Jared Taylor on the George Floyd Insanity

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  1. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Please go to this website:


    scroll down to the essay Police and Freemasonry The Irrefutable Connection and take a good long hard look at what you will see and read. The images of police badges and insignia’s is especially troubling and horrifying?

    Once you have done that then ask yourselves a most serious question about what exactly is really going on? One question I would absolutely love answered is Police Officer Chauvin a Freemason?

    Next to that what connection did Floyd have with Freemasonry since he apparently had tattoos of a Masonic nature?

    • Old Enough To Be Your Mother
      Old Enough To Be Your Mother says:

      Why not just accept the simple truth– We are experiencing a White genocide. Everything isn’t some complicated, irrational and symbolic conspiracy.

  2. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Order Out Of Chaos?

    You know if these freemasons want and desire ‘order out of chaos’ by pitting blacks and whites against each other perhaps shining a bigger light their way would be most helpful! And woe if Chauvin is actually a Christian a true blue Christian then it is long past time for the Christian Church to rise up!!! These white supremacists, deceived beyond belief and traitors of the Christian Church have to be stopped! Wow, why is it that for such a religious country as America and the lack of education on Biblical matters is so great? I don’t understand how a people so well educated with so many great schools, colleges, universities and a history like theirs and a people today so totally and completely ignorant of everything called God, called religion is just mind-boggling unbelievable to me and I’m not just talking about the British here!!! Satan is truly a powerful being and perhaps that’s why you all need proof of the existence of God! You think its all just laughable fables and nonsense. I give you the proof and more and no wonder climate change is so severe in America? Believe me you are all going to learn the truth of the words ‘it is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of a living God!

    and proof start with Dr. Walter Martin and O how I mourn this mans passing.


    • British groyper fan
      British groyper fan says:

      “It’s the Freemasons! [or anyone/ anything else, other than Jewish collective interests]”.

      Gerry’s Source: “Trust me Bro and if you don’t believe me you aren’t a real Christian”.

    • Eric
      Eric says:


      I agree with Dr. Walter Martin. Thanks for the reference.

      As for the Freemason police badges, I looked up the California Highway Patrol badges. They are not masonic. The versions in the article you referenced appear to have been photoshopped. I am only speaking of the California Highway Patrol badges.

      I think there are Jews who use the problem of Freemasonry (and it is a problem) as a way of distracting us from the real problem — Jews.

      Jews probably control the higher degrees of every secret society.

      At the same time, they use the fact that most members of those societies are not Jewish to focus our attention away from themselves.

      I don’t think it’s a coincidence that one of the leading “exposers” of Freemasons — Henry Makow — happens to be Jewish.

  3. Bernard
    Bernard says:

    Standby for the next blame-game with which to beat whites, namely, all drugs & narcotics were concocked by white men and women (which they were), in order to enslave black people and render them violent and feckless.
    That should absolve them of ALL responsibility for their actions and addictions.

    • Idaho Grey
      Idaho Grey says:

      These two men whom I both know are excellent producers of presentations that reach and educate our European folk people from around the world .

  4. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    THE WHOLE WORLD (almost) has gone insane….

    I laughed, though, at hearing that a “safe space” is provided for Asian-American students as well as blacks after each “Critical Race Theory” seminar! Lol the people they have to fear are BLACKS–and how is it that America is rigged to keep Whites on top when Asian-Americans do so amazingly well there???

    “Asian-American Success: the Elephant in the Room.” https://theeuropeanfamily.com/f/asian-american-success-the-elephant-in-the-room

  5. Kjldgard
    Kjldgard says:

    The true “Silence Of Whites” is not speaking and organizing for OUR SURVIVAL.

    An amazing presentation Mr. Taylor; thank you.

    While the facts are utterly depressing a glint of hope rises in my heart knowing we have great men leading us, however, small the army in this WAR without bullets.

    Praise for our “Four Pillars”: American Renaissance, Occidental Observer, V-Dare and Red Ice. Without Jared, Kevin, Peter and Heinrich we would have almost no viable leaders.

  6. Eric
    Eric says:

    I appreciate Jared Taylor and enjoyed his book “White Identity”. But he ignores the elephant in the room — Jews, and their control over our society’s major institutions.

    Leaving the Jews out of the equation can only lead to wrong conclusions.

    For example, Taylor says “Americans” gave $10 billion to Black Lives Matter. No, it was major American corporations that did that. They did it because so many of them are owned/controlled by Jews. And the ones that aren’t? Well, State Street, Vanguard and BlackRock basically ordered them to. Those three companies control $18 trillion. BlackRock’s Larry Fink — a Jew — makes a point of making BlackRock the largest investor in just about every Fortune 500 company out there. He invests not for returns, but for influence. And what influence does he seek to exert? Woke, anti-White influence — including Critical Race Theory. So when the Jew says jump, Fortune 500 companies reply, “How high?”

    This leads us to another wrong conclusion by Taylor: That George Floyd was responsible for creating the insanity that followed his death. Not true (and neither was Darren Wilson).

    The Jew-controlled U.S. mainstream media is the responsible party. The same media that demonized the Covington Catholic kids by deliberately failing to tell the whole story. Ditto the Duke Lacrosse Case, Tawana Brawley, Jussie Smollett, etc.

    The same Jewish-controlled media that fails to cover the much more pervasive and brutal crimes by blacks against Whites.

    Furthermore, what must appear to foreigners as a collective American nervous breakdown is mostly Jewish orchestrated and controlled theater, with little connection to the real America.

    Antifa is Jewish through and through. BLM is openly Marxist, i.e., Jewish. Its finances are controlled by a Jew named Rosenberg.

    Most of the “reality” of the George Floyd situation is artificial: A poisonous concoction of the media, academia, public schools, kneeling policemen, government officials, and major Jewish controlled or run foundations and corporations.

    It is not “woven into the fabric” of America as a whole. And I would like to think that most Americans are indifferent to it. Certainly, nobody I encounter in may day-to-day life talks about it. The following Covid meme could equally apply to the George Floyd situation: A reporter asks some Amish people why Covid doesn’t seem to affect them. Their reply: “We don’t watch television.”

    I don’t want to minimize the pain and suffering of the small business owners and neighbors in the riot zones, or the White people unfortunate enough to have been in the wrong place at the right time. I deplore the statues being torn down and the stupidity that appears to have gripped the nation. Worst of all is the effect on White children in public schools (but then, why are their White parents sending them to public schools instead of home schooling them through neighborhood co-ops?)

    The cost in lives and property (as with Covid) has been appalling. But it has nevertheless affected relatively few people. Maybe that’s a problem. Maybe need the pain to spread in order to get the somnolent White majority to finally take matters in hand. I don’t know.

    But I do know this: As long as the Jews are in control of our major institutions, things are only going to get worse for White people. And Taylor, by ignoring this, disqualifies himself. Not as a White advocate, perhaps, but as the White leader we need.

  7. David Schrimmel
    David Schrimmel says:

    White Marxist men in suits off scene own and operate all things BLM, ANTIFA and the DNC. These Communist Jew globalists are hell bent on the fundamental transformation of all countries that are predominately populated by a citizenry comprised of self reliant informed Christian heterosexual White citizens who are difficult to lord over compared to their (replacements) and are deemed an obstacle to advancing their power crazed agenda.
    Clearly the sub IQ, dependent black and the brown are far easier to govern over and the young deploy urchins are ideal as they can be cultivated into the stuff of bad science fiction movies much like our American millennial (useful idiot ) class.

    In new America the Marxists have blacks homosexuals women illegal invaders etc. up on a veritable pedestal solely because they’re not that pesky White Man obstacle that must be marginalized and sequestered.

    In short just keep in mind gradualism, incrementalism, nudge, Bring the bottom up to take the top down and PUSHBACK.

  8. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 At 1:13 of the video, note the producers’ ID: TheHabibShow.Com

    02 Ask all humans and your pets to vacate the room and have a look.

    03 Also google Club Utopia, in Houston, which featured identical ENTERTAINMENT in PUBLIC: not on videos but by general participation by their clientele.

    04 Taylor speaks of contributions having come in to their go-fund-me-account from 124 different countries. That’s a lot of people who will now deem themselves knowledgeable on TYPICAL American Kultur.

    05 This member of the allegedly economically-abused minority was initially removed from his Mercedes-Benz SUV.

    06 Who can say whether the counterfeit $ 20 bill he passed locally, which started it all, was his only one.
    Certain extremely sophisticated photocopiers are capable of forging paper money beyond precursory inspection, and their acquisition is therefore required to be registered with the police.

    07 Doesn’t the US already have enough icons of this quality among its Administration ?!!!

  9. W. Poe White
    W. Poe White says:

    Two important points Jared Taylor fails to make:

    (1) The campaign against “White supremacy” has an instrumental purpose, viz. intimidating White people who resist their engineered dispossession into passivity.

    (2) Organized Jewry is at the heart of the campaign of anti-Whiteness and dispossession. Jared Taylor never names the Jew.

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