A remote possibility?

How realistic is the fear that American Whites could in due course face the kind of existential crisis now faced by South Africa’s Whites? While useful for rousing the troops so to speak most normies would consider the idea to be preposterous. After all, Whites still represent a clear (though rapidly declining) majority of America’s population, while the South African equivalent is less than 8%. ‘Whites’ own and control everything, not least 90% of the guns.

Let’s hope the normies are right. But the experience of the Russian Empire in the first half of the 20th century offers food for thought. Because the Bolshevik Revolution saw a minuscule largely non-Russian minority seize absolute power, a power with which they then deployed to horrific effect on the native Russians. Tens of millions were slaughtered, while many more disappeared into the gulags, never to return or else to return broken in body and spirit. Russian historian Dmitri Volkogonov, head of a special Russian parliamentary commission, recently concluded that “from 1929 to 1952, 21.5 million [Soviet] people were repressed. Of these a third were shot, the rest sentenced to imprisonment, where many also died.” That unfortunate country, which historically has endured more than its share of misery, never experienced anything like it before or since.

Only a very small proportion of the Bolsheviks were ethnic Russians. As Putin himself acknowedged before a Jewish audience (who I can imagine shifting uneasily as he spoke), about 85% of the leading Bolsheviks were Jews though Jews represented a mere 2% of the overall population. Many of the remainder were ethnic Georgians, Armenians, Poles or Balts. (I’m including Ukrainians as Russians). Yet they seized power and unleashed a terrible vengeance on the Russian people.

And be in no doubt that while much of the terror and slaughter was motivated by the drive for power, much was also driven by a visceral hatred of the traditional Christian Russian people. No less an authority than Alexander Solzhenitzyn confirmed this in a quotation that you’ve probably read before now. “You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the ‘Russian Revolution.’ It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.”

According to Jewish historian Arkidil Zeltser “The phenomenon of Jews in top positions reached its peak under Yagoda and Yezhov…Of the ten deputy commissars between July 1934 and September 1938, five were of Jewish origin. Jews occupied significant positions in the state security leadership. From December 1936 to April 1937, Agranov was head of the GUGB. Until the March 1938 reorganization of state security, all three heads of the Department of Government Security were Jews, as were the three heads of the Counter-intelligence department, three of the four heads of the Secret-political Department, two of the three heads of the Special Department (OO), and one of the two heads of the Foreign Department. A Jew also headed the top-secret “special group” of the NKVD secretariat, which answered directly to the people’s commissar and was responsible for sabotage behind enemy lines in the event of war. During this period both heads of the GULAG were Jews, as was the head of police…Particularly significant was the number of Jews in top positions in the State Security Administration itself: Jews occupied six of the 13 posts.” Churchill noted that in many cases whereas a Russian might be the nominal head of an agency the real power was exercised by a Jewish eminence grise behind the curtain. (“Thus Tchitcherin, a pure Russian, is eclipsed by his nominal subordinate, Litvinoff.”)

Far from championing the interests of Russian workers, Lenin himself, who was quarter Jewish and spoke Yiddish growing up at home, admitted that he wanted ‘a nation of white niggers’. So how did this tiny and unrepresentative minority do it? How did they seize control of the mighty Russian Empire? Whole forests have been levelled in the attempt to explain this phenomenon and I have no particular expertise in this area. But from the perspective of this post the point is that they did it. What I can say is that they brilliantly mastered propaganda and controlled all forms of media from the very beginning. They were utterly ruthless. The Cheka hunted down and arrested anyone who was suspected of hostility towards the Bolsheviks. By the end of the Civil War, they had executed over 100,000 political opponents.

The Bolsheviks also placed major and immediate emphasis on destroying traditional Russian culture, in particular Orthodox Christianity. Anti-Semitism became a capital offence. “The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.” Their military victory over the White Russian army was remarkable given the latter’s overwhelming advantage in terms of weaponry and trained military leaders and the fact that initially they had the Bolsheviks surrounded. But their leaders consistently squabbled among themselves and acted too late to prevent the Reds seizing control of industry, railways and the banks. Bear in mind also that the Bolsheviks had a huge ‘fifth column’ of ordinary Russians acting as their foot soldiers. Whatever their motivations – true believers in Communism, fear, opportunism – they were absolutely essential to the Communist takeover.

And then of course there were the privately held guns. The Russians loved their guns. Everybody had one, even well-heeled ladies. “The Bolshevik Revolution put an end to the free circulation of guns among the general public. The leaders of the uprising knew only too well what the masses were capable of, especially if armed up to the teeth, and moved to monopolize gun ownership. In 1918 the Bolsheviks initiated a large scale confiscation of civilian firearms, outlawing their possession and threatening up to 10 years in prison for concealing a gun. The only exception was made for hunters who were allowed to possess smoothbore weapons. Gun licenses, however, were strictly regulated and only issued by the NKVD. It was only a matter of time before Russia became an almost totally gun-free nation.”

So let’s unpack what we have here. A tiny unrepresentative non-Russian ‘elite’ seized power and subsequently slaughtered tens of millions of Russians by way of the bullet, starvation or by working them to death. They achieved this by seizing total control of media, banking, education and key industries; by demonising the culture and religion of the host people; by rewriting history and pursuing their goals with absolute ruthlessness against a demoralised people.

And of course seizing privately held guns.

Ring any bells?

In fact White Americans are in a much weaker position today than were Russians back then. After all where non-ethnic Russians represented a tiny proportion of the overall population non-Whites will become a majority in America within a few decades, if not earlier. And the enemies of traditional Americans already have near full-spectrum control of banking, media, entertainment, Big Tech and ‘education’. Gun-owners and the de facto repeal of the Second Amendment are very much in their sights. Vast numbers of Whites have bought into the anti-White agenda, willingly exposing themselves to their own destruction. What’s worse they have no idea of their enemies’ malevolence towards them. Unlike the Bolsheviks who faced strong opposition from neighbouring states and powerful countries like Britain and the United States, the anti-White agenda today enjoys widespread international support. America’s ‘justice’ system increasingly resembles that of a Third World country, the Constitution abandoned, the courts hijacked, non-Whites replacing Whites are every level of law enforcement, Soros-funded District Attorneys waging open warfare on the host population. Patriotic Americans have been ruthlessly purged from the military and the ‘security’ agencies such as the FBI, CIA and NSA. Even the most pathetic attempt at White resistance (Charlottesville, the Capitol Hill ‘insurrection’) is brutally suppressed. Donald Trump, the closest thing Whites have as a leader, is a hopelessly compromised Israeli lapdog with Kushner’s hand up his ass at all times.

Sooooo…..is the possibility that remote? Note that a South African commentator reminded us on this blog a few days ago that the country’s Whites never in their wildest imaginations believed that their circumstances could deteriorate so far and so fast.

Reposted from IrishSavant.net, with permission.

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  1. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    History repeats itself. Conservative groups are of no help, for they will not address the causal factors, being race and the Jews, but rather address only the symptoms created by those causes.

    Many good Whites are flocking to the inland Northwest. Geographically united we might survive, but geographically divided we will surely fall.

  2. Lady Val
    Lady Val says:

    Whites “represent a majority” only if you are going by the number of people with “white skin.” But unlike most other ethnic and racial groups, whites are SERIOUSLY conflicted! First, you have the European (Ashkenazi) Jew who though having the appearance of being white has declared that he is NOT white, but a Jew and therefore a different race. (Of course, whether that would help in a firefight by non-whites against whites is not known, but then the Jews are seldom foolish enough to permit themselves to be found in such circumstances!)

    Then you have liberal whites who hate themselves and other whites, fully buying into the “white supremacist” nonsense. These people are more dangerous to fellow whites than a horde of armed minorities!

    Then you have “elite” whites of the Bush-Rockefeller-Vanderbuilt and the “big tech” whites of the Gates variety whose money and power protect them from all but a natural disaster such as the eruption of Yellowstone.

    Now, it is true that among blacks there are quite a number of intelligent, normal folks like Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas et al. who complete deny and refute the anti-white rhetoric in use today, but, again, not only are their numbers limited, but they are as (if not more) hated by their own than whites!

    And, of course, we have our white Millennials and whatever they call the generation after them who are fully as into this nonsense and the most militant member of Black Lives Matter (~ Not!) and indeed make up a considerable number of that wretched organization.

    So, you see, take no comfort in our momentary “majority status.” All ants are insects but not all insects are ants. “All whites may still represent a majority of Americans, but it is a majority in name only.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Your points are well taken and are 100% true.

      As an enlightened man of the prior century observed: “World history is made by minorities when that minority embodies the majority of will and courage”.

      That man, possibly more than Jesus the Christ, was the most hated man on earth.

      His name is Adolf Hitler.

      • Horst D. FLEMMER
        Horst D. FLEMMER says:

        How true. USA today resembles pre-Communist Russia. The USA was built by the WASP, but today
        SCOTUS has 6 Cathoilics and 3 Jews. Where are the WASPs? Your comments about gun ownership
        in Russia and now in the good ole USA are basically the same, Guns kill people – what B/S – bullets
        actually do? No, people do. The root of it all is the stupidity of the WASPs today. Of course, this was
        brought about by the same race that destroyed Russia. The only true opponent was the “most hated
        man in history”. The bla-bla of “the greatest country ever” is nothing but eyewash. The future of the
        west is a non-white takeover.It took 70 years to overcome this stupidity. Therefore we shall – history
        repeats itself – have to wait till 2090 to free ourself. In the late 30`s a South African – Strydom – politician
        wanted to bar South africa from the invasion of the Jews by declaring the Jews “non-white”. You should
        read the comments of the Jewish press at that time. We – the “Jews” are 100% white. Haha!.
        And TRUMP is basically a Jew-stooge. But I would still vote form if I were an USA-American. But all
        this of course does not include China. There was once a cartoon in South Africa which depicts a man
        being submerged in a toilet yanking a cord depicting himself being flushed down. This is the end of
        the WASPs. How true, how sad. But then again is my point of view.
        Horst D. Flemmer
        CEO of GLM.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          As one who does not share the distaste for realism that has become the norm hereabouts, the year 2090 sounds like a pretty good call to me. Cheers!

          In re what you call the six Catholics on the Court, however, I do not see how you can count Clarence Thomas among them, as he formally apostatized more than forty years ago.* If, on the other hand, you deem him a Catholic simply because some of his opinions seem to combine respect for both common and black-letter law with acknowledgment of the Authority in Whom all just laws originate, then you are still mistaken but for understandable reasons.

          As for the other five—I speak here as an actual practicing Catholic, at least as that term was universally understood before 1962—they are no more than what used to be called Sunday Catholics here in the States or what a late German friend used to call Weihnachts Katholiken. I grant that Barrett and Kavanaugh are somewhat more Catholic than the other three, but as they are loyal members of the completely subverted post–Vatican II sect, there is nothing in their soi-disant principles that should distress a present-day WASP, not least because he himself seldom has few, if any, discernible principles or scruples at all.
          *Please recall that for anyone who has reached the age of reason, being Catholic is a choice, not a genetic accident like hemophilia or Jewishness. Catholicism is, as it were, a club. One can leave of his own accord or be shown the door by the Director for failure to pay the dues or observe the precepts of membership. While lots of folks who have left the club via either choice or dismissal persist in calling themselves Catholics, so what? The abundant presence among us of liars and fools ought to come as no surprise, and no one need give credence to a liar or a fool—whether he claims a religion he doesn’t practice or a gender pronoun the circumstances of his birth don’t entitle him to—no matter how many arbitrary laws and media magnates declare otherwise.

          • Leon Haller
            Leon Haller says:

            Interesting and well-said, but alas, sir, trying to deny someone’s Catholicism due to adherence to a present Church under the sway of Vat2 is a theological stretch. Benedict XVI, who was involved with Vat2 (and not totally supportive of it, either), would not agree with you, and if he’s not Catholic, then the term is meaningless.

            Gorsuch I think was Catholic, but is now Protestant. I did not know that Thomas was no longer Catholic. There are only two Jews on the Court now, post-Ginsburg. And surely Barrett is the most Catholic member of the Court ever!

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Thank you for the tip, Al. Now as ever, life is full of surprises.

            Although Mr. Kalb’s views and others even more forthright re Jews and their white and BIPOC allies are rarely seen in the MSM, they are commonplace in hard-core Traditionalist venues and online outlets.

            As you know, toward the end Kalb speculates that “… very likely many well-placed Catholics would be perfectly happy to have [the Church] assimilate. After all, how does it injure her organizational structure or the careers and rewards of those who make their living by her to line her up with the dominant powers and make their message her own?” He has to be aware that the set of people who match his description unfortunately includes at least 80 percent of the bishops of Europe and the Americas.

            As one good deed deserves another, you might be favorably impressed by some of the more secularly oriented weekly essays, called Eleison Comments, written by Bishop Richard Williamson and published at his site (https://stmarcelinitiative.com/). He has, as you might already know, been denounced as a virulent anti-Semite in every narrative outlet of the Establishment and by world leaders on five continents.

    • Michael Adkins
      Michael Adkins says:

      Then we have another problem, ‘the male hipster.’ All his life he’s a dog looking for a master.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      LADY VAL–
      I agree with your basic thrust, but just so you don’t get caught during a debate with our enemies, I want to inform you that Caucasoid Jews are overwhelmingly identifying as White these days. The Pew Research study of 2013, “Portrait of Jewish Americans,” recorded that 94% of them identify as White.

      And as for their escaping non-White hostility howsoever they identify, the fact is that already the great bulk of attacks on Jews are by blacks and non-White Muslims. There has been for some time an epidemic of black-on-White violence in the USA, with Whites suffering literally millions of violent crimes (the 2017 DoJ study for 2012 through 2015 found an annual average of 540,360); and Jews are increasingly among the victims. (Cf. Noted black author James Baldwin’s essay from 1967, “Negroes are anti-Semitic because they are anti-white.”)

      Leftist, duped Jews imagine that blacks and other POC will view them as fellow “historically oppressed” and give their Whiteness a pass. But in fact those non-Whites view them as well-heeled, privileged Whites who support a foreign, fascistic state at the expense of a downtrodden population.

      If anything, blacks tend to doubly dislike Caucasoid Jews, because their hatred of Whiteness is very often accompanied by a specific anti-Jewish animus cultivated by Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and the Black Hebrew Israelites, the latter of whom teach that Caucasoid Jews are Khazarian identity thieves who’ve stolen the rightful Hebrew identity from blacks.

      • Michael Adkins
        Michael Adkins says:

        Jews are Arabs may identify as Caucasoid if they want, but genetically they are Semites.

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          Ah, so the races of humanity are the Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid, Australoid and Semites?! So we got our writing ultimately from non-Whites–the Semitic Phoenicians?

          Luckily for our Caucasoid self-esteem, those seagoing Canaanites were classically Caucasian, as is attested by countless images on coins, sculpture, medallions, mosaics and the writing of Virgil in his AENEID.

          My purpose in replying to Lady Val above wasn’t to assert that Jews are White but that they largely identify as White. But, once again disgusted at how people on our political side make us look foolish by denying Ashkenazi and Sephardi “Caucasoidness,” I shake my head at the utter ignorance in supposing that Whiteness stops short at Gibraltar, the Hellespont, the Caucasus and Ural Mountains.

          And I’d much appreciate your re-educating me by refuting the contents of these:

          Please do me favor and enlighten me.

      • Rachel Gold
        Rachel Gold says:

        Jews do NOT identify as white.
        Jews are ANTI-white.
        Paul Nehlen realized that nearly ALL of the anti-whites he encountered on twitter had last names that were clearly JEWISH. Nehlen was astonished and unable to contain himself…..we watched as the man got redpilled in real time, and all of his observations were accurate.
        And Nehlen speaking out against Jewish power ruined his prospects for political office.
        So, yeah….now tell me that the Jews that ruined Nehlen’s life “identify as white.”

        • katana
          katana says:

          Here’s an interview with Paul Nehlen:

          The Realist Report Interviews Paul Nehlen – Mar 2018 — TRANSCRIPT


          John Friend of The Realist Report interviews Paul Nehlen, a candidate running against supercuck Paul Ryan in his home State of Wisconsin.

          Paul describes his background as someone who has worked their way up from the shop floor, to engineer, and manager of many manufacturing businesses in the States and worldwide.

          He goes on to describe his awakening to race realism, and more recently, and most importantly, his red-pilling on the role of organized jewry and their genocidal intentions against the White race — KATANA.

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          RACHEL GOLD–
          Oh but they ARE identifying as White. In surveys wherein they have to option to answer “black,” “Asian,” “Hispanic,” “non-White Hispanic” or “other” they’re identifying as non-Hispanic White. In the 2013 and 2020 Pew Research studies, 94% and 92% of the respondents, respectively, identified as non-Hispanic White, as White non-Jews usually do. Maybe they’re lying, you’d say?

          Haven’t you encountered their Social-Media messages to us headed by “Dear fellow Whites”?

          They, or too many of them, hate White NON-JEWS of European heritage. As presumably the most xenophobic group of all history, they have a dim view of all the goyim, notwithstanding their counterfeit benevolence toward blacks and other POC, whom they weaponize against us. The reason they reserve a special antipathy toward us is that Europeans have been so mighty and great and an impediment to their own power, that Europeans historically have used their power against them, and that (I believe) they’re envious from owing Europeans so much where the arts and sciences are concerned.

          Their resenting us is neither here nor there in connection with their ethnic or racial self-identification. Half or more of non-Jewish Europeans and Euro-Americans hate their race, hate other Whites for their race; but they nevertheless identify as White. That’s our trouble–our biggest trouble, bigger than Talmudic bigotry, though it can be argued that very much of our self-alienation is the effect of psychological warfare waged by Jews–above all, perhaps, of the opiate brought to Europe by Rabbi Saul of Tarsus.

          Nor has resentment any power to determine actual ethnicity or race, which is a matter not of hating or loving but of objective phenomena, of genetics and physical anthropology. No Australoid aborigine who adores Whites ever becomes one; nor does any self-hating ancestral European cease being Caucasoid.

          If Michael Douglas, Winona Ryder and Scarlett Johansson hate the White goyim, to deny their Caucasoid character would require being a disciple of the glorious lol christian father Tertullian, who said “Creo quia absurdum est” (“I believe because it’s absurd” lol).

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      Very good comment to a very good post. “Real whites” (defined both racially, as at least 31/32 European [finer metrics could be devised, like the genetic distance of that 1/32 nonwhite to the 31/32 white], and ideologically, as those who are racially European and not actively antiwhite) are no more than 1/3 of the country – and falling fast. Official numbers say whites are at most 60% (when I graduated college in 1982, we were around 83% – already a huge decline from the 90+% when I was born!), but that number does not I believe take into account illegal aliens, whom I number at 30-35 million (99% or more of whom are not white). It also counts many nonwhites (especially among Middle Eastern peoples, but also many incorrectly self-identified Hispanics {racial Hispanics, not just racial Europeans of long term Latin American background}) as “white”. If Trump and Biden and their wives are recognized as archetypal whites, then such whites make up no more than half the overall population. But then at least 1/3 of true racial whites are self-hating freaks, either antifa-style auto-genocidal sickos, or extreme self-abnegational indoctrinees.

      Combining all this, I offer 33% as our rough percentage of the inhabitants of America. And by “our percentage” I reiterate: I am only referring to true racial whites who are not self-hating (eg, Trump and Melania, but not the Bidens). The percentage of true whites who are also awakened to their reduced and worsening status is obviously much, much lower.

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        LEON HALLER–
        If “racial purity” is the one or the central criterion, then there are exceedingly few Whites anywhere, but especially in the USA. Bryc et al, 2015 found an average of 98.6% European ancestry in Americans identifying and identified as White. That’s a high average–the small remainder of the lineage being Amerindian and/or Sub-Saharan African–but’s it’s not absolute purity.

        There are no pure races, no monolithically homogeneous islands of humanity–only ethnic/genetic clusters: ethnicities much more closely related to certain other ethnicities than to others. An apt analogy is that of a number of individuals standing near each other and creating an assemblage. Homogeneity is more relative than absolute. The problem–essentially an imaginary one in my view–is that we are everyone whom our forefathers and foremothers slept with since the emergence of the species.

        The reason I say that that problem is imaginary is that what does it really matter? The Euro-American whose ethnic/genetic heritage includes 5% black and 3% Amerindian is neither a black nor an Amerindian if in physically anthropological terms (cranio-facial morphology, hair, dentition, blood, skeletal structure, DNA) he strongly approximates or clusters with pure Euro-Americans.

        Bryc et al also found an average of 24% European ancestry in blacks of the USA. That’s a surprisingly ample amount of European heritage in blacks, but does it make blacks the same race as we are? Assuredly not: with their 70ish% of Sub-Sahara-related genes (not 76%, as a great many of these blacks also have Amerindian admixture), and their cranio-facial traits, hair, dentition and bones, black Americans clearly cluster with Sub-Saharan Africans, not Europeans–except in cases wherein the scientifically nonsensical one-drop rule has induced predominantly European-descended persons, e.g., Mariah Carey, to identify as black.

        Do you remember that well-publicized case of the White Nationalist who had his DNA analyzed and found that 86% of his ancestry was European and the other 14% was black African? He drew lots of ridicule from the politically correct and other haters of Whites, as the DNA-test results were divulged on national TV and he was present. Now, the man was perfectly Caucasoid; he looked more Nordic than anything.

        At that time I was a daily debater in YouTube, and there was a rather intelligent black there who posted that the DNA-test results didn’t mean the White Nationalist stopped being a White man. I think that black poster was right. At bottom what counts in identifying and classifying according to “race,” is epiphenomenalism–the old “duck” analogy: “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and flies like a duck, it’s a duck.” That White Nationalist with the 14% of black-African heritage is a White man, and will remain so unless he develops prognathism, kinky hair, megadont teeth, thick lips, a flat nose and a deep color that’s not a sun tan.

        Personally, I relate my loyalties not to the idea of an absolutely homogeneous White race but to ethnic/genetic DISTANCE. The closer to me and my nuclear family, the greater my allegiance..The Europeans, so closely related (Cf. Cavalli-Sforza et al, 1994; Pult et al, 1994; Coop et al, 2013; Reich et al, 2016) that they’re rightly regarded as a Family, are the people I am forever most loyal to. Then come other members of what geneticist Brenna Henn calls the “Europeans/Near Easterners Ancestral Cluster” (Cf. Henn et al, 2012)–West Eurasians and Mediterranean-basin Africans who genetically and in physically anthropological terms merit being characterized as “Caucasoid.” All things being equal, I will always side with South and East Asians against peoples farther from us biologically, if any conflict arises between them. And so on. Blacks, being farthest from us Ancestral Europeans genetically, physically and cognitively, have the very least claim to my loyalty. They only way that could change is if I were on a strange planet with them, a planet on which the dominating native species is entirely unlike humans, and the blacks and I would relatively be near kindred–relatively to the alien extraterrestrials.

        Yes, the way I look at “race” is THIS. Even members of a nuclear family aren’t as alike as peas in a pod, but in fact differ somewhat from siblings and the two parents. Nor are they unrelated to the rest of the human species (hell, they even share 95% of genetic nature with the chimpanzee). Nevertheless their relationship is special because supremely close. While different from each other, they resemble each other more than they do other people; and special loyalty between them is natural and healthy. The same applies to “racial” families–ethnic/genetic branches on the human tree.

      • Leon Haller
        Leon Haller says:

        MY point? “Vanini’s? Lady Val’s? Not sure to whom you are speaking, due to this confusing reply setup. But a quick re-scan of your article doesn’t give my numbers at all. Your essay was about the Bolsheviks, Jews, forces arrayed against Whites, etc. My numbers bolster your thesis.

        OTOH, 33% of the total US population is one hell of a lot of either racially loyal (the minority) or non-race-treasonous whites (the as yet huge majority). Over 100 million people. If white preservationists cannot do something with a number that large (and I’m truly not sure if we can or will), then our white Founders’ America, and perhaps whole race, will go extinct, and arguably deserve to.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Indeed you did, and quite plainly, too. What’s more, I thank you especially for informing or reminding all readers of the critically important point made by Solzhenitsyn: viz., that the so-called Russian revolution was actually an invasion and conquest by foreign powers—with (((one certain power))) leading and directing all others.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          … now awaiting confirmation of authenticity per Dissident Millennial’s very pertinent comment below.

  3. Canadian Goy
    Canadian Goy says:

    I see little hope for white America because white Americans still don’t know how to think tribally. Even watching videos of Nick Fuentes, who is the most outspoken and popular white advocate with an open sense of white identity – even he is confused about his thinking.

    He’s open about the JQ. So, obviously he’s not a shill. But he thinks that the most important solution to our problems as a race is to love our country. This is what I think is incorrect. The nation is no longer a reflection of white power, culture, or heritage. It has been turned against itself after the rise of the Jews to prominence. So, I would ask “why be loyal to America”. The loyalty should be to your own RACE and the enemy is anyone against your RACE. He gets three quarters of the way there, but stops at the same line as guys like Michael Collins Piper. Michael Collins Piper was all about American Nationalism, just like Nick fuentes was all about America first. Piper was also woke to the JQ and wrote some good books on Jewish influence.

    The real answer to white oppression is not American Nationalism or America First. It is white nationalism, white tribalism, white identity, white liberation and white resurrection from the last 70 years of humiliation.

    Even Nick Fuentes – and he is one of the loudest and most popular and most well spoken white identitarians — even he gets confused by abstractions that I am convinced have been put there by our enemies to confuse us. He’ll say “we’re conservatives and we’re against liberals” or “we’re right wingers against left wingers”. he should be saying — we are western civilization and the people that built it and our enemies are not an abstraction like “the left wing” or “the liberals”. The enemies of our civilization are ethnic outsiders that hate us as a race and our civilization. Our most powerful persecutors are Jews and they are persecuting us not because they are “leftist” or “liberal” but because they hate us AS A RACE and AS A CIVILIZATION.

    The solution to our problems is not to enter the war of the right wing vs left wing or between liberals and conservatives. We have to enter the ETHNIC and TRIBAL struggle for power. That’s the war we are losing. We are not losing to leftists or liberals. We are losing to the Jews and their POC/ Gay / Black / immigrant allies.

    To win means to become richer, smarter, more powerful, more politically influential than all other groups including Jews. This is as a RACE.

    Can whites tribalize in such a way that we can shut down our enemy’s ability to harm us before demographics spin so far out of control that we just get Mau Mau’d? I don’t think so. I think we are too late in the game and whites in general are too clueless about what is happening. It’s not just that we’re losing but we are losing bad and the average white can’t notice it. Whites walk down the street and see that all of the homeless look like them but still think “we’re on top. We’re number one.”

    I think the answer is going to be emigration to less hostile territory. i think tribalization – meaning the transition of us as an individualistic people into a TRIBALLY minded people that can compete effectively with groups like Jews is going to take a long time. I see guys like David Duke as our own version of rabbis setting down our own tribal program.

    We’re going to need to collectivize and come up with a long term strategy. We need real deep thinkers. We need a space of our own where we control our own institutions. I’d even say we need our own culture again. We need separation from degenerate cultures that we’ve been roped into post WWII – such as rap, punk, rock, etc. I think we also need separation from our pre-revolutionary culture that has since been adopted as the global culture – this is the culture of suits and ties and things like that.

    We need to have our own mode of dress so that we can look at each other and know that we are a member of our tribe. We need to understand the last 100 years and all of the mistakes that we have made. I think we need reconciliation. We did lose, ultimately. We have to accept that. but, out of this I want there to be a regeneration of ourselves as a people. A regaining of dignity. A rising like a phoenix out of the ashes. But, we need to take a serious look at the mistakes we made and the weaknesses in our own culture so that when we burst forward into the future we have strength and energy.

    The Chinese had 100 years of shame and they came out the other side stronger than ever. We just have to not give up. We have to have faith that things will get better. And, we have to stop waiting for a saviour. One man is not going to save us. One charismatic leader will not get us out of this mess. We all have to be our messiah — collectively. We can steal that concept from the jews. The messiah will be in all of us when we do our own little part to bring our broken race back to dignity.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Thank you for your thoughts – with some sadness, I am in full agreement.

      I am within 15 minutes walking distance from Canada. I obey the little sign in the woods and do not cross over, but my German Shepherds do, just to urinate. Probably just expressing their opinion of Canadian socialism.

      Perhaps we can meet some day.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      “The loyalty should be to your own RACE and the enemy is anyone against your RACE.” JA SI OUI DA TAIP SIM YES IGEN AYE SEA TAK PO ANO AND EVERY OTHER EUROPEAN WAY OF SAYING “I AGREE.”

      Yes, the Chinese did rebound spectacularly, but I fear they are psychologically tougher than we are–perhaps if only because we were served a mickey finn long ago by vengeful Hebrews–an opiate that eventually had its desired effect….

      Let us hope that we can recover in time.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” We’re going to need to collectivize “…

      Never “collectivize” but rather get racially/tribally organized .

      Collectivists agree to let a [ ruler / leadership hierarchy / commander ] appoint any member of the collective or group of members to be an involuntary sacrifice “for the greater good” of an ipso facto collective of cowards . That collectivized empowerment to appoint involuntary sacrifices “for the greater good” of the collective is the usually unspoken salient trait of collectivism .

      Military organizations have a propensity for collectivism whereby the command leadership organ is empowered to conspire to sacrifice any member of the command unit or subgroup of members “for the greater good” of an ipso facto cowardly command organ .

      Totally effective modern White noncollectivized defense organizations have been and can be socially engineered to uphold individual supremacy/sovereignty against conspiratorial “for the greater good” involuntary sacrifices of an organizational member or subgroup of members . No need to and it is best not to [ collectivize ] in order to preserve the supremely valued trait of courage and prevail against a lethal enemy . Collectivism is the way of satanism .

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Collectivism asserts supremacy/sovereignty over members and demands the complete surrender of individual supremacy/sovereignty to the collective in abstract and the collective leader or leadership group in particular .

          Individualism stands against the complete surrender ( but not against a limited surrender ) of personal supremacy/sovereignty to an organized group and thereby makes illegitimate any conspiracy/decision by a leadership group for the involuntary sacrifice of any member or subgroup of members “for the greater good” of an organization/group .

          Collectivism legitimizes and permits involuntary sacrifices “for the greater good” of an ipso facto prima facie collective of cowards .

          There is a profound difference between collectivism which legitimizes involuntary sacrifices of members “for the greater good” and noncollectivized organizations which uphold individual supremacy/sovereignty against illegitimate involuntary sacrifices of members “for the greater good” of the group .

          Collectivism is historicly a Judaic monstrosity used to justify all manner of crimes against humanity .

          Nothing pilpul about the distinction .

    • John
      John says:

      “I see little hope for white America…”
      Firstly, USA is a European Nation, explored, settled, created, built by & for European Peoples (First Naturalization Act 1790).
      Secondly, I c little hope for Canada as it is scheduled to b the 1st third-world country in the 1st world.
      Talk about cuck!

  4. Ray Caruso
    Ray Caruso says:

    Note that a South African commentator reminded us on this blog a few days ago that the country’s Whites never in their wildest imaginations believed that their circumstances could deteriorate so far and so fast.

    How about a link?

  5. Tom Sunic, PhD
    Tom Sunic, PhD says:

    Good piece. I guess, however, we should not confuse cause and effect of the communist terror. Regardless of the disproportionate number of (mostly secular) Jews in the state apparatus of the early SU and later on in E. Europe, historically, millions of Gentiles have been inclined to those egalitarian proto- Marxian-Bolshevik-Judaic impulses. One can observe this mass post-Bolshevik spirit in the US media and colleges now, and more and more in the higher echelons of US power. Why not examine its origins?
    Irrespective of Jews Communism is nearest and dearest to the masses despite its dreadful consequences in the short, or in the long run – both for Jews and Gentiles.
    How else to explain that the vast majority of academics in Europe and the USA, over the last 100 years, have been valiant promoters i.e. “shills” of the Marxist mystique? Ibid with the so -called modern antifa in the US—mostly made up of masses of self-hating Whites. We may want to examine the historical and anthropological roots, not just of the early proto-communists, mostly Jewish self-proclaimed world-improvers, i.e. desert missionaries, but also look into historical modalities of this bizarre White take-a-knee-pro-Levantine-Judaic mimicry; also try to decipher the mindset of the Jew Saul /St Paul and early Jewish evangelists, including their secular communist or liberal commissars/entertainers and SJWs in the modern US. BTW There are quite a few well-researched books on this subject. From Moses to Marx- with the stopover at surreal Hollywood – and then the final stop: the Gulag. –

    • Heartland Separatist.
      Heartland Separatist. says:

      I agree 100% I am not about to let white liberals have a free ride just because they are white. What was that Yockey said about the inner enemy being more dangerous than the outer enemy? So I propose the term Judeo-Liberal Coalition. That way white liberals do not get off scot-free and the term recognizes their complicity in all this.

    • Jennifer Goldfarb Greenblatt
      Jennifer Goldfarb Greenblatt says:

      You are no dummy but…..go back and re-read “The Culture of Critique.”
      No, better yet…..go to Bitchute and pour over Blackpilled videos. Devon Stack
      provides an excellent analysis/explanation for how the Jews brainwashed our people.
      When you have control of the media you can do anything. It’s not really that mysterious.

      • someone
        someone says:

        Ironic that a person who obviously has been influenced by a movie about jewish messianism (Matrix) where all those pill references come from (being “redpilled” means that jews have guided you out into the light) attempt to inform people about jewish influences.

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          Printed as much fake money as needed and used it to steal [not buy] major media, starting with the ten largest newspapers. Communications act of 1934 created the Federal Communications Commission- CBS to jew Paley, NBC to jew Sarnoff, and ABC to jew Goldenson.. Before this became possible they created The Federal Reserve.

      • someone
        someone says:

        All these pills. Ironic that someone who attempts to teach people about the influence of jewish media is so influenced by that himself, reffering to a movie about jewish messianism (Matrix). Being “redpilled” means that the jews guide you out into the light, liberating you from your false life, from the prison that has no walls, which is what happens to Neo.
        Maybe this shows how much even “antisemites” are influenced by the very powers they claim to distance themselves from.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Superb observation . However , it is not just control of media ; but also control of the global money systems , control of Westernworld education , control of the political establishments , control of the churches and their theologies , etc. . “The Jews” have [ dominion / ownership / control ] of the major part of the world aka The West .

    • anonym
      anonym says:

      “There are quite a few well-researched books on this subject. From Moses to Marx- with the stopover at surreal Hollywood – and then the final stop: the Gulag. –”

      Can you give the titles of a couple of them? I´ve read “The Jewish Century” by Slezkine, “Rome and Jerusalem” by Hess, but can´t find much else where communism and judaism is connected.

      • Hillary Goldberg Levin
        Hillary Goldberg Levin says:

        David Duke wrote a great book on communism.
        “The Culture of Critique” has a section on Jews and the Left
        (must read book in any case)
        “The Gulag Archipeligo” is good.

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      For a long time I have been trying to popularize the idea that what is needed is not white secessionism, but prowhites separatism. That is, racially aware and loyal whites must geographically ingather and then separate and secede from all others, including antiwhite whites. We must form a state in which prowhites are the majority, and whose form and governance are designed to ensure white perpetuity. I have called this “White Zion”. Given the evolutionary defectiveness of so many whites, there is no other feasible (non-military) solution.

      • Heartland Separatist.
        Heartland Separatist. says:

        I think White Haven would be a more private name for a White Ethno-State as in the White Haven Republic. Or maybe Caucasia. The Republic of Caucasia? (The ROC)

        • Canadian Goy
          Canadian Goy says:

          I know this is hairsplitting but most people on this site are not “Caucasian” — we are North-Western Europeans with a large slant toward the British diaspora. Do any of us actually come from Chechnya or Georgia? White is a nebulous term but IMO it is more fitting than Caucasian — unless you ARE from the Caucus — and most people from there don’t feel that they are members of the same identity group as blonde haired white Americans or Canadians.

  6. HamburgerToday
    HamburgerToday says:

    WTF is it with all this despair masquerading as analysis? White America has never been more aware of itself as a *race* since the 1840s than it is now.

    The ‘media’ is dying on the vine and ‘the gummit’ holds less legitimacy than Idi Amin Dada.

    Instead of whining, organize. Make some White friends. Join a bowling league. White solidarity doesn’t start with ideology. It starts with Whites associating with Whites and doing ‘White stuff’. In the trenches, you don’t fight or ideals. You fight for the people willing to fight with you.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Hamburger – You and Tom Sunic are sending the most needed message. It’s us! White men addicted to watching big black gorillas play ball and run around stadiums, earning millions of dollars thereby, and at the same time practicing Christianity which requires them to fully accept their fellow black Catholics, plus show acceptance and tolerance to Jews and Muslems. My *Constitutional conservative* Catholic nephew w/3 sons is caught in both these traps, with no will to free himself. A politically conservative stance does not move the needle to the degree necessary; it requires something more.

      • Archie Hump
        Archie Hump says:

        Dude I get sports is fun and a way of socializing.

        In it’s essence it is however divisive. I.e. your team against another cities team all teams multiracial.

        What if someone started a 100 % white baseball team. The Whites or something.

        You could start a pro wite church with only white members (well it’s illegal, but which coloureds would wanna join).

        But isn’t baseball whiter than basketball and same with MMA. Plus isn’t it more healthy to practice sports than to watch it?

        I agree more white and pro white get togethers are great. Many people are however brainwashed but surprisingly a lot are not or atleast against immigration but their knowledge of underlying factors are very limited to say the least.

  7. anonym
    anonym says:

    Great article! Seems more and more to me that communism was just another Jewish pseudo religion (or Judaism in another dress). Yuri Slezkine´s “The Jewish Century” describes how communism seized the Jewish community, and how easy it was for talmudic scholars to shift over to study communism and propagate for it.

    Would like to see more articles about the communist take overs (or attempted take overs) in Eastern Europe, Spain, Germany, Greece and Italy. Specifically the Jewish part in these movements. In conventional history books the Jews hide in plain sight, under assumed names, and their Jewishness is always toned down, or not mentioned at all.

    It´s remarkable how they have managed to get away with this, without it even being mentioned in mainstream books or media. Comintern openly declared their goal of world domination, openly discussed how many millions would have to be killed, created the largest concentration camp system in the world, and seems to have had the prophecy of Isaiah as their guiding plan. The “Classless society” seems just another name for Isaiah´s “Kingdom of Peace”, with Jews in charge of the whole planet.

    Likewise, the Donmeh Jews in the Young Turks quoted from the Amalek verses in the Bible (Deut 25:17-19) when planning the genocide of the Armenians. Even Jewish encyclopedia at the time claimed that the Armenians was the Amalekites. All in the effort to bring down the Ottoman empire to gain access to Palestine.

    All financed by the richest Jewish bankers at the time.

  8. Seraphim
    Seraphim says:

    Solzhenitsyn surely gave the reason why the ‘Russian’ Revolution happened and why it continues its deadly march around the world.

    ”… I have spent well-nigh 50 years working on the history of our Revolution; in the process I have read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies, and have already contributed eight volumes of my own toward the effort of clearing away the rubble left by that upheaval. But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous Revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”
    What is more, the events of the Russian Revolution can only be understood now, at the end of the century, against the background of what has since occurred in the rest of the world. What emerges here is a process of universal significance. And if I were called upon to identify briefly the principal trait of the entire 20th century, here too, I would be unable to find anything more precise and pithy than to repeat once again: “Men have forgotten God.” The failings of human consciousness, deprived of its divine dimension, have been a determining factor in all the major crimes of this century.”
    So, the possibility is not that remote.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous Revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”

      That is his nonreified formulation .

      The historicly substantiated and analyticly correct super simple and perhaps too simple reified formulation would be __

      Most by far of sheeple majorities worldwide have by nature an inherent ineluctable propensity to either fail to realize , or to forget , or to deny that powerful covert real world collective agencies with ancient roots ( aka the chosenhite jewmasterss / zio-jew-masonic-jesuits / ILLuminati / billionaire globalist oligarchs / EGJ / the jewss / et al ) exist to acquire dominion , in subservience to their Lord God and by any means available since for them the Ends Justify the Means ( including also the wholesale slaughter of humanity ) , over the worldwide sheeple masses via EGJ ( Elite Globalist Jewmasterss ) compliance with the extant original instruction commanded by their God and rendered in the Holy Jewish Torah as :

      And God said ,
      Let us make man in our image , after our likeness :

      and let them have dominion …
      over all the earth ,
      and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth .

      ( verbatim quote , except ellipses , from __
      The Torah / KJV / Book of Genesis / chapter 1 / verse 26 )

      where :

      “us” = God [ and his wife ? ]

      “them” = mankind hypotheticly and “the jewss” de facto

      “dominion” = ownership/control

      “earth” = planetary matter , flora . fauna ,
      worldly manmade things

      “creeping thing” = animals , insects , worms , birds ,
      and humanity .

      The EGJ ( Elite Globalist Jewmasterss ) are ready , willing , and able to quickly neutralize any organization that initiates actions against their very successful conquests of worldly dominions via their enslavement agendas with and without commensurate slaughters .

      The global compliance with the C-1984 irrational/unnecessary/despotic facee diaperr masking mandates is proof of EGJ power over people worldwide .

      There is only one way out of the Elite Globalist Jewmasterss enslavement traps , which have been perfected over several millenia of constructive experience in their conquests , and

      the inevitable DOOM of OBLIVION that awaits Humanity

      for those whom would be interested in the Great Escape __ 

      become an adherent to the new religion of

      {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}}

      for Humanity to thrive-n-survive beyond

      {{ The Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }} .

      {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}}

      is absolutely different from and not about

      ” Star Trek General Order 1 ” .

  9. Icknay
    Icknay says:

    Great article.

    It earily sounds similar to modern day Anerica. We appear to be at the beginning stages of a Communist take over by the usual suspects and their treasonous accomplises.

  10. Jared Gould
    Jared Gould says:

    Can it happen here? WTF? It’s ALREADY happened. The stolen election and the jewish Biden regime are a replay of the Bolshevik Revolution. BLM and Antifa run wild in the streets…an army for jewry.
    Old white folks who went o DC on Jan.6th……on no fly lists and in JAIL.
    Full on anarcho-tyranny.
    Can they do it again?
    And from the looks of it there is nothing to stop them.
    The bastards in the GOP are craven cowards…..SCUM.
    South Africa is the MODEL the jews have in mind for us.
    Haiti, Rhodesia, SA……the USA…..it’s the SAME PATTERN ffs.
    Seems to me that making the world user friendly for Jews actually translates into white genocide.
    White genocide is the obvious end result of the “never again program.”
    The goal of organized jewry is to “Holocaust-proof” every white country…..and to make sure that whites
    are unable to resist Jewish power…..well…..the Jews’ solution is…..to slaughter us.
    The whites in SA are being mass murdered because that’s what the Jews want.
    The Jews engineered the destruction of white South Africans the same way they are engineering
    the destruction of white Americans and white Canadians and white British and white French, etc.etc.etc.

  11. Cthulhu
    Cthulhu says:

    We don’t live in revolutionary Russia. In revolutionary Russia, there really werent any non-whites, and while this means the Russians had more demographic security, it also meant that the Bolsheviks were staffed with more competent people, white people. This also meant that Russia’s and the inheriting Soviet Unions ability to project global power and found real industry was not compromised, the conquering jews were also tempered by the decades of revolutional fervor and were much more united than the lazy and decadent American jews are these days.

    The Bolsheviks siezed Russia at a critical part of Russia’s history. Russia had just tapped out of a world war and had been stagnating for some time leading up to the Bolshevik revolution, in some part due to the bolsheviks but more broadly the Russians were not doing well, just take a look at the hilariously terrible end of the Russo-Japanese war and the corruption and poor management that led to that. Russia needed new life, the bolshevik revolution was a poor source for that new life, but it was a source.

    American now finds itself in a smilar situation to Russia at the time imperially, but not racially. America is currently near the point of collapse of it’s empire. America just lost two wars, both of them in somewhat hilariously bad fashion, take a look at the retreat from Bagrahm AFB, of the Iraqi president, a man in a political position imposed by America, telling American forces they are not welcome in the country. Similar to Russia in 1917, Americans are seeing supply shortages although admittedly not near as serious and the oligarchic class running America has spent all of it’s credibility in the last year.

    But here is the difference, in Russia it was Russians who were failing to run Russia, in America it is jews who are failing to run America. Jews are on the losing side of societial momentum in our situation, they are the detestable nobility living in the lap of luxury as the nation scrambles for what jobs they can, and we, however disorganized in our current state, can become the dynamic opposition that the bolsheviks were a century ago. Half of our people are useless, but they always have been, 30% of American is whites who have the guts to stand for it, but the other 60% is split evenly between traitorous whites who will be crushed quickly and minorities who are just happy to be getting gibs.

    We are going to lose the 30% we never needed, and gain in that time unity. Whether the remainder can survive is what we will determine by our own will, and what an academic ought to make predictions on, rather than complaining all hope is lost.

  12. Eric
    Eric says:

    I would like to see FLYERS made up that are intelligent, fact-filled, and very tactful about the need to defeat Black Lives Matter, Antifa violence, and the people, particularlyJews, who are pushing the Leftist anti-White, anti-Christian agenda.

    These flyers would not be “hate-filled” or stupid (though opponents will call them that).

    Their distribution in public, including in DC, might not be prohibited by the authorities in the final analysis though they would surely try.

    Lawyers would be necessary to stop the police from prohibiting the distribution of such flyers.

    I don’t think websites are enough. The average American does not go to those sites. They are too “out of sight.”

    They must be handed the facts **in public**. Everyone must know that everyone else has received the facts.
    This must be shared knowledge among Americans. The things in the flyers must be irrefutable. Of course, there can be a website too, but it might be deplatformed.

    I believe that this is one way to success. I know this from experience.

    • lucius Vanini
      lucius Vanini says:

      Good idea, though these days such a tactic would draw BLM/Antifa violence in any place where counter-propaganda is badly needed. Not to mention hostility and probable violence from the droves of White civilians who’ve been taught self-hate and think White self-love is criminal.

      I do believe it would require reinforcements and readiness to brawl, and perhaps more…. Then again, it could be useful in heightening awareness and political commitment in places wherein people tend to agree

      But as a lady on this page has said, “When you have control of the media you can do anything.” Yes…. I can’t see our surviving long term, let alone prevailing, without at least a “Social Media giant” of our own. Why oh why oh why must “Big Tech” be monopolized by Leftists? Why can’t a non-Leftist like Musk (at least that’s my impression) put his billions to good use in making a First-Amendment Facebook or Twitter?! Free speech would soon result in our domination of the Medium, since our enemies only peddle nonsense and are so easily refuted (that’s why the relative freedom before 2017 enabled the rise of Trump, and why our enemies need to cancel, censor and ban).

      (“Why can’t we have a First-Amendment Facebook?” may well be a very dumb question, but I can’t help asking it.)

      Handing out flyers, to counter media control, would seem like using bows and arrows against an enemy with tanks, though again I think it would be of some use.

  13. Joe Webb
    Joe Webb says:

    I noticed today on Fox News that
    white parents are showing up at School board meetings and raising hell over CRT in the schools.

    white parents are singing our NATIONAL ANTHEM. at school board meetings. So much for the silent majority finding their voice. IT may be a stroke of good luck that the CRT lunatics are boosting white nationalist feelings. ” White Nationalism” should probably not be used much by us. Let the White parents sing out. Reminds me of the opera Billy Budd by Jewish Aaron Copland. Answering to a query, “Can you read Billy?” Billy Budd says, “No, but I can sing.”

    Joe Webb

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      … the opera Billy Budd by Jewish Aaron Copland

      Here Homer nods, as do we all from time to time.

      “Billy Budd” was composed by the pedophilically inclined Benjamin Britten, who while no Jew, was no more than a Christian in name only. Melville’s pronounced tendencies in the same “entartete” direction were, during the many decades before “deviance” was branded a hate word, a tacitly but widely acknowledged factor in Britten’s choice of the Budd novella as a subject.

      Obiter dictum, there is much to admire in “Billy Budd,” and in a well-planned production, one with the sort of intelligent and able singers that Covent Garden and the Metropolitan Opera could call upon in the fifties, sixties, and seventies, the opera’s effect on an audience can be deeply moving. I speak from long familiarity and experience.

  14. Swan
    Swan says:

    It’s not a remote possibility, it’s a forgone conclusion. The sad thing is that human nature as it is, waking up the normie is virtually impossible. Political migration is our only hope. Anyone who can, should immediately move to a white stronghold like Northern Idaho, parts of Arkansas, etc. The leaders in the movement should push for this now while we still can.

  15. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    This is a thumbnail sketch of a very, very important part of history. The Jewish Bolshevik takeover of Russia in 1917 is what happens when Marxist Jews take over a Christian nation. By the time Lenin had died in 1924, over 5 million Russian Christians had been murdered. By the time Stalin died in 1954, over 50 million. The Jewish Cheka and Gulag systems were run by Jews. Berman, Naftaly Frankel. Genrich Yagoda , Lazar Kaganovich, Jews who oversaw the Cheka and the hell on earth that was the Holomodor genocide in the Ukraine between 1932-‘33. Yet, it’s always that European guy who somehow became the epitome of evil-how did that happen? Even if Hitler did put 6 million Jews in ovens, and I don’t believe he did from what I’ve researched, why don’t we ever hear about what the Jewish Bolsheviks did in Russia beginning in 1917?

    Can this happen here? It already is in a way. The opioid crisis. The dumbing down of a vast majority of the white, working class and the economic desperation that many of them live in. Cancel culture is the same as being dragged out to Red Square in the middle of the night and being shot. We’re not physically killed but just about everything else that we are is.

    They keep pushing these vaccines. I’m wondering if it’s a warm up for something more, or the current vaccines in time kill people. I guess we’ll see.

    What the Irish Savant has written about needs to be taught in every school in the country but it won’t be because we know who’s running the show. It is then up to each of us to keep telling what happened and to try to get the truth about Jewish supremacy to the common man, to make it somehow user friendly.

    One of my favorite books on the Jewish Bolshevik takeover of Russia in 1917 is; “Stalin and His Hangmen,” by Donald Rayfield.

  16. Josh White
    Josh White says:

    Don’t take the vaccine it’s all jews and part gypsies tryin to neutralise the white race with this gene changing piece of shit.

    Fight this with all your might inform neighbours, coworkers, read online find information protest outside of clinics graffutu against it.

    It will kill off all fighting spirits make whites slow in the head, drugged and gene changed totally controlled weggies to racemixed anti white criminals.

    Like the Wallenberg family that owns Astra Zeneca a bunch of part gypsies (or tattare or whatevs) part jews.

    This shit will divide the brain into regions (like the “jews” have done to plaestinian territory) control your thoughts…

    Kill off any state trying to push it. Spread the word online in Europe and the USA!!!!

  17. Sean D
    Sean D says:

    Why should people who use ownership of adverttising companies to promote racemixing or being the CEO of a record company as such doing the same.

    They promote murder and genocide why should they live.

    Should the CEO of pfizer with his gene change vaccine or his chief research jew who put the shit in there live or be kiloled for their attack on the WHITE race.

    They have killed WHITE people and gene changed them. Why should they live at all.

    The CEO of universal music should he live, he steals songs from white artists and gives them to subsaharian subhumans and latinos to promote genocide. No reason for him to live.

    Maybe they should be hit before they can flee. FAST

  18. Joe
    Joe says:

    One thing the Americans possess that the Russian peasants did not is a knowledge, taste and tradition of “freedom” as well as a Bill of Rights. If the priceless value of this heritage is still understood and cherished by enough people, then a formidable resistance is very possible. Right now, even through all of the lying propaganda against them, whites across the globe are still far too fat and happy. Endless money printing slows the inevitable looming economic depression… and until the plebs really begin to physically suffer, the sheeple will continue to graze oblivious to their perilous predicament.

    • Swan
      Swan says:

      I agree with the part about the need for suffering to wake people up, but the Bill of Rights is effectively null and void if you’re a white advocate.

  19. ARealJew
    ARealJew says:

    Judaism is a mental race. Everybody can become Jewish. Yes, converts are probably met with hostility at first, but many people do become Jews willingly and they can in fact even do aliyah to Israel . In the same way a Jew can convert to another religion to lose their Jewishness. There’s no real Jewishness. All the talk about “descending from Abraham” or whoever it is, is just mythology bullshit.

    So, I say, let more Whites convert to Judaism, but keep their Whiteness just like Jews converted to Christianity in the past in Europe but kept their Jewishness.

    It seems Judaism is the new top religion, just like Christianity once was in Europe. Now the ruling class is Jewish, not Christian. Maybe we can fake being Jewish and destroy this monstrosity from within. We must free humanity from Judaism, only then will there be peace. And for this to happen we must become “Jews”.

    Check out Herve Ryssen’s essay “Psychopathology of Judaism”.

    • Swan
      Swan says:

      Not a bad idea, but nobody is chopping off a piece of my foreskin. Even if you’re circumcised already, to convert, a rabbi still cuts a piece off. No thanks. This requirement is probably made for the purpose of hindering the goyim from converting

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        A REAL JEW–
        The idea you proffer is one I’ve thought of many times, though usually with some merriment because I believe almost every pro-White European or Euroamerican would consider it outlandishly counter-intuitive. But in fact would we not as nominal Jews suddenly rise above valid criticism, capable of doing no wrong, which is what Jews think of themselves and what they’ve virtually compelled a great tranche of White non-Jews to believe?

        Wouldn’t we have the prerogative, now enjoyed by Jews in Israel, of demographically regulating our lands, of saying “You can’t come here (or even RETURN) because you’re not one of us”?

        Ah, that would presumably redound to our ethnic/genetic preservation, nicht wahr?

        ‘Twould presumably be easy for us too, something not unfamiliar, since most of our ancestors were only nominal Christians–especially in the days of our greatness when our mettle was too robust, our psyches too manly, to admit of a genuine practice of Christian morality. We could be merely nominal Jews as we’ve been merely nominal Christians.

        Most Western Jews THEMSELVES have long been and are nominal Jews–inasmuch as “Jewish” denotes adherence to Judaism. Most Western Jews are Cultural Marxists, not Jews in religion! Of all the many Jews I’ve known, none has been a true believer–all, down to the last Jew or Jewess, have been agnostics or atheists. Most have been at odds with the Mosaic laws–not only where diet is concerned but, to give a signal example, in their toleration of homosexuality, which is unequivocally condemned in LEVITICUS. Yes, the bulk of Western Jews are ethno-culturally Jewish.

        Well, particularly as I harbor extreme antipathy toward all the Abrahamic tomfooleries, conversion to Judaism would be a bitter pill for me, even though it would be for ulterior motives; but I would do it to help preserve the ethnic/genetic heritage I love so. I would do it IF great numbers of other Europe-descended people did so. And that is unlikely! One reason is the crazy identification of Caucasianness with Christianity, another the hopes and dreads implanted in Caucasians who haven’t gotten past an early implantation of Christian eschatological notions.

        As TJ says below, D. Duke has asserted that the 1790 Naturalization Act said the USA was open to “free White Christians,” when in fact it says “free White persons”; and I rather think that the wish was father to the thought, as it would be, I fear, among far too great a portion of Pro-White Whites. Then there’s the eschatology–the carrot of eternal blessedness and the stick of eternal damnation, and the very many Whites thinking, “What if it’s true?! A mere ‘Credo’ might get me everlasting joy and spare me everlasting damnation….”

        Lol, I wonder whether the Hebrew purveyors of the opiate they brought to Europe ever had a sense of just how big a monkey wrench they threw into our machinery.

        Ya mean you wouldn’t sacrifice a bit of foreskin to help save your race? Since I wouldn’t be a true believer anyway, I’d surreptitiously get a shot of a local anesthetic on my male member before I showed up at the Synagogue (assuming that making circumcision painless isn’t quite kosher). No, what would bug me most is the Rabbi going down on me LOL.

  20. Humble Dude
    Humble Dude says:

    80 % will be vacced they will be cattle. They will be drugged forever controlled thoughts veggies with no will of their own.

    This simple fact makes an ethnic awakening or any large scale action technically impossible.

    Vax the blacks

    • Humble Dudette
      Humble Dudette says:

      Hello fellow Jew who tries to neutralize the thesis proposed by this article by portraying its proponents as “crazy racist anti-vaxx conspiracy theorists”.

      • Humbler Dude
        Humbler Dude says:

        Did I in any way say this article is wrong?

        If anything I think the author is uncorrect when stating: “whites own everything 90 % of the guns”.

        I would say race-mixed so called “jews” (hebrews mixed with arabs and subsaharian africans) aswell as part gypsies own atleast as much as WHITE people.

        Also I am protestant… aaaand WHITE.

        Most these companies making the vax is jews and part gypsies. Bill Gates the nazis say he’s a jew. He pushes it. Microsoft has several patents on new technology on how to control people’s thoughts by changing their DNA.

        So, like just saying this shit making 90 % of WHITES weggies with controlled thoughts not being able to fight suits a racemixed capitalist controlling class.

        This is kinda a huge threat RIGHT NOW.

        Three presidents opposing the vax got knocked off.

        The leader of Davios (tranny jew Schwab or whatevs) wnts human to become machines merge them with AI and technology.

        The vax is 90 % graphene that is used to make electronics in people’s bodies. The military has already got nano things to control people’s thoughts.

        Most top military is jews in the USA you have a largely ZOG controlled government.

        It’s all in the VAX.

        Vax the blacks, vax the arabs. We don’t need those races for anything.

  21. TJ
    TJ says:

    I am floored by changes in the Mercola site. The Jewish question was verboten. Now comments like this are welcomed:

    @jan1560, I am not a bot, and I make my own decisions regarding whom to support or oppose. No person should accuse anyone of making himself “look bad” for that person’s own comments. You might – or might not – be surprised, but there very few non-racist forums which tolerate so-called “antisemitism.” I have been banned by two “Catholic” websites for mentioning – probably accurately – that Jews control certain media companies. There have been a number of explicit statements by Jews (which I can quote) that they know that they control the media and the U.S.A.

    It is highly unlikely that you are a Christian. Only true Catholics who don’t follow Antipope Francis are Christians. Protestants aren’t Christians. Even Protestants should oppose the Jews. At least if they knew that Martin Luther wrote “On the Jews and Their Lies” they would have serious thoughts about it. However, as I have mentioned before here the Scofield “bible” was used by Jews to gain the support of Protestants. This is how Zionists disarmed the U.S. population early in the 20th century. And Jews have done a very “good” (i.e. evil) “follow-up job” with the Holohoax. (I was banned from another website with a statement similar to this sentence.)

    It is the “philosemites” who aren’t educated. While one mustn’t persecute anybody merely for his beliefs, any person whose beliefs are – or probably are – malicious and/or subversive shouldn’t be trusted in certain positions. The most obvious example is that an atheist shouldn’t be allowed in public office. At the beginning of the USA there was and I believe that in some places there still are religious tests for public office. A person had to somehow prove that his beliefs (e.g. in Hell) would lead him to faithfully discharge his duties. Any group which doesn’t believe in moral behavior MUST NOT be entrusted with important public matters. It is not venom to oppose immoral behavior. Silence is worse.

  22. Dissident Millennial
    Dissident Millennial says:

    Can we get a source for the Solzhenitsyn quote beginning with “You must understand…”? The only place I can find it is with David Duke. Thus I would add a qualifier to the piece to the effect that: “According to David Duke, Solzhenitsyn said… and whether or nor the source of the quote is accurate…” I just want to make sure we retain credibility, as quotes attributed to historic men on the internet are notoriously unreliable and I don’t think there’s any documentation of Solzhenitsyn having said these words other than with David Duke. Again, my only concern here is with preserving credibility

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Seconded with enthusiasm.

      Every point you make is apt, and in the interest of truth and credibility, everyone ought to share your qualms and concerns. Thank you.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Have you checked his lengthy Harvard Commencement address ?

      As a persistently-bullshitted History major in the US, as well as Berlin, I share your insistence on reliability of citations: lest we become like them.

      I have a ca. 145 pp book, in German, entirely on textual and photographic falsifications. So severe, that they can not be attributed to simple error or personal interpretation of a disputed fact.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        I checked the Commencement Address, Charles. Nothing even resembling the quotation is there.

        See also my comment below.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      I have caught Dr. Duke lying. He was quoting from the Naturalization Act of 1790, which, according to Duke, Says “The USA is open to free White Christians.” It actually says “free White persons.”

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      The 1 April 2019 issue of “Russia Insider” reprints an article (“Oddities of the Jewish Religion”) by Ron Unz that was first published at his own site. The RI editors illustrate an introductory digest of the article’s most salient comments with a photo image of Solzhenitsyn into which is pasted the precise quotation whose authenticity is in question (probably correctly). RI captions the photo as follows: “It is unlikely that this ‘quote’ is authentic, rather it reflects the opinion of the memer who created it, a view which has merit.”

      My two-hour Internet search turned up more than a hundred verified uses of the quotation and even more references to it, but not one of them included a proper source citation. Absent evidence to the contrary, the most reasonable conclusion is that the “Russia Insider” caption is correct in deeming the quotation inauthentic. Surely, then, the soundest course is to refrain from using it.

      Well spotted, Dissident Millennial!

  23. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    The broad issues have been adequately covered here, as always. Allow me some particular comments.

    01 Only a handful of New York rabbis hold the secret of the largely unknown Codicil to the Ten Commandments.

    02 Said Codicil, to which their G-d was a signee, guaranteed their then continued, exclusive, private possession of all gold- and diamond resources; systematically and systemically stolen from the Boers, at the expense of UK public treasure and blood. Made possible by their heavily supported, Communist-affiliated ANC: which, otherwise, decried private property.

    03 NYC’s 47th. [ Diamond ] Street, strewn with litter, depends on it: including their peddling of aptly-named blood diamonds: those stones extracted illegally and under life-threatening and -destroying conditions. Nevertheless cut and polished in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Israel: after being smuggled in; through bribes or fabricated provenance.

    04 Most 47th. Street dealers are Orthodox, clad in voluminous garb and traditional headgear, eminently suited, AND USED for hiding sewn-in, finished diamonds from US Customs.



    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      OOPS !!!
      05 Tefillin, the small leather box filled with verses from the Torah, are worn by observant Jews as a mitzvah; either on their arm or their forehead.
      At Customs in NY, one accidentally dislodged, spilling diamonds all over the floor.

      06 But how many Customs Inspectors exist, who would volunteer to be totally cancelled, by asking an arrival to don their purposefully oversized hat to inspect their tefillin or have their seams felt for sewn-in diamonds ?

      07 Given their immense value, and devoid of embezzled tariffs, these stones serve as an untraceable instrument to finance all matter of illegal affairs, including those of governments.

      08 That Street’s peddlers then offer them to the consumer, with financing included: of course !

      I hope you know how to cope with my Codicil, by now !

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Under Charles Frey’s influence, I found myself channeling Carol Channing and “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” …

        Men grow cold
        As girls grow old,
        And we all lose our charms in the end.

        But square-cut or pear-shaped,
        These rocks don’t lose their shape;
        Diamonds are a Jew’s best mitzvah!

        … or something like that.

  24. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Allow me, once again, to encourage you to view, on You Tube , the 1994 Russian film THE CHEKIST, with subtitles. A legitimate pictorial of what our Savant describes textually. Best viewed in enlarged format.

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