The January 6 Capitol Protester Prosecutions: Punishing Thought Crimes and Eroding Freedom of Assembly

Freedom-loving Americans have myriad reasons to be alarmed by the Department of Justice’s ongoing dragnet prosecutions of the Jan 6 Capitol protestors. Foremost among them, perhaps, is why many of these defendants are being prosecuted at all.  Copious first-hand testimony and abundant videos available to the public — and the government has many more videos never publicly disclosed — show the Capitol police allowing many polite and unarmed so-called “rioters” into the Capitol, where they caused no harm.  Are some of these now defendants? Moreover, a robust interpretation of the First Amendment’s “right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” arguably protects some of the defendants’ actions.

Other troubling issues raised by the DOJ’s prosecutions include why the government has dedicated such immense resources to the prosecutions; why it has made such aggressive use of informants and secret FBI agents; why it has used shock and awe methods to effect arrests; and its inhumane treatment of the Jan 6 defendants while in pretrial detention. These are traits of a police state.

A further disturbing issue is the government’s — and unfortunately the courts’ — rationale for denying bail to many of the Jan 6 defendants, a rationale that glosses over Constitutionally critical distinctions between punishing conduct and punishing thought.  The District of Columbia Court of Appeals’ recent decision in United States v. Timothy Hale-Cusanelli  is a case in point.

Before discussing Hale-Cusanelli, a little background is appropriate on the Supreme Court’s cases addressing the Constitutionality under the First Amendment of punishing persons for “hate.”  In its 1992 R. A. V.  v.  St. Paul decision, the Supreme Court struck down on First Amendment grounds a Bias-Motivated Crime Ordinance enacted by the City of St. Paul, Minnesota, that prohibited display of a symbol that “arouses anger, alarm or resentment in others on the basis of race, color, creed, religion or gender.”  The Court held the ordinance impermissibly punished disfavored viewpoints, i.e., imposed prohibitions on those who expressed disfavored views on “race, color, creed, religion or gender” while permitting displays containing abusive invective that did not address those topics. By contrast, a year later in Wisconsin v. Mitchell the Court upheld a penalty enhancement law that increased the penalties for certain specified crimes of violence if the defendant selected the victim because of the victim’s “race, religion, color, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or ancestry.” The Court reasoned that judges have traditionally and properly considered a wide variety of factors in sentencing, including the defendant’s motive. The Court distinguished the R. A. V. case, holding that the ordinance in R. A. V. was explicitly directed at protected expression while the statute in Wisconsin was aimed at unprotected conduct. While acknowledging “a defendant’s abstract beliefs, however obnoxious to most people, may not be taken into consideration by a sentencing judge,” it held the First Amendment does not prohibit evidentiary use of speech to prove motive or intent.

Against this background, consider the following facts about Timothy Hale-Cusanelli:

  • On January 6, 2021, he traveled to Washington to attend the “Stop the Steal” rally.
  • He had worked as a private security guard with a security clearance and was a sergeant in the army reserves with no incidents of violence or dereliction of duty.
  • He wore a suit and tie and did not bring any weapon.
  • He eventually made his way to the Capitol, where he entered through doors that had already been kicked open.
  • He later admitted to a Confidential Human Source (”CHS”), who secretly recorded their conversations, that he had participated in the events on January 6, specifically that he had used voice and hand signals to urge others to “advance.”
  • In a recorded conversation with the CHS, Hale-Cusanelli stated that it was “only a matter of time” before a civil war broke out “along partisan lines” and that he “really wishes” there would be a civil war. When the CHS interrupted and said “but a lot of people would die,” Hale- Cusanelli replied “Thomas Jefferson said the tree of liberty should be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
  • On January 29, 2021, he was indicted on seven counts involving trespass and disorderly conduct in connection with the events of January 6.
  • After his arrest, the government interviewed 44 of his coworkers, and 34 of them described him “as having extremist or radical views pertaining to the Jewish people, minorities, and women.”
  • Prior to January 6, he used a YouTube channel to upload a series of videos under the name “Based Hermes Show.” In the videos, he expressed views that the government characterized as racist and anti-Semitic.
  • The government found on Hale-Cusanelli’s cell phone a photo of him with a Hitler mustache and haircut.
  • The only arrest on his record occurred in 2010 when he was arrested with three other codefendants after one of them used a homemade PVC launcher (i.e., a potato gun) to fire frozen corn cobs at a home, in a dispute over a stolen bicycle, causing minor damage. Everyone in the house was white. The potato gun, however, had written on it “white is right” and a drawing of the confederate flag.
  • On March 23, 2021, the District Court denied bail to Hale-Cusanelli, thus keeping him in pretrial detention, after ruling he was “dangerous” within the meaning of the Bail Reform Act, i.e., “no condition or combination of conditions will reasonably assure . . . the safety of any other person and the community.”
  • The District Court acknowledged that were it ”just looking at what [Hale-Cusanelli] did on January 6, he would be a free man right now.” Nonetheless it ruled him dangerous and denied bail based, essentially, on three factors:  the potato gun incident; Hale-Cusanelli’s “history of racist and violent language” including his statements about a civil war and his quotation from Jefferson;  and concern that he might seek retribution in some way against the CHS.
  • After an appeal, on July 7, 2021, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals affirmed the District Court’s denial of bail based on Hale-Cusanelli’s “dangerousness.”

What is wrong with the District Court’s decision and the appellate court’s affirmance?  Plenty.

First, the government’s and courts’ use of the potato gun incident would be laughable if it were not appalling. Not much cynicism is required to see it as an ignominious instance of the extreme lengths to which the government will go to prosecute persons whose views it finds unacceptable.

Second, none of the District Court’s three grounds for denying bail had any direct relationship to the trespass and disorderly conduct charges for which Hale-Cusanelli was arrested.  His case, accordingly, differs markedly from the Wisconsin case in which the Supreme Court upheld penalty enhancement for violent crimes committed with racist motives. Hale-Cusanelli’s case is much more like the R. A. V. case, in which the Supreme Court disapproved punishing persons for their abstract beliefs. The rationale of the Hale-Cusanelli decision improperly allows the government to arrest a person on innocuous charges involving no violence, e.g., trespassing, employ its massive resources to ferret out the person’s disfavored views, then hold him in pretrial detention indefinitely based not on his conduct but on the “dangerousness” of those views — in other words, to punish him for his abstract beliefs.

Third, just what is so “dangerous” about Hale-Cusanelli’s views, which the government with great effort uncovered after employing a CHS, interviewing 44 of Hale-Cusanelli’s coworkers, and going through his computer and cell phone? That civil war is inevitable and may be desirable? There are probably millions across the political spectrum who agree with that sentiment. Suppressing such views does not abate, at least not for long,  the divisive forces at work in the country.  One may grant that posing in a photograph with a Hitler mustache and haircut is eccentric and unsavory, but is he to be imprisoned indefinitely for being an unsavory eccentric?  And is quoting Jefferson now “dangerous”?

Finally, it bears emphasis that Hale-Cusanelli has suffered greatly for his expression of views that are protected under the First Amendment. Do not be misled by the euphemistic “pre-trial detention.”  He is behind bars just as though he had been convicted and sentenced to prison.  In fact, his punishment is more severe: in many federal prisons there is at least a semblance of humane conditions — libraries, gymnasiums — rarely found in pretrial detention. And if Hale-Cusanelli is acquitted — which he may be — he has no realistic hope of compensation for the de facto prison time imposed on him.

This kind of governmental overreach should not be happening in America or any country that respects basic civil liberties, and FEF strongly condemns it.

By Glen K. Allen, Esq., attorney for The Free Expression Foundation, Inc. (“FEF”), a 501c3 nonprofit.  Support for FEF’s efforts to protect free expression and freedom of assembly are greatly appreciated and much needed.  Contact:; 800-979-8891.

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  1. Randy
    Randy says:

    Lavrentiy Beria would have approved of the way our “Justice” Department is dealing with Timothy Hale-Cusanelli. “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

    • Mikhail Vasilievich
      Mikhail Vasilievich says:

      For sure! But they are hypocritically playing the game, “obeying” and “interpreting” the formal rules. Beria had more power for prosecuting people. In Soviet Union, the law was just a fence for foreigners not to shock them too much and maintain the USSR’s reputation. The secret police could shoot or torture without any legal orders or permissions (in some cases, just for fun, especially in concentration camps).
      Nevertheless, you are living in a country with a strong formal legal system, which cannot be just stepped over at the moment. But a formal law can be “expanded” in the desired direction – that is the current headache of the DOJ system.

      I think, you should better beware of what can happen. You should better stop the evil now, if you do not want to find yourself in a situation when the law is written for the theory only, and in practice the police would not have to find excuses to arrest you, enter your house etc. It would be difficult to regain your country if it were North American Soviet Socialist Maoist Republic, you know!

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        01 Not far from either my aunt’s house in Communist East Berlin, or from Europe’s second largest synagogue on Oranienburger Strasse, the STASI maintained a secret cellar for extrajudicial executions.

        02 The Bolsheviks’ random, sadistic, innumerable, laughingly judicially ordered executions are best portrayed for all in the Russian film THE CHEKIST , available on you tube. There is an edition with subtitles: unnecessary, since the actions speak for themselves: and then some !

        03 It all takes place in the infamous NKVD Lubjanka Prison, off Red Square, the erstwhile All-Russian Insurance Company.

        04 There were a sufficient number of quite obviously ethnically Jewish Political Commissars among the Red Army occupation Forces in post-War Berlin, East Germany and the remaining East European nations, gifted by that impecunious drunkard to Stalin.

        05 All of smaller than average stature, disgusting countenances, high riding boots, laborers’ caps and three quarter length leather coats.

        06 Assigned to each larger military unit and treated as superior to its commander, of whatever rank. [ Increasingly like American society, Business and its State Legislatures, Congress and SC ]/

        07 Much of what you are warning us of, in your last paragraph, has already occurred, multiple times: perhaps to gauge our reaction for the guaranteed, ever so well camouflaged and harmlessly misnamed next time.

        08 I deeply regret, daily, what your nation and mine were profitably manipulated into doing to one another.

        09 Daily, I wash the world’s untreated sewage out of my system by watching, among others, RUSSIA GOT TALENT. There is an 8 year old Moscow girl by the name of Anna Volkova. A singer and a world treasure, singing ” My Love will go on “. Evelina and Ilya, two young icedancers as well, with multiple magnificent, unequalled performances.

        10 Thankfully they and some of their kinds’ parents and grandparents did not fall victim to any of these, contemporaneously celebrated NYT and WAPO murderous swine: with their front feet and dripping snouts still in the trough for their anticipated next round.


        • Rae West
          Rae West says:

          How closely do you think Freemasons/ Common Purpose etc types correspond to the large numbers of collaborators with Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe? Serious question.

          • Mikhail Vasilievich
            Mikhail Vasilievich says:

            Well, there may be some correlation. But “collaborators” is not the right word, I suppose. “Servants” is more precise. At least in Russia and Ukraine. The political regime has not been overthrown when the USSR fell; it has been continued and run by the members of Party under USSR (Yeltsin, Putin). After the White House assault in the October of 1993, virtually all means of political public representation were gradually prohibited. So, that is the continuation of the Soviet system (with private property and market allowed).
            And that also corresponds to the fact that the majority of Jews has left Russia – now they represent only about 0,25% of population; but they are largely over-represented in extremely rich, banking, commerce, journalism, scientific administration (not actually in science, mostly) and government and politics. So, it can be better described as a vertical command system.

            If you mean the XIX – XX century, there are connections, of course. What is the relationship between them – it is a complicated question. For example, some of the February (of 1917) “revolutionaries” were connected to Freemasons, but the exact types of connections are complex and unknown for us in total. These revolutionaries also recieved money from the foreign intelligence services, for example.

            Did I answer your question?

            To Charles Frey.

            Are you from East Germany? If so, you are already aware. I think, most of you understand the dangers. Nevertheless, most of Americans, in my opinion, take for granted the rights that are not granted for them now. They see it as natural even if they do not believe the system. I want to point out that there is not a single right that cannot be challenged or alienated, whether it is granted by your Constitution or not. As for me, I did not even suppose that I would be required to receive a permit to go out of my house, as in Moscow in 2020, for example.
            And White Americans, I think, are very law-respectful, even with the system present now. If this system offers some legal brakes against totalitarianism – well, it should be used. But it also should be treated as occupation forces – if you can trick it, trick it and feel no sorry. It is better than obey and comply. At least, do not give away guns. The Bolsheviks began with taking the weapons away, and then did what they did.

            I also regret what has been done in WWI and WWII (and after that to Russians, Germans and other White nations), but that is what we have to deal with now.

            It is great if you love Russian culture! But make no mistake: if it is some of the official TV channels (RT?), it is run by the people under those who installed Biden in the USA. Maybe it is better than CNN, but not something complementary for us. But the Russians themselves are absolutely against what NYT and WAPO represent. The majority, thanks God, does not even know about these newspapers!

          • charles frey
            charles frey says:

            Necessarily, universally and by oath extremely closely. With minor differences, depending on their several Founding Lodges.

          • Rae West
            Rae West says:

            @ Mikhail Vasilievich —
            [I can’t reply after your email; hence, here]
            Not really, no. As far as I know, Jews exist around the world in local clumps, usually brought up in local countries so they can speak the language and mimic the locals quite accurately. Thus is Netherlands, urban Russia, Italy, Britain, France etc etc there are Jews who intercommunicate; probably nw more easily than ever before.
            But in each of these clumps they collaborate or are served by some local people, who are favoured, and who behave secretly. They may be police and judges, and have secret control over important decisions. And in the extreme cases very secret and very many; East Germany had (something like) hundreds of thousands of collaborators.
            All I wonder is: is there some typical distribution in these power structures?

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Remember when lefties stormed into and occupied a Senate office building in 2018 and the Wisconsin State Capitol in 2011″. American Thinker, January 7, 2021 article. They occupied the capitol for days at a time.

      All that the Indo-European has lost, he has GIVEN AWAY, much more than having it taken from him; and for thousands of years to a Middle East-Caucasus Region tribe of Satanic sociopaths. IMHO, Christianity was like permanent catheter stuck in the patient’s arm to infuse the toxins and malignancies into the mainline. We need to separate and rebuild the herd’s genetic stock.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Any Whites who are able to do so should separate to Idaho and become involved with initiating the establishment of a WN ethnostate starting there in Idaho ; and being especially careful to avoid making the same political mistakes that California Whites made in that state .

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          Brother Nathaniel lays out the process of secession logically and sequentially. There is no other option. To start, an autonomous republic would have to mandate that 90 % of its citizens be Indo-European ancestry over 95% genetically. Only carefully selected Northeast Asians and some Hindus would be allowed citizenship, after an extended waiting period. No Jews or Ababs-full stop. In the beginning, present residents who are not IE would have full rights, but be subject to expulsion and loss of citizenship for any crime.
          We are sick, dysfunctional, casual, self-deceptive and most are in permanent denial and despair. Someone needs to lay out specific strategies and tactics to achieve an autocephalous nation AND how it will be structured. The Man With A Plan wins, while others
          opine and prevaricate, collectively chewing the same cud over and over. Only qualified citizens should be able to vote. One man-one vote is suicide for any culture. There needs to be a filter. Christianity needs to be phased out and replaced with Buddhism.

          Finally, one of our grave weaknesses is not applying self criticism and prescriptions; meaning cause and effect, antecedents, fixed ideas, baseless assumptions and axioms, and soft soap and weak tea advocacies: vote a certain way, political activism of the inadequate and delusional kind, Christian Crutch and Clutch (“Deliver us O’Lord from……”), etc, etc.

          I guarantee you that any Reality based undertaking, whether it is managing Power Plants, leading platoons in enemy territory, driving a truck or flying an airplane, must include feedback and proscriptions for self examination and upgrading ideas and attitudes. In other words, “What are we doing wrong, no doing, and what needs to change from within the Corpus Humanus of our ethnic/race. We must increase “Know Thyself”, and Change Thyself. The opposition will not change or morph into something different.

          • Lucius Vanini
            Lucius Vanini says:

            POUPON MARX–
            Replace crutchtianity (admittedly the worst creed I know of) with another creed which likewise holds that life and the real world stink–namely Buddhism, according to which blessedness consists in escaping Samsara, the cycle of birth and death, and thereby choosing Nirvana (no qualities=nonexistence) over what for the strong and sound is a miraculous and beautiful Cosmos?

            Buddhism is a life-hating, world-hating creed as much as is christianity.

            White Nationalists, e.g., Klassen and Hale, have ALREADY found a worthy alternative, one which among other things doesn’t have a continual head-on collision with reason and science like christianity does. PANTHEISM.

            Consider a version thereof in the latter part of “Euro/White Nationalism and–Christianity?”

  2. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    But that’s just the thing: we do not live in a country which respects basic civil liberties.

    We live in a country run by antiwhite oligarchs and their puppets. Anyone still under the false impression that there are laws which protect us of the founding stock is going to have quite a wake up experience when they put that false belief to the test.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Quite true. We must always remain armed, but not because Second Amendment allows us to.

      Regarding the Second Amendment, I have always wondered about the circular reasoning of people whereby they believe they have the right to protect themselves from the government that gave them the right to protect themselves from that very government that gave them…. (ad nauseam).

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        The contemporaneous federal government that we now suffer under is not the same as the 1789 one that made the 2nd Amendment provision for “We The People” to protect ourselves from the gross abuses of power by tyrannical governments . The 1776 USA Founders were abnormally prescient in foreseeing how the public could fall into the grip of governmental tyranny .

  3. Eldragon
    Eldragon says:

    January, 6th was just a culmination of the government’s war against the first amendment and the freedom of Assembly. Unlike at Charlottesville where the local government summoned ANTIFA to attack the “Unite the Right” protestors, and police were told to only arrest the Right-wingers, they didn’t have to do anything but stand down.

    Look, Patriot Front received a permit to demonstrate the designated street of Philadelphia. Although the ANTIFA was caught off guard and didn’t organize fast and in numbers they still caused some skirmish with the PF members. What the police did was detained every Patriot Front member, and before releasing them they took their personal information. So, the government found a way to circumvent the infringement by simply telling you, what the Sex Pistols song “know your rights” clearly communicated “you have a right to free speech” but you are a fool if you (dare) to try it”

    Best wishes!

      • Hans Frank
        Hans Frank says:

        Kebab is probably more likely. As much as I would like to see Treason prosecutions I think mother nature is just going to run it’s course. After the US collapses there is really no place for them to go. Israel won’t last 6 months.

  4. Tom
    Tom says:

    Such events by good, patriotic Americans are punished while Leftists get away with murder, mayhem, theft, and arson, as in last and this years’ riots.

    Why hasn’t the GOP conducted their own investigation on that while the Democratics continue their Jan.6 lynching in the House?

    Because the GOP are a bunch of wimps.

  5. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Is there any news on what happened to the Woody Allen-lookalike [son of a B] rooklyn JEWISH Judge, who was charged for his doings inside the Capitol ! ! ! ? ? ? Or did a Zoom-Conference between their synagogue and the DOJ attest to the fact, that he too was a CHS? [ Quite apart from the fact, that it would be criminally anti-Semitic to charge him with anything ]

    02 Early warnings did not enable them to muster additional security for that known date and time — but — they managed to choose, coach and deploy spies; thanks to Witch Nancy’s foresight.

    03 The STASI referred to their enormous percentage of private informers among their public as Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter, or IM. How reassuring, that we now enjoy those other Democrats’ precise equivalent in the US, in the form of CHS.

  6. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    The actions of Mr. Allen and the FEF are laudable, and since many who comment here, including moi-même, know someone who isn’t in Timothy Hale-Cusanelli’s predicament thanks solely to having better luck than he’s had, the article is uncomfortably germane.

    With that having been said, however, is it ungrateful to wish that Mr. Allen had been less hasty in granting the oddness, eccentricity, or downright unappetizingness of so many of Hale-Cusanelli’s thoughts, words, and deeds? In a country where an unreconstructed lifelong supporter of Lenin, Mao, Che, and Judaeo-Bolshevist police states can get to be a twice-elected mayor (and virtual dictator) of New York City, what in heaven’s name is there in TH-C’s past or present that he or anyone else ought to be apologizing to a court for?

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Quite right. As usual !

      Ca. fifteen years ago The Supreme Court of Canada, among its Reasons for Decision, in an Appeal of an original Discovery dispute, issued a statement on the Law of Discovery, as brilliant as it was brief: within its half page: not affording a single crack to insert a crow bar.

      Said statement included an emphasis, that all Prosecutors owed all Defendants, all information / evidence in their possession, INCLUDING EVIDENCE EXONERATING THE DEFENDANT.

      It is unreasonable to argue / comment, that Mr. Allen should play by rules other than the above. In both directions, rather than be surprisingly bitten in the ass in the middle of the fray.

  7. Harold Goldberg
    Harold Goldberg says:

    All of the chaos you see is a direct reflection of jewish paranoia, fear, and hatred…..
    and it’s unbridled because the GOP fears the jews….so there is literally nothing to stop them….
    they can cancel property rights and then buy up all the properties…..and then evict anybody that criticizes jews.
    Wait til they get the digital currency….that will mean total power over all of humanity.
    People have to start fighting back.

  8. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    The Jan 6th protesters had the book thrown at them for one reason, and one only; to make sure no other white person out there ever got the wise idea that they could stop the steamroller clownworld from destroying everything their ancestors built. That’s all. Nothing more complicated than that. Every last government cretin knows that nothing but an aggrandized frat party happened on Jan 6th. They all know the half year of constant rioting and looting that came before it was far worse. But this isn’t about truth. It’s about creating a climate where white people are scared to resist, because, after all, what good is (((endgame))) if your enemies can throw a spanner in its works?

  9. Kris
    Kris says:

    I work with similar issues (locally) on daily basis, and it is my belief that the government is leveling and pushing forward with what many would consider excessive or trumped-up charges, because the prosecution believes that they can find a jury willing to convict on emotions, rather than follow the law. Even bench trials are not safe, as judges are also under a lot of political pressure to acquiesce to the mob. In my jurisdiction, simply uttering a general epithet like “faggot” while engaged in a fight with someone can and does see individuals receiving felony bias crime offenses lodged against them. It is not a good time to do anything contrary to public opinion. The deck is very stacked against you as a defendant.

  10. Swan
    Swan says:

    This, and numerous other cases of blatant disregard for the constitution and jurisprudence should be a huge wake up call for all dissidents. Be extremely careful about what you say and who you say it to. If you are a pro white dissident, you have no more rights than a dissident in Cuba or the soviet union. I always stress that peaceful separation is possible. If the eastern Europeans can do it, so can we. Let’s begin peaceful political migration and secession.

  11. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 A couple of weeks ago, The Donkey Whisperer could be seen and heard on MSM footage, stating, ” that it would take F – 31s [ jet fighters ] and nuclear weapons to challenge the Government ! ”

    02 He didn’t differentiate between ” strategic “, long-range nuclear weapons and those for ” tactical ” field operations, which would have been superfluous, since his diverse handlers’ message to all dissidents was unmistakable.

    03 Then, just two days ago, I saw news-footage of lighter USAirfoce fighters practicing landings and takeoffs on state highways.

    04 As if to add: ” …we’ll destroy you from the air, in your own backyard or seceded statelet while you are still preparing to fight the government ! ”

    05 Perhaps pro-woke Gen. Austin had a tour of duty in Germany, pre-1990, where he might have noticed, that the East German Airforce had lengthy hangers and taxiways parallel to their takeoff and landing public highways, whenever affording minimal straight runs.

    06 Marked with the familiar touch-down-zone stripes and all necessary lights.

    07 Without losing sleep, look out for such tell-tale signs !

    08 No one who witnessed East Berlin’s public 40th Anniversary celebrations of its Socialist Unity Party [ SED ] could forget Gorbachev’s kiss of death he planted on Honecker’s mouth, hours before informing H, that Moscow’s military would no longer protect his sclerotic regime.

    09 Future and present German Chancellor Merkel, in full senior Free German Youth [ FDJ ] uniform, marching for this occasion, might have had merely a glimpse into her and Germany’s future, given her intuition of the omnipotence of some.

    10 However, the Omnipotents lost the DDR in ’90, the SU in ’91 and Czechoslovakia in ’93.

    11 Apparently the BEST BEFORE – date on the Kosher label is meaningless as well

    12 Don’t bloody despair: KICK ASS !!! To the best of your understandably circumscribed ability !

  12. Hans Frank
    Hans Frank says:

    And now Vanguard and Blackrock own controlling interest in everything. Coke or Pepsi? Both owned by the same. Ben and Jerry’s or Haagen-Dazs?
    Also owned by the same. Lockheed or Boeing? The same.

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