Lack of Self-Awareness (Self-Deception?) at The Tablet

Tablet came out with an article relating level of education to attitudes toward Jewish issues. As they note, it’s long been a bedrock belief among Jews that higher levels of education are linked to lower levels of anti-Jewish attitudes—think decades of Jewish-owned media portraying people with anti-Jewish attitudes as illiterate hillbilly types with some missing teeth. But, as the authors note, the problem for doing this kind of research is that educated people are much less likely to agree with classic anti-Jewish statements like “Jews have too much power in international financial markets” or “Jews don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind” (although there’s more than a grain of truth in them).   And this could well be because educated people are more aware that such statements are simply not the sort of thing one says in polite society and if it’s one thing educated people want, it’s to feel that they are good people.

But this study shows or at least suggests that in some areas educated people are more “anti-Semitic” based on asking people with different education levels similar questions but with one set of subjects given questions related to a Jewish example, another set of subjects given questions related to a non-Jewish example. For example, one set of subjects  was asked a question such as “a person’s attachment to another country creates a conflict of interest when advocating in support of certain U.S. foreign policy positions.” One set of subjects got Israel as an example, while the other got Mexico. More subjects thought loyalty created a conflict of interest when Israel was the example than with Mexico.  Their theory was that even though particular individuals will have different opinions on the different questions, on average the responses should be the same for the two groups.

The report only includes three more examples: whether the government should set minimum requirements for what is taught in private schools,” with Orthodox Jewish or Montessori schools given as the illustrating example; whether “the U.S. military should be allowed to forbid the wearing of religious headgear as part of the uniform,” with a Jewish yarmulke or Sikh turban offered as illustrating examples; and whether public gatherings during the pandemic “posed a threat to public health and should have been prevented,” with Orthodox Jewish funerals or Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests offered as illustrating examples.

The Orthodox Jewish/Montessori example showed no difference, but the other three showed differences with the educated responding in a more Jewish-critical way, although, as you might expect given that more educated people trend to the left, more educated people wanted more government control over education.

The question on wearing religious symbols in the military seems clean and suggests a distaste for religious Jews—interesting, but that may not translate to distaste for the many very powerful and influential Jews who don’t wear outward signs of Jewish identity.

The largest effect of education was the Orthodox funeral/BLM item for people with more than a four-year degree (a difference of 36 percentage points). I suspect that more educated people are generally way more enthusiastic about BLM, so that the item doesn’t really get at being critical of Jews. And again it’s Orthodox Jews, so it may not apply to the people who run Hollywood, etc.

Re the loyalty issue, I suspect that more highly educated people are more aware of Jewish influence on U.S. foreign policy, despite such news being confined to the fringes of  political discourse. In other words, they are simply more aware of the reality of U.S. subservience to the Israel Lobby and the incredibly costly wars that has resulted in, not to mention the $3.8 billion/year, and high-profile spying cases like the recently repatriated Jonathan Pollard—not to mention support for Pollard in the Jewish mainstream. Israeli oppression of the Palestinians may also be a factor, even though it’s not directly relevant to the loyalty issue. More educated people then to be more liberal and are likely more aware of the oppression. It’s well known that support for Israel is dwindling on the left. As is often the case, being anti-Jewish is simply about knowing more of what’s going on.

Of this bunch, the loyalty question is by far the most interesting because it gets at a central feature of Jewish activism. And it suggests that more educated people are aware of what should be obvious to the non-braindead—that America has indeed suffered greatly because of the subservience to Israel and that this is entirely due to the activism of American Jews.

But of course, for a very Jewish magazine like the Tablet, any hint that educated people are not completely enthusiastic about Jews is cause of alarm and activism. After all, educated people have more power, and it certainly behooves any community to understand where the real threat lies (same goes for White activism, which is why we stress Jewish issues at TOO). But what really bothers the authors is that “educating” the public may not be the answer. Jews have always relied on their very large influence on the mass media and academic opinion to provide positive images of Jews and completely omit anything that might suggest conflicts of interest between Jews and non-Jews. Since the authors are so confident that there could never be any serious criticism of the Jewish activist community, they suggest that providing facts is not enough to rectify the situation:

Strategies for addressing intolerance in general, and anti-Semitism in particular, tend to revolve around the belief that group-hatred is caused by ignorance, and that the solution is more education. Yet if more-highly educated people are more hostile with respect to Jews, higher educational levels and more courses and training could increase prejudice, rather than diminish it.

This of course leaves out the very strong possibility that more educated Americans are more aware of Jewish power and in particular how Jewish power has been focused on Israeli interests at the expense of American interests. Such information is leaking out despite their best efforts (to date) to shut down negative information about Israel in the mainstream media and even make criticism of Israel illegal, as with the recent spate of anti-BDS laws in several states.

So what to do?

At the very least, it seems that an education that simply provides information about historical events, civil liberties, and other cultural groups is insufficient. Addressing anti-Semitism and prejudice more generally may require the cultivation of virtue. Specifically, it requires the formation of a kind of character that is not only familiar with other outgroups and democratic norms, but also has the integrity to behave in ways that demonstrate consideration of their interests and restraint in the use of political power in the pursuit of personal interests.

This shows an amazing lack of self-awareness, even self-deception. Anyone with the slightest understanding of where the power of the Jewish community has been directed realizes that Jewish power has fundamentally been arrayed against the interests of the traditional White majority.

In fact, the activist Jewish community clearly has not had the integrity to respect the legitimate interests of White Americans, nor have they used restraint in their pursuit of their interests. They have not done unto the White majority as they would like the White majority to do unto them. In their long history of conflict with surrounding peoples, Jews have never been treated better than they have throughout the West, at least since World War II.

In the contemporary U.S., besides the conflict between Israeli and U.S. interests, Jewish activism is strongly focused on curtailing free speech, especially on diversity issues and most especially on assertions of White identity and White interests. And it is strongly focused on supporting replacement-level immigration which is lessening the power of Whites and will ultimately result in Whites being unable to achieve their interests in a democratic manner. And much worse if Whites become a relatively powerless minority.

Immigration is indeed Exhibit A in the Jewish disregard of White interests—the topic of Chapter 7 of The Culture of Critique where I show that the activist Jewish community rejected the ethnic status which was the aim of the 1924 immigration law—a status quo that was obviously in the legitimate interests of White America as the founding population of the country—and that the main Jewish motivation was fear that a relatively homogeneous White America would inevitably turn on the Jews. Some examples:

Svonkin (1997, 8ff) shows that a sense of “uneasiness” and insecurity pervaded American Jewry in the wake of World War II even in the face of evidence that anti-Semitism had declined to the point that it had become a marginal phenomenon. As a direct result, “The primary objective of the Jewish intergroup relations agencies [i.e., the AJCommittee, the AJCongress, and the ADL] after 1945 was . . . to prevent the emergence of an anti-Semitic reactionary mass movement in the United States” (Svonkin 1997, 8).

Writing in the 1970s, Isaacs (1974: 14ff) describes the pervasive insecurity of American Jews and their hypersensitivity to anything that might be deemed anti-Semitic. Interviewing “noted public men” on the subject of anti-Semitism in the early 1970s, Isaacs asked, “Do you think it could happen here?” “Never was it necessary to define ‘it.’ In almost every case, the reply was approximately the same: ‘If you know history at all, you have to presume not that it could happen, but that it probably will,’ or ‘It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when.’ ” (p. 15).

The AJCongress, the largest American Jewish organization at the time, testified during the Senate hearings on the 1952 law that the 1924 legislation had succeeded in preserving the ethnic balance of the United States, but it commented that “the objective is valueless. There is nothing sacrosanct about the composition of the population in 1920. It would be foolish to believe that we reached the peak of ethnic perfection in that year.”

Recently I became aware of Otis Graham’s 2004 book Unguarded Gates: A History of America’s Immigration Crisis. Graham notes that, besides being the most effective force of liberalized immigration, the Jewish lobby on immigration “was aimed not just at open doors for Jews, but also for a diversification of the immigration stream sufficient to eliminate the majority status of western European so that a fascist regime in America would be more unlikely” (80).

I firmly believe that if Jews had had respect for the legitimate interests of White Americans rather than consistently engaging in ethnic hardball against the interests of White America (especially in the post-World War II era when anti-Semitism had been completely marginalized), we and the entire West would be in a very different situation.

The authors conclude:

As Harvard professor and Yiddish scholar Ruth Wisse has argued, anti-Semitism has not thrived because of ignorance, but because it “forms part of a political movement and serves a political purpose.” Those political causes making use of anti-Semitism are increasingly favored by the well-educated in this country. Countering the anti-Semitism of the well-educated will be a political and moral struggle, not one that can be addressed by conventional approaches and conceptions of education.

I agree with Wisse. If indeed there is an anti-Jewish movement in America, it will be aimed at a political purpose for the Whites involved: rectifying historic wrongs inflicted on White America.

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  1. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    I cannot speak for all Mensa members, but when I was in Mensa (involved with two different groups) nearly all the members I knew were quite conservative as well as very aware of the Jewish issue.

    For the most part I do not find those on the left to be particularly brilliant or honest. They love to tout their embracing of science and data, yet in the same breath will claim there are 76 different genders and that race is a social construct. (!)

  2. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    01 Upon Pollard’s ” homecoming “, via Adelson’s private jet, Haaretz called him by his real name: Pollock.

    02 Miko Peled is the outspoken son of equally outspoken General Peled, of the General Staff of the IDF.
    Miko’s parents refused the state’s allocation of a suitable, ample house, because it was taken from

    03 Recently Miko Peled wrote ” The Anti-Semitic Birth Of The Zionist State “, in the UNZ REVIEW. [ scroll
    down the articles column ]

    04 Fascinating and overlapping with KM’s current points. Corroborations, citations, quotes and footnotes
    straight from the horses’ mouths; and all from a strategically-placed insider.

    05 If KM were remiss in not having sent Cofnas an Easter card, he could always catch up, and make up, by
    also including a copy of his present essay as well as one of Peled’s.

  3. anonym
    anonym says:

    I might be naive, but I think it´s a lot “worse” than the Jews even fear.
    All the historians that has read beyond Hilberg, Arad et al. about the Holocaust KNOWS what´s really going on. Same for Soviet, communism in general, the “British” empire, slavery etc etc.
    Every industrialist that has had to tangle with Jewish “investors” and pass through the labyrinth of Jewish commodity brokers to buy cobalt, platinum and other rare natural resources KNOWS what´s really going on.
    Every politician who´s opinions clash with Jewish interests KNOWS what´s really going on.
    Every businessman who has had to negotiate a deal with a Jewish businessman KNOWS what´s really going on.
    Every practical common sense scientist who´s read the “scientific” papers by Einstein, Pauli, Feynman etc. KNOWS what´s really going on.
    Every psychiatrist who´s read Freud KNOWS what´s really going on.
    Every academic who´s had to read Wittgenstein, Horkheimer, Lacan etc. KNOWS what´s really going on.
    Every art historian who has had to write about modern art KNOWS what´s really going on.
    The list could go on forever.
    But since we all have mortgages, and bills to pay, and a social life, and vain cravings, and a hundred other needs and vices the Jews can hurt us through, we pretend we don´t know.
    But it won´t last forever. The lid will fly off at some point. Nature will take it´s course. It usually seems to take a century between the expulsions.

  4. Don F.
    Don F. says:

    It is not only making whites a minority.

    It’s killing whites off all of them. Holocaust on WHITES.

    Proof: propaganda by jews in media, film, music, commercials for RACEMIXING.

    It’s straight in your face.

    Sure frankfurt school, culture communism academia jews, Boas (lied about no race differences without any proofs mumbo jumbo b.s.). But in Hollywood since the 30’s racemixed socalled “jews” pushed the n-word in music singing songs written by jews (probably by Christian whites then stolen by jews and given to n-wordsers aka subsaharians).

    The are like probably 80 % or more of so called “jews” mixed with subsaharian africans and many of them probably knew all along about that.

    They mixed with a race that is so behind so hateful so different it has probably afected them greatly.

    Regardless in my region we have a lot of gypsy jews that also mixed with christian whites. They are for the most part the worst terrorist sponsoring a-holes on the planet.

    • Winston Johnsson
      Winston Johnsson says:

      Another proof that many jews are FULLY aware they are killing the white race cosciously so, is their double standard on wanting to keep Israel segregated and without non jewish immigration, otherwise the jews will cease to exist.

      But then the same fake “jews” state they do not want this kind of policy for formerly WHITE countries, they want integration (i.e. race mixing) there as well as continued mass immigration but they know this will kill the population living there just like it would in Israel if it was done there. They stated themselves this kinda policy leads to racemixing and killing a population by doing so.

      But they still push it for WHITES but refuse it for Israel.

      Hence they cosciously push for killing WHITES but preserve and allow for further evolution of socalled “jews”. Hece conscious genocide of WHITES, while preserving their kind. And they even admit it. Albeit sometimes refering to the jewish religion, but this is bs., you can move to Israel if you have enough jewish genetics and heritage but is an atheist or believe in another religion such as hinduism. It is based on ethnicity.

      Ther constitution states it’s in effect an etno state, a state for the “jewish people”.

    • John
      John says:

      Same method of INVASION, namely children, that was used to accelerate the INVASION of Europe is being used once again on the continuing INVASION of America. “Crisis, crisis on our Southern border” is the MSM’s 24/7 LIE. It is NOT a “crisis”, it is an INVASION. When exactly r we going to WAKE UP as European Peoples to our WESTERN CIVILIZATION being INVADED & CONQUERED from Finland to Australia? Tick tock tick tock …, time to WAKE UP. It’s GENOCIDE.

      • Will McCormaack
        Will McCormaack says:

        Yes indeed an when you have different races living in the same territory without heavy segregation you get race-mixing. See India, Iran, some part of southern Europe and so on…

        But of course it is also accelerated d by the propaganda for race-mixing as mentioned.

        And even in the states like 4 % of people who think they are just white have some subsaharian african background although probably small as such…

  5. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Hopefully you are ready for a belly-laugh. Unbeknownst to themselves, yet, though I shall do my best to remedy that, the woke corporations, organizations and individuals shot themselves in the foot by moving the ball game from Atlanta to Denver.

    Why or how ? The game will now be played at Coors Field, Denver.

    The multigenerational and very large Coors family amassed its fortune in beer. It now retains 10% of Molson Coors. In the 70s they described themselves as born-again-Christian-fundamentalists: supporters and founders of a number of conservative movements and institutions.

    They were heavily engaged in promoting President Reagan. They are officially credited, or blamed, for funding the Heritage Foundation to the sum of 250,000: though Adolph Coors IV told me personally that, in the end, they bought their Washington venue for 4.5 million.

    In the 70’s they fired an employee for being a homosexual. The entire left mobilized against them and organized a nation-wide boycott of Coors Beer: whetting their knives fifty years ago. Additionally, Coors initially was entirely anti-union.

    By now we are familiar with the insignificant differences between those two states’ election laws and the fact that Georgia has far more blacks than Colorado.

    Talk of their jumping from their alleged frying pan into the upcoming fire.

    That part of our commentariat which talks of activism, should acquaint the well-known congressmen on our side with these FACTS. My emails to them are regularly cancelled since their forms disallow all non-US zip-codes.

  6. zaq
    zaq says:

    One thing for sure.

    If possessing a Bachelor’s in a soft-science or in the humanities qualifies as “proof” of being “educated” (I’m not sure that it does; all depends on what one means by “educated”), then American Jews may be in trouble.

    AOC has a Bachelor’s (double major, it seems) in International Relations (see: drafting foreign policy with regard to the Middle East and Israel) and Economics (see: MMT funded by U.S. taxpayers for the new state of … Palestine; “$1,000-a-mobth for life, if you’re Palestinian!). And there are millions of “young Democrats” who both LIKE her, and also ARE like her.

    It — I should say “the United States” — is all becoming a filthy brown- and black-mud cesspool with Jews holding the sh*t-stirring stick, confident that they’ll avoid falling into the pit they’ve created.

    The only good news is that Jews are always, always … way overconfident … and are always surprised when things don’t go according to plan. The problem is, WE get dragged through the mud THEY created, and WE suffer.

    Unless we take steps to solve the problem before it gets even worse.

  7. Ray Caruso
    Ray Caruso says:

    “I suspect that more educated people are generally way more enthusiastic about BLM”

    BLM-loving negro worshipers are not educated in any real sense. Rather, they are indoctrinated. They are just like madrassa students who “know” down to the last detail what to expect in Moslem heaven once they blow themselves up a-jihad-ing: how many demonesses (“virgins”) and catamites (“pearly boys”) they will get to copulate with, what the demonesses and catamites will look like, what kind of wine flows in the rivers of wine, what kind of fruit the catamites will serve them between acts of sodomy, etc. The American “educated” class is more ignorant and less capable of rational thought than illiterate peasants ever were and they are utterly contemptible in moral terms. This country, as any country based on the lie that All Men Are Created Equal must be, is a dystopia.

  8. Rob
    Rob says:

    Please, oh mighty Jews, teach us how to be virtuous, pure, angelic beings like yourselves! If only we lowly, intolerant, bigoted goyim were 1/7th as virtuous as you, we could recognize your inner godliness and would prostrate ourselves before your every whim!

  9. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    As many people on here may or may not know – in the 1920s a Mr Marcus Garvey had a bold plan to unite Negrodom by a line of steamships called the Black Star Line to encourage black self-determination and economic independence. The Black Star Line steamships would also transport emigrants from the US to Africa for the establishment of a black nation-state.

    It was doomed to fail for many reasons but one of the most interesting reasons was the fact that Mr Garvey was acutely aware of “gigantic conspiracies” by the [sic] Bolshevists who he knew were paying people to damage his vessels. He was quoted saying “It is a mean, low-down, contemptible method of embarrassing any movement for human uplift”. Seems even as early as 1920 the “Bolsheviks” did not want Black people to leave the United States for some peculiar reason.

    • Conscripted
      Conscripted says:

      Europeans need to stop attempting to instill “self-determination and economic independence” into these other races. Russia did it with Jews;bending over backwards for them, affording them rights not available to Russians. Incentivizing them to get education in an attempt to break them free from the ideological hold of the Rabbis. Giving them land in the hopes they would produce food for themselves-Russians did everything they could think of to encourage Jewish self-sufficiency and dependency. But they would not kick their dependency on the host.
      We can see how the Jews ended up using Russian resources and the Russian’s good will against them, in the form of a Communist government with kill quotas, gulags, and famine.
      America is doing the same thing but with Blacks: The government is even bringing up the agricultural aspect by alloting tax moneys specifically for Black farmers. The academic perks and privelges afforded to Blacks simply for being Black in the attempt to educate them-only for them to turn around and use that education aginst us.
      It’s been tried before in Afirca and Haiti… And it never works in general, but only for a very, very few exceptions that are still only remarkable when contrasted against the average their race has to offer.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Europeans need to stop attempting to instill “self-determination and economic independence” into these other races.

        That’s as may be, but it’s hardly apropos to ChilledBee’s comment. Marcus Garvey, whether a visionary, a fool, or a fraud, was emphatically not a European.

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