Michelle Malkin on the War on Whites

Sometimes it takes a non-White to discuss these issues. Some very telling examples.


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  1. Aristo Boho
    Aristo Boho says:

    Dear Doctor MacDonald & Mister Jarrin,

    Thank you for the links for Misses Michelle Malkin. 1. Your LINK provided Doctor MacDonald does not function. Nothing occurs, not even a slight blink, flash or unavailable notification. It remains grey blank as it is. 2. Your LINK Mister Jarrin opens.

    Those who run our socially engineered society and its Consensu Reality confronted with non Europeans, like Misses Malkin and Misses Candace Owens, are having a shock that those whom they thought they controlled can also be free thinkers and dare to tell the truth. Just as the Indian lady did about préjudice against White males when she testified at the presidential election fraud hearings in Michigan. There is another African lady who I cannot locate or recall her name, she seemed to be Ethiopian and she out against the racism against Whites. I know I saw her over the weekend one evening but I cannot locate the show. I thought it was on “The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton”.

    The question that all must ask is who is financially supporting this anti-White agenda? Disclose it for the money trail is the root of it. Other than the fact that when one sees Whites saying a solidarity prayer of forgiveness to African-Americans it becomes obvious there is a need for a positive elite to control this society of suicidal cretins and pseudo-humanitarians. Too many Whites, like Messers Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, unlike the Blacks or a Filipino like Misses Malkin, always say something like, “I am against racism….” before criticising anti-White propaganda and the psychological extermination of European man. There are also the intransigent who are myopic and exclaim but who needs non Whites to defend Whites, regardless they’re not supposed to be in the White Man’s world. These latter are deranged morons who live outside of reality in their own confabulated anti-historical world. What we have is Ignorance+Deliberate Cultural & Racial Deconstructionism + Weak Deracinated Whites who have less value than the aforementioned non Europeans. God Bless, Aristo Boho

  2. antisemit
    antisemit says:

    the war on whites was openly incited by jew media in USA.
    it goes hand in hand with anti christian hatred of the talmudists
    openly declared in their near 2000 years old talmud and the
    new NOAHID laws willfarely underwritten by criminal jew assliker
    BUSH .

  3. Aristo Boho
    Aristo Boho says:

    Dear Antisemit,

    Thank you for your COMMENT. You are correct that it is, I’ll say it in my own words, mostly, the Jew, who is responsible. The Secular, whether Zionist or not, and even the religious, whose Orthodoxy is corrupted by the Luciferic Babylonian Talmud. And I use the word Luciferic in its proper metaphysical significance, I am not extrapolating that all Jews are culpable, although as you make clear, and it is a fact, there a pro-Jew media, and not just media, but a financial power that corrupts this country, all European countries,an albatross of strangulation. Nevertheless, many a non-White Jew is even guiltier for being apathetic cowardly or not speaking up. This we must admit. Notwithstanding, there is a problem with the Jew, first the secular, even atheist, who will be against the European society he resides in. A White lady who is not all Jewish, but of an Engelsist-Marxist line of philosophy, said to a friend of mine that if she was born in.Zambia and at the age of three it was permissible for her to emigrate from there to England and be accepted. then why should it not be all right today for all of those who aren’t White just because of their skin colour, referring to the droves of so-called refugees. There are indeed highly cultured Jews who despise this, yet a great many cultured or not, commit homicide to everything positive that makes a given country what it is. In five years a White part of Paris is kaput! Well, if someone disagrees with my being anti-Democracy, then please explain why I shouldn’t when the French do not vote into office any of the Le Pens with an extraordinary majority? As far as what I have composed herein and in my previous COMMENT about the non-Jew being at fault just give a read to what happened to a Misses Alison Chabloz-Tyrer recently: https://www.thejc.com/news/uk/holocaust-denier-alison-chabloz-jailed-for-18-weeks-1.513817 Here is my whole point, the fact that the judiciary the politicians of each country, and their cultural elite, whore themselves to Secular Jewish Zionist Finance. For example, let’s take the recent case of Misses Alison Chabloz-Tyrer. If the British judiciary and politicians did not allow The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism to decide what should or shouldn’t be a criminal act, then Misses Chabloz-Tyrer would not be imprisoned.

    Would you kindly explain to me what does the abbreviation in block capitals, NOAHID, signify? I did find on the ACRONYM FINDER which also for abbreviations, the following instead:
    “noahidelife.com Noahide Life – What is a Noahide
    Explore this site to learn the basics of a Noahide Life and to find additional resources. A starting point, launching pad, and community building site for Noahides.The Seven Noahide Laws – Goodbye Church, Hello Torah Figured the New Testament is wrong? Find what the Torah requires of Non-Jews. Love Torah, Not Jewish? Get informed and connect with other Non-Jews living a Torah Life.” God Bless, Aristo Boho

    POST SCRIPT: Forgive any typographical errors, if any, for I am extremely drained these days with a number of personal battles. Doctor MacDonald it is a shame there is not the possibility to EDIT a COMMENT after it has been posted as one can on many another web site of all sorts.

  4. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks Kevin.

    Malkin is right, it is a form of bullying. It’s interesting to note that Hitler’s father bullied Hitler’s mother and Hitler himself, actually, the whole family plus the dog. Was Hitler’s campaign one of somebody finally standing up to the bullies…? I think it played a part.

    Nothing will change until a conversation about the role of Jewish people, maybe call it the ‘Jewish Elite,’ and their mechanisms which are driven by their seething hatred of white, European Christians, our culture, religion, our great contributions to the world, and this great country that our ancestors built, the US, is somehow brought into a national discourse. I’m trying to figure out a way. I sure hope others are too.

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