by China: Participate in the Great Reset for a while because it weakens U.S. sovereignty. The Great Reset is de facto governance by multi-national banks, corporations and NGOs. Right now, China benefits from the presence of Western corporations. But there will come a point when China will pull the rug out from under those corporations.

        Putin’s speeches, on the other hand, are anti-globalist. He has thrown NGOs out of the country and is ready to go to war if NATO and Jews like Victoria Nuland and Norm Eisen keep pushing their color revolution agenda on Russia’s border. He is also thwarting American and Israeli attempts to weaken Israel’s neighbors.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Good observation Eric. I agree. The “Great Reset” is, perhaps, the last step in the Jewish supremacist plan for the enslavement and destruction of the White race. Russia and China are out of this, although they are both evil regimes. I do not expect any resistance from the degenerate and decadent White race, I hope I am wrong, but I have seen too many disgusting and shameful things over the last 20 years and no reaction. The average White guy just smiles sheepishly and carries on. Still, those who care must oppose this and fight as long as we can. It is our duty.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        China (its government) is certainly evil. I don’t think Russia is. The Russian people are strongly Christian. After the Jewish coup of 1917, I think they are wary of Jewish influence.

        I think the White man’s greatest hope is in countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine (if it throws off the current Jewish regime we installed), Hungary, Poland, and to a lesser extent, Czechia and Slovakia.

        Other Eastern European countries look decent as well: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia. But I would have to study them more.

        There are even parts of the Third World I would bet are friendlier to White people than majority-White western nations.

  9. Hans Frank
    Hans Frank says:

    ““the ICRC did not publicly denounce the deportation of Jews to concentration camps.” The ICRC also helped other POWs in German camps, but not Jews, because the “Nazis” wouldn’t let it.”

    The ICRC did not denounce the deportation of non-Jewish convicts to concentration camps either who made up the majority of the residents. The second statement is just a lie. It just never ends with these people.

  10. Bill White
    Bill White says:

    Thanks for this useful information. The only way to understand our complex predicament is through familiarity with lots of relevant concrete details. These facts about the WEF are a great example of the nature of Jewish power within the context of Neolilberal Globalism rapidly morphing into global Technocracy. There are no surprises here, just a confirmation of what I had already presumed to be true. Yes, indeed, with the WEF and the Great Reset it’s Every Single Time as usual.

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