Vaccine Passports, White Terror and Political Control: Who’s Behind It. And Why?

“A registry of immunization will be needed with names entered after immunization is completed. Adequate immunization may require more than a single vaccination, and the durability of protection by different vaccines may vary and may require periodic booster immunizations. Thus, immunized persons will need to receive expiration date-stamped certification cards, which should be issued to all who are immunized in the country, whether here legally or not. True, conscientious objectors could refuse. There are no such alternatives for vaccination. Do not honor religious objections. Do not allow objections for personal preference.  Vaccine refusers could lose tax credits or be denied nonessential government benefits. Health insurers could levy higher premiums for those who by refusing immunization place themselves and others at risk, as is the case for smokers. Private businesses could refuse to employ or serve unvaccinated individuals. Schools could refuse to allow unimmunized children to attend classes. Public and commercial transit companies — airlines, trains and buses — could exclude refusers. Public and private auditoriums could require evidence of immunization for entry.” Dr. Michael Lederman, Maxwell J. Mehlman and Dr. Stuart Youngner, Case Western Reserve University (USA Today, August, 2020)

In my last article, I wrote about the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court, and how it is led by and composed of a small, tightly linked personal faction of mostly Jewish academic law professors who are ideologically aligned on the progressive Left.  Rather than a public commission, it is more of a private trust.  It seeks to transform the Supreme Court into a legislative body that reliably behaves in majority support for progressive Left programs.  Those programs include a portfolio of changes to, or the bypassing of, the Constitution, and its protections against excessive government intrusion into private life.  It also includes the ratification of new laws involving the full panoply of biosecurity, including mandated “vaccines” and numerous restrictions on congregation, travel, and even political affiliation.  It also seeks to codify any resistance to a passport system as “terror,” and especially to establish that conservatism and resistance among Whites are fundamental threats to government and society in general. Below, I describe as a follow-up, the nature of the parties behind the larger Covid security program, of which the Presidential Commission is merely a necessary part of its implementation.

The Covid biosecurity program is a large, complex system that is made up of many special interests in what is a coordinated syndicate or network.  Most of its members are fairly visible and readily identifiable: large pharmaceutical firms and their investors; newer bio-engineering ventures and their hedge fund backers; big technology firms looking to capture new markets in biosecurity, data collection and management, or testing, tracing, tracking and bio-ID systems; and naturally, the intelligence and defense establishment.

But some are less obvious. They are cloaked within larger interest groups, and careful to remain within the confines of institutional authority symbols such as universities, research firms, media, so-called expert health organizations, and of course, the government. The country’s network of college and university campuses is also a key component of the “Covidianism” construct that has created entire new cognitive and behavioral routines centered in a reinforced obedience to central authority, and the establishment of self-policing among peer groups in order to ensure group compliance with standardized expectations in the use of face masks, social distancing, and ultimately in the willingness to submit to experimental “vaccination.”  Some young adults are calling their college campuses a “prison” and that comparison may be apt. Many university medical facilities have even become the “official” vaccination centers for their regions or communities, some using a “lottery” system, or soliciting the public to volunteer as experiment subjects.  Some universities are using a “yield management” model by creating scarcity to manipulate demand.









Aerial college campus view: “This feels like prison.”  Universities are a perfect nation-wide networked camp system for processing, indoctrination, experimentation and bio-social engineering.  Right: Harvard Law’s Cass Sunstein and former Obama Director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) who asserts the necessity of “cognitive infiltration.”

The sudden almost explosive assault of emergency pandemic policy forced on the American public has all the hallmarks of official sanction and authority—the kinds of authority that the public responds to generally without too much questioning. And in the case of a personal health risk, there is typically a very strong self-protection response that almost guarantees a systematic public cooperation with centralized direction.  The impression that all of us tend to have, is that the information that is produced and broadcast from these institutions of authority is a natural and responsible public service response to an emergency that fits credibly with their stated purpose and putative expertise.  We assume that institutions like the C.D.C. (Center for Disease Control) or the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) are simply acting just as they are supposed to: as public agencies of protection and civil defense. They are seen as trusted humanitarian agencies, and it is assumed that they represent scientifically informed defense against large-scale disasters that are beyond the control of individuals, communities or even states.

But this is an incorrect assumption.  The global health organizations are highly porous politically, they are utterly dependent on numerous sources of financial support, and most of all, they are fully in compliance with larger authority networks, including select governments, private foundations, and authority figures from the political-state sphere.

  “The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.” Concurrently timed with the first public ‘pandemic’ announcement by the CDC, Kissinger ran his World Order WSJ op-ed where he asserted “The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order: The U.S. must protect its citizens from disease while starting the urgent work of planning for a new epoch.”  The new order? It’s all about depopulating the countryside and moving to cities. “Empty half the earth of its inhabitants: It’s the only way to save the planet.” 

These authority figures and symbols also appear natural or acceptable, or even necessary.  They carry forward their credibility from government service, from the imprimatur of elite university research and from the power and influence of highly concentrated financial leverage.  It is important to appreciate that the Covid memetic was decades in the making and didn’t just come out of nowhere.  It has a long pedigree in special interest ambitions that find their confidence in a highly cultivated intellectual elitism that asserts a higher-order understanding of largescale and macroeconomic risk—its central animating cause is global warming, and nothing is more urgent than to attack directly the cause: human population.  It naturally seeks institutional concentration and consolidation in order to realize its ambitions, but it is also animated by specific cultural beliefs and propensities.








U.S. university research and the Rockefeller Foundation: “In many developed countries, enforced cooperation with a suite of new regulations and agreements slowly but steadily restored order.”  The Rockefeller Foundation, Future Scenarios Report issued in 2010 on a virus pandemic simulation.  Right: Sustainable = depopulation.

 Through these large-scale institutional influences, their peer groups and counter-party organizations like universities take their direction, and follow their ideological objectives, even if those ideologies or objectives are not fully understood: what is important is to maintain a stable economic equilibrium, and foundations such as Rockefeller provide that equilibrium, and also hold out the threat of disfavor.     

Ezekiel Emanuel as paradigmatic

A central adjunct to the foundation structure of influence and control, is the select, targeted and strategic placement of an “expertocracy” that is firmly embedded within the larger influence network and which straddles government, university and cultural components that are necessary to attain a reliable forward momentum and compliance with directives, policy, and advice.  There are few individuals who manifest that role, more than Ezekiel Emanuel.

The Zionist brothers Emanuel: (Center): The University of Pennsylvania’s Ezekiel Emanuel, Biden-Harris Covid advisor: “Life after 75 is not worth living”;  “Cases are surging. We need to maximize the number of inoculated students.
Ari Emanuel (right): working in politics and Hollywood;
Rahm Emanuel (left) “Never let a crisis go to waste” (or waste an opportunity to make one); the former Chicago Mayor’s Covid simulation operation: Crimson Contagion

But who exactly, is Ezekiel Emanuel?  And why is he wielding concentrated influence in American domestic policy concerning health care, population control, and especially, a program of forced vaccination on young adults, primarily through the nation’s network of colleges and universities?  To whom are his loyalties, and what are his objectives and larger allegiances?

All smiles: Ezekiel says that “Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath too seriously.”  White House Covid advisor, University of Pennsylvania’s Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel: “We need to maximize the number of inoculated students.” 

When one digs a little deeper into Ezekiel Emanuel’s past, it may become a little clearer how his ethno-religious upbringing and indoctrination, led to his overall psychological profile: authoritarianism, control, and even malevolence toward other groups such that oppression or even extermination or genocide, are justified and normalized as state-level policy, but carefully configured within otherwise legitimately perceived institutions.  In that regard it is a classic act of deception and terror that was specifically pursued by his Zionist father, also a doctor, and widely cited as a criminal terrorist with deep loyalties to Israel.

For many years, Dr. Emanuel benefitted by staying in the political shadow of his brother Rahm Emanuel, former congressman, Obama White House chief-of-staff, and Chicago mayor. Rahm also volunteered to work as a “fixer” in the IDF, like his father:

Rahm’s father Benjamin Emanuel served in the Irgun, a Jewish terrorist group that targeted British and Palestinian civilians — most famously with the King David Hotel bombing and the Deir Yassin massacre — to advance the goal of creating a Zionist state. This week, the elder Emanuel has not exactly assuaged doubts about his son’s pedigree. “Obviously, he will influence the president to be pro-Israel,” he told the Israel daily Maariv, “Why wouldn’t he be? What is he, an Arab?

Dr. Benjamin Emanuel brought up his three sons in a pro-Israel household.  All three hold dual citizenships and in their careers have worked at least as much for Israel interests as they putatively have American ones, and were culturally groomed by their father to be Israel “power-brokers.”  Ezekiel emerged onto the public scene as an advisor and “fixer” for Obama’s signature Affordable Heath Care Act.  And while the Obama-Clinton presidential and policy continuity plan was temporarily interrupted by the Trump victory, he quietly consolidated his position at the University of Pennsylvania, and then re-emerged from the shadows with the roll-out of the 2020 Covid program.   His model for U.S. biosecurity is indeed, the state of Israel under the continued authoritarian and Zionist operations of Benjamin Natanyahu, who is considered by many as among the world’s top global terrorist sponsors and operators.  This instinct has been turned inward on his own people (including the Orthodox who may have recently suffered under a Netanyahu-organized operation).  As an Israeli political dissident recently stated:

“We are being used as a model for the rest of the world.  Many of us are calling this a new holocaust in our own country.  You could not have created a bigger betrayal.  This has nothing to do with a virus.  It leaves behind the arguments of right and left, pro and anti, even religious designations, and asks of us: what are the most basic common denominators we share?”  (Ilana Rachel Daniel, Israeli political activist on Israel’s current state authoritarian “Green Pass” system and its “purity test” of compliance to Covid regulations).

It is precisely Israel’s “Green Pass” system, its purity test construct, and Israel’s cybersecurity legislative bill that Emanuel is eyeing as a model for the U.S.   Such a system not only serves a large syndication of commercial interests, but the state itself as a method of creating a “purified” two-tiered social system that is divided on political lines and rests on a permanent bio-state of control, tracking and even directed thought.






Israel’s Green Pass: Digital bands used for tracking people in Israel

The next step is the permeation of a transnational legal regime that, in effect, extends and consolidates the Israel model of biosecurity social, political and economic control, including through treaty agreements that specifically tie in the state of Israel as the constructive authority.  In this way, by this mechanism, Israel has realized a “colonizing” tool that extends through the global health institutions, and from there penetrates state-specific government institutions through their respective agencies, bypassing legislative deliberation, and working around and through traditional federal government structures.  The entire Covid “pharmakon” is permeated with Israel state and commercial interests, ideology, and political ambition.  There is no other single concentration and magnitude of ethno-cultural interests, even those of China, that provide the intellectual “DNA” of this world order fantasy.

Israel, Greece sign ‘green passport’ travel deal for vaccinated citizens.  Just the beginning? 

Much of the institutional “leakage” that allows this ideology to thrive and permeate into Western societies, is through the higher education complex which to an unprecedented degree in American history, consists of Jewish and pro-Israel administrative leadership.  A case in point is the University of Chicago, by many measurements, an epicenter of the Covid and Passport program.  Its president, Robert Zimmer, has been a loyal devotee of Israel-first policy and ideology, using the university as a platform (even inviting IDF officers to “teach” undergraduates).  He also has initiated joint ventures with Israel in molecular biology, and the Trustee chairman, Joseph Neubauer, is among the largest individual investors in Israeli weapons and related research (according to his Foundation public filings).

This by itself is not dispositive of a joint U.S.-Israel biosecurity program, but it does identify a representative element of the cooperative network between special interests in each country to a degree unlike any other such collaboration based on cultural, religious and geopolitical solidarity, one already formalized by the Global War on Terror that is centered in joint U.S.-Israel war prosecution.  The new biosecurity regime is merely part of the war, now turned inward.







Zimmer, backed by the Pritzker, the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations and US Department of Defense (through its Argonne National Labs), pushes the growth of research in microbiology and virus “gain-of-function.” Left: Zimmer holding a campus candlelight midnight vigil for Jewish synagogues.  Right, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Israeli President Shimon Peres look on as University of Chicago President Robert J. Zimmer and Rivka Carmi, President of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, sign an agreement establishing a collaborative research program. The signing ceremony took place at President Peres’ residence in Jerusalem.  A civil science program, or are there Israeli geopolitical implications?(1)

 The degree of such leakage has created a national security threat to the United States.  While this has been cited before, the degree of systematic undermining of U.S. sovereignty may be unprecedented, including the degree to which it has been engineered and orchestrated under a virus pandemic pretext, and with that, a comprehensive assault on U.S. institutions, including religious organizations and, perhaps most systematically, through the education complex.

Human institutions are capable of carrying out programs in a systematic way, but they are entirely dependent on direction.  They are easily “captured”  (Gates is the largest investor in the W.H.O.), and once strategically invaded, they are obedient.  The ideology stemming from ethno-religious and cooperative special interests, are the “code” that has activated the Covid program.  China plays a unique role, but that is another story for another time.

V.S. Solovyev is a graduate of the University of Chicago and a former science, technology and defense consultant.

  1. There are other motivations for this project beyond strictly local academic ones, including hydration and broader strategic development of Israel’s Negev desert, done in conjunction with the Zuckerberg Institute and Ben Gurion University; that is, it is also an effective US export or technology-transfer project that obviously has national security implications (somewhat managed politically by the construction of the first permanent US military base in Israel’s Negev region which most of the public is not aware of). Molecular engineering also has inherent, specific applications in new weapons science (it is among the most aggressively pursued science and technology projects by the Pentagon) including in polymer and nanoscale technology, which partly explains support by US Department of Defense and UChicago-managed Argonne National Labs, and by Woods Hole, and the Katz Institute. It is not likely that any actual civilian uses will find applications in public hydration projects outside Israel in the larger Middle East desert zones; however molecular engineering can also be used for desertification with application to land conversion and demographic modification for the oil and gas industry, a key Israel ambition. As reported in public media, Zimmer had a “long-simmering interest in creating a joint partnership with an Israeli university” and remarked that this project has “potential applications far beyond local issues).
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    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      I agree that the article is a bit long and heavy/dense but that is the problem with most of these academics. I know is annoying. However, is readable and packed with excellent information. Don’t be a whinger! (LOL)

      • karl haemers
        karl haemers says:

        It would be a worthy task to translate this into plain English for those who need it. I rather like the more exacting rephrasing of standard tropes.
        In this case, an apt summary might be:
        It’s the Jews Again!
        I am starting to work on an entire book of collected essays called Covid Jews. There might be interest.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        I’m not sure whether you are being serious or facetious in this instance, but Spillane’s Mike Hammer novels, as lowbrow as they sometimes get, are definitely good reads. “Kiss Me, Deadly” is still pretty well known, thanks to Hollywood, but “Lady, Go Die,” “Murder Never Knocks,” and several others beat the heck out of watching water boil as a pastime.

        Needless to say, edification of any sort is in short supply in these novels, but the total absence of preachiness compensates for any felt lack of moral uplift.

        Rabid feminist crocks of any sex will, of course, take grave offense (their ancestors certainly raised a ruckus when the books were published). So bloody what?

  1. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Excellent essay. The Emmanuel clan cult is truly repulsive.
    A deeper analysis could be done on the University of Pennsylvania along with Chicago University. U Penn has the Perelman School of Medicine, where Jewish scientist Drew Weisman developed the mRNA technology used in the new covid vaccines. Perelman is a notoriously corrupt Jewish hedge fund owner that funds the school. If Ezekiel Emanuel was at U Penn too, the place is a den of Jewish vipers.

    • Robert Penman
      Robert Penman says:

      When one hears people from different parts of the world cry “Death to America”, I think we can now agree, maybe for different reasons, but because the vile state of America is the servant of Israel (and Jews in general) it must collapse, if man is to have any chance to be free.

      It goes back a long way, one can look to FDR and his Jew pals and their creating the war of destruction (behind the scenes) against Germany, to all the wars in the Middle East for Israel.

      The USA, is falling apart due to the worship of Jews and pushing the myth of “the six million”. Please, bring about the death of the USA, servant of the Jew!

  2. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    I hear you. Much of the material in the article (which is overall quite usefully informative) might profit from a dose of Amish plainness. The paragraph beginning “The next step is the permeation of a transnational legal regime …” is perhaps the prime example of material that could profit from a figurative high colonic.

    (((The Left’s))) sixty-plus-year stranglehold on the academy has taken its toll even on those who actively work to thwart its insidious aims. Look, for example, at Kaalep and Meister and their “ethnofuturism”—talk about a coinage too far!—and Mr. Solovyev’s vocabulary also suffers from the effects of the company he and it have had to keep. One may well wonder whether Strunk and White’s “Elements of Style” is even stocked by elite university bookstores nowadays.

  3. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:


    “As a minimum, the government should be advising only those have received both vaccination doses to be hugging each other, and even, a short hug, with faces directed away from each other to minimize risk of COVID-19 transmission,” (says Gurch Randhawa, a professor of diversity in public health at the University of Bedfordshire).

    This is what we’ve come to. I am reminded of Albert Biderman’s Chart of Coercion. Scroll down to “Occasional Indulgences”.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Thank you so much! Fantastic information and really terrifying!
      The website is very good and interesting although it has the regrettable concept that all this is the result of a “Satanic” conspiracy. The authors are either afraid of naming the Jew or just fools who love these fantastic and stupid “conspiracy” theories who do nothing but leave the Jews off the hook.

      Anyway, as I said before. Thank you very much!!!

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        @Angelicus. You’re welcome. I cringe when I hear talk about this and that being “satanic” but sometimes that’s a suitable term, I have to admit. Anyway, I wanted to show you the Biderman Chart of Coercion and wicked truths dot org was one of the first results that came up; I picked it without looking at anything else there.

  4. Karl
    Karl says:

    There was never any such campaign for mandatory Flu vacciniations.

    Granted, maybe the Flu has a lower death rate than Covid-19 (but is that really true, or have Covid stats been cooked?).

    Still, the sheer compulsion around the Covid-19 vaccination is unheard of.

    People who have gotten the vaccination may not care now, but it is only a matter of time before they too will be caught up in this Leftist/LGBTQ/NWO/Jewish/Democrat Party facism.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      The main root of governmental tyranny goes back ten thousand years to medicine men ( usually not women ) called witch-doctors or shamans ; whom about three thousand years ago passed knowledge of their tyrannical powers of the mind-control aspects of their medicine to their religious spawn of priests/rabbis whom in turn passed knowledge of their tyrannical powers of the population behavior-control aspects of their religion to their political spawn of various kinds of politicians ; and in particular passed knowledge of those tyrannical powers to statist whom tacitly presume they own both the child and the parents .

      Why do you think along with your presumed majority that you should have the right to overrule the legal authority of parents , whom do not share your ideology/theology/opinions/beliefs upon which your decisions are at least partially based , and decide what is necessary medical treatment for a child whom does not belong to you and whom could die ( as a few have already done so ) as a result of the consent given by you and your presumed majority for the imposition of an establishment medical decision ?

      It seems odd that parents are held liable for health decisions about their child but the establishment may not have any liability for a wrongful death resulting from their decreed invasive experimental medical procedure . This issue of coercive vaccinations reeks of some of the sloppyist ethical thinking in all of medical/legal discourse . Coercive vaccinations are nothing more than socio-political-medical democratic bullying aka governmental/state tyranny .

      Here in the USA , the official communication of governmental nascent tyrannical powers began with the 1789 ratification of Amendment 10 to the U.S. Constitution which permitted the states to legislate on matters of public/herd health .

      The U.S. Supreme Court communicated affirmation of an oppressive governmental power-of-tyranny in the 1905 landmark case of [ Jacobson versus Massachusetts ] where : “The Supreme Court ruled that laws could require vaccination to protect the public from dangerous communicable diseases.”
      ( see Wikipedia article “Vaccination” ).

      The communication of oppressive governmental power-of-tyranny was again affirmed after ww2 by the enforcement of USA compulsory vaccination laws . ( re: Wiki )

      USA officially documented vaccination-related deaths of children prove the existence of an unavoidable lethal risk of death by vaccination . ( re: Wiki )

      Clearly , a vaccination is a risk of death related invasive medical act performed on presumed sovereign property called your body .

      Incredulously , parents are criminally liable for refusing any establishment deemed necessary medical treatment for their children .

      Any obligation of government to provide the public with protection from a communicable disease is satisfied when it provides vaccinations to people whom accept it as protection . When government compels people to be vaccinated against their sovereign will to not be vaccinated and at the same time provides the public with free vax protection from unvaxxed persons , have no doubt it is called tyranny .

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        Blame Hegel – “The State is closest to the divine on Earth.” That’s like saying that politicians, or bureaucracy, is “closest to the divine.”

  5. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    As I have said to people the USA has brought this upon the world, from early in the last century, from when FDR and his Jew mates orchestrated the war of destruction on Hitler and the German people, to the death camps they held the German military personnel after the conflict, to involving much of the English speaking world in their insane wars for their masters in Israel, to their government handing over billions of dollars of their own taxpayers money to Israel, and on and on and on it goes!

    I know there are good people in the USA, but those people have zero power. What is happening to the USA now is very richly deserved and I truly pray day and night for the downfall of this evil state, and their masters in Israel.

  6. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    To be completely honest, the creepy agenda 21 / Kalergi plan aside, lowering human population on this planet is a pretty good idea. Unless we have several ready space colonies to jettison to in the coming century, we’re going to be totally screwed as human population soars into the double digit billions, and we all know who is doing the multiplying. It’s not the smartest, most ethical, hardest workers amongst us. The third world, especially Africa, is going to balloon its population to completely unsustainable levels and the resulting exodus will make this current era of migration to first world countries look quaint in comparison.

    Literally billions of uneducated, low IQ, criminalistic Africans are going to be heading for the shores of the first world in the coming decades, and our jew infected governments will not turn them away. Half of south and central America already has its bags packed and is literally walking into the US and Canada. India and the middle east will produce a steady supply of mystery meat to gradually invade and darken all the world’s shores, and overall planetary IQ will fall in conjunction, taking us back to a new dark age where all the world’s workers will unwittingly fulfill that communist mantra of providing their earnings to those too stupid and / or lazy to work.

    One need not be a social scientist to see how this is going to impact whites, especially with all the governments of the world firmly against us and already trying to baby step us into extinction. And what of the natural world? That will be the first thing to go. A world of 12 billion people will eat this planet bare and not a single bird will be left in the sky, nor a tiny rodent on the land, exactly how it is in silent rural China, if you ever have the strange desire to visit.

    Allowing human population to metastasize like a cancer into the double digit billions will spell such an unmitigated disaster for everyone and everything on earth that I honestly only wish there was some sort of active plan to prevent it.

    • W. Poe White
      W. Poe White says:

      ” lowering human population on this planet is a pretty good idea.” Obviously population MUST cease growing in the not very distant future.

      Population of course has an inherent tendency to grow exponentially with time. This is a mathematical consequence of the intuitively obvious fact that, with constant annual birth and death rates, the number of people added to a population per year will be directly proportional to the size of the population. If you double a population with the same annual birth and death rates then the number of people added to the population annually will also double.

      This means that a population will continue growing exponentially unless either the birth rate decreases or the death rate increases. So long as there is widely shared security of life and prosperity the death rate will be low. If the birth rate remains higher than this low death rate the population will continue to grow exponentially.

      Exponentially growing quantities have a doubling time T, i.e. every T years the quantity will double in magnitude. If the annual growth rate (expressed as a decimal) is r then this doubling time T is equal to Log 2/Log (1 + r).

      The 2020 world rate of natural increase r was 1.05% according to Wikipedia. The 2020 doubling time T was therefore about 66 years. The population as of March 2020 was approximately 7.8 billion with a yearly increase of about 81.3 million in 2020.

      Approximately 19 million square miles of the 57.51 million square miles of land on Earth is agricultural land (cropland plus pasture land) with about 6 million square miles of cropland.

      Using the March 2020 global population estimate of 7.8 billion gives a figure of 1.6 acres of agricultural land per capita and half an acre of cropland per capita (1 square mile = 640 acres).

      According to Wikipedia, “The International Resource Panel has produced a detailed report on land, ‘Assessing global land use: Balancing consumption with sustainable supply,’ which establishes a planetary boundary for cropland, and proposes a potential safe operating space target of 0.2 ha of cropland per person per year. This is in contrast to the current EU use of cropland of around 0.31 ha per person per year.”

      The International Resource Panel figure for per capita cropland needed for safe provisioning of food for everyone of 0.2 hectare or .49 acre (1 hectare = 2.471 acres) is just where we were at in March 2020.

      Plainly we are on the horizon of the Malthusian danger zone.

      The Zionist Globalist elites know this very well. The fact that they are not openly discussing this is ominous. That means that they are not making public their plans for dealing with the population problem. They surely have such plans!

      Part of their plans apparently involve using vertical farming, hydroponics, eating insect derived or bacterial derived foods and – most alarming of all – synthetic foods and lab cultured meat. Such a diet will not just be disgusting but unhealthy. Are they also planning on inducing infertility – perhaps by means of the vaccines they are now trying to force on everyone? Or will they have recourse to planned depopulation via biowarfare agents or engineered famines?

      The only humane solution to the Malthusian problem – which is very real – involves birth limitation. As unwelcome and dangerous as deliberate birth limitation is, there is no other way to prevent a Malthusian disaster than a rising death rate solution.

      • TJ
        TJ says:


        S-shaped growth curve (sigmoid growth curve) A pattern of growth in which, in a new environment, the population density of an organism increases slowly initially, in a positive acceleration phase; then increases rapidly approaching an exponential growth rate as in the J-shaped curve; but then declines in a negative acceleration phase until at zero growth rate the population stabilizes.

        Theodore Modis (born August 11, 1943) is a strategic business analyst, futurist, physicist, and international consultant (see website: Growth Dynamics). He specializes in applying fundamental scientific concepts to predicting social phenomena. In particular he uses the law of natural growth in competition as expressed by the logistic function or S-curve to forecast markets, product sales, primary-energy substitutions, the diffusion of technologies, and generally any process that grows in competition…

        • W. Poe White
          W. Poe White says:

          You fail to understand both the logistic model and the argument I gave above which is not refuted by the logistic model.

          The logistic model of population growth is not a fact of nature. It is a simple model used by demographers and ecologists which provides a mathematically tractable way of crudely accounting for the fact that populations cannot indefinitely continue to grow exponentially in a finite environment.

          The assumptions of the logistic model are (1) the birth rate remains positive and constant; and (2) the death rate increases linearly with time. These assumptions set up a differential equation which can be analytically solved. The solution is the S-shaped logistic curve. This curve approaches a limiting value L as time tends to infinity which is called the carrying capacity (this is where the term carrying capacity comes from).

          You have failed to understand the crucial point I made in my previous comment, namely that a population WILL continue growing exponentially so long as the birth rate is higher than the death rate. So long as there is widely shared security of life and prosperity the death rate will be low. If the birth rate remains higher than this low death rate the population WILL continue to grow exponentially.

          Therefore for the logistic model’s S-shaped curve to apply either the birth rate will have decreased or the death rate increased (or both).

          The take away from this is: If we wish to continue to enjoy security and prosperity with its low death rate we will eventually have to bring the birth rate down to equality with this low death rate. What I have just stated is a demonstrable fact, not a speculation or mere opinion. Citing the logistic model here is irrelevant. Even more worthless is an appeal to the writings of futurist business “authorities.”

          • Barkingmad
            Barkingmad says:

            I’d say it’s not a simple matter of birth rate and death rate. In most societies today, weak and outright defective babies are artificially kept alive during the immediate postnatal period (thru high tech medicine) and a good many of these go on to live into adulthood, but only with drugs and procedures which keep them there. These adults are considered part of the living population irrespective of the costs, direct and overall, involved in keeping them alive.

            My point is that the numbers of these persons is not all that low. “Our” (not my) standards for what constitutes a healthy person are not realistic. If with your endless prescription drugs and oxygen tanks and what-not you can somehow make it to a place of employment (or even lurching as far as a fast food restaurant) you are considered “healthy”. The recentest stupid example I can think of is a nurse with Type 1 diabetes, who, we are told, died “of covid-19” in spite of being – wait for it – “otherwise healthy”. Quote Unquote. This story was presented as propaganda for us to line up for the jab.

            However, Type 1 is not the same as late-onset Type 2 – it is, instead, a serious defect. In saner times, she would have died at a young age – yes, died, that awful word no one seems able to handle anymore – and not passed her weakness on to her progeny.

            So, I would say that it is not good to fixate on population numbers, but, rather, on the health of the population and what it takes to keep them breathing.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            Unjustifiable exponential population growth would come to a screeching halt if government gets out of the business of supporting inordinate growth .

            Assured payment of all governmental bills of expense ( ie. funding ) are ultimately underwritten by the taxpaying public
            ( re: U.S. Constitution/Amendment XIV/Section 4).

            Government would soon be out of the business of supporting excess population growth if the ignorant taxpaying public ever decided to pay for government with the one and only “fair tax” called a Flat Rate Income Tax .

          • W. Poe White
            W. Poe White says:

            Barkingmad, you’re raising another issue, namely the dysgenic practices of current society. I fully agree with your criticisms of today’s dysfunctional and toxic medical system. The health of the population is of surpassing importance and real health means having a strong, vigorous, resiliently self-healing and athletic body so that just being alive is a delight.

            Nevertheless, the sheer growth of numbers is in itself a terrible problem that needs to be faced squarely.

          • Barkingmad
            Barkingmad says:

            @W.PoeWhite. Thanks for your reply. You are correct about the absolute numbers of humans being excessive. However, I would suggest that, as they say, “it’s all of a piece”, i,e, when people are really healthy, their numbers will be in keeping with what nature wants. Mind you, I am not saying, that keeping the sickly alive through artificial means is the sole factor. Seems to me it’s the omelet that can’t be unscrambled.

            I should like to mention that the purpose of the proposed Great Reset is depopulation through ugly, duplicitous means, such as we are now witnessing and enduring – I trust Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles about as far as I can swing an ox by the tail. They want to have just enough of the hoi polloi around to keep Their Majestic Selves in a continued state of comfort.

            However, if you wish to take my statements apart, please do so. I don’t mind a bit of jousting. Let’s fiddle while Rome burns.

          • W. Poe White
            W. Poe White says:

            moneytalks said “Unjustifiable exponential population growth would come to a screeching halt if government gets out of the business of supporting inordinate growth.”

            The main thing the US government is doing to encourage growth is allowing massive legal and illegal immigration. US population growth would soon cease otherwise since the fertility rate of American women was 1.71 in 2019, well below the replacement fertility rate of 2.1.

            Below replacement fertility is widely seen as an alarming problem since a capitalist economy needs exponential population increase to maintain the economic growth needed by the system. Another problem is the decline in military strength caused by a decline in population. The declining percentage of the White population of the US and other White countries due to Kalergian mass immigration of non-Whites of course poses an existential threat to the existence of the White race.

            If there were no immigration, the US were still homogeneously White, we had a stable well-functioning steady state (non-growing) economy and didn’t face a military threat from China and perhaps other countries then a period of sub-replacement fertility would be a very good thing. As it is, we face a number of short to medium term threats which are made more acute by population decline in the US and among Whites.

            This is why, despite my acute awareness of the mounting Malthusian danger, I don’t advocate fewer White births.

            It’s actually quite a double bind. What is needed to protect the Earth ecosphere and all peoples over the long run is an end to demographic growth. But individual nations and races are threatened in the short run by a demographic decline which is not shared equally by other nations and races.

            The demographic predicament of nations and races is a form of the tragedy of the commons scenario. If all do what’s needed to not overpopulate the commons (the Earth) then all is well but if only some do the right thing then they will lose out to those who maintain their growth. That is why it is essential that there be an international order explicitly recognizing the need for population to stop throughout the world.

            Yes, I know it looks very unlikely that this will happen. I don’t see much grounds for optimism.

          • Barkingmad
            Barkingmad says:


            “Below replacement fertility is widely seen as an alarming problem since a capitalist economy needs exponential population increase to maintain the economic growth needed by the system.”

            Exactly. I wonder if anyone has really figured this one out. Why an economy can bear endless expansion but not contraction.

            “I don’t advocate fewer White births.”

            I do. What is the point of White babies if all they have to look forward to is almost-mandatory, and soon to be absolutely mandatory, approx. 70 doses of vaccines by the time they have finished school. Vaccines are not harmless. They are one reason there is so much chronic, incurable, degenerative illness. (Look at the ingredients of the various shots and try telling yourself that injecting those things into a growing child will have no effects.)

            If persons born after the massive increase in childhood shots in the late 1960s survives to old age, it will be in spite of innoculations, not because of them. Every generation is weaker than the previous one. Can’t anyone see that? White people of the past couple of generations are no better than Eloi. And the vaccines are just the beginning. White children then have to look forward to a lifetime of hatred and antiwhite propaganda.

            I pray daily I will have no grandchildren – unless God somehow intervenes to clean up this mess. You know, like severe natural disasters everywhere. That would be the Great Reset needed.

        • W. Poe White
          W. Poe White says:

          @barkingmad I see problems with your statement “when people are really healthy, their numbers will be in keeping with what nature wants.” The population will keep growing so long as the birth rate exceeds the death rate (or there is net immigration). Whether healthy or not, so long as enough people are surviving and having babies (or immigrating from elsewhere), the population will continue to grow. The ease of physical survival ensures that numerous people who would not have survived and reproduced in pre-industrial times may do so now (for the time being that is – this state of affairs will not last).

          It is entirely possible that the population, which is already unsustainably high, will continue for a protracted period at a level of overpopulation which wreaks a lasting devastation on the Earth ecosphere (with loss of biodiversity being the most lasting harm). Eventually Mother Nature will correct the imbalance but it may take her a very long time to get around to it. In the meantime the planet might be deeply and lastingly impoverished. Surely some organisms – especially very simple ones like bacteria, fungi, protozoa and insects will do fine. But many of the more highly evolved organisms are threatened.

          Above all, humans are threatened with the permanent loss of an ecosphere which was especially congenial to us. There were times in Earth history in which humans would not have been able to survive. Such times can come again. Indeed, eventually they will surely come again. So we should take care not to bring our inevitable doomsday upon ourselves prematurely.

          You may well be right about the Great Reset involving “depopulation through ugly, duplicitous means.” It sure looks that way. The Globalist elites surely realize that there is a gathering Malthusian crisis. The fact that they are not speaking publicly about solutions to the overpopulation crisis does not mean that they don’t have plans for dealing with it. They surely do have such plans. Their ominous public silence gives greater credence to the possibility that their solution involves “ugly duplicitous means.”

          • Barkingmad
            Barkingmad says:

            “Only hunger frees enslaved states…starving, the rabble knows no dread.” Don’t know who said it, but he/she has it figured out.

            Thanx for your thoughtful response to my comments.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            …” our inevitable doomsday “…

            Does that mean you do not believe it is possible for humanity to create , develop , and employ technologies that are needed now and that will be needed by future generations to thrive-n-survive
            beyond the

            ( one and only )/( immediately next )/( specified and guaranteed )

            {{ Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }} ?

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      If we didn’t give food, money, medicine, and technical help to the Third World, nature would take care of the overpopulation problem.

      Our generosity has caused the population explosion while (ironically) causing White populations to implode because Whites were told not to have babies — because of the population explosion!

      • W. Poe White
        W. Poe White says:

        “If we didn’t give … help to the Third World, nature would take care of the overpopulation problem.” Leaving it to “nature” to take care of the overpopulation problem would not only be agonizing, today it would also be extremely dangerous. India and China have the capacity to wage war to address their internal Malthusian crises and they have nuclear weapons. Biological weapons could also be used by these and other nations.

        An even more serious problem is that a death rate solution by acute crisis and resolution of the overpopulation problem will almost certainly not occur with the world immediately returning to peaceful security after a brief period of agony. Rather, overpopulation will most likely be a long term chronic condition with mounting damage to Earth’s ecosystems through overexploitation and overdevelopment of the land. This chronic state of Malthusian stress might last for decades or centuries with the ensuing degradation of ecosystems lasting for centuries, millennia or longer still. Species which go extinct will be lost forever, as will the internal racial diversity of species which lose most of their habitat while still hanging on to existence.

        “Our generosity has caused the population explosion.” It wasn’t generosity. We have been and still are shackled to a financial capitalist economy which requires an exponentially expanding population of consumers in order to sustain exponential accumulation of profits by investors.

        “White populations … implode because Whites were told not to have babies.” I doubt that this was a very important factor. The more telling factor was the high cost of raising children over the last half century along with the softening of character caused by pampered consumer lifestyles. Ideology was a relatively minor factor in this decline in White birth rate.

        Today the White race faces an existential crisis caused by White peoples losing control of their borders – and NOT because we temporarily are at sub-replacement fertility (which could easily be turned around once the land were no longer overpopulated were we in control of our own nation states). Under the circumstances I do not advocate White people having fewer babies; rather I hope that more White babies will be born going forward until the existential threat is gone. First things first.

        Nevertheless, if we were successful in taking back our nations it would still eventually be necessary to practice birth limitation. Unless our numbers were thinned by catastrophe we would eventually face overpopulation in our nations. So long as the technology and resources exist to sustain widespread prosperity there will be a perennial need to practice birth limitation to prevent Malthusian crisis from establishing itself.

        The classical solution to overpopulation. i.e. expanding national lebensraum by war or migration, is not sustainable over the long term. The Earth is finite. Today we are at the threshold of global Malthusian crisis. There is no longer any demographic slack. The rope is already taut and fraying. The old pro-natalist policies are a prescription for disaster in a world of powerful technology and a population in the billions within a doubling or two of world historical demographic apocalypse.

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          If India were going to wage war because of overpopulation, it would have done so a long time ago. “The starving millions of India” was a major theme of my childhood. I exclude China from consideration because it has taken steps to control population growth.

          Sub-Saharan Africa is where the most significant population growth is expected to occur, thanks to the aid the West gives those countries. Africa is not going to attack us with WMDs if we cut off that aid and let nature take its course. Africa has no WMDs. It barely has the wheel. And Africa is not a major consumer market for capitalists, whether it is overpopulated or not.

          The biggest causes of White infertility have been feminism and the pill. But hysteria about overpopulation comes in a close second.

          I remember reading (((Paul Erlich’s))) “The Population Bomb” in the 1960s. None of his predictions came close to coming true. Erlich’s overwrought fear-mongering discredited Malthusianism, just as Al Bore discredited polar bear extinction.

          • W. Poe White
            W. Poe White says:

            India and China might very well wage future wars for land and resources. You are overlooking the latter. (BTW China has long since relaxed its one child policy.) One vital resource which will be in short supply in the not distant future is water. Of course there are also various minerals and metals which are essential to industrial society and high tech which are or may become increasingly scarce over the next half century.

            Paul Ehrlich made many ridiculously wild predications of premature doom which failed to materialize. But the fundamental Malthusian axiom of the exponential natural increase of populations is true and will remain true forever. Citing Ehrlich is a silly straw man argument.

            You still believe in the conventional growthmaniac assumptions which have been widely pushed over the last half century You have drunk the Koolaid ladled out by propagandists like (((Julian Simon))) and (((Ben Wattenberg))). Indeed the entire Economics profession has long been in denial about the necessity for limits to growth.

            You know who is well aware of the necessity for population growth to end? Our enemies the Jewish led Globalist elites. Their solution to the Malthusian problem is Technocracy. Part of this is the UN Agenda 21 project of concentrating the masses into high tech “smart” cities and provisioning them with a high tech agro-industrial food production system under their control (think synthetic foodstuffs and GMOs). They will unquestionably use some means (perhaps food additives, drugs or vaccines) to reduce fertility as necessary to bring the birth rate down to the death rate. They might conceivably also use more brutal means as well (to deliberately increase the death rate).

            You need to take your head out of the sand. The gathering Malthusian crisis is REAL. Any nationalist movement worthy of being taken seriously must have a clear well thought out policy on how to deal with population issues.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            You’re buying into a Jewish fairy tale.

            The only reason for non-White population growth in the Third World is help from us. Giving our industry to China and India. Giving money, food, medicine, etc., to Africa and Latin America.

            All White people need to do is support themselves and each other instead of the Third World, and nature will take care of the rest. Your nattering on about an “inevitable” population crisis only encourages our enemies.

            And why would I listen to Jews like Simon and Wattenberg? As usual, the Jews play both sides of the issue.

          • W. Poe White
            W. Poe White says:

            The fairy tale is that growth can continue forever. The reality is that it can’t continue much longer without generating a world historical disaster.

            “The only reason for non-White population growth in the Third World is help from us.” It is naive to think that the Third World would be incapable of sustaining growth without Western aid. I believe it’s basically only Africa where the food aid has had a major effect on population size. Most of the Third World is mainly supporting its growth through the market and traditional subsistence practices (which are rapidly being supplanted by the market).

            Medicine is not nearly as important as food in reducing death rates. The importance of modern medicine is greatly exaggerated (another Jewish-promoted fairy tale actually). Development grants for establishing public sanitation infrastructure may have made a real difference though. I’m all in favor of ending the foreign aid but this would not likely stop all further growth in the Third World.

            World population is already too high to be sustained indefinitely without ecological and human disaster. Already many species are going extinct while many others are being sharply reduced in habitat, numbers and racial diversity. This alone shows that the human population is already too high.

            The unprecedented masses of today also make possible grotesquely huge cities like New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Mumbai, Mexico City and Shanghai. More than half the world’s population already live in urban areas. This urban metastasis will continue, probably culminating in the Jewish led Globalist elites imposing their Agenda 21 project. Then everyone but the most privileged will be forced into the dystopian high tech urban zones they are planning.

            The population explosion provides the basis for the Jews and their fellow Globalists to effect their world revolution, which is to establish global Technocracy. In this Technocracy the White race (and much else) will vanish.

            It is extremely naive to believe that “all White people need to do is support themselves and each other instead of the Third World, and nature will take care of the rest.” Whether we like it or not we are not in the world alone and what happens in the rest of the world will affect us deeply. Narrow nationalism is doomed to fail.

            White nationalists need to support the right kind of international order, namely an international order which supports the right to exist of the different races and nations (our own included of course), each in their own territory – and which explicitly recognizes the need for population growth to end everywhere.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            “The fairy tale is that growth can continue forever.” That’s true. It can’t, regardless of what we do or fail to do. Once available resources do not support a population, that population declines no matter what. We can only delay that process by giving our resources to other countries. How have we been doing that?

            1. We let their excess people migrate to our countries.
            2. We offshore our industry and give it to Third World countries.
            3. We give direct aid to Third World countries. I’m not just talking about our government doing it. American citizens, last I heard, contribute $350 billion to charity ever year — much of it going to the Third World.
            4. We give them our technology and enable them to develop their own.
            5. We have done more than any other country to feed the rest of the world. Our agricultural productivity has been unsurpassed.
            6. We have discouraged birth control and abortion as a condition for receiving aid. When Democrats get into power, this condition is removed. But it is reinstated when Republicans get into power.

            You do not need much else to explain the explosive growth in Third World populations (and the implosion of White populations, which have taken to heart the idea of “not having children in order to save the planet”).

            Non-Whites are having children because they’ve been given the things White taxpayer dollars pay for and they’ve been given jobs formerly held by Whites.

            The next step will be some form of reparations that involves cutting Whites off from the benefits they have earned in the past. After that come more overt forms of White genocide.

            If all the above had not happened, Chinese and Indians would have starved to death in their millions over the last 60 years. In the case of the Chinese, of course, most of the death would have been caused by planned starvations and executions. That’s how communists solve their “poor people” problem. They get rid of them.

            Africa would probably not even have half the population it has today. Latin America would be much less populated. The only Third World countries that would have some population growth would be oil-rich countries. But even in their case, most of the people would be poor. The prosperity wouldn’t benefit much more than the elites of those countries.

            You think overpopulation would occur even if we in the West do not facilitate it with our assistance. Nothing could be further from the truth.

            If, somehow, these Third World countries became prosperous without our help (which wouldn’t happen), they would become more like us. Women would want to be “liberated” and work rather than raise kids. This “liberation” would put the sexes at odds with each other, and marriage rates would fall while divorce rates went up. Population growth would stop and population decline would set in, just as it has in the West.

            “White nationalists need to support the right kind of international order.”

            No one cares what we support. So we shouldn’t waste our time on things we can’t change.

            Our “nation” is our race.

            That should be our only priority: turning that de facto nation into a real nation or confederation of nations that can defend itself and provide for itself regardless of what happens to the rest of the world.

          • W. Poe White
            W. Poe White says:

            Regarding your list of means by which “we” have given our resources to Third World countries:

            1. We let their excess people migrate to our countries.
            2. We offshore our industry and give it to Third World countries.
            3. We give direct aid to Third World countries. I’m not just talking about our government doing it. American citizens, last I heard, contribute $350 billion to charity ever year — much of it going to the Third World.
            4. We give them our technology and enable them to develop their own.
            5. We have done more than any other country to feed the rest of the world. Our agricultural productivity has been unsurpassed.
            6. We have discouraged birth control and abortion as a condition for receiving aid.

            These policies are those of the Globalist elites. They are part and parcel of the globalization process. The Globalist oligarchs have used, and continue to use, America to further globalization. The Globalists want all regions of the planet developed. Most of this development has been accomplished through loans by the World Bank and IMF or through investment by elite international banks, hedge funds and multinational corporations. Foreign aid has mostly been in the form of guaranteeing these loans at the expense of the taxpayer.

            These policies are not charitable. They are the ruthlessly rational policies of our hostile Globalist elites pursuing their Globalist vision. They are not the product of quixotic suicidal altruism expressed democratically by the American people! We do not have democracy. We have a plutocratic oligarchy which hides behind a mask of manipulated pseudo-democracy. Yes, many Americans feel generously toward the impoverished masses of the Third World. But this is not what drives the development policies.

            If there had been no Western development of Third World countries then these countries might have retained their pre-industrial traditional characters for a long time. But now that they have been developed many of them are quite capable of carrying on modern industrial civilization by themselves. China does not need our aid. Neither does India.

            Yes, their mass citizenry does not share in the prosperity of their elites to the extent it has in the West. But so what? The elites of these countries do not care and their masses continue to survive and grow for the time being. Burgeoning masses support these nations’ capitalist economic growth and provide more personnel for their armies. When the time is ripe the excess numbers will get culled by one means or another. But it is no longer the case that this growth depends on aid from the West. Therefore I do indeed think that overpopulation will continue to worsen “even if we in the West do not facilitate it with our assistance.”

            You speculate that Third World prosperity would bring women’s liberation and therefore “population growth would stop and population decline would set in, just as it has in the West.” Women’s liberation has not been the only factor in producing declining birth rates in the West. The expense of raising children is surely a more important factor. In any event, the “demographic transition” to low birth rates which has happened in the West will not become universal in the Third World anytime soon. In the meantime world population will continue to grow dangerously.

            You say that “our only priority” should be forming a White nation or confederation of White nations “that can defend itself and provide for itself regardless of what happens to the rest of the world.” Even were we to succeed in regaining control of our own countries and then band together as a White nation or confederation we would not be the sole superpower in the world. The geopolitical situation circa 1900 is gone with the wind. We would perforce have to engage in diplomacy with non-White nations and would be in no position to dictate terms to the world.

            Assuming that we succeed in establishing of a White confederation of nations – which is my fervent wish – our fate will still be dependent on forces outside our control. The Malthusian crisis will loom ever larger over us as over others for the foreseeable future. Even if we control our numbers there will still be conflicts over increasingly scarce resources including land if other nations do not likewise control their numbers.

            You apparently would want to approach this Malthusian geopolitical chessboard by pure power politics. I must concede the point that we would have no other choice if other nations would not cooperate in establishing an international order in which imperial conquest is renounced and population control is instituted in all nations by their own leadership in accord with international agreements. Further, these international agreements would also have to bind all nations to stop developing ever more powerful military technologies (i.e. stop the arms race).

            This may be a vain hope. But the consequences to us and everyone else of not achieving such a deliberate global cooperative solution to the gathering global Malthusian crisis will be horror beyond all historical precedent. The world historical devastation that will ensue may never be repaired.

            This devastation may include permanent global ecological impoverishment, permanent biological degradation of the human organism through biotechnological tinkering (i.e. transhumanism) and ubiquitous exposure to industrial toxins, the permanent loss of traditional knowledge and folkways and the creation of efficient totalitarian dystopias which may persist crushing human freedom for millennia.

            The only (precarious) hope is that enough people around the world – especially elites – will realize how much is at stake and somehow muster the will to break out of the terrible lemming march to doom predicament of pure power geopolitics and accordingly all impose in their own nations the necessary salvational limitations on population growth and technological development.

          • Karl Haemers
            Karl Haemers says:

            “Resource scarcity” may be an oligarch-created myth. “Limits to Growth” was written and published by Corporate CEOs in 1971 for the first Earth Day, and it too has been in no way affirmed. Remember “Peak Oil”? What a joke, oil may be an almost inexhaustible resource known of the oosphere, a huge layer around the entire Earth of oil. Access is an issue, but why are the oligarchs, mostly Jews, pushing the climate change nonsense? It’s not lack of hydrocarbon access, it’s not a genuine fear of overheating the Earth (Please!), it’s control. Civilization exists as it does due to hydrocarbon energy, and they want to remove that pillar of civilization to impose their Great Reset restructuring of civilization to their liking.
            The population is tine, the resources are fine, we have much more room and capacity on this Earth for more, and technologies are being suppressed. Our World Controllers want pollution, fake resource scarcity, and drastically reduced populations, not to save the Earth, but to control it for themselves. Gargantuan greed.

      • TJ
        TJ says:


        • Eric
          Eric says:

          Yes. Fake money, which has reduced the value of the dollar by over 90% and forced both husband and wife to work to support a family.

          Also, sanitation. Just cleaning things up greatly reduces mortality and increases life expectancy.

          Of course, you can go overboard with that. The Covid-obsessives avoiding other people and sterilizing everything around them are weakening their own immunity.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Malthusian panic population math has been debunked many times over. It is another Oligarch Jew propaganda campaign to justify world control measures. Images of “The Road” imprint our minds from Communist Hollywood.
      There are not too many people on Earth, there are too few who control too much.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        …” Malthusian panic population math “…

        The vast majority of humanity do not understand exponential functions . They are used to describe reality and predict future events . The functions are usually astonishingly accurate when employed by trained experts .

        In the link below , retired physics professor does some “population panic math” that is not debunkable __

        The Most IMPORTANT Video You’ll Ever See (part 1 of 8)

        10 minute video | true title |
        exponential pop growth for dummies |
        more than 5,340,000 views since June 2007 |
        more than 3,700 comments as of 20 May 2021 .


  7. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    Most people haven’t got the slightest clue how heavily Jewish people are involved in Global Pharma.

    NHS is a massive cash cow:

    Matthew Steven Gould CMG, MBE (born 20 August 1971) is a British civil servant who is CEO of NHSX, the body which oversees digital policy and programs in the National Health Service, England. He was Ambassador to ISRAEL (2010–15) and Director General for Digital and Media Policy in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (2015–19).

    Dr. Emily Lawson-
    Senior Responsible Officer for NHS COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment and Chief Commercial Officer

    Some 114 years after it was founded TEVA, an Israeli pharmaceutical company founded in Jerusalem in 1901 as a pharmacy wholesaler by German immigrants Messrs Salomon, Levin and Elstein. TEVA is leading a hostile takeover of Dutch-based Mylan pharmaceuticals that, if successful, would propel it even further into the ranks of the world’s leading pharmaceutical groups. Currently, one out of every seven prescriptions filled by the NHS is sourced from Israeli pharmaceutical companies.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      Most of Teva’s stock was bought by Warren Buffett, crony of Gates. Teva was suffering losses from its involvement in the opioid scandal, and then from restrictions in the supply of fentanyl chemicals out of China. So it ramped up sales of its malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine as a cure for covid with an appeal to the Trump administration, which promoted it. A fake campaign to suppress HCQ only made customers want it more. HCQ is poison, and does nothing to cure the flu from a ‘virus’. HCQ was made for a living organism, a plasmodium. It can’t help with ‘viruses’, if these non-living tiny deadly dangers even exist.

  8. Eric
    Eric says:

    The Supreme Court means nothing as far as the legitimate interpretation of our rights and liberties is concerned. Those rights and liberties are part of natural law and God-given law. The Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution — however vague and ambiguous — are the sole legal authority in the United States when it comes to individual rights and freedoms. They are routinely disregarded by courts, police, bureaucrats, governors, presidents and legislators — and by the Supreme Court. This has been true since the beginning.

    What is my point? It is that government today, at all levels, is illegitimate and has been for long time. It follows what most people think about law and government is wrong. Example: “The Supreme Court has decided X, so X is the law, and we are duty-bound to obey it.” No, we are not. Our duty is to disobey X if X is contrary to natural law, the Declaration of Independence and/or the Constitution.

    What is a crime? Whatever violates natural law and/or the Constitution. Accordingly, government as it exists today is a criminal syndicate. Those participating in that syndicate are “domestic enemies” and traitors. The proper thing to do is to remove them from power, demonstrate they are guilty, and then execute them. This can only be done by the people. The government — the criminals — will not do it.

    As for this particular article, it is just one more indication of how crime that is unpunished grows and expands. As it does, the people become criminally-minded themselves, because that is the only way they can rationalize what is going on. They accept things they never would have accepted before. Now, the U.S. is a veritable Sodom and Gomorrah of criminality and degeneracy, with almost all of the evil caused by Jews.

    If one thinks of the U.S. as a house, that house is ready to collapse after decades of being eaten by Jewish termites. The same is true of Western Civilization. Indeed, it is true for all of humanity, because what the oligarchs want is to exterminate most of us and turn the rest of us into slaves.

    An expanded and Jewish-dominated Supreme Court, however disgusting in prospect, is nothing more than an acceleration of what is going to happen anyway.

  9. W. Poe White
    W. Poe White says:

    This excellent article zeroes in on some of the concrete details of how the West (the whole world, really) is being brought under the control of Zionist Globalist Technocratic elites now busily engaged in furthering the world transformation they have envisioned – focusing now on the West which is slated to be the avant garde for their world Technocratic revolution.

    Yes, Jews are extremely influential. But the question then arises: How are Jews able to exercise this influence? The answer is: By infiltrating, bankrolling and creating institutions which are accepted as legitimate authorities within the various nations of the West and beyond.

    These institutions include government, political parties, the media, universities, professional organizations (e.g. American Medical Association, American Bar Association), research institutions, foundations, elite banks, hedge funds, real estate development, corporations (especially Big Tech, Big Ag, Big Pharma), the military, NGOs (both Jewish and ostensibly non-Jewish), intelligence agencies, law enforcement and organized crime (especially the Russian Jewish mafiya). Most of these organizations also have non-Jewish personnel and are ostensibly non-Jewish.

    Jews have their own networks and organizations in which they develop their own ideologies and policies. Then, as members of ostensibly non-Jewish organizations, they influence and guide these organizations in the policy directions they have decided upon. They unfortunately have a potent ability to recruit non-Jewish supporters who follow their lead and embrace Jewish defined objectives. Much of this influence over non-Jewish “fellow travelers” derives from the ability of Jews to reward and promote non-Jews who will “get with the program” and to punish and exclude non-Jews who won’t follow the Jewish leaders.

    Possessing their own exclusive ethnostate base of operations in Israel of course provides Jews with another potent power advantage.

    Establishing Kalergian Globalist Technocracy throughout the world – with a special privileged role for Jews and Israel – would be a good summary description of the goal Zionist Globalists are aiming at.

    What is Technocracy? It is a social system of totalitarian social engineering in which all people, natural resources and technologies are inventoried, managed and deployed according to plans developed by global managerial elites wielding arbitrary authority over each and all. Under full fledged Technocracy, everyone will be subject to the authority of the Technocratic managerial elite and unable to use resources except under Technocratic direction. There will be no independent economic production and no independent social interaction not under Technocratic direction.

    As time passes, emerging Technocracy (which is not fully established yet) will rely increasingly heavily on potent technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology, genetic engineering and nanotechnology as these are further enhanced. Technoscientific research and development to continually enhance the instrumental powers at the beck and call of the Technocratic managerial elites are a characteristic feature of Technocracy.

    The inner logic of Technocracy plainly – and most ominously – points toward transhumanism/posthumanism. The natural is seen as merely a starting point, as raw materials for enhancement and transformation. Certainly not as something to be cherished and protected.

    Martin Heidegger framed some essential concepts enabling clear understanding of our ongoing predicament in his essay lecture The Question Concerning Technology. Namely, Enframing and the Standing Reserve. Enframing is the progressive process of gaining ever greater instrumental control via technologies over any and all objects and processes in the world. The Standing Reserve consists of those objects and processes which have already been brought under push button control and hence have been added, as it were, to the Standing Reserve of the inventory of tools “sitting on the shelf” awaiting use.

    The Zionist Globalist Jews are the self-chosen agents of Enframing. They are the most Progressive of peoples. They are the most Nietzschean of peoples. They are the most Faustian/Promethean of peoples. And this is NOT a good thing. Rather, it is a doom laden HUBRIS which will bring the NEMESIS of biological denaturation and degradation of Man and Earth. They are in rebellion against all natural limits and hence are making war upon human nature and the ecosphere.

  10. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    Anyone stop to ask what is so wrong about getting sick? Is it a crime to get an infectious-type illness? Does anyone not realize that flu, corona flu, etc. are cleanouts? All that coughing, sneezing, spitting, fevers, chills, debility, pain, etc. are happening for a g.d. reason, people.

    I had flu so bad 15 years ago I thought I’d die. I stayed home, in bed, and rec’d no medical attention. When it was all finished more than a week later, I felt better than I had felt in years. Yes, years. I needed to make some changes in my life. Sometimes an illness of this kind, c/w suffering, is the only way your creator can get your attention. For decades, He taps you on the shoulder but it does no good. Then he has no choice but to kick you in the arse.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Although the old bromide “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is far from being universally true—the class of illnesses, especially those of childhood, that permanently damage the heart or the immune system being a prime exception but not the only one—it is certainly true that even the sort of rough encounter you had with a flu more often than not serves to bolster immunity against far worse threats, besides providing the sort of awakening you refer to.

      I trust you’re keeping up with your Vitamin D intake, too, dear B. My eyes were opened to its benefits in high doses (as, e.g., 15,000 units daily) fourteen years ago by Dr. Donald Miller. Since then, happily, the news has spread far and wide—as, for instance, here.

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        Of course you are correct that not all childhood illnesses are mere cleanouts, leaving the child healthier. It depends on what particiular illnesses you are referring to. If 99% of children survive such ‘n’ such with no ill effects, then I would have to conclude that, when a child is left permanently damaged, the infectious condition is getting blamed for deeper problems, which may have manifested in any case. There are a few Drs./medical philosophers here and there who do understand these things, but you will not read about them in the mainstream controlled, unfree press.

        Now, take measles. There is the not-well-known, but correct, western view that, technically speaking, measles occurs in a state of Vitamin A deficiency. Then there is the old Chinese medical view that poisons are believed to accumulate in the baby’s body during life in the uterus. After birth, the body at some time attempts to rid itself of the poisons. This leads to the many childhood diseases with eruptive rashes, and in particular, measles. Having measles provides the body with the natural and necessary opportunity to rid itself of these poisons. It is after this important release of metabolic wastes that the child enters a new stage of life. (It is true.)

        However, we have been enduring the Era of the Virus Hunter for a couple of generations now. Everything is caused by a “virus”. No distinction is made between association and causality. Why should it – there’s $$$ in them thar shots.

        Seems as if just about everyone thinks that there are these invisible entities (“germs”) placed everywhere on earth by a cruel God and lying in wait to randomly, senselessly “attack” all and sundry, causing suffering and/or death. What utterly blasphemy! What kind of nitwit thinks this way of our Creator?

        Thanks so much for the link to the article on Vitamin D and the video. People may think that 15,000 units is excessive, but they say you get that much from being out in the sun when it is at its highest. While I am here, iodine/iodide is equally important in the prevention of ill health. Indeed, doctors in the past routinely prescribed supersaturated potassium iodide for so many conditions. There’s whole books on this topic. Won’t find Billyboy Gates preaching this, mind you.

        I’se wore out from my preaching already.

  11. Aristo Boho
    Aristo Boho says:

    Egregious Doctor Solovyev,

    What more can I say but that your article is excellent. A concise superb essay of factual irrefutable information of the utmost importance. I do not understand those that’ve complained about its length, or that it is incomprehensible. Please don’t alter your writing. You are very valuable for you open up door after door and comprehend as one should the interconnection of disciplines. which form an integral entity of our human existence.
                Since I’ve an interest in Glossology, I am always curious about abbreviations and acronyms, and in no way do I wish to invade your privacy. What names does V.S. stand for.? If of course you don’t wish to reveal this, I respect you. I will definitely pass this article on to my CONTACTS who don’t come to this web site.God Bless, Aristo Boho.


  12. Ted
    Ted says:

    Please…let’s have something about crypto Jews….it is one of the jews most effective strategies.

    Boris Johnson, Trudeau,Morrison,Ardern,The imbecile Biden and his Jewish wife (Jacob),Trump,Macron,Merkel THEY ARE ALL CRYPTO JEWS….all of them.
    Johnson is said to have worked on a kibbutz in the 1980’s.(like the Austrian president Fischer 1960’s)
    It is NOT a coincidence that both Trumps and Clinton’s daughters married Jews.Clinton is a jewess,her husband slick Willie may not be.
    The general in charge of Australian troops in Palestine ww1 Monash was a jew.He was connected in Monash University in Melbourne….a Jewish stronghold.(thus African immigrants have set up here)
    Almost ALL American ambassadors to foreign countries are Jews.
    The deputy PM of Britain Raab is highly unusual,he does not hide the fact he is a jew….but virtually no mention is made of this in the media …
    Google “Jobst” in connection to Jews in Spain before the muslims and Jews were ejected.
    Thus it makes perfect sense to find that at least two major European cities….London and Rotterdam have Muslim mayors.
    Crypto Jews are able to slander Europeans and Christianity with impunity because people assume they are Europeans being self critical….

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