National Justice: Yolk TV: Jews Control New “Woke” Asian Media Initiative

From National Justice:

A brand new anti-white media initiative aimed at influencing and mobilizing Asian-Americans has launched.

The enterprise, which calls itself “,” claims to be the “uninhibited, authentic expression of Asian American identity…”

While there appear to be some Asians working for Yolk as low level writers, its most important positions are occupied by Jews.

The publication’s editor-in-chief is listed as Heather Lowenthal, a Seattle-based video producer at Parallel Productions, Inc, who does not appear to have any Asian ancestry.

The money behind the operation is being handled by their Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) Ben Press, a Hollywood mover and shaker and Democratic Party fundraiser who serves on the Committee of the Jewish Museum in Los Angeles. …

Wealthy Jews are by and large in charge of most major media aimed at minority groups. Univision, America’s most popular Spanish-language television channel, is controlled by Israeli billionaire Haim Saban.

Black Entertainment Television (BET) is owned by ViacomCBS, which is chaired by Shari Redstone, who inherited the company from her late father Sumner.

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  1. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    “” ??? As in Or a yolk you’d use on a farm animal? What a choice in words.

    But then, there is too, which is equally appallingly named, though perhaps not run by Jews.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      The thing you are thinking of, the implement used to harness oxen and similar draft animals, is a yoke. A yolk on an animal is a sight seen most often on a breakfast plate; specifically, when a sunny-side-up egg sits atop a strip or two of bacon or a piece of ham.

      On the other hand, Yoke.TV could work well as a coded descriptive term for the entirety of the (((mass media,))) in that the media’s primary purpose is to get the entire white population moving in lockstep to plow its owner’s fields more efficiently and thus make him ever so much richer.

  2. Whitespace
    Whitespace says:

    A light turned on when I was reading this. I have nothing in my own experience to relate to the scale of the Oligarch networks. I start to the the impression about how dangerous these guys are. Euro-Canadians cannot possibly compete with them on money or political influence. In our case, it includes Chinese oligarchs beyond doubt.

    Saban’s 2005 donations to AIPAC (Evidently with help from other unnamed hollywood donors) helped found a “Saban National Political Leadership Training Seminar”, This is an annual program held in Washington DC, designed to train around 300 students in pro-Israel advocacy.

    He’s cultivating human assets, primed the network among the students, the well connected AIPAC and he has cued specific strategies which thousands of people will deploy. That’s just a three day seminar. Very effective

    Re: $50 million Donation from Saban through Disney CEO Bob Iger. [Both filthy rich partly due to cannibalization of media companies.] The Academy gets stunning exhibits called: Climate Change, Black Lives Matter, #Me Too, Racism and, “Sexism in Animation”.
    On tht latter point Disney fills its animation with inappropriate material. Not sexist, surely. Kevin MacDonald has discussed disrupting sexual development as a political strategy. I have to take the time and read COC.

    One final comment, because this article really settles in my mind what happened a couple of years ago. I live up in Canada.
    Maybe 48 hours after George Floy died, I walked into a XEROX copy of American BLM protest. They had all the organization you saw all accross North America at the same time. They handed out premade signs, they had loudspeakers, they had sign language translator, a lineup of speakers, upper middle class antifa types (Expensive rental CAR, black bike helmet and umbrella),. City Hall got the message. The mayor fearlessly denounced racism. They arbitrarily cut the police budget to show BLM solidarity.

    Police training? Oh not on your life. Seeing all these billionairs and hedge funds throwing tens of millions of dollars at BLM, antifa etc, I am certain someone like that helped screwed my city over.

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