Darryl Cooper (@martyrmade) on the 2020 election

Darryl Cooper put out a Tweet storm on the 2020 election that is incisive while never treading into far-out stuff. Suitable for mainstream conservative audiences, which is why Tucker Carlson read it on air. This is the kind of thing that should persuade normies/liberals that indeed there is a very powerful elite in America that is bent on retaining power. This elite controls the establishment media, big tech and social media, and it dominates the Democratic Party, and quite a few Republicans are on board. They were absolutely committed to defeating Trump in 2020 and used every bit of their power to do so. They are now committed to ensuring a permanent majority by engineering the election laws in the name of avoiding “Jim Crow 2.0.”

This is the sort of thing that I keep thinking could persuade White liberals that the election was indeed corrupt and that our elite (most of the media and political class, big tech) are totally corrupt. I know. I’m a hopeless optimist.

You can read the Tweet storm here:

  This is Tucker Carlson reading the Tweets and providing an introduction:

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  1. David Stephenson
    David Stephenson says:

    I am very pleased that you spotlit this information. I’d just finished reading about it on ZeroHedge when I saw your email. In comment threads everywhere I am reading overwhelming awareness by average Americans that they understand these pieces of the puzzle, which is really refreshing. As MartyrMade states, these folks are unable to unsee now.

  2. Freddie Turnill
    Freddie Turnill says:

    You only have to look at responses from obvious Dem supporters who have full on “crimethink” non-vision no matter how persuasive the argument.
    Tucker has been very clever since Day1 not going down the rabbit hole of concentrating on the obvious mail ballot fraud and counting irregularities to the exclusion of public unaccountability of regime controlled institutions. He knew the judiciary with it’s track record would never touch the issue of direct voter fraud and was proved correct.
    He sussed that the regime would never allow any audit of provenance traceability of votes so concentrated on what could be shown to have occured of total bias by Big Tech-Media-Intel Disinfo.
    This excellently put together thread’s most valuable contribution will be to give sustained arguments to Trump supporters.
    Vast majority of Dem voters are totally out of reach of any arguments, they are totally sold on crimethink psychology of blocking out evidence, they will process nothing.
    When you look at their “replies” they are in denial, the vast majority wont even read the tread by just parrot “Russian Disinfo”, “You can’t prove this” They are incapable of a reasoned response which is why they support the Dems.
    Tweeter says the Tulsi v Bush would see regime back Bush, which they would but Tulsi unlike Trump never achieved anything but micro support amongst Dem voters that she was condemned to irrelevance just as a nonentity like Harris is volted into the VP spot

  3. Mary Green
    Mary Green says:

    Tucker Carlson has a real talent for clarifying what is going on in America. He states it in terminology that is careful not to insult the conservative base that Fox News is trying very hard to hold onto while pointing the finger at the opposition without totally alienating them either. What a juggling act.

  4. Jett Rucker
    Jett Rucker says:

    The media are SO ham-handed about opposing Trump’s criticisms of electoral integrity that I only hope their future projects (there are and will be many of these) are so easy to detect and reject.

  5. Dr. Don Rhudy
    Dr. Don Rhudy says:

    The remarks above miss the bullseye. The trouble is those who think about politics today still think about them using the old analytic format—two American political parties differing on how best to run the nation “democratically.” If you are old enough to have observed what has been happening in the National Democratic Party the past one hundred and ten years, or if you are a serious scholar who does not use the old format for analysis, you already know that the Democrat Party today has evolved into America’s Communist Party. That evolution began in 1910. With each decade Marxists gained more power. By 1975 a group of young Marxists wrestled into the leadership of the Party, and as Marxism morphed into Neo-Marxism and made the election of Barack Obama possible, it also set Neo-Marxism in stone. Neo-Marxism adopts the fascist principle that national government controls but does not own the means of producing economic wealth, it embraces corporate globalism, and it substitutes “critical” race theory for Marx’s class theory. It did these things under the guise of “progressive liberalism.” It makes full use of a propaganda machine consisting of Hollywood elites, print and electronic media, public schools, and academe. That propaganda machine also is responsible for the phenomenon of RINOs, Republicans in Name Only.

    The Party uses every technique Marxists and Fascists have always used to indoctrinate the populace, especially American Communist Saul Alinsky’s two little books “my little book of dirty tricks,” as he called them: Rules for Radicals and Rules for Radicals Revisited. The most notable Neo-Marxist known to everyone is Hillary Clinton, who wrote her graduate thesis on Saul Alinsky and his first book. Not all Democrats are Neo-Marxists, but all Democrats are Democrats, and they follow the Party line. Joe Biden is not a Neo-Marxist, but he is a professional political criminal who has made himself rich following the Party line. Kamala Harris, on the other hand, is a Neo-Marxist, but one who has become wealthy through marriage and politics. (Growing wealthy while following Marxism has always been acceptable for leaders.)

  6. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Most of us remember most of the slights of hand the Ds afforded themselves.

    Their greatest and most profitable pre-election offense was to represent the Whisperer as a centrist. After the fact his desk bulging under the weight of merely his initial, well-left-of-center, Klain-authored Executive Orders to be signed.

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