Biden’s Anti-White Speech Writer

On April 28, 2021, unelected President Joe Biden spoke the following statement in his address to the Joint Session of Congress: “We won’t ignore what our intelligence agency determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today: White supremacy’s terrorism.”

An examination of how “our intelligence agency” came to this determination will be reserved for another essay. Here let us explore how such a statement could have made its way into the speech of our current installed President, speaking to the entire US Congress (though due to displays of viral fear and social distancing policies, only a token few were actually present), and supposedly by proxy, the entire US population legal and illegal.

Here is the rest of Biden’s speech content relating to “racism” in America and implications that Whites are to blame:

We have to come together to heal the soul of this nation. It was nearly a year ago, before her father’s funeral, when I spoke with Gianna Floyd, George Floyd’s young daughter. She’s a little tyke, so I was kneeling down to talk to her so I could look her in the eye. She looked at me, she said, ‘My daddy changed the world.’ Well, after the conviction of George Floyd’s murderer, we can see how right she was if, if we have the courage to act as a Congress. We have all seen the knee of injustice on the neck of Black Americans. …we have to come together to… root out systemic racism in our criminal justice system and to enact police reform in George Floyd’s name… let’s get it done next month by the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death. …

We have a giant opportunity to bend the ark of the moral universe towards justice, real justice. And with the plans outlined tonight, we have a real chance to root out systemic racism that plagues America and American lives in other ways.

You can see on television the viciousness of the hate crimes we have seen over the past year and for too long.

Who could have installed such blatant anti-White invective into the President’s speech, bestowing sainthood on the Black drug addict and petty criminal Floyd, invoking the spirit of Communist Party asset Martin Luther (Michael) King, hypnotically repeating the mantra “systemic racism,” directing equally hypnotized viewers to vicious “hate crimes” on TV, and above all identifying the greatest domestic terror threat to be “White supremacy”?

Speech Writer Carlyn Reichel

Biden’s two main speechwriters are Vinay Reddy and Carlyn Reichel. Much media attention focuses on Indian-American Reddy, as can be seen with a basic search for “Biden speech writer.” It is far more revealing to bring our attention to the Jewish member of the speech-writing team, Reichel. Veddy is the goyim BIPOC (Black/indigenous/people of color) cover and obligatory representative of “diversity, inclusion and equity” (itself an anti-White policy), while Reichel is at the core of Presidential messaging today.

Carlyn Reichel was Biden’s foreign policy speech writer back when he was Vice President, from 2015 to the end of the term in 2017. She was also the Director of Communications for the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, whose vision includes “Addressing Threats to the Liberal International Order” and “Advancing the Dialogue on Internationalism.” She formerly served as Hillary Clinton’s speech writer when Clinton was Secretary of State. Reichel wrote an essay for Foreign Policy Magazine in 2017 titled “Trump Has Reshaped Presidential Rhetoric Into an Unrecognizable Grotesque.” The article is an anti-Trump screed based on her experience in crafting presidential-sounding rhetoric. For our purposes, here’s the main denunciation Reichel has of Trump’s speech in Warsaw: “For Trump, the boundaries of ‘civilization’ only extend to those who share his definition of ‘God’ and ‘family’ — that is, a Judeo-Christian worldview and power structures that continue to be dominated by White men.” We won’t go into the chutz-pocracy of a Jewess denouncing a Judeo-Christian worldview, but focus instead on her denunciation of White men.

With this history of anti-White messaging, Reichel is almost certainly the source of Biden’s outrageous statement about the “lethal threat” of “White supremacy’s terrorism” in America today.

The Cabinet Guides the President – The National Security Council

On January 20, Inauguration Day, nineteen people were appointed to Biden’s National Security Council. Carlyn Reichel was one of them. Fifteen are women, an overwhelming 80% representation in a group that typically and historically was overwhelmingly White males. Five are BIPOC: Colombian Hispanic Juan Sebastian Gonzalez, Japanese-American Melanie Nakagawa, and Indians Tarun Chhabra and Sumona Guha. Linda Etim (not insignificant as senior advisor to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundaton) is Black. At least three are Jewish: Reichel, Edgard Kagan and Laura Rosenberger, with at least a fourth, Caitlin Durkovich married to a Jew (Rosenberg).  This makes Jewish representation in the National Security Council over 20% at minimum, more than ten times Jewish proportion of the population in America.

Reichel took the role of Director of Speechwriting and Foreign Policy. Biden’s speech to the joint session of Congress, loaded with the anti-White and particularly anti-White-male messaging we’ve noted, must have come from Reichel’s Jewish sensibilities. Edgard Kagan’s role on the National Security Council is Senior Director for East Asia and Oceania, addressing such delicate areas as US/Vietnam relations.  Laura Rosenberger is the Council’s Senior Director for China, and formerly top advisor to Hillary Clinton and a member of Obama’s National Security Council. She claims it was her Jewish upbringing in Pittsburgh that drives her to serve America. Caitlin Durkovich serves as the Council’s Senior Director for Resilience and Response. She is married to Simon Rosenberg, who was a high-level advisor to the Obama Administration, particularly on “immigration reform.”

Rosenberg worked at the Democratic National Committee, almost becoming its Chair, and founded the New Democrat Network and the New Policy Institute, which “has become committed to modernizing left-wing politics and building a persistent Democratic majority.” Current immigration policies are ensuring that. Rosenberg joined the hysterics about the stage set-up at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida this February, when the stage structure was said to resemble an obscure Germanic rune known as the Odal, displayed by a few German SS units in World War II. Rosenberg tweeted: “A short thread on #CPAC2021’s unusual stage, which is clearly in the shape of a well known Nazi symbol. It is also a symbol in use today by American extremists. … The CPAC leadership need to explain how this could have happened.” Undoubtedly Rosenberg’s influence on his wife Durkovich at the National Security Council will ensure Jewish paranoia elicits an intensive response to “Nazi extremism” in America today, civil liberties be damned. Of course, in the eyes of activists like Rosenberg, even mainstream conservatives and anyone who voted for Trump are considered be Nazis or proto-Nazis.

Please note, equating conservatives to “Nazis” amounts to “holocaust denialism,” since it is “belittling the attempted genocide of Jews and the memory of the 6 million,” according to Ellie Cohanim, former U.S. Deputy Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism at the State Department. Does this make conservative White men safe from being called “Nazis” by the National Security Council? Doubtful.

Linda Etim’s Anti-White Hate Speech

Linda Etim is typical of many Black activists in projecting anti-White hate messaging. In her essay for Carnegie Endowment for International Peace of October 6, 2020 titled “Reimagining U.S.-European Development Cooperation,” as one of three main things to do for “leveraging the resources and capacities of the richest countries in the world to address global challenges,” Etim recommends:

Finally, we must prioritize the fight against global White supremacy and nationalist populism that verges on fascism, both in our own countries and internationally. The rise of xenophobic and ultranationalist populism is not only a domestic threat to our democracies, but it also leads to a dangerously perverted understanding of the world. The legacies of colonialism and persistent racism continue to impose a burden on the inhabitants of too many countries. There will be some in the Global North who push for an inward turn—who push to ignore what U.S. President Donald Trump infamously called ‘shithole countries’ in a racist quip.

Translated, this means that the popular movements to advocate for White interests in majority White nations amount to “Fascism,” a threat to democracy (tyranny), and abandoning the Third World to ruin.

Of course, Etim must reference the Neo-Marxist mobs rampaging through the streets of America’s cities: “The Black Lives Matter movement arose out of the specific context of the persistent race-based caste system of the United States.” It had nothing to do with activists like George Soros/Georgi Schwartz’s Open Society Foundations funding and organizing destabilization and crisis phases of the neo-Communist revolution such as funding public prosecutors who have essentially abandoned prosecuting Blacks and have ensured that rioting Blacks would not be charged with crimes. “But the movement’s fundamental claim—of the equal dignity and rights of all persons by virtue of their humanity—is one that needs to be driven through our perspectives and approaches to international development as well.” One doubts that she believes that White people should be included in such universalist platitudes.

Carnegie lists on its website that it has received “$1 Million and above” from Open Society Foundations.” Also in the highest category of donations at $2 million and above is the Pritzker Foundation.

The Chair of Carnegie’s Board of Trustees is Penny Pritzker, Jewish multi-billionaire of the powerful Pritzker family that includes the Governor of Illinois, J B Pritzker, and transgender billionaire Jennifer Pritzker. At least five other Jews are on the Carnegie Board.


No White people are safe in America today when the President evokes hysteria about “White supremacy’s terrorism” and “systemic racism.” In making these pronouncements, Biden is doubtless putting into words the attitudes of his Jewish speechwriter Carlyn Reichel and all the Jews and BIPOCs on the Biden National Security Council. Anti-White messaging has exploded in our nation over the last four years, inciting hatred, loathing, contempt and violence against Whites simply for being White. Now it is pouring from the podium of the President and a supportive US Congress and disseminated to all the American people of every race.


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  1. Margit
    Margit says:

    And lo and behold..this week the German Interior Minister, Seehofer, gave a speech how right-wing terrorism and violence is the No.1 danger in Germany (which is blatantly untrue with the absolute and palpably radicalised Antifa in Germany.)

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I’m dumbfounded to hear the official great terrorist threat now in Germany is ‘neo-nazis’. Not.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Yes, that German Antifa excrement demonstrated in Dresden during its 70th commemoration of the ca. 100,000 victims [ Police Chief’s list ] of the February 45 terror bombings, three days in a row, by the US ARMY AIR CORPS and the RAF.

      32 of the US’s P – 51 fighters had escorted their 9th Air fleet from Italy. 16 escorted them back, while the remaining 16 were given orders to go after ” targets of opportunity “.

      What easier targets than the thousands of women, their aged parents and children, all refugees from the East, encamped on the embankments of the Elbe River with their wagons pulled by horses, oxen and even cows ? [ As I personally witnessed further north, during the Red Army’s invasion around Forst, on April 21, 1945 and weeks before ].

      Eternal damnation on these god-fearing, valiant, celebrated and decorated pilots of the same stock, who went among those defenseless refugees and decimated them.

      Antifa carried placards emblazoned, among others, with ” Everything Good comes from Above “, simultaneously denigrating God and complimenting Bomber Harris.

      The ordinary mourners, in the thousands, neither Nazis nor neo-Nazis, well remembered the still extant film clips of the young mother pulling her baby carriage behind her, but getting stuck in burning road asphalt and being consumed along with her offspring. Or the hundreds mummified merely by excessive heat, still cradling their equally mummified children in their arms, when finally discovered in their basements.

      Stalin, and his friend Ehrenburg had ca. four times as many ground troops, artillery, tanks and US Studebaker and GM trucks, than the Allies combined.

      That drunkard Churchill, belatedly, was afraid of Bolshevism sweeping Europe, equal to German fears, realized the dearth of conventional ground forces and was obliged to demonstrate to Stalin, that strategic bombing would henceforth be decisive: so Dresden was chosen, as later Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

      He had no problems in allotting ca. 100,000 former Wehrmacht troops, kept armed and at the ready, to attack the Soviet Union, in conjunction with Allied Armies, Navies and Air Forces under his ” Operation Unthinkable “.

      The US declined, PURPORTEDLY due to unfinished business in the Pacific. More likely the Moscow GRU-run Jew, Harry Dexter White [ Weiss ], Morgenthau and dozens more surrounding FDR, were unwilling to destroy what they had just created and in New York openly called OUR THING.

      Now we have unknown Blinken, the ” Holocaust Survivor ” !

      Pity the thousands of Afghani translators for the US Forces, their warranted feminists, their students and their comparatively defenseless national army, teachers and public servants. Saigon 2.0.

      6.2 Trillion might pay for the 2,500 protecting the Capitol against further expected conservative domestic terrorism, under Trump, but cannot cover the expense for 2,500 protecting us from al Qaeda and/or the Taliban. After all, the REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN has educated us that a state requires an external enemy. After Covit.

    • John
      John says:

      “The Brigade” should b made into a movie.
      Whatever it takes to wake up us Europeans Peoples.

    • Richard Davenport
      Richard Davenport says:

      The Jews hate all White people in all countries. They may look White themselves,, but they feel, because of the Holocaust, that all Whites must die, for their eye for an eye mentality Agenda, even though Whites saved them from the Nazis! A White doesn’t have to be killed by murder either. They can be ruined and killed racially by having a mixed marriage and having mixed children. That’s why in Israel ,the most racist land in the world, you need a DNA test to live there, and no Colored people are let in as immigrants, but race mixing is promoted and celebrated in White Countries, mostly by Jews themselves, a total double standard. Homosexual marriages or trans -gender couples are not allowed in Israel either.. This is what happens when the Media and governments are controlled by Jews!! Research the most vile Media stories saying everyone is a White Supremacist. Many of them are written by Jews!! Look up their names on Wikipedia!!

  2. Garner
    Garner says:

    Get ready for mass arrests of conservatives, Christians, and people who refuse Covid-19 vaccinations.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      One great way to get ready is to form Legal Defense Funds. Antifa has such funds. We too can play at lawfare.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Good idea except “the jews” have all the money and can purchase any portion of the judicial system they do not already own/control .

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      My landlord was just here “place looks great. Usually it’s covered with weeds.”
      I start cutting the weeds on April 10 each year [when rain is over], never covered with weeds. Then he asks did you get your c—-d shots. Mumbled no, looked away. “I got two.” He is also 75. He is retired army, very high ranking NCO. Maybe affected his brain. I am always afraid that I will blurt out my radical views., like “I’m the only sane one within 20 miles” [true]. . .Hope he does not report me

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        A troubling circumstance. Perhaps a respectful declining to answer, since medical information is private and confidential, based on HIIPA and other laws.
        When I ask people if they are getting the covid vax, I sometimes hear them say ‘I don’t think so, maybe not, probably not, I’m not sure…’ I tell them, ‘I’m not guessing. I study it, and I know.’

    • John
      John says:

      Here is another eg. we should b thankful to our enemies of being upfront, so there’s no misunderstanding:
      York University is hosting a workshop targeting white students as “systematically racist” and calling for them to be replaced by immigrants in a “new” Canada that cherishes diversity and progress. The workshop provides space only “for Black, Indigenous, East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, Arab, West Asian, and other racialized students to…voice concerns” about how white students are inherently supremacist and why the curriculum needs to focus on nonwhite knowledge away from European “racist” knowledge.


      No whites allowed: University to host racially segregated workshop to discuss racism in ‘colonial spaces’ | The College Fix

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        Two strategies come to mind: White students should insist on attending and document incidents where they are prevented by physical restraint or blocking their path (both personal assault). Then file lawsuits based on ‘discrimination’ charges.
        Or boycott the school and run a campaign identifying the school as ‘racist’.
        Probably both.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        Whites boycott Ford College. See how well it does with an all-BIPOC student body. They will be infighting without their white scapegoat at once. BIPOCs always do.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      If anything is your private property then your body is your property .

      Here is a link to a recent seven-year Oxford U. research project that discovered first time ever seven universal moral laws that 99.9% of human cultures live by . One of the laws is “Respect for other’s property”. Spurious arguments to force/coerce vaccinations are in violation of that universal moral law .

      Too many people think they have a right to violate your person to satisfy their medical fears before proving anything .

      The Nuremburg medical ethics code also makes it illegal to force/coerce vaxxes against your property right ( your will ) .

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        The Nuremberg Trials were of course a ‘high grade lynching party’ (US Chief Justice Harlan F Stone) and ‘a travesty of justice’ (Republican presidential candidate Robert Taft). But the principles apply. The first line of the Nuremberg Code states: Informed consent is absolutely essential. Let’s start with information.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          That insubordinate soldier video looks like it may be a counter-intuitive psy-op to cause doubts about patriots . The comments reveal a lot of spurious info in the video and about it .

  3. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    One of the most powerful weapons is the dialectic, in which our enemies are specialists, it is necessary to develop a dialectic in favor of the whites to counter and defeat our enemies. The parasite understands that, that’s why the censorship since they understand its power. Sun Tzu said about 2500 years ago, he studies the strategies of your enemies and uses them against them.

  4. Peter London
    Peter London says:

    Here are just a few recent victims of anti-White racism:
    Ahren DeHart,
    Danielle Hopton,
    Andrea Blankenship,
    Seth Robertson,
    Wilma Hochstetler,
    Caleb Conrath,
    Madison Sparrow,
    Esme Kenny,
    Victoria Rose Smith,
    Veronica Baker,
    Cannon Hinnant,
    Tyler McBain,
    Owen Melin,
    The list goes on and on. There could be thousands of them.
    Their names should be repeated at every opportunity. Their photos should be everywhere.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Yes, BLM is constantly chanting the names of their martyrs, those fools who resist arrest and threaten police, commit crimes and freak out on drugs.
      Are you saying these white people were killed in ‘anti-white’ hate crimes?
      Say his name! Landon Hoffman!

  5. Conrad Gaarder
    Conrad Gaarder says:

    Maybe there will be a coup somewhere (France) and what remains of the White world will be encouraged. But realistically, Whites are so disoriented, so morally confused, as if they were in a maze, that it will probably never happen.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I understand your sentiment. It looks grim, with so many whites unaware and confused. Yet many are awakening now as the already flagrant anti-whitism accelerates and normies are shocked to see it. It is a matter of organizing now.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Whites are so disoriented, so morally confused, as if they were in a maze,”…

      Most Whites are either still ignorant of the genocide against themselves or in a state of shock upon realizing that their Christianity will not “save” them from their chosenhite jewmasterss wrath at their insubordination to the NWO/ZWO/JWO agenda .

  6. John
    John says:

    How much more explicit do our enemies have to b? No, really! They want us, European Peoples, gone, liquidated, terminated, dead, & buried. So, what r we going to do? There r only two choices: let our enemies terminate us, or, we push them off the stage of history & choose to reclaim what our ancestors passed on to us in order to pass on to our posterity. It’s either us or them. It is our country. We r still the majority, barely. We could end this hatred of our people by mid-afternoon tomorrow. Tick tock time is ticking on the demographic clock featured on one of the websites.

    • Nick
      Nick says:

      Unfortunately, about a third or more of our own people would fight against us. A large segment of our people have been so thoroughly indoctrinated to the point theyre actively rooting for and helping to facilitate our collective marginalization and genocide. Through their puppets in the media and academia, theyve effectively divided our people and we are on the verge of being conquered. If we are to stop the seemingly inevitable, we need to abandon our morality and become the very monsters they accuse us of being.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        It is likely true that the vast majority of Whites do not want to be monsters . Unfortunately , those whom still cling to that truth will probably be among the first slaughtered after Civil War 2.0 commences .

        • karl haemers
          karl haemers says:

          I lean toward thinking at this point it is our best strategy to gather and organize those whites who are awakened to the peril and accept the challenge of confronting it. We should not abandon other whites who are lost in the Jewish delusion, but our main energy at this phase must be on organizing ourselves who already understand. Followers will follow success. Some can be converted over time, and our optics and manner of engaging are important to consider. Presentation matters. Our enemy likes to portray us as skinhead racist mouth foaming ravers, and if we conduct ourselves more wisely but firmly, we win more converts.
          But they are secondary now. Core group organizing and successful actions are needed in this phase. I judge that many white normies are at least puzzled by all the anti-white messaging they are seeing, and some are already outraged. Let them see some intelligent, educated, poised but forceful other whites speaking up against it, and the puzzled will start to awaken, and the already outraged will consider joining.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            …” our main energy at this phase must be on organizing ourselves who already understand.”

            Agreed .

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I went to your link. It looks like images only. I cannot determine from pictures alone if Etim is mixed-race. She looks fully black to me, but I may be missing something. I look at some black hockey players and definitely see white admixture. Not so with Etim.
      I could not find any other description of her heritage or ethnicity.
      It is a woman, right? Sometimes even that can be deceiving.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I suppose it’s to be assumed given the venue here. I thought of titling this essay: Biden’s Jewish Speech Writer, but we seem to be toning down the a/s a bit. It’s always a fair assumption, and I feel it requires investigation to confirm. Always worth it. They seem to think we might not notice, or it doesn’t matter if we do. It matters.

  7. Ned J. Casper
    Ned J. Casper says:

    A political despotism binds its slaves by the chains of their “own” ideas (Foucault)

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Foucault was born and lived through the peak of overt Communist domination in history. It’s just as overt in the USSA today if we know how to look. This is a great quote, thanks for sharing it. I am going to memorize it.

  8. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    01 Yesterday, May 6, the first Thursday In May, was National Prayer Day. Originated by G. Washington, and officially continued by Lincoln and Truman. One may legitimately recognize those years as times of military troubles.

    02 The physically matured toddler and purportedly devout Catholic Biden, officiated in Washington, praying, without once using the word GOD.

    03 Pete Hegseth, who runs the 7 pm [ ET ] FOX TV program, suitably featured Reverend Franklin Graham, Billy’s son, on May 6.

    04 Mentally deficient Biden’s failure to mention God, during his official performance, was briefly discussed by host and guest.

    05 INTUITIVELY, Billy’s son averred, that one of Biden’s speechwriters might have been responsible.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Interesting. Jewish and Indian speech writers providing the President’s prayer on National Prayer Day. Makes sense in the Kali Yuga.

  9. Felix Steiner
    Felix Steiner says:

    My grandfather said in pool it is not the next shot but the shot after that that is the issue. They provoke us hoping to elicit a response and then be ready to pounce when we do. January 6 in DC, BLM yelled at us in small numbers. A tempting target I am sure with surveillance cams and Capitol Police ready to go if we hopefully took the bait. A quiet dignity in the face of Injustice may be the best that we can do. As Oliver Revilo said maybe the best we can do is wait for them to overplay their hand and then we will be able to provoke them and reveal them for what they are.

  10. kolokol
    kolokol says:

    Biden’s speech to Congress on April 28 confirms that there is a war against the White race, initiated by globalist Jews and waged by their agents in the US Deep State. And now we know who wrote that speech, thanks to this article by Karl Haemers,

    No surprise it’s a Jew. And like all such creatures, it hates Russia too (not just America), because Russia resists Jewish hegemony. Russia is no longer run by Jews, as it was after 1917.

    Therefore, we are in a two-front war – internal and external. Jews seek to destroy Russia and America, by turning both into “shithole countries,” as Linda Etim boasts in her article quoted above.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Some research shows that Russia only exchanged the Jewish Oligarchs such as Berezovsky and about 5 others, for the Chabad Lubivitch Judaic cult as its handler. Chabad is also a major handler of the US.
      They may be agitating war between US and Russia to wipe out a bunch more whites, or that may be a theater and the Jews who own and operate both US and Russia are consolidating power behind the facade of conflict. Belt & Roads, alliance and tech transfer with Israel, China, even Iran.

  11. Bernard Levin-Goldberg
    Bernard Levin-Goldberg says:

    “Our intelligence agency”……run by vicious anti-white Jews, told me,
    Scumbag Joe, to go after any and all white people who have the audacity to fight back.

  12. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Really, folks, stop and think, what these spiteful, anti-White, enemies are doing can be considered a “blessing in disguise”. Considering how programmed and complacent most White ‘normies’ are, this barrage of evil racial vitriol may be just what is needed to galvanize White identity. Whites may not listen to sweet reason, but being spat upon, and intellectually insulted (& physically assaulted too) might just do the trick.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      This is a possibility. It’s also a possibility that this Judeo-Masonic Deep State is deliberately trying to provoke the white right “patriots” in America for their civil race war. If white patriots engage in it, it should be at their moment and terrain of choosing. And they should prepare to win. Otherwise the civil race war will only serve the Judeo-Masonic Deep State.
      I think Tucker is one of their agit-prop agents. Divide, conflict and conquer. The white right is harder to incite than the ‘woke’ BIPOC left, and so Tucker is needed

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” I think Tucker is one of their agit-prop agents. Divide, conflict and conquer.”

        That remains a very real possibility until proven otherwise .

        Jews have been in the business of infiltration , then subversion , and then conquest for about 2500 years since their Tower of Babel success at subversion led by the founder of Judaism Abraham whom was a slave worker on the Tower project .

        • Karl Haemers
          Karl Haemers says:

          I did not know that about Abraham. Another ‘slave’ become ruler. An old archetype tale.
          We are more divided today in America than any time perhaps even including the civil war. It may all be preparation for their civil race war they want us engaged in. If we do, we should try to win.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            Abraham and his merry band of co-conspirators sabotaged

            ( by injecting language confusions into the common Arkkadian lingo used among the various immigrant and linguisticly disparate Tower slaveworkers )

            the hearsay degenerate King Nimrod’s ToB project ; and they were 100% successful in causing him to abandon it .

            The Tower of Babel narrative as rendered in

            [ The Holy Jewish Torah / Book of Genesis / chapter 11 / verses 1 – 9 ]

            is an allegory of that ancient historic holy act of sabotage by the founder of Judaism .

            Have no doubt , over the ages (((they))) have advanced way beyond only injecting language confusions , in their contemporary sabotage operations , in fulfillment of their God ordained attainment of world dominion
            ; and that is not possible without more or less enslaving all of humanity .

      • Junghans
        Junghans says:

        Karl, the race war has been going on for a long time, except now it is currently being openly declared & intensified. Since Jewry & their racially motivated minions control most of the important assets and societal control points, their intentions and activities are being openly flouted and fanned by their naked hubris.

        So far, they have managed to marginalize or smother any real organized White advocacy group in its incipiency, and they thus feel licensed to intensify their depradations. So far, they have been able to neuter any real blowback, and until Whites are cold, hungry & desperate, there’s little likelihood of a premature civil war.

        Regarding ‘Tucker’, I have mixed emotions. One, he wouldn’t be there if Jewry didn’t allow it, so he can, and should be considered a decoy, or a pressure relief valve. On the other hand, he is helping to create peripheral opposition and some critical thinking, as well as sowing seeds of resistance among the semi-enlightened.

        The overall upshot of my thinking is that Jewry & their many Golems are jumping the gun in their vicious, spiteful assault on White Civilization. The degradation and humiliation of Whites that they are orchestrating is thus an ugly, (but unintentionally helpful) consequence that can only racialize & polarize thinking Whites.

        • karl haemers
          karl haemers says:

          Communists and Jews (is that redundant?) decided as far back as 1928 that they would use race conflict to bring down America. MLK and the ‘civil rights movement’ was part of their campaign.
          Agreed, now they are in the direct assault ideological phase on whites, something that was unimagined by the population in the civil rights phase. The beginnings of the direct physical assault phase on whites has started, and this is where whites start to realize they are being forced into a corner. Cornered animals become enraged and start fighting back.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            ” Cornered animals become enraged and start fighting back.”

            Not sheeple . According to the [ Protocols of the Illuminati ] ( aka Elders of Zion ) , sheeple will obediently go to their execution when so ordered by their masters .

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            Forgot to mention that being cornered and enraged would be futile when facing a deadly enemy and you have nothing to fight back with .

          • Karl Haemers
            Karl Haemers says:

            I am open to the possibility that some among the military and law enforcement would fight out of this corner too. More guns in this nation than people among the population may not be sufficient against the high-tech weaponry now deployed, but it is not nothing.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Please review this short under 3:00 video by the excellent Vertigo Politix.
      It explains what is meant by an engineered civil race war. FBI is supplying Antifa with weapons for it. I think Tucker is supplying the other side with reasons.

  13. Nothavinit
    Nothavinit says:

    This is why knowing and sharing the true history of WWII is important to know among whites. You have Alex Jones ranting every day still about Nazis and Mengele and no one even knows that Mengele was not the Angel of Death and what happened to the Germans, not the Jews, was a true fiery holocaust, of 15M Germans and countless more of that Eastern European region. A miniscule number of Jews were caught up in it and were basically targets of expulsion, not extermination, as Jews had been for hundreds of years, all funded by the same Jewish money masters. When the whites understand that ending all central banks and instituting public banking spells the beginning of the end of the Jew nightmare on earth, then we will get somewhere. But whites are far too horrified of being perceived as unfair let alone racist. They are slowly starting to realize they have a racial interest, thanks to sites like these and work of those before us.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I completely agree. An excellent summary. Most Americans still think WW2 was between the “Allies” and the “Axis”, but it was really between Nationalists Fascists and Communists. On the Communist side was also the International Jewish Bankers, who dominated FDR and Churchill, making the US and Britain on the side of the Communists and International Jews. The outcome of that war gave us the Neo-Communist world we have today. Fascism and National Socialism in new forms is the only hope of changing it.

  14. Stephen
    Stephen says:

    Two speech writers, one Indian, one Jewish. What are the chances of a fair speech concerning whites?…..ZERO!!!

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