England’s Multiracial Potemkin Village Football Team Fails to Achieve Heroic Propaganda Victory

Propaganda storm troopers have feelings too

People who live in the UK may not have noticed what is going on because the changes are incremental and gradual. The boiling frog, y’know. But, for someone like me, who jets in and out every now and then, and observes from afar, it’s pretty obvious. The country has the atmosphere of a North Korea or a Nazi Germany in that there is a precise version, vision, or image of the country that is constantly being pushed out by all the organs of state, the mass media, the corporations, the institutions, and especially the adverts. Call it Gleichschaltung if you will. England’s participation in the Euro Championships was just one more piece in this massive propaganda puzzle
The UK is changing and the main driver of that change is demographics — or more correctly people’s freedom not to have children, an option that earlier generations of British people simply didn’t have or they would have died out earlier. Yes, if modernity teaches us anything, it is that people on balancein general, and given the choice simply don’t like having kids much, despite whatever social signalling crap they do in the opposite direction.
The result of all this is that since condoms and “The Pill” became widely available — and even before — the UK has been parasiting population from anywhere it can get it, with the result that the country is going Black, Brown, Asian, “Mystery Meat,” you name it.
This of course creates all sorts of social and identity problems, especially when the multi-culturalism has a strongly asymmetric character as it does between native English people and some of the “less adapted” in-coming groups.

The solution to all this chaos is not for the Ruling Elites to fight demographic change, but instead to “manage” it and positively package it. Fighting it would literally mean ‘forcing’ people to have children at this point and the elites are too weak for that. So, England these days is all about the “management” of diversity. This is where the England team, which just finished its European Championships with a commendable defeat on penalties in the final, comes in.

This team is an excellent expression of the British regime’s “management” approach. Manager Gareth Southgate has been praised/condemned for his “wokeness,” but the team he put together was actually a relatively inspiring vision of a well-functioning multicultural Britain. Or, more accurately, it was a propaganda version of how the British regime wants the racially shifting plebs to see themselves and their society — namely as a high-functioning entity where nobody even sees the racial elephant in the room or the death camp demographics that will continue to suck in population from abroad.In short, the England team represents a total fantasy, just like Nazi propaganda that Hitler was a towering genius or North Korean narratives that their country is a consumer paradise. But until the British system collapses, that is the vision they are going to run with. A successful multiracial football team is the Potemkin Village of the chaotic and dysgenic low-fertility vampire-demographic states that increasingly characterize the West.

In the latest case, however, the England team fell just short of a major propaganda victory to an all-White Italian team. Even better, some of the pretty little peasant houses in the Potemkin Village blew over in the wind due to the game finally being decided on penalty kicks (PKs), something that appears to disfavour players from a sub-Saharan genetic origin.
The problem with PKs is that everyone expects you to score, so that when you do nobody notices but when you don’t nobody ever forgets it. For example, apart from managing the English football team, Gareth Southgate is mainly known for missing a PK at a previous important competition (the Euros in 1996). The end result was that some of the craftier White players (and Raheem Sterling) hung back from the potential disgrace of missing a PK, allowing young, overconfident Black players — Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, and Bukayo Saka to step up and fail.
In fact all three of England’s PK failures were by Black players, while the two that were scored were slotted in by representatives of England’s earlier population of Irish immigrants (both Harry Kane and Harry Maguire are of Irish origin). This is not to disparage any of the players. The 19-year-old Saka, at least, put in impressive performances earlier in the competition. But the cool-headed accuracy that is required to score penalties under immense pressure is probably not a major Black teenage strength.
So, rather than multiracial England celebrating a “heroic victory “secured by the PK of a young Yorubian Briton, the country was momentarily plunged into “racist” hysteria and recriminations again.
The Football Association: “Social media companies need to step up and take accountability and action to ban abusers from their platforms, gather evidence that can lead to prosecution and support making their platforms free from this type of abhorrent abuse.”

lot more propaganda, as well as an infinite amount of thought-policing by the British Stassi, is obviously required.

Saka – Heroism and idolisation deferred
Reposted with permission from Affirmative Right.
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  1. Mariana Bell
    Mariana Bell says:

    The change in “demographics” is not just racial but also social. Because of the perverse incentives of the welfare state, those who procreate are mainly the kind of people for whom children are a resource and not a responsibility, i e chavs on benefits.

    • Chet Nixon
      Chet Nixon says:

      That is certainly a major part of it. In E. Michael Jone’s book “Barren Metal”, he notes that: “Lorenzo (Medici) looted the state’s Monte Delle Doti, or dowry fund, which announced that as of 1490…that each gril would only receiove one-fifth of her dowry when she married. She would have to make due with reduced interest on the remaining four-fifths of her money.” (P.184)

      I found it quite shocking that such a thing as a state-managed Dowry Fund even existed; think of how brilliant that is, and how beneficial for a nation that would be. For every female child who is born, every parent must pay into a savings account through their taxes, but young women only receive the payment for their first wedding. If children are born out of wedlock, they get no dowry. If they become lesbians, or pansexual degenerates, or Satanists who engage in child sacrifice, no dowry. Getting married a second time will be more difficult without a dowry, thereby reducing the occurrence of divorce (70% of which are initiated by women). They were smart enough to have a system like that in place in 15th century Florence, but our rulers look at the declining birth and marriage rates, and they think “Let’s import a bunch of Spics and Niggers! That’ll fix everything!”

      If we had a system where marriages were rewarded, where you didn’t qualify for welfare dispensations for ANY child born out of wedlock, where you were required to have at least two children to receive any Social Security payout (50% for one child, and perhaps a 5-10% kicker for ever child over the second), where married homemakers could receive a monthly stipend for the number of children she has, then we’d certainly be in a much healthier place in myriad ways.

      • Mariana Bell
        Mariana Bell says:

        Tax relief for children and for the stay-at-home mother would be ok. At the moment, in UK, married mothers who choose to stay at home cannot transfer their personal allowance to working husbands who are taxed as single persons. Meanwhile, riff-raff and chavs who don’t work at all or only about 16 hours a week are rewarded with free housing, free money and free childcare (although you would think that if they are not working they could at the very least, look after their own children). I don’t think leaderships are interested in demographics and invite in Africans in order to make up the numbers. Their project is to destroy the nuclear family, Christian values, European culture and European nations. They are succeeding. London is full of Bangladeshis, West-Indians, Somalis, white trash, etc, having lots of children while the educated white middle-class are woke and kiss dogs.

        • Chet Nixon
          Chet Nixon says:

          Sometimes, I wonder if it’s worth worrying about the extinction of a group of people who can be simultaneously so lazy and so gullible. That quote from Fight Club keeps running through my head: “I wanted to put a bullet in the head of every Panda that wouldn’t fuck to save it’s species.” My ancestors left the UK to dig coal out of the Pennsylvania hills for slightly better wages than they got in Wales; imagine meeting your ancestors in heaven, or Valhalla, and telling them that their line died out not because of some epic battle with some invincible foe, but because we didn’t want to get baby vomit on our favorite cardigan. “What the fuck’s a cardigan?!”

  2. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    Apart from the blunders Southgate made over the taking of penalties, there is a good argument to say he did not pick the strongest possible squad. ( To see what I am getting at you will need to be familiar with top flight English players. )

    This is Southgate’s 26 man squad – Black players (9)highlighted
    Goalkeepers: (3) Sam Johnstone (West Bromwich Albion), Jordan Pickford (Everton), Aaron Ramsdale (Sheffield United)

    Defenders: (10) Ben Chilwell (Chelsea), Conor Coady (Wolves), Reece James (Chelsea), Harry Maguire (Manchester United), Tyrone Mings (Aston Villa), Luke Shaw (Manchester United), John Stones (Manchester City), Kieran Trippier (Atletico Madrid), Kyle Walker (Manchester City), Ben White (Brighton & Hove Albion)

    Midfielders: (5) Jude Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund), Jordan Henderson (Liverpool), Mason Mount (Chelsea), Kalvin Phillips (Leeds), Declan Rice (West Ham)

    Forwards: (8) Dominic Calvert-Lewin (Everton), Phil Foden (Manchester City), Jack Grealish (Aston Villa), Harry Kane (Tottenham), Marcus Rashford (Manchester United), Bukayo Saka (Arsenal), Jadon Sancho (Borussia Dortmund), Raheem Sterling (Manchester City)

    This is what Soutgate’s squad looks like with the black players removed:

    Goalkeepers: Sam Johnstone (West Bromwich Albion), Jordan Pickford (Everton), Aaron Ramsdale (Sheffield United)

    Defenders: Ben Chilwell (Chelsea), Conor Coady (Wolves), a), Harry Maguire (Manchester United), Luke Shaw (Manchester United), John Stones (Manchester City), Kieran Trippier (Atletico Madrid), Ben White (Brighton & Hove Albion)

    Midfielders, Jordan Henderson (Liverpool), Mason Mount (Chelsea), , Declan Rice (West Ham)

    Forwards: Phil Foden (Manchester City), Jack Grealish (Aston Villa), Harry Kane (Tottenham),

    This is my squad. Had injuries not intervened I would have had Nick Pope (Burnley) as one of the goalkeeper plus Harvey Barnes (Leicester) instead of Harry Winks.

    I would also have tried to talk Jamie Vardy into playing for England again.

    I would argue that this squad has greater goal potential, much needed width with Harrison and Albrighton and be much more likely to be panicked by the occasion because of the much greater experience within the squad.
    Goalkeepers: (3) Sam Johnstone (West Bromwich Albion), Jordan Pickford (Everton), Aaron Ramsdale (Sheffield United)

    Defenders (9): Ben Chilwell (Chelsea), Conor Coady (Wolves), Harry Maguire (Manchester United), Luke Shaw (Manchester United), John Stones (Manchester City), Kieran Trippier (Atletico Madrid), Ben White (Brighton & Hove Albion), Eric Dier (Tottenham Hotspur), Michael Keane (Everton)
    Midfielders, (8) Jordan Henderson (Liverpool), Mason Mount (Chelsea), Declan Rice (West Ham), James Ward Prows (Southampton,) James Maddison (Leicester), Marc Albrighton, (Leicester), Jack Harrison (Leeds) Jonjo Shelvey (Newcastle) U, Harry Winks (Tottenham Hotspur)

    Forwards: (5) Phil Foden (Manchester City), Jack Grealish (Aston Villa), Harry Kane (Tottenham), Patrick Bamford (Leeds) Danny Ings (Southampton)

  3. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    Reducto ad Hitlerum.
    Liddell reminds me of all of the idiot Brits I have met, that babble on about Churchill being the reason that they aren’t speaking German. Yes, Colin, Hitler was so bad a leader that he turned the economic basket case of Germany into Europe’s economic juggernaut, giving Germans a standard of living that Brits could only dream about. THAT was the cause of Britain and France declaring war on Germany. As for North Korea, I don’t see any woke there, either.
    Curious that there is no mention of 2 Italians missing penalty kicks ( I guess they are supposed to), and that had Jorginho, who was considered a sure thing, scored, there would have been no third England miss, irrespective of age or race.

    • Roland Maruska
      Roland Maruska says:

      Just as the Kaiser did, giving Germans good reasons for remaining at home, instead of emigrating to America, upon which they began beating the pants off the British workers. Result? Edward VII weaving his web of alliances around Germany, which led to WWI. Still, Germany would have prevailed, had not the idiot American doughboys gone “over there.” And as some of us know from reading The Orientalist, it was France’s huge economic losses in Bolshevik Russia that made the Frenchies demand enormous reparations from Germany after WWII. If anything, the Jews should be paying reparations to Germany. Well, now we in the US are slitting our collective throat. It’s called karma.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        I’m doubtful the Germans would have prevailed, in the end no one did, Pershing was making sure your American boys were being slaughtered in their hundreds right up until 11am, Nov, 1918.
        If it wasn’t for the hypnotic Jews dangling the illusionary and totally ridiculous prospect of American help and ‘victory’, over the idiot British eyes, the entire thing would have been settled, status-quo ante by Christmas, 1914.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Thank you so much, Mr. Curmudgeon sir, for saying what needed to be said to Colin Liddell on his latest anti-German insults. Colin is like a modern day Rudyard Kipling.

      I guess Editor MacDonald doesn’t realize that he elicits little sympathy from most readers here by comparing ‘Nazi’ Germany to North Korea, and calling it a total propaganda state. What it actually does is make someone like me take satisfaction in Britain’s steep fall from grace, and say ‘serves them right.’

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Hi Carolyn, as Putin just pointed out in a recent speech, Kipling was a great writer. And he truly was. His ‘Gods of the Copybook Headings’ was a hymn to common sense.
        Yeah he was wrong about fighting WWI, and he paid for it by losing a son, and he came to realise it was a catastrophic blunder.
        But you can’t say the German’s weren’t enthusiastic to go in to WWI either. No doubt which ever side I was on, I would have been gung-ho in my ignorance for that war as well at the start.
        The real crime of WWI wasn’t that it was begun, these were proud, hardy, militaristic men, obsessed with honour, on both sides, it was the evil of the slimy politicos and Jews that prevented a rational ending of the thing. It really should have been settled by Christmas 1914, and would have been, to satisfaction all round, except for the accursed financiers, scoundrels, and Jews, though I repeat myself.

      • Swan
        Swan says:

        The only thing Hitler did wrong was invade the Soviet union without knowing how many tanks and troops they had. And sadly, as a result, lost the war. Now western civilization is under Jewish control and the Aryan race is on a path to oblivion.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      If Hitler’s transformation of the German economy from a degenerate shambles into the envy of the world in less than 5 years interests you, you should check out the difference he made to Austria after the Anschluss, if anything it was even more impressive. I’m sorry I can’t provide you with the book I learned this from, as I’ve forgotten it, but if you are willing to look I’m sure you’d come across it.
      If ‘fascism’ is the coming together of the state and major corporations, which is what it officially is(ignoring of course the dumbo leftist use of the phrase, as just a multi-purpose swear word), then surely that means ‘fascism’ is a just neutral word, and it all simply depends on the motivations of the elites in control.
      Obviously when it’s our modern day Jewish version, where the elites are hostile aliens, and their plan is to disposes, immiserate and eventually genocide us, then this isn’t good.

      But if it was the 1920/30’s version, where the elites were patriots and nationalists, and the idea was to raise everyone’s standard of life, then ‘fascism’ appears to be the single best organising principle of society that the modern era has ever produced.

      China today is basically ‘fascist’ with the state and major corporations working hand-in-hand to elevate the people, and that civilisation is right now about a good 50 years ahead of the West, with the gap growing every day.
      Japan also after WWII pursued a similar policy of an open market but with the state working in tandem with it’s main industries to leap ahead of the ‘winners’ of WWII, and South Korea is much the same story, post the Korean war.

      I’ll never forget watching an old 1960’s era documentary about Australian soldiers going with a TV crew to ‘make peace’ with their former enemies in Japan. The veterans on both sides were bitter, as for the Aussies, seeing a Japan that was already decades ahead of Australia was a hard pill to swallow, considering the comrades they lost, the blood sweat & tears they shed, especially on utterly savage battles like the Kokoda Trail, and only now realising they didn’t really ‘win’ anything, and the entire thing was another complete waste, exactly like the stupid waste of a war their father’s fought in.
      The Japanese vets also couldn’t bring themselves to look their former ‘enemies’ in the eye either, as the shame of losing the war was still to painful for them.

      It couldn’t have escaped our rulers eye’s that while practical communism brought nothing but misery and decline, democracy, that great idol that our elites replaced Christianity with, and post-hoc told us WWII was all about, was better, but nothing compared to fascism.

      No wonder now that Jews have wrestled complete control of the West, they initiate not communism, but fascism, as it is obviously so superior on every level.

      Our only chance is our hostile elite’s hubris, and determination to run white men out of all aspects of society and replace them with woman and coloureds. This absolutely guarantees this evil systems’ eventual collapse, our job is to just hang on in there until it happens. The quicker these morons declare war on Russia and China the better, as that will hasten the collapse, and the only way we will be able to organise any sort of internal resistance to help bring this on, is when China begin to supply us with the technological tools to do so. Most all internal resistance movements in history have needed an outside backer to get anywhere, we will be no different.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      They’ve had their ancestors religion stolen from them, their once tight-nit societies have been obliterated, and their daughters are sexual slaves to Muslim invaders.

      But yeah, at least they don’t speak German.

  4. Aristo Boho
    Aristo Boho says:

    Dear Mister Liddell,

    I will be brief and concise.

    1. Every football country has a national negative trait in the game. With England it is 99% of the time not coming through on penalties.

    2. Race has nothing to do with England’s defeat by Italy.

    3. England was splendid making it to the Final game.

    4. The Italian team is one of the best I have ever seen from that country and was the team of excellence and superior tactics in the entire championship, not to speak of veteran defender Giorgio Chiellini, and perhaps at this moment in time the number one goalkeeper in football, Gianluigi Donnarumma. I consider it even better than the teams that won the two World Cups for Italy in 1982 and 2006; this of course is my personal opinion.

    5. Mister Robert Mancini resurrected from the dead an Italian international team and was recognised by the English among others as a no less than a superior manger to Mister Gareth Southgate.

    Race has nothing to do with this, even though the Italians were all Italians, ergo, White. The better team won. Give credit where credit is due. By the way, Switzerland defeated France in penalties only to perform as poorly as England in penalties against Spain. No one could have defeated this Italian team. What was disgusting is the copy-cat mind control of taking the knee. The racial problem of European Man is well beyond football. God Bless, Aristo Boho

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I thought the football Gods would be with England, as they are just as big and fanatic for football a country as Italy, yet the Gods have been kinder to the Italians. England have only won one World Cup, on home soil, when it was still a half amateur game, and they had a helping hand from, was it a Russian linesman?
      You are correct that England have been bottling it at penalties even when they were all white, but the penalty masters are the Germans, and even as a kid I could sense through the little television screen the Teutons were miles away the mentally stronger. You could gleam it off their faces as the games would go into extra time. Something in the English team would start to depart, while the Germans seemed to gain strength the longer the thing went on. You wonder if it was like this for the English/Americans in 44’/45′?
      I can also remember a fitter, faster, more virile Nigerian team being cheated out of USA 94′ by a a technically superior, but much, much more importantly, *trickier* Italian team.

      You would think our leftist friends would see this slow bleed of what was once a carnival of genuinely diverse human beings, testing their skills against each other, giving it all they had for their people, with the nations cheering them on at home, being relentlessly diluted into a sludge of sameness, and wondering if they were not destroying something that could never be brought back again.
      We all know and understand why the Jews want this, but it must be some spell they have over our white leftist friends to get them to cheer this deeply sad project along.

      • Aristo Boho
        Aristo Boho says:

        Dear Emicho,

        Thank you for your worthy REPLY. You are correct about the Germans being the masters of final Penalties. When England lost a game on penalties to decide the victor, I would say to a mate of mine watching the game with me, “Look at how goalkeeper David Seaman’s face changes with fear.” Something psycho-emotionally collapses with England. But there is a psychological problem with certain countries when facing a particular opponent, despite the passing of years and different managers and players. Two in particular: England’s worst nightmare is Germany; Germany’s worst nightmare is Italy.

        England’s World Cup victory is historically polemical. It was a cheat on the part of the Linesman referee. The only other two I never cared for, and I could bet my bottom dollar something wasn’t right were the two victories by France. It defeated Brazil 3-0 in 2006. Mysteriously Brazil’s world class player, Mister Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima did not play the final game. And truthfully the Brazil team was ever so obviously throwing the game the way a boxer throws a fight. And what is the use of having a Video Assistance Referee to exactly have the truth of a controversial play in a game or a too close for the referee to decide when Croatia was robbed by a decision that there was a handball which never took place. I assure you I’ve nothing against France, albeit fifty percent African.

        Italy showed tactical skill against a great Nigerian team with only ten men.

        Whites whatever Left or Right, are a weak pathetic race, and have been for some time, definitely in the 20th Century. Hedonism and superficiality in the free world. No Jew is stopping thousands of Europeans to not go and defend and prevent the statues of General Robert Edward Lee and others yesterday from being taken down. My friend forget Left-Right. It is Materialism versus Spirituality as in Physical against Metaphysical. Keep forever strong and be a spiritual warrior and Ride The Tiger to ascend like Christ Our Lord. God Bless, Aristo Boho. Hey Viva Razza Bianca Argentina over Brasil for The American Cup! A population 77% Italian, the rest Spanish and some Germans.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Whites weren’t weak when they were slogging it out in the trenches, or bravely, facelessly, as nothing but statistics, going down to their lonely deaths in the freezing Atlantic Ocean for six years straight, in the next war.
          Most would mention ‘storming the beaches of Normandy’, but actually there wasn’t all that much ‘storming’ going on, they just turned up. Fair enough some Yanks had a little struggle at Omaha, but in reality the whole D-Day myth is almost as ridiculous as the entire war myth.
          It was actually bad for drama’s sake the Nazis lost, as their heroics in the Balkans, the Desert, and in the no-where-lands of deep Russia would have made much better films, and not just the commando stuff. Area bombing defenceless civilians just ain’t the same, no matter the bravery of the pilots the British elite just threw away like yesterdays rubbish.

          I agree whites are now weak, but it’s a gross slander to say our forefathers in the first half of the 20th century were.

          Everyone blames the change on the 60’s, and Peter Hitchens has suggested it wasn’t someone putting something in the water that made that generation of boomers all go mad, it was what was in the air, the music. I reckon we will live to understand that things were put in the water round about this time, and the air, and all the increased radio, electro-magnetic, radiation and God knows what else.
          I’m sure future histories will link all this dumping of anti-human substances bombarding us from every direction as playing their part in making us weak.
          Might sound bonkers, but no one can explain the catastrophic drop in male sperm count from this time, which is perhaps as near perfect a predicter of virility and spirit in men as anyone could possibly dream up.

          • Aristo Boho
            Aristo Boho says:

            Dear Emicho,

            There is no slander on my part. I’m not referring to all Whites in the entire 20th Century. But the homicidal degeneration does begin without a doubt after World War I. It continued to accelerate and has arrived to the point where we are now and what we’re surrounded with. Prime Minister Benito Mussolini wrote an article in the 1930’s in “Il Popolo D’Italia” republished in English soon after in Illinois’ “Chicago Tribune” about the superficiality of the White Race and what it meant to the future of Aryan man. In the arts this was understood by the playwright, Mister Noel Coward in his play of 1931, “Cavalcade” brought to the screen by Mister Frank Lloyd in 1933. This by the way was Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s favourite film until “The Grapes Of Wrath”. Twenty-seven years later, 1960, the decadence and decline of Western Man would by even more intellectually and poetically conveyed to us in “La Dolce Vita’ by Mister Federico Fellini. Before we arrive to the latter part of the 1960’s into the 1970’s there is a deformed child growing into adulthood. Of course there are horrendous historical precedents going back centuries.

            Nothing is strange with what you state in your last paragraph. Nothing whatsoever. The great nutritionist Doctor Carleton Fredericks with regard to poor diets stated once that if you lined up men and women facing a wall you could not tell who was female or male. God Bless, Aristo Boho

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Sorry for being pedantic, but I must correct you on an historical point. France defeated Brazil 3-0 in 1998, not 2006, when Ronaldo crumbled in the final. This time is imprinted in my memory for all time, for reasons I will explain.
          Not sure it’s appropriate or germane that I should share this(I’ll leave it to the mod), but watching Scotland lose their third group game, when pre-kick-off they had a chance to go through, was a very memorable first for me, as, and I’m thinking very carefully how I put this, I was lured to watch this important game by two girls of my own school age, who then proceeded to spend the match ‘experimenting sexually’ on me, when I was genuinely interested in the actual game, and naively thought beforehand that they were as well.
          I remember us all three quickly pulling up the covers and acting as innocently as we could as the girl whose house it was, her mother would knock on the door at half time with sandwiches and refreshments at hand.
          This may sound strange, but I knew for sure at the time the girl’s mother knew exactly what was going on, and I also knew, or guessed, why she condoned it: I was the same age as the girls, and very, very young looking for 14, while this particular girl’s normal boyfriends were more the 19 & upward variety. The mother, probably seeing & remembering herself in her own daughter, knew exactly who the instigator of this ‘ménage à trois’ was.

          I put this here not to boast or brag, it’s more just a sort of social point, highlighting the sexual norms for 14 year olds in Scotland in 1998, for anyone who is interested.
          My information is it was much the same in the entire Western World at this point in time, and is even more degenerate, actually, it’s much, much more degenerate these days. Frankly, it’s disgusting and out of control.
          There is no way on earth today’s collapse in sexual restraint among the young is ‘normal’. So I presume I lived through the very end of what was normal, since when? the boomer era?
          I’m fascinated by all social history, and from what I’ve read, my experience was a good bit more liberal than the Victorian age, but that age was I believe in fact an anomaly, and all times before that were much more like my own time.

          Anyway, no need for any replies to this, I’m a bit off topic, it’s a boiling day in Scotland and the Sun and alcohol I believe has me rather straying from the subject at hand me thinks.

          • Aristo Boho
            Aristo Boho says:

            Dear Emicho,

            Thank you for the correction about the date of the World Football Cup when France defeated Brazil 3-0. And you’re not pedantic. One point: Mister Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima did not crumble in the final. He just did not play. It was a fix. Watch the game, if you or others so wish. Just like a boxer throwing a fight.

            God forbid The Victorian World! Yes, not everything was negative, but it was the codification of the Puritanical of The Reformation on pseudo-forms of proper behaviour. The final icing on the cake of control of the English: Children must be seen and not heard! Ugh! Disgusting! Keep well and strong. God Bless, Aristo Boho

    • K
      K says:

      Well the Italian team is an all-Italian team, but are they all-White?
      I mean the goalkeeper does not look White. Could it be due to the mixing that has happened in that land from centuries ago?

      • Aristo Boho
        Aristo Boho says:

        Dear Mister/Miss K,

        Yes, the Italian team is all White, because we Italians like others of the White Race/ European/ Caucasian in our case LATINS, are White. The Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma does look White because he is White, but not as in Ivory. Certainly not: but who is? Has there been racial mixing centuries past? Of course, but this through the centuries doesn’t change the racial factor, in this case, The White Race. The problem amongst non Latins is with the Anglo-Saxon not the German. The latter is far too cultured to have these fixations. And in stating this I am not referring to the death of Germany as all of Europe, America and the Antipodes with what is taking place to-day. There isn’t any such a thing as a pure race. It is pseudo-biology. Yet Goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma is Neapolitan, White. Would you like to find some of the most beautiful blondes and red heads amongst the females? Go south. One point: the racial mixing when that occurred in the Classical world was by way of Empire. To-day we are within a nightmare that is socially engineered. The Greeks and Romans never were for the elimination of themselves racially.

        Once again, it was athletic prowess that made Italy the exceptional team of the tournament. And England carried it to the Final. The three Negroes who missed the penalties were no different than years back; Caucasian after Caucasian for England would do the same. If there is a team that shockingly has racially changed it is Germany. I never saw so many Blacks and half-castes on that country’s team. My friend, Europe is beyond repair. God Bless, Aristo Boho

        POST SCRIPT: The journalist Mister David Halberstam alluded to the less than White team of the Saint Louis Cardinals, with many Blacks, who defeated the New York Yankees in the 1964 World Series. This was rubbish because the same racial difference was with the Cardinals and Detroit Tigers in the 1968 World Series but this time the Tigers mostly White were victorious. Mister Halberstam and those like him are pure trash and propagandists whether directly or indirectly, of being against Europeans. Other than the fact the Yankees were robbed of Game 5. But this is another story.

  5. dolph
    dolph says:

    It was satisfying to see England lose, but sports are just more prole feed for the masses before the collapse begins. The hour is growing late for all of us, and the Jews and rich are consolidating their positions so that they can attempt both to live forever, and pass on their wealth to their little orgy spawn.

    Little do they know that nature cares not for them, and the resources that they exploited to exhaustion are running out, and they don’t magically piss silver or gold (or oil or coal or gas or uranium or anything else).

    It may be over for us, but it’s over for them as well, and that is our consolation. This is not wishful thinking, it’s a material/energetic reality. They can attempt to replace us all with slaves and immigrants, but eventually they run out of slaves and immigrants as well as suckers for their ponzi system.

      • Ned J. Casper
        Ned J. Casper says:

        You can, of course, “redefine” a donkey as a racehorse, a chihuahua as a mastiff, a black hole as a hole of colour, a Tibetan as a Chinese, a Haitian as a Welshman, and so forth. “The question is whether you can make words mean so many different things,” said Alice aka Jameela aka Latrina aka Bobby-Jo.

  6. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    Being born into an atheist world, my first religion was football, it was what I thought about during 90% of my waking hours as a kid. During school lessons I played entire matches in my head with pencils and rubbers as players and balls. I played it with my pals every single break time and all night long till it was too dark to see. Football was all I lived for, and World Cups were the highlight. I remember being utterly fascinated by the history of all the old World Cups before my time, but puzzled, because I had absolutely zero interest in the history of domestic football, and could never understand why this was.
    Presumably it was the romance of the differing nations and peoples playing off against each other. Greeks vs Scots, Swedes vs Germans, Dutch vs Brazilians, Argentinians, Italians, Spaniards, all looked and played differently. Even the exotic African teams, like Cameroon and Roger Milla in 1990, was romance personified to me.
    And when you got the odd obvious immigrants in various teams, it didn’t really effect it to much, if at all. I’m glad I witnessed this as a child.
    When I got older and into politics my interest in football died, it was really just a childish thing to me, no offence intended to the working class die-hards who still love football, but when I look at it now, 25 years later, with female commentators, ‘goal-line technology’, woke political garbage on the pitch, half black half white English teams, and pathetic middle class toss-pots pretending they are right into it, so they can be ‘down with the proles’, it just sickens me, and I thank God I was young before football was so corrupted & ruined with all this garbage.
    It used to annoy me how the snooty BBC news readers would kind of sigh, as they were forced to read out the latest pointless football results for the proles, now it’s their fake enthusiasm that annoys me even more. At least back then they were honest.

    In the grand scheme of things, football is worthless. But the elites now play it up as a distraction while they go about destroying everything that’s important. If only 90,000 patriotic England fans would walk out of Wembley and march straight to Parliament, and hang from Tower Bridge every traitor politician who enabled the Pakistani ‘grooming'(sexual slavery) scandal. Now that would be something to cheer!

  7. Oscar Wilson
    Oscar Wilson says:

    Blacks have a comparative biological advantage in their legs – runnin’, hip-hoppin’, boxin’, dancin’, muggin’ &c.
    National sports teams are increasing less “national” but consist largely of highly-paid mercenaries from all over, in clubs owned by promoters of foreign origin. However, no-one would expect the Inuit long-jump team to beat the Kenyan contestants. In one sense, all that now matters anyway in a soccer match is watching the game itself play out. Meritocratic elitism and competition are permitted to the Negrid peoples (pygmies excepted) because popular entertainment is valued more than intellectual achievement in a decadent society, and that includes the drunken half-wits who give “Ingerland” a bad name on the pitch or outside.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      When I last took any interest in football, which was nearly 20 years ago now, there was a rule for European competitions where you were only allowed three foreigners in your side, at any one time. It was obviously hard luck on the less talented nations, but it used to make for fantastic banter and debate among us fans.
      I presume this is now just a relic of history? Another thing worthy and good, sacrificed on the alter of Mammon?

  8. Horst D. FLEMMER
    Horst D. FLEMMER says:

    Italty won! The Brits can`t stand a winner. They call themselves as being fair.
    This is the biggest lie ever declared in the human history.

    Horst D. Flemmer
    Bombing Survivor
    CEO of GLM.

  9. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    What has race to do with football?
    We (in Germany and I think in GB and USA also) live under alltime-propaganda for multikulti, even for a multikulti that will destroy the European folks. All aspects of life are all the time under this propagada, and also they want to create fear to you in order that you will not speak against it.
    The English team was a propaganda-instrument for “black and white can live and work together, that is a good thing, no other opinion is allowed”.
    Southgate ordered three negroes at the end of the penalty-kick-decision. So that, no matter whether the decision will end after the third, fourth, or fifth shooter, always a negroe will have saved England and will have brought the cup to the island.
    It is not important whether the single black player is a good penalty-kicker, the much more important thing is the planned propaganda move.
    We have such things in Germany (state television and other places) at each and every day in the week.
    In the very case of London this action backfired heavily. Nonetheless, they are doing similar things all the time and very often the propaganda is successful.

    • T.Gilligan
      T.Gilligan says:

      Karlfriend, thank you for your interesting comment. Post WW2 Germany: what was the reason to import huge amount of foreign labour from Asia Minor,i.e Turkey? What is the situation now with the importation of the ‘cultural enrichers’ in terms of quantity and its toxic effect on cities and towns?
      I agree with most of the Colin Liddell article – some points are moot; then one can’t agree in total with all aspects of writing.
      English football has been over monetised and over politicised with maudlin and nauseating sycophancy dolloped at the ‘minorities’ at the irrevocable expense of the masses (of largely suburban indigenous working class Anglo-Saxons).
      And unfortunately, the masses of the aforementioned played right in the ‘minority’ victim game for the media to hurl around ‘racism’ accusations even at Prime Minister Johnson
      I would take two knees for the Anglo-Irish 60 year old stabbed and killed in the centre of London exactly a fortnight ago by an illegal migrant from Ethiopia.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I’d bet the farm you are 100% on target here. The state/corporate propaganda of a black English football hero would have been beyond epic, and would have disgusted and demoralised any and all normal Brits who are still barking-mad enough to watch mainstream television.
      Actually, it would have been so outrageously in-your-face anti-white, it probably would finally kill off for *good* the self-destructive TV addiction of millions of normal people.
      Normal people, that all the black Tudor Queens, homosexual dramas in soaps, miscegenation in adverts, female action heroes, and all the rest of the garbage the long suffering British man-on-the-street has been put through, but failed yet to kill his addiction.
      You are right, a black English football hero, in their minds, the perfect weapon to direct at the stupid peasants who they cannot fathom, it would have led to an Olympic orgy of black worship, a literal orgasm of pent-up propaganda, to rub into the faces and souls of every medieval prole that refuses to celebrate & cheer the destruction and rape of the land of his forefathers.

      The elite are, at this point so stupid that such a thing would simply backfire, as I’m sure it really would finally kill the TV habit in a huge number of Brits, who still have at least have some level of self respect, and a tiny bit of spirit still about them, somewhere.
      Obviously the elite wouldn’t care they’d over-shot their bolt, lost in arcadia as they’d be, savouring every moment, salivating & drowning in their black-worship, in the lovely warm glow of their own suicide ideology, as high on their own supply as it’s humanly possible to be.

      Yeah, I reckon we can chalk that one down as an opportunity lost. But as night follows day, they’ll think up and enact some other way to grovel, slavour, and prostrate themselves at the feet of some bemused black man(it must be a man, as the hardest targets to convert are working class white men – and it’s one of their kinks to add a sexual dimension for all the moronic millennial white woman, who are most easily manipulated by this gibberish), while intimidating & cajoling as many others as possible to follow in their lead.

      We’ve all here just stood at the crossroads together, and watched in increasing alarm & gathering fear as two massive trains hurdled towards each other, at frightening speed.
      They were supposed to crash straight into each other, and the resulting images left imprinted on our brains would have been ghastly hideous, well far past and beyond what the human imagination could possibly dream up.
      But it didn’t happen. The trains stayed on their own tracks, and passed each other without incident. But all of us knew, deep down inside, we’d been protected by the Gods this night. Next time, whenever that is, we shan’t be so lucky.

  10. Swan
    Swan says:

    The demographic decline of Europeans everywhere is a deliberately orchestrated genocide. Consider the environmental overpopulation propaganda, promotion of feminism, hedonism, and homosexuality all while aiding mass migration of 3rd worlders. It’s genocide pure and simple. Sadly we, the pro-whites, people who, through Jewish subversion are considered worse than child molesters, are the only people of our kind aware who of it. The pro multicultural propaganda has been going on for years. No surprise it’s in soccer

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Your post struck me as dispiriting, so I thought I’d hit you with an argument that might cheer you up.
      Up until, like, 1950 or so, only half of white people made it to five years old and above(I’m talking wildly roughly). This was nature weeding out the unfit.
      Since then, when basically all white people(the 75% or whatever it is, who survive abortion I mean) have lived to grow to adults, is this race of ours something to be proud of?
      I don’t mean our race as in what our race has accomplished over 2,000 years, I mean as in what we have accomplished since the 1960’s, the ones alive we see today.
      Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything we have done to be proud of, with rare, small exceptions, like the Rhodesian Bush War for example. But this is a micro-speck of our current race.
      Our only accomplishments have been negative ones, and they have been spectacular, no doubt.
      The Lord worketh in mysterious ways remember.
      With the mass culling of white people, which is looking more and more predictable every month, perhaps future generations of whites, those ancestors of the few based ones, who managed to survive, those that didn’t drink the Kool-aid of white guilt, who didn’t get injected with weird gene-therapies, those who were clued-up enough to pass on to their progeny who the real enemy of our people are, so it’s not an unsayable mystery to them.
      The whites who manage to survive the coming Armageddon will be wide awake to where the real danger lies, will never fall for the garbage our generations fell for, these will be the founding stock of the whites who make it into the next century and beyond, and encoded in their DNA will be all the lessons that saw the greatest human civilisation ever to emerge from mankind, go from mastery of the world, to hating themselves, and going along with their own euthanising, in only 100 short years.
      I do believe that any fair minded observer would look at the state of white people today, and say “this is not a lean race. This is not the human beings who dragged themselves, and the entire world, out of the medieval age and into modernity. There is flab here. There is corruption. There are cancers all over this sick child of the greatest human beings that ever walked the earth. It really will not be a huge sin to see much of these deformed creatures, err, leave the building.”

      Our slaughter could be the making of us. Not that I’m hoping for it, just that it won’t be The End.
      If whites can go from top of the food tree to bottom in 100 years, so can our tormentors. History seems to rhyme with a certain desert clan of Satanists getting what was coming to them. Really their power over us, no power in all human history in fact is ever as strong and invulnerable as it appears to the un-informed peasants of the age and time(I’m talking about me and you).

      Do you really think the next 500 years of human existence on earth, is going to be dominated by East Asians, with their ethnic homogeneity, futuristic cities, pride, history, culture, virility and spirit? Or do you think it will be dominated by hermaphrodites like Bill Gates and his male ‘wife’, weirdo paedophiles like the banking elites that worship pagan gods from antiquity, drink the blood of children, and imagine they are going to fuse their bodies with technology and live forever? Karma exists, and it will come for it’s due from these weirdos currently destroying our societies.

      Please note, I include myself in the unworthy. We are unworthy. But as long as we just keep on keeping on, we do our little bit of good every day, and grasp at the chance if we ever get the opportunity to do some real good, we will in a way, unfathomable to our own understanding, fortify the whites who do survive the coming slaughter, and ensure that the race that they pass on is the absolute antithesis of the horror show you see before you today.

      • Swan
        Swan says:

        Not a bad argument; however, the future is not predictable given the random nature of the universe.

  11. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    T.Gilligan, thank you for asking. Around 1960 Germany´s industry was prospering and then came up the question: automatisaton or import of labour. We had enough Europeans who could work as guest workers (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia). But due to the order of the USA we had to take Turkish guest workers also. The German administration did not want it, the disadvantages could be foreseen easily. But the German government had to obey. This was the starting point.
    The nowadays situation is an ongoing catastrophe. Masses of third-world-people, with many children.
    If there will not be a clear change, than the German folk will disappear within a few years, a few decades at most.
    One example. A negroe stabbed three German women to death and injured 6 other people. Look at the picture of one of the victims and think yourself.
    A few days later the German Football team kneed down in Wembley, but not for the German women who died in Würzburg, but for a negroe in the USA.
    That is anti-German-propaganda, that is anti-white-propaganda, it is even anti-human propaganda.
    It is the direct opposite to humanity. It is: Political correctness.

  12. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    Some informations about Germany, Denmark, Europe:
    Many people think that the grip of politcal correctness is total. But they work against nature and they will loose at the end. Changes will come suddenly, and there is a striking example.
    In the litte country of Denmark the Danish dislike the Africans and other foreigners (in Denmark) strongly.
    Now they have a law, that these people must leave their homes in case that there are more than 50% “Non-Europeans” in a town-quarter. German television came and filmed one example.
    An Arab, 34years old, born in Denmark, Danish passport, family, three children, entrepreneur, never did something offensive, lived in the same block for 15 years:
    He is a non-European and this fact alone qualifies him for the law that he must leave his home.
    He acknowledged it, that he knows that in the business, when he sells falafel to international tourists, he is welcome, but outside this scene he is not welcome. He knows this and he admits it.
    Other arabs who were filmed said the same. They know that they are not welcome.
    The most interesting thing: the German television film did not make a judgement. They just reported. They said: (qoute) In Denmark a democratic majority wants that politics. (end of quote) — And what is in Denmark, may become reality all over Europe.
    The film:
    Dänemark: Mit einer Quote im Wohngebiet gegen “Ghettobildung” | Weltspiegel
    The ARD is the largest television chain (more or less state owned).

    And the next film, also from the ARD, is about negroes in Japan. Almost satirical.

  13. Gianluigi
    Gianluigi says:

    Has it not all been downhill for Whites since the end of WW2? “They” won; we lost. Time to overturn that outcome or perish. Our racial destruction, the destruction of our nations has been planned by the “victors”. Ironically the British who have been the biggest losers of all still fancy themselves as having “won the war”.

    • Aristo Boho
      Aristo Boho says:

      Dear Gianluigi,

      Yes, it has been downhill for Whites since the great defeat of Gold over Blood, The Material over the Spiritual. The only overturn can be Metaphysical because such is the problem. The Victors did indeed plan it. And we must apprehend that the victorious ones weren’t the respective Anglo-Saxon populations of England and her four New World Siblings, or even the populations subjected by the Soviet Communists, but a Satanic Elite. What I call a Technology Of Evil. Go forward bravely and be a spiritual warrior.

      I only want to say to you and all, how tragic the journey in this BLOG has been that Race should be the predominant factor in analysing and reflecting upon The European Football Cup. I will repeat in different words: 1. England played splendidly arriving to the final game. 2. No one could’ve defeated Italy. Its manager, tactics, and team unity was monolithic: thirty-four unbeaten consecutive matches. God Bless, Aristo Boho

  14. Rae Wset
    Rae Wset says:

    @Colin Liddell—
    You seem to be forgetting the massive deaths in Britain as a result of WW1 and WW2. Look up the figures. Doubtless you think they were unavoidable; try to see your way through that. And it’s been deliberate policy by Jews to import aliens, at the cost of the local Brits. They are housed, fed, ‘educated’ etc at the expense of the locals and their once-large accumulated assets. Same in the USA of course.

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